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Census Index 1891 Farsley

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Film RG12/3654 ED6, Folios 89 - 102, Enumerator Emmanuel Wade
Township of Farsley comprising Top of Old Road- Pitts houses, Lamberts shop and houses - New houses west of Old Road- Andrew Street, Providence Place- Melbourne Place, Top School, Beckburry Terrace, Marshalls Block and all houses to Church from top of Old Road. Thompsons house- blocks of cottages opposite Church. Dr Fred Lamberts block, Andrews shop and house Ebenezer Street, all Well Street leaving the druggist shop take 2 houses next and front of Turners Fold behind. Back and front of Turners Street, North Street, Lister Street, Street where Mr Foster lived, Mr Fosters house and cottage, Square behind Well Street, Mrs Andrews shop and block of Cottages to well, all Streets and houses to Stoney Royd near and around Belle Vue Mills, Stoney Street all houses from Belle Vue to Andrews shop.

1 Lane End LAMBERT Joseph Head M 60 Grocer & Provision dealer Stanningley 89a
    LAMBERT June Wife M 50   LAN High Bentham 89a
    LAMBERT Sarah Dau S 21 assistant Stanningley 89a
    LAMBERT Emily Dau S 19 assistant Stanningley 89a
2 Lane End BUTLER Agnes Bentley Wife M 42   Pontefract 89a
    BUTLER Bertie Walton Son   14 Scholar LAN Taunton 89a
    BUTLER Cyril Son   11 Scholar LAN Oakenclough 89a
    BUTLER William Son   10 Scholar LAN Oakenclough 89a
    BUTLER Harold Son   8 Scholar Farsley 89a
    MOORE Margaret Ada NR S 25 Dom serv DUR Hartlepool 89a
3 Lane End WILSON Samuel Head M 47 Woolen Cloth Merchant Stanningley 89a
    WILSON Sarah Wife M 42   Stanningley 89a
    WILSON Edith Helena Dau S 16 Dom Moths Help Farsley 89a
    WILSON Herbert Edward Son S 13 Scholar Stanningley 89a
    WILSON Maude Elizabeth Dau   10 Scholar Stanningley 89a
4 Lane End WADSWORTH Benjamin Head M 34 Grocer Calverley 89a
    WADSWORTH Sarah Wife M 47   Calverley 89a
    WADSWORTH Mabel Dau   11 Scholar Calverley 89a
    DUNWELL Amy NR   16 Gen Dom Serv Kippax 89a
5 Lane End HAINSWORTH John Head M 49 Manager Woolen Mill Farsley 89a
    HAINSWORTH Rebecca Wife M 48   Farsley 89a
    HAINSWORTH Mary Dau S 27 Woolen warper Farsley 89a
    HAINSWORTH Annie Dau S 22 Worsted mender Farsley 89a
    HAINSWORTH Clara Dau S 19 Woolen Mender Stanningley 89a
    HAINSWORTH Arthur Fairbank Son   13 Scholar Stanningley 89a
6 Lane End AITKIN James H Head M 35 Reg Gen Practioner Scotland 89a
    BLACK Georgina NR M 31 Dom serv Scotland 89a
7 Lane End PITTS Matthew Head M 52 Iron Bridge Builder Calverley 89b
    PITTS Hannah Wife M 52   Calverley 89b
    PITTS Joseph Son S 24 Iron Bridge Builder Calverley 89b
    PITTS Jessie Dau S 20 Assists at Home Calverley 89b
    PITTS William Whitham Son S 18 Builder's App. Calverley 89b
    LLOYD Fanny NR S 22 Gen Dom Serv Swillington 89b
8 Lane End HAINSWORTH Susannah Head W 61   Stanningley 89b
    HAINSWORTH Irwin Son S 25 Mechanical machine fitter Farsley 89b
    HAINSWORTH Charles Ernest Son S 22 Wool & Nail Farsley 89b
10 31 Andrew St. WALKER William Head M 67 Wood Sorter Farsley 89b
    WALKER Nancy Wife M 54   Farsley 89b
    WALKER Emily Dau S 23 Worsted mender Farsley 89b
11 2 Andrew St. STALEBRASS Joseph Head M 41 Wheelwright CAM Eastry 89b
    STALEBRASS Catherine Wife M 43   YKS 89b
    STALEBRASS Mary E Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner YKS 89b
    STALEBRASS Joseph Son   14 Wheelwright YKS 89b
    STALEBRASS Rhoda Dau   12 Scholar YKS 89b
    STALEBRASS William Son   9 Scholar YKS 89b
    STALEBRASS Sarah Dau   2   YKS 89b
12 5 Andrew St. KEIGHLEY Joseph Head M 45 woollen shearer Farsley 89b
    KEIGHLEY Emma Wife M 36   Rotherham 89b
    KEIGHLEY Watson Son   14 Woollen piecer Liversedge 89b
    KEIGHLEY Mary A Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 89b
    KEIGHLEY Annie Dau   4   Farsley 89b
13 7 Andrew St. WALDEN George Head M 40 Lab. Iron foundry London Shoreditch 89b
    WALDEN Ellen Wife M 35   Bradford 89b
    MAUD Alice A Step Dau S 16 Spinner Bradford 89b
    WALDEN George E Son   10 Spinner Bradford 89b
    WALDEN Fanny L Dau   6 Scholar Bradford 89b
    WALDEN Percy NR   2   Stanningley 89b
14 9 Andrew St. SMALES Joseph Head W 55 Mason's lab Stanningley 90a
    SMALES Mary Dau S 25   Leeds 90a
    SMALES Joseph Chadwick Gson   5 Scholar Farsley 90a
    SMALES Harry Gson   3 Scholar Farsley 90a
15 11 Andrew St. BELLWOOD Alfred Head M 25 Coal carrier Fairburn 90a
    BELLWOOD Annie M Wife M 30 Worsted weaver Bradford 90a
    SHACKLETON Lavinia Lodg S 22 Worsted weaver Bradford 90a
16 13 Andrew St. HAINSWORTH Benjamin Head M 44 Woollen weaver Farsley 90a
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth Wife M 39   Carlton 90a
    HAINSWORTH Harry Son S 16 Iron Moulder Farsley 90a
    HAINSWORTH Willie Son   15 Worsted weft Packer Farsley 90a
    HAINSWORTH Charlie Son   13 Worsted Bobbin taker off Farsley 90a
    HAINSWORTH Albert Son   10 Worsted Bobbin ligger Dewsbury 90a
    HAINSWORTH Arthur Son   8 School Boy Dewsbury 90a
    HAINSWORTH Bertha Dau   5 School Girl Dewsbury 90a
17 Northcote St. THOMPSON Martha Head M 50 Seamstress Almondbury 90a
    THOMPSON Henry Son S 17 Mule piecer Calverley 90a
    THOMPSON Joseph Hartley Son S 16 Mule piecer Calverley 90a
    THOMPSON Fred Son   11 Scholar Calverley 90a
18 Northcote St. WILSON John J Head M 29 Wheelwright Liversedge 90a
    WILSON Alice Wife M 31   Brampton 90a
19 37 Northcote St. GREAVES Jabez Head M 49 Warp Dresser Farsley 90a
    GREAVES Sarah Wife M 45   Aberford 90a
20 2 Melbourne St. WILLIS George Head M 62 Farmer Nun Monkton 90a
    WILLIS Sarah Wife M 47   Wdington 90a
    WILLIS Rosa Dau S 23 Dressmaker Nun Monkton 90a
    WILLIS Lillie Dau S 21 Coat weaver Nun Monkton 90a
    WILLIS Minnie Dau S 19 Coat weaver Nun Monkton 90a
    WILLIS Agnes Dau S 18 at Home Nun Monkton 90a
    WILLIS George H Son S 15 Butchering Halifax 90a
    WILLIS Fred W Son   14 at Home Halifax 90a
21 Melbourne St. JEFFREY Robert Head M 51 woolen Spinner Leeds 90b
    JEFFREY Eliza Wife M 49   Farsley 90b
    JEFFREY Alice Dau S 29 weaver Farsley 90b
    JEFFREY Ada Dau S 23 Dressmaker Farsley 90b
    JEFFREY William Son S 21 Woollen Twisting Overlooker Farsley 90b
    JEFFREY Arthur Son S 18 Tailors App. Farsley 90b
    JEFFREY Clara Dau S 14 Teacher Farsley 90b
    JEFFREY Agnes Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 90b
    JEFFREY Bertha Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 90b
22 Melbourne St. LEE Enoch Head M 56 Woolen Warp Reamer Farsley 90b
    LEE Maria Wife M 55   Pudsey 90b
    LEE Sarah H Dau S 27 Worsted drawer Farsley 90b
    LEE Ann Dau S 26 Coat weaver Farsley 90b
    LEE James Son S 23 Overlooker Worsted Farsley 90b
    LEE Jabez Hanson Son S 20 Twister & loomer Farsley 90b
    LEE Clara Elizabeth Dau   13 scholar Farsley 90b
    LAUGHTON Charles Board   23 Iron moulder's lab Pudsey 90b
23 43 Sydney St. DOWGILL Joseph A Head M 40 woolen Spinner Farsley 90b
    DOWGILL Mary A Wife M 34   Farsley 90b
    DOWGILL Maude Elizabeth Dau S 3   Farsley 90b
    DOWGILL Samuel Son   7m   Farsley 90b
    DOWGILL John Bro W 37 Cloth Weaver Farsley 90b
24 41 Sydney St. HORN Hannah Head W 75 living on own means Farsley 90b
    STRICKLAND Nancy Lodg W 65 living on own means Farsley 90b
25 37 Sydney St. MALLINSON George H Head M 29 Boiler maker's lab. Lockwood 90b
    MALLINSON Jane A Wife M 31   Farsley 90b
    MALLINSON Mary E Dau   1m   Stanningley 90b
26 35 Sydney St. WRIGHT Harriet Head W 53   LIN Donnington 91a
    BRANSON Elizabeth Dau M 33 Worsted Spinner LIN Boston 91a
    WRIGHT Rose Dau S 22 Worsted Spinner KEN Bromley 91a
    BRANSON William Gson   10 School Boy Eccleshill 91a
    JOHNSON Edward Visit   9 School Boy Bradford 91a
27 40 Sydney St. WILKINSON James Head M 39 Order seeker boot repairer Horsforth 91a
    WILKINSON Mary Elizabeth Wife M 34 Dressmaker Rodley 91a
    WILKINSON (sic) Emily Dau   3 (stepdau, Rayner) Farsley 91a
    WILKINSON Lillie Dau   9m   Farsley 91a
28 38 Sydney St. TAYLOR Samuel Head M 37 Foundry Iron labourer Calverley 91a
    TAYLOR Mary J Wife M 32   Leeds 91a
    TAYLOR James Son   11 Worsted weft boy Leeds 91a
    TAYLOR A Elizabeth Dau   9 Scholar Calverley 91a
    TAYLOR Rebecca Dau   5 Scholar Calverley 91a
    TAYLOR Emily Dau   3 Scholar Calverley 91a
    TAYLOR Alison Dau   1   Calverley 91a
29 36 Sydney St. APPLEYARD George Head M 40 Insurance Agent Burley 91a
    APPLEYARD Charlotte Wife M 37   DOR Co? 91a
    APPLEYARD John W Son S 18 Moulder Ousebourne 91a
    APPLEYARD Thomas H Son S 16 Moulder Woodhouse 91a
    APPLEYARD Frank Son   13 Mule piecer Bradford 91a
    APPLEYARD Ernest Jones Son   10 Worsted doffer Farsley 91a
    APPLEYARD Edward Albert Son   8 Scholar Farsley 91a
    APPLEYARD Norman Middleton Son   5 Scholar Farsley 91a
    APPLEYARD Lucas George Son   2   Farsley 91a
    SMITH Frederick H Son   12 Mule piecer Guiseley 91a
    SINGLETON Sarah NR M 56 Dom serv Farsley 91a
30 34 Sydney St. COOK John Head M 66 Bricklayer Pontefract 91a
    COOK Harriet Wife M 71   Doncaster 91a
31 29 Irwin St. ROSE Benjamin Head S 56 own means Farsley 91b
32 29 Irwin St. BUSFIELD Matthew Head W 58 own means Farsley 91b
    BUSFIELD Joseph Ross Son S 20 Clerk in Woollen Mill Farsley 91b
33 30 Irwin St. THORNE Mary E Head W 57 own means Stanningley 91b
    THORNE Gertrude E Dau S 23 Moths Help Otley 91b
34 28 Irwin St. WHITHAM David Head M 60 General Laborer Rodley 91b
    WHITHAM Ann Wife M 52   DUR South Shield 91b
35 26 Irwin St. THREAPLETON Thomas Head W 43 School Caretaker Farsley 91b
    THREAPLETON Mary A Dau S 35 Cloth Burler Farsley 91b
    THREAPLETON Emma Dau S 26 Housemaid Farsley 91b
    THREAPLETON William Gson   3   Farsley 91b
36 24 Irwin St. SMITHSON Robert Head M 44 Wool Extractor Rawdon 91b
    SMITHSON Emily Wife M 45   Horsforth 91b
    SMITHSON Eliza Dau S 25 weaver Horsforth 91b
    SMITHSON John W Son S 21 Washer Horsforth 91b
    SMITHSON Harry Son S 17 Foundry Laborer Pool 91b
    SMITHSON Herbert Son S 15 Foundry Laborer Rawdon 91b
    SMITHSON Emily Dau   13 Nurse Maid Rawdon 91b
    SMITHSON Annis Dau   8 Scholar Rawdon 91b
    SMITHSON Ada Dau   6 Scholar Rawdon 91b
37 22 Irwin St. MITCHELL David Head W 65 Grocer Rawdon 91b
    MITCHELL Ann E Dau S 39   Rawdon 91b
38 19 Providence St. FOSTER George H Head M 35 Waggoner Clapham 91b
    FOSTER Jane Wife M 32   Addingham 91b
    FOSTER Charles Son   6 Scholar Addingham 91b
39 23 Providence St. BUSFIELD William Head W 63 Loom Weaver Farsley 91b
40 25 Providence St. CARTER Samuel Head M 55 Carter Farsley 91b
    CARTER Martha Wife M 50   Pudsey 91b
41 27 Providence St. READ Elizabeth Head S 53 Seamstress Farsley 91b
42 13 Providence St. MYERS Edwin Head M 62 weaver Yeadon 92a
    MYERS Martha Wife M 65   Yeadon 92a
    MYERS Mary H Dau S 29 weaver Yeadon 92a
    MYERS Rizpah Dau S 26 weaver Yeadon 92a
    MYERS Jno Ed Gson S 17 weaver Yeadon 92a
    MYERS Agnes E Gdau S 16 weaver Yeadon 92a
43 15 Providence St. WALTON Sarah Head W 50   Calverley 92a
    LAND Mary H Sis W 40 Dressmaker Calverley 92a
    LAND Thomas Turner Neph S 13 Scholar Calverley 92a
    PRICE Maitland Visit S 26 Assistant Schoolmaster NOTT Gotham 92a
44 17 Providence St. SMITH Edwin H Head M 56 Lawyer Wakefield 92a
    SMITH Maria Wife M 54   WORC Kiddeminster 92a
45 30/32 Providence St. KEIGHLEY Wm Head M 59 weaver Farsley 92a
    KEIGHLEY Nanny Wife M 59 burler Farsley 92a
    KEIGHLEY Betty Sis S 61 Housemaid Farsley 92a
    KEIGHLEY Jason Son W 31 Tin Plate worker Farsley 92a
    RICHARDS Reuben Lodg S 31 Signal Man RUT Ryhall 92a
48 36 Providence St. DICKINSON Geo Head M 45 Wool dyer Bramley 92a
    DICKINSON Elizabeth Wife M 49   Farsley 92a
    DICKINSON Jno W Son S 18 Bobbin * Woolen Bramley 92a
    DICKINSON Ada Dau S 14 Warper Bramley 92a
    DICKINSON Rebecca Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 92a
    DICKINSON Herbert Son   4   Farsley 92a
49 38 Providence St. THREAPLETON Jas Head M 39 Cloth Mender Horsforth 92a
    THREAPLETON Mary Wife M 35 Cloth Mender Tadcaster 92a
    THREAPLETON Rachael A Dau S 16 Cloth Mender Farsley 92a
    THREAPLETON Clara Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 92a
50 25 Providence St. MARSHALL Wm W Head W 39 Clerk - Woolen Manufacturer Farsley 92b
    SMITH Grace E serv S 24 Housekeeper Malton 92b
    SMITH Alice Julia Visit S 19   York 92b
51 1 Beckbury St. SMITH Rachel Head S 40 Confections Farsley 92b
    SMITH Hannah M Sis S 36   Farsley 92b
52 3 Beckbury St. RILEY Martha Head M 58   Farsley 92b
    RILEY Grace Dau S 31 Dressmaker Farsley 92b
    RILEY Agnes Dau S 27 Dressmaker Farsley 92b
    MYERS Agnes Gdau S 14 App. Farsley 92b
    RAISTRICK Emily NR S 28 Dom serv Calverley 92b
53 5 Beckbury St. BRAMLEY Hannah Head W 71 Burler Horsforth 92b
54 7 Beckbury St. PICKARD David Head W 64   Farsley 92b
    PICKARD James Son S 38 Box minder Worsted Farsley 92b
    PICKARD Alfred Son S 26 Machine Rivetter Boiler Shop Farsley 92b
    COULSON Sam s in l M 26 Casting Settler Pudsey 92b
    COULSON Eliza Dau M 26   Farsley 92b
    COULSON Grace A Gdau   6 Scholar Pudsey 92b
    COULSON Lily Gdau   4   Farsley 92b
55 9 Beckbury St. MCALLISTER Robert Head M 44 Fabric Cutter Ireland 92b
    MCALLISTER Fanny Wife M 48   Wakefield 92b
    MCALLISTER F A Son   11 Scholar Sheffield 92b
    MCALLISTER C M Son   9 Scholar Sheffield 92b
56 11 Beckbury St. HARDISTLEY Leah Head W 46   Stanningley 92b
    HARDISTLEY Sarah Dau S 21 Cloth Mender Farsley 92b
    HARDISTLEY John Son S 16 App. Steam Crane Fitter Farsley 92b
    HARDISTLEY Geo Son   14 App. Steam Crane Fitter Farsley 92b
    HARDISTLEY Annie Dau   11 Scholar Farsley 92b
    HARDISTLEY Mary Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 92b
57 13 Beckbury St. MAY Eliz Head W 46 Dressmaker WLS Cardiff 92b
    FRESTON Edith F Dau S 21 Cloth Mender WLS Cardiff 92b
    FRESTON Florence C Dau S 9 Cloth Mender WLS Cardiff 92b
58 15 Beckbury St. ALLERTON Samuel Head M 30 Cloth Presser Kirkstall 93a
    ALLERTON Mary Wife M 26 Cloth * Farsley 93a
59 13 Beckbury St. SMITH Henry Head M 55 * YKS * 93a
    SMITH Margaret Wife M 52   Barnoldswick 93a
    SMITH Sarah Jane Dau S 25 Carpenter ? WAR Coventry 93a
    SMITH Jno H Son S 23 *Sheet* WAR Coventry 93a
    SMITH David Son S 17 * Farsley 93a
    SMITH Elizabeth Ann Dau S 14 Scholar Farsley 93a
    SMITH Eva Dau S 12   Farsley 93a
60 11 Beckbury St. HOLLINGS Wheatley Head M 31 Merchants book keeper? Farsley 93a
    HOLLINGS Julia Wife M 34   Farsley 93a
    HOLLINGS Jno Son   6 Scholar Stanningley 93a
    HOLLINGS Percival Son   5 Scholar Farsley 93a
    HOLLINGS Hubert Arthur Son   3   Farsley 93a
    HOLLINGS Mary Dau   1   Farsley 93a
61 9 Beckbury St. WALKER George Head M 36 * Bradford 93a
    WALKER Martha A Wife M 35   Bradford 93a
    WALKER Florence Dau   ? Scholar Bradford 93a
    WALKER Annie Dau   8 Scholar Bradford 93a
    WALKER Mabel Dau   ? Scholar Bradford 93a
    WALKER Arthur Son   6 Scholar Bradford 93a
    WALKER Nora Dau   3   Bradford 93a
    WALKER Gladys Dau   1   Bradford 93a
62 7 Beckbury St. HOOLE Jno Head M 31 Railway? Clerk YKS ? 93a
    HOOLE Annie Wife M 30   Bradford 93a
    HOOLE Ernest Albert Son   5m   Farsley 93a
63 5 Beckbury St. ROSS Walter Head M 53 Bricklayer Farsley 93a
    ROSS Ann Wife M 53   LAN Acrington 93a
    ROSS Annie M Dau S 26 Worsted Press Mender Farsley 93a
    ROSS Elizabeth Dau S 19 Worsted Press Mender Farsley 93a
64 3 Beckbury St. TURNER Joseph Head M 48 Boiler compaction agent Farsley 93b
    TURNER Elizabeth Wife M 44   Bradford 93b
    TURNER Edward Ernest Son   12 Scholar Farsley 93b
    TURNER Harold Son   11 Scholar Farsley 93b
65 1 Beckbury St. ELAND Matthew Head M 48 Joiner & Builder Malton 93b
    ELAND Sarah Wife M 49   SAL Salop 93b
    ELAND Hannah E Dau S 17 Milliner Stanningley 93b
    ELAND Edwin Son   16 Joiner Stanningley 93b
    ELAND Ethel Dau   10 Scholar Stanningley 93b
    EVANS Annie s in l S 43 On own means SAL Salop 93b
66 136 Town St. TAYLOR Ann Head W 61   Farsley 93b
    TAYLOR Rebecca Dau S 28 weaver Farsley 93b
    TAYLOR Emma Dau S 26 drawer Farsley 93b
    TAYLOR Martha A Dau S 22 drawer Farsley 93b
67 134 Town St. JOHNSON Rachel Head W 67 Cloth Burler Farsley 93b
68 132 Town St. SMITH James Head W 72 Loom cloth weaver Farsley 93b
    SMITH Samuel Son S 43   Farsley 93b
69 130 Town St. SUTTON Hannah Head M 52 Housekeeper Pudsey 93b
    SUTTON Frances Dau S 27 weaver CUM Calder Bridge 93b
    SUTTON Annie Dau S 21 worsted comber WES Killington 93b
    SUTTON Charles Son S 19 Worsted Spinner WES Killington 93b
    SUTTON Louie Dau S 18 weaver WES Old Hutton 93b
    SUTTON Frank Son   12 spinner NTH Etal? 93b
    SUTTON Kate Dau S 14 drawer WES Old Hutton 93b
    SUTTON Ada Dau S 16 weaver WES Old Hutton 93b
70 128 Town St. PARKINSON Jno Head M 39 warehouseman Farsley 93b
    PARKINSON Mary H NR M 37   Farsley 93b
    PARKINSON Harriet Dau S 10 Scholar Farsley 93b
    PARKINSON James Son   1   Farsley 93b
71 126 Town St. DOLAN John Head M 39 Groom, Horseman Knaresborough 94a
    DOLAN Jane Wife M 37   Farsley 94a
    DOLAN Mary Dau S 16 drawer of Worsted Calverley 94a
    DOLAN Delia Dau S 14 Tape ? Calverley 94a
    DOLAN Maggie Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 94a
    DOLAN Nelly Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 94a
72 122 Town St. WRIGHT Arthur Wm Head M 29 Chimney Sweep LIN Dunston? 94a
    WRIGHT Lucy Wife M 28   Scotton 94a
    WRIGHT Isabellla Adopt Dau   2   Not Known 94a
73 120 Town St. LAYCOCK James Head M 50 Mason Contractor Calverley 94a
    LAYCOCK Ruth Wife M 48   Calverley 94a
    LAYCOCK Herbert Son   10 Scholar Calverley 94a
    LAYCOCK Robert Son S 14 Farms Assistant Calverley 94a
    LAYCOCK Kitson Son S 7 Scholar Calverley 94a
74 118 Town St. BINNS Joseph Head W 41 Warp Dresser Bagley 94a
    BINNS James Son S 20 Loom twister Bagley 94a
    BINNS Martha Dau S 18 weaver Wilsden 94a
    BINNS John Son S 15 Mill Hand Wilsden 94a
    BINNS Ellen Dau S 12 Mill Hand Rodley 94a
    BINNS Milford Son S 9 Scholar Rodley 94a
75 129 Town St. THOMPSON George Head M 51 Poultry dealer Coulton 94a
    THOMPSON Elizabeth Wife M 52   Malton 94a
    THOMPSON George Son S 22 warper Harrogate 94a
    THOMPSON Elizabeth Dau S 20 Mender Harrogate 94a
    THOMPSON Albert Son S 17 grocer Harrogate 94a
    THOMPSON Elizabeth Hannah Gdau S 5 Scholar Farsley 94a
76 127 Town St. DIBB Mary Wife M 42   Farsley 94a
    DIBB Benjamin Head M 38 Short Hand Clerk Idle 94a
    MARSHALL Emma s in l S 44   Farsley 94a
77 125 Town St. SIMON Annie Wife M 52   Nottingham 94b
    SIMON Kathleen Mary Adopt Dau   4   LON Chelsea 94b
78 114 Town St. JOHNSON Rebecca Head M 55 living on own means Farsley 94b
    MARSHALL Sarah Lodg S 26 Cloth Weaver LIN Coningsby 94b
    SMITH Alexander Lodg S 30 Assistant Surgeon Scotland 94b
79 112 Town St. BELT Eliza Head W 73 living on own means Wass 94b
    THOMPSON Susannah Dau S 29 weaver York 94b
80 110 Town St. SPEIGHT Wm Head M 51 Iron Moulder Horsforth 94b
    SPEIGHT Eliza Wife M 50   SUFF Occold 94b
    SPEIGHT Mary E Dau S 17 Mender Horsforth 94b
    WILKINSON Wm H Board S 21 Schoolmaster Huddersfield 94b
81 106/108 Town St. THOMPSON Wm Head M 55 Church Sexton Sulton Ford 94b
    THOMPSON Ann Wife M 57   Greathall 94b
    THOMPSON Susan Dau S 26 Dress Machinist Mantle DER Barlow 94b
    THOMPSON George Son S 22 Joiner Harrogate 94b
    THOMPSON Sarah Ann Dau S 16 Dress Machinist Mantle Harrogate 94b
    HIND William Board S 23 Joiner Darfield 94b
83 102 Town St. HOLDSWORTH Alfred Head M 53 Machine Calverley 94b
    HOLDSWORTH Esther Wife M 53   Farsley 94b
    HOLDSWORTH Charles Edward Son S 28 ? Coke? Assistant Farsley 94b
    HOLDSWORTH Mary Dau S 21 Dressmaker Farsley 94b
    HOLDSWORTH Walter Son   11 Scholar Farsley 94b
85 Rue de Ville SCHOLEFIELD Charles Head M 38 Scholar Dudley Hill 94b
    SCHOLEFIELD Maria Wife M 35   Bramley 94b
    SCHOLEFIELD Elizabeth Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 94b
86 Longfield View HAINSWORTH Sara E Head W 59 Woollen trotter Yeadon 94b
    TAYLOR Mary Dau M 29   Farsley 94b
    TAYLOR Frederick s in l M 28 Engine driver Northallerton 94b
    TAYLOR Mabel Gdau   4 Scholar Farsley 94b
    TAYLOR Edwin Charles Gson   1   Farsley 94b
87 Longfield View GILL Charles H Head M 38 Bookkeeper Iron works Bowling 95a
    GILL Fanny Wife M 38   Sandal Magna 95a
    GILL Ernest William Son   13 Scholar Farsley 95a
    GILL Alice Hilda Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 95a
    GILL Amy Mary Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 95a
    GILL Louisa Fanny Dau   4   Farsley 95a
    GILL Charles Sydney Son   1   Farsley 95a
    GILL Margaret Dau   11 Scholar Farsley 95a
88 Rue de Ville HAINSWORTH Frances Head W 45 own means Leeds 95a
    HAINSWORTH John Son S 25 Wool manufacturer Farsley 95a
    HAINSWORTH Hannah Dau S 15 Worker's help Farsley 95a
    HAINSWORTH Ada Frances Dau   3   Farsley 95a
89 Rue de Ville LAMBERT Fred William Head M 47 Physician & Surgeon Bolton 95a
    LAMBERT Eliz Wife M 50   Bradford 95a
    LAMBERT Mabel Dau S 18   Farsley 95a
    LAMBERT John Reginald Son   16 Scholar Farsley 95a
    LAMBERT Constance Ann Dau   13 Scholar Farsley 95a
    LAMBERT Fred Son   10 Scholar Farsley 95a
    TOMKINS Annie Serv S 23 General Domestic BEF Stagsden 95a
90 Town St. ANDREWS Jane Head W 57 ? Farsley 95a
    ANDREWS George Ed. Son S 27 Machine ? Farsley 95a
    ANDREWS Jno Son S 20 App. ?? Farsley 95a
    ANDREWS Frances Dau   15 Assistant Farsley 95a
    ANDREWS Beatrice Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 95a
91 4 Frell St. OUTHWAITE William Head M 49 Woolmarker Bramley 95a
    OUTHWAITE Elizabeth Wife M 46   Farsley 95a
    OUTHWAITE Annie Dau S 20 * Leeds 95a
    OUTHWAITE Edith Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 95a
    OUTHWAITE Albert Son   1   Farsley 95a
92 6 Frell St. ODDY Hannah Head W 54   Farsley 95b
    ODDY David Son S 25 Cloth Burler Farsley 95b
    ODDY Emma Dau S 22 Mender Farsley 95b
    ODDY Ruth Hannah Dau   15 knotter Farsley 95b
    ODDY Harry Son   13 Spinner Farsley 95b
    ODDY Margaret A Son   10 Scholar Farsley 95b
93 8 Frell St. LEE Ruthetta Head S 39 weaver Farsley 95b
    LEE Ethel Dau   45 burler Farsley 95b
94 8 Frell St. PARKINSON Hannah Head S 23 Dressmaker Farsley 95b
    GRIMSHAW Ellen Sis M 29 weaver Farsley 95b
    GRIMSHAW James Neph   7 Scholar Farsley 95b
    GRIMSHAW Hannah Niece   6 Scholar Farsley 95b
95 Turner Fold WADE Samuel Head W 63 own means Farsley 95b
96 Turner Fold SHAW Martha Head W 71 ? Tho* Edge 95b
    SHAW Louisa Gdau S 24 Work at home Stanningley 95b
97 Turner Fold BANNISTER Mary Head W 68   Wortley 95b
    BANNISTER James Son S 25 Laborer Iron works Farsley 95b
    BROOK James Gson S 12 Doffer Farsley 95b
98 Turner Fold WEBSTER David Head M 67 Foreman Woolen Mill Bramley 95b
    WEBSTER Sarah wife M 54   Farsley 95b
    WEBSTER Mary E Dau   20 ? Farsley 95b
99 Turner Fold WATERHOUSE Ann Head S 53 Dressmaker Farsley 95b
100 5 Turner Fold FENTON Henry Head S 62 Cooks ? Calverley 95b
    FENTON Sarah Wife M 60   Calverley 95b
    FENTON Emma Dau M 21 weaver Calverley 95b
    FENTON Leonard Gson   8 Scholar Calverley 95b
101 Turner Fold CLAYTON Thos Head M 57   Calverley 96a
    CLAYTON Mary wife M 54   Calverley 96a
    CLAYTON Wm H Son S 23 Laborer Calverley 96a
    CLAYTON Sam Son   10 Scholar Calverley 96a
    CLAYTON Herbert Gson   4 Scholar Calverley 96a
    CLAYTON Sarah E Dau S 22 Domestic Serv Calverley 96a
    SMALES Sarah Lodg S 57   Bramley 96a
    TYERS Lilian Lodg S 9m   Farsley 96a
102 32? Croft St. BUSFIELD Michael Head M 64 weaver Farsley 96a
    BUSFIELD Frances Wife M 64   Calverley 96a
    BUSFIELD Joseph Son S 30 Wool Machine Comber ? Farsley 96a
    BUSFIELD Samuel Son S 25 Cloth Miller Farsley 96a
103 20 Croft St. BARKER Addyman Head M 40 ? Proprietor & Farmer Arthington 96a
    BARKER Catherine Wife M 36   Selby 96a
    BARKER Benjamin Son   2   Farsley 96a
    BARKER Alice Dau   7m   Farsley 96a
104 18 Croft St. HUSTLER Jabez Head W 57 Skinner Farsley 96a
    PARKINSON Mary Ann Head S 21 Mender Cordery Farsley 96a
105 16 Croft St. ELLIS Abraham Head M 59 Cloth Miller Pudsey 96a
    HORSFALL Mary Ann Dau M 35 Housekeeper Farsley 96a
    ELLIS Emily Dau S 27 Cloth Weaver Farsley 96a
    ELLIS Angelina Dau S 22 Spinner Farsley 96a
    ELLIS Fred Gson   8 Scholar Farsley 96a
    ELLIS Ann Eliza Gdau   3   Farsley 96a
    DICKINSON Ann Lodg S 29 Spinner Farsley 96a
106 12 Croft St. WOOD Ann Head S 30 Dressmaker Halifax 96a
    DIXON Matthew Head M 29 Grocer Horsforth 96a
108 10 Croft St. DIXON Ada wife M 24   Stansfield 96a
    DIXON William Son   2   Farsley 96a
    DIXON Henry Son   1   Farsley 96a
110 5 Ebenezer St. VERITY William Head M 23 Boot Rivetter Wortley 96b
    VERITY Mary wife M 20 weaver Farsley 96b
111 7 Ebenezer St. WHITLEY John Head M 33 Weft Man Worsted Mill Farsley 96b
    WHITLEY Mary H wife M 28   Stanningley 96b
    WHITLEY Frances Dau   3   Farsley 96b
112 9 Ebenezer St. BINNS Jeremiah Head M 24 Mechanic Keighley 96b
    BINNS Eve wife M 27   Howarth 96b
    BINNS Aser D Son   3   Denholme 96b
    BINNS Mary Dau   2m   Farsley 96b
113 15 Well St. BUSFIELD Benjamin Head M 62 Cloth picker Farsley 96b
    BUSFIELD Mary wife M 62   Farsley 96b
114 17 Well St. BUSFIELD James Head M 40 Overlooker Woollen Cloth Farsley 96b
    BUSFIELD Sarah wife M 41   Farsley 96b
    BUSFIELD Fred Son S 20 Woollen Cloth Weaver Farsley 96b
    BUSFIELD Frances Dau S 18 Woollen Cloth Weaver Farsley 96b
    BUSFIELD Elizabeth Dau   14 Mill Clerk Farsley 96b
    BUSFIELD Rowland Gordon Son   6 Scholar Farsley 96b
    BUSFIELD Agnes Ann Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 96b
115 19 Well St. KEIGHLEY Reuben Head M 34 Woollen Cloth Weaver Farsley 96b
    KEIGHLEY Sarah wife M 34   Farsley 96b
    KEIGHLEY Charles Son   10 Scholar Farsley 96b
    KEIGHLEY Ethel Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 96b
    KEIGHLEY Alan Son   2   Farsley 96b
116 21 Well St. PICKARD Elizabeth Head W 54 Cloth Burler Farsley 96b
    PICKARD Fred Son S 18 Woollen picker Farsley 96b
117 23 Well St. JOHNSON Charles Head M 31 Cabinet maker Kippax 96b
    JOHNSON Elizabeth H Wife M 28   Calverley 96b
    JOHNSON Mable Dau   1   Farsley 96b
118 14 Ebenezer St. BROWN Miles Head M 69 On own means Farsley 97a
    BROWN Esther Wife M 69   Stanningley 97a
    BROWN Ann Dau S 29 Worsted Weaver Farsley 97a
    BROWN Emily Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Farsley 97a
119 6 Ebenezer St. HORN Josiah Head M 47 Bookkeeper Worsted Mill Farsley 97a
    HORN Emma Wife M 47   Holbeck 97a
    HORN William E Son S 21 Reed & heald maker Farsley 97a
    HORN Mary H Dau   13   Farsley 97a
120 27 Well St. HAINSWORTH Fred Head M 27 woolsorter Rodley 97a
    HAINSWORTH Mary wife M 26   Farsley 97a
    HAINSWORTH Harold Son   1m   Farsley 97a
122 14 Well St. LISTER Reuben Head M 40 Fitter Woollen Mill Farsley 97a
    LISTER Mary A wife M 38 weaver Bramley 97a
    LISTER Sam Son S 14 Piecener Bramley 97a
    LISTER Harry Son   12 Spinner Bramley 97a
    LISTER Fred Son   9 Scholar Bramley 97a
    LISTER Liz Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 97a
123 16 Well St. HOLLINGS Reuben Head M 70 Clerk drawer & Bookkeeper Farsley 97a
    HOLLINGS Ann wife M 48 Cloth Burler Bramley 97a
124 18 Well St. WADE Soloman Head M 35 Joiner Bramley 97a
    WADE Elizabeth wife M 37   Knottingley 97a
    WADE Asa Son S 16 Joiner's App. Shipley 97a
    WADE Ada Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 97a
    WADE John A Son   9 Scholar Farsley 97a
    WADE ?(male) Son   5 Scholar Manchester 97a
    WADE Harriet Dau   1   Farsley 97a
125 20 Well St. WOOD Jonas Head M 23 Cabinet maker Farsley 97a
    WOOD Ann wife M 22   LINC Snaith 97a
    WOOD William Son   9m   Farsley 97a
126 22 Well St. DOWGILL Job Head M 49 Cloth Weaver Farsley 97b
    DOWGILL Elizabeth wife M 45   Farsley 97b
    DOWGILL Jessie Son S 22 Laborer Iron works Farsley 97b
    DOWGILL Sarah E Dau S 16 Mender Farsley 97b
    DOWGILL Grace A Dau   13 Spinner Farsley 97b
    DOWGILL Maria Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 97b
127 24 Well St. TOWN William Head M 43 woolsorter Calverley 97b
    TOWN Mary A wife M 40   Bramley 97b
    TOWN Henry Son S 18 Worsted Dresser Bramley 97b
    TOWN Ben Son   14 Spinner Bramley 97b
    TOWN Willie Son   12 Scholar Bramley 97b
    TOWN Fred Son   9 Scholar Guiseley 97b
    TOWN Emily Dau   4   Calverley 97b
    TOWN Annie Dau   2   Calverley 97b
128 26 Well St. LISTER William Head M 80 Retired Weaver Farsley 97b
    LISTER Mary Wife M 77   Farsley 97b
    LISTER Annie Dau S 33 Twister, Woolen Farsley 97b
129 26 Well St. HOLDSWORTH Susan Head M 52 Knotter, Woolen Farsley 97b
    HOLDSWORTH Samuel N Son S 31 Warp Dresser Farsley 97b
130 28 Well St. RHODES William Head W 63 Joiner Guiseley 97b
    RHODES Harriet Dau S 31 Burler Pudsey 97b
    RHODES James Son S 26 Joiner Pudsey 97b
    RHODES Albert Son S 18 Joiner Farsley 97b
    RHODES Willie Son S 15 Farm Lab Farsley 97b
    RHODES Alice Dau   14 Manager at Home Farsley 97b
    RHODES Edwin Son   9 Scholar Farsley 97b
    LONSDALE Agnes Visit   5 Scholar Farsley 97b
131 2 Turner St. PICKARD Betsy Head S 16 Worsted Burler Bolton Wood 97b
    PICKARD Paul Bro   14 Worsted Cloth Steamer Bolton Wood 97b
    HALLIDAY Christina Lodg   15 Spinner Scotland 97b
132 4 Turner St. DOWGILL Benjamin Head M 33 Cloth Weaver Calverley 98a
    DOWGILL Emma wife M 35   Rodley 98a
    DOWGILL Harry Son   11 Spinner Calverley 98a
    DOWGILL Clifford Son   6   Calverley 98a
    DOWGILL Leonard Son   3   Calverley 98a
    DOWGILL Ernest Son   1   Calverley 98a
133 8 Turner St WHITLEY Sarah Head W 56   Farsley 98a
    WHITLEY Mary H Dau S 28 weaver Farsley 98a
134 12 Turner St BUSFIELD Alfred Head M 21 Laborer Iron Foundry Calverley 98a
    BUSFIELD Annie wife M 19 drawer York 98a
135 14 Turner St HAINSWORTH Nancy Head M 40 weaver Farsley 98a
    HAINSWORTH Mary A Dau S 15 Burler Farsley 98a
136 13 Turner St HININGS Elizabeth Head W 55 Cloth Burler Gildersome 98a
    FOSTER Hannah Head W 62 On own means Farsley 98a
    FOSTER Sarah Dau S 26   Farsley 98a
    FOSTER John Son S 22 Wood top maker Farsley 98a
138 1 Lister St. STEAD Benjamin Head M 29 Cabinet maker Farsley 98a
    STEAD Zillah wife M 27   Hartwith 98a
    STEAD Rowland Son   5   Farsley 98a
    STEAD Cecil Son   3   Farsley 98a
    STEAD Santley Son   1   Farsley 98a
139 3 Lister St. HARRISON William Head S 30 Iron Turner Grafton 98a
140 5 Lister St. WOOD Hannah Head S 51 Retired Weaver Stanningley 98a
141 7 Lister St. THOMPSON Mary Head M 26 On own means Rodley 98a
    THOMPSON Sarah Ann Dau S 9m   Rodley 98a
142 9 Lister St. PEARSON Joseph Head M 60 Driver Stationary Beck Bottom, Farsley 98a
    PEARSON Ann wife M 62   Bramley 98a
    LOBLEY Maria Gson   9 Scholar Great Horton 98a
143 11 Lister St RATCLIFFE Charles Head M 25 Laborer Iron works Hull 98b
    RATCLIFFE Hannah E Wife M 26   Farsley 98b
144 13 Lister St STEWART Fred Head M 24 Iron Founder Bradford 98b
    STEWART Hannah Wife M 22   Bradford 98b
145 15 Lister St SUTCLIFFE Eliza Head W 31   Bradford 98b
    FENTON Caroline Sis S 20 Knotter Bradford 98b
    SUTCLIFFE Ethel Dau   3   Farsley 98b
    SUTCLIFFE Edith Dau   1   Farsley 98b
    GARLIC Sarah Ann Board S 26 weaver Bedale 98b
146 8 Lister St HARGREAVES Jane Head W 44   Farsley 98b
    HARGREAVES Eliza Dau S 24 Cloth Burler Farsley 98b
    HARGREAVES Emily Dau S 20 Spinner Farsley 98b
    HARGREAVES Clara Dau S 17 weaver Farsley 98b
    HARGREAVES Walter Son S 16 Farmer Farsley 98b
    HARGREAVES Ettie Dau   10 Spinner Farsley 98b
    HARGREAVES Willie Son   8 Scholar Farsley 98b
    HARGREAVES Harry Son   5 Scholar Farsley 98b
    HARGREAVES Leonard Son   2   Farsley 98b
147 10 Lister St WOOD Martha Head W 55   Farsley 98b
    WOOD Rosannah Dau S 26 Mender Farsley 98b
    WOOD John Son S 20 Feltmonger Farsley 98b
    WOOD Dan Son S 18 Woolsorter's App. Farsley 98b
148 6 Lister St PICKARD John Head M 69 Clothier Farsley 98b
    PICKARD Rebecca wife M 68 Burler Farsley 98b
    PICKARD Irwin Son S 36 Warp Dresser Farsley 98b
149 4 Lister St LISTER Elizabeth Head W 75 On own means Farsley 98b
    LISTER Ann Dau S 38 Weaver & Vocalist Farsley 98b
    LISTER James A Son   31 Clerk Farsley 98b
150 2 Lister St JOHNSON Charles Head M 68 Agricultural Laborer NFK Mundham? 98b
    JOHNSON Mary Ann wife M 68   Broton 98b
151 1 Lister St. DICKINSON William Head M 63 Drywaller mason Bramhope 99a
    DICKINSON Esther wife M 61   Leeds 99a
152 Walton Croft WILSON Eliz Wow W 67 living on own means Farsley 99a
153 Walton Croft KEIGHLEY John E Head M 34 Woolsorter Farsley 99a
    KEIGHLEY Mary wife M 35   Farsley 99a
    KEIGHLEY Celia Dau   2   Farsley 99a
154 Walton Croft FAWCETT Joseph Head M 35 Wool washer Bramley 99a
    FAWCETT Rebecca wife M 30 Reeler Farsley 99a
155 Walton Croft WARD Eliza Head W 50 Shirt Seamstress LAN Oldham 99a
156 Walton Croft CORDUEX Alvah Head M 44 Gen Lab YKS Huggate 99a
    CORDUEX Jane E wife M 45   Wortley 99a
    CORDUEX Annie E Dau S 20 Mill Hand Turner Wortley 99a
    CORDUEX Mary Dau S 17   Wortley 99a
    CORDUEX Arthur Son   14 Jobber Wortley 99a
    CORDUEX Maude Dau   12 Mill hand Leeds 99a
    CORDUEX Lawrence Son   10 Scholar Kirkstall 99a
    CORDUEX Alvah Son   7 Scholar Kirkstall 99a
    CORDUEX Christiana Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 99a
157 Walton Croft CORDUEX John Head M 21 Mill Hand Willier Wortley 99a
    CORDEUX Clara Wife M 18   Stanningley 99a
158 Walton Croft WALTON John Head S 60 Wool & Waste Dealer Farsley 99a
    WALTON James Bro S 48 Wool & Waste Dealer Farsley 99a
159 Walton Croft WALTON William Head M 58 weaver Farsley 99a
    WALTON Mary Wife M 47   Armley 99a
    WALTON Annie E Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 99a
    WALTON Martin William Son   8 Scholar Farsley 99a
    WALTON Ethel Elizabeth Dau   6   Farsley 99a
160 2 East St. PICKLES Sarah Ann Head M 49 Nurse Farsley 99a
    PICKLES Arthur Son S 24 Dyer Eccleshill 99a
161 4 East St. STRICKLAND Johnson Head M 31 Woolsorter Farsley 99b
    STRICKLAND Hannah M wife M 28   Farsley 99b
    STRICKLAND Harold Stewart Son   11m   Farsley 99b
162 6 East St. ANDREWS Ann Head W 58 Grocer Farsley 99b
    ANDREWS Emily Dau S 30   Farsley 99b
163 8 East St. HORN Benjamin Head S 54 weaver Calverley 99b
164 10 East St. WILSON Isabella Head W 74 living on own means Middlesmoor 99b
165 12 East St. HAINSWORTH Amelia Head S 61   Bramley 99b
    HAINSWORTH Priscilla Dau S 38 Poster of Worsted pieces Farsley 99b
166 8 North St. MITCHELL William Head M 50 Overlooker Mender Darlington 99b
    MITCHELL Nancy Wife M 50   Pudsey 99b
    MITCHELL Mary Dau S 25 Mender Worsted pieces Eccleshill 99b
    MITCHELL Anice Dau S 22 Mender Worsted pieces Eccleshill 99b
    MITCHELL Arthur Son S 18 App. Fitter Steam ? Hunslet 99b
    MITCHELL Elizabeth Dau S 16 Mender Worsted pieces Hunslet 99b
    MITCHELL Frederick Son   11 Scholar Farsley 99b
    MITCHELL Herbert Son   5 Scholar Farsley 99b
167 19 Land St. LEES Herbert Head M 27 Pattern Cutter Leeds 99b
    LEES Jane wife M 27   OXF Oxford 99b
    LEES Nellie E Dau   5 Scholar Leeds 99b
    LEES Winifred Dau   3   Leeds 99b
    BUSH Annette Abigail Serv   13 Domestic Serv Leeds 99b
168 16 North St. DOCKRAY Bethia Head W 58   Farsley 99b
    DOCKRAY Ernest Son S 24 Woolsorter Farsley 99b
    DOCKRAY Zillah Dau S 21 Piece Mender Farsley 99b
169 14 North St. DOCKRAY Joseph Head M 49 weaver Farsley 99b
    DOCKRAY Hannah wife M 47   Farsley 99b
    DOCKRAY Herbert Son S 23 Warp Dresser Farsley 99b
    DOCKRAY James Son S 21 Warp Dresser Farsley 99b
    DOCKRAY Samuel Son S 16 Twister Farsley 99b
170 12 North St. DOCKRAY Samuel Head M 64 Curator Bramley 100a
    HAINSWORTH Joe s in l M 19 Engine Fitter Stanningley 100a
    HAINSWORTH Frances Dau M 19 living on own means Calverley 100a
171 10 North St. KEIGHLEY Elizabeth Head W 64 living on own means Farsley 100a
    KEIGHLEY Arthur Son S 28 Tinner Iron monger Farsley 100a
    KEIGHLEY Ann Dau S 25 Mender Worsted coatings Farsley 100a
172 8 North St. RUSHFORTH Benjamin Head M 57 Quarryman Rodley 100a
    RUSHFORTH Ann Wife M 47   Calverley 100a
    RUSHFORTH Grace E Dau   10 Scholar Calverley 100a
    RUSHFORTH John W Son   8 Scholar Calverley 100a
    RUSHFORTH Thomas C Son   6 Scholar Brighouse 100a
    RUSHFORTH Martha A Dau   3   Calverley 100a
173 6 North St. BROWN James Head W 73   Farsley 100a
    BROWN Ann Dau S 37 Worsted weaver Farsley 100a
    BROWN Rebecca Dau S 30 Worsted weaver Farsley 100a
174 4 North St HAINSWORTH Amelia Head S 47 Housekeeper Farsley 100a
175 2 North St. PICKLES Mary Head W 77 Retired Weaver Idle 100a
    JOHNSON Maria Dau M 43 Housekeeper Idle 100a
    JOHNSON Emma Gdau   13 Tier in Woollen Mill Farsley 100a
176 1 Land St. PICKLES Benjamin Head M 49 Spinner Overlooker Idle 100a
    PICKLES Elizabeth wife M 38   Barley 100a
    PICKLES Edith Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 100a
177 5 North St COOPER Martha J Head M 35 Weaver Farsley 100a
    COOPER Leah Ellen Dau   13 Spinner Overlooker Farsley 100a
178 7 North St WALTON Sarah Head S 62 Burler Farsley 100a
179 9 North St MITCHELL Charles Head M 24 Druggist Warehouseman Eccleshill 100a
    MITCHELL Grace Ann Wife M 25   Farsley 100a
    BUSFIELD Joseph b in l S 23 Overlooker Combing Farsley 100a
180 11 Land St DOCKRAY Eliza A Head W 66 Shroud Maker Farsley 100a
181 Land St.. DOCKRAY Frank Head M 31 Crane Fitter Farsley 100b
    DOCKRAY Annie Wife M 32   Fewston 100b
    DOCKRAY Hedley Son   9 Scholar Farsley 100b
    DOCKRAY Ethel Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 100b
    DOCKRAY William Son   5 Scholar Farsley 100b
    DOCKRAY Arthur Ewart Son   2   Not Recorded 100b
182 3 Stoney Royd WALKER Benjamin Head M 21 Woollen Fettler Leeds 100b
    WALKER Frances A wife M 20   Farsley 100b
    WALKER Percy Son   1   Farsley 100b
183 1 Stoney Royd CAWOOD John Head M 50 Blacksmith Bramley 100b
    CAWOOD Amelia wife M 37   Farsley 100b
    CAWOOD Elizabeth Dau S 16 Coating Mender Farsley 100b
    CAWOOD Lilly Dau   14 Coating Burler Farsley 100b
    CAWOOD Edith Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 100b
    CAWOOD Thomas Son   1   Farsley 100b
184 2 Stoney Royd SMITH Nanny Head S 60 Grocer Farsley 100b
    NICHOLSON Sabina Sis W 56 Grocer Farsley 100b
185 4 Stoney Royd COATES John W Head M 37 Wiring Overlooker Farsley 100b
    COATES Emma Wife M 31   Bramley 100b
    COATES Edith Dau   11 Scholar Bramley 100b
    COATES Harry Son   8 Scholar Farsley 100b
    COATES Arthur Son   4   Farsley 100b
    COATES Maud Dau   2   Farsley 100b
186 6 Stoney Royd LONSDALE Albert Head M 26 Boiler Maker Pudsey 100b
    LONSDALE Mary Wife M 21   Farsley 100b
    LONSDALE Harry Son   1   Farsley 100b
187 6 Stoney Royd GORDON Job Head M 51 Cabinet maker Stanningley 100b
    GORDON Ann Wife M 49   Bagley 100b
    GORDON Frances Dau S 23 Weaver Bagley 100b
    GORDON Hellen Dau S 21 Weaver Farsley 100b
    BOLTON Richard Son S 16 Cabinet maker Farsley 100b
188 8 Stoney Royd NICHOLSON Arthur Head   28 Blacksmith laborer Farsley 101a
    NICHOLSON Henrietta wife   28   Bramley 101a
    NICHOLSON John Son   4   Farsley 101a
189 5 Broad St. BARRAND Martha Head   66 living on own means Farsley 101a
190 10 Stoney Royd PEARSON John Head   77 Mill hand Farsley 101a
    PEARSON Mary Ann wife   79   Farsley 101a
    PARKINSON Emanuel Gson   23 Mill Hand Farsley 101a
    WHITLEY Samuel s in l   37 Weaver Farsley 101a
    WHITLEY Mary Ann Dau   35 Weaver Farsley 101a
191 12 Stoney Royd POPPLEWELL Thomas W Head   24 Cabinet maker Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Mary wife   25   Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Sarah Ann Dau   6m   Pudsey 101a
192 13 Broad St. POPPLEWELL Henry Head   51 Waste Dealer Gildersome 101a
    POPPLEWELL Ann Wife   46   Pudsey 101a
    POPPLEWELL John Son   22 Mechanic Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Elizabeth A Dau   20 Knotter Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Bertha Dau   18 Weaver Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Mary Dau   16 Mender Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Emma Dau   13 Cook Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Henry Son   11 Scholar Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Fanny Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 101a
    POPPLEWELL Harold Son   5 Scholar Farsley 101a
193 9 Broad St. POPPLEWELL Herbert Varley Head   26 Model Maker Pudsey 101a
    POPPLEWELL Mary wife   29   Rodley 101a
194 14 Stoney Royd WADE Ruth Head   75   Farsley 101a
    WADE Mary Dau   37 Weaver Farsley 101a
195 16 Stoney Royd BINNS John Head   40 Warp Dresser Bingley 101a
    BINNS Mary wife   46   Howarth 101a
    BINNS Annie Dau   16 Piece Burler Wilsden 101a
    BINNS Sarah Dau   14 WEaver Wilsden 101a
    BINNS Emily Dau   11 Scholar Farsley 101a
196 18 Stoney Royd WRAY Henry Head M 62 Gardener Huttons Ambo 101b
    WRAY Elizabeth Wife M 62   Beverley 101b
    WRAY Sarah J Dau S 20 Weaver Norton 101b
    WRAY John H Son S 18 Joiner Norton 101b
    SUGGETT Tom/Tim Henry Gson   13 Scholar Hunslet 101b
    ILLINGWORTH Sarah Board S 22 Weaver Birstall 101b
197 20 Stoney Royd LISTER John William Head M 40 Bookkeeper & Correspondent Farsley 101b
    LISTER Betty Wife M 41   Farsley 101b
    LISTER Henry Son   14 Compositions App. Farsley 101b
    LISTER Charlotte Hilda Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 101b
198 22 Stoney Royd THREAPLETON William Head M 63 weaver Farsley 101b
    THREAPLETON Maria Wife M 63   Farsley 101b
    THREAPLETON Irwin Son S 22 Weaving Overlooker Farsley 101b
199 24 Stoney Royd FENTON Albert Head M 24 Joiner Farsley 101b
    FENTON Sarah Ann Wife M 25   Isle of Man 101b
    FENTON Harold Son   1   Farsley 101b
200 26 Stoney Royd RAYNER Aaron Head M 25 warehouseman Farsley 101b
    RAYNER Maria wife M 22   Farsley 101b
    RAYNER Percy Son   1   Farsley 101b
201 28 Stoney Royd GOTT Enos Head M 27 Groceryman Rodley 101b
    GOTT Elizabeth wife M 24   Rodley 101b
    GOTT Hazel Dau   9m   Farsley 101b
202 30 Stoney Royd MATHERS Nancy Head M 32 weaver Eccleshill 101b
203 32 Stoney Royd ROBINSON William Head M 36 Ironfounders laborer Farsley 101b
    ROBINSON Louisa wife M 32   Farsley 101b
    ROBINSON Raymond Son   1   Farsley 101b
204 27 Broad St BATES John Head M 28 Plumbers laborer Bramley 101b
    BATES Emma wife M 31   Stanningley 101b
    BATES Thomas Edward Son   6 Scholar Farsley 101b
    BATES Arthur Son   5 Scholar Farsley 101b
    BATES Maud Dau   3   Farsley 101b
    BATES Elizabeth Dau   1   Farsley 101b
205 29 Broad St. ELLIS Anne Head W 49 widow Masham 102a
    ELLIS Irwin Son S 21 Mechanic Saltaire 102a
    ELLIS Abram Son S 17 Cloth Finisher Farsley 102a
    ELLIS Ernest Son   12 Worsted Spinner Farsley 102a
    ELLIS Eva Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 102a
206 23 Broad St. BATES Benjamin Head M 26 Crane Fitter Bramley 102a
    BATES Eliza wife M 27   Masham 102a
    BATES Thomas Cawood Son   4 Scholar Farsley 102a
207 25 Broad St. WATSON William Head M 34 Blacksmith Striker Horsforth 102a
    WATSON Susannah wife M 34 Worsted weaver Ryecroft 102a
208 21 Broad St. ANDREWS William E Head M 30 Engineer & tool maker Farsley 102a
    ANDREWS Elizabeth wife M 28 Worsted weaver not known 102a
209 36 Stoney Royd HORN Job Head W 78 living on own means Farsley 102a
210   HORN Emma S Head M 44   Bramley 102a
    HORN Rachel Dau   15 at Home Farsley 102a
    HORN Herbert Son   8 Scholar Farsley 102a
211 34 Stoney Royd MIDGLEY Herbert Head M 27 woollen weaver Yeadon 102a
    MIDGLEY Annie L wife M 27 Worsted weaver Bramley 102a
    MIDGLEY Gladys Lilian Dau   3   Farsley 102a
213 40 Stoney Royd BANKS Samuel Head M 42 Gardener Calverley 102a
    BANKS Ann wife M 41   Calverley 102a
    BANKS Agnes Dau S 16 Mender Worsted Calverley 102a
    BANKS Arthur Son   12 Piecer Bingley 102a
    BANKS Willie Son   10 Scholar Otley 102a
    BANKS Bertie Son   6 Scholar Otley 102a
    BANKS Alfred Son   1   Priesthorpe 102a
214 31 Broad St. BINNS Benjamin Head M 27 Loom manager Calverley 102a
    BINNS Eliza A wife M 28 Loom Weaver Huttons Ambo 102a
215 33 Broad St. LOBLEY Samuel Head M 34 Fitter's lab. Farsley 102b
    LOBLEY Esther wife M 34   DUR West Hartlepool 102b
    LOBLEY Eva Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 102b
    LOBLEY Rawnsley Son   6m   Farsley 102b
216 East St. HOLDSWORTH Eva Head M 32   Farsley 102b
    HOLDSWORTH Emily Dau   4   Farsley 102b
    HOLDSWORTH Maria Dau   2   Farsley 102b
    HOLLINGS Martha A Sis S 40 Worsted weaver Farsley 102b
    HOLLINGS Sarah Sis S 38 Worsted weaver Farsley 102b
217 33 Stoney Royd RAWNSLEY Priscilla Head S 45 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 102b
    SAUNDERS Benjamin Neph S 25 Wood Turner Pudsey 102b
    SAUNDERS Ada Niece S 18 Worsted Mender Pudsey 102b
218 33 Stoney Royd PICKERSGILL Charles Head M 25 Postman Seacroft 102b
    PICKERSGILL Jane E wife M 25   Farsley 102b
    PICKERSGILL Agnes Dau   2   Farsley 102b
    PICKERSGILL Herbert Son   3m   Farsley 102b