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Census Indexes 1901 Eccleshill ED10

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The census returns for 1901 were taken on the evening of March 31st and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG13/4185.
ED8, Folios 5-19

1 1 Stockhill Road Sarah HALLIDAY Wife W 55   Leeds 5a
    Tom HALLIDAY Son S 23   Greengates 5a
    Martha Ann HALLIDAY Dau S 23 Machine Minder Woolen Greengates 5a
2 3 Stockhill Road Margret RAISTRICK Wife W 51   York 5a
    Martha RAISTRICK Dau S 20 Waste Sorter Greengates 5a
    Alice RAISTRICK Dau S 19 Worsted Twister Greengates 5a
    Ann RAISTRICK Dau S 16 Worsted Winder Greengates 5a
3 5 Stockhill Road John SMITH Head M 65 Wool Dryer Greengates 5a
4 7 Stockhill Road Reuben STONE Head M 55 General Carrier Bucks Radnage 5a
    Caroline STONE Wife M 58   Berks Wingfield 5a
    Reuben STONE Son S 26 General Carrier Laisterdyke 5a
    Walter STONE Son S 24 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Laisterdyke 5a
5 9 Stockhill Road Jno Alex DUFFAN Head M 34 Boot Rivetter Leeds 5a
    Bertha DUFFAN Wife M 31   Greengates 5a
    George DUFFAN Son S 10   Greengates 5a
    Ida DUFFAN Dau S 9   Greengates 5a
    Elcie DUFFAN Dau S 6   Greengates 5a
    Jno Alex DUFFAN Son S 4   Leeds 5a
    Bertha Victoria DUFFAN Dau S 2m   Greengates 5a
6 2 Stockhill Road Nancy ILLINGWORTH Head S 55 Woolen Weaver Idle 5a
    Hannah RILEY Board. S 51 Woolen Weaver Idle 5a
7 4 Stockhill Road Nanny MANN Head M 57 Confectioner Baker Idle 5a
    Mary Ann ODDY Sister S 49 Confectioner Assistant Idle 5a
    Sarah Jane MANN Dau S 23   Shipley 5a
    Florence Annie ALRED Board. S 8   Birmingham 5a
8 6 Stockhill Road Chas Henry ROSS Head M 33 House Painter Yeadon 5a
    Emma ROSS Wife M 39   Pontefract 5a
    George Hugh ROSS Bro S 18 Mo(?m)otor Brass App. Greengates 5a
9 Albion House Philip Watson BRAMWELL Head M 59 Commission Agent Cumberland Garrigill 5b
  Stockhill Road Mary BRAMWELL Wife M 59   Glamorganshire _reforest 5b
    M Jane BRAMWELL Dau S 33   Durham Witton Park 5b
    Elsie Lousia BRAMWELL Dau S 25   Durham West Hartlepool 5b
    Lillian Mary BRAMWELL Dau S 23 Typist CC Durham West Hartlepool 5b
    Ivor Lloyd BRAMWELL Son S 21 Engineer Draughtsman Durham West Hartlepool 5b
    Stanley Watson BRAMWELL Son S 16 Manchester Warehouseman Durham West Hartlepool 5b
    Nora BRAMWELL Dau S 15   Durham West Hartlepool 5b
10 10 Stockhill Road Wm Henry ELLISON Head M 50 Brick Labourer Greengates 5b
    Ann ELLISON Wife M 53   Idle 5b
    Alice ELLISON Dau S 26 Worsted Twister Idle 5b
    Ann Elizabeth ELLISON Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Idle 5b
    Harry ELLISON Son S 20 Printers Compositor Idle 5b
    Willie ELLISON Son S 15 (Strecher) Woolen Cloth Greengates 5b
    Fred ELLISON Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Greengates 5b
11 12 Stockhill Road William SMITH Head M 26 Woolen Dyers Assistant London 5b
    Ann SMITH Wife M 24   Thackley 5b
    Cyriel SMITH Son S 4   Idle 5b
    Clifford SMITH Son S 2   Greengates 5b
    Mary YEADON M in L W 66   Rawdon 5b
12 13 Stockhill Road Thomas CHILD Head M 63 Woolen Warp Dresser Bradford 5b
    Ann CHILD Wife M 58   Bradford 5b
    Sarah Ellen CHILD Dau S 21   Bradford 5b
    Lois CHILD Dau S 19 Mender Worsted Cloth Bradford 5b
    Lizzie CHILD Dau S 17 Pupil School Teacher Bradford 5b
13 15 Stockhill Road Edmond H WALKER Head M 42 Continental Traveller Wool Apperley Bridge 5b
    Marian S WALKER Wife M 39   Surrey Peckham 5b
    Eric B WALKER Son S 15   Russia (BS) 5b
    Cyril Gordon WALKER Son S 12   Bradford 5b
    Winefred V WALKER Dau S 10   Bradford 5b
    Elsie Muriel WALKER Dau S 6   Greengates 5b
14 17 Stockhill Road Samuel MORTON Head M 36 Woolen Cloth Finisher LAN Hulme Manchester 6a
    Edith MORTON Wife M 35 Woolen Cloth Burler Huddersfield 6a
    Florence MORTON Dau S 11   Holmfirth 6a
    Edith MORTON Dau S 9   LAN Stalybridge 6a
    Herbert MORTON Son S 6   Brighouse 6a
    Catherine MORTON Dau S 3   Bradford 6a
15 19 Stockhill Road Walter SHACKLETON Head M 31   Idle 6a
    Sarah Ann SHACKLETON Wife M 30   CUL Langworthy 6a
    Alice Ann SHACKLETON Dau S 9   Greengates 6a
    Elvira SHACKLETON Dau S 7   Calverley 6a
    Arnold SHACKLETON Son S 4   Calverley 6a
16 21 Stockhill Road Martha BELL Head W 54   Idle 6a
    Lilian SLATER Dau S 17 Woolen Cloth Rover Idle 6a
    Alberta BELL Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Idle 6a
    Ettie BELL Dau S 11   Idle 6a
17 23 Stockhill Road Emma EARNSHAW Wife M 39   LAN Langfield 6a
    Ada Jane EARNSHAW Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Denholme 6a
    Fred EARNSHAW Son S 20 Woolen Cloth Miller Denholme 6a
    James Arhtur EARNSHAW Son S 18 Woolen Mule Peicer Denholme 6a
    Alice EARNSHAW Dau S 16 Worsted Mender Halifax 6a
    Edith EARNSHAW Dau S 11   Halifax 6a
    Annie EARNSHAW Dau S 9   Luddendfoot 6a
    Albert EARNSHAW Son S 5   Midgley 6a
18 25 Stockhill Road Fred SUGDEN Head M 31 Woolen Spinner Bradford 6a
    Hannah SUGDEN Wife M 30   Bradford 6a
    Annie SUGDEN Dau S 4   Bradford 6a
19   George HARRIS Head M 73 Watchman Quarry Stone Unknown 6a
    Sophia HARRIS Wife M 63   Unknown 6a
20 29 Stockhill Road Robert WEBSTER Head M 49 Scrappler Stone Quarry DBY Bakewell 6b
    Margaret WEBSTER Wife M 44   Anderby 6b
    Eliza WEBSTER Dau S 17 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 6b
    Arthur WEBSTER Son S 19 Blacksmith Eccleshill 6b
    Herbert WEBSTER Son S 15 Printers Compositor Eccleshill 6b
    George FURNISS Neph S 16 Butchers App. Derbyshire Bakewell 6b
21 31 Stockhill Road James SMITH Head M 59 Cloth Weaver Woolen Greengates 6b
    Sarah SMITH Wife M 59   Calverley 6b
    Florence SMITH Dau S 22 Cloth Weaver Woolen Greengates 6b
22 33 Stockhill Road Albert HIRST Head M 30 Journeyman Tailor Bradford 6b
    Maria HIRST Wife M 27   Greengates 6b
    Edgar HIRST Son S 4   Bradford 6b
    Mabel HIRST Dau S 10 m   Leeds 6b
23 14 Stockhill Road Louis ROBERTS Head M 31 Worsted Weaver Halifax 6b
    Hannah M ROBERTS Wife M 32 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 6b
24 16 Stockhill Road William ALRED Head Wr 48 Stone Quarry Scrappler Thackley 6b
    Harry ALRED Son S 23 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Idle 6b
    Martha Lousia ALRED Dau S 25 Worsted Drawer Idle 6b
    Elizabeth ALRED Dau S 15 Dressmakers App. Greengates 6b
    Samuel ALRED Fath Wr 84   Thackley 6b
25 18 Stockhill Road Harry HOLMES Head M 58 Worsted Weaver Yeadon 6b
    Elizabeth HOLMES Wife M 56   Horbury 6b
26 30 Stockhill Road James WALKER Head M 30 Willeyer Rag Waste Rawdon 6b
    Margret WALKER Wife M 25 Woolen Weaver Idle 6b
    Elsie WALKER Dau S 3   Eccleshill 6b
27 32 Stockhill Road Farnell BENSON Head M 58 Night Watchman Mill Idle 6b
    Maria BENSON Wife M 55   Idle 6b
    Thomas BENSON Neph S 19 Mineral Waste Cart Driver Westmorland Tebay 6b
    Mary Agnes BENSON Neice S 23 Woolen Weaver Westmorland Tebay 6b
    Elizabeth BENSON Neice S 21 Woolen Weaver Westmorland Tebay 6b
28 34 Stockhill Road James CORDINLEY Head M 46 Woolen Weaver Overlooker Greengates 7a
    Martha E CORDINLEY Wife M 45   Idle 7a
    Hannah MURGATROYD Neice S 16 Worsted Mender Idle 7a
    Margaret E WHITFIELD Board. S 11 m   Greengates 7a
29 36 Stockhill Road Frederick GARNETT Head M 40 Confectioner Baker Thackley 7a
    Annie GARNETT Wife M 44   Guiseley 7a
    Harry GARNETT Son S 15 Greengrocers Assistant Idle 7a
    Thos Wood GARNETT Son S 13 Confectioner Baker Assistant Greengates 7a
    Arthur GARNETT Son S 10   Greengates 7a
    May GARNETT Dau S 8   Greengates 7a
    Ivy GARNETT Dau S 4   Idle 7a
30 26 Stockhill Road Robert SIMPSON Head M 41 Drayman Woolen Mill Idle 7a
    Maria SIMPSON Wife M 44   Idle 7a
    Sarah H SIMPSON Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Idle 7a
    Annie E SIMPSON Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Idle 7a
    Florrie SIMPSON Dau S 7   Greengates 7a
    Clara SIMPSON Dau S 5   Greengates 7a
31 28 Stockhill Road Sarah Ann CAWSON Wife W 56   Baildon 7a
    Mary Elizabeth CAWSON Dau S 25   Rodley 7a
32 20 Stockhill Road Elizabeth WALKER Head W 70   Rawdon 7a
    Caroline WALKER Dau S 40 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 7a
33 22 Stockhill Road Emma JENNINGS Head W 34 Worsted Weaver Idle 7a
    Annie JENNINGS Dau S 16 Worsted Cloth Mender Idle 7a
    Arthur JENNINGS Son S 14 Worsted Cloth Finisher Idle 7a
    Eliza JENNINGS Dau S 11   Idle 7a
34 24 Stockhill Road Jane IBBOTSON Wife W 85   Pontefract 7a
    Saml IBBOTSON Son Wr 54 Joiner (Carpenter) Eccleshill 7a
35 38 Stockhill Road Edwin GALLOWAY Head Wr 71 Grocer & Tea Dealer Greengates 7a
    Mary E GALLOWAY Dau S 49   Otley 7a
36 10 The Grove Edwin PADGETT Head M 48 Quarry Blacksmith Idle 7b
    Sarah Ann PADGETT Wife M 48   Idle 7b
    Mary Ann PADGETT Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Idle 7b
    Sarah PADGETT Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Idle 7b
    Jno R PADGETT Son S 19 Stoner Mason App. Idle 7b
    Annie PADGETT Dau S 14 Mender Worsted Cloth Idle 7b
    Sophia PADGETT Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Idle 7b
    Doris PADGETT Dau S 5   Eccleshill 7b
    Mary E PENNY Board. S 18 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 7b
37 12 The Grove Mary Ann OUTHWAITE Head W 50   Eccleshill 7b
    Jno Hutton OUTHWAITE Son S 24 Commercial Traveller Burton in Lonsdale 7b
    Mary L OUTHWAITE Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Burton in Lonsdale 7b
    Elizabeth OUTHWAITE Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 7b
    Agnes Ellen OUTHWAITE Dau S 15 Woolen Spooler Eccleshill 7b
38 14 The Grove Mirriam LONG Head M 34   Thackley 7b
    Harold LONG Son S 1   Greengates 7b
39 Greengates House Jno N GARNETT Head M 47 Wool & Worsted Cloth Manuf. Apperley Bridge 7b
  Apperley Road Edith B GARNETT Wife M 36   Shipley 7b
    Harry R A GARNETT Son S 3   Apperley Bridge 7b
    John Cecil GARNETT Son S 2   Apperley Bridge 7b
    Mariel Edith GARNETT Dau S 1   Apperley Bridge 7b
    Ruth JOWETT Serv S 24 Nurse Domestic Llarinage 7b
    Elen L SEAR Serv S 18 Nurse Domestic Berks Hampstead 7b
    Mary AITKEN Serv S 43 Cook Domestic Scotland 7b
    Minnie CLARK Serv S 23 House Maid Domestic Rawdon 7b
40 30 Greengates Road Thomas WATMOUGH Head M 63 Boot & Shoe Maker Bradford 7b
    Emma WATMOUGH Wife M 60   Thackley 7b
    Fred WATMOUGH Son S 24 Woolen Worsted Finisher Cross Flats, Bingley 7b
    Martha WATMOUGH Dau S 21 Domestic Work Cross Flats, Bingley 7b
    Precilla WATMOUGH Dau S 17 Wool Worsted Twister Greengates 7b
    Bertha WATMOUGH Dau S 13 Worsted Doffer Greengates 7b
41 34 Greengates Road   HOLDSWORTH Head M 59 Grocer Wortley 8a
    Eliza HOLDSWORTH Wife M 56   Armley 8a
42 2 Barraclough Buildings Thomas DIFFLES Head M 28 Grocers Assistant Bradford 8a
    Clara DIFFLES Wife M 27 Woolen Weaver Bradford 8a
43 3 Barraclough Buildings George WILSON Head M 43 Wool Waste Sorter Bradford 8a
    Mary E WILSON Wife M 40   Bradford 8a
44 5 Barraclough Buildings Saml GRANT Head M 70 Carder Woolen Mill Leeds 8a
    Jane GRANT Wife M 66   Pudsey 8a
      GRANT Son Wr 41 Carder Woolen Mill Stanningley 8a
    Emma GRANT Dau S 26 Worsted Drawer Guiseley 8a
    Earnest GRANT Grandson S 13 Worsted Spinner Calverley 8a
    Wilfred GRANT Grandson S 9   Rodley 8a
    Maria GRANT GrandDau S 6   Calverley 8a
45 7 Barraclough Buildings Robert NETTLETON Head M 46 Overlooker Woolen Carding Bradford 8a
    Susannah NETTLETON Wife M 52   Bradford 8a
    Charles NETTLETON Son S 21 Butchers Assistant Bradford 8a
    Fanny NETTLETON Dau S 17 Worsted Winder Bradford 8a
    Laura CORDINGLEY Neice S 21   Bradford 8a
46 9 Barraclough Buildings Joseph METCALFE Head M 34 Woolen Warper Bradford 8a
    Mary METCALFE Wife S 34   Bradford 8a
    Fred METCALFE Son S 7   Bradford 8a
    Annie METCALFE Dau S 6   Bradford 8a
    Harry METCALFE Son S 2   Bradford 8a
    Kate METCALFE Dau S 1   Bradford 8a
47 11 Barraclough Buildings Sarah ELLISON Head W 77   Armley 8a
    Mary ELLISON Dau S 42 Mender Worsted Cloth Eccleshill 8a
48 13 Barraclough Buildings George HOLDSWORTH Head M 65 Coal Dealer Wortley 8a
    Elizabeth HOLDSWORTH Wife M 65   Apperley 8a
    Louie HOLDSWORTH Dau S 20   Greengates 8a
49 4 Barraclough Buildings James WATMOUGH Head M 26 Woolen Mule Spinner Bradford 8b
    Amelia WATMOUGH Wife M 25   Bradford 8b
    Jos Wm WATMOUGH Son S 5 m   Bradford 8b
50 6 Barraclough Buildings Thos Henry SMALES Head M 40 Quarryman Labourer Barby Osgodby 8b
    Mercy SMALES Wife M 34 Conde??ser Minder Woolen Rawdon 8b
51 2 Barraclough Buildings Martha ELLIOTT Head W 70   Greengates 8b
    Sarah Ann ELLIOTT Dau S 34 Cloth Weaver Woolen Eccleshill 8b
52 2 Carbottom Road Ledger MAWSON Head M 30 Fettler Carding Machine Bramley 8b
    Emma MAWSON Wife M 27   Eccleshill 8b
    Laura MAWSON Dau S 9   Eccleshill 8b
    Ann MAWSON Dau S 8   Eccleshill 8b
    Gilbert MAWSON Son S 6   Eccleshill 8b
    Francico MAWSON Dau S 4   Eccleshill 8b
    Edith MAWSON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 8b
    Sam MAWSON Son S 6 m   Eccleshill 8b
53 6 Carbottom Road John READ Head M 63 Card Cleaner Woolen Mill Bradford 8b
    Martha READ Wife M 65   Stanningley 8b
    Harry HUBY Grandson S 16 Cloth Finisher Woolen Bradford 8b
54 6 Carbottom Road Ann WILKINSON Head W 68   Leeds 8b
    Liley WILKINSON GrandDau S 18 Worsted Twister Yeadon 8b
    Ethel WILKINSON GrandDau S 17 Worsted Twister Guiseley 8b
55 8 Carbottom Road Wainman HOLDSWORTH Head M 30 Carter Pudsey 8b
    Maria HOLDSWORTH Wife M 31   Calverley 8b
    Percy HOLDSWORTH Son S 9   Calverley 8b
    Edna HOLDSWORTH Dau S 5   Calverley 8b
56 10 Carbottom Road Joseph PRATT Head Wr 71 Living on Own Means Apperley Bridge 8b
    Sarah Ann PRATT Dau S 46 Woolen Weaver Greengates 8b
    Annie GRIMSHAW GrandDau S 21 Mender Woolen Cloth Greengates 8b
57 12 Carbottom Road Albert WALKER Head M 25 Mule Piecer Woolen Greengates 9a
    Clara WALKER Wife M 24 Twister Worsted Eccleshill 9a
58 14 Carbottom Road Herbert HALL Head M 34 Woolen Warper Greengates 9a
    Maria E HALL Wife M 31   Thackley 9a
    Alfred HALL Son S 9   Greengates 9a
    Lucy HALL Dau S 8   Greengates 9a
    Sarah Ellen HALL Dau S 5   Greengates 9a
59 16 Carbottom Road Benjamin GOODALL Head M 32 Brick Labourer Eccleshill 9a
    Lucy GOODALL Wife M 33 Woolen Weaver Lincolnshire Lincoln 9a
    Chas Wm HOBSON Brother S 20 App. Carding Machine Lincolnshire Lincoln 9a
60 18 Carbottom Road Joseph BAYTER Head M 76 Retired Quarryman Apperley Bridge 9a
    Eliza BAYTER Wife M 73   Apperley Bridge 9a
61 20 Carbottom Road John HIGGINS Head M 26 Worsted Coating Weftman Bradford 9a
    Lily HIGGINS Wife M 25   Bradford 9a
    Granville HIGGINS Son S 4   Apperley Bridge 9a
    Gordon Winston HIGGINS Son S 8 m   Apperley Bridge 9a
62 22 Carbottom Road John BOULTS Head M 63 Tailor Horsforth 9a
    Alice BOULTS Wife M 59   Wibsey 9a
    Kate BOULTS Dau S 27 Wool Card Room Hand Apperley Bridge 9a
63 24 Carbottom Road Wm Starkey TEALE Head M 61 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 9a
    Susan TEALE Wife M 64   Greengates 9a
64 26 Carbottom Road Wilfred TEALE Head M 33 Quarrymans Stone Bearer Greengates 9a
    Kate Edith TEALE Wife M 34   Headingley 9a
    Percy Henry TEALE Son S 10   Greengates 9a
    Florence Edith TEALE Dau S 9   Greengates 9a
    Carrie TEALE Dau S 6   Greengates 9a
    Albert TEALE Son S 1   Greengates 9a
65 34 Carbottom Road James HALL Head M 57 Woolen Overlooker Bradford 9b
    Elizabeth HALL Wife M 56   Sherburn in Elmet 9b
    Alice Gertrude HALL Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Bradford 9b
    Bertha HALL Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Bradford 9b
    Beatrice HALL Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Bradford 9b
    Geo Fewster HALL Son S 17 App. House Painting Bradford 9b
    Albert HALL Son S 14 Twister Worsted Bradford 9b
66 36 Carbottom Road Wm LEACH Head M 59 Carter Quarry Stone Bingley 9b
    Martha LEACH Wife M 58   Bingley 9b
    Mary H LEACH Dau S 31 Burler Woolen Mill Windhill 9b
    Eliza LEACH Dau S 27 Burler Woolen Mill Idle 9b
    George H LEACH Son S 23 Spinner Woolen Mill Idle 9b
    Isaac LEACH Son S 21 Railway Engine Cleaner Idle 9b
    James R LEACH Son S 14 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 9b
    David LEACH Son S 5   Eccleshill 9b
    Ada LEACH Dau S 2   Eccleshill 9b
67 38 Carbottom Road James LEE Head M 35 Cloth Fuller Woolen Eccleshill 9b
    Beatrice LEE Wife M 35   Eccleshill 9b
    Ada LEE Dau S 9   Greengates 9b
    Clara LEE Dau S 5   Greengates 9b
68 40 Carbottom Road George HUNT Head M 44 Railway Signalman SOM Bridgewater 9b
    Emily HUNT Wife M 43   Leeds 9b
    Louisa HUNT Dau S 18 Mender Worsted Woodlesford 9b
    Idonia HUNT Dau S 14 Mender Woolen Woodlesford 9b
69 42 Carbottom Road Henry HOLLINGS Head M 45 Weaver Woolen Yeadon 9b
    Elizabeth HOLLINGS Wife M 47   Idle 9b
    Mary HOLLINGS Dau S 17 Weaver Woolen Idle 9b
    Eva HOLLINGS Dau S 11   Idle 9b
70 44 Carbottom Road John Wm BUCKLE Head M 33 Woolen Weaver Bramley 10a
    Ann BUCKLE Wife M 30 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 10a
    George BUCKLE Son S 9   Eccleshill 10a
    Harry BUCKLE Son S 7   Eccleshill 10a
    Earnest BUCKLE Son S 5   Eccleshill 10a
    Mabel BUCKLE Dau S 1   Greengates 10a
71 46 Carbottom Road Joseph Grimshaw CLAYTON Head M 67 Woolen Spinner Bradford 10a
    Sarah CLAYTON Wife M 65   Bradford 10a
    Joseph CLAYTON Son S 33 Woolen Spinner Bradford 10a
    Sarah CLAYTON Dau S 29 Woolen Weaver Bradford 10a
    Emma CLAYTON Dau S 23   Bradford 10a
72 17 Carbottom Road Ann BUCKNELL Head W 75   Idle 10a
    Eliza BUCKNELL Dau S 44 Woolen Weaver Idle 10a
    Hannah E HUBY Dau M 49   Idle 10a
    James HUBY S in l M 37 Carding Overlooker (Assistant) Bubwith 10a
    Violetta HUBY GDau S 14 Spooler Woolen Mill Greengates 10a
73 19 Carbottom Road Ellen LEE Head S 31   Eccleshill 10a
  21 Carbottom Road Lizzie WEBSTER Sister W 32 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 10a
    Annie LEE Sister S 24 Worsted Piece Mender Eccleshill 10a
    Edwin LEE Broth S 20 Manchester Warehouseman Eccleshill 10a
    Herbert LEE Broth S 17 Warp Twister (Woolen) Eccleshill 10a
    Percy WEBSTER Neph S 4   Eccleshill 10a
74 23 Carbottom Road Richard GALLOWAY Head M 55 Gardener (Not Domestic) Greengates 10a
    Mary Jane GALLOWAY Wife M 51   Apperley Bridge 10a
    Henry GALLOWAY Son S 27 Mule Spinner Woolen Greengates 10a
    Thomas GALLOWAY Son S 22 Cloth Fuller Woolen Greengates 10a
    Susannah GALLOWAY Dau S 20 Mender Worsted Greengates 10a
    Phyliss GALLOWAY Dau S 17 Twister Worsted Greengates 10a
    Harriet GALLOWAY Dau S 15 Winder Worsted Greengates 10a
    Richard GALLOWAY Son S 11   Greengates 10a
75 15 Carbottom Road Chas H DRAGE Head M 46 Farmer Hants Hemingford 10b
    Harriet DRAGE Wife M 55   Ripon 10b
76 Ashgrove Herbert TOPHAM Head M 34 Railway Signalman Lincolnshire Wellbourne 10b
    Florence Julian TOPHAM Wife M 30   Horsforth 10b
    Ellen TOPHAM Dau S 11   Rawdon 10b
    Albert TOPHAM Son S 8   Embsay 10b
    Alice TOPHAM Dau S 2   Rawdon 10b
    John HALL Board. S 19 Railway Porter Bedfordshire Kensworth 10b
    Sydney Geo TAYLOR Board. S 19 Railway Porter Holt Wiltshire 10b
77 Ashgrove Samuel FLETCHER Head M 57 Woolen Cloth Dresser Leeds 10b
    Martha FLETCHER Wife M 50   Kirkstall 10b
    Wm C PEARSON Step son S 25 Dyers Labourer Eccleshill 10b
    Alfred PEARSON Step son S 19 Mule Spinner Woolen Leeds 10b
    Percy PEARSON Step son S 15 Mule Piecer Woolen Leeds 10b
    Hannah PEARSON Step Dau S 14 Mule Piecer Woolen Leeds 10b
    Charley PEARSON Step son S 11   Leeds 10b
78 Ashgrove William GARNETT Head M 46 Card Fettler Woolen Thackley 10b
    Harriet GARNETT Wife M 45   Eccleshill 10b
    Thomas GARNETT Son S 20 Engine Driver Quarry Greengates 10b
79 Ashgrove William MORTIMER Head Wr 48 Butcher Eccleshill 10b
    Annie KING Step-Dau S 21   Eccleshill 10b
80 Ashgrove Fred LOVEDAY Head M 24 Builder & Contractor Eccleshill 10b
    Fanny Jane LOVEDAY Wife M 20   Kirby Moorside 10b
81 Ashgrove Joseph BUCK Head M 50 Gardener (Not Domestic) Ellenthorpe 10b
    Sarah Jane BUCK Wife M 50   Bradford 10b
    Arthur BUCK Son S 18 Carpenters App. Apperley Bridge 10b
    Geo Edwd BUCK Son S 12   Apperley Bridge 10b
    Agness BUCK Dau S 7   Apperley Bridge 10b
82 Ashgrove Henry E DALLEY Head M 27 Railway Clerk Beds Ampthill 10b
    Carrie DALLEY Wife M 21   Apperley Bridge 10b
83 Ashgrove Albert NICHOLSON Head M 24 Army Pensioner Lincs Grimsby 11a
    Elizabeth NICHOLSON Wife M 22   Pickering 11a
84 Ashgrove Jno Thos VARLEY Head M 31 Grocers Manager Whitby 11a
    Hannah VARLEY Wife M 31   ??? 11a
    Frederick A E VARLEY Son S 6   Kent New Brompton 11a
    Jos Gordon VARLEY Son S 5   Herts St Neots 11a
    Herbert VARLEY Son S 1   Herts St Neots 11a
85 12 Ashgrove Sarah HALLIDAY Head W 64   Idle 11a
    Harry HALLIDAY Son S 19 Woolen Cloth Fuller Idle 11a
86 10 Ashgrove Benjamin LILEY Head M 52 Shoemaker Drighlington 11a
    Agnes H LILEY Wife M 43   Yeadon 11a
    Wilfred LILEY Son S 23 Dyers Labourer Drighlington 11a
    Agnes LILEY Dau S 20   Drighlington 11a
    Mary LILEY Dau S 7   Apperley Bridge 11a
    Florence M LILEY Dau S 6   Apperley Bridge 11a
87 Carbottom Road Maria BARRACLOUGH Head W 69   Greengates 11a
88 8 Ashgrove Martha Ann GOODWIN Head W 51   Rodley 11a
    F ROBINSON Son S 25 Stone Sawyer Greengates 11a
    Earnest ROBINSON Son S 21 Mason's Labourer Greengates 11a
    Jos GOODWIN Son S 19 Dyers Labourer Greengates 11a
    Mary H GOODWIN Dau S 17 Worsted Drawer Greengates 11a
    Annie GOODWIN Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Greengates 11a
    Ada GOODWIN Dau S 12   Greengates 11a
89 6 Ashgrove Mary A BROOKS Head W 66   Undercliffe 11a
    Mary BROOKS Dau S 32   Leeds 11a
    * WALTERS Board. S 42 Quarryman Stone (Hewer) Un Known 11a
90 4 Ashgrove Ida N HARRISON Head S 37 School Board Teacher Bradford 11a
91 2 Ashgrove J J WAITE Head M 60 Dyers Labourer Stanningley 11a
    Sarah H WAITE Wife M 54   Halifax 11a
92 1 Ashgrove John WILKINSON Head M 48 Blacksmith Holbeck 11b
    E. H. WILKINSON Wife M 43   Yeadon 11b
    B. L. WILKINSON Dau S 21 Mender Woolen Mill Yeadon 11b
    H. L. WILKINSON Son S 19 Blacksmith App. Yeadon 11b
    May WILKINSON Dau S 12   Greengates 11b
    G. E. WILKINSON Son S 9   Greengates 11b
    A.R. WILKINSON Son S 2   Greengates 11b
    Durward WILKINSON Son S 22 Blacksmith Yeadon 11b
93 3 Ashgrove Rosetta HOLLINGS Head W 58 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 11b
94 5 Ashgrove W. H. WILKINSON Head M 23 Mechanic General Yeadon 11b
    Ellen WILKINSON Wife M 23   Eccleshill 11b
    _aris WILKINSON Son S 2 m   Eccleshill 11b
    Harriet DOCKRAY M In Law S 43   Eccleshill 11b
    Alvan DOCKRAY Her Son S 20 Theatre Musician Bradford 11b
95 1 Carbottom Road Joseph HAMMOND Head M 36 Schoolmaster Eccleshill 11b
    Emily Mary HAMMOND Wife M 34   Bradford 11b
    Thomas EARNSHAW F In Law M 71 Retired Stuff Warehousman Huddersfield 11b
    Sophia EARNSHAW M In Law M 67   Longwood 11b
96 3 Carbottom Road Stabbs ELLISON Head M 39 Assistant School Master Eccleshill 11b
    Elizabeth ELLISON Wife M 39   Armley 11b
97 5 Carbottom Road Henry MURRY Head M 51 Caretaker Weslyan School Scotland 11b
    Emily MURRY Wife M 47   Ackworth 11b
    Annie MURRY Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Calverley 11b
    Andrew MURRY Son S 21 Ironmongers Asst Mirfield 11b
    Emily Jane MURRY Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Mirfield 11b
    M Henry MURRY Son S 16 App. Stuff Warehouse Otley 11b
    Mabel J MURRY Dau S 11   Bawtry 11b
98 7 Carbottom Road Frederick L MOORHOUSE Head M 28 Mill Manager Worsted Woolen Linthwaite 11b
    Mary MOORHOUSE Wife M 26   Huddersfield 11b
    Marjorie F MOORHOUSE Dau S 1   Greengates 11b
    Lousia CASWELL Serv S 16 General Servant Domestic Royston 11b
99 9 Carbottom Road Arthur HOLDSWORTH Head M 37 Quarryman Barer Stone Bramley 12a
    Ellen HOLDSWORTH Wife M 38   Bradford 12a
    Harry HOLDSWORTH Son S 12 Woolen Twister Greengates 12a
    Earnest HOLDSWORTH Son S 10   Pudsey 12a
    Fred HOLDSWORTH Son S 8   Greengates 12a
    Herbert HOLDSWORTH Son S 6   Greengates 12a
    Edith HOLDSWORTH Dau S 3   Greengates 12a
    John PITCHFORTH B in l S 46 Stone Quarryman Hewer Mirfield 12a
100 11 Carbottom Road Walter HOLDSWORTH Head M 34 Carting Agent Pudsey 12a
    Alice HOLDSWORTH Wife M 31   LAN Garstang 12a
    Sam HOLDSWORTH Broth S 23 Carter (Coal) Eccleshill 12a
101 13 Carbottom Road Benjamin ELLIOTT Head M 39 Woolen Warper Greengates 12a
    Fanny ELLIOTT Wife M 37   Lincs Nettleham 12a
    Lucy ELLIOTT Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Greengates 12a
    Alice ELLIOTT Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Greengates 12a
    Harold ELLIOTT Son S 1   Greengates 12a
102 79 Greengates Road Albert E CLARKSON Head M 32 Gardener (Domestic) A?thington 12a
    Annie E CLARKSON Wife M 33   Leeds 12a
103 81 Greengates Road Thos F LECKENBY Head M 39 Coachman Groom Hovingham 12a
    Thezia LECKENBY Wife M 41   Kilburn 12a
    William LECKENBY Son S 17 Grocers Assistant Osmotherley 12a
    Alice Maud LECKENBY Dau S 14 Dressmakers App. Osmotherley 12a
104 83 Greengates Road Fred WATERWORTH Head M 23 Woolen Cloth Fuller Yeadon 12a
    Lilian WATERWORTH Wife M 23 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 12a
105 85 Greengates Road Joseph B WEBSTER Head M 59 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 12a
    Mary WEBSTER Wife M 59   Bradford 12a
    David LONGLEY Board. Wr 62 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 12a
106 87 Greengates Road Emilia Jane BARRETT Head W 46 Confectioner Baker Eccleshill 12a
    Henrietta BARRETT Dau S 20   Eccleshill 12a
107 1 Apperley Road James LEVILT Head M 26 Lamplighter Gas W Greengates 12b
    Lavinia LEVILT Wife M 26 Worsted Twister Shipley 12b
108 3 Apperley Road Mary Ann CLAYTON Head W 47   Bradford 12b
    John Wm CLAYTON Son S 27 Boatman Mate (Barge) Bradford 12b
    Jane CLAYTON Dau S 21 Drawer Worsted Bradford 12b
    Elizabeth CLAYTON Dau S 17 Rover Worsted Bradford 12b
    Harry CLAYTON Son S 16 Brusher Woolen Mill Bradford 12b
109 5 Apperley Road F KELLET Head M 27 Dyers Labourer Woolen Mill Bradford 12b
    N KELLET Wife M 24   Bradford 12b
    H KELLET Son S 4   Bradford 12b
    Elizabeth KELLET Dau S 2   Bradford 12b
    Willie KELLET Son S 8 m   Bradford 12b
110 7 Apperley Road Thomas EPSLEY Head M 33 Worsted Weaver Shrops Market Drayton 12b
    Sam EPSLEY Son S 5   Thackley 12b
111 9 Apperley Road Smith KENDALL or RENDALL Head M 56 Plasterers Labourer Greengates 12b
    Mary KENDALL or RENDALL Wife M 51   Calverley 12b
    Jno Wm MARSTERS Nephew S 17 Cloth Finisher Woolen Keighley 12b
    Arthur MARSTERS Nephew S 16 App. Gardener (Not Domestic) LAN Liverpool 12b
112 11 Apperley Road Frederick R BULMER Head M 34 Blacksmith Wakefield 12b
    Rose Ellen BULMER Wife M 31   Leeds 12b
    Frederick Wm BULMER Son S 10   Bradford 12b
    Rose Ellen BULMER Dau S 6   Bradford 12b
    Bertha L BULMER Dau S 4   Bradford 12b
    Harry Thos BULMER Son S 2   Bradford 12b
    Edward S BULMER Son S 1   Bradford 12b
113 13 Apperley Road Richard BAINES Head M 78 Chapel Keeper Burley 12b
    Dorothy BAINES Wife M 68   Bradford 12b
    Arthur BOOCOCK Stepson S 21 Cloth Miller Woolen Ilkley 12b
114 15 Apperley Road George NETHERWOOD Head M 26 Cloth Finisher Worsted Leeds 13a
    Sarah NETHERWOOD Wife M 30   Cambridge 13a
    Mary NETHERWOOD Dau S 3   Farsley 13a
    Annie NETHERWOOD Dau S 6 m   Bradford 13a
115 17 Apperley Road Thomas STEEL Head M 50 Carter Rawdon 13a
    Sarah Jane STEEL Wife M 49   Leeds 13a
    Catherine STEEL Dau S 21 Cloth Burler Worsted Eccleshill 13a
    Walter STEEL Son S 18 Mechanics App. Eccleshill 13a
    Edith STEEL Dau S 16 Spinner Worsted Eccleshill 13a
    Emma STEEL Dau S 14 Tyer In Wollen Eccleshill 13a
    Percy M STEEL Son S 11   Eccleshill 13a
    Minnie STEEL Dau S 8   Eccleshill 13a
116 19 Apperley Road John DAWSON Head Wr 77 Living on Own Means Cheshire Macclesfield 13a
    Emily DAWSON Dau S 34 Woolen Weaver Cheshire Macclesfield 13a
    Annie DAWSON Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver LAN Middleton 13a
    Clara DAWSON Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver LAN Manchester 13a
    Florence DAWSON Dau S 18 Cloth Mender Woolen Bradford 13a
    Louisa DAWSON Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Apperley Bridge 13a
117 21 Apperley Road Patrick BUCK Head M 35 Publican Leeds 13a
    Annie BUCK Wife M 35   Kippax 13a
    Wm Varley BUCK Son S 12   Bingley 13a
    Laurence BUCK Son S 10   Bingley 13a
    Jane LONGLEY M in L M 57 Living on Own Means Kippax 13a
118 23 Apperley Road Frederic COWLING Head M 35 Flannel Fuller Cornwall St Clear 13a
    John D COWLING Son S 3   LAN Littleborough 13a
119 25 Apperley Road Kendall ALRED Head Wr 60 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Eccleshill 13a
    Mary Alice ALRED Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Apperley Bridge 13a
    Charles ALRED Son S 25 Cloth Finisher Worsted Apperley Bridge 13a
    Annie E ALRED Dau S 23 Grocer (Shopkeeper) Apperley Bridge 13a
120 27 Apperley Road John HINDLE Head Wr 48 Cab Driver Groom Guiseley Parish 13b
    Mabel HINDLE Dau S 19 Dressmakers App. Guiseley Parish 13b
    Ida HINDLE Dau S 16   Eccleshill 13b
    Lewis HINDLE Son S 13   Eccleshill 13b
    John HINDLE Son S 11   Eccleshill 13b
    Nora HINDLE Dau S 10   Eccleshill 13b
121 29 Apperley Road James ANDREWS Head M 33 Railway Signalman Cambridge Whittesford 13b
    Littie Ann ANDREWS Wife M 29   Apperley Bridge 13b
    Ernest ANDREWS Son S 8   Apperley Bridge 13b
    James R ANDREWS Son S 6   Apperley Bridge 13b
  Derby Terrace Winefred ANDREWS Dau S 1   Apperley Bridge 13b
122 2 Apperley Road Elizabeth GOODALL Head W 64   Apperley Bridge 13b
    Martha GOODALL Dau S 34 Woolen Weaver Greengates 13b
    Andrew GOODALL Son Wr 27 Dyers Labourer Greengates 13b
    Ernest GOODALL Son S 25 Stone Mason Hewer Greengates 13b
123 4 Apperley Road Isaac HARROP Head M 50 Living on Own Means Alverthorpe 13b
    Sophia HARROP Wife M 36   Notts Redhill 13b
    Edith HARROP Dau S 17 Woolen Twister Bradford 13b
    Gertrude HARROP Dau S 11   Leeds 13b
    Isaac HARROP Son S 3 m   Apperley Bridge 13b
124 6 Apperley Road Arthur WALKER Head M 35 Woolen Salesman Idle 13b
    Ada Jane WALKER Wife M 32   Selby 13b
    Laurence A WALKER Son S 8   Leeds 13b
    Gladys WALKER Dau S 5   Leeds 13b
125 8 Apperley Road Thelstan WARD Head M 49 Joiners Labourer Greengates 13b
    Mary R WARD Wife M 47   West Bromwich 13b
    Emma WARD Dau S 23 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 13b
    Fred WARD Son S 21 Woolen Cloth Finisher Eccleshill 13b
    Ellen WARD Dau S 18 Woolen Cloth Mender Bradford 13b
    Arthur BRUNTON Step son S 20 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 13b
  Apperley Road Amy JONES Neice S 7   New Wortley 13b
126 10 Derby Terrace William STANSFIELD Head M 42 Woolen Cloth Drawer Huddersfield 14a
    Annie STANSFIELD Wife M 41   Scarboro 14a
    Wm E D STANSFIELD Son S 10   Bradford 14a
    Allen Firth STANSFIELD Son S 7   Bradford 14a
127 12 Derby Terrace Abraham MOZLEY Head M 49 Cloth Dyer Woolen Meltham 14a
    Bessie MOZLEY Wife M 52   Holmfirth 14a
    Mary Ann MOZLEY Dau S 27 Wool Waste Sorter Meltham 14a
    Charley MOZLEY Son S 19 Tinner Labourer Honley 14a
    Albert MOZLEY Son S 17 Cloth Washer Woolen Meltham 14a
    Fred MOZLEY Son S 9   Leeds 14a
128 14 Derby Terrace Jonathan WYHAM Head M 51 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Thornton Bradford 14a
    Elizabeth WYHAM Wife M 47   Keighley 14a
    Ernest WYHAM Son S 5   Apperley Bridge 14a
    Margret FULTON Sister W 50 Char Woman Keighley 14a
    Martha Ann HUCKLE Niece S 17   Keighley 14a
    Spencer HUCKLE Neph S 14 Worsted Spinner Keighley 14a
129 4 Valley Terrace Jonas SUGDEN Head M 56 Stone Mason Hewer Oakworth 14a
  Dye House Fold Louisa F SUGDEN Wife M 53   Apperley Bridge 14a
    Olive Ann SUGDEN Dau S 31 Woolen Weaver Apperley Bridge 14a
    Annie SUGDEN Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Apperley Bridge 14a
    Lily SUGDEN Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Apperley Bridge 14a
130 5 Valley Terrace Isaac TOWLER Head M 55 Carding Machine Overlooker Bramley 14a
  Dye House Fold Hannah TOWLER Wife M 56   Low Wortley 14a
    Lilly TOWLER Dau S 23   Bramley 14a
    Fred TOWLER Son S 19 Woolen Cloth Tenterer Yeadon 14a
    Enderby TOWLER Son S 17 Woolen Cloth Fuller Leeds 14a
    Evelyn TOWLER G Dau S 5   Pudsey 14a
131 6 Valley Terrace John PEASE Head M 49 Card Engineer Mill Garforth 14a
  Dye House Fold Mary PEASE Wife M 46   Methley 14a
132 7 Dye House Fold Wm S McGREGOR Head M 35 Manchester Warehouseman Scotland 14b
    Maria McGREGOR Wife M 36 Carding Machine Minder Oscodby 14b
    Eliza WHITELEY Step Dau S 15   Apperley Bridge 14b
133 8 Dye House Fold Thomas WHITAKER Head M 37 Woolen Warehouseman Rawdon 14b
    Mary E WHITAKER Wife M 43   Windhill 14b
    Joseph WHITAKER Son S 9   Apperley Bridge 14b
    Florence WHITAKER Dau S 3   Apperley Bridge 14b
    John WHITAKER Son S 1   Apperley Bridge 14b
    Joseph SMITH Board. S 67 Woolen Weaver Otley 14b
    George HEYS Board. S 36 Flannel Warehouseman LAN Littleborough 14b
134 9 Dye House Fold William ROSS Head M 35 Card Cleaner Woolen Calverley 14b
  10 Dye House Fold Josephine ROSS Wife M 35   Bradford 14b
    Geoge Wm ROSS Son S 14 Taker of Worsted Spinning Eccleshill 14b
    Alfred ROSS Son S 8   Eccleshill 14b
    Harry ROSS Son S 9 m   Eccleshill 14b
135 11 Dye House Fold George Abner DAWSON Head M 59 Gardener (Not Domestic) Riddal Lane 14b
    Ann DAWSON Wife M 59   Micklefield 14b
    Benjamin DAWSON Son S 33 Carter at Mill Aberford 14b
    Florence Ann DAWSON Dau S 27 Burler Woolen Cloth Aberford 14b
    Wm Henry DAWSON Son S 21 Carter at Mill Farsley 14b
136 12 Dye House Fold Harry ALRED Head M 33 Stationery Engineer Idle 14b
    Sarah Alice ALRED Wife M 34   Idle 14b
    Edith Annie ALRED Dau S 9   Eccleshill 14b
    Ida Lilian ALRED Dau S 3   Eccleshill 14b
    Doris Evelyn ALRED Dau S 8 m   Eccleshill 14b
137 13 Dye House Fold Frank SMITH Head M 57 Woolen Carding Machine Overlooker Calverley 14b
    Mary Ann SMITH Wife M 60   Calverley 14b
    Mary Ann SMITH Dau S 28 Card Hand or Minder Cutler Heights 14b
    Sarah Ann SMITH G Dau S 3   Apperley Bridge 14b
138 15 Dye House Fold George HARDY Head M 29 Navvy on New Railway Tadcaster 15a
    Annie HARDY Wife M 30   Scholes 15a
    Nellie HARDY Dau S 7   Tadcaster 15a
    Mary HARDY Dau S 6   Tadcaster 15a
    George HARDY Son S 4   Tadcaster 15a
    John HARDY Son S 2   Tadcaster 15a
    Wm HARDY Son S 11 m   Idle 15a
139 16 Dye House Fold William HARDAKER Head S 74 Roadman Apperley Bridge 15a
141 19 Dye House Fold Tom N*MAN Head M 66 Labourer on Railway Dorset Sydling 15a
    Maria   Wife M 50   Somerstshire Bristol 15a
    John WILSON Board. S 50 Labourer on Railway Pickering 15a
    Andrew ANDRE Board. S 62 Labourer on Railway Ireland 15a
142 20 Dye House Fold Jane ROBINSON Head S 62   Apperley Bridge 15a
    Richard ROBINSON Brother S 48 Gardener (Not Domestic) Apperley Bridge 15a
143 21 Dye House Fold Frederick RIBBONS (ENS) Head M 40 Furnace Stoker Norfolk Thetford 15a
    Ellen RIBBONS (ENS) Wife M 41   Halifax 15a
    Jno Wm RIBBONS (ENS) Son S 18 Mason Labourer Farnley 15a
    George RIBBONS (ENS) Son S 16 Mule Piecer Woolen Leeds 15a
    Fred. Con RIBBONS (ENS) Son S 13 Mule Piecer Woolen Leeds 15a
    Harry RIBBONS (ENS) Son S 8   Apperley Bridge 15a
    Albert RIBBONS (ENS) Son S 3   Apperley Bridge 15a
    Walter RIBBONS (ENS) Son S 2   Apperley Bridge 15a
    Bernardo F RIBBONS (ENS) Son S 9 m   Myrow 15a
    Nicholas EVERETT Board. S 19 Gabbing Pieces Worsted LAN Liverpool 15a
144 24 Dye House Fold Ripley DAWSON Head M 67 Woolen Weaver Idle 15a
    Annie DAWSON Wife M 60   Idle 15a
    Amelia DAWSON Dau S 22 Wool Waste Sorter Apperley Bridge 15a
    Alfred DAWSON Son S 20 Mason Hewer Stone Apperley Bridge 15a
145 25 Dye House Fold Waite EASTWOOD Head Wr 65 Living on Own Means Calverley 15b
    Mary A E BENNETT Neice S 35 Woolen Weaver Masbro 15b
146 26 Dye House Fold Amos CHILD Head M 65 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 15b
    Mary Ann CHILD Wife M 47   Dudley Hill 15b
147 27 Dye House Fold Benjamin EDDISON Head M 60 Woolen Spinner Bradford 15b
  28 & 29 Dye House Fold Sarah Ann EDDISON Wife M 58   Bradford 15b
148 30 Dye House Fold Jno Wm BARLOW Head M 32 Worsted Weaver Rawdon 15b
    Louisa BARLOW Wife M 36   Yeadon 15b
    George BARLOW Broth M 34 Navvy on New Railway Harrogate 15b
    Florence BARLOW Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Yeadon 15b
    Ernest BARLOW Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Yeadon 15b
    Mary Jane BARLOW Dau S 10   Yeadon 15b
    Willie BARLOW Son S 8   Yeadon 15b
    Sam BARLOW Son S 4   Bradford 15b
    James BARLOW Son S 2   Bradford 15b
  31 Dye House Fold               15b
149 32 Dye House Fold Jim HARTON Head M 39 Wool Warehouseman Rodley 15b
    Eliza Jane HARTON Wife M 41   Thackley 15b
    Maria HARTON Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Greengates 15b
    Annie HARTON Dau S 11   Greengates 15b
    Alice HARTON Dau S 7   Greengates 15b
150 33 Dye House Fold Mary COWLING Head W 56   Cornwall St Clear 15b
    Thos H COWLING Son S 31 Flannel Fuller Cornwall St Clear 15b
151 34 Dye House Fold William CALVARY Head M 53 Drayman Mill Carm LAN * 15b
    Louisa CALVARY Wife M 53   Apperley Bridge 15b
    Florence L CALVARY Dau S 12   Apperley Bridge 15b
152 35 Dye House Fold Susan ARMISTEAD Head W 53   Paddington 15b
    Eli ARMISTEAD Son S 25 Woolen Cloth Scourer LAN Bury 15b
    Edmund ARMISTEAD Son S 23 Woolen Cloth Scourer LAN Bury 15b
154 36 Dye House Fold Ellen SLEEMAN Head W 47 Living on Own Means Cornwall Liskeard 16a
    John SLEEMAN Son S 17 Carding Machine Minder Devon Plymouth 16a
    Herbert SLEEMAN Son S 14 Mule Piecer Woolen Devon Plymouth 16a
153 37 Dye House Fold Harry DAWSON Head M 30 Wool willyer Greengates 16a
    S DAWSON Wife M 26   Notts Shelly 16a
    Blanche DAWSON Dau S 7   Apperley Bridge 16a
155 40 Dye House Fold Christopher ELLIOTT Head Wr 64 Living on Own Means Apperley Bridge 16a
157 4 Apperley Bridge Harry PHILLIPS Head M 37 Railway Foreman Porter Glouc Skipperdine 16a
    Cass E PHILLIPS Wife M 30   Apperley Bridge 16a
    Gertrude PHILLIPS Dau S 9   Apperley Bridge 16a
    Hilda PHILLIPS Dau S 7   Apperley Bridge 16a
    Rita PHILLIPS Dau S 4   Apperley Bridge 16a
158 33 Apperley Road Alexander BREARLEY Head M 46 Quarryman Scrappler Queensbury 16a
    Hannah BREARLEY Wife M 49 Baker Shopkeeper Yeadon 16a
    Athol BREARLEY Son S 6   Queensbury 16a
    Elizabeth YEADON M In L W 79   Bramhope 16a
    Herbert PICKUP Serv S 14 Dom Bradford 16a
    Annie BOTTOMLEY Board. S 15 App. Baker Harrogate 16a
159 35 Apperley Road William SWALES Head Wr 65 Master Shop Fitter (Burnt Gates) Ripley 16a
    Frederick SWALES Son S 34 Sub Post Office Master Apperley Bridge 16a
    Sarah SWALES Dau S 19 Telephonist Apperley Bridge 16a
160 37 Apperley Road William BAINES Head M 58 Stone Quarryman Scrappler Apperley Bridge 16a
    Maria BAINES Wife M 58   Apperley Bridge 16a
    Jane Ann BAINES Dau S 24 Woolen Weaver Apperley Bridge 16a
    Sarah E BAINES Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Apperley Bridge 16a
    John BAINES Son S 17 Woolen * Warper Apperley Bridge 16a
161 39 Apperley Road William STUBBS Head M 59 Coachman (Not Domestic Groom) Fewston 16a
    Rebecca STUBBS Wife M 58   Yeadon 16a
162 41 Apperley Road Arthur TEALE Head M 23 Grocer Shopkeeper Horsforth 16b
    Florence TEALE Wife M 24   Greengates 16b
163 43 Apperley Road Hannah TEALE Head S 75 Private Teacher School Leeds 16b
    Harriett DAFFETT Neice S 24 Assistant Teacher School York 16b
    Wm Henry BOTTOMLEY Board. S 17 Card Boy * App. Bramley 16b
    Florence E BOTTOMLEY Board. S 8   LAN Blackpool 16b
164 45 Apperley Road Robert RAYNER Head M 44 Blacksmith & Farmer Apperley Bridge 16b
    Nancy RAYNER Wife M 42   Apperley Bridge 16b
    Mabel RAYNER Dau S 14   Apperley Bridge 16b
    Frank Wm RAYNER Son S` 13   Apperley Bridge 16b
    Harry RAYNER Son S 9   Apperley Bridge 16b
    Ada RAYNER Dau S 7   Apperley Bridge 16b
    Sydney RAYNER Son S 4   Apperley Bridge 16b
    Clarice Mary RAYNER Dau S 2   Apperley Bridge 16b
    George Snow RAYNER Son S 9 m   Apperley Bridge 16b
165 47 Apperley Road George NORTH Head M 36 Carrier at Mill Lincs Fenton 16b
    Jane E NORTH Wife M 39   Burley 16b
    Frank E HAWKINS Board. S 25 Railway Porter GLS Chipping Sudbury 16b
    William LILLEY Board. S 24 Railway Porter LIN Audlebyn 16b
166 49 Apperley Road Frederick SMITH Head M 33 Fruit & Potato Dealer Moortown Leeds 16b
    Laura Rose SMITH Wife M 33   Mid Birmingham 16b
    Reginald SMITH Son S 8   Bradford 16b
    Annie Irene SMITH Dau S 3   Rawdon 16b
    Dorothy May SMITH Dau S 10 m   Rawdon 16b
167 53 Apperley Road Joseph HAIGH Head M 26 Railway Carter Bradford 16b
    Elizabeth Annie HAIGH Wife M 27   Addingham 16b
    Stanley HAIGH Son S 6   Bradford 16b
    Ena HAIGH Dau S 5   Apperley Bridge 16b
    Elizabeth Annie HAIGH Dau S 3   Apperley Bridge 16b
168 55 Apperley Road Elizabeth WILLIAMSON Head W 59   Bradford 17a
    Wm Thos WILLIAMSON Son S 41 Brick Labourer Apperley Bridge 17a
    Annie E WILLIAMSON Dau S 33 Burler Mender Worsted Apperley Bridge 17a
    Samuel M WILLIAMSON Son S 32 Gabber Woolen Mill Apperley Bridge 17a
    Ivy WILLIAMSON G Dau S 6   Apperley Bridge 17a
169 57 Apperley Road Arthur WILLIAMSON Head M 38 Labourer Stone Quarry Apperley Bridge 17a
    Sarah Jane WILLIAMSON Wife M 30 Burler Mender Worsted Benfield Nr Reading 17a
    George * WILLIAMSON Son S 11   Apperley Bridge 17a
    Inez G W WILLIAMSON Dau S 3   Apperley Bridge 17a
  59 Apperley Road Margret M WILLIAMSON Head W 61 Baker Boarding School Bramley 17a
170 61 Apperley Road Basquine WILLIAMSON Dau S 24 General Servant (Not Domestic) Apperley Bridge 17a
171 63 Apperley Road Robert HORSLEY Head M 52 Market Gardener East Cowton 17a
    Annie HORSLEY Wife M 54   Darrington Pontefract 17a
    Robert HORSLEY Son S 20 Sawyer Dockyard Batley 17a
    Edgar HORSLEY Son S 16 Market Gardener App. Birstall 17a
    Edith HORSLEY Dau S 14   Armley 17a
    Harry HORSLEY Son S 12   Moorhouse Leeds 17a
    Eliza CREEK Dau W 27   Stubbs Knottingley 17a
172 67 Apperley Road Charles BRITCHER Head Wr 54 Gardener (Not Domestic) Norfolk Frettenham 17a
    Mary Jane BRITCHER Dau S 27   Apperley Bridge 17a
    Lilian Ann BRITCHER Dau S 24 Woolen Burler Apperley Bridge 17a
173 69 Apperley Road Mary Hannah COOKE Head M 63 Living on Own Means Bramley 17a
    Robert Musgran BOTTOMLEY Neph S 15 Joiners App. Harrogate 17a
174 71 Apperley Road Eliza KEIGHLEY Head S 49 Woolen Weaver Thackley 17a
    Margret Ann KEIGHLEY Sister S 39 Woolen Weaver Thackley 17a
175 73 Apperley Road George MORTIMER Head M 72 Living on Own Means Cleckheaton 17a
    Mary MORTIMER Wife M 62   Skipton 17a
    Clara MORTIMER Dau S 21 Burler Worsted Material Apperley Bridge 17a
    Lucy MORTIMER Dau S 21 Burler Worsted Material Apperley Bridge 17a
176 Waterloo House Sarah COCKSHOTT Head W 74   Shelley Huddersfield 17b
    Eliza Mary BOTTOMLEY Neice S 33   Shelley Huddersfield 17b
177 Brook House Jno * WILSON Head M 65 Commission Agent Kiddwick 17b
    Mary WILSON Wife M 58   Bradford 17b
    Agnes Mary WILSON Dau S 26 Music Teacher Guiseley 17b
    Jessie WILSON Dau S 24   Guiseley 17b
    Kenneth WILSON Son S 22 Traveller Corn Seade Guiseley 17b
    Marian * WILSON Dau S 20   Guiseley 17b
    Helen Cath WILSON Dau S 18   Bradford 17b
    Gerald Gordon WILSON Son S 16   Bradford 17b
178 Rose Cottage Frederick BACON Head M 49 Woolen Merchant Clerk York 17b
    Annie BACON Wife M 48   SFK Moorbridge 17b
    Laurence BACON Son S 17 Pupil Teacher School Board Frizinghall 17b
    Frederick BACON Son S 15 Pupil Teacher School Board Frizinghall 17b
    Alice EDWARDS Step Dau S 23 Pupil Teacher School Board LAN Chadderton 17b
179 6 Apperley Bridge Jno TEALE Head M 55 Woolen Spinner Yeadon 17b
    Martha TEALE Wife M 54 Grocer & Draper Esholt 17b
    Melissa TEALE Dau S 20 Burler Woolen Mill Yeadon 17b
    Mabel TEALE Dau S 15 Mule Piecer Woolen Yeadon 17b
    Lizzie MARSHALL Dau M 19   Yeadon 17b
    Arthur MARSHALL S in l M 20 Mule Piecer Woolen Henshaw 17b
180 1 Low Fold George Thos BOWKER Head Wr 63 Worsted Weaver DBY Maple Hall 17b
181 2 Low Fold Jerimiah SMITH Head M 31 Worsted Dyer Hunslet 17b
    Clara Sophia SMITH Wife M 29   South Kilmington 17b
    Mary Ann SMITH Dau S 4   Apperley Bridge 17b
    Ida Marian SMITH Dau S 2   Apperley Bridge 17b
182 3 Low Fold Peter GOODALL Head M 51 Gardener (Not Domestic) Scotland 18a
    Mary Ann GOODALL Wife M 52   Scotland 18a
    William GOODALL Son S 22 Gardener (Not Domestic) Scotland 18a
    James K GOODALL Son S 17 Worsted Spinning Twister Scotland 18a
    Isabella GOODALL Dau S 14 Twister Worsted Scotland 18a
    Peter Geo GOODALL Son S 7   Bradford 18a
183 4 Low Fold George LEE Head M 40 Railway Signalman DBY Kirk Langley 18a
    Mary LEE Wife M 37   GLS Buckle Church 18a
    Percy Geo LEE Son S 14 Telegram Messenger Greengates 18a
184 5 Low Fold Henry WEBSTER Head M 41 Quarryman Labourer DBY Bakewell 18a
    Sarah WEBSTER Wife M 41   Rothwell 18a
    Robert WEBSTER Son S 17 Cloth Finisher Worsted Greengates 18a
    Mabel WEBSTER Dau S 7   Apperley Bridge 18a
    Sarah WEBSTER Dau S 10 m   Apperley Bridge 18a
185 6 Low Fold George Hugh NELSON Head M 31 House Painter Derby Bakewell 18a
    Margret NELSON Wife M 30   Northallerton 18a
    George NELSON Son S 7   Apperley Bridge 18a
    Edward NELSON Son S 5   Apperley Bridge 18a
    Ida NELSON Dau   2   Apperley Bridge 18a
186 7 Low Fold Allen Firth WOODWARD Head M 30 Railway Carter NorthamptonS Easton 18a
    Mary Elizabeth WOODWARD Wife M 28   Derbys Damflack 18a
    Sarah Jane WOODWARD Dau S 5   Apperley Bridge 18a
    Florence WOODWARD Dau S 6 m   Apperley Bridge 18a
    George WAITE Board. S 27 Railway Carter Lincs Gosburton 18a
187 8 Low Fold George Hugh COWGILL Head M 35 Labourer on Railway Carleton 18a
    Mary Ann COWGILL Wife M 41   Addingham 18a
    Tom Read COWGILL Son S 14 Labourer on Railway Addingham 18a
    Geo Edwd COWGILL Son S 5   Bradford 18a
    James KEFFINS Board. S 28 Postman Briff Lincoln 18a
188 9 Low Fold C.J.J. Roland MOSS Head M 33 Railway Platelayer Kent Widmore Green 18b
    Eva MOSS Wife M 33   Bradford 18b
189 10 Low Fold Robert BICERDIKE Head M 62 Jobbing Gardener Sawley Ripon 18b
    Ann BICERDIKE Wife M 54   _allofill Ripon 18b
    Arthur JACKSON Board. S 24 Railway Clerk DBY Whitewell (Bisph) 18b
190 11 Low Fold John RAISTWELL Head M 75 Retired Farmer Eccleshill 18b
    Jane RAISTWELL Wife M 72   Calverley 18b
191 12 Low Fold Arthur WAINWRIGHT Head M 34 Sugar Boiler Leeds 18b
    Sarah Ann WAINWRIGHT Wife M 34   Mexbro 18b
    Florence WAINWRIGHT Dau S 13   Leeds 18b
192 13 Low Fold George VERWELL Head M 26 Railway Platelayer Herfshire Kingsland 18b
    Mary Ann VERWELL Wife M 25   Roulwith (Bedal) 18b
    Elsie VERWELL Dau S 2   Greengates 18b
193 14 Low Fold George CAWSTON Head M 31 General Labourer Suffolk Buatendale 18b
    Mary CAWSTON Wife M 31   Cullingworth 18b
194 15 Low Fold Alfred CALVERT Head M 39 Carter on Farm Farnham 18b
    Margret Ann CALVERT Wife M 40 Laundry Maid Arkendale 18b
    Ethel CALVERT Dau S 10   Bradford 18b
    Herbert CALVERT Son S 7   Apperley Bridge 18b
195 16 Low Fold John BAINES Head M 49 Quarrymen (Stone) Apperley Bridge 18b
    Esther BAINES Wife M 49   Apperley Bridge 18b
    Charles BAINES Son S 23 Stuff Merchants Clerk Apperley Bridge 18b
    Eva BAINES Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Apperley Bridge 18b
    Martha BAINES Dau S 19 Dress Maker App. Apperley Bridge 18b
    Adeline BAINES Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Apperley Bridge 18b
    Bertha L BAINES Dau S 12   Apperley Bridge 18b
196 17 Low Fold David SLINGSBY Head M 32 Boatman (Canal Barge) Windhill 19a
    Martha Ann SLINGSBY Wife M 32   Skipton 19a
    Elizabeth E SLINGSBY Dau S 10   Apperley Bridge 19a
    Thompson E SLINGSBY Son S 9   Apperley Bridge 19a
    Henry SLINGSBY Son S 8   Apperley Bridge 19a
    Edith SLINGSBY Dau S 4   Apperley Bridge 19a
    William SLINGSBY Son S 2   Apperley Bridge 19a
    Lily SLINGSBY Dau S 7 m   Apperley Bridge 19a
    Rose SLINGSBY Dau S 6   Apperley Bridge 19a
197 18 Low Fold Martha BURRILL Head W 60   Hull 19a
    Sam BURRILL Son S 17 Gardeners Labourer North Oonsby 19a
198 19 Low Fold George FOSTER Head Wr 64 Waterman (Barge Canal) Bradford 19a
    Betsy FOSTER Dau S 28 Woolen Burler Eccleshill 19a
199 20 Low Fold Wm Henry MAKLEY Head M 53 Lithographic Painter Bradford 19a
    Sarah MAKLEY Wife M 54   Manningham 19a
200 21 Low Fold Joseph NUTTER Head M 73 Cabinet Maker Hepholation Bradford 19a
    Ann NUTTER Wife M 75   Aldracke 19a
201 16 Derby Terrace Wm Abbot HINCHCLIFFE Head M 46 Woolen Cloth Spreader Birstall 19a
  Appleley Rd Maria HINCHCLIFFE Wife M 40   Dewsbury 19a
    John Harold HINCHCLIFFE Son S 15 Mill Office Clerk Birstall 19a
    Frederick B HINCHCLIFFE Son S 13   Birstall 19a
    Sam L HINCHCLIFFE Son S 10   Apperley Bridge 19a
    Joseph William HINCHCLIFFE Son S 8   Apperley Bridge 19a
202 9 Stockhill Road William PULLAN Head M 52 Carding Machine Minder Woolen York 19a
    Isabella PULLAN Wife M 42   Ireland 19a
203 39 Dye House Fold James CHADWICK Head M 29 Labourer Woolen Mill LAN Bury 19a
    Ellen CHADWICK Wife M 29   Ireland 19a
    Mary E CHADWICK Dau S 5   LAN Bury 19a
  END               .