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Census Indexes 1891 Eccleshill ED5

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The census returns for 1891 were taken on the evening of April 5th and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG12/3651.

ED5, Folios 77-94

1 Manor House William MARSHALL Head M 51 Brick Manufacturer Bradford 77a
  Manor Pottery Hannah MARSHALL Wife M 50   Bradford 77a
    William Jr MARSHALL Son S 26 Brick Foreman Bradford 77a
2 Manor House Annie MCDONALD serv S 20 General Domestic serv DBY Willington Moor [Chesterfield] 77a
  [part of above] Hannah WOODHEAD Head W 83   Halifax 77a
    Beatrice WOODHEAD Dau S 47   Halifax 77a
    Jane WOODHEAD Dau S 45   Halifax 77a
3 Pottery Yard Cottage William THOMPSON Head M 23 Clay Quarryman East Welton 77a
    Eliza THOMPSON Wife M 29   Burneston 77a
    William Jr THOMPSON Son S 9m   Eccleshill 77a
    Thompson HUTCHINSON neph S 13 BrickYard Labourer [half-time] East Welton 77a
    William JANSON B-in-L S 23 Clay Quarryman Burneston 77a
4 58 Bolton Road William ROPER Head M 30 Plumber Eccleshill 77a
    Esther ROPER Wife M 29 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 77a
    Hannah ROPER Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 77a
    Elizabeth ROPER Dau S 6m   Eccleshill 77a
5 54 Bolton Road William STAMP Head M 35 Stone Cutter Eccleshill 77a
    Sarah STAMP Wife M 34   Eccleshill 77a
    Mary Hannah STAMP Dau S 14   Eccleshill 77a
    John STAMP Son S 12   Eccleshill 77a
    Ellen STAMP Dau S 6   Eccleshill 77a
    Walter STAMP Son S 3   Eccleshill 77a
    John ROPER f in l W 66 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 77a
6 56 Bolton Road William F MUSGRAVE Head M 60 Stone Cutter & Warehouseman Leeds 77a
    Mary Ann MUSGRAVE Wife M 61 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 77a
7 56 Bolton Road Joshua LEE Head M 37 Wool Warehouseman Eccleshill 77a
    Sarah Worsnop LEE Wife M 37   Eccleshill 77a
    Annie LEE Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 77a
    Willie LEE Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 77a
8 Gate House Farm Mary Ann JACKSON Head W 59 Farmer Leeds 77b
  Bolton Road Ada JACKSON Dau S 34 Worsted Weaver Leeds 77b
    Hetty JACKSON Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Undercliffe 77b
    Florence JACKSON Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Undercliffe 77b
    Mary Ann OVEREND Visit M 28 Living on Own Means Leeds 77b
    Ben SCOTT serv S 25 Farm serv Bolton 77b
9 Airville Mount Jacob CROWTHER Head M 59 Carpenter Eccleshill 77b
  Bolton Road Mary Ann CROWTHER Wife M 58   Flaxby 77b
    Arthur CROWTHER Son S 17 Lithographic Artist Eccleshill 77b
    Mary LAYCOCK m in l W 85 Living on Own Means Foxup 77b
10 10 Bolton Road Albert HINCHCLIFFE Head M 39 Traveller Bradford 77b
    Eliza Ellen HINCHCLIFFE Wife M 38   Bradford 77b
11 Pottery Cottage William SYKES Head M 25 Millwright Bradford 77b
  Bolton Road Annie Elizabeth SYKES Wife M 24 Wool Cloth Weaver Bradford 77b
    Arthur SYKES Son S 1   Bradford 77b
12 6 Crowther's Buildings William WESTWOOD Head M 63 Quarry Engine Tenter Bradford 77b
  Bolton Road Mary WESTWOOD Wife M 62   Bolton 77b
    Alice WESTWOOD Dau S 23 Domestic serv Eccleshill 77b
    Isaac CROWTHER B-in-L S 65 Retired Wheelwright Bolton 77b
13 3 Crowther's Buildings William COLLINS Head M 60 Farm Labourer LIN Holme on Spalding 77b
  Bolton Road Eliza COLLINS Wife M 50   Leeds 77b
    Lily GILL Step dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Bolton 77b
    Jesyou COLLINS Dau S 19 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 77b
    John William COLLINS Son S 15 Dyer's app. Eccleshill 77b
    George Herbert COLLINS Son S 11 Scholar Burley in Wharfdale 77b
14 5 Crowther's Buildings Albert George HARTLEY Head M 27 Wholesale Fish & Game Salesman Thurgoland nr Penistone 77b
  Bolton Road Elizabeth HARTLEY Wife M 25   Eccleshill 77b
15 4 Crowther's Buildings James DAVISON Head M 53 Worsted Yarn Warehouseman Eccleshill 77b
  Bolton Road Ann DAVISON Wife M 55   Bradford 77b
    James Jr DAVISON Son S 21 Cloth Warehouseman Eccleshill 77b
16 1 Crowther's Bldgs Albert MARSHALL Head M 34 Green Grocer Bradford 78a
  Bolton Road Emma MARSHALL Wife M 34   Bradford 78a
17 2 Crowther's Bldgs Robert DAVISON Head M 25 Wool Warehouseman Eccleshill 78a
  Bolton Road Hannah DAVISON Wife M 26   Bradford 78a
18 1 Undercliffe Road William Sowby AARON Head M 41 Stationary Engine Tenter Leeds 78a
    Jane AARON Wife M 50   Stanley Wakefield 78a
    George Aaron ELLIS Adpt son S 3   Eccleshill 78a
19 2 Leeds Road James JACKSON Head M 44 Joiner Eccleshill 78a
    Elizabeth JACKSON Wife M 47   Pateley Bridge 78a
    Annie JACKSON Dau S 16 Pupil Teacher Eccleshill 78a
    Clara JACKSON Dau S 14   Eccleshill 78a
20 Leeds Road Francis S ARNOLD Head S 30 Duly Registered General Practitioner IRE Dublin 78a
21 4 Leeds Road John Eastwood SCOTT Head M 43 Joiner & Builder Calverley 78a
    Hannah SCOTT Wife M 32   Idle 78a
    William BRADLEY Uncle S 72 Retired Draper Eccleshill 78a
    William SCOTT fath W 79 Retired Cloth Manufacturer Idle 78a
22 6 Leeds Road Hodgson BERWICK Head S 42 Wool Stapler Bingley 78a
    Mary BERWICK sis S 33   Bingley 78a
23 7 Undercliffe Road Grace HOLMES Head W 51 Charwoman LAN Colne 78a
  Springfield Cottages George HOLMES Son S 22 Musician Eccleshill 78a
    Arthur HOLMES Son S 19 Cocoa Mfgr's ass. Eccleshill 78a
    Lily HOLMES Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 78a
24 9 Undercliffe Road Hannah MARSHALL Head W 53 Living on Own Means Western 78a
    Mary Emma MARSHALL Dau S 19 Worsted Mill Hand Eccleshill 78a
    Ellen MARSHALL Dau S 17 Worsted Mill Hand Eccleshill 78a
25 3 Undercliffe Road John SIMPSON Head M 37 Iron Moulder Bradford 78a
    Mary Hannah SIMPSON Wife M 38 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 78a
    Joseph SIMPSON Son S 12 Scholar Baildon 78a
26 5 Undercliffe Road Maria TILLOTSON Head W 52   Eccleshill 78a
    John William TILLOTSON Son S 24 Woolen Warper Bolton Bradford 78a
    Joseph Henry TILLOTSON Son S 13 Worsted Mill Boy Shipley 78a
27 2 Terra Cotta Row William CLOUGH Head M 40 Sausage Maker Bradford 78b
  Undercliffe Road Eliza P CLOUGH Wife M 36   LON 78b
    William Jr CLOUGH Son S 16 Pork Butcher app. Bradford 78b
    Elizabeth CLOUGH Dau S 15 Employed at home Bradford 78b
    Thomas CLOUGH Son S 13 Employed at home Bradford 78b
    Mary CLOUGH Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Bradford 78b
    Edward CLOUGH Son S 8 Scholar Bradford 78b
    Louisa CLOUGH Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 78b
    Davey CLOUGH Son S 11m   Eccleshill 78b
28 4 Terra Cotta Row James O LEYBOURN Head M 30 Stationary Engine Driver Otley 78b
  Undercliffe Road William T LEYBOURN Son S 4   Bradford 78b
    Henrietta LEYBOURN Wife M 32   Adwalton 78b
    Martha LEYBOURN Dau S 2   Bradford 78b
29 6 Terra Cotta Row Sam RHODES Head M 28 Carter Bradford 78b
  Undercliffe Road Grace E RHODES Wife M 25   Eccleshill 78b
    Thomas Henry RHODES Son S 2   Eccleshill 78b
    Arthur RHODES Son S 11m   Eccleshill 78b
30 8 Terra Cotta Row Thomas PROCTER Head M 26 Glaze Brick Maker Bramley Leeds 78b
  Undercliffe Road Emily PROCTER Wife M 25   Bramley Leeds 78b
    Clifford PROCTER Son S 3   Armley Leeds 78b
31 10 Terra Cotta Row Robert ELLIS Head W 59 Carter Holbeck Leeds 78b
  Undercliffe Road John ELLIS Son S 25 Wool Washer Eccleshill 78b
    Robert Jr ELLIS Son S 24 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 78b
    Martha Ann ELLIS Dau S 20 Employed at home Eccleshill 78b
    Annie E ELLIS Dau S 17 Employed at home Eccleshill 78b
    Joseph G ELLIS Son S 15 Woolen Mule Spinner Eccleshill 78b
    William F ELLIS Son S 12 Brick Works Labourer Eccleshill 78b
    Ephraim ELLIS Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 78b
    Emily ELLIS Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 78b
32 12 Terra Cotta Row Simeon RHODES Head W 58 Housekeeper Bradford 79a
  Undercliffe Road James RHODES Son S 23 Stationary Engine Driver Eccleshill 79a
    Simeon Jr RHODES Son S 21 Painter & Paper Hanger Bradford 79a
    Thomas RHODES Son S 18 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 79a
    William RHODES Son S 16 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 79a
    Henry RHODES Son S 13 Brick Works Labourer Eccleshill 79a
33 2 Moorfield Place Ralph L HEAPS Head M 48 Cooper & Cask Dealer Brtad 79a
    Betty HEAPS Wife M 63   Eccleshill 79a
34 4 Moorfield Place John TILLOTSON Head M 64 Retired Worsted Spinning Overlooker Idle 79a
    Sarah Ann TILLOTSON Wife M 58   Calverley 79a
    Annie METCALF Step dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 79a
    Richard G METCALF Step son S 20 Wood Engraver Eccleshill 79a
    Edward A METCALF Step son S 18 Mechanic & Machine Tool Maker Eccleshill 79a
    Emily METCALF Step dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 79a
    Abraham Grange METCALF Step son S 13 Errand Boy Eccleshill 79a
    Gertrude METCALF Step dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 79a
35 6 Moorfield Place Joseph MARSHALL Head M 31 Pianoforte Dealer & Bookkeeper Northowram 79a
    Rebecca MARSHALL Wife M 29   LIN Fillingham? Cliffe 79a
    Lenton William MARSHALL Son S 2   Eccleshill 79a
    Dorothy MARSHALL Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 79a
    Annie L MYLES serv S 15 Domestic serv Shafton 79a
36 8 Moorfield Place Thomas SMITH Head M 72 Living on Own Means Bolton Bradford 79a
    Jane SMITH Wife M 59   Pudsey 79a
    Sarah SMITH Dau S 29   Bolton Bradford 79a
    Emma SMITH Dau S 28   Bolton Bradford 79a
    Alfred SMITH Son S 27 Brick Yard Labourer Bolton Bradford 79a
    Maria SMITH Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Bolton Bradford 79a
37 10 Moorfield Place Nathan ELLIS Head M 41 Worsted Textile Designer Morton 79a
    Charlotte ELLIS Wife M 37   Eccleshill 79a
    Bertha ELLIS Dau S 13   Eccleshill 79a
    George ELLIS Son S 4   Halifax 79a
    Walter ELLIS Son S 3   Eccleshill 79a
    Laura ELLIS Dau S 1   Eccleshill 79a
    Fred ? ELLIS Son S 4   Tong 79a
38 12 Ebenezer Place William FLETCHER Head M 36 Traveller Wibsey 79b
    Mary FLETCHER Wife M 32   Leeds 79b
    Elizabeth E FLETCHER Dau S 17   Bradford 79b
    Florence FLETCHER Dau S 15   Bradford 79b
    W Louis FLETCHER Son S 4   Eccleshill 79b
    Ethel U FLETCHER Dau S 2   Eccleshill 79b
    Percival FLETCHER Son S 1m   Eccleshill 79b
39 14 Ebenezer Place Henry B MASON Head M 57 Worsted Drawing Overlooker Great Horton Bradford 79b
    Esther MASON Wife M 57   Great Horton Bradford 79b
    Annie MASON Dau S 30 Dressmaker Great Horton Bradford 79b
    Thomas E MASON Son S 22 Warehouseman Great Horton Bradford 79b
    John William MASON Son S 20 Office Clerk Great Horton Bradford 79b
    Emily MASON Dau S 16 Pupil Teacher Eccleshill 79b
    George Herbert MASON Son S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 79b
40 16 Ebenezer Place Edward HARRISS Head M 57 Milk Dealer LON Bambeth 79b
    Emma HARRISS Wife M 57   WIL Maddington 79b
    Sarah E HARRISS Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver IRE Galway 79b
    Willie W GOLDING board S 13 Warehouse Errand Boy Manningham 79b
41 18 Ebenezer Place James B WILSHIRE Head M 36 Stuff Warehouseman Leeds 79b
    Sarah WILSHIRE Wife M 36   Bradford 79b
    Charles WILSHIRE Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 79b
    Mary WILSHIRE Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 79b
    Herbert WILSHIRE Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 79b
42 20 Ebenezer Place Uriah HOBSON Head M 54 Blacksmith Eccleshill 79b
    Grace HOBSON Wife M 54   Idle 79b
43 7 Moorfield Place Thomas HOLMES Head M 44 Flannel Manufacturer Eccleshill 79b
  Ivy Cottage Emma HOLMES Wife M 45   Northowram 79b
    Jane ATKINSON Niece S 27 Photographer's ass. Halifax 79b
44 1 Moorfield Terrace Susannah R COOPER Head M 50 Draper LIN Lincoln City 79b
    Minnie E COOPER Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 79b
    Robert H COOPER Son S ? Errand Boy Eccleshill 79b
    Ruth COOPER Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 79b
45 3 Moorfield Terrace William SMITH Head M 38 Wholesale Beer Bottler Bradford 80a
    Sarah A SMITH Wife M 38   Bradford 80a
    Maggie SMITH Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 80a
    Frank SMITH Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 80a
    John Arthur SMITH Son S 4   Eccleshill 80a
    Alice SMITH Dau S 2   Eccleshill 80a
    Effie SMITH Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 80a
46 23 Manor Place Fredrick T WATERHOUSE Head M 53 Worsted Carding Overlooker Pudsey 80a
    Eliza WATERHOUSE Dau S 29 Housekeeper Idle 80a
    Fredrick Charles WATERHOUSE Son S 19 Worsted Warehouseman Shipley 80a
    Mary E WATERHOUSE Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Idle 80a
    Sydney Ernest WATERHOUSE Son S 14 Weft Boy Idle 80a
    Agnes WATERHOUSE Dau S 12 Scholar Liversedge 80a
    Annie WATERHOUSE Dau S 9 Scholar Cleckheaton 80a
47 21 Manor Place George H HUNT Head M 29 General Printer DUR South Shield 80a
    Sarah Ann HUNT Wife M 37   Wakefield 80a
    Margaret E HUNT Dau S 6   Wakefield 80a
    William M HUNT Son S 5   Wakefield 80a
    Ernest Angus HUNT Son S 3   Eccleshill 80a
48 19 Manor Place Charles BAILEY Head M 53 Architect Leeds 80a
    Elizabeth BAILEY Wife M 53   Leeds 80a
    Janet BAILEY Dau S 20 School Teacher Leeds 80a
    Lilian BAILEY Dau S 18   Leeds 80a
    Kate BAILEY Dau S 16 School Teacher Leeds 80a
49 23 Manor Place Tom THORNTON Head S 31 Medical Student Eccleshill 80a
50 27 Manor Place Thomas WATERWORTH Head M 66 Retired Tailor Wakefield 80a
    Ellen WATERWORTH Wife M 67   Maplewell 80a
51 12 Airedale Street Mary OVEREND Head W 61 Charwoman Eccleshill 80a
    Ellen PARKER Dau W 38   Eccleshill 80a
    Ben GOODSON lodg S 29 Coachman Horsforth 80a
52 13 Airedale Street Benjamin HOLLINGS Head W 52 Draper Idle 80b
  Undercliffe Road Annie HOLLINGS Dau S 24 House Work Eccleshill 80b
    Mary Edith HOLLINGS Dau S 20 House Work Eccleshill 80b
    William James HOLLINGS Son S 16 Yarn Office ass. Eccleshill 80b
    Florence D SLATER Visit S 11 Scholar LON 80b
53 10 Manor Street Mary Ann LEE Head W 71 Retired Dressmaker Hipperholme, Halifax 80b
54 2 Eldon Place William WADE Head M 42 Butcher & Grocer Farsley Calverley 80b
  Manor Street Rhoda WADE Wife M 39   Farsley Calverley 80b
    Eva SUSBY serv S 25 Domestic serv LIN Epworth 80b
55 8 Manor Street James A KIRSHAM Head M 26 Elementary School Teacher Bradford 80b
    Mary Ann KIRSHAM Wife M 27   Malham 80b
    Edwin KIRSHAM bro S 22 Elementary School Teacher Bradford 80b
    Mabel KIRSHAM Dau S 2   Settle 80b
    Annie KIRSHAM sis S 17 English Wool Drawer Bradford 80b
56 14 Manor Street Albert PATCHETT Head M 34 Stone Mason Bradford 80b
    Alice PATCHETT Wife M 32   Burton Salmon 80b
    Thomas PATCHETT Son S 10 Scholar Brotherton 80b
    William B PATCHETT Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 80b
    Sarah Hannah PATCHETT Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 80b
    George Albert PATCHETT Son S 3   Eccleshill 80b
    Sam PATCHETT Son S 1m   Eccleshill 80b
57 12 Manor Street William B PATCHETT Head W 70 Mason Heaton Car Syke 80b
    Ellen PATCHETT Dau S 33   Bradford 80b
    Laura PATCHETT Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Bradford 80b
    John LAWSON Visit W 69 Mason Knaresborough 80b
58 4 Eldon Place Elizabeth C MIDDLEBROOK Head W 63 Living on Own Means Birstall 80b
  Manor Street Susanah ILLINGWORTH visit W 58 Living on Own Means Birstall 80b
59 6 Eldon Place John TAYLOR Head M 58 Stuff Warehouseman Huddersfield 80b
  Manor Street Mary TAYLOR Wife M 60   Leyburn 80b
    Emma TAYLOR Dau S 34 Dressmaker Eccleshill 80b
    William TAYLOR Son S 32 Dyer's Clerk Eccleshill 80b
    Annie TAYLOR Dau S 30 Asst Schoolmistress Eccleshill 81a
    Martha TAYLOR Dau S 28 Milliner Eccleshill 81a
    Jane Ellen TAYLOR Dau S 22 Home Help Eccleshill 81a
60 15 Manor Street Francis L WATERHOUSE Head M 43 Coal Merchant Rawcliffe Borobridge 81a
    Elizabeth WATERHOUSE Wife M 47   Keighley Thirsk 81a
    Benjamin WATERHOUSE Son S 15 Coal Yard Labourer Bradford 81a
    Ada WATERHOUSE Dau S 13 Tobacconist's ass. Bradford 81a
    Eliza L WATERHOUSE Dau S 9 Scholar Bradford 81a
61 13 Manor Street Thomas G JENNINGS Head M 34 Stuff Merchant's Warehouseman Eccleshill 81a
    Annie JENNINGS Wife M 36   Bradford 81a
    Herbert JENNINGS Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 81a
    Kitty JENNINGS Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 81a
    Fred JENNINGS Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 81a
    Arthur JENNINGS Son S 4   Eccleshill 81a
    Elsie JENNINGS Dau S 3   Eccleshill 81a
    Harland JENNINGS Son S 1   Eccleshill 81a
    Ann KELSEY serv S 17 Domestic serv Sheffield 81a
62 7 Manor Street Thomas SIMPSON Head M 42 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 81a
    Mary Jane SIMPSON Wife M 42   CON Gwennap 81a
    Peter SIMPSON Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 81a
    Annie JENKINS Stepdau S 22 Worsted Mill Hand CON Gwennap 81a
63 5 Manor Street John Arthur ANNALL Head M 22 Wool Warehouseman Eccleshill 81a
    Martha ANNALL Wife M 23   Eccleshill 81a
    Alice ANNALL Dau S 2   Eccleshill 81a
64 3 Manor Street Hannah ROBINSON Head W 62   Baildon 81a
    Albert ROBINSON Son M 29 Wool Comber Bradford 81a
    Sarah Jane ROBINSON d in l M 30 Wool Comber Bradford 81a
    John Lister ROBINSON Gson S 3m   Eccleshill 81a
    John Richard ROBINSON Son S 25 Wool Washer Bradford 81a
    Robert ROBINSON Son S 23 Plush Finisher Windhill 81a
65 1 Manor Street Fredrick H SUGDEN Head M 20 Warp Twister Bradford 81b
    Elizabeth SUGDEN Wife M 26   Bradford 81b
    Elsie SUGDEN Dau S 2   Eccleshill 81b
66 24 Undercliffe Road Manassah G BIRKETT Head M 28 Grocer Cleckheaton 81b
    Sarah Jane BIRKETT Wife M 28   Gomersal 81b
67 26 Undercliffe Road Horatio PEEL Head M 42 Stone Mason Bradford 81b
    Mary W PEEL Wife M 40   Eccleshill 81b
    Mary Ellen PEEL Dau S 11   Eccleshill 81b
    William PEEL Son S 7   Eccleshill 81b
    Agnes PEEL Dau S 6   Eccleshill 81b
68 4 Manor Street John Richard FIRTH Head M 25 Wood Engraver SCT 81b
    Emma E FIRTH Wife M 24   BDF Bedford 81b
    Lucie, Lizie ? FIRTH Dau S 3   Leeds 81b
    Millie FIRTH Dau S 2   Eccleshill 81b
69 2 Manor Street Sarah Jane NORTH Head S 40 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 81b
    Arthur BROWN bro S 19 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 81b
70 6 Manor Street Henry HARRISON Head M 53 Carrier Els*ck ? 81b
    Charlotte Ann HARRISON Wife M 51   Leeds 81b
    Annie HARRISON Gdau S 1   Bradford 81b
    Samuel HARRISON Son M 23 Carter Bradford 81b
    Mary Hannah HARRISON d in l M 23 Worsted Spinner Bradford 81b
    Clara HARRISON Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 81b
71 8 Manor Street Hanson FOX Head M 43 Warp Dresser North Bierley 81b
    Lucy Ann FOX Wife M 39   North Bierley 81b
    Mary Alice FOX Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver North Bierley 81b
    Sarah FOX Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver North Bierley 81b
    George William FOX Son S 10 Weft Boy North Bierley 81b
    Annie FOX Dau S 11 Scholar North Bierley 81b
    Emily FOX Dau S 8 Scholar North Bierley 81b
    Ethel FOX Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 81b
    Herbert FOX Son S 2   Eccleshill 81b
72 12a Manor Street John STANSFIELD Head M 63 Woolen Tenterer Eccleshill 82a
    Martha STANSFIELD Wife M 63   Low Moor 82a
    Sam JOWETT board S 17 Woolen Mule Piecer Thornton 82a
73 11 Manor Street John S STANSFIELD Head M 31 Woolen Tenterer Eccleshill 82a
    Annie STANSFIELD Wife M 29   Eccleshill 82a
74 14a Manor Street Hannah ACKROYD Head M 54   Bradford 82a
    Edmund ACKROYD Son S 23 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 82a
    John ACKROYD Son S 21 Worsted Drawer Bradford 82a
    Rose ACKROYD Dau S 20 Stuff Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 82a
    Anthony ACKROYD Son S 18 Blacksmith/WhiteSmith Grinder Eccleshill 82a
75 1a Idle Road Mary WILSHIRE Head W 77 Living on Own Means Leeds 82a
    William B WILSHIRE Son M 43 Stuff Warehouseman Leeds 82a
    Sarah Jane WILSHIRE d in l M 46   Bradford 82a
    John Charles WILSHIRE Gson S 9 Scholar Bradford 82a
76 16a Manor Street Fred ARNOLD Head M 24 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 82a
    Mary ARNOLD Wife M 25   Bradford 82a
    Edmund G ARNOLD Son S 2   Eccleshill 82a
    Lilian ARNOLD Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 82a
77 17 Manor Street Thomas SCHOFIELD Head M 48 Petroleum Oil Dealer Bolton Bradford 82a
    Nancy SCHOFIELD Wife M 49   Bolton Bradford 82a
78 9 Manor Street John G SUGDEN Head M 30 Worsted WeftMan Low Moor 82a
    Annie SUGDEN Wife M 29   Low Moor 82a
    Harold SUGDEN Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 82a
    Ernest SUGDEN Son S 1   Eccleshill 82a
79 12 Wright's Bldgs Mary Ann THORNTON Head W 64 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 82a
80 10 Wright's Bldgs Robert MITHAM Head M 47 Shoemaker CAM Stavesey 82a
    Harriet MITHAM Wife M 38   HEF Finstanton 82a
    Gertrude Annie MITHAM Dau S 16 Dressmaker CAM Stavesey 82a
    Harriet Ellen MITHAM Dau S 13 Dressmaker Bradford 82a
    George A MITHAM Son S 2   Eccleshill 82a
81 8 Wright's Bldgs Henrietta UDALL Head S 37 Dressmaker Bradford 82b
    Hannah BISSON board M 39 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 82b
82 6 Wright's Bldgs Mary Ann BRADLEY Head M 68 Living on Own Means Norton 82b
83 4 Wright's Bldgs Mary WRIGHT Head W 76 Living on Own Means Calverley 82b
  ?---berry Cottage Frederick PEEL Gson S 21   Calverley 82b
    Frances SUMMERS serv S 24 General Domestic serv NTH Nesby 82b
84 2 Idle Road Villa John L LUPTON Head W 73 Retired Painter Bradford 82b
    Hannah Maria LUPTON Dau S 37   Bradford 82b
    Bertha Ann LUPTON Dau S 32   Bradford 82b
85 5 Prospect Place Thomas COOPER Head M 55 Farmer's Man DBY Chesterfield 82b
  Leeds Road Elizabeth COOPER Wife M 54 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 82b
    Laura C ACKROYD Gdau S 1 Scholar Thornbury 82b
86 30 Victoria Bldgs Sydney H STOCKS Head M 23 Painter Hunslet Leeds 82b
  Undercliffe Road Abigail Annie STOCKS Wife M 23   Bradford 82b
    Tennant STOCKS Son S 1   Eccleshill 82b
87 30 Victoria Bldgs Mary Hannah STOCKS Dau S 27 Cloth Weaver Hunslet Leeds 82b
  Undercliffe Road Beatrice STOCKS Dau S 25 Domestic serv Hunslet Leeds 82b
    John Percy STOCKS Son S 12 Scholar Guiseley nr Leeds 82b
88 28 Victoria Bldgs Frank AMBLER Head M 22 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 82b
  Undercliffe Road Esther Jane AMBLER Wife M 22   Bradford 82b
    Lucy Ann AMBLER Dau S 1m   Eccleshill 82b
89 34 Victoria Bldgs John NEWMAN Head M 32 Drayman [Railway] HEF Stoughton 82b
  Undercliffe Road Mary Ann NEWMAN Wife M 32   HEF Kimbolton 82b
    Ada NEWMAN Dau S 10 Scholar Saltaire 82b
    Susan NEWMAN Dau S 8 Scholar Saltaire 82b
    John William NEWMAN Son S 7 Scholar Saltaire 82b
    Sarah Alice NEWMAN Dau S 5 Scholar Saltaire 82b
90 36 Victoria Bldgs Edwin JOHNSON Head M 49 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 82b
  Undercliffe Road Ann JOHNSON Wife M 46   Bradford 82b
    Ann Elizabeth JOHNSON Dau S 27 Worsted Weaver Bradford 82b
    William JOHNSON Son S 24 Draper's Clerk Eccleshill 82b
    George H JOHNSON Son S 21 Warp Dresser Eccleshill 83a
    Tom JOHNSON Son S 19 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 83a
    Harry JOHNSON Son S 17 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 83a
    Ben JOHNSON Son S 12 Scholar Bradford 83a
    Ann JOHNSON Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 83a
    William JOHNSON Son S 7 Scholar Bradford 83a
91 40 Victoria Bldgs George Taylor STEWART Head M 38 Yarn Packer Bradford 83a
  Undercliffe Road Christiana STEWART Wife M 38   Laister Dyke 83a
    Ernest STEWART Son S 9 Scholar Bradford 83a
    Elizabeth Ann STEWART Dau S 5 Scholar Bradford 83a
    Percy STEWART Son S 3   Bradford 83a
92 42 Victoria Bldgs Arthur EDMUNDSON Head M 24 Mechanic Idle 83a
  Undercliffe Road Nancy EDMUNDSON Wife M 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 83a
93 44 Victoria Bldgs William COATES Head M 56 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 83a
  Undercliffe Road Elizabeth COATES Wife M 50   Eccleshill 83a
    Charles COATES Son S 34 Unemployed Labourer Eccleshill 83a
    Annie COATES Dau S 26 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 83a
    Sophia COATES Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 83a
    Elizabeth COATES Dau S 18 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 83a
    Maria COATES Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 83a
    John COATES Son S 21 Unemployed Wheelwright Eccleshill 83a
    Joe COATES Son S 16 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 83a
    Emily COATES Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 83a
    Fanny COATES Gdau S 4   Eccleshill 83a
94 8 Leeds Road James CLOSE Head W 75 Woolen Weaver & Lamp Lighter Eccleshill 83a
    Nancy CLOSE Dau S 33 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 83a
    Greenwood LIGHTFOOT board W 31 Coal Leader Bolton Bradford 83a
95 10 Leeds Road William THORNTON Head M 71 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 83a
  Airedale Mount Mary THORNTON Wife M 64 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 83a
96 12 Leeds Road John Andrew DOUGLAS Head M 41 Stuff Merchant's Bookkeeper & Divinity Student SCT 83b
    Emily DOUGLAS Wife M 38   Leeds 83b
    George William DOUGLAS Son S 6 Scholar Bradford 83b
    Maledon DOUGLAS Son S 5   Bradford 83b
97 14 Leeds Road George RHODES Head M 26 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 83b
    Annie RHODES Wife M 23   Leeds 83b
    Ann RHODES Dau S 2m   Eccleshill 83b
98 16 Leeds Road John Wilson TYSON Head M 20 Warp Twister Bradford 83b
    Jane Ann TYSON Wife M 21   Bradford 83b
    Florence E TYSON Dau S 1d   Bradford 83b
    Emily DRIVER s in l S 9   Bradford 83b
99 18 Leeds Road George POOLE Head M 42 BootMaker LAN Reston 83b
    Sarah Jane POOLE Wife M 40   STS West Bromwich 83b
    John POOLE Son S 16 Plasterer Normanton 83b
    Sarah Ann POOLE Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Hull 83b
    Albert POOLE Son S 12 Scholar Bradford 83b
    Clara POOLE Dau S 9 Scholar Bradford 83b
    George Jr POOLE Son S 4 Scholar Bradford 83b
    Alfred POOLE Son S 1   Eccleshill 83b
100 20 Leeds Road John OAKLEY Head M 68 ? Fruiterer STS Penkridge 83b
    Annie OAKLEY Dau S 25 Woolen Weaver Skelton in Cleveland 83b
    Margaret OAKLEY Dau S 23 Dressmaker Skelton in Cleveland 83b
    Edward OAKLEY Son S 20 Gardener [Domestic serv] Skelton in Cleveland 83b
    Jane OAKLEY Dau S 17 Woolen Weaver Skelton in Cleveland 83b
101 22 Leeds Road Edwin ATKINSON Head M 51 Grocer Bramley 83b
    Leah ATKINSON Wife M 49   Maltham 83b
    William ATKINSON Son S 13 Milk Boy Huddersfield 83b
102 2 Airdale Street Alice BANKS Head W 48 Living on Own Means Knottingley 83b
    Sarah BANKS Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 83b
    Kate BANKS Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Knottingley 83b
    William BANKS Son S 12 Scholar [half time Mill Hand] Eccleshill 83b
    Ruth BANKS Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 84a
    Charles BANKS Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 84a
103 4 Airdale Street Isabella BIRKS Head M 26 Worsted Weaver LAN Liverpool 84a
    Samuel BIRKS Husband M 38 Stone Quarryman DBY Ashover 84a
    Bernard BIRKS Stepson S 9 Scholar DBY Ashover 84a
    Ellen HOLMES Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 84a
104 6 Airdale Street Sample CARISS Head M 49 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 84a
    Ann CARISS Wife M 46   Eccleshill 84a
    Alfred CARISS Son S 22 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 84a
    Ernest E CARISS Son S 20 Brick Yard Labourer Eccleshill 84a
    Violetta CARISS Dau S 17 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 84a
    John William CARISS Son S 15 Brick Yard Labourer Eccleshill 84a
    Walter CARISS Son S 13 Scholar [Brick Yard Labourer] Eccleshill 84a
    Herbert CARISS Son S 12 Scholar [Worsted Mill Hand] Eccleshill 84a
    Sarah Clara CARISS Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 84a
    Emma CARISS Dau S 4   Eccleshill 84a
    Harry CARISS Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 84a
105 8 Airdale Street Joseph GALLOWAY Head M 68 Woolen Weaver Bramley 84a
    Mary GALLOWAY Wife M 68   Pudsey 84a
    Hannah GALLOWAY Dau S 28 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 84a
    Enock RAISTRICK Gson S 22 Stuff Warehouseman Pudsey 84a
106 12 Airdale Street Eliza BROWN Head M 40 Cloth Weaver Burlington 84a
    Ada BROWN Dau S 17 Cloth Weaver Leeds 84a
107 10 Airdale Street Lemuel HOLMES Head M 41 Grocer & Draper Eccleshill 84a
    Isabel HOLMES Wife M 37 Grocer & Draper Bradford 84a
    Fredrick William HOLMES Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 84a
108 14 Airdale Street Ruth MARSHALL Head W 65 BeerHouse Keeper Northowram 84a
  Manor House Inn Mary Ann MARSHALL Dau S 33 Worsted Weaver Northowram 84a
    Lucy Ann MARSHALL Dau S 22 Worsted Burler Queensbury 84a
    Bertha LONG Gdau S 13 Scholar Bradford 84a
116 3 Airdale Street Nathaniel CLARKSON Head M 33 Cycle Mechanic DUR Coundon ? 85a
    Annie CLARKSON Wife M 34 Domestic serv WES Appleby 85a
    Robert William CLARKSON Son S 12 Sugar Boiler DUR Darlington 85a
    Henrietta CLARKSON Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 85a
    Nathaniel Jr CLARKSON Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 85a
117 1 Airdale Street Joseph RICHARDSON Head M 51 Cemetery Gardener YKS *common 85a
    Margaret RICHARDSON Wife M 49   Feliskirk 85a
    Richard RICHARDSON Son S 20 Worsted Spinning Overlooker DUR West * 85a
    John Henry RICHARDSON Son S 17 Grocer's ass. Feliskirk 85a
    Margaret HAWKS visit S 41 Domestic serv Upper Poppleton 85a
118 24 Leeds Road William TAYLOR Head M 33 Stone Quarry Labourer LIN Market Stainton 85a
    Annie TAYLOR Wife M 32   Eccleshill 85a
    Mary Ann TAYLOR Dau S 11m   Eccleshill 85a
119 26 Leeds Road Tom A TILLOTSON Head M 24 Auctioneer's Clerk Bolton Bradford 85a
    Alberta TILLOTSON Wife M 23   Idle 85a
    Joshua Allen TILLOTSON Son S 2   Eccleshill 85a
120 28 Leeds Road Mary Ann HOLMES Head S 37 Housekeeper Eccleshill 85a
    Benjamin HOLMES bro S 56 Overlooker Eccleshill 85a
    Andrew HOLMES bro S 30 Woolen * Dealer Eccleshill 85a
121 30 Leeds Road Christine G REID Head W 43 Living on Own Means SCT Perth 85a
    William A REID Son S 20 Warehouseman Bradford 85a
    Ada M REID Dau S 17   Bradford 85a
122 Westfield House Henry B RATCLIFFE Head M 46 Butcher Bradford 85a
    Miriam RATCLIFFE Wife M 40   Bradford 85a
    Henry B Jr RATCLIFFE Son S 19 Solicitor's * Clerk Bradford 85a
    Frank John RATCLIFFE Son S 17 Butcher's ass. Bradford 85a
    William RATCLIFFE Son S 11 Scholar Bradford 85a
    Kate ROBINSON serv S 19 Domestic serv Little Ousebourne 85a
    Emily ROBINSON serv S 12 Domestic serv Little Ousebourne 85a
    Joseph ROBINSON serv S 24 Gardener YKS Midd* 85a
123 40 Airdale Place Eliza TARLETON ? Head W 43   LON St. Pancras 85b
  Leeds Road Ada Sophia TARLETON ? Dau S 21 Worsted Reeler NTT Nottingham 85b
    Charles Edward TARLETON ? Son S 18 Worsted Doffer LON Holborn 85b
    Mary Ellen TARLETON ? Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner LON ? 85b
    Rose Eveline TARLETON ? Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner LON Lambeth 85b
    Alice May ? TARLETON ? Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner LON Holborn 85b
    Annie Eliza TARLETON ? Dau S 9 Scholar Bradford 85b
124 35 Manor Street Sophia HABERSHAW Head W 73   Pocklington 85b
    Amy Habershaw ANDERSON Gdau S 20 Dressmaker Wakefield 85b
125 34 Airdale Place Stephen MOORHOUSE Head M 31 Stationary Engineman Eccleshill 85b
  Leeds Road Sarah Jane MOORHOUSE Wife M 31   Eccleshill 85b
    Sarah Hannah MOORHOUSE Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 85b
    Emily MOORHOUSE Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 85b
    Harold MOORHOUSE Son S 5m   Eccleshill 85b
126 42 Airdale Place John CLOSE Head M 52 * Labourer Eccleshill 85b
    Mary CLOSE Wife M 46   Pudsey 85b
    James Henry CLOSE Son S 24 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 85b
    William CLOSE Son S 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 85b
    John Jr CLOSE Son S 18 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 85b
    Annie Ellen CLOSE Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 85b
    Edward FENNELL neph S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 85b
127 44 Airdale Place Hannah MOORHOUSE Head W 51   Idle 85b
    Ernest MOORHOUSE Son S 21 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 85b
    Willie Greaves MOORHOUSE Son S 20 Worsted Warehouseman Eccleshill 85b
    Whitfield MOORHOUSE Son S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 85b
    Harry E G MOORHOUSE Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 85b
    Alice MOORHOUSE Dau S 10 Scholar [half time Worsted Spinner] Eccleshill 85b
128 46 Airdale Place Thomas SPENCER Head M 29 Cart Driver Idle nr Bradford 85b
    Isabella SPENCER Wife M 30 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 85b
129 48 Airdale Place Stephen WATMOUGH Head S 71 Unemployed Stationary Engineman Undercliffe Bradford 85b
130 60 Leeds Road Joseph STEAD Head M 49 Stone Quarry Labourer Bradford 86a
    Elizabeth STEAD Wife M 48   Bradford 86a
131 52 Leeds Road John BAXTER Head M 53 Coal Merchant's YardMan Fewston 86a
    Mercy BAXTER Wife M 50   Bradford 86a
    Edward SHEPERD Stepson S 22 Wool Warehouseman Bradford 86a
    Willie BAXTER Son S 18 Worsted Mill Hand Eccleshill 86a
    Daniel URATHALL? visit M 29 Plate Layer Bradford 86a
    Mary Ann URATHALL? visit M 23 Worsted Weaver DUR Gateshead 86a
    Joseph Edward URATHALL? visit S 1   Bradford 86a
132 3 Leeds Road Robert H BOWATER Head M 50 Coachman [Groom] HRT Hilshire 86a
    Esther BOWATER Wife M 43   SSX Slaugham 86a
    Henry Alfred BOWATER Son S 23 Coachman LON Cheswick 86a
    Arthur R BOWATER Son S 14 Groom Boston Spa 86a
    Walter F BOWATER Son S 12 Scholar Manningham 86a
133 ? Board School Philip BLACKMAN Head M 45 Boarding School Teacher HEF Portsea 86a
    Elizabeth BLACKMAN Wife M 41   SRY Southwark 86a
    Christine E BLACKMAN Dau S 19 Boarding School Teacher DUR Whickham 86a
    Gilbert Bradshaw BLACKMAN Son S 16 Boarding School Teacher DUR Whickham 86a
135 Moorfield House Arthur WATSON Head M 36 Draper Bradford 86a
    Annie WATSON Wife M 32   Eccleshill 86a
    Elizabeth Hilda WATSON Dau S 4   Eccleshill 86a
    Dorothy WATSON Dau S 1   Eccleshill 86a
    Jane WELFORD serv S 18 General Domestic serv Whitby 86a
136 56 Leeds Road William FLETCHER Head M 77 Retired from Business Idle 86a
    Sarah Ann FLETCHER Wife M 70   Keighley 86a
137 38 Airedale Place Henry PATEFIELD Head M 30 Stone Quarryman Bradford 86a
    Mary PATEFIELD Wife M 27   LAN Rochdale 86a
    William PATEFIELD Son S 4   Bradford 86a
    Miriam PATEFIELD Dau S 2   Bradford 86a
138 54 Leeds Road George LISTER Head S 47 Clay Getter Bradford 86a
    William WARING son S 16 Worsted Mill Hand Bradford 86a
139 1 Wellington Terrace Thomas HARPER Head M 44 Woolen Cloth Manufacturer Eccleshill 86b
    Mary HARPER Wife M 46   Calverley 86b
    Emma HARPER Dau S 20   Eccleshill 86b
    Rachel HARPER Dau S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 86b
    James Henry HARPER Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 86b
    George COOPER neph S 9 Scholar Pudsey 86b
140 3 Wellington Terrace [Mrs] WHITELEY Head W       86b
141 5 Wellington Terrace William AYRTON Head M 38 Wool Business Bracewell 86b
    Ellen Mary AYRTON Wife M 34   NFK Norwich 86b
    Thomas Stafford AYRTON Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 86b
    Hilda Ellen AYRTON Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 86b
    Ida H AYRTON Dau S 5   Eccleshill 86b
    Maude Alice AYRTON Dau S 2   Bradford 86b
    Irvin William AYRTON Son S 1   Eccleshill 86b
    Rebecca W PICKERING serv S 20 General Domestic serv Rotherham 86b
142 7 Wellington Terrace Thomas O'KEEFE Head W 41 Boot Manufacturer LAN Liverpool 86b
    Gertrude H O'KEEFE Dau S 13 Scholar Bradford 86b
    Nellie O'KEEFE Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 86b
    T N O'KEEFE Son S 9 Scholar Bradford 86b
    W N O'KEEFE Son S 7 Scholar Bradford 86b
    Beatrice M O'KEEFE Dau S 5   Bradford 86b
    Mary NETTLETON s in l S 43   Bradford 86b
143 9 Wellington Terrace George D WILD Head M 50 Worsted Trade Manager Bradford 86b
    Margaret Ann WILD Wife M 45   IRE Dublin 86b
    George Lawson WILD Son S 19 Worsted Trade Clerk Bradford 86b
    Frank WILD Son S 18 Worsted Trade Clerk Bradford 86b
    Gertrude May WILD Dau S 16   Bradford 86b
    Alfred WILD Son S 14 Worsted Trade Clerk Eccleshill 86b
    Kate WILD Dau S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 86b
    Fred WILD Son S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 86b
    Margaret Beatrice WILD Dau S 6   Eccleshill 86b
144 11 Wellington Terr Henry BINT? Head M 32 Worsted Spinner Idle 87a
    Emily BINT? Wife M 25   Eccleshill 87a
    Elizabeth Norma BINT? Dau S 1m   Eccleshill 87a
    Dinah STELL serv S 43 Monthly Domestic Keighley 87a
    Emily MIDGLEY serv S 26 General Domestic serv Thorner 87a
145 Haw's Gardens Thomas HAW Head W 70 Gardener Armley Leeds 87a
  Leeds Road John HAW Son M 35 Gardener Dishforth, Topcliffe 87a
    Emily HAW d in l M 34 Florist Armley Leeds 87a
146 15 Springfield House John BATLEY Head W 68 Sizing Baster Holmfirth 87a
    Emily BATLEY Dau S 31 Music Teacher Eccleshill 87a
    Mary Jane BATLEY Dau S 18 Dressmaker Eccleshill 87a
147 17 Springfield House Joshua FIRTH Head M 51 Insurance Agent Clayton 87a
    Sarah Ann FIRTH Wife M 46   CAN 87a
    Mary Jane FIRTH Dau S 19 Stuff Weaver Bradford Moor 87a
    Fred T W FIRTH Son S 17 Worsted Spinner Sheffield 87a
    Albert Ed FIRTH Son S 15 Worsted Spinner WLS CAE Llan---bley 87a
    Ernest FIRTH Son S 13 Worsted Comber ? WLS CAE Llan---bley 87a
    Arthur FIRTH Son S 10 Worsted Spinner WLS CAE Llan---bley 87a
    Joseph FIRTH Son S 9 Scholar WLS CAE Llan---bley 87a
148 8 Prospect Place John MILNER Head M 54 Sewing Machine Canvasser Manningham 87a
  Leeds Road Mary MILNER Wife M 48   Holbeck Leeds 87a
149 1 Prospect Place Joseph CRAVEN Head M 56 Grease Extractor WOR Kidderminster 87a
    Emma CRAVEN Wife M 42   Bradford 87a
    William CRAVEN Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 87a
150 7 Prospect Place Susan KIPLING Head W 60 Living on Own Means NFK North Lopham 87a
    Matilda KEEBLE sis S 54 Living on Own Means NFK North Lopham 87a
    Miranda KEEBLE Niece S 25 Dressmaker NFK North Lopham 87a
151 9 Prospect Place Samuel BELL Head M 34 Sign-Writer Bradford 87a
    Ellen BELL Wife M 30   Bradford 87a
    Laura BELL Dau S 12 Scholar Bradford 87a
    Alfred BELL Son S 8 Scholar Bradford 87a
152 11 Prospect Place Martha Ann BOLTON Head M 30   Bradford 87b
    Lewis George BOLTON Husband M 29 Wool Sorter Great Heaton 87b
    Ann Hetty BOLTON Dau S 1   Eccleshill 87b
153 13 Prospect Place William BLOMFIELD Head M 44 Tailor NFK Fakenham 87b
    Margaret BLOMFIELD Wife M 36   Wetherby 87b
    Mabel BLOMFIELD Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 87b
    Emma BLOMFIELD Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 87b
    Alice BLOMFIELD Dau S 3   Eccleshill 87b
    Margaret BLOMFIELD Dau S 2m   Eccleshill 87b
154 15 Prospect Place Thomas RAYNER Head M 54 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Halifax 87b
    Hannah RAYNER Wife M 48   Dewsbury 87b
    Albert RAYNER Son M 22 Worsted Stuff Weaver Halifax 87b
    Eliza RAYNER d in l M 21   LEI Leicester 87b
    Sykes RAYNER Son S 15 Worsted Doffer Bradford 87b
    James RAYNER Gson S 2   Bradford 87b
155 17 Prospect Place Leonard BARTRIM Head M 41 Cashier & Bookkeeper Morton Bingley 87b
    Emma Jane BARTRIM Wife M 35   Halifax 87b
    Emily Bertha BARTRIM Dau S 5   Eccleshill 87b
    Harold BARTRIM Son S 2   Eccleshill 87b
    Martha WARING m in l W 74   Farsley 87b
    Mary Ann HOLLAND Niece S 22 Mother's Helper Bradford 87b
    Thomas HOLLAND neph S 21 Mechanical Draughtsman Leeds 87b
156 2 Victoria Street Roland Rycroft COLE Head M 26 Railway Goods Clerk Eccleshill 87b
    Clara COLE Wife M 28   Bradford 87b
    John Herbert COLE Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 87b
    Eva Maria COLE Dau S 3   Eccleshill 87b
    Elizabeth JAGGER Aunt W 62 Cashmere Weaver Bradford 87b
157 4 Victoria Street Jonas BATLEY Head M 26 Size Manufacturer Eccleshill 87b
    Emma BATLEY Wife M 26   Bradford 87b
    Edith BATLEY Dau S 1   Eccleshill 87b
158 6 Victoria Street Ellen REEVE Head W 53   SFK Market ?--ton 88a
    Alfred REEVE Son S 18 Plate Layer SFK Barningham 88a
    Arthur REEVE Son S 17 Plate Layer SFK Barningham 88a
    Nellie REEVE Dau S 16   Barnsley 88a
159 8 Victoria Street James William MAYALL Head M 27 Warp ? Rastrick 88a
    Ada MAYALL Wife M 27   Rastrick 88a
    Elsie MAYALL Dau S 1   Eccleshill 88a
160 10 Victoria Street Margaret Ann SHAW Head W 28 Dressmaker Leeds 88a
    Beatrice SHAW Dau S 7 Scholar Bradford 88a
    Clara SHAW Dau S 5 Scholar Bradford 88a
    Margaret PADGETT moth W 62 Housekeeper Horton Bradford 88a
161 15 Alexandra Terr James V RAMSBOTTOM Head M 34 Gold & SilverSmith LAN Liverpool 88a
    Fanny RAMSBOTTOM Wife M 32   LAN Manchester 88a
    Nora RAMSBOTTOM Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 88a
    Sarah Ann HOBSON Nurse W 59 Monthly Nurse LIN Lincoln 88a
162 13 Alexandra Terr Elizabeth WOOD Head W 66 Living on Own Means Bradford 88a
    Sarah WOOD Dau S 22   Bradford 88a
    Helena HUDSON Dau M 26   Bradford 88a
163 11 Alexandra Terr John Henry HOLMES Head M 40 Wool Stapler Wilsden 88a
    Anne Elizabeth HOLMES Wife M 39   Burley in Wharfdale 88a
    Albert Alexander HOLMES Son S 14 * Idle 88a
    Wilkinson HOLMES Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 88a
    Laura HOLMES Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 88a
    Ralph HOLMES Son S 1   Eccleshill 88a
164 9 Alexandra Terr George SMITH Head M 37 Grocer's ass. Harewood 88a
    Emily SMITH Wife M 42   NFK Lyng 88a
    Mabel H? Niece S 4   SRY Camberwell 88a
165 7 Alexandra Terr George LUND Head M 30 Bank Cashier Borobridge 88a
    Clara LUND Wife M 24   Bradford 88a
    Susan Mary HAILS ? serv S 17 Domestic serv SFK Hepworth 88a
166 5 Alexandra Terr Thomas EARNSHAW Head M 61 Retired Clerk Huddersfield 88b
    Sophia EARNSHAW Wife M 57   Huddersfield 88b
    Emily Mary EARNSHAW Dau S 24   Bradford 88b
167 3 Alexandra Terr Jane WISEMAN Head W 76   Grassington 88b
    Robert WISEMAN Son M 42 ? Works Manager Grassington 88b
    Eliza Jane WISEMAN Dau S 35 Music Teacher Bradford 88b
168 1 Alexandra Terr Charles WIPPLEWORTH Head M 33 Stuff Dress Buyer Dewsbury 88b
    Henrietta Martha WIPPLEWORTH Wife M 30   Bradford 88b
    Walter S FRANCE B-in-L S 28 Warehouseman Bradford 88b
    Annie HUNT serv S 20 Domestic serv LIN Goole 88b
169 40 Charnwood Road Elijah NUTTER Head M 86 Officiating ?[Undercliffe Cemetery] IRE 88b
    Ellen NUTTER Wife M 68   Hampsthwaite 88b
    John William NUTTER Son S 21 Bookkeeper Eccleshill 88b
170 48 Charnwood Road Stephen BAIRSTOW Head M 68 Retired Mechanic Clayton 88b
    Ann Emma BAIRSTOW Wife M 55   Leeds 88b
171 50 Charnwood Road Samuel B WILSHIRE Head M 31 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 88b
    Annie WILSHIRE Wife M 28   Eccleshill 88b
    Lucy Annie WILSHIRE Dau S 3   Eccleshill 88b
172 52 Charnwood Road William HAYES Head M 29 Paper Maker Eccleshill 88b
    Mary Louisa HAYES Wife M 29   DBY Stanton 88b
    Elinor Mary HAYES Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 88b
    Jessie HAYES Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 88b
    Lucy Ann HAYES Dau S 3 Scholar Eccleshill 88b
    Amy Elizabeth HAYES Dau S 1   Eccleshill 88b
173 54 Charnwood Road Robert BIRCH Head M 31 Stone Mason Eccleshill 88b
    Ada BIRCH Wife M 31   Bradford 88b
    Fred BIRCH Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 88b
    Bertie BIRCH Son S 2   Eccleshill 88b
    Elsie BIRCH Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 88b
174 56 Charnwood Road William TOGDEN Head M 33 Stone Mason Leeds 89a
    Clara TOGDEN Wife M 34   Bradford 89a
    James William TOGDEN Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 89a
    Walter TOGDEN Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 89a
    Tom TOGDEN Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 89a
    George TOGDEN Son S 4 Scholar Bradford 89a
    Ernest TOGDEN Son S 3   Eccleshill 89a
175 58 Charnwood Road Squire WEBSTER Head M 28 Agent Eccleshill 89a
    Harriet WEBSTER Wife M 28   Hunsworth 89a
    Mabel WEBSTER Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 89a
    Annie WEBSTER Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 89a
    Arthur WEBSTER Son S 2   Eccleshill 89a
176 60 Charnwood Road William Henry SAGAR Head M 33 Painter & Paper Hanger Bradford 89a
    Mary Jane SAGAR Wife M 33   Eccleshill 89a
    Harry SAGAR Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 89a
    Herbert SAGAR Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 89a
    Alfred SAGAR Son S 3   Eccleshill 89a
    Edward SAGAR Son S 1   Eccleshill 89a
177 62 Charnwood Road William STEAD Head M 41 Traveller Bradford 89a
    Hannah STEAD Wife M 40   Anglesey, Holyhead 89a
    Arthur L STEAD Son S 16 Office Boy Bradford 89a
    George H STEAD Son S 15 Office Boy Bradford 89a
    Mabel STEAD Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 89a
    Norman STEAD Son S 4   Eccleshill 89a
    Frank MORGAN neph S 8 Scholar Bradford 89a
178 64 Charnwood Road Tom DAWSON Head M 43 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 89a
    Mary DAWSON Wife M 40   Bradford 89a
    Harry DAWSON Son S 15 Clerk Bradford 89a
    John William DAWSON Son S 11 Scholar Bradford 89a
    Leonard DAWSON Son S 7 Scholar Bradford 89a
    Fred DAWSON Son S 5 Scholar Bradford 89a
    Frank DAWSON Son S   Scholar Eccleshill 89a
179 66 Charnwood Road Seth KIRK Head M 38 Iron Worker's Labourer Calverley 89b
    Ruth KIRK Wife M 42 Woolen Weaver Horsforth Guiseley 89b
    John William KIRK Son S 18 Woolen Tyer-in of ?? Horsforth Guiseley 89b
    Ann KIRK Dau S 15 Woolen Weaver Bradford 89b
    Mary KIRK Dau S 13 Scholar Bradford 89b
    Lily KIRK Dau S 11 Worsted Doffer Bradford 89b
    Seth Jr KIRK Son S 7 Scholar Bradford 89b
    Charles KIRK Son S 2   Eccleshill 89b
180 68 Charnwood Road Charles Henry JOWETT Head M 36 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 89b
    Mary Hannah JOWETT Wife M 40 Worsted Weaver Guiseley 89b
    Martha Alice JOWETT Dau S 4   Eccleshill 89b
181 70 Charnwood Road James BENSON Head M 35 Stuff Warehouseman Idle 89b
    Lucy Ann BENSON Wife M 32   DBY Chesterfield 89b
    Elsie BENSON Dau S 1   Eccleshill 89b
182 72 Charnwood Road William H WINPENNY Head M 41 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 89b
    Caroline S WINPENNY Wife M 40 Worsted Coating Weaver NFK Feliwell 89b
    Ann WINPENNY Dau S 16 Worsted Drawer Shipley 89b
    Ernest R WINPENNY Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 89b
    Herbert WINPENNY Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 89b
    Charles William WINPENNY Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 89b
    Edith WINPENNY Dau S 2   Eccleshill 89b
183 74 Charnwood Road John HARDAKER Head M 70 Ag Labourer Rawdon 89b
    Mary HARDAKER Wife M 71   Eccleshill 89b
    Jabez HARDAKER Son S 30 Tailor Eccleshill 89b
184 76 Charnwood Road Amos HARDAKER Head M 39 House Painter Eccleshill 89b
    Elizabeth HARDAKER Wife M 43   Eccleshill 89b
    Ellen HARDAKER Dau S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 89b
    Edith A BOOTH visit S 14 Scholar OXF North Gibbon 89b
185 78 Charnwood Road Mary *SON Head W 40 HouseHolder CHS Waverton 89b
    Ann Elizabeth *SON Dau S 16 G-------- in Wool Industry Bradford 89b
186 80 Charnwood Road William BANKS Head M 62 Stone Quarryman LAN Lancaster 90a
    Ann BANKS Wife M 61   LAN Eaton 90a
187 82 Charnwood Road Thomas HAYES Head M 50 Nursery Gardener Tadcaster 90a
    Jane HAYES Wife M 54   Eccleshill 90a
    Ada HAYES Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Armley 90a
    Polly HAYES Dau S 12 Scholar Armley 90a
188 13 Leeds Road John HALLIDAY Head M 52 Stuff Warehouse Clerk Bradford 90a
  Freemasons Hill Sarah Jane HALLIDAY Wife M 48   Bradford 90a
189 79 Charnwood Road Thomas GASCOYNE Head M 41 Stuff Warehouseman NFK Bradenham 90a
    Jane GASCOYNE Wife M 48   Preston 90a
    Ethel GASCOYNE Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 90a
    Vincent GASCOYNE Son S 13 French Polisher's Appr Bradford 90a
    Albert GASCOYNE Son S 12 Scholar Bradford 90a
    Bertie GASCOYNE Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 90a
190 77 Charnwood Road Samuel WOMERSLEY Head M 35 Coal Merchant Eccleshill 90a
    Elizabeth F WOMERSLEY Wife M 34   WAR Birmingham 90a
    Alfred WOMERSLEY Son S 3   Eccleshill 90a
    Bertha WOMERSLEY Dau S 1   Eccleshill 90a
191 75 Charnwood Road Syth/Sytt JACKSON Head W 40 Charwoman Arncliffe 90a
    Robert JACKSON Son S 17 Worsted Spinner Heaton Bradford 90a
    William Henry JACKSON Son S 14 Worsted Spinner St John Cross Halifax 90a
    Ellen E JACKSON Dau S 8 Scholar Moorside Halifax 90a
    Turner JACKSON Son S 5 Scholar York 90a
    Annie CLIFFE board S 20 Worsted Weaver NTT ? 90a
192 73 Charnwood Road John SUMMERS Head M 38 Joiner Arncliffe 90a
    Sarah Ann SUMMERS Wife M 34   Heaton Bradford 90a
    William Jackson SUMMERS Son S 14 Scholar Heaton Bradford 90a
    John Tunstal SUMMERS Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 90a
    Augustus SUMMERS Son S 4m   Eccleshill 90a
193 71 Charnwood Road William DEAN fath M 81 Electric Engineer CHS Middlewich 90b
    Annie DEAN moth M 64   Ripponden 90b
    Annie M DEAN Head S 36 Sewing Teacher SCT Glasgow 90b
    Hubert B DEAN bro S 34 Woolen Spinner LAN Manchester 90b
    Marian DEAN sis S 30 Confectioner WAR Birmingham 90b
    Edith DEAN sis S 24 Machinist - ?? Maker Eccleshill 90b
194 69 Charnwood Road Hugh HALLIDAY Head M 35 Stone Mason Eccleshill 90b
    Ada HALLIDAY Wife M 31 Worsted Weaver Wakefield 90b
    Dora HALLIDAY Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 90b
195 67 Charnwood Road James LISTER Head M 41 Wallstone Dresser Idle 90b
    Hannah LISTER Wife M 38   Eccleshill 90b
    Emily LISTER Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Mill Hand Idle 90b
    J William LISTER Son S 6 Scholar Idle 90b
196 65 Charnwood Road Catherine ROBINSON Head M 48   NTH Peterborough 90b
    Alfred ROBINSON Husband M 51 ?? Corporation Labourer Bradford 90b
197 63 Charnwood Road William ALEXANDER Head M 26 Stone Quarryman Scrappler SRY Kingston on Thames 90b
    Myra ALEXANDER Wife M 22   Bradford 90b
198 61 Charnwood Road Thomas William JENNINGS Head M 28 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 90b
    Martha Ann JENNINGS Wife M 29   Bradford 90b
199 39 Charnwood Road William B TAYLOR Head M 32 BookBinder Finisher NFK Sparham 90b
    Charlotte TAYLOR Wife M 32   Leeds 90b
    Wilfred B TAYLOR Son S 7 Scholar Leeds 90b
    Edith Constance TAYLOR Dau S 5 Scholar Leeds 90b
    Laura Elsie TAYLOR Dau S 2   Eccleshill 90b
200 37 Charnwood Road Fred HANSON Head M 33 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 90b
    Sarah Emma HANSON Wife M 31   Morton 90b
201 53 Charnwood Road Benjamin HOLMES Head M 36 Wool Sorter Hawksworth 90b
    Mary Eliza HOLMES Wife M 32   Bradford 90b
    Edith HOLMES Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 90b
    Bertie Wood HOLMES Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 90b
202 51 Charnwood Road Emily HOLMES Head W 37 Baker & Confectioner LON 91a
    Henry Hardy HOLMES Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 91a
    John Cherrington HOLMES Son S 4   Eccleshill 91a
203 55 Charnwood Road Clara YOUNG Wife M 30 Worsted Stuff Weaver Bradford 91a
204 49 Charnwood Road Christiana SIMPSON Head W 69   Lofthouse Wakefield 91a
    Margaret Hannah SIMPSON Dau S 30 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 91a
    Joseph DEBANK lodg M 52 Stone Quarryman DBY 91a
    William HENDERSON lodg S 30 Drapery Warehouseman SCT Dumphreshire 91a
205 47 Charnwood Road Enoch SMITH Head M 52 ?? House ass. Shelf nr Halifax 91a
    Mary Ann SMITH Wife M 49 Sewing Machinist Shelf nr Halifax 91a
    Annie SMITH Dau S 19 Sewing Machinist Bradford 91a
    Arnold SMITH Son S 17 Medical ass. Bradford 91a
    Emily SMITH Dau S 15 Sewing Machinist Bradford 91a
    Mary Ellen SMITH Dau S 13 Sewing Machinist Bradford 91a
    Fred SMITH Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 91a
    Matilda SMITH Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 91a
    Lena SMITH Dau S 5 Scholar Bradford 91a
206 45 Charnwood Road John METCALFE Head M 45 Stone Mason Gayle, Hawes 91a
207 43 Charnwood Road William GAY Head M 77 Surveyor & Landscape Gardener HEF Ross 91a
    Elizabeth GAY Wife M 70   GLS Cheltenham 91a
208 41 Charnwood Road Thomas B BRADFORD Head M 59 Retired Tobacconist Bradford 91a
    Christiana BRADFORD Wife M 65   Leeds 91a
    Thomas W KEIGHLEY Gson S 18 Draper's ass. Bradford 91a
209 39 Charnwood Road Christopher WAITE Head M 38 Coal Merchant Bracewell 91a
    Harriet Ann WAITE Wife M 36   Stainland 91a
    Mary Isabella WAITE Dau S 9   Bradford 91a
    Mary MALLINSON m in l W 60 Living on Own Means Elland 91a
    Jane Isabella WAITE visit S 8 Scholar Cliffe nr Selby 91a
210 37 Charnwood Road Francis POTTAGE Head M 37 Railway Clerk Healaugh ? 91b
    Ellen POTTAGE Wife M 36   Knottingley 91b
    Letty POTTAGE Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 91b
    John POTTAGE Son S 14 Woolen Warehouse Boy Bradford 91b
    Fred POTTAGE Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 91b
    Ellen POTTAGE Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 91b
211 33 Charnwood Road John PITTS Head M 37 Green Grocer YKS * 91b
    Alice PITTS Wife M 35   Bankfoot 91b
    Thomas William PITTS Son S 12 Worsted Factory Hand Eccleshill 91b
    Mary Ann PITTS Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 91b
    Florrie PITTS Dau S 1   Eccleshill 91b
    Sarah PITTS moth W 67 Living on Own Means Low Moor 91b
212 33 Charnwood Road Joseph JACKSON Head M 45 Grocer Horsforth 91b
    Sarah Ann JACKSON Wife M 45 ? In Grocers Shop Eccleshill 91b
    Lilly JACKSON Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 91b
213 29 Charnwood Road Robert M WOOD Head M 48 Umbrella Maker Leeds 91b
    Annie WOOD Wife M 35   Sowerby Bridge 91b
    Gertrude M WOOD Dau S 14 Scholar Bramley Leeds 91b
    Coningsby WOOD Son S 9 Scholar Pudsey 91b
    Frank WOOD Son S 8 Scholar Pudsey 91b
    Norah WOOD Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 91b
    Brey ? WOOD Son S 3   Eccleshill 91b
    George WOOD Son S 5m   Eccleshill 91b
214 27 Charnwood Road Grace TAYLOR Head M 50 Worsted Weaver Bradford 91b
    Edwin TAYLOR Husband M 50 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 91b
215 25 Charnwood Road Frederick COLLINSON Head M 50 Wool Sorter Bradford 91b
    Eliza COLLINSON Wife M 50 Charwoman Bradford 91b
216 23 Charnwood Road Joseph S KEELS Head M 51 Stone Quarryman CAM Chatteris 91b
    Sarah Jane KEELS Wife M 50   Guiseley 91b
    George HUDSON lodg S 21 Worsted Mill Labourer Guiseley 91b
    Sarah HUDSON lodg S 15 Worsted Spinner Guiseley 91b
    John William HUDSON lodg S 13 Worsted Jobber Guiseley 92a
    Harry BLACKBURN lodg S 8 Scholar Pudsey 92a
217 21 Charnwood Road Samuel NAYLOR Head M 22 Police Constable Halifax 92a
    Elizabeth Ann NAYLOR Wife M 21   Halifax 92a
218 19 Charnwood Road Alfred RASTRICK Head M 23 Police Constable Bradford 92a
    Martha RASTRICK Wife M 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 92a
219 17 Charnwood Road John MARSDEN Head M 35 Wool Combing Overlooker Bramley 92a
    Sarah Ann MARSDEN Wife M 37   Bradford 92a
    Alice MARSDEN Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 92a
    Joseph Hudson MARSDEN Son S 11 Worsted Spinner [half time] Bradford 92a
    Hannah MARSDEN Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 92a
    John MARSDEN Son S 5 Scholar Bradford 92a
    Emily MARSDEN Dau S 3   Bradford 92a
220 15 Charnwood Road Walter *OGDEN Head M 29 B?Can Maker ? Leeds 92a
    Rachel *OGDEN Wife M 27   Horsforth 92a
    Annie *OGDEN Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 92a
    Harriet *OGDEN Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 92a
    Herbert *OGDEN Son S 1   Eccleshill 92a
221 13 Charnwood Road Thomas DARLING Head M 33 Plate Layer SFK West Shaw 92a
    Mary Ann DARLING Wife M 39   Market Deighton 92a
    Charles E FALKINGHAM Stepson S 19 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 92a
    Annie E DARLING Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 92a
    Alice DARLING Dau S 4 Scholar Laister Dyke 92a
    Ellen DARLING Dau S 1   Eccleshill 92a
222 11 Charnwood Road Martha Ellen JACKSON Head S   Housekeeper Eccleshill 92a
    William BENTLEY board W 42 Worsted Mill Bookkeeper Thornton Bradford 92a
    Ernest BENTLEY board S 10 Scholar Bradford 92a
223 7 Charnwood Road Mark JACKSON Head M 43 Plasterer Eccleshill 92b
    Matilda JACKSON Wife M 39   Bradford 92b
    Annie R JACKSON Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 92b
    Emma JACKSON Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 92b
    Richard JACKSON Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 92b
    Edith JACKSON Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 92b
    Charlesworth JACKSON Son S 3 Scholar Eccleshill 92b
224 9 Charnwood Road James CLOUGH Head M 29 Stationary Engine Tenter Bradford 92b
    Clara Emily CLOUGH Wife M 28   LAN Lancaster 92b
    Lily CLOUGH Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 92b
    Alfred CLOUGH Son S 6 Scholar Bradford 92b
    Arthur CLOUGH Son S 5 Scholar Bradford 92b
    Harry CLOUGH Son S 1   Bradford 92b
225 5 Charnwood Road Abraham BAILEY Head M 50 Stone Mason Eccleshill 92b
    Alice BAILEY Wife M 48   Spofforth 92b
    William Thompson BAILEY Son S 22 Bookkeeper Eccleshill 92b
    John BAILEY Son S 14 Scholar Eccleshill 92b
226 3 Charnwood Road Ann DICKENSON Head M 49   Eccleshill 92b
    Thomas DICKENSON Son S 21 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 92b
    Elizabeth DICKENSON Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 92b
227 1 Charnwood Road Jane PROCTOR Head S 63 Mantle Maker Huddersfield 92b
228 83 Killinghall Road Samuel CRAVEN Head M 50 Butcher Armley 92b
    Margaret CRAVEN Wife M 35   Leeds 92b
    William W CRAVEN Uncle W 72 Retired Linen Draper Wakefield 92b
229 2 Charnwood Road Elizabeth * Head W 50 Provision Merchant Brighouse 92b
    Sarah * Dau S 22 Provision Merch [deaf] Bingley 92b
    William * Son S 20 Provision Merch [deaf] Bradford 92b
230 4 Charnwood Road Joshua GAUNT Head M 50 B-- Fitter in Woolen Mill Pudsey 92b
    Mary GAUNT Wife M 50   Pudsey 92b
    Hannah GAUNT Dau S 26 Worsted Winder Pudsey 92b
    George GAUNT Son S 20 Woolen Minder Pudsey 92b
    Martha GAUNT Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 92b
231 6 Charnwood Road Sarah Ann BRIGGS Head S 62 Charwoman Rastrick 93a
232 8 Charnwood Road John PARRINGTON Head M 47 ?? Manager Bowling 93a
    Ann Bowles PARRINGTON Wife M 45   Bowling 93a
    Elsie PARRINGTON Dau S 16 Cloth Weaver Bradford 93a
    Tatley ? PARRINGTON Son S 14 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 93a
    Annie PARRINGTON Dau S 13 Waitress in Coffee ?? Eccleshill 93a
    Ernest PARRINGTON Son S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 93a
    Maria PARRINGTON Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 93a
    John William PARRINGTON Son S 4   Eccleshill 93a
233 10 Charnwood Road Joseph CHARLESWORTH Head M 49 Wool Dyer Horsforth 93a
    Christiana CHARLESWORTH Wife M 42   Horsforth 93a
    Ellen CHARLESWORTH Dau S 18 Weaving Learner Horsforth 93a
    Edward CHARLESWORTH Son S 16 BrickYard Labourer Horsforth 93a
    Selina CHARLESWORTH Dau S 8 Scholar Horsforth 93a
    Tom CHARLESWORTH Son S 4 Scholar Bradford 93a
    Sam CHARLESWORTH Son S 1   Bradford 93a
234 12 Charnwood Road James GOODSHIP Head M 62 Gardener LON 93a
    Martha GOODSHIP Wife M 59   LON 93a
    Louisa GOODSHIP Dau S 19 Cotton Weaver HRT Stephenage 93a
    Rose GOODSHIP Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner HRT Hitchen 93a
235 14 Charnwood Road Elizabeth CLIFFORD Head W 46 Charwoman DEV Torquay 93a
    Manassah CLIFFORD Son S 16 Mechanic Eccleshill 93a
    Charles W CLIFFORD Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 93a
    Herbert CLIFFORD Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 93a
236 16 Charnwood Road Isaac JACKSON Head M 30 Warp Twister Eccleshill 93a
    Martha Ann JACKSON Wife M 29 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 93a
    Percy Edmund JACKSON Son S 3   Eccleshill 93a
237 18 Charnwood Road James DILLON Head M 50 Woolen Cloth Weaver IRE 93b
    Margaret DILLON Wife M 50   IRE 93b
    Ann DILLON Dau S 24 Domestic Duties Eccleshill 93b
    Elizabeth DILLON Dau S 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 93b
    George DILLON Son S 19 Grocer's ass. Eccleshill 93b
    Arthur DILLON Son S 17 Warehouse Boy Eccleshill 93b
    Agnes DILLON Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 93b
    Maggie DILLON Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 93b
    Margaret ROWES board S 21 Woolen Burler IRE 93b
238 20 Charnwood Road Francis HUGHES Head M 30 Tailor IRE Armagh 93b
    Ellen HUGHES Wife M 30   CHS Barnaston 93b
    Annis HUGHES Dau S 7 Scholar CHS Dacre Hill 93b
    Maggie HUGHES Dau S 7 Scholar CHS Dacre Hill 93b
    Frank HUGHES Son S 3   CHS Dacre Hill 93b
239 22 Charnwood Road William Henry NEWTON Head M 33 Shoemaker Halifax 93b
    Emily NEWTON Wife M 32   Bradford 93b
    William NEWTON Son S 9 Scholar Halifax 93b
    Louis NEWTON Son S 7 Scholar Halifax 93b
    Hilda NEWTON Dau S 7m   Halifax 93b
240 24 Charnwood Road Reuben CHILD Head M 54 Plasterer Bradford 93b
    Emma CHILD Wife M 56   Undercliffe 93b
241 26 Charnwood Road Stephen SAGAR Head M 36 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 93b
    Harriet A B SAGAR Wife M 37   B.?sworth 93b
    James Thomas SAGAR Son S 13 Errand Boy Eccleshill 93b
    Joseph SAGAR Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 93b
    Mary Ann SAGAR Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 93b
    Frederic SAGAR Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 93b
    Helen SAGAR Dau S 11m   Eccleshill 93b
242 30 Charnwood Road Samuel CHARLESWORTH Head M 40 Wool Dyer Horsforth 94a
    Sarah Ann CHARLESWORTH Wife M 38 Woolen Mill Filler Horsforth 94a
    William CHARLESWORTH Son S 15 Woolen Mule Piecer Horsforth 94a
    Mary Jane CHARLESWORTH Dau S 13   Horsforth 94a
    Ernest CHARLESWORTH Son S 11 Scholar Horsforth 94a
    Fred CHARLESWORTH Son S 8 Scholar Horsforth 94a
    Lily CHARLESWORTH Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 94a
243 32 Charnwood Road James DALBY Head M 47 Spinner's Drayman Bradford 94a
    Hannah DALBY Wife M 43   Bradford 94a
    Alfred DALBY Son S 17 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 94a
244 Charnwood Road Catherine MILNER Head W 50   Ripon 94a
    Arthur MILNER Son S 20 Joiner's app. Eccleshill 94a
    Ruth Ann MILNER Dau S 18 Dressmaker Eccleshill 94a
    Herbert MILNER Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 94a
245 38 Charnwood Road Daniel GOODSHIP Head M 29 Coachman & Gardener [Domestic] HRT Stevenage 94a
    Emma GOODSHIP Wife M 28   Church Fenton 94a
    William GOODSHIP Son S 9 Scholar Church Fenton 94a
    Rose GOODSHIP Dau S 5 Scholar Cullingworth 94a
    Alice GOODSHIP Dau S 3   Eccleshill 94a
    Florence GOODSHIP Dau S 2   Eccleshill 94a
    George A GOODSHIP Son S 6m   Eccleshill 94a
    Alice AMBLER s in l S 22 Silk Weaver Church Fenton 94a
246 40 Charnwood Road Susannah SPENCE Head W 66 Supported by son * Armley 94a
247 42 Charnwood Road Albert CHILD Head M 32 * Bradford 94a
    Eden Emily CHILD Wife M 33   Guiseley 94a
248 44 Charnwood Road John SPURR Head M 34 Gardener Bradford 94a
    Mary Ann SPURR Wife M 34   Bradford 94a
249 Highcliffe Cottage William BARKER Head M 48 Coachman & Gardener Alne 94a
  Leeds Road Mary BARKER Wife M 47   Alne 94a
    John William BARKER Son S 18 Printer's app. Kilvington 94a
    Charlotte M BARKER Dau S 11 Scholar [half time Domestic] York 94a
250   Rhoda M BARKER Dau S 9 Scholar Swinton 94b
    George William BARKER Son S 6 Scholar Sheriff Hutton 94b