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Census Indexes 1901 Eccleshill ED9

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The census returns for 1901 were taken on the evening of March 31st and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG13/4184.

ED9, Folios 146-166

1 1 Greengates Road Thomas E HALE Head M 54 Stone Quarryman NTH Great Gateworth 146a
    Maria HALE Wife M 54   Greengates 146a
    William W HALE Son S 26 Rag Dealer Greengates 146a
    Herbert HALE Son S 21 Rag Sorter Greengates 146a
    Alfred HALE Son S 18 Carpenter Greengates 146a
    Lawrence HALE Son S 15 Rag Sorter Greengates 146a
2 3 Greengates Road Thornton PRIESTLEY Head M 29 Dress Goods Warehouseman Idle 146a
    Ellen PRIESTLEY Wife M 30   Greengates 146a
    George F PRIESTLEY Son S 3   Greengates 146a
    James PRIESTLEY Fath M 69 Woolen Weaver Idle 146a
    Betty PRIESTLEY Moth M 68   Idle 146a
3 5 Greengates Road George SMITH Head W 65 Tailor Eccleshill 146a
    Annie SMITH Dau S 32   Eccleshill 146a
    James ROY Board W 63 Retired Dry Goods Merchant SCT 146a
4 7 Greengates Road John W CLAYTON Head M 64 Woolen Weft Man Calverley 146a
    John W CLAYTON Son S 17 Stone Mason's App. Eccleshill 146a
    Joseph RAISTRICK Visit M 34 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 146a
5 9 Greengates Road Martha RAISTRICK Head W 74   Eccleshill 146a
    Euphemia COWBURN Serv W 63 Domestic Housemaid SCT 146a
6 11 Greengates Road Arthur VERITY Head M 47 Worsted Coating Manufacturer Bramley 146a
    Sarah F VERITY Wife M 38   Leeds 146a
    Maurice VERITY Son S 9   Rodley 146a
    Muriel VERITY Dau S 3   Greengates 146a
    Elizabeth HUGGAN Aunt S 67 Living on own means Leeds 146a
    Annie E AUTY Serv S 20 General Domestic Serv Warmfield 146a
    Thomas W SIMCOCK f in l M 62 Wholesale Druggist's Sundryman LAN Manchester 146a
7 13 Greengates Road Herbert HOLLAND Head M 36 Solicitor Bradford 146a
    Mary H HOLLAND Wife M 36   Bradford 146a
    Reginald H HOLLAND Son S 8   Greengates 146a
    Gordon S HOLLAND Son S 6   Greengates 146a
    Jane A HALL Serv S 31 Domestic Housemaid Bramley 146a
    Elizabeth HALL Serv S 18 General Domestic Serv York 146b
8 15 Greengates Road Nanny MAWSON Head W 76     146b
    Emma MAWSON Dau S 32 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 146b
9 17 Greengates Road Ernest WALTON Head M 27 Worsted Warper Bradford 146b
    Elizabeth WALTON Wife M 24   Hull 146b
    Tom WALTON Son S 3   Bradford 146b
    Percy WALTON Son S 1   Bradford 146b
10 19 Greengates Road William HOBSON Head M 51 Stone Quarry Blacksmith Eccleshill 146b
    Harriett HOBSON Wife M 49   Greengates 146b
    George A HOBSON Son S 22 Litho Artist Greengates 146b
    Charles H HOBSON Son S 18 Wool App. Greengates 146b
    Mary CALVERT s in l W 51 Woolen Weaver Greengates 146b
    Herbert CALVERT Neph S 15 Grocer's Assistant Greengates 146b
11 21 Greengates Road John W ANDREWS Head M 31 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 146b
    Annie M ANDREWS Wife M 30   Otley 146b
    Ella C ANDREWS Dau S 5   Bradford 146b
    Emily ANDREWS Dau S 1   Bradford 146b
12 23 Greengates Road Sarah COOPER Head W 34   Eccleshill 146b
    Thomas COOPER Son S 14 Worsted Mill Jobber Eccleshill 146b
    George G COOPER Son S 9   Eccleshill 146b
    Robert COOPER Son S 7   Eccleshill 146b
13 25 Greengates Road Thomas GILL Head W 63 Woolen Merchant Thackley 146b
    William GILL Son S 30 Furniture Dealer's Assistant Greengates 146b
    Annie GILL Dau S 19   Greengates 146b
    Richard R RICKERS s in l M 40 House Furnisher SAL Modely 146b
    Ann L RICKERS Dau M 40   Thackley 146b
14 27 Greengates Road John WALTON Head W 53 Worsted Weaver Greengates 147a
    Frank WALTON Son S 25 Wool Dyer Greengates 147a
    James WALTON Son S 23 Worsted Coating Overlooker Greengates 147a
    George WALTON Son S 21 Commercial Clerk Greengates 147a
    Kate WALTON Dau S 19   Greengates 147a
    Ralph WALTON Son S 16 Wool Dyer's Lab. Greengates 147a
15 29 Greengates Road William WILSON Head W 79 Retired Woolen Weaver Spofforth 147a
    Harriett HORN Dau M 40 Woolen Weaver Greengates 147a
    Joseph HORN s in l M 35 Woolen Warehouseman Idle 147a
16 31 Greengates Road Maria CHARLESWORTH Head W 77   Eccleshill 147a
    Sarah A CHARLESWORTH Dau S 52 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 147a
    Ann HOLGATE Dau M 40   Eccleshill 147a
    James W HOLGATE s in l M 42 Joiner Eccleshill 147a
17 33 Greengates Road Mary A PRATT Head W 58 Woolen Weaver Bradford 147a
    Ann PRATT Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Bradford 147a
    Thomas HARDAKER Bro S 44 [Lame from Birth] Bradford 147a
18 35 Greengates Road Edward MORTIMER Head M 43 Card Nailer Cleckheaton 147a
    Elizabeth W MORTIMER Wife M 44   Middlesboro 147a
    Nellie F MORTIMER Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 147a
19 39 Greengates Road Arthur WALTON Head M 22 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 147a
    Elizabeth WALTON Wife M 23   Sheffield 147a
    Mary WALTON Moth W 59 Woolen Mender Eccleshill 147a
20 41 Greengates Road Benjamin B CORDINGLEY Head M 50 Woolen Overlooker Eccleshill 147a
    Mary CORDINGLEY Wife M 49   Eccleshill 147a
    Walter H CORDINGLEY Son S 23 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 147a
    Agnes M CORDINGLEY Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 147a
    Hannah E CORDINGLEY Dau S 15 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 147a
    John CORDINGLEY Son S 13 Worsted Doffer Eccleshill 147a
    LaWence H CORDINGLEY Son S 10   Eccleshill 147a
    Leonard CORDINGLEY Son S 8   Eccleshill 147a
    Edith CORDINGLEY Dau S 6   Eccleshill 147b
21 43 Greengates Road Wilson WALTON Head M 27 Woolen Weaver Bradford 147b
    Emma WALTON Wife M 26   Bradford 147b
    Alice WALTON Dau S 1   Bradford 147b
    Harriett D WALTON Moth W 60 Living on own means LON 147b
22 45 Greengates Road Charles RHODES Head M 43 Gardener Kirkstall 147b
    Marion RHODES Wife M 42   SCT 147b
    Ethel M RHODES Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 147b
    Florence A RHODES Dau S 16 Worsted Spool Twister Eccleshill 147b
    Frances H RHODES Dau S 12   Eccleshill 147b
    Charles N RHODES Son S 10   Eccleshill 147b
    Eva M RHODES Dau S 7   Eccleshill 147b
    Louie K RHODES Dau S 2   Eccleshill 147b
23 2 South View Thomas C CLARKSON Head M 47 Worsted Weaver Birstall 147b
    Elizabeth CLARKSON Wife M 45 Worsted Weaver Fewston 147b
    Edward CLARKSON Son S 10   Dudley Hill 147b
    John CLARKSON Son S 8   Dudley Hill 147b
24 4 South View John WOTTSON Head M 41 Woolen Weaver Idle 147b
    Harriett A WOTTSON Wife M 43 Woolen Weaver Horsforth 147b
    Maud WOTTSON Dau S 21 Dressmaker Eccleshill 147b
    Kate WOTTSON Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 147b
25 6 South View James STEAD Head M 34 Worsted Drawing & Spinning Foreman Saltaire 147b
    Ann E STEAD Wife M 32   Burley 147b
    Isabella TOWN m in l W 67   Sherburn? 147b
26 8 South View Mary BRIDGE Head W 66   SFK Clare 147b
    Mary A BRIDGE Dau S 39 Dressmaker SFK Clare 147b
    Eva M BRIDGE Dau S 26 Dressmaker DUR Darlington 147b
27 10 South View James BREARLEY Head M 33 Warp Twister Foreman Bingley 147b
    Julia D BREARLEY Wife M 29   LIN Carlby 147b
    Gladys M BREARLEY Dau S 7   Bingley 147b
28 12 South View Francis M SCOTT Head M 29 Worsted Twister Bingley 148a
    Annie SCOTT Wife M 24   Leeds 148a
    Edith M SCOTT Dau S 1   Bradford 148a
29 14 South View Annie E DAVEY Head W 47   NTT Everton 148a
    Annie M DAVEY Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Bradford 148a
    Edith E DAVEY Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Bradford 148a
    Ada DAVEY Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 148a
30 16 South View Edmund GOODAIRE Head M 23 Woolen Warehouseman Eccleshill 148a
    Sarah K GOODAIRE Wife M 23 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 148a
31 18 South View Walter T THORNTON Head M 31 Wool Shirting Manufacturer Eccleshill 148a
    Mary E THORNTON Wife M 33   Stanningley 148a
    Lilly THORNTON Dau S 8   Bramley 148a
    Agnes THORNTON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 148a
32 20 South View Charles H CORDINGLEY Head M 27 MillWight [Machinery] Calverley 148a
    Sarah CORDINGLEY Wife M 24   Idle 148a
    Arnold CORDINGLEY Son S 5m   Eccleshill 148a
33 22 South View Walter VEIL Head M 53 Worsted Mill Manager Keighley 148a
    Ann VEIL Wife M 57   Richmond 148a
34 24 South View Benjamin BRAYSHAW Head M 23 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Idle 148a
    Lydia BRAYSHAW Wife M 23 Worsted Weaver Bowling 148a
35 1 Queen Street Robert LANE Head M 49 Woolen Dyer DEV 148a
    Annie LANE Wife M 48   DEV 148a
    Harriett LANE Dau S 15 Worsted Mender SCT 148a
    Richard LANE Son S 13 Worsted Spinner SCT 148a
36 3 Queen Street Athling WINTERBURN Head M 28 Woolen Spinner Bradford 148a
    Annie WINTERBURN Wife M 28   Bradford 148a
    Claude WINTERBURN Son S 3   Bradford 148a
37 5 Queen Street Albert WELLOCK Head M 33 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 148a
    Emily WELLOCK Wife M 35   Bradford 148a
    Edmund WELLOCK Son S 9   Bradford 148a
    Lucy WELLOCK Dau S 5   Bradford 148a
38 7 Queen Street Joshua BEAUMONT Head M 52 General Lab. Huddersfield 148b
    Ann BEAUMONT Wife M 59   Horsforth 148b
    Charles BEAUMONT Son S 30 Woolen Twister Eccleshill 148b
    Albert MORTON Board S 34 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 148b
39 9 Queen Street William FLOYD Head M 30 Woolen Dyer's Lab. DEV Buckfastleigh 148b
    Lucy FLOYD Wife M 31   SOM Wellington 148b
    Ethel M FLOYD Dau S 8   DEV Buckfastleigh 148b
    Bertie W FLOYD Son S 4   Eccleshill 148b
    William J FLOYD Son S 1   Eccleshill 148b
    Albert FLOYD Bro S 21 Woolen Willier DEV Buckfastleigh 148b
    Edwin TUCKER Bro S 27 Woolen Willier SOM Wellington 148b
40 11 Queen Street Timothy KETTLEWELL Head M 29 Policeman Burniston 148b
    Mercy G KETTLEWELL Wife M 30   Winksley 148b
    Ellen KETTLEWELL Dau S 7   Bradford 148b
    Mary J KETTLEWELL Dau S 5   Bradford 148b
41 13 Queen Street Emma WEBSTER Head W 51   Eccleshill 148b
    Mabel L WEBSTER Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 148b
    Thomas WEBSTER Son S 28 Cotton Warp Dresser Bradford 148b
    Fred COCKERHAM Board S 26 Gardener Otley 148b
    Sarah COCKERHAM Visit M 50   Otley 148b
42 15 Queen Street Herbert HORN Head M 31 Wholesale Clothing Presser Wakefield 148b
    Carolina M HORN Wife M 28   Leeds 148b
    George E TRUMBLE Neph S 5   Eccleshill 148b
    Annie L HORN Dau S 4   Horsforth 148b
    Ellen H HORN Dau S 2   Bradford 148b
43 17 Queen Street Harry HART Head M 38 Dyer's Colourist GLS Winchcombe 148b
    Margaret A HART Wife M 31   Saltaire 148b
    Gladys HART Dau S 9   Saltaire 148b
    Bertha HAINSWORTH Sis S 18 Worsted Drawer Saltaire 148b
    Ernest HAINSWORTH Bro S 20 Worsted Drawing Overlooker Saltaire 148b
    Walter HAINSWORTH Bro S 15 Worsted Spinning Jobber Saltaire 148b
44 19 Queen Street Peter STRICKLAND Head M 46 Worsted Spinning Overlooker LAN Singleton 149a
    Ann STRICKLAND Wife M 46   Cleckheaton 149a
    Emma HALL s in l S 38 Worsted Winder Cleckheaton 149a
45 21 Queen Street Alfred PRATT Head M 25 Plasterer's Lab. Eccleshill 149a
    Sarah J PRATT Wife M 25   Idle 149a
    Mary STEAD m in l W 65   Thackley 149a
46 2 Queen Street Fred WALTON Head M 31 Woolen Beamer Eccleshill 149a
    Mary E WALTON Wife M 29   Howden 149a
    Harold WALTON Son S 2   Eccleshill 149a
    Percy WALTON Sp S 3m   Eccleshill 149a
    John WILLIAMSON b in l S 15 Woolen Mill Tyer-in Eccleshill 149a
47 4 Queen Street Herbert WINTERBURN Head M 36 Plumber Idle 149a
    Millicent WINTERBURN Wife M 38   Shipley 149a
    Harry S WINTERBURN Son S 9   Greengates 149a
    Mary S WINTERBURN Dau S 7   Greengates 149a
    John WINTERBURN Son S 4   Greengates 149a
48 6 Queen Street Emily SKIRROW Head W 41   Greengates 149a
    Mary SKIRROW Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Greengates 149a
    Ellen SKIRROW Dau S 18 Worsted Twister Greengates 149a
    Annie SKIRROW Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Greengates 149a
    Rhoda SKIRROW Dau S 11   Greengates 149a
    Ernest SKIRROW Son S 6   Greengates 149a
    John SKIRROW Son S 3   Greengates 149a
49 8 Queen Street Benjamin IBOTTSON Head M 52 Woolen Condenser Minder Guiseley 149a
    Emily IBOTTSON Wife M 43   Bradford 149a
    John W IBOTTSON Son S 24 Blacksmith & Forge Hand Farsley 149a
    Beatrice IBOTTSON Dau S 22 Woolen Burler Halifax 149a
    Mary A IBOTTSON Dau S 20 Woolen Burler Halifax 149a
    Frank H IBOTTSON Son S 17 Worsted Spinning Under-Overlooker Halifax 149a
    Arthur IBOTTSON Son S 11   Farsley 149a
    Ada IBOTTSON Dau S 9   Farsley 149a
50 10 Queen Street Samuel CORDINGLEY Head M 35 Street Mason Bradford 149b
    Hannah CORDINGLEY Wife M 40 Woolen Weaver STS Bilston 149b
51 12 Queen Street Thomas W GOLDSBOROUGH Head M 28 Stationary Engine Driver Thackley 149b
    Emily GOLDSBOROUGH Wife M 26 Worsted Coating Mender Thornton 149b
52 14 Queen Street John R WINDSOR Head M 38 Woolen Spinner Leeds 149b
    Jane WINDSOR Wife M 36   Barnsley 149b
    Annie WINDSOR Dau S 11   Wortley 149b
    Albert V WINDSOR Son S 10   Wortley 149b
    Laura WINDSOR Dau S 7   Armley 149b
    Charles WINDSOR Son S 3   Greengates 149b
    John K WINDSOR Son S 9m   Greengates 149b
53 16 Queen Street William WIGHT Head M 45 Woolen Weaver Queensbury 149b
    Mary WIGHT Wife M 45   Bradford 149b
    Ellen WIGHT Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Little Horton 149b
    George R WIGHT Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Little Horton 149b
    Edwin B WIGHT Son S 2   Greengates 149b
54 18 Queen Street Harry HINCHCLIFFE Head M 46 Worsted Cloth Finisher Kirkstall 149b
    Sarah A HINCHCLIFFE Wife M 43   Wortley 149b
    Fanny HINCHCLIFFE Dau S 20 Woolen Burler Wortley 149b
    Maud HINCHCLIFFE Dau S 18 Woolen Burler Wortley 149b
    Elizabeth SOWY m in l W 79   Wortley 149b
55 20 Queen Street William WILSON Head M 29 Mill Carrier LAN Heaton 149b
    Harriet WILSON Wife M 27   Laughton 149b
    Ethel WILSON Dau S 3   Greengates 149b
    William DIXON Board S 48 Woolen Card Fettler Horsforth 149b
    William WILSON Son S 1   Greengates 149b
56 47 Greengates Road Mary GALLOWAY Head W 74   Eccleshill 149b
    Sarah PARKINSON Board S 44 Charwoman Eccleshill 149b
57 49 Greengates Road Samuel THORNTON Head M 64 Wool Shirting Manufacturer Eccleshill 149b
    Harriet THORNTON Wife M 61   Eccleshill 149b
58 2 Stanley Street Thomas H ARMISTEAD Head M 50 Woolen Carder Overlooker Pudsey 150a
    Elizabeth E ARMISTEAD Wife M 33   STS Wolverhampton 150a
    Maud ARMISTEAD Dau S 13 sss Bradford 150a
    Frank ARMISTEAD Son S 12   Bradford 150a
    Albert E ARMISTEAD Son S 10   Bradford 150a
    Thomas H ARMISTEAD Son S 8   Bradford 150a
    Annie L ARMISTEAD Dau S 5   Bradford 150a
    Richard E ARMISTEAD Neph S 23 Woolen Card Fettler Farsley 150a
59 4 Stanley Street Matthew H RAISTRICK Head M 50 [Invalid from Rheumatism] Bradford 150a
    Louisa A RAISTRICK Wife M 48   Halifax 150a
    Emily F RAISTRICK Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Bradford 150a
    Alberta RAISTRICK Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Bradford 150a
    Henry RAISTRICK Son S 25 Worsted Warehouseman Bradford 150a
    Smith RAISTRICK Son S 23 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 150a
    Robert RAISTRICK Son S 21 Worsted Warp Dresser Bradford 150a
    Louisa A RAISTRICK Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Bradford 150a
    Eva RAISTRICK Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Bradford 150a
    Adelaide RAISTRICK Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 150a
    Florrie RAISTRICK Dau S 13   Bradford 150a
    Edmund RAISTRICK Son S 11   Bradford 150a
    George RAISTRICK Son S 9   Bradford 150a
    Charles RAISTRICK Son S 7   Bradford 150a
    Martha A RAISTRICK Dau S 6   Bradford 150a
    Lucy RAISTRICK Dau S 5   Bradford 150a
60 6 Stanley Street Reuben TEALE Head W 76 Retired Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 150a
    Ann TEALE Dau S 50 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 150a
    Mary TEALE Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 150a
61 8 Stanley Street Harry W TROTH Head M 42 Railway Signalman DBY Belpes 150a
    Clara A TROTH Wife M 41   BKS Broughton 150a
    Lucy TROTH Dau S 16   Methley 150a
    Marshall TROTH Son S 13   Methley 150a
62 10 Stanley Street Alfred GOLDSBOROUGH Head M 42 Stone Merchant's Drayman Calverley 150b
    Martha H GOLDSBOROUGH Wife M 45   Calverley 150b
    Charles GOLDSBOROUGH Son S 20 Woolen Cloth Washer Calverley 150b
    Joshua GOLDSBOROUGH Son S 18 Woolen Machine Minder Calverley 150b
    Arthur GOLDSBOROUGH Son S 11   Calverley 150b
63 12 Stanley Street Ezra KNOWLES Head W 45 Woolen Spinning Overlooker Queensbury 150b
    Charles C KNOWLES Son S 22 Hairdresser Queensbury 150b
    Willie KNOWLES Son S 20 Assistant Gardener Queensbury 150b
    Ernest KNOWLES Son S 16 Assistant Hairdresser Greengates 150b
    Emily KNOWLES Dau S 9   Greengates 150b
    Charlotte SUMMERS Serv S 51 Domestic Housekeeper Batley 150b
64 14 Stanley Street Lewis HAMMOND Head S 34 Woolen Warp Dresser Greengates 150b
65 16 Stanley Street Tom C RAISTRICK Head M 24 Cart & Wagon Builder Eccleshill 150b
    Agnes RAISTRICK Wife M 25   Eccleshill 150b
    James RAISTRICK f in l W 62 Woolen Weaver IRE 150b
66 51 Greengates Road Thomas HAMMOND Head M 61 Living on own means Eccleshill 150b
    Mary J HAMMOND Wife M 52   Yeadon 150b
67 53 Greengates Road John LISTER Head M 31 Rag Machine Minder Bradford 150b
    Annie LISTER Wife M 29   Bradford 150b
    Elsie LISTER Dau S 3   Bradford 150b
68 55 Greengates Road Sarah CORDINGLEY Head S 54 Woolen Tyer-in Bradford 150b
69 57 Greengates Road George GOODAIRE Head M 45 Woolen Weaver Minthorpe 150b
    Elizabeth GOODAIRE Wife M 47 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 150b
    Emma HOBSON s in l S 43 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 150b
70 59 Greengates Road John W SYKES Head M 40 Woolen Mill Engine Tenter Bradford 150b
    Sarah SYKES Wife M 39   Eccleshill 150b
    Ethel SYKES Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Bradford 150b
    Frank F SYKES Son S 13 Worsted Doffer Eccleshill 150b
    Elizabeth L SYKES Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 150b
    Edith SYKES Dau S 11   Greengates 150b
    Mary A SYKES Dau S 9   Greengates 150b
    Norman SYKES Son S 6   Greengates 151a
    John W SYKES Son S 1m   Greengates 151a
71 61 Greengates Road Joseph CORDINGLEY Head M 40 Blacksmith Idle 151a
    Martha A CORDINGLEY Wife M 40   Bingley 151a
    Edith CORDINGLEY Dau S 14   Idle 151a
    Elsie CORDINGLEY Dau S 11   Idle 151a
    Percy CORDINGLEY Son S 8   Idle 151a
72 65 & 67 Greengates Rd Joseph O SPEIGHT Head M 53 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 151a
    Mary SPEIGHT Wife S 50 Milliner & Dressmaker Greengates 151a
    Annie SPEIGHT Dau S 14   Greengates 151a
    Louie SPEIGHT Dau S 9   Greengates 151a
73 69 Greengates Road Joseph MARGISON Head M 33 Master Tailor LAN Manchester 151a
    Mary MARGISON Wife M 31   Eccleshill 151a
    Albert E MARGISON Son S 2m   Eccleshill 151a
74 71 Greengates Road Ben G EMSLEY Head M 39 Butcher Yeadon 151a
    Annie E EMSLEY Wife M 38   Shipley 151a
    Robert EMSLEY Son S 9   Greengates 151a
    Doris EMSLEY Dau S 5   Greengates 151a
    Nellie EMSLEY Dau S 3   Greengates 151a
75 73 Greengates Road John ROBERTS Head W 60 Publican Oulton 151a
    Annie M ROBERTS Dau S 27   Greengates 151a
    Arthur ROBERTS Son S 25 Clerk [Accountant] Greengates 151a
    Percy ROBERTS Son S 23 Butcher LAN Bury 151a
76 40 New Line May BELL Head S 43 Woolen Weaver Bradford 151a
    Emma MAWSON Sis M 36 Woolen Weaver Bradford 151a
77 2 Haigh Hall Joseph THORNTON Head M 29 Stone Mason Idle 151a
    Mary THORNTON Wife M 24 Worsted Burler Calverley 151a
    Nanny CORDINGLEY GMoth W 76   Idle 151a
78 4 Haigh Hall Fred BINNS Head M 48 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Huddersfield 151b
    Rachel BINNS Wife M 48   Idle 151b
    Sarah E HEPWORTH Dau M 24   Idle 151b
    Gladys E HEPWORTH Gdau S 3m   Greengates 151b
    Edith BINNS Dau S 21 Commercial Clerk Idle 151b
    Edmund BINNS Son S 19 Brass Finisher Idle 151b
    Maybirth BINNS Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Idle 151b
    Effie BINNS Dau S 16 Dressmaker's Appr [Cripple] Idle 151b
    Clara H BINNS Dau S 10   Greengates 151b
    Lillian BINNS Dau S 8   Greengates 151b
    John A BINNS Son S 6   Greengates 151b
79 6 Haigh Hall William JENNINGS Head M 73 Retired Farmer Calverley 151b
    Sarah JENNINGS Wife M 74   Rawdon 151b
    William JENNINGS Gson S 21 Woolen Beamer Idle 151b
    Harry HARDY Gson S 20 Stone Waller [Mason] Idle 151b
    Emma JENNINGS Gdau S 18 Worsted Weaver Idle 151b
    Fred JENNINGS Gson S 15 Worsted Spinner Idle 151b
    John STEWARD Board S 46 Worsted Weaver Bradford 151b
80 1 Haigh Hall Road Joseph B GOODALL Head M 29 Woolen Cloth Miller Greengates 151b
    Annie E GOODALL Wife M 26   Idle 151b
    Lillian GOODALL Dau S 5   Idle 151b
    Doris GOODALL Dau S 3   Greengates 151b
    Teddy GOODALL Son S 11m   Greengates 151b
81 3 Haigh Hall Road Henry E RAISTRICK Head W 56 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 151b
    Martha A RAISTRICK Dau S 29 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 151b
    John L RAISTRICK Son S 23 Under Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 151b
82 5 Haigh Hall Road Hannah MOORE Head W 52 Farmer Lofthouse 151b
    Charlotte MOORE Dau S 22 Dressmaker Lofthouse 151b
    Jessie MOORE d in l M 29   Sheffield 151b
    Edward DALTON Serv S 22 Cattleman York 151b
83 7 Regent Street George RENNISON Head M 40 Club Steward Great Ouseburn 152a
    Mary J RENNISON Wife M 39 Club Stewardess Greengates 152a
84 9 Brunswick Road William STONER Head M 73 Cloth Fuller Foreman Leeds 152a
    Sarah STONER Wife M 70   Leeds 152a
85 11 Brunswick Road Joseph GALLOWAY Head M 67 Woolen Weaver Bradford 152a
    Martha GALLOWAY Wife M 65   Bradford 152a
86 13 Brunswick Road Hugh V HOLLIDAY Head M 23 Worsted Crabber [Dyer] Eccleshill 152a
    Ada HOLLIDAY Wife M 24   Idle 152a
    Annie HOLLIDAY Dau S 1   Idle 152a
87 17 Brunswick Road Charles H SLATER Head M 37 Woolen Card Room Hand SOM 152a
    Martha SLATER Wife M 37 Woolen Card Minder Greengates 152a
    Annie E SLATER Dau S 12   Greengates 152a
    James A SLATER Son S 11   Greengates 152a
    Elsie SLATER Dau S 8   Greengates 152a
    Edgar VOISEY Son S 2   Greengates 152a
88 19 Brunswick Road Ann THOMPSON Head S 62 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 152a
    Rosanah THOMPSON Sis S 53 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 152a
89 21 Brunswick Road Robert A SLATER Head M 33 Stone Mason Yeadon 152a
    Clara SLATER Wife M 35   Bradford 152a
    Tom SLATER Son S 7   Bradford 152a
    Henry SLATER Son S 5   Bradford 152a
    George SLATER Son S 3   Bradford 152a
90 23 Brunswick Road Tom POYSTON Head M 24 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Bingley 152a
    Alice POYSTON Wife M 23   Greengates 152a
91 25 Brunswick Road James GOODAIRE Head M 47 Wool Warehouseman Wenthorpe 152a
    Fanny GOODAIRE Wife M 47   Eccleshill 152a
    Charles C GOODAIRE Son S 26 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 152a
    Jane GOODAIRE Dau S 15 Woolen Burler Greengates 152a
    Frank GOODAIRE Son S 10   Greengates 152a
92 27 Brunswick Road Archie THORNTON Head M 26 Woolen Spinner Bradford 152b
    Ada THORNTON Wife M 27   Bradford 152b
    Evelyn THORNTON Dau S 1   Bradford 152b
93 29 Brunswick Road James ? Head M 28 Woolen Spinner Liversedge 152b
    Sarah H ? Wife M 26   Idle 152b
    Edward ? Son S 1   Greengates 152b
94 37 Brunswick Road Richard WALTON Head M 67 Jobbing Gardener Greengates 152b
    Emma WALTON Wife M 66   Otley 152b
    Lois WALTON Dau S 30 Woolen Weaver Greengates 152b
    Agnes WALTON Dau S 25 Woolen Weaver Greengates 152b
    Kate WALTON Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Greengates 152b
95 39 Brunswick Road Hannah TUTTLE Head W 63 Shirt Sewer at home Greengates 152b
    Sarah POWELL Sis W 67 Woolen Weaver Greengates 152b
96 41 Brunswick Road Ann WHEELER Head W 58   Idle 152b
    John FIRTH Son S 28 Woolen Weaver Idle 152b
    Frank WHEELER step son S 23 Woolen Cloth Finisher Bradford 152b
    Alice WHEELER step dau S 21 [Epileptic from childhood] Bradford 152b
    Alexander FIRTH Son S 20 Woolen Mule Piecer Idle 152b
    Aaron WHEELER step son S 18 Woolen Mule Piecer Bradford 152b
    James A WHEELER Son S 16 Bakery Worker Bradford 152b
97 33 Brunswick Road John A STONER Head M 46 Woolen Cloth Fuller Leeds 152b
    Martha A STONER Wife M 49   Leeds 152b
    Horace STONER Son S 20 MillWight's App. Leeds 152b
    Adela STONER Dau S 18 Worsted Mender Leeds 152b
    Lavena STONER Dau S 13   Bradford 152b
98 31 Brunswick Road John E HARDAKER Head M 24 MillWight Bradford 152b
    Alice HARDAKER Wife M 25 Worsted Weaver Bradford 152b
99 35 Brunswick Road William CARLISLE Head M 30 Joiner Leeds 152b
    Sarah A CARLISLE Wife M 26   Eccleshill 152b
    Amelia CARLISLE Dau S 2   Greengates 152b
100 124 Brunswick Road Emma WILMAN Head W 64   Rawdon 153a
    John WILMAN Son S 25 Woolen Cloth Finisher Greengates 153a
    Fred WILMAN Son S 22 Professional Musician [Cornet] Greengates 153a
    Joseph BATTY Board S 25 Gas Stoker WES Kendal 153a
101 122 Brunswick Road Joseph WILMAN Head M 39 Stone Mason Greengates 153a
    Sophia WILMAN Wife M 38   Eccleshill 153a
    Ann E WILMAN Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Greengates 153a
    Jessie WILMAN Dau S 5   Greengates 153a
    Abraham T WILMAN Son S 1   Greengates 153a
102 120 Brunswick Road Harry E MILNER Head M 35 Woolen Warper Greengates 153a
    Martha A MILNER Wife M 34   Eccleshill 153a
    William G MILNER Son S 10   Greengates 153a
    Ruth E MILNER Dau S 2m   Greengates 153a
103 118 Brunswick Road Joshua MILNER Head M 61 Stone Getter [Quarryman] Queensbury 153a
    Elizabeth MILNER Wife M 65   Eccleshill 153a
    Florence MILNER Dau S 27 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 153a
    Maud E MILNER Dau S 22 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 153a
    John B MILNER Son M 25 Stone Machine Minder Eccleshill 153a
    Hannah M MILNER d in l M 25   Eccleshill 153a
104 116 Brunswick Road Edward LEATHAM Head M 29 Wool Sorter Rodley 153a
    Celia LEATHAM Wife M 28   Greengates 153a
    Harry LEATHAM Son S 2   Calverley 153a
105 114 Brunswick Road Arthur GREENWOOD Head M 30 Factory Boiler Fireman Halifax 153a
    Clara GREENWOOD Wife M 28   Halifax 153a
    Adelina GREENWOOD Dau S 8   Halifax 153a
    Lily GREENWOOD Dau S 7   Halifax 153a
    John E GREENWOOD Son S 3   Halifax 153a
    Emily GREENWOOD Dau S 1   Halifax 153a
106 112 Brunswick Road John W ROBINSON Head M 46 Stone Quarryman Calverley 153b
    Mary ROBINSON Wife M 45   Eccleshill 153b
    Annie ROBINSON Dau S 24 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 153b
    Laura ROBINSON Dau S 21 Worsted Drawer Calverley 153b
    Emma ROBINSON Dau S 16 Worsted Twister Calverley 153b
    Ben ROBINSON Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 153b
    Wa? ROBINSON Son S 11   Eccleshill 153b
107 110 Brunswick Road Lucy SWANN Head W 69   Fulford 153b
    John SWANN Son S 41 Mason's Lab. Linton 153b
    George E SWANN Son S 36 Farmer's Carter Linton 153b
    Herbert THACKWAY Gson M 23 Mill Teamer Eccleshill 153b
    Lily THACKWAY GD-inL M 20   Eccleshill 153b
    Cyril THACKWAY Ggson S 2m   Eccleshill 153b
108 108 Brunswick Road David V LEVITT Head M 29 Mill Stoker Eccleshill 153b
    Clara E LEVITT Wife M 27 Worsted Mender Stainburn 153b
109 106 Brunswick Road Nathan WADDINGTON Head M 65 Jobbing Gardener Whitkirk 153b
    Mary WADDINGTON Wife M 70   Whi--------- 153b
    George BRADDOCK Gson S 21 Farmer's Lab. Whitkirk 153b
110 104 Brunswick Road Joseph OATES Head M 36 Cloth Cutter Holbeck 153b
    Martha A OATES Wife M 30   Hunslet 153b
    George OATES Son S 8   Eccleshill 153b
    John OATES Son S 6   Eccleshill 153b
    Ann OATES Dau S 5   Eccleshill 153b
    Joseph OATES Son S 2   Eccleshill 153b
111 102 Brunswick Road James WALTON Head M 54 Mill Engineer Whitley 153b
    Eliza WALTON Wife M 52   Rawdon 153b
    Ann HOGG Board W 74   Yeadon 153b
    Mary HOGG Board S 47 [Paralyzed from childhood] Rawdon 153b
112 100 Brunswick Road John W COOPER Head M 33 Woolen Mule Piecer Greengates 154a
    Elizabeth COOPER Wife M 30   Menston 154a
    Morris COOPER Son S 7   Greengates 154a
    Harold COOPER Son S 2   Greengates 154a
    Harry G JOWETT Board S 20 Woolen Cloth Tenterer Bradford 154a
    Charles JOWETT Board S 18 Woolen Cloth Gigger LAN Manchester 154a
113 98 Brunswick Road Ellen MAY Head W 36 Rag Sorter DEV Buckfastleigh 154a
    Charlie MAY Son S 10   DEV Buckfastleigh 154a
    Bessie MAY Dau S 9   DEV Buckfastleigh 154a
    Maud MAY Dau S 7   DEV Buckfastleigh 154a
    Willie MAY Son S 5   DEV Buckfastleigh 154a
    John MAY Son S 4   Eccleshill 154a
    Mary E MAY Dau S 2   Eccleshill 154a
    Mary AMIBROCOMBE Moth W 57   DEV Buckfastleigh 154a
114 96 Brunswick Road James NOBLE Head M 32 Woolen Warehouseman Birchencliffe 154a
    Hannah M NOBLE Wife M 31   Longwood 154a
    Wilfred NOBLE Son S 2   Greengates 154a
115 94 Brunswick Road Willie C JOHNSTONE Head M 27 Joiner Bradford 154a
    Ann JOHNSTONE Wife M 29 Worsted Machine Minder Kirkstall 154a
116 70 Brunswick Road Albert HARTLEY Head M 29 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 154a
    Lilly HARTLEY Wife M 27 Woolen Weaver Bradford 154a
117 72 Brunswick Road Seth SCOTT Head M 30 Cloth Mill Firer Idle 154a
    Mary J SCOTT Wife M 30   Undercliffe 154a
    John SCOTT Son S 4   Greengates 154a
    Rose SCOTT Dau S 1   Greengates 154a
118 74 Brunswick Road George W PICKARD Head M 38 Stone Miner Idle 154b
    Sarah PICKARD Wife M 37   Eccleshill 154b
    Joshua PICKARD Son S 18 Stone Mason's App. Eccleshill 154b
    Elizabeth PICKARD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 154b
    James PICKARD Son S 12 1/2 time Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 154b
    Milner PICKARD Son S 9   Eccleshill 154b
    Robert E PICKARD Son S 1   Eccleshill 154b
119 76 Brunswick Road Thomas SIMPSON Head M 47 Woolen Weaver Brompton 154b
    William SIMPSON Son S 11   Eccleshill 154b
    Thomas ELLIS Board W 49 Woolen Weaver Knapton 154b
120 78 Brunswick Road William BRANSON Head M 44 Lab. [Navvy] WAR Birmingham 154b
    Elizabeth BRANSON Wife M 43 Woolen Condenser Minder LIN Boston 154b
    George BRANSON Son S 3   Eccleshill 154b
121 80 Brunswick Road Amos JOWETT Head M 60 Woolen Weaver Bradford 154b
    May A JOWETT Wife M 62   Bradford 154b
    Herbert JOWETT Son S 22 Stone Quarryman Bradford 154b
    Emily JOWETT Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner Bradford 154b
122 82 Brunswick Road Spencer HARTLEY Head M 63 Slater's Lab. Eccleshill 154b
123 84 Brunswick Road Phoebe RHODES Head W 43   Bowling 154b
    Ben RHODES Son S 22 Woolen Cloth Tenterer Bradford 154b
    Sarah A RHODES Dau S 20 Worsted Twister Bradford 154b
    Elizabeth RHODES Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 154b
    Phoebe RHODES Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 154b
    Albert RHODES Son S 11   Eccleshill 154b
124 86 Brunswick Road Bridget HUGHES Head S 50 Small Wares Hawker IRE 154b
125 88 Brunswick Road Reuben JENNINGS Head S 41 Woolen Weaver Greengates 154b
126 92 Brunswick Road Joshua FIRTH Head S 50 Knocker Up Eccleshill 154b
127 68 Brunswick Road Simeon JENNINGS Head M 57 Worsted Warper Yeadon 155a
    Amanda JENNINGS Wife M 56   Bramley 155a
    Eva JENNINGS Dau S 33 Worsted Weaver Greengates 155a
    Emily JENNINGS Niece S 16 Worsted Spinner Greengates 155a
    Joseph GREENWOOD s in l M 34 Worsted Weaving Overlooker LAN Littleborough 155a
    Louisa GREENWOOD Dau M 32   Thackley 155a
    Ernest GREENWOOD Gson S 6   Greengates 155a
    James A GREENWOOD Gson S 3   Greengates 155a
128 66 Brunswick Road James JENNINGS Head M 44 Worsted Weaver Greengates 155a
    Ann JENNINGS Wife M 39 Woolen Weaver Bradford 155a
    Ellen JENNINGS Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Greengates 155a
    Fred JENNINGS Son S 16 Foundry Fitter's App. Greengates 155a
    Harold JENNINGS Gson S 2   Greengates 155a
129 64 Brunswick Road William PRIESTLEY Head M 46 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 155a
    Mary PRIESTLEY Wife M 46   Guiseley 155a
    Edwin PRIESTLEY Son S 16 Telegraph Clerk Guiseley 155a
    Fred PRIESTLEY Son S 14 Woolen Tyer-in Guiseley 155a
    James PRIESTLEY Son S 12   Guiseley 155a
130 62 Brunswick Road Alfred PATTISON Head M 49 Stone Quarry Engine Tenter Bradford 155a
    Rhoda PATTISON Wife M 43   BRK Aston 155a
    Horace PATTISON Son S 20 Laundry Engine Tenter Undercliffe 155a
    Joseph H PATTISON Son S 18 Mason's Lab. Windhill 155a
    Clara PATTISON Dau S 15 Woolen Spooler Windhill 155a
    Beatrice M PATTISON Dau S 13 Shop Assistant Shipley 155a
    Nesta PATTISON Dau S 11   Shipley 155a
    Ruth A PATTISON Dau S 9   Shipley 155a
    Gladys T PATTISON Dau S 6   Shipley 155a
    Alfred S PATTISON Son S 9m   Eccleshill 155a
131 60 Brunswick Road James MAUDE Head M 24 Stone Mason Guiseley 155a
    Annie MAUDE Wife M 22 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 155a
    Harry PRIESTLEY Board S 24 Farm Carter Guiseley 155a
132 58 Brunswick Road William BARNES Head M 47 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 155b
    Elizabeth BARNES Wife M 47   Eccleshill 155b
    Harry BARNES Son S 16 Brass Founder's App. Eccleshill 155b
133 56 Brunswick Road Charles RAISTRICK Head M 51 Stuff Warehouseman Idle 155b
    Jane M RAISTRICK Wife M 51   Idle 155b
    Sarah RAISTRICK Moth W 77 Living on own means Idle 155b
134 54 Brunswick Road John W SLINGER Head M 41 Stone Mason Leeds 155b
    Grace S SLINGER Wife M 40   Idle 155b
    Annie SLINGER Dau S 12   Idle 155b
135 52 Brunswick Road Walter BICKERDYKE Head M 32 Stone Mason Bradford 155b
    Sarah E BICKERDYKE Wife M 30   Bradford 155b
    Ellen BICKERDYKE Dau S 6   Bradford 155b
    Emily BICKERDYKE Dau S 3   Bradford 155b
136 50 Brunswick Road Hannah YEADON Head W 49   Huddersfield 155b
    Maud E YEADON Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 155b
    Maple [Mabel] YEADON Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 155b
    Blanche YEADON Dau S 13 Woolen Twister Huddersfield 155b
137 48 Brunswick Road John H GARSIDE Head M 21 Stationary Engine Stoker Lindley 155b
    Adelaide GARSIDE Wife M 25   Greengates 155b
    Harry L SUTCLIFFE Son S 6   Greengates 155b
    Ivy GARSIDE Dau S 2   Greengates 155b
    Christiana GARSIDE Dau S 3m   Greengates 155b
    John H SUTCLIFFE f in l M 55 Woolen Fettler Armley 155b
    Eliza SUTCLIFFE m in l M 49 Woolen Condenser Minder Greengates 155b
138 46 Brunswick Road Martha A WHEELER Head W 45 Worsted Drawer Guiseley 155b
    Rose OSBOURNE Lodg S 22 Worsted Drawer UK 155b
139 44 Brunswick Road Jeremiah ATKINSON Head M 31 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Bradford 155b
    Eva ATKINSON Wife M 34 Woolen Weaver Bradford 155b
140 42 Regent Street John H SAGE Head M 38 Dyer's Lab. DEV South Molton 156a
    Jane SAGE Wife M 37   DEV Buckfastleigh 156a
    William S SAGE Son S 15 Woolen Mule Spinner DEV Buckfastleigh 156a
    Bessie L SAGE Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner DEV Buckfastleigh 156a
    Mabel SAGE Dau S 11   DEV Buckfastleigh 156a
    Farnley SAGE Son S 5   Eccleshill 156a
    Violet SAGE Dau S 3   Eccleshill 156a
    Herbert SAGE Son S 1   Eccleshill 156a
    Lillian SAGE Dau S 7   DEV Buckfastleigh 156a
141 28 Regent Street Thomas WALKER Head M 53 Woolen Cloth Miller LAN Rochdale 156a
    Margarett WALKER Wife M 55   Aldborough ? 156a
142 26 Regent Street Lavinia TETT Wife M 64   SOM Crewkerne 156a
143 24 Regent Street Sarah SKIRROW Head S 53 Woolen Weaver Greengates 156a
144 22 Regent Street John WILKINSON Head M 36 Stationary Engine Driver Leeds 156a
    Mary J WILKINSON Wife M 34   Leeds 156a
    Ernest WILKINSON Son S 7   Leeds 156a
    William WILKINSON Son S 5   Bradford 156a
    Nellie WILKINSON Dau S 2m   Bradford 156a
145 30 Regent Street William COWMAN Head M 25 Woolen Spinner Greengates 156a
    Polly COWMAN Wife M 26   Yeadon 156a
    Blanche COWMAN Dau S 5   Greengates 156a
    Fred COWMAN Son S 3   Greengates 156a
    Andrew K COWMAN Son S 9m   Greengates 156a
146 32 Regent Street Joseph W DENBY Head M 27 Boarding School Caretaker Idle 156a
    Eliza B DENBY Wife M 28   New Wortley 156a
    Walter H DENBY Son S 4   Eccleshill 156a
    William DENBY Son S 2   Eccleshill 156a
147 34 Regent Street Benjamin SHUTTLEWORTH Head M 32 Fish & Potato Fryer Idle 156a
    Lucy A SHUTTLEWORTH Wife M 34   Barnsley 156a
    Gershom SHUTTLEWORTH Son S 8   Idle 156a
    Verona SHUTTLEWORTH Dau S 7   Idle 156a
148 36 Regent Street Joseph COWMAN Head W 52 Waste Mill Warehouseman Greengates 156b
    Joseph H COWMAN Son S 21 Waste Mill Warehouseman Greengates 156b
    Alice COWMAN Dau S 19   Greengates 156b
    Rosina COWMAN Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Greengates 156b
    Arthur COWMAN Son S 7   Greengates 156b
149 38 Regent Street Jane NICHOLS Head W 66   NBL Alnwick 156b
    Mary NICHOLS Dau S 36 [Cripple from childhood] LAN Liverpool 156b
    George NICHOLS Son S 34 Fish Dealer Greengates 156b
    James FITTES Neph S 19 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Greengates 156b
    Edith FITTES Niece S 14 Worsted Spinner Greengates 156b
150 40 Regent Street John WATERHOUSE Head M 51 Worsted Weaver Shipley 156b
    Isabell WATERHOUSE Wife M 43 Worsted Weaver Ripon 156b
    Horace WATERHOUSE Son S 13 Newsboy Bradford 156b
151 20 Regent Street Sarah A CROWTHER Head W 48 Woolen Burler Greengates 156b
    Herbert CROWTHER Son S 26 General Lab. Greengates 156b
    Walter CROWTHER Son S 18 Dyer's Lab. Leeds 156b
    Agnes CROWTHER Dau S 14 Cloth Letterer Greengates 156b
    Annie GOLDSBOROUGH Board S 18 Woolen Weaver Idle 156b
152 18 Regent Street Fred MITCHELL Head M 39 Woolen Warehouseman Denholme 156b
    Alice MITCHELL Wife M 33 Worsted Weaver Idle 156b
    Annie MITCHELL Dau S 5   Idle 156b
153 16 Regent Street James GRANT Head M 43 Poultry Dealer Stanningley 156b
    Sarah E GRANT Wife M 43   NTT Nottingham 156b
    Sarah A GRANT Dau S 21 Worsted Drawer Guiseley 156b
    Rayman GRANT Son S 19 Bricklayer's Lab. Guiseley 156b
    James GRANT Son S 17 Cloth Crabber [Dyer] Guiseley 156b
    Louie GRANT Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Guiseley 156b
    John W GRANT Son S 12 1/2 time Worsted Spinner Yeadon 156b
    Cyril GRANT Son S 8   Yeadon 156b
    Tina GRANT Dau S 4   Yeadon 156b
    Nellie GRANT Dau S 3   Greengates 156b
    Leonard GRANT Son S 4m   Greengates 157a
154 14 Regent Street David PRATT Head M 49 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 157a
    Sarah PRATT Wife M 47 Woolen Weaver Greengates 157a
    Annie PRATT Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Greengates 157a
    Henry PRATT Son S 15 Woolen Spinner Greengates 157a
    Mary PRATT Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Greengates 157a
155 12 Regent Street Thomas PRATT Head M 44 Billiard Cloth Weaver Greengates 157a
    Harriett PRATT Wife M 51 Woolen Weaver Idle 157a
156 10 Haigh Hall Road Thomas CHILD Head M 40 Stationary Engineman Hunslet 157a
    Sarah A CHILD Wife M 38   Pudsey 157a
    Alice CHILD Dau S 19 Woolen Card Room Hand Guiseley 157a
    Mary J CHILD Dau S 16 Worsted Mender Guiseley 157a
    Agnes CHILD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Greengates 157a
    Sam G CHILD Son S 12   Greengates 157a
    Robina CHILD Dau S 9   Guiseley 157a
    Emma CHILD Dau S 7   Guiseley 157a
    Allan CHILD Dau S 5   Guiseley 157a
    Herbert CHILD Son S 3   Greengates 157a
    Harry CHILD Son S 1   Greengates 157a
157 8 Haigh Hall Road Tom SEDGEWICK Head M 36 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 157a
    Ellen SEDGEWICK Wife M 27   Eccleshill 157a
    Joseph SEDGEWICK Son S 2   Eccleshill 157a
    Alice SEDGEWICK Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 157a
158 6 Haigh Hall Road William S LISTER Head W 64 General Retail Draper Rawdon 157a
    Nellie LISTER Dau S 22 Worsted Drawer Idle 157a
    Annie LISTER Dau S 20   Greengates 157a
    Edith WHITHAM step dau S 22 Worsted Twister Shipley 157a
159 4 Haigh Hall Road Mary A PRATT Head W 65   Greengates 157a
    Thomas PRATT Son S 38 Woolen Weaver Greengates 157a
160 2 Haigh Hall Road Sarah COOPER Head W 64   Horsforth 157b
    Sam FARNISH s in l M 22 Woolen Dyer Thornbury 157b
    Florence M FARNISH Dau M 24 Worsted Percher Eccleshill 157b
    Harry FARNISH Gson S 1   Eccleshill 157b
    Edward NORTON Board S 22 Plumber Eccleshill 157b
161 15 Oxford Street William THOMPSON Head M 64 Joiner Idle 157b
162 13 Oxford Street Thomas DARNBOROUGH Head M 34 Waste Mill YardMan Eccleshill 157b
    Emma DARNBOROUGH Wife M 35   Idle 157b
    Herbert DARNBOROUGH Son S 11   Eccleshill 157b
    Joseph DARNBOROUGH Son S 8   Eccleshill 157b
    Annie DARNBOROUGH Dau S 7   Eccleshill 157b
    Albert DARNBOROUGH Son S 5   Eccleshill 157b
    Archie DARNBOROUGH Son S 2   Eccleshill 157b
    Joseph WHITELEY Board S 37 Waste Mill YardMan Eccleshill 157b
    Arthur BEAUMONT Board S 19 Wool Extractor Eccleshill 157b
163 11 Oxford Street John HOBSON Head M 55 Wool Willier Eccleshill 157b
    Elizabeth HOBSON Wife M 54   Eccleshill 157b
    Edith HOBSON Dau S 14   Eccleshill 157b
    William HOBSON Son S 23 Piece Dyer's Lab. Eccleshill 157b
164 9 Oxford Street Joseph JACQUES Head W 68 General Lab. Austerfield 157b
    Mary E JACQUES Dau S 25 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 157b
    Harry JACQUES Son S 21 General Lab. Eccleshill 157b
    Esther JACQUES Dau S 16   Eccleshill 157b
    Benjamin ILLINGWORTH Board S 30 Woolen Cloth Miller Eccleshill 157b
165 7 Oxford Street Emma LUND Head W 60   Sheffield 157b
    Albert LUND Son S 31 Discharged Invalid Soldier Bradford 157b
    Leonard LUND Son S 22 Worsted Piece Tenterer Bradford 157b
    Annie LUND Dau S 19 Waste Sorter Bradford 157b
    Emma LUND Dau S 15 Worsted Burler Bradford 157b
166 5 Oxford Street Albert E HALL Head M 28 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Frizing Hall 158a
    Edith HALL Wife M 29 Worsted Weaver Grassington 158a
    Harold HALL Son S 5   Baildon 158a
    Clarence HALL Son S 1   Greengates 158a
    Ellen WALTON Visit W 74   NO WLS 158a
167 3 Oxford Street William DENNISON Head M 29 Woolen Mill Fettler Guiseley 158a
    Ada DENNISON Wife M 27   Greengates 158a
    Emma DENNISON Dau S 6   Greengates 158a
    Mary H DENNISON Dau S 2   Greengates 158a
    Herbert A DENNISON Son S 6m   Greengates 158a
    Joseph CORDINGLEY f in l M 72 Wool Sorter Shipley 158a
    Ann CORDINGLEY m in l M 65   Greengates 158a
    Emma MAUD Niece S 19 Worsted Twister Greengates 158a
168 1 Oxford Street Alfred ELLIOTT Head M 31 Woolen Warper Bradford 158a
    Mary A ELLIOTT Wife M 29   Bradford 158a
    Edith M ELLIOTT Dau S 11   Bradford 158a
    Clarissa ELLIOTT Dau S 10   Bradford 158a
    Arthur ELLIOTT Son S 8   Bradford 158a
    Charles ELLIOTT Son S 6   Bradford 158a
    Leonard ELLIOTT Son S 1   Bradford 158a
169 38 New Line Grace HARDAKER Head W 60   Eccleshill 158a
    Mary A HARDAKER Dau S 33 Milliner Yeadon 158a
    Sarah A HARDAKER Dau S 28 Dressmaker Yeadon 158a
    Frederick W HARDAKER Son S 22 Steam Crane Works Fitter Calverley 158a
    Francis H HARDAKER Son S 18 Joiner's App. Calverley 158a
    Martha J HARDAKER Dau S 16 Woolen Spooler Calverley 158a
    Gladys BRAYSHAW Gdau S 4   Calverley 158a
170 36 New Line Joseph H DOCKRAY Head M 38 Wool Warehouseman & Barber Horsforth 158b
    Mary A DOCKRAY Wife M 36   Eccleshill 158b
    Minnie DOCKRAY Dau S 10   Eccleshill 158b
    Jim DOCKRAY Son S 7   Eccleshill 158b
    Emily DOCKRAY Dau S 3   Eccleshill 158b
    Annie DOCKRAY Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 158b
171 34 New Line Nathan CARLISLE Head M 27 Motor Engine Driver Leeds 158b
    Mary E CARLISLE Wife M 24   Greengates 158b
    Ellen CARLISLE Dau S 5m   Idle 158b
172 32 New Line Albert SIMS Head M 24 Worsted Warp Twister Huddersfield 158b
    Edith SIMS Wife M 26   Eccleshill 158b
    Ethel A SIMS Dau S 4m   Bradford 158b
173 30 New Line Hannah RILEY Head W 71   Rawdon 158b
    Mary A RILEY Dau S 27 Woolen Weaver Idle 158b
174 28 New Line Robert H FENTIMAN Head M 37 Saddler & Harness Maker LON 158b
    Wilfred FENTIMAN Son S 13   Manningham 158b
    Edith H FENTIMAN Dau S 11   Manningham 158b
    Bertha FENTIMAN Dau S 10   Manningham 158b
175 18 New Line Walter NETTLETON Head M 24 Cloth Finisher Greengates 158b
    Mary H NETTLETON Wife M 25 Wool Weaver Idle 158b
176 20 New Line Thomas HARRISON Head M 53 Mill WatchMan Yeadon 158b
    Emma HARRISON Wife M 57   Yeadon 158b
177 22 New Line David KEIGHLEY Head W 62 Woolen Warping Machine Minder Farsley 158b
178 24 New Line Craven HINCHCLIFFE Head M 37 Woolen Weaver Birstall 158b
    Ruth HINCHCLIFFE Wife M 37 Woolen Weaver Greengates 158b
    Sarah HINCHCLIFFE Moth W 68   Gildersome 158b
179 12 New Line Harriett TONGE Head W 55   LAN Liverpool 158b
    Walter TONGE Son S 21 House Painter Greengates 158b
    Emily TONGE Dau S 22 Waste Sorter Greengates 158b
    Florence TONGE Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Greengates 158b
180 11 New Line Geoge BRIDGE Head M 41 Market Gardener & China Dealer SFK Stansfield 159a
    Tryphania B BRIDGE Wife M 38   LAN Manchester 159a
    Winifred A BRIDGE Dau S 15   DUR Dinsdale 159a
    George R BRIDGE Son S 13   Rawdon 159a
    Thomas C BRIDGE Son S 8   Greengates 159a
    Bernice E BRIDGE Dau S 6   Greengates 159a
    Lillian J TIDMARSH Serv S 17 General Domestic Serv HANTS Sutton Scotney 159a
    John BENTLEY Serv S 17 Market Gardener Bingley 159a
    Alfred SCRUTON Serv S 17 Market Gardener Ribstone 159a
182 8 New Line Mary E DAVISON Head S 36 Woolen Weaver Idle 159a
183 6 New Line Samuel RICHARDSON Head M 40 Woolen Weaver Bradford 159a
    Emma RICHARDSON Wife M 38 Woolen Weaver Bradford 159a
184 4 New Line John W HAINSWORTH Head M 34 General Practitioner [Surgeon] Thackley 159a
    Mary E HAINSWORTH Wife M 31   Shipley 159a
    Elizabeth HALEY Serv S 21 General Domestic Serv Bradford 159a
185 1 New Line William H SAGAR Head M 52 BeerHouse Keeper LAN Manchester 159a
    Rachel SAGAR Wife M 45   Eccleshill 159a
    Clara SMITH Serv S 24 General Domestic Serv Harrrogate 159a
186 3 New Line Clara RILEY Head W 34 ShopKeeper [Draper] Idle 159a
    Edith RILEY Dau S 11   Greengates 159a
    Albert RILEY Son S 9   Greengates 159a
    Alice RILEY Dau S 7   Greengates 159a
    Lillian RILEY Dau S 5   Greengates 159a
187 5 New Line George PULLAN Head M 45 Woolen Card Room Hand Eccleshill 159a
    Mary A PULLAN Wife M 42   Eccleshill 159a
    Willie PULLAN Son S 15 Worsted Spinning Jobber Eccleshill 159a
    Herbert PULLAN Son S 10   Eccleshill 159a
    Sarah PULLAN Dau S 7   Eccleshill 159a
    Grace A PULLAN Dau S 4   Eccleshill 159a
188 7 New Line Alfred GOODALL Head M 63 Stone Mason Greengates 159b
    Nancy GOODALL Wife M 63   Bradford 159b
    Fred GOODALL Son S 20 Woolen Weaver Greengates 159b
    Percy GOODALL Son S 17 Wool Sorter Greengates 159b
189 9 New Line Banister POWELL Head M 44 Corn Miller Eccleshill 159b
    Emma POWELL Wife M 40 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 159b
    Annie POWELL Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 159b
    Edith POWELL Dau S 12   Eccleshill 159b
190 11 New Line Joseph HOLMES Head M 35 Woolen Weaver New Wortley 159b
    Hannah HOLMES Wife M 37 Woolen Weaver Thackley 159b
191 13 New Line Benjamin POWELL Head W 52 Woolen Beamer Eccleshill 159b
    Sarah E POWELL Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 159b
    Walter POWELL Son S 15 Woolen Cloth Finisher Eccleshill 159b
192 15 & 17 New Line Thomas RAMSDEN Head M 33 Butcher Shipley 159b
    Mary RAMSDEN Wife M 34   Leeds 159b
    Maggie RAMSDEN Dau S 7   Shipley 159b
    Ada RAMSDEN Dau S 3   Greengates 159b
    Emily RAMSDEN Dau S 1m   Greengates 159b
193 19 New Line Florence INGLE Head S 24 Woolen Weaver Greengates 159b
    Alice INGLE Sis S 22 Woolen Weaver Greengates 159b
194 21 New Line Henry INGLE Head M 38 Joiner Eccleshill 159b
    Eva INGLE Wife M 33 General Draper ShopKeeper Shipley 159b
    Walter INGLE Son S 10   Idle 159b
    Louie INGLE Dau S 8   Idle 159b
    Mary WHITTAKER s in l S 42 Woolen Burler Shipley 159b
195 23 New Line Herbert INGLE Head M 43 Joiner Greengates 159b
    Emma A INGLE Wife M 33 Dressmaker Pudsey 159b
    Elsie INGLE Dau S 7   Greengates 159b
    Percy INGLE Son S 6   Greengates 159b
196 25 New Line Mary WALKER Head M 47 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 160a
    Louisa WALKER Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Calverley 160a
    Charles E WALKER Son S 15 Mill Office Boy Idle 160a
197 27 New Line James ROSS Head W 57 Woolen Cloth Tenterer Farsley 160a
    Mary ROSS Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Greengates 160a
198 29 New Line John KENNEDY Head M 44 Steel Works PitMan New Wortley 160a
    Mary J KENNEDY Wife M 40   Baildon 160a
    Annie KENNEDY Dau S 16 Dressmaker Greengates 160a
199 31 New Line Fred BERRY Head M 30 Dyer's Lab. Marsh 160a
    Louisa BERRY Wife M 24 Woolen Weaver Greengates 160a
    James BERRY Son S 3   Idle 160a
200 33 New Line David TONGE Head M 28 Woolen Warehouseman LAN Liverpool 160a
    Polly TONGE Wife M 28   Thackley 160a
201 35 New Line John JENNINGS Head M 73 Woolen Weft Man Greengates 160a
    Elizabeth JENNINGS Wife M 68   Greengates 160a
    Harry JENNINGS Son S 31 Worsted Weft Man Greengates 160a
202 37 New Line Novello WILKINSON Head M 40 Worsted Warehouseman Leeds 160a
    Adelaide WILKINSON Wife M 30 Tailoress Leeds 160a
    Jenny L WILKINSON Dau S 11   Leeds 160a
203 39 New Line William SHARP Head M 35 Woolen Weft Man Lightcliffe 160a
    Fanny SHARP Wife M 37 Woolen Weaver Greengates 160a
    Holdroyd SHARP Son S 12   Greengates 160a
204 41 New Line Charles H CARTER Head M 45 Green Grocer Pudsey 160a
    Sarah J CARTER Wife M 39   Linton 160a
    Lucy CARTER Dau S 5   Greengates 160a
    Joseph L CARTER Neph S 21 Green Grocer's Assistant Pudsey 160a
205 43 New Line Joseph C COUTAS Head M 27 Grocer ShopKeeper LAN Manchester 160a
    Mary COUTAS Wife M 28   Eccleshill 160a
    Reginald W COUTAS Son S 3   Eccleshill 160a
    William H COUTAS Son S 4m   Eccleshill 160a
    Adelaide LONGBOTTOM Serv S 26 General Domestic Serv NTT Nottingham 160a
206 43a New Line Esther CLARKSON Head S 45   Bradford 160b
    Squire WALTON b in l M 38 Woolen Weaver Greengates 160b
    Jane WALTON Sis M 43 Woolen Weaver Bradford 160b
207 1 The Grove William PITTS Head M 50 Blacksmith Bradford 160b
    Maria PITTS Wife M 48   Bradford 160b
    Ethel M PITTS Dau S 7   Bradford 160b
208 3 The Grove Thomas COATES Head M 60 Living on own means Yeadon 160b
    Elizabeth COATES Wife M 55   Eccleshill 160b
    Percival S COATES Son S 19 Grocer ShopKeeper Eccleshill 160b
    Mary E FARLEY Serv S 27 General Domestic Serv Leeds 160b
209 5 The Grove Joseph KERSHAW Head M 38 Woolen Cloth Finisher LAN Littleborough 160b
    Sarah KERSHAW Wife M 37   LAN Littleborough 160b
    Annie KERSHAW Sis S 59   LAN Littleborough 160b
210 7 The Grove Thomas DALBY Head S 44 Woolen Waste Merchant Greengates 160b
    Frederick DALBY Bro S 40 Cloth Warehouseman Greengates 160b
    Richard DALBY Bro S 34 Cloth Finisher Greengates 160b
    Clara DALBY Sis S 33 Worsted Coating Mender Greengates 160b
    Annie DALBY Sis S 24   Halifax 160b
211 9 The Grove John H DOBSON Head M 48 Worsted Mfgr's Salesman Clayton 160b
    Mary A W DOBSON Wife M 49   Thornton 160b
    Alice DOBSON Dau S 22   Great Horton 160b
    Sarah E DOBSON Dau S 19   Great Horton 160b
    Mary A DOBSON Dau S 15 Boarding School Teacher Great Horton 160b
    Norman DOBSON Son S 7   Great Horton 160b
212 11 The Grove Joseph H PARKER Head M 59 Woolen Mill Manager Pudsey 160b
    Jane PARKER Wife M 58   Pudsey 160b
    Joseph PARKER Son S 30 Woolen Mill Foreman Pudsey 160b
    Samuel PARKER Son S 28 Printer & Compositor Pudsey 160b
    Clara J PARKER Dau S 23   Pudsey 160b
213 13 The Grove Emma WATMOUGH Head W 40   Greengates 161a
    Mary WATMOUGH Dau S 15 Assistant Co-op ShopKeeper Greengates 161a
    Hedley WATMOUGH Son S 11   Greengates 161a
    Horace HOLMES Board S 22 Woolen Cloth Dyer Birstall 161a
214 15 The Grove Peter FALCON Head M 61 Commercial Traveller Clayton West 161a
    Margaret FALCON Wife M 61   Huddersfield 161a
    Alice L FALCON Dau S 25   Huddersfield 161a
    Isabella FALCON Dau S 23 Boarding School Teacher Huddersfield 161a
    Frank T FALCON Son S 21 Cloth Warehouseman Huddersfield 161a
    Margaret E FALCON Dau S 19 Typist Leeds 161a
215 4 The Grove John MYERS Head M 39 Cloth Finisher Horsforth 161a
    Jane MYERS Wife M 37   LIN Houlton le Clay 161a
    Olive MYERS Dau S 16 Worsted Burler New Wortley 161a
216 6 The Grove Ann WARRINGTON Head W 69   LIN Hedlington 161a
    Hannah LIGHT Dau W 45 Worsted Coating Mender Cawood 161a
    Matilda WARRINGTON Dau S 38 Worsted Coating Mender Sutton 161a
    Thomas C WARRINGTON Son S 33 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 161a
    Arthur C LIGHT Gson S 22 Merchant's Clerk Eccleshill 161a
    John W WARRINGTON Gson S 22 Coal Merchant's Traveller Eccleshill 161a
217 8 The Grove William WHITTAKER Head M 54 Woolen Dyer Foreman Paddock 161a
    Ann WHITTAKER Wife M 58   Honley 161a
    Francis A WHITTAKER Son S 30   Honley 161a
218 49 The Grove Seth THORNTON Head M 42 Grocer's Assistant Idle 161a
    Martha THORNTON Wife M 41   Eccleshill 161a
    Harry WHITTAKER Board S 25 Worsted Wool Dyer Honley 161a
    George H CROSLAND Board S 19 Worsted Wool Dyer's Appr South Crosland 161a
    George H PRIESTLEY Board S 33 Flannel Warehouseman Halifax 161a
219 51 New Line Herbert ROBERTS Head M 29 Butcher Eccleshill 161b
    Ada ROBERTS Wife M 28   Eccleshill 161b
    Henry ROBERTS Son S 4   Eccleshill 161b
    Mary A ROBERTS Dau S 2   Eccleshill 161b
    Thomas CORDINGLEY f in l M 53 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 161b
220 53 New Line Seth GOLDSBOROUGH Head M 40 Woolen Piece Taker-in Idle 161b
    Dinah GOLDSBOROUGH Wife M 41   Idle 161b
    Clara GOLDSBOROUGH Dau S 16 Woolen Burler Greengates 161b
    Walter GOLDSBOROUGH Son S 12   Greengates 161b
    Ernest GOLDSBOROUGH Son S 9   Greengates 161b
    John GOLDSBOROUGH Son S 4   Greengates 161b
221 75 Greengates Road James HORROCKS Head M 41 Hotel Proprietor LAN Rhodes 161b
    Harriett A HORROCKS Wife M 42   Bradford 161b
    William G HORROCKS Son S 16 Cabinet Maker Appprentice Saltaire 161b
    Doris HORROCKS Dau S 3   Saltaire 161b
    Sarah E LEVITT Serv S 28 General Domestic Serv Greengates 161b
222 77 Greengates Road Joseph E HINDLE Serv S 18 Butcher's Boy Rawdon 161b
    Fred HOLROYD Serv S 19 Butcher's Boy Lepton 161b
223 26 Greengates Road Edwin BARKER Head M 68 News Agent & Stationer Kirkburton 161b
    Mary A BARKER Wife M 49 News Agent & Stationer's Asst Bradford 161b
    William C BARKER Son S 25 News Agent & Stationer's Asst Eccleshill 161b
    Jane BARKER d in l S 20 News Agent & Stationer's Asst Bradford 161b
224 24 Greengates Road Edward D SOWDEN Head M 43 Grocer ShopKeeper Eccleshill 161b
    Ellen SOWDEN Wife M 49   Eccleshill 161b
    Martha SOWDEN Niece S 23 Grocer's Assistant Eccleshill 161b
    Dinah CATTLEY Aunt W 85 Living on own means Thorner 161b
225 57 New Line Mary HALL Head W 45   DBY Ripley 162a
    Major HALL Son S 21 Tailor Bradford 162a
    Lawrence HALL Son S 19 Worst Work Bradford 162a
    Harold HALL Son S 17 Woolen Tentering Machine Minder Bradford 162a
    Violet HALL Dau S 14 Woolen Spooler Bradford 162a
    Fred KILSHAW Board S 24 Tailor WES Henshaw 162a
    Wilfred BROOK Board S 20 PostMan Bradford 162a
226 59 New Line John DOBSON Head M 57 Gardener Greengates 162a
    Elizabeth A DOBSON Wife M 57   Leeds 162a
    Ellen DOBSON Dau S 32 Worsted Mender Greengates 162a
    Elizabeth A DOBSON Dau S 30   Greengates 162a
    Harry DOBSON Son S 25 Stone Quarry Lab. Greengates 162a
    George T DOBSON Son S 23 Wood Carver Greengates 162a
    Charles L DOBSON Son S 20 Boot & Shoemaker Greengates 162a
    Bertha DOBSON Dau S 19 Worsted Mender Greengates 162a
227 61 New Line William H SALTON Head M 43 Commercial Traveller [Clothing] SAL Shrewsbury 162a
    Grace SALTON Wife M 42   CHS Macclesfield 162a
    Clement SALTON Son S 11   CHS Macclesfield 162a
    Wilbye SALTON Son S 10   CHS Macclesfield 162a
    Charles COOPER Visit M 62 Woolen & Dress Goods Designer CHS Macclesfield 162a
228 63 New Line Mary BENSON Head W 57   HRT Hereford 162a
    Robert D BENSON Son S 24 Grocer's TeaMan Idle 162a
    John A BENSON Son S 20 Worsted Percher Idle 162a
    Joseph BENSON Son S 18 Shoemaker Eccleshill 162a
229 65 New Line Mary WALTON Head W 70   Greengates 162a
    Annie WALTON Dau S 37 [Imbecile] Greengates 162a
    Eliza WALTON Dau S 34 Woolen Weaver Greengates 162a
230 67 New Line John MOULD Head M 52 CoachMan [Groom] NTT Hepthorp 162a
    Fanny MOULD Dau S 19   Idle 162a
231 69 New Line William FIELDHOUSE Head M 32 Mill Stoker Rawdon 162b
    Hannah J FIELDHOUSE Wife M 31   LON 162b
    Gordon FIELDHOUSE Son S 5   Rawdon 162b
232 71 New Line Ellison MORTIMER Head M 28 Worsted Weaver & Club Steward Eccleshill 162b
    Minnie MORTIMER Wife M 26 Club Stewardess LON 162b
233 75 New Line Joseph LONG Head M 63 Woolen Cloth Fuller Shipley 162b
    Elizabeth LONG Wife M 60   Idle 162b
    Adah LONG Dau S 36 Milliner Thackley 162b
    Harry W LONG Son S 24 Architect & Surveyor Thackley 162b
    Henrietta LONG Niece S 19   Baildon 162b
234 77 New Line Thomas LONG Head M 37 Woolen Cloth Fuller Leeds 162b
    Charlotte LONG Wife M 30   Bradford 162b
    Arthur H LONG Son S 7   Leeds 162b
235 79 New Line Da* GRIMSHAW Head M 44 Woolen Weaver Calverley 162b
    Betty GRIMSHAW Wife M 45   GLS Lower Guiting 162b
    Harriett A GRIMSHAW Dau S 18 Worsted Twister Greengates 162b
    Mary E GRIMSHAW Dau S 16 Worsted Twister Greengates 162b
    Maud GRIMSHAW Dau S 13 Worsted Doffer Greengates 162b
    Rhoda GRIMSHAW Dau S 11   Greengates 162b
236 81 New Line Hargreaves GRIMSHAW Head M 46 Woolen Weaver Calverley 162b
    Elizabeth GRIMSHAW Wife M 43 Woolen Weaver Bradford 162b
    Charles L GRIMSHAW Son S 12   Bradford 162b
237 83 New Line Barzilla GRIMSHAW Head M 41 Woolen Spinner Calverley 162b
    Mary GRIMSHAW Wife M 44   Eccleshill 162b
    Emma GRIMSHAW Dau S 16 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 162b
    Hilda GRIMSHAW Dau S 5   Eccleshill 162b
238 85 New Line Mary WHITELEY Head W 54   Guiseley 162b
    Thomas WHITELEY Son S 21 Commercial Clerk Eccleshill 162b
    Louis WHITELEY Dau S 23 Worsted Mender Calverley 162b
239 87 New Line Edwin PRIESTLEY Head M 54 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Thornton 163a
    Martha A PRIESTLEY Wife M 56   Thornton 163a
    Alice PRIESTLEY Dau S 30 Worsted Mender Ovenden 163a
    Albert PRIESTLEY Son S 25 Wholesale Draper's Assistant Ovenden 163a
240 89 New Line Joseph THORNTON Head M 61 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 163a
    Sarah THORNTON Wife M 56   Tong 163a
    Anne E THORNTON Dau S 32 Woolen Weaver Idle 163a
    Florence THORNTON Dau S 18 Boarding School Teacher Yeadon 163a
241 91 New Line Thornton WIGHT Head M 71 Retired Woolen Weaver Greengates 163a
    Priscilla WIGHT Wife M 70   Farsley 163a
    Blanche WIGHT Dau S 48? Boot & Shoe ShopKeeper Batley 163a
    Alfred WIGHT Son S 36   Batley 163a
    Ernest WIGHT Son S 34 Architect & Surveyor Calverley 163a
242 95 New Line Thornton HARDAKER Head M 49 Mill Mechanic Eccleshill 163a
    Amanda HARDAKER Wife M 46 Baker & Confectionary ShopKeeper Pudsey 163a
    Bertha A HARDAKER Dau S 20   Eccleshill 163a
    Samuel HARDAKER Son S 18 WheelWight's App. Eccleshill 163a
    Clara HARDAKER Dau S 15 Bread Baker Eccleshill 163a
243 94 New Line Alfred LEACH Head M 30 Woolen Cloth Fuller Idle 163a
    Isabella LEACH Wife M 30   Undercliffe 163a
    William LEACH Son S 4   Bradford 163a
    Walter LEACH Son S 3   Greengates 163a
    Bertha LEACH Dau S 1   Greengates 163a
244 92 New Line Edward CLEGG Head M 35 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Huddersfield 163a
    Elizabeth CLEGG Wife M 36 Woolen Weaver Bradford 163a
    Eliza PITCHFORTH s in l S 28   Bradford 163a
245 90 New Line Thomas HILEY Head M 50 Woolen Card Cleaner Eccleshill 163a
    Jane HILEY Wife M 56   Undercliffe 163a
    Annie G HILEY Dau S 20 Worsted Mender Leeds 163a
246 88 New Line Tom DOWNES Head M 36 Woolen Weaver Heaton 163b
    Merriam DOWNES Wife M 33 Woolen Weaver Greengates 163b
    Hannah DOWNES Dau S 10   Greengates 163b
    Harley DOWNES Son S 8   Greengates 163b
247 86 New Line Fred MILL Head M 29 Woolen Warper Leeds 163b
    Kate MILL Wife M 29 Worsted Mender Leeds 163b
    Charlie R MILL Son S 3   Horsforth 163b
    Marion BATES Board S 21 Worsted Mender Barnsley 163b
248 84 New Line Fred PITTS Head M 31 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 163b
    Henrietta PITTS Wife M 27 Woolen Weaver NTT Everton 163b
249 82 New Line Bob BENSON Head M 25 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Idle 163b
    Elizabeth BENSON Wife M 25   Shipley 163b
    Phyllis BENSON Dau S 1m   Greengates 163b
250 80 New Line George E AYRTON Head M 31 Woolen Spinner Bradford 163b
    Mary AYRTON Wife M 27   Bradford 163b
    Frank AYRTON Son S 4   Bradford 163b
    Ernest AYRTON Son S 1   Bradford 163b
    Grace E CRAVEN Board S 29 Woolen Weaver Bradford 163b
251 78 New Line Olivier STANLEY Head M 43 Hand Loom Pattern Weaver Kirkheaton 163b
    Eliza STANLEY Wife M 42   Kirkheaton 163b
    Harry STANLEY Son S 23 Worsted Healder & Twister Kirkheaton 163b
    Mary STANLEY Dau S 21 Worsted Burler Kirkheaton 163b
    John STANLEY Son S 14 Office Boy Holmfirth 163b
252 76 New Line Joseph TEALE Head M 60 Cloth Finisher Horsforth 163b
    Mary A TEALE Wife M 48   Yeadon 163b
    Elizabeth TEALE Dau S 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rawdon 163b
    Smith TEALE Son S 18 Blacksmith Rawdon 163b
    Sarah TEALE Dau S 14   Pudsey 163b
253 74 New Line John H ACKROYD Head M 35 Woolen Weaver Bradford 164a
    Florence ACKROYD Wife M 31 Woolen Weaver Bradford 164a
    Alice ACKROYD Dau S 5   Bradford 164a
    Annie ACKROYD Dau S 4   Bradford 164a
    Bertha ACKROYD Dau S 3   Bradford 164a
254 72 New Line Arthur WALKER Head M 41 Woolen Percher Eccleshill 164a
    Emma WALKER Wife M 40 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 164a
    Charles A WALKER Son S 7   Eccleshill 164a
    Ann WALTON m in l W 70   Penniston 164a
255 70 New Line James WINTERBURN Head M 34 Woolen Willier Idle 164a
    Annie E WINTERBURN Wife M 30   Laister Dyke 164a
    Ida E WINTERBURN Dau S 7   Greengates 164a
    Doris WINTERBURN Dau S 4   Greengates 164a
    Gladys WINTERBURN Dau S 2   Greengates 164a
256 68 New Line Isaac SMITH Head M 25 Woolen Dyer Windhill 164a
    Mary SMITH Wife M 27   NFK 164a
    Lena SMITH Dau S 3   Greengates 164a
257 66 New Line Stansfield THORNTON Head M 36 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Bradford 164a
    Mary THORNTON Wife M 32   Bradford 164a
    Arthur G THORNTON Son S 7   Bradford 164a
    Walter L THORNTON Son S 3   Bradford 164a
258 64 New Line Benjamin AIRTON Head M 54 Woolen Willier Yeadon 164a
    Mary A AIRTON Wife M 72   Armley 164a
259 62 New Line Fred GLOVER Head M 42 Worsted Piece Taker-in Bradford 164a
    Mary GLOVER Wife M 42   Bradford 164a
    Archie GLOVER Son S 20 Journalist [Reporter] Bradford 164a
    Arnold GLOVER Son S 13 Worsted Warehouse Boy Bradford 164a
    Walshaw GLOVER Son S 10   Bradford 164a
    Elsie GLOVER Dau S 7   Bradford 164a
    Edwin M GLOVER Son S 2   Bradford 164a
260 60 New Line Ralph KINLEY Head M 29 Cloth Pattern Man NTT Knottingley 164b
    Eleanor KINLEY Wife M 30   LAN Ferry Bridge 164b
    Ralph KINLEY Son S 6   Leeds 164b
    George A KINLEY Son S 2   Leeds 164b
261 56 New Line George E ROBERTSHAW Head M 37 Stationary Engine Driver Idle 164b
    Louisa A ROBERTSHAW Wife M 36 Dressmaker Thackley 164b
    Frank M ROBERTSHAW Son S 6   Thackley 164b
    Sarah CORDINGLEY m in l W 61   Thackley 164b
    Mary J BAXTER Aunt S 41 Monthly Nurse Thackley 164b
    Minnie M JOHNSON Visit S 17   Bedale 164b
262 54 New Line Ben H WHITEHEAD Head M 43 Waste Dealer's Carter Leeds 164b
    Emily WHITEHEAD Wife M 44   Leeds 164b
    Edith A WHITEHEAD Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Leeds 164b
    Harry WHITEHEAD Son S 12 1/2 time Worsted Doffer Leeds 164b
263 12 New Line Eleana WHITFIELD Head W 62   Wortley 164b
    Ann E WHITFIELD Dau S 23   Idle 164b
    Dawson WHITFIELD Son S 20 Woolen Waste Dealer Idle 164b
    Amelia WATERHOUSE Gdau S 19   Idle 164b
264 10 New Line William WHITFIELD Head W 32 Woolen Waste Dealer Armley 164b
    Dorothy WHITFIELD Dau S 4   Greengates 164b
    Annie E ALLEN Serv S 32 Domestic Housekeeper Etton 164b
    Lilly MOULD Serv S 22 General Domestic Serv Idle 164b
265 8 New Line William H HARE Head M 36 DyeWorks Management Greengates 164b
    Annie HARE Wife M 37   Idle 164b
    John P HARE Son S 8   Greengates 164b
    Annie GUFFNEY Serv S 16 Domestic Housemaid Rotherham 164b
266 6 New Line John WHITFIELD Head M 25 Woolen Waste Dealer Idle 164b
    Alberta WHITFIELD Wife M 25   Thackley 164b
    Cathleen M WHITFIELD Dau S 11m   Greengates 164b
    Sarah E PATTON Serv S 21 General Domestic Serv Runswick 164b
267 4 New Line Thomas WHITFIELD Head M 37 Woolen Waste Merchant Pudsey 165a
    Rose E WHITFIELD Wife M 31   LAN Cheetham 165a
    William D WHITFIELD Son S 11   Greengates 165a
    Minnie ROBERTS Serv S 25 General Domestic Serv BEF Hockcliffe 165a
268 2 New Line Robert B MCKEE Head M 35 Clergyman [Church of England] IRE 165a
    Harriett J MCKEE Wife M 31   Pudsey 165a
    Elizabeth YATES Serv S 17 General Domestic Serv LIN Alford 165a
270 48 New Line Charles HAW Head M 56 Carting Agent Leeming 165a
    Eleanor HAW Wife M 53   Leeming 165a
    John F W HAW Son S 29 Carting Agent Leeming 165a
    William H HAW Son S 25 Stone Mason Leeming 165a
    Marion HAW Dau S 23   Leeming 165a
    Charles HAW Son S 18 Butcher's App. Harrogate 165a
271 22 Greengates Road William R BALDWIN Head M 34 Boot & Shoemaker Guiseley 165a
    Emily BALDWIN Wife M 31   Greengates 165a
    Harry G BALDWIN Son S 9   Greengates 165a
    Elsie BALDWIN Dau S 7   Greengates 165a
    Hannah BALDWIN Dau S 2   Greengates 165a
272 20 Greengates Road Joshua DENTON Head M 68 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 165a
    Mercy DENTON Wife M 67   Eccleshill 165a
273 18 Greengates Road Thomas E RHODES Head M 47 Stone Quarry Lab. Shipley 165a
    Martha A RHODES Wife M 44   Greengates 165a
    Albert RHODES Son S 20 Woolen Spinner Greengates 165a
    Charles RHODES Son S 16 Crabbing Machine Minder Greengates 165a
    Samuel RHODES Son S 13 Worsted Bobbin Layer Greengates 165a
    Eden RHODES Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Greengates 165a
    Emily RHODES Dau S 8   Greengates 165a
274 16 Greengates Road Mary H RICHARDSON Head S 42 Wool Weaver Idle 165a
    William RICHARDSON Son S 20 Woolen Mule Piecer Greengates 165a
275 14 Greengates Road Nelson THORNTON Head M 37 Plumber & House Painter Wyke 165b
    Emma THORNTON Wife M 38   Calverley 165b
    John THORNTON Son S 5   Greengates 165b
    Louisa THORNTON Moth W 67   Tong 165b
276 12 Greengates Road John GILL Head M 36 Woolen Cloth Merchant Eccleshill 165b
    Charlotte H GILL Wife M 34   Eccleshill 165b
    Vera GILL Dau S 9   Eccleshill 165b
    Hilda GILL Dau S 8   Eccleshill 165b
    George H GILL Son S 1   Eccleshill 165b
    Clara GILL Dau S 5   Eccleshill 165b
277 Springfield Joseph H BAXTER Head S 24 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 165b
    Thomas H BAXTER Bro S 20 Dyer's Finisher Eccleshill 165b
    Eleanor A BAXTER Sis S 18 Living on own means Eccleshill 165b
    Sarah J WOODALL Serv S 28 Domestic Cook Poole 165b
278 4 Greengates Road James BAXTER Head M 50 Woolen Manufacturer Greengates 165b
    Hannah BAXTER Wife M 51   Greengates 165b
    Edith BAXTER Dau S 23   Greengates 165b
    Hannah M BAXTER Dau S 21   Greengates 165b
    Ethel M BAXTER Dau S 17   Greengates 165b
    James H BAXTER Son S 15   Greengates 165b
    John S BAXTER Son S 12   Greengates 165b
    Hilda G BAXTER Dau S 8   Greengates 165b
    Agnes OLFORD Serv S 22 General Domestic Serv Greengates 165b
279 6 Greengates Road Joseph WILSON Head M 56 Gardener's Lab. LAN Morecambe 165b
    Grace B WILSON Dau S 22   Greengates 165b
    Joseph H WILSON Son S 16 Printer's App. Idle 165b
280 2 Greengates Road Ellen HARTLEY Head W 60 Woolen Weaver Bradford 165b
    Agnes HARTLEY Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Bradford 165b
281 96 New Line Jonathan BENN Head M 54 Worsted Coating Percher Thornton 166a
    Alice BENN Wife M 53   Bacup 166a
    Mary A BENN Dau S 34 Worsted Coating Mender Thornton 166a
    Craven BENN Son S 23 Cloth Warehouseman Embsay 166a
    Ernest BENN Son S 19 Mill Stoker Embsay 166a
    Ralph BENN Son S 17 Woolen Worsted Dyer Embsay 166a
    Harold BENN Son S 11   Eccleshill 166a
282 29 Carr Bottom Road Emma DRAKE Head W 61   Farsley 166a
  New Line Mary A DRAKE Dau S 35 Wool Card Room Hand Bradford 166a
    Sarah E DRAKE Dau S 30 Wool Card Room Hand Eccleshill 166a
    William DRAKE Son S 27 Woolen Cloth Fuller Eccleshill 166a
283 31 Carr Bottom Road Sarah LOCK Head W 79   CHS Bilstone 166a
    Christiana VEVERS adpt dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Bradford 166a
284 33 Carr Bottom Road James C DAVISON Head M 61 Night WatchMan Calverley 166a
    Ann DAVISON Wife M 61   Rawdon 166a
    David DAVISON Son S 26 Woolen Cloth Tenterer Calverley 166a
    Maud E GILL Gdau S 14 Worsted Spinner Thackley 166a
    Adah GILL Gdau S 13   Baildon 166a
    Ernest GILL Gson S 10   Calverley 166a
285 No Address Fred BOLTON Head S 54 General Lab. LAN Colne 166a
286 No Address John MOULD Head S 22 General Lab. NTT Hepthorp 166a