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Census Indexes 1901 Eccleshill ED2

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The census returns for 1901 were taken on the evening of March 31st and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG13/4184.

ED2, Folios 23-38

1 1 Chapel Walk Isaac MUNTON Head M 31 Stone Mason LIN Barston 23a
    Emily MUNTON Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 23a
    Mary Elizabeth MUNTON Dau S 9   Eccleshill 23a
    Thomas MUNTON Son S 7   Idle 23a
    Emily MUNTON Dau S 5   LIN Nelson 23a
2 3 Chapel Walk Fred GARTH Head M 28 House Painter Eccleshill 23a
    Annie GARTH Wife M 27 Worsted Comber Eccleshill 23a
    John CRAVEN Son S 5   Eccleshill 23a
    Edith GARTH Dau S 9m   Eccleshill 23a
3 5 Chapel Walk Sarah KITSON s in l S 72   Eccleshill 23a
    James ATKINSON Head M 60 Stone Dresser Idle 23a
    Annie ATKINSON Wife M 57   Eccleshill 23a
    Ada ATKINSON Dau S 31   Eccleshill 23a
    John B ATKINSON Son S 22   Eccleshill 23a
4 7 Chapel Walk Harry DUNWELL Head M 33 Woolen Coating Weaver Guiseley 23a
    Martha Ann DUNWELL Wife M 29   Windhill 23a
    Florry DUNWELL Dau S 11 Scholar Clayton 23a
    Riley DUNWELL Son S 8 Scholar Idle 23a
    Elsie DUNWELL Dau S 6 Scholar Baildon 23a
    Edith DUNWELL Dau S 3   Eccleshill 23a
    Hilda DUNWELL Dau S 1   Eccleshill 23a
5 9 Chapel Walk William BRAITHWAITE Head M 35 Worsted Weaver Rawdon 23a
    Celia BRAITHWAITE Wife M 31 Worsted Weaver Rawdon 23a
    Ernest BRAITHWAITE Son S 1   Eccleshill 23a
6 11 Chapel Walk Charles E DARNBOROUGH Head M 24 Mechanical Engineer [Fitter & Tuner] Yeadon 23a
    Nancy Ann DARNBOROUGH Wife M 25   Bradford 23a
    Emily Ann DARNBOROUGH Dau S 1   Eccleshill 23a
7 10 Chapel Walk Frank DARNBOROUGH Head M 50 Engine Tenter Newall nr Otley 23a
    Emily Ann DARNBOROUGH Wife M 47   Rawdon 23a
    Francis H DARNBOROUGH Son S 14 Mechanic's App. Eccleshill 23a
8 8 Chapel Walk William WILLIAM Head W 57 Night Watchman LON 23b
9 6 Chapel Walk Isaac MULLEY Head M 49 Stone Quarry Lab. SFK Hemswell 23b
    Jane MULLEY Wife M 50   LAN Preston 23b
10 4 Chapel Walk Joseph JOWETT Head M 42 Woolen Cloth Tenterer Eccleshill 23b
    Agnes JOWETT Wife M 40   Farsley 23b
    Herbert H JOWETT Son S 18 Bird Cage Maker Eccleshill 23b
    Samuel JOWETT Son S 16 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 23b
    Willie JOWETT Son S 14 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 23b
    Artha JOWETT Son S 3   Eccleshill 23b
11 2 Chapel Walk William M HUTTON Head M 29 WallStone Dresser Idle 23b
    Sarah F HUTTON Wife M 27   Idle 23b
    Margaret HUTTON Dau S 4   Idle 23b
    Annie HUTTON Dau S 2   Idle 23b
    Jessie HUTTON Dau S 9m   Eccleshill 23b
12 13 Chapel Walk Job HARGREAVES Head M 61 Bird Cage Maker Leeds 23b
    Jane HARGREAVES Wife M 59   Farsley 23b
    Martha OLDFIELD Lodg W 66   Farsley 23b
13 15 Chapel Walk Thomas HINDLE Head M 43 Carpenter Eccleshill 23b
    Alice HINDLE Wife M 58   Eccleshill 23b
    Louis HINDLE Son S 20 Wire Bird Cage Maker Eccleshill 23b
14 17 Chapel Walk W H HARGREAVES Head M 34 Noise Worker & Cage Maker Leeds 23b
    Priscilla HARGREAVES Wife M 30   Bradford 23b
    F Henry HARGREAVES Son S 7   Bradford 23b
    Mary Ann HARGREAVES Dau S 4   Bradford 23b
    Job HARGREAVES Son S 3   Bradford 23b
    Edith HARGREAVES Dau S 1   Bradford 23b
15 19 Chapel Walk Jonathan LOCKWOOD Head M 41 Woolen Cloth Finisher Foreman Dewsbury 23b
    Ann B LOCKWOOD Wife M 39   Dewsbury 23b
    Mary LOCKWOOD Dau S 12   Dewsbury 23b
16 21 Chapel Walk Joseph Jowett THORNTON Head M 42 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 24a
    Margret THORNTON Wife M 33 Woolen Weaver Hutton Rudby 24a
    Dora THORNTON Dau S 6   Eccleshill 24a
17 23 Chapel Walk William C GATENBY Head M 33 Carter & Coal Agent CUL Penrith 24a
    Elizabeth GATENBY Wife M 32   Eccleshill 24a
    Elsie GATENBY Dau S 5   Eccleshill 24a
    Annie I GATENBY Dau S 3   Eccleshill 24a
17a 18 Chapel Walk Fred ATKINSON Head M 44 Stone Dresser Idle 24a
    Mary Ann ATKINSON Wife M 40   MDX Hayes 24a
    Lily ATKINSON Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Idle 24a
    Matilda ATKINSON Dau S 11   Idle 24a
    Fred ATKINSON Son S 7   Idle 24a
    George DALBY f in l W 67 General Lab. MDX Hayes 24a
18 25 Chapel Walk James ISLES Head W 42 Woolen Weaver Bradford 24a
    Sarah E ISLES Dau S 17 Worsted Teamster Glasbury 24a
    Florrie ISLES Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Bradford 24a
    Emily ISLES Dau S 12   Bradford 24a
19 27 Chapel Walk Joseph Read SMITH Head M 28 Wool Scourer Eccleshill 24a
    Lydia SMITH Wife M 26 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 24a
    Charles H SMITH Son S 4   Eccleshill 24a
20 29 Chapel Walk James COTHILL Head M 56 Factory Night WatchMan SCT Forfarshire * 24a
    Sarah COTHILL Wife M 57   WIL Ramsburg 24a
21 31 Chapel Walk James BOOTHROYD Head M 50 Woolen Overlooker Lockwood 24a
    Mary E BOOTHROYD Wife M 47   Ashley 24a
    Ellen BOOTHROYD Dau S 24 Woolen Burler Lockwood 24a
    Martha BOOTHROYD Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Lockwood 24a
    Mary E BOOTHROYD Dau S 13 Worsted Bobbin Layer Mirfield 24a
22 33 Chapel Walk George HARGREAVES Head M 30 Wire Bird Cage Maker Leeds 24a
    Florence HARGREAVES Wife M 22   NS CAN Halifax 24a
    Gertrude HARGREAVES Dau S 3   NS CAN Halifax 24a
23 3 WoodView Cottages Charles LEE Head M 42 Plasterer Undercliffe 24b
    Charlotte LEE Wife M 43   Eccleshill 24b
    Firth LEE Son S 21 Plasterer Eccleshill 24b
    Nellie LEE Dau S 19 School Teacher Eccleshill 24b
    Herbert H LEE Son S 17 Office Clerk Eccleshill 24b
    Frank LEE Son S 10   Eccleshill 24b
24 5 WoodView Cottages Harry HOWARTH Head M 35 Machine Fettler Castleford 24b
    Susan HOWARTH Wife M 33   DUR Consett 24b
    George E HOWARTH Son S 8   SCT Glasgow 24b
    Ernest W HOWARTH Son S 2   Pudsey 24b
25 7 WoodView Cottages Elizabeth LEE Head W 49 Flannel Weaver Eccleshill 24b
    William MORRIS Son S 27 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 24b
    Sarah Emily MORRIS Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 24b
    Clara LEE Dau S 10   Eccleshill 24b
26 8 WoodView Cottages Robert TOMLINSON Head M 23 Cart Driver Sherburn 24b
    Jane TOMLINSON Wife M 25 Living on own means Bradford 24b
    Percy TOMLINSON Son S 2   South Milford 24b
    Fanny C TOMLINSON Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 24b
27 13 WoodView Cottages John BAINES Head M 63 Stone Quarryman Bramley 24b
    Mary Ann BAINES Wife M 53   BED Stamford 24b
    John G BAINES Son S 30 Railway Engine Driver Calverley 24b
28 15 WoodView Cottages Fred WALSHAM Head M 44 Shoemaker Scisset 24b
    Martha E WALSHAM Wife M 33   Bradford 24b
    Mabel M WALSHAM Dau S 12   Sheffield 24b
    William WALSHAM Son S 7   Sheffield 24b
    Fred WALSHAM Son S 4   Hull 24b
    Percy WALSHAM Son S 4m   Eccleshill 24b
29 17 WoodView Cottages Arthur HEALEWOOD Head M 33 Wool Combing Overlooker Leeds 25a
    Martha HEALEWOOD Wife M 32   Middlesbro 25a
    Florence HEALEWOOD Dau S 12   Bradford 25a
    Fanny C HEALEWOOD Dau S 11   Bradford 25a
    Frank HEALEWOOD Son S 8   Bradford 25a
    Henry C G HEALEWOOD Son S 3   Bradford 25a
    Arthur HEALEWOOD Son S 2   Bradford 25a
30 18-19 WoodView Cottages Joshua GOODAIRE Head M 53 Stone Quarryman Ossett 25a
    Jane GOODAIRE Wife M 55   Wenthorpe 25a
    George GOODAIRE Son S 28 Furniture Porter Wenthorpe 25a
    Ada GOODAIRE Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Wenthorpe 25a
    Sam GOODAIRE Son S 22 Wool Warehouseman Wenthorpe 25a
    John F GOODAIRE Son S 16 Woolen Mule Piecer Wakefield 25a
    Harry GOODAIRE Son S 13 Woolen Mule Piecer Wakefield 25a
31 16 WoodView Cottages William H KERSHAW Head M 24 House Slater Bradford 25a
    Jane KERSHAW Wife M 22   Idle 25a
32 14 WoodView Cottages Thomas WALSH Head M 27 Woolen Beamer STS Brierley Hill 25a
    Emma WALSH Wife M 28   Idle 25a
    William WALSH Son S 2m   Eccleshill 25a
33 12 WoodView Cottages Joseph RAMSDEN Head M 38 Woolen Card Fettler Batley 25a
    Mary RAMSDEN Wife M 43   Bradford 25a
    Herbert H RAMSDEN Son S 8   Pudsey 25a
34 10 WoodView Cottages George TROLLEY Head M 47 Cart Driver LIN Rowston 25a
    Annie TROLLEY Wife M 41   LIN Ewerby 25a
    William TROLLEY Son S 19 Stone Quarryman LIN Hackby Green 25a
    Ernest TROLLEY Son S 15 Woolen Spinner Heaton Park 25a
    Richard TROLLEY Son S 13 Woolen Spinner Sheffield 25a
    Isabella J LINLEY Lodg S 18 Worsted Spinner Shipley 25a
    Emma BENNETT Lodg S 45 Charwoman Poppleton 25a
35 8 WoodView Cottages Tom WEBSTER Head M 31 Worsted Overlooker Eccleshill 25b
    Charlotte WEBSTER Wife M 30   Idle 25b
    Arthur WEBSTER Son S 11   Idle 25b
    Lilian WEBSTER Dau S 8   Greengates 25b
    Squire WEBSTER Son S 7   Eccleshill 25b
    Alice WEBSTER Dau S 4   Eccleshill 25b
    Harriet A WEBSTER Dau S 2   Eccleshill 25b
    Frank WEBSTER Son S 9   Eccleshill 25b
36 6 WoodView Cottages James CROFT Head M 42 Mason's Lab. Yeadon 25b
    Martha CROFT Wife M 41   Eccleshill 25b
    William CROFT Son S 16 Woolen Mule Piecer Yeadon 25b
    Lucy CROFT Dau S 12 Spinning Mill Doffer Yeadon 25b
    Mary E CROFT Dau S 9   Eccleshill 25b
    George A CROFT Son S 1   Eccleshill 25b
37 4 WoodView Cottages J K CLAYTON Head M 30 Woolen Card Fettler Calverley 25b
    M E CLAYTON Wife M 34 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 25b
    M Emma CLAYTON Dau S 9   Eccleshill 25b
38 2 WoodView Cottages Ben S HOBSON Head M 26 Wool Warehouseman Baildon 25b
    Sarah Ann HOBSON Wife M 24 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 25b
    Ben S HOBSON Son S 2   Eccleshill 25b
39 31 Briggate Richard HOCKLEY Head M 48 Gas Stoker SFK Middenhall 25b
    Elizabeth HOCKLEY Wife M 48   Eccleshill 25b
    Harry HOCKLEY Son S 23 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 25b
    Walter S HOCKLEY Son S 19 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 25b
    Robert HOCKLEY Son S 18 Cart Driver Eccleshill 25b
    Alma HOCKLEY Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 25b
    Alice HOCKLEY Dau S 11   Eccleshill 25b
    Ernest HOCKLEY Son S 6   Eccleshill 25b
40 33 Briggate Mary Ann THORNTON Head W 47 Living on own means Bradford 25b
41 35 Briggate Thomas BRAITHWAITE Head M 59 Woolen Card Cleaner Bentham 26a
    Hannah BRAITHWAITE Wife M 56   Rawdon 26a
    Squire BRAITHWAITE Son S 31 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 26a
    Edward BRAITHWAITE Son S 25 Woolen Willeyer Rawdon 26a
    Margret BRAITHWAITE Dau S 17 Refreshment Room Waiter Rawdon 26a
42 37 Briggate Fredrick JONES Head M 25 Carpenter Bradford 26a
    Sarah Ann JONES Wife M 28   Bradford 26a
    Pryce JONES Son S 3   Bradford 26a
    Charlie JONES Son S 1   Bradford 26a
43 39 Briggate Simeon NICHOLS Head M 41 Woolen Carding Overlooker Yeadon 26a
    Ruth NICHOLS Wife M 41   Yeadon 26a
    Jane A NICHOLS Dau S 21 Woolen Machine Minder Yeadon 26a
    Louise NICHOLS Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 26a
    Annie NICHOLS Dau S 15 Woolen Piece Mender Eccleshill 26a
    Florence NICHOLS Dau S 13   Eccleshill 26a
    Edith NICHOLS Dau S 11   Eccleshill 26a
    Wight NICHOLS Son S 9   Eccleshill 26a
    Ellen NICHOLS Dau S 6   Eccleshill 26a
    Willie NICHOLS Son S 4   Eccleshill 26a
44 28 Killinghall Road William NORTON Head M 42 Woolen Spinner Bradford 26a
    Sarah NORTON Wife M 40 Woolen Weaver Bradford 26a
    Arthur NORTON Son S 9   Bradford 26a
45 30 Killinghall Road Martha SEACROFT Head S 52 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 26a
    Ellen SEACROFT Sis S 45 Woolen Weaver Stanningley 26a
46 26 Killinghall Road Wight DEWHIRST Head M 28 Iron Turner [Fitter] Bradford 26a
    Rebecca DEWHIRST Wife M 27 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 26a
47 24 Killinghall Road Ephraim STEAD Head M 57 Cart Driver Calverley 26a
    Betty STEAD Wife M 57   Eccleshill 26a
    Annie DEWHIRST Gdau S 8   Eccleshill 26a
48 22 Killinghall Road Thomas SMITH Head M 35 Woolen Warper Greengates 26b
    Sarah E SMITH Wife M 37   Eccleshill 26b
    Annie SMITH Dau S 9   Eccleshill 26b
    Benajmin SMITH Son S 6   Eccleshill 26b
    Ann E MEYERS m in l W 65   DUR Bishop Wearmouth 26b
49 20 Killinghall Road Thomas RENARD Head M 27 Mill Machine Minder Baildon 26b
    Rose RENARD Wife M 23 Mill Machine Minder Baildon 26b
50 18 Killinghall Road George CRAIG Head M 24 Tailor CUL Seaton 26b
    Elizabeth A CRAIG Wife M 38 Woolen Machine Minder BKM 26b
    Joseph A BERRY step son S 17 Quarry Errand Boy Apperley Bridge 26b
51 16 Killinghall Road Charles LAZENBY Head M 24 Working Gardener Eccleshill 26b
    Annie J LAZENBY Wife M 28   CUL Seaton 26b
    John LAZENBY Son S 7m   Eccleshill 26b
52 14 Killinghall Road Harry HARTLEY Head M 40 Woolen Foreman Calverley 26b
    Hannah M HARTLEY Wife M 38   Yeadon 26b
    Ben HARTLEY Son S 16 Woolen Warehouseman Eccleshill 26b
53 12 Killinghall Road Walter SMITH Head M 31 MillWight & Machine Maker Greengates 26b
    Jane E SMITH Wife M 31   Eccleshill 26b
    Maria SMITH Dau S 7   Eccleshill 26b
    Sarah SMITH Dau S 5   Eccleshill 26b
    William SMITH Son S 2   Eccleshill 26b
    Harry SMITH Son S 4m   Eccleshill 26b
    Elizabeth WILCOCK Moth W 59 Charwoman Greengates 26b
    Christopher SHACKLETON f in l W 56 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 26b
54 10 Killinghall Road Edward DUFTON Head M 28 Woolen Card Fettler Bradford 26b
    Mary Ann DUFTON Wife M 26 Worsted Weaver Bradford 26b
    William DUFTON Son S 4   Bradford 26b
55 8 Killinghall Road William R LUND Head M 87 Living on own means Denham 26b
    Margret LUND Wife M 65   WLS Conway 26b
56 6 Killinghall Road Ralph PENKITT Head S 71 Bill Distributor DBY New Mills 26b
    Orrisa TAYLOR Lodg S 43 Bill Distributor Meltham 26b
57 4 Killinghall Road Richard ISLES Head M 57 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 27a
    Martha ISLES Wife M 51   Eccleshill 27a
    Emily ISLES Dau S 16 Draper's Assistant Eccleshill 27a
58 2 Killinghall Road Annie PEARCE Head W 46 Shop Keeper NTT Retford 27a
    Alice PEARCE Dau S 24 Worsted Twister NTT Retford 27a
    F T MAYNELL Lodg S 41 Traction Engine Driver Topcliffe 27a
    Jowett LORD Lodg S 30 Cart Driver Thornton 27a
59 G N StationMasters House Richard BROWN Head M 60 StationMaster LEI Buck* 27a
    Kate BROWN Dau S 24 Draper's Assistant LEI Buck* 27a
    Florence BROWN Dau S 19   NTT Newark 27a
    Minnie BROWN Dau S 17 Dressmaker NTT Newark 27a
    Alfred BROWN Son S 13   LIN Grantham 27a
    Sharman H MARG? Visit S 28 Dressmaker LIN Pinch Beck 27a
60 1 Killinghall Road Henry LAZENBY Head M 30 Market Gardener Apperley Bridge 27a
    Jane LAZENBY Wife M 28   Boroughbridge 27a
    Annie LAZENBY Dau S 5   Eccleshill 27a
    Alice LAZENBY Dau S 3   Eccleshill 27a
61 3 Killinghall Road Hannah HINDLE Head S 68 Hand Loom Weaver [Flannel] Eccleshill 27a
62 5 Killinghall Road Henry IBBOTSON Head S 51 Flannel Manufacturer Eccleshill 27a
    Elizabeth IBBOTSON Sis S 48   Eccleshill 27a
    Emma CRAWSHAW Sis M 46   Eccleshill 27a
    Elsie E CRAWSHAW Niece S 13   Eccleshill 27a
    Mabel CRAWSHAW Niece S 8   Eccleshill 27a
63 9 Killinghall Road Grace LANA* Head W 64 Living on own means Bradford 27a
    Alice LANA* Dau S 32 Confectioner Bradford 27a
64 13 Killinghall Road George BEAUMONT Head M 41 Railway Carter Holmfirth 27b
    Sarah H BEAUMONT Wife M 42   Eccleshill 27b
    Fred BEAUMONT Son S 14 Errand Boy Eccleshill 27b
    Herbert L BENSON Visit S 9   LAN Hollingwood 27b
    Ann ARMITAGE Lodg W 78   Eccleshill 27b
    Richard GREAVES Lodg W 74 Wool Washer Eccleshill 27b
    William GREAVES Lodg S 36 Piece Dyer Eccleshill 27b
    Fred GREAVES Lodg S 32 Wool Dryer Eccleshill 27b
65 15 Killinghall Road James COOPER Head M 49 Gas Stoker Horsforth 27b
    Ann COOPER Wife M 51   Eccleshill 27b
    Ellen COOPER Dau S 22   Eccleshill 27b
    Rhodes COOPER Dau S 21 Mechanic Greengates 27b
    Herbert COOPER Son S 17 Woolen Spinner Greengates 27b
    George SHEPHERD Neph S 17 Woolen Spinner Middlesbro 27b
    Hillas COOPER Son S 13   Greengates 27b
66 17 Killinghall Road Carrie BIRCH Head S 25 Elementary School Teacher Eccleshill 27b
    Sarah E BIRCH Sis S 31 [Cripple from Childhood] Eccleshill 27b
67 19 Killinghall Road Tom GRAY Head M 39 Stone Quarry Foreman Horsforth 27b
    Hannah GRAY Wife M 38   Eccleshill 27b
    Clara GRAY Dau S 11   Baildon 27b
    Harold GRAY Son S 8   Eccleshill 27b
    Lenard GRAY Son S 2   Eccleshill 27b
68 21 Killinghall Road Charles FURNELL Head M 32 Railway WeighMan LIN Heighington 27b
    Annie FURNELL Wife M 32   Farnley 27b
69 23 Killinghall Road John GREAVES Head M 33 Worsted Card Room Lab. Eccleshill 27b
    Ann GREAVES Wife M 34   Holmfirth 27b
    Edith GREAVES Dau S 4   Eccleshill 27b
70 25 Killinghall Road John LONG Head M 37 News Agent Bradford 28a
    Mary E LONG Wife M 36   Bradford 28a
    Maurice LONG Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Wibsey 28a
    Ernest LONG Son S 11   Greengates 28a
    Arnold LONG Son S 8   Greengates 28a
    Mary E LONG Dau S 6   Greengates 28a
    Sidney LONG Son S 2   Eccleshill 28a
    Albert LONG Son S 1   Eccleshill 28a
71 27 Killinghall Road John R LAZENBY Head M 32 Market Gardener Eccleshill 28a
    Ellen LAZENBY Wife M 30   Eccleshill 28a
    Ernest LAZENBY Son S 1   Eccleshill 28a
72 29 Killinghall Road Mary Ann GOTT Head W 58 Living on own means Eccleshill 28a
    Mary E GOTT Dau S 24 School Mistress Eccleshill 28a
    Ellen HEATON Visit M 62 Living on own means Bradford 28a
    Sarah HEATON Visit M 55 Living on own means Eccleshill 28a
73 31 Killinghall Road William HAIGH Head M 40 Licensed Victualler Bradford 28a
    Emily HAIGH Wife M 41   Bradford 28a
    Annie HAIGH Dau S 15 School Teacher Bradford 28a
    Alfred HAIGH Son S 14 Draper's Assistant Bradford 28a
    Gertrude HAIGH Dau S 12   Bradford 28a
    Harry HAIGH Son S 2   Bradford 28a
74 33 Killinghall Road George A E NEGUS Head M 39 Woolen Weaver HUN Godmanchester 28a
    Hannah M NEGUS Wife M 45 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 28a
    Eleanor Cy NEGUS Dau S 19 Pupil Teacher Eccleshill 28a
75 35 Killinghall Road John SUTCLIFFE Head M 52 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 28a
    Sarah Ann SUTCLIFFE Wife M 49   Idle 28a
    Fred SUTCLIFFE Son S 29 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 28a
    Clara SUTCLIFFE Dau S 16 Worsted Winder Eccleshill 28a
    Arthur SUTCLIFFE Son S 13 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 28a
    Harry SUTCLIFFE Son S 4   Eccleshill 28a
76 37 Killinghall Road Joseph STANLEY Head M 42 Stone Mason Bradford 28b
    Charlotte F STANLEY Wife M 43   LIN Grainthorpe 28b
    Lily STANLEY Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Bradford 28b
    Sarah STANLEY Dau S 19   Heaton 28b
    John STANLEY Son S 18 Cart Driver Manningham 28b
    Alice STANLEY Dau S 7   Eccleshill 28b
77 39 Killinghall Road Matthew BEDFORD Head M 65 Retired Wool Warehouseman Ardsley 28b
    Emily W BEDFORD Wife M 56   LIN Gainsboro 28b
    Selina A BEDFORD Dau S 25 Assistant School Mistress Eccleshill 28b
    Maud G BEDFORD Dau S 20 Assistant School Mistress Eccleshill 28b
78 41 Killinghall Road Elizabeth BASFIRD Head S 43 Charwoman NTH Peterboro 28b
    Joseph BASFIRD Son S 10   Bradford 28b
79 43 Killinghall Road George HICK Head M 71 Retired Lab. *ton 28b
    Barbara HICK Wife M 70   Sicklingall 28b
80 45 Killinghall Road Elizabeth BRIGGS Head W 76   Idle 28b
    Francis HARE Lodg S 26 Plate Layer Malton 28b
81 47 Killinghall Road John OAKLEY Head W 81 Retired Tinner STS Wolverhampton 28b
82 49 Killinghall Road Edwin SEED Head M 64 Maltster Bradford 28b
    Joseph W SEED Son S 27 Malt Worker Bradford 28b
    Fred W SEED Son S 24 Malt Worker [Deaf at Age 7]   28b
    Earvin SEED Son S 19 Malt Worker   28b
83 51 Killinghall Road James LEE Head M 57 Gas Works Manager Eccleshill 28b
    Sarah Ann LEE Wife M 58   Eccleshill 28b
    Emily F LEE Dau S 32   Eccleshill 28b
    Harry LEE Son S 23 Stone Mason Eccleshill 28b
    Edith LEE Dau S 20   Eccleshill 28b
    Ada LEE Dau S 16   Eccleshill 28b
84 53 Killinghall Road Mary BINNS Head W 60   York 28b
    Henry FOTHERGILL Son S 28 Cloth Finisher Easingwold 28b
85 55 Killinghall Road John DAVISON Head M 52 Woolen Mill Manager Calverley 29a
    Mary DAVISON Wife M 50   Calverley 29a
    Adaline K DAVISON Dau S 20 Assistant School Mistress Calverley 29a
    Agnes DAVISON Dau S 14 Woolen Weaver Calverley 29a
86 30a Killinghall Road James W GRAY Head M 24 Wool Dryer Bowling 29a
    Ellen GRAY Wife M 21   Shipley 29a
    Florry GRAY Dau S 2   Eccleshill 29a
    Frank B GRAY Son S 11m   Eccleshill 29a
    Fred WALKER Lodg S 19 Upholsterer Bowling 29a
87 32 Killinghall Road William BINNS Head M 35 Wool Blender Rawdon 29a
    Sarah E BINNS Wife M 32   LIN Gainsboro 29a
    Isabella BINNS Dau S 9   Eccleshill 29a
    Norman BINNS Son S 6m   Eccleshill 29a
88 34 Killinghall Road William CRABTREE Head M 60 Stone Dresser mixenden 29a
    Martha CRABTREE Wife M 48   Thackley 29a
89 36 Killinghall Road Joe ROBINSON Head M 36 Wool Scourer Otley 29a
    Eva ROBINSON Wife M 26 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 29a
    Frank ROBINSON Son S 4   Eccleshill 29a
90 38 Killinghall Road Charles HORN Head M 70 Woolen Machine Minder Idle 29a
    Sarah A HORN Wife M 61   Pudsey 29a
91 40 Killinghall Road Jane THOMSON Head W 71 Living on own means Leeds 29a
    Maud M BROWN Visit S 21 Woolen Burler Brampton 29a
92 42 Killinghall Road Thomas GOODAIRE Head M 55 Coal Hawker Ossett 29a
    Mary Ann GOODAIRE Wife M 57   YKS Potovens 29a
    John L GOODAIRE Son S 32 Musical Director Eccleshill 29a
    Terry H GOODAIRE Son S 23 Stone Mason Allerton 29a
    Maud GOODAIRE Dau S 17 Woolen Burler Carlingham 29a
93 44 Killinghall Road Edward SHARP Head M 44 Stone Quarryman Bingley 29a
    Alice L SHARP Wife M 44   Addingham 29a
94 46 Killinghall Road Joseph RICHARDSON Head W 48 Solicitor DUR East Hartlepool 29b
    Fredrick RICHARDSON Son S 23 Solicitor's Certified Clerk Armley Leeds 29b
    Edith A RICHARDSON Dau S 18   Cleckheaton 29b
    Mabel T RICHARDSON Dau S 16   Cleckheaton 29b
    Ann E RICHARDSON Dau S 14   Frizing Hall 29b
    Elizabeth NEWTON 1/2 s in l S 67   Armley Leeds 29b
    Sarah A APPLEYARD Visit S 17 Shop Assistant Scarbro 29b
95 48 Killinghall Road James PARROT Head M 47 Butcher Eccleshill 29b
    Sabina PARROT Wife M 49   Eccleshill 29b
    Sarah E PARROT Dau S 18   Eccleshill 29b
    Alice PARROT Dau S 17 Dressmaker Eccleshill 29b
    Charles E PARROT Son S 20 Butcher Eccleshill 29b
    Zilla PARROT Dau S 14   Eccleshill 29b
    John PARROT Son S 5   Eccleshill 29b
96 48a Killinghall Road John W HOLLINGS Head M 40 Coal Carter Eccleshill 29b
    Ann HOLLINGS Wife M 40   Eccleshill 29b
97 50 Killinghall Road Martha WALKER Head W 56 Licensed Victualler Birmingham 29b
    Charles H BROWN Serv M 28 BarMan Bradford 29b
98 Vicarage Thomas GLEAVE Head M 51 Clergyman - Church of England FLN Flint 29b
    Edith GLEAVE Wife M 47   Otley 29b
    Gladys H GLEAVE Dau S 20   Leeds 29b
    Edward G GLEAVE Dau S 13   Bishop Thornton 29b
    H H GLEAVE Son S 6   Eccleshill 29b
    Betsy E EAGLE Serv S 16 General Domestic Serv LIN Gedney * 29b
99 4 Fagley Lane William HARTLEY Head M 64 Woolen Warper Calverley 29b
    Maria HARTLEY Wife M 66   Calverley 29b
    May HARTLEY Dau S 34 Woolen Burler Calverley 29b
    Emma HARTLEY Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Calverley 29b
100 6 Fagley Lane William BENSON Head M 29 Cart Driver Minston 30a
    Alice BENSON Wife M 31   Guiseley 30a
    Hannah SLATER m in l W 71   Guiseley 30a
    Alfred SLATER b in l S 40 Night WatchMan Guiseley 30a
101 8 Fagley Lane Alfred S KITE Head W 52 Stationary Engine Man WAR 30a
    John KITE Son S 20 Carpenter's App. Eccleshill 30a
    Fanny KITE Dau S 18   Eccleshill 30a
    Mary E KITE Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 30a
102 10 Fagley Lane Christopher WILSON Head W 69 Boot & Shoemaker Low Moor 30a
    Clara WILSON Dau S 39   Bradford 30a
    Annie L WILSON Dau S 30 Woolen Weaver Leeds 30a
103 12 Fagley Lane Sarah A HARRISON Head W 58   Bradford 30a
    Emily HOLDSWORTH Dau S 36 Woolen Piece Burler Eccleshill 30a
    John HARRISON Son S 25 Brass Moulder Bradford 30a
    Eliza HARRISON Dau S 19 Woolen Piece Burler Bradford 30a
    Robert HOLDSWORTH Gson S 11   Bradford 30a
104 14 Fagley Lane Herbert MOULD Head M 30 Woolen Washer LON Primrose Hill 30a
    Alice MOULD Wife M 26   Idle 30a
    Mary MOULD Dau S 4   Eccleshill 30a
105 16 Fagley Lane James HARDCASTLE Head M 36 Verger & Sexton Calverley 30a
    Elizabeth HARDCASTLE Wife M 42   LAN Bolton le Sands 30a
106 Radfield House Robert ROPER Head M 61 Stone Quarry Owner Bradford 30a
  Fagley Lane Mary Ann ROPER Wife M 52   Huddersfield 30a
    James ROPER Son S 31 Stone Quarry Owner Bradford 30a
    Emily ROPER Dau S 24   Bradford 30a
107 22 Fagley Lane William WILKINSON Head M 43 Stone Quarry Foreman Bradford 30a
    Hannah WILKINSON Wife M 43   Bradford 30a
    John H WILKINSON Son S 22 Stone Quarryman Bradford 30a
    Jane E WILKINSON Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Bradford 30a
    Martha A WILKINSON Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Bradford 30a
    Maria WILKINSON Dau S 9   Bradford 30a
    Bertha WILKINSON Dau S 1   Bradford 30a
108 24 Fagley Lane Ann WHITHAM Head W 60 Farmer IRE Queens 30b
    Elizabeth WHITHAM Dau S 30 Farmer's Dau Eccleshill 30b
    Richard WHITHAM Son S 28 Farmer's Son Eccleshill 30b
109 Fagley Villas Jane HEPTINSTALL Wife M 59   Bradford 30b
    Annie HEPTINSTALL Dau S 32 Dressmaker Bradford 30b
    Florence HEPTINSTALL Dau S 31 Dressmaker Bradford 30b
    Florence HOLDSWORTH Visit W 38 Living on own means LON 30b
    Robert RAW Lodg W 69 Ag Lab. Kilton 30b
110 Fagley Villas Ernest W NELSON Head M 23 Living on own means Bradford 30b
    Mary NELSON Wife M 25   Leeds 30b
    Charlie YARNALL b in l S 13   Leeds 30b
    Sarah Ann BROWN Serv S 59 Housekeeper CAM Wisbech 30b
111 12 Fagley Road Benjamin LEE Head M 59 Cask Dealer Bradford 30b
    Eliza P LEE Wife M 59   Bradford 30b
    Charles H LEE Son S 29 Cask Dealer Bradford 30b
    Benjamin LEE Son S 15 Cask Dealer's Assistant Bradford 30b
112 8 Fagley Road Samuel LEE Head M 34 Cart Driver Bradford 30b
    Frances E LEE Wife M 29   Bradford 30b
    Charles H LEE Son S 3   Eccleshill 30b
112a 14 Fagley Road John A COULTER Head M 33 Mason's Lab. Bradford 30b
    Mary E COULTER Wife M 30   Shipley 30b
    Clara COULTER Dau S 10   Shipley 30b
    John F COULTER Son S 2   Shipley 30b
113 16 Fagley Road Jesse COPEMAN Head M 29 Farmer's Man SFK Beccles 30b
    Minnie E COPEMAN Wife M 25   SFK Beccles 30b
    Violet M COPEMAN Dau S 5   SFK Beccles 30b
    Freddie W COPEMAN Son S 3   SFK Beccles 30b
    Elsie F COPEMAN Dau S 1   Bradford 30b
    John MARSDEN Lodg W 49 Stone Quarryman Bingley 30b
114 1 Fagley Road Ben ILLINGWORTH Head M 30 Cart Driver Eccleshill 31a
    Ada ILLINGWORTH Wife M 33   Yeadon 31a
    Frank ILLINGWORTH Son S 7   Undercliffe 31a
    Eliza ILLINGWORTH Dau S 5   Eccleshill 31a
    Bertha ILLINGWORTH Dau S 3   Greengates 31a
    Arthur ILLINGWORTH Son S 8m   Fagley 31a
    Mary TEAL Lodg W 58   Horsforth 31a
    Wilfred TEAL Lodg S 24 Plasterer Eccleshill 31a
    Walter TEAL Lodg S 22 Cart Driver Yeadon 31a
115 3 Fagley Road John F CRAVEN Head M 45 Dye Merchant's Cashier Bradford 31a
    Maud M CRAVEN Wife M 41   Bradford 31a
    Roy CRAVEN Son S 5m   Bradford 31a
    Jessie G HOLMES s in l S 43 Living on own means Bradford 31a
    Lilian HOLMES Cousin S 24 Printer's Clerk Bramley 31a
116 5 Fagley Road Thomas PEDDER Head M 51 Farm Lab. Bradford 31a
    Mary PEDDER Wife M 44   Bradford 31a
    William PEDDER Son S 12   Bradford 31a
    Margret PEDDER Dau S 16 Housekeeper Bradford 31a
117 7 Fagley Road Robert AMOS Head M 79 Farm Lab. Yarmouth North Walton 31a
    Margret AMOS Wife M 61   Bowling 31a
118 9 Fagley Road Lenard NAYLOR Head M 40 Publican Thornhill 31a
  Ravenscliffe Hotel Fanny NAYLOR Wife M 44   Heartshead 31a
    Nelson NAYLOR Son S 14   Liversedge 31a
119 Fagley House Edwin GREENWOOD Head M 53 Bank Cashier Calverley 31a
    Emma J GREENWOOD Wife M 50   Bradford 31a
    Charles E GREENWOOD Son S 27 Stuff Merchant Bradford 31a
    Ethel M GREENWOOD Dau S 25   Bradford 31a
    M M H D DAVIDSON Serv S 20   Guisbro ? 31a
    L G MATTHEWS s in l M 33 Wash Dyer Bradford 31a
    L L A MATTHEWS Dau M 30   Bradford 31a
    Lishman T MATTHEWS Gson S 7   Bradford 31a
    Donald LISHMAN Gson S 2   Calverley 31b
    L F E WHITTINGTON Serv S 20 Domestic Serv Rotherham 31b
120 Fagley House Cottage Charles E MERCHANT Head M 56 Confectioner Halifax 31b
    Elizabeth MERCHANT Wife M 44 Cook SCT Berwick on Tweed 31b
    Annie MERCHANT Dau S 14 Confectionary Dealer Bradford 31b
121 Fagley House Farm John F HEMINGWAY Head M 40 Farmer Pudsey 31b
    Elizabeth HEMINGWAY Wife M 38   Bradford 31b
    Alfred HEMINGWAY Son S 18 Farmer's Son Eccleshill 31b
    John HEMINGWAY Son S 15 Farmer's Son Eccleshill 31b
    Annie E HEMINGWAY Dau S 12   Eccleshill 31b
    Mary Ann HEMINGWAY Dau S 10   Eccleshill 31b
    Alice R HEMINGWAY Dau S 8   Eccleshill 31b
    Harold HEMINGWAY Son S 4   Eccleshill 31b
    William W HEMINGWAY Son S 1   Eccleshill 31b
    Joseph HEMINGWAY Bro S 46 General Farm Lab. Pudsey 31b
122 1 Victoria Terrace John MILLER Head M 40 Woolen Warehouseman LAN Preston 31b
    Jane MILLER Wife M 40 Grocer's Shop Keeper Bradford 31b
    Thomas A MILLER Son S 7   Eccleshill 31b
    Alec MILLER Son S 6   Eccleshill 31b
    Ruth MILLER Dau S 4   Eccleshill 31b
    Mary MILLER Dau S 7m   Eccleshill 31b
    Harry MILNER b in l S 35 Nursery Man [Florist] Bradford 31b
    Annie E MILNER s in l S 28 Grocer's Shop Keeper Fagley 31b
    Ruth MILNER Aunt S 73   Lonsdale 31b
123 3 Victoria Terrace Hannah GREENWOOD Head W 70   Bradford 31b
    James W GREENWOOD Son S 34 Woolen Spinner Calverley 31b
    Elsie GREENWOOD Dau S 29 Dressmaker Calverley 31b
124 5 Victoria Terrace John WHELAN Head M 32 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 31b
    Nellie WHELAN Wife M 30   Bradford 31b
125 7 Victoria Terrace Lucy NICHOLSON Head W 42   Bradford 32a
    Tom NICHOLSON Son S 19 Office Clerk Bradford 32a
    Bertie NICHOLSON Son S 15 Druggist's Assistant Bradford 32a
126 9 Victoria Terrace John A RIGG Head M 37 Tailor's Manager Holbeck 32a
    Lillie RIGG Wife M 38   York 32a
    Ernest RIGG Son S 14   Bradford 32a
    Arthur RIGG Son S 9   Bradford 32a
    Clara RIGG Niece S 17 Cotton Spinner Bradford 32a
127 11 Victoria Terrace Tom F MARSDEN Head M 36 Cashier Bradford 32a
    Harriet MARSDEN Wife M 30   Otley 32a
    Doris MARSDEN Dau S 10   Bradford 32a
    Ida MARSDEN Dau S 8   Bradford 32a
    May MARSDEN Dau S 7   Bradford 32a
    Frankland MARSDEN Son S 5   Bradford 32a
128 13 Victoria Terrace Thomas E BARKER Head M 35 Rate Collector Bradford 32a
    Edith M BARKER Sis S 29 Assistant School Mistress Bradford 32a
129 15 Victoria Terrace Henry S HUDSON Head M 57 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 32a
    Isabella HUDSON Wife M 44   Bradford 32a
    Joseph W HUDSON Son S 23 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 32a
    Allan HUDSON Son S 18 Yarn Warehouseman Bradford 32a
    Alec R HUDSON Son S 15 Market Gardener Bradford 32a
130 BLANK               32a
131 19 Victoria Terrace Mary Ann WOOD Head W 71   Otley 32a
    Benjamin WOOD Son S 41 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 32a
    Margaret N MORRIS Lodg S 40 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 32a
    Elizabeth YOUNG Visit W 59   HEF Weobley 32a
132 21 Victoria Terrace Hannah PRIESTLEY Head W 70   Bradford 32a
    Walter PRIESTLEY Son W 42 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 32a
    Alfred PRIESTLEY Son S 35 Clerk Bradford 32a
    Edwin PRIESTLEY Gson S 11   Bradford 32a
    Annie PRIESTLEY Gdau S 9   Bradford 32a
    Maria PRIESTLEY s in l S 52   Bradford 32a
133 23 Victoria Terrace Jonas BATLEY Head M 35 Size Manufacturer Eccleshill 32b
    Emma BATLEY Wife M 36   Eccleshill 32b
    Edith BATLEY Dau S 11   Eccleshill 32b
    Doris BATLEY Dau S 6   Eccleshill 32b
    Renee BATLEY Dau S 2   Eccleshill 32b
134 25 Victoria Terrace Lenerd MITCHELL Head M 51 Stuff Warehouseman Kirby Fleetham 32b
    Alice MITCHELL Wife M 48   Richmond 32b
    Herbert MITCHELL Son S 18 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 32b
    Wilfred MITCHELL Dau S 15 Junior Clerk Bradford 32b
135 27 Victoria Terrace John WOOD Head M 35 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 32b
    Sophia WOOD Wife M 35   Bradford 32b
    Beatrice WOOD Dau S 6   Bradford 32b
    Arthur WOOD Son S 2   Bradford 32b
136 29 Victoria Terrace Charles CHESERY Head M 50 Engine Packing Maker SFK Hopton 32b
    Anna CHESERY Wife M 45   Manningham 32b
    Eliza CHESERY Dau S 24 [Feeble Minded] Eccleshill 32b
    Herbert CHESERY Son S 17 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 32b
    Lily CHESERY Dau S 15     32b
137 31 Victoria Terrace Joseph WOOD Head M 45 Stone Quarry Owner Calverley 32b
    Sarah WOOD Wife M 45   Eccleshill 32b
    Elsie A WOOD Dau S 5   Eccleshill 32b
138 33 Victoria Terrace William H SPENCE Head M 48 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 32b
    Elizabeth A SPENCE Wife M 43   Eccleshill 32b
    Lily H SPENCE Dau S 24 Dressmaker Eccleshill 32b
139 35 Victoria Terrace Thomas H BARNETT Head M 26 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 32b
    Alice BARNETT Wife M 26   Eccleshill 32b
    Harry D BARNETT Son S 3   Eccleshill 32b
140 37 Victoria Terrace John ROGERS Head M 45 Worsted Drawing Overlooker Bradford 32b
    Emma ROGERS Wife M 44   LAN Bolton 32b
    Ethel M ROGERS Dau S 16 Milliner Bradford 32b
141 39 Victoria Terrace William BARNETT Head M 54 Carpenter Easingwold - Thormanby? 33a
    Fanny M BARNETT Wife M 51   York 33a
    Cecil BARNETT Son S 21 Grocer's Assistant Eccleshill 33a
    Selina BARNETT Dau S 17   Eccleshill 33a
    Frances M BARNETT Dau S 13 Dressmaker's App. Eccleshill 33a
142 10 Fagley Road William WILKINSON Head M 46 Carpenter Shipley 33a
    Margret WILKINSON Wife M 48   LAN Dalton in Furness 33a
    John A WILKINSON Son S 18 Wool Sorter LAN Ulverston 33a
    Elizabeth A WILKINSON Dau S 15 Dressmaker LAN Ulverston 33a
143 12 Fagley Road Charles E HAIRSINE ? Head M 50 Printer's Machine Minder Leeds 33a
    Ann HAIRSINE ? Wife M 30   Leeds 33a
    Adeline V HAIRSINE ? Dau S 4   Eccleshill 33a
    G P E HAIRSINE ? Dau S 2   Eccleshill 33a
144 14 Fagley Road John G YOUNG Head M 49 Butcher DBY 33a
    Rose A YOUNG Wife M 48   Bradford 33a
    John W YOUNG Son S 21 Factory Mill Hand Bradford 33a
    Alfred E YOUNG Son S 17 Factory Mill Hand Bradford 33a
    Harry YOUNG Son S 11   Bradford 33a
    Ethel YOUNG Dau S 9   Bradford 33a
145 95 Fagley Road John A SOWDEN Head M 42 Licensed Victualler Bradford 33a
  Royal Hotel Sarah SOWDEN Wife M 40   Bradford 33a
    William SOWDEN Son S 20 Chemist's App. Bradford 33a
    Ezra SOWDEN Son S 17 Plumber's App. Bradford 33a
    William SOWDEN Fath W 75   Adwalton 33a
146 93 Fagley Road Abraham LITTLE Head M 66 Grocer Mythholmroyd 33a
    May A LITTLE Wife M 58   LIN Stixwould 33a
    ?? LITTLE Son S 25 Stuff Warehouseman Cleveland Liverton 33a
    Millicent LITTLE Dau S 20 Piece Burler Bradford 33a
    Henry LITTLE Son S 17 Barber Bradford 33a
147 91 Fagley Road James LITTLE Head M 23 Wood Carver Boosbeck 33b
    Maria LITTLE Wife M 23   Bradford 33b
    Mary LITTLE Dau S 4m   Bradford 33b
148 87 Fagley Road J W ORMANROYD Head M 43 Woolen Weaver Bradford 33b
    C A ORMANROYD Wife M 44   LAN Liverpool 33b
149 85 Fagley Road Elijah KEIGHLEY Head M 36 Woolen Weaver Tong 33b
    Esther A KEIGHLEY Dau S 15 Woolen Weaver AUS Sydney 33b
    Mable M KEIGHLEY Dau S 5   Bradford 33b
150 83 Fagley Road Edward FARRAR Head M 54 Stone Quarryman Esholt 33b
    Mary FARRAR Wife M 54   LAN Ashton under Lyne 33b
151 81 Fagley Road Edward SCHOLES Head M 57 Wool Warehouseman Leeds 33b
    Sarah SCHOLES Wife M 55   STS Wolverhampton 33b
152 79 Fagley Road Edward CHARLESWORTH Head M 26 Corporation Lab. [Road] Horsforth 33b
    Harriet A CHARLESWORTH Wife M 27 Worsted Weaver Bradford 33b
    Harriet CHARLESWORTH Dau S 5   Bradford 33b
    Clara CHARLESWORTH Dau S 1   Bradford 33b
    Willy FIRM ? Visit M 19 Iron Moulder Bradford 33b
    Lilly FIRM ? Visit M 19 Worsted Weaver Bradford 33b
153 77 Fagley Road Smith MURGATROYD Head M 37 Wool Sorter Bradford 33b
    Eliza MURGATROYD Wife M 36   Hebden Bridge 33b
    Ellison MURGATROYD Son S 12   Bradford 33b
    Mary MURGATROYD Dau S 10   Bradford 33b
    Nellie MURGATROYD Dau S 6   Bradford 33b
    Florence MURGATROYD Dau S 4   Bradford 33b
    Freddie W MURGATROYD Son S 1   Bradford 33b
    Samuel SPENCER Visit S 21 Machine Room Man Bradford 33b
154 75 Fagley Road Thomas BECK Head M 51 Carpenter LAN Bolton 33b
    Hannah BECK Wife M 49   Bradford 33b
155 73 Fagley Road Eli BINNS Head M 24 Warp Twister Bradford 33b
    Mary A BINNS Wife M 25   Bradford 33b
    Doris BINNS Dau S 1m   Bradford 33b
156 71 Fagley Road William GREENWOOD Head M 27 Mason's Lab. Keighley 34a
    Harriet GREENWOOD Wife M 22   Bradford 34a
157 69 Fagley Road John W WILKINSON Head M 30 Mason's Lab. Bradford 34a
    Kate WILKINSON Wife M 25   Ripon 34a
    Clementis WILKINSON Dau S 3   Bradford 34a
    Doris WILKINSON Dau S 1   Bradford 34a
158 67 Fagley Road Margret A SHAW Head W 39 Restaurant Cook [One Eye] Leeds 34a
    Beatrice SHAW Dau S 17 Book Binder Bradford 34a
    Clara SHAW Dau S 15 Typist Bradford 34a
159 65A Fagley Road George LOFTHOUSE Head M 37 Stone Quarryman Bradford 34a
    Louisa LOFTHOUSE Wife M 36   Idle 34a
    John LOFTHOUSE Son S 11   Bradford 34a
    Tom LOFTHOUSE Son S 5   Bradford 34a
    Squire LOFTHOUSE Son S 3   Bradford 34a
160 65 Fagley Road A CARPENTER Head S 44   LON St.James 34a
    John SLATER Lodg M 46 General Lab. Windhill 34a
    Fred SLATER Lodg S 13 Errand Boy Guiseley 34a
161 8 Fagley Road David HAINSWORTH Head M 50 Plasterer Bradford 34a
    Selina HAINSWORTH Wife M 52   Bradford 34a
    Emma HAINSWORTH Dau S 22 Printer's Folder Bradford 34a
    Amy HAINSWORTH Dau S 17 Pattern Card Maker Bradford 34a
162 59 Fagley Road Thomas LONG Head M 37 Lithographic Brazer ? Bradford 34a
    Mary LONG Wife M 36   Leeds 34a
    Maria LONG Dau S 16 Printer's Asst [Weak Eyes] Eccleshill 34a
    Annie E LONG Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 34a
    Gertrude LONG Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Bradford 34a
    Ada LONG Dau S 7   Bradford 34a
    Osmond LONG Son S 5   Bradford 34a
    Florence [a twin] LONG Dau S 2   Bradford 34a
    Ivy [a twin] LONG Dau S 2   Bradford 34a
    Lerois LONG Dau S 2m   Bradford 34a
163 57 Fagley Road Thomas H BANKS Head M 39 Iron Foundry Man CAN (NBS) 34b
    Louisa BANKS Wife M 38   Bradford 34b
    Mabel BANKS Dau S 14 Cigar Maker Bradford 34b
    Leonard BANKS Son S 10   Bradford 34b
    Walter BANKS Son S 7   Bradford 34b
164 55 Fagley Road Mary Ann SYMES Head S 42 Grocer & Beer Seller Bradford 34b
    Emma E SYMES Niece S 23   Bradford 34b
    Fredrick W BROIDGE Lodg S 26 Cloth Warehouse Clerk SOM Bath 34b
165 53 Fagley Road Fredrick L TARLTON ? Son S 32 Printer's Compositor MDX 34b
    Mary E TARLTON ? Dau S 26   SRY Peckham 34b
    Rose E TARLTON ? Dau S 24 Worsted Drawer MDX Bloomsburg 34b
    Alice M TARLTON ? Dau S 22 Worsted Drawer MDX Bloomsburg 34b
    Annie E TARLTON ? Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner Bradford 34b
166 51 Fagley Road William H REBITT Head M 36 Dairy Man Bradford 34b
    Mary REBITT Wife M 35   Bradford 34b
    James W REBITT Son S 13   Bradford 34b
    Emma REBITT Dau S 12   Bradford 34b
    Charles I REBITT Son S 9   Bradford 34b
    Clara REBITT Dau S 7   Bradford 34b
    Herbert REBITT Son S 5   Bradford 34b
167 49 Fagley Road Charles ILLINGWORTH Head M 46 Fried Fish Dealer Bradford 34b
    Ann E ILLINGWORTH Wife M 44 Fried Fish Dealer Pudsey 34b
    Emma I ILLINGWORTH Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Calverley 34b
    Annie ILLINGWORTH Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 34b
    John ILLINGWORTH Son S 16 Jacquard Maker App. Calverley 34b
    Tom ILLINGWORTH Son S 11   Calverley 34b
    Charles H ILLINGWORTH Son S 7   Calverley 34b
168 47 Fagley Road Mary GRIFFITHS Head W 46 Housekeeper Fagley 35a
    Ada GRIFFITHS Dau S 21 Blouse Maker Bramley 35a
    Charles GRIFFITHS Son S 19 Stuff Warehouseman Bramley 35a
    Annie GRIFFITHS Dau S 17 Mantle SalesWoman Bramley 35a
    Lillie GRIFFITHS Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Leeds 35a
    Willie GRIFFITHS Son S 11   Fagley 35a
169 45 Fagley Road Hartley MAGOON Head M 34 Stuff Warehouseman Halifax 35a
    Hannah MAGOON Wife M 33   Bradford 35a
    Ethel MAGOON Dau S 12   Eccleshill 35a
    George MAGOON Son S 10   Eccleshill 35a
    Faith MAGOON Dau S 8   Eccleshill 35a
    Gladys MAGOON Dau S 5   Eccleshill 35a
    Phylis MAGOON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 35a
170 43 Fagley Road W K SHEPHERD Head M 59 Wool Sorter Shipley 35a
    Alice SHEPHERD Wife M 60   Halifax 35a
    Ann RADCLIFFE s in l W 65   Halifax 35a
171 41 Fagley Road Esther ADAMSON Head W 69   Horsforth 35a
    John ADAMSON Gson S 15 Grocer's Assistant Bradford 35a
    Ada ADAMSON Gdau S 12   Bradford 35a
172 39 Fagley Road Annie M GOULT Head M 41 Dressmaker SFK Devonam 35a
173 37 Fagley Road Benjamin SKIRROW Head M 37 Warp Dresser Eccleshill 35a
    Eliza SKIRROW Wife M 36 Small Wares Dealer Eccleshill 35a
    Elizabeth SKIRROW Dau S 8   Bradford 35a
    Edith SKIRROW Dau S 7   Bradford 35a
    William SKIRROW Son S 3   Bradford 35a
174 35 Fagley Road James A COATES Head M 32 Gasmain Layer Bradford 35a
    Betsy COATES Wife M 31   Bradford 35a
    Emma NORTON Lodg S 21 Worsted Spinner Wakefield 35a
175 33 Fagley Road Josiah NIGHT Head M 36 Farm Carter SFK Hepworth 35a
    Annie NIGHT Wife M 34 Worsted Reeler LAN Liverpool 35a
    Flora NIGHT Dau S 12   Bradford 35a
176 29 Fagley Road Bertha ROGERSON Head S 51 Laundress GER Hannover 35b
    Mabel ROGERSON Niece S 12   Leeds 35b
177 27 Fagley Road Fredrick W SMITH Head M 25 General Lab. Bradford 35b
    Violet E SMITH Wife M 24   Laister Dyke 35b
    Dorothy I FEARMAN m in l W 54 Worsted Weaver Ripon 35b
    Ann E SMITH Sis S 22 Worsted Drawer Bradford 35b
178 2 Whitehead Road Edward SCOTT Head M 42 General Carrier Idle 35b
  Fagley Road Ann L SCOTT Wife M 40   Bramley 35b
    Mary SCOTT Dau S 19 Worsted Piece Mender Bramham 35b
    Thomas SCOTT Son S 16 Lab. Fagley 35b
    William SCOTT Son S 15 Lab. Fagley 35b
    Varley SCOTT Son S 13 Factory Mill Hand Fagley 35b
    May A SCOTT Dau S 7   Fagley 35b
    Frank SCOTT Son S 5   Fagley 35b
    Herman SCOTT Son S 2   Fagley 35b
179 6 Fagley Road John ELLIS Head M 42 Market Gardener Lavertown 35b
    Matilda ELLIS Wife M 38   NFK Truthropps ? 35b
    Florence ELLIS Dau S 9   Leeds 35b
    Laura ELLIS Dau S 8   Holmfirth 35b
    Gertrude ELLIS Dau S 7m   Fagley 35b
180 8 Fagley Road J H WILKINSON Head M 29 Train Engine Cleaner Bradford 35b
    Martha WILKINSON Wife M 29   Bradford 35b
    Thomas WILKINSON Son S 3m   Bradford 35b
181 10 Fagley Road Ralph B RELTON Head W 59   Crosby 35b
    George RELTON Son S 25   Bradford 35b
182 12 Fagley Road John W SUGDEN Head M 41 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 35b
    Sarah SUGDEN Wife M 42   Kirkstall Leeds 35b
    Ethel SUGDEN Dau S 16 Tea Packer Eccleshill 35b
    Nora SUGDEN Dau S 4   Eccleshill 35b
    Alice W SUGDEN Dau S 2   Eccleshill 35b
183 16 Fagley Road James ILLINGWORTH Head W 78 Living on own means Bradford 36a
    John ILLINGWORTH Son S 22 Cart Driver Calverley 36a
    Fanny ILLINGWORTH Dau S 16 Milk Girl Calverley 36a
184 63 Fagley Road Fred SMITH Head M 29 Furniture Polisher Bradford 36a
    Sarah A SMITH Wife M 31   Leeds 36a
    Gladys SMITH Dau S 7   Bradford 36a
    Charles W SMITH Son S 3   Bradford 36a
185 61 Fagley Road Charles RANDELE Son S 30 General Lab. Bradford 36a
186 25 Fagley Road John R SIMENETT Head M 27 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 36a
    Emily SIMENETT Wife M 25   Barnsley 36a
187 23 Fagley Road Henry FIRTH Head M 38 Iron Foundry Lab. Heartshead 36a
    Lizzie D FIRTH Wife M 36   Spofforth 36a
    W W WILES b in l S 39 Grocer's Assistant Spofforth 36a
188 21 Fagley Road Zilla MARGERISON Head S 47 Dressmaker Bradford 36a
    E A MARGERISON Sis S 38 Dressmaker Bradford 36a
    Jonas MARGERISON Bro S 45 Grease Lab. Bradford 36a
189 19 Fagley Road Richard TAYLOR Head M 59 Coal Leader Wakefield 36a
    Sarah TAYLOR Wife M 59   Bradford 36a
    Nancy TAYLOR Dau S 37   Eccleshill 36a
    Elizabeth TAYLOR Dau S 29 Stuff Weaver Eccleshill 36a
    Sarah J TAYLOR Dau S 26 Stuff Weaver Eccleshill 36a
    Martha A TAYLOR Dau S 19 Stuff Weaver Eccleshill 36a
190 17 Fagley Road Harriet MIDDLEDITCH Head W 58   SFK Barmingham 36a
    Emily MIDDLEDITCH Dau S 21 Domestic Serv Bradford 36a
    Annie MIDDLEDITCH Dau S 17 Dressmaker Bradford 36a
191 15 Fagley Road Thomas MAWMAN ? Head M 42 Stuff Warehouseman Leeds 36a
    Mary B MAWMAN ? Wife M 38   Otley 36a
192 13 Fagley Road Rebecca JENNINGS Head W 80   Eccleshill 36b
    Elizabeth FIRTH Dau M 44 Stuff Weaver Eccleshill 36b
    John W JENNINGS Son S 43 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 36b
    Samuel E FIRTH Neph S 22 Farm Lab. Eccleshill 36b
    James A FIRTH Neph S 21 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 36b
    Walter E FIRTH Neph S 19 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 36b
193 11 Fagley Road Joseph NAYLOR Head M 46 Stone Quarryman LAN 36b
    Jane NAYLOR Wife M 53   LAN 36b
    Heaton NAYLOR Son S 18 Stone Quarryman WY 36b
    Mary A NAYLOR Dau S 20 Worsted Twister WY 36b
    Eli NAYLOR Son S 16 Stuff Warehouseman WY 36b
194 9 Fagley Road John W WOOD Head M 38 Shoeing Smith Bradford 36b
    Alice WOOD Wife M 33   LIN Kirton in Lindsey 36b
    Lillian WOOD Dau S 10   Fagley 36b
    Ernest WOOD Son S 7   Fagley 36b
    Rosie WOOD Dau S 6   Fagley 36b
    Harry WOOD Son S 4   Fagley 36b
195 7 Fagley Road Elizabeth WOOD Head W 64 Living on own means Calverley 36b
196 5 Fagley Road Tom ALDERSON Head M 40 Mechanical Lab. Leeds 36b
    Mary E ALDERSON Wife M 36   Heartshead 36b
197 3 Fagley Road Mary ?---DALE Head S 79 Retired Grocer LAN Rochdale 36b
    Nellie MCDONNELL Visit S 26 Sewing Maid LAN Chesterfield 36b
198 1 Fagley Road Charles E COLE Head M 38 House Decorator Bradford 36b
    Rhoda COLE Wife M 40   Leeds 36b
    Leonard COLE Son S 16 Painter's App. Eccleshill 36b
    Lillian COLE Dau S 14 Worsted Piece Burler Eccleshill 36b
    Elsie COLE Dau S 8   Eccleshill 36b
199 2 Fagley Road John CARTER Head M 46 Living on own means Bradford 37a
    Polly CARTER Wife M 38   Gomersal 37a
    Harold CARTER Son S 18 Chemist Bradford 37a
    Lily CARTER Dau S 14 Shop Assistant Bradford 37a
    Harry CARTER Son S 4   Shipley 37a
    Nelly CARTER Dau S 3   Eccleshill 37a
    Sam CARTER Son S 1   Eccleshill 37a
200 4 Fagley Road George ARNOLD Head M 59 Insurance Clerk Bradford 37a
    Phoebe ARNOLD Wife M 57   Bradford 37a
    Kate ARNOLD Dau S 29 Draper's SalesWoman Bradford 37a
    Nellie ARNOLD Dau S 17 Boarding School Teacher Bradford 37a
201 1 Whitehead Place Herbert G HART Head M 49 Assurance Agent SFK Palglave 37a
    Emily J HART Wife M 41   Bradford 37a
    Mary E HART Dau S 16   Bradford 37a
    Alice W HART Dau S 14   Bradford 37a
    Thomas K HART Son S 12   Bradford 37a
202 3 Whitehead Place Edward ROBINSON Head M 40 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 37a
    Hannah ROBINSON Wife M 41   NTT Retford 37a
    Henry M ROBINSON Son S 17 Farm Lab. Bradford 37a
    Mary A ROBINSON Dau S 6   Bradford 37a
    Charlie ROBINSON Son S 11   Bradford 37a
    Emily ROBINSON Dau S 4   Bradford 37a
    Annie C ROBINSON Dau S 1   Bradford 37a
203 5 Whitehead Place Charlie BROWN Head W 40 Laundry Hand Leeds 37a
    Edgar M BROWN Son S 14 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 37a
204 7 Whitehead Place Benjamin W SAVILLE Head M 31 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 37a
    Priscilla A SAVILLE Wife M 30   Bradford 37a
    Margret S SAVILLE Dau S 3   Bradford 37a
    Herman G SAVILLE Son S 1   Bradford 37a
    Edwin R SAVILLE Son S 2m   Bradford 37a
205 9 Whitehead Place Henry STEWART Head M 33 Cabinet Maker's Lab. Bradford 37b
    Sarah STEWART Wife M 32   Leeds 37b
    Frank STEWART Son S 12   Bradford 37b
    Hetty STEWART Dau S 10   Leeds 37b
206 11 Whitehead Place Thomas DOOLEY Head M 77 Retired InnKeeper Bradford 37b
    Ellen DOOLEY Wife M 82   WES 37b
207 13 Whitehead Place Martha FEARNLEY Head W 75   Bradford 37b
    Sarah FEARNLEY Dau S 48 Dressmaker Bradford 37b
    Harriet SWANSON Sis W 70 Living on own means Bradford 37b
208 15 Whitehead Place Henry NETHERWOOD Head M 61 Retired Grocer Wakefield 37b
    Sarah NETHERWOOD Wife M 62   Wakefield 37b
    Lily SUGDEN Niece S 20 Shirt Maker Castleford 37b
209 17 Whitehead Place James L HINCHCLIFFE Head M 52 Insurance Agent North Bierley 37b
    Sarah HINCHCLIFFE Wife M 50   Shelf 37b
    Hannah HINCHCLIFFE Dau S 25 Assistant School Mistress North Bierley 37b
    Herbert H HINCHCLIFFE Son S 10   Bradford 37b
210 19 Whitehead Place Albert WALKER Head M 50 Life Insurance Inspector Liversedge 37b
    Ellen WALKER Wife M 51   Liversedge 37b
    Emily WALKER Dau S 19 UnderClothing Machinist Mirfield 37b
211 21 Whitehead Place Lister SAVILLE Head M 42 Factory Cashier Bradford 37b
    Esther SAVILLE Wife M 42   Lothersdale 37b
    Annie E SAVILLE Dau S 16 Technical College Student Bradford 37b
    William SAVILLE Son S 13 Office Boy Bradford 37b
    Lily SAVILLE Dau S 10   Bradford 37b
    Gertrude SAVILLE Dau S 1   Bradford 37b
    Ann HAINSWORTH Moth W 78   Baildon 37b
    Margret DALBY 1/2 Cousin S 34 Domestic Serv Bradford 37b
212 23 Whitehead Place John JACKSON Head M 50 Coal Merchant DUR Sedgefield 38a
    Jane A JACKSON Wife M 48   DUR New Durham 38a
    William B JACKSON Son S 24 Stuff Traveller DUR Cresedale 38a
    Thomas A JACKSON Son S 22 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 38a
    Margret JACKSON Dau S 20   Bradford 38a
    Alfred S JACKSON Son S 17 Butcher's App. Bradford 38a
    Henry JACKSON Son S 15 Mechanical App. Bradford 38a
    John I JACKSON Son S 11   Bradford 38a
    Margret JACKSON Aunt S 76 Living on own means DUR Pettington 38a
213 25 Whitehead Place Francis *LLES Head M 48 Stuff Merchant's Manager Bradford 38a
    Mary H *LLES Wife M 47   Bradford 38a
    Florence *LLES Dau S 26 Sewing Maid Bradford 38a
    Sam *LLES Son S 20 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 38a
    Alice M *LLES Dau S 18   Bradford 38a
214 1 Elmwood Place William CRABTREE Head M 49 Retired Wool Stapler Bradford 38a
    Isabella CRABTREE Wife M 35   LAN Bank* 38a
215 2 Elmwood Place James E REAMSBOTTOM Head M 44 Gold Jeweler LAN Liverpool 38a
    Fanny REAMSBOTTOM Wife M 42   LAN Manchester 38a
    Nora REAMSBOTTOM Dau S 10   Bradford 38a
    Ellen REAMSBOTTOM Dau S 9   Bradford 38a
    Ann E TURNER Serv S 21 Domestic Serv Skinningrove 38a
216 3 Elmwood Place Mary BERWICK Head S 63   Bingley 38a
217 4 Elmwood Place James FIELDHOUSE Head M 52 Stuff Merchant Bradford 38a
    Eveline FIELDHOUSE Wife M 51   Leeds 38a
    Ellen FIELDHOUSE Dau S 22   Bradford 38a
    Hannah B CLAYTON Visit S 53 Lodging Housekeeper Leeds 38a
    Martha A CLAYTON Visit S 48 Lodging Housekeeper Leeds 38a
    Louisa E FURNSIDE Visit S 22   LAN Newcastle on Tyne 38a
218 5 Elmwood Place Thomas R SPEIGHT Head M 24 Wool Combing Manager Bradford 38b
    L SPEIGHT Wife M 26   Bradford 38b
    Mrs? EARNSHAW m in l W 55 Living on own means Otley 38b
  4 Intake Road Mary E KNOWLING Serv S 18 Domestic Serv Castleford 38b
219 6 Intake Road John W HATCHEN ? Head M 30 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 38b
    Ada HATCHEN ? Wife M 27   LAN Liverpool 38b
    John H LOUGHLIN b in l S 14 Errand Boy LAN Liverpool 38b
220 8 Intake Road Alice PEARSON Head W 46 Office Cleaner Buttershaw 38b
    Alice A PEARSON Dau S 26 Piece Mender Wibsey 38b
221 10 Intake Road Fred BROOK Head M 44 Wood Pattern Maker Bradford 38b
    Frances BROOK Wife M 44   Bradford 38b
    Martha E BROOK Dau S 19 Worsted Drawer Bradford 38b
    Lilly BROOK Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 38b
    Jabez BROOK Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 38b
    Sarah A BROOK Dau S 12   Bradford 38b