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Clayton Workhouse Census 1891


The North Bierley Union workhouse was built during 1855-1858 at Clayton, by the Horton Bank reservoir. It could accommodate about 400 inmates. The building was designed by Henry F Lockwood and William Mawson. This census return is compiled of all inmates and staff in the 1891 census. The 1861 census presented the inmates by initials only, rendering it useless.

Institution: "North Bierley Union Workhouse"
Current or Former Occupation
Current or Former Occupation
WEST Thomas Head M 32 M Workhouse Master LAN Manchester .
WEST Alice Wife F 32 M Workhouse Matron Leeds  
WEST Percy Son M 5 S . Clayton  
WEST Ethel Dau F 1 S . Clayton  
DAVISON Coates Officer M 33 M Porter Calverley  
DAVISON Sophia Officer F 34 M Portress Flockton  
ROBINSON Stephen Officer M 46 W Baker LAN Preston  
DUNHILL John Willie Officer M 25 S Attendant Rawmarsh .
MILNES Mary Officer F 59 W Attendant Cantley  
DICKER Ann Officer F 32 S Cook DOR Batcombe  
WOOD Rhoda Officer F 46 S Laundress LAN Flixton  
BAKER Firzah Officer F 48 W Nurse GLS St Briavels  
HEMINGWAY Annie Elizabeth Officer F 27 S Assistant Leeds  
SAUL Annie Eliza Officer F 29 S Nurse Sheffield  
SAUL Hilda Visitor F 8 S . Sheffield  
MILLS Eliza Inmate F 32 M Cotton Winder CHS Altringham .
ROSIER Jane Emily Inmate F 19 S Machinist NFK Ixworth  
ECCLES Elizabeth Inmate F 58 W Worsted Weaver Bradford  
MANN Ruth Inmate F 55 W Worsted Weaver Clayton West  
BATESON Belinda Inmate F 60 M Milliner CAM Wisbeach  
MILLS Grace Inmate F 68 W Worsted Weaver Bradford  
HYAM Elizabeth Inmate F 69 W Worsted Weaver IRE  
BASTOW Caroline Inmate F 40 S Worsted Drawer Wibsey .
HARRISON Ruth Inmate F 53 S Charwoman Hunsworth  
GUEST Sarah Inmate F 36 W Domestic Royston  
GUEST Alice Inmate F 14 S . Dewsbury  
GUEST James Inmate M 8 S . Heckmondwike  
GUEST Janet Inmate F 5 S . Adwalton  
TIGHE Jane Ellen Inmate F 6 S . Not Known  
HARRISON Edith Annie Inmate F 12 S . Shipley  
JOWETT Annie Elizabeth Inmate F 8 S . Not Known  
JOWETT Albert Inmate M 7 S . Not Known  
JOWETT Freeman Inmate M 4 S   Not Known .
BROWN Joseph Inmate M 59 M Painter Gomersal  
BROWN Mary Inmate F 61 M Domestic SCT  
LAWSON Alice Inmate F 8 S . Bradford  
LAWSON Sam Bancroft Inmate M 10 S . Bradford  
LONGBOTTOM Thomas Inmate M 10 S . Drighlington  
MORTIMER Fred Inmate M 7 S . Not Known  
MORTIMER Grimshaw Inmate M 6 S . Not Known  
RILEY John Henry Inmate M 35 W Hairdresser Halifax Blind
RILEY Herbert Inmate M 12 S . Thornton  
RILEY Walter Inmate M 10 S . Thornton  
FARRAR Hiram Inmate M 41 S Paper Warehouseman Pudsey  
FLETCHER Thomas Inmate M 42 S Carter Oxton  
BREEN Michael Inmate M 52 W Striker IRE .
POLLARD Joseph Inmate M 60 S Coal Miner Bradford  
WOOD George Inmate M 61 M Woollen Dyer Pudsey  
DOWNS Thomas Inmate M 52 M Puddler Kirkstall  
ROBERTSHAW Benjamin Inmate M 41 S General Labourer Thornton  
ILLINGWORTH Joshua Inmate M 54 S Farm Labourer Pudsey  
ORMONDROYD Isaac Inmate M 76 W Coal Miner Wibsey  
TERRY John Inmate M 67 W Coal Miner Wibsey  
CHIDLOW John Inmate M 61 S General Labourer STS Stone .
SWINDLEHURST Robinson Inmate M 23 S Wool Scourer Birstall  
ROBINSON Jonas Inmate M 74 S Farm Labourer Low Moor  
WILKINSON William Inmate M 66 W Joiner Acam  
BUTTERFIELD Timothy Inmate M 77 M Coal Miner Glasshoughton  
HODGSON Dan Inmate M 70 W Worsted Weaver Wibsey  
FRANKLAND John Inmate M 68 W Farm Labourer Boroughbridge  
CROSSLAND George Farnell Inmate M 64 M Overlooker Queensbury  
WILKINSON John Inmate M 76 W Gardener SCT Berwick, Paxton  
CORKHILL William Inmate M 71 W General Labourer IOM  
HAINSWORTH Benjamin Inmate M 79 W Woollen Cloth Maker Pudsey .
BLAMIRES John Inmate M 79 W Twine Spinner Cleckheaton  
RAWSON Edward Inmate M 85 M Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
SIMPSON Samuel Inmate M 56 M Woollen Mill Fettler Eccleshill  
PRIESTLEY Jonathan Inmate M 78 W Stuff Weaver IRE  
GARSIDE Isaac Inmate M 71 W Worsted Comber Ripponden  
RUSH William Inmate M 71 W Woolcomber NFK Lynn  
MURGATROYD James Inmate M 64 W Carter Windhill  
ROWE John Inmate M 70 W Woolcomber LEI Loughborough  
ROBINSON Jonas Inmate M 60 W Farm Labourer Thornton  
CAWTHRA John Inmate M 71 W Coal Miner Dudley Hill .
WOOD James Inmate M 75 W Tailor Little Horton  
COCKSHOTT John Inmate M 66 M Woollen Weaver Yeadon  
METCALF George Inmate M 51 S General Labourer Reeve  
HOLROYD John Inmate M 78 W Worsted Weaver Shelf  
JENNINGS Joseph Inmate M 74 W Worsted Weaver Keighley  
HEMINGWAY James Inmate M 66 M Machine Fitter Stainland  
WHITLEY John Inmate M 72 M Joiner Adwalton  
ONION William Inmate M 51 W General Labourer Bowling .
HOLMES George Inmate M 72 W General Labourer Nesfield  
WORRALL John Inmate M 87 W Woollen Weaver LAN Warrington  
GIBBS George Inmate M 49 W Ship Carpenter DUR Sunderland  
HORSFALL Thomas Inmate M 50 S Woollen Twister Thornton  
ROBINSON Samuel Inmate M 64 W Carter Ovenden  
SMITH Thomas Inmate M 40 W Coal Miner Leeds  
ARMITAGE Thomas Inmate M 77 W Mason Cleckheaton  
WILSON William Inmate M 61 W Cloth Manufacturer Eccleshill .
MORTIMER George Inmate M 50 W Brick Burner Cleckheaton  
HARGREAVES Stephen Inmate M 52 S Worsted Weaver Windhill  
HOLLAND James Inmate M 78 S Woolcomber IRE  
GARSIDE Benjamin Inmate M 57 M Drysalter Cleckheaton  
DOBSON Samuel Inmate M 46 S Painter IRE  
BREARLEY Henry Inmate M 71 S Millwright Apperley Bridge  
CRYER William Inmate M 62 S General Labourer Calverley .
DOUGLAS John Inmate M 48 S General Labourer Stanningley  
SUTCLIFFE John Inmate M 71 W Timekeeper Brotherton  
FIRTH George Inmate M 72 W Stone Mason Wilsden  
PRIESTLEY William Inmate M 67 M Worsted Winder Great Horton  
FOSTER John Inmate M 42 S General Labourer Otley Lunatic
FIRTH Wright Inmate M 47 S . Idle Lunatic
MUSCHAMP William Inmate M 46 S . Shipley Lunatic
SPENCER Thomas Inmate M 47 S . Not Known Lunatic
BAIRSTOW Edward Inmate M 54 S General Labourer Clayton Heights Lunatic
HARDAKER John Inmate M 50 S . Leeds Lunatic
DEACON William Inmate M 25 S . Shipley Lunatic
WARDLE Robert Inmate M 33 S . Cleckheaton Lunatic
GREENWOOD Charles Inmate M 24 S . Cleckheaton Lunatic
BURTON John Inmate M 73 S . Allerton Lunatic
NAYLOR John William Inmate M 23 S . Eccleshill Lunatic
DAWSON Edward Inmate M 23 S . Windhill Lunatic
WHEATER James Inmate M 54 S . Not Known Lunatic
MOUNTAIN William Inmate M 46 S . Bradford Lunatic
CRAVEN Wright Inmate M 37 S . Thornton Lunatic
TETLEY Charles Inmate M 29 S . Wilsden Lunatic
MALE Charles Inmate M 69 M General Labourer NFK Hingham Lunatic
WILCOCK Amos Inmate M 58 S . Windhill Lunatic
COOPER Joseph Inmate M 76 W . Baildon Lunatic
HORNER Alfred Inmate M 23 S . Thackley Lunatic
JOWETT John William Inmate M 27 S . Wortley Lunatic
LAW Christopher Wesley Inmate M 51 S . Scholes Lunatic
HUTCHINSON Joseph Inmate M 65 . General Labourer Not Known Lunatic
KEIGHLEY Elizabeth Inmate F 78 W . Leeds Lunatic
BAIRSTOW Mary Inmate F 54 S . Wilsden Lunatic
CROSLAND Isabella Inmate F 60 W . Not Known Lunatic
HARDAKER Mary Inmate F 53 S . Leeds Lunatic
TALLANT Sarah Jane Inmate F 33 S . Adwalton Lunatic
BAIRSTOW Louisa Inmate F 26 S . Cleckheaton Lunatic
PONTEFRACT Harriet Inmate F 24 S . Stanningley Lunatic
KERSHAW Sarah Ellen Inmate F 33 S . Wyke Lunatic
BERRY Lydia Ann Inmate F 38 S . Cleckheaton Lunatic
MAHER Margaret Inmate F 54 S . IRE Lunatic
BUCKLEY Elizabeth Inmate F 24 S . Adwalton Lunatic
LINGARD Sarah Elizabeth Inmate F 19 S . Thornton Lunatic
WATSON Sarah Jane Inmate F 36 S . Clayton Lunatic
WATSON Sarah Inmate F 29 S . Calverley Lunatic
WILMAN Ann Inmate F 53 S . Wibsey Lunatic
ROBINSON Sarah Inmate F 46 S . Denholme Lunatic
PETTY Emma Inmate F 33 S . Not Known Lunatic
FOZZARD Harriet Inmate F 39 M . Not Known Lunatic
LEWIS Harriet Inmate F 62 W . LAN Manchester Lunatic
BECK Elizabeth Inmate F 53 W . Not Known Lunatic
JACKSON Selina Inmate F 51 S . Halifax Lunatic
ARMITAGE Zilpha Inmate F 41 S . Not Known Lunatic
PARKINSON Sarah Inmate F 69 W . Birstall Lunatic
OWSTON Frances Inmate F 71 S . Not Known Lunatic
SCHOFIELD Mary Ann Inmate F 44 S . Not Known Lunatic
BATES Frances Inmate F 57 S . Not Known Lunatic
BATES Mary Ann Inmate F 14 S . Cleckheaton  
BROWN Martha Inmate F 34 W Domestic Ripon  
BROWN Frederick Edward Inmate M 9 S . Pudsey  
BROWN Joseph Albert Inmate M 7 S . Pudsey .
BROWN Amy Henrietta Inmate F 5 S . Pudsey  
BROWN Mary Ann Inmate F 3 S . Pudsey  
SHAW Harriet Inmate F 29 M Worsted Drawer SCT  
SHAW George Inmate M 8 S . Denholme  
SHAW Margaret Inmate F 5 S . Bradford  
SHAW Percy Inmate M 3 S . Clayton .
MURGATROYD Laura Inmate F 4 S . Not Known  
MURGATROYD Edith Annie Inmate F 3 S . Not Known  
MORTON Abigail Inmate F 39 M Worsted Spinner Low Moor  
MORTON Martha Elizabeth Inmate F 8 S . Southowram  
MORTON Lilly Inmate F 6 S . Bradford  
HUTTON Rebecca Inmate F 65 S Worsted Weaver Heaton  
BRADER Mary Ellen Inmate F 20 S Domestic LIN Horncastle .
DENNISON Mary Ann Inmate F 75 W Worsted Reeler Fagley  
COATES Eliza Inmate F 81 W Worsted Reeler Bradford  
BENN Mary Ann Inmate F 78 W Domestic Ripon  
McIVER Rose Ann Inmate F 43 S Slipper Binder IRE  
WALSH Elizabeth Inmate F 43 S Woollen Weaver Guiseley  
WARD Amanda Inmate F 34 S Woolcomber Long Holton  
JENNINGS Charlotte Inmate F 77 W Cloth Weaver Farnley  
LEE Elizabeth Inmate F 75 W Domestic Manningham .
WETHERELL Susannah Inmate F 34 S Silk Drawer Harrogate  
ALLISON Dora Inmate F 68 W Laundress ESS East Ham  
ASHTON Mary Inmate F 74 W Cotton Reeler LAN Manchester  
FELTON Ruth Inmate F 59 W Worsted Reeler LAN Colne  
NAYLOR Alice Inmate F 30 S Cotton Spinner Bradford .
ROONEY Alice Inmate F 18 S Worsted Drawer Shipley  
ROONEY Alice Inmate F 2 S . Clayton  
CHADWICK Sarah Inmate F 74 W Domestic Tong  
ROBERTSHAW Sarah Ann Inmate F 50 W Cloth Weaver Gildersome  
SCHUTT Sarah Inmate F 72 S Domestic Pudsey  
DOUGLAS Sarah Inmate F 77 W Worsted Reeler SCT  
WOOD Hannah Inmate F 49 S Carpet Weaver Norwood Green  
SCHOLES Mary Ann Inmate F 73 W Wash Woman Drighlington  
RIDER Ann Inmate F 59 M Worsted Weaver Idle  
HOLDEN Harriet Inmate F 55 M Worsted Weaver Wibsey .
CRAVEN Ruth Inmate F 84 W Worsted Weaver Denholme  
HARTLEY Sarah Inmate F 42 S Domestic Eccleshill  
NORMINGTON Herbert Inmate M 5 S . Clayton  
RODGERS Joseph Inmate M 67 M Shoemaker Not Known  
CATHERALL Jonathan Inmate M 65 M General Labourer Not Known  
COATES James Inmate M 59 S General Labourer LAN Oldham .
HOLDSWORTH John Inmate M 61 M Delver Bradford  
ROBERTSHAW Frankland Inmate M 72 W Stone Mason Denholme  
SUGDEN Thomas Inmate M 64 S Drysalter Pudsey  
STEAD Thomas Inmate M 72 W Farm Labourer Wetherby  
KEELING John Inmate M 70 W Farm Labourer DER Derby .
HARGREAVES David Inmate M 32 S Joiner Keighley  
RUSHTON Eli Inmate M 69 W Woollen Twister Oxenhope  
JOHNSON John Inmate M 85 W Farm Labourer Yeadon  
CARTER Robert Inmate M 54 S General Labourer NFK Noriciton?  
MILNER John Inmate M 75 S Worsted Weaver Clayton Heights .
CLOUGH Frederick Inmate M 63 S Woollen Weaver Cleckheaton  
BAKES John Inmate M 39 M Warp Dresser Shipley  
RHODES John Inmate M 73 S General Labourer Heaton  
ATKINSON John Inmate M 68 W Coal Miner Halifax  
VERITY Samuel Inmate M 33 S Printer's Labourer Pudsey  
HOOD Joseph Inmate M 53 M Forgeman Low Moor  
LUPTON Alpha Inmate M 36 M Range Fitter Yeadon  
WIPER Charles Arthur Inmate M 13 S . Not Known  
WARD James Inmate M 74 M Wool Drier Pudsey .
WARD Ann Inmate F 76 M Woollen Piecer Pudsey  
WILKINSON Samuel Inmate M 71 W Farm Labourer Low Moor  
WILSON Isaac Inmate M 79 W Farm Labourer Thornton  
FRANCIS Robert Inmate M 78 W Farm Labourer Pateley Bridge  
ACKROYD Joseph Inmate M 76 W Flag Dresser Manningham  
FITZGERALD Alfred Inmate M 70 W General Labourer Wibsey Blind
FOX Jonas Inmate M 36 S Coal Miner Wibsey  
PRIESTLEY Joseph Inmate M 68 W General Labourer Wibsey  
CRAVEN David Inmate M 75 W Coal Miner Bingley  
BAIRSTOW John Inmate M 70 W Corn Miller Thornton .
DUFTON Benjamin Inmate M 60 W Dry Waller Pudsey  
PONTEFRACT Wilson Inmate M 64 W Wool Washer Horsforth  
HAWES William Inmate M 68 S General Labourer SFK West Thorp  
DEACON Alfred Inmate M 73 W Cloth Weaver Windhill  
DICKENSON James Inmate M 64 S Coal Miner Shelf  
WOOD Joseph Inmate M 70 W Coal Miner Keighley .
ANDERSON Thomas Inmate M 18 S Coal Hurrier LAN Liverpool  
EASTWOOD James Inmate M 66 S Carter Stanningley  
RHODES Thomas Inmate M 51 M Cricketer Burley  
PARKINSON Abraham Inmate M 61 W General Labourer LAN Bacup  
PROCTOR William Inmate M 49 M General Labourer Pudsey  
WEBB William Inmate M 52 M Corn Miller HER Burne .
BARTRUM John Inmate M 90 W Butcher Skipton  
CAIN Martin Inmate M 43 S Glass Cutter Bradford  
FRANKLAND Ephraim Inmate M 72 W Overlooker Great Horton  
ROBERTS Samuel Inmate M 42 S Stone Mason Cleckheaton  
NEWELL William Inmate M 75 W Cloth Weaver Pudsey  
HORROCKS William Inmate M 80 W Farm Labourer Leeds .
KELLY Michael Inmate M 65 W General Labourer IRE  
MILNER Joseph Inmate M 54 S Woollen Weaver Cleckheaton  
SCOTT Samuel Inmate M 54 W General Labourer Bradford  
GREEN William Inmate M 80 W Gardener NTH Rothwell .
DOBSON Richard Inmate M 79 M Saddler's Shopman WES Kendal  
CANNINGS H F James Inmate M 39 M General Labourer HEF Ledbury  
CAIN Laurence Inmate M 49 W Engine Fitter Halifax  
BECK James Inmate M 78 S General Labourer Studley .
SWIFT Thomas Inmate M 21 S General Labourer Barnard Castle  
BENNETT Joseph Inmate M 33 S General Labourer STS Tunstall  
WELSH John Inmate M 36 S Mason's Labourer IRE  
COLLINS Peter Inmate M 64 S General Labourer IRE  
JOHNSON Henry Inmate M 44 S Grocer's Shopman DUR Newcastle .
BRADLEY William Inmate M 39 S General Labourer DER Derby  
KING John Inmate M 63 S General Labourer OXF Oxford  
HUNT James Inmate M 45 W General Labourer LAN Calder Vale  
STEWART James Inmate M 34 S Ticket Writer GLS Bristol  
JOHNSON William Inmate M 64 S Groom LIN Spalding  
BRYNE James Inmate M 31 S General Labourer IRE  
BROADBENT George Inmate M 49 M General Labourer Bradford  
AVERY William Inmate M 40 S General Labourer OXF Henley .