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Clayton Workhouse Census 1901


The North Bierley Union workhouse was built during 1855-1858 at Clayton, by the Horton Bank reservoir. It could accommodate about 400 inmates. The building was designed by Henry F Lockwood and William Mawson. This census return is compiled of all inmates and staff in the 1901 census. The 1861 census presented the inmates by initials only, rendering it useless.

Institution: "North Bierley Union Workhouse"
Current / Former Occupation
Current / Former Occupation
WEST Thomas Head M 42 M Master LAN Manchester  
WEST Alice Wife F 42 M Matron Leeds  
WEST Percy Son M 15 . . Clayton .
WEST Ethel Dau F 11 . . Clayton  
WEST Alice Dau F 9 . . Clayton  
WEST Harold Son M 8 . . Clayton  
MILNES Mary Official F 69 W Superintendent Nurse Cantley  
WEETMAN Fanny Official F 26 S Sick Nurse STS Stoke on Trent  
DAVENPORT Eliza Official F 28 S Sick Nurse IRE Belfast .
HORSFALL Eliza Official F 28 S Sick Nurse Denholme  
HARE R Annie Official F 29 S Sick Nurse Pudsey  
SUMMERFIELD Joseph Official M 32 M Porter LEI Barrow on Soar  
SUMMERFIELD Sarah Ann Official F 28 M Portress LEI Countesthorpe  
BAKER Firzah Official F 58 W Imbecile Attendant GLS St Briavels  
PARKS Thomas Official M 37 S Imbecile Attendant Bradford  
LUND Edith Official F 21 S Imbecile Attendant Keighley .
SNEESBY S W Official M 30 S Sick Attendant CAM Wilburton  
ROWBOTHAM J W Official M 29 S Baker CHS Macclesfield  
VINCENT Caroline Official F 45 W Cook NFK Hitcham  
McINTYRE Agnes Official F 40 S Laundress DUR Sunderland  
GLEDSTONE Emiah Official F 27 S Children's Attendant Thackley  
OTHICK Margaret Inmate F 63 W Publican IRE Cattelblarney  
WILKINSON Elizabeth Inmate F 14 S . Not Known  
ODDY Sabina Inmate F 42 S Domestic Servant Pudsey Blind
ODDY Albert Inmate M 8 . . Clayton  
PICKLES Jane Elizabeth Inmate F 26 S Domestic Servant LAN Liverpool  
ATKINS Thomas Inmate M 58 W Woolcomber GLS Bristol  
COWMAN John Inmate M 44 S Cloth Weaver Yeadon  
PINDER James Henry Inmate M 52 S Dyehouse Labourer Wyke  
THREAPLETON George Inmate M 72 S Cloth Weaver Leeds  
SAVILLE William Inmate M 73 W Coal Miner Great Horton  
ONION William Inmate M 59 W Coal Labourer Dudley Hill .
WILSON Albert Inmate M 46 M Woolsorter Eccleshill  
WALSH Thomas Inmate M 64 W Cloth Weaver IRE Mayo  
DICKENSON William Inmate M 67 M Tanner Pudsey  
MILNER William Inmate M 77 S General Labourer Tong  
HAINSWORTH Abraham Inmate M 65 M Mason's Labourer Thornton  
HAIGH William Henry Inmate M 66 M General Labourer Halifax  
MASON Thomas Inmate M 66 W Wood Turner Ripon Deaf
BRADY Thomas Inmate M 63 W General Labourer Halifax  
DAWSON John Inmate M 65 W Machine Maker Brighouse  
SHARPE Isaac Inmate M 59 M Blacksmith's Striker Shelf  
HARGREAVES Stephen Inmate M 62 S Mason's Labourer Idle  
MORLAND William Inmate M 62 W Musician Leyburn  
STOCKS Charles Inmate M 73 W Bootmaker Dudley Hill  
SMITH James Henry Inmate M 60 S Foundry Labourer Apperley Bridge .
HALL Lewis Inmate M 74 W Bootmaker Frizinghall  
ALLOTT Joseph Inmate M 72 W General Labourer Pudsey  
CARTER John Inmate M 65 W Machinist Pudsey  
FOSTER William Inmate M 65 W Blacksmith's Striker Bingley  
FEARNLEY Randal Inmate M 66 M Plasterer Low Moor  
VOICEY Thomas Inmate M 62 S Navvy SAL Wellington .
HOPKINSON John Inmate M 70 S General Labourer Adwalton  
SKIRROW John Inmate M 67 S Slater's Labourer Calverley  
FARRAR John Inmate M 67 S Gardener Denholme Gate  
AMBLER Elijah Inmate M 67 M Woollen Weaver Yeadon  
GOTT John Inmate M 68 W Coal Miner Adwalton  
BUSFIELD Samuel Inmate M 56 S Fettler Stanningley .
SCOTT John Inmate M 60 W Dyer's Labourer Wibsey  
PONTEFRACT Samuel Inmate M 26 S Rag Gatherer Farsley  
MARSHALL Benjamin Inmate M 50 S General Labourer Stanningley  
DUFTON Samuel Inmate M 63 S Slubber Pudsey  
ROBERTSHAW Benjamin Inmate M 54 S General Labourer Thornton  
DODSON Joseph Inmate M 54 S Worsted Weaver Wilsden Deaf
SHARP Fergus Inmate M 60 S Navvy Bingley  
ASQUITH Earl Inmate M 49 W General Labourer Saltaire  
CAMPEN William Inmate M 51 S General Labourer Not Known  
STONEY William Inmate M 55 S Circular Sawyer Ripley  
RILEY John Inmate M 48 M Hairdresser Halifax Blind
FISHER Erasmus Inmate M 51 S Dyer's Labourer Liversedge  
LEEMING Smith Henry Inmate M 53 W Cloth Weaver Rawdon  
BENTLEY Thomas Inmate M 50 S General Labourer Cleckheaton  
WEBB Henry Inmate M 58 S Carpet Weaver DUR Stockton on Tees  
KELLY James Henry Inmate M 47 S General Labourer SAL Bridgenorth .
GREENWOOD William Inmate M 73 W Warp Dresser Clayton  
MORTIMER George Inmate M 60 W General Labourer Cleckheaton  
FIRTH George Inmate M 82 W Mason Wilsden  
VERITY Samuel Inmate M 43 S General Labourer Pudsey  
HARRISON William Inmate M 78 W Woolcomber Shelf Deaf
SMITH William Inmate M 75 W Carter Arthington  
HELLIWELL John Inmate M 80 W Cloth Maker Shipley  
EARNSHAW Jonas Inmate M 72 W Woollen Weaver Cleckheaton  
GARSIDE John Inmate M 78 W Wool Dyer Ripponden  
METCALF George Inmate M 61 S Dyer's Labourer Reith  
BROADLEY John Inmate M 83 W Woollen Spinner Linton  
KELLETT Joseph Inmate M 70 W Furnaceman Shelf Blind
ROBINSON Joseph Inmate M 72 W General Labourer Allerton  
CRYER William Inmate M 74 S General Labourer Darley  
TURNBULL Robert Inmate M 82 M Bootmaker London  
SCOTT William Inmate M 69 W Coal Miner LAN Bolton  
PRIESTLEY William Inmate M 77 W Groom Great Horton  
BRETHERTON James Henry Inmate M 67 M Blacksmith Stanningley  
HESLING Mark Inmate M 69 S Coal Miner Low Moor  
JOWETT Henry Inmate M 76 S General Labourer Denholme Gate  
KITSON Nathan Inmate M 70 W General Labourer Eccleshill Blind
THORP John Inmate M 73 W General Labourer Shelf  
HEY John Inmate M 69 M Woolcomber Halifax  
TERRY John Inmate M 76 W Coal Miner Wibsey  
FRANKLAND John Inmate M 78 W Farm Labourer Marton cum Grafton  
WARD Mary Inmate F 78 W Cloth Weaver Shipley  
COULSON Mary Inmate F 46 S Field Worker Stanningley .
CALVERLEY Sarah Jane Inmate F 42 S Twister Cottingley  
CLAYTON Betsy Inmate F 64 M Domestic LIN Wrangley  
AARON Sarah Ann Inmate F 75 W . Liversedge  
HOLMES Amelia Inmate F 22 S Cloth Weaver Holbeck  
PEEL Christiana Inmate F 30 M Worsted Spinner Pudsey  
PEEL Martha Inmate Dau 8 . . Pudsey  
PEEL Fred Inmate Son 3 . . Stanningley .
PEEL Andrew Inmate Son 2 . . Dewsbury  
PEEL St Clair Inmate Son 6m . . Clayton  
HODGSON Mary Ann Inmate F 56 W Worsted Weaver Bradford  
FOULDS Mary Inmate F 74 W Beamer Skipton  
DEAN Isabella Inmate F 68 W Domestic Harrogate  
BAXANDALE John Inmate M 44 S Clerk Buttershaw .
THORNTON John Inmate M 51 S General Labourer Dudley Hill  
SHACKLETON Simon B Inmate M 54 M Worsted Overlooker Haworth  
BUTLER Benjamin Inmate M 57 M Woollen Spinner Bramley .
GARSIDE Benjamin   M 68 W Manufacturing Chemist Cleckheaton  
CHARNLEY Susannah Inmate F 64 W Machinist Bowling  
LOCKWOOD Ruth Inmate F 57 W Woollen Spinner Not Known  
HAINSWORTH Sarah Inmate F 70 W Domestic IRE Newry  
RICHMOND Mary Inmate F 73 W Worsted Weaver Pudsey  
HILL Jane Inmate F 75 W Domestic Low Dumforts .
BARRACLOUGH Elizabeth Inmate F 74 W Dressmaker Low Moor  
WOOD Hannah Inmate F 62 S Worsted Weaver Farsley  
WARD Amanda Inmate F 46 S Woolcomber LAN Haughton Blind
HARRISON Jane Inmate F 76 W Domestic Servant Bradford  
KERSHAW Sarah Ann Inmate F 38 M Domestic Servant Wibsey Dumb
SCHOFIELD Mary Ann Inmate F 47 S . Pudsey Imbecile
WALSH Mary Inmate F 53 M Brush Maker Great Horton Blind
BARKER Emma Inmate F 51 S Domestic Servant Standborough  
SHUTT Elizabeth Inmate F 53 W Worsted Weaver Manningham  
HACKING Mary Ellen Inmate F 16 . . LAN Bolton  
WEBSTER Annie Inmate F 29 W Cloth Finisher U.S.A. Boston  
WEBSTER Robert William Inmate Son 12 S . Leeds .
WEBSTER Frank Inmate Son 8 . . Apperley Bridge  
WEBSTER Annie Inmate Dau 5 .   Apperley Bridge  
WEBSTER Arthur Edward Inmate Son 2 .   Thackley  
HEWITT Ann Inmate F 54 W Wool Filler Stanningley  
SWIFT Mary Inmate F 70 W Seamstress LON London Deaf
PETERS Elizabeth Inmate F 45 M Domestic GLS Chepstow  
METCALF Margaret Inmate F 24 M Woollen Drawer Idle  
HILL Jane Inmate F 24 S Worsted Winder Shipley  
DEVANEY Mary Ellen Inmate F 26 S Worsted Drawer Otley  
DEVANEY John Inmate Son 2m . . Shipley  
WOOD Hannah Inmate F 59 S Carpet Weaver Wyke Deaf
INGHAM Martha Inmate F 55 S Woollen Weaver Not Known  
ELLIOTT Sarah Inmate F 68 W Worsted Drawer Cleckheaton  
HARRISON Susannah Inmate F 76 W Cloth Burler LAN Colne  
PEARSON Faith Inmate F 71 W Charwoman Gildersome .
PULLAN Sarah Inmate F 60 W Corset Maker Shipley  
WITHINGTON Sarah Inmate F 73 W Domestic LAN Pendleton  
WILKINSON Sarah Ellen Inmate F 21 S Cotton Winder Undercliffe  
WILKINSON Edith Inmate Dau 3m . . Clayton  
BARNBY Elizabeth Inmate F 63 M Worsted Spinner Wyke  
CORNFORTH Clara Inmate F 70 W Actress LON Peckham .
PROCTOR Ellen Inmate F 76 W Worsted Weaver Not Known  
METCALF Elizabeth Inmate F 52 W Charwoman Great Illingham  
FELTON Ruth Inmate F 71 W Worsted Reeler LAN Colne  
LAMBERT Sophia Inmate F 88 W Hospital Nurse Not Known  
LEEMING Martha Inmate F 56 M Charwoman Knaresborough  
HARTLEY Harry Inmate M 4 S . Not Known .
PARKINSON Sarah Inmate F 2 . . Clayton  
GARSIDE Nancy Inmate F 70 W Charwoman Tong  
HUTCHINSON Hannah Inmate F 61 M Charwoman Liversedge  
SMITH Mary Ann Inmate F 64 M Worsted Weaver Haworth  
ROBINSON Mary Inmate F 48 S Worsted Weaver Thornton  
GREENWOOD Bridget Inmate F 75 W Worsted Weaver IRE Dublin .
HARTLEY Sarah Inmate F 50 S Governess Eccleshill  
PARSON Martha Inmate F 36 S Domestic BRK Aston up Thorpe  
OGRAM Elizabeth Inmate F 86 W Domestic Cleckheaton  
BIRCH Eliza Inmate F 51 S Domestic Leeds  
JACKSON Martha Inmate F 85 W . Dudley Hill  
McIVER Rose Ann Inmate F 64 W Cotton Twister IRE Belfast  
GOMERSALL Mary Inmate F 82 W . Wyke .
HOLMES Lucy Inmate F 65 W Worsted Weaver Leeds  
ROWELL Mary Inmate F 76 W . Not Known  
SMITH Martha Inmate F 59 S Hospital Nurse Leeds  
PATTISON John Inmate M 77 W Puddler Leeds  
WHITHAM Isaac Inmate M 65 W Weft Hand Bradford  
BREAKWELL Benjamin Inmate M 36 M General Labourer WAR Birmingham  
BAINES Richard Naylor Inmate M 44 W General Labourer Buttershaw  
CHIPPENDALE James Inmate M 63 M Chemist Hebden Bridge .
SMITH Thomas Inmate M 85 S Farm Labourer NFK Long Stretton  
LAMBERT David Inmate M 57 M Coal Miner Morley  
PONTEFRACT Wilson Inmate M 74 W General Labourer Horsforth  
RHODES George Inmate M 74 W Woollen Weaver Idle  
KEELING John Inmate M 80 W General Labourer DER Derby .
GARSIDE George Inmate M 33 S Fireman Dudley Hill  
HOLLINGS Abimalech Inmate M 70 W Woolsorter Farsley  
DOWNS Thomas Inmate M 63 W Puddler Kirkstall  
MITCHELL Jonas Inmate M 84 W General Labourer Denholme .
THACKRAY John Inmate M 77 W Carter Dudley Hill  
BECKETT John Inmate M 32 S Coal Miner Bradford  
COLBRIDGE Arthur Inmate M 25 S Hoist Driver Shipley  
PATTISON Benjamin Inmate M 50 S Coal Miner Bradford  
WADDINGTON George Inmate M 75 W Farm Labourer Sherburn .
WARDMAN Anthony Inmate M 55 M General Labourer Wibsey  
HORN Padgett James Inmate M 79 W Woollen Weaver Windhill  
WINTERBURN Joseph Inmate M 68 W General Labourer Idle  
RUSHWORTH Daniel Inmate M 76 S Woolcomber Thornton  
ALLOTT William Inmate M 51 M Stuff Dresser Shipley  
GREEN Richard Inmate M 59 W Warp Twister Halifax .
FARRAR Dennis Inmate M 70 M Warp Dresser Pudsey  
ROLLINSON William Inmate M 69 W General Labourer CHS Malpas  
BATTY Thomas Inmate M 40 W General Labourer Doncaster  
CODD John William Inmate M 51 W Dry Waller Hull  
ASHWORTH James Inmate M 73 M Woollen Dyer LAN Bacup  
WORSMAN Thoa Inmate M 67 S Coal Miner Tong  
DOUGLAS John Inmate M 59 S General Labourer Stanningley .
MILNER Joseph Inmate M 66 S Woollen Weaver Cleckheaton  
ATKINSON John Inmate M 79 W Coal Miner Halifax  
BRIGGS John Inmate M 82 W Cloth Weaver Pudsey  
BRAMHAM Thomas Jackson Inmate M 47 M Joiner Brotherton  
HARTLEY Zebedee Inmate M 72 W General Labourer Thornton  
JUBB Isaac Inmate M 80 S Cloth Weaver Thurleston  
ELVIDGE Thomas   M 77 W Coal Miner Barton on Humber  
BUTTERFIELD Timothy Inmate M 89 W Coal Miner Glasshoughton .
DICKENSON James Inmate M 74 S Coal Miner Shelf  
DAVIES William H F Inmate M 19 S Worsted Spinner Denholme  
HIRST Thomas Inmate M 67 W Puddler Low Moor  
DICKENSON William Inmate M 67 W Millwright Farsley  
FLETCHER James Inmate M 55 M Coal Miner Wibsey .
HAINSWORTH Timothy Inmate M 50 M Plumber Brighouse  
McDONALD John Inmate M 65 W Mason IRE Galway  
LORRYMAN Sarah Elizabeth Inmate F 27 S Worsted Spinner Stanningley  
LORRYMAN Mary Inmate Dau 1 . . Clayton  
MORLEY Fred Inmate F 9 . . Not Known  
SWIFT Mary Ellen Inmate F 11 . . Manningham  
SWIFT Catherine Inmate F 8 . . Manningham .
SWIFT William Inmate M 6 . . Manningham  
SWIFT Margaret Inmate F 4 . . Not Known  
SWIFT Lilly Inmate F 1 . . Manningham  
CARTWRIGHT Dorothy Inmate F 11 . . Shipley  
CARTWRIGHT Grace May Margaret Inmate F 7 . . Shipley  
CARTWRIGHT Leonard Fielding Inmate M 4 . . Shipley  
CARTWRIGHT Frederick Lawrence Inmate M 1 . . Shipley .
FIRTH Alice Inmate F 29 M Winder Cleckheaton  
FIRTH Elizabeth Inmate Dau 3 . . Cleckheaton  
FIRTH Florence Matilda Inmate Dau 2 . . Scholes  
MASTERS Zilla Inmate F 14 . . Idle .
MASTERS Minnie Inmate F 7 . . Leeds  
LEE Fred Inmate M 7 . . Clayton  
LEE Nelly Inmate F 5 . . Clayton  
LEE Violet Elizabeth Inmate F 1 . . Clayton  
SWAINSON Charlotte Inmate F 42 M Drawer Pudsey  
SWAINSON Elizabeth Inmate Dau 10 . . Stanningley .
SWAINSON Sam Inmate Son 7 . . Stanningley  
LANGLEY James Inmate M 6 . . Not Known  
CARTER Maud Inmate F 14 . . Mirfield  
BAYLEY Kate Inmate F 10 . . Not Known  
ARNOLD Thomas Inmate M 1 . . Clayton .
WILSON William Inmate M 6 . . Not Known  
BRITTAN Carl Inmate M 2 .   Not Known  
ATKINSON Joseph Henry Inmate M 9 . . Not Known  
STANTON Bridget Inmate F 81 S Seamstress IRE Galway  
McCREA Mirion Inmate F 59 M . Horton Imbecile
LINGARD Sarah Elizabeth Inmate F 77 S . Thornton Imbecile
SAYNOR Mary Inmate F 59 S . Mirfield Imbecile
WHITTAKER Mary Ann Inmate F 61 S . Not Known Imbecile
SHACKLETON Hannah Inmate F 63 W . Bradford Imbecile
GREEN Jane Inmate F 43 W . Not Known Imbecile
PULLAN Hannah Inmate F 32 S . Idle Imbecile
WILMAN Ann Inmate F 65 S . Wibsey Imbecile
ELLIS Ann Inmate F 61 S . Wyke Imbecile
PARKINSON Sarah Inmate F 30 S . Rodley Imbecile
JACKSON Selina Inmate F 61 S . Not Known Imbecile
BAIRSTOW Louisa Inmate F 33 S . Cleckheaton Imbecile
BECK Elizabeth Inmate F 63 W . Ashton under Lyne Imbecile
WATMOUGH Mary Elizabeth Inmate F 37 S . Apperley Bridge Imbecile
PETTY Emma Inmate F 37 S . Shelf Imbecile
MONKTON Elizabeth Inmate F 82 S . LON London Imbecile
ROGERS Mary Inmate F 47 S . LAN Manchester Imbecile
OWSTON Frances Inmate F 78 S . Leeds Imbecile
BERRY Lydia Ann Inmate F 45 S . Cleckheaton Imbecile
GUY Mary Jane Inmate F 43 S . Drighlington Imbecile
MAHER Margaret Inmate F 61 S . IRE Dublin Imbecile
BUCKLEY Elizabeth Inmate F 32 S . Not Known Imbecile
SEABROOK Naomi Inmate F 45 S . Not Known Imbecile
WATSON Sarah Inmate F 38 S . Calverley Imbecile
PONTEFRACT Harriet Inmate F 32 S . Stanningley Imbecile
HIRD Elizabeth Inmate F 51 W . WAR Coventry Imbecile
HARTLEY Matilda Inmate F 43 S   Denholme Imbecile
BALDWIN Jessie Inmate F 16 S . Not Known Imbecile
THORNTON Henrieta Inmate F 58 S . Idle Imbecile
WATERHOUSE Lilian Gertrude Inmate F 25 S . IRE Belfast Imbecile
BASTOW Caroline Inmate F 47 S . Wibsey Imbecile
MARSHALL Albert Victor Inmate M 21 S . Not Known Imbecile
HORNER Alfred Inmate M 23 S . Idle Imbecile
GILL Thomas Henry Inmate M 21 S . Not Known Imbecile
PETTY John Inmate M 60 S . Wibsey Imbecile
JOWETT John William Inmate M 37 S . Not Known Imbecile
BATEMAN John Inmate M 68 W . LAN Ulverstone Imbecile
JONES Samuel Inmate M 36 M . Leeds Imbecile
GRANGE Joshua Inmate M 36 M . Not Known Imbecile
HOLDSWORTH William Inmate M 61 S . Stanningley Imbecile
WARDLE Robert Inmate F 43 S . Cleckheaton Imbecile
FENTON Alfred Inmate M 27 S . Low Moor Imbecile
GREENWOOD Charles Inmate M 37 S . Cleckheaton Imbecile
ROEBUCK Matthew William Inmate M 36 S . Not Known Imbecile
WALTON John Henry Inmate M 27 S . Low Moor Imbecile
CRAVEN Wright Inmate M 47 S . Thornton Imbecile
HARDAKER John Inmate M 61 S . Leeds Imbecile
DEACON William Inmate M 35 S . Shipley Imbecile
EASTELL Harry Inmate M 60 W . NFK Besthorpe Imbecile
BRADLEY John Inmate M 35 S . Not Known  
NAYLOR John William Inmate M 33 S . Not Known  
HALLIDAY James Inmate M 88 W Cloth Weaver Idle  
WOODHEAD James Inmate M 63 S Farm Man Wibsey  
KAY Joseph Inmate M 69 W Coal Miner Holmfirth  
WATSON Samuel Inmate M 76 W Woollen Slubber Wortley  
NORTH Arthur Inmate M 12 . . Wibsey Blind
CHARLESWORTH Joseph Inmate M 72 M Cloth Weaver Apperley Bridge  
BOOTH Peter Inmate M 59 M Boatman Pudsey  
LONG Benjamin Inmate M 75 M Cloth Weaver Shipley Deaf
CLAFTON Thomas Inmate M 76 W General Labourer Leeds  
POOLE Abraham Inmate M 50 S Coal Miner Wibsey  
JONES Charles Inmate M 60 W Navvy GLS Forrest of Dean  
HARRISON James Inmate M 55 S General Labourer Clayton Heights  
THREAPLETON James Henry Inmate M 24 S . Farsley  
FARQUHAR Harry Inmate M 6 . . Not Known  
CLOSE Maud Inmate Official 20 S Sick Nurse Bradford .