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Census Indexes 1901 Eccleshill ED7

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The census returns for 1901 were taken on the evening of March 31st and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG13/4184.

ED7, Folios 115-125

1 3 Mount Street Hannah MOORHOUSE Head W 61   Idle 115a
    Ernest MOORHOUSE Son S 31 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 115a
    Harry Edgar Greaves MOORHOUSE Son S 24 Worsted Warp Twister Eccleshill 115a
    Alice MOORHOUSE Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 115a
2 5 Mount Street William SUGDEN Head M 36 Printer & Compositor Bradford 115a
    Edith Hannah SUGDEN Wife M 27   Idle 115a
    Annie SUGDEN Dau S 2   Bowling 115a
    Harold Brayshaw SUGDEN Son S 3m   Eccleshill 115a
3 7 Mount Street Jonas HOLLINGS Head M 39 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 115a
    Elizabeth Hannah HOLLINGS Wife M 42   Great Horton 115a
    Ethel Maud Lois HAYWOOD Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Bradford 115a
    Ada HOLLINGS Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 115a
    Albert HOLLINGS Son S 9   Eccleshill 115a
    Emily HOLLINGS Dau S 5   Eccleshill 115a
    Bertha HOLLINGS Dau S 2   Eccleshill 115a
4 9 Mount Street Joseph TAYLOR Head M 29   Eccleshill 115a
    Lilly TAYLOR Wife M 25   Bradford 115a
    Albert TAYLOR Son S 7   Eccleshill 115a
    Mary Ann TAYLOR Dau S 6   Eccleshill 115a
5 11 Mount Street John STAMP Head M 22 Plumber & Painter Eccleshill 115a
    Emma STAMP Wife M 24   Bradford 115a
6 13 Mount Street Ernest LOVEDAY Head M 21 Machine Tool Fitter Eccleshill 115a
    Mary Hannah LOVEDAY Wife M 24 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 115a
7 15 Mount Street John SPENCER Head M 39 Stone Dresser Windhill 115a
    Clara SPENCER Wife M 38   Windhill 115a
    George Arthur SPENCER Son S 16 Stone Dresser Windhill 115a
    Thomas SPENCER Son S 12   Idle 115a
    Ruben Pitts SPENCER Son S 5   Clayton 115a
    Annie SPENCER Dau S 2   Idle 115a
8 17 Mount Street Thomas HODGSON Head M 40 Stone Mason Bolton 115a
    Hannah HODGSON Wife M 40   DUR Dillington 115a
    Alice HODGSON Dau S 16 Dressmaker's App. Bolton 115b
    Mary Elizabeth HODGSON Dau S 14 Mantle Maker's App. Bolton 115b
    Tom HODGSON Son S 11   Bolton 115b
    Ethel HODGSON Dau S 10   Bolton 115b
    Harold HODGSON Son S 7   Bolton 115b
    Alfred HODGSON Son S 5   Bolton 115b
    Cristabel HODGSON Dau S 3   Bolton 115b
    Unnamed baby HODGSON Dau S 1m   Eccleshill 115b
9 19 Mount Street John William BAILEY Head M 27 Hair Dresser Leeds 115b
    Alice BAILEY Wife M 31   Leeds 115b
    Hannah BAILEY Dau S 7   Leeds 115b
    Alice BAILEY Dau S 3   Bradford 115b
    John William BAILEY Son S 2   Bradford 115b
    Robert SHELL Bro S 17 L & Y Railway Porter Shipley 115b
    Edward SHELL Bro S 14 Woolen Spinner Mill Hand Shipley 115b
10 21 Mount Street Fred NALSON Head S 24 Worsted Cloth Finisher Huddersfield 115b
    Harriet Alice COOPER Serv S 26 Domestic Housekeeper Eccleshill 115b
11 23 Mount Street Wilson MUFF Head M 36 Electric Tram Driver Bradford 115b
    Ann MUFF Wife M 36   Bradford 115b
    Tom Addison MUFF Son S 10   Bradford 115b
    Admiral Wilson MUFF Son S 5   Bradford 115b
    Angus Holden MUFF Son S 2   Bradford 115b
    Laurence Victor MUFF Son S 3m   Bradford 115b
12 25 Mount Street Henry WARD Head M 37 Wool Sorter Clayton 115b
    Esther WARD Wife M 36   DBY Buxton 115b
    Mary Alice WARD Dau S 9   Great Horton 115b
    John Henry WARD Son S 1   Great Horton 115b
13 27 Mount Street Ralph RYDER Head M 35 Cotton Warp Dresser Wensley Dale 115b
    Clara RYDER Wife M 31 Worsted & Cotton Weaver Bradford 115b
    Annie RYDER Dau S 5   Bradford 115b
    Harry RYDER Son S 4   Bradford 115b
    Amelia WILKINSON Board S 20 Worsted Spinner Bradford 116a
14 29 Mount Street Joseph SIMPSON Head M 51 Stone Quarry Foreman Pateley Bridge 116a
    Arnold WILSON Board S 18 Stone Quarry Lab. DBY Hathersage 116a
15 31 Mount Street William SYKES Head M 55 Builder's Carter Pudsey 116a
    Sarah SYKES Wife M 49   Horsforth 116a
    Tom SYKES Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 116a
    Henriette SYKES Dau S 23 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 116a
    Esther SYKES Dau S 12   Eccleshill 116a
    Edward Butterfield SYKES Gson S 8m   Thackley 116a
16 33 Mount Street WainWight TAYLOR Head M 33 Joiner & Machinist Eccleshill 116a
    Clara E TAYLOR Wife M 32 Stocking Knitter Bradford 116a
    Louis W TAYLOR Son S 8   Eccleshill 116a
    Ernest TAYLOR Son S 6   Eccleshill 116a
    Nellie TAYLOR Dau S 4   Eccleshill 116a
17 35 Mount Street William PARKER Head M 62 Woolen Cloth Fuller Windhill 116a
    Alice PARKER Wife M 60   Shipley 116a
    Ada PARKER Dau S 25 Woolen Weaver Shipley 116a
    Martha Alice PARKER Dau S 21 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 116a
    Charles Thompson PARKER Son S 18 Plumber's App. Eccleshill 116a
18 37 Mount Street Joseph TILFORD Head M 56 Cattle Drover Leeds 116a
    Elizabeth TILFORD Wife M 57   Beeston Leeds 116a
    Mary Elizabeth SCHOFIELD Dau S 32 Worsted Burler Bradford 116a
    Margaret Annie SCHOFIELD Dau S 29   Bradford 116a
    Thomas SCHOFIELD Son S 26 Wool Spinner Bradford 116a
    Harold SCHOFIELD Neph S 6   Bradford 116a
    Willie BAXTER Board S 28 Brick Burner Eccleshill 116a
19 41 Mount Street William George MORTON Head M 37 Hotel Waiter LON 116a
    Annie MORTON Wife M 43   SCT 116a
    William Duncan MORTON Son S 8   LON 116a
    Alfred Edmund MORTON Son S 7   SCT 116a
    Amelia Harris MORTON Dau S 5   SCT 116b
    Harold Douglas MORTON Son S 3   SCT 116b
    Elizabeth Muriel MORTON Dau S 2   SCT 116b
20 47 Mount Street Tom LAYCOCK Head M 40 Bread Baker Keighley 116b
    Sarah LAYCOCK Wife M 37   Leeds 116b
    Tom LAYCOCK Son S 9   Bradford 116b
    Harry LAYCOCK Son S 3   LAN Blackpool 116b
    Lily LAYCOCK Dau S 11m   LAN Blackpool 116b
21 49 Mount Street Ernest BROADLEY Head M 28 Butcher Milnsbridge 116b
    Alice Maud BROADLEY Wife M 25   Eccleshill 116b
    Lily Ernestina BROADLEY Dau S 9m   Eccleshill 116b
22 51 Mount Street Joseph POULTON Head M 25 Boot Salesman STS Wolverhampton 116b
    Edith POULTON Wife M 23   WOR Kidderminster 116b
23 53 Mount Street Leonard BAINBRIDGE Head M 28 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 116b
    Alice BAINBRIDGE Wife M 28   Manningham 116b
24 55 Mount Street Major PALFRAMAN Head M 27 Blacksmith & WheelWight Bradford 116b
    Ellen Ann PALFRAMAN Wife M 25   Bradford 116b
    Florence PALFRAMAN Dau S 3   Bradford 116b
25 57 Mount Street Arthur Smith WALSHAW Head M 41 Journeyman Bread Baker LAN Manchester 116b
    Sarah Jane WALSHAW Wife M 42   LAN Manchester 116b
    Clara WALSHAW Dau S 18 Draper's Shop Assistant Leeds 116b
    Richard WALSHAW Son S 15 Blacksmith App. Leeds 116b
    George WALSHAW Son S 13 Printer's App. Leeds 116b
26 61 Mount Street Edward RADBILL Head M 31 Tobacco Shop Clerk RUS [a Hebrew] 116b
    Walter Edward RADBILL Son S 3   Linton 116b
    Marie RADBILL Sis S 21 Confectioner Linton 116b
27 63 Mount Street Francis KENDALL Head W 60 Wool Blender Esholt 116b
    Harriet KENDALL Dau S 34 Sweet Shop Baker Eccleshill 117a
28 65 Mount Street William WILSON Head M 33 Cabinet Maker STS Birmingham 117a
    Hettie WILSON Wife M 35   Malton 117a
    Robert WILSON Son S 2   Bradford 117a
    Jack WILSON Son S 9m   Bradford 117a
29 67 Mount Street William Hy HOLT Head M 63 Stone Quarry Blacksmith Hunslet 117a
    Elizabeth HOLT Wife M 33   LAN Manchester 117a
    Eosel ? HOLT Dau S 13 Printing Office Worker Pudsey 117a
    Lilly HOLT Dau S 11   LAN Manchester 117a
    Harry HOLT Son S 8   Pudsey 117a
    Doris May HOLT Dau S 6   Bramley 117a
    Florrie HOLT Dau S 4   Bramley 117a
    Minnie Florance HOLT Dau S 2   Pudsey 117a
    Donald Royston HOLT Son S 1   Eccleshill 117a
30 69 Mount Street Thomas WATERHOUSE Head M 30 Musician [Clarinet Player] Eccleshill 117a
    Jane Elizabeth WATERHOUSE Wife M 31   Idle 117a
31 71 Mount Street Charles Hy JENNINGS Head M 34   Bradford 117a
    Deborah Ann JENNINGS Wife M 28   Heckmondwyke 117a
32 73 Mount Street Henry SUTCLIFFE Head M 26 Mason's Lab. Norland 117a
    Susannah SUTCLIFFE Wife M 24   Bradford 117a
    Lily SUTCLIFFE Dau S 2   Bradford 117a
33 75 Mount Street John James FROGGART Head M 31 Lithographic Artist LAN Manchester 117a
    Ellen Ann FROGGART Wife M 33   GLS Bristol 117a
    Alice Mary FROGGART Dau S 11   GLS Bristol 117a
    John Wilmot FROGGART Son S 5   Bradford 117a
    Dorothy Charlotte FROGGART Dau S 3   Bradford 117a
    James Stanley FROGGART Son S 1   Bradford 117a
34 77 Mount Street Richard R KINGSTON Head M 38 Railway Head Shunter NTH Pilsgate 117a
    Mary Jane KINGSTON Wife M 39   HAM Southampton 117a
    Corrine Mary KINGSTON Dau S 13   LON Bromley 117a
    Lilian Maud KINGSTON Dau S 6   LON Bromley 117a
35 79 Mount Street Benjamin HARDAKER Head M 26 Chemical Lab. Eccleshill 117b
    Edith HARDAKER Wife M 26   Bradford 117b
    Caroline Harriet HARDAKER Dau S 6   Bradford 117b
    Elsie HARDAKER Dau S 2   Bradford 117b
36 81 Mount Street James LAMBERT Head M 36 G N R Plate Layer Idle 117b
    Elizabeth Hannah LAMBERT Wife M 28 Woolen Weaver Shipley 117b
37 74 Mount Street Squire PEARSON Head M 43 Wool & Cloth Dyer Bradford 117b
    Ann PEARSON Wife M 39 Worsted Weaver Bradford 117b
    John HOPWOOD Board W 42 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Birkenshaw 117b
    Clara Ann HOPWOOD Board S 17 Worsted Weaver Bradford 117b
    George HOPWOOD Board S 7   Bradford 117b
38 72 Mount Street Charles WALKER Head W 57 Stone Quarry Lab. Cudworth 117b
    Martha Ann SHAW Board W 46 Charwoman Bradford 117b
    James SHAW Son S 20 Tent Warehouseman Bradford 117b
    Edward SHAW Son S 16 Set & Pavour Dresser Eccleshill 117b
    Mary Ellen SHAW Dau S 15 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 117b
    Annie SHAW Dau S 9   Eccleshill 117b
39 68 Mount Street Robert PEDLEY Head M 46 Stone Hewer Healaugh 117b
    Lydia PEDLEY Wife M 45   Haworth 117b
    Martha Ann PEDLEY Dau S 18 Woolen Machine Minder Haworth 117b
    John William PEDLEY Son S 14 Woolen Spinner Haworth 117b
    James Edward PEDLEY Son S 12 Woolen Spinner Haworth 117b
    Ada PEDLEY Dau S 8   Cullingworth 117b
    Ernest PEDLEY Son S 6   Cullingworth 117b
40 66 Mount Street James GUY Head M 47 Living on own means Long Preston 117b
    Mary Ann GUY Wife M 39   Bradford 117b
41 64 Mount Street James BRUCE Head M 38 M R Railway CarMan NFK Wersham 117b
    Jessie BRUCE Wife M 37   NFK Dereham 117b
    James BRUCE Son S 10   NFK Dereham 118a
    William DEWING Board S 26 CoachMan NFK Causton 118a
42 62 Mount Street Edwin Robert BIRD Head M 24 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 118a
    Sarah Hannah BIRD Wife M 26   Bradford 118a
43 60 Mount Street Henry JACKSON Head M 52 Gas Stoker NTH Shutlanger 118a
    Sarah Ann JACKSON Wife M 50   NTH Northampton 118a
    Florence JACKSON Dau S 12   Bradford 118a
    Charles JACKSON Son S 10   Bradford 118a
44 48 Mount Street Thomas Ball WESCOTT Head M 52 Journeyman Tailor DEV Oakehampton 118a
    Mary J WESCOTT Wife M 45   SOM North Curry 118a
    William WESCOTT Son S 21 Cloth Warehouseman LON Hilburn 118a
    Harry WESCOTT Son S 15 Woolen Spinner LON Chelsea 118a
    Stanley WESCOTT Son S 12   DEV Plymouth 118a
    Maud WESCOTT Dau S 6   Bradford 118a
    Minnie WESCOTT Dau S 8   DEV Plymouth 118a
    Edward WESCOTT Son S 3   Bradford 118a
45 46 Mount Street Thomas SCOTT Head W 57 Scribbling Overlooker Idle 118a
    Clara SCOTT Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Idle 118a
    Rawson SCOTT Son S 21 Woolier Idle 118a
    Albert SCOTT Son S 19 Cloth Warehouseman Idle 118a
    Florence SCOTT Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Idle 118a
    Effie SCOTT Dau S 15   Idle 118a
46 42 Mount Street Walter Edward JARRATT Head M 28 Litho Printing Works Cashier Manningham 118a
    Maud Alice JARRATT Wife M 22   Windhill 118a
47 40 Mount Street William TAYLOR Head M 43 Stone Quarry Lab. LIN Market Stanton 118a
    Annie TAYLOR Wife M 42   Eccleshill 118a
    Mary Ann TAYLOR Dau S 10   Eccleshill 118a
    Edith Ellen TAYLOR Dau S 8   Eccleshill 118a
    Robert TAYLOR Son S 7   Eccleshill 118a
    Ivy TAYLOR Dau S 2   Eccleshill 118b
    Mary OVEREND m in l W 71   Eccleshill 118b
48 38 Mount Street John William HARDY Head M 29 Mechanic - Iron Turner Bradford 118b
    Emily HARDY Wife M 29   Bradford 118b
    Herbert Arnold HARDY Son S 1   Bradford 118b
49 36 Mount Street Ezra LEAROYD Head M 57 Druggist's Assistant Lindley 118b
    Lydia LEAROYD Wife M 57   Charlestown 118b
    Samuel LEAROYD Son S 29 Baker Shipley 118b
    Grace Ann LEAROYD Dau S 21 Dressmaker Shipley 118b
    Percy William LEAROYD Son S 18 Book Binder Shipley 118b
50 34 Mount Street Benjamin WATMOUGH Head M 54 Stone Quarryman Idle 118b
    Rachel WATMOUGH Wife M 56   Idle 118b
    Emily WATMOUGH Dau S 27 Fried Fish Shop Assistant Idle 118b
    Joshua WATMOUGH Son S 24 Master Fried Fish Businessman Idle 118b
51 West View William HORN Head M 61 Living on own means Bradford 118b
    Sarah Ann HORN Wife M 59   Bradford 118b
    Hannah HORN Dau S 35 Worsted Reeler Bradford 118b
    Martha HORN Dau S 29 Italian Cloth Weaver Leeds 118b
    Sarah HORN Dau S 22 Fancy Stuff Weaver Shipley 118b
    Elizabeth HORN Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Bradford 118b
52 1 Mount Terrace Mary Jane SIMPSON Head M 51   LIN Sutton St. Edmunds 118b
    Mary Annie SIMPSON Dau S 28 Fancy Weaver Pateley Bridge 118b
    Elizabeth SIMPSON Dau S 27 Fancy Weaver Menston 118b
    Hannah SIMPSON Dau S 19 Waste Sorter Menston 118b
    Willie SIMPSON Son S 17 Stone Mason Eccleshill 118b
    Herbert SIMPSON Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 118b
    John SIMPSON Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 118b
    Mabel ELSE Niece S 7   Eccleshill 118b
    Alfred SIMPSON Gson S 3   Eccleshill 118b
53 3 Mount Terrace Albert BUCKLEY Head M 25 Stone Quarryman Idle 118b
    Sarah Ann BUCKLEY Wife M 24   Eccleshill 119a
    James William BUCKLEY Son S 1   Eccleshill 119a
    Sarah Ann SUTCLIFFE Aunt S 59   Eccleshill 119a
    James SUTCLIFFE Uncle S 46 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 119a
54 5 Mount Terrace William DIXSON Head M 40 Stone Quarry Owner Thornton 119a
    Alice DIXSON Wife M 37   Bradford 119a
    Annie DIXSON Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Bradford 119a
    Edith Ellen DIXSON Dau S 14 Woolen Weaver Bradford 119a
55 7 Mount Terrace George CASEY Head M 31 Electric Tramway Inspector Bradford 119a
    Hannah CASEY Wife M 29   Halifax 119a
    Florrie CASEY Dau S 5   Wyke 119a
    Edith CASEY Dau S 3   Wyke 119a
    Reginald CHAPMAN adpt son S 6   Wyke 119a
    Matilda CHAPMAN m in l W 56   SouthoWam 119a
    Walter Collins BATTY b in l S 34 Coal Miner SouthoWam 119a
56 9 Mount Terrace James William NORTH Head M 41 Stone Quarry Mason Bradford 119a
    Selena NORTH Wife M 42   Bradford 119a
    Frank NORTH Son S 18 App. Joiner Bradford 119a
    Harry NORTH Son S 17 App. Stone Quarry Mason Bradford 119a
    Fred NORTH Son S 16 App. Plumber Bradford 119a
    Abraham Robert NORTH Son S 14 Woolen Mule Piecer Bradford 119a
    Willie NORTH Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Bradford 119a
    Samuel NORTH Son S 10   Bradford 119a
    Eva NORTH Dau S 8   Bradford 119a
    Fanny NORTH Dau S 4   Bradford 119a
    Martha NORTH Dau S 2   Bradford 119a
57 11 Mount Terrace William PARRY Head M 45 Stone Quarryman HEF Kingsland 119a
    Sarah Elizabeth PARRY Wife M 46   Idle 119a
    Clarice Hilda PARRY Dau S 9   Idle 119a
58 13 Mount Terrace Walter Ed LEAROYD Head M 24 Lithographic Printer Foreman Bradford 119a
    Elizabeth LEAROYD Wife M 24   Bradford 119a
59 15 Mount Terrace George PARKIN Head W 28 Toy Maker Whitkirk 119b
    Henry PARKIN Son S 10   Bradford 119b
    John William PARKIN Son S 8   Bradford 119b
    Emma PARKIN Dau S 3   Idle 119b
    Martha LAYCOCK step dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Crossgates 119b
    Olive HALL Hsekpr M 33 Domestic Housekeeper Bradford 119b
60 17 Mount Terrace John SUTCLIFFE Head M 50 Fish Dealer Eccleshill 119b
    Emily SUTCLIFFE Wife M 42 Grocer's Shop Keeper SCT Rother 119b
    Alfred SUTCLIFFE Son S 21 Fish Dealer Eccleshill 119b
    Albert SUTCLIFFE Son S 16 Fish & Fruit Dealer Eccleshill 119b
    Edward SUTCLIFFE Son S 13 Grocer's Errand Boy Eccleshill 119b
    Annie SUTCLIFFE Dau S 10   Eccleshill 119b
    William SUTCLIFFE Son S 8   Eccleshill 119b
61 19 Mount Terrace Robert ASHWORTH Head M 61 Flannel Finisher LAN Bury 119b
    Charlotte ASHWORTH Wife M 66   Otley 119b
    Walter ASHWORTH Son S 23 Flannel Finisher LAN Rochdale 119b
    Edith SUMMERSGILL adpt dau S 11   LAN Morecambe 119b
62 21 Mount Terrace John Henry MAY'S ? Head M 28 Oil Engine Maker Leeds 119b
    Jane Annie MAY'S ? Wife M 28   Bradford 119b
    George Chadwick MAY'S ? Son S 2   Shipley 119b
63 23 Mount Terrace Willie Simpson GILL Head M 36 Green Grocer East Morton 119b
    Annie GILL Dau S 9   Manningham 119b
64 25 Mount Terrace Maria SHUTTLEWORTH Head S 44 Confectioner Idle 119b
    Arthur MAYHALL Board S 19 Stone Quarry Scrappler LIN 119b
    Edwin SKIRROW Board S 27 Stone Quarry Scrappler Idle 119b
65 27 Mount Terrace Elizabeth WALKER Head W 76   CUL Plumpton 119b
    James WALKER Son S 41 Assurance Agent CUL Kirkoswald 119b
66 29 Mount Terrace William FIELDEN Head M 67 Grocer LAN Bacup 119b
    Mary Ellen FIELDEN Wife M 36   Guisbro 119b
    William FIELDEN Son S 5   Bradford 119b
67 31 Mount Terrace Joseph Edwin GRANT Head M 25 Butcher Bramley 119b
    Emily GRANT Wife M 25   Bradford 120a
    George Edwin GRANT Son S 4   Manningham 120a
    Hilda GRANT Dau S 3   Bradford 120a
68 33 Mount Terrace Jesper MYERS Head M 40 Stone Merchant Windhill 120a
    Sarah Jane MYERS Wife M 42   Tong 120a
    Fred MYERS Son S 14 Cabinet Maker's App. Shipley 120a
69 35 Mount Terrace Charles HOULBANK Head M 33 Draper Colne Bridge 120a
    Elizabeth HOULBANK Wife M 29   Carlisle 120a
    Emma WEATHWELL m in l W 56   Thorp Arch 120a
70 37 Mount Terrace Dan KERSHAW Head M 25 Stone Quarry Owner Allerton 120a
    Nellie KERSHAW Wife M 24   Halifax 120a
    Mary KERSHAW Moth W 68   Thornton 120a
71 41 Mount Terrace Fred Jackson LISTOR Head M 44 Travelling Draper Manningham 120a
    Annie Eliza LISTOR Wife M 44   Calverley 120a
    Maude LISTOR Dau S 16   Calverley 120a
    Sarah Isabelle LISTOR Dau S 14 Dressmaker's App. Calverley 120a
    Arthur James LISTOR Son S 11   Bradford 120a
    Edward Irving LISTOR Son S 5   Bradford 120a
    Herbert Luther LISTOR Son S 3   Bradford 120a
72 43 Mount Terrace Benjamin CALL Head M 38 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 120a
    Maggie CALL Wife M 36   Bradford 120a
    Florence Gertrude CALL Dau S 14   Bradford 120a
    Donald Ferdinand CALL Son S 12   Bradford 120a
73 47 Mount Terrace Newton DIXSON Head M 37 Stone Quarry Owner Thornton 120a
    Emma DIXSON Wife M 37   Thornton 120a
    Harold DIXSON Son S 12   Thornton 120a
    Ernest DIXSON Son S 8   Thornton 120a
    ?-sa Hannah DIXSON Dau S 5   Thornton 120a
    Doris DIXSON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 120a
    Everett DIXSON Son S 1m   Eccleshill 120b
74 49 Mount Terrace John ROSS Head M 26 Shoemaker Pudsey 120b
    Rose Lena ROSS Dau S 8   Heckmondwyke 120b
    Grace Mary ROSS Wife M 25   Baildon 120b
75 51 Mount Terrace Leonard MARSDEN Head M 35 Electric Tram Driver Bradford 120b
    Mary Ann MARSDEN Wife M 40   Pontefract 120b
    Ethel MARSDEN Dau S 2   Bradford 120b
76 53 Mount Terrace Charles CRYER Head M 33 Lithographic Machine Minder Leeds 120b
    Emily Jane CRYER Wife M 30   Leeds 120b
    Elsie CRYER Dau S 6   Leeds 120b
77 55 Mount Terrace John Bland BRYER Head M 52 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Halifax 120b
    Mary BRYER Wife M 47   Eccleshill 120b
    Emily BRYER Dau S 27 Worsted Mender Horton 120b
    Florence BRYER Dau S 25 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 120b
    Joseph BRYER Son S 19 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 120b
    Robert BRYER Son S 17 Stuff Card Lacer Eccleshill 120b
    William BRYER Son S 9   Eccleshill 120b
    Jowett BRYER Son S 7   Eccleshill 120b
    Ernest BRYER Son S 2   Eccleshill 120b
78 57 Mount Terrace Edna WORMALD Head W 66   Raistrick 120b
    Laura Nancy WORMALD Dau S 39   Hopton 120b
    Willie Battye WORMALD Son S 31 Chemist's Assistant Hopton 120b
    Harriet BARRACLOUGH Aunt M 61   Raistrick 120b
79 61 Mount Terrace William L CAUDWELL Head M 44 Commercial Traveller NTT Southwell 120b
    Susan CAUDWELL Wife M 44   LIN Horncastle 120b
    Lydia Ethel CAUDWELL Dau S 13   NTT Southwell 120b
    Francis CAUDWELL Son S 11   NTT Southwell 120b
    Lily Agnes CAUDWELL Dau S 8   Cleckheaton 120b
    Charles Edward CAUDWELL Son S 6   Cleckheaton 120b
    John Thomas Arthur CAUDWELL Son S 3   Cleckheaton 120b
80 1 Mount Road Kellett HOLDSWORTH Head M 48 Farmer Calverley 121a
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Wife M 49   Calverley 121a
    Charles HOLDSWORTH Son S 27 Wool Sorter Calverley 121a
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Calverley 121a
    Frances HOLDSWORTH Dau S 16 Worsted Winder Calverley 121a
    Fred HOLDSWORTH Son S 11   Calverley 121a
    Annie HOLDSWORTH Dau S 6   Eccleshill 121a
    Nora HOLDSWORTH Dau S 3   Thornbury 121a
81 3 Mount Road Herbert HUDSON Head M 29 Stone Quarryman Bradford 121a
    Florence HUDSON Wife M 29   Bradford 121a
    Willie HUDSON Son S 5   Bradford 121a
    Harry HUDSON Son S 3   Bradford 121a
82 5 Mount Road Alfred NAYLOR Head M 43 Stone Dresser Shelf 121a
    Jane Elizabeth NAYLOR Wife M 43 Draper NFK Surry 121a
    Doris NAYLOR Dau S 7   Shelf 121a
    Caroline NAYLOR Visit S 37 Domestic Housemaid NFK Surry 121a
83 7 Mount Road Thomas WAITE Head M 41 Stone Quarry Lab. Eccleshill 121a
    Alice WAITE Wife M 39   Bolton 121a
    Herbert WAITE Son S 19 Stone Mason Bradford 121a
    Alberta WAITE Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Bradford 121a
    Miriam WAITE Dau S 10   Bradford 121a
    Maurice WAITE Son S 5   Bradford 121a
    Alice WAITE Dau S 1m   Eccleshill 121a
84 9 Mount Road Harry WALLER Head M 30 Cloth Presser Bradford 121a
    Elizabeth WALLER Wife M 34   Bradford 121a
    Gilbert WALLER Son S 4   Eccleshill 121a
    Phyliss WALLER Dau S 1   Eccleshill 121a
    Martha FIRTH s in l W 40 Stuff Weaver Bradford 121a
    Sydney FIRTH Neph S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 121a
    Nora FIRTH Niece S 4   Eccleshill 121b
86 13 Mount Road Betsy WILCOCK Head M 44   Huddersfield 121b
    Joseph A BURNLEY Son M 22 Corporation Carter Huddersfield 121b
    Emily BURNLEY d in l M 22   Bradford 121b
    Eliza Ellen BURNLEY Dau S 18 Botany Twister Bradford 121b
    Benjamin BURNLEY Son S 16 City Council Carter Bradford 121b
    Jacob William BURNLEY Son S 15 Stone Quarry Delver Bradford 121b
    Wilfred BURNLEY Son S 13 Botany Mill Hand Doffer Bradford 121b
    Annie BURNLEY Dau S 9   Slaithwaite 121b
86a 19 Mount Road Walter B ILLINGWORTH Head M 37 Worsted Coating Overlooker Kirkstall 121b
    Sarah ILLINGWORTH m in l W 62   Eccleshill 121b
87 21 Mount Road John William QUARTON ? Head M 44 Mechanic's Lab. Wakefield 121b
    Mary QUARTON ? Wife M 39   Wakefield 121b
    Elsie QUARTON ? Dau S 15 Woolen Machine Minder Sowerby Bridge 121b
    Beatrice Alice QUARTON ? Dau S 12   Wakefield 121b
    Robert Edwin QUARTON ? Son S 9   Wakefield 121b
    Mary QUARTON ? Board W 77   Ryehill 121b
88 25 Mount Road Thomas SKELTON Head W 70 Tailor Wath 121b
    Ann BARKER Board W 58 Dressmaker RoseDale 121b
    Richard BARKER Board S 21 WoodYard Lab. RoseDale 121b
    William BARKER Board S 18 WoodYard Lab. Skelton 121b
    Alice BARKER Board S 2   Shipley 121b
89 27 Mount Road Isaac SHEPPHERD Head M 48 Slater's Lab. Eccleshill 121b
    May SHEPPHERD Wife M 38   Ardsley 121b
    Edmund John CRAPP Son M 21 Electric Works Engine Man BDF Biggleswade 121b
    Martha Ann CRAPP d in l M 20 Worsted Spinner LAN Manchester 121b
    Harry Conway CRAPP Son S 18 Woolen Mule Spinner Idle 121b
    J* CRAPP Son S 15 Woolen Mule Piecer Idle 122a
    Alice CRAPP Dau S 10   Eccleshill 122a
    Ida CRAPP Dau S 9   Eccleshill 122a
    Elsie SHEPPHERD Dau S 6   Eccleshill 122a
    Bertie SHEPPHERD Son S 2   Eccleshill 122a
90 29 Mount Road John Herbert DIBB Head M 35 Woolen Weft Man Idle 122a
    Annie Elizabeth DIBB Wife M 36 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 122a
91 31 Mount Road Fred HALLIDAY Head M 27 Wool & Waste Sorter Bradford 122a
    Susy HALLIDAY Wife M 23 Worsted Weaver Bradford 122a
    Harry HALLIDAY Son S 3   Bradford 122a
92 33 Mount Road Tom LEE Head M 25 Warp Dresser Idle 122a
    Mary Ellen LEE Wife M 28   Calverley 122a
93 35 Mount Road Jeremiah BOOTH Head M 44 Stone Quarryman Bradford 122a
    Mary Ellen BOOTH Wife M 43   Huddersfield 122a
    John BOOTH Son S 18 Cart Driver Bradford 122a
    Charles BOOTH Son S 16 Farmer's Boy Bradford 122a
    William BOOTH Son S 11   Bradford 122a
    Elizabeth BOOTH Dau S 12   Bradford 122a
    Beatrice BOOTH Dau S 9   Bradford 122a
    Lillian BOOTH Dau S 5 [Infirm from childhood] Bradford 122a
94 37 Mount Road Thomas SUTCLIFFE Head M 45 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 122a
    Sarah Ann SUTCLIFFE Wife M 29   Manningham 122a
95 39 Mount Road Benjamin HARTLEY Head M 58 Shoemaker Eccleshill 122a
    Emma HARTLEY Wife M 57   Thackley 122a
    Percy HARTLEY Son S 16 Fibrous Plasterer App. Eccleshill 122a
96 41 Mount Road William SOUTHWELL Head M 32 Hairdresser DEV Dartmouth 122a
    Louisa Ann SOUTHWELL Wife M 29   Halifax 122a
    Clara SOUTHWELL Dau S 5   Manningham 122a
    Ethel SOUTHWELL Dau S 3   Manningham 122a
97 43 Mount Road Charles PINDER Head M 30 Yarn Warehouseman Bradford 122a
    Elizabeth PINDER Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 122a
    Sarah PINDER Dau S 12   Eccleshill 122b
98 45 Mount Road Noble ? WHITELOCK Head M 30 Engine Fitter Bradford 122b
    Ellen WHITELOCK Wife M 34   Hull 122b
    May WHITELOCK Dau S 8   Bradford 122b
    Clara Ellen WHITELOCK D S 3   Bradford 122b
99 47 Mount Road Charles Hy JOHNSON Head M 24 Lithographic Printer WAR Birmingham 122b
    Mary Catherine JOHNSON Wife M 22   WAR Coventry 122b
100 49 Mount Road William MCDOUGALL Head M 38 Foreman Tool Maker SCT 122b
    Sarah Ann MCDOUGALL Wife M 39   WES AmbleSide 122b
    Ruth ROWLINSON Dau S 16 Domestic Housemaid LAN Fleetwood 122b
    Elizabeth ROWLINSON Dau S 8   LAN Fleetwood 122b
    Marion M MCDOUGALL Dau S 3   WAR Birmingham 122b
    Mabel M MCDOUGALL Dau S 1   WAR Birmingham 122b
101 51 Mount Road Smith HAIGH Head M 36 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 122b
    Mary Hannah HAIGH Wife M 36   Bradford 122b
    Fred HAIGH Son S 13 Worsted Spinning Jobber Bradford 122b
    Albert HAIGH Son S 9   Bradford 122b
    Ada HAIGH Dau S 2   Bradford 122b
102 53 Mount Road Emma SEWELL Head W 63 Living on own means Bradford 122b
103 55 Mount Road Owen DINSDALE Head M 47 Stone Dresser Bradford 122b
    Christiana DINSDALE Wife M 46   Bradford 122b
    Spencer DINSDALE Son S 21 General Carrier Bradford 122b
    Lena DINSDALE Dau S 15 Factory Hand - Bobbin Winder Bradford 122b
104 57 Mount Road Samuel ROBINSON Head M 50 Boot Repairer Hunslet 122b
    Amelia ROBINSON Wife M 50   Bowling 122b
    Emma ROBINSON Dau S 26 Woolen Machine Minder Little Horton 122b
    John Charles HILLYARD Lodg S 21 Brewery Carter NTT 122b
105 59 Mount Road Seth ELLIS Head M 46 Stone Delver Idle 122b
    Frances ELLIS Wife M 46   Idle 122b
    Florrie ELLIS Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Idle 122b
    Edwin ELLIS Son S 14 Plumber's App. Idle 122b
    Joss ELLIS Son S 11   Idle 123a
106 58 Mount Road Dan LONGBOTTOM Head M 44 Worsted Mill Mechanic Netherton 123a
    Phoebe LONGBOTTOM Wife M 43   Wilsden 123a
    Charles Edward LONGBOTTOM Son S 22 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Denholme 123a
    Emma LONGBOTTOM Dau S 19 Cloth Weaver Denholme 123a
    Ethel LONGBOTTOM Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Denholme 123a
    Willie LONGBOTTOM Son S 6   Haworth 123a
    Ada Charlotte LONGBOTTOM Dau S 4   Haworth 123a
    Sarah MITCHELL m in l W 67   Denholme 123a
107 56 Mount Road James MARGINSON Head M 46 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Laister Dyke 123a
    Agnes MARGINSON Wife M 40   Hull 123a
    Florrie MARGINSON Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Bradford 123a
    Maggie MARGINSON Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 123a
    Miriam MARGINSON Dau S 10   Eccleshill 123a
108 54 Mount Road Joseph ROPER Head M 36 Blacksmith Bradford 123a
    Evangelina ROPER Wife M 39   Bradford 123a
    Annie ROPER Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Bradford 123a
    Emily ROPER Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Bradford 123a
    Eva ROPER Dau S 13   Bradford 123a
109 48 Mount Road Thomas KILNER Head M 24 Joiner Hepworth 123a
    Mary KILNER Wife M 27   Cattal 123a
110 46 Mount Road John Edmund BOWMAN Head M 23 Stuff Merchant's Clerk Bradford 123a
    May Crabtree BOWMAN Wife M 25   Bradford 123a
111 2 Houses Buildings Benjamin RHODES Head M 42 Horse Dealer Bradford 123a
    Sarah Jane RHODES Wife M 42   Bradford 123a
    Joseph RHODES Son S 18 Wool Washer USA 123a
    Gertrude RHODES Dau S 15 Worsted Winder USA 123a
    Tom RHODES Son S 10   Bradford 123a
    Jennie RHODES Dau S 8   Bradford 123b
112 2 Division Street Stanhope BALMFORTH Head M 23 Stone Merchant Halifax 123b
    Sarah BALMFORTH Wife M 24   Halifax 123b
113 4 Division Street Charles HUTCHISON Head M 28 Lithographic Machine Minder SCT 123b
    Agnes HUTCHISON Wife M 28   SCT 123b
    James HUTCHISON Son S 2   SCT 123b
    Elsie HUTCHISON Dau S 1   SCT 123b
114 16 Division Street Elizabeth DIBB Head W 59   Yeadon 123b
    Maria DIBB Dau S 27 Dressmaker Eccleshill 123b
    Elizabeth DIBB Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 123b
    Henry Keighley DIBB Son S 20 Slater's App. Eccleshill 123b
115 18 Division Street Benjamin PROCTER Head M 36 Stone Quarry Owner Eccleshill 123b
    Sarah PROCTER Wife M 36   Idle 123b
    Edith PROCTER Dau S 6   Idle 123b
116 20 Division Street Barnabas HORNER Head M 58 Camera Maker Pateley Bridge 123b
    Eliza HORNER Wife M 59   Calverley 123b
    Jane HORNER Dau S 29   Bradford 123b
117 22 Division Street Benjamin HILLAS Head M 34 Woolen & Worsted Weaving Overlooker Eccleshill 123b
    Lily HILLAS Wife M 33   Eccleshill 123b
118 26 Division Street Joseph STARKEY Head W 37 Plumber Eccleshill 123b
    Sarah STARKEY Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 123b
    Mary STARKEY Dau S 15 Children's Nurse Eccleshill 123b
    George STARKEY Son S 13   Eccleshill 123b
    Ann STARKEY Sis S 49   Eccleshill 123b
119 30 Division Street Joseph DIBB Head M 24 Worsted Warp Twister Bradford 123b
    Mary DIBB Wife M 26   Bradford 123b
120 1 Norman Terrace John Marmaduke BATESON Head M 26 Builder Weston 124a
    Emma BATESON Wife M 33   LIN Tydd St. Mary 124a
    Jack STOPHERD step son S 13   Bradford 124a
    George BATESON Son S 3   Starbeck 124a
    Donald BATESON Son S 1   Starbeck 124a
    Irene BATESON Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 124a
121 3 Norman Terrace John Petrie JOWETT Head M 26 Wool Merchant Bradford 124a
    Gertrude JOWETT Wife M 23   Bradford 124a
    Winifred May JOWETT Dau S 11m   Bradford 124a
122 7 Norman Terrace Rudolf RINDLER Head M 33 Spinning Mill Clerk POL Prabianca 124a
    Nellie RINDLER Wife M 25   Leeds 124a
    Julius Rudolf RINDLER Son S 10m   Bradford 124a
    Sarah CARTWIGHT s in l S 29 Draper's Assistant Leeds 124a
123 11 Norman Terrace Thomas DIXSON Head M 51 Stone Quarry Owner WES Kirkby Stephen 124a
    Elizabeth DIXSON Wife M 51   Bradford 124a
    Alfred DIXSON Son S 24 WheelWight Bradford 124a
    Charles DIXSON Son S 22 Stone Dresser Bradford 124a
    Albert DIXSON Son S 17 Stone Dresser Bradford 124a
    Harold DIXSON Son S 14 Stone Scrappler Bradford 124a
    Thomas DIXSON Son S 11   Bradford 124a
    Mary KELLY Serv S 19 Domestic Housemaid York 124a
124 17 Norman Terrace George F Victor SNOW Head M 31 Accountant & Estate Agent Bradford 124a
    Elizabeth Catherine SNOW Wife M 26   SCT 124a
    Francis J Rennie SNOW Son S 3   Bradford 124a
    Margaret W SNOW Dau S 1   LAN Morecambe 124a
125 19 Norman Terrace Hannah PEACOCK Head W 53 Living on own means DBY Belphor 124a
126 23 Norman Terrace Harry J CLARK Head M 32 Team Office Cashier SAL Shrewsbury 124a
    Margaret CLARK Wife M 26   Bradford 124a
127 27 Norman Terrace Thomas HARON Head M 28 DrySalter Bradford 124a
    Sarah Jane HARON Wife M 25   Rawmass 124a
    Elizabeth A SHAW Visit S 38 Hospital Sick Nurse LAN Preston 124a
128 31 Norman Terrace Fredrick DENISON Head M 29 Brewer's StockTaker Bradford 124a
    Caroline DENISON Wife M 25   SCT 124a
129 2 Norman Lane John Ed HOWE Head M 45 Music Teacher Cullingworth 124a
    Maria HOWE Wife M 44   Eccleshill 124a
    Urban HOWE Son S 21 Plasterer Eccleshill 124a
    Sarah HOWE Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 124a
    Edward HOWE Son S 16 Shoemaker's App. Eccleshill 124a
    Charles HOWE Son S 14 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 124a
    George HOWE Son S 12   Eccleshill 124a
    Ernest HOWE Son S 9   Eccleshill 124a
    Percy HOWE Son S 7   Eccleshill 124a
    Mary HOWE Dau S 1   Eccleshill 124a
    Sarah PITTS m in l W 75   Eccleshill 124a
130 4 Norman Lane Sarah NORTH Head W 59 Coal Merchant Eccleshill 124a
    Mary E NORTH Dau S 35 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 124a
    John H NORTH Son M 29 Upholsterer Eccleshill 124a
    Lillie NORTH Dau S 24 Cloth Mender Eccleshill 124a
    Lottie A NORTH Dau S 22 Fancy Dress Mender Eccleshill 124a
131 6 Norman Lane George HOLDSWORTH Head M 48 Stone Mason Eccleshill 124a
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Wife M 46   Eccleshill 124a
    Harry HOLDSWORTH Son S 23 MillWight Eccleshill 124a
    Sarah Ellen HOLDSWORTH Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 124a
    Asa HOLDSWORTH Son S 12 Errand Boy Eccleshill 124a
132 8 Norman Lane George ALDRED Head M 39 Slater Eccleshill 124b
    Annie ALDRED Wife M 38   Idle 124b
    Eli ALDRED Son S 17 Factory Millhand [Spinning] Eccleshill 124b
133 17 Norman Lane Clement Percy SHAW Head S 27 Solicitor's Clerk Barnsley 124b
    Kate KENDALL   W 31 Domestic Housekeeper Filey 124b
    Doris KENDALL   S 7   Bradford 124b
134 19 Norman Lane John METCALFE Head M 30 Wholesale Tobacconist BEL [British Subject] 124b
    Fanny METCALFE Wife M 37   Sheffield 124b
    Effie METCALFE Dau S 5   Bradford 124b
135 Larkfield House Albert CROWTHER Head M 35 Builder MDX ? 124b
    Annie Jane CROWTHER Wife M 30   Thornton 124b
    Norman CROWTHER Son S 9   Bradford 124b
    Ernest CROWTHER Son S 6   Bradford 124b
    Harry CROWTHER Son S 5   Bradford 124b
    Winifred CROWTHER Dau S 4   Bradford 124b
    George CROWTHER Son S 1   Bradford 124b
    Frederick CROWTHER Son S 2m   Bradford 124b
    Mary Louisa BIRD Serv S 19 General Domestic Serv Bradford 124b
136 23 Norman Lane Frank HOLDSWORTH Head M 50 Wool Merchant Halifax 124b
    Ellen E HOLDSWORTH Wife M 55   Keighley 124b
    George Henry HOLDSWORTH Son S 23 Carpet Merchant's Cashier Bradford 124b
    Sarah E HOLDSWORTH Dau S 20   Bradford 124b
    Harold HOLDSWORTH Son S 18 Wool Merchant's Clerk Bradford 124b
    John E HOLDSWORTH Son S 16 Wool Merchant's Clerk Bradford 124b
137 1 Norman Lane Alice WILSON Head S 42   Eccleshill 124b
    Emma WILSON Sis S 39   Eccleshill 124b
    Sarah WILSON Sis S 35 School Mistress Eccleshill 124b
    Hannah WILSON Sis S 30   Eccleshill 124b
    Ruby TROUSDALE Board S 5   LAN Manchester 124b
138 3 Norman Lane Annie BUTTERFIELD Head S 49 Living on own means Bradford 125a
    Elizabeth Hood BUTTERFIELD Sis S 45 Milliner Bolton 125a
139 5 Norman Lane Richard WILSON Head M 61 Milk Dealer Bradford 125a
    Joseph WILSON Son S 28 Milk Dealer Bradford 125a
    Ann E WARTON Serv S 51 Domestic Housekeeper Bradford 125a
140 7 Norman Lane William SMITH Head M 48 Basket Maker Bradford 125a
    E A SMITH Wife M 44   Ferry Bridge 125a
    Nellie SMITH Dau S 18   Bradford 125a
    Florrence SMITH Dau S 15 Basket Shop Assistant Bradford 125a
    Frances SMITH Dau S 14 Refreshment Stall Waitress Bradford 125a
    John SMITH Son S 11   Bradford 125a
    Louis SMITH Son S 6   Bradford 125a
    Ethel SMITH Dau S 4   Bradford 125a
141 9 Norman Lane Joseph SIMPSON Head M 25 Stone Quarryman Menston 125a
    Martha SIMPSON Wife M 26   Bradford 125a
142 11 Norman Lane William HARDAKER Head M 54 Warp Dresser Eccleshill 125a
    Caroline HARDAKER Wife M 55   Bradford 125a
    John William HARDAKER Son S 21 Police Constable Eccleshill 125a
    Alice Maud HARDAKER Dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 125a
    Percy HARDAKER Son S 17 Printer's App. Eccleshill 125a
    Emily HARDAKER Dau S 14   Eccleshill 125a
    Lilian Norman HARDAKER Dau S 12   Eccleshill 125a
143 13 Norman Lane Joshua HALL Head M 63 Wool Sorter Bradford 125a
    Jane HALL Wife M 65   Rawdon 125a
    Annie RAISTRICK Dau M 36 Worsted Coating Mender Eccleshill 125a
144 15 Norman Lane Thomas CRABTREE Head M 78 Retired Grocer Eccleshill 125a
    Ann CRABTREE Wife M 60   NTT Newark 125a
145 17 Norman Lane Samuel HARDAKER Head M 39 Collector of Poor Rates Eccleshill 125a
    Elizabeth HARDAKER Wife M 68   Eccleshill 125a
    Ada SIMPSON Niece S 12   Eccleshill 125a
146 19 Norman Lane John HARTLEY Head M 43 Wood Moulder [Sawyer] Bradford 125b
    Agnes HARTLEY Wife M 36   NTH Thurning 125b
    Edith COLSON Sis S 20 Wool Combing Millhand Bradford 125b
147 Stoney Royd Andrew TAYLOR Head M 44 Plasterer Eccleshill 125b
    Emily TAYLOR Wife M 43   Eccleshill 125b
    Mitchell TAYLOR Son S 11   Eccleshill 125b
148 Stone Leigh Rachel RENNIE Head W 51   SCT 125b
    William Edward RENNIE Son S 22 Worsted Spinner SCT 125b
    James RENNIE Son S 21 Worsted Spinner SCT 125b
    Herbert RENNIE Son S 19 Cloth Merchant Leeds 125b
    Hamilton RENNIE Son S 18 Spinning Overlooker Morley 125b
    Cecil RENNIE Son S 15 Spinning Overlooker Asst Morley 125b
    Douglas RENNIE Son S 12   Morley 125b
    Mary WIGHT Serv S 29 General Domestic Serv STS Burton on Trent 125b