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Census Indexes 1891 Calverley ED1

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Piece RG/3654, Enumeration District 1, folios 4 - 24, Enumerator Alfred Wheater

Upper Back Lane - South and North sides to top nr Baptist chapel, all the folds - west side of Thornhill Street including upper and lower squares. Littlewoods, Halls, Grimshaws blocks. All shops and houses from back lane to draw well in Turnpike Road. Houses on road side above Draw well. Grimshaws house and squares, Pearsons 2 villas- the primative methodist chapel. Walton's house and houses south and north side of Turnpike Road to beyond mill. The New Inn - rows of cottages near - All Calverley Carr - Ackroyds and Hargreaves Houses cottages and farm houses in fields - Littlewoods farm and cottages - new blocks nr Ravincliffe Terrace. The Terrace - Harpers Mill and Cottages in mill yard and at Beck Bottom. West Lodge- Ferncliffe - Coachman and Gardeners houses- 2 houses at bottom of cutting. Villasin? Drive, Good house bottom of cutting and Raistricks farm and cottages. Riverside farm and Cottages. Boats on Canal from Cutting bridge to Aldersons wharfe Rodley- Gas works cottages - Calverley Bridge mill all cottages from Wood Bridge - The Railway Inn - all Rodley Fold - all cottages over Wood Bridge - Aldersons block - 2 houses on Rodley Gardens - The Owl Inn - Balmforth Foundry and house. School - New block in Rodley Lane - Good Houses south side of Lane. Wesley Chapel - all villa residences south of Rodley Lane - Cottages and yards at top of Rodley Lane.

1 Upper Back Lane Sarah HEMMINGWAY Head W 74 Living on Own Means Calverley 4a
2   Edward Dibb HOLLINGS Head M 42 Woolen Weaver Calverley 4a
    Georgiana HOLLINGS Wife M 39 Woolen Weaver Bingley 4a
3   John HARTLEY Head M 26 Police Constable East Keswick 4a
    Martha HARTLEY Wife M 23   LIN Thornton le Moor 4a
    Samuel DIXON Board S 19 Foundry Man LIN Thornton le Moor 4a
4   Elizabeth ROSS Head W 83   Coniston Cold 4a
    Edwin SUTCLIFFE s in l M 64 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 4a
    Jane SUTCLIFFE Dau M 45   Rodley 4a
    Ellen ROSS Gdau S 25 Woolen Weaver Calverley 4a
    Charles Edwin SUTCLIFFE Gson S 18 Woolen Weaver Calverley 4a
    Frederic SUTCLIFFE Gson S 15 Haircutter's App Calverley 4a
    Herbert SUTCLIFFE Gson S 7 Scholar Calverley 4a
5   Samuel BARRONS Head M 37 Beamer Calverley 4a
    Emily BARRONS Wife M 35   Calverley 4a
    James William BARRONS Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 4a
6   Grace GRANGE Head W 72 On Own Means Calverley 4a
    Mary Ellen GRANGE Dau S 28 Mangle Maker Calverley 4a
    William GRANGE Son M 36 Woolen Weaver Calverley 4a
    Jane GRANGE d in l M 32 DressMaker Bingley (Morton) 4a
    Charles GRANGE Gson S 1   Calverley 4a
7   Charles IVESON Head M 44 CoachMan Shadwell, Leeds 4a
    Sarah Suzannah IVESON Wife M 47 Laundress NTH Weston 4a
    Emily IVESON Dau S 20 Tailoress Calverley 4a
    Florence IVESON Dau S 18   Calverley 4a
8   Ann WADDINGTON Head W 67 Pauper Brotherton 4a
    Sarah HUTCHINSON Sis S 70 Visitor Brotherton 4a
9   Harry ISLES Head M 27 Woolen Spinner Calverley 4a
    Sarah ISLES Wife M 28   Farsley 4a
    Harold ISLES Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 4a
10 Upper Back Lane Robinson FISHER Head M 27 Waste Mill Lab. Scarborough 4b
    Annie FISHER Wife M 29   Bradford 4b
    Arthur Ratcliffe FISHER Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 4b
    Florence FISHER Dau S 2   Calverley 4b
11   Edward SWAINE Head M 38 Woolen Weaver Calverley 4b
    Sarah SWAINE Wife M 37 Woolen Weaver Calverley 4b
    Edith SWAINE Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 4b
    Marie SWAINE Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 4b
12   William DAVISON Head W 47 Cloth Tenter Calverley 4b
13   William BARRONS Head M 71 General Lab. Calverley 4b
    Hannah BARRONS Wife M 72   Stanningley 4b
14   John WALTON Head M 49 Willyer Calverley 4b
    Martha WALTON Wife M 46   Leeds 4b
    Sarah Ann RENNARD Step Dau S 21 Tailoress Calverley 4b
    Lily RENNARD Step Dau S 18 Weaver Calverley 4b
15   Betty LISTER Head W 69 Living on Own Means Calverley 4b
    James LISTER Step Son S 40 Woolen Weaver Calverley 4b
16   Joseph DAVISON Head W 78 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 4b
    Elizabeth DAVISON Dau S 49   Calverley 4b
17   Grace BROWN Head W 32 Butcher Calverley 4b
    Joseph Alfred BROWN Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 4b
    James Morris BROWN Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 4b
    Martha BROWN Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 4b
    Mary Adelaide BROWN Dau S 3 Scholar Calverley 4b
18   Elizabeth RAISTRICK Head W 64 Laundress Dudley Hill 4b
    John Thomas RAISTRICK Son S 24 Steam Crane Fitter Calverley 4b
19 Thornhill Street Joseph MILNER Head M 55 Farmer & Grocer Calverley 4b
    Jane MILNER Wife M 39 Grocer Oakley 4b
    Jenny HURST Niece S 8 Scholar Rotherham 4b
20   Titus GRIMSHAW Head M 55 Farmer Calverley 5a
    Annie GRIMSHAW Wife M 48   Calverley 5a
    Titus GRIMSHAW Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 5a
21 Cheetham Square John BROWN Head M 65 Lab. Calverley 5a
    Mary BROWN Wife M 63   Calverley 5a
    Edward BROWN Son S 42 Cloth Tenter Calverley 5a
    Elizabeth BROWN Dau S 32 Cloth Weaver Calverley 5a
    Charles H BROWN Son S 25 Cloth Weaver Calverley 5a
    Emily BROWN Dau S 23 Condenser Minder Calverley 5a
    Sarah Hannah BROWN Dau S 22 Twister Calverley 5a
    Ada BROWN Dau S 15 Cloth Weaver Calverley 5a
22   Robinson FISHER Head M 51 * Proprietor Brompton 5a
    Charlotte FISHER Wife M 49   Stainton 5a
    Charles FISHER Son S 28 CabMan Stainton 5a
    Thomas FISHER Son S 19 Mechanic's Lab. Scarborough 5a
    Hannah FISHER Dau S 15 Cloth Weaver Stanningley 5a
    Alice FISHER Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 5a
    William FISHER Son S 13 Wool Mule Piecer Calverley 5a
    Emily FISHER Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 5a
23   Benjamin PRATT Head M 37 Wool Dyer Calverley 5a
    Hannah PRATT Wife M 36   Calverley 5a
24   Martha PRATT Head W 44 Laundress Sawley 5a
    Alfred PRATT Step Son S 23 Engineer's Lab. Calverley 5a
    Arthur PRATT Step Son S 20 Moulder's Appr Calverley 5a
25   Mary RHODES Head W 68 Living on Own Means Burton 5a
    Victoria Helen RHODES Dau S 23 DressMaker Baildon 5a
26   Charles PARISH Head M 72 Lab. Gomersal 5a
    Mary PARISH Wife M 71   Calverley 5a
27 Cheetham Square Alfred SWAINE Head M 44 Boiler Maker's Lab. Calverley 5b
    Caroline SWAINE Wife M 43   Methley 5b
    Thomas SWAINE Son S 17 Wool Mule Piecer Calverley 5b
    Fanny SWAINE Dau S 12 Scholar & Wool Piecer Calverley 5b
    David SWAINE Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 5b
    Mary Jane SWAINE Dau S 4   Calverley 5b
    Hannah SWAINE Dau S 2   Calverley 5b
28   William LITTLEWOOD Head M 43 Corn Miller Calverley 5b
    Elizabeth LITTLEWOOD Wife M 41   Farsley 5b
    Emma LITTLEWOOD Dau S 19 Wool Cloth Weaver Calverley 5b
    Annie LITTLEWOOD Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 5b
29   John HOLGATE Head M 55 Wool Power Loom Overlooker Calverley 5b
    Mercy HOLGATE Wife M 57 Woolen Burler Calverley 5b
    Grace Ann HOLGATE Dau S 34 Wool Cloth Weaver Calverley 5b
    Fred HOLGATE Son S 21 Painter Calverley 5b
    Mary Ellen HOLGATE Dau S 17 Wool Cloth Weaver Calverley 5b
30 Low Square Evangeline HIGGINS Head W 37 Wool Cloth Weaver Calverley 5b
    Emmeline HIGGINS Dau S 12 Woolen Twister Calverley 5b
31   Walter PRATT Head M 26 Fell Monger Calverley 5b
    Lily PRATT Wife M 21   Idle 5b
32   Seth HOLLINGS Head M 26 Power Loom Tuner Calverley 5b
    Mary HOLLINGS Wife M 28 Woolen Weaver Idle 5b
33   Joseph John KIRK Head M 36 Farmer Rodley 5b
    Elizabeth KIRK Wife M 38   Calverley 5b
    Harry KIRK Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 5b
    Charles KIRK Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 5b
    Annie KIRK Dau S 3   Calverley 5b
    Pearson KIRK Son S 1   Calverley 5b
    Emma HAGUE Servt S 14 Domestic Servant NBL Newcastle 5b
34 Thornhill Street Mary DAVISON Head M 42 Woolen Weaver Calverley 6a
    Agnes DAVISON Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Calverley 6a
    Celia DAVISON Dau S 13 Scholar Calverley 6a
35 Thornhill Street Moses YEADON Head M 45 Woolen Fetler Stanningley 6a
    Christiana YEADON Wife M 47   Farsley 6a
    Joseph Wm YEADON Son S 17 Mechanic's App Farsley 6a
36   Sarah WALMSLEY Head W 62 News Agent Rawdon 6a
    Sarah E WALMSLEY Dau S 29   Calverley 6a
    Fanny WALMSLEY Dau S 22 Dressmaker Calverley 6a
    Albert NICHOLSON App. S 15 Hawker's Boy? Whitby 6a
    Albert TEMPLE App. S 14 Hawker's Boy? DUR Stockton 6a
37   Arthur James WALMSLEY Head M 34 Coal Agent Calverley 6a
    Mary Ann WALMSLEY Wife M 35   Calverley 6a
    blank (Mabel) WALMSLEY Dau S 1m   Calverley 6a
38   Fred ANDREWS Head M 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 6a
    Elizabeth ANDREWS Wife M 23 Woolen Weaver Calverley 6a
39   Sarah BARRETT Head M 34 Woolen Weaver Idle 6a
    Martha BARRETT Dau S 10 Scholar Idle 6a
    Mary Elizabeth BARRETT Dau S 2   Idle 6a
40 Littlewood's Bldgs Alfred MARSHALL Head M 56 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 6a
    Martha MARSHALL Wife M 55   Idle 6a
    William A MARSHALL Son W 30 Machine Fitter? Yeadon 6a
    Lily MARSHALL Dau S 24 Woolen Twister Yeadon 6a
    Leonard MARSHALL Son S 13 Wool Mule Piecer Calverley 6a
    Bertha MARSHALL Dau S 15 Woolen Twister Calverley 6a
    Maggie MARSHALL Dau S 3   Rodley 6a
41 Littlewood's Bldgs Richard JEFFREY Head M 55 Road Surveyor Calverley 6a
    Ann JEFFREY Wife M 56   Calverley 6a
    Titus Varley JEFFREY Son S 25 Wool Cloth Miller Calverley 6a
    Christopher JEFFREY Son S 15 Wool Cloth Miller Calverley 6a
42 Littlewood's Bldgs Charles Hy BRADLEY Head M 50 Woolen Weaver Leeds 6b
    Elizabeth BRADLEY Wife M 48   Calverley 6b
    Florence BRADLEY Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 6b
    Clifford Hy BRADLEY Son S 24 Mechanic's Lab. Calverley 6b
    Tom BRADLEY Son S 16 Apprentice Calverley 6b
43 Littlewood's Bldgs Edmund PRATT Head M 59 Road Repairer Calverley 6b
    Ann PRATT Wife M 55   Calverley 6b
    Anne PRATT Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Calverley 6b
    Ada PRATT Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Calverley 6b
    John Wm PRATT Son S 16 Wool Mule Piecer Calverley 6b
    Jane Eliza PRATT Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 6b
44 Littlewood's Bldgs John KIRK Head W 85 Living on Own Means Cookridge 6b
    Arthur KIRK Son S 43 Living on Own Means Calverley 6b
45 Littlewood's Bldgs Ann RUSHFORTH Head W 46   Bramley 6b
    Mary RUSHFORTH Dau S 21 Woolen Carder Calverley 6b
    Fred RUSHFORTH Son S 19 Woolen Waste Sorter Calverley 6b
    Joseph RUSHFORTH Son S 15 Wool Mule Piecer Calverley 6b
    Helena HOLDSWORTH Vis S 9   Laister Dyke 6b
46 Littlewood's Bldgs Joseph PAGE Head M 44 Grocer Calverley 6b
    Alice PAGE Wife M 44   Calverley 6b
    Fred PAGE Son S 21 Blacksmith Calverley 6b
    Annie PAGE Dau S 17 Shirt Sewing Machinist Calverley 6b
    Florence PAGE Dau S 15   Calverley 6b
47   Abraham BEECROFT Head W 86 Pauper Calverley 6b
48   William RUSHWORTH Head W 77 ShoeMaker Howarth 6b
49   Joseph ISLES Head M 65 Woolen Weaver Farsley 6b
    Sarah ISLES Wife M 63   Calverley 6b
    Mary ISLES Dau S 42 Woolen Weaver Calverley 6b
    Ben ISLES Gson S 20 Gardener Calverley 6b
50 Hall's Buildings Benjamin HALL Head M 46 Shoemaker & News Agent Calverley 7a
    Rachel HALL Wife M 41   Rodley 7a
    Frank HALL Son S 12 Mill Boy Calverley 7a
    Horace HALL Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 7a
    Benfield HALL Son S 1   Calverley 7a
    Ann HALL Dau S 19 Factory Girl Calverley 7a
    Amy HALL Dau S 14 Factory Girl Calverley 7a
    Hetty HALL Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 7a
    Ada HALL Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 7a
51 Hall's Buildings John HOLGATE Head W 80 Pauper Calverley 7a
52 Hall's Buildings Margaretta PRATT Head S 38 Licensed Peddler Calverley 7a
53 Thornhill Street James BRADLEY Head M 21 Woolen Weaver Farsley 7a
    Kate BRADLEY Wife M 18 Worsted Weaver Cookridge 7a
    Harold BRADLEY Son S 2m   Calverley 7a
54 Thornhill Street Edmund GRIMSHAW Head W 69 Pauper Calverley 7a
    Sophia GRIMSHAW Dau S 30 HouseKeeper Calverley 7a
55 Thornhill Street James JEFFREY Head M 48 Woolen Weaver Calverley 7a
    Elizabeth JEFFREY Wife M 48   Calverley 7a
    Sarah Ellen JEFFREY Dau S 16 Shirt Sewing Machinist Calverley 7a
56 Well Head Joshua BUSFIELD Head M 42 Wool Willyer Farsley 7a
    Sarah Ann BUSFIELD Wife M 42   Calverley 7a
    Peter BUSFIELD Son S 22 Painter Farsley 7a
    Jane E BUSFIELD Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 7a
    Emma BUSFIELD Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 7a
57 Well Head Moses REYNARD Head M 29 Lab. Burstwick 7a
    Margaret REYNARD Wife M 23   Ripon 7a
    William REYNARD Son S 6 Scholar Ripon 7a
    Frederick REYNARD Son S 4 Scholar Leeds 7a
    George REYNARD Son S 3   Ripon 7a
    Mary REYNARD Dau S 6m   Calverley 7a
58 Well Head James HOLGATE Head M 51 Woolen Weaver Calverley 7b
    Jane HOLGATE Wife M 47   Pannal 7b
    William Holgate HALLIDAY Son S 20 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 7b
    Sarah Ann HOLGATE Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 7b
    Mary E HOLGATE Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 7b
59 Well Head William HOLLINGS Head M 46 Wool Weaving Overlooker Calverley 7b
    Margaret HOLLINGS Wife M 45   Calverley 7b
    Mary H HOLLINGS Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Calverley 7b
    Rhoda HOLLINGS Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Calverley 7b
    Arthur HOLLINGS Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 7b
    Edith HOLLINGS Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 7b
    Ada HOLLINGS Dau S 3m   Calverley 7b
60 Well Head Isaac HOLLINGS Head M 43 Wool Weaving Overlooker Calverley 7b
    Mary HOLLINGS Wife M 43   Wetherby 7b
    Harry Stead HOLLINGS Son S 18 Woolen Weaver Calverley 7b
    Charles William HOLLINGS Son S 16 Joiner's App Calverley 7b
    Alfred HOLLINGS Son S 14 Wool Mule Piecer Calverley 7b
    Ethel HOLLINGS Dau S 7   Calverley 7b
61 Well Head Richard GALLOWAY Head M 75 Living on Own Means Greengates 7b
    Hannah GALLOWAY Wife M 78   Calverley 7b
    David HOLGATE Neph M 36 Tailor's Trimming Merchant Calverley 7b
    Amelia HOLGATE Niece M 35   Greengates 7b
    Lawrence Oswald HOLGATE Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 7b
    Maurice Cecil HOLGATE Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 7b
62 Well Head Fred GRIMSHAW Head M 51 Grocer Calverley 8a
    Annie GRIMSHAW Wife M 39 Woolen Weaver STS Darlaston 8a
    Edith GRIMSHAW Dau S 25 Worsted Mender Calverley 8a
    Lizzie GRIMSHAW Dau S 21 Worsted Mender Lightcliffe 8a
    Emma GRIMSHAW Dau S 16 Woolen Filler Lightcliffe 8a
    Harry GRIMSHAW Son S 15 Woolen Piecer Lightcliffe 8a
    Mary S GRIMSHAW Dau S 14 Worsted Twister Lightcliffe 8a
    Fred GRIMSHAW Son S 13 Wool Mule Piecer Lightcliffe 8a
    Ethel GRIMSHAW Dau S 11 Woolen Twister Lightcliffe 8a
    Bertha GRIMSHAW Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 8a
63 Well Head John BRETHERICK Head M 44 Woolen Card Cleaner Bradford 8a
    Harriet BRETHERICK Wife M 41   Lofthouse 8a
    Arthur SMITH Neph S 18 Woolen Mule Spinner Bramley 8a
64 Gates Croft Benjamin ROBINSON Head M 64 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 8a
    Judith A ROBINSON Wife M 56 Woolen Burler Calverley 8a
    Mary ROBINSON Dau S 17 Woolen Filler Calverley 8a
65 Gates Croft Walter GRIMSHAW Head M 36 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 8a
    Rhoda GRIMSHAW Wife M 35   Calverley 8a
    Harold Atheling GRIMSHAW Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 8a
    Norman GRIMSHAW Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 8a
    Walter GRIMSHAW Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 8a
    Constance A GRIMSHAW Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 8a
    Marion GRIMSHAW Dau S 3   Calverley 8a
    Dora GRIMSHAW Dau S 1   Calverley 8a
    Mary H CRAVEN Servt S 16 General Domestic Servant Calverley 8a
66 Gates Croft James BEECROFT Head M 60 Woolen Loom Overlooker Calverley 8a
    Ann BEECROFT Wife M 60   Rawdon 8a
    Arthur BEECROFT Son S 27 Woolen Weaver Horsforth 8a
    Henry BEECROFT Son S 23 Woolen Weaver Horsforth 8a
    Joseph H BEECROFT Son S 20 Woolen Spinner Horsforth 8a
    Sarah E BEECROFT Dau S 16   Calverley 8a
67 Gates Croft David FIRTH Head M 52 Coal Agent Calverley 8b
    Maria A FIRTH Wife M 51   Rodley 8b
    Isabel FIRTH Dau S 27 Woolen Weaver Calverley 8b
    Charles FIRTH Son S 25 Warehouseman Calverley 8b
    Emily FIRTH Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Calverley 8b
    Mary E FIRTH Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Doncaster 8b
    Frederick FIRTH Son S 19 Joiner's Appr Calverley 8b
    Edith FIRTH Dau S 16   Calverley 8b
    Clara FIRTH Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 8b
68 Gates Croft William GRIMSHAW Head M 71 Cloth Manufacturer Calverley 8b
    Hannah GRIMSHAW Wife M 69   Bramley 8b
    John GRIMSHAW Son S 42 Cloth Manufacturer Calverley 8b
    Joseph GRIMSHAW Son W 40 Clerk & Warehouseman Calverley 8b
    Florence H GRIMSHAW Gdau S 15   New Wortley 8b
    Alvey GRIMSHAW Gdau S 13 Scholar Calverley 8b
    Ethel Gertrude GRIMSHAW Gdau S 11 Scholar Calverley 8b
    William E GRIMSHAW Gson S 9 Scholar Rodley 8b
69 Carr Road Amelia PEARSON Head W 50 Living on Own Means Calverley 8b
    Samuel PEARSON Son S 14 Cloth Manufacturer Calverley 8b
    Emily PEARSON Dau S 22   Calverley 8b
    Charles PEARSON Son S 20 Cloth Manufacturer Calverley 8b
    Sarah E PEARSON Dau S 18   Calverley 8b
    Agnes PEARSON Dau S 16 DressMaker Calverley 8b
70 Carr Road William PEARSON Head M 49 Cloth Manufacturer Eccleshill 8b
    Mary A PEARSON Wife M 29   SAL Bushbury 8b
    Bertha PEARSON Dau S 20 Woolen Warper Calverley 8b
    Jane Eliza PEARSON Dau S 17   Calverley 8b
    Philip Henry PEARSON Son S 15 Scholar Calverley 8b
    Julia Grace PEARSON Dau S 14 Woolen Yarn Tyer Calverley 8b
    Selina PEARSON Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 8b
    Claudius PEARSON Son S 9   Calverley 8b
    Eunice PEARSON Dau S 3   Calverley 8b
71 Clover Greaves John WALTON Head M 80 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 9a
    Hannah WALTON Wife M 79   Calverley 9a
    Jane WALTON Dau S 36 Housekeeper for Father Calverley 9a
    Louis P BUSFIELD Gson S 18 Woolen Mfgr Appr South Milford 9a
72 Clover Greaves Isaac HOLLINGS Head M 77 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 9a
    Sarah HOLLINGS Wife M 66   Great Horton Bradford 9a
    Thomas E HOLLINGS Son S 30 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 9a
    Lydia A HOLLINGS Dau S 29   Calverley 9a
73 Clover Greaves Benjamin SKIRROW Head M 44 Weaving Overlooker Greengates 9a
    Grace SKIRROW Wife M 38   Calverley 9a
    Edward Gray SKIRROW Son S 16 Clerk Calverley 9a
    Clara SKIRROW Dau S 13   Calverley 9a
    Emily SKIRROW Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 9a
    Leonard SKIRROW Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 9a
    Clarice SKIRROW Dau S 1   Calverley 9a
    Clifford SKIRROW Son S 1m   Calverley 9a
    Grace RUSHFORTH Nurse S 48 Monthly Nurse Rodley 9a
74 Clover Greaves Ellen STEWART Head S 27 DressMaker Calverley 9a
75 Clover Greaves John PARKINSON Head S 59 * Manufacturer Calverley 9a
76 Clover Greaves John HARTLEY Head W 74 Retired Cloth Weaver Calverley 9a
    Caroline HARTLEY Dau S 30 School Teacher Calverley 9a
77 Clover Greaves Mary CALVERT Head W 41 Wool Cloth Weaver Calverley 9a
    Edwin CALVERT Son S 17 Joiner's Appr Calverley 9a
    Clara CALVERT Dau S 13 Woolen Twister Calverley 9a
    Harry CALVERT Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 9a
78 Clover Greaves William WHEATLEY Head M 23 Woolen Spinner Calverley 9a
    Sarah A WHEATLEY Wife M 24   Calverley 9a
    Arthur WHEATLEY Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 9a
79 Clover Greaves Sam E HINCHCLIFF Head M 43 * Morley 9b
    Arabella K HINCHCLIFF Wife M 35   AUSTRALIA 9b
    Lucy Maud HINCHCLIFF Dau S 13 DressMaker Appr Calverley 9b
    Sydney HINCHCLIFF Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 9b
    William Percy HINCHCLIFF Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 9b
    Charles Edward HINCHCLIFF Son S 4   Calverley 9b
    Norman Alfred HINCHCLIFF Son S 2   Calverley 9b
80 Clover Greaves Sarah Ann DOBSON Head W 42   Calverley 9b
    Emma J DOBSON Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Calverley 9b
    Frederick DOBSON Son S 14 Wool Mule Piecer Calverley 9b
    Martha A DOBSON Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 9b
    Herbert Henry DOBSON Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 9b
    Sarah E DOBSON Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 9b
    Robert DOBSON Son S 2   Calverley 9b
    Ann DOBSON m in l W 69 Sick Nurse Farsley 9b
81 Clover Greaves Jonathan THOMPSON Head M 60 Woolen Warper Calverley 9b
    Mary THOMPSON Wife M 67   Calverley 9b
    Martha H THOMPSON Dau S 41 Woolen Warper Calverley 9b
    Emma THOMPSON Dau S 34 Woolen Weaver Calverley 9b
    Myra THOMPSON Gdau S 13 Scholar Calverley 9b
82 Clover Greaves Wm COLDWELL Head M 20 Wool Cloth Percher NBL Acklington 9b
    Rhoda COLDWELL Wife M 26   Calverley 9b
    Clarice COLDWELL Dau S 2   Calverley 9b
    Maud COLDWICH Dau S 7m   Calverley 9b
83 Clover Greaves John MARSHALL Head M 45 Wool Dyer Calverley 9b
    Mary MARSHALL Wife M 38   Horsforth 9b
    Florence MARSHALL Dau S 18 Woolen Filler Calverley 9b
    Lavinia MARSHALL Dau S 16 Woolen Filler Calverley 9b
    Edith MARSHALL Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 9b
    William Herbert MARSHALL Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 9b
84 Clover Greaves Emma WHEATLEY Head W 48   Calverley 10a
    Samuel WHEATLEY Son S 19 Plasterer's Lab. Guiseley 10a
    James Edward WHEATLEY Son S 16 Plasterer's Appr Calverley 10a
    Ann E WHEATLEY Dau S 13   Leeds 10a
    Samuel BUSFIELD Gfath W 77 Retired Cloth Fuller Calverley 10a
    Albert BEARDSALL Board S 27 Worsted Warp Dresser Almondbury 10a
    George BEARDSALL Board S 24 Worsted Warp Dresser Almondbury 10a
    Luther BEARDSALL Board S 16 Woolen Spinner Almondbury 10a
85 Clover Greaves John CARTWRIGHT Head M 51 Turner Kirkburton 10a
    Martha CARTWRIGHT Wife M 50   Almondbury 10a
    Emma CARTWRIGHT Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Almondbury 10a
    Robert W CARTWRIGHT Son S 18 * Kirkburton 10a
    John Edward CARTWRIGHT Son S 15 Warp Dresser Guiseley 10a
    Fred CARTWRIGHT Son S 13 Mule Piecer Calverley 10a
    Hannah CARTWRIGHT Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 10a
    Harry CARTWRIGHT Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 10a
    Hannah CARTWRIGHT Moth W 80   Almondbury 10a
86 Clover Greaves Edward CLAYTON Head M 51 Lab. Bramley 10a
    Sarah Jane CLAYTON Wife M 42   LIN West Barkwith 10a
    Robert J FOSTER Step Son S 22 Mechanic Rawdon 10a
    Arthur JOHNSON Step Son S 11 Scholar Hull 10a
    Fred CLAYTON Son S 4   Rodley 10a
    George Willie CLAYTON Son S 2   Calverley 10a
    Henry ACKROYD Head M 31 Woolen Spinner Calverley 10a
    Ellen ACKROYD Wife M 31   Calverley 10a
    Fred ACKROYD Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 10a
    Frederick RICH Head M 31 SignalMan BEF Souldrop 10a
    Mary E RICH Wife M 28   BEF Sharnbrook 10a
    Florrie RICH Dau S 3   Calverley 10a
    John ALDERSON Board S 16 Railway Booking Clerk WES Kirkby Lonsdale ? 10a
89 Clover Greaves James WATSON Head S 31 Weaving Overlooker Guiseley 10b
    John WATSON Bro S 14 Scholar Guiseley 10b
    Jane WATSON Sis S 33 Worsted Weaver Baildon 10b
    Hannah WATSON Sis S 23 Worsted Weaver Guiseley 10b
    Martha WATSON Sis S 19 DressMaker Appr Guiseley 10b
90 Clover Greaves Mary CHILD Head W 46 Living on Own Means Scarborough 10b
    Albert Henry CHILD Son S 19 Lithographic Artist Kirkstall 10b
    Frederick William CHILD Son S 11 Scholar Kirkstall 10b
91 Clover Greaves Walter GRAY Head M 35 Gas Worker Calverley 10b
    Emma GRAY Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Thackley 10b
    Agnes GRAY Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 10b
    Annie GRAY Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 10b
    Alfred GRAY Son S 4   Calverley 10b
92 Clover Greaves Benjamin WARD Head M 56 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 10b
    Grace Ann WARD Wife M 50   Bradford 10b
    Ann WARD Dau S 30 DressMaker Calverley 10b
    Emma WARD Dau S 27 Woolen Weaver Calverley 10b
93 Clover Greaves Arthur CHILD Head M 31 Worsted Spinner Calverley 10b
    Annie CHILD Wife M 32   Eccleshill 10b
    Effie CHILD Dau S 4   Calverley 10b
    Herbert Victor CHILD Son S 3   Calverley 10b
    Florence Edna CHILD Dau S 7m   Calverley 10b
94 Clover Greaves Sarah A HUTTON Head S 59 Grocer Idle 10b
    Elizabeth PRATT Sis W 55 DressMaker Idle 10b
95 Clover Greaves Arthur LEE Head M 27 Engine Fitter Horsforth 10b
    Elizabeth LEE Wife M 28   Aldborough 10b
    Matilda STEELE s in l S 20 Domestic Servant Aldborough 10b
96 Clover Greaves John C KERSHAW Head M 66 Farmer & Grocer Calverley 10b
    Ann KERSHAW Wife M 55   Horsforth 10b
    Fred KERSHAW Son S 21 Clerk Guiseley 10b
    Sarah H KERSHAW Dau S 20 DressMaker Guiseley 10b
97 Clover Greaves Alfred WHEATLEY Head M 25 Woolen Spinner Calverley 11a
    Emily WHEATLEY Wife M 24   Calverley 11a
    Lilian WHEATLEY Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 11a
98 Clover Greaves Ephraim GRANGER Head M 45 Woolen Weaver Calverley 11a
    Sarah GRANGER Wife M 42   Calverley 11a
    Annie GRANGER Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Calverley 11a
    William GRANGER Son S 17 Mason's Apprentice Calverley 11a
    Ellen GRANGER Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Calverley 11a
    Clarice GRANGER Dau S 4   Calverley 11a
99 Clover Greaves Joseph FIRTH Head M 44 Woolen Weaver Calverley 11a
    Melisa FIRTH Wife M 37 Woolen Weaver Wilsden 11a
    Ada FIRTH Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 11a
    Ernest FIRTH Son S 14 Scholar Bradford 11a
100 Clover Greaves Alfred GRIMSHAW Head M 50 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 11a
    Sarah GRIMSHAW Wife M 48   Calverley 11a
    Archie GRIMSHAW Son S 24 Woolen Mill Foreman Calverley 11a
    Edgar GRIMSHAW Son S 23 Woolen Weaver Calverley 11a
    Hubert GRIMSHAW Son S 19 Plumber Calverley 11a
    Ruthetta GRIMSHAW Dau S 15   Calverley 11a
    Davison GRIMSHAW Son S 14 Auctioneer's Clerk Calverley 11a
    Lawrence GRIMSHAW Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 11a
101 Clover Greaves Simeon PRATT Head M 43 Woolen Overlooker Calverley 11a
    Selina PRATT Wife M 38   Calverley 11a
    Frances PRATT Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 11a
    Charles Herbert PRATT Son S 5   Calverley 11a
    Lucy Hannah PRATT Dau S 2   Calverley 11a
102 Clover Greaves Nathaniel STANHOPE Head M 48 Woolen Spinner Holbeck 11a
    Mary E STANHOPE Wife M 45   BELGIUM 11a
    Joseph STANHOPE Son S 26 Postal Telegraph Clerk Hadley 11a
    Maria Kate TILBURN Vis S 23 Postal Telegraph Clerk Leeds 11a
103 Clover Greaves Mary POPPLEWELL Head W 75 Pauper Idle 11b
    Joseph POPPLEWELL Son M 36 Woolen Willyer Calverley 11b
    Frances POPPLEWELL d in l M 36   Idle 11b
    Sarah Jane POPPLEWELL Gdau S 7 Scholar Calverley 11b
    Annie POPPLEWELL Gdau S 4   Calverley 11b
104 Clover Greaves William J HARTLEY Head M 43 Coal Agent Calverley 11b
    Eliza HARTLEY Wife M 42   Calverley 11b
    Gertrude HARTLEY Dau S 17 Pupil Teacher Calverley 11b
    Harold HARTLEY Son S 16   Calverley 11b
    Percival HARTLEY Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 11b
    Frank Raymond HARTLEY Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 11b
106 Clover Greaves Henry DAWSON Head M 75 Retired Cloth Mfgr Calverley 11b
    Frances DAWSON Wife M 40 HouseKeeper Calverley 11b
    Grace DAWSON Dau S 34 Woolen Weaver Calverley 11b
107 Clover Greaves Henry COLDWELL Head M 57 Woolen Weaver Holmforth 11b
    Margaret COLDWELL Wife M 56   NBL Kathburg 11b
    Walter COLDWELL Son S 19 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 11b
    Lizzie COLDWELL Dau S 17 Woolen Cloth Mender Calverley 11b
108 Clover Greaves Robert MEDCALFE Head M 48 Joiner Bedale 11b
    Catherine MEDCALFE Wife M 48   Hampsthwaite 11b
    John MEDCALFE Son S 23 Joiner Hampsthwaite 11b
    Elizabeth MEDCALFE Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Calverley 11b
    Emma MEDCALFE Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Calverley 11b
    Ada MEDCALFE Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Calverley 11b
    Willie MEDCALFE Son S 13 Scholar Calverley 11b
    Annie MEDCALFE Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 11b
109 Clover Greaves Isaac CHIPPENDALE Head W 78 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 11b
    Ruth CHIPPENDALE Dau S 47 Laundress Rawdon 11b
    Ada CHIPPENDALE Dau S 35 Woolen Filler Idle 11b
110 Clover Greaves Thomas DOBSON Head M 45 Stone Quarry Carter Sherburn 12a
    Esther DOBSON Wife M 51   Butterwick 12a
    James H DOBSON Son S 19 Stone QuarryMan Sherburn 12a
    John DOBSON Son S 16 Mill Hand Butterwick 12a
    Harold DOBSON Son S 15 Mill Hand Idle 12a
    Ada A DOBSON Dau S 13   Idle 12a
    Albert DOBSON Son S 11 Scholar Idle 12a
    Mabel DOBSON Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 12a
    Nelson DOBSON Son S 3   Calverley 12a
111 Clover Greaves Thomas DIXON Head M 31 General Lab. Calverley 12a
    Sarah G DIXON Wife M 31   Calverley 12a
    Mabel DIXON Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 12a
    Fred DIXON Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 12a
    William DIXON Son S 1   Calverley 12a
112 Clover Greaves George OUTHWAITE Head M 52 Woolen Willyer Leeds 12a
    Ellen OUTHWAITE Wife M 51   Farsley 12a
    Sarah OUTHWAITE Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Calverley 12a
    Fred OUTHWAITE Son S 10 Woolen Dyer Calverley 12a
    Harry OUTHWAITE Son S 18 Woolen Mule Piecer Calverley 12a
    Edwin OUTHWAITE Son S 16 Woolen Mule Piecer Calverley 12a
    Walter OUTHWAITE Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 12a
113 Clover Greaves Ann DAVISON Head W 71   Calverley 12a
    Ernest CRAVEN Neph S 25 Mason's Lab. Calverley 12a
114 Clover Greaves Emma POPPLEWELL Head W 44 Woolen Weaver Calverley 12a
    Annie HALLIDAY Dau M 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 12a
    Walter POPPLEWELL Son S 18 Woolen Weaver Calverley 12a
    William Henry HALLIDAY s in l M 26 Woolen Weaver Idle 12a
    Edith HALLIDAY Gdau S 7m   Calverley 12a
115 Clover Greaves Arthur CLARK Head M 30 Worsted Warp Dresser Guiseley 12a
    Ruth CLARK Wife M 29   Guiseley 12a
    Annie CLARK Dau S 4 Scholar Leeds 12a
    Hilda CLARK Dau S 1   Leeds 12a
116 Clover Greaves John MARSHALL Head M 40 Wool Mill Willyer Calverley 12b
    Martha MARSHALL Wife M 37 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 12b
    Edgar MARSHALL Son S 14 Mule Piecer Calverley 12b
    Harry MARSHALL Son S 11 Mule Piecer Calverley 12b
117 Clover Greaves James RAWSON Head M 34 Cloth Fuller Horsforth 12b
    Emily RAWSON Wife M 36   Calverley 12b
    Edith Maud RAWSON Dau S 11 Scholar Yeadon 12b
    Annie RAWSON Dau S 8 Scholar Yeadon 12b
    John Willie RAWSON Son S 2   Calverley 12b
118 Clover Greaves Lupton RAWSON Head M 27 Fireman in Mill Horsforth 12b
    Rhoda RAWSON Wife M 27   Calverley 12b
    Wlifred RAWSON Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 12b
    Cyril RAWSON Son S 3   Calverley 12b
    William ACKROYD Vis S 20 Farm Lab. Calverley 12b
119 Clover Greaves William Hill JENNINGS Head M 40 Stone Mason Windhill 12b
    Mary JENNINGS Wife M 40   Calverley 12b
    Hiram JENNINGS Son S 19 Stone Mason Calverley 12b
    Joseph JENNINGS Son S 16 Stone Mason Calverley 12b
    Lily JENNINGS Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 12b
    Mary JENNINGS Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 12b
    Herbert JENNINGS Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 12b
    William JENNINGS Son S 4   Calverley 12b
    Mary A JENNINGS Dau S 7m   Calverley 12b
120 Clover Greaves Thomas GILL Head   34 Stoker Eccleshill 12b
    Mary GILL Wife   27   Calverley 12b
    Maud E GILL Dau   4   Idle 12b
    Ada GILL Dau   2   Baildon 12b
    Ernest GILL Son   9m   Calverley 12b
121 Clover Greaves Ernest DAVISON Head M 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 13a
    Sarah E DAVISON Wife M 24   Calverley 13a
122 Clover Greaves Henry ROBINSON Head M 63 Wool Dyer LAN Liverpool 13a
    Jane ROBINSON Wife M 61   Calverley 13a
    James ROBINSON Son S 28 Willyer Calverley 13a
    Annie E MORRELL Gdau S 7 Scholar Calverley 13a
123 Clover Greaves Mary BETHEL Head W 62 Pauper CAM Burwell 13a
    Lizzie BETHEL Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver MDX Edmonton 13a
    Fred B BETHEL Gson S 10 Scholar Huddersfield 13a
124 Clover Greaves Grace ROSS Head S 40 Woolen Weaver GreenGates 13a
    William H LEES Cous S 25 Woolen Spinner Idle 13a
125 Clover Greaves Thomas BUTLER Head M 49 Woolen Weaver Bramley 13a
    Sarah BUTLER Wife M 47   Calverley 13a
    Armand BUTLER Son S 20 Foreman Lab. Calverley 13a
    Alonzo BUTLER Son S 17 Wool Piecer Calverley 13a
    Janet BUTLER Dau S 15 Wool Piecer Calverley 13a
    Mary E BUTLER Dau S 13 Scholar Calverley 13a
    Ethel BUTLER Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 13a
    Davison BUTLER Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 13a
    Norah Elsie BUTLER Dau S 3   Calverley 13a
    Horatio Harry BUTLER Son S 1   Calverley 13a
126 Clover Greaves Hannah DAVISON Head M 41   Calverley 13a
    Maria A DAVISON Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Calverley 13a
    Florence DAVISON Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Calverley 13a
    Edith DAVISON Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 13a
127 Clover Greaves Grace HOLGATE Head W 71 Living on Own Means Yeadon 13a
128 Clover Greaves William ROSS Head M 36 Foreman in ? GreenGates 13a
    Elizabeth ROSS Wife M 34 Worsted Warper Calverley 13a
129   Walter HILLAM? Head M 36 Wool Comber Manager Leeds 13a
    Elizabeth HILLAM? Wife M 38   Calverley 13a
130 Clover Greaves Ann OUTHWAITE ? Head S 52 InnKeeper Leeds 13b
    William OUTHWAITE ? Bro S 46 Waiter Leeds 13b
    Ann BARNES Niece S 21 General Servant Leeds 13b
131 Clover Greaves James DAVISON Head M 20 Cloth Fuller Calverley 13b
132 Clover Greaves Joseph ROSS Head M 61 Woolen Weaver Leeds 13b
    Sarah A ROSS Wife M 53 Woolen Burler Eccleshill 13b
    Joseph WALMSLEY Head M 43 Road Mender Calverley 13b
133 Clover Greaves Sarah WALMSLEY Wife M 41   Calverley 13b
    Saul WALMSLEY Son S 21 Lab. Calverley 13b
    Sarah WALMSLEY Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Calverley 13b
    Emily WALMSLEY Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 13b
    Edith WALMSLEY Dau S 1   Calverley 13b
134 Clover Greaves David C ROBINSON Head M 26 Foundry Lab. Calverley 13b
    Amelia ROBINSON Wife M 26 Woolen Weaver Calverley 13b
    Florence ROBINSON Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 13b
135 Clover Greaves John A STANSFIELD Head M 34 Woolen Warper Idle 13b
    Maria A STANSFIELD Wife M 33   Calverley 13b
    Ada STANSFIELD Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 13b
    Adalaide STANSFIELD Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 13b
136 Lidget Street George J NICHOLSON Head M 29 Wool Dyer & Lab. Huddersfield 13b
    Alice NICHOLSON Wife M 29   MDX Stoke-Newington 13b
    Percy A NICHOLSON Son S 3   Huddersfield 13b
    Jessie NICHOLSON Dau S 1m   Calverley 13b
137 Lidget Street Elizabeth LUPTON Head W 64 Pauper Calverley 13b
138 Lidget Street George BRETHERICK Head M 56 Plasterer Bradford 13b
    Eliza BRETHERICK Wife M 54   Calverley 13b
    Mary E BRETHERICK Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Calverley 13b
    Fred H BRETHERICK Son S 24 Plasterer Calverley 13b
    Marian BRETHERICK Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Calverley 13b
    Albert BRETHERICK Son S 16 Draper's Appr Calverley 13b
139 Lidget Street Thornton WRIGHT Head M 61 Boot & Shoe Dealer GreenGates 14a
    Priscilla WRIGHT Wife M 59     14a
    Blanche WRIGHT Dau S 30 Music Teacher Batley 14a
    Ernest WRIGHT Son S 24 Architect Calverley 14a
    Hubert WRIGHT Son S 21 Architect Calverley 14a
    Mary WRIGHT Dau S 29 School Mistress Batley 14a
140 Lidget Street Jacob HORN Head M 52 Woolen Weaver Calverley 14a
    Emma HORN Wife M 47 Woolen Weaver Idle 14a
141 Lidget Street Harriet WALKER Head W 65 Confectioner SFK Euston 14a
    Margaret A WALKER Dau S 32 Worsted Weaver Bingley 14a
    Harry WALKER Gson S 2   Calverley 14a
142 Lidget Street Ezra KEIGHLEY Head M 46 WarehouseMan Calverley 14a
    Martha KEIGHLEY Wife M 44   Calverley 14a
    William KEIGHLEY Son S 23 Mill Hand Calverley 14a
    Frank KEIGHLEY Son S 20 Joiner's Apprentice Calverley 14a
    Maria KEIGHLEY Dau S 16 DressMaker Appr Calverley 14a
    Jane E KEIGHLEY Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 14a
    Sydney KEIGHLEY Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 14a
143 Clover Greaves Millyard Eliza HOWCROFT Head W 54 DressMaker Idle 14a
    Harry MAWSON Son S 20 Worsted Twister Idle 14a
144 Clover Greaves Joseph DAVISON Head W 44 Mill Carrier Calverley 14a
    Emma DAVISON Dau S 19 Weft Dyer Farsley 14a
    Lily DAVISON Dau S 17 Weft Dyer Calverley 14a
    Mary DAVISON Dau S 13 Scholar Calverley 14a
    Esther ENGLAND Board S 52 HouseKeeper Kirkstall 14a
145 Clover Greaves Samuel PARKINSON Head M 38 Mill Carrier Calverley 14a
    Mary E PARKINSON Wife M 38   Calverley 14a
    Mary E PARKINSON Dau S 14 Worsted Mender Calverley 14a
146 Clover Greaves John B DAVISON Head M 66 Cloth Fuller Calverley 14a
    Ruth DAVISON Wife M 67   Calverley 14a
147 Clover Greaves Millyard Joseph CHAPPELOW Head M 48 Lab. Calverley 14b
    Susan CHAPPELOW Wife M 50   GreenGates 14b
    Benjamin CHAPPELOW Son S 24 Wool Mill Hand Calverley 14b
    Emily CHAPPELOW Dau S 23 Mill Hand Calverley 14b
    Fred CHAPPELOW Son S 21 Steam Crane Fitter Calverley 14b
    John CHAPPELOW Son S 19 Steam Crane Fitter Appr Calverley 14b
    Eleanor CHAPPELOW Dau S 16 Wool Mill Hand Calverley 14b
    Ralph Ernest CHAPPELOW Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 14b
148 Clover Greaves William DUFTON Head M 31 Woolen Willyer Calverley 14b
    Annie DUFTON Wife M 32 Woolen Weaver Calverley 14b
    Sarah E DUFTON Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 14b
    Ernest DUFTON Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 14b
    James DUFTON Fath W 60 Woolen Willyer Kirkstall 14b
149 Clover Greaves Joseph MORTIMER Head W 59 Engine Tenter Calverley 14b
    Harry MORTIMER Son M 22 Steam Crane Tenter Calverley 14b
    Margaretta E MORTIMER Dau M 21   DEV Topsham 14b
150   Hannah HARRISON Head W 61 CharWoman Horsforth 14b
151 Carr Child Houses Joseph MARSHALL Head M 26 Worsted Cloth Overlooker Guiseley 14b
    Eliza MARSHALL Wife M 19     14b
    Harold MARSHALL Son S 1   Calverley 14b
152 Carr Child Houses Benjamin DAVISON Head M 38   Calverley 14b
    Emma DAVISON Wife M 36   Calverley 14b
    Annie M DAVISON Dau S 14   Calverley 14b
    John Batty DAVISON Son S 5   Calverley 14b
    William A DAVISON Son S 3   Calverley 14b
    Maud Elsie DAVISON Dau S 1   Calverley 14b
153 Carr Child Houses John MAYHEW Head M 26 Stone QuarryMan LAN Wigan 14b
    Elziabeth MAYHEW Wife M 33   CAM Isham 14b
    Sarah E MAYHEW Dau S 5 Scholar HUN Great Gidding 14b
    Margaret A MAYHEW Dau S 4 Scholar LAN Millgate 14b
154 Carr Child Houses Joseph HORTON Head M 40 General Lab. CAM Isham 15a
    Mary A HORTON Wife M 59   HUN Great Gedding 15a
    Susan A HORTON Dau S 11 Scholar LAN Millgate 15a
155 Carr Child Houses Amelia CHILD Head M 56 Woolen Cloth Burler Calverley 15a
    Annie E CHILD Dau M 26 Woolen Weaver Calverley 15a
    Emily CHILD Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 15a
156 Carr Child Houses William ATKINSON Head M 22 MillWright Kirkstall 15a
    Elizabeth ATKINSON Wife M 22   Rotherham 15a
    Mira ATKINSON Dau S 1   Calverley 15a
157 Carr Peter PRATT Head M 46 Woolen Overlooker Rawdon 15a
    Maria PRATT Wife M 23 Woolen Weaver Calverley 15a
158 Carr George GRIMSHAW Head M 63 Woolen Weaver Farsley 15a
    Harriet GRIMSHAW Wife M 66   Farsley 15a
159 Carr Ann WALMS Head W 68 CharWoman Calverley 15a
160 Carr Enoch James ACKROYD Head M 33 House Painter Calverley 15a
    Alfred ACKROYD Wife M 49 Iron Moulder Calverley 15a
161 Carr Jabez BEECROFT Head M 43 Asst Woolen Overlooker Calverley 15a
    Annie BEECROFT Wife M 42 Wool Mill Hand Calverley 15a
162 Carr Hannah DAVISON Head W 68 Living on Own Means Calverley 15a
163 Carr Squire WALMSLEY Head M 36 Domestic Servant Groom Calverley 15a
    Elizabeth A WALMSLEY Wife M 38   Lindley 15a
    John W ANDREWS Step Son S 21 Woolen Weaver Longwood 15a
    Charles H ANDREWS Step Son S 19 Woolen Piecer Guiseley 15a
    Annie WALMSLEY Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 15a
164 Carr Fred WALMSLEY Head M 30 Woolen Spinner Calverley 15a
    Ann WALMSLEY Wife M 33   Calverley 15a
    Clara WALMSLEY Dau S 2   Calverley 15a
    Herbert WALMSLEY Son S 5m   Calverley 15a
165 Carr Benjamin PRATT Head M 48 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 15a
    Mary A PRATT Wife M 43 Woolen Burler MDX London 15a
    David PRATT Son S 21 Plasterer Calverley 15a
166 Carr Ackroyd Farm James ACKROYD Head W 56 Farmer Calverley 15b
    John RICHARDSON Serv S 20 General Lab. Eccleshill 15b
167 Carr Dibb Farm James DIBB Head S 56 Farmer Shipley 15b
    Mary PARKINSON Sis M 53   Shipley 15b
    Joseph PARKINSON b in l M 70 Retired Cloth Mfgr Hadley 15b
168 Littlewood Farm William LITTLEWOOD Head W 73 * Calverley 15b
169   John DRAKE Head M 54 Stone Dresser Eccleshill 15b
    Emma DRAKE Wife M 51   Farsley 15b
    Mary A DRAKE Dau S 25 Wool Mill Hand Bradford 15b
    Harry DRAKE Son S 22 Mechanic Bradford 15b
    Sarah E DRAKE Dau S 20 Mill Hand Eccleshill 15b
    William DRAKE Son S 17 Cloth Fuller Appr Eccleshill 15b
170 Carr Wheater Bldgs Samuel CARTER Head M 48 Wool Cloth Weaver Farsley 15b
    Mary A CARTER Wife M 45   Leeds 15b
    Frederick CARTER Son S 24 General Lab. Calverley 15b
    Harrison CARTER Son S 22 Cloth Weaver GreenGates 15b
    Richard E CARTER Son S 20 BlackSmith GreenGates 15b
    Harry E CARTER Son S 16 Wool Mule Piecer GreenGates 15b
    Emma CARTER Dau S 13 Scholar GreenGates 15b
    Constance ROBERTSHAW Gdau S 2   Frizing Hall 15b
171 Carr Wheater Bldgs Jonas H KEIGHLEY Head M 39 Joiner GreenGates 15b
    Emma KEIGHLEY Wife M 39   Bramyard 15b
    Fred JONES Step Son S 14 Living on Own Means Calverley Bridge 15b
172 Carr Wheater Bldgs Jessie LIGGINS? Head M 49 Wool Cloth Weaver WAR Coventry 15b
    Jane LIGGINS? Wife M 48   Kirby? 15b
    Arthur E LIGGINS? Son S 20 Wool Cloth Weaver Haworth 15b
    John LIGGINS? Son S 18 Cloth Finisher Haworth 15b
    Amelia LIGGINS? Dau S 15 Worsted Winder Bradford 15b
    George LIGGINS? Son S 14 Wool Mule Piecer Bradford 15b
    Wallace LIGGINS? Son S 12 Woolen Yarn Tyer Bradford 15b
    William LIGGINS? Son S 9 Scholar Bradford 16a
    Jesse LIGGINS? Son S 2 Scholar GreenGates 16a
173 Carr Wheater Bldgs Ezra KNOWLES Head M 35 Worsted Overlooker Northowram 16a
    Alice KNOWLES Wife M 37   NTT Nottingham 16a
    Charles E KNOWLES Son S 12 Scholar Northowram 16a
    Willy KNOWLES Son S 9 Scholar Northowram 16a
    Ernest KNOWLES Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 16a
    Mable KNOWLES Dau S 2   Eccleshill 16a
174 Carr Wheater Bldgs Jeremiah WATMOUGH Head M 33 Woolen Beamer Eccleshill 16a
    Lydia WATMOUGH Wife M 25 Woolen Weaver Shipley 16a
    Sarah SUGDEN Gmoth W 73 HouseKeeper Idle 16a
175 Carr Wheater Bldgs James C DAVISON Head M 51 Wool Cloth Tenter & Greaser Calverley 16a
    Ann DAVISON Wife M 51 Confectioner Rawdon 16a
    David DAVISON Son S 17 Wool Mule Piecer Calverley 16a
    Edgar DAVISON Son S 15 Cloth Finisher's Appr Calverley 16a
176 Carr Wheater Bldgs Joseph G CLAYTON Head M 57 Woolen Spinner Rawdon 16a
    Sarah CLAYTON Wife M 55   Eccleshill 16a
    Joseph CLAYTON Son S 23 Woolen Spinner Idle 16a
    John CLAYTON Son S 21 Woolen Spinner Idle 16a
    Sarah CLAYTON Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 16a
    Hannah CLAYTON Dau S 18 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 16a
    William G CLAYTON Son S 16 Plumber's Appr Eccleshill 16a
    Emma CLAYTON Dau S 13   Eccleshill 16a
177 Carr Westwood Terrace Dyson DENNISON Head   27 Stationer's Traveller Bradford 16a
    Mary F DENNISON Wife   33   Bradford 16a
    Clifford DENNISON Son   4m   Rawdon 16a
178 Carr Westwood Terrace Arthur WALKER Head   24 Cloth Salesman Idle 16a
    Robert WALKER Bro   22 Woolen Mill Clerk Idle 16a
    Clara WALKER Sis   26 HouseKeeper Idle 16a
    Marion WALKER Niece   8m   Leeds 16a
179 Carr Westwood Terrace Tom WADE Head M 43 Cloth Dresser Foreman Leeds 16b
    Emily WADE Wife M 39   Leeds 16b
    Ernest WADE Son S 14 Cloth Dresser Appr Leeds 16b
    Tom WADE Son S 13 Cloth Dresser Appr Leeds 16b
    Emily WADE Dau S 11 Scholar Armley 16b
    William WADE Son S 8 Scholar Armley 16b
    Annie WADE Dau S 4 Scholar Armley 16b
180 Carr Westwood Terrace William B HANSON Head M 30 Wool Merchant's Manager Bradford 16b
    Emma HANSON Wife M 25   Ossett 16b
    Louisa HANSON Dau S 3   Bradford 16b
    Gladys HANSON Dau S 2   Apperley Bridge 16b
181 Carr Westwood Terrace Elizabeth TODD Head W 71 Living on Own Means Long Preston 16b
    Mary A TODD Dau S 33 Boarding School HeadMistress Bradford 16b
    Elizabeth HIBBERT Gdau S 25 DressMaker Bradford 16b
182 Ravenscliff Terrace James CALVERT Head M 43 Woolen Spinner GreenGates 16b
    Mary CALVERT Wife M 42   Bradford 16b
    Nellie CALVERT Dau S 16 Milliner's Apprentice GreenGates 16b
    John B CALVERT Son S 12 Scholar GreenGates 16b
    Florence CALVERT Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 16b
    Frances Mary CALVERT Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 16b
    Marguerite Johnson CALVERT Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 16b
    Isabel CALVERT Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 16b
    Charles CALVERT Son S 3   Calverley 16b
183 Ravenscliff Terrace James H MILLS Head M 47 Gardener York 16b
    Jane MILLS Wife M 44 Wool Warper Calverley 16b
    James MILLS Son S 19 Woolen Weaver Leeds 16b
    Fred MILLS Son S 19 Worsted Weaver Leeds 16b
    Louisa MILLS Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Leeds 16b
    Susie (Susan) MILLS Dau S 14 Scholar Calverley 16b
    William MILLS Son S 12 Scholar Calverley 16b
    Lizzie MILLS Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 16b
    Helen MILLS Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 17a
    John Bellerby MILLS Son S 2   Calverley 17a
184 Ravenscliff Terrace William WATSON Head M 57 Corn Miller Fewston 17a
    Elizabeth WATSON Wife M 56   NTT Tollerton 17a
    Clara WATSON Dau S 29 Woolen Burler NTT Cotgrave 17a
    Ada WATSON Dau S 25 Woolen Mender NTT Old Basford 17a
    Gertrude WATSON Dau S 10 Scholar GreenGates 17a
185 Ravenscliff Terrace Thomas MIDGLEY Head M 55 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 17a
    Jane MIDGLEY Wife M 52   Eccleshill 17a
    Honmarie MIDGLEY Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 17a
    Grace MIDGLEY Dau S 19 Woolen Mill Hand Eccleshill 17a
    Elizabeth MIDGLEY Dau S 17 Cloth M*? Eccleshill 17a
    Thomas MIDGLEY Son S 10 Mule Piecer & Scholar Eccleshill 17a
    Jane TURNER Niece S 17 Spooler in Mill Manningham 17a
186 Ravenscliff Terrace George H ROBINSON Head M 34 Stuff WarehouseMan Bradford 17a
    Annie E ROBINSON Wife M 38   York 17a
    Herbert H ROBINSON Son S 11 Mill Hand Bradford 17a
    Frederick ROBINSON Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 17a
    Mabel Caroline V ROBINSON Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 17a
    Granville ROBINSON Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 17a
    Walter E ROBINSON Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 17a
    Edith M ROBINSON Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 17a
    Florence ROBINSON Dau S 1   Calverley 17a
187 Ravenscliff Terrace Joseph THORNTON Head M 51 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 17a
    Sarah THORNTON Wife M 46   Tong 17a
    Annie E THORNTON Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Idle 17a
    John THORNTON Son S 22 Woolen Spinner Idle 17a
    Arthur THORNTON Son S 20 Woolen Weaver Idle 17a
    Archie THORNTON Son S 16 Woolen Weaver Idle 17a
    Florence A THORNTON Dau S 8 Scholar Yeadon 17a
188 Ravenscliff Terrace Benjamin CLEGG Head M 50 Engine Tenter Huddersfield 17b
    Elizabeth CLEGG Wife M 48   Wakefield 17b
    Emily CLEGG Dau S 27 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 17b
    William CLEGG Son S 18 Cloth Mill Crabber Huddersfield 17b
    Charles CLEGG Son S 16 Mule Piecer Calverley 17b
    Mary CLEGG Dau S 13 Spinner Calverley 17b
    Russell CLEGG Son S 11 Piecer Calverley 17b
    Elizabeth CLEGG Dau S 4   Calverley 17b
189 Ravenscliff Mill Yard John H*HAM Head M 59 Carding Overlooker Idle 17b
    Mary H*HAM Wife M 56   Bingley 17b
190 Beck Bottom Darius GRIMSHAW Head M 34 Woolen Weaver Calverley 17b
    Betty GRIMSHAW Wife M 35   GLS Guiting 17b
    Harriet A GRIMSHAW Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 17b
    Mary E GRIMSHAW Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 17b
    Maud GRIMSHAW Dau S 3   Eccleshill 17b
    Rhoda GRIMSHAW Dau S 1   Eccleshill 17b
191 Beck Bottom Mary KEIGHLEY Head W 65 Market Gardener Idle 17b
    Samuel SPENCER Lodg M 35 Wool Washer Bradford 17b
    Martha SPENCER Lodg M 28   Idle 17b
    Fanny SPENCER Lodg S 4   Idle 17b
    Harry SPENCER Lodg S 1   Calverley 17b
192 Lodge Carr Bottom John KNOWLES Head   74 Retired PoliceMan KEN Chatham 17b
    Hannah KNOWLES Wife   72   Bradford 17b
193 Ferncliffe Briggs PRIESTLEY Head   40 Stuff Manufacturer Thornton 17b
    Grace PRIESTLEY Wife   63   Bradford 17b
    Sophia PRIESTLEY Dau   35   Thornton 17b
    Louisa J WATSON Serv   29 Domestic Servant Cook *ford 17b
    Elizabeth TRIGG Serv   28 Domestic Servant LIN Boston 17b
    Ann E JUBB ? Serv   28 Domestic Servant *ettleham 17b
    Elziabeth A STEEL Serv   26 Domestic Servant Stutton 17b
    Annie WALLS Serv S 21 Domestic Servant Leeds 18a
194 Ferncliffe Lodge Patrick BUCK Head M 25 Domestic Servant CoachMan Leeds 18a
    Annie A BUCK Wife M 25   Kippax 18a
    William BUCK Son S 2   Bingley 18a
    Laurence BUCK Son S 7m   Bingley 18a
195 Ferncliffe Lodge William BUTTERS Head M 29 Domestic Servant Gardener SAL Cheswardine 18a
196 Thornhill Drive Gideon BLACKBURN Head M 34 Wool Merchant Bradford 18a
    Florence M BLACKBURN Wife M 21   STS Rugeley 18a
    Marguerite BLACKBURN Dau S 1   Apperley Bridge 18a
    Beatrice BLACKBURN s in l S 29 HouseKeeper STS Rugeley 18a
    Jane DYSON Serv S 23 Domestic General Servant Yorks. * 18a
    Elizabeth BANCOCK Serv S 17 Nurse LIN Dunston 18a
197 Thornhill Drive Daniel HANSON Head M 60 Worsted Stuff Buyer North Bierley 18a
    Sarah A HANSON Wife M 62   Bradford 18a
    Charles HANSON Son S 27 Worsted Cloth Buyer Bradford 18a
    Albert HANSON Son S 24 Electrical Engineer Bradford 18a
    Elizabeth DYES Serv S 20 Domestic General Servant LND Islington 18a
198 Thornhill Drive William D FLEMING Head M 48 Stuff Merchant SCT 18a
    Emily FLEMING Wife M 38   LAN Manchester 18a
    Zoe FLEMING Dau S 17 Scholar LAN Manchester 18a
    Ida FLEMING Dau S 16 Scholar LAN Manchester 18a
    William D FLEMING Son S 15 Scholar Bradford 18a
    Ernest FLEMING Son S 13 Scholar Bingley 18a
    Herbert FLEMING Son S 10 Scholar Bingley 18a
    Daisy FLEMING Dau S 8 Scholar Bingley 18a
    William FLEMING Son S 7 Scholar Bingley 18a
    Gilbert FLEMING Son S 4 Scholar Bingley 18a
199 Lodge Cutting Bottom John HENDERSON Head M 31 Railway Lab. LAN Cartmel 18a
200 Grove House Cutting Bottom John PARKINSON Head W 37 Silk Dyer & Finisher Mgr Bradford 18b
    Thomas PARKINSON Bro S 35 Shipping Manager Kildwick 18b
    Emily PARKINSON Sis S 33   Kildwick 18b
    Mary J PARKINSON Sis S 31   Kildwick 18b
    Ellen PARKINSON Dau S 12 Scholar Bradford 18b
    George A PARKINSON Son S 8 Scholar Bradford 18b
    Thomas PARKINSON Son S 5 Scholar Bradford 18b
201 Gau*ick Farm William STRAFFORD Head S 70 Gardener Tadcaster 18b
202 E* Farm Apperley Thomas W WATERHOUSE Head M 53 Farmer LAN Heysham 18b
    Martha E WATERHOUSE Wife M 47   Bradford 18b
    James WATERHOUSE Son S 23 Cattle Dealer LAN Goosnargh 18b
    Harriet WATERHOUSE Dau S 22   LAN Goosnargh 18b
    Ellen WATERHOUSE Dau S 20   LAN Goosnargh 18b
    William H WATERHOUSE Son S 17 Engineering Student Airton 18b
    Richard WATERHOUSE Son S 15 Scholar Calverley 18b
    Wilfred WATERHOUSE Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 18b
    Margaret WATERHOUSE Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 18b
203 E---- Farm Apperley Alfred GRANGE Head M 22 Farm Lab. Saltaire 18b
    Elizabeth GRANGE Wife M 23   York 18b
204 Calverley Bridge James STOREY Head M 54 Gas Stoker HUN Bugden 18b
    Harriet STOREY Wife M 48   LIN Walcott 18b
    Thomas William STOREY Son S 25   Horsforth 18b
    William STOREY Son S 23 Woolen Spinner Horsforth 18b
    Charles STOREY Son S 21 Gas Lab. Horsforth 18b
    Jabez STOREY Son S 19 Woolen Mule Piecer Calverley Bridge 18b
    Ernest STOREY Son S 11 Scholar Calverley Bridge 18b
    Fred STOREY Son S 14 Woolen Mule Piecer Calverley Bridge 18b
    Arthur STOREY Son S 10 Scholar Calverley Bridge 18b
    Annie M STOREY Dau S 17 Domestic Servant Calverley Bridge 18b
    Edith STOREY Dau S 15 Woolen Spinner Calverley Bridge 18b
    Polly STOREY Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley Bridge 18b
205 Calverley Bridge John FEWTRELL Head M 38 Gas Stoker SAL Rushbury 19a
    Martha FEWTRELL Wife M 39   WindHill 19a
    Lily FEWTRELL Dau S 2m   Calverley Bridge 19a
    Arthur TURDALE Lodg S 28 Railway Porter LIN Northorpe 19a
    David HORSEMAN Lodg S 21 Railway Porter GLS Preston on Stour 19a
206 Calverley Bridge Walton BOTTOMLEY Head M 47 Gas Works Foreman Halifax 19a
    Rachel BOTTOMLEY Wife M 49   Rodley 19a
    Mary A BOTTOMLEY Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Calverley 19a
    Emily BOTTOMLEY Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Calverley 19a
    Elizabeth BOTTOMLEY Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Calverley 19a
    Agnes BOTTOMLEY Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Calverley 19a
207 Calverley Bridge David CARDUSS Head M 43 Woolen Fetler Rodley 19a
    Sarah A CARDUSS Wife M 37   Otley 19a
    Minnie CARDUSS Dau S 16 Woolen Mill Hand Laister Dyke 19a
    Arthur J CARDUSS Son S 11 Scholar Rodley 19a
    Thackeray CARDUSS Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 19a
    Margaret CARDUSS Dau S 5   Rodley 19a
    Efron CARDUSS Son S 6m   Calverley 19a
208 Calverley Bridge Amram GREENWOOD Head M 29 Woolen Willeyer Calverley 19a
    Hannah GREENWOOD Wife M 28   Guiseley 19a
    John W GREENWOOD Son S 5 Scholar Guiseley 19a
    Earl GREENWOOD Son S 3   Calverley 19a
    Walter GREENWOOD Son S 11m   Calverley 19a
209 Calverley Bridge Susan LEE Head W 69   WindHill 19a
    David LEE Son S 29 Wool Sorter Calverley 19a
    Harriet LEE Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Calverley 19a
210 Calverley Bridge James SHAW Head M 65 Retired Spinner Rawdon 19a
    Sarah SHAW Wife M 60   Horsforth 19a
    Annie SHAW Dau S 22 Woolen Carder Filler Rodley 19a
    Sarah A SHAW Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Calverley 19a
211 Calverley Bridge Thomas EASTWOOD Head   33 Woolen Mill Fettler Yeadon 19b
    Sarah EASTWOOD Wife   30   Yeadon 19b
    George Spencer EASTWOOD Son   11 Scholar Yeadon 19b
    Herbert EASTWOOD Son   8 Scholar Yeadon 19b
    James E EASTWOOD Son   3   Calverley 19b
212 Calverley Bridge Joseph BARKER Head   34 Engine Fitter Farsley 19b
    Mary BARKER Wife   32 Wool Condenser Minder Farsley 19b
    Florence BARKER Dau   10 Scholar Bradford 19b
    Annie BARKER Dau   8 Scholar Bradford 19b
213 Calverley Bridge William SHAW Head   25 Lab. Calverley 19b
    Mary SHAW Wife   25   Horsforth 19b
    Sarah A SHAW Dau   5   Horsforth 19b
    Edith SHAW Dau   3   Calverley 19b
    Thomas SHAW Son   1   Calverley 19b
214 Calverley Bridge James BARNES Head   65 Woolen Mill Hand Horsforth 19b
    Ellen BARNES Wife   65 Woolen Weaver Horsforth 19b
215 Calverley Bridge Oliver HARGREAVES Head   57 Farmer Calverley 19b
    Ann HARGREAVES Sis   50   Calverley 19b
216 Calverley Bridge Grace HARDAKER Head   50   GreenGates 19b
    Benjamin Walton HARDAKER Son   24 Woolen Mill Manger Yeadon 19b
    Mary A HARDAKER Dau   23 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 19b
    Sarah A HARDAKER Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 19b
    Margaret HARDAKER Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 19b
    Frederick William HARDAKER Son S 13 Scholar Calverley 19b
    Francis Henry HARDAKER Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 19b
    Martha Jane HARDAKER Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 19b
217 Calverley Bridge John BOLTON Head W 54 Wool Mill Carrier Boltby 19b
    Mary BOLTON Dau S 26 Domestic HouseKeeper North *erington 19b
    Thomas BOLTON Son S 17 Wool Mule Piecer Horsforth 19b
218 Calverley Bridge William GRANT Head M 31 Wool Mill Overlooker Asst Pudsey 20a
    Mary J GRANT Wife M 25   Yeadon 20a
    Ernest GRANT Son S 3   Calverley 20a
    Maurice GRANT Son S 1   Calverley 20a
219 Railway Inn William HAINSWORTH Head M 34 InnKeeper Farsley 20a
    Harriet HAINSWORTH Wife M 29   Horsforth 20a
    John HAINSWORTH Son S 2m   Calverley 20a
220 Railway Inn Joseph ROBINSON Head W 47 Woolen Overlooker Horsforth 20a
    Sarah ROBINSON Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Horsforth 20a
    Annie ROBINSON Dau S 18 Woolen Condenser Minder Horsforth 20a
    Minnie ROBINSON Dau S 16 Mill Hand Horsforth 20a
    Walter ROBINSON Son S 14 Scholar Horsforth 20a
    Sarah ROBINSON Sis S 51 HouseKeeper Horsforth 20a
    Mary ROBINSON Sis S 45 Woolen Weaver Horsforth 20a
221 Railway Inn George LEE Head M 20 Cart Waggoner South Emsall 20a
    Jane LEE Wife M 17 Wool Weaver Bramley 20a
222 Railway Inn Thomas AUSTIN Head M 36 Woolen Mill Willeyer SOM Wellington 20a
    Eliza A AUSTIN Wife M 28   SOM * 20a
    William J AUSTIN Son S 4   SOM Wellington 20a
    Frederick AUSTIN Son S 1   SOM Wellington 20a
223 Railway Inn Alfred LEE Head W 50 Farm Lab. LIN South Hemswell 20a
    Esther LEE Dau S 17 Woolen Mill Filler Cookridge 20a
    Ann LEE Dau S 15 Wool Mule Piecer Cookridge 20a
    Alfred LEE Son S 12 Scholar Cookridge 20a
224 Calverley Bridge John SHAW Head M 35 Woolen Spinner Horsforth 20a
    Sarah A SHAW Wife M 35 Mill Hand Calverley 20a
    David SHAW Son S 12 Mill Hand Calverley 20a
    James SHAW Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 20a
    Joseph SHAW Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 20a
    Eva SHAW Dau S 4   Calverley 20a
    Emily SHAW Dau S 2   Calverley 20a
    Carrie SHAW Dau S 8m   Calverley 20b
    Harriet LEE m in l W 73 Living on Own Means Low Moor 20b
225 Calverley Bridge Alpha HUDSON Head M 44 Worsted Power Loom Tuner Yeadon 20b
    Agnes HUDSON Wife M 41   SCT 20b
    Mary HUDSON Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver SCT 20b
    Joseph H HUDSON Son S 17 Woolen Weaver SCT 20b
    George HUDSON Son S 12 Scholar & Mule Piecer SCT 20b
    William HUDSON Son S 10 Scholar Leeds 20b
    Harry E HUDSON Son S 8 Scholar Leeds 20b
    Benjamin HUDSON Son S 6 Scholar Leeds 20b
    Arthur HUDSON Son S 3   Rodley 20b
    Sarah J HUDSON Son S 1   Rodley 20b
226 Calverley Bridge James P BRAYSHAW Head M 44 Woolen Cloth Tenter Yeadon 20b
    Anretta (Henrietta) BRAYSHAW Wife M 43   Yeadon 20b
    Alfred BRAYSHAW Son S 19 Tenter Asst Yeadon 20b
    Levi BRAYSHAW Son S 9 Scholar Calverley Bridge 20b
    Mary C BRAYSHAW Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley Bridge 20b
    Clara BRAYSHAW Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley Bridge 20b
227 Calverley Bridge Charlotte GREENWOOD Head W 68 Living on Own Means Stanningley 20b
    Thomas GREENWOOD Son S 42 L* Burner Calverley Bridge 20b
    Sarah GREENWOOD Dau S 39 Wool Cloth Knotter Calverley Bridge 20b
    Nimrod GREENWOOD Son S 26 Farmer Calverley Bridge 20b
228 Calverley Bridge William WHITHAM Head M 50 Woolen Fettler Horsforth 20b
    Rebecca WHITHAM Wife M 40 Woolen Filler Horsforth 20b
229 Calverley Bridge James BOOCOCK Head M 42 Joiner SOM Weston 20b
    Ruth BOOCOCK Wife M 41 Mill Hand Low Moor 20b
    Mary E BOOCOCK Dau S 15 D Calverley 20b
    Alice M BOOCOCK Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 20b
    Frederick H BOOCOCK Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 20b
    Joseph D BOOCOCK Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 20b
    John E BOOCOCK Son S 3   Calverley 20b
230 Rodley Fold Janet TOOTHILL Head W 53 Farmer Slaidburn 21a
    Phoebe TOOTHILL Dau S 23   Bradford 21a
    Alice M TOOTHILL Dau S 15 School Teacher Rodley 21a
    Christopher SWALE Serv S 43 Farm Servant Ackworth ? 21a
    Jeremiah GRIMSHAW Serv S 16 Farm Servant Rodley 21a
231 Rodley Fold John W PARKINSON Head M 61 Farmer Rodley 21a
    Mary PARKINSON Wife M 61   Horsforth 21a
    Mary A FRANKLAND Dau M 25   Rodley 21a
    Sarah PARKINSON Dau S 21   Rodley 21a
    Eden PARKINSON Gdau S 4 Scholar Rodley 21a
    Luke FRANKLAND s in l M 25 Plumber Bramley 21a
232 Rodley Fold Eliza FARRAR Head S 55 Cloth Burler Bramley 21a
233 Rodley Fold Leonard GRIMSHAW Head W 75 Farmer Rodley 21a
    Bolton LISTER Gson S 19 Woolen Spinner Rodley 21a
234 Rodley Fold Francis HOBSON Head M 29 Gardener Hull 21a
    Mary HOBSON Wife M 30   Dacre 21a
    Hilda HOBSON Dau S 1   Rodley 21a
235 Rodley Fold William LISTER Head M 56 Farmer Bramley 21a
    Martha LISTER Wife M 55   Bramley 21a
    John H LISTER Son S 16 Farm Lab. Calverley 21a
236 Rodley Fold James OVEREND Head M 33 Engine Fitter Farsley 21a
    Margaretta M OVEREND Wife M 30   Calverley 21a
    Harry OVEREND Son S 8 Scholar Rodley 21a
    Benjamin OVEREND Son S 5 Scholar Rodley 21a
    Maurice OVEREND Son S 3   Calverley 21a
237 Rodley Fold Benjamin SIMSON Head M 35 General Lab. Great Ouseburn 21a
    Sarah SIMSON Wife M 38 DressMaker Bramley 21a
    Clara SIMSON adopt dau S 3   Rodley 21a
238 Bridge End Rodley Reuben FARRRER Head M 70 Farmer Rodley 21a
    Sarah FARRER Wife M 68   Horsforth 21a
    William FARRER Son S 44 Farm Lab. Rodley 21a
    Joseph FARRER Son S 39 Woolen Mule Spinner Rodley 21b
    Mary FARRER Dau S 33 Woolen Weaver Rodley 21b
    James FARRER Son S 31 Woolen Mule Spinner Rodley 21b
    Sarah A FARRER Dau S 18 Milliner Rodley 21b
239 Rodley Gardens Henry CLARKE Head W 66 Gardener Rodley 21b
240 Rodley Gardens John Pratt CLARKE Head M 39 Gardener Rodley 21b
    Mary E CLARKE Wife M 38   Rodley 21b
    Sarah CLARKE Dau S 15 Woolen Knotter Rodley 21b
    Frances CLARKE Dau S 12 Scholar Rodley 21b
    Walter CLARKE Son S 9 Scholar Rodley 21b
    Mary E CLARKE Dau S 6 Scholar Rodley 21b
241 Bridge End Emma HOUGHTON Head W 60 Living on Own Means Bramley 21b
    Emma BALMFORTH Lodg S 21 Cloth Weaver Bramley 21b
242 Bridge End James MATHER Head M 64 General Lab. Rodley 21b
    Esther MATHER Wife M 66   Stanningley 21b
    Harry WEBSTER s in l M 24 Woolen Warp Dresser Farsley 21b
    Esther Ann WEBSTER Dau M 24 Woolen Weaver Rodley 21b
    Ada WEBSTER Gdau S 1   Rodley 21b
243 Bridge End Charles ALDERSON Head M 47 BoatMan Rodley 21b
    Emma ALDERSON Wife M 44   Rodley 21b
    Squire ALDERSON Son S 18 Foundry Lab. Rodley 21b
    David ALDERSON Son S 16 Farmer's Man Rodley 21b
    Susannah ALDERSON Dau S 13 Mill Hand Rodley 21b
    Mary Ann ALDERSON Dau S 11 Scholar Rodley 21b
    Margaret ALDERSON Dau S 7 Scholar Rodley 21b
    Lister ALDERSON Son S 2   Rodley 21b
    Arthur HEMINGBOROUGH Lodg S 18 Foundry Lab. Rodley 21b
244 Bridge End Benjamin LEATHLEY Head W 71 Pauper Armley 21b
    George HARTLEY Lodg W 70 Pauper SOM Well* 21b
245 Calverley Lane Rodley Tennant ALDERSON Head M 30 Canal Agent Rodley 21b
    Hannah ALDERSON Wife M 29   Rodley 21b
    Louie ALDERSON Dau S 7 Scholar Rodley 22a
    Alice ALDERSON Dau S 3   Rodley 22a
246 Calverley Lane Rodley George ALDERSON Head M 78 Coal Merchant [Blind] Buckden 22a
    Harriet ALDERSON Wife M 71   Bramley 22a
    Ellen TENNANT Serv S 27 Domestic Servant Starbotton 22a
247 Calverley Lane Rodley James ALDERSON Head M 48 BoatMan Rodley 22a
    Mary ALDERSON Wife M 44   Hawksworth 22a
    Stephen ALDERSON Son S 20 BoatMan Rodley 22a
    Eliza ALDERSON Dau S 22 Mill Hand Rodley 22a
    Rhodes ALDERSON Son S 20 BoatMan Rodley 22a
    Florence ALDERSON Dau S 15 Mill Hand Rodley 22a
    Walter ALDERSON Son S 12 Scholar Rodley 22a
    Lily ALDERSON Dau S 10 Scholar Rodley 22a
    Edith ALDERSON Dau S 8 Scholar Rodley 22a
    Albert ALDERSON Son S 6 Scholar Rodley 22a
    Arthur ALDERSON Son S 3   Rodley 22a
    Harry ALDERSON Son S 2m   Rodley 22a
248 Calverley Moor Betsy SUGDEN Head W 49 InnKeeper Bramley 22a
    Henry V SUGDEN Son S 28 MillWright Bramley 22a
    Fred SUGDEN Son S 22 Insurance Agent Bramley 22a
    Jane LANG Serv S 20 General Domestic Servant LAN Openshaw 22a
249   Sarah BALMFORTH Head W 73 Living on Own Means Bramley 22a
    Sarah Ann ELY Serv S 21 General Domestic Servant Leeds 22a
250 Calverley Lane Amos GRIMSHAW Head M 54 Machine Driller Rodley 22a
    Sarah Ann GRIMSHAW Wife M 59   Otley 22a
251 Calverley Lane Joseph ILLINGWORTH Head M 48 Gas Stoker Idle 22a
    Mellissa ILLINGWORTH Wife M 47   Idle 22a
    Albert ILLINGWORTH Son S 17 Woolen Spinner Idle 22a
    Ernest ILLINGWORTH Son S 12 Scholar Idle 22a
252 Calverley Lane Thomas BOOTH Head M 37 Iron Moulder Rodley 22b
    Alice BOOTH Wife M 36   Calverley 22b
    Ada BOOTH Dau S 13 Woolen Spinner Calverley 22b
    Nelly BOOTH Dau S 8 Scholar Rodley 22b
    Annie E BOOTH Dau S 4 Scholar Rodley 22b
253 Calverley Lane Fred HARDAKER Head M 47 Gardener Eccleshill 22b
    Susannah HARDAKER Wife M 47   Eccleshill 22b
    Harry HARDAKER Son S 21 Iron Turner Eccleshill 22b
    Charles HARDAKER Son S 14 Printer's Compositor Eccleshill 22b
    John HARDAKER Son S 11 Scholar Methley 22b
254 Calverley Lane Joshua WILLBY Head M 54 Woolen Overlooker Farsley 22b
    Ellen WILLBY Wife M 53   Farsley 22b
255 Calverley Lane John BALMFORTH Head M 60 Retired Overlooker Leeds 22b
    Sarah BALMFORTH Wife M 59   Bradford 22b
    Elizabeth WILSON m in l W 78   Bradford 22b
    Emma WILSON s in l S 54 Woolen Warper Bradford 22b
256 Calverley Lane Martha H HARDAKER Head M 33   Rodley 22b
    Ernest HARDAKER Son S 12 Woolen Doffer Rodley 22b
    Esther HARDAKER Dau S 9 Scholar Rodley 22b
    Emma HARDAKER Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 22b
    Bartram HARDAKER Son S 4   Calverley 22b
    Alice HARDAKER Dau S 1   Calverley 22b
    Mary Ann HARDAKER Dau S 1m   Calverley 22b
    Edmund BUSFOLD Fath W 57 Machine Driller Rodley 22b
257 Cakverley Lane Samuel ALDERSON Head M 55 Coal Yard Lab. Calverley 22b
    Mary ALDERSON Wife M 34   SOM Frome 22b
258 Calverley Lane Hugh BALMFORTH Head M 30 Iron Moulder Bramley 22b
    Sarah Ann BALMFORTH Wife M 31   Horsforth 22b
    Wilkinson BALMFORTH Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 22b
    Ada BALMFORTH Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 22b
    Robert P BALMFORTH Son S 2   Calverley 22b
259 Calverley Lane Joseph SHAW Head M 38 Coal Sorter Horsforth 23a
    Mary E SHAW Wife M 39 DressMaker Leeds 23a
    Elizabeth SHAW Dau S 14 Worsted Drawer Rodley 23a
    Edwin SHAW Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 23a
260 Calverley Lane Thomas HUDSON Head M 49 Foreman Engineer Horsforth 23a
    Mary HUDSON Wife M 49   Horsforth 23a
    Hannah HUDSON Dau S 25 School Teacher Horsforth 23a
    John E HUDSON Son S 19 Engineer's Appr Horsforth 23a
261 Calverley Lane James BALMFORTH Head M 37 Engineer & Crane Maker Rodley 23a
    Sarah BALMFORTH Wife M 26   Bramley 23a
    Alice BALMFORTH Dau S 4   Calverley 23a
    Jane KELLY Serv S 16 General Domestic Servant STS Blackwell 23a
262 Calverley Lane Arthur VERITY Head M 36 Wool Factory Manager Bramley 23a
    Sarah F VERITY Wife M 27   Leeds 23a
    John Simcock VERITY Son S 2   Rodley 23a
    Elizabeth HIGGIN Aunt S 57 Living on Own Means Leeds 23a
    Kate PRICE Serv S 20 General Domestic Servant WAR Birmingham 23a
263 Calverley Lane Alice YEWDALL Head W 36   Shipley 23a
    Edith Maria YEWDALL Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 23a
    Nora YEWDALL Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 23a
    Charles YEWDALL Son S 4   Calverley 23a
    Mary M BEEFORTH Serv S 25 Domestic Servant Cook Leeds 23a
    Annie SPENCE Serv S 19 Domestic Servant Melmerby 23a
264 Calverley Lane John STANSFIELD Head M 41 Farmer Horsforth 23a
    Ann STANSFIELD Wife M 33   Knostrop 23a
    Robert STANSFIELD Son S 7 Scholar Horsforth 23a
    Harry STANSFIELD Son S 5 Scholar Horsforth 23a
    Charles STANSFIELD Son S 4   Horsforth 23a
    Jane STANSFIELD Dau S 1   Horsforth 23a
265 Calverley Lane Zachariah YEWDALL Head M 44 Retired Cloth Mfgr Eccleshill 23a
    Emma YEWDALL Wife M 47   LAN Rochdale 23a
    Ellen YEWDALL Dau S 20   Calverley 23b
    Zachary George YEWDALL Son S 14 Scholar Calverley 23b
    Petrie YEWDALL Son S 12 Scholar Calverley 23b
    Mark YEWDALL Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 23b
    Grace YEWDALL Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 23b
    Mary YEWDALL Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 23b
    Isabella PETRIE Vis S 44 Living on Own Means LAN Rochdale 23b
    Ellen MONKS Serv S 25 Domestic Cook NTT Worksop 23b
    Mary Ann GOODACRE Serv S 21 Domestic HouseMaid LIN Sutton-on- * 23b
266 Calverley Lane Charles PRATT Head M 30 Wool Dyer Calverley 23b
    Sarah Ann PRATT Wife M 30   Calverley 23b
    Robert W PRATT Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 23b
    Annie PRATT Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 23b
    Ethel PRATT Dau S 1   Calverley 23b
267 Calverley Lane Elizabeth A WHITAKER serv S 48 HouseKeeper LAN Haslingden 23b
    Priscilla GAUNT   S 8   Bramley 23b
    Isaac GAUNT   S 7   Calverley 23b
    Maria Yewdall GAUNT   S 3   Calverley 23b
    Allen GAUNT   S 1   Calverley 23b
    Ellen ROWNTREE Serv S 28 Domestic Cook Yorks. * 23b
    Elizabeth HARRISBY Serv S 24 Domestic HouseMaid Kirby 23b
268 Calverley Lane John R C RUSSELL Son S 8 Scholar SRY Egham 23b
    Sibyl B RUSSELL Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 23b
    William N RUSSELL Son S 4 Scholar Bradford 23b
    Louisa M RUSSELL Dau S 11m   Calverley 23b
    Annie CLARK Serv S 49 Domestic HouseKeeper SCT 23b
    Fanny NAPPY Serv S 21 Domestic HouseMaid Bubwith 23b
    Henrietta KENT Serv S 21 Nurse Apperley 23b
269 Calverley Lane William SLATER Head M 27 Steam Crane Fettler Apperley Bridge 23b
    Jane SLATER Wife M 25   Rodley 23b
    Hannah SLATER Dau S 1   Rodley 23b
270 Barge 'Royal George' at Rodley Bridge Frances GARDENER Head M 57 Captain of Royal George Knottingley 24a
    Mary GARDENER Wife M 56   Knottingley 24a
    James H WHITTON Son S 15 Mate of Royal George Knottingley 24a