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Census Indexes 1891 Calverley & Farsley ED4

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Piece RG12/3654, Enumeration District 4, folios 56 - 69, Enumerator Samuel Parkinson

Throstle Nest - All Farsley west side of beck at beck bottom, all shops and houses, Broom Mill, 2 cottages in yard, Baptist School, Chapel House. Threapletons Farm - West to bridge over the beck. All Wades, Thompson and Gaunts and Others Blocks - Gas works house, Springfield Mill, St Wilfreds Terrace, all south side of road from Terrace to the Fleece Inn, The Green, Local Board office and 2 houses. The Baptist chapel . All the new blocks in Calverley Lane and Woodhall New Road. All Bryan Street from Woodhall New Road to Bottom of Farsley. Millners shop and house in west Town Street to Rose and Crown Inn, Commercial Inn and Commercial Inn Yard.

1 44 Town Street John BANNISTER Head M 53 Publican Armley 56a
  'Commercial Inn' Hannah BANNISTER Wife M 51   Bramhope 56a
    Wilson BANNISTER Son S 30 Wool Dyer Kirkstall 56a
    Arthur BANNISTER Son S 27 Tenterer in Woolen Mill Kirkstall 56a
    Hannah E BANNISTER Dau S 23 Worsted Twister Farsley 56a
    John Wm BANNISTER Son S 21 Worsted Fettler Farsley 56a
    Jane BANNISTER Dau S 19 Roller? Coverer's Appr Farsley 56a
2 5 Commercial Street John Holme ROBINSON Head M 44 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Leeds 56a
    Annie ROBINSON Wife M 42   IRL Dublin 56a
    Benjamin ROBINSON Son S 13 Scholar Rodley 56a
    Mary Hannah ROBINSON Dau S 10 Scholar Farsley 56a
    Ada ROBINSON Dau S 4 Scholar Farsley 56a
3 7 Commercial Street Peter HORN Head M 52 Leather Dealer Farsley 56a
    Ann HORN Wife M 48   Farsley 56a
    Harry HORN Son S 25 Wool Washer Farsley 56a
    Amy HORN Dau S 23 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 56a
    Anne HORN Dau S 19 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 56a
    Sarah E HORN Dau S 17 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 56a
    William HORN Son S 14 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 56a
    Ralph Ernest HORN Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 56a
4 3 Commercial Street Samuel KEIGHLEY Head M 72 Rover Calverley 56a
    Fred KEIGHLEY Wife M 30 Postman Farsley 56a
5 4 Commercial Street Abraham GRIMSHAW Head M 72   Calverley 56a
    Susannah GRIMSHAW Wife M 73   Calverley 56a
    Susannah HAINSWORTH Dau S 11 Scholar Leeds 56a
6 2 Commercial Street John WEBSTER Head M 47 Boot & Shoe maker Rawdon 56a
  Shoemaker's Shop Phoebe WEBSTER Wife M 45 Boot & Shoe maker Asst Rodley 56a
    James Ed WEBSTER Son S 22 Steam Crane Fitter Rodley 56a
    Richard WEBSTER Son S 20 Boot & Shoe Maker Rodley 56a
    Clara WEBSTER Dau S 18 Pupil Teacher Rodley 56a
    Thomas WEBSTER Son S 13 Boot & Shoe Maker Asst Rodley 56a
7 18 Town Street Thomas HOLLINGS Head M 46 Grocer & Butcher Farsley 56b
  Grocer & Butcher Shop Sarah HOLLINGS Wife M 51 Asst Grocer & Butcher BRK Appleton 56b
    Harry HOLLINGS Son S 19 Grocer's Asst Farsley 56b
    Joseph HOLLINGS Son S 16 Grocer's Asst Farsley 56b
    Elizabeth HOLLINGS Dau S 18 Grocer's Asst Farsley 56b
8 16 Town Street Benjamin WILKINSON Head M 31 Publisher's Asst Leeds 56b
    Martha WILKINSON Wife M 30   DBY Shelton 56b
9 9 Hollings Yard Hannah SMITH Head w 61 CharWoman Farsley 56b
    Elizabeth Ann SMITH Dau S 20 Wool Combing Machine Minder Farsley 56b
    Simeon SMITH Son S 17 Plumber's Appr Farsley 56b
    Fanny SMITH Gdau S 10 Scholar Farsley 56b
10 14 Town Street Ephraim HALLIDAY Head M 69 Tailor & Draper Otley 56b
  Tailor & Draper Shop Matilda HALLIDAY Wife M 67 Asst Tailor & Draper Calverley 56b
11 12 Town Street Benjamin PROCTER Head M 31 Tin Plate Worker Farsley 56b
  Confectioner's Martha PROCTER Wife M 28 Confectioner Horsforth 56b
    Robert PROCTER Son S 4 Scholar Farsley 56b
    Fanny PROCTER Dau S 3   Farsley 56b
    Herbert PROCTER Son S 1   Farsley 56b
12 10 Town Street George PROCTER Head M 68 Worsted Carder Farsley 56b
  Earthenware Shop Jane PROCTER Wife M 59 Eartherware Turner Asst Farsley 56b
    Annie E PARKINSON Niece S 33 Woolen Piece Mender Farsley 56b
13 8 Town Street Stephen KAY Head M 38 Steam Crane Fitter Kirkstall 56b
    Mary Jane KAY Wife M 37   Sheffield 56b
    Alfred KAY Son S 17 Cabinet Maker Appr Leeds 56b
    Emily KAY Dau S 15 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Leeds 56b
14 6 Town Street Samuel PARKINSON Head M 38 General Draper Farsley 56b
  Draper's Shop Ada PARKINSON Wife M 39 Draper's Assistant Farsley 56b
    Ann PARKINSON Dau S 17 Woolen Piece Mender Farsley 56b
    Harold PARKINSON Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 56b
15 4 Town Street John Wm PAWSON Head M 42 Painter & Paperhanger Otley 57a
  Painter's Shop Elizabeth PAWSON Wife M 44 Assistant Farsley 57a
    Ernest PAWSON Son S 19 Painter's Appr Farsley 57a
    Alice Mary PAWSON Dau S 13 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 57a
    Agnes PAWSON Dau S 10 Worsted Mill Doffer Farsley 57a
    Fredrick Wm PAWSON Son S 3   Farsley 57a
16 2 Town Street Emily ROSS Head S 33 Milliner & DressMaker Farsley 57a
  Milliner's Shop Mary HUSTLER Moth M 73 HouseKeeper Horsforth 57a
    Mabel ROSS Niece S 13 DressMaker Appr Oulton 57a
    Hetty ROSS Niece S 13 DressMaker Appr Farsley 57a
17 1 Bryan Street Brook THREAPLETON Head M 27 Wool Sorter Farsley 57a
    Rebecca THREAPLETON Wife M 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 57a
    Hetty THREAPLETON Dau S 2   Farsley 57a
18 3 Bryan Street William BROOK Head w 75 Retired Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 57a
19 5 Bryan Street Freddie BUSFIELD Head M 26 Butcher's Asst Farsley 57a
    Magdalene BUSFIELD Wife M 27   GER Wertenburg 57a
20 7 Bryan Street Oliver WARD Head M 53 Iron Turner Farsley 57a
    Sarah WARD Wife M 50   Farsley 57a
    Harry WARD Son S 24 Engineer's Pattern Maker Farsley 57a
    Ada WARD Dau S 22 Woolen Cloth Mender Farsley 57a
21 9 Bryan Street Walter FARRAR Head M 71 Woolen Mill Warper Bagley 57a
    Maria FARRAR Wife M 59   Bradford 57a
22 11 Bryan Street George ATKINSON Head M 46 Butcher Kirkstall 57a
    Harriet ATKINSON Wife M 46   Farsley 57a
    Beatrice ATKINSON Dau S 22 Worsted Cloth Weaver Kirkstall 57a
    Thomas D ATKINSON Son S 17 Iron * Appr Leeds 57a
    Harold ATKINSON Son S 14 Worsted Mill Doffer Leeds 57a
    Ethel ATKINSON Dau S 11 Scholar Dewsbury 57a
23 13 Bryan Street Alfred HALSTEAD Head M 37 Worsted Drawing Manager Bailiff Bridge Hill 57b
    Ann E HALSTEAD Wife M 37   Manningham 57b
    Edith HALSTEAD Dau S 13   Manningham 57b
    Thomas HALSTEAD Son S 11 Scholar Allerton 57b
24 15 Bryan Street John HOLDSWORTH Head M 58 Woolen Mill OverLooker Stanningley 57b
    Rose HOLDSWORTH Wife M 56   Farsley 57b
    Alice HOLDSWORTH Dau S 33 Woolen Burler Farsley 57b
25 Bryan Street Halliday LEE Head M 26 Woolen Fettler Calverley Bridge 57b
    Hannah LEE Wife M 24 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 57b
26 17 Bryan Street Hannah DICKINSON Head w 53   WES Askham 57b
    Sarah J DICKINSON Dau S 24 Worsted Comb Minder Greengates 57b
    Ada DICKINSON Dau S 19 Worsted Burler Tong 57b
    Ernest J DICKINSON Son S 15 Worsted Cloth Warehouse Boy Tong 57b
    Thomas MATTHEWS Board S 23 Police Constable West Rid. DUR Witton le Wear 57b
27 19 Bryan Street Walter WHITEHEAD Head M 31 Stationary Engine Driver Calverley 57b
    Mary WHITEHEAD Wife M 33   Farsley 57b
    Ann E WHITEHEAD Dau S 3   Farsley 57b
    Alan Wood WHITEHEAD Son S 2   Farsley 57b
28 21 Bryan Street Edwin BUSFIELD Head M 61 Woolen Box Minder Farsley 57b
    Sarah BUSFIELD Wife M 61   Farsley 57b
    Benjamin BUSFIELD Son S 25 P..? Sand Getter Farsley 57b
    Sarah E BUSFIELD Dau S 19 Woolen Burler Farsley 57b
29 23 Bryan Street William A DOWGILL Head M 31 Wool Sorter Calverley 57b
    Jane DOWGILL Wife M 32   Farsley 57b
    Harry DOWGILL Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 57b
    Reuben DOWGILL Son S 3   Farsley 57b
    Annie DOWGILL Dau S 1   Farsley 57b
30 25 Bryan Street Isaac KEIGHLEY Head M 49 Woolen Piece Percher Farsley 57b
    Sarah KEIGHLEY Wife M 46   Farsley 57b
    Benjamin KEIGHLEY Son S 21 Wool Power Loom Tuner Farsley 57b
    Priscilla KEIGHLEY Dau S 19 Worsted Cloth Weaver Farsley 57b
31 27 Bryan Street Edward BUSFIELD Head M 62 Woolen Rag Puller Farsley 58a
    Mary Ann BUSFIELD Wife M 63   Farsley 58a
    Annie BUSFIELD Dau S 32 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 58a
    Ada BUSFIELD Dau S 19 Worsted Piece Mender Farsley 58a
32 29 Bryan Street William THOMPSON Head M 39 Worsted Weaver OverLooker Coulton 58a
    Eliza THOMPSON Wife M 38   Farsley 58a
    Fred THOMPSON Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 58a
    Florence Mary THOMPSON Dau S 4   Farsley 58a
33 31 Bryan Street Joseph SMITH Head M 59 Carding OverLooker Farsley 58a
    Christiana SMITH Wife M 57   Farsley 58a
    Annie SMITH Dau S 19 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bramley 58a
34 33 Bryan Street Charles R THREAPLETON Head M 30 Woolen Weaving OverLooker Farsley 58a
    Agnes THREAPLETON Wife M 29   Farsley 58a
    Edwin P THREAPLETON Son S 5m   Farsley 58a
35 34 Bryan Street James WILKINSON Head M 51 Canal Labourer Guiseley 58a
    Selena WILKINSON Wife M 48 Woolen Burler Farsley 58a
    Frances M CARTER Niece S 24 DressMaker Farsley 58a
36 35 RoseVille Terrace Mary KEIGHLEY Head w 65   Eccleshill 58a
    Charles KEIGHLEY Wife S 31 Steam Crane Fitter Farsley 58a
37 37 RoseVille Terrace James WALKER Head M 58 Life Insurance Agent Farsley 58a
    Ruth WALKER Wife M 46   Farsley 58a
    Joe WALKER Son S 18 Worsted Cloth Packer Farsley 58a
    Thomas R WALKER Son S 16 Life Insurance Collector Farsley 58a
    Alice Mary M WALKER Dau S 11 Scholar Farsley 58a
38 39 RoseVille Terrace John Wm BUSFIELD Head M 33 FellMonger Farsley 58a
    Mary Elizabeth BUSFIELD Head M 30   Batley Carr 58a
    Marian BUSFIELD Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 58a
    Carleton BUSFIELD Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 58a
    Florence BUSFIELD Dau S 3   Farsley 58a
39 41 RoseVille Terrace Thomas BATTY Head M 26 Police Constable West Rid. Wilberfoss 58b
    Annie BATTY Wife M 36   Wilberfoss 58b
    Elizabeth F B H* Step dau S 13 Woolen Twister Wilberfoss 58b
    Margaret B BATTY Dau S 6 Scholar Doncaster 58b
    Edith BATTY Dau S 3 Scholar Farsley 58b
40 43 RoseVille Terrace Mary MARSHALL Head w 56   Bradford 58b
    Henry MARSHALL Son S 21 Worsted Spinning ? Farsley 58b
    Joseph BROADBENT Lodg S 24 ? Farsley 58b
41 45 RoseVille Terrace William WADE Head M 35 Stationary Engine Driver Farsley 58b
    Hannah M WADE Wife M 33   Yeadon 58b
    John WADE Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 58b
    Edwin WADE Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 58b
    Samuel PRESTON Lodg S 22 Worsted Tenterer Yeadon 58b
42 47 RoseVille Terrace Sabina RAYNER Head w 56 Woolen Burler Pudsey 58b
    Hannah RAYNER Dau S 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 58b
    Alfred RAYNER Son S 20 Worsted Comb Fettler Pudsey 58b
    Mary RAYNER Dau S 18 Worsted Burler Pudsey 58b
    Arthur RAYNER Son S 15 Worsted tyer-on Pudsey 58b
43 49 RoseVille Terrace Sabina GRIMSHAW Head M 56   Farsley 58b
    Irwin GRIMSHAW Son M 33 Woolen Mule Spinner Farsley 58b
    Rachel GRIMSHAW Dau S 26 Worsted Cloth Mender Farsley 58b
    Clara GRIMSHAW Dau S 24 Worsted Cloth Mender Farsley 58b
    John Thos GRIMSHAW Son S 18 Woolen Mule Piecner Farsley 58b
    Annie GRIMSHAW Dau S 14 Worsted Piece Mender Farsley 58b
44 51 RoseVille Terrace Adonijah HOLLINGS Head M 42 House Decorator & Painter Farsley 58b
    Margaret HOLLINGS Wife M 38   Isle of Man 58b
    Reuben A HOLLINGS Son S 16 House Painter's Appr USA Rhode Island 58b
    Charles E HOLLINGS Son S 11 Scholar Farsley 58b
    Robert C HOLLINGS Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 58b
    Agnes HOLLINGS Dau S 5m   Farsley 58b
45 53 RoseVille Terrace James GALLOWAY Head M 53 Tailor Leeds 59a
    Hannah GALLOWAY Wife M 56   Calverley 59a
    William GALLOWAY Son S 20 Mechanic's Apprentice Leeds 59a
    Benjamin GALLOWAY Son S 16 Tailor's Apprentice Leeds 59a
    Sarah MUSGREAVE s in l w 53 [Paralyzed] Calverley 59a
46 55 RoseVille Terrace Martha A WALKER Sist S 38 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 59a
47 57 RoseVille Terrace Charles WHITELEY Head M 31 Worsted Mill Mechanic Farsley 59a
    Mary E WHITELEY Wife M 32   Farsley 59a
    Ethel WHITELEY Dau S 3   Farsley 59a
    Clifford WHITELEY Son S 1   Farsley 59a
48 59 RoseVille Terrace Alexander WILSON Head M 70 Retired Millwright SCT Paisley 59a
    Jane WILSON Wife M 66   SCT Paisley 59a
    Margaret JONES Dau M 40 Tailoress USA Conneticut 59a
    Jessie Maud JONES Gdau S 3   Leeds 59a
49 61 RoseVille Terrace David PROCTER Head M 38 Wool WarehouseMan Farsley 59a
    Mary PROCTER Wife M 39   Farsley 59a
    Fred PROCTER Son S 16 Worsted Mechanic Appr Farsley 59a
    Whiteley PROCTER Son S 15 Worsted Factory Boy Farsley 59a
    Charles PROCTER Son S 11 Worsted Factory Boy Farsley 59a
    Harold PROCTER Son S 3   Farsley 59a
    N K [Edmund?] PROCTER Son S 1m   Farsley 59a
50 63 RoseVille Terrace Martha BOOCOCK Head S 49 HouseKeeper Farsley 59a
    Elizabeth BOOCOCK Sist S 47 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 59a
    Sarah BOOCOCK Sist S 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 59a
    Jane BOOCOCK Sist S 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 59a
51 65 RoseVille Terrace Fred KEIGHLEY Head M 34 Worsted Drawing OverLooker Farsley 59a
    Jane KEIGHLEY Wife M 33   Farsley 59a
    William Parkinson KEIGHLEY Son S 7 Scholar Farsley 59a
    Sydney KEIGHLEY Son S 3   Farsley 59a
    David KEIGHLEY Son S 4m   Farsley 59a
52 67 RoseVille Terrace Nanny HALEY Head w 66 Living on own Means Farsley 59b
    Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Lodg w 70 Living on own Means Armley 59b
53 69 RoseVille Terrace Joseph HARGREAVE Head M 46 Wool WarehouseMan Farsley 59b
    Christiana HARGREAVE Wife M 47   Farsley 59b
    Mary HARGREAVE Dau S 25 Worsted Carding ? Farsley 59b
    Ada HARGREAVE Dau S 23 Carding in Worsted Mill Farsley 59b
    Annie HARGREAVE Dau S 20 Carding in Worsted Mill Farsley 59b
    Rebecca HARGREAVE Dau S 18 Carding in Worsted Mill Farsley 59b
    Alice HARGREAVE Dau S 11 Scholar Farsley 59b
54 18 Bryan Street David KEIGHLEY Head S 73 Worsted Mill Roller Pudsey 59b
    Mary Ann DUFFIELD Sist w 72   Pudsey 59b
    Martha A DUFFIELD Niece S 35 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 59b
    Willie DUFFIELD Neph S 26 Steam Engine Fitter Farsley 59b
55 16 Bryan Street Robert H PROCTER Head M 36 Woolen Fettler Farsley 59b
    Alice PROCTER Wife M 38   Calverley 59b
    George Arnold PROCTER Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 59b
    Myra Annie PROCTER Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 59b
    Mary PROCTER Dau S 4 Scholar Farsley 59b
    Raymond PROCTER Son S 3   Farsley 59b
56 14 Bryan Street Joseph HIGGINS Head M 25 Worsted Weaver OverLooker Farsley 59b
    Ada HIGGINS Wife M 23 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 59b
    Lavinia HIGGINS Dau S 3 [Imbecile] Farsley 59b
    Harold Percy HIGGINS Son S 8m   Farsley 59b
    Hannah TURNER m in l w 63 [Partially Deaf] LAN Colne 59b
57 12 Bryan Street Joseph C BROWN Head M 41 Woolen Fettler Farsley 59b
    Mary Ann BROWN Wife M 39   Farsley 59b
    Amy BROWN Dau S 14 Worsted Coating Mender Farsley 59b
    Polly BROWN Dau S 12 Scholar Farsley 59b
    Florence BROWN Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 59b
    Charles BROWN Son S 7 Scholar Farsley 59b
    Lilian BROWN Dau S 1   Farsley 59b
58 10 Bryan Street Nancy WADE Head S 55 Worsted Web Warper Farsley 60a
59 8 Bryan Street Mary Ann WILSON Head w 76   Birstall 60a
    Sarah Ann WILSON Dau S 37 Worsted Drawer Rodley 60a
    Jane Elizabeth WILSON Dau S 34 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 60a
60 2 Bryan Street Emanuel WADE Head M 62 Local Board Clerk Bagley 60a
  Local Board Offices Lydia WADE Wife M 59   Farsley 60a
    John WADE Son S 22 Clothing Wholesaler Farsley 60a
    Frank WADE Son S 19 Worsted Coating Mfgr Farsley 60a
    Alice Mary WADE Dau S 17   Farsley 60a
61 2 Bryan Street Henry BROOK Head M 33 Worsted Coating Designer Farsley 60a
    Sarah BROOK Wife M 34   Bramley 60a
    Alice Jane FARRAR Niece S 6 Scholar Bramley 60a
62 Commercial House Eliza HOLLINGS Head M 63 Grocer Wortley 60a
  [Grocer's Shop] Benjamin HOLLINGS Wife M 25 Po* Clerk Farsley 60a
    Harold HOLLINGS Son S 22 Medical Student Farsley 60a
63 The Green Abraham PEARSON Head M 55 Farmer Farsley 60a
  [Farm House] Ellen PEARSON Wife M 54 Farmer's Wife Farsley 60a
    Sarah E PEARSON Dau S 19   Farsley 60a
    Mary THREAPLETON m in l w 84   Farsley 60a
    Emma THREAPLETON s in l S 61 Worsted Burler Farsley 60a
64 The Green Edward PARKINSON Head M 30 Farmer & Butcher Farsley 60a
  [Farm House] Emily PARKINSON Wife M 28 Farmer & Butcher Asst Farsley 60a
    Grace Ann PARKINSON Dau S 6 Scholar Farsley 60a
    Eva PARKINSON Dau S 4   Farsley 60a
    William PARKINSON Son S 10m   Farsley 60a
    Hannah PARKINSON Dau S 27 Worsted Coating Mender Farsley 60a
65 The Green Herbert HAINSWORTH Head M 30 Tailor & Farmer Farsley 60a
  [Farm House] Elizabeth HAINSWORTH Wife M 34 Assistant Stanningley 60a
    Harold HAINSWORTH Son S 13 Scholar Farsley 60a
    Annie PALMER Serv S 31 Domestic Servant NBL Sandybank 60a
    John Hy WARRINGTON Serv S 14 Farm Servant Saxton 60a
66 Lees Lane Cottages Hiram GRIMSHAW Head M 31 Joiner Farsley 60b
    Martha GRIMSHAW Wife M 32   Farsley 60b
    Sherman GRIMSHAW Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 60b
    Lucilla GRIMSHAW Dau S 5 Scholar Farsley 60b
    Joseph GRIMSHAW Son S 6m   Farsley 60b
67 Lees Lane Cottages Israel GRIMSHAW Head M 42 Woolen Power Loom Tuner Farsley 60b
    Emma GRIMSHAW Wife M 36   Farsley 60b
    Emily GRIMSHAW Dau S 15 Woolen Piece Mender Farsley 60b
    Polly GRIMSHAW Dau S 13 Woolen Twister Farsley 60b
    ? GRIMSHAW Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 60b
    Lillian GRIMSHAW Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 60b
    Willie GRIMSHAW Son S 3   Farsley 60b
    Agnes GRIMSHAW Dau S 1   Farsley 60b
68 ?? Home Benjamin HOLDSWORTH Head M 48 Woolen Condenser Foreman Farsley 60b
    Ruth HOLDSWORTH Wife M 47   Farsley 60b
    Sarah HOLDSWORTH Dau S 23 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 60b
    Mary E HOLDSWORTH Dau S 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 60b
    Elizabeth HOLDSWORTH Dau S 17 Woolen Burler Farsley 60b
    Harriet HOLDSWORTH Dau S 15 Woolen Burler Farsley 60b
    Robert HOLDSWORTH Son S 11 Scholar Farsley 60b
69 5 Calverley Lane Harry PEARSON Head M 38 Worsted OverLooker Farsley 60b
    Sarah A PEARSON Wife M 37   Farsley 60b
    Elizabeth PEARSON Dau S 15 Worsted Burler & Wool Piecer Farsley 60b
    Eva PEARSON Dau S 13 Woolen tie-er in Farsley 60b
    John Wm PEARSON Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 60b
    Emily PEARSON Dau S 1   Farsley 60b
70 1 Calverley Lane Henry MARSHALL Head M 29 Worsted Tenterer Farsley 60b
    Julia MARSHALL Wife M 24 Worsted Weaver IRL Dublin 60b
71 3 Calverley Lane William MOODY Head M 37 Joiner Worsnop-Thornbury 61a
    Matilda MOODY Wife M 42   Calverley 61a
    Ada MOODY Dau S 5 Scholar LAN Manchester 61a
    James MOODY Son S 3   LAN Broughton 61a
72 4 Priesthorpe John BUSFIELD Head M 60 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 61a
    Betty BUSFIELD Wife M 57   Stanningley 61a
    Clara BUSFIELD Dau S 33 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 61a
    Martha A BUSFIELD Dau S 30 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 61a
    Elizabeth BUSFIELD Dau S 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 61a
    Arthur BUSFIELD Son S 21 Worsted Drawing OverLooker Farsley 61a
    Ada BUSFIELD Dau S 17 Worsted Cloth Weaver Farsley 61a
    Ernest BUSFIELD Son S 16 Boiler Maker Appr - Foundry Farsley 61a
73 6 Priesthorpe Peter PEARSON Head M 41 Wool WarehouseMan Farsley 61a
    Mary PEARSON Wife M 41   Farsley 61a
    Sarah PEARSON Dau S 15 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 61a
    John Wm PEARSON Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 61a
74 8 Priesthorpe John Ed BUSFIELD Head M 29 Cabinet Maker Farsley 61a
    Marietta BUSFIELD Wife M 24   Farsley 61a
75 10 Priesthorpe Joseph GRIMSHAW Head M 29 Worsted Weaving OverLooker Farsley 61a
    Rona GRIMSHAW Wife M 32   Farsley 61a
    Maud GRIMSHAW Dau S 3   Farsley 61a
76 2 Priesthorpe Joseph GALLOWAY Head M 23 Worsted Cloth Finisher Farsley 61a
    Anne GALLOWAY Wife M 22 Worsted Cloth Weaver Rodley 61a
    Ethel KEIGHLEY Visitor S 7 Scholar Bradford 61a
77 12 Priesthorpe Eliza NEAL Head w 59   HUN Fawcett 61a
    Walter NEAL Son S 31 Ag Labourer HUN Fawcett 61a
    Victoria NEAL Dau S 29 Woolen Cloth Weaver HUN Fawcett 61a
    Annie NEAL Dau S 23 Woolen Cloth Weaver HUN Fawcett 61a
    James NEAL Son S 21 Iron Moulder's Labourer Farsley 61a
78 14 Priesthorpe Road James KEIGHLEY Head M 46 Worsted Warp Dresser Rodley 61b
    Sarah KEIGHLEY Wife M 45 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 61b
    Joseph KEIGHLEY Son M 24 Worsted OverLooker Rodley 61b
    Polly KEIGHLEY d in l M 24 Worsted Coating Weaver Bradford 61b
    William KEIGHLEY Son S 19 Worsted OverLooker Rodley 61b
    Arthur KEIGHLEY Son S 18 Steam Crane Fitter Rodley 61b
    Walter NEWBOULD Neph S 15 Worsted Cloth Finisher Rodley 61b
79 16 Priesthorpe Road John SEDGWICK Head M 67 Worsted Roller Coverer Leeds 61b
    Sarah SEDGWICK Wife M 65   Woodhouse C ? 61b
    Sarah E HOULDEN Dau w 31   Bradford 61b
80 18 Priesthorpe Road George RUNWELL Head M 48 Engine Fitter Meanwood 61b
    Mary Ann RUNWELL Wife M 41   Masham 61b
    Vincent RUNWELL Son S 11 Scholar Shelley nr Huddersfield 61b
81 20 Priesthorpe Road Benjamin HAINSWORTH Head M 66 Retired Wool Cloth Wvr [Deaf] Stanningley 61b
    Emma HAINSWORTH Wife M 59   Farsley 61b
    Rebecca HAINSWORTH Dau S 31   Farsley 61b
    Allison HAINSWORTH Dau S 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 61b
    Daniel HAINSWORTH Gson S 8 Scholar Farsley 61b
82 22 Priesthorpe Road John HARGREAVES Head M 34 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 61b
    Frances HARGREAVES Wife M 31   Farsley 61b
    Farrar HARGREAVES Son S 12 Scholar Farsley 61b
    Herbert HARGREAVES Son S 11 Scholar Farsley 61b
    Florence HARGREAVES Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 61b
    Ernest HARGREAVES Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 61b
    Ewart HARGREAVES Son S 3   Farsley 61b
    Percy HARGREAVES Son S 1   Farsley 61b
83 24 Priesthorpe Road Isaac KEIGHLEY Head M 35 Steam Engine Fitter Farsley 61b
    Sarah KEIGHLEY Wife M 33   Farsley 61b
    Edith KEIGHLEY Dau S 6 Scholar Farsley 61b
    Emily KEIGHLEY Dau S 1   Farsley 61b
84 26 Priesthorpe Road James Wm WALKER Head M 28 Wool Sorter Farsley 62a
    Hannah M WALKER Wife M 28   Farsley 62a
85 28 Priesthorpe Road Robert DICKINSON Head M 61 Woolen Mill Labourer Bramley 62a
    Ellen DICKINSON Wife M 48   Farsley 62a
    Mary H WALKER Step dau S 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 62a
86 30 Priesthorpe Road Simeon BUSFIELD Head M 60 Manager five Exch* W* Farsley 62a
    Hannah BUSFIELD Wife M 59   Farsley 62a
    Sarah Ann BUSFIELD Dau S 33 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 62a
    Ada BUSFIELD Dau S 22 Worsted Knotter Farsley 62a
87 Town Street David STRICKLAND Head M 61 InnKeeper Bramley 62a
  [Fleece Inn] Mary STRICKLAND Wife M 53   LAN Arkholme 62a
    Joshua William STRICKLAND Son S 15 Scholar Bramley 62a
    David A STRICKLAND Son S 11 Scholar Apperley Bridge 62a
    Annie SAVILLE Serv S 22 General Domestic Servant Headingley 62a
88 North Cape House Edward PEARSON Head M 36 Worsted Mill Plumber Pudsey 62a
    Mary PEARSON Wife M 34   Pudsey 62a
    Annie PEARSON Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Frame Minder Pudsey 62a
    Irwin PEARSON Son S 9 Scholar Pudsey 62a
    George Edward PEARSON Son S 6 Scholar Pudsey 62a
    Martha Elizabeth PEARSON Dau S 4   Pudsey 62a
89 6 Bagley Lane James HARGREAVES Head M 38 Woolen Mill Rag Puller Farsley 62a
    Rebecca HARGREAVES Wife M 41 Worsted Coating Mender Farsley 62a
    Eli PEARSON f in l w 74 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 62a
90 North Street Mary Anne FARRER Dau S 26   Farsley 62a
    David FARRER Son S 21 Traveller for Woolen Waste Merchant Farsley 62a
91 4Cockhill Sabina R LAMBERT Head w 59   Farsley 62b
    Mary H LAMBERT Dau S 24 Worsted Coating Weaver Woodhouse Leeds 62b
    James BROWN Board S 69 Wool Scourer Bradford 62b
    Harry LAMBERT Gson S 4 Scholar Halifax 62b
    Maggie DALY Board S 20 Worsted Drawer Leeds 62b
    Martha DALY Board S 22 Worsted Spinning Frame Minder Leeds 62b
92 20 Bagley Lane Hannah MARSH Head M 44 Worsted Box Minder Bradford 62b
    William Ed MARSH Son S 27 Wool Dryer Middlebro 62b
    Frances E MARSH Dau S 16 Worsted ? Bradford 62b
93 22 Bagley Lane Thomas B THOMPSON Head M 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 62b
    Jessie THOMPSON Wife M 31   LIN Middle ? 62b
    Annie L THOMPSON Dau S 15 Woolen Burler Pudsey 62b
    Thomas Russell THOMPSON Son S 1   Farsley 62b
94 24 Bagley Lane David SMITH Head M 33 General Labourer Farsley 62b
    Eliza SMITH Wife M 32   Rodley 62b
    Clara Louisa SMITH Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 62b
    John SMITH Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 62b
    Benjamin SMITH Son S 4 Scholar Farsley 62b
    Frank SMITH Son S 2   Farsley 62b
    George Wm SMITH Son S 1m   Farsley 62b
95 Bagley Lane Joseph ALLERTON Head M 59 Watch & ClockMaker Farsley 62b
  [Grocer's Shop] Sarah A ALLERTON Wife M 47 DressMaker & Grocer Yeadon 62b
    John Wm ALLERTON Son S 17 Steam Crane Works Clerk Farsley 62b
    Sarah Ellen ALLERTON Dau S 16 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 62b
    Benjamin W ALLERTON Son S 15 Iron Foundry Appr Farsley 62b
    Agnes ALLERTON Dau S 11 Scholar Farsley 62b
    Eva ALLERTON Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 62b
    Jonathan Watkinson ALLERTON Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 62b
96 Bagley Lane John WHITEHEAD Head w 53 Steam Engine Maker Calverley 63a
  Coal Hill Road Emily HOLGATE Step dau S 33 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 63a
    Rhoda HOLGATE Dau S 29 Living on own Means Calverley 63a
    Henry WHITEHEAD Son S 25 Iron Turner Farsley 63a
    Freddy WHITEHEAD Son S 17 Iron Moulder Appr Farsley 63a
    Frank WHITEHEAD Gson S 1   Farsley 63a
97 30 St. Wilfred's Terr Susannah CAWSON Head w 47   Calverley 63a
    Arthur CAWSON Son S 24 Worsted Mfgr's Clerk Calverley 63a
    Isaac E CAWSON Son S 21 Worsted Combing Labourer Calverley 63a
98 32 St. Wilfred's Terr William WHEATLEY Head M 26 Power Loom Tuner Bramley 63a
    Jane WHEATLEY Wife M 26 Woolen Piece ? Calverley 63a
99 34 St. Wilfred's Terr Walter DAVISON Head M 31 Woolen Cloth Fuller Calverley 63a
    Ellen E DAVISON Wife M 30   NOR Grt Yarmouth 63a
    Sarah E DAVISON Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 63a
100 36 St. Wilfred's Terr Emily WADE Head S 31 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 63a
    Elizabeth WADE Sist S 26 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 63a
    Ada WADE Sist S 22 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 63a
    Joseph WADE Bro S 19 Power Loom Tuner Farsley 63a
101 38 St. Wilfred's Terr Richard TAYLOR Head M 29 MillWright Northallerton 63a
    Sarah TAYLOR Wife M 29 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 63a
102 40 St. Wilfred's Terr Joseph BARNES Head M 62 Canal Labourer Armley 63a
    Hannah BARNES Wife M 30 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rodley 63a
    Christiana BARNES Dau S 28 Woolen Cloth Burler Rodley 63a
103 42 St. Wilfred's Terr Josiah BARRAN Head M 31 Woolen Fettler Farsley 63a
    Clara BARRAN Wife M 27   Farsley 63a
    Morris BARRAN Son S 13   Farsley 63a
104 44 St. Wilfred's Terr William HOLLINGS Head S 36 Woolen Cloth Weaver Leeds 63a
    Hannah E HOLLINGS Sist S 40 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 63a
105 46 St. Wilfred's Terr Benjamin CARLISLE Head M 28 Plumber Calverley 63a
    Sarah CARLISLE Wife M 31   Farsley 63a
    Albert Hedley CARLISLE Son S 3   Farsley 63a
106 48 St. Wilfred's Terr Robert LISTER Head M 46 Woolen Mill Carrier Farsley 63b
    Mary A LISTER Wife M 47   Farsley 63b
    Clara LISTER Dau S 20 Woolen Cloth Weaver Leeds 63b
    Willie LISTER Son S 17 Worsted Mill Engine Stoker Leeds 63b
107 Bagley Lane Isaac COLE Head M 44 Gas Stoker in Gas Works WIL Lacock 63b
  * House Eliza COLE Wife M 45   WIL Chippenham 63b
    Frances COLE Dau S 19 Machine Fitter Pudsey 63b
    Albert Hy COLE Son S 17 Gas Meter Inspector Farsley 63b
    Ernest Aldridge COLE Son S 11 Scholar Farsley 63b
    Laura Beatrice COLE Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 63b
108 Bagley Lane Joseph WINN Head M 37 Coal Merchant & Farmer Rodley 63b
  [Farm] Mary WINN Wife M 38 Farmer's Wife Bagley 63b
    Edith WINN Dau S 12 Scholar Bagley 63b
    Anne E WINN Dau S 10 Scholar Bagley 63b
109 Bank Bottom MillYard James William HOLDSWORTH Head M 54 Wool Dyer Farsley 63b
    Priscilla HOLDSWORTH Wife M 42 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 63b
110 Bank Bottom MillYard Hannah CLARKSON Head S 63 Retired Woolen Warper Farsley 63b
    Elizabeth WALKER Serv S 52 Nurse & HouseKeeper Farsley 63b
111 Chapel House John HUDSON Head M 38 Chapel Caretaker Bradford 63b
    Roseann HUDSON Wife M 36   Tong 63b
    Mary H HUDSON Dau S 15 Woolen Web Warper Farnley 63b
    Alice HUDSON Dau S 12 Scholar & Half-Timer Farnley 63b
    Ethel HUDSON Dau S 9 Scholar Farnley 63b
112 1 Chapel Street, George CALVERLEY Head M 62 Retired Woolen Cloth Weaver Lindley 63b
  Bagley Sarah CALVERLEY Wife M 65   Bagley 63b
    Martha A CALVERLEY Dau S 37 Woolen Cloth Mender Farsley 63b
113 4 Chapel Street, George HAINSWORTH Head M 69 Worsted Wool Worker Bagley 63b
  Bagley Sarah HAINSWORTH Wife M 69   Bramley 63b
    Sabina HAINSWORTH Dau S 26 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Bagley 63b
114 1 Town Street, Ruth ALLERTON Head w 75   Farsley 64a
  Bagley Zacheus ALLERTON Son S 48 Woolen Willier Farsley 64a
    Benjamin ALLERTON Son S 37 Combing Machine Minder Bagley 64a
    Eli ALLERTON Son M 46 Woolen Willier Bagley 64a
115 3 Town Street, John SHAW Head M 58 General Labourer Holmfirth 64a
  Bagley Mary SHAW Wife M 51   Holmfirth 64a
    Ann BOOTH Dau w 32 Spinning Machine Bobbin Remover Holmfirth 64a
    Sarah SHAW Dau S 23   Sheffield 64a
    Henry SHAW Son S 20 Iron Foundry Labourer Rodley 64a
    Charley SHAW Son S 15 Worsted Mill Doffer Rodley 64a
    Laura SHAW Dau S 12 Scholar Rodley 64a
    Henry SHAW Gson S 10 Scholar Rodley 64a
    Joseph DRIVER ? Gson S 22 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 64a
    John SIMPSON Gson S 32 Iron Turner Holbeck 64a
116 5 Town Street, Abraham LONG Head M 42 Carding/Scribbling Machine Filler Guiseley 64a
  Bagley Grace A LONG Wife M 32 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bagley 64a
    Sarah E LONG Dau S 14 ? Otley 64a
117 7 Town Street, David PEARSON Head M 40 ? Farsley 64a
  Bagley Leah PEARSON Wife M 38   Farsley 64a
    Walter PEARSON Son S 15 Pattern Maker's Appr Farsley 64a
    John PEARSON Son S 11 Worsted Mill Doffer Farsley 64a
    Joseph PEARSON Son S 7 Scholar Farsley 64a
    Walter FARRAR Son S 80 Retired Cloth Weaver Stanningley 64a
    James KEIGHLEY Head M 53 General Labourer Farsley 64a
    Maud KEIGHLEY Wife M 46   Farsley 64a
    Charles Henry KEIGHLEY Son S 16 Wool Scourer Farsley 64a
    Florence KEIGHLEY Dau S 13 Worsted Doffer Farsley 64a
    Samuel GILES Lodg S 23 Worsted Mill Engine Stoker GLO Stroud 64a
119 1 South Street, Daniel B SMITH Head M 44 General Labourer   64b
  Bagley Mary A SMITH Wife M 44     64b
    John Wm SMITH Son S 18 Crane Fitter's Appr Horsforth 64b
    Mary E SMITH Dau S 16 Worsted Frame Mender Horsforth 64b
    Charles SMITH Son S 14 Worsted Mill Doffer Horsforth 64b
    Samuel Malthouse SMITH Son S 9 Scholar Horsforth 64b
120 2 South Street, Fred HANSON Head M 28 Woolen Cloth OverLooker Bradford 64b
  Bagley Emily HANSON Wife M 31   Wakefield 64b
    Albert HANSON Son S 3   Wakefield 64b
    Florence E HANSON Dau S 7m   Guiseley 64b
121 3 South Street, John R MUSGRAVE Head M 24 Woolen Fettler Farsley 64b
  Bagley Alice MUSGRAVE Wife M 22   Holbeck 64b
    Jonathan Gaunt MUSGRAVE Son S 6m   Farsley 64b
122 Town St, Bagley James WADE Head S 54 Living on own Means Bagley 64b
123 Bagley Jonas HORN Head M 60 Worsted Box Minder Bagley 64b
    Maria HORN Wife M 62   Stanningley 64b
    Polly HORN Dau S 17 Worsted Box Minder Farsley 64b
124 Bagley Elijah HORN Head M 53 Wool Sorter Farsley 64b
    Sarah E HORN Wife M 43   Farsley 64b
    Annie HORN Dau S 21 Worsted Coating Mender Farsley 64b
    Arthur E HORN Son S 20 Worsted Power Loom Tuner Farsley 64b
    Agnes HORN Dau S 17 Worsted Coating Mender Farsley 64b
    Sarah HORN Dau S 11 Scholar Farsley 64b
    Emily HORN Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 64b
    Harry HORN Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 64b
    Caroline HORN Dau S 3   Farsley 64b
    Hilda HORN Dau S 1   Farsley 64b
125 13 Mary Street Jane BOLTON Head S 37 Grocer Farsley 64b
  [Grocer's Shop] Martha BOLTON Sist S 47 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 64b
126 3 Mary Street George WAITE Head M 62 Woolen Mill OverLooker Bramley 65a
    Ann WAITE Wife M 61   Farsley 65a
    John WAITE Son S 30 Woolen Mill OverLooker Farsley 65a
127 4 Mary Street Fred BARRAND Head M 33 Iron Moulder Bagley 65a
    Emily BARRAND Wife M 33   Huddersfield 65a
    Annie BARRAND Dau S 11 Scholar Bagley 65a
    Rose BARRAND Dau S 9 Scholar Bagley 65a
    Arthur BARRAND Son S 4   Bagley 65a
    Beatrice BARRAND Dau S 1   Bagley 65a
128 5 Mary Street Job THREAPLETON Head M 68 Woolen Mill Horse Driver Farsley 65a
    Mary THREAPLETON Wife M 67   Calverley 65a
129   John Wm DOBSON Head M 28 Iron Foundry Labourer Stanningley 65a
    Mary H DOBSON Wife M 28 Woolen Piece Burler Farsley 65a
    Fred DOBSON Son S 2   Stanningley 65a
130 15 Bagley Joseph MYERS Head S 58 Farm Labourer Farsley 65a
131 17 Bagley Alice WHITAKER Head S 35 Dress & Mantle Maker Farsley 65a
    Charles WHITAKER Bro S 34 Iron Foundry Clerk Farsley 65a
    Martha A WHITAKER Sist S 29 HouseKeeper Farsley 65a
    Ada WHITAKER Sist S 26 Dress & Mantle Maker Farsley 65a
    Isaac A WHITAKER Bro S 23 Draper's Assistant Farsley 65a
132 18 Bagley Henry WADE Head S 30 Waste Puller Farsley 65a
    Fred WADE Bro S 28   Farsley 65a
    Ann E HARDESTY Serv w 46 Domestic HouseKeeper Rodley 65a
133 19 Bagley Mary Ann ANDERSON Head M 49 Worsted Mill Wool Clipper LAN Liverpool 65a
    Lily GOTT Lodg S 20 Worsted Mill Wool Clipper Farsley 65a
134 20 Bagley John Hy BROWN Head M 27 Woolen Mule Spinner Armley 65a
    Mary E BROWN Wife M 23   Hunslet 65a
    Lillian E BROWN Dau S 4   Hunslet 65a
    Rhoda E BROWN Dau S 2   Hunslet 65a
    Harold BROWN Son S 8m   Farsley 65a
135 21 Bagley Thomas LUMBY Head M 32 Woolen Cloth Fuller Stanningley 65b
    Eva LUMBY Wife M 32   Farsley 65b
    George William LUMBY Son S 1   Farsley 65b
136 22 Bagley Ann WOOD Head w 64   Farsley 65b
    Annie WOOD Dau S 23 Woolen Piece Mender Farsley 65b
137 Wade's Yard Matilda LANE/LUNN? Head S 33   Farsley 65b
    Rose Ann LANE/LUNN? Sist S 26 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 65b
    Alice LANE/LUNN? Niece S 6   Farsley 65b
138 Wade's Yard James BARRAND Head M 60 Green House Farsley 65b
    Rose BARRAND Wife M 58 ? In dyehouse, woollen mill Farsley 65b
139 Farm House Joseph THOMPSON Head M 51 Farmer Calverley 65b
    Anna THOMPSON Wife M 52   Leeds 65b
    Annie THOMPSON Dau S 26 Worsted Coating Weaver Farsley 65b
    Joseph THOMPSON Son S 17 Farmer's Son Farsley 65b
140 24 Bagley Jabez McNELSON Head M 46 Farm Labourer LIN Belton 65b
    Hannah McNELSON Wife M 51   LIN Greenhouse 65b
    Hannah E McNELSON Dau S 20 Worsted Card Filler Calverley 65b
    Edward McNELSON Son S 13 Worsted Mill Doffer Tong 65b
    George McNELSON Son S 10 Scholar Pudsey 65b
141 'Fishmonger's Shop' Isaac ARUNDALE Head M 36 Fish Salesman Farsley 65b
    Elizabeth ARUNDALE Wife M 36 Spice ShopKeeper Pudsey 65b
    Martha E ARUNDALE Dau S 15 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Stanningley 65b
    Tom ARUNDALE Son S 13 Worsted Mill Doffer Stanningley 65b
    Clara ARUNDALE Dau S 8 Scholar Rodley 65b
    Edith ARUNDALE Dau S 4   Farsley 65b
    Glover ARUNDALE Son S 2   Farsley 65b
142 18 Springfield Terrace Simeon MARSHALL Head M 41 Woolen Fettler Farsley 65b
    Betsy MARSHALL Wife M 40   Bramley 65b
    Elizabeth MARSHALL Dau S 19 Woolen Piece Mender Farsley 65b
143 16 Springfield Terrace George LUMBY Head M 28 Stationary Crane Maker Stanningley 66a
    Mary H LUMBY Wife M 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 66a
    Edith A LUMBY Dau S 2   Pudsey 66a
144 14 Springfield Terrace Harry OLDFIELD Head M 33 FellMonger Huddersfield 66a
    Mary A OLDFIELD Wife M 33   Farsley 66a
    Lavinia OLDFIELD Dau S 11 Scholar Farsley 66a
    Herbert OLDFIELD Son S 2   Farsley 66a
145 12 Springfield Terrace William WHITEHEAD Head M 48 BlackSmith Calverley 66a
    Martha WHITEHEAD Wife M 47   Stanningley 66a
    Willie WHITEHEAD Son S 18 General Mechanic [Iron] Stanningley 66a
    Harry WHITEHEAD Son S 15 General Mechanic [Iron] Farsley 66a
146 10 Springfield Terrace Benjamin BULLOCK Head M 37 Domestic Servant [Gardener] Wetwang 66a
    Emma BULLOCK Wife M 34   Mirfield 66a
    Mary A BULLOCK Dau S 8 Scholar Seacroft 66a
    Elizabeth BULLOCK Dau S 5 Scholar Seacroft 66a
147 8 Springfield Terrace Joseph MUSGRAVE Head M 37 Woolen Scribbling OverLooker Farsley 66a
    Maria MUSGRAVE Wife M 36   Bradford 66a
    Herbert MUSGRAVE Son S 12 Worsted Mill Doffer Farsley 66a
    Mary MUSGRAVE Dau S 11 Half Time Doffer Farsley 66a
    Elizabeth MUSGRAVE Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 66a
    John MUSGRAVE Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 66a
    William MUSGRAVE Son S 3   Farsley 66a
    Ernest MUSGRAVE Son S 1   Farsley 66a
148 6 Springfield Terrace William BELLWOOD Head M 42 FellMonger Rodley 66a
    Sarah A BELLWOOD Wife M 34   Farsley 66a
    Harriet E BELLWOOD Step dau S 14 Worsted Spinning Frame Minder Pudsey 66a
    Frances BELLWOOD Step dau S 13 Worsted Mill Doffer Stanningley 66a
    William BELLWOOD Step son S 11 Worsted Mill Bobbin Layer Farsley 66a
    Ann HAINSWORTH Dau S 4   Farsley 66a
149 4 Springfield Terrace George Hy CALVERLEY Head M 26 FellMonger Farsley 66b
    Annie CALVERLEY Wife M 23 French Polisher Leeds 66b
150 2 Springfield Terrace John BERRY Head M 34 Skin Yard Labourer Pudsey 66b
    Elizabeth BERRY Wife M 35   Bradford 66b
    Richard BERRY Son S 14 Worsted Mill Labourer Pudsey 66b
    George BERRY Son S 10 Worsted Mill Doffer Farsley 66b
    Margaret BERRY Dau S 5 Scholar Farsley 66b
    Sarah E BERRY Dau S 3   Farsley 66b
    Mary STILLINGS m in l w 74 On Relief Stanningley 66b
151 14 Cavendish Street John N HOLDSWORTH Head M 41 Cart Driver Farsley 66b
  BeckBottom Hannah N HOLDSWORTH Wife M 41 Woolen Piece Burler Farsley 66b
    Elizabeth N HOLDSWORTH Dau S 15 Woolen Web Warper Farsley 66b
    Emily HOLDSWORTH Dau S 11 Woolen Winder Farsley 66b
    Neal HOLDSWORTH Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 66b
152 16 Cavendish Street Harriet BARRAN Head w 51 Laundress Thorner 66b
153 19 Cavendish Street John BARNES Head M 65 Wool Packer Bramley 66b
    Ruth BARNES Wife M 60 Woolen Mill Burler Calverley 66b
    Mary C BARNES Dau S 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 66b
154 17 Cavendish Street Albert DEAN Head M 26 Worsted Mill Engine Driver Leeds 66b
    Mary DEAN Wife M 24   Guiseley 66b
    Beatrice DEAN Dau S 3   Yeadon 66b
    Arthur DEAN Son S 1   Yeadon 66b
    William DEAN Son S 4m   Farsley 66b
155 15 Cavendish Street Fred HELLIWELL Head M 31 General Labourer Bradford 66b
    Amelia HELLIWELL Wife M 37 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 66b
    Wilfred COWGILL Step son S 15 Bootmaker App Farsley 66b
    Herbert COWGILL Step son S 10 Scholar Farsley 66b
156 13 Cavendish Street Mary ALLOTT Head M 50 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 66b
    Arthur ALLOTT Son S 25 Woolen Mill Engine Driver Calverley 66b
157 11 Cavendish Street Jabez OVEREND Head M 37 Woolen Fettler Farsley 67a
  BeckBottom Mary OVEREND Wife M 36 Woolen Machine Warper Farsley 67a
    Howgate OVEREND Son S 12 Woolen Spinner Farsley 67a
    Harry OVEREND Son S 9 Scholar Farsley 67a
    Hedley OVEREND Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 67a
158 9 Cavendish Street Annie E JOWETT Head S 37 Woolen Cloth Weaver Idle 67a
    Cecilia JOWETT Dau S 11 Scholar Farsley 67a
159 7 Cavendish Street John M KNAPTON Head M 45 Grocer Leeds 67a
  Grocer's Shop Emma KNAPTON Wife M 42   Farsley 67a
    Maria KNAPTON Dau S 14 Woolen Knotter Farsley 67a
    Lizzie KNAPTON Dau S 12 Scholar Farsley 67a
    Ethel KNAPTON Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 67a
    Harry KNAPTON Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 67a
    Florence KNAPTON Dau S 5 Scholar Farsley 67a
    Ron KNAPTON Son S 2   Farsley 67a
160 11 Wood Square Sarah A OVEREND Head w 62 Laundress Leeds 67a
161 13 Wood Square Reuben BARRETT Head M 30 Boiler Maker Stanningley 67a
  BeckBottom Elizabeth BARRETT Wife M 30 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 67a
    John BARRETT Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 67a
    Alfred BARRETT Son S 3   Farsley 67a
    Ethel BARRETT Dau S 1   Farsley 67a
162 15 Wood Square Alfred SMITH Head M 24 Iron Foundry Core Maker Leeds 67a
  BeckBottom Alice M SMITH Wife M 21 Worsted Coating Mender Armley 67a
    Adelaide SMITH Dau S 9m   Farsley 67a
163 8 Wood Square William KEIGHLEY Head M 47 Worsted Mill Carrier Calverley 67a
  BeckBottom Mary KEIGHLEY Wife M 47 Woolen Cloth Weaver Holmfirth 67a
    James KEIGHLEY Fath w 69 Worsted Mill WatchMan Calverley 67a
164 10 Wood Square John FRENCH Head M 45 Iron Foundry Labourer SUF Paldauer 67b
    Hannah FRENCH Wife M 35   Castleford 67b
    John Wm FRENCH Son S 9 Scholar Calverley 67b
    Clara FRENCH Dau S 8 Scholar Calverley 67b
    Thomas R FRENCH Son S 3   Calverley 67b
    Mabel FRENCH Dau S 1   Farsley 67b
165 12 Wood Square Tom Brown RAWLING Head M 41 Woolen Cloth Finisher Bramley 67b
    Jane RAWLING Wife M 38   Methley 67b
    George RAWLING Son S 13 Scholar Guiseley 67b
    Ethel RAWLING Dau S 10 Scholar Guiseley 67b
    Eleanor RAWLING Dau S 6 Scholar Yeadon 67b
    John W RAWLING Son S 4 Scholar Yeadon 67b
166 14 Wood Square Thomas SCHOFIELD Head M 60 Woolen Card Fettler Bramley 67b
    Martha SCHOFIELD Wife M 56   Stanningley 67b
    Emily SCHOFIELD Dau S 23 Worsted Drawer [Deaf & Dumb] Farsley 67b
    Thomas SCHOFIELD Son S 20 Tailor's Appr [Deaf & Dumb] Farsley 67b
    Hannah SCHOFIELD Gdau S 18 Worsted Drawer Farsley 67b
    Martha SCHOFIELD Gdau S 10 Scholar Farsley 67b
167 16 Wood Square Jeremiah HEARD? Head M 44 Iron Foundry Labourer Rawcliffe 67b
    Martha HEARD? Wife M 46 Woolen Cloth Burler Farsley 67b
    Stead MOULSON Neph S 13 ShoeMaker's Apprentice Bradford 67b
168 6 Wood Square Daniel LEE Head M 36 Wool Comber Farsley 67b
    Martha LEE Wife M 35 Woolen Web Warper Farsley 67b
    Matthew W LEE Son S 16 Iron Foundry Moulder Farsley 67b
    Mary H LEE Dau S 14 Spinning Frame Minder Farsley 67b
    Maria LEE Dau S 12 Scholar Farsley 67b
    Maud LEE Dau S 5 Scholar Farsley 67b
    Rebecca LEE Dau S 4m   Farsley 67b
169 5 Wood Square Ruth PARKINSON Head S 25 Woolen Cloth Burler Farsley 67b
170 4 Wood Square Isaac SUTCLIFFE Head S 22 Wool Comber Calverley 67b
    Robert N HOLDSWORTH Lodg M 53 Cart Driver Calverley 67b
171 3 Brown Street Joseph BROWN Head M 44 Woolen Mule Spinner Armley 68a
  BeckBottom Alice BROWN Wife M 38   Malton 68a
    Sarah A BROWN Dau S 16 Woolen Mule Piecner Farsley 68a
    Mary BROWN Dau S 14 Minds Worsted Spinner at Home Farsley 68a
    Louisa BROWN Dau S 12   Farsley 68a
    Clara BROWN Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 68a
    Caroline BROWN Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 68a
    Ada BROWN Dau S 5 Scholar Farsley 68a
    Henry BROWN Son S 3   Farsley 68a
    Matilda BROWN Dau S 10m   Farsley 68a
172 2 Brown Street James BRAYSHAW Head M 43 Woolen Cloth Fuller Stanningley 68a
  BeckBottom Emma BRAYSHAW Wife M 49 Woolen Machine Filler Yeadon 68a
    Mary H BRAYSHAW Dau S 10 Scholar Farsley 68a
173 1 Brown Street John H HADDOCK Head M 23 Stuff Presser Bramley 68a
  BeckBottom Ruth A HADDOCK Wife M 23 Woolen Condenser Minder Farsley 68a
    Walter HADDOCK Son S 3   Farsley 68a
    Ada HADDOCK Dau S 1   Farsley 68a
174 2 Brown Street Mary A BRAYSHAW Head w 66 CharWoman [Deaf] Pudsey 68a
    Jonathan BRAYSHAW Gson S 12 Woolen Mill Doffer Farsley 68a
175 3 Brown Street George W TURNER Head M 22 Woolen Web Warper Pudsey 68a
    Emma TURNER Wife M 23 Worsted Web Warper Pudsey 68a
    Ethel TURNER Dau S 5 Scholar Pudsey 68a
    Edith TURNER Dau S 1   Farsley 68a
176 4 Brown Street Mary CAGLAN Head S 24 Worsted Fettler NBL Bishop Auckland 68a
    Peter HUME Lodg S 13 Worsted Bobbin Layer NBL Chester Moor 68a
177 1 Cavendish Square Allison PARKINSON Head w 50 Woolen Cloth Burler Farsley 68a
    Robert PARKINSON Son S 17 Woolen Mule Piecner Bramley 68a
    Grace PARKINSON Dau S 11 Woolen Twister Farsley 68a
178 2 Cavendish Square Elizabeth WILCOCK Head M 50 Grocer Pudsey 68b
    Mary WILCOCK Dau S 27 Woolen Twister Farsley 68b
    Samuel JEFFREY Lodg S 54 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 68b
    Thomas SPENCER Lodg S 33 Stuff WarehouseMan Denholme 68b
179 3 Cavendish Square Thomas CLAYTON Head M 56 Joiner Horsforth 68b
    Mary H CLAYTON Wife M 58   Bramley 68b
    Harrison CLAYTON Son S 25 Woolen Willier Horsforth 68b
    Arthur CLAYTON Son S 20 Iron Foundry Moulder Horsforth 68b
180 8 Cavendish Square Samuel BURRON Head M 64 General Labourer Wakefield 68b
    Susan BURRON Wife M 62 Woolen Burler Kirkstall 68b
    Theresa BURRON Dau S 28 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 68b
181 10 Cavendish Square (Francis Street) Samuel W GREENWOOD Head M 30 Wholesale Draper & ? Eccleshill 68b
  Grocer's Shop Emilie GREENWOOD Wife M 30   Bramley 68b
    Edith M GREENWOOD Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 68b
182 12 Cavendish Square Ruth KEIGHLEY Head w 70 Woolen Burler Calverley 68b
    Rose CROFT Dau M 44 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 68b
    Effy Ruth CROFT Gdau S 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 68b
183 Back Road Isaac HODGKINSON Head M 37 Iron Foundry Engine Stoker DER ? 68b
    Harriet HODGKINSON Wife M 35   Farsley 68b
    Albert HODGKINSON Son S 17 Iron Foundry Model Maker Appr Farsley 68b
    Frances L HODGKINSON Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 68b
184 Broom Mill Field John W C HINCHCLIFFE Head M 45 Wood Turner & Bobbin Maker Bramley 68b
    Jane HINCHCLIFFE Wife M 46   Laisterdyke 68b
    John HINCHCLIFFE Son S 14 Wooden Bobbin Turner Laisterdyke 68b
    Henry HINCHCLIFFE Son S 12 Scholar Laisterdyke 68b
    William HINCHCLIFFE Son S 10 Scholar Laisterdyke 68b
    Mary HINCHCLIFFE Dau S 9 Scholar Laisterdyke 68b
    Fanny HINCHCLIFFE Dau S 7 Scholar Laisterdyke 68b
    James HINCHCLIFFE Son S 5 Scholar Bramley 68b
    Samuel HINCHCLIFFE Son S 4 Scholar Bramley 68b
185 Brown Mill Field ?? Samson PRESTON Head M 35 Woolen Mill OverLooker Yeadon 69a
    Martha Ann PRESTON Wife M 35 Woolen Cloth Weaver Yeadon 69a
    Florence PRESTON Dau S 17 Woolen Cloth Mender Yeadon 69a
    Clara PRESTON Dau S 9 Scholar Yeadon 69a
    Hilda PRESTON Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 69a
186 2 Throstle Nest Martha CROFT Head w 62 Farmer Pudsey 69a
187 Throstle Nest Cameron BOOTHROYD Head M 51 Iron Broker Honley 69a
    Ellen BOOTHROYD Wife M 51   ? 69a
    Mary BOOTHROYD Dau S 27 Woolen Piece Mender Honley 69a
    Clara BOOTHROYD Dau S 24 Woolen Cloth Weaver * 69a
    David BOOTHROYD Son S 17 Shafting Lubricator NewMill 69a
188 Throstle Nest Alfred BRAGG Head M 31 Tarrer & Asphalter Rodley 69a
    Harriet BRAGG Wife M 34   DER Holdwell 69a
    Willie BRAGG Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 69a
    Ada BRAGG Dau S 4   Farsley 69a
    Annie BRAGG Dau S 1   Farsley 69a