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Census Indexes 1901 Eccleshill ED1

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The census returns for 1901 were taken on the evening of March 31st and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG13/4184.

ED1, Folios 5-19

1 12 Ashfield Place Charles H OVEREND Head M 49 Joiner Eccleshill 5a
    Ellen OVEREND Wife M 48   Eccleshill 5a
    Albert H OVEREND Son S 19 Joiner Eccleshill 5a
    Bertha OVEREND Dau S 13   Eccleshill 5a
    Thomas THORNTON Board S 41 Living on own means Eccleshill 5a
2 10 Ashfield Place John William OVEREND Head M 28 Carpenter & Joiner Eccleshill 5a
    Martha E OVEREND Wife M 29 Worsted Weaver Idle 5a
    Evelyn OVEREND Dau S 5   Eccleshill 5a
3 8 Ashfield Place Charles HUDSON Head M 23 Wool Warehouse W C P Thackley 5a
    Clara HUDSON Wife M 23 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 5a
4 6 Ashfield Place William NOBLE Head M 53 Chapel Keeper [Caretaker] Alverthorpe 5a
    Alice NOBLE Wife M 52   Thornhill Edge 5a
    Ada NOBLE Dau S 14 Woolen Spinner Alverthorpe 5a
    Frank NOBLE Son S 11 Scholar Alverthorpe 5a
5 2 Ashfield Place Robinson LOBLEY Head M 35 Domestic CoachMan Thornton le May 5a
    Emily LOBLEY Wife M 36   Kelfield 5a
    George LOBLEY Son S 12   Kelfield 5a
    Mabel LOBLEY Dau S 10   Skipwith 5a
    Halliaeen E ? LOBLEY Dau S 8   Skipwith 5a
    Raymond LOBLEY Son S 5   Skipwith 5a
    Fredrick LOBLEY Neph S 21 General Carter Skipwith 5a
    Ada MARSDEN Board S 23 Worsted Weaver Thornton Hebbery? 5a
6 46 Victoria Road Sarah RUSHTON Head W 60 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 5a
    John LUNNA Son M 38 Woolen Beamer Eccleshill 5a
    Emma LUNNA Dau S 9   Leeds 5a
    Winifred LEONARD adpt dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Leeds 5a
    Edward TOWNS Board S 45 Builder & Joiner DUR Sunderland 5a
7 Belle Vue Harry WILSON Head M 25 Stone Quarry Lab. Eccleshill 5a
    Elizabeth A WILSON Wife M 24 Worsted Piece Burler Wakefield 5a
    Ethel WILSON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 5a
8 6 Belle Vue Edmund WAITE Head M 53 Street Flagger & Paver Guiseley 5b
    Matilda WAITE Wife M 53   Eccleshill 5b
    Martha E WAITE Dau S 30 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 5b
9 6 Belle Vue John H WAITE Head M 32 Worsted Designer Eccleshill 5b
    Nannie WAITE Wife M 29   Great Horton 5b
    Harold WAITE Son S 1   Eccleshill 5b
10 8 Belle Vue Arthur EMONDSON Head M 34 Steam Crane Fitter Idle 5b
    Nancy EMONDSON Wife M 32 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 5b
    Cyril EMONDSON Son S 11   Clayton 5b
    Thomas A EMONDSON Son S 6   Eccleshill 5b
    Fred E EMONDSON Son S 4   Eccleshill 5b
11 3 Belle Vue Thomas C HALLIDAY Head M 26 House Painter Idle 5b
    Clara HALLIDAY Wife M 26   Eccleshill 5b
12 1 Belle Vue Sam CARISS Head M 46 Butcher Eccleshill 5b
    Elizabeth CARISS Wife M 46   Eccleshill 5b
    Thomas H CARISS Son S 20 Butcher Eccleshill 5b
    Joe CARISS Son S 17 MillWight App. Eccleshill 5b
    Emily CARISS Dau S 14   Eccleshill 5b
    Alice CARISS Dau S 11   Eccleshill 5b
    Charley CARISS Son S 9   Eccleshill 5b
    Sam CARISS Son S 6   Eccleshill 5b
13 50 Victoria Road Richard WILSON Head M 59 Worsted Warp Dresser Eccleshill 5b
    Selina S WILSON Wife M 56   Leeds 5b
    Annie WILSON Dau S 23 Worsted Winder Eccleshill 5b
    Edwin WILSON Son M 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 5b
    Isabella WILSON d in l M 22   CUL Carlisle 5b
    Florrie WILSON Dau S 16 Worsted Winder Eccleshill 5b
14 52 Victoria Road James L HODGSON Head M 70 Living on own means Eccleshill 5b
    Sarah A HODGSON Wife M 76   Eccleshill 5b
15 54 Victoria Road Joseph LAMBERT Head M 54 Royal L F Society Agent Eccleshill 6a
    Martha LAMBERT Wife M 50   Eccleshill 6a
16 56 Victoria Road Harnold ? HALFORD Head M 27 Joiner Queensbury 6a
    Elizabeth HALFORD Wife M 24 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 6a
    Willie HALFORD Son S 11m   Eccleshill 6a
17 58 Victoria Road William WOOD Head M 36 Railway Porter NTT Nottingham 6a
    Laura WOOD Wife M 27   NFK Fritton 6a
    Frank WOOD Son S 1   Eccleshill 6a
    James SLATER Lodg S 29 Coal Depot Lab. LAN Manchester 6a
18 60 Victoria Road William RICHMOND Head M 44 Ashear ?Stone Quarryman Appleton Roebuck 6a
    Mary A RICHMOND Wife M 39   Idle 6a
    Grace A RICHMOND Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Idle 6a
    Arnold RICHMOND Son S 15 Fibrous Plasterer Idle 6a
    Alice RICHMOND Dau S 10   Idle 6a
19 62 Victoria Road Samuel FAWCETT Head M 41 Woolen Scribbling Engineer Honley Huddersfield 6a
    Jane FAWCETT Wife M 42   Honley Huddersfield 6a
    Harriet E FAWCETT Dau S 18 Flannel Weaver Honley Huddersfield 6a
    John J FAWCETT Son S 16 Joiner's App. Burley Leeds 6a
    Elsie M FAWCETT Dau S 12   Burley Leeds 6a
20 66 Victoria Road John GARTH Head M 50 Painter Idle 6a
    Hannah GARTH Wife M 49   Eccleshill 6a
    Annie GARTH Dau S 26 Domestic Housekeeper Eccleshill 6a
    Harry GARTH Son S 23 Painter Eccleshill 6a
21 70 Victoria Road Mary A BALDWIN Head W 72   Blackhill Leeds 6a
    Sam BALDWIN Son S 43 Coal Miner [Hewer] Eccleshill 6a
22 78 Victoria Road Jim BALDWIN Head M 40 Woolen Cloth Fuller Eccleshill 6b
    Martha E BALDWIN Wife M 38   Idle 6b
    Harry BALDWIN Son S 19 Stone Cutter Idle 6b
    Florence BALDWIN Dau S 17 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 6b
    Bertha BALDWIN Dau S 15 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 6b
    Eliza BALDWIN Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 6b
    Edith A BALDWIN Dau S 7   Eccleshill 6b
    Harnold? BALDWIN Son S 6m   Eccleshill 6b
23 80 Victoria Road Henry BREARLEY Head M 44 Wool Dyer Dewsbury 6b
    Edna BREARLEY Wife M 45   Rastrick 6b
    Fred BREARLEY Son S 19 Cloth Presser Dewsbury 6b
    Laura BREARLEY Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Dewsbury 6b
    Mary E BREARLEY Dau S 14   Dewsbury 6b
    Livey BROOK Board S 35 Woolen Burler Rastrick 6b
24 82 Victoria Road John HOLDSWORTH Head M 60 WheelWight Eccleshill 6b
    Jane HOLDSWORTH Wife M 58   York 6b
    Thomas HOLDSWORTH Son S 31 MillWight Eccleshill 6b
    Samuel HOLDSWORTH Son S 22 WheelWight Eccleshill 6b
    Thomas OVEREND Board S 6   Eccleshill 6b
25 84 Victoria Road Joseph WILCOCK Head M 40 Woolen Cloth Fuller Leeds 6b
    Elizabeth WILCOCK Wife M 38   Idle 6b
26 2 Westgate James WOOD Head M 46 Chapel Keeper Eccleshill 6b
    Mary H WOOD Wife M 47   Bolton Bradford 6b
    William A WOOD Son S 14 Cabinet Maker's App. Eccleshill 6b
    James WOOD Son S 9   Eccleshill 6b
    Selina WOOD Dau S 4   Eccleshill 6b
27 4 Westgate Elizabeth HALLIDAY Head W 60   Eccleshill 6b
    Mary HALLIDAY Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 6b
    William HALLIDAY Son S 23 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 6b
28 6 Westgate Tom BALDWIN Head M 38 Builder's Lab. Eccleshill 7a
    Mary BALDWIN Wife M 37   LAN Preston 7a
    Alice BALDWIN Dau S 8   Eccleshill 7a
    Lenoard S BALDWIN Son S 9   Eccleshill 7a
29 8 Westgate Alfred COOPER Head M 36 Quarry Engine Minder Bradford 7a
    Ada COOPER Wife M 34 Machine Minder W C P Woolen Mill Idle 7a
    Mary COOPER Dau S 10   Idle 7a
    Patty COOPER Dau S 5   Idle 7a
30 12 Westgate William KNOTT Head M 63 Retired Teamster LIN Spalding 7a
    Mary A KNOTT Wife M 60   Eccleshill 7a
    Thomas KNOTT Son S 22 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 7a
    Sarah E KNOTT Dau S 21 Heald Knitter Eccleshill 7a
    Emma KNOTT Dau S 19 Machinist [Skirts-Dress] Eccleshill 7a
    George KNOTT Son S 17 Stone Quarryman App. Eccleshill 7a
31 14Westgate Ada NAYLOR Head S 35   Eccleshill 7a
    Titus JOHNSON Bro S 28 Stone Quarry Lab. Eccleshill 7a
    Annie JOHNSON Sis S 23 Woolen Drawer Eccleshill 7a
    Emily BALDWIN adpt dau       Eccleshill 7a
32 16 Westgate Fred DIXON Head M 30 Railway Porter Bradford 7a
    Hannah DIXON Wife M 30   Leeds 7a
    Harry DIXON Son S 4   Eccleshill 7a
    Ida E DIXON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 7a
    John B DIXON Son S 1   Eccleshill 7a
33 18 Westgate Joseph J MELLOR Head S 62 Woolen Weaver Windhill 7a
34 20 Westgate Annie E NAYLOR Head W 57   Rawdon 7a
    James NAYLOR Son S 30 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 7a
    Mary J NAYLOR Dau S 26 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 7a
35 22 Westgate Joseph NAYLOR Head M 36 Worsted Warehouseman Eccleshill 7b
    Annie NAYLOR Wife M 31 Worsted Drawer Holmes 7b
    Martha A NAYLOR Dau S 11   Eccleshill 7b
    Fred NAYLOR Son S 9   Eccleshill 7b
    Florence M NAYLOR Dau S 8   Eccleshill 7b
    Laura NAYLOR Dau S 6   Eccleshill 7b
    Edith A NAYLOR Dau S 4   Eccleshill 7b
    William NAYLOR Son S 1   Eccleshill 7b
36 26 Westgate Thomas BUTLER Head M 28 Gas Stoker Eccleshill 7b
    Emily BUTLER Wife M 26   Norminton 7b
    Gladys BUTLER Dau S 3   Eccleshill 7b
37 28 Westgate James A BUTLER Head M 26 Corporation Carter Eccleshill 7b
    Esther J BUTLER Wife M 22   IRE Dublin 7b
    Cathleen E BUTLER Dau S 1   Eccleshill 7b
38 30 Westgate James SMITH Head M 38 Wool Dyer Bradford 7b
    Nancy PICKUP Visit S 42   Bradford 7b
    Fred PICKUP Visit S 6   Eccleshill 7b
    Harold PICKUP Visit S 4   Eccleshill 7b
39 9 Westgate Sam GOODAIRE Head M 79 Retired Weaver Thornhill 7b
    Martha GOODAIRE Wife M 79   Wakefield 7b
    Eliza PICKERSGILL Dau W 50 Cloth Weaver Ossett 7b
    Horace GOODAIRE Gson S 9   Eccleshill 7b
40 7 Westgate John RUSHTON Head M 76 Worsted Mill Drayman Shelf 7b
    Harriet RUSHTON Wife M 66   Shelf 7b
41 5 Westgate James W DICKINSON Head M 29 Stone Mason Idle 7b
    Ellen DICKINSON Wife M 28 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 7b
    James F DICKINSON Son S 6   Eccleshill 7b
    Ernest DICKINSON Son S 5   Eccleshill 7b
    Emily E DICKINSON Dau S 3   Eccleshill 7b
42 1 Westgate Ernest DICKINSON Head M 52 Stone Mason Idle 8a
    Ann DICKINSON Wife M 52   Eccleshill 8a
    Alec DICKINSON Son S 15 Plasterer Rastrick 8a
    Gordon DICKINSON Dau S 8   Eccleshill 8a
43 3 Westgate Samuel KITSON Head W 52 Blacksmith Eccleshill 8a
    Lily KITSON Dau S 23   Eccleshill 8a
    Fred KITSON Son S 21 Blacksmith Eccleshill 8a
    Eliza KITSON Dau S 19   Eccleshill 8a
    Seth KITSON Son S 17 Blacksmith's App. Eccleshill 8a
    Hannah KITSON Dau S 15 Woolen Machine Minder Eccleshill 8a
    John B KITSON Son S 12   Eccleshill 8a
    Arthur KITSON Son S 7   Eccleshill 8a
    Samuel F KITSON Son S 5   Eccleshill 8a
44 88 Victoria Road William EDMONDSON Head S 66 Butcher Eccleshill 8a
    Robert EDMONDSON Bro S 64 Butcher Eccleshill 8a
45 94 Victoria Road John BATEMAN Head M 55 Stone Quarryman Queensbury 8a
    Sarah BATEMAN Wife M 44   Idle 8a
    Agnes BATEMAN Dau S 22 Worsted Cloth Weaver Idle 8a
    Sarah J BATEMAN Dau S 20 Worsted Cloth Weaver Idle 8a
    Sam BATEMAN Son S 18 Worsted Cloth Weaver Idle 8a
    Louisa BATEMAN Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Idle 8a
46 96 Victoria Road Christiana GAUNT Head M 39   Bradford 8a
    Lily GAUNT Dau S 17 Woolen Spinner Leeds 8a
    Henrietta GAUNT Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Leeds 8a
47 98 Victoria Road Henry DENNING Head M 66 Grocer Wortley Leeds 8a
    Emma DENNING Wife M 65   WOR Kidderminster 8a
48 100 Victoria Road Sarah H WILCOCK Head S 42 Woolen Burler Shipley 8a
    Mary WILCOCK Niece S 16 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 8a
49 102 Victoria Road Thomas R LAMBERT Head M 49 Boot & Shoemaker Eccleshill 8b
    Mary LAMBERT Wife M 48   Eccleshill 8b
    Clara LAMBERT Dau S 21 Dressmaker Eccleshill 8b
    Laura LAMBERT Dau S 17   Eccleshill 8b
    Herbert LAMBERT Son S 15 Cabinet Maker Eccleshill 8b
    Annie LAMBERT Dau S 12   Eccleshill 8b
    Albert H LAMBERT Son S 7   Eccleshill 8b
50 104 Victoria Road Emma HARTLEY Head S 39 School Teacher Eccleshill 8b
    Mary LONG   W 70 Domestic Housekeeper Idle 8b
51 106 Victoria Road Mary A ODDY Head W 74   Boroughbridge 8b
52 110 Victoria Road George KITSON Head W 42 Glass & China Dealer Eccleshill 8b
    Ada KITSON Dau S 12   Eccleshill 8b
53 112 Victoria Road Thomas WADDINGTON Head M 38 Green Grocer Eccleshill 8b
    Frances S WADDINGTON Wife M 38   Eccleshill 8b
    Ada WADDINGTON Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Halifax 8b
    Harry WADDINGTON Son S 6   Eccleshill 8b
    Arthur WADDINGTON Son S 2   Eccleshill 8b
54 114 Victoria Road John HOLDSWORTH Head M 58 Worsted Warp Dresser Eccleshill 8b
    Emma HOLDSWORTH Wife M 51   Eccleshill 8b
    Clara HOLDSWORTH Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 8b
    Herbert HOLDSWORTH Son S 13 Woolen Piecer Eccleshill 8b
55 118 Victoria Road James SMITH Head W 51 Hairdresser & General Dealer Bingley 8b
    Mary A SMITH Dau S 23   Eccleshill 8b
    Jonas SMITH Son S 21 General Carrier Eccleshill 8b
    Michael S SMITH Son S 18 Grocer's Shop Assistant Eccleshill 8b
    Martha E SMITH Dau S 16   Eccleshill 8b
    James H SMITH Son S 12   Eccleshill 8b
56 120 Victoria Road John CALVERT Head M 34 Railway Carter Spofforth 9a
    Mary A CALVERT Wife M 26   Eccleshill 9a
    Arthur CALVERT Son S 3   Eccleshill 9a
    John P C CALVERT Son S 7m   Eccleshill 9a
57 124 Victoria Road Sarah J SMITH Head W 63   Bolton Bradford 9a
    Meriam SMITH Gdau S 15 Heald Knitter Eccleshill 9a
    Joseph ARMITAGE s in l M 43 Railway Drayman Bramley 9a
    Annie B ARMITAGE Dau M 37 Dressmaker Eccleshill 9a
58 118a Victoria Road James HUBYE Head M 40 Stone Quarry Delver York 9a
    Theara HUBYE Wife M 38   Castleford 9a
59 122 Victoria Road Harry DENNING Head M 30 School Teacher Assistant Eccleshill 9a
    Ellen DENNING Wife M 29   Bradford 9a
    Mary C DENNING Dau S 8   Eccleshill 9a
    Alice DENNING Dau S 4   Eccleshill 9a
60 1 Tunwell Street John BENTLEY Head M 59 Woolen Cloth Fuller LAN Rochdale 9a
    Sarah BENTLEY Wife M 51 Woolen Weaver Hebden Bridge 9a
    Tom BENTLEY Son S 12   LAN Rochdale 9a
61 3 Tunwell Street Sarah E ROBERTSHAW Head S 32 Woolen Machine Minder Bradford 9a
    Mary A NIELL Board S 43 Woolen Machine Minder IRE 9a
62 5 Tunwell Street Henry WILSON Head W 54 Woolen Weaver Batley 9a
    Maude WILSON Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Mirfield 9a
    Florrie WILSON Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Batley 9a
    John WILSON Son S 15 Woolen Weaver Morley 9a
    Ellen WILSON Dau S 10   Eccleshill 9a
    Harry WILSON Son S 9   Eccleshill 9a
63 7 Tunwell Street George W CADE Head M 26 Mason's Lab. LIN Falsthorpe 9a
    Susannah CADE Wife M 30   Leeds 9a
    Ida E CADE Dau S 3   Eccleshill 9a
    Harriet H CADE Dau S 2   Eccleshill 9a
    Annie D CADE Dau S 3M   Eccleshill 9a
64 11 Tunwell Street Joseph BREARLEY Head S 48 Worsted Weaver Bradford 9b
    Mark BREARLEY Bro S 36 General Lab. Bradford 9b
65 1 Chapel Street Maria ROUNDELL Head W 61 Grocer Eccleshill 9b
    Elizabeth ROUNDELL Dau S 34 Domestic Housemaid Eccleshill 9b
    Alfred ARCHER Board S 20 Railway Clerk Laister Dyke 9b
66 3 Chapel Street Joseph KEIGHLEY Head M 58 Woolen Warp Dresser Farsley 9b
    Elizabeth KEIGHLEY Wife M 54   Leeds 9b
    Arthur KEIGHLEY Son S 27 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 9b
    Titus KEIGHLEY Son S 23 Stone Mason Eccleshill 9b
    Mary KEIGHLEY Dau S 18 Worsted Piece Mender Eccleshill 9b
67 5 Chapel Street William PITTS Head M 33 Paraffin Oil Hawker Eccleshill 9b
    Emma PITTS Wife M 32   Eccleshill 9b
    Clara PITTS Dau S 10   Eccleshill 9b
68 7 Chapel Street Charles BREARLEY Head M 22 Woolen Mill Fireman Dewsbury 9b
    Mary BREARLEY Wife M 23   Eccleshill 9b
    Edna BREARLEY Dau S 1   Eccleshill 9b
69 9 Chapel Street Thomas MIDGLEY Head M 66 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 9b
    Jane MIDGLEY Wife M 63   Eccleshill 9b
    Thomas MIDGLEY Son S 20 Wool Warehouse W C P Eccleshill 9b
70 11 Chapel Street James WADDINGTON Head M 67 Retired Woolen Weaver Guiseley 9b
    Hannah WADDINGTON Wife M 63   Boston Spa 9b
    Wilks WADDINGTON Son S 30 Dyehouse Lab. Eccleshill 9b
    Annie WADDINGTON Dau S 25 Worsted Winder Eccleshill 9b
71 13 Chapel Street John PITTS Head M 63 Worsted Mill Manager Windhill 9b
    Mary PITTS Wife M 66   Windhill 9b
72 15 Chapel Street Ann ACKROYD Head W 68   Eccleshill 10a
    George ACKROYD Son S 41 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 10a
    Arthur ACKROYD Son S 33 Fish Dealer Shipley 10a
    Ellen ACKROYD Dau S 30 Woolen Weaver Shipley 10a
73 17 Chapel Street Charles DOBSON Head M 60 Bradford Carter Bradford 10a
    Elizabeth A DOBSON Wife M 58   Bradford 10a
    Sarah A DOBSON Dau S 21 Worsted Piece Mender Bradford 10a
74 19 Chapel Street Mary KITSON Wife M 36   Guiseley 10a
    Charlie KITSON Son S 9   Eccleshill 10a
    Annie KITSON Dau S 7   Eccleshill 10a
    Jane KITSON Dau S 1   Eccleshill 10a
75 21 Chapel Street Robert CALVERT Head M 32 Railway Drayman Thorpe Arch 10a
    Sarah CALVERT Wife M 32   Eccleshill 10a
    Evelyn CALVERT Dau S 4   Eccleshill 10a
    Dennis CALVERT Board S 24 Railway Drayman Thorpe Arch 10a
76 23 Chapel Street Herbert HOLLINGS Head M 39 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 10a
    Lavinia HOLLINGS Wife M 37   Bradford 10a
    Ernest HOLLINGS Son S 16 Woolen Mule Piecer Bradford 10a
    Harold HOLLINGS Son S 12   Bradford 10a
    Sarah HOLLINGS Dau S 9   Bradford 10a
    George HOLLINGS Son S 1   Bradford 10a
77 25 Chapel Street Elizabeth SKIRROW Head W 71   Eccleshill 10a
    Mary A SKIRROW Dau S 33 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 10a
78 27 Chapel Street David COULSTAS Head M 25 Woolen Weaving Overlooker LAN Stalybridge 10a
    Sarah E COULSTAS Wife M 28 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 10a
79 29 Chapel Street David J SKIRROW Head M 44 Road Lab. [Bradford Corp] Eccleshill 10a
    Hannah SKIRROW Wife M 44   Eccleshill 10a
    Walter SKIRROW Son S 16 Worsted Jobber Eccleshill 10a
    Gilbert SKIRROW Son S 9   Eccleshill 10a
    Charlie SKIRROW Son S 6   Eccleshill 10a
    David J SKIRROW Son S 1   Eccleshill 10b
    Nora SKIRROW Dau S 7m   Eccleshill 10b
80 31 Chapel Street John JACKLIN Head M 31 Woolen Mill Card Grinder LIN Spalding 10b
    Annie JACKLIN Wife M 31 Box Minder Bradford 10b
    Arthur JACKLIN Son S 4   Eccleshill 10b
    Charles JACKLIN Son S 8m   Eccleshill 10b
81 33 Chapel Street Emma PITTS Head W 60   Idle 10b
    Andrew PITTS Son S 25 Woolen Mill Clerk Eccleshill 10b
    Emily PITTS Dau S 18 Bradford School Board Teacher Eccleshill 10b
82 35 Chapel Street Mary SKIRROW Head S 55   Eccleshill 10b
83 37 Chapel Street Stead HUDSON Head M 35 Worsted Weaver Guiseley 10b
    Emma HUDSON Wife M 34   Bradford 10b
    Albert HUDSON Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Bradford 10b
    Arthur HUDSON Son S 10   Bradford 10b
    Ben HUDSON Son S 4   Bradford 10b
84 39 Chapel Street George MARSHALL Head M 65 Woolen Cloth Fuller Eccleshill 10b
    Sarah MARSHALL Wife M 65   LAN Nelson 10b
    Mary E MARSHALL Dau S 23 Woolen Card Machine Minder Eccleshill 10b
85 41 Chapel Street George CARDWELL Head M 43 Lab. Leader Huddersfield 10b
    Emily CARDWELL Wife M 35   Eccleshill 10b
    Willie CARDWELL Son S 6m   Eccleshill 10b
86 43 Chapel Street Thomas SHAW Head M 46 Worsted Weaver Armley 10b
    Hannah SHAW Wife M 46   Eccleshill 10b
    Emma M SHAW Dau S 16 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 10b
    Annie SHAW Dau S 11   Eccleshill 10b
87 45 Chapel Street John PITTS Head M 37 Stone Quarryman Bradford 11a
    Annie PITTS Wife M 33   Bradford 11a
    Albert PITTS Son S 11   Bradford 11a
    Ethel PITTS Dau S 2   Bradford 11a
    Sarah E WEBSTER s in l S 27 Worsted Weaver Bradford 11a
88 47 Chapel Street John SMITH Head M 54 Mill Carrier [Drayman] Tolerton 11a
    Mary A SMITH Wife M 54   Eccleshill 11a
    Martha H SMITH Dau S 27 Worsted Winder Eccleshill 11a
    Albert SMITH Son S 19 Butcher Eccleshill 11a
    Mary A SMITH Niece S 21 Worsted Rover Linton on Ouse 11a
89 49 Chapel Street Thomas TAYLOR Head M 42 Yeast Dealer Idle 11a
    Mary A TAYLOR Wife M 43 Worsted Weaver LIN Greatford 11a
    Allen TAYLOR Son S 14 Office Boy Eccleshill 11a
    Fred TAYLOR Son S 5   Eccleshill 11a
    Ann ALLEN m in l W 78   NTH Pilsgate 11a
90 51 Chapel Street Christopher GATENBY Head M 28 BeerSeller LAN Liverpool 11a
    Annie GATENBY Wife M 28   Bradford 11a
    Edgar GATENBY Son S 9   Bradford 11a
    Jessie GATENBY Dau S 5   Bradford 11a
    Elizabeth GRAINGER Serv S 23 Domestic Mexbro 11a
91 53 Chapel Street Phebe CROSSLAND Head W 57   Idle 11a
    Lily CROSSLAND Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 11a
    Charlotte CROSSLAND Dau S 17 Dressmaker's App. Eccleshill 11a
92 55 Chapel Street Theophilus FALLON Head M 62 Joiner & Carpenter Idle 11a
    Grace FALLON Wife M 58   Esholt 11a
    Arthur FALLON Son S 20 Joiner & Carpenter App. Eccleshill 11a
93 57 Chapel Street Joseph P MARSHALL Head M 33 Woolen Cloth Fuller Idle 11b
    Annie MARSHALL Wife M 34   Eccleshill 11b
    Florence MARSHALL Dau S 7   Eccleshill 11b
    Susan MARSHALL Dau S 5   Eccleshill 11b
    Arthur MARSHALL Son S 3   Eccleshill 11b
94 59 Chapel Street Thomas GARSIDE Head M 44 Drain Emptier Eccleshill 11b
    Annie GARSIDE Wife M 38 Wool Filler Huddersfield 11b
95 61 Chapel Street Mary A FIRTH Head W 57   Middlesbro 11b
    Bertha FIRTH Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 11b
    Maud FIRTH Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 11b
96 63 Chapel Street Daniel MARSHALL Head M 58 Plate Layer Foreman Leeds 11b
    Susannah MARSHALL Wife M 60   Bradford 11b
    Minnie MARSHALL Dau S 15   Bradford 11b
97 65 Chapel Street Walter SCOTT Head M 53 Railway Plate Layer Eccleshill 11b
    Sarah A SCOTT Wife M 48   Eccleshill 11b
    James SCOTT Son S 20 Carpenter Eccleshill 11b
    Frank SCOTT Son S 14 Wool Mule Piecer Eccleshill 11b
98 67 Chapel Street James MARSHALL Head M 38 Wool Dyer Eccleshill 11b
    Sarah E MARSHALL Wife M 33   Eccleshill 11b
    Harriet MARSHALL Dau S 11   Eccleshill 11b
    Harry MARSHALL Son S 7   Eccleshill 11b
    William MARSHALL Son S 4   Eccleshill 11b
99 69 Chapel Street Abram CRABTREE Head M 36 Wool Warehouse W C P Eccleshill 11b
    Annie CRABTREE Wife M 33 Wool Weaver Eccleshill 11b
    Arthur CRABTREE Son S 8   Eccleshill 11b
    Herbert CRABTREE Son S 11m   Eccleshill 11b
100 71 Chapel Street Abednego KEIGHLEY Head W 62 Stone Fence Waller Eccleshill 11b
101 73 Chapel Street Samuel WAITE Head M 27 Mill NightMan Eccleshill 12a
    Alice WAITE Wife M 26   Knaresbrough 12a
    A.* W* WAITE Son S 3   Eccleshill 12a
    Louisa I WAITE Dau S 1   Eccleshill 12a
102 75 Chapel Street John IRVIN Head M 63 Gas LampLighter Linton 12a
103 77 Chapel Street Thomas JOWETT Head M 36 Stone Quarry Lab. Bradford 12a
    Catherine JOWETT Wife M 36   Bradford 12a
    Elizabeth JOWETT Dau S 10   Bradford 12a
104 79 Chapel Street John THORNTON Head W 62 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 12a
105 81 Chapel Street Marian BENTHAN Head W 65   Bradford 12a
106 83 Chapel Street William B PATCHETT Head W 81 Retired Stone Mason Headingley 12a
    Ellen PATCHETT Dau S 43   Bradford 12a
107 85 Chapel Street Ellen TEAL Head W 44   Eccleshill 12a
    Sarah E TEAL Dau S 11   Yeadon 12a
108 89 Chapel Street Thomas W PRESTON Head M 31 Railway Plate Layer Batley 12a
    Kate PRESTON Wife M 30 Worsted Winder Huddersfield 12a
    Annie H PRESTON Dau S 10   Leeds 12a
109 93 Chapel Street Richard T GRANGE Head M 59 Grocer Calverley 12a
    Maria GRANGE Wife M 55   Eccleshill 12a
110 95 Chapel Street Harley GRANGE Head M 30 Woolen Mill Carter Eccleshill 12a
    Clara GRANGE Wife M 29   Thackley 12a
    Arthur GRANGE Son S 10   Eccleshill 12a
    Horace GRANGE Son S 8   Eccleshill 12a
    Edith A GRANGE Dau S 6   Eccleshill 12a
    Harry GRANGE Son S 5   Eccleshill 12a
111 40 Chapel Street Emma MOULDIN Head W 66   Britton? Wakefield 12a
112 38 Chapel Street Margerison LEE Head M 66 Plasterer Eccleshill 12a
    Sarah LEE Wife M 66   Chesterfield 12a
113 36 Chapel Street William G EFFEMY Head M 39 Railway Signalman Lamberth 12b
    Sarah EFFEMY Wife M 33   NTT Carlton 12b
    Florence E EFFEMY Dau S 8   LIN Louth 12b
    George D EFFEMY Son S 6   LIN Louth 12b
114 34 Chapel Street Joseph GOTT Head M 71 Wool Warehouse W C P Eccleshill 12b
    Esther J GOTT Wife M 70   Grewelthorpe 12b
115 30 Chapel Street John E FLETCHER Head W 71 Retired Overlooker Bramley 12b
    Sarah FLETCHER Dau S 36   Bramley 12b
    Florence HADDOCK Gdau S 25 Flannel Weaver Bramley 12b
116 30a Chapel Street Samuel GARNETT Head M 35 Woolen Cloth Fuller Idle 12b
    Annie GARNETT Wife M 35   Idle 12b
    Sarah A GARNETT Dau S 5   Idle 12b
117 26 Chapel Street Henry HARDWICK Head M 31 Brewery Drayman Bishop Wilton 12b
    Sarah HARDWICK Wife M 29   Huggate 12b
    George H HARDWICK Son S 9   Leeds 12b
    Clifford HARDWICK Son S 6   Leeds 12b
118 24 Chapel Street William E ROBINSON Head M 41 Worsted Wool Washer Bradford 12b
    Annie M ROBINSON Wife M 35   Horsforth 12b
    Florence E ROBINSON Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Shipley 12b
    Thomas ROBINSON Son S 10   Eccleshill 12b
    Lucy ROBINSON Dau S 7   Eccleshill 12b
    Charles M ROBINSON Son S 3   Eccleshill 12b
119 22 Chapel Street Mary A BARRACLOUGH Head W 71 Sweet Shop LAN Liverpool 12b
120 16 Chapel Street George SUTCLIFFE Head M 52 Woolen Machine Minder Eccleshill 12b
    Hannah SUTCLIFFE Wife M 52   Eccleshill 12b
    Fred SUTCLIFFE Son S 20 Mule Spinner Eccleshill 12b
    Nelly SUTCLIFFE Dau S 16 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 12b
    Arthur L LEE s in l M 28 Woolen Machine Minder Idle 12b
    Lily LEE Dau M 23 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 12b
121 20 Chapel Street Hannah HOBSON Head W 59   Pudsey 12b
122 18 Chapel Street Annie FINCH Head W 40   Eccleshill 13a
    David J FINCH Son S 18 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 13a
    Mary FINCH Dau S 16 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 13a
    Elizabeth FINCH Dau S 13 Woolen Spinner CHS Willaston 13a
    George FINCH Son S 10   Eccleshill 13a
123 14 Chapel Street Joseph WILCOCK Head M 43 Clogger Windhill 13a
    Isabela WILCOCK Wife M 47   Eccleshill 13a
    Samuel WILCOCK Son S 19 Plasterer's App. Eccleshill 13a
    Sarah A WILCOCK Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 13a
    Joseph WILCOCK Son S 16 Plasterer's App. Eccleshill 13a
124 12 Chapel Street Richard F DIXON Head M 56 Worsted Warper Pudsey 13a
    Betsy DIXON Wife M 54   LIN Thorpebank 13a
    Elizabeth A DIXON Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 13a
    William DIXON Son S 20 MillWight Eccleshill 13a
125 10 Chapel Street Edward HOBSON Head M 59 Woolen Machine Minder Eccleshill 13a
    Emma HOBSON Wife M 52   HRT Newnham 13a
    Harry HOBSON Son S 28 Woolen Machine Minder Eccleshill 13a
    Emma L WILSHER Dau S 21   Eccleshill 13a
    Ada HOBSON Dau S 13   Eccleshill 13a
126 8 Chapel Street Frank HOLMES Head M 31 Woolen Mule Spinner Bierley 13a
    Martha A HOLMES Wife M 33   Bradford 13a
    Leonora HOLMES Dau S 7   Bradford 13a
    John W MAWSON Board S 22 Worsted Weaver Bradford 13a
127 6 Chapel Street Dinah ACKROYD Head W 44 Charwoman Eccleshill 13a
    Alice A ACKROYD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 13a
    Sarah E ACKROYD Dau S 12 Worsted Doffer Eccleshill 13a
128 47 Victoria Road Samuel RHODES Head M 54 Butcher LAN Liverpool 13b
    Mary A RHODES Wife M 50   HEF 13b
    John RHODES Son S 19 Joiner Eccleshill 13b
    Fanny RHODES Dau S 17 Woolen Piece Burler Eccleshill 13b
129 45 Victoria Road Ellen RHODES Head W 58 Spinner Rodley 13b
    Susan HOLDSWORTH Niece S 28 Worsted Piece Mender Eccleshill 13b
130 49 Victoria Road Robert CHAPMAN Head M 78 Retired Night WatchMan Eccleshill 13b
    Lucy CHAPMAN Wife M 67   Eccleshill 13b
    James CHAPMAN Son S 33 Woolen Beamer Eccleshill 13b
131 49a Victoria Road Fred LAMBERT Head M 34 Hairdresser Eccleshill 13b
    Florrie LAMBERT Wife M 30   Eccleshill 13b
132 49b Victoria Road Ernest WINTERBURN Head M 30 Master Bread Baker Guiseley 13b
    Mary J WINTERBURN Wife M 30   Guiseley 13b
    Mildred WINTERBURN Dau S 2   Eccleshill 13b
    Ernest V WINTERBURN Son S 9m   Eccleshill 13b
    Elizabeth DITCHBURN Board S 18 Baker's Assistant York 13b
133 1 Hall Road James HUTTON Head M 59 Wool Washer Overlooker Bradford 13b
    Ann HUTTON Wife M 55   Eccleshill 13b
    William H HUTTON Son S 22 Wool Warper Eccleshill 13b
    Charles HUTTON Son S 20 MillWight Eccleshill 13b
    Florence HUTTON Dau S 17   Eccleshill 13b
    Florence ASPEY Visit S 36   Leeds 13b
134 3 Hall Road Lenoard STEAD Head M 32 Fibrous Plasterer Idle 13b
    Florence STEAD Wife M 30   Eccleshill 13b
    Herbert STEAD Son S 5   Windhill 13b
136 9 Hall Road Willie CAUTHERY Head M 31 Manufacturer's Clerk Pudsey 13b
    Lillie CAUTHERY Wife M 32   Leeds 13b
    Maurice CAUTHERY Son S 9m   Eccleshill 13b
137 7 Hall Road Joseph H CLAY Head M 29 Dry Goods Manufacturer Cleckheaton 14a
    Edith A CLAY Wife M 26   Cleckheaton 14a
138 1 Hall Terrace James ELSTUB Head M 36 Wool Merchant Cleckheaton 14a
    Annie ELSTUB Wife M 35   Cleckheaton 14a
    George N ELSTUB Son S 15   Cleckheaton 14a
    Alfred M ELSTUB Son S 13   Cleckheaton 14a
    William D ELSTUB Son S 6   Cleckheaton 14a
    Mabel ELSTUB Dau S 4   Cleckheaton 14a
139 5 Hall Terrace Edwin T STOTT Head M 44 School Master Elland 14a
    Emma STOTT Wife M 43   Elland 14a
140 7 Hall Terrace Lewis WILKINSON Head M 36 Fire Insurance Surveyor Huddersfield 14a
    Agnes WILKINSON Wife M 32   Saddleworth 14a
    Henry WILKINSON Son S 1m   Eccleshill 14a
    William WILKINSON Son S 2   Eccleshill 14a
    Elizabeth BRADBURY Visit S 40   Saddleworth 14a
141 9 Hall Terrace John V NORTH Head M 42 Bank Cashier Bradford 14a
    Mary H NORTH Wife M 34   Denholme 14a
    Reginal N NORTH Son S 11   Bradford 14a
    Effie NORTH Dau S 10   Bradford 14a
142 11 Hall Terrace Sarah A BARRETT Head W 58   Eccleshill 14a
    Ellen BARRETT Dau S 20 Dressmaker Heaton 14a
    Lizzie BARRETT Dau S 16 Milliners Shop Worker Heaton 14a
143 13 Hall Terrace Arthur LEE Head M 38 Hairdresser Freston ? 14a
    Clara LEE Wife M 36   Guiseley 14a
    Mary LEE Dau S 9   Guiseley 14a
    Margret A LEE Dau S 7   Guiseley 14a
    Rowald B LEE Son S 5   Guiseley 14a
    Charlie A LEE Son S 1   Bradford 14a
    Rhoda LEE Serv S 26 General Domestic Boston 14a
144 15 Hall Terrace William H SMITH Head M 44 Reed & Heald Manufacturer Eccleshill 14b
    Emily SMITH Wife M 42   Bradford 14b
    Elsie H SMITH Dau S 18   Eccleshill 14b
    Gertrude SMITH Dau S 17   Eccleshill 14b
    Samuel SMITH Son S 15   Eccleshill 14b
    Harold H SMITH Son S 13   Eccleshill 14b
    Dora M SMITH Dau S 11   Eccleshill 14b
    George H SMITH Son S 7   Eccleshill 14b
    John H SMITH Son S 6   Eccleshill 14b
    Laurence A SMITH Son S 4   Eccleshill 14b
    Geoffrey G SMITH Son S 2   Eccleshill 14b
    Adelaide M SMITH Dau S 9   Eccleshill 14b
145 2 Hall Road George M DICKS Head M 34 Commercial Traveller SCT 14b
    Sarah E DICKS Wife M 33   NBL Newcastle 14b
    Robert S DICKS Son S 7   Bradford 14b
    John G DICKS Son S 2   Bradford 14b
    Mary A THOMPSON s in l S 36   NBL Newcastle 14b
146 4 Hall Road James SPEED Head M 59 Railway Traffic Commisioner Leeds 14b
    Emma J SPEED Wife M 34   Swinton 14b
    Jessie SPEED Dau S 10   Leeds 14b
    Maria E SPEED Dau S 2   Bradford 14b
    Agnes KING Serv S 25 Housemaid Swinton 14b
147 6 Hall Road William J JOIST Head M 33 Ship Owner Agent LON Hoxton 14b
    Alice JOIST Wife M 31   SRY Leatherhead 14b
    Kenneth B JOIST Son S 2   Bradford 14b
    Marjorie JOIST Dau S 1   Eccleshill 14b
    Charlotte FIRTH Serv S 22 Domestic Serv Bradford 14b
148 8 Hall Road Frederick WILKINS Head M 38 Wine-Spirit Manager KEN Elham 15a
    Kate E WILKINS Wife M 33   SSX Hastings 15a
    Elsie WILKINS Dau S 8   LON Fulham 15a
    Mary WILKINS Dau S 1   Bradford 15a
    Mary WILKINS Sis S 38   KEN Newcross 15a
149 10 Hall Road Samuel BLUNDELL Head M 35 Commercial Traveller [Dry Salter] Leeds 15a
    Gertrude M BLUNDELL Dau S 4   Bradford 15a
    Louisa C BLUNDELL Wife M 39   Leeds 15a
150 12 Hall Road William A WOODHEAD Head M 47 Paper Traveller LAN Liverpool 15a
    Catherine WOODHEAD Wife M 39   DUR Hartlepool 15a
    Alfred B WOODHEAD Son S 5   FrizingHall 15a
151 14 Hall Road Edward KNIGHT Head M 40 City Treasurer & Clerk Bradford 15a
    Ellen KNIGHT Wife M 38   STS Cannock 15a
    Arthur KNIGHT Son S 14 App. N H Bradford 15a
    Howard KNIGHT Son S 13   Bradford 15a
152 16 Hall Road Isaac KEIGHLEY Head M 51 Bank Clerk Bradford 15a
    Clara E KEIGHLEY Wife M 33   IND Mhow 15a
    Amy C KEIGHLEY Dau S 8   Bradford 15a
    Annie I KEIGHLEY Dau S 7   Bradford 15a
153 11 Hall Road Mary A SMITH Head W 53 Boarding School Caretaker Clayton West 15a
    Edith SMITH Dau S 21 Worsted Twister Leeds 15a
    Annie SMITH Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Leeds 15a
    Edward SMITH Son S 14 Worsted Weaver Leeds 15a
    Walter SMITH Son S 9   Cleckheaton 15a
154 2 Huttons Tar Thomas L ROBERTSHAW Head M 33 Yarn Buyer Bradford 15a
    Sophia ROBERTSHAW Wife M 28   Bradford 15a
    George H ROBERTSHAW Son S 6   Bradford 15a
    Fred ROBERTSHAW Son S 1   Bradford 15a
155 4 Huttons Tar Paul T SENIOR Head M 30 Commercial Traveller Soothill 15a
    Sarah G SENIOR Wife M 29   Leeds 15a
156 6 Huttons Tar George H WILKINSON Head M 40 Dyehouse Lab. Bradford 15b
    Mary E WILKINSON Wife M 34   Eccleshill 15b
    Phebe H SWIFT s in l S 31 Heald Knitter Eccleshill 15b
    Rebecca SWIFT s in l S 30 Dressmaker Eccleshill 15b
157 10 Huttons Tar Mary Ellen FAWCETT Head W 62   Bradford 15b
    May E FAWCETT Dau S 30 BookKeeper Bradford 15b
    John S FAWCETT Son S 27 Engraver Bradford 15b
    Andrew FAWCETT Son S 25 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 15b
    Harry NOBLE s in l M 38 Wool Warehouse W C P Bradford 15b
    Emily NOBLE Dau M 36 App. Typist Bradford 15b
    Agnes NOBLE Gdau S 14   Bradford 15b
    Ivor NOBLE Gson S 8   CHS Stockport 15b
    Alan NOBLE Gson S 5   Bradford 15b
158 12 Huttons Tar John H WILD Head M 40 Builder & Contractor CHS Congleton 15b
    Sarah WILD Wife M 40   Bradford 15b
    Linney WILD Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Bradford 15b
    Willie WILD Son S 17 Mason's App. Bradford 15b
    Arthur WILD Son S 13 Joiner's App. Bradford 15b
    Edward WILD Son S 12   Pudsey 15b
    Elsie WILD Dau S 8   Bradford 15b
    Emma WILD Dau S 6   Eccleshill 15b
    Fred WILD Son S 4   Eccleshill 15b
159 14 Huttons Tar Jonas WILSON Head M 54 Stone Mason Eccleshill 15b
    Mary WILSON Wife M 54   Eccleshill 15b
    Fred WILSON Son S 26 Wool Warehouse W C P Eccleshill 15b
    Mary E WILSON Dau S 18 Worsted Piece Mender Eccleshill 15b
160 16 Huttons Tar Mary A GREAVES Head M 39   Eccleshill 15b
161 18 Huttons Tar Albert CRAVEN Head M 33 Manager Coffee & Eating Store Clayton 16a
    Elizabeth H CRAVEN Wife M 32   Bradford 16a
    Elsie M CRAVEN Dau S 10   Bradford 16a
    Florence B CRAVEN Dau S 8   Clayton 16a
    Ida G CRAVEN Dau S 6   Clayton 16a
162 20 Huttons Tar James B RHODES Head M 43 Groom & CoachMan New Wortley 16a
    Ellen RHODES Wife M 41   Eccleshill 16a
    Joseph RHODES Son S 19 Stone Mason Eccleshill 16a
    Elizabeth H RHODES Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 16a
    Mary A RHODES Dau S 14 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 16a
    Alice RHODES Dau S 9   Eccleshill 16a
    Albert RHODES Son S 7   Eccleshill 16a
    Sabina RHODES Dau S 4   Eccleshill 16a
    Lilly RHODES Dau S 2   Eccleshill 16a
163 Newstead Susan NEWSTEAD Head W 69 Living on own means Stamford 16a
    Annie NEWSTEAD step dau S 59   Eccleshill 16a
    Percy NEWSTEAD Son S 28 Black & White Artist Eccleshill 16a
    Sarah A WIGHT Visit S 74 Living on own means Stamford 16a
    Edith A WIGHT Niece S 41 Living on own means Knaresbrough 16a
164 Brentwood Charles HUTTON Head M 44 Woolen & Worsted Mfgr Eccleshill 16a
    Sarah E HUTTON Wife M 42   Bradford 16a
    Elizabeth H G HUTTON Dau S 12   Eccleshill 16a
    Arthur N HUTTON Son S 8   Eccleshill 16a
    Kathleen E HUTTON Dau S 6   Eccleshill 16a
    LaWence W HUTTON Son S 5   Eccleshill 16a
    Emily TAYLOR Visit S 42   Holmfirth 16a
    Alice M RELLY Serv S 21 Domestic Serv Scarboro 16a
    Ellen DOBSON Serv S 23 Domestic Serv Eccleshill 16a
    Isabella McKinnion WAT-? Serv S 21 Domestic Serv SCT Roxburgshire 16a
165 51 Victoria Road James LAMBERT Head M 80 Living on own means Eccleshill 16b
    Ann LAMBERT Wife M 75 Living on own means Horsforth 16b
    Elizabeth H LAMBERT Dau S 46 Living on own means Eccleshill 16b
166 53 Victoria Road Benjamin WAITE Head M 62 Bradford Corp Lab. [Road] Guiseley 16b
    Hannah WAITE Wife M 55   Idle 16b
167 55 Victoria Road Jesse TAYLOR Head M 39 Plasterer Eccleshill 16b
    Martha A TAYLOR Wife M 35   Eccleshill 16b
    Annie L TAYLOR Dau S 7   Eccleshill 16b
    Athabah TAYLOR Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 16b
168 57 Victoria Road John DAWSON Head M 59 Publican Idle 16b
    Mary A DAWSON Wife M 60   Eccleshill 16b
    John C SMITH Board S 20 Grocer's Assistant Thornton 16b
    Robert BARSTOW Board M 61 Wool Extractor Wilsden 16b
    Elizabeth WHITESIDE Serv S 18 Domestic Serv Bradford 16b
169 61 Victoria Road Benjamin W HARDAKER Head M 34 Confectioner Yeadon 16b
    Elizabeth HARDAKER Wife M 31   Eccleshill 16b
    Maud E HARDAKER Dau S 4   Yeadon 16b
    Florence M HARDAKER Dau S 1   Eccleshill 16b
170 59 Victoria Road James HUSTLER Head W 44 Machine Maker Windhill 16b
    Clara HUSTLER Dau S 22   Eccleshill 16b
    Martha E HUSTLER Dau S 20   Eccleshill 16b
    William HUSTLER Son S 17 MillWight Eccleshill 16b
    Ellen THREAPLETON Sis W 36   Stanningley 16b
    Thomas F THREAPLETON Neph S 11   Stanningley 16b
    Mary THREAPLETON Niece S 8   Stanningley 16b
171 Victoria Build Ann LONGBOTTOM Head W 67 Green Grocer Blubberhouse 16b
    John LONGBOTTOM Son S 40 Coal Leader Eccleshill 16b
    Charles LONGBOTTOM Son S 38 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 16b
    Betsy LONGBOTTOM Dau S 31 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 16b
    Sarah A LONGBOTTOM Dau S 27 Domestic Eccleshill 16b
    Ada LONGBOTTOM Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 17a
172 New Inn John COLLINSON Head M 30 Licensed Victualler Thackley 17a
    Eliza COLLINSON Wife M 32   Shipley 17a
    Martha HIGGENS Serv S 17 Domestic Serv Brightside 17a
173 71 New Inn Samuel HOLDSWORTH Head M 58 WheelWight - Joiner Eccleshill 17a
    Martha E HOLDSWORTH Wife M 58   Eccleshill 17a
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Dau S 23 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 17a
    Herbert HOLDSWORTH Son S 17 WheelWight - Joiner Eccleshill 17a
    Charles TERRY Gson S 13 Woolen Piecer Eccleshill 17a
    William TERRY Gson S 11   Eccleshill 17a
    Ellen TERRY Gdau S 6   Eccleshill 17a
174 4 Holdsworths Buildings Wilfred H LEE Head M 23 Wool Dyer Idle 17a
    Eleanor LEE Wife M 22 Woolen Burler Eccleshill 17a
175 6 Holdsworths Buildings William BEANLAND Head M 67 Retired Publican Tong 17a
    Fanny BEANLAND Wife M 46   Bradford 17a
176 8 Holdsworths Buildings Fred BICKERDIKE Head M 23 Farm Lab. Bedale 17a
    Jane A BICKERDIKE Wife M 25   Idle 17a
    Clara BICKERDIKE Dau S 2   Eccleshill 17a
177 10 Holdsworths Bldgs Samuel ISLES Head M 51 Plasterer Eccleshill 17a
    Sarah J ISLES Wife M 46   Eccleshill 17a
    Emma ISLES Dau S 17 Woolen Twister Eccleshill 17a
    Ernest ISLES Son S 15 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 17a
    Minnie ISLES Dau S 13 Woolen Doffer Eccleshill 17a
    Maria ISLES Dau S 11   Eccleshill 17a
    Mabel ISLES Dau S 7   Eccleshill 17a
    Gilbert ISLES Son S 5   Eccleshill 17a
    Arthur ISLES Son S 3   Eccleshill 17a
178 11 Holdsworths Bldgs John W DOBSON Head M 37 Traveling Draper Bradford 17b
    Ada M DOBSON Wife M 35   Eccleshill 17b
    Janey DOBSON Dau S 7   Eccleshill 17b
179 13 Holdsworths Bldgs Martha HOLDSWORTH Head W 58   Bradford 17b
    William HOLDSWORTH Son S 35 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 17b
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Dau S 32   Bradford 17b
    Hannah HOLDSWORTH Dau S 28 Boarding School Teacher Bradford 17b
180 15 Holdsworths Bldgs Arthur ACKROYD Head M 35 Railway Clerk Eccleshill 17b
    Susan ACKROYD Wife M 36   Eccleshill 17b
    John ACKROYD Son S 5   Eccleshill 17b
    Mary A DOBSON s in l S 37 Domestic Serv Eccleshill 17b
181 17 Holdsworths Bldgs Hillas MORTIMER Head M 43 Woolen Mill Engineer Calverley 17b
    Martha H MORTIMER Wife M 41   Idle 17b
    Emily MORTIMER Dau S 18 Weaver Eccleshill 17b
    Annie MORTIMER Dau S 15 Machine Minder Eccleshill 17b
    Joseph MORTIMER Son S 13 Machine Minder Eccleshill 17b
    Hilda MORTIMER Dau S 3   Eccleshill 17b
    Louie MORTIMER Dau S 6m   Eccleshill 17b
182 19 Holdsworths Bldgs William T CLOUGH Head M 50 MillWight Bramley 17b
    Hannah M CLOUGH Wife M 47   Bramley 17b
    Edith A CLOUGH Dau S 19 Dressmaker Bramley 17b
    Helena CLOUGH Dau S 17 Pupil Teacher Holbeck 17b
    Mabel CLOUGH Dau S 14   Morley 17b
    Samuel CLOUGH Son S 8   Eccleshill 17b
183 5 Holdsworths Buildings John LEEMING Head M 38 Garden Lab. Harrogate 17b
    Emily L LEEMING Wife M 32   Eccleshill 17b
    LaWence LEEMING Son S 12 Post Office Boy Eccleshill 17b
    Annie LEEMING Dau S 9   Eccleshill 17b
    Manasseh LEEMING Son S 5   Eccleshill 17b
    Willie LEEMING Son S 8m   Eccleshill 17b
184 1 Holdsworths Buildings James E BRADLEY Head M 25 Wool Dyer Eccleshill 18a
    Annie M BRADLEY Wife M 21   STS 18a
185 3 Holdsworths Buildings William HUDSON Head S 54 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 18a
186 7 Holdsworths Buildings George FORTHERGILL Head M 33 Woolen Machine Warper Ossett 18a
    Mary E FORTHERGILL Wife M 27   Ossett 18a
    Elsie FORTHERGILL Dau S 4   Ossett 18a
    Percy FORTHERGILL Son S 2   Ossett 18a
187 21 Holdsworth Square John KENDALL Head M 38 Worsted Warper Eccleshill 18a
    Mary KENDALL Wife M 35   Eccleshill 18a
    Henry KENDALL Son S 9   Eccleshill 18a
    Frank KENDALL Son S 7   Eccleshill 18a
    Elizabeth FIRTH Aunt W 75   Idle 18a
188 23 Holdsworth Square John W HORNE Head S 26 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Eccleshill 18a
    Mary E HORNE Sis S 27   Eccleshill 18a
    Albert C HORNE Bro S 13 Confectionary Hawker Eccleshill 18a
189 25 Holdsworth Square William THORNTON Head M 39   Bradford 18a
    Ada THORNTON Wife M 35   Bradford 18a
    Annie THORNTON Dau S 8   Bradford 18a
    Ida THORNTON Dau S 6   Bradford 18a
190 27 Holdsworth Square Samuel C HORNE Head M 50 Woolen Mill Card Cleaner Eccleshill 18a
    Betty D HORNE Wife M 48   Eccleshill 18a
    Mary E HORNE Dau S 19   Eccleshill 18a
191 29 Holdsworth Square Fred STANHOPE Head M 33 Woolen Mill Foreman Leeds 18a
    Mary STANHOPE Wife M 30   LIN Boston 18a
    Louisa STANHOPE Dau S 3   Bradford 18a
192 31 Holdsworth Square Mary STAMP Head W 66   Eccleshill 18a
    Hannah M STAMP Dau S 27 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 18a
    Charley STAMP Gson S 6   Eccleshill 18a
193 33 Holdsworth Square Alfred HOWCRAFT Head M 42 Cloth Finisher Horsforth 18b
    Annie E HOWCRAFT Wife M 42   Wortley 18b
    Harry HOWCRAFT Son S 20 Woolen Spinner Wortley 18b
    Wilfred HOWCRAFT Son S 16 Woolen Warehouseman Farnley 18b
    Dixson HOWCRAFT Son S 13 Woolen Factory Hand Farnley 18b
    Sarah HOWCRAFT Dau S 4   Eccleshill 18b
194 35 Holdsworth Square Isabella COLLINSON Head M 50   Eccleshill 18b
    Sarah E COLLINSON Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 18b
    Annie COLLINSON Dau S 19 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 18b
    Tom COLLINSON Son S 17 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 18b
195 37 Holdsworth Square John BURNLEY Head M 54 Plasterer Idle 18b
    Martha BURNLEY Wife M 55   Eccleshill 18b
196 39 Holdsworth Square Edwin PETTY Head M 61 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 18b
    Sarah PETTY Wife M 66   Stanningley 18b
197 41 Holdsworth Square Willie HAYWOOD Head M 35 Worsted Warper Eccleshill 18b
    Mary A HAYWOOD Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 18b
198 43 Holdsworth Square Thomas BIRCH Head M 39 BootMaker Eccleshill 18b
    Elizabeth BIRCH Wife M 29   Eccleshill 18b
    Doris BIRCH Dau S 5   Eccleshill 18b
    Charlie BIRCH Son S 3   Eccleshill 18b
199 73 Victoria Road Ernest E RAWSON Head M 25 Woolen Twister LIN Hale 18b
    Hannah RAWSON Wife M 26 Worsted Coating Weaver Eccleshill 18b
    William RAWSON Son S 2   Eccleshill 18b
    Martha SMITH m in l W 67   Eccleshill 18b
    Jane E RAWSON Sis S 22 Worsted Weaver LIN Hale 18b
200 75 Victoria Road Alfred GOODAIRE Head M 36 Warp Twister Wenthorpe 18b
    Mary H GOODAIRE Wife M 38 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 18b
201 77 Victoria Road James GILCHRIST Head M 37 Oil Merchant SCT Lanarkshire 19a
    Maggie S GILCHRIST Wife M 37   SCT Lanarkshire 19a
    Charles GILCHRIST Son S 15 Clerk SCT Lanarkshire 19a
    Maggie S GILCHRIST Dau S 14   SCT Lanarkshire 19a
    John GILCHRIST Son S 12   SCT Lanarkshire 19a
    Annie GILCHRIST Dau S 9   SCT Lanarkshire 19a
    Thomas GILCHRIST Son S 3   SCT Lanarkshire 19a
    Christina GILCHRIST Dau S 7m   SCT Lanarkshire 19a
    Christina STERLING s in l S 33   SCT Lanarkshire 19a
202 79 Victoria Road Ann WILSON Head W 76 Woolen Waste Dealer Idle 19a
    Mary DIBB   S 34 Sick Nurse Idle 19a
203 81 Victoria Road Thomas CRAGGS Head M 57 Woolen Mill Teamster Helperby 19a
    Harriet CRAGGS Wife M 63   Cookridge 19a
204 83 Victoria Road Alfred BARNES Head M 43 Quarry Carter CAM Boseworth 19a
    Margaret BARNES Wife M 38   CAM Knapwell 19a
    John W BARNES Son S 16 Stone Delver Bingley 19a
    Mary A BARNES Dau S 13 Woolen Spinner Bingley 19a
    Elizabeth BARNES Dau S 11   Windhill 19a
    Herbert BARNES Son S 3   Bradford 19a
    Violet BARNES Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 19a
205 85 Victoria Road Jonathan CRAGGS Head M 34 Woolen Mill Fireman Eccleshill 19a
    Emily CRAGGS Wife M 36   Thorner 19a
    James CRAGGS Son S 8   Eccleshill 19a
    Annie CRAGGS Dau S 5   Eccleshill 19a
    Albert CRAGGS Son S 3   Eccleshill 19a
    Margaret CRAGGS Dau S 1   Eccleshill 19a
206 78 Victoria Road Ann LAMBERT Head S 45 Worsted Coating Weaver Eccleshill 19a
207 10 Westgate Henry GRIGGS Head M 42 General Lab. ESS Faw? 19a
    Alice M GRIGGS Wife M 34   BRK Reading 19a