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Windhill Wesleyan Chapel Records

Windhill Wesleyan


Windhill Wesleyan chapel was first established in 1834 when the first building, with an adjacent burial gound, was erected on land on the West side of Crag Road (formerly Briggate). The chapel was replaced by a larger 'elegant and elaborate' building which opened in April 1865. When the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists merged in 1932, the Chapel was renamed Windhill Methodist Mission. The Mission closed in December 1961 and has long since been demolished. The current chapel stands on the East side of Crag Road, further south. This smaller chapel was originally built for the Primitive Methodists in 1886. The baptism records are in three registers, 1839-1902, 1902-1938 and 1938 onwards. Marriage records start from 1868, though there may have been earlier 'registrar attending' marriages. Burials started at the Old Burial Ground on Crag Road in 1835. A new cemetery was opened in 1855 on Owlet Road, but burials were still made at Crag Road until 1918