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Census Indexes 1901 Eccleshill ED3

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The census returns for 1901 were taken on the evening of March 31st and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG13/4184.

ED3, Folios 42-53

1 2 Craven Terrace Thomas H WILSON Head M 40 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 42a
    Eliza WILSON Wife M 41 Woolen Weaver London 42a
2 4 Craven Terrace Frederick SCOTT Head M 63 Woolen Spinner Idle 42a
    Emma SCOTT Wife M 65   Bradford 42a
3 6 Craven Terrace Annie THACKRAY Head S 27 Dressmaker Guiseley 42a
    Elizabeth THACKRAY Sis S 25 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 42a
4 8 Craven Terrace Arthur W TAYLOR Head M 31 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 42a
    Martha E TAYLOR Wife M 32   Bradford 42a
    Minnie TAYLOR Dau S 8   Bradford 42a
    Ethel TAYLOR Dau S 6   Bradford 42a
    Jacob W TAYLOR Son S 4   Bradford 42a
5 10 Craven Terrace Elizabeth BOOTH Head W 75 Living on own means Bradford 42a
6 12 Craven Terrace Riley H MITCHELL Head M 20 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 42a
    Eliza MITCHELL Wife M 26   Bradford 42a
    Albert MITCHELL Son S 7   Bradford 42a
    Edith MITCHELL Dau S 5   Bradford 42a
    Laura MITCHELL Dau S 3   Bradford 42a
7 14 Craven Terrace William H SLINGSBY Head M 45 Blacksmith Bradford 42a
    Maria SLINGSBY Wife M 43   Eccleshill 42a
    John E SLINGSBY Son S 20 Wool Sorter Eccleshill 42a
    Arthur SLINGSBY Son S 18 Stuff Merchant's Clerk Eccleshill 42a
    Lawson SLINGSBY Son S 14 Woolen Spinner Bradford 42a
    George SLINGSBY Son S 7   Eccleshill 42a
8 16 Craven Terrace William MARKWELL Head M 32 Woolen Weaver SFK Stowmarket 42a
    Ester MARKWELL Wife M 30 Woolen Weaver Bradford 42a
    George W MARKWELL Son S 7   Bradford 42a
    Elsie MARKWELL Dau S 1   Bradford 42a
    Susannah MARKWELL   W 59 Tailoress SFK Harley 42a
    James MARKWELL   S 19 Tyer-in for Woolen Weaver Bradford 42a
9 18 Craven Terrace James SMITH Head M 30 Woolen Spinner Horsforth 42b
    Jane SMITH Wife M 32   Horsforth 42b
    Hannah SMITH Dau S 2   Eccleshill 42b
    Joseph W SMITH Son S 10m   Eccleshill 42b
10 20 Craven Terrace Sam MOORE Head M 47 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 42b
    Emma MOORE Wife M 46   Bradford 42b
    Clara MOORE Dau S 24 Cloth Weaver Bradford 42b
    Elizabeth MOORE Dau S 22 Cloth Weaver Bradford 42b
    Noble B MOORE Son S 21 Stuff Invoice Clerk Bradford 42b
    Millie MOORE Dau S 16 Stuff Invoice Clerk Bradford 42b
11 22 Craven Terrace William JEFFERY Head M 65 Plumber Bradford 42b
    Amelia JEFFERY Wife M 60   Bradford 42b
    Fanny JEFFERY Dau S 35 Shop Clerk Bradford 42b
    Lillian JEFFERY Dau S 14   Bradford 42b
12 57 Thorn Cottage John BUTLER Head M 58 Living on own means NTT Stapleford 42b
    Elizabeth BUTLER Wife M 50   NTT Stapleford 42b
    Henry BUTLER Son S 29 Yarn Packer Bradford 42b
    George BUTLER Son S 27 Yarn Merchant's Clerk Bradford 42b
    Herbert BUTLER Son S 21 Household Furniture Salesman Bradford 42b
    Nellie BUTLER Dau S 19 Dressmaker Bradford 42b
    Annie BUTLER Dau S 17 Dressmaker Bradford 42b
    Maurice BUTLER Son S 14 Stuff Merchant's Office Boy Bradford 42b
13 59 Thorn Cottage Mary WALLER Head W 63   Bradford 42b
    Emma WALLER Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 42b
    Elizabeth WALLER Dau S 27 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 42b
    Charles E WALLER Son S 23 Plasterer Eccleshill 42b
    Sarah WALLER Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 42b
    Frederick W WALLER Son S 18 Mill Office Boy Eccleshill 42b
14 Fawcett Royde Walter WALSH Head M 28 Coal Merchant Bradford 42b
    Isabel WALSH Wife M 25   Bradford 42b
    Tom SILVERTON Board S 22 Tailor IND 42b
15 1 Ash Grove Mary BUSHBY Head W 67 Living on own means Harewood 43a
    Ethel BUSHBY Gdau S 15 Church Pupil Teacher CUL Carlisle 43a
16 3 Ash Grove Joseph W SMITH Head M 40 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 43a
    Mary A SMITH Wife M 43   Bradford 43a
    Ellen E SMITH Dau S 12   Eccleshill 43a
    Violet H SMITH Dau S 12   Eccleshill 43a
17 5 Ash Grove John A ARMALL Head M 32 Electric Car Man Eccleshill 43a
    Martha ARMALL Wife M 33   Eccleshill 43a
    Alice ARMALL Dau S 12   Eccleshill 43a
    Arthur ARMALL Son S 8   Eccleshill 43a
    Alfred ARMALL Son S 2   Eccleshill 43a
    August ARMALL Son S 5m   Eccleshill 43a
18 9 Ash Grove R RICHARDSON Head S 42   Dewsbury 43a
19 11 Ash Grove Walter T FOX Head M 27 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Eccleshill 43a
    Annie L FOX Wife M 25   Loftus in Cleveland 43a
    Walter E FOX Son S 9m   Eccleshill 43a
20 13 Ash Grove Firzah? GREEN Head W 77   Bradford 43a
    Ann GIBSON Sis W 75   Bradford 43a
21 15 Ash Grove William MYERS Head M 29 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 43a
    Clarice MYERS Wife M 23   Bradford 43a
    Joseph MYERS Son S 4   Bradford 43a
    Alfred MYERS Son S 2   Bradford 43a
22 17 Ash Grove Harris THORPE Head W 56 Charwoman Idle 43a
    Annie THORPE Dau S 27 Worsted Drawer Adwalton 43a
23 63 Ash Grove Sarah J JOHNSON Head W 57   Eccleshill 43a
    Clara JOHNSON Dau S 30 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 43a
    Mary JOHNSON Dau S 28 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 43a
    Ethel JOHNSON Dau S 25 Worsted Coating Weaver Eccleshill 43a
    Alfred JOHNSON Son S 21 Worsted Weft Yarn Man Eccleshill 43a
24 65 Ash Grove Benjamin WILSON Head M 56 Woolen Washer Idle 43b
    Annie WILSON Wife M 56   Bradford 43b
    Herbert WILSON Son M 24 Wool Warehouseman Eccleshill 43b
25 Albert House John STOW Head M 42 Shop Fitter & Turner Bradford 43b
    Elizabeth STOW Wife M 42   Honley nr Huddersfield 43b
    Florence A STOW Dau S 15   Bradford 43b
    Dora STOW Dau S 6   Bradford 43b
    Agnes PEARSON Serv S 20 General Domestic Serv CUL Cleator [Moss] 43b
    Isaac LANGLEY Serv M 60 Gardener Pudsey 43b
    Ellen LANGLEY   M 50 Wife of Isaac Selby 43b
26 Crag Raptor John B DENBIGH Head W 73 Stone Merchant Bradford 43b
    Margaret A DENBIGH Dau S 43 Stone Agent Bradford 43b
    David L DENBIGH Son S 40 Printer & Book Binder Bradford 43b
    William F DENBIGH Son S 39 Lithographic Printer Bradford 43b
    Alice G DENBIGH Dau S 36 Private School Teacher Bradford 43b
    Rachel A DENBIGH Dau S 33 Private School Teacher Bradford 43b
    Samuel C E DENBIGH Son S 29 Printer's Traveller Bradford 43b
27 Denton Well House Francis HEARD Head S 36 Physician & Surgeon IRE 43b
    Annie METCALFE Hsekpr S 35 Domestic Serv Bradford 43b
28 Denton Well John IBBETSON Head M 57 Machine Comb Maker DBY Hathersage 43b
    Roseanna IBBETSON Wife M 54   Leeds 43b
29 75 Ivanhoe Place John THORNTON Head M 33 Joiner & Carpenter Eccleshill 43b
    Annie H THORNTON Wife M 29   Redmill 43b
    Derek THORNTON Son S 10m   Eccleshill 43b
30 77 Ivanhoe Terrace John WIGHT Head M 43 Butcher Bradford 43b
    Jane A WIGHT Wife M 41   DUR Darlington 43b
    Sarah E WIGHT Dau S 21 Book Binder Bradford 43b
    Mabel A WIGHT Dau S 19 Book Binder Bradford 43b
31 79 Ivanhoe Terrace Gilbert ALEXANDER Head M 74 Accountant's Clerk SCT Ayrshire 43b
    Eleanor ALEXANDER Wife M 70   Lansborough 43b
32 81 Ivanhoe Terrace William HAINSWORTH Head M 62 Wool Sorter Foreman Calverley 44a
    Elizabeth HAINSWORTH Wife M 60   Eccleshill 44a
33 85 Harrogate Road Joseph A MCKELL Head M 35 Worsted Warehouseman Bradford 44a
    Annie MCKELL Wife M 35   Bradford 44a
    George MCKELL Son S 11   Eccleshill 44a
    Effie MCKELL Dau S 9   Eccleshill 44a
    Florence MCKELL Dau S 8   Eccleshill 44a
    Doris MCKELL Dau S 1   Eccleshill 44a
34 87 Harrogate Road Benjamin BUTLER Head M 24 Finishing French Polisher Eccleshill 44a
    Annie A BUTLER Wife M 24 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 44a
35 89 Harrogate Road Harriet TETLEY Head S 50   Bradford 44a
    Ruth TETLEY Sis S 48 Worsted Drawer Bradford 44a
    Joseph TETLEY Bro S 46 Combing Machine Minder Bradford 44a
36 1 Sherwood Place Richard MIDDLETON Head M 45 Wool Sorter Bradford 44a
    Amy H MIDDLETON Wife M 44 Quill Feather Cleaner Bradford 44a
    Ann MIDDLETON Dau S 22 Dressmaker Bradford 44a
    George L MIDDLETON Son S 20 Stuff & Woolen Pattern Man Bradford 44a
    Harold MIDDLETON Son S 18 Stuff Salesman & Pattern Man Bradford 44a
    Harry MIDDLETON Son S 16 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 44a
    Mary A MIDDLETON Dau S 14 Laudress Bradford 44a
    Margaret MIDDLETON Dau S 12   Bradford 44a
    Lucy MIDDLETON Dau S 11   Bradford 44a
    Elsie MIDDLETON Dau S 8   Bradford 44a
    Horace MIDDLETON Son S 6   Bradford 44a
    Ellen H MIDDLETON Dau S 3   Bradford 44a
37 3 Sherwood Place John H WHITE H M 54 Woolen Warehouseman Leeds 44a
    Elizabeth WHITE Wife M 52   Leeds 44a
    Florence WHITE Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Bradford 44a
    Joseph WHITE Son S 26 Travelling Draper Bradford 44a
    William WHITE Son S 24 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 44a
    Lillie WHITE Dau S 23 Draper's Assistant Bradford 44a
    Percy WHITE Son S 21 Wool Sorter Bradford 44b
    Sarah E WHITE Dau S 19 Woolen Burler Bradford 44b
    Annie WHITE Dau S 17 Dressmaker Bradford 44b
38 5 Sherwood Place Joseph LOFTHOUSE Head M 72 Late Stone Quarryman Bradford 44b
    Emma LOFTHOUSE Wife M 69   Ch? 44b
39 7 Sherwood Place Charles S HALLIDAY Head W 76 Solicitor's Clerk Shipley 44b
    John W J HALLIDAY Son S 50 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 44b
    Mary HALLIDAY Dau S 45   Bradford 44b
40 9 Sherwood Place Thomas H BROWN Head M 61 Wool Merchant Bradford 44b
    Emma BROWN Wife M 63   Bradford 44b
41 11 Sherwood Place Henry F SAMPSON Head M 30 Wool Merchant Bradford 44b
    Florence L SAMPSON Wife M 30   Bradford 44b
    Fredrick SAMPSON Son S 3   Eccleshill 44b
    Grace F SAMPSON Dau S 1   Eccleshill 44b
42 13 Sherwood Place Herbert HARDY Head M 54 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Shipley 44b
    Mary HARDY Wife M 53   Huddersfield 44b
    Mary E HARDY Dau S 28   Huddersfield 44b
    Annie HARDY Dau S 20 Stay Maker Horsforth 44b
    Ada A HARDY Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Horsforth 44b
43 15 Sherwood Place Richard C PICKERING Head M 56 Stuff Warehouseman Tickhill 44b
    Elizabeth PICKERING Wife M 49   Bradford 44b
    Harris C PICKERING Son S 24 Wool Salesman Assistant Bradford 44b
    Arthur PICKERING Son S 22 Student Bradford 44b
    Alfred PICKERING Son S 14   Bradford 44b
44 17 Sherwood Place Richard E WEBSTER Head M 34 Civil Engineer Assistant Skipton 44b
    Sarah WEBSTER Wife M 31   Buttershaw 44b
    Annie WEBSTER Dau S 8   Eccleshill 44b
    Richard WEBSTER Son S 7   Eccleshill 44b
    Clarice WEBSTER Dau S 4   Eccleshill 44b
45 19 Sherwood Place William JONES Head M 68 Furniture Broker BRK Maidenhead 45a
    Agusta JONES Wife M 63   NTH Evesdon 45a
    Albert O JONES Son S 35 Stuff Merchant AT SEA 45a
    Sarah NICHOLLS Serv S 21 General Domestic Serv STS Hunt Hill ? 45a
46 21 Sherwood Place Emma SCHOFIELD Head W 60 Living on own means Bradford 45a
    Harry SCHOFIELD Son S 34 Joiner & Builder LAN Rochdale 45a
    Herbert F SCHOFIELD Son S 28 Studen, Leeds Pharmacy College LAN Rochdale 45a
47 23 Sherwood Place Albert G HARTLEY Head M 37 Game & Poultry Salesman Thingsland ? 45a
    Elizabeth HARTLEY Wife M 35   Bradford 45a
    Luther HARTLEY Son S 8   Bradford 45a
    Gladys M HARTLEY Dau S 6   Bradford 45a
48 2 Sherwood Place Fredrick SCHMITT Head M 39 Pork Butcher GER 45a
    Sophia SCHMITT Wife M 33   GER 45a
    Florence SCHMITT Dau S 7   Bradford 45a
    Fred SCHMITT Son S 6   Bradford 45a
    Henrich KARLE ? Serv S 17 Butcher's Assistant GER 45a
    Karoline SCHMITT Serv S 21 General Domestic Serv GER 45a
    Rose WEBER Serv S 17 General Domestic Serv GER 45a
49 4 Sherwood Place Fred BUCKNELL Head M 27 Stuff Merchant's Clerk Eccleshill 45a
    Louie BUCKNELL Wife M 28   Yeadon 45a
    Dorothy M BUCKNELL Dau S 2   Bradford 45a
50 6 Sherwood Place Benjamin TWINAM Head M 47 Stuff Warehouse Foreman Bradford 45a
    Sarah A TWINAM Wife M 47   Bradford 45a
    William TWINAM Son S 19 Brewer's Clerk Bradford 45a
    Dorothy TWINAM Dau S 3   Bradford 45a
51 8 Sherwood Place William SHEFFIELD Head M 60 * & Gymnastic Instructor (school) SCT 45a
    Mary SHEFFIELD Wife M 61   Huddersfield 45a
    Thomas SHEFFIELD Son S 28 Stuff Warehouse Clerk Bradford 45a
    Alfred H SHEFFIELD Son S 21 Wholesale Druggist Asst Bradford 45a
    William W SHEFFIELD Son S 16 Railway Clerk Bradford 45a
52 10 Sherwood Place John W HAIGH Head M 32 Stuff Goods Salesman Bradford 45b
    Annie HAIGH Wife M 33   LAN Lancaster 45b
    Beatrice A HAIGH Dau S 6   Bradford 45b
    Lewis ? HAIGH Son S 4   Bradford 45b
53 12 Sherwood Place Annie LEE Head M 52   ESS Great Chesterford 45b
    George LEE Son S 24 Sorting Clerk & Telegraphist IOW Ryde 45b
    Willie LEE Son S 18 Unemployed Bradford 45b
    Albert ROBBETS ? Board S 19 Sorting Clerk & Telegraphist WLS GLA Swansea 45b
54 14 Sherwood Place James BROWN Head M 57 Debt Collector Guiseley 45b
    Margaret BROWN Wife M 53   *field 45b
    Elizabeth BROWN Dau S 32 Dressmaker Guiseley 45b
    Mary BROWN Dau S 29 Dressmaker Chesterfield 45b
    Florence A BROWN Dau S 22 Office Clerk Bradford 45b
    Rosa E BROWN Dau S 19 Dressmaker's App. Bradford 45b
    Hannah BROWN Dau S 15 Dressmaker's App. Bradford 45b
55 18 Sherwood Place Robert MCKELL Head M 67 Retired Worsted Mill Clerk Settle 45b
    Eliza MCKELL Wife M 66   Carlton 45b
    Annie MCKELL Dau S 39 Worsted Reeler Eccleshill 45b
    John MCKELL Son S 35 Iron Fitter Eccleshill 45b
56 20 Sherwood Place Fred WALLER Head M 40 Grocer & Tea Dealer Bradford 45b
    Mary A WALLER Wife M 40   Eccleshill 45b
    Lizzie A WALLER Dau S 11   Eccleshill 45b
    Mary WALLER Dau S 9   Eccleshill 45b
    William WALLER Fath W 65   Otley 45b
57 95 Post Office Building George MCKELL Head M 36 Coach Spring Maker Bradford 45b
    Isabella MCKELL Wife M 39   Bradford 45b
    Fanny MCKELL Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Bradford 45b
    William MCKELL Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Bradford 45b
    Ernest MCKELL Son S 11   Bradford 45b
    Fred MCKELL Son S 9   Bradford 45b
    Clara MCKELL Dau S 7   Bradford 46a
    Bertie MCKELL Dau S 4   Bradford 46a
    Mary A MCKELL Dau S 2   Bradford 46a
    Arthur MCKELL Son S 5m   Bradford 46a
58 97 Post Office Building Elijah REEMAN Head M 46 Gas Stoker SFK Drink Stone 46a
    Maud REEMAN Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Bradford 46a
    Charles REEMAN Son S 18 Sizing Maker Bradford 46a
    Ethel REEMAN Dau S 15 Woolen Weaver Bradford 46a
59 99 Post Office Building Emily KITSON Head W 37   Acomb York 46a
    Arthur KITSON Son S 15 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 46a
    Florrie KITSON Dau S 14 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 46a
    Harry KITSON Son S 12 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 46a
    Blanche KITSON Dau S 10   Eccleshill 46a
    Willie KITSON Son S 6   Bradford 46a
    Albert KITSON Son S 4 [Lame] Eccleshill 46a
    Hannah KITSON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 46a
    Edith GRAY Board S 20 Woolen Cheese Winder Eccleshill 46a
60 105 Post Office Bldg Ben RICHMOND Head M 35 Mason's Lab. Spofforth 46a
    Sarah I RICHMOND Wife M 35   Bradford 46a
    Nathan D RICHMOND Son S 12 Errand Boy Bradford 46a
    Lily RICHMOND Dau S 5   Bradford 46a
61 107 Post Office Bldg Charles PLATTS Head M 62 Iron Moulder Bradford 46a
    Elizabeth PLATTS Wife M 50   Bradford 46a
    Fanny E PLATTS Dau S 10   Baildon 46a
    Thomas COOPER Board S 63 RoadMan Lab. Bradford 46a
    Thomas CROWTHER Board S 18 Woolen Spinner Bradford 46a
62 109 Post Office Bldg Samuel LOCKWOOD Head M 59 Iron Moulder Wakefield 46a
    Nancy LOCKWOOD Wife M 57   Eccleshill 46a
    Sarah A BAILEY s in l S 55   Eccleshill 46a
63 111 Post Office Bldg Albert HOLDSWORTH Head M 32 Green Grocer Bradford 46b
    Emily HOLDSWORTH Wife M 30   Bradford 46b
    Cecilia HOLDSWORTH Dau S 7   Bradford 46b
64 48 Peterborough Road Andrew H ANDERSON Head S 37 Sizer's Lab. Calverley 46b
65 46 Peterborough Road Emma GELDER Head S 34   Bradford 46b
    Lavinia GELDER Niece S 21 Worsted Spinner Bradford 46b
    Albert GELDER Neph S 16 Wool Washer Bradford 46b
    Edward JAGGER Neph S 13 Grocer's Assistant Bradford 46b
66 44 Peterborough Road Fred HARDAKER Head M 27 Worsted Warp Dresser Eccleshill 46b
    Sarah J HARDAKER Wife M 28   Gunnington 46b
67 24 Peterborough Road John W MATHERS Head M 51 Living on own means Wibsey 46b
    Mary A MATHERS Wife M 51   Wibsey 46b
68 150 Harrogate Road Fred COLEMAN Head M 37 News Agent Bradford 46b
    Hannah COLEMAN Wife M 33   Eccleshill 46b
    Ben COLEMAN Son S 9   Eccleshill 46b
    Elsie COLEMAN Dau S 7   Eccleshill 46b
69 146 Harrogate Road James THOMAS Head M 50 Hair Dresser Tong 46b
    Eliza THOMAS Wife M 48   Tong 46b
    Edith A THOMAS Dau S 24 Worsted Stocking Knitter Tong 46b
70 144 Harrogate Road Joseph TAYLOR Head M 36 Domestic CoachMan Raskelf 46b
    Alice TAYLOR Wife M 35   WAR Walton 46b
    Walter TAYLOR Son S 9   Bradford 46b
    Irene TAYLOR Dau S 6   Bradford 46b
71 142 Harrogate Road Mary AINGE Head W 69   LAN Lancaster 46b
    Arthur AINGE Son M 28 Iron Turner [Fitter] LAN Lancaster 46b
    Zillah AINGE d in l M 28   LEI Enderby 46b
    Lillie AINGE Dau S 37 Stocking Knitter LEI Leicester 46b
    Flory AINGE Dau S 35 Ladies Help LEI Leicester 46b
    Minnie AINGE Dau S 31 Laundry Ironer LEI Leicester 46b
    Elsie AINGE Gdau S 4   Bradford 46b
    Minnie AINGE Gdau S 3   Bradford 46b
    Mary E AINGE Gdau S 3m   Eccleshill 47a
72 22 Peterborough Road Tom B B WILMAN Head M 44 Cabinet Maker Sheffield 47a
    Ellen WILMAN Wife M 45   Leeds 47a
73 20 Peterborough Road Nathaniel PRESTON Head M 55 Barer? at Stone Quarry Otley 47a
    Eliza PRESTON Wife M 57   Bolton 47a
    Walton PRESTON Son S 27 Shop Porter Bradford 47a
    Margaret PRESTON Dau S 19 Mohair Spinner Bradford 47a
    Emily A PRESTON Dau S 18 Mohair Spinner Bradford 47a
    Mary E PRESTON Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Bradford 47a
    Hannah BOWER Dau M 23 Wool Comb Minder Bradford 47a
    Minerva P BOWER Gdau S 4   Bradford 47a
74 18 Peterborough Road James BURNLEY Head M 47 Tailor Bradford 47a
    Alice BURNLEY Dau M 50   SCT 47a
    John W BURNLEY Son S 24 Tailor Bradford 47a
    Martha BURNLEY Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Bradford 47a
    Emily BURNLEY Dau S 21 Worsted Coating Mender Bradford 47a
    William BURNLEY Board W 72 Woolen Weaver Bradford 47a
75 16 Peterborough Road George C CLARK Head M 45 Yeast Merchant LIN Granwell 47a
    Rose CLARK Wife M 34   NTH Newark 47a
    Charles E CLARK Son S 19 Cloth Finisher NTH Newark 47a
    Arthur C CLARK Son S 15 Booter & Footman NTH Newark 47a
    Harry D CLARK Son S 14 Bobbin Sorter NTH Newark 47a
    Alfred CLARK Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Bradford 47a
    Phyllis M CLARK Dau S 5   Bradford 47a
76 8 Peterborough Road Samuel HOYLE Head M 37 Painter & Paper Hanger Bradford 47a
    Ann HOYLE Wife M 31   Bradford 47a
    Claretta HOYLE Dau S 11   Bradford 47a
    Nellie HOYLE Dau S 10   Bradford 47a
    Norman HOYLE Son S 6   Bradford 47a
    Samuel HOYLE Son S 5   Bradford 47a
    Anna P HOYLE Dau S 11m   Eccleshill 47a
77 6 Peterborough Road William JARVIS Head M 33 General Lab. Low Dunsforth 47b
    Susan JARVIS Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Calverley 47b
78 4 Peterborough Road Fred RHODES Head M 38 Grocer's Assistant Eccleshill 47b
    Ann E RHODES Wife M 42   Leathley 47b
    Thomas A RHODES Son S 7   Bradford 47b
    Edna F RHODES Dau S 2   Bradford 47b
79 17 Wellington Road Alfred SORE ? Head M 61 Fish Merchant SFK H*ley 47b
    Catherine SORE ? Wife M 60   SFK H*ley 47b
    Harriet E SORE ? Dau S 24 Cloth Weaver Bradford 47b
    Florence SORE ? Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Bradford 47b
    Catherine L WOOD Dau M 32   SFK H*ley 47b
    Frederick H WOOD Gson S 9   Bradford 47b
    Ernest WOOD Gson S 7   Bradford 47b
    Clarence WOOD Gson S 4   Bradford 47b
80 15 Wellington Road Elizabeth HOBSON Head W 66 Grocer Bradford 47b
    Harriet HOBSON Dau S 46 Worsted Weaver Bradford 47b
    Annie E HOBSON Gdau S 16 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 47b
81 13 Wellington Road Sydney A SUMMERS Head M 27 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 47b
    Susan SUMMERS Wife M 28   Bradford 47b
    John R SUMMERS Son S 9m   Bradford 47b
82 11 Wellington Road Robert TEALE Head M 26 Wool Washer Yeadon 47b
    Maria TEALE Wife M 27   Otley 47b
    Margaret A TEALE Dau S 2   Eccleshill 47b
    George TEALE Son S 1   Eccleshill 47b
    John H STOREY Board S 24 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 47b
    Emma MURGATROYD Visit M 23   Otley 47b
    Stephen MURGATROYD Visit S 7m   Bradford 47b
83 9 Wellington Road James LYNCH Head M 44 Painter & Paper Hanger Bramhope 47b
    Ann LYNCH Wife M 50   Otley 47b
    John LYNCH Son S 20 Plasterer's App. Otley 47b
    Annie LYNCH Dau S 18 Cotton Reeler Otley 47b
    Sarah E LYNCH Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 48a
    Mary E LYNCH Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 48a
    Ethel LYNCH Dau S 12   Bradford 48a
    Frances LYNCH Dau S 9   Bradford 48a
    James LYNCH Son S 7   Bradford 48a
84 7 Wellington Road Frances A WHITAM Head W 70   Bradford 48a
    Edward WALKER Board S 63 Corporation Lab. [Road] SAL Wang 48a
85 5 Peterborough Road Thomas C LEEMING Head M 25 Woolen Weaver Bradford 48a
    Emma LEEMING Wife M 21   Bradford 48a
    Eva LEEMING Dau S 2   Bradford 48a
    Arthur LEEMING Son S 11m   Bradford 48a
    Mary A WHITAKER m in l W 61   Bradford 48a
86 3 Peterborough Road Emma HOLDSWORTH Head W 46   YKS Skyerholme 48a
    John I HOLDSWORTH Son S 22 Woolen Washer Eccleshill 48a
    James HOLDSWORTH Son S 20 Ale & Porter Bottler Eccleshill 48a
    Ellen HOLDSWORTH Dau S 16 Market Hall Florist Eccleshill 48a
    Fred MANSFIELD Board S 20 Ale & Porter Bottler Eccleshill 48a
87 1 Wellington Road Rose WARNSFORD ? Head S 49   Bradford 48a
    Samuel PEARSON ? Board M 58 Clothing Club Clerk Scholes 48a
88 1A Wellington Road Edward EGASTON ? Head M 55 Scenic Artist LAN Ashton Under Lyne 48a
    Elizabeth EGASTON ? Wife M 60   Roull 48a
89 1 Peterborough Road Edward MORSE Head M 27 Machine Maker's Striker Cleckheaton 48a
    Emily MORSE Wife M 27 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 48a
90 3 Peterborough Road Alfred LAYCOCK Head M 46 Plasterer's Lab. Eccleshill 48a
    Ann E LAYCOCK Wife M 46   Bradford 48a
    Zillah LAYCOCK Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Bradford 48a
    Arthur LAYCOCK Son S 15 Woolen Mule Piecer Bradford 48a
    Whitham LAYCOCK Son S 12 Woolen Mule Piecer Bradford 48a
    Harold LAYCOCK Son S 2   Bradford 48a
    Bertha LAYCOCK Dau S 10   Bradford 48a
    Clara LAYCOCK Dau S 8   Bradford 48a
    Hilda LAYCOCK Dau S 4   Bradford 48b
91 5 Peterborough Road Thomas STARKEY Head M 25 Machine Wool Comber Esholt 48b
    Minnie STARKEY Wife M 25 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bradford 48b
92 7 Peterborough Road William WALLBANK Head M 45 Silk Waste Sorter Bradford 48b
    Harriet WALLBANK Wife M 50   Wetherby 48b
    Sarah J SINCLAIR Board M 37 Worsted Stuff Weaver Bradford 48b
    Agnes A SINCLAIR Board S 2   Bradford 48b
93 9 Peterborough Road Sarah J POOLE Head W 49 Charwoman STS 48b
    Albert POOLE Son S 22 Woolen Spinner Bradford 48b
    Clara POOLE Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Bradford 48b
    George POOLE Son S 14 Wool Washer Bradford 48b
    Alfred POOLE Son S 11   Eccleshill 48b
    Willie POOLE Son S 8   Eccleshill 48b
    Thomas ALCOCK Cousin S 16 Plasterer Eccleshill 48b
94 11 Peterborough Road Joseph KENDALL Head M 53 Stone Quarryman Bradford 48b
    Mary KENDALL Wife M 44   Bradford 48b
    James KENDALL Son S 16 Worsted Waste Sorter Bradford 48b
95 13 Peterborough Road Samuel FAWCETT Head M 29 Wool Sorter Bradford 48b
    Elizabeth A FAWCETT Wife M 27   SOM Frome 48b
    Lilian M FAWCETT Dau S 7   Bradford 48b
    Hilda F FAWCETT Dau S 4   Bradford 48b
    Ethel A FAWCETT Dau S 8m   Bradford 48b
    Frances M DEVEREUX Board W 59   DBY Derby 48b
96 15 Peterborough Road William BOTTOMLEY Head M 39 Stone Mason Yeadon 48b
    Eliza BOTTOMLEY Wife M 39   Eccleshill 48b
    Albert BOTTOMLEY Son S 17 Joiner's App. Yeadon 48b
    Charles N BOTTOMLEY Son S 16 Woolen Mule Piecer Yeadon 48b
    Ada BOTTOMLEY Dau S 14 Dressmaker's App. Eccleshill 48b
    Ernest BOTTOMLEY Son S 6   Eccleshill 48b
97 17 Peterborough Road Alfred READ Head M 36 Joiner & Carpenter Bramley 48b
    Hannah READ Wife M 38 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 48b
    Ida READ Dau S 12   USA 49a
    Maggie READ Dau S 10   USA 49a
    Mary READ Dau S 1   Bradford 49a
98 10 Peterborough Road Harry WALSH Head M 29 Machine Wool Comb Maker Bradford 49a
    Mary WALSH Wife M 29   Huby Burn 49a
    Hilda M WALSH Dau S 7   Bradford 49a
    Stanley J WALSH Son S 4   Bradford 49a
    Florence WALSH Dau S 2   Bradford 49a
    William WALSH Son S 6m   Bradford 49a
99 21 Peterborough Road William WHITAKER Head M 43 Stone Mason Foreman Rawdon 49a
    Eliza WHITAKER Wife M 38   Eccleshill 49a
    Harry WHITAKER Son S 19 Mason's App. Cullingworth 49a
    Frank WHITAKER Son S 17 Woolen Tyer-in Cullingworth 49a
    Clara WHITAKER Dau S 14   Idle 49a
100 Myrtle House John E WILSON Head S 31 Confectioner Bradford 49a
    Sarah A WILSON Sis S 24   Eccleshill 49a
    Holdens ? WILSON Bro S 22 Printer's Traveller Eccleshill 49a
    Maurice WILSON Bro S 21 Textile Designer Eccleshill 49a
101 Myrtle Terrace George P MOORE Head M 64 Draper SCT Glasgow 49a
    Anna MOORE Wife M 62   FRA ? 49a
    Henry MOORE Son S 24 Draper Bradford 49a
    William MOORE Son S 23 Draper Bradford 49a
    Helen HILTON ? Serv S 36 General Domestic Serv Doncaster 49a
102 Myrtle Terrace Josephina PEPPER Head M 66 Shipping Agent Monk Bretton 49a
    Charles J PEPPER Son S 30 BookKeeper & Stuff Merchant Bradford 49a
    Elizabeth TAYLOR Serv S 46 General Domestic Serv SCT 49a
103 132 Harrogate Road Richard P WOODROOFE Head M 38 Surgeon IRE Dublin 49a
    Emily J WOODROOFE Wife M 36   Ainderby Steeple 49a
    Richard F WOODROOFE Son S 8   Eccleshill 49a
    Edwin R WOODROOFE Son S 6   Eccleshill 49a
    Percy E WOODROOFE Son S 2   Eccleshill 49a
    Laura DUNN Serv S 21 Domestic Cook Brampton 49b
    Ada F ELLIS Serv S 18 Domestic Housemaid Rotherham 49b
104 130 Harrogate Road William R HAMBLIN Head M 44 Civil Serv - Supv Inland Revenue SFK Stowmarket 49b
    Alice M HAMBLIN Wife M 41   LON Bromley by Bow 49b
    Walter HAMBLIN Son S 17 Scholar BKS Olney 49b
    Percy E HAMBLIN Son S 15 Scholar BKS Olney 49b
    Eleanor HAMBLIN Dau S 14 Scholar BKS Olney 49b
    Edith HAMBLIN Dau S 9 Scholar BKS Olney 49b
105 128 Harrogate Road Mary A CASSI Head S 38 Boarding School Teacher SSX Eastbourne 49b
    Clara M CASSI Sis S 36   KEN Sandgate 49b
    Ada B CASSI Sis S 33 Boarding School Teacher KEN Sandgate 49b
    Evelyn FAWCETT Niece S 19 Boarding School Teacher Stockbridge 49b
    Lilian FAWCETT Niece S 24 Boarding School Teacher Stockbridge 49b
106 126 Harrogate Road Stephen HILL Head M 45 Clergyman - Church of England WOR Kidderminster 49b
    Frances J HILL Wife M 29   Arthington 49b
    Mary J PITTS Serv W 26 Domestic Cook DBY ? 49b
107 110 Harrogate Road James B HARDY Head M 30 Woolen Pattern Weaver Lockwood 49b
    Priscilla HARDY Wife M 26   Scarborough 49b
    Herbert HARDY Son S 6   Eccleshill 49b
    Lilian HARDY Dau S 4   Eccleshill 49b
108 112 Harrogate Road John C GARNETT Head M 26 Worsted Machine Warper Idle 49b
    Annie GARNETT Wife M 28   Rawdon 49b
    Mary GARNETT Dau S 1   Idle 49b
109 114 Harrogate Road Susanna R COOPER Head W 62 Dressmaker LIN 49b
    Minnie E COOPER Dau S 27 Worsted Stuff Weaver Bradford 49b
    Robert H COOPER Son S 21 Van Driver Bradford 49b
    Ruth COOPER Dau S 19 Worsted Coating Mender Bradford 49b
110 116 Harrogate Road Thomas SHARPE Head M 63 Retired SeaMan NTT Newark 49b
    Mary SHARPE Wife M 68   Bradford 49b
111 119 Harrogate Road Tom LAYCOCK Head M 38 Wool Comb Machine Minder Eccleshill 49b
    Sarah E LAYCOCK Wife M 36 Wool Drawer Horsforth 49b
    George W LAYCOCK Son S 5   Eccleshill 50a
112 120 Harrogate Road Emma LAYCOCK Head W 63 Washerwoman Eccleshill 50a
113 122 Harrogate Road Charles W ELLISON Head M 39 Working Gold Jeweller Bradford 50a
    Emma ELLISON Wife M 35   Calverley 50a
    Arthur G ELLISON Son S 11   Bradford 50a
    James E ELLISON Son S 9   Bradford 50a
    Edward ELLISON Son S 7   Bradford 50a
    Laura M ELLISON Dau S 10m   Bradford 50a
114 124 Harrogate Road Annie HODGSON Head S 45 Worsted Weaver Bradford 50a
115 120 Goring Mount Hannah LUKE/TUKE? Head W 74 Living on own means Bradford 50a
    David K LUKE/TUKE? Son M 53 Living on own means Bradford 50a
116 128 Goring Mount John F FOX Head M 26 Woolen Mill Manager Bradford 50a
    Mary FOX Wife M 26   Bradford 50a
    Elsie FOX Dau S 3   Bradford 50a
    Matilda HAMMOND m in l W 67 Living on own means Bradford 50a
117 130 Goring Mount Jane POPPLEWELL Head W 65   Guiseley 50a
    Mary J POPPLEWELL Dau S 31 Boarding School Teacher Guiseley 50a
    Jane POPPLEWELL Dau S 26 Boarding School Teacher Guiseley 50a
118 18 Wellington Street Robert H BOUNTER ? Head M 59 Horse Trainer & Breaker HEF Hitchen 50a
    Ester BOUNTER ? Wife M 56   SSX Stangham 50a
119 16 Wellington Street Arthur COLLETT Head M 53 Draper's Carpet Planner WIL Malinsbury 50a
    Margaret COLLETT Wife M *   Bradford 50a
    Maud COLLETT Dau S 10   Bradford 50a
120 14 Wellington Street James KELLETT Head M 38 Railway Carpenter Eccleshill 50a
    Sarah KELLETT Wife M 34   Idle 50a
    Clara KELLETT Dau S 10m   Eccleshill 50a
121 12 Wellington Street Jonas H THORNTON Head M 41 Loom Fitter Eccleshill 50a
    Annie E THORNTON Wife M 38   Eccleshill 50a
    Albert THORNTON Son S 13 Post Office Messenger Eccleshill 50a
    Annie THORNTON Dau S 12   Eccleshill 50a
122 10 Wellington Street Robert H ELLIS Head M 34 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 50b
    Martha ELLIS Wife M 32   Eccleshill 50b
    Walter ELLIS Son S 6   Eccleshill 50b
123 8 Wellington Street Francis FOWLER Head M 49 Commercial Traveller [Glass Bottles] IRE Dublin 50b
    Mary E FOWLER Wife M 30   IRE Dublin 50b
    Minnie E FOWLER Dau S 11   Bradford 50b
    George H FOWLER Son S 8   Bradford 50b
    Sarah J GRAY m in l W 59 Underclothing Machinist IRE Dublin 50b
124 6 Wellington Street George LAYCOCK Head M 36 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 50b
    Sarah J LAYCOCK Wife M 39 Silk Weaver Bradford 50b
    John W LAYCOCK Son S 12   Bradford 50b
125 4 Wellington Street John HOLLIDAY Head M 50 Domestic CoachMan Pannel 50b
    Martha HOLLIDAY Wife M 45   Farsley 50b
    Joshua HOLLIDAY Son S 21 MillWight Eccleshill 50b
    Mary HOLLIDAY Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 50b
    Fanny L HOLLIDAY Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 50b
    Thomas HOLLIDAY Son S 5   Eccleshill 50b
126 2 Wellington Street John ALLUM Head M 66 Stone Quarry Lab. SFK Walsham 50b
    Eliza M ALLUM Wife M 72   SFK Langham 50b
127 102 Harrogate Road George W WHITFIELD Head M 44 Plumber & Painter Eccleshill 50b
    Annice WHITFIELD Wife M 44 School CareTaker Calverley 50b
    Tom WHITFIELD Son S 17 CartWight App. Bradford 50b
    Clara WHITFIELD Dau S 15   Bradford 50b
    Ada WHITFIELD Dau S 13   Eccleshill 50b
    Florence WHITFIELD Dau S 11   Eccleshill 50b
128 100 Harrogate Road Benjamin BROOKE Head M 43 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 50b
    Laura BROOKE Wife M 33 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 50b
    Ellen FIRTH s in l S 36 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 50b
129 98 Harrogate Road George J REAMSBOTTOM Head M 46 Yeast & Egg Merchant LAN Liverpool 50b
    Annie A REAMSBOTTOM Wife M 43   Cleckheaton 50b
    Dorothy REAMSBOTTOM Dau S 9   Eccleshill 50b
    Alexander REAMSBOTTOM Son S 6   Eccleshill 51a
    Sarah E BRIERLEY m in l M 68   Dewsbury 51a
    Amelia HAREWOOD Aunt S 63   Dewsbury 51a
130 86 Harrogate Road Herbert NAYLOR Head M 22 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 51a
    Hannah NAYLOR Wife M 21 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 51a
    Stanley NAYLOR Son S 7m   Eccleshill 51a
131 84 Harrogate Road John WATKINSON Head M 28 Bradford Corporation Lab. Bradford 51a
    Elizabeth A WATKINSON Wife M 27   Bradford 51a
    Mary WATKINSON Dau S 11   Bradford 51a
    George WATKINSON Son S 5   Bradford 51a
    Ida WATKINSON Dau S 2   Bradford 51a
    John WATKINSON Son S 6m   Bradford 51a
132 92 Harrogate Road Harry KING Head M 34 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 51a
    Sarah A LOUTH Serv S 34 Domestic Cook LIN Heckington 51a
133 90 Harrogate Road Joseph BARKER Head M 37 Jobbing Gardener Bradford 51a
    Sarah BARKER Wife M 36   HRT Stevenage 51a
    James BARKER Son S 13 Working in ? Bradford 51a
    Samuel A BARKER Son S 6   Bradford 51a
134 88 Harrogate Road Albert A LEE Head M 25 Assistant Gas Manager Eccleshill 51a
    Sarah A LEE Wife M 20   Eccleshill 51a
135 6 Wellington Road Joshua PITTS Head M 38 Coal Merchant Idle 51a
    Sarah E PITTS Wife M 38   Eccleshill 51a
    Florence PITTS Dau S 10   Eccleshill 51a
136 4 Wellington Road William FALLON Head M 26 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 51a
    Elizabeth FALLON Wife M 25   Pudsey 51a
    Ethel FALLON Dau S 1   Bradford 51a
    Thomas A FALLON Son S 4m   Bradford 51a
137 2 Wellington Road Samuel FIRTH Head M 58 Plasterer Eccleshill 51a
    Rhoda FIRTH Wife M 56   Stanningley 51a
138 74 Harrogate Road James HODGSON Head M 53 Hotel Keeper Bradford 51b
  Wellington Hotel Elizabeth HODGSON Wife M 50   Wakefield 51b
    Elizabeth EVERSON Serv S 25 General Domestic Serv Wakefield 51b
139 76 Harrogate Road Hodgson HEWITT Head M 30 Fruiterer Bradford 51b
    Elizabeth HEWITT Wife M 30   Bradford 51b
    Peter HEWITT Son S 5   Bradford 51b
    Sarah E HEWITT Dau S 4   Bradford 51b
    Hannah HEWITT Dau S 2   Bradford 51b
140 78 Harrogate Road Elizabeth S CAMBRIDGE Head S 35 Grocer & Confectioner CAM Hauxton 51b
141 80 Harrogate Road * BARKER Head M 82 Gardener & ? Banks ? 51b
    Nancy BARKER Wife M 74   ? 51b
142 82 Harrogate Road William *ERFIELD Head M 57 Quarry Stone Dresser Bingley 51b
    Elizabeth *ERFIELD Wife M 59   Malton 51b
143 84 Harrogate Road Thomas Adamson BARKER Head M 41 Jobbing Gardener Bradford 51b
    Lydia BARKER Wife M 33   CAM 51b
    Joseph BARKER Son S 10   Bradford 51b
    Mary BARKER Dau S 7   Bradford 51b
    Thomas BARKER Son S 4   Bradford 51b
    James EVERETT Board S 25 Jobbing Gardener YKS * Bedale 51b
144 86 Harrogate Road Martha HAYHURST Head W 57 Charwoman & Washerwoman LAN Bury 51b
145 72 Harrogate Road James W SHAW Head M 33 Law Clerk Windhill 51b
  Prince of Wales Hotel Florence SHAW Wife M 28   Bradford 51b
    Olga SHAW Dau S 1   Bradford 51b
    William SHAW Son S 7   Bradford 51b
    Joseph H SHAW Son S 3m   Eccleshill 51b
146 70 Corporation Street Alfred CARRIS Head M 38 Woolen Willier Eccleshill 51b
    Sarah B CARRIS Wife M 42 Worsted Weaver Barnsley 51b
    Harry CARRIS Son S 7   Bradford 51b
    Horace CARRIS Son S 4   Eccleshill 51b
    William BRAILEFORD ? Uncle M 66 Unable to Work Barnsley 51b
147 1 Corporation Street Sarah SHEPHARD Head W 78   Idle 52a
148 3 Corporation Street Annie MAUDSLEY Head W 35 Charwoman Bradford 52a
    ?ellie MAUDSLEY Dau S 13 Woolen Spinner Bowling 52a
    Alfred MAUDSLEY Son S 8   Halifax 52a
    Alice MAUDSLEY Dau S 6   Eccleshill 52a
149 5 Corporation Street Amos THOMPSON Head M 50 Stone Quarry Lab. Huddersfield 52a
    Hannah THOMPSON Wife M 41   Holmfirth 52a
150 7 Corporation Street Arthur SMITH Head M 28 Railway Goods Porter Bradford 52a
    Letty SMITH Wife M 26   Bradford 52a
    Austin SMITH Son S 4   Bradford 52a
    Millicent SMITH Dau S 1   Bradford 52a
151 1 Thornfield Place Francis POTTAGE ? Head M 47 Commercial Traveller [Soap] Healaugh? 52a
    Ellen POTTAGE ? Wife M 46   Knottingley 52a
    Fred POTTAGE ? Son S 19 Traction Engine FlagMan Eccleshill 52a
    Ellen POTTAGE ? Dau S 16 School Music Teacher Eccleshill 52a
    Francis I W POTTAGE ? Son S 6   Eccleshill 52a
    Lavinia POTTAGE ? Dau S 1   Eccleshill 52a
152 2 Thornfield Place Walter H JEFFERY Head M 24 Plumber Bradford 52a
    Alice M JEFFERY Wife M 23   LAN Salford 52a
    Elsie M JEFFERY Dau S 2   Bradford 52a
    Lilian JEFFERY Dau S 6m   Bradford 52a
153 Dog Kennel Farm John DAVEY Head M 50 Farmer Otley 52a
    Martha M DAVEY Wife M 52   Guiseley 52a
    Fred DAVEY Son S 18 Farmer's Son Oakwood 52a
    John WHITAKER f in l W 78 Retired Farmer Timble 52a
    Martha A DAVIS Serv S 18 General Domestic Serv Rawmarsh 52a
154 18 Highfield Place Frank THOMPSON Head M 44 Woolen Warehouseman Calverley 52a
    Kate THOMPSON Wife M 43   Leeds 52a
    Dorothy THOMPSON Dau S 10   Eccleshill 52a
    Kathleen M THOMPSON Dau S 6   Eccleshill 52a
    Annie POTTAGE ? Visit S 33 Day School Teacher Leeds 52a
155 20 Highfield Place William TEALE Head W 71 Living on own means Newlay 52b
    Clara TEALE Dau S 34 Housekeeper Eccleshill 52b
    Harry O TEALE Son S 20 County Court Clerk Eccleshill 52b
    Martha SAVILLE Visit S 28 Housekeeper Ardsley 52b
156 9 Corporation Street John W THACKRAY Head M 23 Stone Quarry Lab. Eccleshill 52b
    Dinah THACKRAY Wife M 21   DUR Grindon 52b
157 11 Corporation Street William TROLLEY Head M 21   LIN Sedgwick 52b
    Ellen TROLLEY Wife M 20   LAN Dalton in Furness 52b
    James W TROLLEY Son S 4m   Eccleshill 52b
158 13 Corporation Street Esther ACKROYD Head W 25   Bradford 52b
    George ACKROYD Son S 4   Bradford 52b
    Harold ACKROYD Son S 2   Bradford 52b
    Dorris ACKROYD Dau S 8m   Bradford 52b
    Carrie LUDLAM Sis S 17 Worsted Spinner Bradford 52b
159 15 Corporation Street George HALL Head M 24 Cab Driver Bradford 52b
    Elizabeth HALL Wife M 23   Bradford 52b
160 17 Corporation Street James APPLETON Head M 73 Retired Farmer LON 52b
    Elizabeth APPLETON Wife M 74   LON 52b
161 19 Corporation Street Jane CROWTHER Head W 67   Stanningley 52b
    Harry B CROWTHER Son S 22 Horse Driver for Coals? Bradford 52b
162 16 Corporation Street Thomas BROOKE Head W 75 Living on own means Wetherby 52b
163 14 Corporation Street Walter PYRAH Head M 27 Stuff Warehouseman Low Moor 52b
    Alice PYRAH Wife M 23   DBY Barrow Hill 52b
164 10 Corporation Street William WAITE Head M 40 Stone Mason Esholt 52b
    Amelia WAITE Wife M 36   Tong 52b
    Minnie WAITE Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Tong 52b
    Annie WAITE Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Tong 52b
    Maud WAITE Dau S 11   Tong 52b
    William WAITE Son S 4   Eccleshill 52b
    Jennie WAITE Dau S 3   Eccleshill 52b
    Fred WAITE Son S 8m   Eccleshill 53a
165 8 Corporation Street Ephraim ILLINGWORTH Head W 59 Stone Quarry Hewer Apperley Bridge 53a
    Charlotte ILLINGWORTH Dau S 27 Worsted Coating Mender Eccleshill 53a
166 6 Corporation Street John THOMPSON Head M 46 Woolen Warp Dresser Rawdon 53a
    Ada THOMPSON Wife M 42   Rawdon 53a
    Sarah A THOMPSON Dau S 21 Worsted Stuff Weaver Rawdon 53a
    Jane E THOMPSON Dau S 17 Worsted Drawer Rawdon 53a
    Edward THOMPSON Son S 14 Woolen Warp Twister Rawdon 53a
    Nellie THOMPSON Dau S 11   Eccleshill 53a
    William H THOMPSON Son S 8   Eccleshill 53a
167 2 Corporation Street John HIRD Head M 43 Ginger Shop Keeper Morley 53a
    Agnes A HIRD Wife M 35   Inghill - Tadcaster 53a
    Henry HIRD Son S 14 Solicitor's Clerk Morley 53a
    Lilian HIRD Dau S 12   Morley 53a
168 66 Harrogate Road James KYTE Head M 23 Blacksmith Eccleshill 53a
    Nellie KYTE Wife M 26   SCT 53a
    Alfred S KYTE Son S 1   Eccleshill 53a
    Fred WEBSTER Visit S 23 Shepherd & BushMan Bradford 53a
169 Harrogate Road Alfred COLLINSON Head M 55 Fish Salesman Bradford 53a
170 64 Harrogate Road Charles WOOD Head S 61 Bailiff [Private Agent] Headingley 53a
171 62 Harrogate Road William H DICKINSON Head M 28 Wool Washer Eccleshill 53a
    Elizabeth DICKINSON Wife M 28 Wool Combing Machine Minder SCT 53a
172 60 Harrogate Road Easter REEVE Head W 55 Washerwoman BED Leighton Buzzard 53a
173 56 Harrogate Road George WALLER Head M 31 Bradford Corporation Lab. Bradford 53a
    Annie WALLER Wife M 36 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 53a
    Harry WALLER Son S 7   Eccleshill 53a
    Frank WALLER Son S 5   Bradford 53a
174 58 Harrogate Road Mary DALBY Head W 53   Eccleshill 53a
    Samuel E DALBY Son S 22 Stuff Merchant's Clerk Eccleshill 53a
    Beatrice DALBY Dau S 13 Draper's Cashier Eccleshill 53a
175 54 Richmond House John WADDINGTON Head M 31 Butcher Sawley 53b
    Emma WADDINGTON Wife M 40   Bradford 53b
    William E RADCLIFFE step son S 20   Bradford 53b
    Jane RADCLIFFE step dau S 18   Bradford 53b
    Eleanor W RADCLIFFE step dau S 16   Bradford 53b
    Bessey MOORHOUSE Serv S 21 General Domestic Serv Pontefract 53b
176 MoorSide Farm Robert LICKLEY Head M 70 Farmer York 53b
    Elizabeth LICKLEY Wife M 81   Chapel Allerton Leeds 53b
    William LICKLEY Son S 40 Farmer Eccleshill 53b
    Alice LICKLEY d in l S 38   Rotherham 53b
177 Myrtle Villa Jessie LAING Head W 70   SCT 53b
  Harrogate Road William LAING Son M 40 Oil Merchant SCT 53b
    Christina LAING Dau S 33   SCT 53b
    Martha M BRACEWELL Serv S 32 General Domestic Serv LAN Burnley 53b
178 83 Harrogate Road Samuel CRAVEN Head M 59 Butcher Bradford 53b
    Margaret CRAVEN Wife M 47   Leeds 53b
    Charles S CRAVEN Son S 9   Bradford 53b
    Marion CRAVEN Dau S 7   Bradford 53b
179 20 Wellington Cottage Edward CALVERLEY Head M 56 Wool Sorter Bradford 53b
    Sarah A CALVERLEY Wife M 57   Bradford 53b
180 102 Harrogate Road Clara SHAW Head W 45 Boarding School Teacher Pudsey 53b