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Census Indexes 1891 Calverley ED2

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Piece RG/3654, Enumeration District 2, folios 28 - 38 Enumerator James Hall

Holly Park Mill and Cottages - west side of Woodhall lane 2 houses - all west and east side of Thornhill Street to Grocers shop at bottom of upper back lane. All Portman Street - Westside of Thornhill Street to Vicarage, both sides of Clarke Street from Blacksmiths shop on east side and Druggest shop on west side to the top. Include all Chestnut Grove- Wesleyan Chapel and School - Thornhill Arms, both sides of Lower back lane. Include Wicket, workhouse fold, houses all cottages and folds back and below mechanics institute. Hall block - the Green and houses near - Both sides of Turnpike Road to Wheelwright's shop and cottages opposite the Vicarage Include Mrs Giddings near house and houses at Church Hill. The Vicarage, Mr Waltons new house - The Church and School and School house, Wheelwrights house - Ferncliffes East lodge, Hall Farm, Calverley House and Gardeners house and lodge at gate.

1 Holly Park Emanuel HARGREAVES Head M 55 Book Keeper Calverley 28a
    Elizabeth HARGREAVES Wife M 57   Rawdon 28a
2   Mark COOPE Head M 46 Wool Carding Overlooker West Ardsley 28a
    Elizabeth COOPE Wife M 54   Pudsey 28a
3   Hinchcliffe DAVISON Head M 58 Cloth Fuller Rawdon 28a
    Emma DAVISON Wife M 56   Calverley 28a
    Rhoda DAVISON Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Calverley 28a
    Maud STEAD Board S 13 Knotter Shipley 28a
4   Stancliffe CORDINGLEY Head M 47 Engine Tender Woolen Mill Idle 28a
    Betty CORDINGLEY Wife M 47   Eccleshill 28a
    Albert CORDINGLEY Son S 20 Woolen Weaver Calverley 28a
    Willie CORDINGLEY Son S 18 Stoker at Mill Calverley 28a
    Charles Henry CORDINGLEY Son S 16 Millwright's App Calverley 28a
    Mary CORDINGLEY Dau S 14   Calverley 28a
    Edith CORDINGLEY Dau S 11   Calverley 28a
5 Woodhall Road Francis WALLER Head M 35 Woolen weaver overlooker Calverley 28a
    Margaret WALLER Wife M 34   Farsley 28a
    Agnes WALLER Dau S 10   Calverley 28a
    Christopher William WALLER Son S 9   Calverley 28a
    Marion WALLER Dau S 7   Calverley 28a
    Robert Cecil WALLER Son S 4   Calverley 28a
    Elsie WALLER Dau S 10m   Calverley 28a
6   John W GREAVES Head M 28 Farmer Pudsey 28a
    Elizabeth GREAVES Wife M 25   Calverley 28a
    Beatrice GREAVES Dau S 1   Calverley 28a
7 Thornhill Street William S PRATT Head M 51 Wool Dyer Calverley 28a
    Mary PRATT Wife M 47   Calverley 28a
    Frederick William PRATT Son S 16   Calverley 28a
    Agnes Olivia PRATT Dau S 11   Calverley 28a
    Mary Hannah PRATT Dau S 9   Calverley 28a
8   William HALL Head M 60 Grocer Calverley 28a
    Lilly HALL Wife M 33   Felixkirk 28b
9 Thornhill Street Jeremiah FIRTH Head M 78 Retired Cloth Maker Idle 28b
    Elizabeth FIRTH Wife M 75   Calverley 28b
    Sarah FIRTH Dau S 47 Woolen Warper Calverley 28b
    Rhoda FIRTH Dau S 34 Woolen Weaver Calverley 28b
    William FIRTH Son S 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 28b
10 Thornhill Street Elizabeth CRAVEN Head S 37 CharWoman Calverley 28b
    Mary A CRAVEN Sist S 32 DressMaker Calverley 28b
11 Thornhill Street Rose ATKINSON Head S 79 Living on Own Means Calverley 28b
    Anne ATKINSON Sist S 66 Living on Own Means Calverley 28b
    Emily ATKINSON Sist S 61 Living on Own Means Calverley 28b
    Ellen ATKINSON Niece S 43 Living on Own Means Calverley 28b
12 Thornhill Street Simeon DAVISON Head M 37 Woolen Foreman Calverley 28b
    Martha E DAVISON Wife M 37   Calverley 28b
    Arthur Stanley DAVISON Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 28b
    Janet DAVISON Dau S 3   Calverley 28b
13 Thornhill Street Abraham CRAVEN Head M 45 Gardener Calverley 28b
    Sarah Ann CRAVEN Wife M 54   Calverley 28b
    Mary E CRAVEN Dau S 35 Woolen Weaver Calverley 28b
    Charles CRAVEN Son S 28 WarehouseMan Calverley 28b
14 Thornhill Street Joseph GRANGE Head M 32 Book Seller Calverley 28b
    Jane E GRANGE Wife M 33   Calverley 28b
    Effie GRANGE Dau S 13 Book Seller's Asst Calverley 28b
    Mildred GRANGE Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 28b
    Maud GRANGE Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 28b
    Reginald GRANGE Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 28b
    Dorothy GRANGE Dau S 4   Calverley 28b
    Percival GRANGE Son S 1   Calverley 28b
15 Thornhill Street Alfred BARRACLOUGH Head M 27 Plumber & Painter Calverley 28b
    Alison BARRACLOUGH Wife M 27   Calverley 28b
    James BARRACLOUGH Son S 4   Calverley 28b
    Emily BARRACLOUGH Dau S 2   Calverley 29a
16 Thornhill Street Sidney GRIMSHAW Head M 26 Plasterer Calverley 29a
    Emily GRIMSHAW Wife M 29   Calverley 29a
    John A GRIMSHAW Son S 2wks   Calverley 29a
17 Thornhill Street John CHILD Head M 51 Monumental Mason [Contractor] Thornton 29a
    Ellen CHILD Wife M 51   Calverley 29a
    Thomas CHILD Son S 25 WarehouseMan & Professional Vocalist Leeds 29a
    Albert CHILD Son S 28 Clerk Leeds 29a
    Freddy Ethelbert CHILD Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 29a
    Mabel SIMPSON Serv S 14 Domestic Servant Methley 29a
18 Thornhill Street Joseph G PILLEY Head M 65 Wool Waste Merchant Calverley 29a
    Ann PILLEY Wife M 61   Calverley 29a
    Emily PILLEY Dau S 30   Calverley 29a
    Maud Eveline PILLEY Gdau S 7 Scholar Calverley 29a
19 Thornhill Street Samuel SPEDDING Head M 73 Retired Manufacturer Batley 29a
    Grace SPEDDING Wife M 66   Calverley 29a
    Mary SPEDDING Dau S 50   Batley 29a
20 Thornhill Street Emanuel BARKER Head M 50 Joiner & Cabinet maker Hampsthwaite 29a
    Maria BARKER Wife M 61   Calverley 29a
    Herbert BARKER Son S 23 [Blind] Calverley 29a
    Hannah Maria BARKER Dau S 20 Woolen * Calverley 29a
    Mary Elizabeth BARKER Dau S 15   Calverley 29a
    Ellen GRIMSHAW s in l S 46 Living on Own Means Calverley 29a
21 Thornhill Street Richard GIBBON Head M 55 Grocery Manager HEF Ersland 29a
    Mary A GIBBON Wife M 59   HEF ? 29a
    Sarah GIBBON Dau S 26 DressMaker HEF ? 29a
    Richard J GIBBON Son S 22 Clerk HEF Orleton 29a
22 Thornhill Street Edmund GRIMSHAW Head M 56 Commercial Agent Rodley 29a
    Martha A GRIMSHAW Wife M 54   Calverley 29a
    Hugh GRIMSHAW Son S 21 Woolen Cutter Calverley 29a
    William Morley GRIMSHAW Son S 15 School Teacher Calverley 29a
    Lois GRIMSHAW Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 29b
    Theodore GRIMSHAW Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 29b
    William FLETCHER Board S 35 SchoolMaster STS Wolverhampton 29b
23 Thornhill Street Wilfred GRAY Head M 42 Wool Stapler Calverley 29b
    Mary GRAY Wife M 42   Calverley 29b
    Lucy GRAY Dau S 20 Wool Warper Calverley 29b
    Edith GRAY Dau S 17   Calverley 29b
    Edward GRAY Son S 14 Scholastic Candidate Calverley 29b
    Charles Gr(a)inger GRAY Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 29b
    Maria GRAY Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 29b
    Robert GRAY Son S 3   Calverley 29b
24 Thornhill Street Benjamin MARSHALL Head M 48 Tailor Calverley 29b
    Grace MARSHALL Wife M 39   Calverley 29b
    Ella MARSHALL Dau S 17 Woolen ? Calverley 29b
    Leonard MARSHALL Son S 16 Tailor's Apprentice Calverley 29b
    Wallace Leslie MARSHALL Son S 13 Woolen Piecer Calverley 29b
    Jane MARSHALL Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 29b
    Walter Sydney MARSHALL Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 29b
25 Thornhill Street Ann GRIMSHAW Head w 48 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 29b
    Ernest GRIMSHAW Son S 21 Woolen Manager Calverley 29b
    Morris GRIMSHAW Son S 19 Clerk Calverley 29b
    Percival GRIMSHAW Son S 15 Clerk Calverley 29b
    Bertie GRIMSHAW Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 29b
    Charles Henry GRIMSHAW Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 29b
26 Thornhill Street Arthur GRIMSHAW Head M 27 Draper's Cashier Calverley 29b
    Sarah E GRIMSHAW Wife M 27   Calverley 29b
    Dorris May GRIMSHAW Dau S 1   Calverley 29b
27 Thornhill Street Charles A CLARKE Head M 37 BootMaker Calverley 29b
    Sarah CLARKE Wife M 38   Calverley 29b
    Mary CLARKE Dau S 15 Mill Hand Calverley 29b
    Eliza CLARKE Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 29b
    Edith CLARKE Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 30a
    Florence Alberta CLARKE Dau S 1   Calverley 30a
28 Thornhill Street William HOLLINGS Head M 52 Woolen Cloth Tenterer Calverley 30a
    Charlotte HOLLINGS Wife M 44 Woolen Warper Calverley 30a
29 Thornhill Street Elizabeth WRIGHT Head M 73 Grocer Calverley 30a
    Grace WRIGHT Niece S 39 Grocer Calverley 30a
30 Thornhill Street Fred RHODES Head M 35 Butcher Calverley 30a
    Elizabeth RHODES Wife M 35   Calverley 30a
    Annie RHODES Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Calverley 30a
    John RHODES Son S 13 Butcher Boy Calverley 30a
    Joseph RHODES Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 30a
    Harry RHODES Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 30a
    Tom RHODES Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 30a
    Florrie RHODES Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 30a
    Maggie RHODES Dau S 1   Calverley 30a
31 Thornhill Street Jonathan WHITAKER Head M 50 Coal Merchant Calverley 30a
    Sarah WHITAKER Wife M 49   Calverley 30a
    Ann WHITAKER Dau S 22 Elementary School Teacher Calverley 30a
32 Thornhill Street James JEFFREY Head M 42 Plumber Calverley 30a
    Sarah JEFFREY Wife M 39   Calverley 30a
    Arthur JEFFREY Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 30a
    Clarice Annie JEFFREY Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 30a
33 Thornhill Street Alfred BROWN Head M 30 Quarry Carter Calverley 30a
    Fannie BROWN Wife M 28   DER Eckington 30a
34 Thornhill Street John BOOTH Head M 40 Green Grocer Calverley 30a
    Emma BOOTH Wife M 40 Green Grocer's Asst Calverley 30a
35 Thornhill Street Thomas E ANDREWS Head M 46 Tobacconist & Woolen Washer Farsley 30a
    Fanny ANDREWS Wife M 48   Calverley 30a
    Mary ANDREWS Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 30a
    Clara ANDREWS Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 30a
36 Thornhill Street David PENN Head w 66 General Dealer STS Quarry Bank 30b
    David PENN Son S 41 General Dealer STS Quarry Bank 30b
    Sarah PENN Dau S 44   Calverley 30b
37 Thornhill Street Fred PILLEY Head M 29 Banker's Clerk Calverley 30b
    Emily PILLEY Wife M 29   Calverley 30b
    Arthur Cecil PILLEY Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 30b
    Walter Douglas PILLEY Son S 4 Scholar Calverley 30b
    Phyllis PILLEY Dau S 3   Calverley 30b
    Gladys PILLEY Dau S 1   Calverley 30b
38 Thornhill Street Wilfred DAVISON Head M 35 Painter Calverley 30b
    Mary DAVISON Wife M 35   Calverley 30b
    Charles DAVISON Son S 14 Painter's Asst Calverley 30b
    Arthur DAVISON Son S 12 Scholar Calverley 30b
    Sarah Ethel DAVISON Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 30b
39 Thornhill Street Robert PRATT Head M 55 ShoeMaker Calverley 30b
    Mary PRATT Wife M 52   Rodley 30b
    Elizabeth PRATT Dau S 25 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 30b
    William PRATT Son S 19 ShoeMaker Calverley 30b
    Edith Anne CHILD Gdau S 8 Scholar Calverley 30b
40 Thornhill Street Jabez WHITFIELD Head w 78 Retired Grocer Idle 30b
    Ann WHITFIELD Dau S 47   GreenGates 30b
41 Thornhill Street Read CHANTRY Head M 46 Grocer LIN Spalding 30b
    Annie CHANTRY Wife M 44 Grocer LIN Spalding 30b
42 Thornhill Street Reuben PAGE Head M 67 Retired Cloth Weaver Bramley 30b
    Hannah PAGE Wife M 67   Bramley 30b
43 Thornhill Street Jarvis GRIMSHAW Head M 37 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 30b
    Letitia GRIMSHAW Wife M 32   Yeadon 30b
    Edward GRIMSHAW Son S 6 Scholar   30b
    Clifford GRIMSHAW Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 30b
    Elsie Elizabeth GRIMSHAW Dau S 3   Calverley 30b
    Clarice GRIMSHAW Dau S 1   Calverley 30b
44 Thornhill Street William LATHAM Head M 53 Woolen Weaver Calverley 31a
    Sarah LATHAM Wife M 51 Woolen Knotter Calverley 31a
    Amy LATHAM Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Calverley 31a
    Annie LATHAM Dau S 16 Sewing Machinist Calverley 31a
45 Thornhill Street Ellen WAITE Head w 55 Living on Own Means Calverley 31a
    Isaac H WAITE Son S 22 Commercial Traveller Guiseley 31a
    Sarah A BEETON Serv S 17 Domestic Servant Carlton 31a
46 Thornhill Street David W BINNS Head M 40 Mantle Manufacturer Calverley 31a
    Ellen BINNS Wife M 32   Huttons Ambo 31a
    Edith Elizabeth BINNS Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 31a
    Tom Eustace BINNS Son S 4 Scholar Calverley 31a
47 Thornhill Street Beatrice HAINSWORTH Head w 55 Boot Saleswoman Scotton 31a
    Wilfred HAINSWORTH Son S 21 WarehouseMan Farsley 31a
    Sam HAINSWORTH Son S 13 Scholar Farsley 31a
48 Thornhill Street Hudson DAVISON Head M 25 Journalist Rodley 31a
    Annie DAVISON Wife M 28   SAL ? 31a
    Lilian Constance DAVISON Dau S 11m   Calverley 31a
49 Thornhill Street John SMITH Head w 60 Commercial Traveller Burnley 31a
    Annie E SMITH Dau S 28 Domestic HouseKeeper Leeds 31a
50 Thornhill Street Edward G GRIMSHAW Head M 27 Gas Works Secretary Calverley 31a
    Edith A GRIMSHAW Wife M 27   Calverley 31a
    Edna GRIMSHAW Dau S 9m   Calverley 31a
51 Thornhill Street Fred JEFFREY Head M 26 Steam Crane Maker Calverley 31a
    Annie JEFFREY Wife M 27   Idle 31a
    James William JEFFREY Son S 2   Calverley 31a
52 Thornhill Street Rachel BENSON Head w 74   Calverley 31a
    Jane BENSON Dau S 43 Woolen Weaver Calverley 31a
    Arthur BENSON Gson S 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 31a
    Edith BENSON Gdau S 18 Woolen Weaver Calverley 31a
53 Thornhill Street William KELLETT Head M 65 Woolen Merchant Calverley 31a
    Lucy KELLETT Wife M 57   Otley 31a
54 Thornhill Street Thomas HOLLIDAY Head M 48 Gardener [Domestic Servant] Idle 31b
    Elizabeth HOLLIDAY Wife M 59   Idle 31b
    Mary HOLLIDAY Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Idle 31b
    Rachel HOLLIDAY Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Idle 31b
55 Thornhill Street John SHUTTLEWORTH Head M 71 Living on Own Means Idle 31b
    Jane SHUTTLEWORTH Wife M 73 Living on Own Means Calverley 31b
    charles SHUTTLEWORTH Son M 43 Music Teacher Calverley 31b
56 Portman Street Sarah A GRIMSHAW Head w 65 Living on Own Means Horbury 31b
    Mary GRIMSHAW Dau S 36 Living on Own Means Calverley 31b
    Rhoda GRIMSHAW Dau S 32 Living on Own Means Calverley 31b
    Annie GRIMSHAW Dau S 30 DressMaker Calverley 31b
    Grace A GRIMSHAW Dau S 28 Woolen Cloth Burler Calverley 31b
57 Portman Street Mary WALTON Head S 69 Woolen Cloth Burler Calverley 31b
    Eliza Ann WALTON Niece S 53 Woolen Weaver Calverley 31b
58 Portman Street William A GRIMSHAW Son S 26   Calverley 31b
    Clara GRIMSHAW Dau S 24 ? Maker Calverley 31b
    Edith Anne GRIMSHAW Dau S 18 Nurse Calverley 31b
    John GRIMSHAW Son S 16 Confectioner's Appr Calverley 31b
59 Portman Street James EMMOTT Head M 33 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 31b
    Emily EMMOTT Wife M 28   HRT Harpendon 31b
    Clara EMMOTT Dau S 3   Calverley 31b
    Clarice EMMOTT Dau S 2   Calverley 31b
    Frederick EMMOTT Son S 1   Calverley 31b
60 Portman Street John WHITEHEAD Head M 75 Retired Woolen Weaver Burley 31b
    Ann WHITEHEAD Wife M 72   Calverley 31b
    Ellen WHITEHEAD Dau S 44   Calverley 31b
    Hannah ANDREWS Dau M 42 Woolen Weaver Calverley 31b
    George ANDREWS s in l M 44 Woolen OverLooker Farsley 31b
61 Portman Street Henry WALLER Head M 26 Woolen Fettler Calverley 31b
    Sarah WALLER Wife M 27   Pudsey 31b
    Louis WALLER Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 31b
    Fred WALLER Son S 4 Scholar Calverley 31b
    Ethel WALLER Dau S 2   Calverley 31b
62 Portman Street Elizabeth WRIGHT Head w 61 Retired DressMaker GreenGates 32a
63 Portman Street John WILSON Head M 59 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 32a
    Ellen WILSON Wife M 57   Calverley 32a
    John Willie WILSON Son S 26 Wool Sorter Calverley 32a
    Maria WILSON Dau S 23 DressMaker Calverley 32a
    Florence Anne WILSON Dau S 19 Nursury Governess Calverley 32a
    Alexander WILSON Son S 14 Scholar Calverley 32a
64 Portman Street Seth PILLEY Head M 33 Coal Merchant Calverley 32a
    Mary E PILLEY Wife M 33   Calverley 32a
    Alfred Ewart PILLEY Son S 2   Calverley 32a
    Harold PILLEY Son S 1   Calverley 32a
65 Portman Street Henry SWAINE Head M 34 Woolen Weaver OverLooker Calverley 32a
    Elizabeth SWAINE Wife M 35   Weston 32a
    Arthur SWAINE Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 32a
    George SWAINE Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 32a
    Maud SWAINE Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 32a
    Milton SWAINE Son S 3   Calverley 32a
    Verdi SWAINE Son S 7m   Calverley 32a
66 Portman Street William GRIMSHAW Head M 43 WarehouseMan Calverley 32a
    Emma GRIMSHAW Wife M 43   Sherburn 32a
    Ethel GRIMSHAW Dau S 14 Assist. At Home Calverley 32a
67 Portman Street Job GRIMSHAW Head M 66 Retired Weaver Calverley 32a
    Hannah GRIMSHAW Wife M 59   Armley 32a
68 Portman Street Joseph SWAINE Head M 35 Woolen Weaver Calverley 32a
    Mary SWAINE Wife M 34   Hasel 32a
    Frances M SWAINE Dau S 12 Scholar Ackworth ? 32a
    John William SWAINE Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 32a
    Maggie SWAINE Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 32a
69 Portman Street Joseph SWAINE Head M 59 Woolen Foreman Calverley 32b
    Elizabeth SWAINE Wife M 60   Calverley 32b
    Annie SWAINE Dau S 30 Woolen Weaver Calverley 32b
    Elizabeth SWAINE Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Calverley 32b
    Martha SWAINE Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 32b
    Joseph Ernest A SWAINE Son S 19 Asst SchoolMaster Calverley 32b
70 Portman Street Seth GRIMSHAW Head w 66 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 32b
    Thomas GRIMSHAW Son S 28 Woolen Manager Calverley 32b
    Edwin GRIMSHAW Son S 26 Woolen Bookkeeper Dept Calverley 32b
71 Portman Street Jonathan PILLEY Head   60 Woolen Weaver Calverley 32b
    Samuel PILLEY Bro   53 Furniture Broker Calverley 32b
72 Portman Street Alfred CHIPPINDALE Head   34 Woolen Card Fettler Thackley 32b
    Mary E CHIPPINDALE Wife   27   STS Wolverhampton 32b
    Gaythorn CHIPPINDALE Son   6 Scholar Calverley 32b
    Adalaide CHIPPINDALE Dau   4 Scholar Calverley 32b
    Alice CHIPPINDALE Dau   9m   Calverley 32b
73 Portman Street Fanny GRIMSHAW Head   64 CharWoman Calverley 32b
73 Portman Street Sarah HILL Head   58   Yeadon 32b
    Clara HILL Dau   19 Woolen Condenser Minder Idle 32b
    William G HILL Son   15 Woolen Spinner Idle 32b
    Polly POWELL Gdau   4 Scholar Idle 32b
    Annie HILL Gdau S 1   Calverley 32b
75 Portman Street David GRIMSHAW Head w 68 Dry Salter Calverley 32b
    Frank GRIMSHAW Son S 27 Farmer Calverley 32b
76 Back Lane Joseph ATKINSON Head w 81 Woolen Weaver Calverley 32b
77 Back Lane James TURNER Head M 60 LampLighter Farsley 32b
    Margaret TURNER Wife M 53 Quilter Calverley 32b
    Grace Ann TURNER Dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Calverley 32b
78 Back Lane Eliza POPPLEWELL Head w 60   Haworth 32b
    Charles POPPLEWELL Son S 20 General Labourer Calverley 32b
    Martha Ann POPPLEWELL Dau S 18 Wool Spinner Calverley 32b
    Henry JOPLING Visit S 26 CoachMan [Domestic Servant] CUL Leadgate 33a
79 Back Lane Fred WHEATER Head M 30 Grocer & Draper Calverley 33a
    Mary WHEATER Wife M 27   Calverley 33a
    Agnes WHEATER Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 33a
80 Back Lane George A DAWSON Head M 49 Gardener [Domestic Servant] Barwick in Elmet 33a
    Ann DAWSON Wife M 49   Micklefield 33a
    Benjamin DAWSON Son S 23 Carrier Aberford 33a
    Florence A DAWSON Dau S 18 General Domestic Servant Aberford 33a
    William Henry DAWSON Son S 11 Scholar Farsley 33a
81 Back Lane Charles BARRACLOUGH Head M 54 Joiner GreenGates 33a
    Mary BARRACLOUGH Wife M 52   Calverley 33a
    Jonathan Snowden BARRACLOUGH Son S 22 Fetler & Turner Calverley 33a
    Anne BARRACLOUGH Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Calverley 33a
    Ella BARRACLOUGH Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Calverley 33a
    Ida BARRACLOUGH Dau S 14 Mother's Helper Calverley 33a
    Francis William BARRACLOUGH Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 33a
82 Back Lane William CHILD Head M 43 Foreman & Quarry Owner Calverley 33a
    Mary A CHILD Wife M 40   Calverley 33a
    John CHILD Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 33a
    Allan CHILD Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 33a
    Sydney CHILD Son S 3 Scholar Calverley 33a
    Clarice CHILD Dau S 1   Calverley 33a
    Hannah BAKER Serv S 15 Domestic Servant STS Darleston 33a
83 Back Lane Jonathan PRATT Head M 42 Wool Dyer Calverley 33a
    Elizabeth PRATT Wife M 41   Calverley 33a
    Samuel PRATT Son S 20 General Labourer Calverley 33a
    Albert William PRATT Son S 19 Painter's Apprentice Calverley 33a
    Edith PRATT Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Calverley 33a
    Hedley PRATT Son S 14 Mule Piecer Calverley 33a
    Hilda PRATT Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 33a
    Irwin PRATT Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 33a
84 Back Lane Arthur TEANBY Head M 35 Blacksmith LIN Alkborough 33b
    Ann TEANBY Wife M 36   Farsley 33b
    Laura TEANBY Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 33b
    George Henry TEANBY Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 33b
    Frank TEANBY Son S 4 Scholar Calverley 33b
    George ANDREWS f in l w 72 Retired Farmer Farsley 33b
85 Back Lane Grace Ann GRIMSHAW Head w 45 Grocer Calverley 33b
    Hedley Pratt GRIMSHAW Son S 15 Mechanic Calverley 33b
    Clara Grace GRIMSHAW Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 33b
86 Back Lane Ann PRATT Head w 76 Annuitant Calverley 33b
    Martha PRATT Dau S 53   Calverley 33b
87 Back Lane Sara KIRK Head w 75   Calverley 33b
    James CLEMMET Lodg S 54 Tailor DUR Easington 33b
    William KIDD Lodg S 32 Gas Stoker ESS Littlebury 33b
88 Back Lane James HALL Head M 49 Farmer Calverley 33b
    Hannah HALL Wife M 44   Calverley 33b
    Sara Agnes HALL Dau S 15 Scholar Calverley 33b
    Effie Ann HALL Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 33b
89 The Snicket Mary A CRAVEN Head S 57 Living on Own Means Calverley 33b
90 Workhouse Fold Hannah CORDINGLEY Head w 67   Calverley 33b
    James CORDINGLEY Bro S 46 General Labourer Calverley 33b
    Sarah CORDINGLEY Niece S 21   Calverley 33b
91 Workhouse Fold Samuel HOLDSWORTH Head M 54 Joiner Calverley 33b
    Mary Ann HOLDSWORTH Wife M 53 Wool Knotter Woodhall 33b
92 Workhouse Fold Wilfred HOLLINGS Head M 40 Woolen Fettler Calverley 33b
    Ellen HOLLINGS Wife M 40   Horsforth 33b
    Thomas Edward HOLLINGS Son S 10 Wool Mill Hand [Scholar] Calverley 33b
    Edgar HOLLINGS Son S 8 Scholar Armley 33b
    Frank HOLLINGS Son S 3   Calverley 33b
93 Workhouse Fold William GOTT Head M 64 Confectioner Calverley 34a
    Ann GOTT Wife M 71   Waltherby 34a
94 Workhouse Fold William BOOTH Head M 66 Coal Merchant Pudsey 34a
    Mary BOOTH Wife M 60   Calverley 34a
    Amelia BOOTH Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Calverley 34a
    Rhoda BOOTH Dau S 16 Woolen Minder Calverley 34a
95 Wicket Ann CROWCROFT Head w 66   Upton 34a
    George H CROWCROFT Son S 26 Farm Labourer Ackworth 34a
96 Wicket John CORDINGLEY Head M 64 Tailor ? Calverley 34a
    Ellen CORDINGLEY Wife M 65   Bradford 34a
    Martha E D CORDINGLEY Dau S 39 Certificated School Teacher Calverley 34a
97 Wicket Alfred BAXTER Head M 31 General Labourer CHS Macclesfield 34a
    Christina BAXTER Wife M 36   SCT 34a
    Mary E BAXTER Dau S 3 Scholar Burley nr Mirfield 34a
    Maggie BAXTER Dau S 18m   Calverley 34a
98 Wicket William H CORDINGLEY Head M 55 ? Calverley 34a
    Elizabeth A CORDINGLEY Wife M 51   Calverley 34a
    Rhoda CORDINGLEY Dau S 29 Machinist Calverley 34a
    Edith CORDINGLEY Dau S 20 Worsted Mender Calverley 34a
    Celia CORDINGLEY Dau S 15 Worsted Mender Calverley 34a
    Frances CORDINGLEY Dau S 13 Worsted Mender Calverley 34a
    Walter CORDINGLEY Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 34a
    Blanche CORDINGLEY Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 34a
99 Wicket Henry CORDINGLEY Head M 49 Woolen Weaver Calverley 34a
    Hannah CORDINGLEY Wife M 50   Idle 34a
    Samuel ARMITAGE Step son S 25 Woolen Fettler Idle 34a
    Alice M ARMITAGE Step dau S 22 Woolen Warper Idle 34a
    Mary CORDINGLEY Dau S 22 Woolen Filler Idle 34a
    William CORDINGLEY Son S 17 Fitter's Apprentice Idle 34a
    Albert CORDINGLEY Son S 14 Woolen Mule Piecer Idle 34a
    Joshua CORDINGLEY Son S 9 Scholar Idle 34a
100 Wicket Esther SMITH Wife M 21   Greenfield 34b
    Fred SMITH Son S 2   Calverley 34b
    Mellor SMITH Son S 7m   Calverley 34b
101 Wicket William DIBB Head M 55 Woolen Weaver Calverley 34b
    Elizabeth DIBB Wife M 48   Calverley 34b
    Isabella DIBB Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Calverley 34b
102 Clarke Street John DIBB Head M 37 Police Constable Clifton with Norwood 34b
    Judith A DIBB Wife M 36   Drighlington 34b
    Florence DIBB Dau S 16 Mill Hand Tong 34b
    John I DIBB Son S 12 Scholar Dudley Hill 34b
    Ethel DIBB Dau S 5 Scholar Bradfield 34b
103 Clarke Street Alfred STANHOPE Head M 50 Woolen Spinner Holbeck 34b
    Hannah STANHOPE Wife M 45   Bradford 34b
    David STANHOPE Son S 25 Plumber & Glazer New Wortley 34b
    Fred STANHOPE Son S 23 Woolen Spinner New Wortley 34b
    Alice STANHOPE Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Bramley 34b
    Henry STANHOPE Son S 15 Joiner Carpenter Calverley 34b
    Laura STANHOPE Dau S 13 Scholar Calverley 34b
    Charles STANHOPE Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 34b
    Annie STANHOPE Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 34b
    Sam STANHOPE Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 34b
    Walter STANHOPE Son S 3   Calverley 34b
104 Clarke Street Fred SWAINE Head M 32 Woolen Power Loom OverLooker Calverley 34b
    Selina SWAINE Wife M 31   Calverley 34b
    Adelina SWAINE Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 34b
    Louisa Mary SWAINE Dau S 1   Calverley 34b
105 Clarke Street William WALLER Head M 72 School Attendance Officer Calverley 34b
    Ellen WALLER Wife M 65   Calverley 34b
    Margaret WALLER Dau S 37 Confectioner Calverley 34b
    Maria WALLER Dau S 34 DressMaker Calverley 34b
    Grace A WALLER Dau S 32 Confectioner Calverley 34b
    Mary E WALLER Dau S 30 DressMaker Calverley 35a
    Alfred WALLER Son S 28 Banker's Clerk Calverley 35a
    Hannah WALLER Dau S 23 DressMaker Asst Calverley 35a
106 Clarke Street Benjamin CRAVEN Head w 47 Grocer Bradford 35a
    Ulric CRAVEN Son S 14 Student Calverley 35a
    Hedley CRAVEN Son S 13 Student Calverley 35a
    Harold Garfield CRAVEN Son S 7 Student Calverley 35a
    Alice SUMMER Serv S 41 Domestic HouseKeeper LND 35a
    Emily SMITH Serv S 17 Grocer's Assistant Bredlington 35a
107 Clarke Street Frank JEFFREY Head M 35 Plumber Calverley 35a
    Rebecca JEFFREY Wife M 32   NOR Ellingham 35a
    George Sizeland JEFFREY Son S 3   Calverley 35a
    Francis Samuel JEFFREY Son S 1   Calverley 35a
108 Clarke Street Jonathan MARSDEN Head M 30 BlackSmith Horsforth 35a
    Annie MARSDEN Wife M 30 Draper Horsforth 35a
    Florrie HANSON Cous S 23 Draper's Assistant Sheffield 35a
    Maggie MARSDEN Dau S 6 Scholar Horsforth 35a
109 Clarke Street Tom DAVISON Head M 31 Woolen Twister Calverley 35a
    Sarah A DAVISON Wife M 34   NOR Tilney 35a
    Willie DAVISON Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 35a
    Dora DAVISON Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 35a
    Grace DAVISON Dau S 2   Calverley 35a
110 Clarke Street Joseph CALVERT Head w 61 Retired Woolen Manufacturer Apperley Bridge 35a
    Clara PALMER Serv S 18 General Domestic Servant Garforth 35a
    Harbit ? BROWN Lodg S 28 Reg. Medical Practitioner NBL Walker 35a
111 Clarke Street Marshall DAVISON Head M 35 Stone QuarryMan Calverley 35a
    Ellen DAVISON Wife M 33   Rawdon 35a
    Emily DAVISON Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 35a
    Maggie DAVISON Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 35a
112 Clarke Street Thomas HUDSON Head M 33 Elementary School Teacher Kirkby Malzeard 35b
    Edith HUDSON Wife M 27   DEV Barnstable 35b
    Harry HUDSON Son S 2   Wortley 35b
113 Clarke Street Joseph ROBINSON Head M 38 CoachMan [Domestic Servant] Blubberhouses 35b
    Mary A ROBINSON Wife M 40   LIN Bourne 35b
    Herbert ROBINSON Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 35b
    Willie W ROBINSON Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 35b
114 Clarke Street Samuel LLOYD Head M 38 Ag Labourer IRL Kerry 35b
    Sarah A LLOYD Wife M 49   SAL Eyton under Heywood 35b
    Sarah J LLOYD Dau S 26 DressMaker SAL Eyton under Heywood 35b
    Martha M LLOYD Dau S 22 DressMaker SAL ? 35b
115 Clarke Street Sarah HOLLINGS Head w 62   Idle 35b
    Martha A HOLLINGS Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Idle 35b
    Samuel HOLLINGS Gfath w 76 Woolen Weaver Calverley 35b
116 Clarke Street Samuel CARTER Head M 28 StoreKeeper Calverley 35b
    Annie CARTER Wife M 28   Pudsey 35b
    Edgar CARTER Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 35b
    Jane CARTER Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 35b
    Alice CARTER Dau S 1   Calverley 35b
    Mary A HINCHLIFFE s in l S 25   Pudsey 35b
117 Clarke Street James W GRIMSHAW Head M 45 Agent for Cattle Medicines Calverley 35b
    Protesia GRIMSHAW Wife M 40   MDX Ealing 35b
    Peter GRIMSHAW Son S 14 Steam Crane Maker's Appr Calverley 35b
    Mary GRIMSHAW Dau S 13   Calverley 35b
    Franklin GRIMSHAW Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 35b
    Alice GRIMSHAW Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 35b
    Herbert GRIMSHAW Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 35b
    George GRIMSHAW Son S 2   Calverley 35b
    Isabella GRIMSHAW Dau S 7m   Calverley 35b
118 Clarke Street Samuel GRIMSHAW Head M 47 Agent for Leather Belting Calverley 35b
    Ann E GRIMSHAW Wife M 45   Calverley 35b
    Arnold GRIMSHAW Son S 19 Pupil Teacher Calverley 36a
    Agnes GRIMSHAW Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Calverley 36a
    Clara GRIMSHAW Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Calverley 36a
    Irwin GRIMSHAW Son S 14 ? Appr Calverley 36a
    Claude GRIMSHAW Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 36a
    Mabel GRIMSHAW Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 36a
    Lewis GRIMSHAW Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 36a
119 Clarke Street Tom OUTHWAITE Head M 27 Woolen Beamer Calverley 36a
    Hester A OUTHWAITE Wife M 26   Calverley 36a
    Robert OUTHWAITE Son S 3   Calverley 36a
120 Clarke Street Rhoda GRIMSHAW Head S 32 Woolen Weaver Calverley 36a
    Walton GRIMSHAW Bro S 21 ?Draughtsman Calverley 36a
121 Clarke Street Minnie GRIMSHAW Head w 37 Worsted Weaver Rodley 36a
    Maggie GRIMSHAW Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 36a
    Willie GRIMSHAW Dau S 9 Scholar Mirfield 36a
122 Clarke Street William WEIGHELL Head M 55 Retired Farmer Knayton 36a
    Hannah WEIGHELL Wife M 58 CharWoman Birstwith 36a
    Mary WEIGHELL Dau S 13   Farsley 36a
123 Clarke Street Amon CROWCROFT Head M 33 Plasterer Wragley 36a
    Ada CROWCROFT Wife M 23   Leeds 36a
    Emily PALMER Board S 15 Woolen Twister Darthford 36a
124 Clarke Street John E RATHMELL Head M 39 Coal WeighMan [Wesleyan Preacher] Pannel 36a
    Rachel RATHMELL Wife M 32   Rigton 36a
    Arthur RATHMELL Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 36a
125 Clarke Street Samuel RATHMELL Head w 70 Farm Labourer Stainburn 36a
    Rachel RATHMELL Dau S 41 Worsted Mender Horsforth 36a
    Edith M RATHMELL Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Horsforth 36a
    Kate RATHMELL Dau S 19 Worsted Mender Horsforth 36a
126 Clarke Street Alfred WHEATER Head M 38 Plasterer Calverley 36a
    Maria WHEATER Wife M 35   Eccleshill 36a
    Harry WHEATER Son S 12 Scholar Calverley 36a
    Charles WHEATER Son S 9   Calverley 36b
    Annie WHEATER Dau S 2   Calverley 36b
127 Rushton Street Samuel WHEATER Head M 37 Contractor Plasterer's Work Calverley 36b
    Mary WHEATER Wife M 37   Calverley 36b
    Arthur WHEATER Son S 13 Plasterer's Apprentice Calverley 36b
    Jane WHEATER Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 36b
    Albert WHEATER Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 36b
    Alice WHEATER Dau S 5m   Calverley 36b
128 Rushton Street John M WHEATER Head M 35 Plasterer Calverley 36b
    Hannah WHEATER Wife M 36   Hopetown 36b
    William Britain WHEATER Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 36b
    Herbert WHEATER Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 36b
    Walter WHITE Board S 26 Joiner Howden 36b
129 ? Benjamin WHARTON Head M 30 Commercial Traveller [Cotton] LAN Hopwood 36b
    Elizabeth WHARTON Wife M 31   LAN Hopwood 36b
    Constance WHARTON Dau S 5 Scholar LAN Lottington 36b
    Doris L WHARTON Dau S 2   LAN Lottington 36b
130 ? George LEACH f in l M 61 living on own means LAN Rochdale 36b
    Sarah LEACH m in l M 60   LAN Rochdale 36b
131 ? Arthur C ATKINSON Head M 26 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 36b
    Katherine M ATKINSON Wife M 28   Malton 36b
    Mary E DOWLING Serv S 15 General Domestic Servant IRE ? 36b
131 ? William F LONG Head M 54 BlackSmith Calverley 36b
    Hannah LONG Wife M 52   Calverley 36b
    Ada MARGERISON Niece S 25   Calverley 36b
132 Turnpike Road Ruthetta GIDDINGS Head w 50   Headingley 36b
    Claudius Galen GIDDINGS Son S 19 Scholar Calverley 36b
    Harold Hainsworth GIDDINGS Son S 15 Scholar Calverley 36b
    Sarah A BRADLEY Serv S 27 Domestic Servant Calverley 36b
133 Turnpike Road Albert WINDLE Head M 30 Joiner Greasbrough 37a
    Jane A WINDLE Wife M 28   Leeds 37a
    Albert WINDLE Son S 6m   Calverley 37a
134 Turnpike Road John EMMOTT Head M 64 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 37a
    Mary EMMOTT Wife M 65   Calverley 37a
    George Henry EMMOTT Gson S 10 Scholar Calverley 37a
135 Turnpike Road John KELLETT Head M 47 Out of Employment Calverley 37a
    Amelia KELLETT Wife M 47   Calverley 37a
    Beatrice Mary KELLETT Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 37a
136 Turnpike Road Mary WALTON Head w 64 Woolen Burler Calverley 37a
    Coldwell BEARDSALL Board S 22 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 37a
137 Turnpike Road Joseph WOODHEAD Head M 65 Licensed Victualler Leeds 37a
  'Thornhill Inn' Hannah WOODHEAD Wife M 62   Sowerby Bridge 37a
    Alice WOODHEAD Dau S 30 Domestic at Home Leeds 37a
    Joseph BOOTH Serv w 50 Ostler Starbeck 37a
    Annie L EVANS Serv S 16 General Servant STS Gornall 37a
138 Turnpike Road James STORER Head M 54 Merchant SCT 37a
    Ann STORER Wife M 45   Darlington 37a
    Hilda STORER Dau S 22 Home Helper Bradford 37a
    Nellie STORER Dau S 19 Home Helper Bradford 37a
    Alfred B STORER Son S 17 Scholar Bradford 37a
    Kate E STORER Dau S 14 Scholar Calverley 37a
    John J STORER Son S 13 Scholar Calverley 37a
139 Turnpike Road Charles E CHEETHAM Head M 44 Worsted Manufacturer Calverley 37a
    Clara E CHEETHAM Wife M 37   Leeds 37a
    Christopher Arthington CHEETHAM Son S 16 Scholar Horsforth 37a
    John A CHEETHAM Son S 14 Scholar Horsforth 37a
    Dorothy CHEETHAM Dau S 13 Scholar Horsforth 37a
    Elsie CHEETHAM Dau S 11 Scholar Horsforth 37a
    Margery CHEETHAM Dau S 9 Scholar Horsforth 37a
    Charles Walton CHEETHAM Son S 8 Scholar Horsforth 37a
    Kathleen CHEETHAM Dau S 5 Scholar Horsforth 37b
    Louisa A DAVIS Serv S 18 Nurse & HouseMaid Alt* 37b
    Alice MARSTON Serv S 16 General Domestic Servant Horsforth 37b
140 The Green Elizabeth JEFFREY Head w 74   Calverley 37b
141 The Green Samuel C RUSHFORTH Head M 52 Sub Postmaster Calverley 37b
  [Post Office] Emma RUSHFORTH Wife M 50   Calverley 37b
    Fred RUSHFORTH Son S 21 Postmaster's Asst Calverley 37b
    Mary RUSHFORTH Dau S 20 Postmaster's Asst Calverley 37b
    Benjamin RUSHFORTH Son S 18 Errand Boy Calverley 37b
    Sarah G RUSHFORTH Dau S 14 Scholar Calverley 37b
    Ruth RUSHFORTH Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 37b
142 The Green Abigail HALL Head w 74 Annuitant Lightcliffe 37b
143 The Green William L MARSHALL Head M 51 Woolen Weaver Calverley 37b
    Hannah MARSHALL Wife M 51   Rodley 37b
    Emma MARSHALL Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Calverley 37b
    Annie MARSHALL Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 37b
    Harry MARSHALL Son S 18 Woolen Piecer Calverley 37b
    Clara MARSHALL Dau S 14 Woolen Piecer Calverley 37b
    James MARSHALL Son S 10 Woolen Piecer Calverley 37b
    Willie MARSHALL Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 37b
    John MARSHALL Son S 2   Calverley 37b
144 The Green Samuel SCOTT Head M 35 Gas Stoker Killinghall 37b
    Annie SCOTT Wife M 30   Calverley 37b
    Arthur SCOTT Son S 12 Scholar Calverley 37b
    William SCOTT Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 37b
    Alice SCOTT Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 37b
    Christopher SCOTT Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 37b
    Walter SCOTT Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 37b
    Joseph Harling SCOTT Son S 1   Calverley 37b
145 The Green Susannah GOTT Head w 64 living on own means Calverley 37Aa
146 The Green Samuel KELLETT Head M 63 [Blind] Calverley 37Aa
    Charles KELLETT Son S 19 Woolen Spinner Thackley 37Aa
    Fred KELLETT Son S 17 Woolen Spinner Thackley 37Aa
147 The Green Alfred WAITE Head M 36 Stone Mason Idle 37Aa
    Eliza WAITE Wife M 30   Birmingham 37Aa
    Anne M WAITE Dau S 6 Scholar Brighouse 37Aa
    Mabel WAITE Dau S 4 Scholar Bradford 37Aa
    Susannah Mary WAITE Dau S 9m   Calverley 37Aa
148 The Green James WATT Head M 43 Woodman Stockton on Tees 37Aa
    Ann WATT Wife M 54   Pateley Bridge 37Aa
    John WATT Son S 19 General Labourer Leeds 37Aa
    William WATT Son S 17 Ag Labourer Scotton 37Aa
    Thomas WATT Son S 13 Scholar Scotton 37Aa
149 Church Hill James THOMPSON Head M 62 Sexton Calverley 37Aa
    Mary THOMPSON Wife M 54   Calverley 37Aa
    Sarah THOMPSON Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 37Aa
    Mabel THOMPSON Dau S 15 Pupil Teacher Calverley 37Aa
    Joseph THOMPSON Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 37Aa
150 Church Hill Sarah COATES Head w 67 Farmer Calverley 37Aa
    Sarah A BARRETT Dau S 46 Elementary School Teacher Calverley 37Aa
    Leah BARRETT Dau S 41   Calverley 37Aa
    Herbert COATES Son S 29 Butcher Calverley 37Aa
    Hannah COATES Dau S 25 Elementary School Teacher Calverley 37Aa
    Isaac WATT Serv S 16 Farm Servant Knaresbro 37Aa
151 Church School House John CHESTER Head M 43 Elementary School Teacher LAN Colne 37Aa
    Mary CHESTER Wife M 44   Halifax 37Aa
    Frederick William CHESTER Son S 18 Stationer's Apprentice Calverley 37Aa
    Alfred CHESTER Son S 16 Engine Maker's Apprentice Calverley 37Aa
152 Turnpike Road Thomas LEE Head M 75 Farmer & Wheelwright Idle 37Aa
    Nanny LEE Wife M 69   Calverley 37Aa
    James LEE Son S 37 Farmer & Wheelwright Calverley 37b
    Sarah J LEE Dau S 34 DressMaker Calverley 37b
    Annie LEE Dau S 30 Teacher [School Board] Calverley 37b
    Isabella LEE Dau S 28 DressMaker Calverley 37b
153 The Vicarage James W HATTON Head M 45 Vicar of Calverley LAN Manchester 37b
    Elizabeth MURKETT Serv S 24 Domestic Servant Cook HUN Huntingdon 37b
    Elizabeth STONEHOUSE Serv S 25 Domestic Servant HouseMaid Carlingham 37b
    Rachel E DRURY Serv S 19 Domestic Servant HouseMaid NTH Northampton 37b
154 Turnpike Road Walter WHITEHEAD Head w 60 CoachMan [Domestic Servant] Burley in Wharfedale 37b
    Samuel WHITEHEAD Son S 32 Cabdriver Calverley 37b
155 Turnpike Road William GIBBON Head w 66 Woolen Weaver Beeston 37b
    Arthur G GIBBON Son S 34 Woolen Weaver Calverley 37b
    Ellen GIBBON Dau S 31 Woolen Weaver Calverley 37b
    Sarah GIBBON Dau S 27 HouseKeeper Calverley 37b
    Emma GIBBON Dau S 25 Woolen Weaver Calverley 37b
156 Wood Lane Maria D HOLLINGS Head w 75   Thackley 37b
    James HOLLINGS Dau S 48 General Labourer Calverley 37b
    Hannah HOLLINGS Son S 45 Woolen Weaver Calverley 37b
    Samuel HOLLINGS Dau S 35 Stone QuarryMan Calverley 37b
157 Wood Leigh Alfred WALTON Head M 49 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 37b
    Eliza J WALTON Wife M 34   SUS Brighton 37b
    John William C WALTON Son S 2   Calverley 37b
    Irene WALTON Dau S 5m   Calverley 37b
    Naomi PATRICK Serv S 19 General Domestic Servant STS Lunstall 37b
    Fanny SEYMOUR Serv S 22 Nurse Domestic Servant Sheffield 37b
158 Fern Cliff * Lodge Ben BARKER Head M 39 Woodman Shelly 37b
    Betsy BARKER Wife M 45   Danby 37b
    George E BARKER Son S 14 Joiner's Apprentice Cumberworth 37b
    Walter E BARKER Son S 12 Scholar Shelly 37b
    Alfred BARKER Son S 10 Scholar Shelly 37b
    Arthur R BROWNHILL Lodg S 21 Woolen Cloth Finisher Dewsbury 37b
159 Lodge Farm Joseph MARGERISON Head M 31 Land Agent's Clerk & Farmer Calverley 38a
    Florence MARGERISON Wife M 29   Bradford 38a
    Samuel MARGERISON Bro S 33 * Merchant Calverley 38a
    Ann FIRTH Serv w 44 Domestic Servant Cook Guiseley 38a
    Clara COX Serv S 21 Domestic Servant HouseMaid DER Roslinton 38a
160 Lodge Farm Cottage John TURNER Head M 47 Town Bailiff Carlsmoor? Ripon 38a
    Ellen TURNER Wife M 42   Dallowgill 38a
    William TURNER Son S 23 WheelWright Dallowgill 38a
    Clara TURNER Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 38a
    Alfred THEOBALD Lodg S 35 Farm Servant WES Kirby Lonsdale 38a
    Joseph KNAPTON Lodg S 17 Farm Servant Horsforth 38a
161 Calverley House Samuel M MILNE Head M 54 living on own means Halifax 38a
    Anne E MILNE Wife M 44   MDX Hackney 38a
    Emma ALLANSON Serv S 22 Domestic Servant Cook Snainton 38a
    Elizabeth COOPER Serv S 35 Domestic Servant ParlorMaid LIN Barton 38a
    Anne BUSFIELD Serv S 34 Domestic Servant HouseMaid Calverley 38b
    Jane OGLESBY Serv S 23 Domestic Servant Kitchen Maid York 38b
162 Calverley Cottage Thomas NICHOLS Head M 30 Gardener [Domestic Servant] Rawdon 38b
    Alice F NICHOLS Wife M 29   SOM Bath 38b
163 Calverley Lodge Joseph DAVIS Head M 55 CoachMan [Domestic Servant] DBY Duffield 38b
    May A DAVIS Wife M 57   WAR B*broughton 38b
    Annie M DAVIS Dau S 24 * Bradford 38b
    Julia DAVIS Dau S 16 * Northowram 38b