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Paver's Marriage Licence Index 1567 - 1628


The Parish registers for Calverley have a huge gap in the marriages from 1607 to 1629. While only a small proportion of marriages were conducted by licence, Mr. Paver's marriage licence index carries a few entries that involved residents of Calverley parish, though not all of them would have married at Calverley Church. Hopefully, these few entries will do a little to bridge the gap.

Parish to marry
Parish to marry
1591 HUNTER Richard Leeds WILSON Margaret Calverley Leeds or Calverley Widow
1592 BATESON John Calverley ELLITSTON Isabel Bingley Bingley Widow
1592 SMITH Francis Clayton PICKARD Ellen Calverley Clayton or Calverley  
1594 TASHER William Fewston GREEN Dorothy Idle Fewston or Kirk Deighton  
1595 KITCHING Alexander   HUNTER Susan Calverley Calverley  
1595 SIDDALL Robert Wakefield PASLEW Alice Calverley Calverley  
1595 ALLANBRIDGE Edward Idle SLATER Agnes Baildon Baildon  
1599 CHAPPELL Richard Alwoodley par. Harewood MAUDE Elizabeth Pudsey par. Calverley Adel Daughter of James Maude
1600 HARDY Robert Halifax MILNER Susan Pudsey par. Calverley Calverley  
1603 WADE William   BARRETT Elizabeth Farsley par. Calverley Calverley  
1603 DEIGHTON Richard Calverley ARMITAGE Sybil Crawshaw par. Calverley Calverley Daughter of John Armitage
1603 SHARPE Robert   SMITH* Alice Pudsey par. Calverley Bradford or Calverley *alias Wilkinson
1603 KITCHING Stephen Burnsall BOOCOCK Ellen Calverley Calverley  
1605 MASON Thomas   THORNTON Jane Pudsey par. Calverley Calverley  
1607 WATERHOUSE Edward Idle SLATER Ellen Hillhouse Leeds Leeds Son of George Waterhouse
1608 DEANE William Halifax HOLDSWORTH Mary Calverley Halifax or Calverley  
1608 HOLDSWORTH John Calverley WALKER Jane Birstall Birstall  
1609 NOWELL John Calverley BUTTERWORTH Ann Rossingdale Rossingdale or Calverley  
1609 RAWSON Paul Bradford ATKINSON Agnes Calverley Bradford or Calverley Widow
1609 WILKINSON William Calverley BINNS Ann Birstall Birstall  
1609 ATKINSON Nicholas Calverley LISTER Isabel Bingley Bingley or Calverley  
1611 SAXTON Richard Calverley WALKER Susan Birstall Birstall or Calverley  
1611 SMITH Daniel Calverley ROBINSON Fortune Halifax Halifax  
1612 WADDINGTON Samuel Calverley CURRER Jane Bingley Bingley or Calverley  
1612 NORTHORPE John Bradford WALKER Alice Calverley Bradford or Calverley  
1612 BRIGGS Robert Leeds ADAMSON Mary Calverley Leeds  
1612 POLLARD William Birstall KAYE Elizabeth Calverley Calverley  
1613 TENCH Aster Leeds OATES Dorothy Calverley Leeds or Calverley  
1614 THOMLINSON William Otley KITSON Rosamund Calverley Otley or Calverley  
1614 CALVERLEY Michael   SWAINE Margaret Calverley Calverley Widow
1615 HOLDSWORTH Isaac Calverley RHODES Elizabeth Bradford Bradford or Calverley  
1615 OXENARD Thomas   ASHLEY Ann Calverley Calverley  
1616 SANDALL Edward Calverley SALTONSTALL Elizabeth Halifax Halifax  
1616 RHODES Thomas Guiseley WILSON Elizabeth Calverley Guiseley or Calverley  
1616 THORNTON Thomas Calverley SMITH Mary Guiseley Guiseley or Calverley  
1617 SMITH Thomas Pudsey par. Calverley ELTOFTS Agnes Baildon Baildon Widow
1617 SHAW George Armley par. Leeds GRIMSTON Dorothy Calverley Leeds or Calverley  
1617 BAILEY Thomas   SMITH Judith Calverley Calverley  
1618 SAXTON Thomas Bramley WYTHES Elizabeth Calverley Leeds or Calverley August 11th
1618 DISHFORTH Matthew Calverley WALKER Elizabeth Baildon Baildon or Calverley September 12th
1623 HARPER John   BARSTOW Sarah Calverley Calverley  
1623 LEPTON William Calverley FARROW Margaret Tong Tong or Calverley  
1624 WHITLEY William Leeds WHITLEY Jennet Calverley Leeds or Calverley  
1624 WHITTAKER John   BRADLEY Isabel Calverley Calverley  
1624 BOOTH James Bradford BATES Bridget Calverley Calverley  
1624 SMITH James   OLDFIELD Sarah Calverley Calverley  
1624 HASSELL Mansfield Leeds MILNER Susan Calverley Leeds or Calverley  
1624 WARDE Matthew Birstall NORRIS Ann Calverley Birstall or Calverley  
1625 THIRNTON John Calverley WALKER Mary Bradford Bradford  
1626 SMITH Thomas Pudsey par. Calverley HOLDSWORTH Susan Halifax Halifax  
1626 GELDART Thomas Calverley RAMSDEN Susan Leeds Leeds or Calverley  
1626 LUPTON William Calverley BAYNES Elizabeth Tong Tong or Calverley  
1626 BOLTON Edward Leeds BOOTH Martha Calverley Leeds or Calverley  
1626 LUMBY James Calverley SMITHSON Frances Bradford Bradford or Calverley  
1626 ILES James Leeds BOOTH Mercy Calverley Leeds or Calverley  
1626 PEARSON James Calverley LILLY Sarah Baildon Baildon or Calverley  
1626 DAWSON Lancelot Calverley BUCK Ellen Bradford Bradford or Calverley Widow
1627 WALKER Laurence Calverley WILTON Ann Tong Tong or Calverley  
1627 WOOD John Tong MOSS Elizabeth Calverley Tong or Calverley  
1627 HUTTON William Calverley HOWSON Isabel Giggleswick Giggleswick or Calverley  
1627 GREENHALL John Calverley SUGDEN Mary Keighley Keighley or Calverley  
1628 GRANT John Calverley PEASE Ann Leeds Leeds or Calverley Vicar of Calverley
1628 REDSHAW William Pannal RAWE Ann Pudsey par. Calverley Pannal  
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