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Mill Wages


Some records of employment are still in existance, though most are now lost. The two wage lists below are from the Smalewell Mill in Pudsey from 1859 and 1860, when it was under the ownership of William & Jonathan Clarkson. Copied from originals held by Jeff and Margaret Clarkson.


Wage List 11th October 1859 Wage List 16th March 1860
G Williamson 1 6s 0d G Williamson 1 6s 0d
S Darnbro 12s 4d S Darnbro 12s
J Hutchinson 12s 4d J Hutchinson 9s
S Schofield 14s J Schofield 14s
J Thompson 14s S Hewitt 14s
S Hewitt 11s 8d J Yeadon 14s
Tillitson 10s Samuel Moss 8s 4d
Williamson 5s Hodgson 4s 2d
Samuel Blackburn 1 8s 0d John Saul 13s 6d
Ben Brook 18s 5d Robert Turner 12s
John Brearley 15s S Blackburn 1 8s 0d
W Hargrave 1 16s 4d Ben Brook 17s 10d
Joe Ellis 1 10s 0d W Hargrave 1 0s 0d
A Dixon 1 10s 0d Joe Ellis 12s 3d
M Walker 1 7s 0d Whittam 1 10s 0d
R Walker 1 12s 0d Walker 1 0s 0d
Sugden 1 12s 0d Rayner 1 0s 0d
Hainsworth 1 10s 0d Smith 1 0s 0d
S Platts 2 2s 0d S Platts 1 10s 0d
W H Clarkson 1 0s 0d Sutcliff & Johnson 16s
John Stead 1 0s 0d W H Clarkson 15s
M Gaunt 12s 4d W Brown 1 0s 0d
W Brown 2 0s 0d Harrison Ingham 15s
H Ingham 1 0s 0d Brown & Ingham 12s
H Roberts 1 10s 0d