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Trades Directories 1829

Trades directories are an excellent source of information, listing all the tradespeople and gentry in a particular area. The extracts transcribed here are from Pigot's 1829 volume and covers most places in Calverley (except Idle and Windhill) and includes Tong and Westgate Hill

Gentry & Clergy Address
Balme Miss Sarah Chapeltown
Cowley Rev. Daniel Fulneck
Cunow Rev. G. A. Fulneck
Emerson Mrs. Mary Fulneck
Farrer John gent. Lowtown
Farrer Richard gent Fartown
Farrer Richard gent. Fartown
Hamerton Rev. William Tong
Hasse Christian Frederick gent. Fulneck
Haster Mrs. Elizabeth Fulneck
Hinchcliffe John gent. Fulneck
Holmes Rev. John (bishop united brethren or Moravians) Fulneck
Holmes Mrs. Mary Fartown
Howarth Misses A. & F. Fartown
Hutchinson James gent. Roker Lane
Jenkins Rev. David Chapeltown
La Trobe Rev. James Fulneck
Laird Rev. Thomas Church Lane
Redhead Rev. Samuel Calverley
Reichel Rev. Charles Frederick Fulneck
Rhodes Rev. Armitage Horsforth Hill
Robinson John esq. Calverley lodge
Skelton Mrs. Mary Fulneck
Stuart Mts. Anne McKenzie Chapeltown
Tempest John Plumbe esq. Tong hall
Vincent Mrs. Maria Lowtown
Wilkinson Joseph gent. Stanningley
Academies & Schools  
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.  
Collins Joseph Fulneck
Kirk John Calverley
Moravian Establishments  
(boarding for ladies' and gent's.)  
Rev. Charles Frederick Reichel director Fulneck
Parker Joseph Lowtown
Powers Joseph Littlemoor
Hannemann C. P. T. (to the Moravian establishment) Fulneck
Stowe William (land & to Charles Milner esq. lord of the manor) Old Hall Lowtown
Clayton John Chapeltown
Crawshaw Joshua Littlemoor
Poole George Fartown
Stowe William & (appraiser) Old hall
Hyland Peter Fulneck
Smith John Fulneck
Brooke Richard Stanningley
Brown John Calverley
Clarke Benjamin Stanningley
Drake John Stanningley
Jones Zachariah Fartown
Mitchell Joshua Lowtown
Oates Samuel Fartown
Watkinson James Stanningley
Young John Fartown
Bobbin Turners or shuttle makers  
Carter Samuel Fartown
Thackray John James & William Westgate Hill
Boot & Shoe Makers  
Clough John Fulneck
Crowther John Littlemoor
Oates James Fulneck
Oates John Littlemoor
Town George Church Lane
Town Henry Back Lane
Young John Greenside
Casson Mary Fartown
Casson William Fartown
Clough John Stanningley
Dawson John Bankhouse
Farrer Samuel Lowtown
Gray Thomas Calverley
Hargreaves John Stanningley
Hyland Joseph Fulneck
Johnson Thomas Chapeltown
Johnson William Chapeltown
Myers Samuel Lowtown
Parkinson John Fartown
Parkinson Robert Lowtown
Rhodes William Stanningley
Snowden John Calverley
Vickers William Stanningley
Waterhouse John Greenside
Carpenters , Joiners & Cabinet makers  
Boys William Fartown
Craven Abraham Calverley
Driver John Littlemoor
Driver Samuel & Son Fartown
Ellis Joseph Fulneck
Greenwood Edward (& machine maker) Lowtown
Jeffrey James Calverley
Marshall Thomas (& machine maker) Littlemoor
Maude Joseph Stanningley
Mitchell John Lowtown
Tunnicliffe Joseph Chapeltown
Verity Charles Fartown
Walker John Lowtown
West Thomas Stanningley
Coal Masters & Dealers  
Harrison John (master) Horsforth
Sutcliffe William Calverley
Corn Millers  
Barrons John Greenside
Scott George Littlemoor
Beaumont John Greenside
Beaumont William Littlemoor
Denison William Lowtown
Proctor Joseph Littlemoor
Rayner Joseph Fartown
Rider Thomas Chapeltown
Sykes & Brayshaw Stanningley
Thackrah Joseph & Son Gibraltar Mills
Thompson James Calverley
Webster John Lowtown
Geer & Slay Makers  
Barroclough John Church lane
Pearson Major Lowtown
Grocers & Drapers  
(See also Shopkeepers etc.)  
Haley Jeremiah & Co. Fulneck
Hinings William Lowtown
Sharp Samuel Lowtown
Wade William Chapeltown
Inns Taverns & Public Houses  
Black Bull, Jonathan Mitchell Lowtown
Fulneck Inn, Soph. Tordoff Fulneck
Golden Fleece, William Wilson Stanningley
Golden Lion, Mary Richardson Chapeltown
Greyhound, William Richardson Tong
King's Arms, James Hinings Westgate Hill
Masons' Arms, Samuel Farrer Lowtown
Old Duke, William George Oddy Westgate Hill
Old Leopard, Samuel Spence Calverley
Round-about-House, John Vickers Stanningley
Shoulder of Mutton, Samuel Myers Lowtown
Thornhill's Hotel, William Sowden Stanningley
Travellers Rest, William Boys Fartown
White Cross, Joseph Wilson Fartown
Listing Manufacturers  
Baumford William Fartown
Crabtree Benjamin Stanningley
Gamble Joseph Stanningley
Horn William Stanningley
Jackson David Chapeltown
Jackson Stephen Stanningley
Johnson John Bankhouse
Swift Benjamin Greenside
Swift Joshua Greenside
Varley Thomas Stanningley
Wade John Stanningley
Walton Samuel Stanningley
Wheaten John Stanningley
Clayton Richard Bankhouse
Crampton John jnr. Lowtown
Dufton John Chapeltown
Greenwood Thomas Calverley
Langstaff John Roker lane
Scarth Samuel Chapeltown
Sharpe Jonathan Bennett Littlemoor
Painters Plumbers and Glaziers  
Graven George Stanningley
Scarth Benjamin (& gas apparatus manufacturer) Chapeltown
Scribbling and Fulling Mills  
Beaumont Harrison & Co. Albion Mill
Blackburn Beaumont and Co. Waterloo Mills
Ellwand & Farrer Roker Lane
Gaunt Roberts & Co. Smale Well Mill
Rider Dean Carr and Co. Union Mill
Thackrah Joseph & Son Gibraltar Mill
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries  
Anson John Stanningley
Asquith Samuel Fartown
Brayshaw Joseph Fartown
Carter James Westgate Hill
Clark William Chapeltown
Clough John Stanningley
Elsworth Samuel Littlemoor
Grimshaw Jonathan Calverley
Hainsworth Stephen Chapeltown
Hargrave William Lowtown
Jefferson Joshua Chapeltown
Jefferson William Chapeltown
Lawson John Fartown
Rayner Joseph Fartown
Sharp John Lowtown
Sutcliffe Joshua Chapeltown
Turner John Stanningley
Vickers John Stanningley
Vickers Samuel Stanningley
Walton Samuel Calverley
Wheatley William Calverley
Wilkinson Joshua Stanningley
Wood Thomas Stanningley
Size Boilers  
Appleyard Edward Fartown
Appleyard James Lowtown
Cluderay John Church lane
Farrar Joseph Stanningley
Pratt James Calverley
Smith John Stanningley
Thornton Benjamin Calverley
Walker Joseph Lowtown
Stone Masons  
Arundale James Lowtown
Arundale Joseph Lowtown
Bennett John Fartown
Jackson John Greenside
Jackson Jonathan Greenside
Parker William Greenside
Waterhouse James Lowtown
Waterhouse John Stanningley
Stone Merchants  
Jeffrey Thomas & John Calverley
Stockdale Joshua Gibraltar
Hutton George Fartown
Johnson William Calverley
Kettlewell Thomas Lowtown
Smith Henry Charles Fulneck
Warblinger Joseph Fartown
Blackburn Thomas Greenside
Booth Joshua Stanningley
Higgins John Stanningley
James Richard Fulneck
Oxley William Fulneck
Senior John Lowtown
Sutcliffe Robert Fartown
Asquith James & Samuel Back lane
Holdsworth William Calverley
Holt Thomas Stanningley
Johnson William Calverley
Lumby John Stanningley
Mitchell John Lowtown
Mitchell Jonathan Lowtown
Oddy Richard Tong
Woollen Cloth Manufacturers  
Armistead John Fartown
Armitage Benjamin Greenside
Armitage John Greenside
Armitage Joshua Greenside
Asquith Samuel Fartown
Atkinson Charles Calverley
Atkinson Richard Calverley
Banks John Greenside
Banks Joseph Greenside
Barker John Fartown
Barnes Isaac Stanningley
Barnes James Stanningley
Barron William Calverley
Bateman John Fartown
Bateman Jonas Chapeltown
Beaumont George jun. Littlemoor
Beaumont John Greenside
Beaumont William Littlemoor
Beaver John Littlemoor
Binks Edward Greenside
Binks Mark Chapeltown
Blackburn James Greenside
Boys John Fartown
Boys Samuel Fartown
Boys William Greenside
Bradley John Littlemoor
Braithwaite Benjamin Littlemoor
Braithwaite George Greenside
Brayshaw George Littlemoor
Brayshaw Joseph Fartown
Bretherick Samuel Lowtown
Brook Abraham Fartown
Brook Joseph Lowtown
Brookbank George Greenside
Brookbank John Greenside
Brookbank Joseph Greenside
Burrows Benjamin Fartown
Calvert Samuel Lowtown
Calvert William Lowtown
Carr Henry Greenside
Carr Henry Littlemoor
Carr William Greenside
Carter John Lowtown
Cawthery James Greenside
Cawthery Joseph Greenside
Child James Greenside
Coates James Greenside
Coates John Greenside
Coates Jonathan Chapeltown
Coates Matthew Greenside
Cooper John Fartown
Cooper Matthew Greenside
Cope Joseph Chapeltown
Crampton John jnr. Lowtown
Crowther Benjamin Littlemoor
Crowther Joseph Littlemoor
Crowther William Fartown
Dean Benjamin Fartown
Dufton Samuel Greenside
Dufton Samuel Lowtown
Dufton William Lowtown
Eastwood Joseph jnr. Calverley
Eastwood Joseph sen. Calverley
Elmsley William Fartown
Elsworth John Lowtown
Elsworth Joseph jnr. Lowtown
Elsworth Samuel Littlemoor
Emsley William Littlemoor
Farrar William jnr. Stanningley
Farrar William sen. Stanningley
Farrer Charles Church lane
Farrer Edward Fulneck
Farrer John Church lane
Farrer Joseph Fartown
Fearnley John Greenside
Fearnley John Lowtown
Fearnley Joseph Lowtown
Fearnley Joshua Stanningley
Firth Joseph Lowtown
Fox John Littlemoor
Garth William Allcoates Hill
Gaunt Benjamin Lowtown
Gaunt Charles Lowtown
Gaunt John Greenside
Gaunt John Lowtown
Gaunt Joseph Greenside
Gaunt Matthew Greenside
Gaunt Matthew Marsh
Gaunt Matthew Stanningley
Gaunt Samuel Fartown
Gaunt William Greenside
Gibson Ann Fartown
Gibson George Lowtown
Gibson John Fartown
Gibson John Fartown
Gibson Samuel Fartown
Gleddell Daniel Lowtown
Glover George Littlemoor
Glover William Littlemoor
Glover William jun. Littlemoor
Glover William sen. Littlemoor
Gott John Calverley
Grainger John Calverley
Grainger Joseph Calverley
Grainger Richard Calverley
Gray Samuel Calverley
Gray William Calverley
Greaves Edward Greenside
Greaves Thomas Fartown
Greaves William Fartown
Greenwood John Calverley
Greenwood Joseph Calverley
Greenwood William Greenside
Hainsworth Benjamin Stanningley
Hainsworth James Roaker lane
Hainsworth Joseph Stanningley
Hainsworth Stephen Chapeltown
Hall Samuel Lowtown
Halliday Christopher Lowtown
Halliday John Lowtown
Harrison John Allcoates Hill
Hartley James jun. Calverley
Hartley James sen. Calverley
Hartley Samuel Calverley
Haste Joseph Lowtown
Haste William Lowtown
Heaton John Back lane
Heckler James Lowton
Hinchcliffe John Greenside
Hinchcliffe Joseph Lowtown
Hinchliffe John Fartown
Hinchliffe Samuel Fartown
Hinchliffe Samuel Lowtown
Hinings Robert Lowtown
Hinings William Lowtown
Holmes John Fartown
Huggan William Lowtown
Hustler Thomas Fartown
Hutchinson Abraham Roaker lane
Hutchinson Mark Littlemoor
Hutchinson William Chapeltown
Hutchinson William Lowtown
Ingham William Allcoates Hill
Johnson William Fulneck
Keighley David Calverley
Kellet William Calverley
Langley Richard Greenside
Lister John Chapeltown
Lister Joseph Lowtown
Lister Thomas Greenside
Lobley Jeremiah Lowtown
Lobley Samuel Littlemoor
Lobley William Lowtown
Lumby William Greenside
Lumby William Littlemoor
Lupton John & James Calverley
Marshall John Calverley
Milner Matthew Lowtown
Mirfield Daniel Greenside
Mirfield William Greenside
Moore John nr Pudsey church
Moorhouse John Allcoates Hill
Moss Charles Greenside
Moss Charles Greenside
Moss Samuel Greenside
Musgreave John Lowntown
Musgreave Joseph Lowtown
Musgreave William Lowtown
Newell James nr Pudsey church
Newell Thomas Greenside
Newell William Greenside
Northrup Joseph Lowtown
Norton Isaac Lowtown
Norton Joseph Lowtown
Norton William Lowtown
Overend Henry Calverley
Pearson Abraham Calverley
Pearson Charles Back lane
Pearson John Lowtown
Popplewell William Calverley
Pratt John jun. Calverley
Pratt John sen. Calverley
Pratt Jonathan Calverley
Proctor Isaac Greenside
Proctor John Back lane
Proctor John Greenside
Proctor Robert Lowtown
Proctor Thomas Littlemoor
Proctor Thomas Lowtown
Proctor William Littlemoor
Raistrick John Calverley
Raistrick John Greenside
Raistrick William Fartown
Roberts James Stanningley
Roberts Thomas Stanningley
Robinson William Back lane
Rogers Reuben Lowtown
Schofield John Greenside
Sharp John Lowtown
Shires John Greenside
Shoesmith Joshua Fartown
Shutt William Lowtown
Simpson John Greenside
Sowden John Calverley
Spencer James Fartown
Spencer John Fartown
Spencer Joseph Littlemoor
Spencer Robert Littlemoor
Spencer William Fartown
Stead James Roaker lane
Strickland Joseph Stanningley
Strickland Samuel Stanningley
Strickland William Stanningley
Sugden George Fartown
Sutcliffe Joshua Chapeltown
Swithenbank James Fartown
Thackrah Joseph and Son (and merchants) Gibraltar Mills
Thompson John Lowtown
Threapleton Benjamin Lowtown
Threapleton James Lowtown
Threapleton Joseph Lowtown
Tunnicliffe John Lowtown
Varley James Stanningley
Varley John Stanningley
Wade Benjamin Littlemoor
Wade James Fartown
Wade John Fartown
Wade Joseph Fartown
Wade Thomas Lowtown
Walton John Fartown
Walton Thomas Littlemoor
Walton William Fartown
Waterhouse John Calverley
Waterhouse Joseph Calverley
Waterhouse Thomas Greenside
Waterhouse William Calverley
Webster George Lowtown
Webster John Lowtown
Webster Martha Lowtown
Webster Richard Lowtown
Wheater Isaac Stanningley
Wheater Joseph Stanningley
Wheater William Stanningley
Wilson John jun. Stanningley
Wilson John sen. Stanningley
Wilson Joseph Fartown
Wilson Samuel Chapeltown
Wilson Samuel Fartown
Windsor William Lowtown
Wright John Calverley
Harrison James Lowtown
Hutchinson Abraham Bank house
Musgreave William Lowtown
Waller William Calverley
Walton William Calverley
Worsted Spinners and Manufacturers  
Clough & Gaunt Horsforth Low Mill
Greenwood William (& fulling miller) Calverley Mill
Thompson and Co. Rawdon Low Mill
Varley & Co. Stanningley
Varley John Stanningley
Waller William Calverley
Wilson Farrar & Co. Stanningley
Angel Hannah Fulneck cambric glove maker
Asquith Benjamin Fartown cooper
Baker Thomas & Samuel Lowtown engineers
Brook Mary Fulneck pastry cook
Cawood Thomas Lowtown saddler
Crowther John Littlemoor assistant constable
Crowther Martin Littlemoor master of the workhouse
Dean Joseph Lowtown cotton manufacturer
Ellwand William Roaker lane merchant
Farrer Jonathan Littlemoor standing overseer
Farrer Richard Frederick Fartown tanner
Fawcett J Lowtown hat manufacturer
Garth James Lowtown brazier
Hainsworth Matthew Stanningley corn dealer
Hasse Christian Frederic Fulneck professor of music
Hitchen Samuel Lowtown watch maker
Jarrett & Co. Fulneck Moravian needle work estab.
Jarrett Miss Esther Fulneck Sisters' house
Littlewood William Calverley timber merchant
Marshall John Calverley constable
Mirfield Richard & James Westgate Hill wool combers and top makers
Oddy George & Son Westgate Hill rope makers
Rayner Joseph Fartown constable
Sharp William Church lane waste dealer
Wilson William Stanningley crank plate manufacturer