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Census Indexes 1901 Eccleshill ED6

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The census returns for 1901 were taken on the evening of March 31st and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG13/4184.

ED6, Folios 97-111

1 1 Moorside John MORRIS Head M 26 Wool Warehouseman Eccleshill 97a
    Martha A MORRIS Wife M 25   Eccleshill 97a
    Emily MORRIS Dau S 6   Eccleshill 97a
2 3 Moorside Nancy DANIELS   W 72   Bradford 97a
3 5 Moorside William E SIMONETTE Head M 54 Wool Sorter Bradford 97a
    Mary SIMONETTE Wife M 54   Ripon 97a
    George A SIMONETTE Son S 25 Plumber Bradford 97a
    Annie M SIMONETTE Dau S 23   Eccleshill 97a
    Mary SIMONETTE Dau S 19 Fine Art Dealer's Assistant Eccleshill 97a
    William Hy SIMONETTE Son S 17 Blacksmith App. Eccleshill 97a
    Edward SIMONETTE Son S 15 Stuff Warehouse Boy Eccleshill 97a
    Edith A SIMONETTE Gdau S 5   Eccleshill 97a
4 11 Moorside Joseph HUDSON Head W 82 Parish Relief Recipient Yeadon 97a
    Sarah A HARDISTY Niece S 34 Domestic Housekeeper Pudsey 97a
5 13 Moorside Arthur COLLISON Head M 31 Cloth Presser Eccleshill 97a
    Elizabeth COLLISON Wife M 30   Bradford 97a
    John H COLLISON Son S 5   Eccleshill 97a
    Hilda COLLISON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 97a
6 15 Moorside Benjamin GIBSON Head M 70 Retired Piece Percher Huddersfield 97a
    Hortense GIBSON Wife M 63   Birstall 97a
    Sarah A GIBSON Dau S 27 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 97a
    Rachel H GIBSON Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Morley 97a
    Mary E GIBSON Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Morley 97a
7 17 Moorside Eliza HINTON Head M 42 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 97b
    Heywood HINTON Son S 20 Cabinet Maker Eccleshill 97b
    Lydia HEYWOOD Board S 39 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 97b
8 19 Moorside Tom HEWITT Head M 34 Gardener Eccleshill 97b
    Hannah E HEWITT Wife M 33   Bradford 97b
    Mary E HEWITT Dau S 11   Bradford 97b
    James E HEWITT Son S 7   Bradford 97b
    Emma F HEWITT Dau S 5   Bradford 97b
    Edith M HEWITT Dau S 3w     97b
    Sarah E KING s in l S 24 Worsted Spinner Bradford 97b
    Albert E BANKS Board S 27 Stone Quarryman Bradford 97b
    LaWence CIGMA Board S 26 Stone Quarryman IRE Dublin 97b
9 21 Moorside John KELLETT Head S 67 Corporation Road Lab. Eccleshill 97b
10 BLANK               97b
11 25 & 27 Moorside William CHATHAM Head M 35 Publican Dewsbury 97b
    Mary A CHATHAM Wife M 30   Dewsbury 97b
12 29 Moorside Harrison NORTON Head M 40 Coal Agent Eccleshill 97b
    Maria NORTON Wife M 41   Eccleshill 97b
    John H NORTON Son S 12   Eccleshill 97b
    Samuel W NORTON Son S 9   Eccleshill 97b
    Alice NORTON Dau S 7   Eccleshill 97b
    Wilby NORTON Son S 5   Eccleshill 97b
    Frank NORTON Son S 2   Eccleshill 97b
    John H NORTON Board S 37 Plumber Eccleshill 97b
13 31 Moorside Joseph NORTON Head M 44 Woolen Willier Eccleshill 98a
    Emma F NORTON Wife M 46   Pudsey 98a
    Harrison NORTON Son S 18 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Eccleshill 98a
    Shepherd NORTON Son S 12   Eccleshill 98a
14 33 Moorside Richard EXLEY Head M 54 Stone Quarryman Yeadon 98a
    Mary EXLEY Wife M 55   Yeadon 98a
    Annie M EXLEY Dau S 35 Domestic Serv Yeadon 98a
15 35 Moorside Susannah FAIRBANK Head S 52 Monthly Nurse Eccleshill 98a
16 37 Moorside Frederick INGLE Head M 40 Stuff Warehouseman Ripon 98a
    Louisa INGLE Wife M 36   Bradford 98a
    Alice M INGLE Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Bradford 98a
    Jessie C INGLE Dau S 14 Worsted Doffer Bradford 98a
    Arthur N INGLE Son S 5   Bradford 98a
17 39 Moorside William T WATERHOUSE Head M 47 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 98a
    Frances WATERHOUSE Wife M 48   Bradford 98a
    John WATERHOUSE Son S 22 Farm Lab. Bradford 98a
    Annie M WATERHOUSE Dau S 16 Worsted Twister Bradford 98a
    John CALVERT f in l W 85 Parish Relief Recipient Kernsby 98a
18 41 Moorside Harriett WEBSTER Head S 52   DBY Bakewell 98a
    Robert S HAINSWORTH Board S 50 Stone Quarryman Bradford 98a
    Charles SINGLETON Board S 48 Stone Quarryman Bradford 98a
    John HOGAN Board S 24 Stone Quarryman IRE 98a
    Patrick HOGAN Board S 22 Stone Quarryman IRE 98a
19 43 Moorside Frank BROOK Head M 48 Mechanical Engineer Bradford 98a
    Christina BROOK Wife M 48   Bradford 98a
    Arthur H BROOK Son S 18 Electrical Engineer Bradford 98b
20 45 Moorside Benjamin ILLINGWORTH Head M 67 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 98b
    Grace ILLINGWORTH Wife M 60   Leeds 98b
    Charlotte ILLINGWORTH Dau S 22 Worsted Machine Minder Eccleshill 98b
    Ada ILLINGWORTH Dau S 20 Piece Mender Eccleshill 98b
21 47 Moorside Arthur HOLMES Head M 29 Cocoa Works Assistant Bradford 98b
    Eliza A HOLMES Wife M 28   Bradford 98b
    Ethel HOLMES Dau S 7   Bradford 98b
    Doris G HOLMES Dau S 3m   Bradford 98b
22 49 Moorside John W SMITH Head M 26 Milk Dealer Eccleshill 98b
    Victoria SMITH Wife M 23   Bradford 98b
    William S SMITH Son S 2   Eccleshill 98b
    Harold SMITH Son S 4m   Eccleshill 98b
23 51 Moorside Squire WEBSTER Head M 37 Stationer Eccleshill 98b
    Harriett WEBSTER Wife M 38   Ingrow 98b
    Mabel WEBSTER Dau S 15 Dressmaker Eccleshill 98b
    Annie WEBSTER Dau S 14   Eccleshill 98b
    Arthur WEBSTER Son S 11   Eccleshill 98b
    Joseph WEBSTER Son S 7   Eccleshill 98b
24 53 Moorside James NAYLOR Head M 53 Wool Sorter Eccleshill 98b
    Christina NAYLOR Wife M 53   SCT Glasgow 98b
    Oliver NAYLOR Son S 21 Horse Driver Bradford 98b
    Elizabeth NAYLOR Dau S 20 Domestic Serv Bradford 98b
    Isabella NAYLOR Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 98b
    Mary A NAYLOR Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 98b
    Agnes NAYLOR Dau S 12   Bradford 98b
    Eleanor NAYLOR Dau S 9   Bradford 98b
    Harry FURNICE Board S 21 Piece Finisher DBY Bakewell 98b
25 55 Moorside Thomas HOLDSWORTH Head M 31 Wool Sorter Bradford 98b
    Fanny HOLDSWORTH Wife M 30   Otley 98b
    Charles HOLDSWORTH Son S 9 [nearly blind] Bradford 98b
    William HOLDSWORTH Son S 6   Bradford 99a
26 57 Moorside Sarah J OATES Head W 60   Rawdon 99a
    Robert OATES Son S 40 Locomotive Engine Driver Rawdon 99a
    Amelia OATES Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 99a
    Lewis OATES Son S 20 Grocer's Assistant Eccleshill 99a
    Clara OATES Gdau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 99a
27 59 Moorside Abraham BOOTH Head M 40 Carpenter Idle 99a
    Mary J BOOTH Wife M 36   Fagley 99a
    Selena BOOTH Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Idle 99a
    George BOOTH Son S 12 Worsted Bobbin Layer Idle 99a
    Matilda BOOTH Dau S 10   Idle 99a
    Florence BOOTH Dau S 8   Idle 99a
    William BOOTH Son S 6   Idle 99a
    John BOOTH Son S 4   Eccleshill 99a
28 61 Moorside Benjamin MORRELL Head M 37 Brick Maker Bradford 99a
    Mary A MORRELL Wife M 32   Leeds 99a
29 63 Moorside Ellen KELLETT Head W 69   Eccleshill 99a
    Maria KELLETT Dau S 35 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 99a
    Fred KELLETT Son S 31 Railway Lab. Eccleshill 99a
    Alberta KELLETT Gdau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 99a
    Alice KELLETT Gdau S 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 99a
30 65 Moorside George WOOD Head M 66 Market Gardener Beeston 99a
    Sarah J WOOD Wife M 62 Fruit Saleswoman Fairburn 99a
    Horace WOOD Son S 25 Gardener's Cart Driver Eccleshill 99a
    Sarah J A WOOD Dau S 20 Green Grocer's Shop Asst Eccleshill 99a
    Albert WORSNOP s in l M 32 Corporation Lab. Eccleshill 99a
    Mary A WORSNOP Dau M 28   Eccleshill 99a
    Daisy WORSNOP Gdau S 3   Eccleshill 99a
32 69 Moorside James T TETLEY Head M 27 Railway & General Conductor's Asst NTT Skegby 99a
    Beatrice TETLEY Wife M 23   NTT 99a
33 71 Moorside Sam TETLEY Head M 33 Wool Salesman Bradford 99b
    Margaret TETLEY Wife M 27   Bradford 99b
    Edith TETLEY Dau S 1   Bradford 99b
34 73 Moorside John TOLLAND Head M 47 Foreign Correspondent Bramley 99b
    Mary N TOLLAND Wife M 47   SCT 99b
    Christina F TOLLAND Dau S 18   Bradford 99b
    Margrett HERRICK Visit W 58   SCT 99b
35 75 Moorside Fred HEY Head M 36 Farmer Bradford 99b
    Maria HEY Wife M 34   Bradford 99b
    Nelson HEY Son S 12   Bradford 99b
    John HEY Son S 1   Eccleshill 99b
36 77 Moorside Samuel MARSDEN Head M 67 Cattle Dealer & Farmer Bradford 99b
    Rhodaline MARSDEN Wife M 66   Bradford 99b
37 79 Moorside Joseph C HECK/HICK Head M 34 Elementary Asst School Master Bradford 99b
    Henriette HECK/HICK Wife M 35   Bradford 99b
    Dorothy HECK/HICK Dau S 8   Bradford 99b
    Joseph M HECK/HICK Son S 5   Bradford 99b
    Ethel HECK/HICK Dau S 2   Bradford 99b
38 81 Moorside Albert WALKER Head M 33 Mantle Manufacturer Tanfield 99b
    Eliza WALKER Wife M 30   Knottingley 99b
    Charles WALKER Son S 6   Bradford 99b
    Margrett WALKER Dau S 5   Bradford 99b
    Alice HARTLEY s in l S 38   Knottingley 99b
    Mary SALES Serv S 25 Domestic Serv Barnby Mance ? 99b
39 83 Moorside Thomas SETTLE Head M 67 Boot & Shoemaker Girlington 99b
    Sarah A SETTLE Wife M 52   Allerton 99b
    Annie SETTLE Dau S 30 Dressmaker Farsley 99b
    William E SETTLE Son S 28 Grocer's Cashier Farsley 99b
    Mary J SETTLE Dau S 26 ShirtMaker Farsley 99b
    Tom SETTLE Son S 19 Journalist & ShortHand Clerk Eccleshill 99b
    Harry SETTLE Son S 15 Foreign Shipping Warehouseman Eccleshill 99b
40 85 Moorside Robert G CARTER Head M 44 Newspaper Print Corrector Bradford 100a
    Margret CARTER Wife M 45   Scarbro 100a
    Cora A CARTER Dau S 18 Telephone Operator Bradford 100a
    George A CARTER Son S 8   Bradford 100a
41 87 Moorside James HURRILL Head M 29 Brass Mechanic [Turner] SFK Hopton 100a
    Roseanna HURRILL Wife M 27   SFK Hopton 100a
    Lilian HURRILL Dau S 3   Bradford 100a
42 89 Moorside Mary WILKS Head W 58   Bradford 100a
    Frank WILKS Son S 18 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 100a
    Martha WILKS Dau S 20 Worsted Spinner Calverley 100a
    Nellie WILKS Dau S 26 Worsted Drawer Calverley 100a
    Harris WILKS Son S 16 Woolen Burler Eccleshill 100a
    Hannah WILKS Dau S 19 Woolen Burler Calverley 100a
    Joseph WILKS Son S 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 100a
43 91 Moorside Willie JOWETT Head M 31 Stuff Warehouseman Baildon 100a
    Jane E JOWETT Wife M 27   Bradford 100a
    Emily G JOWETT Dau S 3   Eccleshill 100a
    Alice E JOWETT Dau S 1   Eccleshill 100a
44 93 Moorside Thomas MARSHALL Head W 74 Tinner Bradford 100a
    Bessie MARSHALL Dau S 43   Bradford 100a
    Kathleen MARSHALL Gdau S 18   Bradford 100a
45 2 Moorside Joseph WATMOUGH Head M 44 Road & Drain Contractor Bradford 100a
    Elizabeth WATMOUGH Wife M 43 ShopKeeper [Grocer] Bradford 100a
    William WATMOUGH Son S 21 Worsted Drawing Overlooker Bradford 100a
    Maud WATMOUGH Dau S 18 Milliner Bradford 100a
    Ethel WATMOUGH Dau S 11   Bradford 100a
46 1 Ashfield Place Sarah A MURGATROYD Head W 61   Leeds 100a
    Isaac MURGATROYD Son S 24 Engineering Storekeeper Eccleshill 100a
    Joseph HORSFIELD s in l S 17 Grinder Eccleshill 100a
47 3 Ashfield Place Joseph A CROSLEY Head M 40 Painter & Grainer LAN Rochdale 100a
    Hannah CROSLEY Wife M 40   STS Queslett 100a
    Jessie CROSLEY Dau S 15 Pupil Teacher Bradford 100b
    Harry T CROSLEY Son S 12   Eccleshill 100b
48 5 Ashfield Place Sam H NETTLETON Head M 36 Stuff Warehouseman ESP 100b
    Margret A NETTLETON Wife M 34   LAN Kirby Malzeard 100b
    Percy NETTLETON Son S 11   Bradford 100b
49 7 Ashfield Place Robert BAKE Head M 33 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 100b
    Margret BAKE Wife M 29   SCT 100b
    Violet BAKE Dau S 5   Bradford 100b
    Harry BAKE Son S 6m   Bradford 100b
50 9 Ashfield Place Thomas LITTLE Head M 77 Domestic Gardener Halifax 100b
    Elizabeth LITTLE Wife M 76   Farsley 100b
    Eva SHELWALL Gdau S 16 Chocolate Manufacturer KEN Dover 100b
51 11 Ashfield Place Sarah LANLEY Head W 74   Pudsey 100b
52 13 Ashfield Place William A KIDDY [KIDDIE] Head M 25 Stuff Warehouseman LAN Haleybridge 100b
    Margret KIDDY [KIDDIE] Wife M 26   LAN Manchester 100b
    Frederick H KIDDY [KIDDIE] Son S 3w   Eccleshill 100b
53 15 Ashfield Place Annie PICK Head M 21   Morton Grange 100b
    Elsie R PICK Dau S 1   Eccleshill 100b
    Harold PICK Son S 3m   Eccleshill 100b
54 17 Ashfield Place John F WOOD Head M 45 Butcher Farsley 100b
    Sarah G WOOD Wife M 42   Calverley 100b
    Percy WOOD Son S 17 Butcher's Boy Calverley 100b
55 19 Ashfield Place Thomas W MARSHALL Head M 24 Tin Plate Worker Bradford 100b
    Beatrice MARSHALL Wife M 24   Bradford 100b
    Bessie MARSHALL Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 100b
    Blanche WEBSTER s in l S 28 Living on own means Bradford 100b
56 21 Ashfield Place Fred COLLISON Head M 32 Grocer's Traveller Bradford 100b
    Emily COLLISON Wife M 31   Bradford 100b
    Mary COLLISON Dau S 10   Bradford 100b
    Harry COLLISON Son S 7   Bradford 100b
    Norman COLLISON Son S 2   Bradford 100b
57 23 Ashfield Place James H T MAKING ? Head M 48 BookKeeper Bradford 101a
    Ellen MAKING ? Wife M 52   CHS Crewe 101a
    Edmund MAKING ? Son S 19 Stuff Warehouseman Leeds 101a
    Bertie MAKING ? Son S 17 Domestic Gardener Leeds 101a
    Ann DAVIES m in l W 83 Living on own means Bradford 101a
58 1 Moorside Terrace Walter WHITE Head M 38 Carpenter Howden 101a
    Amelia WHITE Wife M 40   Calverley 101a
59 3 Moorside Terrace Joseph GREENWOOD Head M 43 Carter East Morton 101a
    Emma GREENWOOD Wife M 41   Oxenhope 101a
    Harry GREENWOOD Son S 20 Worsted Spinning Overlooker East Morton 101a
    Edith GREENWOOD Dau S 18 Worsted Winder East Morton 101a
    Mary GREENWOOD Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner East Morton 101a
    Norman GREENWOOD Son S 13   East Morton 101a
60 5 Moorside Terrace Charles C RUDD Head M 36 Wool Combing Foreman NFK Banham 101a
    Sarah A RUDD Wife M 36   Bradford 101a
    Alfred T RUDD Son S 9   USA 101a
    Annie RUDD Dau S 5   Eccleshill 101a
    Herbert RUDD Son S 3   Eccleshill 101a
61 7 Moorside Terrace Joseph R CASTLEY Head M 36 Tailor's Shop Assistant KEN 101a
    Elizabeth A CASTLEY Wife M 36   Bradford 101a
    Laurence CASTLEY Son S 15 Tailor's App. Bradford 101a
    Frances CASTLEY Dau S 13   Bradford 101a
    Edith CASTLEY Dau S 6   Bradford 101a
62 9 Moorside Terrace Walter WILSON Head M 33 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 101a
    Mary E WILSON Wife M 31   Bradford 101a
    Frances HOLLINGS m in l W 57   Rawdon 101a
63 11 Moorside Terrace Alice HEYWORTH Head S 30 Woolen Weaver Bradford 101a
    Olive HEYWORTH Sis S 22 Woolen Weaver Bradford 101a
65 15 Moorside Terrace George W CROSLEY Head M 36 Plumber Halifax 101a
    Ellen A CROSLEY Wife M 33   Halifax 101a
    Mary E CROSLEY Dau S 8   Halifax 101b
    Millicent CROSLEY Dau S 6   Halifax 101b
66 17 Moorside Terrace Thomas MALONE Head M 26 Watch Maker Keighley 101b
    Frances A MALONE Wife M 39   WAR Coventry 101b
    Frances S MALONE Dau S 2   STS Stokes on Trent 101b
    Thomas E MALONE Son S 6m   Eccleshill 101b
67 19 Moorside Terrace Willie AGG-? Head M 24 Machine Card Fitter Eccleshill 101b
    Sarah AGG-? Wife M 25   Eccleshill 101b
    Harold AGG-? Son S 1m   Eccleshill 101b
68 21 Moorside Terrace Albert BEANLAND Head M 34 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 101b
    Alice BEANLAND Wife M 34   GLS Stroud 101b
    Louis BEANLAND Son S 4   GLS ?ches-? 101b
69 23 Moorside Terrace Richard HILES Head S 48 Warp Twister Bradford 101b
    Agnes JACKSON Moth W 81 Living on own means LAN Wanner? 101b
    Frank LAURENCE Board S 38 Domestic Butler Dewsbury 101b
70 25 Moorside Terrace Arthur MILNER Head M 30 Joiner Bradford 101b
    Maggie MILNER Wife M 28   Bradford 101b
    Edna MILNER Dau S 3   Bradford 101b
    Norman MILNER Son S 1   Bradford 101b
71 1 Moorside Road James BROOKSBANK Head M 43 Wool Sorter Bradford 101b
    Emma BROOKSBANK Wife M 44   Bradford 101b
    Joseph V BROOKSBANK Son S 19 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 101b
    William L BROOKSBANK Son S 17 Picture Framer Bradford 101b
    John BROOKSBANK Son S 15 Woolen Pattern Room Worker Bradford 101b
    James W BROOKSBANK Son S 13 Assistant Librarian Bradford 101b
    Sarah G BROOKSBANK Dau S 10   Bradford 101b
    Clarence B BROOKSBANK Son S 7   Bradford 101b
    Frederick S BROOKSBANK Son S 5   Bradford 101b
72 5 Moorside Road John A THISTLETHWAITE Head M 40 Life Assurance Office Cashier Wakefield 101b
    Mary S THISTLETHWAITE Wife M 35   Eccleshill 101b
    Hilda THISTLETHWAITE Dau S 7   Eccleshill 102a
    Wilfred THISTLETHWAITE Son S 1   Eccleshill 102a
    Annie E NORRIS Serv S 31 Domestic Serv Bradford 102a
73 7 Moorside Road John LIGHTFOOT Head S 64 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 102a
    Mary LIGHTFOOT Sis S 62   Eccleshill 102a
74 9 Moorside Road Joseph MORTON ? Head M 68 Stone Mason Leeds 102a
    Emma MORTON Wife M 63   Otley 102a
    Miriam MORTON Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Bradford 102a
75 11 Moorside Road Thomas ALL-? Head M 36 Wine Cellar Man NFK Ashill 102a
    Lydia ALL-? Wife M 38   NFK Ashill 102a
    John H ALL-? Son S 15 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 102a
    Martha J ALL-? Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 102a
    Evelyn R ALL-? Dau S 2   Eccleshill 102a
    Gladwyn M ALL-? Son S 12 Grocer's Errand Boy Eccleshill 102a
    Dorothy S ALL-? Dau S 10   Eccleshill 102a
    Lydia P ALL-? Dau S 9   Eccleshill 102a
    Emma M ALL-? Dau S 6   Eccleshill 102a
    Daisy M ALL-? Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 102a
76 13 Moorside Road Albertha LAMBERT Head W 69   Bradford 102a
    Steven LAMBERT Son S 39 Mill Mechanic Eccleshill 102a
    Sarah LAMBERT Dau S 37 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 102a
    Annie E JOWETT Board S 18 Worsted Weaver LAN Colne 102a
77 15 Moorside Road Whitaker SWAINE Head M 46 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 102a
    Grace SWAINE Wife M 45 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 102a
    Annie SWAINE Dau S 19 Woolen Burler Eccleshill 102a
78 17 Moorside Road Walter IRVING Head M 30 Clothing Club Clerk Windhill 102a
    Emily IRVING Wife M 30 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 102a
    Catherine IRVING Dau S 6m   Eccleshill 102a
79 21 Moorside Road David ROWLAND Head M 43 Wool Sorter N WLS Welshfoot 102a
    Eliza ROWLAND Wife M 38   Windhill 102a
    Even W ROWLAND Son S 14 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 102b
    John A ROWLAND Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 102b
    Elsie M ROWLAND Dau S 10   Eccleshill 102b
    Eva G ROWLAND Dau S 6   Eccleshill 102b
    Thomas E ROWLAND Son S 2   Eccleshill 102b
80 23 Moorside Road Joseph LEE Head M 37 Woolen Cloth Presser Eccleshill 102b
    Susan LEE Wife M 35   Esholt 102b
    Herbert LEE Son S 12 Telegraph Messenger Eccleshill 102b
    Ethel LEE Dau S 10   Eccleshill 102b
    Morginson LEE Son S 5   Eccleshill 102b
    Ada LEE Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 102b
    Roy V LEE Son S 8m   Eccleshill 102b
81 25 Moorside Road Robert F BUTLER Head M 55 Worsted Weaving Overlooker IRE 102b
    Mary BUTLER Wife M 48   Eccleshill 102b
    Annie E BUTLER Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 102b
    Mary H BUTLER Dau S 18 Dressmaker Eccleshill 102b
    Robert F BUTLER Son S 13 Woolen Tyer-in Eccleshill 102b
82 27 Moorside Road Richard PEEL Head M 43 Electric Car Conductor Bradford 102b
    Annie PEEL Wife M 39   Selby 102b
    George H PEEL Son S 18 Mechanical Engineer Bradford 102b
    Elizabeth A PEEL Dau S 16 Printer Bradford 102b
    Thomas PEEL Son S 12 Woolen Mill Hand Bradford 102b
    Harold PEEL Son S 7   Bradford 102b
83 29 Moorside Road Jonas SMITH Head M 59 Woolen Cloth Salesman Eccleshill 102b
    Mary SMITH Wife M 61   Idle 102b
    Carrie SMITH Dau S 29   Eccleshill 102b
    Mary SMITH Dau S 24 Boarding School Teacher Eccleshill 102b
    Charles SMITH Son S 22 Tailor's Cutter Eccleshill 102b
    Elizabeth H SMITH Dau S 20   Eccleshill 102b
    Emilia SMITH Dau S 17   Eccleshill 102b
    Amilia FRESON Serv S 23 Domestic Serv Rotherham 102b
84 31 Moorside Road John SMITH Head M 44 Woolen Draper Pudsey 103a
    Emily SMITH Wife M 35   Bradford 103a
    William J SMITH Son S 7   Eccleshill 103a
    Gilbert S SMITH Son S 3   Eccleshill 103a
    Jennie M E SMITH Dau S 2   Eccleshill 103a
    Beatrice M HINCHCLIFFE Serv S 18 Domestic Serv Masbro ? 103a
85 33 Moorside Road Thomas W KITSON Head M 34 Worsted Yarn Buyer Eccleshill 103a
    Cecilia M KITSON Wife M 31   MDX 103a
    Dorris KITSON Dau S 5   Bradford 103a
    Mona M KITSON Dau S 4   Bradford 103a
    LaWence G KITSON Son S 1   Eccleshill 103a
86 35 Moorside Road Benjamin LAMBERT Head M 40 Wool Sorter Bradford 103a
    Elizabeth LAMBERT Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Bradford 103a
87 37 Moorside Road John GILL Head M 39 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Cumberworth 103a
    Fanny GILL Wife M 36   Birstall 103a
    Annie GILL Dau S 10   Leeds 103a
    Emily GILL Dau S 7   Eccleshill 103a
    Morris R GILL Son S 3   Eccleshill 103a
    Dorothy GILL Dau S 1   Eccleshill 103a
88 39 Moorside Road Charles A MORTIMER Head M 45 Mill Mechanic Calverley 103a
    Rose A MORTIMER Wife M 42   Calverley 103a
    Jenny BRADBURY Board S 32 District Sick Nurse LIN Stixwould 103a
89 2 Moorside Road Grace BUSFIELD Head W 72 Living on own means Eccleshill 103a
90 4 Moorside Road Fred FAWCETT Head M 36 CoachMan Eccleshill 103a
    Eliza FAWCETT Wife M 37   Selby 103a
    Harry FAWCETT Son S 12   Eccleshill 103a
    Frank FAWCETT Son S 11   Eccleshill 103a
    Alfred FAWCETT Son S 8   Eccleshill 103a
91 6 Moorside Road Peter S FIRTH Head M 37 Stationary Stoker Eccleshill 103a
    Ada FIRTH Wife M 37   Idle 103a
    Arthur S FIRTH Son S 13   Idle 103a
    Ernest FIRTH Son S 11   Idle 103b
    Harry FIRTH Son S 9   Eccleshill 103b
    Tom S FIRTH Son S 7   Eccleshill 103b
    Hannah S FIRTH Dau S 5   Eccleshill 103b
    Lucy S FIRTH Dau S 3   Eccleshill 103b
    Allan S FIRTH Son S 2   Eccleshill 103b
92 8 Moorside Road Frederick CLARKE Head M 45 Worsted Weaver SFK 103b
    Elizabeth A CLARKE Wife M 43     103b
    Lavinia CLARKE Dau S 18 Worsted Rover LAN Greenfield 103b
    Emily CLARKE Dau S 16 Worsted Twister LAN Greenfield 103b
    George W CLARKE Son S 14 Stone Quarry App. LAN Greenfield 103b
    Sarah A CLARKE Dau S 12   Eccleshill 103b
93 10 Moorside Road Joseph A BUTLER Head M 28 Tramway Inspector WOR Selby Oak, Birmingham 103b
    Emma J BUTLER Wife M 29   WAR Birmingham 103b
    Ernest BUTLER Son S 10   WAR Birmingham 103b
94 12 Moorside Road Thomas W WILLCOCK Head M 22 Stone Mason Eccleshill 103b
    Clara WILLCOCK Wife M 21   LAN Greenfield 103b
    Fred WILLCOCK Son S 1   Eccleshill 103b
95 14 Moorside Road John H HUTTON Head S 42 Worsted Manufacturer Eccleshill 103b
    Ada KIRBY Serv S 34 Domestic Housekeeper Thirsk 103b
    Annie FIELDING Serv S 18 General Domestic Serv Bradford 103b
96 16 Moorside Road Hannah WOMERSLEY Head S 76 Living on own means Eccleshill 103b
97 18 Moorside Road Frederick SHEPPARD Head M 39 Domestic Groom SFK Mildenhall 103b
    Mary SHEPPARD Wife M 40   SFK Eye 103b
    Ada M SHEPPARD Dau S 2   Eccleshill 103b
98 20 Moorside Road John STOTT Head M 32 Farmer Eccleshill 103b
    Lavinia STOTT Wife M 34   Eccleshill 103b
    Anne STOTT Dau S 4   Eccleshill 103b
    Herbert STOTT Son S 1   Eccleshill 103b
    Mark STOTT Bro S 29 Grocer Eccleshill 103b
    James STOTT Bro S 26 Grocer Eccleshill 103b
    Mark T STOTT Visit M 28 Trooper S NZL 104a
99 1 Smithfield Place Anthony H STOCKWELL Head M 62 Woolen Spinner Stanningley 104a
    Sarah A STOCKWELL Wife M 59   Healey 104a
    James H STOCKWELL Son S 26 Mason's Lab. Leeds 104a
    Herbert STOCKWELL Son S 20 Mason's Lab. Leeds 104a
    Edith S STOCKWELL Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver GER [British Subject] 104a
    Otto STOCKWELL Son S 14   GER [British Subject] 104a
100 3 Smithfield Place Richard BIRDSALL Head M 44 Woolen Warp Dresser Bradford 104a
    Sarah BIRDSALL Wife M 40 Woolen Weaver Bradford 104a
101 5 Smithfield Place Arthur SKIRROW Head M 28 Grocer's Assistant Keighley 104a
    Alice SKIRROW Wife M 26   Eccleshill 104a
    Sarah J SKIRROW Sis S 23 Woolen Weaver Keighley 104a
    Polly SKIRROW Sis S 14 Worsted Twister Ovenden 104a
102 7 Smithfield Place John A GUY Head M 44 Wool Top & Yarn Merchant Bradford 104a
    Ellenor GUY Wife M 38   Bradford 104a
    A Clifford GUY Son S 8   Bradford 104a
    Thomas A GUY Bro S 46 Wool Top & Yarn Merchant Bradford 104a
    Dora BROKES Serv S 16 Domestic Serv Stainboro 104a
103 1 Moorwell Place Herbert SMITH Head M 32 Wool & Worsted Stuff Buyer Eccleshill 104a
    Emma SMITH Wife M 36   Bradford 104a
    Dora E SMITH Dau S 6   Bradford 104a
    Ralph E SMITH Son S 5   Bradford 104a
    George A SMITH Son S 3   Bradford 104a
    Violet WHEELER Serv S 19 Domestic Serv Rotherham 104a
    Neva M SMITH Dau S 9m   Bradford 104a
104 3 Moorwell Place John HORNE Head M 44 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Eccleshill 104a
    Sarah A HORNE Wife M 39   Eccleshill 104a
    Elizabeth HORNE Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 104a
    Fred HORNE Son S 18 MillWight App. Eccleshill 104a
    Alice HORNE Dau S 16 Reed & Heald App. Eccleshill 104a
    Laurence HORNE Son S 2   Eccleshill 104a
105 5 Moorwell Place Joseph LIGHTFOOT Head M 72 Living on own means Eccleshill 104b
    Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT Wife M 70   Eccleshill 104b
106 7 Moorwell Place Miles STANLEY Head M 73 Draper Eccleshill 104b
    Martha STANLEY Wife M 65   Bradford 104b
107 9 Moorwell Place John WOOD Head M 51 Stone Quarryman Calverley 104b
    Sarah WOOD Wife M 53   Pudsey 104b
108 11 Moorwell Place John WARD Head M 58 Woolen & Worsted Beamer Idle 104b
    Elizabeth WARD Wife M 62   Rawdon 104b
    Maria WARD Dau S 26 Dressmaker Eccleshill 104b
109 13 Moorwell Place Elizabeth STARKEY Head S 44 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 104b
    Sarah A STARKEY Sis S 46 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 104b
110 15 Moorwell Place Fred KEIGHLEY Head M 30 Woolen Percher Eccleshill 104b
    Lily KEIGHLEY Wife M 30   Hoyland Common 104b
    Fanny KEIGHLEY Dau S 7   Eccleshill 104b
    Edna E KEIGHLEY Dau S 5   Eccleshill 104b
111 17 Moorwell Place William BLAND Head M 37 Worsted Spinning BookKeeper Baildon 104b
    Ann BLAND Wife M 34   Baildon 104b
    Lilian BLAND Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Baildon 104b
    Sarah A BLAND Dau S 12   Baildon 104b
    John W BLAND Son S 4   Baildon 104b
112 19 Moorwell Place George ILLINGWORTH Head M 71 Wool Sorter Idle 104b
    Harriett ILLINGWORTH Wife M 69   Idle 104b
    Mary ILLINGWORTH Dau S 32 Dressmaker Eccleshill 104b
    Joey ILLINGWORTH Son S 18 Mechanical Engineer Clayton 104b
    Annie SMITH Dau M 34 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 104b
    Millie SMITH Gdau S 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 104b
    Clarice SMITH Gdau S 8   Eccleshill 104b
113 21 Moorwell Place David JACKSON Head W 54 Woolen Weft Man Horsforth 104b
    Annie JACKSON Dau S 30 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 104b
    Rhoda JACKSON Dau S 27   Eccleshill 104b
    Allan JACKSON Son S 23 School Board Office Clerk Eccleshill 104b
115 1 Tunwell Lane Joseph FAWCETT Head M 61 Coal Merchant Horsforth 105a
    Elizabeth FAWCETT Wife M 58   Eccleshill 105a
    Maria FAWCETT Dau S 33 Confectioner Eccleshill 105a
    Mary A FAWCETT Dau S 25 Woolen Mender Eccleshill 105a
    Hannah FAWCETT Dau S 24   Eccleshill 105a
    Joseph H FAWCETT Son S 13 Printer & Compositor Eccleshill 105a
116 3 & 5 Tunwell Lane Thomas WHITEHEAD Head M 36 School Master Eccleshill 105a
    Annie WHITEHEAD Wife M 35   Eccleshill 105a
    Thomas A WHITEHEAD Son S 6   Eccleshill 105a
    Albert E WHITEHEAD Son S 5   Eccleshill 105a
    Gordon WHITEHEAD Son S 2   Eccleshill 105a
    Fredrick T WHITEHEAD Son S 5m   Eccleshill 105a
    Gertrude M SIMMS Serv S 20 Domestic Serv Bedford 105a
117 2 Tunwell Lane Benjamin FOWLER Head M 52 Wool Scourer Cleckheaton 105a
    Hannah FOWLER Wife M 53   Thrisleton ? 105a
    Inman FOWLER Son S 18 Coal Yard Lab. Ossett 105a
    Edith FOWLER Dau S 14 Woolen Spinner Ossett 105a
118 4 Tunwell Lane Thomas LISTER Head M 44 Oil Extractor Bradford 105a
    Elizabeth LISTER Wife M 38   Darlington 105a
    Hoscar LISTER Son S 14 Office Boy Leeds 105a
    J William LISTER Son S 11   Leeds 105a
    Ada L LISTER Dau S 8   Leeds 105a
119 6 Tunwell Lane James JACKSON Head M 50 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 105a
    Mary E JACKSON Wife M 48   Bradford 105a
    Harry JACKSON Son S 14   Eccleshill 105a
120 8 Tunwell Lane John H SMITH Head M 26 Woolen Goods Traveller Eccleshill 105a
    Ada SMITH Wife M 20   Howarth 105a
    Jack C SMITH Son S 3m   Eccleshill 105a
    Joseph CLAYTON b in l S 17 Stone Trade Cashier Cullingworth 105a
    Florence RAMSDEN Serv S 18 Domestic Serv Rotherham 105a
121 10 Tunwell Lane William MANNING Head M 53 Congregation Minister SOM Taunton 105b
    Susan MANNING Wife M 55   DEV Newton Abbott 105b
    Annie EDDISON Serv S 22 Domestic Serv Ardsley 105b
122 12 Tunwell Lane Herbert MOORHOUSE Head M 36 Manufacturer's Drayman Eccleshill 105b
    Emma MOORHOUSE Wife M 35   Leeds 105b
    Fred MOORHOUSE Son S 14 Woolen Piecer Eccleshill 105b
    Ethel MOORHOUSE Dau S 13 Woolen Piecer Eccleshill 105b
    Charlie MOORHOUSE Son S 8   Eccleshill 105b
123 14 Tunwell Lane Joseph HORNE Head M 46 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 105b
    Ann HORNE Wife M 47   Eccleshill 105b
    William HORNE Son S 20 Mechanical Engineer Eccleshill 105b
    George HORNE Son S 19 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 105b
    Arthur HORNE Son S 18 Manufacturing Office Clerk Eccleshill 105b
    Elizabeth H HORNE Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 105b
    Carrie HORNE Dau S 12   Eccleshill 105b
    Hannah HORNE Moth W 71   Eccleshill 105b
124 16 Tunwell Lane George E SLINGSBY Head N 48 Woolen Overlooker Pudsey 105b
    Lanah SLINGSBY Wife N 49   Renthorp 105b
    Arnold SLINGSBY Son S 17 Woolen Machine Minder Eccleshill 105b
    Mary SLINGSBY Dau S 14   Eccleshill 105b
125 18 Tunwell Lane William FOX Head M 59 Worsted Mill Manager Idle 105b
    Annie M FOX Wife M 45   WOR 105b
    Alice A FOX Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 105b
    Everl-? FOX Dau S 20 Woolen Burler Eccleshill 105b
    Mabel A FOX Dau S 9   Eccleshill 105b
126 20 Tunwell Lane Isaac HILLAS Head W 67 Stationary Engine Driver Tong 105b
    Mary H HILLAS Dau S 38   Eccleshill 105b
    Elizabeth HILLAS Dau S 36 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 105b
127 3 Stone Hall Road Harriett SHACKLETON Head M 62   Bolton 105b
    Ethel SHACKLETON Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 105b
128 5 Stone Hall Road William MUSGRAVE Head M 70 Wool Sorter Leeds 105b
    Mary A MUSGRAVE Wife M 71   Eccleshill 106a
129 9 Stone Hall Road Ann NORTON Head W 71   Idle 106a
    Rebecca KIRBY Serv S 19 Domestic Serv Selby 106a
130 11 Stone Hall Road John HARDAKER Head M 33 Yarn Warehouseman Eccleshill 106a
    Elleanor HARDAKER Wife M 35   Eccleshill 106a
    Harry O HARDAKER Son S 11   Eccleshill 106a
    George H HARDAKER Son S 9   Eccleshill 106a
    Ann MOUNCEY m in l W 70   Eccleshill 106a
131 15 Stone Hall Road John SKIRROW Head M 47 Grocer Eccleshill 106a
    Eva SKIRROW Wife M 45   Horsforth 106a
    Walter SKIRROW Son S 20 Student Eccleshill 106a
    Nora W SKIRROW Dau S 4   Eccleshill 106a
    Isabella SMITH Niece S 24 Domestic Serv Scarborough 106a
132 2 Stone Hall Road John FAWCETT Head M 65 Licensed Victualler Horsforth 106a
    Mary FAWCETT Wife M 60   Eccleshill 106a
    Willie FAWCETT Son S 23 Musician Eccleshill 106a
    Tom FAWCETT Son S 21 Musician Eccleshill 106a
    Gertie DAVIES Serv S 25 Domestic Serv Barnsley 106a
133 4 Stone Hall Road Mary A HAINSWORTH Head W 61   Bradford 106a
    John C HAINSWORTH Son S 35 Worsted Mill Manager Bradford 106a
    Martha A HAINSWORTH Dau S 28 Worsted Weaver Bradford 106a
134 6 Stone Hall Road Samuel WORMALD Head M 31 Stationary Engine Driver Bradford 106a
    Mary A WORMALD Wife M 31   Bradford 106a
    Thomas WORMALD Son S 4   Bradford 106a
    Emma WORMALD Dau S 3   Bradford 106a
135 8 Stone Hall Road Thomas H REDMAN Head M 44 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Bradford 106a
    Hannah M REDMAN Wife M 37   Eccleshill 106a
    Hilda M REDMAN Dau S 6   Eccleshill 106a
    Ethel REDMAN Dau S 4   Eccleshill 106a
    Martha A HOLLINGS m in l M 57   Pudsey 106a
136 12 Stone Hall Road Mathew RYDER Head M 40 Manufacturer's Carter Redmire, Wensley 106b
    Effie RYDER Wife M 37   NTT Balderton Newark 106b
    George RYDER Son S 14 Manufacturer's Carter Eccleshill 106b
    Lizzie RYDER Dau S 6   Eccleshill 106b
    Fred RYDER Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 106b
    Alice RYDER Dau S 3   Eccleshill 106b
137 10 Stone Hall Road Harry S WOOD Head M 27 Weaving Overlooker Bradford 106b
    Eva WOOD Wife M 29 Worsted Coating Minder Eccleshill 106b
138 14 Stone Hall Road Sarah SMITH Head W 67 Draper Farsley 106b
    Allison SMITH Dau S 39   Bradford 106b
    Mary H SMITH Dau S 34 Draper's Assistant Bradford 106b
    Willis V SMITH Son S 36 Wool Sorter Bradford 106b
    Fred SMITH Son S 32 Insurance Clerk Bradford 106b
139 16 Stone Hall Road Samuel BOTTOMLEY Head M 50 Wool Merchant's Cashier Bradford 106b
    Elizabeth BOTTOMLEY Wife M 45   Bradford 106b
    Charles BOTTOMLEY Son S 19 Wool Merchant's Clerk Bradford 106b
140 20 Stone Hall Road James E TOWN Head M 28 Wool Dryer Shipley 106b
    Annie M TOWN Wife M 25   Bradford 106b
    Elsie TOWN Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 106b
    Joseph HEALEY Visit S 19 Landscape Gardener Bradford 106b
141 22 Stone Hall Road Abraham CROWTHER Head M 78 Boot & Shoemaker Bolton 106b
    Margrett H CROWTHER Dau S 35   Eccleshill 106b
    Clara CROWTHER Dau S 28 Dressmaker Eccleshill 106b
142 26 Stone Hall Road William HORNE Head M 40 Joiner Eccleshill 106b
    Esther A HORNE Wife M 40   Pudsey 106b
    Mary A HORNE Dau S 14 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 106b
    Emily HORNE Dau S 12     106b
    Lily HORNE Dau S 10     106b
    Leonard HORNE Son S 7     106b
    Herbert HORNE Son S 2     106b
144 28 Stone Hall Road Enoch WILKINSON Head M 38 Plumber's Merchant Bradford 107a
    Sarah WILKINSON Wife M 38   Bradford 107a
    Andrew WILKINSON Son S 15 Plumber's App. Bradford 107a
    Gertrude WILKINSON Dau S 13   Bradford 107a
    Mabel WILKINSON Dau S 7   Bradford 107a
    Bertha WILKINSON Dau S 5   Bradford 107a
    Nora WILKINSON Dau S 2   Bradford 107a
145 30 Stone Hall Road Frederick ILLINGWORTH Head M 64 Flannel Merchant Idle 107a
    Mercy ILLINGWORTH Wife M 62   Bolton 107a
146 32 Stone Hall Road Frederick HOLROYD Head M 34 Grocer Harrogate 107a
    Mary A HOLROYD Wife M 33   York 107a
    Henry HOLROYD Son S 10   Hull 107a
    Albert L HOLROYD Son S 8   Hull 107a
147 34 Stone Hall Road Betty SMITH Head W 79   Bradford 107a
    Benjamin SMITH Son S 50 Woolen Manufacturing Cashier Bradford 107a
    Phoebe SMITH Dau S 42   Bradford 107a
148 36 Stone Hall Road Sabina CURTON Head W 74 Living on own means Idle 107a
    Sarah J CURTON Dau S 35 Living on own means Kilnesley 107a
    Sarah BANNISTER Aunt S 82 Living on own means Idle 107a
149 40 Stone Hall Road Elizabeth BAKER Head W 63 Living on own means Eccleshill 107a
150 42 Stone Hall Road Mary H GREENOUGH Head W 38   Bradford 107a
    Herbert S GREENOUGH Son S 10   NBL Newcastle on Tyne 107a
    Catherine STOTT Serv S 17 Domestic Serv Marske-by-the-Sea 107a
    Walker H SHARP Bro M 41 Horse Trainer Bradford 107a
    Evlyn H SHARP Niece S 9   LAN Blackpool 107a
151 44 Stone Hall Road Joseph HARPER Head M 50 Woolen Manufacturer Bradford 107a
    Charles HARPER Son S 28 Worsted Manager Bradford 107a
    Ethel HARPER Dau S 22   Bradford 107a
    Florence HARPER Dau S 16   Bradford 107a
    Clara CRANEFIELD Serv S 33 Domestic Serv Tankersley 107a
152 48 Stone Hall Road Mary A TAYLOR Head W 68 Living on own means Eccleshill 107b
    John TAYLOR Son S 27 DrugStore Keeper Eccleshill 107b
153 50 Stone Hall Road Benjamin TAYLOR Head M 68 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 107b
    Hannah TAYLOR Wife M 69   Eccleshill 107b
154 52 Stone Hall Road Mary A HALEY Head W 62 Grocer ShopKeeper Eccleshill 107b
    Mary A COATES Niece S 32 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 107b
155 3 Stone Hall Place Mary WOMERSLEY Head S 71 Living on own means Eccleshill 107b
156 5 Stone Hall Place Sarah A ANNALL Head W 60   Eccleshill 107b
    Mary E ANNALL Dau S 29 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 107b
157 7 Stone Hall Place Martha IBBOTSON Head S 52 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 107b
158 9 Stone Hall Place John WILLEY Head M 44 Corporation Road Lab. Knaresborough 107b
    Amelia WILLEY Wife M 42   OXF Horton 107b
    Arthur WILLEY Son S 19 General Lab. Scanthorpe 107b
    John WILLEY Son S 16 Worsted Spinner Scanthorpe 107b
    George WILLEY Son S 14   Thirsk 107b
    James WILLEY Son S 11   Thirsk 107b
    Mary A WILLEY Dau S 9   Nelsonby 107b
    Alice WILLEY Dau S 7   Nelsonby 107b
    Harry WILLEY Son S 4   Eccleshill 107b
159 15 Stone Hall Place Charlotte KERSHAW Head S 21 Worsted Weaver Bradford 107b
    Isabella KERSHAW Sis S 17 Worsted Winder Bradford 107b
    Norman KERSHAW Bro S 10   Bradford 107b
160 13 Stone Hall Place William WHITAKER Head M 27 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Windhill 107b
    Mary WHITAKER Wife M 28   Shipley 107b
    Margrett E WHITAKER Dau S 6   Shipley 107b
    Clara C WHITAKER Dau S 4   Shipley 107b
    Frederick C WHITAKER Son S 2m   Eccleshill 107b
161 4 Stone Hall Place Zac HARTLEY Head M 29 Grocer's Assistant Pudsey 107b
    Eliza HARTLEY Wife M 29   Eccleshill 107b
    Martha HARTLEY Moth M 64   Eccleshill 107b
162 8 Stone Hall Place Alfred E FLETCHER Head M 59 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 108a
    Mary W FLETCHER Wife M 63   Bradford 108a
163 10 Stone Hall Place Edwin K ASHWORTH Head M 27 Flannel Finisher LAN Wardale 108a
    Mary J ASHWORTH Wife M 32   Eccleshill 108a
    Robert F ASHWORTH Son S 1   Eccleshill 108a
    James WHITAKER Board S 35 Flannel Fuller LAN Wardale 108a
164 12 Stone Hall Place William J THORNTON Head M 23 Green Grocer Eccleshill 108a
    Clara THORNTON Wife M 22   DUR Wolsingham 108a
    Alice THORNTON Dau S 1m   Eccleshill 108a
165 14 Stone Hall Place Elam HOBSON Head M 76 On Parish Relief Otley 108a
    Elizabeth HOBSON Wife M 77 On Parish Relief Eccleshill 108a
    Ann COATES s in l W 78 On Parish Relief Eccleshill 108a
166 16 Stone Hall Place Asenath WATERHOUSE Head S 50 Woolen Mender Idle 108a
167 18 Stone Hall Place Charles A HOLDSWORTH Head M 33 Wire Heald Maker Eccleshill 108a
    Ruth A HOLDSWORTH Wife M 30   Wibsey 108a
    Lorna HOLDSWORTH Dau S 6   Eccleshill 108a
    Sydney HOLDSWORTH Son S 4   Eccleshill 108a
168 86 Stone Hall John H THORNTON Head M 44 Worsted Spinning Drayman Eccleshill 108a
    Sarah A THORNTON Wife M 40 Worsted Weaver Bradford 108a
    Alice A THORNTON Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 108a
    Edith THORNTON Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 108a
    Betty CRACUP Board W 69   Thornton 108a
169 88 Stone Hall Joseph MITCHELL Head M 41 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Eccleshill 108a
    Frances MITCHELL Wife M 41   Pudsey 108a
    Alice MITCHELL Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 108a
    Annie L MITCHELL Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 108a
170 2 Back Stone Hall Joseph ACKROYD Head M 46 Stationary Engine Driver Eccleshill 108a
    Grace E ACKROYD Wife M 45   LAN Manchester 108a
    Lizzie ACKROYD Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 108a
    Emily ACKROYD Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 108a
    Charlie ACKROYD Son S 10   Eccleshill 108a
    Olive ACKROYD Dau S 5   Eccleshill 108b
171 4 Back Stone Hall John WATERWORTH Head M 33 Cloth Fuller Windhill 108b
    Ada WATERWORTH Wife M 35   Eccleshill 108b
    Sarah H WATERWORTH Dau S 7   Eccleshill 108b
    Leslie WATERWORTH Son S 4   Eccleshill 108b
    George WATERWORTH Son S 3   Eccleshill 108b
    Mary WHITFIELD Board S 47 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 108b
172 6 Back Stone Hall William TAYLOR Head M 40 Boot & Shoemaker Eccleshill 108b
    Grace TAYLOR Wife M 39   Calverley 108b
    Hannah TAYLOR Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 108b
    Joseph TAYLOR Son S 20 Boot & Shoemaker Eccleshill 108b
    Frederick TAYLOR Son S 16 Worsted Mill Hand Eccleshill 108b
    Harry TAYLOR Son S 15 Worsted Mill Hand Eccleshill 108b
    Abraham TAYLOR Son S 12   Eccleshill 108b
    John TAYLOR Son S 10   Eccleshill 108b
    Olive TAYLOR Gdau S 1   Eccleshill 108b
173 8 Back Stone Hall Frank SNOW Head M 29 Navvy Railway Birstwith 108b
    Emily ? SNOW Wife M 23   Otley 108b
    Francis W SNOW Son S 9m   Hampsthwaite 108b
174 10 Back Stone Hall Francis A HILLAS Head W 66   Huddersfield 108b
    Mary J HILLAS Dau S 35 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 108b
    Annie HILLAS Dau S 30 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 108b
175 12 Back Stone Hall Alfred JENKINSON Head M 28 Wool Combing Asst Overlooker Yeadon 108b
    Annie JENKINSON Wife M 30   Yeadon 108b
    Ernest JENKINSON Son S 7   Bradford 108b
    Harry JENKINSON Son S 4   Bradford 108b
    George JENKINSON Son S 2   Eccleshill 108b
    Emma SLINGSBY Board W 67 On Parish Relief Rawdon 108b
176 14 Back Stone Hall Myers HEATON Head M 53 Living on own means Idle 108b
    Sarah A HEATON Wife M 54 Worsted Weaver Bolton 108b
    Walton HEATON Son S 23 Mechanical Engineer Eccleshill 108b
    John W HEATON Son S 20 Electrical Engineer Eccleshill 109a
177 16 Back Stone Hall Wilson SUMMERSCALES Head M 59 Mill Night Watchman Addingham 109a
    Martha SUMMERSCALES Wife M 56   Bradford 109a
178 18 Back Stone Hall Frances MOUNCEY Head M 38   Bradford 109a
    Richard MOUNCEY Son S 14 Worsted Bobbin Layer Eccleshill 109a
    Joseph MOUNCEY Son S 13 Butcher's Errand Boy Eccleshill 109a
    Albert MOUNCEY Son S 8   Eccleshill 109a
    Emma MOUNCEY Dau S 1   Eccleshill 109a
179 20 Back Stone Hall Amos BANKS Head W 71 Tailor Bradford 109a
180 22 Back Stone Hall Jane JOHNSON Head W 73 On Parish Relief Thornton 109a
181 24 Back Stone Hall Walter GERMAN Head M 30 Boiler Smith Holder-up SAL 109a
    Clara GERMAN Wife M 32   Eccleshill 109a
    Lewis GERMAN Son S 6   Bradford 109a
    Annie GERMAN Dau S 3   Bradford 109a
182 26 Back Stone Hall John LEACH Head M 40 Wool Washer Bingley 109a
    Mary E LEACH Wife M 37   Eccleshill 109a
    Sarah A LEACH Dau S 15   Eccleshill 109a
    Lillie LEACH Dau S 13   Eccleshill 109a
    Eva LEACH Dau S 10   Eccleshill 109a
    Ada LEACH Dau S 5   Eccleshill 109a
    Florence ? LEACH Dau S 3   Eccleshill 109a
    Sarah A DICKENSON Board S 59 On Parish Relief Eccleshill 109a
183 28 Back Stone Hall Alfred WATERWORTH Head M 61 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 109a
    Hannah WATERWORTH Wife M 68   Windhill 109a
    David WATERWORTH Son S 28 Manufacturer's Driver Windhill 109a
    Emma WATERWORTH Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Windhill 109a
184 30 Back Stone Hall John H HIRST Head M 64 Butcher Huddersfield 109a
    Henrietta HIRST Wife M 53   Leeds 109a
    Benjamin HIRST Son S 28 Butcher Eccleshill 109a
    Emma HIRST Dau S 21   Eccleshill 109a
185 32 Back Stone Hall John LEE Head M 33 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 109a
    Annie LEE Wife M 31   Idle 109b
    Herbert LEE Son S 8   Wortley 109b
    Lilian M LEE Dau S 4   Bradford 109b
    Carrie LEE Dau S 1   Bradford 109b
186 36 Back Stone Hall John H ELSWORTH Head M 38 Bricklayer Lab. Harrogate 109b
    Alice A ELSWORTH Wife M 36   Harrogate 109b
    Allan ELSWORTH Son S 15 Worsted Bobbin Sorter Harrogate 109b
    Emily ELSWORTH Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Harrogate 109b
187 38 Back Stone Hall Elizabeth JACKSON Head W 44 Worsted Piece Mender Harrogate 109b
188 Acre Avenue John E WORTH Head M 28 Foreign Correspondent CHE G--------- 109b
    Florence E WORTH Wife M 22   Bradford 109b
    Jessie WILSON s in l S 16 ShortHand Typist Bradford 109b
    Edith R WORTH Dau S 2   Bradford 109b
    Fr* WORTH Dau S 1   Bradford 109b
    Hannah DEARNLEY Serv S 20 Domestic Serv Kilnhurst 109b
189 Acre Avenue Richard H ASTON Head M 35 Surgeon Eccleshill 109b
    Ella ASTON Wife M 27   Bradford 109b
    Allan H ASTON Son S 3   Eccleshill 109b
    Lily M ROSE Visit M 32   LON Camberwell 109b
    Doris M ROSE Visit S 3   LON Camberwell 109b
    Keith T R ROSE Visit S 8m   LON Camberwell 109b
    Annie SKIRROW Serv S 21 Domestic Serv Eccleshill 109b
190 2 Acre Lane Robert LOVEDAY Head M 53 Stone Quarryman NFK Scoulton 109b
    Sarah A LOVEDAY Wife M 53   Eccleshill 109b
191 4 Acre Lane Joshua LEE Head W 46 Wool Warehouseman Eccleshill 109b
    Annie LEE Dau S 21   Eccleshill 109b
    William M LEE Son S 14 Telegraph Messenger Eccleshill 109b
191a 6 Acre Lane Hiram RAWLING Head M 49 Stone Mason Keighley 109b
    Mary RAWLING Wife M 36 Worsted Weaver CurlingHead ? 109b
    James A RAWLING Son S 18 Stone Quarryman CurlingHead ? 109b
    Susan A RAWLING Dau S 6   Keighley 110a
    Martha A GREENOUGH Board W 59 On Parish Relief Idle 110a
192 8 Acre Lane Harley P FARRER Head M 34 Tailor Shop Manager Sheffield 110a
    Emily FARRER Wife M 28   Bradford 110a
193 10 Acre Lane Bill A IRVING Head M 35 Assistant Inspector [Postman] Windhill 110a
    Sarah H IRVING Wife M 35   Eccleshill 110a
    Mary IRVING Dau S 10   Eccleshill 110a
    Frank IRVING Son S 5   Eccleshill 110a
    Edith IRVING Dau S 1   Eccleshill 110a
194 12 Acre Lane Joseph KING Head M 71 Retired Stone Buyer Heaton 110a
    Lucy KING Wife M 73   Greengates 110a
    Mary A PRATT Board W 63   Greengates 110a
    John W MYERS Board M 28   Eccleshill 110a
    Mary R MYERS Board M 26   Greengates 110a
195 14 Acre Lane Hannah FAWCETT Head W 62 Living on own means Eccleshill 110a
    Martha E FAWCETT Dau S 32 Confectioner Eccleshill 110a
    Weber FAWCETT Son S 26 Musician Eccleshill 110a
    Annie FAWCETT Dau S 22 Type Witer Eccleshill 110a
196 16 Acre Lane Albert ROBINSON Head M 39 Wool Dryer Bradford 110a
    Sarah J ROBINSON Wife M 40   Bradford 110a
    John L ROBINSON Son S 10   Eccleshill 110a
    Joseph W ROBINSON Son S 8   Eccleshill 110a
    Elizabeth H ROBINSON Dau S 5   Eccleshill 110a
197 18 Acre Lane Frederick MAW-? Head M 38 Landscape Gardener CHE S? 110a
    Martha A MAW-? Wife M 32     110a
198 26 Acre Lane Mary J LAW Head M 44   Askam 110a
    Harry J LAW Son S 26 Cloth Warehouseman Bradford 110a
    Margaret LAW Dau S 25 Dressmaker Bradford 110a
    Thomas LAW Son S 19 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 110a
199 28 Acre Lane Mary KITSON Head W 72   Pateley Bridge 110a
    Harry KITSON Son S 28 Millinery Warehouseman Eccleshill 110b
    Sarah MARSHALL Board W 70   Pateley Bridge 110b
    Joseph FIRTH Visit M 37 Commercial Clerk Idle 110b
    Harriett FIRTH Visit M 37   Eccleshill 110b
    Evelyn I FIRTH Visit S 1   Bradford 110b
200 30 Acre Lane Jeremiah MELLON Head W 55 Gas Company Secretary & Collector Windhill 110b
    Eliza NEWTON Serv S 26 Domestic Serv Worsboro Dale 110b
201 20 Acre Lane Simon JACKSON Head W 60 Wool Washer Pateley Bridge 110b
    Lavinia JACKSON Dau S 30 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 110b
202 22 Acre Lane Grace FIRTH Head S 46 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 110b
203 24 Acre Lane Elizabeth GARFORTH Head W 72 Living on own means Barnoldswick 110b
    Emily GARFORTH Dau S 43   Bradford 110b
204 26 Acre Villa John VIRR Head M 66 Retired Wool Merchant Bradford 110b
    Harriet G VIRR Wife M 53   ESS Trenton 110b
    Charles VIRR Son S 24 Leather Merchant's Traveller Bradford 110b
    Louisa R VIRR Dau S 20   Bradford 110b
    John Jr. VIRR Son S 18   Eccleshill 110b
    Frank T VIRR Son S 14   Eccleshill 110b
    Laura M DUGGLEBY ? S 26 Moth's Help Duggleby ? 110b
    Mary COLLINS Serv S 24 Domestic Serv SFK Wiskham Skeith 110b
205 Acre House John PULLAN Head M 62 Boot Manufacturer Windhill 110b
    Mary A PULLAN Wife M 55   Leeds 110b
    Herbert T PULLAN Son S 33 Solicitor Windhill 110b
    Leonard PULLAN Son S 25 Boot Factory Manager Bradford 110b
    William S PULLAN Son S 21 Boot Factory Manager Bradford 110b
    Charlesworth PULLAN Son S 18 Solicitor's Clerk Bradford 110b
    Dorothy M HORNE Gdau S 1   Baildon 110b
    Mary BAXTER Serv S 62 Domestic Serv Eccleshill 110b
    Mary F HEATH Serv S 26 Domestic Serv Swillington 110b
206 Acre Farm Francis SNOW Head M 53 Farmer Felliscliffe 110b
    Ann SNOW Wife M 49   Fewston 111a
    George W SNOW Son S 22 Farmer Birstwith 111a
    Lizzie SNOW Dau S 17   Felliscliffe 111a
    Letty L SNOW Dau S 14   Felliscliffe 111a
    Mary SNOW Dau S 11   Felliscliffe 111a
    John H SNOW Son S 9   Felliscliffe 111a
    Sarah E SNOW Dau S 3   Felliscliffe 111a
    John WAITE Board S 21 Navvy on Tramway Felliscliffe 111a
207 Mechanic's Institute Joseph PRATT Head M 40 Woolen Cloth Warehouseman & CareTaker Greengates 111a
    Mary PRATT Wife M 39   Eccleshill 111a