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Census Indexes 1841 Farsley



The census returns for 1841 were taken on the evening of June 7th and the area is covered by film HO 107/1298. The data is presented here by its original Enumeration District (ED). Each ED has a description of the area covered.
Enumerators were given instructions about how to enter ages. They were supposed to round down the age to the nearest 5 year for every person over the age of 15. Not all enumerators did so and many EDs are a mixture of correct ages and ages rounded down. The Calverley census ED1 is an example of this. It starts off with the true age, then some ages are "corrected" to the rounded down age, for a few households rounded down ages are given, then again the enumerator reverts again to the correct age. This can make it difficult to know when an age ending in 0 or 5 is the true age or rounded down.