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Census Indexes 1891 Eccleshill ED6

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The census returns for 1891 were taken on the evening of April 5th and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG12/3651.

ED5, Folios 98-113

1 1 Moorside John DUCKETT Head M 49 Stone Quarryman Morton 98a
    Mary DUCKETT Wife M 51   Thornton 98a
1a 2 Moorside Clara STANSFIELD Head W 59 Charwoman WLS CAE 98a
2 5 Moorside William Ed SIMONETT Head M 44 Wool Buyer Bradford 98a
    Mary SIMONETT Wife M 44   Ripon 98a
    Martha SIMONETT Dau S 20 Worsted Spinner Ripon 98a
    John Ed SIMONETT Son S 17 Unemployed Brass Finisher Bradford 98a
    George A SIMONETT Son S 15 Plumber's ass. Bradford 98a
    Ann M SIMONETT Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 98a
    Mary SIMONETT Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 98a
    William Henry SIMONETT Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 98a
    Edward SIMONETT Son S 5   Eccleshill 98a
3 11 Moorside Fred WALLER Head M 30 Grocer's ass. Bradford 98a
    Mary A WALLER Wife M 30   Eccleshill 98a
    Lizzie A WALLER Dau S 1   Eccleshill 98a
4 13 Moorside Joseph MORTON Head M 58 Stone Mason Leeds 98a
    Emma MORTON Wife M 53   Rawdon 98a
    Walter MORTON Son S 20 Woolen Spinner Greengates 98a
    Charles MORTON Son S 16   Greengates 98a
    Miriam MORTON Dau S 10 Scholar Greengates 98a
5 15 Moorside Joseph HUDSON Head M 70 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 98a
    Hannah HUDSON Wife M 75   Guiseley 98a
6 17 Moorside John HEYWOOD Head W 78 Wool Cloth Weaver GLS Stroud 98a
    Lydia HEYWOOD Dau S 29 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 98a
    William HEYWOOD Son S 25 Worsted Warper Eccleshill 98a
    Eliza HINTON board M 32 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 98a
    Heywood HINTON board S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 98a
7 19 Moorside William NULHAM Head M 46 Gardener BRK Troyford 98a
    Hannah NULHAM Wife M 46   Apperley Bridge 98a
    Nelson LEVETT Son S 19 Wool Dyer Apperley Bridge 98a
    Sarah E LEVETT Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Apperley Bridge 98a
    James LEVETT Son S 16 Gardener's ass. Apperley Bridge 98b
8 21 Moorside Eman WAITE Head M 45 Stone Dresser Idle 98b
    Mary Ann WAITE Wife M 55   IRE Dublin 98b
9 23 Moorside Thomas HUTTON Head M 54 Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector Eccleshill 98b
    Elizabeth HUTTON Wife M 54   Eccleshill 98b
10 25 Moorside Fred HARGRAVE Head M 45? Publican Bramley 98b
    Harriet S HARGRAVE Wife M 51   SRY Croyden 98b
    Florence A HARGRAVE Dau S 7w   Eccleshill 98b
12 29 Moorside Harrison NORTON Head M 31 Farmer Eccleshill 98b
    Maria NORTON Wife M 32   Eccleshill 98b
    John H NORTON Son S 2   Eccleshill 98b
13 31 Moorside Joseph NORTON Head M 34 Woolen Willeyer Eccleshill 98b
    Emma NORTON Wife M 36   Eccleshill 98b
    Annie NORTON Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 98b
    Harrison NORTON Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 98b
    Shepherd NORTON Son S 6   Eccleshill 98b
14 33 Moorside Settle GAUNT? Head M 22 Mason's Labourer Drighlington 98b
    Eliza GAUNT? Wife M 22   MDX London 98b
15 35 Moorside Susannah FAIRBANK Head S 44 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 98b
16 37 Moorside William MALLON? Head M 36 Blacksmith Inkley 98b
    Elizabeth MALLON? Wife M 37   Sheffield 98b
17 39 Moorside Stephen MURGATROYD Head M 32 Stone Mason Stanningley 98b
    Hannah MURGATROYD Wife M 39   Bradford 98b
    Martha A MURGATROYD Dau S 9 Scholar Idle 98b
    Robert MURGATROYD Son S 1   Eccleshill 98b
18 41 Moorside Samuel CLARK Head M 80 Carpenter Tong 98b
    Elizabeth CLARK Wife M 84   Idle 98b
19 43 Moorside Herbert BAXTER Head M 20 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 98b
    Hannah E BAXTER Wife M 25 Worsted Reeler Eccleshill 98b
    Eliza BAXTER Dau S 1m   Eccleshill 98b
20 45 Moorside Benjamin ILLINGWORTH Head M 56 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 99a
    Grace ILLINGWORTH Wife M 56   Barwick 99a
    Arthur ILLINGWORTH Son S 27 Woolen Fettler Eccleshill 99a
    Benjamin ILLINGWORTH Son S 23 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 99a
    Mary ILLINGWORTH Dau S 16 Woolen Piece Mender Eccleshill 99a
    Charlotte ILLINGWORTH Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 99a
    Ada ILLINGWORTH Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 99a
22 49 Moorside Thomas BOWERS Head M 58 Gardener Aislaby 99a
    Mary BOWERS Wife M 56   Helindrick 99a
    George BOWERS Son S 19 Stone Dresser Saltaire 99a
    Mary A BOWERS Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Manningham 99a
    Lavinia A BOWERS Gdau S 13 Worsted Spinner Bradford 99a
    Marshall MARGERISON lodg W 23 ? Drayman Calverley 99a
    Mary E MARGERISON board S 8   Eccleshill 99a
23 51 Moorside William DUFTON Head M 53 Woolen Overlooker Bramley 99a
    Ellen DUFTON Wife M 54   Bramley 99a
    Amelia DUFTON Dau S 24 Wool Piece Mender Bramley 99a
    Edward DUFTON Son S 18 Woolen Fettler Yeadon 99a
    Alfred DUFTON Son S 16 Worsted Comber Yeadon 99a
24 53 Moorside James SUNDERLAND Head M 37 LetterPress Printer LAN Nelson 99a
    Elizabeth SUNDERLAND Wife M 37   DUR Castle Eden 99a
    William P SUNDERLAND Son S 9 Scholar Farnsley 99a
    Thomas SUNDERLAND Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 99a
    George SUNDERLAND Son S 3   Eccleshill 99a
    John SUNDERLAND Son S 7m   Eccleshill 99a
    Alice H SUNDERLAND board S 28 HairDresser LAN Nelson 99a
25 55 Moorside William SIMPSON Head M 40 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 99a
    Mary Ann SIMPSON Wife M 40 Worsted Weaver Bradford 99a
    Annie E SIMPSON Dau S 14 Scholar Eccleshill 99a
26 57 Moorside Sarah I OATES Head W 49   Little London 99b
    Robert OATES Son S 29 Quarry Engine Driver Little London 99b
    Lavinia OATES Dau S 27 Wool Twister Eccleshill 99b
    Walter OATES Son S 25 Brick Works Labourer Eccleshill 99b
    Ernest OATES Son S 19 Boiler Maker Eccleshill 99b
    Abraham OATES Son S 17 Joiner Eccleshill 99b
    Milly OATES Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 99b
    Lewis OATES Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 99b
    Clara OATES Dau S 4   Eccleshill 99b
27 59 Moorside Martha MURGATROYD Head W 53   Otley 99b
    Alfred MURGATROYD Son S 20 Stone Mason Bradford 99b
    Samuel MURGATROYD Son S 18 Stone Quarryman Bradford 99b
    John MURGATROYD Son S 17 Worsted Spinner Bradford 99b
    Esther MURGATROYD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 99b
    Joseph MURGATROYD Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Bradford 99b
    Willie MURGATROYD Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 99b
28 61 Moorside John KELLETT Head S 51 Gas LampLighter Eccleshill 99b
29   Ellen KELLETT Head W 59   Eccleshill 99b
    Maria KELLETT Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 99b
    Fred KELLETT Son S 21 Grocer's ass. Eccleshill 99b
    Alberta ? KELLETT Gdau S 3   Eccleshill 99b
    Alice KELLETT Gdau S 2   Eccleshill 99b
30 65 Moorside Daniel WALDON Head M 47 Tripe Dresser LIN Bicker 99b
    Sarah A WALDON Wife M 44   Doncaster 99b
    Mary E WALDON Dau S 17   Bradford 99b
    Walter WALDON Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 99b
31 67 Moorside House John BLACKBURN Head M 69 Worsted Spinner Bradford 100b
    Emma BLACKBURN Wife M 52   Bradford 100b
    John F BLACKBURN Son S 28 Worsted Overlooker Bradford 100b
    Alfred BLACKBURN Son S 26 Engineer Bradford 100b
    Emma BLACKBURN Dau S 24   Bradford 100b
    Edith BLACKBURN Dau S 22   Bradford 100b
    Elizabeth BLACKBURN Dau S 20   Bradford 100b
    Herbert BLACKBURN Son S 18 Surveyor Bradford 100b
    Alice BLACKBURN Dau S 14 Scholar Bradford 100b
    Beatrice BLACKBURN Dau S 12 Scholar Bradford 100b
    Ada BLACKBURN Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 100b
32 75 Moorside Thomas SHARPE Head M 56 Mariner NTT Newark 100b
    Mary SHARPE Wife M 60   Bradford 100b
33 73 Moorside Place Edward Joseph BOYD Head M 53 Life Insurance Manager Kingston Upon Hull 100b
    Mary BOYD Wife M 55   NB CAN Edinburgh 100b
    John C BOYD Son S 28 Woolen Buyer Bradford 100b
    Margaret BOYD Dau S 20 Scholar Bradford 100b
    Alexander BOYD Son S 18 Woolen Manufacturer's app. Bradford 100b
    Norman BOYD Son S 17   Eccleshill 100b
    Alfred H BOYD Son S 11   Eccleshill 100b
    Agnes DICK m in l W 81   NB CAN Dundee 100b
    Amelia CLARKE serv S 19 Domestic serv Selby 100b
34 71 Moorside Place William NUTTALL Head W 58 Merchant's Clerk LAN Wyresdale 100b
35 69 Moorside Place Samuel MARSDEN Head M 57 Cattle Dealer Tong 100b
    Rhoda MARSDEN Wife M 59   Tong 100b
    Hettie MARSDEN Dau S 25   Tong 100b
    Edna MARSDEN Dau S 20   Tong 100b
37 Elsworth House William SHEFFIELD Head M 50 Drill & Gymnastic Instructor SCT Edinburgh 100b
    Mary SHEFFIELD Wife M 51   Saddleworth 100b
    Florence E SHEFFIELD Dau S 22 ass. School Mistress Bradford 100b
    Frederick William SHEFFIELD Son S 25 Warehouseman Bradford 101a
    Thomas SHEFFIELD Son S 18 Warehouseman Bradford 101a
    Gertrude E M SHEFFIELD Dau S 13 Scholar Bradford 101a
    Alfred H SHEFFIELD Son S 11 Scholar Bradford 101a
    William W SHEFFIELD Son S 6 Scholar Bradford 101a
38 Hawthorn Bank George WILSON Head M 54 Confectioner Stanley Ferry 101a
    Sarah A WILSON Wife M 56   LIN Spalding 101a
    Charles Henry WILSON Son S 22 Confectioner Bradford 101a
    John C WILSON Son S 21 S* Bradford 101a
    Frederick H WILSON Son S 20 D* Bradford 101a
    Alfred C WILSON Son S 18 Iron Monger Bradford 101a
    Emma M WILSON Dau S 17   Eccleshill 101a
    Sarah A WILSON Dau S 14 Scholar Eccleshill 101a
    Haldane WILSON Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 101a
    Maurice WILSON Son S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 101a
    Clara C NEWSTEAD ? serv S 22 Cook Kilington 101a
    Susannah ELSWORTH serv S 20 Kitchen Maid Leeds 101a
    Rebecca JESSON serv S 21 Housemaid LEI Branston 101a
39 1 Ashfield Place Sarah A MURGATROYD Head W 50 Laundress Leeds 101a
    Sarah A MURGATROYD Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 101a
    Isaac MURGATROYD Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 101a
40 3 Ashfield Place John BARKER Head M 51 Gardener & Domestic serv Easingwold 101a
    Maria BARKER Wife M 43   GER Schesung 101a
    Herman BARKER Son S 13 Scholar Rawdon 101a
    Maria BARKER Dau S 10 Scholar Rawdon 101a
    Sarah BARKER Dau S 9 Scholar Rawdon 101a
    Elisa BARKER Dau S 3   Rawdon 101a
41 5 Ashfield Place David ROWLANDS Head M 33 Wool Sorter MGY Welshpool 101b
    Sarah E ROWLANDS Wife M 28   Windhill 101b
    Evan W ROWLANDS Son S 4   Eccleshill 101b
    John A ROWLANDS Son S 3   Eccleshill 101b
    Elise M ROWLANDS Dau S 10m   Eccleshill 101b
42 7 Ashfield Place Hannah CROSSLEY Head M 30   STS * 101b
    Jessie CROSSLEY Dau S 5 Scholar Bradford 101b
    Harry T CROSSLEY Son S 4   Eccleshill 101b
43 9 Ashfield Place Adaleza TEMPEST Head M 34   Shipley 101b
    Ernest TEMPEST Son S 12 Scholar Calverley 101b
    Gordon TEMPEST Son S 11 Scholar Shipley 101b
    Lilly TEMPEST Dau S 6   Fagley 101b
    Daisy TEMPEST Dau S 4   Fagley 101b
44 11 Ashfield Place George LONGTHORN Head M 42 Blacksmith Bradford 101b
    Jane LONGTHORN Wife M 34   Middlesbro 101b
    Willie LONGTHORN Son S 3   Saltaire 101b
45 13 Ashfield Place George SAVAGE Head M 38 Farm Lab. SFK Market Weston 101b
    Mary SAVAGE Wife M 38   SFK Market Weston 101b
    Charlotte L SAVAGE Dau S 16 ? ass. Eccleshill 101b
    Eliza H SAVAGE Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 101b
46 15 Ashfield Place Samuel RUSHFORTH Head M 69 Combing Overlooker [Living on Own Means] WES Kendal 101b
    Jane RUSHFORTH Wife M 67   WES Kendal 101b
47 81 Moorside Thomas MARSHALL Head M 64 F*ner Bradford 101b
  Ashfield House Margaret MARSHALL Wife M 64   Kirklington 101b
    Bessie MARSHALL Dau S 35   Bradford 101b
    Thomas W MARSHALL Gson S 14 Scholar Bradford 101b
    Kathleen MARSHALL Gdau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 101b
    Kate SORREL serv S 16 General Domestic serv Calverley 101b
48 1 Moorside Terrace John A RIGG Head M 26 Clothier Manager Holbeck 102a
    Lillie RIGG Wife M 27   York 102a
    Ernest A RIGG Son S 4   Undercliffe 102a
49 3 Moorside Terrace Thomas SETTLE Head M 58 Shoemaker Bradford 102a
    Sarah A SETTLE Wife M 41   Chapeltown Leeds 102a
    Annie SETTLE Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Farsley 102a
    William E SETTLE Son S 18 Grocer's Clerk Farsley 102a
    Mary J SETTLE Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Farsley 102a
    Tom SETTLE Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 102a
    Harry T SETTLE Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 102a
    Thomas GODDARD f in l W 72 Unemployed Carpenter York 102a
50 5 Moorside Terrace Samuel HARTLEY Head M 32 Woolen Warehouseman Marketon nr Ripon 102a
    Nancy HARTLEY Wife M 34   Bradford 102a
    Ernest HARTLEY Son S 2   Eccleshill 102a
51 7 Moorside Terrace Joseph R CASTLEY ? Head M 26 Tailor's ass. KEN Ramsgate 102a
    Elizabeth A CASTLEY ? Wife M 26   Bradford 102a
    Lawrence CASTLEY ? Son S 5   Bradford 102a
    Frances CASTLEY ? Dau S 3   Bradford 102a
52 9 Moorside Terrace Albert HARDAKER Head M 28 Brushmaker Saltaire 102a
    Betsy HARDAKER Wife M 27   Sowerby Bridge 102a
    Eliza A GAUKRODGER m in l W *   Sowerby Bridge 102a
53 11 Moorside Terrace John NAYLOR Head M 69 Living on Own Means Bradford 102a
    Eliza NAYLOR Wife M 56   Sherburn Helmet 102a
54 13 Moorside Terrace Margret FOGDEN Head W 65   Leeds 102a
    Harriet S FOGDEN Dau S 34 Worsted Coating Mender Hunslet 102a
    Harry H FOGDEN Gson S 9 Scholar Bradford 102a
55 15 Moorside Terrace Thomas B COLE Head M 32 Wool Sorter Bradford 102b
    Elizabeth A COLE Wife M 31   Batley Carr? 102b
    John B COLE Son S 10   Eccleshill 102b
    Mary H COLE Dau S 10 Mill Hand [half time] Eccleshill 102b
    Harold COLE Son S 7 Mill Hand [half time] Eccleshill 102b
    Frank COLE Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 102b
    Edgar COLE Son S 3   Eccleshill 102b
    Percy COLE Son S *   Eccleshill 102b
56 17 Moorside Terrace Fred ALLUM Head M 32 Gardener SFK Walsham le Willows 102b
    Isabella ALLUM Wife M 31   Holbeck 102b
    Henry ALLUM Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 102b
    Jane E ALLUM Dau S 4   Eccleshill 102b
    Fanny ALLUM Dau S 2   Eccleshill 102b
    Ellena ALLUM Dau S 11m   Eccleshill 102b
57 19 Moorside Terrace John GRANGE Head M 28 Green Fruit Salesman Hartwith 102b
    Jane H GRANGE Wife M 25   Undercliffe 102b
58 21 Moorside Terrace Robert RUSHTON Head M 56 Agent & Collector LAN Colne 102b
    Annie RUSHTON Wife M 56   STS Hanley 102b
59 23 Moorside Terrace George EMMOTT Head M 30 Stuff Warehouseman Rawdon 102b
    Isabella EMMOTT Wife M 37   DUR Sunderland 102b
    William EMMOTT Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 102b
    Robert EMMOTT Son S 4   Eccleshill 102b
60 25 Moorside Terrace Fred RHODES Head M 29 Wire Worker Bradford 102b
    Ann RHODES Wife M 26 Worsted Cloth Weaver Ardsley 102b
    Ruth Ann RHODES Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 102b
61 2 Moorside Joseph WATMOUGH Head M 34 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Eccleshill 102b
    Elizabeth WATMOUGH Wife M 33 ? Eccleshill 102b
    William WATMOUGH Son S 11 Factory Hand Eccleshill 102b
    Maude WATMOUGH Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 102b
    Ethel WATMOUGH Dau S 1   Eccleshill 102b
62 1 Moorside Road Ann EDMONDSON Head W 72 Living on Own Means Bolton 103a
    Elizabeth EDMONDSON Dau S 48   Eccleshill 103a
    Ann EDMONDSON Dau S 39   Eccleshill 103a
63 3 Moorside Road John FAWCETT Head M 53 Musician & Club Proprietor Horsforth 103a
    Mary FAWCETT Wife M 50   Eccleshill 103a
    Mendelssohn FAWCETT Son S 19 Musician Eccleshill 103a
    Martha FAWCETT Dau S 17 Dressmaker Eccleshill 103a
    Handel FAWCETT Son S 15 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 103a
    Willie FAWCETT Son S 13 Woolen Twister Eccleshill 103a
    Tom FAWCETT Son S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 103a
    Edward LEE neph S 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 103a
64 5 Moorside Road John A THISTLETHWAITE Head M 30 Cashier in Life Insurance Office Wakefield 103a
  ?----arth House Mary S THISTLETHWAITE Wife M 25   Eccleshill 103a
    Eric THISTLETHWAITE Son S 1   Eccleshill 103a
    Annie THISTLETHWAITE sis S 20 Hosiery Mfgr's Bookkeeper & Cashier Wakefield 103a
65 7 Moorside Road Young W WATERHOUSE Head M 37 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 103a
    Frances WATERHOUSE Wife M 38 Charwoman Bradford 103a
    Harry WATERHOUSE Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 103a
    John WATERHOUSE Son S 11 Scholar Bradford 103a
    Annie WATERHOUSE Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 103a
    Albert WATERHOUSE Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 103a
66 9 Moorside Road William MITCHELL Head M 33 Butcher Eccleshill 103a
    Ellen MITCHELL Wife M 34   Doncaster 103a
67 13 Moorside Road Jonas IBBETSON Head M 71 Woolen Mill Fettler [sick] Bradford 103a
    Mary IBBETSON Wife M 67   Bradford 103a
    Martha IBBETSON Dau S 43 Woolen Weaver Bradford 103a
68 15 Moorside Road Whitaker SWAINE Head M 36 Mohair Spinning Overlooker Heaton 103a
    Grace SWAINE Wife M 35 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 103a
    Annie SWAINE Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 103a
69 17 Moorside Road John W LEE Head M 38 Green Grocer Eccleshill 103b
    Margaret LEE Wife M 33   Wath 103b
    Harry LEE Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 103b
    Annie LEE Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 103b
    Lilly LEE Dau S 2   Eccleshill 103b
    Sarah E LEE Dau S 1m   Eccleshill 103b
    Ann COATES Nurse W 60 Sick Nurse Eccleshill 103b
70 19 Moorside Road Oliver ILLINGWORTH Head M 59 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 103b
    Sarah ILLINGWORTH Wife M 53   Eccleshill 103b
    Walter B ILLINGWORTH Son S 27 Woolen & Worsted Overlooker Kirkstall 103b
    Helena ILLINGWORTH Dau S 15 Woolen Burler Eccleshill 103b
71 21 Moorside Road Thomas SCOTT Head M 47 Woolen Spin Card Cleaner Idle 103b
    Lucy A SCOTT Wife M 46   Idle 103b
    Eliza A SCOTT Dau S 20 Woolen Condenser Minder Idle 103b
    Clara SCOTT Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Idle 103b
    Rawson SCOTT Son S 12 Woolen Piecer Idle 103b
    Albert SCOTT Son S 9 Scholar Idle 103b
    Florence SCOTT Dau S 7 Scholar Idle 103b
    Effie SCOTT Dau S 15   Idle 103b
    Harriet PRATT sis M 4? Woolen Weaver Idle 103b
72 23 Moorside Road Joseph LEE Head M 27 Worsted Piece Percher Eccleshill 103b
    Susan LEE Wife M 26   Eccleshill 103b
    Herbert LEE Son S 2   Eccleshill 103b
    Ethel LEE Dau S 7m   Eccleshill 103b
73 25 Moorside Road George ILLINGWORTH Head M 61 Woolen Weft Man Idle 103b
    Harriet ILLINGWORTH Wife M 60   Eccleshill 103b
    Mary ILLINGWORTH Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 103b
    Joey McR ILLINGWORTH Son S 21 Scholar Clayton 103b
74 27 Moorside Road Richard R LEE Head M 40 Stuff Warehouseman Pudsey 104a
    Emma LEE Wife M 38   Eccleshill 104a
    Elizabeth SPEIGHT s in l S 33 Saleswoman Eccleshill 104a
75 29 Moorside Road John HUTTON Head M 59 Woolen Manufacturer Eccleshill 104a
    Eliza HUTTON Wife M 58   Bramley 104a
    Mary THORPE serv S 30 Domestic serv Drax 104a
    Thirsa LOGAN serv S 33 Domestic serv LAN Manchester 104a
76 31 Moorside Road Jonas SMITH Head M 49 Woolen Cloth Salesman Eccleshill 104a
    Mary SMITH Wife M 51   Idle 104a
    Carrie SMITH Dau S 19   Eccleshill 104a
    John H SMITH Son S 16 Woolen Warehouse Clerk Eccleshill 104a
    Mary SMITH Dau S 14 Pupil Teacher Eccleshill 104a
    Charles SMITH Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 104a
    Elizabeth H SMITH Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 104a
    Emily SMITH Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 104a
    Herbert SMITH neph S 22 Woolen Cloth Buyer Eccleshill 104a
    Emily GORNALL serv S 22 Domestic serv DEV Lapford 104a
77 33 Moorside Road Thomas HOLDSWORTH Head M 21 Wool Sorter Eccleshill 104a
    Fanny HOLDSWORTH Wife M 20 Woolen Weaver Otley 104a
    Harriet ROBINSON moth W 60   CHS Stockport 104a
78 35 Moorside Road Martha LAMBERT Head W 59   Bradford 104a
    Benjamin LAMBERT Son S 30 Wool Sorter Foreman Eccleshill 104a
    Stephen LAMBERT Son S 29 Woolen Mill Mechanic Eccleshill 104a
    Sarah LAMBERT Dau S 24 Wool Weaver Eccleshill 104a
    Frederick LAMBERT Son S 23 Wool Sorter Eccleshill 104a
79 37 Moorside Road John GILL Head M 30 Worsted Power Loom Overlooker Cumberworth 104a
    Fanny GILL Wife M 27   Birstall 104a
    Annie GILL Dau S 3m   Leeds 104a
    Arthur GILL bro S 26 Worsted Dresser & Twister Batley 104a
80 39 Moorside Road Charles A MORTIMER Head M 35 Woolen Mill Mechanic Calverley 104b
    Rose A MORTIMER Wife M 30   Calverley 104b
81 1 Smithfield Place John LIGHTFOOT Head S 54 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 104b
    Mary LIGHTFOOT sis S 52 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 104b
82 3 Smithfield Place Richard BIRDSALL Head M 36 Woolen Warp Dresser Farsley 104b
    Sarah BIRDSALL Wife M 30 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 104b
83 5 Smithfield Place Emily WATERHOUSE Head S 41 Dressmaker Eccleshill 104b
84 7 Smithfield Place Charles Hutton IVES Head W 34 Cloth Merchant Eccleshill 104b
    Charles IVES Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 104b
    Andrew H IVES Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 104b
    Elizabeth H G IVES Dau S 2   Eccleshill 104b
    Sarah A SCOTT m in l W 60 Living on Own Means Shipley 104b
    Clara HARGREAVES s in l W 29 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 104b
    Reginald S HARGREAVES neph S 8 Scholar LAN Manchester 104b
    Lilly WOOD serv S 20 General Domestic serv Hoyland Common 104b
    Mary I MURFET serv S 18 Nurse & Housemaid Hoyland Common 104b
    Minnie MURFET serv S 14 Nurse & Housemaid Hoyland Common 104b
85 22 Moorside Road George KNIGHT Head M 40 Wool Warehouseman NFK Attleborough 104b
    Elizabeth KNIGHT Wife M 37   NFK Attleborough 104b
    Elizabeth KNIGHT Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Shipley 104b
87 18 Moorside Road William SMITH Head M 41 Tailor Eccleshill 104b
    Annie SMITH Wife M 41 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 104b
    Nellie SMITH Dau S 6   Eccleshill 104b
88 16 Moorside Road Hannah WOMERSLEY Head S 67 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 104b
89 1 Moorwell Place John SMITH Head S 35 Woolen Merchant Pudsey 104b
    Margaret JACKSON serv W 50 Domestic Housekeeper Benthorp 104b
90 3 Moorwell Place Sarah BARRACLOUGH Head W 58   Eccleshill 104b
    Annie BARRACLOUGH Dau S 21 Elementary School Teacher Eccleshill 104b
91 5 Moorwell Place Joseph LIGHTFOOT Head M 62 Flannel Manufacturer Eccleshill 105a
    Georgina LIGHTFOOT Wife M 64   Leeds 105a
92 7 Moorwell Place Miles STANLEY Head M 63 Draper Eccleshill 105a
    Martha STANLEY Wife M 65   Bradford 105a
93 9 Moorwell Place John WOOD Head M 42 Stone Quarry Foreman Priesthorpe 105a
    Sarah WOOD Wife M 41   Pudsey 105a
    Albert WOOD Son S 19 Stuff Warehouse Clerk Bradford 105a
    Ann A WOOD Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 105a
    Mary J WOOD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 105a
94 11 Moorwell Place John WARD Head M 48 Woolen & Worsted Beamer Idle 105a
    Eve WARD Dau S 20 Wool & Worsted Weaver Guiseley 105a
    William WARD Son S 19 Locomotive Engine Cleaner Idle 105a
    Maria WARD Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 105a
    Hannah WARD Dau S 14 Woolen Spooler Eccleshill 105a
95 13 Moorwell Place Mary STARKEY Head W 64   Bolton 105a
    Ann STARKEY Dau S 39 Dressmaker Eccleshill 105a
    Sarah H STARKEY Dau S 36 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 105a
    Elizabeth STARKEY Dau S 34 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 105a
96 15 Moorwell Place William HARTLEY Head M 85 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 105a
    Nancy HARTLEY Wife M 83   Eccleshill 105a
    Edwin HARTLEY Son S 52 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 105a
    Emma HARTLEY Gdau S 29 School Teacher Eccleshill 105a
97 17 Moorwell Place John JENNINGS Head W 78 Flannel Manufacturer Eccleshill 105a
    Sarah A JENNINGS Dau W 52 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 105a
    Mary E JENNINGS Gdau S 19 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 105a
99 21 Moorwell Place Thomas BIRDSALL Head W 72 Flannel Manufacturer Yeadon 105a
    Nancy BIRDSALL Dau S 46 Woolen Weaver Farsley 105a
100 23 Moorwell Place James J SMITH Head M 38 Bookkeeper Pudsey 105b
    Amelia SMITH Wife M 37   Holmfirth 105b
    Alice M SMITH Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 105b
    Nellie SMITH Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 105b
    Alice KEEN serv S 17 General Domestic serv DEV Crediton 105b
101 1 Tunwell Place Joseph FAWCETT Head M 51 Coal Merchant & Musician Horsforth 105b
    Elizabeth FAWCETT Wife M 48   Eccleshill 105b
    Emily FAWCETT Dau S 27 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 105b
    Maria FAWCETT Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 105b
    Martha FAWCETT Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 105b
    Mary A FAWCETT Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 105b
    Hannah FAWCETT Dau S 14 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 105b
    Herbert FAWCETT Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 105b
    Joseph H FAWCETT Son S 3   Eccleshill 105b
    Mary SUTCLIFFE m in l W 75   Idle Bradford 105b
102 3 Tunwell Lane Fred FAWCETT Head M 27 Domestic serv [Coachman] Eccleshill 105b
    Eliza FAWCETT Wife M 28   Selby 105b
    Harry FAWCETT Son S 2   Eccleshill 105b
    Frank FAWCETT Son S 1   Eccleshill 105b
103 5 Tunwell Lane Icabod WHITEHEAD Head S 61 Woolen Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 105b
    Thomas WHITEHEAD neph S 26 Teacher under School Board Eccleshill 105b
    Merat MAUDE sis W 70 Retired Farmer Eccleshill 105b
104 21 Tunwell Isaac HELLAS Head M 51 Stationary Engine Driver Tong 105b
    Maria HELLAS Wife M 51   Bradford 105b
    Mary H HELLAS Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Bradford 105b
    Elizabeth HELLAS Dau S 26 Woolen Weaver Bradford 105b
    Benjamin HELLAS Son S 24 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Bradford 105b
105 18 Tunwell William FOX Head M 49 Woolen Mill Manager Idle 105b
    Annie M FOX Wife M 35   WOR Worcester 105b
    Albert FOX Son S 22 ? Merchant's Clerk Idle 105b
    Walter T FOX Son S 17 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Eccleshill 106a
    John T FOX Son S 16 Woolen Mill Errand Boy Eccleshill 106a
    Alice A FOX Dau S 13 Woolen Spooler Eccleshill 106a
    ?relda FOX Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 106a
    Charles J FOX Son S 1   Eccleshill 106a
106 16 Tunwell George SLINGSBY Head M 67 Woolen Carding Overlooker Stanningley 106a
    Martha SLINGSBY Wife M 56   Manningham 106a
107 12 Tunwell Herbert MOORHOUSE Head M 26 Wool Mill Carrier Eccleshill 106a
    Emma MOORHOUSE Wife M 25   Leeds 106a
    Fred MOORHOUSE Son S 4   Eccleshill 106a
    Edith MOORHOUSE Dau S 3   Eccleshill 106a
108 14 Tunwell Joseph HORNE Head M 36 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 106a
    Ann HORNE Wife M 37   Bradford 106a
    William HORNE Son S 10 Woolen Piecer Eccleshill 106a
    Arthur HORNE Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 106a
    Elizabeth H HORNE Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 106a
    Laurie HORNE Dau S 2   Eccleshill 106a
    Hannah HORNE moth W 61 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 106a
    George HORNE Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 106a
109 10 Tunwell Lane William MANNING Head M 49 Congregational Minister SOM Taunton 106a
    Susan MANNING Wife M 45   DEV Newton Abbot 106a
    Mary D GOODENOUGH m in l W 83   DEV St. Mary Church 106a
    Mary STARKEY serv S 60 Domestic serv Eccleshill 106a
110 8 Tunwell Lane Mary KITSON Head W 62   Greenhow Hill 106a
    Sarah A KITSON Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 106a
    Mary H KITSON Dau S 25 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 106a
    Thomas W KITSON Son S 21 Clerk Eccleshill 106a
    Ernest E KITSON Son S 22 Clerk LAN Manchester 106a
    Harry KITSON Son S 19 Drapery Warehouseman Eccleshill 106a
    Sarah B MARSHALL sis W 60 Retired School Mistress Greenhow Hill 106a
111 6 Tunwell Lane James JACKSON Head M 41 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 106b
    Mary E JACKSON Wife M 38 Woolen Weaver Bradford 106b
    Lutha [Luther] JACKSON Son S 11 Woolen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 106b
    Harry JACKSON Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 106b
112 4 Tunwell Lane David JACKSON Head M 44 Worsted Warp Man Horsforth 106b
    Mary JACKSON Wife M 43   Eccleshill 106b
    Annie JACKSON Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 106b
    Emily JACKSON Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 106b
    Rhoda JACKSON Dau S 18 Mother's Helper Eccleshill 106b
    Allan JACKSON Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 106b
    Arthur JACKSON Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 106b
113 11 Moorside Road Sarah A DICKENSON Head W 50   Eccleshill 106b
    William H DICKENSON Son S 19 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 106b
    John L..? ?H s in l M 30 Wool Comber Bingley 106b
    Mary E L..? ?H Dau M 26   Eccleshill 106b
    Sarah A L..? ?H Gdau S 5 Scholar Bradford 106b
    Lily L..? ?H Gdau S 3 Scholar Bradford 106b
114 2 Tunwell Lane George ALDERSON Head W 64 Woolen Machine Minder Cuniston 106b
    Christiana ALDERSON Dau S 29 Worsted Weaver Bradford 106b
115 Stonehall House Charles Sr. HUTTON Head M 66 Wool Stapler Eccleshill 106b
    Ann HUTTON Wife M 60   Eccleshill 106b
    Andrew H HUTTON Son S 37 Woolen & Worsted Mfgr Eccleshill 106b
    John H HUTTON Son S 32 Woolen & Worsted Mfgr Eccleshill 106b
    Hannah WEAR/BEAR Visitor W 58   Asquith 106b
    Ada KIRKBY serv S 24 Domestic serv Selby 106b
    Annie KIRKBY serv S 19 Domestic serv Selby 106b
116 12 Moorside Road Job FIRTH Head M 62 Plasterer Eccleshill 106b
    Rachel FIRTH Wife M 65   Eccleshill 106b
    Susan FIRTH Dau S 34 Woolen Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 106b
    William Hy HALEY Visitor S 34 Solicitor's Clerk Bradford 106b
117 10 Moorside Road John IRVING Head M 53 Oat Bread Baker Linton 107a
    Mary IRVING Wife M 52   Rothersdale 107a
    Thomas IRVING Son S 22 Piece Taker-in Windhill 107a
    Walter IRVING Son S 20 Wool Cloth Warehouseman Windhill 107a
    Annie IRVING Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 107a
118 8 Moorside Road Thomas S SHACKLETON Head M 43 Domestic serv [Coachman] Eccleshill 107a
    Harriet SHACKLETON Wife M 49   Bolton 107a
    Ethel SHACKLETON Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 107a
119 6 Moorside Road Jabez FOX Head M 47 Wool Dyer Idle 107a
    Lydia FOX Wife M 45   Wetherby 107a
    Thomas FOX Son S 20 Locomotive Engine Cleaner Idle 107a
    Mary A FOX Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Idle 107a
    Sarah FOX Dau S 16 Woolen Warp Spooler Idle 107a
    Annie E FOX Dau S 14 Woolen Warp Spooler Idle 107a
    John W FOX Son S 11 Woolen Mule Piecer Idle 107a
    Emily FOX Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 107a
    Walter E FOX Son S 4   Eccleshill 107a
    David E FOX Son S 2   Eccleshill 107a
120 4 Moorside Road James WADDINGTON Head M 51 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 107a
    Hannah WADDINGTON Wife M 53   Boston Spa 107a
    Emma J WADDINGTON Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 107a
    Wilks WADDINGTON Son S 21 Townsman [?? Warehouse] Eccleshill 107a
    Elizabeth WADDINGTON Dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 107a
    Emily WADDINGTON Dau S 17 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 107a
    Annie WADDINGTON Dau S 15 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 107a
    Lily ODDY Visitor S 7 Scholar Guiseley 107a
121 2 Moorside Road Martha PARKER Head M 57 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 107a
    Esther A PARKER Dau S 20 Domestic Nurse Eccleshill 107a
    Orpha PARKER Dau S 18 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 107a
    Emily H PARKER Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 107a
122 1 Stonehall Road Harriet WEBSTER Head W 70   Dewsbury 107b
    Martha Webster HOLLINGS Dau M 46   Brey? 107b
    Hannah M HOLLINGS Gdau S 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 107b
    Oliver HOLLINGS Gson S 20 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 107b
123 3 Stonehall Road Hannah BINNS Head M 62   Eccleshill 107b
    Elizabeth ILLINGWORTH lodg S 37 Wool Cloth Weaver Yeadon 107b
124 5 Stonehall Road Eliza SEED Head W 59   Eccleshill 107b
126 9 Stonehall Road Shepherd NORTON Head M 61 Coal Merchant Eccleshill 107b
    Ann NORTON Wife M 61   Idle 107b
    John H NORTON Son S 27 Painter & Plumber Eccleshill 107b
    Harriet NORTON Dau S 17 Milliner's app. Eccleshill 107b
127 11 Stonehall Road Ann MOUNCEY Head W 60   Eccleshill 107b
    John HARDAKER s in l M 23 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 107b
    Elleanor HARDAKER Dau M 25 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 107b
    Harry O HARDAKER Gson S 1   Eccleshill 107b
    Thomas WELLOCK s in l M 31 Stationary Engine Man Eccleshill 107b
    Mary A WELLOCK Dau M 32 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 107b
128 12 Stonehall Road Pullan WOMERSLEY Head M 63 Grocer Eccleshill 107b
    Hannah WOMERSLEY Wife M 64   Eccleshill 107b
    Sarah SLATER ? serv S 20 Domestic serv Rawdon 107b
129 Acre Villa John KIPP Head M 56 Wool Merchant Bradford 107b
  Acre Road Harriet G KIPP Wife M 43   ESS Frinton 107b
    John Jr KIPP Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 107b
    Ada H KIPP Dau S 6   Eccleshill 107b
    Frank KIPP Son S 4   Eccleshill 107b
    Margaret JACKMAN serv S 24 Governess Langcliffe 107b
    Laura M SHAW serv S 20 Domestic serv Bradford 107b
130 Acre House John PULLAN Head M 52 Stone Merchant Calverley 108a
  Acre Lane Mary A PULLAN Wife M 45   Calverley 108a
    Annie PULLAN Dau S 25   Calverley 108a
    Herbert T PULLAN Son S 20 Solicitor Calverley 108a
    Walter PULLAN Son S 20 StockBroker Calverley 108a
    Charlesworth PULLAN Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 108a
    Clifford PULLAN Son S 3 Scholar Calverley 108a
    Hannah M HALL serv S 26 General Domestic serv Leeds 108a
131 BLANK               108a
132 30 Acre Lane Jeremiah MELLOR Head M 45 Secretary ?? & School Board Clerk Windhill 108a
    Sarah MELLOR Wife M 48   Baildon 108a
133 28 Acre Lane James HOLDSWORTH Head M 50 Brick Burner ? Bishop Mountain 108a
    Hannah HOLDSWORTH Wife M 47   Dacre Banks 108a
    Sarah E HOLDSWORTH Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver New Wortley Leeds 108a
    Walter HOLDSWORTH Son S 23 BootMaker New Wortley Leeds 108a
134 26 Acre Lane Mary LAW Head M 51   York 108a
    Harry LAW Son S 17 Worsted Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 108a
    Ethel LAW Dau S 13 Milliner's app. Bradford 108a
    Maggie LAW Dau S 10 Dressmaker Bradford 108a
    Thomas D LAW Son S 9 Scholar Undercliffe 108a
135 24 Acre Lane James MIDGLEY Head M 27 Worsted Stuff Warehouseman Baildon 108a
    Maria MIDGLEY Wife M 30 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 108a
136 22 Acre Lane Maria BEAVES Head W 55 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 108a
137 20 Acre Lane Simon JACKSON Head M 61 Wool Scourer Fellbeck 108a
    Lavinia JACKSON Dau S 24 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 108a
138 14 Acre Lane William OATES Head M 43 Mechanic Eccleshill 108a
    Mary E OATES Wife M 40   Eccleshill 108a
    Lilian R OATES Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 108a
    Ethel L OATES Dau S 14 Worsted Spooler Eccleshill 108a
    Edith M OATES Dau S 2   Eccleshill 108a
139 16 Acre Lane George W WHITFIELD Head M 34 Plumber & Painter Eccleshill 108b
    Annie WHITFIELD Wife M 34 Worsted Weaver Calverley 108b
    Hannah WHITFIELD Stepdau S 11 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 108b
    Tom WHITFIELD Son S 7 Scholar Bradford 108b
    Clara WHITFIELD Dau S 5 Scholar Bradford 108b
    Ada WHITFIELD Dau S 3 Scholar Eccleshill 108b
    Florence WHITFIELD Dau S 1   Eccleshill 108b
140 18 Acre Lane Joe JACKSON Head M 32 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 108b
    Alice JACKSON Wife M 26   Ackworth 108b
    John JACKSON Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 108b
    Charles JACKSON Son S 1   Eccleshill 108b
141 12 Acre Lane Joseph KING Head M 61 Stone Traveller Heaton 108b
    Lucy KING Wife M 61   Eccleshill 108b
    Mary Ann PRATT s in l M 53 Woolen Burler Eccleshill 108b
    Mary R PRATT Niece S 16 Milliner Eccleshill 108b
142 10 Acre Lane Henry ELLAM Head M 38 Worsted Power Loom Tuner Penistone 108b
    Zilla ELLAM Wife M 39 Worsted Weaver Calverley 108b
    Henry R ELLAM Son S 5   Calverley 108b
    Ada WADE lodg S 20 Worsted Mender Calverley 108b
143 8 Acre Lane George KILNER Head M 32 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Wibsey 108b
    Sarah A KILNER Wife M 31   Beck Hill 108b
144 6 Acre Lane Charles H SMITH Head M 29 Living on Own Means NTT Retford 108b
    Jane SMITH Wife M 2*   NTT Retford 108b
    George W F SMITH Son S 3m   Eccleshill 108b
145 4 Acre Lane William RAWNSLEY Head M 44 Stone Quarryman Idle 108b
    Elizabeth RAWNSLEY Wife M 38 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 108b
146 2 Acre Lane Elizabeth THORNTON Head W 59   Aldborough 108b
    Matthew H ARNOLD lodg S 22 Joiner Bradford 108b
147 52 Stonehall Road Henry P HALEY Head M 62 Grocer Wyke 109a
    Mary A HALEY Wife M 52   Eccleshill 109a
    Mary A COATES Niece S 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 109a
148 50 Stonehall Road Benjamin TAYLOR Head M 58 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 109a
    Hannah TAYLOR Wife M 59   Eccleshill 109a
    Wainwright A TAYLOR Son S 23 Joiner Eccleshill 109a
149 48 Stonehall Road Fenton CARTER Head M 48 Woolen Spinner Lepton 109a
    Mary CARTER Wife M 45   Lepton 109a
    James Hy CARTER Son S 17 Woolen Warehouseman Lepton 109a
    Fred CARTER Son S 14 Designer's app. Eccleshill 109a
    Sarah A CARTER Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 109a
    Emily CARTER Dau S 8 Scholar Saltaire 109a
150 46 Stonehall Road Abraham TAYLOR Head M 59 Chemist & Druggist Eccleshill 109a
    Mary Ann TAYLOR Wife M 58   Eccleshill 109a
    Hannah TAYLOR Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 109a
    Abraham TAYLOR Son S 22 Chemist's ass. [by board] Eccleshill 109a
    Florence TAYLOR Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 109a
    Joseph TAYLOR Son S 19 Printer's app. Eccleshill 109a
    John TAYLOR Son S 17 Chemist's app. Eccleshill 109a
151 44 Stonehall Road Joseph   Head M 48 Retired Woolen Manufacturer Eccleshill 109a
    Charles   Son S 18 Wool Sorter Eccleshill 109a
    Thomas   Son S 15 Scholar Eccleshill 109a
    Ethel   Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 109a
    Herbert   Son S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 109a
    Florence   Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 109a
    Clara DEANSFIELD serv S 24 Domestic Housekeeper Wharn Cliff, Silsden 109a
    Jane WISE serv S 20 General Domestic serv KEN Darkford 109a
152 42 Stonehall Road Jonas WOMERSLEY Head M 55 Grocer's ass. Eccleshill 109a
    Nanny WOMERSLEY Wife M 46   Eccleshill 109a
153 40 Stonehall Road Elizabeth BAKES Head W 83 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 109a
154 38 Stonehall Road Benjamin WILSON Head M 46 Woolen Waste Dealer Idle 109b
    Ann WILSON Wife M 46   Undercliffe 109b
    James Hy WILSON Son S 22 ass. School Master Undercliffe 109b
    Arthur E WILSON Son S 19 Woolen Warehouseman Eccleshill 109b
    Herbert WILSON Son S 14 Scholar Eccleshill 109b
155 36 Stonehall Road James PULLAN Head M 53 Stone Quarry Worker Calverley 109b
    Ann PULLAN Wife M 55   Baildon 109b
    Annie PULLAN Dau S 33 Domestic Housemaid ?---boro 109b
    Emily? PULLAN Dau S 18 Dressmaker's app. Eccleshill 109b
    Beatrice A HARRISON Gdau S 4   Bowling 109b
156 34 Stonehall Road Betty SMITH Head M 69   Eccleshill 109b
    Benjamin SMITH Son S 40 Bookkeeper Eccleshill 109b
    Phoebe SMITH Dau S 34 Dressmaker Eccleshill 109b
157 32 Stonehall Road Cyrus G WRIGHT Head M 28 Grocer Undercliffe 109b
    Mary WRIGHT Wife M 28   ? 109b
    Love T WRIGHT Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 109b
    May WRIGHT Dau S 3   Eccleshill 109b
    Edward P WRIGHT bro S 16 Grocer's ass. Eccleshill 109b
158 30 Stonehall Road Frederick ILLINGWORTH Head M 54 Flannel Manufacturer Idle 109b
    Mercy ILLINGWORTH Wife M 52   Bolton 109b
    Martha A ILLINGWORTH Dau S 24 School Mistress Eccleshill 109b
159 28 Stonehall Road Joseph BARRACLOUGH Head M 51 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 109b
    Elizabeth BARRACLOUGH Wife M 46   Kirby Moorside 109b
    Frances BARRACLOUGH Dau S 27 Worsted Burler Eccleshill 109b
    Sarah BARRACLOUGH Dau S 25 Worsted Winder Eccleshill 109b
    Emily BARRACLOUGH Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 109b
    Ellen BARRACLOUGH Dau S 20 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 109b
    Mary H BARRACLOUGH Dau S 15 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 109b
    Annie * board S 25 Worsted Passer HUN Godmanchester 109b
    Elizabeth * board S 20 Worsted Mender HUN Godmanchester 109b
160 26 Stonehall Road William HORNE Head M 40 Joiner Eccleshill 110a
    Esther A HORNE Wife M 30   Pudsey 110a
    Mary A HORNE Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 110a
    Emily HORNE Dau S 3   Eccleshill 110a
    Lily HORNE Dau S 10m   Eccleshill 110a
    Benjamin BROOK board S 33 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 110a
161 38 Back Stonehall Road Alexander ROBERTSON Head M 57 Night Watchman SCT Elgin 110a
    Hellen J ROBERTSON Wife M 53   SCT Elgin 110a
    Alexander ROBERTSON Son S 27 Worsted Spinner SCT Elgin 110a
    Margeret ROBERTSON Dau S 21 Worsted Cloth Weaver SCT Elgin 110a
    Georgine ROBERTSON Dau S 17 Worsted Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 110a
    Biddie ROBERTSON Dau S 16   Eccleshill 110a
    Joseph ROBERTSON Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 110a
162 36 Back Stonehall Road Alfred E FLETCHER Head M 49 Woolen Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 110a
    Mary W FLETCHER Wife M 53   Bradford 110a
    Francis FLETCHER Son S 15 Oil Merchant's Clerk Eccleshill 110a
    Emma J FLETCHER Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 110a
163 34 Back Stonehall Road Jane PAGE Head W 85   Idle 110a
    George ACKROYD s in l M 50 Worsted Warp Dresser Bradford 110a
    Hannah S ACKROYD Dau M 33 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 110a
164 32 Back Stonehall Road John SWIFT Head M 61 Wool Dyer Pudsey 110a
    Elizabeth S SWIFT Wife M 51   Huddersfield 110a
    Phebe H SWIFT Dau S 21 Wool Heald Knitter Eccleshill 110a
    Rebecca SWIFT Dau S 20 Milliner & Dressmaker Eccleshill 110a
    George Hy WILLIAMSON s in l M 30 DyeHouse Singer Bradford 110a
    Mary E WILLIAMSON Dau M 24 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 110a
    Lilly B WILLIAMSON Gdau S 2   Eccleshill 110a
    Mary SWIFT sis S 63   Pudsey 110a
165 30 Back Stonehall Road John H HIRST Head M 53 Butcher Huddersfield 110b
    Henrietta HIRST Wife M 43   Leeds 110b
    Benjamin HIRST Son S 18 Butcher's ass. Eccleshill 110b
    Alfred M HIRST Son S 15 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 110b
    Emma HIRST Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 110b
166 28 Back Stonehall Road Alfred WADSWORTH Head M 50 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 110b
    Hannah WADSWORTH Wife M 50   Windhill 110b
    John WADSWORTH Son S 23 Woolen Weaver Windhill 110b
    * WADSWORTH Son S 19 Woolen Weaver Windhill 110b
    Emma WADSWORTH Dau S 13 Woolen ? Windhill 110b
167 26 Back Stonehall Road Joseph H KENDALL Head M 42 Stone Quarryman Baildon 110b
    Elizabeth A KENDALL Wife M 39 Worsted Weaver Bradford 110b
    William KENDALL Son S * Scholar Bolton 110b
    Emma KENDALL Dau S 6 Scholar Bolton 110b
168 24 Back Stonehall Road Wilson SUMMERSCALE Head M 50 Stone Quarryman Addingham 110b
    Martha SUMMERSCALE Wife M 46   Bradford 110b
    ? BERRY? lodg S 30 Cart Driver Guiseley 110b
169 22 Back Stonehall Road Thomas RILEY Head M 67 Stone Quarryman LAN Dobson Syke 110b
    Mary RILEY Wife M 72   Southowram 110b
    William THORNTON lodg S 46 Slater Eccleshill 110b
    Frederick BOTTOMLEY lodg S 42 Wool Warehouseman Eccleshill 110b
171 18 Back Stonehall Road Nanny DEARDON Head W 44 Charwoman Eccleshill 110b
    Sarah H DEARDON Dau S 17 Worsted Rover Eccleshill 110b
    Abraham DEARDON Son S 15 Worsted Labourer Eccleshill 110b
    William DEARDON Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 110b
    Joseph DEARDON Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 110b
    John VARLEY lodg S 43 Woolen Weaver LAN Colne 110b
    Whitaker KIRBY lodg M 25 Mason's Labourer LAN Colne 110b
172 16 Back Stonehall Road James HOLLAND Head M 31 Mason's Contractor Hunslet 111a
    Sarah HOLLAND Wife M 29   CHS Chester 111a
    Elisa A HOLLAND Dau S 8 Scholar DUR Sunderland 111a
    Joseph C HOLLAND Son S 7 Scholar Wyke 111a
    Emma HOLLAND Dau S 4   Eccleshill 111a
    ? HOLLAND Dau S 2   Eccleshill 111a
    Ann HUDSON Visitor W 73   Baildon 111a
173 11 Back Stonehall Road Sarah WHITFIELD Head W 74   Idle 111a
    Mary WHITFIELD Dau   39 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 111a
    Ada WHITFIELD Gdau   2 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 111a
174 13 Back Stonehall Road Arthur W SMITH Head M 29 Wool Washer Eccleshill 111a
    Grace SMITH Wife M 21   Eccleshill 111a
175 16 Stonehall Road John KENDALL Head M 26 Woolen Warper Eccleshill 111a
    Mary KENDALL Wife M 25 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 111a
176 18 Stonehall Road Hannah WATERHOUSE Head S 40 Woolen Mender Idle 111a
    Sarah E WATERHOUSE sis S 36 Woolen Mender Eccleshill 111a
177 14 Stonehall Road Elam HOBSON Head M 65 Worsted Under Overlooker Otley 111a
    Betty HOBSON Wife M 67   Eccleshill 111a
    Benjamin HOBSON neph S 22 Plumber & Painter Greengates 111a
178 12 Stonehall Road Betty HORNE Head W 45   Eccleshill 111a
    Mary B HORNE Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 111a
    John W HORNE Son S 16 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 111a
    Albert HORNE Son S 3   Eccleshill 111a
179 10 Stonehall Road John HORNE Head M 36 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Eccleshill 111a
    Mary HORNE Wife M 34   Eccleshill 111a
    Lizzie HORNE Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 111a
    Fred HORNE Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 111a
    Alice HORNE Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 111a
180 8 Stonehall Square Joseph SHAKEY Head M 28 Plumber Eccleshill 111b
    Martha SHAKEY Wife M 27   Eccleshill 111b
    Sarah SHAKEY Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 111b
    Mary SHAKEY Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 111b
    George SHAKEY Son S 3   Eccleshill 111b
    John SHAKEY Son S 4m   Eccleshill 111b
181 6 Stonehall Square John SKIRROW Head M 38 Grocer's ass. Eccleshill 111b
    Eva SKIRROW Wife M 36   Horsforth 111b
    Walter SKIRROW Son S 15 Scholar Eccleshill 111b
    Maud SKIRROW Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 111b
    May SKIRROW Dau S 4   Eccleshill 111b
182 5 Stonehall Road William WOMERSLEY Head S 65 Farmer Bolton 111b
    Mary WOMERSLEY sis S 61   Eccleshill 111b
183 3 Stonehall Road Myers HEATON Head M 43 Stone Quarryman Idle 111b
    Sarah Ann HEATON Wife M 45 Worsted Weaver Bolton 111b
    Walter HEATON Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 111b
    John W HEATON Son S * Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 111b
    Selena HEATON Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 111b
184 7 Stonehall Road Nancy RUSHTON Head W 74   Bolton 111b
185 9 Stonehall Road Julius T ? Head M 42 Insurance Agent Eccleshill 111b
    Mary A ? Wife M 40   Idle 111b
    Edith M H ? Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 111b
    Emily ? Dau S 13 Woolen Spooler Eccleshill 111b
    William J ? Son S 11 Woolen Spooler Eccleshill 111b
    Clara ? Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 111b
    Tom ? Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 111b
187 12 Back Stonehall Road Jess [or Jesse] BAXTER Head M 28 Tinner Idle 112a
    Elizabeth E BAXTER Wife M 26 Worsted Weaver Shipley 112a
    Harry BAXTER Son S 5 Scholar Shipley 112a
    Harold BAXTER Son S 3 Scholar Shipley 112a
    Charles BAXTER bro S 18 Worsted Weaver Idle 112a
188 10 Back Stonehall Road Francis HILLAS Head W 59   Huddersfield 112a
    Mary J HILLAS Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 112a
    Annie HILLAS Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 112a
190 6 Back Stonehall Road William TAYLOR Head M 30 Shoemaker Eccleshill 112a
    Grace TAYLOR Wife M 29   Calverley 112a
    Hannah TAYLOR Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 112a
    Joseph TAYLOR Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 112a
    Mary A TAYLOR Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 112a
    Frederick TAYLOR Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 112a
    Harry TAYLOR Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 112a
    Abraham TAYLOR Son S 2   Eccleshill 112a
    John TAYLOR Son S 9m   Eccleshill 112a
191 4 Back Stonehall Road William MOUNCEY Head M 27 Plumber Eccleshill 112a
    Frances MOUNCEY Wife M 28   Bradford 112a
    Richard SPENCER Son S 4   Bradford 112a
    Joseph MOUNCEY Son S 3   Bradford 112a
    Fred MOUNCEY Son S 1m   Eccleshill 112a
    Herbert MOUNCEY Son S 1m   Eccleshill 112a
192 2 Back Stonehall Road Joseph ACKROYD Head M 36 Stationary Engine Driver Eccleshill 112a
    Grace E ACKROYD Wife M 35   LAN Manchester 112a
    Lizzie ACKROYD Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 112a
    Emily ACKROYD Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 112a
    Charlie ACKROYD Son S 4m   Eccleshill 112a
194 88 Stonehall Road William PARKER Head M 57 Cloth Fuller Windhill 112b
    Alice PARKER Wife M 50   Baildon 112b
    Sam PARKER Son S 21 Green Grocer Shipley 112b
    Ada PARKER Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Shipley 112b
    Susy PARKER Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 112b
    Martha A PARKER Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 112b
    Charles T PARKER Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 112b
195 86 Stonehall Road Mephibosheth CLOGH [CLOUGH?] Head M 49 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 112b
    Louis CLOGH [CLOUGH?] Wife M 47   Eccleshill 112b
    Hannah M CLOGH [CLOUGH?] Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 112b
    Fred CLOGH [CLOUGH?] Son S 14 Wool Bobbin Doffer Eccleshill 112b
    James CLOGH [CLOUGH?] Son S 12 Mule Piecer Eccleshill 112b
    Thornton CLOGH [CLOUGH?] Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 112b
    Sarah L SUMMERFIELD Gdau S 2   Eccleshill 112b
196 18 & 22 Stonehall Road Abraham CROWTHER Head W 68 BootMaker Bolton 112b
    Margaret H CROWTHER Dau S 26   Eccleshill 112b
    Clara CROWTHER Dau S 18 Dressmaker Eccleshill 112b
    Elizabeth J WARD Visitor S 28 Domestic Housekeeper Kettlewell 112b
197 20 Stonehall Road John H THORNTON Head M 34 Ferryman Carrier Eccleshill 112b
    Sarah A THORNTON Wife M 30 Worsted Weaver Bradford 112b
    Alice A THORNTON Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 112b
    Edith THORNTON Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 112b
198 16 Stonehall Road Samuel BOTTOMLEY Head M 40 Wool Clerk Eccleshill 112b
    Elizabeth BOTTOMLEY Wife M 34   Eccleshill 112b
    Charles BOTTOMLEY Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 112b
199 14 Stonehall Road Sarah SMITH Head W 57   Farsley 112b
    Alison SMITH Dau S 29   Bradford 112b
    Willie V SMITH Son S 26 Wool Sorter Bradford 112b
    Mary H SMITH Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Bradford 112b
    Fred SMITH Son S 12 Scholar Bradford 112b
200 12 Stonehall Road Isaac HAINSWORTH Head M 51 Factory Engine Driver Wilsden 113a
    Mary A HAINSWORTH Wife M 50   Bowling 113a
    John E HAINSWORTH Son S 25 Wool Textile Designer Bowling 113a
    James D HAINSWORTH Son S 20 Woolen Warehouseman Pudsey 113a
    Martha F HAINSWORTH Dau S 15   Pudsey 113a
    Benjamin HAINSWORTH Son S ? Designer's app. Pudsey 113a
201 6 Stonehall Road Henry HOLDSWORTH Head M 30 Worsted Power Loom Tuner Bradford 113a
    Fanny HOLDSWORTH Wife M 33 Worsted Weaver Bradford 113a
    Watson HOLDSWORTH Son S 6 Scholar Bradford 113a
202 10 Stonehall Road James MARGERISON Head M 37 Worsted Power Loom Overlooker Bowling 113a
    Harriet MARGERISON Wife M 31 Worsted Weaver Hull 113a
    Leonard MARGERISON Son S 14 Worsted Weaver Laister Dyke 113a
    Florence MARGERISON Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 113a
    Margaret A MARGERISON Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 113a
    Marion MARGERISON Dau S 1m   Eccleshill 113a
203 * Eleazor WOOD Head M 46 Worsted Overlooker Shelf 113a
    Emma WOOD Wife M 39   Queensbury 113a
    Harry WOOD Son S 17 Worsted Overlooker Horton 113a
    Tom WOOD Son S 15 Worsted Card Cutter Horton 113a
    Lavinia WOOD Dau S 13 Silk Winder Horton 113a
    Annie M WOOD Dau S 8 Scholar Horton 113a
204 12 Stonehall Road Matthew RYDER Head M 30 Waggoner Redmire 113a
    Effie RYDER Wife M 27 Worsted Weaver Bolderton NK 113a
    George RYDER Son S 4   Eccleshill 113a
    Fred RYDER Son S 3   Eccleshill 113a
205 2 Stonehall Road Samuel FAWCETT Head M 53 InnKeeper & Musician Horsforth 113a
    Hannah FAWCETT Wife M 53   Eccleshill 113a
    Martha S FAWCETT Dau S 23   Eccleshill 113a
    Weber FAWCETT Son S 16 Musician Eccleshill 113a
    Annie FAWCETT Dau S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 113a
206 60 Stoney Lane James HUTTON Head M 49     113b
    Ann HUTTON Wife M 45     113b
    Walter HUTTON Son S 19     113b
    Alice HUTTON Dau S 16     113b
    Clara HUTTON Dau S 13     113b
    William C HUTTON Son S 12     113b
    Charles HUTTON Son S 10     113b
    Florence HUTTON Dau S 2 . . 113b