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Census Index 1901 Pudsey: ED19



Piece RG13/4188 Enumeration District 19, Folios 148a to 162b

All that part of Stanningley Ward commencing at the farm occupied by John Ives on the North of Cemetery Road and commencing with Allcoates Road, Granville Terrace, Laburnum Street, Oat Street, Highfield Street, Roseberry Street, Upper Allcoates and Lower Allcoates
All that part of Stanningley ward comprising Wood Nook, Spring Valley that part of the north side of Town Street commencing at Wilcocks Greengrocers shop and including Bradford Road also that part of the south side of Town Street commencing at the Sun Hotel to the house and shop occupied by Ross Brothers including Station Square then continuing with Slaters Yard, Wheaters Yard, Vermon Place, Albion Road

And that cottage situated in Grangefield Mill yard.


1 21 Cemetery Road John IVES head m 39 Farmer Esholt 148a
  Ive's Farm Ada IVES wife m 35   Otley 148a
    Richard IVES son s 13 Farmer's Son Esholt 148a
    Thomas S IVES son s 11   Pudsey 148a
    Sarah A IVES dau s 10   Pudsey 148a
    Ada IVES dau s 9   Pudsey 148a
    Hilda M IVES dau s 8   Pudsey 148a
    Florence A IVES dau s 4   Pudsey 148a
    Grace A THACKER serv s 23 General serv STS Beythe Bridge 148a
2 19 Cemetery Road Mary A FARNSWORTH head w 73   Knaresborough 148a
3 17 Cemetery Road Richard FARNELL head W 76 Retired Worsted Tuner Queensbury 148a
4 13 Cemetery Road John WAITE head m 30 Boot Finisher Swinton 148a
    Hannah M WAITE wife m 31   Guiseley 148a
    William WAITE son s 1   Pudsey 148a
5 11 Cemetery Road William THOMPSON head m 37 Boot Finisher Leeds 148a
    Sarah THOMPSON wife m 40   Leeds 148a
    Samuel THOMPSON son s 13 Woolen Spinner & Piecer Pudsey 148a
    Ann THOMPSON dau s 8   Pudsey 148a
    Beatrice THOMPSON dau s 3   Pudsey 148a
    Emma THOMPSON dau s 1   Pudsey 148a
6 Columbarian House Enoch HUTTON head m 67 Poultry Judge Pudsey 148a
    Mary HUTTON wife m 45   Pudsey 148a
7 Prospect Villa Joseph WHITELEY head m 45 Machine Engine & Iron Grinder Bradford 148a
    Martha WHITELEY wife m 44   NFK Norwich 148a
    Clarie E WHITELEY dau s 24 Worsted Yarn Twister Bradford 148a
    Arthur WHITELEY son s 22 Steel Pin & Wire Hardener Bradford 148a
    Mary A WHITELEY dau s 18 Worsted Yarn Twister Bradford 148a
    Clara WHITELEY dau s 16 Worsted Yarn Spinner Bradford 148a
8 5 Granville Street John GAUNT head m 24 Stone Quarry Foreman Pudsey 148b
    Bertha GAUNT wife m 23   Pudsey 148b
    Joseph L GAUNT son s 2   Pudsey 148b
    Clara GAUNT dau s 1   Pudsey 148b
9 3 Granville Street William DAVIES head m 45 dom. Coachman HEF Bercher Common 148b
    Susannah DAVIES wife m 45 Woolen Cloth Weaver Darley 148b
    Ann E DAVIES dau s 20 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bramley 148b
10 1 Granville Street John MILNER head m 54 Wool Merchant Pudsey 148b
    Sarah MILNER wife m 55   Pudsey 148b
    Florence MILNER dau s 24   Pudsey 148b
    William E MILNER son s 21 Wool Burler Pudsey 148b
    Benjamin G MILNER son s 18 Railway Goods Clerk Pudsey 148b
11 1 Laburnum Street Joseph GAUNT head m 51 Milk Dealer Pudsey 148b
    Mary A GAUNT wife m 51   Pudsey 148b
    Laura A GAUNT dau s 20   Pudsey 148b
    Joseph L GAUNT son s 16 Cabinet Maker's Appr Pudsey 148b
    Maurice N GAUNT son s 13   Pudsey 148b
    Mabel R GAUNT dau s 11   Pudsey 148b
12 3 Laburnum Street Bradley WOOD head m 23 Coachman Pudsey 148b
    Gertrude A WOOD wife m 23   Shelley 148b
    Laura WOOD dau s 2   Pudsey 148b
    Jim WARD head m 33 Cloth Fuller Foreman Calverley 148b
    Lillie WARD wife m 33   Leeds 148b
13 5 Laburnum Street Ivy WARD dau s 9   Yeadon 148b
    Lawrence B WARD son s 5   Pudsey 148b
    Violet M WARD dau s 1   Pudsey 148b
14 23 Cemetery Road Hannah APPLEYARD head s 69 Grocer & Ale Dealer Pudsey 148b
    Thomas FARRER neph s 31 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 148b
    Sarah E BRAYSHAW niece s 42 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 148b
    Harry BRAYSHAW gnephw s 15 Joiner & Wheelwright Pudsey 148b
15 2 Laburnum Street Benjamin R ARMITAGE head m 62 Stone Quarry Scrappler Pudsey 149a
    Jane ARMITAGE wife m 56   SAL Newport 149a
16 4 Laburnum Street Lister STANSFIELD head m 30 Boot Rivetter Bradford 149a
    Annie STANSFIELD wife m 26 Worsted Cloth Weaver LIN Evedon 149a
17 6 Laburnum Street Emma SALTER head m 39 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 149a
    Alice SALTER dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 149a
    Bertha SALTER dau s 16 Worsted Yarn Twister Calverley 149a
    Louisa SALTER dau s 15 Worsted Yarn Twister Pudsey 149a
    Lily SALTER dau s 13 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 149a
    Martha SALTER dau s 10   Pudsey 149a
    Sarah A SALTER dau s 1m   Pudsey 149a
17 8 Laburnum Street Charles RANDALL head m 25 Woolen Cloth Miller Pudsey 149a
    Florence A RANDALL wife m 19   Bradford 149a
18 10 Laburnum Street Andrew APPLEYARD head W 67 Wool Scribbler Minder Pudsey 149a
19 12 Laburnum Street Daniel HAINSWORTH head m 56 Woolen Fettler Farsley 149a
    Elizabeth HAINSWORTH wife m 54   Farsley 149a
    Thomas A HAINSWORTH son s 20 Wool Spinner & Mule Piecer Yeadon 149a
    Grace A HAINSWORTH dau s 18 Woolen Cloth Weaver Yeadon 149a
    Peter HAINSWORTH son s 16 Wool Spinner & Mule Piecer Yeadon 149a
    Harry HAINSWORTH son s 13   Yeadon 149a
    Ruth HAINSWORTH dau s 7   Yeadon 149a
20 14 Laburnum Street Edward APPLEYARD head m 64 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 149a
    Rose APPLEYARD wife m 56   Pudsey 149a
    Frances APPLEYARD dau s 27 Dressmaker Pudsey 149a
    Minnie APPLEYARD dau s 24 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 149a
    Martha APPLEYARD dau s 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 149a
    Ellen APPLEYARD dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 149a
21 16 Laburnum Street Albert CORLESS head m 33 Wrought Fender Maker Leeds 149b
    Elizabeth CORLESS wife m 35   Bradford 149b
    Minnie CORLESS dau s 12 Worsted Yarn Spinner Bradford 149b
    Hilda CORLESS dau s 7   Bradford 149b
    Alby CORLESS son s 5   Bradford 149b
    William CORLESS son s 2   Bradford 149b
22 18 Laburnum Street Henry FIELD head m 42 Woolen Warper Dewsbury 149b
    Elizabeth FIELD wife m 40   Dewsbury 149b
    Frances FIELD dau s 15 Woolen Cloth Weaver Dewsbury 149b
    Mary FIELD dau s 4   Dewsbury 149b
    Willie FIELD son s 3   Dewsbury 149b
    George A FIELD son s 1   Dewsbury 149b
23 20 Laburnum Street George HIGGINS head m 48 Woolen Yarn Spinner Guiseley 149b
    Rosetta HIGGINS dau s 22   Guiseley 149b
    Martin HIGGINS son s 20 Wool Spinner & Mule Piecer Guiseley 149b
    Joseph HIGGINS son s 17 Wool Spinner & Mule Piecer Guiseley 149b
    George HIGGINS son s 16 Wool Spinner & Mule Piecer Guiseley 149b
    Annie HIGGINS dau s 14   Yeadon 149b
    Elizabeth HIGGINS dau s 11   Yeadon 149b
    Eleanor HIGGINS dau s 7   Yeadon 149b
    Edward HIGGINS son s 5   Pudsey 149b
24 22 Laburnum Street William C PRIESTLEY head m 54 Woolen Cloth Weaver Guiseley 149b
    Maria PRIESTLEY wife m 53 Woolen Cloth Weaver Guiseley 149b
    Eva PRIESTLEY dau s 24 Woolen Cloth Weaver Guiseley 149b
    Cassie PRIESTLEY dau s 16 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rawdon 149b
25 24 Laburnum Street Sam WOOD head W 64 Butcher Auckley 149b
    Fred WOOD son s 25 Cattle Drover Farsley 149b
26 3 Oak Street John GAUNT head m 39 Boot Factory lab. Pudsey 150a
    Mary E GAUNT wife m 37   Leeds 150a
    Jane E GAUNT dau s 16 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 150a
    Lilian GAUNT dau s 14 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 150a
    Esther GAUNT dau s 12   Stanningley 150a
    Charlotte GAUNT dau s 7   Pudsey 150a
    Clarice GAUNT dau s 3   Pudsey 150a
    Herbert GAUNT son s 1   Pudsey 150a
27 5 Oak Street Hannah TYNE head W 66 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bradford 150a
28 7 Oak Street Oliver HOUSECROFT head m 40 Worsted Cloth Weaving Overlooker Drighlington 150a
    Ada HOUSECROFT wife m 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bradford 150a
    Maurice N HOUSECROFT son s 4   Bradford 150a
29 9 Oak Street Mary E PROCTER head W 29 Dressmaker SRY Banstead 150a
    Jane PROCTER dau s 7   Pudsey 150a
30 11 Oak Street Walter YEADON head m 40 Woolen Cloth Weaver Yeadon 150a
    Clara YEADON wife m 37   Yeadon 150a
    Florence A YEADON dau s 16 Woolen Cloth Weaver Yeadon 150a
    Henry YEADON son s 15 Coach & Carriage Painter's app. Yeadon 150a
    Annie YEADON dau s 10   Yeadon 150a
31 13 Oak Street John W HUDSON head m 26 Mill Shafting Greaser Yeadon 150a
    Eliza HUDSON wife m 29   Yeadon 150a
    Ernest HUDSON son s 5   Yeadon 150a
    Harry HUDSON son s 3   Yeadon 150a
32 15 Oak Street Thomas GAUNT head m 26 House Painter Pudsey 150a
    Annie GAUNT wife m 26   Leeds 150a
    Arthur GAUNT son s 1   Pudsey 150a
33 17 Oak Street George NEAGLE head m 52 Iron Foundry lab. LON Hoxton 150b
    Sarah A NEAGLE wife m 42   Rawdon 150b
    Harry NEAGLE son s 19 Blacksmith's Striker Yeadon 150b
    Maud NEAGLE dau s 16 Worsted Yarn Spinner Yeadon 150b
    Thomas NEAGLE son s 13   Yeadon 150b
    Mary NEAGLE dau s 11   Yeadon 150b
    Edward NEAGLE son s 9   Yeadon 150b
    Lawrence NEAGLE son s 3   Yeadon 150b
    Catherine NEAGLE dau s 1   Pudsey 150b
    Jack NEAGLE son s 1   Pudsey 150b
34 19 Oak Street Robert PEEL head m 41 WhiteSmith Birkenshaw 150b
    Sarah E PEEL wife m 40   Elland 150b
    Lily PEEL dau s 16 Worsted Yarn Spinner Birkenshaw 150b
    Marion PEEL dau s 15 Worsted Yarn Spinner Featherstone 150b
    Willie PEEL son s 6   Birkenshaw 150b
35 21 Oak Street Mary A LUMBY head W 62 Stone Quarry Scrappler Pudsey 150b
    Daniel LUMBY son m 23 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 150b
    Hannah J LUMBY d in l m 20   SRY Banstead 150b
    Thomas W LUMBY gson s 1   Pudsey 150b
36 23 Oak Street Hardisty LOWCOCK head m 43 Gas House lab. Starbeck 150b
    Alice LOWCOCK wife m 38   Harrogate 150b
    Annie LOWCOCK dau s 14 Worsted Yarn Spinner Esholt 150b
    Nellie LOWCOCK dau s 11   Tyersal 150b
    John R LOWCOCK son s 5   Tyersal 150b
37 12 Oak Street Joseph E FENTON head m 34 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 150b
    Henrietta FENTON wife m 36   Pudsey 150b
    Mabel FENTON dau s 4   Pudsey 150b
    Joseph L FENTON son s 3   Pudsey 150b
38 10 Oak Street Walter WILKINSON head m 28 Woolen Cloth Loom Tuner Morley 150b
    Mary WILKINSON wife m 29   Morley 150b
    Rebecca HOLGATE visit m 30   DUR Middlesborough 150b
39 8 Oak Street Joseph SMITHSON head m 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rawdon 151a
    Kate SMITHSON wife m 40 Woolen Cloth Weaver Scarborough 151a
    Arthur SMITHSON son s 18 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rawdon 151a
    Percy SMITHSON son s 16 Woolen Yarn Spinner & Mule Piecer Rawdon 151a
    Edith SMITHSON dau s 9   Pudsey 151a
40 6 Oak Street David BAILEY head W 41 Woolen Cloth Weaver STS Silverdale 151a
    Richard H BAILEY son s 16 Woolen Cloth Weaver Leeds 151a
    Clifford BAILEY son s 9   Leeds 151a
41 4 Oak Street Sarah E LOKER head m 33   Holbeck 151a
    Harry LOKER son s 10   Pudsey 151a
    Harold LOKER son s 8   Pudsey 151a
    Anne LOKER dau s 6   Pudsey 151a
    Arthur LOKER son s 4   Pudsey 151a
    Johnny LOKER son s 2   Pudsey 151a
42 2 Oak Street Albert JACKSON head m 45 Wood Carver Halifax 151a
    Elizabeth JACKSON wife m 45   Darlington 151a
    Gertrude JACKSON dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bradford 151a
    Harold JACKSON son s 12   Bradford 151a
    Ernest JACKSON son s 11   Keighley 151a
43 25 Cemetery Road Charles WARD head m 28 Police Constable Whitley Bridge 151a
    Mary E WARD wife m 26   Alverthorpe 151a
    Lily WARD dau s 6   Wakefield 151a
    Ethel M WARD dau s 4   Sandal 151a
    George L WARD son s 1   Pudsey 151a
44 1 Highfield Street Fred SHARP head m 26 Woolen Cloth Weaving - Under Tuner Pudsey 151a
    Emily SHARP wife m 28   Pudsey 151a
45 3 Highfield Street Lily REDMAYNE head s 32 Boarding School Teacher Thornton 151a
    William H THORNTON uncle s 70 Farmer Thornton 151a
46 5 Highfield Street Mary LEE head W 65   Pudsey 151a
    Dan LEE son s 35 Wool Scribbler & Condenser Minder Pudsey 151a
    Sarah LEE dau s 31 Woolen Cloth Mender Pudsey 151a
47 7 Highfield Street Harry HAWKSHAW head m 35 Woolen Cloth Finisher Leeds 151b
    Edith HAWKSHAW wife m 32   CAM Cambridge 151b
    Emma HAWKSHAW dau s 11   Pudsey 151b
    Minnie HAWKSHAW dau s 6   Pudsey 151b
    William H HAWKSHAW son s 4   Pudsey 151b
    Alice HAWKSHAW dau s 2   Pudsey 151b
    Ernest HAWKSHAW son s 4m   Pudsey 151b
48 9 Highfield Street Harry BINKS head s 23 Worsted Cloth Finishing Cutter Worsborough 151b
    Caroline BINKS moth m 53   Bramley 151b
    Lottie BINKS sis s 21 Worsted Cloth Finishing Burler Bramley 151b
49 11 Highfield Street Freddy BINKS head m 28 Worsted Cloth Finishing Cutter Bramley 151b
    Mary A BINKS wife m 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 151b
    Mabel BINKS dau s 5   Pudsey 151b
    Minnie BINKS dau s 3   Pudsey 151b
    Joseph BINKS fath m 54 Formerly Blacksmith Striker Armley 151b
50 6 Roseberry Street James G CRAMPTON head m 55 Stone Merchant & Quarry Owner Pudsey 151b
    Elizabeth CRAMPTON wife m 58   Pudsey 151b
    Willie CRAMPTON son s 26 Stone Merchant & Quarry Owner Bramley 151b
    Frances CRAMPTON dau s 21 Worsted Cloth Weaver Pudsey 151b
    Elizabeth A CRAMPTON dau s 18 Boot Machinist Pudsey 151b
51 4 Highfield Street Alice SUTCLIFFE head s 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 151b
    Clara SUTCLIFFE sis s 20   Pudsey 151b
52 2 Highfield Street John COWGILL head s 30 Woolen Cloth Presser Rawdon 151b
    Ann COWGILL moth w 71   Birstwith 151b
    Ellen BOOTH aunt w 78 Living on Own Means Rawdon 151b
53 1 Roseberry Street Thomas WHITELEY head m 60 Railway General lab. Stainforth 152a
    Elizabeth WHITELEY wife m 58   Bradford 152a
    Lily WHITELEY dau s 24 Woolen Cloth Weaver Barnby Dun 152a
    Herbert WHITELEY son s 23 Plumber's lab. Barnby Dun 152a
    William WHITELEY son s 21 Steam Crane Driver Barnby Dun 152a
    Zillah WHITELEY dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Barnby Dun 152a
    Frank WHITELEY son s 16 French Polisher [Furniture] Pudsey 152a
54 3 Roseberry Street Bentley MAUDE head m 45 Worsted Warp Dresser Bradford 152a
    Annie E MAUDE wife m 49   Leeds 152a
55 1 Owlcotess Samuel HINCHLIFFE head m 49 Woolen Scribbling Overlooker Cumberworth 152a
    Elizabeth HINCHLIFFE wife m 49   Thurlstone 152a
    Benjamin HINCHLIFFE son s 27 Woolen Scribbling Overlooker Cumberworth 152a
    Lily HINCHLIFFE dau s 24 Confectioner Yeadon 152a
    Ernest HINCHLIFFE son s 21 Scribbling Overlooker's ass. Rawdon 152a
56 2 Owlcotess William TEALE head m 57 General Dealer Yeadon 152a
57 3 Owlcotess Hugh SMITH head W 50 Stone Quarry Hewer Otley 152a
    Martha A SMITH dau s 23   Pudsey 152a
    Arthur SMITH son s 19 CartMan [Coal Leader] Pudsey 152a
    John W SMITH son s 16 Woolen Yarn Spinner & Mule Piecer Pudsey 152a
    Clara SMITH dau s 14 Worsted Yarn Spinning Doffer Pudsey 152a
58 4 Owlcotes George HORNER head m 38 Boiler Works Smith Leeds 152a
    Emily HORNER wife m 37   NFK Gayton Thorpe 152a
    Sarah E HORNER dau s 15 Boarding School Teacher New Wortley 152a
    Ethel M HORNER dau s 13   Armley 152a
59 5 Owlcotes Samuel BATEMAN head W 58 Woolen Waste Dealer Pudsey 152a
    Esther BATEMAN dau s 26   Pudsey 152a
60 6 Owlcotes Stephen FIRTH head m 29 Farm Cattleman Wilsden 152a
    Eva FIRTH sis s 16   Wilsden 152a
61 1 Lower Owlcotes Martha STEAD head w 70   Armley 152a
    Arthur STEAD son s 40 Formerly Stone Quarry Scrappler Pudsey 152a
    Albert E STEAD son s 34 Stone Quarry Scrappler Eccleshill 152a
62 2 Lower Owlcotes Thomas LAYFIELD head m 39 Iron Foundry lab. Pateley Bridge 152b
    Maria LAYFIELD wife m 36   Aberford 152b
    Fred LAYFIELD son s 13 Worsted Yarn Spinner Rodley 152b
    Samuel LAYFIELD son s 10   Farsley 152b
63 3 Lower Owlcotes Sarah CONWAY ? head w 75 Retired Worsted Yarn Spinner LEI Loughborough 152b
    Robert H SPRINGTHORPE gson s 23 Stone Mason Pudsey 152b
64 4 Lower Owlcotes Mary A SPRINGTHORPE head m 49   LEI Leicester 152b
    Sarah A SPRINGTHORPE dau s 20 Worsted Yarn Spinner Pudsey 152b
    Ellen SPRINGTHORPE dau s 13 Worsted Yarn Spinner Pudsey 152b
    Kate SPRINGTHORPE dau s 9   Pudsey 152b
65 Wood Nook Samuel INGHAM head W 78 Farmer Pudsey 153a
  Farm House Elizabeth INGHAM dau s 51   Pudsey 153a
    Nancy WEBSTER dau w 40   Pudsey 153a
    George MOSS gson s 26 Farm Cattleman Pudsey 153a
    Leonard WEBSTER gson s 20 Draper's ass. Pudsey 153a
    Rachel WEBSTER gdau s 12   Pudsey 153a
    James GREASELEY serv s 21 Farm Cattleman STS Mayfield 153a
66 1 Wood Nook Joseph HERD head m 51 BrickLayer Foreman CAM Stand Ground 153a
    Elizabeth HERD wife m 57   Bradford 153a
67 2 Wood Nook James CHAPPELL head m 35 BrickLayer's lab. CON Redruth 153a
    Elizabeth CHAPPELL wife m 27   Horsforth 153a
68 3 Wood Nook Thomas W SMITH head m 31 BrickLayer Leeds 153a
    Mary E SMITH wife m 29   Leeds 153a
    Elsie W SMITH dau s 6   Leeds 153a
    Joseph W SMITH son s 3   Pudsey 153a
69 4 Wood Nook John W BUSFIELD head m 48 Iron Works Timekeeper Farsley 153a
    Jane E BUSFIELD wife m 44   Halifax 153a
    Elizabeth A BUSFIELD dau s 18 Worsted Knotter Farsley 153a
70 5 Wood Nook John BUSFIELD head m 74 Retired Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 153a
    Martha BUSFIELD wife m 70   Bramley 153a
    Lois BUSFIELD dau s 43   Farsley 153a
71 6 Wood Nook Jane GREEN head m 62   Appleton Roebuck 153a
    Catherine J GREEN dau s 23 Worsted Cloth Weaver DUR Lanchester 153a
    Mary GREEN dau s 22 Draper's ass. DUR Lanchester 153a
72 7 Wood Nook John COATES head W 59 Leather Currier Armley 153a
    Ann COATES dau s 32 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 153a
    Emily COATES dau s 28 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 153a
    William COATES son s 21 Boiler Maker's lab. Stanningley 153a
    Neriah COATES son s 19 Plumber's app. Stanningley 153a
73 8 Wood Nook William WEBB head m 41 Sewer & Drain lab. CAM Gamlingay 153b
    Sarah WEBB wife m 40   Laister Dyke 153b
    Lucy WEBB dau s 19 Worsted Cloth Weaver Laister Dyke 153b
74 2 Spring Valley Ellen HALDON head m 38   Pudsey 153b
    Bertha HALDON dau s 11   Pudsey 153b
    Joseph HALDON son s 9   Pudsey 153b
    Ann E HALDON dau s 3   Pudsey 153b
    Fanny HALDON dau s 5m   Pudsey 153b
75 3 Spring Valley Maria GIBBONS head w 62 Hearth Rug Maker Armley 153b
76 1 Spring Valley Albert FOWLER head m 42 Boot & Shoemaker Stanningley 153b
    Ann E FOWLER wife m 41   Guiseley 153b
    Emily FOWLER dau s 14 Worsted Yarn Winder Stanningley 153b
    Lily FOWLER dau s 12   Stanningley 153b
    Rose FOWLER dau s 9   Stanningley 153b
    Ibbetson FOWLER son s 6   Stanningley 153b
    Jonathan FOWLER son s 3   Pudsey 153b
    Lavinia FOWLER sis s 29 Worsted Machine Minder Pudsey 153b
77 3 Town Street William H BLACKBURN head m 39 Hotel Keeper Bradford 153b
  Old Travellers Rest Hotel Annie BLACKBURN wife m 39   Bradford 153b
    Sidney BLACKBURN son s 10   Bradford 153b
    Doris BLACKBURN dau s 5   Bradford 153b
    Mary A JOWETT visit w 58   Bradford 153b
78 7 Town Street Annie E CHILD head s 24 Confectioner - ShopKeeper Horsforth 153b
    Sarah CHILD sis s 35 Confectioner - ShopKeeper Horsforth 153b
79 9 Town Street Robert F HOGGARTH head m 29 Grocer - ShopKeeper Whitby 153b
    Annie H HOGGARTH wife m 24   Goole 153b
    Annie HOGGARTH dau s 4   Stanningley 153b
    Mary A THACKRAY aunt w 72 Living on Own Means Howden 153b
80 11 Town Street William H GARNETT head m 72 HairDresser Pudsey 154a
    Esther GARNETT wife m 71   Bramley 154a
    Mary GARNETT dau s 46   Pudsey 154a
81 13 Town Street William H MATTOCK head m 44 Bank Manager Stanningley 154a
      MATTOCK wife m 33   Grassington 154a
    Ellis G LOWE neph s 19 Banker's Clerk LAN Bolton 154a
    Margaret H MURPHY serv s 19 dom. serv LAN Liverpool 154a
82 17-19-21 Town Street Joe R DEACON head m 44 Draper & Milliner - ShopKeeper Shipley 154a
    Ada DEACON wife m 32   Bramley 154a
    Nellie DEACON dau s 12   Stanningley 154a
    Marie DEACON dau s 10   Stanningley 154a
    Mildred WHITAKER niece s 16   Keighley 154a
    Clara ENGLAND serv s 17 dom. serv Methley 154a
83 Town Street Charles G PAYNE head m 44 Hotel Keeper LEI Leicester 154a
  Sun Hotel Sarah PAYNE wife m 43   Bramley 154a
    Albert PAYNE son s 21 Bar Man Bramley 154a
    Harold PAYNE son s 14   Bramley 154a
    Selina LUCAS serv s 32 General serv DOR Church Knowell 154a
84 1 Sun Yard Job GOTHARD head m 64 Coal Yard lab. CAM Haddenham 154a
    Sarah GOTHARD wife m 51   CAM Haddenham 154a
    William H GOTHARD son s 15 Farm Horseman LAN Bacup 154a
85 4 Town Street Vaspar Lyndarn BINKS head m 46 Fishmonger ShopKeeper Pudsey 154a
    Dinah BINKS wife m 46   Newton 154a
    Eliza BINKS dau s 16 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 154a
    Albertina BINKS dau s 13 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 154a
    Stanley L BINKS son s 12   Stanningley 154a
    Thomas W HARRISON stepson s 21 Steam Hammer Minder Stanningley 154a
86 10 Town Street Adelaide CROFT head s 69 Grocer & Confectioner - ShopKeeper Armley 154b
87 12 Town Street Edwin VERITY head W 35 Working Matchmaker Leeds 154b
88 1 Isle's Yard Wilfred HOWARD head m 28 Wool Willeyer Bradford 154b
    Florence HOWARD wife m 29   Scarborough 154b
    Bertie HOWARD son s 9   Scarborough 154b
89 2 Isle's Yard John NETTLETON head m 42 Joiner & Builder's lab. Stanningley 154b
    Kate BARRACLOUGH visit m 36   LAN Manchester 154b
    William BARRACLOUGH visit s 12   Bradford 154b
90 4 Isle's Yard Joseph COATES head m 27 Iron Foundry Moulder Pudsey 154b
    Emma COATES wife m 23 Wool Sorter Pudsey 154b
91 14 Town Street Mary LAW head w 68   Bradford 154b
    Regina HOLLINGS dau w 37 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bramley 154b
    Mary HOLLINGS gdau s 13 Errand Girl Bradford 154b
    Lily HOLLINGS gdau s 7   Farsley 154b
92 16-18 Town Street Henry PENNINGTON head m 39 Master Plumber Farsley 154b
    Eliza PENNINGTON wife m 37   Stanningley 154b
    William PENNINGTON son s 8   Stanningley 154b
    Violet M PENNINGTON dau s 6   Stanningley 154b
94 1 & 3 Station Square Susan DEACON head w 57   LIN Malton Chapel 154b
    John DEACON son W 29 Iron Foundry lab. NTT Newark 154b
    Charlotte DEACON dau s 18 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Stanningley 154b
    Alfred ILLINGWORTH s in l m 33 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 154b
    Martha A ILLINGWORTH dau m 33   LIN Spalding 154b
    Ethel M ILLINGWORTH gdau s 10   Stanningley 154b
    John H ILLINGWORTH gson s 9   Stanningley 154b
    Ernest ILLINGWORTH gson s 6   Stanningley 154b
    Leonard ILLINGWORTH gson s 4   Stanningley 154b
    Susan ILLINGWORTH gdau s 1m   Stanningley 154b
93 20-22 Town Street James NAYLOR head m 51 Green Grocer - ShopKeeper Pudsey 155a
    Frances NAYLOR wife m 51   Pudsey 155a
    Adolphus NAYLOR son s 21 Stone Quarry Hewer Leeds 155a
    Florence NAYLOR dau s 16 Wool Combing Machine Minder Stanningley 155a
    Claude NAYLOR son s 15 Worsted Millhand Stanningley 155a
95 5 Station Square Walter GARNER head m 31 Railway Weighman CAM Ely 155a
    Ann GARNER wife m 33   Stanningley 155a
    Florence GARNER dau s 3   Stanningley 155a
    Walter GARNER son s 2   Stanningley 155a
96 7 Station Square Sarah FIELDHOUSE head s 44 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Farsley 155a
    Sarah SWIFT board s 20 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer LAN Liverpool 155a
    Tom DEMAINE head m 35 Railway Goods Clerk Bradford 155a
    Caroline E DEMAINE wife m 30   NFK Coltishall 155a
    Tom DEMAINE son s 10   Stanningley 155a
    Ronald S DEMAINE son s 8   Stanningley 155a
    Alfred DEMAINE son s 6   Stanningley 155a
    Emily E DEMAINE dau s 2   Stanningley 155a
98 11 Station Square Frederick ATKINSON head m 30 Railway Plate Layer Thornton Dale 155a
    Mary ATKINSON wife m 30   Pudsey 155a
    Jennings ATKINSON son s 2   Pudsey 155a
    Mabel ATKINSON dau s 4m   Pudsey 155a
99 2 Station Square William ASKEW head m 63 Farm & Gardener's lab. BDF Stagsden 155a
    Sarah A ASKEW wife m 61   BDF Stagsden 155a
    Ivy Enid RITCHENS visit s 3m   Stanningley 155a
100 4 Station Square Eliza MARSH head w 72   LIN Boston 155a
101 6 Station Square John FAWBERT head m 40 Railway Bridge Maker's lab. Pudsey 155a
    Clara FAWBERT wife m 39 Silk Weaver Farsley 155a
    Susannah WHITEHEAD head w 63   Stanningley 155a
102 8 Station Square Frances HOWARD visit w 73   NFK Norwich 155a
103 10 Slater's Yard William DEAN head m 36 Engineer's Yard lab. Stanningley 155b
    Sally DEAN wife m 38   Stanningley 155b
    Charles W DEAN son s 4   Stanningley 155b
    Doris DEAN dau s 11m   Stanningley 155b
104 8 Slater's Yard Emma PARKINSON head s 48 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 155b
105 12-14 Slater's Yard Edmund WELCH head m 32 Physician & Surgeon Morley 155b
    Jane A WELCH wife m 32   Leeds 155b
    George E WELCH son s 4   Stanningley 155b
    Alfred HOLROYD visit s 28 Medical Student Halifax 155b
    Amelia HIRST serv s 25 dom. Cook Raistrick 155b
    Edith BEAUMONT serv s 26 dom. Housemaid Spofforth 155b
106 18 Slater's Yard Alfred BROOKS head m 44   New Wortley 155b
    Elizabeth BROOKS wife m 43   Stanningley 155b
    William H BROOKS son s 21 Painter's lab. [Bridge Work] Stanningley 155b
    Emily BROOKS dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 155b
    Rhoda BROOKS dau s 14 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 155b
    Martha A BROOKS dau s 10   Stanningley 155b
    John SMITH board s 20 BrickLayer's lab. Bradford 155b
    Frances H HORN board s 13 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 155b
    Blanche ROBINSON board s 9m   Stanningley 155b
107 20 Slater's Yard Thomas H SANDS head m 25 dom. Coachman Gildersome 155b
    Lavinia SANDS wife m 21   Skipton 155b
    Lawrence SANDS son s 8m   Pudsey 155b
108 22 Slater's Yard Albert PEARSON head m 32 Blacksmith's Striker Bradford 155b
    Amy PEARSON wife m 30   Bradford 155b
    James PEARSON son s 6   Farsley 155b
    Frances PEARSON dau s 1m   Stanningley 155b
109 24 Slater's Yard Mary Ann SMITH head w 64   Farsley 155b
    Herbert SMITH son s 34 Boiler Rivetter Stanningley 155b
    Lily BENNETT gdau s 5   Stanningley 155b
110 26 Slater's Yard Jane NEAL head w 57 Charwoman NTH Castor 156a
    Kate NEAL niece s 26 Wool Combing Machine Minder NTH Peterboro 156a
111 16 Slater's Yard Emily HAINSWORTH head s 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 156a
    Edith HAINSWORTH sis s 16 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 156a
    Charles A HAINSWORTH bro s 6   Stanningley 156a
112 2 Wheater's Fold Isaac EMMANS head W 58 Gardener BRK Chaddleworth 156a
    Lily EMMANS dau s 28 Woolen Cloth Weaver Woodhouse 156a
    Polly EMMANS dau s 19   Stanningley 156a
    Bertie EMMANS son s 16 Iron Foundry lab. Stanningley 156a
    Mary A EMMANS dau s 10   Stanningley 156a
    Rachel EMMANS dau s 6   Stanningley 156a
    Jennie EMMANS d in l m 26   WLS Dowlass 156a
    Emily EMMANS gdau s 1m   Stanningley 156a
    Harry EMMANS gson s 2   Leeds 156a
113 3 Wheater's Fold Edwin MARSHALL head m 38 Iron Foundry lab. Stanningley 156a
    Susannah MARSHALL wife m 43   Bradford 156a
    Mary WATSON stepdau s 20 Wool Scribbler Minder Bradford 156a
    Jemima WATSON stepdau s 15 Cotton Yarn Spinner Bradford 156a
    Walter WATSON stepson s 13   Bradford 156a
    Edwin MARSHALL son s 6   Bradford 156a
    Oswell MARSHALL son s 3   Stanningley 156a
    Willy MARSHALL son s 3m   Pudsey 156a
114 4 & 5 Wheater's Fold John CLOUGH head m 37 Wheelwright Stanningley 156a
    Clara CLOUGH wife m 37   Stanningley 156a
    Harold CLOUGH son s 15 Fish Dealer - ShopKeeper Stanningley 156a
    Beatrice CLOUGH dau s 14 Fish Dealer - ShopKeeper Stanningley 156a
    Lilly CLOUGH dau s 10   Stanningley 156a
    James CLOUGH son s 8   Stanningley 156a
    John Ed CLOUGH son s 5   Stanningley 156a
115 6 Wheater's Fold Wm THOMPSON head m 30 Blacksmith's Striker Bramley 156b
    Alice H THOMPSON wife m 32   NFK Coltishall 156b
    Thomas W THOMPSON son s 9   Pudsey 156b
    Elsie R THOMPSON dau s 6   Pudsey 156b
    Bob THOMPSON son s 4   Pudsey 156b
    Victoria THOMPSON dau s 1   Pudsey 156b
116 7 Wheater's Fold Thomas CAMBELL head m 32 Iron Foundry Furnace Minder IRE County Queen's 156b
    Edith CAMBELL wife m 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Hull 156b
    Jacob CAMBELL son s 4   Stanningley 156b
    Teresa CAMBELL dau s 2   Stanningley 156b
117 8 Wheater's Fold John DIXON head m 54 Blacksmith's Striker Horsforth 156b
    Sarah A DIXON wife m 54   Clayton Heights 156b
118 9 Wheater's Fold Abednego KEIGHLEY head m 56 Cabinet Maker & Undertaker Stanningley 156b
    Mary KEIGHLEY wife m 54   Stanningley 156b
    Samuel KEIGHLEY son s 26 Cabinet Maker & Undertaker Stanningley 156b
    Miriam KEIGHLEY dau s 24   Stanningley 156b
    Renel KEIGHLEY son s 20 Stuff Warehouseman Stanningley 156b
119 10 Wheater's Fold Harry KERSHAW head m 22 General lab. [outdoor] Manningham 156b
    Elver KERSHAW wife m 23   Pudsey 156b
    Clifford KERSHAW son s 2m   Stanningley 156b
120 11 Wheater's Fold John HOWCROFT head W 51 Machine Maker - Fitter Stanningley 156b
    Arthur HOWCROFT son s 20 Butcher Stanningley 156b
    Martha HOWCROFT dau s 18 Worsted Cloth Weaver Stanningley 156b
121 12 Wheater's Fold Martha BROOK head s 39 Worsted Spinning Drawer Pudsey 156b
    Ernest BROOK son s 19 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 156b
122 13 Wheater's Fold Albert THREAPLETON head m 38 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 156b
    Rhoda THREAPLETON wife m 36 Woolen Spinning Twister Farsley 156b
    Ada THREAPLETON dau s 6   Pudsey 156b
123 15 Wheater's Fold Farrer EMSLEY head m 30 Iron Foundry CartMan Pudsey 156b
    Florrie EMSLEY wife m 26   Leeds 156b
124 16 Wheater's Fold Samuel SMITH head m 44 Iron Foundry lab. Stanningley 157a
    Elizabeth A SMITH wife m 48   Pudsey 157a
    Rebecca SMITH dau s 22 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Stanningley 157a
    Freddy SMITH son s 15 Iron Foundry Moulder Stanningley 157a
125 1 Vernon Place John B TAYLOR head m 56 Journeyman Tailor Elvington 157a
    Sarah TAYLOR wife m 54   Leeds 157a
    Alfred TAYLOR son s 16 Shoemaker's app. Bramley 157a
    Eleanor TAYLOR dau s 13 Cotton Yarn Spinner Stanningley 157a
126 2 Vernon Place Maria CROFT head m 53 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 157a
127 3 Vernon Place Walter BROOK head m 45 Foreman Plumber Guiseley 157a
    Martha BROOK wife s 44   LAN Blackburn 157a
    John BROOK son s 22 Railway Canal Fitter LAN Blackburn 157a
    Eliza BROOK dau s 18 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 157a
    Stancliffe BROOK son s 14 Railway Office Clerk Farsley 157a
    Eli BROOK son s 10   Farsley 157a
    Annie BROOK dau s 1   Stanningley 157a
128 4 Vernon Place William F ALLOTT head m 41 Steam Crane Maker - Fitter Leeds 157a
    Annie ALLOTT wife m 39   Farsley 157a
    Frances ALLOTT dau s 17 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Stanningley 157a
    Dawson ALLOTT son s 16 Steam Crane Maker - Fitter Stanningley 157a
    Leonard ALLOTT son s 14 Worsted Yarn Spinning Doffer Pudsey 157a
    Matthew ALLOTT son s 10   Stanningley 157a
    Alice ALLOTT dau s 9   Pudsey 157a
    Sidney ALLOTT son s 7   Pudsey 157a
    Norman ALLOTT son s 4   Pudsey 157a
    Annie ALLOTT dau s 4m   Pudsey 157a
130 6 Vernon Place John AMBLER head m 38 Woolen Willeyer Stanningley 157a
    Thomas LOCKWOOD board s 17 Woolen Yarn Spinning Piecer Stanningley 157a
    Hannah AMBLER wife m 37   Stanningley 157a
    Rose H RHODES board s 20 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 157a
    James H RHODES board s 1   Stanningley 157a
129 5 Vernon Place Henry CORRICK head m 57 Iron Foundry Teamer Bramley 157b
    Jane CORRICK wife m 53   Barnsley 157b
    Fred CORRICK son s 20 Butcher Pudsey 157b
    William CORRICK son s 16 Basket Maker's Appr Pudsey 157b
    Harry CORRICK son s 11   Pudsey 157b
    William C TATEHOUSE gson s 7   Bramley 157b
    Norah CORRICK gdau s 4m   DUR Darlington 157b
    William MITCHELL board m 53 Railway Engine Driver Sowerby Bridge 157b
    Ruth WOOD visit m 45   Barnsley 157b
131 7 Vernon Place Jane GLOVER head w 56 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 157b
    Emily GLOVER dau s 18 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 157b
    Amelia GLOVER d in l m 30 Wool Scribbler Minder Stanningley 157b
    Edward GLOVER gson s 10   Stanningley 157b
132 8 Vernon Place Benjamin W BROOK head m 54 Joiner & Builder Hunslet 157b
    Hannah BROOK wife m 48   Farsley 157b
    Sarah E FAIRBANK s in l s 43 Companion Farsley 157b
133 17 Vernon Place Ann BATES head m 60   Stanningley 157b
    Mary E BATES dau s 20 Worsted Warper Stanningley 157b
134 18 Vernon Place Ben HIGGS head m 47 Iron Foundry Moulder Pudsey 157b
    Sarah HIGGS wife m 57   Stanningley 157b
    Clara HIGGS dau s 18 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Pudsey 157b
    James W HIGGS son s 9   Stanningley 157b
135 19 Vernon Place Harry BARBER head m 34 Engine Maker's Fitter Stanningley 157b
    Frances E BARBER wife m 32   Leeds 157b
    Emma BARBER dau s 13 Worsted Yarn Spinner Hunslet 157b
    Ann BARBER dau s 10   Stanningley 157b
    Sarah E BARBER dau s 3   Stanningley 157b
    Frances BARBER dau s 1   Stanningley 157b
136 20 Vernon Place John LOKER head m 60 BrickLayer CAM Cambridge 158a
    Mary A LOKER wife m 46   CAM Cambridge 158a
    Herbert LOKER son s 17 Woolen Yarn Spinning Mule Piecer Stanningley 158a
    Albert E LOKER son s 16 Woolen Yarn Spinning Mule Piecer Stanningley 158a
    Bertha LOKER dau s 14 Cotton Weaver Stanningley 158a
    Charles LOKER son s 9   Stanningley 158a
    Esther LOKER dau s 8   Stanningley 158a
    Frank LOKER son s 5   Stanningley 158a
131 21 Vernon Place John SAWYER head m 57 dom. Gardener BRK Chaddleworth 158a
    Eliza SAWYER wife m 45   NFK Hempnall 158a
    Thomas SAWYER son s 24 Woolen Yarn Spinner Farsley 158a
    Herwin SAWYER son s 20 Grocer's ass. Farsley 158a
    Edward SAWYER son s 19 Woolen Millhand Farsley 158a
    Minnie SAWYER dau s 13 Worsted Yarn Spinning Doffer Farsley 158a
    Annie SAWYER dau s 7   Pudsey 158a
138 25 Vernon Place Samuel BARNES head m 47 Iron Foundry Horseman Pudsey 158a
    Ellen BARNES wife m 50   Bramley 158a
    Charley BARNES son s 22 Machine Maker - Turner Pudsey 158a
    Albert BARNES son s 12   Pudsey 158a
    William SPENCER f in l W 77 Living on Own Means Wortley 158a
139 26 Vernon Place John HARRISON head m 26 dom. Coachman Stanningley 158a
    Martha HARRISON wife m 28   NFK Norwich 158a
    Reginald HARRISON son s 2   Halifax 158a
140 27 Vernon Place Tom TAYLOR head m 43 Journeyman Plumber Leeds 158a
    mary TAYLOR wife m 40   Leeds 158a
    Joseph PARKER neph s 14 Cotton Yarn Spinner Bradford 158a
    George WILLIAMS f in l W 75 Retired Iron Foundry lab. Beverley 158a
141 28 Vernon Place Jackson TRIFFITT head m 35 Blacksmith NTT Holme on Spalding Moor 158b
    Mary TRIFFITT wife m 34   Leeds 158b
    Mabel TRIFFITT dau s 9   Stanningley 158b
    Walter E TRIFFITT son s 5   Bramley 158b
    Annie M MOXON m in l w 56 Dressmaker Harrogate 158b
    Mary W COX visit m 45   NFK Gorleston 158b
142 29 Vernon Place Charles BRITTON head m 39 Iron Turner [Machine Maker] IRE Londonderry 158b
    Sarah BRITTON wife m 37   Pudsey 158b
    Leonard MARSDEN stepson s 15 Woolen Warper Stanningley 158b
    Clara A MARSDEN stepdau s 11   Pudsey 158b
    Emily BRITTON dau s 2   Pudsey 158b
    Harry BRITTON son s 1   Pudsey 158b
143 30 Vernon Place Edward JENNINGS head m 49 Cabinet Maker CUL Kendal 158b
    Annie JENNINGS wife m 39   Wortley 158b
    Lavinia JENNINGS dau s 18   Stanningley 158b
144 23-24 Vernon Place John COLBURN head W 45 Iron Foundry lab. Stanningley 158b
    Jim COLBURN son s 10   Stanningley 158b
    Emily COLBURN dau s 8   Stanningley 158b
145 1 Albion Road Walker BROOK head m 59 Worsted Wool Washer Leeds 158b
    Esther L BROOK wife m 51   Pudsey 158b
    Martha BROOK dau s 22 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 158b
    Sarah E BROOK dau s 19 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 158b
    John BROOK son s 15 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 158b
146 2 Albion Road Eliza YEADON head w 61 Farmer Bramley 158b
    Eliza A YEADON dau s 27   Pudsey 158b
    Annie YEADON dau s 24   Pudsey 158b
147 3 Albion Road Harriet MITCHELL head s 36 Worsted Cloth Weaver Stanningley 158b
    Eliza MITCHELL sis s 28   Stanningley 158b
    Emily MITCHELL sis s 26 Worsted Cloth Weaver Stanningley 158b
148 4 Albion Road John HORN head m 39 Iron Foundry Planer Stanningley 159a
    Sarah A HORN wife m 38   Farsley 159a
    Annie E HORN dau s 11   Stanningley 159a
    Herbert HORN son s 9   Stanningley 159a
149 5 Albion Road John EVANS head W 58 Blacksmith WLS Dowlass 159a
    William EVANS son s 19   WLS Holmes? 159a
150 6 Albion Road James DAVEY head m 65 Boarding House Keeper Stanningley 159a
    Mary DAVEY wife m 56   Bramley 159a
    Ephraim DAVEY son m 20 Boiler Maker Pudsey 159a
    Lilly DAVEY d in l m 20   Pudsey 159a
    Albert STRANGEWOOD board s 22 Horse Saddler SFK Ipswich 159a
    Alfred HEY board s 24 Iron Foundry lab. Batley 159a
    Albert A SLATER board s 23 Painter's lab. LAN Church 159a
151 8 Albion Road Amos LEADER head m 38 Iron Foundry lab. Bradford 159a
    Ann LEADER wife m 50   CHS *mbler ? 159a
    Catherine A ROBINSON adptdau s 17 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer LAN Salford 159a
152 9 Albion Road Robert IRELAND head m 35 Blacksmith's Striker WAR Armswarth 159a
    Mary A IRELAND wife m 30   WOR Birmingham 159a
    Annis IRELAND dau s 10   WOR Birmingham 159a
    Sarah A IRELAND dau s 7   WOR Birmingham 159a
    Walter IRELAND son s 3   WOR Birmingham 159a
153 10 Albion Road Richard WARD head m 39 Journeyman Joiner Pudsey 159a
    Betsy WARD wife m 36   Leeds 159a
    Ethel WARD dau s 11   Leeds 159a
    Ivy WARD dau s 6   Pudsey 159a
    Maud WARD dau s 3   Pudsey 159a
    Sarah WARD dau s 1   Pudsey 159a
154 11 Albion Road Sarah Ann NASH head m 49   Bradford 159b
    Matilda NASH dau s 26 Worsted Yarn Spinning Twister Bradford 159b
    Rebecca NASH dau s 23 Worsted Yarn Spinning Twister Bradford 159b
    William NASH son s 20 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 159b
    Annie NASH dau s 18 Worsted Yarn Spinner Pudsey 159b
154a Grangefield Mill Yard Benjamin GREY head m 73 Retired Drayman Rodley 159b
    Sarah A GREY wife m 63   Dudley Hill 159b
    Edith GREY dau s 27   Farsley 159b
    John GREY son s 25 Iron Foundry Turner Farsley 159b
    Fred GREY son s 21 Worsted Weft Man Stanningley 159b
154b Grangefield Mill Warehouse John TIDGWELL   m 48 Night Watchman Pudsey 159b
155 1 Lightfoots Place Mary Ann LIGHTFOOT head w 66   Scarboro 160a
    Elizabeth WAGSTAFF dau m 24 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 160a
    Richard WAGSTAFF s in l m 23 Blacksmith's Striker Doncaster 160a
156 2 Lightfoots Place Richard PONTEFRACT head m 55 Unemployed Machine Fitter Farnley 160a
    Lydia PONTEFRACT wife m 54 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Bramley 160a
    Priscilla PONTEFRACT dau s 25 Worsted Cloth Weaver Bramley 160a
    Seth PONTEFRACT son s 18 Iron Foundry Moulder Bramley 160a
    Wright PONTEFRACT son s 2   Pudsey 160a
157 3 Lightfoots Place William KENDALL head m 34 Woolen Cloth Fuller Bradford 160a
    Ruth KENDALL wife m 34   Bradford 160a
    Martha KENDALL dau   8   Bradford 160a
    Sarah A KENDALL dau s 6   Bradford 160a
    Annie KENDALL dau s 4   Bradford 160a
    Sarah Ann TURNER m in l w 68   Bradford 160a
158 4 Lightfoots Place Joseph SCOTT head m 28 Market Gardener's lab. Pudsey 160a
    Clara SCOTT wife m 23   West Ardsley 160a
    Herbert SCOTT son s 5   Pudsey 160a
    George A SCOTT son s 3   Pudsey 160a
159 5 Lightfoots Place Joseph W CLAYTON head m 28 Iron Foundry Carter Pudsey 160a
    Martha A CLAYTON wife m 27   Stanningley 160a
    Samuel R CLAYTON son s 3   Pudsey 160a
    Fred CLAYTON son s 1   Pudsey 160a
160 6 Lightfoots Place John WAGSTAFF head m 25 Blacksmith's Striker Doncaster 160a
    Sarah A WAGSTAFF wife m 22   Pudsey 160a
    Clara WAGSTAFF dau s 2   Stanningley 160a
    Donald E WAGSTAFF son s 1   Stanningley 160a
161 7 Lightfoots Place Albert PONTEFRACT head m 29 Wool Willeyer Farsley 160a
    Mary A PONTEFRACT wife m 28 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 160a
    Ida PONTEFRACT dau s 8m   Stanningley 160a
162 8 Lightfoots Place William CRABTREE head W 79 Retired Policeman Otley 160a
    Moses CRABTREE son s 36 Asst School Teacher Stanningley 160a
163 9 Lightfoots Place John W BERRY head m 28 Iron Foundry lab. Shipley 160b
    Elizabeth BERRY wife m 29   DUR Crook 160b
    James BERRY fath m 50 Iron Foundry Moulder Idle 160b
    Lavinia BERRY dau s 4   Stanningley 160b
    Dorothy BERRY dau s 2   Stanningley 160b
    James BERRY son s 1   Stanningley 160b
    Elizabeth BERRY dau s 3m   Stanningley 160b
164 10 Lightfoots Place Alexander JOHNSTONE head m 30 Blacksmith's Striker Yeadon 160b
    Louisa JOHNSTONE wife m 31 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Stanningley 160b
    Arthur L JOHNSTONE son s 8   Stanningley 160b
165 11 Lightfoots Place Jemima MILLS head m 37   BDF Yelden 160b
    Charles MILLS son s 13 Worsted Yarn Spinner NTT I* Green? 160b
166 12 Lightfoots Place Joseph LENTY head s 48 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 160b
    Hannah LENTY sis s 45   Stanningley 160b
167 13 Lightfoots Place Harry WADE head m 33 Iron Foundry Turner Bramley 160b
    Miranda WADE wife m 33 Stuff Weaver Pudsey 160b
    Susannah WADE dau s 11   Stanningley 160b
    Lily WADE dau s 10   Stanningley 160b
    Fred WADE son s 8   Stanningley 160b
    Harry WADE son s 6   Stanningley 160b
    Florence WADE dau s 4   Stanningley 160b
    John WADE son s 1   Pudsey 160b
168 1 Turners Square Thomas FISHER head m 42 Iron Foundry lab. NTT Nottingham 160b
    Mary A FISHER wife m 28   SOM Chard 160b
169 3 Turners Square James WRIGGLESWORTH head m 31 Iron Foundry lab. Stanningley 160b
    Sarah E WRIGGLESWORTH wife m 30   Farsley 160b
    John WRIGGLESWORTH son s 5   Stanningley 160b
170 5 Turners Square Tim SHAW head W 57 General lab. [outdoor] Dewsbury 160b
    Harry BARRAND son s 37 Iron Foundry lab. Stanningley 160b
171 7 Turner's Square Mary GRAYSON head w 53 Charwoman Stanningley 161a
    Sarah A GRAYSON dau s 18 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 161a
    Florence GRAYSON dau s 12 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 161a
172 9 Turner's Square John H DUFTON head m 36 Shoe Factory Rough Cutter Pudsey 161a
    Hannah DUFTON wife m 39   Pudsey 161a
    Jane E DUFTON dau s 14   Pudsey 161a
    John DUFTON son s 9   Bramley 161a
173 11 Turner's Square Frederick KNOWLES head m 29 Woolen Cloth Finisher Stanningley 161a
    Alice KNOWLES wife m 25 Worsted Yarn Spinner LIN Binbroke 161a
174 13 Turner's Square David COULSON head W 63 Iron Foundry lab. Stanningley 161a
    David COULSON son W 24 Iron Founder Bolt Maker Stanningley 161a
175 15 Turner's Square Henry FEARN head m 57 Farm Cattleman DBY Chelleston 161a
    Sarah FEARN wife m 56   DBY Derby 161a
176 18 Turner's Square Jonas MIDGLEY head m 61 Iron Moulder's Fitter Eccleshill 161a
    Susannah MIDGLEY wife m 56   Armley 161a
    Mary MIDGLEY dau s 27 dom. serv New Wortley 161a
    Lizzie MIDGLEY dau s 23 Woolen Cloth Weaver Guiseley 161a
    Seth MIDGLEY son s 19 Manchester Warehouseman Rodley 161a
    John MIDGLEY son s 17 Iron Moulder's app. Rodley 161a
177 16 Turner's Square Joseph TAYLOR head m 63 Tool Smith LEI Leicester 161a
    Elizabeth TAYLOR wife m 59   Rodley 161a
    Mary HODGSON dau m 35 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Stanningley 161a
    George TAYLOR son s 33 Boiler Maker Stanningley 161a
    Hilda HODGSON gdau s 13 Gear & Slay Maker Stanningley 161a
179 12 Turner's Square Moses HILL head m 43 Blacksmith's Striker Stanningley 161a
    Jemima HILL wife m 34   Wortley 161a
    Abraham HILL son s 19 Boiler Maker Pudsey 161a
    Florence HILL dau s 14 Worsted Yarn Spinning Doffer Pudsey 161a
    Thomas HILL son s 13 Worsted Yarn Spinner Pudsey 161a
    Helen HILL dau s 5   Wortley 161a
    Henrietta HILL dau s 1   Pudsey 161a
178 14 Turner's Square George VERITY head m 64 Boot & Shoemaker Bramley 161b
    Sarah A VERITY wife m 46   Scarboro 161b
    Sarah E VERITY dau s 18 Worsted Yarn Spinner Bramley 161b
    Mary J VERITY dau s 15 Worsted Yarn Spinner Bramley 161b
    Robert VERITY son s 12   Pudsey 161b
    Thomas VERITY son s 10   Pudsey 161b
    Ann VERITY dau s 7   Pudsey 161b
    Harry VERITY son s 3   Pudsey 161b
180 10 Turner's Square John WOMERSLEY head m 44 Iron Works CartMan Bramley 161b
    Jane WOMERSLEY wife m 49   Leeds 161b
    William WOMERSLEY son s 21 Wool Scribbling Fettler Farsley 161b
    Albert WOMERSLEY son s 17 Wool Spinning Mule Piecer Leeds 161b
181 8 Turner's Square Charles BURNETT head m 45 Iron Foundry lab. Drighlington 161b
    Emma BURNETT wife m 44   Drighlington 161b
    James BURNETT son s 15 Iron Works Timekeeper Gomersal 161b
182 6 Turner's Square David SECKER head m 35 Wool Dryer Stanningley 161b
    Sarah J SECKER wife m 36   BDF Bleinham 161b
    Elsie L SECKER dau s 8   Stanningley 161b
    Lawrence SECKER son s 6   Stanningley 161b
    Lily SECKER dau s 3   Stanningley 161b
184 4 Turner's Square Arthur ETTY head m 34 Iron Foundry lab. York 161b
    Elizabeth ETTY wife m 33   Leeds 161b
    Edith ETTY dau s 12   Leeds 161b
    Ann ETTY dau s 8   Stanningley 161b
    Lily ETTY dau s 6   Stanningley 161b
    Agnes ETTY dau s 4   Stanningley 161b
    William FOX board s 24   Batley 161b
    Carl FOX board s 18   DEU BS 161b
184 2 Turner's Square John SECKER head m 54 School Caretaker Leeds 162a
    Mary A SECKER wife m 57   Stanningley 162a
    Albert SECKER son s 26 General lab. [outdoor] Stanningley 162a
    Clara SECKER dau s 14 Worsted Yarn Spinner Stanningley 162a
    Ada GREAVES visit s 10   Stanningley 162a
    Sarah GREAVES visit s 4   Stanningley 162a
187 2 Grangefield Road Joseph H TOWN head m 54 Wool Sorter Foreman Farsley 162a
    Jane TOWN wife m 50   Stanningley 162a
    John TOWN son s 26 Butcher Farsley 162a
    Ezra V TOWN son s 19 Basket Maker Pudsey 162a
    George TOWN son s 17 Wool Sorter's app. Pudsey 162a
    Thomas TOWN son s 12   Pudsey 162a
    Mary M KIPLING board s 23 Wool Comber Bradford 162a
188 4 Grangefield Road Tom EASTWOOD head m 40 Factory Engine Tenter Farsley 162a
    Emily EASTWOOD wife m 41   Leeds 162a
    Eliza EASTWOOD dau s 18   Stanningley 162a
    Florence EASTWOOD dau s 16 Worsted Cloth Mender Stanningley 162a
    Annie EASTWOOD dau s 12   Stanningley 162a
    Jane EASTWOOD dau s 8   Stanningley 162a
    Benjamin EASTWOOD son s 7   Stanningley 162a
    Tom E MARSDEN gson s 1   Stanningley 162a
    Mary G MARSDEN dau m 21 Worsted Yarn Spinning Drawer Stanningley 162a
189 6 Grangefield Road Joseph TURNER head m 55 Wool Sorter Farsley 162a
    Jane TURNER wife m 57   Thirsk 162a
    Annie TURNER dau s 28 Worsted Cloth Weaver Farsley 162a
    Maria TURNER dau s 25 Worsted Cloth Burler Farsley 162a
    Alice TURNER dau s 20 Worsted Cloth Burler Bramley 162a
    Maud TURNER dau s 20 Wool Comber Bramley 162a
190 Lawson's Farm Thomas C LAWSON head m 43 Farmer Armley 162b
    Ann LAWSON wife m 45   LIN Crowland 162b
    Joseph LAWSON son s 16 Farm Horsekeeper Pudsey 162b
    James W LAWSON son s 15 Farm Cattleman Pudsey 162b
    Thomas LAWSON son s 11   Pudsey 162b
    Elizabeth CLOUGH serv s 19 General serv LIN Boston 162b
    Hilda HOLDSWORTH visit s 2   Armley 162b
191 1 Pog Farm Walter BINKS head s 37 Market Gardener DOR Portland 162b
192 2 Pog Farm William R MITCHELL head m 33 Farm Horsekeeper Pudsey 162b
    Annie MITCHELL wife m 33   Stanningley 162b
    Carrie FOWLER board s 18 Worsted Yarn Winder Stanningley 162b
    Mary E MITCHELL dau s 12   Stanningley 162b
    Emily MITCHELL dau s 10   Stanningley 162b
    Ida MITCHELL dau s 9   Stanningley 162b