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Census Indexes 1901 Eccleshill ED5

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The census returns for 1901 were taken on the evening of March 31st and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG13/4184.

ED5, Folios 75-93

1 2 Bolton Road William ROPER Head M 40 Painter & Plumber Eccleshill 75a
    Esther ROPER Wife M 37   Eccleshill 75a
    Hannah ROPER Dau S 14 Wool Twister Eccleshill 75a
    Elsie ROPER Dau S 4   Eccleshill 75a
    John Henery ROPER Son S 2   Eccleshill 75a
    Benjamin ROPER Son S 1m   Eccleshill 75a
2 4 Bolton Road William STAMP Head M 45 Stone Quarry Foreman Eccleshill 75a
    Sarah STAMP Wife M 44   Eccleshill 75a
    Ellen STAMP Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 75a
    Walter STAMP Son S 13 Telegraph Boy Eccleshill 75a
    Annie STAMP Dau S 7   Eccleshill 75a
    John STAMP Fath W 76 Retired Weaver Eccleshill 75a
3 Gate House Farm Jonas WOMERSLEY Head M 65 Grocer Eccleshill 75a
    Nanny WOMERSLEY Wife M 54   Eccleshill 75a
4 Gate House Farm James Edward LAWSON Head M 36 Farmer's Cow Man Otley 75a
    Annie LAWSON Wife M 32   LAN Liverpool 75a
    Tom LAWSON Son S 10   Ilkley 75a
5 9 Airevill Mount Arthur CROWTHER Head S 27 Lithographic Artist Eccleshill 75a
    Mary Ann CROWTHER Moth W 68 Living on own means Flasby 75a
    Elizabeth HOLMES   S 33 Ladies Help Grassington 75a
6 10 Airevill Mount Sarah Ann ROPER Head W 67 Living on own means Bradford 75a
    Mary Emma WESTWOOD   S 30   Eccleshill 75a
7 11 Bolton Road Charles HOLLINGSWORTH Head M 55 Electrician LIN Holbeach 75a
    Selina Ann HOLLINGSWORTH Wife M 54   Bradford 75a
    John HOLLINGSWORTH Son S 17 Postal Telegraph NTT 75a
    Charles Fredrick HOLLINGSWORTH Son S 14   Bradford 75a
8 1 Crowther Buildings Albert MARSHALL Head M 43 Grocer Bradford 75a
    Emma MARSHALL Wife M 43   Bradford 75a
    Annie MARSHALL Dau S 8   Bradford 75a
    Ella MARSHALL Dau S 5   Bradford 75a
9 3 Crowther Buildings John Thomas WALKER Head M 69 Railway Townsman Harrogate 75b
    Elizabeth Ann WALKER Wife M 63   Halifax 75b
    John James HODGSON Neph S 26 Farmer Bradford 75b
    Fredrick Roland HILL Visit S 15 Artist LAN 75b
10 4 Crowther Buildings Jesse PATCHETT Head M 26 Gas Stoker Bradford 75b
    Mary Jane PATCHETT Wife M 30   York 75b
11 1 Idle Road Thomas HOLMES Head M 54 Woolen Manufacturer Eccleshill 75b
    Emma HOLMES Wife M 55   NorthoWam 75b
12 3 Idle Road Albert E HOLDSWORTH Head M 25 Woolen Manager LAN Colne 75b
    Winnifred M HOLDSWORTH Wife M 24   SOM Bath 75b
    Cecil C B HOLDSWORTH Son S 1   Bradford 75b
    Margaret Ann HEY Aunt W 59 Retired Grocer Bradford 75b
13 5 Idle Road Robert S JOHNSON Head M 39 Electrician Engineer York 75b
    Eliza JOHNSON Wife M 37   Barnsley 75b
    Fred JOHNSON Son S 10   Bradford 75b
    Ann JOHNSON Dau S 6   Bradford 75b
    Harry JOHNSON Son S 4   Bradford 75b
    Sydney JOHNSON Son S 3m   Bradford 75b
    Elizabeth JOHNSON Moth W 78   Bradford 75b
14 7 Idle Road Arthur C ILLINGWORTH Head M 38 Wool Salesman Windhill 75b
    Augusta ILLINGWORTH Wife M 34   Bolton 75b
    William ILLINGWORTH Son S 13 Warehouse Boy Bolton 75b
    Ernest ILLINGWORTH Son S 10   Bolton 75b
    Arnold ILLINGWORTH Son S 7   Bolton 75b
15 9 Idle Road Samuel G BROADBENT Head M 35 Wool Comber Manager Luddenfoot 75b
    Laura BROADBENT Wife M 37   Halifax 75b
    Benjamin H BROADBENT Son S 16   Denholm 75b
    Henrietta Jane BROADBENT Dau S 14   Denholm 75b
    Beatrice Maud BROADBENT Dau S 10   Bradford 75b
    Francis George BROADBENT Son S 8   Bradford 75b
    Joseph Garnett BROADBENT Son S 6   Bradford 75b
16 Fern Cottage James B WILTSHIRE Head W 47 Stuff Buyer & Salesman Leeds 76a
    Mary O WILTSHIRE Dau S 18   Bradford 76a
    Herbert V WILTSHIRE Son S 14 Draper's Clerk Bradford 76a
    Ina May WILTSHIRE Dau S 4   Bradford 76a
17 2 Idle Road John COCKSHOTT Head M 53 Retired Confectioner Bradford 76a
    Sophia COCKSHOTT Wife M 53   LAN Manchester 76a
    Elizabeth Hop HALLIDAY   S 20 Domestic Serv Bradford 76a
18 4 Idle Road Horatio TEEL Head M 52 Retired Builder Bradford 76a
    Mary H TEEL Wife M 50   Eccleshill 76a
    Frederick TEEL Son S 31   Eccleshill 76a
    Mary E TEEL Dau S 21   Eccleshill 76a
    William TEEL Son S 17 Clerk Eccleshill 76a
    Agnes TEEL Dau S 15   Eccleshill 76a
19 6 Idle Road Robert MILHAM Head M 57 Shoemaker HUN Hartford 76a
    Harriet MILHAM Wife M 49   HUN Fenstanton 76a
    Gertrude A MILHAM Dau S 26 Dressmaker CAM Swavesey 76a
    Harriet E MILHAM Dau S 23 Dressmaker Bradford 76a
    George A MILHAM Son S 12   Bradford 76a
20 8 Idle Road Hannah PEARSON Head W 48 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 76a
21 10 Idle Road Robert DAVISON Head M 35 Wool Warehouseman Eccleshill 76a
    Maryhannah DAVISON Wife M 36   Bradford 76a
    Harold DAVISON Son S 4   Bradford 76a
22 12 Idle Road Sarah Jane NORTH Head S 50 Wool Drawer Eccleshill 76a
    Arthur BROWN Stepbro S 31 Stone Dresser Eccleshill 76a
23 30 Victoria Buildings Whitfield MOREHOUSE Head M 26 Coachman Eccleshill 76a
    Martha MOREHOUSE Wife M 26   Kiverton Park 76a
    Ann A MOREHOUSE Dau S 6   Eccleshill 76a
    Lenord MOREHOUSE Son S 4   Eccleshill 76a
    Arnold MOREHOUSE Son S 1   Eccleshill 76a
24 32 Victoria Buildings Peter SIMPSON Head M 22 Stone Hewer Eccleshill 76b
    Minnie SIMPSON Wife M 23   Ripon 76b
25 34 Victoria Buildings Jane STOCKS Head W 63   Leeds 76b
    Mary H STOCKS Dau S 37 Worsted Weaver Leeds 76b
    Beatrice STOCKS Dau S 35 Worsted Weaver Leeds 76b
    John Thomas STOCKS Son S 22 Railway Porter Yeadon 76b
26 36 Victoria Buildings Jonas CHARLESWORTH Head M 48 Woolen Weaver Holmfirth 76b
    Martha CHARLESWORTH Wife M 48   Huddersfield 76b
    George CHARLESWORTH Son S 19 Woolen Warehouseman Huddersfield 76b
    Samuel G CHARLESWORTH Son S 14 Stuff Warehouseman Huddersfield 76b
27 38 Victoria Buildings Mary Alice FEARNLEY Head S 39 Confectioner Manningham 76b
28 40 Victoria Buildings Hannah HAIGH Head S 43 Retired School Mistress Bradford 76b
29 42 Victoria Buildings Bries F GEORGE Head M 24 StockRoom Warehouseman Otley 76b
    Brier ? GEORGE Wife M 22   Otley 76b
31 4 Back Manor Street Joseph WESTWOOD Head M 44 Worsted Piece Taker Eccleshill 76b
    Sarah WESTWOOD Wife M 43   Eccleshill 76b
    William WESTWOOD Son S 22 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 76b
    Mary Hannah WESTWOOD Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 76b
32 6 Back Manor Street William PICKLES Head M 34   Bradford 76b
    Mary PICKLES Wife M 31   Bradford 76b
    Joseph PICKLES Son S 3   Bradford 76b
    Edith PICKLES Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 76b
33 8 Back Manor Street William HEATON Head M 40 Police Sergeant Upper Tondon 76b
    Eliza HEATON Wife M 41   HUN Hunts Holme 76b
    Herbert W B HEATON Son S 6   Bradford 76b
    Henery R HEATON Son S 2   Bradford 76b
34 10 Back Manor Street Herbert DIXON Head M 32 Stone Waller Idle 76b
    Annie C DIXON Wife M 39 Stocking Knitter GLS 76b
    Albert DIXON Son S 3   Eccleshill 76b
35 12 Back Manor Street Jonathan F CLAUGHTON Head M 45 Joiner Bradford 77a
    Elizabeth Ann CLAUGHTON Wife M 45   Bradford 77a
    Sarah Ann CLAUGHTON Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Bradford 77a
    Jane CLAUGHTON Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 77a
36 13 Back Manor Street Thomas T JENNINGS Head M 47 Stuff Merchant's Clerk Eccleshill 77a
    Annie JENNINGS Wife M 46   Eccleshill 77a
    Herbert JENNINGS Dau S 20 Cabinet Maker Eccleshill 77a
    Kitty JENNINGS Dau S 19 Dressmaker Eccleshill 77a
    Fred JENNINGS Son S 16 Draper's Assistant Eccleshill 77a
    Arthur JENNINGS Son S 14 Accountant's Clerk Eccleshill 77a
    Elsie JENNINGS Dau S 13   Eccleshill 77a
    Harland JENNINGS Son S 11   Eccleshill 77a
    Lucy JENNINGS Dau S 8   Eccleshill 77a
    John JENNINGS Son S 6   Eccleshill 77a
37 14 Back Manor Street Hannah ACKROYD Head W 65   Bradford 77a
38 16 Back Manor Street Edmund ACKROYD Head M 33 Iron Warehouseman Bradford 77a
    Mary ACKROYD Wife M 34   Pudsey 77a
    Hannah ACKROYD Dau S 7   Bradford 77a
    Nellie ACKROYD Dau S 5   Bradford 77a
    Alice ACKROYD Dau S 3   Bradford 77a
39 17 Manor Street Thomas SCHOFIELD Head M 58 Oil Dealer Bolton 77a
    Nancy SCHOFIELD Wife M 59   Bolton 77a
40 15 Manor Street Grace HOLMES Head W 62 Office Cleaner LAN Colne 77a
    Lilly HOLMES Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 77a
41 11 Manor Street Walter R HARTLEY Head M 24 PostMan Eccleshill 77a
    Annie HARTLEY Wife M 25   Keighley 77a
42 9 Manor Street Annie SUGDEN Head W 38 Stuff Weaver Low Moor 77a
    Harold SUGDEN Son S 15 Weft Department Eccleshill 77a
    Ernest SUGDEN Son S 11   Eccleshill 77a
    William A SUGDEN Son S 7   Eccleshill 77a
    Elizabeth SUGDEN Dau S 4   Eccleshill 77a
    Elizabeth LIGHTOWLER m in l W 63   Horton 77b
43 7 Manor Street Ephraim CLIFFORD Head M 25 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 77b
    Florence CLIFFORD Wife M 24 Dressmaker Bradford 77b
    Allen CLIFFORD Son S 1   Bradford 77b
44 5 Manor Street George ADAMS Head M 38 Factory Mill Hand DOR Shaftesbury 77b
    Alice ADAMS Wife M 32 Woolen Weaver WLS MON Newport 77b
    May ADAMS Dau S 6   Leeds 77b
    Earnest SHEPPARD Neph S 14 Draper's Assistant WLS MON Newport 77b
    Emily BANKS Lodg S 43 Woolen Weaver Bradford 77b
45 3 Manor Street Fred NORTH Head M 37 Loom Fitter Eccleshill 77b
    Sarah E NORTH Wife M 32   Eccleshill 77b
    Harold NORTH Son S 7   Eccleshill 77b
    Marshall NORTH Son S 5   Eccleshill 77b
    Alice M COATES Board S 33 Worsted Twister Barnsley 77b
46 1 Manor Street Mary Ann MARSHALL Head S 44 Woolen Weaver NorthoWam 77b
    Lucy Ann MARSHALL Sis S 32 Woolen Mender NorthoWam 77b
48 26 Undercliffe Road William C HOWARTH Head M 46 Sanitary Pipe Maker Lower Wortley 77b
    Sarah Ann HOWARTH Wife M 46   Armley 77b
    John A HOWARTH Son S 20 Sanitary Pipe Maker Armley 77b
    George B HOWARTH Son S 18 Sanitary Pipe Maker Leeds 77b
    Gertrude HOWARTH Dau S 14   Pontefract 77b
49 2 Eldon Place Joseph A WHITFIELD Head M 49 Heald Maker Eccleshill 77b
    Emma WHITFIELD Wife M 45   SAL Opengates 77b
    Sarah WHITFIELD Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 77b
    Sam WHITFIELD Son S 21 Drawing Overlooker Eccleshill 77b
    Mary Jane WHITFIELD Dau S 17 Drawing Spinner Eccleshill 77b
    Ben WHITFIELD Son S 14   Eccleshill 77b
    Emma WHITFIELD Dau S 12   ? 77b
50 4 Eldon Place Frank WOOLLEY Head M 38 Manufacturing Chemist Micklethwaite 78a
    Mary WOOLLEY Wife M 35   Pontefract 78a
    Mary Annie WOOLLEY Dau S 3   Eccleshill 78a
    Winnifred WOOLLEY Dau S 1   Eccleshill 78a
    Clara WOOLLEY s in l S 36 Milliner Leeds 78a
51 6 Eldon Place John TAYLOR Head M 68 Stuff Warehouseman Huddersfield 78a
    Mary TAYLOR Wife M 72   Lexburn 78a
    Emma TAYLOR Dau S 44 Costumier, Dressmaker Eccleshill 78a
    William TAYLOR Son S 42 Stuff Dyeworks Clerk Eccleshill 78a
    Martha TAYLOR Dau S 38 Milliner Eccleshill 78a
    Jane Ellen TAYLOR Dau S 32   Eccleshill 78a
52 8 Eldon Place Thomas SIMPSON Head M 52 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 78a
    Mary Jane SIMPSON Wife M 59   CON 78a
53 10 Eldon Place Samuel CLIFFORD Head M 48 Stone Quarryman Scrappler Bradford 78a
    Hannah CLIFFORD Wife M 45   Eccleshill 78a
    Alfred CLIFFORD Son S 21   Bradford 78a
    Beatrice CLIFFORD Dau S 11   Bradford 78a
    Alice CLIFFORD Dau S 4   Eccleshill 78a
54 12 Eldon Place Edmund M RAWSON Head M 31 Wool Sorter Low Moor 78a
    Mary Alice RAWSON Wife M 30   Low Moor 78a
    Maurice RAWSON Son S 8   Eccleshill 78a
    William Harold RAWSON Son S 6   Bradford 78a
    Richard RAWSON Son S 1   Undercliffe 78a
    Sarah FOX s in l S 28 Fancy Stuff Weaver Low Moor 78a
    George William FOX b in l S 24 Fancy Stuff Weaver Low Moor 78a
55 14 Eldon Place Albert PATCHETT Head M 45 Mason Foreman Bradford 78a
    Alice PATCHETT Wife M 42   Burton 78a
    William B PATCHETT Son S 18 Mason Bradford 78a
    Sarah H PATCHETT Dau S 15   Bradford 78a
    George A PATCHETT Son S 13   Bradford 78a
    Sam PATCHETT Son S 10   Bradford 78a
    John PATCHETT Son S 7   Bradford 78b
    Fred PATCHETT Son S 5   Bradford 78b
    Edward PATCHETT Son S 2   Bradford 78b
56 1 & 3 West Street William WADE Head M 52 Grocer & Shopkeeper Farsley 78b
    Rhoda WADE Wife M 49 Grocer & Shopkeeper Farsley 78b
    Annie ENGLAND Serv S 26 Assistant Bread Baker Otley 78b
    Mary Ann MACHAN Serv S 16 General Serv Wentworth 78b
57 5 West Street Francis L WATERHOUSE Head M 53 Coal Merchant Rocclife 78b
    Elizabeth WATERHOUSE Wife M 57   Thirkleby 78b
    Benjamin WATERHOUSE Son S 25 Coal Merchant Bradford 78b
    Ada WATERHOUSE Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Bradford 78b
    Eliza WATERHOUSE Dau S 19   Bradford 78b
58 2 West Street Arthur E SEARLE Head M 27 Cloth Miller LON 78b
    Mary E SEARLE Wife M 25   Pudsey 78b
    James W SEARLE Son S 1   Eccleshill 78b
    James W SEARLE Fath W 59 Grease Extractor MDX Finchley 78b
    Minie DOBSON in care S 8   Easingwood 78b
    Mellie DOBSON in care S 4   Easingwood 78b
59 4 West Street Fenton CARTER Head M 57 Woolen Spinner Huddersfield 78b
    Mary CARTER Wife M 54 Dressmaker Huddersfield 78b
    Fred CARTER Son S 24 Boot Repairer Eccleshill 78b
    Sarah A CARTER Dau S 22   Eccleshill 78b
    Emily CARTER Dau S 18 Milliner Saltaire 78b
60 6 West Street William H WINPENNY Head M 51 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 78b
    Caroline WINPENNY Wife M 50   NFK Fletwell 78b
    Ann WINPENNY Dau S 25 Dress Stuff Weaver Shipley 78b
    Ernest WINPENNY Son S 23 Electric Tram Conductor Eccleshill 78b
    Herbert WINPENNY Son S 19 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 78b
    Charles W WINPENNY Son S 16 App. Watch Maker Eccleshill 78b
    Arthur WINPENNY Son S 8   Eccleshill 78b
61 8 West Street Jane SMITH Head W 70   Bradford 79a
    Sarah SMITH Dau S 38 Worsted Weaver Bradford 79a
    Emma SMITH Dau S 36   Bradford 79a
    Alfred SMITH Son S 35 Stone Quarryman Bradford 79a
    Maria SMITH Dau S 33 Worsted Weaver Bradford 79a
62 10 West Street Nathan ELLIS Head M 47 Cloth Mill Manager Morton 79a
    Charlotte ELLIS Wife M 51   Greengates 79a
    Bertha ELLIS Dau S 23 Boarding School Teacher Eccleshill 79a
    Angus ELLIS Son S 21 Dress Goods Manufacturer Halifax 79a
    Walter ELLIS Son S 20 Grocer's Assistant Fagley 79a
    Laura ELLIS Dau S 17   Fagley 79a
    Fred ELLIS Son S 14 Newspaper Office Boy Dudley Hill 79a
63 12 West Street Hanson FOX Head M 53 Warp Dresser Low Moor 79a
    Henrietta FOX Wife M 47   Bradford 79a
    Annie FOX Dau S 21 Mender & Burler Low Moor 79a
    Emily FOX Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Low Moor 79a
    Ethel FOX Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 79a
    Herbert FOX Son S 12   Eccleshill 79a
64 14 West Street William SIMMONS Head M 41 Yarn Merchant's Clerk Leeds 79a
    Jessie A SIMMONS Wife M 40   WIL Redlinge 79a
    Eleanor SIMMONS Dau S 15   Bradford 79a
    Jessie Alice SIMMONS Dau S 11   Bradford 79a
    Arthur SIMMONS Son S 5   Bradford 79a
65 16 West Street Annie WILKINSON Wife M 33 Woolen Weaver Heaton 79a
    Arthur WILKINSON Son S 9   Manningham 79a
    Harry WILKINSON Son S 7   Manningham 79a
    Laurence WILKINSON Son S 4   Bolton 79a
    Thomas GOTT f in l M 72 Formerly Blacksmith Heaton 79a
    Elizabeth GOTT m in l M 73   Heaton 79a
66 18 West Street John JACKSON Head M 48 Warehouseman Eccleshill 79b
    Susan JACKSON Wife M 42   Bradford 79b
    Edward ROBINSON adpt son S 4   York 79b
67 20 West Street Uriah HOBSON Head M 64 Blacksmith Eccleshill 79b
    Grace HOBSON Wife M 64   Idle 79b
68 2 Terra Cotta Row Charles R SHAW Head M 40 Engine Tenter & Blacksmith Kirkburton 79b
    Ann SHAW Wife M 35   Shipley 79b
    James SHAW Son S 14 Engine Tenter & Blacksmith Appr Kirkburton 79b
    Emily SHAW Dau S 12   Kirkburton 79b
    Irvin SHAW Son S 9   Kirkburton 79b
    Edna SHAW Dau S 5   Eccleshill 79b
69 4 Terra Cotta Row William THOMPSON Head M 50 General Lab. East Willow 79b
    Eliza THOMPSON Wife M 38   Garthorpe 79b
    Willie THOMPSON Son S 10   Eccleshill 79b
    Clarence THOMPSON Son S 5   Eccleshill 79b
    Fred WADINGTON Board S 23 General Lab. Bradford 79b
70 6 Terra Cotta Row Samuel GORNALL Head M 34 Fish Salesman Hipperholme 79b
    Hannah GORNALL Wife M 38   Husthwaite 79b
    Henrietta GORNALL Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 79b
    Alice GORNALL Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 79b
    Thomas GORNALL Son S 12   Bradford 79b
    John GORNALL Son S 12   Bradford 79b
    James GORNALL Son S 10   Bradford 79b
    Samuel GORNALL Son S 4   Bradford 79b
    Sidney GORNALL Son S 4   Bradford 79b
71 8 Terra Cotta Row Edward WHITTON Head M 44 S--- Black Dyer SFK Great Ashfield 79b
    Sarah WHITTON Wife M 44   SFK Elmswell 79b
    John W WHITTON Son S 22 Stone Quarry Lab. Bradford 79b
    Albert E WHITTON Son S 18 Engine Cleaner SFK Great Ashfield 79b
    Elizabeth WHITTON Dau S 16 Woolen Spinner Bradford 79b
    Rosanna WHITTON Dau S 14 Woolen Spinner Bradford 80a
    George WHITTON Son S 10   Bradford 80a
    Lucy WHITTON Dau S 8   Bradford 80a
    Fred WHITTON Son S 5   Bradford 80a
    Edith WHITTON Dau S 3   Bradford 80a
    Richard WHITTON Son S 11m   Bradford 80a
72 10 Terra Cotta Row Rebecca TONKINS Head W 49 Charwoman Church Fewton 80a
    Thomas TONKINS Son S 26 Farm Carter Bradford 80a
    Frank TONKINS Son S 14 Brick Works Crofton 80a
    Fanny TONKINS Dau S 11   Eccleshill 80a
73 12 Terra Cotta Row Hannah MARSHALL Head W 63   Weston 80a
    Maria MARSHALL Dau S 24 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 80a
    Johnson HOLLINGS s in l M 30 Stuff Warehouseman Calverley 80a
    Mary E HOLLINGS Dau M 29   Eccleshill 80a
    William HOLLINGS Gson S 8   Eccleshill 80a
    Tom HOLLINGS Gson S 7   Eccleshill 80a
    Fred HOLLINGS Gson S 6   Eccleshill 80a
    Maurice HOLLINGS Gson S 1   Eccleshill 80a
    Joseph R W CANSFIELD s in l M 27 Joiner Undercliffe 80a
    Ellen CANSFIELD Dau M 27   Eccleshill 80a
    Emma B CANSFIELD Gdau S 11m   Eccleshill 80a
74 3 Undercliffe Road David FIRTH Head M 35 Stone Hewer Bradford 80a
    Sarah B FIRTH Wife M 34 Cloth Weaver Leeds 80a
    George W FIRTH Son S 12 Woolen Spinner Bradford 80a
75 5 Undercliffe Road Fanny M GRAY Head M 41   NFK Norridge 80a
    John GRAY Son S 21 Boiler & Pipe Coverer Undercliffe 80a
    Mary Jane GRAY Dau S 17 Worsted Doffer Undercliffe 80a
    Arthur GRAY Son S 16 Worsted Doffer Undercliffe 80a
    Annie GRAY Dau S 14 Worsted Doffer Undercliffe 80a
    Joseph A GRAY Son S 10   Undercliffe 80a
76 7 Undercliffe Road Robert CUTLER Head M 27 Plumber Bradford 80b
    Maria ? CUTLER Wife M 26   Bradford 80b
    Arthur CUTLER Son S 3   Bradford 80b
    John CUTLER Son S 1   Eccleshill 80b
    William CUTLER Son S 8m   Eccleshill 80b
77 9 Undercliffe Road Willie G MOORHOUSE Head M 30 Taker in of Dress Goods Eccleshill 80b
    Ellen MOORHOUSE Wife M 24   Bradford 80b
    Emily MOORHOUSE Dau S 7m   Eccleshill 80b
78 13 & 15 Undercliffe Road Benjamin HOLLINGS Head M 62 Draper Idle 80b
    Mary H HOLLINGS Wife M 61   Eccleshill 80b
    Annie HOLLINGS Dau S 33   Eccleshill 80b
    Edith HOPKINSON Dau M 30   Eccleshill 80b
    Ethel HOPKINSON Gdau S 7   Eccleshill 80b
79 12 Undercliffe Road James HUDDLESTON Head M 30 Stone Quarryman Bradford 80b
    Annie HUDDLESTON Wife M 32   CON 80b
    George J HUDDLESTON Son S 2   Bolton 80b
    Lena HUDDLESTON Dau S 1   Bolton 80b
80 17 Undercliffe Road Julius D THORNTON Head M 52 Insurance Agent Eccleshill 80b
    Mary A THORNTON Wife M 50   Eccleshill 80b
    Edith M THORNTON Dau S 25 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 80b
    Emily THORNTON Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 80b
    Clara THORNTON Dau S 20 School Teacher Eccleshill 80b
    Tom THORNTON Son S 14   Eccleshill 80b
81 19 Undercliffe Road James H WILSON Head M 32 Assistant School Master Bradford 80b
    Amy H WILSON Wife M 30   Wakefield 80b
    Sophia HABBERSHAW GMoth W 83   Tocklington 80b
82 21 Undercliffe Road Dennis DALE Head M 26 Electric Car Foreman Fitter Bradford 80b
    Sarah A DALE Wife M 24   Bradford 80b
    Alice DALE Dau S 3   Bradford 80b
    Emily DALE Dau S 1   Bradford 80b
83 23 Undercliffe Road John D GAUNT Head M 27 Draper Bradford 81a
    Mary E GAUNT Wife M 26   LAN Liverpool 81a
    Annie M GAUNT Dau S 2   Keswick 81a
    George E GAUNT Son S 1   Birstall 81a
84 25 Undercliffe Road Esther MASON Head W 67   Great Horton 81a
    Annie MASON Dau S 40 Dressmaker Great Horton 81a
85 27 Undercliffe Road Mary A LEAROYED Head W 58   Guiseley 81a
    Grace E LEAROYED Dau S 22 Draper's Assistant Bolton 81a
    Jane Ann LEAROYED Dau S 21 Coat Maker [Tailor] Shipley 81a
86 29 Undercliffe Road Willie GOODAIRE Head M 39 Stuff Warehouseman Potovens 81a
    Annie GOODAIRE Wife M 40   Undercliffe 81a
    Annie GOODAIRE Dau S 15 Printer & Book Binder Undercliffe 81a
    Edith GOODAIRE Dau S 12   Eccleshill 81a
    Geoffrey GOODAIRE Son S 3   Eccleshill 81a
87 31 Undercliffe Road Andrew HOLMES Head M 60 Woolen Waste Dealer Eccleshill 81a
    Elizabeth J HOLMES Wife M 47   Fryston 81a
88 33 Undercliffe Road Frederick T WATERHOUSE Head M 63 Card Jobber Pudsey 81a
    Judith WATERHOUSE Wife M 61   Idle 81a
    Eliza WATERHOUSE Dau S 39 Cloth Weaver Idle 81a
    Sidney B WATERHOUSE Son S 24 Warehouseman Idle 81a
    Agnes WATERHOUSE Dau S 22 Stuff Weaver Liversedge 81a
    Annie WATERHOUSE Dau S 19 Stuff Weaver Cleckheaton 81a
89 35 Undercliffe Road Thomas WATERWORTH Head W 76 Living on own means Wakefield 81a
    Rose WATERWORTH Dau S 32   Masbro ? 81a
90 Manor House Joseph ILLINGWORTH Head M 28 Manor Brick Making Shipley 81b
    Ruth ILLINGWORTH Wife M 27   Great Horton 81b
91 Manor House Charles TAYLOR Head M 38 Joiner Bradford 81b
    Mary Ann TAYLOR Wife M 34   Bradford 81b
    Gertrude TAYLOR Dau S 4   Bradford 81b
92 1 Leeds Road Harry WHITTON Head M 43 Brick Yard Lab. Suffolk 81b
    Sarah WHITTON Wife M 35   Suffolk 81b
    Arthur WHITTON Son S 15 Brick Yard Lab. Suffolk 81b
    Florence WHITTON Dau S 14 Woolen Spinner Suffolk 81b
    Lilly WHITTON Dau S 12 Woolen Spinner Suffolk 81b
    Frank WHITTON Son S 8   Eccleshill 81b
    James W WHITTON Son S 6   Bolton 81b
    Alfred WHITTON Son S 2   Bolton 81b
    Allan WHITTON Son S 1   Eccleshill 81b
93 2 Manor View Frederick T ELLIOTT Head M 43 Surveyor & Inspector CHS Crewe 81b
    Julia ELLIOTT Wife M 42   Birstall 81b
    John W ELLIOTT Son S 18 Plumber's App. Birstall 81b
    Herbert ELLIOTT Son S 17 Surveyor's Assistant Batley 81b
    Henery ELLIOTT Son S 15 Stereotyper App. Batley 81b
    Hannah ELLIOTT Dau S 12   Birstall 81b
    Alice ELLIOTT Dau S 10   Birstall 81b
    Harold ELLIOTT Son S 8   Birstall 81b
    Amy H ELLIOTT Dau S 6   Birstall 81b
    Doris ELLIOTT Dau S 3   Birkenshaw 81b
94 4 Manor View James JACKSON Head M 54 Joiner Eccleshill 81b
    Elizabeth JACKSON Wife M 56   Pateley 81b
    Clara JACKSON Dau S 24 School Teacher Eccleshill 81b
95 6 Manor View William A MOULSON Head M 26 Wholesale Millinery Clerk Leeds 81b
    Annie MOULSON Wife M 26   Eccleshill 81b
96 8 Leeds Road Greenwood LIGHTFOOT Head M 41 Coal Merchant's Carter Bolton 82a
    Nancy LIGHTFOOT Wife M 43   Eccleshill 82a
    William LIGHTFOOT Son S 8   Eccleshill 82a
    Mary LIGHTFOOT Dau S 6   Eccleshill 82a
    Annie LIGHTFOOT Dau S 5   Eccleshill 82a
    John J LIGHTFOOT Son S 3   Eccleshill 82a
    Fred LIGHTFOOT Son S 1   Eccleshill 82a
    William CLOVE Board M 61   Eccleshill 82a
97 10 Leeds Road Frank WDOWS Head M 48 Warp Twister NFK Norwich 82a
    Clara WDOWS Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Bradford 82a
    Gertrude WDOWS Dau S 14 Woolen Weaver Bradford 82a
    Herbert WDOWS Son S 7   Bradford 82a
    Annie WDOWS Wife M 45   Bradford 82a
99 12 Leeds Road Alfred J CRAVEN Head M 43 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Horton 82a
    Mary E CRAVEN Wife M 32 Dressmaker DUR Darlington 82a
    Alfred CRAVEN Son S 6   Eccleshill 82a
    Dinah CRAVEN Dau S 3   Eccleshill 82a
    Hilda CRAVEN Dau S 1   Eccleshill 82a
    Thomas IRVING Board M 32 Electric Car Conductor [Tram] Shipley 82a
    Annie IRVING Board M 25 Woolen Weaver DUR Darlington 82a
    Ethel IRVING Board S 10m   Eccleshill 82a
100 14 Leeds Road Lamphigh G BRIGGS Head M 39 Butcher Shelf 82a
    Sarah A BRIGGS Wife M 37   HUN Ramsey 82a
101 16 Leeds Road Robert SHACKLETON Head M 58 Journeyman Gardener Harewood 82a
    Martha SHACKLETON Wife M 59   Kirkstall 82a
    Ada SHACKLETON Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Bradford 82a
    Charlotte SHACKLETON Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Bradford 82a
    Martha A SHACKLETON Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 82a
102 18 Leeds Road John NELSON Head M 32 Brick Yard Lab. Bradford 82b
    Emma NELSON Wife M 30 Washerwoman Eccleshill 82b
    George NELSON Son S 10   Eccleshill 82b
    Alfred NELSON Son S 6   Eccleshill 82b
    Lois Olive NELSON Dau S 3   Eccleshill 82b
103 20 Leeds Road James LISTER Head M 51 Stone Mason Idle 82b
    Hannah LISTER Wife M 50   Eccleshill 82b
    John William LISTER Son S 16 Mechanic App. Idle 82b
104 2 Airdale Street Lemuel HOLMES Head M 51 Grocer & Draper Eccleshill 82b
    Isabel HOLMES Wife M 47   Bradford 82b
    Frederick HOLMES Son S 20 BootMaker & Dealer Eccleshill 82b
    Thomas E HOLMES Son S 7   Eccleshill 82b
    Mary G HOLMES Dau S 5   Eccleshill 82b
105 4 Airdale Street James E PICKUP Head M 22 Stone Quarry Lab. Little Horton 82b
    Kate PICKUP Wife M 23   Nottingley 82b
    Evelyn PICKUP Dau S 2   Eccleshill 82b
    Elsie PICKUP Dau S 5m   Eccleshill 82b
106 6 Airdale Street Sample CARISS Head M 59 Wool Sorter Eccleshill 82b
    Ann CARISS Wife M 56   Eccleshill 82b
    Earnest CARISS Son S 30 Mason's Lab. Eccleshill 82b
    Violetta CARISS Dau S 27 Burler Eccleshill 82b
    Walter CARISS Son S 23 Stone Quarry Lab. Eccleshill 82b
    Herbert CARISS Son S 21 Card Fettler Eccleshill 82b
    Harry CARISS Son S 16 Pottery Lab. Eccleshill 82b
    Emma CARISS Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 82b
107 8 Airdale Street George RAND Head M 36 Stone Quarry Scrappler Bradford 82b
    Eleanor RAND Wife M 26   Bradford 82b
    Annie RAND Dau S 4   Bradford 82b
    Alice RAND Dau S 3   Bradford 82b
    Mary E BEANLAND Board S 19 Worsted Combing Machine Minder Bradford 82b
    George BEANLAND Board S 14 Stone Quarry Errand Boy Bradford 83a
108 10 Airdale Street Jane HOLLINGS Head S 65 Living on own means Bradford 83a
109 12 Airdale Street John William SHACKLETON Head M 28 Painter & Decorator Manningham 83a
    Adda SHACKLETON Wife M 27 Woolen Weaver Manningham 83a
    Dorris SHACKLETON Dau S 4   Eccleshill 83a
    Arnold SHACKLETON Son S 1   Eccleshill 83a
110 14 Manor House Charles BUSHILL Head M 36 Stone Dresser MDX 83a
    Mary A BUSHILL Wife M 38   HUN St. Marys 83a
    William J CLARK   S 18 Barber LON Chelsea 83a
    Albert CLARK   S 16 Stone Dresser Skipton 83a
    John CLARK   S 13 Bobbin Pegger Bradford 83a
111 16 Airdale Street Thomas WILCOCK Head M 43 Coal Miner Dudley Hill 83a
    Maria WILCOCK Wife M 46   IRE Dublin 83a
    George WILCOCK Son S 15 Farmer's Man Dudley Hill 83a
    Harold WILCOCK Son S 6   Dudley Hill 83a
    Annie WILCOCK Dau S 12 Cotton Spinner Dudley Hill 83a
112 1 Airdale Street William BRAMALD Head M 36 Domestic CoachMan Wakefield 83a
    Annie BRAMALD Wife M 32   Ackworth 83a
    Arthur BRAMALD Son S 8   Leeds 83a
    Minnie E BRAMALD Dau S 6   Eccleshill 83a
    Gladys BRAMALD Dau S 5   Eccleshill 83a
    Maud BRAMALD Dau S 2   Eccleshill 83a
    William BRAMALD Son S 11m   Eccleshill 83a
113 3 Airdale Street William COATES Head M 67 Wool Comber Eccleshill 83a
    Elizabeth COATES Wife M 59   Idle 83a
    Charles COATES Son S 40 Living on own means Eccleshill 83a
    Maria COATES Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 83a
    Emily COATES Dau S 20 Flannel Weaver Eccleshill 83a
    Fanny COATES Gdau S 14   Eccleshill 83a
114 5 Airdale Street Thomas DARLING ? Head M 45 Railway Plate Layer SFK West Stow 83b
    Mary A DARLING ? Wife M 48   Welton 83b
    Annie DARLING ? Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 83b
    Alice DARLING ? Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 83b
    Ellen DARLING ? Dau S 11   Eccleshill 83b
    Hayden DARLING ? Son S 6   Eccleshill 83b
    Charles E FALKINGHAM s in l M 30 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 83b
    Hannah M FALKINGHAM Gdau S 1   Eccleshill 83b
116 9 Airdale Street James SUGDEN Head W 56 Domestic Gardener Keighley 83b
    Annie SUGDEN Dau S 25 Cardboard Box Maker Eccleshill 83b
    Annie E SUGDEN Dau S 20   Rawdon 83b
    Birtie SUGDEN Son S 18 Wool Warehouseman Shipley 83b
117 11 Airdale Street Thomas BRITTON Head M 49 Stone Sawyer Eccleshill 83b
    Mary BRITTON Wife M 43   Bolton 83b
    John H BRITTON Son S 23 Hewer [Mason] Eccleshill 83b
118 13 Airdale Street Joe BEACH Head M 34 Woolen Warper Halifax 83b
    Grace E BEACH Wife M 29   LEI 83b
    Allen BEACH Son S 8   Apperley Bridge 83b
    Sydney BEACH Son S 2   Eccleshill 83b
119 15 Airdale Street Albert HOPKINSON Head M 37 Fish Dealer Bramley 83b
    Edna E HOPKINSON Wife M 31   Boston 83b
    Joe B HOPKINSON Son S 7   Eccleshill 83b
    Gwendoline HOPKINSON Dau S 5   Eccleshill 83b
    Alberta HOPKINSON Dau S 4   Eccleshill 83b
120 24 Leeds Road Joe COATES Head M 25 Stone Mason Bradford 83b
    Edith COATES Wife M 25   Rawmarsh 83b
    Nellie COATES Dau S 3   Bradford 83b
    John COATES Son S 1   Bradford 83b
121 26 Leeds Road William H MAWSON Head M 22 Stone Quarry Lab. Bradford 84a
    Mary MAWSON Wife M 26   Bradford 84a
122 28 Leeds Road Benjamin HOLMES Head S 65 Wool Sorter Eccleshill 84a
    Mary Ann HOLMES Sis S 62   Eccleshill 84a
123 30 Leeds Road Eleazer WOOD Head M 56 Weaving Overlooker Shelf 84a
    Emma WOOD Wife M 50   Queensbury 84a
    Tom WOOD Son S 25 Weaving Designer Bradford 84a
    Lavinia WOOD Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Bradford 84a
    Annie WOOD Dau S 18 School Teacher Bradford 84a
124 32 Westfield House Alice THORNTON Head S 21   Eccleshill 84a
    George W THORNTON Son S 19 Flannel Manufacturer Eccleshill 84a
    Joseph B THORNTON Son S 16 Flannel Manufacturer Eccleshill 84a
    Alice NEWBY Serv S 20 Domestic Housemaid LIN 84a
125 34 Leeds Road Willie HOLDSWORTH Head M 22 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 84a
    Annie E HOLDSWORTH Wife M 21   Bradford 84a
    Edith HOLDSWORTH Dau S 2   Eccleshill 84a
126 36 Leeds Road William HICK Head M 42 WeighMan DUR 84a
    Mary J HICK Wife M 41 Worsted Spinner Bingley 84a
127 38 Leeds Road Henery WDOWS Head M 26 Woolen Weaver Bradford 84a
    Martha E WDOWS Wife M 25   Bradford 84a
    Francis WDOWS Son S 3   Bradford 84a
128 40 Leeds Road William DEWHIRST Head M 23 Butcher Bradford 84a
    Lillie DEWHIRST Wife M 23   Bradford 84a
    Maggie DEWHIRST Dau S 11m   Eccleshill 84a
129 42 Leeds Road John CLOSE Head M 62 Printer's Embosser Eccleshill 84a
    Mary CLOSE Wife M 56   Eccleshill 84a
    John CLOSE Son S 28 Mason's Lab. Eccleshill 84a
    Annie CLOSE Dau S 25 Woolen Machine Minder Eccleshill 84a
130 44 Leeds Road Stephen MOREHOUSE Head M 41 Stationary Engine Tenter Bradford 84b
    Sarah J MOREHOUSE Wife M 41   Bradford 84b
    Sarah H MOREHOUSE Dau S 19 Worsted Minder Bradford 84b
    Harold MOREHOUSE Son S 10   Bradford 84b
    Herbert E MOREHOUSE Son S 6   Bradford 84b
    James W MOREHOUSE Son S 3   Bradford 84b
131 46 Leeds Road Alfred PENNY Head M 29 Stone Quarryman Yeadon 84b
    Martha PENNY Wife M 31   Windhill 84b
133 50 Leeds Road James WEBB Head M 45 Wool Sorter MON 84b
    Elizabeth WEBB Wife M 46   MON 84b
134 52 Leeds Road Herbert BAXTER Head M 35 Woolen Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 84b
    Hannah BAXTER Wife M 34   Eccleshill 84b
    Elizabeth BAXTER Dau S 10   Eccleshill 84b
    Harold BAXTER Son S 5   Eccleshill 84b
    Edith BAXTER Dau S 3   Eccleshill 84b
135 54 Leeds Road George W BINGLEY Head W 51 Factory Joiner Rawdon 84b
    Elizabeth A BINGLEY Dau S 24   Bradford 84b
    Ada BINGLEY Dau S 18 Woolen Spinner Bradford 84b
    Violet BINGLEY Gdau S 3   Bradford 84b
136 56 Leeds Road Peter J POULTER Head M 38 Brick Maker Monkton 84b
    Sushannah POULTER Wife M 24   Bradford 84b
    Amos POULTER Son S 1   Eccleshill 84b
    Hannah DYSON m in l * 73 Retired Publican Leeds 84b
137 1 Welington Place Thomas HARPER Head M 54 Woolen Manufacturer Bradford 84b
    Mary HARPER Wife M 56   Calverley 84b
    Rachel HARPER Dau S 23   Bradford 84b
    James H HARPER Son S 20 Wool Sorter Bradford 84b
138 2 Welington Place Elijah KEIGHLEY Head M 48 Oil Merchant Farsley 84b
    Sarah J KEIGHLEY Wife M 48   Bingley 84b
    Florence KEIGHLEY Dau S 20 Violin Teacher Wellington 84b
    Mary Alice KEIGHLEY Dau S 15   DUR GatesHead 85a
    Agnes KEIGHLEY Dau S 14   CHS Stockport 85a
139 3 Leeds Road John ASTON Head M 84 Congregational Minister GLS Birdwell? 85a
    Amelia ASTON Wife M 77   SOM Somerton 85a
    Annie POLLETT Serv S 28 General Domestic Serv Eccleshill 85a
140 4 Leeds Road Thomas O'KEEFFE Head M 51 Shoe & Boot ShopKeeper LAN Liverpool 85a
    Mary O'KEEFFE Wife M 38   Sheffield 85a
    Gertrude O'KEEFFE Dau S 23 ShoeShop Assistant Bradford 85a
    Nellie O'KEEFFE Dau S 20 Telephone Operator Bradford 85a
    Thomas O'KEEFFE Son S 18 ShoeShop Assistant Bradford 85a
    William O'KEEFFE Son S 17 Mechanical Engineer Bradford 85a
    Beatrice O'KEEFFE Dau S 15   Bradford 85a
141 5 Leeds Road Henry HARPER Head M 33 Cloth Manufacturer Eccleshill 85a
    Emma HARPER Wife M 30   Eccleshill 85a
    Gertrude HARPER Dau S 9   Eccleshill 85a
    Frederick W HARPER Son S 4   Eccleshill 85a
142 6 Leeds Road Isaac M J BROWN Head M 42 Stuff Dyer's Manager Leeds 85a
    Ellen BROWN Wife M 39   Leeds 85a
    John FISHER Visit M 39 Cashier Newley 85a
    Harriet A FISHER Visit M 40   Leeds 85a
    George W FISHER Visit S 15   Leeds 85a
    Annie FISHER Visit S 13   Leeds 85a
    Clara BARNHAM Serv S 28 General Domestic Serv Leeds 85a
143 13 Leeds Road Frederick ATKINSON Head M 50 Botanical Brewer Leeds 85a
    Annie ATKINSON Wife M 42   CUL Da? 85a
    Alice M ATKINSON Dau S 11   Bradford 85a
    Thomas A ATKINSON Son S 7   Bradford 85a
    Frederick W ATKINSON Son S 2   Eccleshill 85a
    Norah R ATKINSON Dau S 5m   Eccleshill 85a
    Mary A ASTON Visit W 37 Living on own means LAN Ulverston 85a
    Amelia J ASTON Visit W 21   Eccleshill 85b
    Marion G S ASTON Visit S 11   Manningham 85b
144 15 Leeds Road John BATLEY Head W 78 Sizing Manufacturer Holmfirth 85b
    Emily BATLEY Dau S 41 Domestic Eccleshill 85b
    Florrie ? ? S 28 Domestic Eccleshill 85b
145 17 Leeds Road Arthur H SIMPSON Head M 40 Shipping Clerk Bradford 85b
    Kate T SIMPSON Wife M 35   Wandsworth 85b
    George R SIMPSON Son S 13   Bradford 85b
    Thomas J SIMPSON Son S 11   Bradford 85b
    Kate M SIMPSON Dau S 7   Bradford 85b
    Henry B SIMPSON Son S 6   Bradford 85b
    James R SIMPSON Son S 2   Bradford 85b
146 Leeds Road Arthur PARKER Head M 53 Gardener LIN Caythorp 85b
    Ann PARKER Wife M 49   Ripponden 85b
    Clara PARKER Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Lindley 85b
147 New Leeds Road William CROWTHER Head M 51 Retired Plumber Bradford 85b
    Ada CROWTHER Wife M 53   SCT Glasgow 85b
    Frederick CROWTHER Son S 22 Wool & Waste Dealer Bradford 85b
    George W CROWTHER Son S 18 Gilder & Picture Framer Bradford 85b
    Walter CROWTHER Son S 15 Office Boy Bradford 85b
    Frank CROWTHER Son S 12   Bradford 85b
148 New Leeds Road Charles H CROWTHER Head M 25 Butcher Birkenshaw 85b
    Mary A CROWTHER Wife M 22   Gilberdyke 85b
    Doris E CROWTHER Dau S 9m   Eccleshill 85b
149 New Leeds Road Arthur WATSON Head W 46 Draper Bradford 85b
    Dorothy WATSON Dau   11   Eccleshill 85b
    Emily WATSON Sis   47   Bradford 85b
    Louisa WATSON Sis   40   Bradford 85b
    Annie L ALLOTT Visit   44   Hoyland 85b
    Hannah BARWICK Serv   25 General Domestic Serv Loftus 85b
150 60 Leeds Road Philip BLACKMAN Head M 55 School Master HUN Portsmouth 86a
    Elizabeth BLACKMAN Wife M 51   LON Southwark 86a
    Christine BLACKMAN Dau S 29   DUR Whickham 86a
151 1 Prospect Place Arthur SMITHSON Head M 29 Cart Driver Undercliffe 86a
    Emily SMITHSON Wife M 28   Bowling 86a
    Hilda SMITHSON Dau S 6   Fagley 86a
    Annie SMITHSON Dau S 4   Eccleshill 86a
    Edith SMITHSON Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 86a
    Horace TERRY Visit S 2   Eccleshill 86a
152 3 Prospect Place Edward H BAKER Head M 27 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 86a
    Emily BAKER Wife M 22   Bradford 86a
153 5 Prospect Place William BLOMFIELD Head M 54 Tailor NFK Fakenham 86a
    Margaret BLOMFIELD Wife M 46   Wetherby 86a
    Mabel BLOMFIELD Dau S 21 Tailoress Eccleshill 86a
    Emma BLOMFIELD Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 86a
    Alice BLOMFIELD Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 86a
    Margaret BLOMFIELD Dau S 10   Eccleshill 86a
    William BLOMFIELD Son S 7   Eccleshill 86a
    Agnes BLOMFIELD Dau S 3   Eccleshill 86a
154 7 Prospect Place Harry AMBLER Head M 31 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 86a
    Polly AMBLER Wife M 32 Wool Comb Minder CHS Moore 86a
155 9 Prospect Place Herbert NORBURY Head M 38 Dyer's Lab. Bradford 86a
    Alice NORBURY Wife M 39   Eston ? 86a
    Milly NORBURY Dau S 8   Bradford 86a
156 11 Prospect Place Lewis G BOLTON Head M 39 Wool Sorter Great Horton 86a
    Martha A BOLTON Wife M 40   Bradford 86a
    Ann H BOLTON Dau S 11   Eccleshill 86a
    Theresa M BOLTON Dau S 5   Eccleshill 86a
157 13 Prospect Place Frederick JARRETT Head M 47 General Lab. WOR Broadway 86b
    Ann JARRETT Wife M 45   Pontefract 86b
    Violet JARRETT Dau S 9   Bradford 86b
158 15 Prospect Place Mary T BARKER Wife M 43 Seamstress HRT 86b
    Amelia BARKER Dau S 15 Seamstress LEI 86b
    Helena A BARKER Dau S 3   NTH Northampton 86b
    Bird PORTER   W 72 Retired Gardener HRT Ashwell 86b
159 17 Prospect Place Leonard BARTRIM Head M 51 BookKeeper Morton 86b
    Emma J BARTRIM Wife M 45   Halifax 86b
    Harold BARTRIM Son S 12   Eccleshill 86b
160 2 Victoria Street Roland R COLE Head M 36 Railway A/C Collector Eccleshill 86b
    Clara COLE Wife M 38   Eccleshill 86b
    John H COLE Son S 17 Railway Goods Clerk Eccleshill 86b
    Eva M COLE Dau S 13   Eccleshill 86b
    Aubrey B COLE Son S 9   Eccleshill 86b
161 4 Victoria Street Henry HEMINGWAY Head M 34 Carting Agent Eccleshill 86b
    Ruth HEMINGWAY Wife M 34   Bolton 86b
    Harry HEMINGWAY Son S 1   Eccleshill 86b
162 6 Victoria Street Isaac TETLEY Head M 43 Mohair Warping Foreman Bradford 86b
    Alice TETLEY Wife M 39   Bradford 86b
    Thomas TETLEY Son S 15 Errand Boy Bradford 86b
    Harry TETLEY Son S 13 Worsted Drawing Room Hand Bradford 86b
    Edgar TETLEY Son S 8   Bradford 86b
    Frank TETLEY Son S 4   Bradford 86b
    Norman TETLEY Son S 2   Bradford 86b
    Laura TETLEY Dau S 2m   Bradford 86b
163 8 Victoria Street Samuel S DAVISON Head M 37 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 86b
    Mary A DAVISON Wife M 35   Bradford 86b
    Fred DAVISON Son S 10   Bradford 86b
    Arthur DAVISON Son S 8   Bradford 86b
    Clara DAVISON Dau S 6   Bradford 86b
    Edith M DAVISON Dau S 4   Bradford 87a
    Beatrice A DAVISON Dau S 2   Bradford 87a
164 10 Victoria Street Albert GREENWOOD Head M 36 Domestic Gardener Bradford 87a
    Helina GREENWOOD Wife M 28   Bradford 87a
    Doris GREENWOOD Dau S 3   Bradford 87a
    Alma GREENWOOD Dau S 1   Bradford 87a
    Mary A COPPERTHWAIT m in l W 66 Living on own means Bradford 87a
165 1 Allexandra Terrace Henrietta M WIGGLESWORTH Head W 40   Bradford 87a
    Walter S FRANCE   S 37 Warehouseman Bradford 87a
    Elizabeth ALLCOCK Serv S 29 Domestic Serv SFK Hindersley 87a
    John WILLIAMS Visit W 57 Advertising Agent Manchester 87a
166 2 Allexandra Terrace Alexander PATERSON Head M 49 Yarn Salesman SCT Glasgow 87a
    Isabel PATERSON Wife M 47   SCT Glasgow 87a
167 4 Allexandra Terrace James F PEARSON Head M 50 Boot & Shoemaker Wibsey 87a
    Maria A PEARSON Wife M 54   Selby 87a
    Amanda PEARSON Dau S 21 Elementary School Teacher Bradford 87a
    Lilly PEARSON Dau S 18 Elementary School Teacher Bradford 87a
168 6 Allexandra Terrace Benjamin HICK Head M 32 Worsted Spinner's Clerk Bradford 87a
    Gertrude HICK Wife M 31   Bradford 87a
    Winifred HICK Dau S 5   Bradford 87a
    Benjamin HICK Son S 2   Eccleshill 87a
169 7 Allexandra Terrace James H MITCHELL Head M 33 Assistant School Master Silsden 87a
    Annie MITCHELL Wife M 31 Assistant School Mistress Hull 87a
    Edith MITCHELL s in l S 28   Hull 87a
    Alice HOLMES s in l S 24 Assistant School Mistress Hull 87a
170 8 Allexandra Terrace Clara LUND Head W 34 Living on own means Bradford 87a
    Dorothy LUND Dau S 8   Eccleshill 87a
    Margaret LUND Dau S 7   Eccleshill 87a
    Thomas LUND Son S 5   Eccleshill 87a
    Alfred LUND Son S 3   Eccleshill 87b
    George LUND Son S 1   Eccleshill 87b
    Harriet HORN Serv S 19 General Domestic Serv Barnsley 87b
171 2 Charnwood Road George POLLARD Head M 40 Grocer Knottingley 87b
    Sarah E POLLARD Wife M 36   Seacroft 87b
    George L POLLARD Son S 3   Eccleshill 87b
172 4 Charnwood Road William PHILLIPS Head M 38 Acting Police Sergeant WOR Defford 87b
    Elizabeth PHILLIPS Wife M 36   Bradford 87b
    Maud PHILLIPS Dau S 9   Bradford 87b
    Edith PHILLIPS Dau S 4   Bradford 87b
173 6 Charnwood Road Sam MARSHALL Head M 31 Machine Fettler Thackley 87b
    Ann MARSHALL Wife M 32   Calverley 87b
    Ida May MARSHALL Dau S 5   Undercliffe 87b
174 8 Charnwood Road John PARRINGTON Head M 57 Joiner Bradford 87b
    Ann B PARRINGTON Wife M 55   Bradford 87b
    Effie PARRINGTON Dau S 26 Cloth Weaver Bradford 87b
    Tetley PARRINGTON Son S 24 Warehouseman Bradford 87b
    Annie PARRINGTON Dau S 23 Cloth Weaver Bradford 87b
    Ernest PARRINGTON Son S 20 Joiner Bradford 87b
    Maria PARRINGTON Dau S 17 Worsted Drawer Bradford 87b
    John W PARRINGTON Son S 14   Bradford 87b
175 10 Charnwood Road John J TOMLINSON Head M 42 CoachMan [Groom] NTT Farnsfield 87b
    Emily TOMLINSON Wife M 38   Idle 87b
    Florence TOMLINSON Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Idle 87b
    Ethel TOMLINSON Dau S 11   Clayton 87b
    Edith TOMLINSON Dau S 9   Shelf 87b
    Albertha TOMLINSON Dau S 6   Shelf 87b
    Mable TOMLINSON Dau S 4   Shelf 87b
    Hilda TOMLINSON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 87b
    Clara S TOMLINSON Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 87b
176 12 Charnwood Road John C SMITH Head M 27 Iron Machine Tool Fitter Bradford 88a
    Rose SMITH Wife M 26   HRT Stevenage 88a
    Percy SMITH Son S 1   Bradford 88a
    Martha GOODSHIP m in l M 68   HRT 88a
178 14 Charnwood Road George PLATT Head M 26 Mechanic Turner [Fitter] NTH 88a
    Ann M PLATT Wife M 25 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 88a
179 16 Charnwood Road John W BEDFORD Head M 34 Worsted Mill Manager Eccleshill 88a
    Elizabeth BEDFORD Wife M 34   Pudsey 88a
    Harold BEDFORD Son S 8   Eccleshill 88a
    Ann DICKENSON m in l M 58   Horsforth 88a
180 18 Charnwood Road Sam HARGREAVES Head M 29 Worsted Spinning & Twisting Overlooker Bingley 88a
    Ada HARGREAVES Wife M 26   Bingley 88a
181 20 Charnwood Road Francis HUGHES Head M 40 Tailor IRE Armagh 88a
    Ellen HUGHES Wife M 40   CHS Storeton 88a
    Annie HUGHES Dau S 17 Dressmaker CHS Rock Ferry 88a
    Maggie HUGHES Dau S 16 Draper CHS Rock Ferry 88a
    Frank HUGHES Son S 13   CHS Rock Ferry 88a
    Jasper HUGHES Son S 9   Bradford 88a
    Minnie HUGHES Dau S 7   Bradford 88a
182 22 Charnwood Road William PARRATT Head W 75 Boot Maker Bradford 88a
    John PARRATT Son S 31 Lamp Lighter Bradford 88a
    Emma PARRATT Dau S 33   Clayton 88a
    Eliza PARRATT Gdau S 9   Eccleshill 88a
183 24 Charnwood Road Reuben CHILD Head M 64 Plasterer Bradford 88a
    Emma CHILD Wife M 65   Bradford 88a
185 28 Charnwood Road Carolina HALL Head W 53   Norwich 88a
    Sussanah HALL Dau S 26 Worsted Burler Norwich 88a
186 30 Charnwood Road Samuel CHARLESWORTH Head M 50 Dyer's Lab. Horsforth 88b
    Sarah A CHARLESWORTH Wife M 48   Horsforth 88b
    Mary J CHARLESWORTH Dau S 23 Wool Machine Minder Horsforth 88b
    Ernest CHARLESWORTH Son S 21 Worsted Spinning Piecer Horsforth 88b
    Fred CHARLESWORTH Son S 18 Worsted Tyer-in Horsforth 88b
    Lily CHARLESWORTH Dau S 16 Dressmaker Undercliffe 88b
187 32 Charnwood Road James DALBY Head M 54 Electric Car Cleaner Bradford 88b
    Hannah DALBY Wife M 54   Bradford 88b
    Alfred DALBY Son S 27 Electric Car Cleaner Bradford 88b
188 34 Charnwood Road Catherine MILNER Head W 60   Ripon 88b
    Ruth MILNER Dau S 28 Dressmaker Bradford 88b
    Herbert MILNER Son S 22 Warehouseman Bradford 88b
189 36 Charnwood Road Aaron BOWLING Head M 72 Police Pensioner Otley 88b
    Mary BOWLING Wife M 76   Harrogate 88b
190 38 Charnwood Road Frank HOLLINGS Head M 27 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 88b
    Elizabeth HOLLINGS Wife M 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 88b
    Dorothy HOLLINGS Dau S 2   Eccleshill 88b
191 40 Charnwood Road Susan SPENCE Head W 76   Armley 88b
192 42 Charnwood Road Albert CHILD Head M 42 Worsted Warehouseman Bradford 88b
    Eden CHILD Wife M 43   Guiseley 88b
193 44 Charnwood Road Arthur WILSON Head M 29 Traveller Eccleshill 88b
    Clara WILSON Wife M 30   Eccleshill 88b
    Leslie WILSON Son S 3   Eccleshill 88b
194 46 Charnwood Road Ellen NUTTER Head W 73 Property Owner Thornthwaite 88b
    John W NUTTER Son S 31 Contractor's Engineering Eccleshill 88b
195 48 Charnwood Road Martha E PRIESTLEY Head W 47   Bradford 88b
    Joseph PRIESTLEY Son S 13   Bradford 88b
196 50 Charnwood Road Christiana CHARLESWORTH Head W 52 Charwoman Horsforth 88b
    Ellen CHARLESWORTH Dau S 28 Cloth Weaver Horsforth 88b
    Selina CHARLESWORTH Dau S 18 Cloth Weaver Horsforth 88b
    Tom CHARLESWORTH Son S 14 Oil Extractor Bradford 88b
    Sam CHARLESWORTH Son S 11   Eccleshill 89a
197 52 Charnwood Road Abel WAITE Head W 57 WheelWight Eccleshill 89a
    Deborah WAITE Niece S 37   Bradford 89a
198 54 Charnwood Road Sydney BOTTOMLEY Head M 28 FishMonger Bradford 89a
    Emily BOTTOMLEY Wife M 31   Bradford 89a
    Fred BOTTOMLEY Son S 7   Bradford 89a
    Clara BOTTOMLEY Dau S 5   Bradford 89a
    Ethel BOTTOMLEY Dau S 3   Undercliffe 89a
199 56 Charnwood Road Clara HODGSON Head W 43   Eccleshill 89a
    James W HODGSON Son S 20 Cloth Dresser Eccleshill 89a
    Walter HODGSON Son S 18 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 89a
    Tom HODGSON Son S 16 Stuff Roller Eccleshill 89a
    George HODGSON Son S 14 Office Boy Eccleshill 89a
    Earnest HODGSON Son S 13   Eccleshill 89a
    Frank HODGSON Son S 9   Eccleshill 89a
    Herbert HODGSON Son S 4   Eccleshill 89a
200 58 Charnwood Road Harry MARSHALL Head M 39 Mohair Yarn Stretcher Bradford 89a
    Sarah MARSHALL Wife M 38   Eccleshill 89a
    Elizabeth MARSHALL Dau S 4   Eccleshill 89a
    Ruth MARSHALL Dau S 7m   Eccleshill 89a
201 60 Charnwood Road William SAGAR Head M 43 Painter Bradford 89a
    Mary SAGAR Wife M 43   Bradford 89a
    Harry SAGAR Son S 18 Painter Bradford 89a
    Herbert SAGAR Son S 15 Woolen Spinner Bradford 89a
    Alfred SAGAR Son S 13 Woolen Spinner Bradford 89a
    Edward SAGAR Son S 11   Bradford 89a
    Janet SAGAR Dau S 9   Bradford 89a
    Crissie SAGAR Dau S 7   Bradford 89a
    Leah SAGAR Dau S 3   Bradford 89a
202 62 Charnwood Road Elizabeth WIGHT Head W 60   Leeds 89b
    Ellen MARSHALL Sis S 63 Tea Agent Leeds 89b
203 64 Charnwood Road Walter OATES Head M 36 Brick Yard Lab. Eccleshill 89b
    Minnie OATES Wife M 34   Eccleshill 89b
    Freddy OATES Son S 4   Eccleshill 89b
    Dorris OATES Dau S 2   Eccleshill 89b
    Alice OATES Dau S 6m   Bradford 89b
    Christine? BIBBY Visit S 30 General Serv Bradford 89b
204 66 Charnwood Road Edmund C RHODES Head M 34 Iron Moulder Bradford 89b
    Sarah A RHODES Wife M 35   Bolton 89b
    Maggie RHODES Dau S 2   Eccleshill 89b
205 68 Charnwood Road John W HUTCHINSON Head M 29 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Idle 89b
    Alice HUTCHINSON Wife M 31   Eccleshill 89b
    Mary HUTCHINSON Dau S 6m   Eccleshill 89b
206 70 Charnwood Road Robert H JOHNSON Head M 43 Dry Waller [Mason] Garthorpe 89b
    Mary A JOHNSON Wife M 42   LAN Manchester 89b
    Beatrice JOHNSON Dau S 12   Bradford 89b
    Ida May JOHNSON Dau S 3   Eccleshill 89b
207 72 Charnwood Road Samuel F SMITH Head M 28 Skep Maker Bradford 89b
    Emma SMITH Wife M 30 Dressmaker Stainland 89b
    Stanley T SMITH Son S 5   Bradford 89b
208 74 Charnwood Road Ann BUTTERFIELD Head W 48 Office Cleaner Bradford 89b
    Sarah A BUTTERFIELD Dau S 27 Worsted Weaver Morton 89b
    Arthur BUTTERFIELD Son S 19 Stone Hewer Undercliffe 89b
    Tom BUTTERFIELD Son S 17 Joiner Undercliffe 89b
209 76 Charnwood Road John W BURGIN Head M 31 Warehouseman Rotherham 89b
    Grace E BURGIN Wife M 34   Bradford 89b
    William A BURGIN Son S 3   Shipley 89b
210 78 Charnwood Road James CRABTREE Head M 33 Mechanic's Lab. Oxenhope 90a
    Margaret CRABTREE Wife M 35   LAN Clitheroe 90a
211 80 Charnwood Road Henery BUTTERFIELD Head M 23 Grocer's Assistant Undercliffe 90a
    Mary BUTTERFIELD Wife M 22   Marske by the Sea 90a
    Gladys BUTTERFIELD Dau S 11m   Eccleshill 90a
212 82 Charnwood Road Martha A ELLIS Head S 30   Eccleshill 90a
    William S ELLIS   S 22 Iron Works Rivetter Eccleshill 90a
    Ephrim ELLIS   S 19 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 90a
    Emily ELLIS   S 17 Worsted ? Spinner Eccleshill 90a
    George A ELLIS   S 13 Worsted Warper Eccleshill 90a
213 1 Charnwood Road John WEBSTER Head M 27 Draper's Traveller Eccleshill 90a
    Edith H WEBSTER Wife M 27   Leeds 90a
    James BROWN   S 25 Grocer's Assistant LAN Liverpool 90a
214 3 Charnwood Road Amos HARDAKER Head M 49 House Painter Eccleshill 90a
    Mary E HARDAKER Wife M 53   Eccleshill 90a
    Ellen HARDAKER Dau S 23   Eccleshill 90a
215 5 Charnwood Road Abraham BAILEY Head M 61 Stone Mason Eccleshill 90a
    Alice BAILEY Wife M 58   Spofforth 90a
    William T BAILEY Son S 32 Accountant's Clerk Eccleshill 90a
216 7 Charnwood Road Mark JACKSON Head M 53 Plasterer Eccleshill 90a
    Matilda JACKSON Wife M 49   Eccleshill 90a
    Emma JACKSON Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 90a
    Richard JACKSON Son S 17 Plasterer Eccleshill 90a
    Edith JACKSON Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 90a
    Charlesworth JACKSON Son S 13 Errand Boy Eccleshill 90a
    Leonard JACKSON Son S 7   Eccleshill 90a
217 9 Charnwood Road Allen EDMUNDS Head M 38 Policeman IND 90a
    Ellen EDMUNDS Wife M 30   SOM Claredon 90a
    Annie EDMUNDS Dau S 3   Bradford 90a
218 11 Charnwood Road Martha E JACKSON Head S 44 Draper Eccleshill 90b
    William BENTLEY Board W 56 Living on own means Thornton 90b
    Ernest BENTLEY Board S 21 Joiner Bolton 90b
    Margaret DILLON Board S 23 Asbestos Spinner Eccleshill 90b
219 13 Charnwood Road John H RIPPOX Head M 43 Tailor LON Knotting Hill 90b
    Hannah RIPPOX Wife M 46   Bradford 90b
    George F RIPPOX Son S 18 Printer Compositor Bradford 90b
    Nellie RIPPOX Dau S 16 Printer Pattern Card Maker Bradford 90b
    May RIPPOX Dau S 14 Printer Pattern Card Maker Bradford 90b
220 15 Charnwood Road Elizabeth HOLROYD Head W 37 Stuff Weaver Leeds 90b
    John HOLROYD Son S 12   Bradford 90b
221 17 Charnwood Road John MARSDEN Head M 44 Combing Overlooker Bradford 90b
    Sarah A MARSDEN Wife M 47   Bradford 90b
    Joseph MARSDEN Son S 21 Worsted Comber Bradford 90b
    Hannah MARSDEN Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Bradford 90b
    John MARSDEN Son S 15 Worsted Spinning Millhand Bradford 90b
    Emily MARSDEN Dau S 13 Worsted Spinning Jobber Bradford 90b
222 19 Charnwood Road Margaret THOMPSON Head W 57   Ripley 90b
    Margaret THOMPSON Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bishop Thornton 90b
223 21 Charnwood Road Fred COLLINSON Head M 67 Wool Sorter Bradford 90b
    Eliza COLLINSON Wife M 61   Bradford 90b
224 23 Charnwood Road Joseph SKEELS Head W 60 Stone Quarryman CAM 90b
    George HUDSON Neph M 31 Worsted Overlooker Horsforth 90b
    Phoebe HUDSON Wife M 28   Birkenshaw 90b
    Elizabeth HUDSON Dau S 8   Bradford 90b
    Ruth HUDSON Dau S 7   Bradford 90b
    John HUDSON Son S 5   Bradford 90b
    John William HUDSON Neph S 24 Cloth Fuller Horsforth 90b
    Harry BLACKBURN Board S 19 Woolen Woolier Pudsey 90b
225 25 Charnwood Road Tom FIRTH Head M 33 Stone Hewer Bolton 91a
    Lizzie FIRTH Wife M 37   LAN Pennington 91a
    Wight FIRTH Son S 6   Eccleshill 91a
    Clara FIRTH Dau S 4   Eccleshill 91a
    Annie FIRTH Dau S 2   Eccleshill 91a
226 27 Charnwood Road Thomas HATTERSLEY Head M 28 Joiner Bradford 91a
    Lily HATTERSLEY Wife M 28   Bradford 91a
    Florence HATTERSLEY Dau S 8   Bradford 91a
    Gladys HATTERSLEY Dau S 3   Bradford 91a
227 29 Charnwood Road Joseph BAILEY Head M 39 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 91a
    Jane E BAILEY Wife M 39   Eccleshill 91a
    Hannah M BAILEY Dau S 16   Eccleshill 91a
    Edith E BAILEY Dau S 8   Eccleshill 91a
228 31 Charnwood Road Samuel WOMERSLEY Head M 45 Coal Merchant Eccleshill 91a
    Elizabeth F WOMERSLEY Wife M 43   Birmingham 91a
    Alfred WOMERSLEY Son S 13   Eccleshill 91a
    Bertha WOMERSLEY Dau S 11   Eccleshill 91a
    Samuel WOMERSLEY Son S 9   Eccleshill 91a
    Mary A WOMERSLEY Dau S 3   Eccleshill 91a
    Mary Ann WOMERSLEY Moth W 78   Eccleshill 91a
229 35 Charnwood Road John PITTS Head M 47 Stone Quarryman Hewer Eccleshill 91a
    Alice PITTS Wife M 45   Bradford 91a
    Thomas W PITTS Son S 22 Stone Quarryman Hewer Eccleshill 91a
    Mary A PITTS Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 91a
    Florie PITTS Dau S 11   Eccleshill 91a
    Laurie PITTS Dau S 6   Eccleshill 91a
    Arnold PITTS Son S 1   Eccleshill 91a
230 37 Charnwood Road Syth? JACKSON Head W 52   Arncliffe 91a
    Robert JACKSON Son S 27 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Heaton 91a
    Rose H JACKSON Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Ovenden 91a
    Turner JACKSON Son S 15 Woolen Piecer Holgate 91a
231 39 Charnwood Road Christopher WAITE Head M 45 Wool Merchant Bracewell 91b
    Harriet A WAITE Wife M 46   Stainland 91b
    Mary J WAITE Dau S 19   Bradford 91b
    Christopher G WAITE Son S 6   Eccleshill 91b
    Herbert L WAITE Son S 4   Eccleshill 91b
    Mary MALLINSON m in l W 70 Living on own means Elland 91b
    William GILBERT Visit S 23 Theology Student LAN Bourne 91b
232 41 Charnwood Road Nathan ROBINSON Head W 71 Warehouseman Leeds 91b
    Annie ROBINSON Dau S 34   Bradford 91b
233 43 Charnwood Road William STEAD Head M 51 Commercial Traveller [Leather] Bradford 91b
    Hannah STEAD Wife M 50   AGY Holyhead 91b
    Arthur L STEAD Son S 26 Gas Fitter's Clerk Bradford 91b
    George H STEAD Son S 25 Commercial Traveller [Brass Fittings] Bradford 91b
    Mabel STEAD Dau S 20   Bradford 91b
    Norman STEAD Son S 14   Bradford 91b
234 45 Charnwood Road John METCALFE Head M 55 Stone Mason SOM Winsham Ingleton Fell 91b
    Jane METCALFE Wife M 57 Confectioner Arncliff Settle 91b
    Harriet METCALFE Dau S 29 Baker Bradford 91b
235 47 Charnwood Road Mary SNELSON ? Head W 50   CHS Waverton 91b
    Ann E DUFTON Dau M 26 Cloth Weaver Bradford 91b
    Alfred DUFTON s in l M 26 Wool Blender Rawdon 91b
236 49 Charnwood Road Christiana SIMPSON Head W 79   Lofthouse Wakefield 91b
    Margaret H SIMPSON Dau S 40 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 91b
237 51 Charnwood Road Emily HOLMES Head W 40   LIN Spalding 91b
    Henery H HOLMES Son S 15 Office Boy Eccleshill 91b
    John E HOLMES Son S 13   Eccleshill 91b
    Arthur THOMPSON Board S 22 CoachMan [Groom] NFK 91b
238 53 Charnwood Road Mary BANKS Head W 48   LAN Bootle 91b
    Elizabeth H BANKS Dau S 25 Woolen Weaver Bradford 91b
    Jane E BANKS Dau S 23 Lithographic Printer Bradford 91b
    Edgar BANKS Son S 20 Wool Washer Bradford 91b
    Gertrude BANKS Dau S 15 Stationer's Assistant Bradford 92a
    Harold BANKS Son S 13 Factory Wool Cleaner Bradford 92a
    Ann BANKS m in l S 70   LAN Manchester 92a
239 55 Charnwood Road Francis J BROOKS Head M 25 Life Insurance Agent Batley 92a
    Annie BROOKS Wife M 22   LIN Louth 92a
    Dora BROOKS Dau S 3   LIN Grimsby 92a
    Bernard BROOKS Son S 1   Bradford 92a
240 57 Charnwood Road James BENSON Head M 45 Stuff Warehouseman Idle 92a
    Lucy A BENSON Wife M 42   DBY Chesterfield 92a
    Elsie BENSON Dau S 11   Eccleshill 92a
    Harry BENSON Son S 10   Eccleshill 92a
241 59 Charnwood Road Thomas FARRAR Head M 33 Grocer's Store Manager Bradford 92a
    Henrietta FARRAR Wife M 34   Bolton Abbey 92a
242 61 Charnwood Road Joe BEARDSELL Head M 32 Woolen Spinner Holmfirth 92a
    Caroline BEARDSELL Wife M 31   Holmfirth 92a
    Hilda BEARDSELL Dau S 7   Holmfirth 92a
243 63 Charnwood Road Sarah A WAITE Head W 74 Living on own means Bradford 92a
245 65 Charnwood Road Alfred ROBINSON Head M 62 Cashier Bradford 92a
    Catherine ROBINSON Wife M 57   Bradford 92a
    Edith ROBINSON Dau S 18 Woolen Spinner Bradford 92a
246 67 Charnwood Road Joseph COOPE Head M 41 Corporation Road Lab. Bradford 92a
    Hannah COOPE Wife M 39   Bradford 92a
    Violet COOPE Dau S 10   Bradford 92a
    Harker COOPE Son S 6   Bradford 92a
247 69 Charnwood Road John E HOLLINGS Head M 24 Draper's Assistant Undercliffe 92a
    Florence HOLLINGS Wife M 29   Bradford 92a
    Sidney HOLLINGS Son S 2   Eccleshill 92a
    Fred HOLLINGS Son S 1   Eccleshill 92a
248 71 Charnwood Road Annie DEAN Head W 73   Ripponden 92b
    Annie M DEAN Dau S 46 Sewing Mistress [School] SCT Glasgow 92b
    Herbert B DEAN Son S 44 Woolen Spinner Manchester 92b
    Marian DEAN Dau S 40 Confectioner Birmingham 92b
    Edith DEAN Dau S 34 Sewing Machine [Shirt] Eccleshill 92b
249 73 Charnwood Road John SUMMERS Head M 39 Joiner Arncliff 92b
    Sarah A SUMMERS Wife M 44   Heaton 92b
    William G SUMMERS Son S 23 Railway Goods Lab. Heaton 92b
    John T SUMMERS Son S 15 Worsted Mule Piecer Bradford 92b
    Adelina SUMMERS Dau S 8   Bradford 92b
    Gertrude SUMMERS Dau S 4   Bradford 92b
250 75 Charnwood Road Alice BANKS Head W 55   Knottingley 92b
    Sarah BANKS Dau S 25 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 92b
    William BANKS Son S 22 Wool Washer Eccleshill 92b
    Ruth BANKS Dau S 19   Eccleshill 92b
    Charles BANKS Son S 18 Worsted Warper Eccleshill 92b
251 77 Charnwood Road Thomas JENNINGS Head M 37 Assurance Agent Eccleshill 92b
    Martha A JENNINGS Wife M 37   Eccleshill 92b
252 79 Charnwood Road Thomas GASCOYNE Head M 51 Stuff Warehouseman NFK Bradenham 92b
    Jane GASCOYNE Wife M 58   Great Preston 92b
    Ethel GASCOYNE Dau S 26   Bradford 92b
    Vincent GASCOYNE Son S 24 French Polisher Bradford 92b
    Albert GASCOYNE Son S 22 Book Binder Bradford 92b
    Bertie GASCOYNE Son S 20 Manufacturer's Clerk Bradford 92b
253 Charnwood Road Charles BURLEY Head M 59 Domestic Gardener LIN Glenswirth 92b
    Elizabeth BURLEY Wife M 58   LIN Winterton 92b
    Mary E BURLEY Dau M 33   SAL Oswestry 92b
254 44 Victoria Buildings John T NEWMAN Head M 42 Cart Driver Bolton 92b
    Mary A NEWMAN Wife M 42   Bolton 92b
    Ada NEWMAN Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Saltaire 92b
    Susan NEWMAN Dau S 19 Worsted Drawer Saltaire 92b
    John W NEWMAN Son S 17 Stone Dresser Saltaire 93a
    Sarah A NEWMAN Dau S 15 Woolen Twister Saltaire 93a
    Elizabeth NEWMAN Dau S 9   Undercliffe 93a
    Martha J NEWMAN Dau S 6   Undercliffe 93a
    Sam NEWMAN Son S 2   Undercliffe 93a