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Census Indexes 1891 Calverley ED3

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Piece RG/3654, Enumeration District 3, folios 42 - 52 Enumerator James William Grimshaw

Foxholes - All blocks east side of Woodhall Lane from Bensons to Barkers- down from Barkers east side of Woodhall Lane to Turnpike road. All the Old Hall Fold and Fold Mill houses above Old Fold Mill and west of Woodhall lane. Include all folds east of Woodhall lane and back of Capel Street, Grays house- lodges and cottages, Dr Holling's house, Pilley's house, Wesleyan Minister's house, Mrs Gray's, Mr Ross's and Hainsworths villas and cottage Mr Bottomley's Villa- Priesthorpe - Hartleys farm and houses, Inghams farm - farm and cottages below. Woodhouse farm and farmers house. Holdsworths farm - Cowling farm and cottages, Moss Farm- Ravenscliffe Lodge. Cottage in Wood. All Woodhall Hills, Chapel, Church Institute, Mr Nichols, Metcalfes house and farm cottage. Westside Galloway Lane, Womersleys and houses near. Peckover block, Dalbys farm and house - Gaunt's farm and Cottage, Farmers Inn, House near bridge, Stone Stile Lane, Vints house, Gain Lane farm and Cottages, Cliff Farm and Cottage.

1 Foxholes Benjamin BRAYSHAW Head M 65 Living on own Means Stanningley 42a
    Emma BRAYSHAW Wife M 47   Farsley 42a
    George Henry BRAYSHAW Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 42a
    Frederick Raymond BRAYSHAW Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 42a
    Beatrice GREENWOOD Step dau S 21 Living on own Means Calverley 42a
    Mary GREENWOOD Step dau S 20 Living on own Means Calverley 42a
2 Foxholes Arthur CHILD Head M 27 Monumental Mason Leeds 42a
    Jane Eliza CHILD Wife M 24 Wool Weaver Calverley 42a
3 Foxholes Herbert BARRACLOUGH Head M 25 Stone B* Maker - Setter Calverley 42a
    Emma BARRACLOUGH Wife M 24   NOR Ettingham 42a
4 Woodhall Road Jonathan BENTON Head M 51 Auctioneer & Valuer Calverley 42a
    Elvia Ann BENTON Wife M 53   Calverley 42a
    Annis BENTON Dau S 31 Woolen Weaver Calverley 42a
    Elizabeth BENTON Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 42a
5 Woodhall Road Edward Digby LATIMER Head M 26 Solicitor's Clerk Bradford 42a
    Mary Emma LATIMER Wife M 29   Calverley 42a
    Herbert Ward LATIMER Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 42a
    Clarice Maud LATIMER Dau S 1   Calverley 42a
    Mary A PLUMBY Dau S 18 General Domestic Servant CAM Marsh 42a
6 Woodhall Road Sarah BEAUMONT Head W 67   Bradford 42a
    Mary BEAUMONT Dau S 33 School Mistress Bradford 42a
    Samuel BEAUMONT Son S 30 Commercial Traveller [Woolen] Bradford 42a
    Clare BEAUMONT Dau S 26 School Governess Bradford 42a
7 Woodhall Road Thomas HARGREAVES Head M 39 Woolen Mill Carrier Farsley 42a
    Margaret HARGREAVES Wife M 32   NOR East Rudham? 42a
    Mary HARGREAVES Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 42a
    George HARGREAVES Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 42a
    Annie HARGREAVES Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 42a
    Elizabeth HARGREAVES Dau S 3   Calverley 42a
    Emma HARGREAVES Dau S 10m   Calverley 42a
8 Woodhall Road Alfred MARSHALL Head M 27 Woolen Weaver Calverley 42b
    Alice MARSHALL Wife M 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 42b
    Claris MARSHALL Dau S 1   Calverley 42b
9 Woodhall Road John BARKER Head M 52 Joiner & Builder Calverley 42b
    Allison BARKER Wife M 48   Calverley 42b
    John E BARKER Son S 24 Joiner & Builder Calverley 42b
    Alice BARKER Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Calverley 42b
    Sarah E BARKER Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Calverley 42b
    Isabel BARKER Dau S 15 Woolen Weaver Calverley 42b
    Herman GRIMSHAW Visit S 16 Woolen Piecer Calverley 42b
    Alice GRIMSHAW Gdau S 2   Calverley 42b
10 Woodhall Road Charles PARISH Head M 28 Woolen Spinner Calverley 42b
    Elizabeth PARISH Wife M 22 Woolen Filler Calverley 42b
11 Woodhall Road Charles H BARKER Head M 26 Builder & Cabinet Maker Calverley 42b
    Annie E BARKER Wife M 27   Calverley 42b
12 Woodhall Road Seth HARGREAVES Head M 63 Farmer Calverley 42b
    Sarah A HARGREAVES Wife M 59   Calverley 42b
    Fanny WALLER Step dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Calverley 42b
    Ellen WALLER Step dau S 17   Calverley 42b
    Henry HALL Serv S 20 Farm Labourer CAM Doddington 42b
13 Woodhall Road Mary PRATT Head S 61   Calverley 42b
14 Woodhall Road Sarah KELLETT Head W 77 Farmer Little Horton 42b
    Mary KELLETT Dau S 53   Calverley 42b
    Grace KELLETT Dau S 49   Calverley 42b
15 Woodhall Road Benjamin KEIGHLEY Head W 68 Retired Cloth Maker Calverley 42b
    Maria A WRIGHT Dau M 36 Tailoress Calverley 42b
    Edith WRIGHT Gdau S 14 Scholar Farsley 42b
    Fred WRIGHT Gson S 12 Scholar Farsley 42b
16 Woodhall Road Frederick HETHERINGTON Head M 55 Gardener Bradford 43a
    Susannah HETHERINGTON Wife M 53 Woolen Burler Calverley 43a
    James HETHERINGTON Son S 25 Mechanic Miller Calverley 43a
    Bertha CRABTREE Dau S 23 Woolen Weaver Calverley 43a
17 Woodhall Road James E THORNTON Head M 40 Farmer Calverley 43a
    Harriet THORNTON Wife M 36   Farsley 43a
    Beatrice Anne THORNTON Dau S 16 Tailoress Calverley 43a
    Joseph THORNTON Son S 14 Scholar Calverley 43a
    Mary THORNTON Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 43a
    Ellen THORNTON Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 43a
    Thomas THORNTON Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 43a
    Alice THORNTON Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 43a
    Gilbert THORNTON Son S 2   Calverley 43a
18 Woodhall Road Alfred PRATT Head M 29 Fellmonger Calverley 43a
    Mary PRATT Wife M 34 Scholar Calverley 43a
    Angus Raymond PRATT Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 43a
    Frances Elsie PRATT Dau S 4   Calverley 43a
19 Woodhall Road Albert DAVISON Head M 29 Greengrocer ? Calverley 43a
    Amelia DAVISON Wife M 29   Calverley 43a
    Alfred DAVISON Son S 1   Calverley 43a
20 Woodhall Road Isaac DIBB Head M 50 Stone QuarryMan * 43a
    Ann DIBB Wife M 48   Idle 43a
    Edwin DIBB Son S 26 Stone QuarryMan Idle 43a
    John W DIBB Son S 20 Stone QuarryMan Idle 43a
    Mary DIBB Dau S 16 Woolen Mill Machine Fitter Idle 43a
    Levinia DIBB Dau S 11 Scholar Idle 43a
    Emily DIBB Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 43a
21 Woodhall Road Thomas CORDINGLEY Head W 52 Farm Labourer Calverley 43a
22 Woodhall Road Ann GRIMSHAW Head W 74 Living on own Means Calverley 43b
23 Woodhall Road William W GOTT Head M 46 Woolen Mill Carrier Calverley 43b
    Mary GOTT Wife M 35   Calverley 43b
    James GOTT Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 43b
    Eliza GOTT Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 43b
    John GOTT Son S 3   Calverley 43b
    Henry GOTT Son S 11m   Calverley 43b
24 Woodhall Road Samuel WHEATLEY Head M 46 Woolen Weaver Calverley 43b
    Elizabeth WHEATLEY Wife M 47   Calverley 43b
    Jane A WHEATLEY Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Calverley 43b
    Charlie WHEATLEY Son S 20 Steam Crane Fitter's Appr Calverley 43b
    Timothy WHEATLEY Son S 16 Boiler Rivetter Appr Calverley 43b
    Joseph WHEATLEY Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 43b
    Elizabeth WHEATLEY Sist S 44 Living on own Means Calverley 43b
25 Woodhall Road Samuel EXLEY Head W 51 Woolen Weaver Calverley 43b
    Charles EXLEY Son S 20 Woolen Weaver Calverley 43b
    John Edwin EXLEY Son S 17 Joiner's Apprentice Calverley 43b
26 Woodhall Road James SWAILES Head M 48 Road Labourer Hampswaite 43b
    Sarah A SWAILES Wife M 46   Bradford 43b
    Emma Elizabeth SWAILES Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 43b
    Mary A CRABTREE Step dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Bradford 43b
27 Woodhall Road David SMITH Head M 61 Road Labourer Guiseley 43b
    Ann SMITH Wife M 67   Ripon 43b
    Sarah A SMITH Dau S 39 Worsted Weaver Ripon 43b
    Clara SMITH Gdau S 5 Scholar Saddleworth 43b
28 Woodhall Road Thomas HOLLINGS Head M 55 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 43b
    Martha HOLLINGS Wife M 52   Calverley 43b
    Ann HOLLINGS Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Calverley 43b
    Mary HOLLINGS Dau S 27 Woolen Warper Calverley 43b
    Samuel B HOLLINGS Son S 22 Woolen WareHouseMan Calverley 43b
29 Woodhall Road Joseph BUSFIELD Head M 31 Mechanic Farsley 44a
    Martha A BUSFIELD Wife M 33   Calverley 44a
    Alfred BUSFIELD Son S 1   Calverley 44a
30 Woodhall Road James COOPE Head M 25 Woolen Mill Card Dresser Pudsey 44a
    Maria COOPE Wife M 28   Calverley 44a
    Sarah Elizabeth COOPE Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 44a
31 Woodhall Road William LONG Head W 81 Living on own Means Otley 44a
    Sarah LONG Dau S 41 Living on own Means Calverley 44a
    Walter LONG Son S 36 Joiner Calverley 44a
32 Woodhall Road Amelia KELLETT Head S 38 HouseKeeper Calverley 44a
    Arthur KELLETT bro S 29 Clerk Calverley 44a
    Annie KELLETT Sist S 25 ? Maker Calverley 44a
33 Woodhall Road Arthur J PAYNE Head M 28 Railway Signalman SAL Kimberton 44a
    Emily PAYNE Wife M 24   SAL K? 44a
    Percy PAYNE Son S 1   Calverley 44a
    Emily PAYNE Dau S <1m   Calverley 44a
34 Woodhall Road Rhoda PILLEY Head W 35 Living on own Means Calverley 44a
    Laurence A PILLEY Son S 16 Scholar Rawdon 44a
    Agnes PILLEY Dau S 12 Scholar Rawdon 44a
    Herbert H PILLEY Son S 10 Scholar Rawdon 44a
    John W PILLEY Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 44a
    Grace STOREY Serv S 18 Domestic Servant Shipley 44a
35 Woodhall Road John M W TAYLOR Head M 32 Living on own Means NTT Radcliffe Hall 44a
    Margaret A TAYLOR Wife M 29 Living on own Means WES Burton 44a
    Madeline Anna TAYLOR Dau S 2   Headingley 44a
    William B HUNNINGS Step son S 10 Scholar ?croft Road Leeds 44a
    Katherine M HUNNINGS Step dau S 8 Scholar ? 44a
36 Woodhall Road Benjamin EASTWOOD Head M 68 Road Labourer Calverley 44a
    Ann EASTWOOD Wife M 68   Calverley 44a
    Lily EXLEY Gdau S 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 44a
37 Woodhall Road James PARISH Head M 39 Woolen Weaver Calverley 44b
    Ellen PARISH Wife M 39 Woolen Weaver Leeds 44b
    Ann PARISH Dau S 14 Woolen Weaver * Calverley 44b
    Herbert PARISH Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 44b
    Irwin PARISH Son S 3   Calverley 44b
38 Woodhall Road Martha HARGREAVES Head W 57 Living on own Means Bramhope 44b
    Rhoda LITTLEWOOD Gdau S 15 Woolen Dyer Calverley 44b
39 Woodhall Road Ann BULLOUGH Head W 62   Adwalton 44b
    Thomas BULLOUGH Son S 33 Stone Mason Calverley 44b
    Samuel BULLOUGH Son S 27 Woolen Spinner Calverley 44b
    Annie BULLOUGH Dau S 24 Woolen * Minder Calverley 44b
    Sarah A BULLOUGH Dau S 24 Woolen * Minder Calverley 44b
40 Old Fold Hill Seth L GRIMSHAW Head M 30 Plasterer's Labourer Rodley Leeds 44b
    Elizabeth GRIMSHAW Wife M 24   Snainton 44b
    Henry GRIMSHAW Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 44b
    Orlando GRIMSHAW Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 44b
    Emma Charlotte GRIMSHAW Dau S 1   Calverley 44b
41 Old Fold Hill Jonathan GRIMSHAW Head M 53 Farmer's Man Calverley 44b
    Sarah A GRIMSHAW Wife M 56   Calverley 44b
42 Old Fold Hill William HIGGINS Head M 46 Woolen Weaver Calverley 44b
    Jane HIGGINS Wife M 46   Garforth 44b
    Frederick William HIGGINS Son S 15 Woolen Mule Piecer Calverley 44b
    Arthur J HIGGINS Son S 13 Woolen Mule Piecer Calverley 44b
    Charles Alfred HIGGINS Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 44b
    John WALLER Head M 37 Coachman Calverley 44b
    Elizabeth WALLER Wife M 39   Calverley 44b
    Ada WALLER Dau S 13 Nurse Calverley 44b
    Benjamin WALLER Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 44b
    Jane Eliza WALLER Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 44b
    Thomas WALLER Son S 1   Calverley 44b
44 Old Fold Hill Mary DAVISON Head W 65   Calverley 44b
    Horace BUTLER Gson S 22 BlackSmith's Labourer Calverley 45a
45 Old Fold Hill Benjamin THOMPSON Head W 49 Farmer Calverley 45a
    Sam THOMPSON Son S 23 Farm Servant Calverley 45a
    Emaline THOMPSON Dau S 13   Calverley 45a
    Laura THOMPSON Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 45a
    Miles NORTH Serv S 19 Farm Servant Woodhall 45a
46 Old Fold Hill Henrietta GRIMSHAW Head W 54 Woolen Weaver Rodley Fold 45a
    Heber W GRIMSHAW Son S 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 45a
47 Old Fold Hill Samuel BARRETT Head M 38 Plasterer's Labourer Calverley 45a
    Anne BARRETT Wife M 31   Calverley 45a
    James William BARRETT Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 45a
    Arthur BARRETT Son S 4 Scholar Calverley 45a
    Herbert BARRETT Son S 3 Scholar Calverley 45a
    Edith BARRETT Dau S 1   Calverley 45a
48 Old Fold Hill William BUSFIELD Head W 64 Lamp Lighter Rodley 45a
    James BUSFIELD Son S 40 Labourer Calverley 45a
49 Old Fold Hill Joseph PRATT Head W 66 Farmer Calverley 45a
    Mary E PRATT Dau S 29 HouseKeeper Calverley 45a
    Emily PRATT Dau S 27 Woolen Weaver Calverley 45a
    John H PRATT Gson S 7 Scholar Calverley 45a
50 Old Fold Hill George HARDCASTLE Head M 27 Farm Labourer Thornton 45a
51 Old Fold Hill Kate A CRAVEN Head M 23 CharWoman Leeds 45a
    Grace E CRAVEN Sist S 19 Flannel Weaver GreenGates 45a
    Nelson CRAVEN bro S 13 Woolen * Calverley 45a
    Amy CRAVEN Sist S 9 Scholar Calverley 45a
52 Old Fold Hill Isaac BEECROFT Head W 77 Wesleyan Chapel Keeper Calverley 45a
53 Old Fold Hill Simeon GOTT Head M 52 Woolen Weaver Calverley 45a
    Elizabeth GOTT Wife M 54   Calverley 45a
    Sarah A GOTT Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 45a
    Louisa GOTT Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Calverley 45a
54 Old Fold Hill Marianne BANNISTER Head W 72   Leeds 45b
    Thomas TRIMBLE Lodg S 36 Tailor IRE Dublin 45b
55 Old Fold Hill Alfred DAWSON Head S 42 Stone Mason Calverley 45b
56 Old Fold Hill Peter GRIMSHAW Head M 59 Woolen Percher Calverley 45b
    Sarah GRIMSHAW Wife M 61   Farsley 45b
57 Old Fold Hill Elizabeth BINNS Head W 69 Farmer Calverley 45b
    Amelia BINNS Dau S 30 DressMaker Calverley 45b
58 Capel Street Charles E HOLLINGS Head M 30 Registered Physician & Surgeon Farsley 45b
    Edith L HOLLINGS Wife M 28   Malton 45b
    Ethel HOLLINGS Dau S 3   Holme 45b
    Norah HOLLINGS Dau S 2   Calverley 45b
    Lionel Johnson HOLLINGS Son S 10m   Calverley 45b
    Alice HOLLINGS Sist S 27 Domestic Companion Farsley 45b
    Kate GORDON Serv S 24 Domestic Servant Weaverthorpe 45b
59 Capel Street Jemima PILLLEY Head W 62   Leeds 45b
    Frank PILLLEY Son S 30 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 45b
    Arthur W PILLLEY Son S 25 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 45b
    Sarah J PILLLEY Dau S 21   Calverley 45b
    Elvia IRELAND Serv S 18 Domestic Servant NOR Rockland 45b
    Mary SWANN Serv S 17 Domestic Servant NTH Bradden 45b
60 Capel Street William THORNTON Head M 50 Local Board Clerk Bolton Abbey 45b
    Sarah A THORNTON Wife M 43   Calverley 45b
    Jane Elizabeth THORNTON Dau S 15   Calverley 45b
    Celia Mary THORNTON Dau S 13   Calverley 45b
    John Edward THORNTON Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 45b
    Francis J THORNTON Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 45b
    Benjamin Arthur THORNTON Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 45b
    Frederick Charles THORNTON Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 45b
    Margaret Ellen THORNTON Dau S 3 Scholar Calverley 45b
    Mercy THOMPSON s in l S 39 Domestic Assistant Calverley 45b
61 Capel Street John H WALLER Head M 26 WarehouseMan Calverley 46a
    Mary E WALLER Wife M 25 Woolen Warper Calverley 46a
62 Capel Street James PARKINSON Head M 62 Woolen Manufacturer Calverley 46a
    Grace PARKINSON Wife M 61   Calverley 46a
    Annie PARKINSON Dau S 33 Woolen Weaver Calverley 46a
    Sarah A PARKINSON Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Calverley 46a
    John E PARKINSON Son S 21 Woolen Weaver Calverley 46a
    Sam JEFFREY Neph S 22 Woolen Spinner Calverley 46a
63 Capel Street Thomas TOOTHILL Head M 66 Retired Weaver Bingley 46a
    Sarah TOOTHILL Wife M 65   Calverley 46a
    Martha TOOTHILL Dau S 37 DressMaker Calverley 46a
64 Capel Street Charles Vincent GRIMSHAW Head M 31 Cloth Merchant Rodley 46a
    Adah GRIMSHAW Wife M 31   Huddersfield 46a
    Charles Vincent GRIMSHAW Son S 5   Calverley 46a
    Hugh Mellor GRIMSHAW Son S 3   Calverley 46a
    Joseph GRIMSHAW Fath W 64 Retired Grocer Farsley 46a
65 Capel Street Elizabeth HARTLEY Head W 70   YKS * 46a
    Grace HARTLEY Dau S 37 Woolen Weaver Calverley 46a
    Mary E HARTLEY Dau S 31 Woolen Weaver Calverley 46a
    Edith HARTLEY Gdau S 5   Calverley 46a
66 Capel Street James WALLER Head W 62 * Calverley 46a
    Charles WALLER Son S 29 Joiner Calverley 46a
67 Capel Street John HIGGINS Head M 41 Woolen Weaver Calverley 46a
    Sarah A HIGGINS Wife M 38   Calverley 46a
68 Capel Street William MYERS Head M 30 Joiner Idle 46a
    Charlotte E MYERS Wife M 28   Calverley 46a
    Louisa MYERS Dau S 2   Calverley 46a
69 Capel Street William PARKINSON Head M 65 Retired Woolen Mfgr Calverley 46a
70 Brookleigh Lodge David S BELL Head M 33 Gardener SCT 46b
    Emma BELL Wife M 36   Knaresbro 46b
    Ann E BELL Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 46b
    William D BELL Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 46b
    Edith Margaret BELL Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 46b
    David BELL Son S 7m   Calverley 46b
71 Brookleigh Thomas GRAY Head M 57 Retired Woolen Mfgr Calverley 46b
    Agnes GRAY Wife M 58   SCT 46b
    Mary SPENCER Niece S 24   SCT 46b
    Esther E SPENCER Serv S 21 Domestic Servant Meltham 46b
    Emily CHARLTON Serv S 23 Domestic Servant DUR Batchburn 46b
    Alice ARMSTRONG Serv S 20 Domestic Servant Pickering 46b
72 Brookleigh Cottage Albert KELLETT Head M 26 Gardener Thackley 46b
    Martha KELLETT Wife M 27   Calverley 46b
73 Capel Street Wright FIRTH Head M 31 Joiner Calverley 46b
    Jane FIRTH Wife M 30   Calverley 46b
    Harold FIRTH Son S 3   Calverley 46b
74 Capel Street Samuel HARTLEY Head M 48 Woolen Weaver Calverley 46b
    Grace HARTLEY Wife M 40 Woolen * Calverley 46b
75 Capel Street Mary CURTIS Head W 44 CharWoman IOM Peel 46b
    William CURTIS Son S 16 Woolen Mill Hand Calverley 46b
    James Ellison CURTIS Son S 15 Woolen Mill Hand Calverley 46b
    Charles CURTIS Son S 13 Woolen Mill Hand Calverley 46b
    Bailey CURTIS Son S 11 Woolen Mill Hand Calverley 46b
    Edwin CURTIS Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 46b
    Walter CURTIS Son S 4 Scholar Calverley 46b
76 Capel Street David WHITTAM Head M 44 Hay & Straw Merchant Pudsey 46b
    Rebecca WHITTAM Wife M 44   Priesthorpe 46b
    Thomas WHITTAM Son S 21 Butcher's Asst Priesthorpe 46b
    Joseph Craven WHITTAM Son S 18 Grocer's Asst Pudsey 46b
77 Capel Street Elizabeth LEGGE Head W 50 Music Teacher SCT 47a
    Maria LEGGE Dau S 17 * SCT 47a
    Eliza LEGGE Dau S 10 Scholar SCT 47a
78 Capel Street John W BRANTON Head M 30 Railway * Leeds 47a
    Charlotte BRANTON Wife M 30   Leeds 47a
    Frank BRANTON Son S 4 Scholar Bradford 47a
    Charlotte Elizabeth BRANTON Dau S 2   Leeds 47a
79 Capel Street Sarah CARLISLE Head W 65 Living on own Means Calverley 47a
    Mary CARLISLE Dau S 39 Domestic Servant Calverley 47a
    Herbert CARLISLE Son W 33 * Calverley 47a
    Walter CARLISLE Son S 31 Woolen Cloth Designer Calverley 47a
    Amelia CARLISLE Dau S 28 DressMaker Calverley 47a
    Louis J CARLISLE Son S 26 Woolen Spinner Calverley 47a
    Bertha L CARLISLE Gdau S 8 Scholar Calverley 47a
80 Capel Street Susannah HEAP Moth W 55   Yeadon 47a
    Frederick L NORTH Head S 23 Printer Compositor Shipley 47a
    Benjamin NORTH bro S 30 Dentist Shipley 47a
    William NORTH Sist S 28 * Shipley 47a
    Samuel G NORTH bro S 25 Law Clerk Shipley 47a
    James L RUSHFORTH Half Bro S 16 Wool * Assistant FrizingHall 47a
    Mary J E RUSHFORTH Half Sis S 14 Scholar FrizingHall 47a
81 Shell Lane John THOMPSON Head M 50 Worsted Coatings Mgr/Labourer Calverley 47a
    Rachel THOMPSON Wife M 47   Armley 47a
    Thomas Anderson THOMPSON Son S 18 Au* Warehouse Calverley 47a
    Amy THOMPSON Dau S 16   Calverley 47a
    Janet THOMPSON Dau S 14 Scholar Calverley 47a
    Anne THOMPSON Dau S 12 Scholar Calverley 47a
    Alice THOMPSON Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 47a
    Robert Anderson THOMPSON Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 47a
    Sydney Anderson THOMPSON Son S 5 Scholar Calverley 47a
    Emma BUSSEY Serv S 21 Domestic Servant Arthurstone 47a
82 Shell Lane Thomas ATKINSON Head M 59 Woolen Manufacturer Guiseley 47b
    Jane ATKINSON Wife M 55   * 47b
    Thomas Lawrence ATKINSON Son S 20 Articled Clerk Solicitor Calverley 47b
    Kate J ATKINSON Dau S 19   Calverley 47b
    Caroline M ATKINSON Dau S 18   Calverley 47b
    Alfred W ATKINSON Son S 17   Calverley 47b
83 Shell Lane Robert PASSMORE Head M 48 Wesleyan Minister DEV North Chorlton 47b
    Mary PASSMORE Wife M 46   WAR Atherstone 47b
    Arthur PASSMORE Son S 14 Scholar LAN Mossley 47b
    Kate PASSMORE Dau S 7 Scholar LAN Shaw 47b
    Frederick PASSMORE Son S 5 Scholar LAN Littlebro 47b
    Jessie PASSMORE Dau S 4   LAN Littlebro 47b
    Ann H HARRIS s in l S 28 Living on own Means KEN Tunbridge Walls 47b
    Charlotte EVERETT Serv S 20 Domestic Servant WAR Atherstone 47b
    Amelia ACASTER Serv S 15 Nurse Leeds 47b
84 Shell Lane Mary H GRAY Head W 49   Calverley 47b
    Samuel H GRAY Son S 13 Scholar Otley 47b
    Georgiana WATSON Serv S 22 Domestic Servant Rosedale 47b
85 Shell Lane Samuel WALTON Head S 76   Calverley 47b
    Maria WALTON Dau S 56 Woolen Weaver Calverley 47b
    Clara WALTON Gdau S 20 Woolen Weaver Calverley 47b
86 Priesthorpe Isaac BARKER Head M 68 Farmer Kirkby Overblow 47b
    Ann BARKER Wife M 56   Staveley 47b
    John DENISON Step son S 23 Farmer's Man Beckwithshaw 47b
    Frances A DENISON Step dau S 19   Beckwithshaw 47b
87 Woodhills John MARGERISON Head W 70 Farmer Calverley 47b
    Jonas W MARGERISON Son S 29 Butcher Calverley 47b
    Selina MARGERISON Dau S 36 HouseKeeper Calverley 47b
88 Woodhall Hills John HOLDSWORTH Head M 68 Farmer Heaton 48a
    Faith HOLDSWORTH Wife M 71   Calverley 48a
    Edward HOLDSWORTH Son S 35 Farmer's Man [Deformed] Woodhall Hills 48a
    Elizabeth HOLDSWORTH Dau S 29   Woodhall Hills 48a
89 Woodhall Hills Robert BARRONS Head M 40 Woolen Weaver Calverley 48a
    Emma BARRONS Wife M 36   Idle 48a
    Sarah BARRONS Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley 48a
90 Woodhall Hills Horace ACKROYD Head M 25 CartMan Calverley 48a
    Mary ACKROYD Wife M 23   Calverley 48a
    William ACKROYD Son S 4   Calverley 48a
    Annie ACKROYD Dau S 3   Calverley 48a
    Colburn ACKROYD Son S 1   Calverley 48a
91 Woodhall Hills Ralph COWLING Head M 37 Farmer Calverley 48a
    Sophia COWLING Wife M 37   Calverley 48a
    Laura Daisy COWLING Dau S 5   Calverley 48a
    William Henry BENSON b in l S 52 MilkMan Calverley 48a
92 Woodhall Hills William MARGERISON Head S 29 Farmer Calverley 48a
  Iron House Farm Mary RAVERTY Serv M 51 HouseKeeper Holingbridge ? 48a
93 Woodhall Hills James MURPHY Head M 64 Living on own Means IRE MOG 48a
  Ravenscliffe Lodge Sarah MURPHY Wife M 64   LAN Rochdale 48a
94 Woodhall Hills Illingworth BINNS Head M 57 Draper Heaton 48a
  Cottage in wood Mary BINNS Wife M 58 DressMaker Keighley 48a
95 Woodhall Hills Kellett HOLDSWORTH Head M 38 Farm Labourer Calverley 48a
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Wife M 39   Calverley 48a
    Charles HOLDSWORTH Son S 17 Wool WarehouseMan Calverley 48a
    Littlewood HOLDSWORTH Son S 12 Scholar Calverley 48a
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 48a
    Frances HOLDSWORTH Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 48a
    Fred HOLDSWORTH Son S 1   Calverley 48a
96 Woodhall Hills Joshua BARNES Head M 65 Retired Grocer Stanningley 48b
    Eliza BARNES Wife M 55   Kirkstall 48b
97 Woodhall Hills Mary PARKINSON Head M 54   Calverley 48b
    Emily PARKINSON Dau S 17 DressMaker Calverley 48b
98 Woodhall Hills John GREENWOOD Head M 60 Cattle Dealer Calverley 48b
    Mary GREENWOOD Wife M 56   Bradford 48b
99 Woodhall Hills Edward DENBY Head M 56 No Occupation Wheatley 48b
    Eliza DENBY Wife M 52   Ripon 48b
99a Woodhall Hills Thomas CARTWRIGHT Head M 45 Farm Labourer Calverley 48b
    Martha CARTWRIGHT Wife M 48 HouseKeeper Calverley 48b
    Samuel CARTWRIGHT Son S 20 Farm Labourer Calverley 48b
    James CARTWRIGHT Son S 16 Carter Pudsey 48b
    Hannah CARTWRIGHT Dau S 11 Scholar Pudsey 48b
100 Woodhall Hills Joseph THOMPSON Head M 62 Gardener Calverley 48b
    Harriet THOMPSON Wife M 43   Leeds 48b
101 Woodhall Hills Samuel WILKINSON Head M 59 Farm Labourer Heathfield 48b
    Ruth WILKINSON Wife M 59   Garforth 48b
    Hannah WILKINSON Dau S 25 Domestic Servant Tong 48b
    Frank WILKINSON Son S 21 MilkMan Tong Leeds 48b
    Joseph WILKINSON Son S 19 Farm Labourer Leeds 48b
    Eliza WILKINSON Dau S 13 DressMaker Appr Calverley 48b
102 Woodhall Hills Ephraim MANCHESTER Head M 54 Farmer Horsforth 48b
    Hannah MANCHESTER Wife M 54   Bradford 48b
    Edward MANCHESTER Son S 21 Asst Maker ? Calverley 48b
    Hugh MANCHESTER Son S 14 Grocers? Assistant Calverley 48b
    Kitty MANCHESTER Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 48b
    Jessie MANCHESTER Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 48b
103 Woodhall Hills John F WOOD Head M 35 Butcher Farsley 49a
    Sarah G WOOD Wife M 32   Calverley 49a
    Percival Fairbank WOOD Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 49a
104 Woodhall Hills John HAW Head M 39 Farm Labourer Scruton Bedale 49a
    Mary HAW Wife M 29   Scruton Bedale 49a
    Mary Ann HAW Dau S 12 Scholar Scruton Bedale 49a
    John HAW Son S 9 Scholar Scruton Bedale 49a
    Fred HAW Son S 5 Scholar Scruton Bedale 49a
    Ernest HAW Son S 2   Calverley 49a
    Harold HAW Son S 1   Calverley 49a
105 Woodhall Hills William GREENWOOD Head S 74 Farmer Calverley 49a
    Herbert GREENWOOD Neph S 23   Calverley 49a
    William HODGSON Neph M 33 Farmer's Man Ouseburn 49a
    Sarah HODGSON Niece M 42   Calverley 49a
106 Woodhall Hills Thomas RUSHFORTH Head M 51 Stone Mason Calverley 49a
    Jane RUSHFORTH Wife M 52   Calverley 49a
    Ada RUSHFORTH Dau S 15   Calverley 49a
106a Woodhall Hills Joseph NORTH Head M 50 Farm Labourer Oulton 49a
    Marianne NORTH Wife M 58   Carlton 49a
    Hugh C NORTH Son S 22 Woolen OverLooker Womersley 49a
    Ethel NORTH Dau S 18 General Servant Lightcliffe 49a
107 Woodhall Hills Martha BARRETT Head W 76   Yeadon 49a
    Hannah TEAL Dau M 35   Baildon 49a
    Blanche TEAL Gdau S 10 Scholar Yeadon 49a
108 Woodhall Hills Joseph J GREENWOOD Head M 45 Farmer Calverley 49a
    Frances GREENWOOD Wife M 41   Bramley 49a
109 Woodhall Hills Hannah MARSHALL Head W 39 Laundress Calverley 49a
    Elizabeth MARSHALL Dau S 13 Scholar Calverley 49a
    Clarice MARSHALL Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 49a
110 Stone Style William JACKSON Head M 46 Farmer Bradford 49b
    Ellen JACKSON Wife M 40 Laundress Bradford 49b
    Edith JACKSON Dau S 15 Scholar Bradford 49b
    Sam JACKSON Son S 8 Scholar Bradford 49b
111 Stone Style William WOOD Head M 61 Gardener Grimethorpe 49b
    Caroline WOOD Wife M 63   Cudworth 49b
    Charles E MARSHALL s in l M 36 WarehouseMan Bradford 49b
    Betsy J MARSHALL Dau M 35   Horberhall? 49b
    William W MARSHALL Gson S 10 Scholar Calverley 49b
    Harry MARSHALL Gson S 7 Scholar Calverley 49b
    Annie MARSHALL Gdau S 4   Farsley 49b
112 Stone Style William CARTER Head M 31 WarehouseMan & Pig Breeder Bradford 49b
    Margaret A CARTER Wife M 27   DER Matlock 49b
    Harry W CARTER Son S 2   Calverley 49b
    Maud M CARTER Dau S 5m   Calverley 49b
    Richard HOLGATE Son S 16 Ag Herdsman Bradford 49b
113 Stone Style John J KIRBY Head W 60 Farmer Waton ? 49b
    Jane HILL Serv W 41 HouseKeeper SRY Kingston 49b
114 Gain Lane Joshua EASTWOOD Head M 66 Farmer Calverley 49b
    Sarah EASTWOOD Wife M 64   Idle 49b
    William EASTWOOD Son S 31 Spine Affliction fm Childhood Calverley 49b
115 Gain Lane Thomas EASTWOOD Head M 38 Farmer Cookridge 49b
    Emma EASTWOOD Wife M 39   Bradford 49b
    Herbert EASTWOOD Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Calverley 49b
    Ada EASTWOOD Dau S 14 DressMaker Appr Calverley 49b
    Fred EASTWOOD Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 49b
    Edwin EASTWOOD Son S 1   Calverley 49b
125 Dick Lane Joseph IVISON Head M 26 Farm Labourer Aldborough 49b
    Harriet IVISON Wife M 25   York 49b
    Mary Frances IVISON Dau S 18m   Tyresall 49b
126 Dick Lane William HUTTON Head M 29 Farmer Runswick 50a
  Cliff Farm Dorothy E HUTTON Wife M 26   Hailsby? 50a
    Doris Mary HUTTON Dau S 4m   Calverley 50a
    Maria J HUTTON Sist S 20 Visitor Saltburn by the Sea 50a
    Alice DAWSON s in l S 25 Visitor Easington by the Sea 50a
127 Leeds Road John BLAYMIRES Head M 38 Stone QuarryMan Northowram 50a
    (blank) BLAYMIRES Wife M 27   LIN Swineshead 50a
    Beatrice BLAYMIRES Dau S 8 Scholar Stanningley 50a
    Willie BLAYMIRES Son S 7 Scholar Stanningley 50a
    Annie BLAYMIRES Dau S 3   Stanningley 50a
    Bertha BLAYMIRES Dau S 10m   Calverley 50a
128 Leeds Road Sarah BRADLEY Head W 45 Stuff Weaver Pudsey 50a
    Harriet A SPIKINGS Lodg S 20 Stuff Weaver Calverley 50a
129 Leeds Road James A WHITAKER Head M 48 Milk Dealer Bradford 50a
    Emma WHITAKER Wife M 46   Stanningley 50a
    Harold A N WHITAKER Son S 12 Scholar Thornbury 50a
    Lilian N WHITAKER Dau S 10 Scholar Thornbury 50a
130 Leeds Road Joseph HEATON Head M 58 InnKeeper & Farmer Pudsey 50a
  Farmer's Inn Mary HEATON Wife M 57   Pudsey 50a
    Albert HEATON Son S 32 WheelWright Pudsey 50a
    Herbert HEATON Son S 20 BlackSmith's Appr Bradford 50a
    Elizabeth ERRINGTON Serv S 15 Domestic Servant Wragley 50a
131 Leeds Road William GAUNT Head M 55 Lithographer Printer Pudsey 50a
    Dorothy GAUNT Wife M 50   DUR Darlington 50a
    Mary GAUNT Moth W 81   Pudsey 50a
132 Leeds Road John GAUNT Head M 56 Farmer Calverley 50a
    Ellen GAUNT Wife M 46   Calverley 50a
    Sarah Hannah GAUNT Dau S 16 School Teacher Calverley 50a
133 Leeds Road John CLOUGH Head M 71 Retired Coachman Gildersome 50b
    Elizabeth CLOUGH Wife M 61   Wakefield 50b
    Thomas CLOUGH Son S 31 Moulder Wakefield 50b
134 Leeds Road Jonathan HOLDSWORTH Head M 75 Retired Farmer Heaton 50b
    Sarah HOLDSWORTH Wife M 68   Wakefield 50b
    John BURGESS Head M 26 WarehouseMan Ilkley 50b
    Sarah J BURGESS Wife M 23   Calverley 50b
135 Leeds Road John R WEST Head M 38 Farmer & * Tong 50b
    Martha WEST Wife M 35   Bowling 50b
    Elizabeth DUCKWORTH Niece S 7 Scholar Bowling 50b
136 Leeds Road Thomas DUCKWORTH Head W 74 Retired Grocer Bowling 50b
    Thomas DUCKWORTH Son S 33 Mason Bowling 50b
136a Leeds Road John THOMPSON Head M 35 Conservative Agent DUR Sunderland 50b
137 Hill Foot Matthew ILLINGWORTH Head M 61 Quarry Owner Pudsey 50b
    Mary ILLINGWORTH Wife M 60   Thornton 50b
    Grace Ann GAUNT Niece S 18 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 50b
    Joshua ILLINGWORTH bro S 43 Stone Quarry Labourer Pudsey 50b
138 Hill Foot Richard WOMERSLEY Head M 43 Wool Cloth Manufacturer Calverley 50b
    Mary H WOMERSLEY Wife M 41   Bradford 50b
    John Edward WOMERSLEY Son S 20 WarehouseMan Calverley 50b
    Henry WOMERSLEY Son S 17 Cloth Mfgr Apprentice Calverley 50b
    George WOMERSLEY Son S 16 Cloth Mfgr Apprentice Calverley 50b
    Ethel WOMERSLEY Dau S 13 Scholar Calverley 50b
    Walter WOMERSLEY Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 50b
    Ada MOSS Serv S 22 Domestic Servant Leeds 50b
139 Woodhall Road Cornelius METCALFE Head S 43 Farmer GLS Bristol 50b
    Ruben METCALFE bro S 37 Farmer LAN Todmorden 50b
    Annie METCALFE Sist S 32 Living on own Means Bradford 50b
    Miranda METCALFE Sist S 30 Living on own Means Bradford 50b
140 Woodhall Road Frederick J FOUNTAIN Head M 28 Farm Labourer Soothill? 50b
    Margaret FOUNTAIN Wife M 28   Wilberfoss 50b
141 Woodhall Road George NICHOLSON Head M 55 Births/Deaths Registrar Bradford 50c
    Phoebe NICHOLSON Wife M 54   Rodley 50c
    Phoebe Maude N NICHOLSON Dau S 20   Calverley 50c
    Sydney NICHOLSON Son S 18 Stuff WarehouseMan Calverley 50c
    Nora Louise NICHOLSON Dau S 13 Scholar Calverley 50c
142 Priesthorpe William MOORE Head M 37 Farm Labourer Heathfield P.B. 50c
    Sarah MOORE Wife M 35   Yeadon P.B. 50c
    Annie E MOORE Dau S 9 Scholar Smellmall P.B.? 50c
    Lilly MOORE Dau S 7 Scholar Smellmall P.B.? 50c
143 Priesthorpe Edwin HARTLEY Head M 41 Farmer Calverley 50c
    Harriet A HARTLEY Wife M 40   Bradford 50c
    Tom Gamble HARTLEY Son S 11 Scholar Calverley 50c
    William HARTLEY Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 50c
    Harry HARTLEY Son S 4 Scholar Calverley 50c
    Mary HARTLEY Dau S 4m   Calverley 50c
144 Priesthorpe James INGHAM Head M 38 Farmer Pudsey 50c
    Sarah INGHAM Wife M 40   Farsley 50c
    Lizzie INGHAM Dau S 13 Scholar Calverley 50c
    Frances INGHAM Dau S 11 Scholar Calverley 50c
    Hannah INGHAM Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 50c
    William INGHAM Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 50c
    Rachel INGHAM Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 50c
    Clara INGHAM Dau S 3   Calverley 50c
    Sarah INGHAM Dau S 1   Calverley 50c
    George METCALFE Serv S 22 Farm Labourer Leeds 50c
145 Priesthorpe Henry PEARSON Head M 42 Worsted Warp Dresser Pudsey 50c
    Elizabeth PEARSON Wife M 41   Farnley 50c
    Emma H PEARSON Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 50c
    William J PEARSON Son S 15 Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 50d
    Ethel PEARSON Dau S 5 Scholar Pudsey 50d
146 Priesthorpe Maria MILLS Head W 55 Farmer Calverley 50d
    Samuel DAVY Serv S 23 Farmer's Man Farsley 50d
147 Priesthorpe Charles HOPPER Head M 36 Gardener CAM March 50d
    Mary E HOPPER Wife M 35   Doncaster 50d
    Mary H HOPPER Dau S 8 Scholar NTT Retford 50d
    J Henry HOPPER Son S 5 Scholar NTT Retford 50d
148 Priesthorpe Tom MORRELL Head M 30 Farm Labourer Harrogate 50d
    Frances MORRELL Wife M 30   Allerton Bywater 50d
    Olive MORRELL Dau S 5   Goldsbro Knaresbro 50d
    Minnie MORRELL Dau S 2   Goldsbro Knaresbro 50d
149 Priesthorpe * WOODFORD Head M 61 Gardener [Domestic Servant] Deighton 50d
    Ann WOODFORD Wife M 60   Shadwell 50d
150 Shell Lane John H PEARSON Head M 38 Gardener & CoachMan Farsley 50d
  Hazelbrae Cottage Selina PEARSON Wife M 39   Farsley 50d
    Maude PEARSON Dau S 9 Scholar Calverley 50d
    Eli PEARSON Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 50d
    Eva PEARSON Dau S 4 Scholar Calverley 50d
    Ada PEARSON Dau S 1   Calverley 50d
151 Shell Lane Joseph ROSS Head M 50 Woolen Cloth Mfgr Farsley 50d
  Hazelbrae Caroline GAMBLE Niece S 22 Visitor Pudsey 50d
    Ellen BULLOCK Serv S 40 General Domestic Servant Bradford 50d
152 Shell Lane William STUBBS Head M 50 Gardener [Domestic Servant] Fewston 50d
  Woodville Cottage Rebecca STUBBS Wife M 50   Yeadon 50d
153 Shell Lane Henry HAINSWORTH Head M 52 Retired Cloth Mfgr Farsley 50d
  Woodville Allison HAINSWORTH Wife M 53   Farsley 50d
    Clara E WINTER Serv S 30 General Servant Worsboro Dale 50d
116 Gain Lane Thomas DRAKE Head M 40 Farmer Manningham 51a
  Gaunt Farm Martha DRAKE Wife M 38 Household Duties Manningham 51a
    Maria DRAKE Dau S 15 Household Duties Manningham 51a
    Fred DRAKE Son S 13 Farmer's Asst Manningham 51a
    Oliver DRAKE Son S 7 Scholar Manningham 51a
    Elizabeth GREENWOOD Niece S 17 Boarding School Pupil Teacher Calverley 51a
    Margaret GREENWOOD Niece S 15 DressMaker Appr Calverley 51a
    Nellie Maria GREENWOOD Niece S 13 Scholar Calverley 51a
117 Dick Lane Benjamin THOMPSON Head M 44 BlackSmith Armley 51a
    Mary THOMPSON Wife M 42   Armley 51a
    Herbert THOMPSON Son S 19 Stuff Weaver Armley 51a
    Martha A THOMPSON Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Armley 51a
    George Henry THOMPSON Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Jobber Calverley 51a
    Samuel THOMPSON Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 51a
    Sarah Elizabeth W THOMPSON Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 51a
    David Whitfield R THOMPSON Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 51a
    Isaac THOMPSON Son S 14 Brick Carrier Calverley 51a
118 Dick Lane Robert JACQUES Head M 68 Carpenter Kellington 51a
    Elizabeth JACQUES Wife M 64   York 51a
119 Dick Lane Michael METCALFE Head M 51 Grocer's Asst LAN Preston 51a
    Sarah METCALFE Wife M 56   SFK Barneghan 51a
120 Dick Lane John INMAN Head M 52 Brick Burner Kirk Hammerton 51a
    Mary INMAN Wife M 44   Holmfirth 51a
    Tom H INMAN Son S 20 Clay Worker Armley 51a
    Annie E INMAN Dau S 22 Stuff Weaver Armley 51a
    Sarah INMAN Dau S 18 Stuff Rover Armley 51a
121 Dick Lane George WILKINSON Head M 51 Brick Maker Leeds 51b
    Elizabeth WILKINSON Wife M 43   Bradford 51b
    Sarah A WILKINSON Dau S 23 Worsted Spinner Shipley 51b
    Mark WILKINSON Son S 19 Brick Maker Shipley 51b
    Harriet WILKINSON Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Shipley 51b
    James WILKINSON Son S 12 Worsted Doffer Shipley 51b
    William WILKINSON Son S 8 Scholar Shipley 51b
    Mary E WILKINSON Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 51b
    Stead WILKINSON Son S 4 Scholar Calverley 51b
    Annie WILKINSON Dau S 5m   Calverley 51b
122 Dick Lane William INMAN Head M 51 Brick Maker Kirk Hammerton 51b
    Annie INMAN Wife M 51   Ackworth 51b
    John W INMAN Son S 21 Wool Sorter Calverley 51b
    Hilda INMAN Dau S 15 Wool Weaver Calverley 51b
123 Dick Lane James FIELDHOUSE Head M 52 Brick Works Manager Yeadon 51b
    Hannah FIELDHOUSE Wife M 48   Wortley 51b
    Florence E FIELDHOUSE Dau S 21 Boarding School Teacher Wortley 51b
124 Dick Lane Charles THORNTON Head M 42 Blacksmith Halifax 51b
    Mary THORNTON Wife M 48   Calverley 51b
    Lewis THORNTON Son S 15 Blacksmith's App. Calverley 51b
    Martha DEVERSON m in l M 73   Pudsey 51b