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Census Indexes 1891 Farsley

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Film RG12/3655 ED7, Folios 4a - 28c, Enumerator: Charles H Gill
Township of Farsley comprising New Street East and West from Butchers shop to Dr Lamberts Villa; bottom
of New Street including all the Squares and Streets. West Side of New St, Laburnum St, Hudson St, Victor St, Prospect St, Poplar Square, the Grocers shop and houses, Irwin St, Bertha St, and houses to the Vicarage. Dr Lamberts, the church, the school and Craven's shop, all houses and shops from Johnsons. East side of Town Street to the pot shop "Old Hall Inn", School Street, Burton St, Rawson St, Ivy Cottage, Prospect House and Fold, Upper and Lower Hainsworth Square, Town Street from Barbers shop - Back Lane chapel and School all houses from Barbers to Pearson's Butchers shop and houses in Street - Shops and houses from Pearsons to Cockshott's butchers shop- The Bay Horse Inn and cottages on Bay Horse Yard, upper and lower Cockshott Hill, all High Street and Nether Street back and front, Drapers shop and shop next to and cottages behind. Co-operative houses, Vine Street.


1 New Street (The Vicarage) MANING Parsons J Head W 74 Vicar of Farsley Ireland 4a
    MANING Anne J M Dau S 34   Farsley 4a
    BOWERING Eliza M Serv W 28 Coat seamster serv Kirkleby 4a
    HORNER Lily Mary Serv S 18 Housemaid Kirkleby 4a
2 New Street (School House) BROOK Walter Head M 35 Plumber Guiseley 4a
    BROOK Martha Wife M 34   LANC Blackburn 4a
    BROOK John Son   12 Scholar LANC Blackburn 4a
    BROOK Alfred Son   11 Scholar LANC Blackburn 4a
    BROOK Eliza A Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 4a
    BROOK Hancliffe Son   4 Scholar Farsley 4a
    BROOK Eli Son   6m   Farsley 4a
3 New Street (School Cottage) HAINSWORTH Mary Head W 51   Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Agnes Rhoda Dau S 27 Mender Cloth Mill Bramley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth Rose Dau S 21 Dressmaker Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Charles Ross Son S 18 Railway Clerk Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Maude Dau S 16 Pupil Teacher Farsley 4a
4 New Street LAMBERT John Head S 74 Surgeon Regular practitioner Eccleshill 4a
    LAMBERT Ann Sis S 72 Living on her own means Eccleshill 4a
    WILSON Louisa Serv S 16 Domestic Serv Armley 4a
5 New Street (Claremont House) HOPWOOD Annie Serv S 20 Domestic Serv Glasshoughton 4a
    HAINSWORTH Abimelech Wm Head M 45 Woollen Manufacturer Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth R Wife M 43   Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Reuben Gaunt Son S 16 Scholar Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Ethel M Dau   14 Scholar Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Charles Son   12 Scholar Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Alice M Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Harriett E Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 4a
    HAINSWORTH Sarah Hannah H Dau   4   Farsley 4a
    DRURY Maria Serv S 28 Cook Domestic serv Houden 4a
    SIMPSON Christiana Serv S 15 Housemaid Adel 4a
6 New Street (Claremont Lodge) ENDERSBY Timothy Head M 43 Coachman Domestic Serv Bedfordshire 4b
    ENDERSBY Mercy Wife M 40   SUF Stoke Ash 4b
    ENDERSBY William Son S 18 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 4b
    ENDERSBY Alfred Son S 13 Doffer Woollen Mill Farsley 4b
    ENDERSBY Agnes Dau   12 Doffer Woollen Mill Bramley 4b
    ENDERSBY Timothy Son   6 Scholar Yeadon 4b
7 9 New St. HORN Hannah Head S 78 Sweetshop Conf Bagley 4b
8 1 West View BUTLER Alfred W Head M 32 Iron Bridge Erecter AUST Victoria 4b
    BUTLER Emma Wife M 33   Farsley 4b
    BUTLER Sydney Son   6 Scholar Farsley 4b
    BUTLER George Son   3   Farsley 4b
    BUTLER Edgar Burdett Bro S 17 Mechanical Draughtsman Farsley 4b
9 2 West View CRAWSHAW Mark Head M 36 Clerk Cumberworth 4b
    CRAWSHAW Susan Wife M 34   Cumberworth 4b
10 3 West View RAWNSLEY George E Head M 34 Scholar Burley in Wharfdale 4b
    RAWNSLEY Elizabeth Wife M 32   WLS Wrexham 4b
    RAWNSLEY Harry J Son   7 Scholar Bradford 4b
    RAWNSLEY George J Son   6 Scholar Bradford 4b
    RAWNSLEY Elizabeth J Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 4b
    RAWNSLEY John Clifford Son   3   Farsley 4b
    RAWNSLEY Hilda Hughes Dau   2m   Farsley 4b
    MITCHELL Mary Visit S 26 General Serv Domestic Queensbury 4b
    PRESTON Mary S Serv S 25 General Serv Domestic Bolton nr Pocklington 4b
11 4 West View SWANN Clara Ann Serv S 21 General Serv Domestic WOR Slapton 4b
12 5 West View SLATER Herbert Head M 28 Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Stanningley 4b
    SLATER Elizabeth Wife M 22   Farsley 4b
    POLLITT Hannah M Serv S 17 General Serv Domestic Castleford 4b
    POLLITT Sarah Jane Serv S 15 General Serv Domestic Castleford 4b
13 New St (West Royd) BUTLER Samuel Head M 39 Mechanical Engineer Stanningley 4b
    BUTLER Hannah Wife M 35   Farsley 4b
    BUTLER Eveline Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 4b
    BUTLER Mabel Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 5a
    BUTLER Ernest Son   5 Scholar Farsley 5a
    BUTLER Charles Son   6m   Farsley 5a
    ELLIS Lillie C Gov S 28 Governess School Micklefield 5a
    JACKSON Elizabeth Serv S 29 Cook Domestic serv Millington 5a
    WRAGG Kezia Serv S 27 Housemaid Sheffield 5a
14 New St. (West Royd Lodge) NASH Esther Head M 38   BEF Stagsden 5a
    NASH Elizabeth Jane Dau   14 Spinner in Woollen Factory Farsley 5a
    NASH Ellis Henry Son   12 Gardiners Assistant Domestic Farsley 5a
    NASH Amelia Emily Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 5a
    NASH Benjamin Henry Son   9 Scholar Farsley 5a
    NASH William Son   6 Scholar Farsley 5a
    NASH Leonard Thomas Son   1   Farsley 5a
    NASH Gladys Dau   5m   Farsley 5a
15 New St. PEARSON Susan Head W 71 Living on her own means NTT Teversal 5a
    PEARSON Mary Ann Dau S 36 Dressmaker DBY Matlock Bath 5a
    PEARSON Hannah Dau S 34 Dressmaker DBY Matlock Bath 5a
    PEARSON John Son S 32 Paint & paper salesman DBY Matlock Bath 5a
16 New St. GILL Walter Daniel Head M 38 Architect Burley in Wharfdale 5a
    GILL Lucilla Wife M 37   Addingham 5a
    GILL William Son   7 Scholar Farsley 5a
17 12 New St. MITCHELL Thomas Head M 36 Grocer Pudsey 5a
    MITCHELL Jane Wife M 40   Ferensby 5a
    MITCHELL John Hy Son   3   Farsley 5a
    MITCHELL Clara Ann Dau   5w   Farsley 5a
    WHITLEY Sarah Eliz Son S 16 General Serv Domestic Rodley 5a
18 New St. (Ashville) SLATER Elijah Head M 68 Woollen Manufacturer & J.P. Yeadon 5a
    SLATER Frances Jane Wife M 51   Stanningley 5a
    SLATER Charles Henry Son S 32 Woollen Maufacturer other Stanningley 5a
    SLATER Mabel Lilian Dau S 22   Farsley 5a
    SLATER Percival Son S 20 Woollen Maufacturer other Farsley 5a
    SLATER Sydney Arthur Son   18 Woollen Manufacturer App. Farsley 5b
    ANDREW Mary Serv S 29 Cook Domestic serv Howden 5b
    KNOWLES Alice Serv S 26 Housemaid Bawtry 5b
19 New St. (Ashville Lodge) NORFOLK Charles Head M 29 Gardener Domestic Wibsey 5b
    NORFOLK Alice Wife M 26   Everton ? 5b
    NORFOLK Clemintinia Dau   6 Scholar Everton ? 5b
    NORFOLK Charles Henry Son   4w   Farsley 5b
20 New St. SWALES Thomas Head M 47 Butcher Pately Bridge 5b
    SWALES Esther Wife M 44   Calverley 5b
    SWALES Rachel Dau   16   Farsley 5b
    SWALES Joseph Son   14 Scholar Farsley 5b
21 2 Laburnum BENNETT James Head W 69 Retired Overlooker (Woollen) Bramley 5b
    GLOVER Elizabeth Dau W 49 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 5b
    GLOVER Mary Gdau   17 Weaver Cloth Mill Pudsey 5b
    GLOVER Sarah Ann Gdau   15 Weaver Cloth Mill Pudsey 5b
22 4 Laburnum CLOUGH Annie Head S 34 Assistant Teacher Bramley 5b
    CLOUGH Lavinia Sis S 29 Housekeeper Stanningley 5b
23 6 Laburnum DELL Herbert Head M 38 Agent (Life Insurance) SOM Wells 5b
    DELL Charlotte Wife M 29   Barnsley 5b
    DELL Harry B Son   7 Scholar Wakefield 5b
    DELL Thomas Son   6 Scholar Wakefield 5b
    DELL Annie Dau   1   Farsley 5b
24 8 Laburnum HAYGARTH Matthew Head M 38 West Riding Police Constable Sedbergh 5b
    HAYGARTH Margaret Wife M 48   Ingleton 5b
    HAYGARTH Nanny Dau   13 Worsted Spinner Settle 5b
    HAYGARTH Hannah Dau   13 Worsted Spinner Settle 5b
    HAYGARTH James Son   11 Scholar Settle 5b
    HAYGARTH Margaret Dau   9 Scholar Settle 5b
25 10 Laburnum GAUNT Judith Ann Head W 50 Monthly Nurse Domestic Woodhall Hill Calverley 5b
    GAUNT Matthew Lister Son S 23 Student of Theology Pudsey 5b
    GAUNT Joseph Greenwood Son S 16 Printer Compositor Stanningley 5b
    GAUNT Elizabeth s in l S 64 Living on her own means Stanningley 6a
    GREENWOOD Susannah Sis S 39 Woollen Cloth Mender Stanningley 6a
26 12 Laburnum PEASE Joseph Head M 52 Agricultural Lab. Aberford 6a
    PEASE Ann Wife M 48   Chapel Allerton 6a
    PEASE John Ed Son S 27 Quarryman (stone) Calverley 6a
    PEASE Tom Son S 20 Agr Butcher's Lab. Northall Wells ?ley 6a
    PEASE Clara Dau   11 Scholar Priesthorpe 6a
27 14 Laburnum DEPLEDGE Arthur Head M 28 Kitchen Range Fitter Leeds 6a
    DEPLEDGE Sarah Elizabeth Wife M 29   Doncaster 6a
    DEPLEDGE Ronald Charles Son   3   Farsley 6a
28 1 Hudson St. BERRY Alfred Head M 45 Iron moulder Bradford 6a
    BERRY Sarah Ellen Wife M 39   Sandal Magna 6a
    WILKINSON James Harry Board S 29 Elem School teacher Bradford 6a
    COCKSELL Harold Buckley Board S 30 Oil Merchant's Clerk LANC Manchester 6a
29 3 Hudson St. COOPER Thomas Head M 36 Railway Timekeeper HEF Walworth 6a
    COOPER Mary Elizabeth Wife M 38   Calverley 6a
    COOPER Harry Son   10 Scholar Farsley 6a
    COOPER Clara Adelaide Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 6a
30 5 Hudson St. KELSEY George Joshua Head M 42 Painter & Paperhanger LIN Belton 6a
    KELSEY Theodosia Clara Wife M 33   LIN Hemswell 6a
    KELSEY John Wm Son   13 Doffer in Cloth Mill LIN Kirton Lindsey 6a
    KELSEY George Alfred Son   9 Scholar Stanningley 6a
    KELSEY Frances Lois Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 6a
    KELSEY Theodosia Laura Dau   2   Farsley 6a
31 2 Hudson St. HUDSON John Head M 46 Millwright Farsley 6a
    HUDSON Elizabeth Wife M 46   Chapel Allerton 6a
    HUDSON Maria Dau S 19 Cloth Drawer Wool Farsley 6a
    HUDSON Mary Dau S 18 Cloth Weaver Farsley 6a
    HUDSON Annie Dau S 13 Scholar Farsley 6a
    HUDSON George Son   4   Farsley 6a
32 4 Hudson St. EDMONDSON Sarah Head W 41   Horsforth 6b
    EDMONDSON Mary Dau S 21 Weaver Woollen Mill Horsforth 6b
    EDMONDSON Tom Son S 19 Mechanic Fitter Appr Farsley 6b
    EDMONDSON Hannah Maria Dau S 16 Dressmaker Farsley 6b
33 6 Hudson St. DURHAM John Head M 27 Asst Warehouseman Pudsey 6b
    DURHAM Clara Wife M 27   Stanningley 6b
    DURHAM Annie Ethel Dau   6m   Farsley 6b
34 3 Whitaker St. SHARP Sarah Ann Head W 50 Draper Newlay 6b
    SHARP Benjamin Son S 23 Draper Wortley 6b
    SHARP Annie Dau S 21   Pudsey 6b
35 5 Whitaker St. KELL John Royston Head M 25 Joiner Leeds 6b
    KELL Mary Ann Wife M 26   Leeds 6b
    KELL Mary Emma Dau   3   Farsley 6b
    KELL James A R Son   2   Farsley 6b
36 7 Whitaker St. AMBLER William Head M 28 Plumber Bradford 6b
    AMBLER Martha Ellen Wife M 27   Bradford 6b
37 2 Whitaker St. WHITAKER Elijah Head W 68 Bag merchant Calverley 6b
    WHITAKER Annie R Dau S 27 Mender of Woollen Goods Calverley 6b
38 4 Whitaker St. ROBINSON Matthew Head M 37 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Burnley 6b
    ROBINSON Alice Wife M 37   Burnley 6b
    ROBINSON William Calvert Son   14 Jobber in Worsted Mill Calverley 6b
    ROBINSON Pauline Maud Dau   10 Scholar Calverley 6b
39 6 Whitaker St. GRIMSHAW George Henry Head M 32 Mechanical Engineer Storekeeper Yeadon 6b
    GRIMSHAW Ellen Wife M 36   Rodley 6b
    GRIMSHAW John Clement H Son   2   Stanningley 6b
40 8 Whitaker St. PEARSON William Head M 26 Woollen Weaver Farsley 6b
    PEARSON Clara Wife M 26 Woollen Warper Farsley 6b
41 10 Whitaker St. CLOUGH Albert Head M 27 Railway Clerk Stanningley 6b
    CLOUGH Jane Ann Wife M 29   Stanningley 6b
    CLOUGH Ann Eliz Dau   6 Scholar Stanningley 6b
    CLOUGH Ada Dau   4 Scholar Stanningley 6b
    CLOUGH Frank Son   2   Farsley 7a
    CLOUGH Clara NR   3m   Farsley 7a
42 12 Whitaker St BOOTH Hannah M Head S 33 Worsted Mender Pudsey 7a
    BOOTH Sarah Ann Sis S 27 Assistant Undertaker? Pudsey 7a
43 14 Whitaker St. MATHERS Edward Head M 46 Yeast Dealer Pudsey 7a
    MATHERS Jane Emma Wife M 52   Pudsey 7a
    MATHERS Fred Son S 16 Tailor's App. Pudsey 7a
    MATHERS Ruth Dau S 28 Worsted Mender Pudsey 7a
44 16 Whitaker St. SMITH Thomas Head M 42 Power Loom Turner Thurstonland 7a
    SMITH Emma Wife M 42   Kirkrkburton 7a
    SMITH Annie Dau S 14   Farsley 7a
    SMITH Arthur Son   13 Scholar Farsley 7a
    SMITH Martha Moth W 74   Thurstonland 7a
46 3 Prospect Sq. WOOD Ned Head M 36 Printer's Lab. Pudsey 7a
    WOOD Fanny Wife M 37   Arthington 7a
    WOOD Ada Dau   14 Worker in Boot Factory Farsley 7a
    WOOD Mary Dau   11 Scholar Farsley 7a
    WOOD Jane Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 7a
    WOOD Ernest Son   4 Scholar Farsley 7a
    WOOD Alfred Son   2   Farsley 7a
47 5 Prospect Sq. YEADON Mary Head W 51 Weaver Cloth Mill Calverley 7a
    YEADON Elizabeth Dau   24 Dressmaker Farsley 7a
    YEADON Ann Aunt S 74   Farsley 7a
48 9 Prospect Sq. HOLDSTOCK Samuel Head M 47 Coal merchant Ulleskelf 7a
    HOLDSTOCK Rhoda Wife M 46   Farsley 7a
    HOLDSTOCK Emily Ann Dau S 18 Machinist Dressmaker Farsley 7a
    HOLDSTOCK Samuel Ledger Son   15 Coal Merchant's clerk Farsley 7a
    HOLDSTOCK Florence Matilda Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 7a
    HOLDSTOCK Henry Bro W 43 Railway Lab. Kirby Wharf 7a
49 14 Prospect Sq. WARD Peter Head S 57 Woolsorter Farsley 7b
    FOWLER Dorothy Sis W 49 Cloth Weaver Farsley 7b
    FOWLER James W Neph S 24 Plumber Farsley 7b
    FOWLER John Neph S 22 Joiner Farsley 7b
    FOWLER Martha Ann Niece S 20 Cloth Weaver Farsley 7b
50 13 Prospect Sq. REDICK Mary Head S 39 Teacher of Music Armley 7b
    SCREETON George Alfred Neph S 23 Watchmaker & Jeweller DUR West Hartlepool 7b
51 12 Prospect Sq. YEADON Esdras Head W 80 Retired Woollen Manufacturer Stanningley 7b
    BINNS Charles s in l M 40 Worsted Mill Overlooker Bradford 7b
    BINNS Henrietta Dau M 45   Stanningley 7b
52 10 Prospect Sq ROBERTS James Varley Head M 57 Taker in Worsted Mill Stanningley 7b
    ROBERTS Elizabeth Wife M 41   NTT Bingham 7b
    ROBERTS Joseph Varley Son   5 Scholar Farsley 7b
    ROBERTS Edith Annie Dau   3   Farsley 7b
53 8 Prospect Sq. RHODES William Head M 45 Woolsorter Pudsey 7b
    RHODES Ann Wife M 42   Farsley 7b
54 6 Prospect Sq. BERRY Elizabeth Head W 70 Living on her own means Pool in Wharfedale 7b
    WHITEHEAD Susannah Visit M 52 Living on her own means Stanningley 7b
    FEATHER Myra Serv S 15 General Serv Westgate Hill 7b
55 4 Prospect Sq. WOOD Alfred Head M 36 Painter's Lab. Holmfirth 7b
    WOOD Emma Wife M 36   BEF Sharnbrook 7b
    MILNER Willie Visit   10 Scholar Armley 7b
56 2 Prospect Sq. BRETHERICK Frances Head W 45 Dressmaker Stanningley 7b
    BRETHERICK Sam Son   15 Draughtsmans App Pudsey 7b
    BRETHERICK Florence Dau   14 Mender Worsted Mill Pudsey 7b
57 1 Poplar Sq. BONNER Lonsdale Head M 25 Boot Manufacturer Rodley 7b
    BONNER Sarah Ada Wife M 25   NTH Northampton 7b
    WOODS Eva Susan Niece   6 Scholar HUN Huntingdon 7b
58 3 Poplar Sq. MILLER William Head M 34 Tailor Scarboro 7b
    MILLER Sarah Jane Wife M 27   DUR Shotton 7b
    MILLER Mary Ellen Dau   11 Scholar Goole 7b
    MILLER William Edward Son   4   Stanningley 8a
    MILLER Ben Son   4m   Farsley 8a
59 5 Poplar Sq SKINNER James Head M 30 House Painter NTH Peterboro 8a
    SKINNER Hannah Wife M 31   Churwell 8a
    SKINNER Sarah Eliza Dau   8 Scholar Stanningley 8a
    SKINNER Elizabeth Dau   5 Scholar Stanningley 8a
    SKINNER Ben Son   1   Stanningley 8a
60 9 Poplar Sq GUDGEON John Head M 51 Agent Insurance NORT Collingtree? 8a
    GUDGEON Fanny Wife M 46   DBY Melbourne 8a
    GUDGEON Edward Ernest Son   15 Farmers Boy Gommersal 8a
61 11 Poplar Sq GALLOWAY Thomas Henry Head M 27 Steam Crane Works Lab. Farsley 8a
    GALLOWAY Selina Wife M 26   Bradford 8a
    GALLOWAY Alfred Son   1   Farsley 8a
62 15 Poplar Sq LAWSON Elizabeth M Head S 60 Living on her own means Scotland 8a
    MITCHELL Emma Serv S 39 Companion (Domestic) Mytholmroyd 8a
63 14 Poplar Sq BUSFIELD John Robert Head M 34 Steam Crane Wks Clerk Farsley 8a
    BUSFIELD Caroline Wife M 34   NFK Ringland 8a
    BUSFIELD Benjamin H Son   9 Scholar Farsley 8a
    BUSFIELD Florence Dau   7 Scholar Stanningley 8a
    BUSFIELD Mabel Dau   5 Scholar Farsley 8a
    BUSFIELD Edith Dau   3   Farsley 8a
    BUSFIELD Gladys Dau   3m   Farsley 8a
64 13 Poplar Sq KEIGHLEY Thomas Fairbank Head M 44 Power Loom Weaver Overlooker Farsley 8a
    KEIGHLEY Emily Ann Wife M 43   Stanningley 8a
    KEIGHLEY Florence Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 8a
65 12 Poplar Sq THOMPSON James Head M 64 Slater Bradford 8a
    THOMPSON Margaret Wife M 65   Sutton in Craven 8a
66 10 Poplar Sq EMSLEY William Head W 55 Warehouseman Ironworks Pudsey 8a
    EMSLEY Sarah Emily Dau S 19 Mender in Worsted Mill Farsley 8a
67 8 Poplar Sq. FEARNLEY Richard Head M 73 Boiler Maker Bradford 8b
    FEARNLEY Ann Wife M 70   Stanningley 8b
68 6 Poplar Sq. PARKER Joseph John Head M 33 Stone dresser Stanningley 8b
    PARKER Sarah H Wife M 27   Bramley 8b
    PARKER Eva Dau   2   Laisterdyke 8b
69 4 Poplar Sq. MITCHELL Samuel Head M 36 Barley & Bridge maker Pudsey 8b
    MITCHELL Eliza Ann Wife M 35   Farsley 8b
    MITCHELL Irwin Son   10 Scholar Farsley 8b
    MITCHELL Ann Eliza Dau   5   Farsley 8b
70 2 Poplar Sq PEASE William Head M 24 Agricultural Lab. Calverley 8b
    PEASE Alice Wife M 27   Stanningley 8b
    PEASE Elizabeth Ann Dau   4   Stanningley 8b
    PEASE Mary Dau   9m   Farsley 8b
71 1 Northcote St. VARLEY Sam Head M 30 Ironworks Lab. Rodley 8b
    VARLEY Lavinia Alice Wife M 28   Adwalton 8b
    VARLEY James Wm Son   3   Farsley 8b
    VARLEY Esther Ann Dau   11m   Farsley 8b
72 2 Northcote St. TURNER Joseph Head M 57 Schoolmaster LAN Rochdale 8b
    TURNER Emily Wife M 42   Spofforth 8b
    TURNER Alice Ann Dau   15 Milliner Farsley 8b
    TURNER Joseph Percy Son   12 Scholar Farsley 8b
    TURNER Ellen Gertrude Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 8b
73 3 Northcote St. BOULT Richard Head M 37 Schoolmaster OXF Oxford 8b
    BOULT Sarah Wife M 40   Bridlington 8b
    BOULT Amy Dau   12 Scholar Horton Bradford 8b
    BOULT Melbourne son   10 Scholar Farsley 8b
    BOULT Ernest Gilbert Son   7 Scholar Farsley 8b
    BOULT Arnold Son   1m   Farsley 8b
    BOULT Lucy Sis S 18 Pupil teacher OXF Oxford 8b
74 5 Northcote St. GREENWOOD Edward Atkinson Head W 69 Retired Farmer Bradley 8b
    GREENWOOD Mary Eleanor Dau S 26   Oakworth 8b
75 7 Northcote St. COLLINSON Tom Head M 30 Schoolmaster Pudsey 9a
    COLLINSON Mary Elizabeth Wife M 25   South Milford 9a
76 9 Northcote St. THOMPSON Thomas Head M 37 Driller in Ironworks Holbeck 9a
    THOMPSON Martha Wife M 41   Leeds 9a
    THOMPSON Lawrence Son   10 Scholar Wortley Leeds 9a
77 11 Northcote St. WHITAKER Samuel Head M 27 Cloth Finisher Wool Farsley 9a
    WHITAKER Ada Wife M 27   Bramley 9a
78 13 Northcote St JOWITT Annie E Head W 40   Armley 9a
    JOWITT Emily Dau S 19 Weaver in Worsted Mill Armley 9a
    JOWITT Mary Jane Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 9a
    JOWITT Harry Son S 17 Joiners App. Armley 9a
    JOWITT Annie Dau   3   Farsley 9a
    MOORHOUSE Joseph Lodg S 21 Iron moulder Pudsey 9a
79 15 Northcote St. JACKSON John Harrison Head M 39 Wood Turner Farsley 9a
    JACKSON Elizabeth Wife M 36   Farsley 9a
    JACKSON Simeon Son   8 Scholar Farsley 9a
    JACKSON Mary Ann Dau   5   Farsley 9a
    JACKSON William Son   3   Farsley 9a
80 17 Northcote St. BELL James Head M 34 Wood Sawyer Pudsey 9a
    BELL Hannah Rhoda Wife M 32   Farsley 9a
81 8 Southcote St. SMITH Joseph Head M 58 Bricklayer Wakefield 9a
    SMITH Margaret Wife M 56   Wakefield 9a
82 10 Southcote St. RHODES John Head M 57 Market Gardener Calverley 9a
    RHODES Margaret Helen Wife M 56   Farsley 9a
83 12 Southcote St. PEACE Abraham Head M 48 Clay miner Farsley 9a
    PEACE Susan Wife M 45   Burley Leeds 9a
    PEACE John Arthur Son S 23 Cord Finisher Wool Wortley leeds 9a
    SHARP Florence step dau   15   Burley Leeds 9a
    SHARP Edith step dau   12 Scholar Burley Leeds 9a
84 14 Southcote St WILKS William Head M 28 Plumber Woodhouse Leeds 9a
    WILKS Harriet Wife M 29   NOTT Bathley 9a
    WILKS James Wm Son   2   Leeds 9b
    WILKS Wilfred Son   7m   Farsley 9b
85 16 Southcote St. WILMAN William Henry Head M 29 Foreman Plumber Bradford 9b
    WILMAN Grace Wife M 26   Bradford 9b
    WILMAN John Nelson Son   5   Bradford 9b
    WILMAN Jim Son   3   Bradford 9b
    WILMAN Horace Son   1   Farsley 9b
86 2 Sydney St. RAFTON Thomas Head M 41 Blacksmith York 9b
    RAFTON Elizabeth Wife M 45   York 9b
    RAFTON John Thomas son S 19 Iron moulder York 9b
    RAFTON Robert Frederick son   14 Blacksmith York 9b
    RAFTON Elizabeth Dau   12 Scholar York 9b
    RAFTON Walter son   10 Scholar York 9b
    RAFTON Arthur son   7 Scholar York 9b
    RAFTON Herbert Son   3   York 9b
87 4 Sydney St. OVEREND Fred Head M 24 Power Loom Tuner Cloth Mill Stanningley 9b
    OVEREND Esther Ann Wife M 20   Seacroft 9b
88 6 Sydney St. BAGGALAY John Head M 47 Mule Spinner Cloth Mill Pudsey 9b
    BAGGALAY Elizabeth Wife M 53   Pudsey 9b
    WADE Harold Board   2   Farsley 9b
89 8 Sydney St. SLATER William Long Head M 57 Spinner Cloth Mill Yeadon 9b
    SLATER Ann Wife M 57   Farsley 9b
    SLATER Ross Son S 19 Heftman Worsted Mill Farsley 9b
    SLATER Sydney Gson   3   Farsley 9b
90 10 Sydney St. PARKER William Head M 59 Retired Mill hand Pudsey 9b
    PARKER Mary Hannah Wife M 55   Farsley 9b
    PARKER James Son S 31 Bobbin Setter Worsted Mill Farsley 9b
    PARKER Martha H Dau S 25 Pieceer in Cloth Mill Farsley 9b
    PARKER Scofield Son S 21 Lab. in Worsted Mill Farsley 9b
91 1 Irwin St. TAYLOR William Head M 32 Steam Crane Wks Lab. LAN Manchester 9b
    TAYLOR Ada Wife M 24   York 9b
    TAYLOR Annie Dau   7 Scholar York 10a
    TAYLOR Willie Son   4   York 10a
    TAYLOR Ernest Son   11m   Farsley 10a
92 3 Irwin St. TRAIN Eliza Head M 50 Charwoman Brantingham?? 10a
    TRAIN Beatrice Dau   19 Knotter in Worsted Mill York 10a
    TRAIN Agnes Dau   17 Knotter in Worsted Mill York 10a
    TRAIN Lilly Dau   12 Scholar York 10a
93 2 Irwin St. MAXWELL Andrew Head M 44 Grocer Leeds 10a
    MAXWELL Hannah Wife M 50   Leeds 10a
94 4 Irwin St. HOLLINGS Edmund Head M 31 Dyers Lab. Worsted Mill Farsley 10a
    HOLLINGS Anglia Wife M 31   Farsley 10a
    HOLLINGS Sarah Ann Dau   3   Farsley 10a
    HOLLINGS Edith Dau   2   Farsley 10a
95 6 Irwin St. WALTON Esther Head W 56   Pudsey 10a
    WALTON Matthew Hy Son S 27 Driller in Ironworks Farsley 10a
    WALTON Samuel Son S 23 Driller in Ironworks Farsley 10a
96 8 Irwin St. GAUNT Joseph Head M 57 Wool Washer Farsley 10a
    GAUNT Letitia Wife M 55   Farsley 10a
97 10 Irwin St. ISLES Job Head W 48 Steam Crane Manufacturer Farsley 10a
    ISLES Clara Dau   15 Scholar Farsley 10a
    ISLES Hannah Bertha Dau   14 Scholar Farsley 10a
    ISLES Emily Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 10a
    ISLES Ruth Hettie Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 10a
    KIDD Emily Annie Serv S 27 Housekeeper Domestic NFK Norwich 10a
    BISHOP Margaret A Serv   15 General Serv NFK Norwich 10a
98 12 Irwin St. PARKINSON William Head W 52 Steam Crane Works Lab. Farsley 10a
    PARKINSON Joseph Smith son S 18 Pattern Maker App Ironwks Farsley 10a
    PARKINSON Peter son   10 Scholar Farsley 10a
99 14 Irwin St. THREAPLETON Joseph John Head M 31 Beamer in Cloth Mill Farsley 10a
    THREAPLETON Elizabeth Wife M 32   Kirkstall Leeds 10a
    THREAPLETON James Wm son   10 Scholar Farsley 10b
    THREAPLETON Hannah Dau   8   Farsley 10b
    THREAPLETON Herbert son   2   Farsley 10b
    THREAPLETON Arthur Slater Son   3w   Farsley 10b
100 16 Irwin St. STRICKLAND Sarah Ann Head W 51   Rodley 10b
    STRICKLAND Harriet Dau S 23 Mender in Worsted Mill Stanningley 10b
    STRICKLAND Esther Mary Dau S 20 Mender in Worsted Mill Stanningley 10b
    STRICKLAND Eva Dau S 17 Mender in Worsted Mill Stanningley 10b
    STRICKLAND Frank Son   14 Machine Minder Stanningley 10b
    STRICKLAND Harry Son   11 Doffer Stanningley 10b
    STRICKLAND Edwin Busfield Son   9 Scholar Stanningley 10b
101 18 Irwin St. HORN John Head M 43 Lab. in Iron Works Farsley 10b
    HORN Sarah Ann Wife M 41   Yeadon 10b
    HORN Albert Edward Son   18 Iron Moulder's App Farsley 10b
    HORN Miriam Dau   15 Weaver in Worsted Mill Farsley 10b
    HORN Emily Dau   7m   Farsley 10b
102 20 Irwin St. JEFFREY Walter Head M 26 Grocery Assistant Calverley 10b
    JEFFREY Emily Jane Wife M 26   Longwood 10b
    JEFFREY Sam Edwin Son   5   Farsley 10b
    JEFFREY George Edgar Son   3   Farsley 10b
    JEFFREY Herbert Son   1   Farsley 10b
103 1 Providence St DUFFIELD Ann Head M 37   Hartworth 10b
    DUFFIELD Christopher Son S 23 Ironworks Lab. Sawley 10b
    DUFFIELD Edward Son S 20 Ironworks Lab. Farsley 10b
    DUFFIELD Elizabeth Dau   13 Domestic Serv Farsley 10b
    DUFFIELD Lily Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 10b
    DUFFIELD Fred Son   5 Scholar Farsley 10b
    DUFFIELD Irwin Son   3 Scholar Farsley 10b
    DUFFIELD Arthur Son   3m   Farsley 10b
104 3 Providence St. BUSFIELD William Head M 27 Finisher in Worsted Mill Farsley 10b
    BUSFIELD Hannah Wife M 26   Morley 10b
    BUSFIELD Frances Ann Dau   4   Farsley 11a
    BUSFIELD Middleton Son   2   Farsley 11a
    BUSFIELD Arthur Son   1   Stanningley 11a
105 5 Providence St. WADE Isaac Head M 34 Twister in Worsted Mill Ovenden 11a
    WADE Susannah Wife M 29   Farsley 11a
106 7 Providence St. FARRAR Jane Head S 26 Dressmaker Rodley 11a
    FARRAR Samuel Bro S 21 Tailor Rodley 11a
    FARRAR Sarah Hannah Sis S 18   Rodley 11a
    AIRTON Mary Board S 25 Weaver in Worsted Mill Little London 11a
107 11 Providence St. BALMFORTH William Head M 32 Shoemaker Rodley 11a
    BALMFORTH Emily Wife M 28   Idle 11a
    BALMFORTH James son   7 Scholar Thackley 11a
    BALMFORTH Alice Dau   2   Idle 11a
    BALMFORTH Mary Ellen Sis   18 Twister in Worsted Mill Rodley 11a
108 15 Providence St. HAIGH Fred Herbert Head S 32 Blacksmith Stagg? Nether Thong 11a
    HAIGH Phillious (female) Sis S 55   Sheffield 11a
109 24 Providence St. WADE Charles Head M 25 Wholesale Clothier's Cutter Farsley 11a
    WADE Elizabeth Wife M 24   Farsley 11a
110 22 Providence St. ROSE Reuben Head M 38 Carpenter on Railway CAM Whittlesey 11a
    ROSE Sarah Wife M 39   Stanningley 11a
    ROSE William Son   16 Twister in Worsted Mill Pudsey 11a
    ROSE Thomas Son   12 Scholar Farsley 11a
    ROSE George Alfred Son   10 Scholar Farsley 11a
    ROSE Sarah Amy Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 11a
    ROSE Reuben Son   3   Farsley 11a
    ROSE Charles Richard Son   5m   Farsley 11a
111 20 Providence St. HAMER James Head M 68 Retired Hand Loom Weaver Almondbury 11a
    HAMER Eliza Wife M 59   Almondbury 11a
    HAMER Phoebe Dau S 38 Weaver in Worsted Mill Almondbury 11a
    HAMER Joe Son S 36 Iron Moulder Almondbury 11a
112 18 Providence St HORN Thomas Head M 54 Millwright Fitter Farsley 11b
    HORN Sabina Wife M 60   Farsley 11b
    HORN Fred Boocock Son S 28 Stone mason Farsley 11b
    HORN Harry Son S 24 Millwright Fitter Farsley 11b
113 16 Providence St. PROCTOR Martha Head M 45 Burler in Cloth Mill Pudsey 11b
    PROCTOR Samuel Son S 23 Butcher Bramley 11b
    PROCTOR Sarah Dau S 20 Weaver in Worsted Mill Pudsey 11b
    PROCTOR Mary Ann Dau S 18 Weaver in Worsted Mill Middlesbro 11b
    PROCTOR Edith Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 11b
114 14 Providence St. HARRISON Edwin Head W 58   Rodley 11b
    HARRISON Mary Dau S 31   Farsley 11b
    HARRISON Jonathan Parkinson Son S 21 Mechanical Engineer Fitter Farsley 11b
    HARRISON Martha A Dau S 19 Weaver in Worsted Mill Farsley 11b
115 12 Providence St. SMITH Harry Head M 21 French Polisher Stanningley 11b
    SMITH Sarah Wife M 19   Mexborough 11b
116 10 Providence St. PARKER Arthur Thompson Head M 28 Painter & Paperhanger Stanningley 11b
    PARKER Mary Wife M 26   Bradford 11b
    PARKER William Son   11m   Farsley 11b
117 8 Providence St. PATCHETT Joseph Head M 36 Ironworks Lab. Stanningley 11b
    PATCHETT Mary Wife M 35   Windhill 11b
    PATCHETT Herbert Son   11 Scholar Windhill 11b
    PATCHETT Henrietta Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 11b
    PATCHETT Willie Son   3   Farsley 11b
    PATCHETT Luke son   2   Farsley 11b
118 6 Providence St. RHODES Joseph Head M 74 Retired Clothier Pudsey 11b
    RHODES Esther Wife M 64   Farsley 11b
    RHODES Fountain son S 39 Woolsorter Farsley 11b
119 4 Providence St. STEVENS Sarah Ann Head W 57 Monthly Nurse Bramley 11b
    STEVENS David son S 31 Stone mason Farsley 11b
120 2 Providence St. SMALES John Edward Head M 21 Iron Moulder Stanningley 11b
    SMALES Alice Wife M 21   Armley 11b
121 1 Gilbert St BARRETT Alfred Head M 48 Joiner Calverley 12a
    BARRETT Martha Wife M 47 Weaver in Cloth mill Horsforth 12a
    BARRETT Emma Dau S 23 Spinner Cloth Mill Horsforth 12a
    BARRETT Sarah Jane Dau S 20 Weaver in Cloth mill Rodley 12a
122 3 Gilbert St. FIRTH Amelia Head W 43 mangler Farsley 12a
123 5 Gilbert St. WILSON John Head M 62 Woollen Cloth Weaver Bramley 12a
    WILSON Ann Wife M 53   Hanley 12a
    WORTH Henrietta m in l W 89 On own means Lofthouse 12a
124 7 Gilbert St. FOWLER Arthur Head M 28 Ironworks Lab. Stanningley 12a
    FOWLER Elizabeth Wife M 26   Stanningley 12a
    FOWLER Herbert Son   2   Farsley 12a
125 9 Gilbert St. HUSTLER John Head W 39 Lab. Ironworks Calverley 12a
126 11 Gilbert St. HODGSON John Hy Head M 23 Stone mason's Lab. Stillweston 12a
    HODGSON Ellen Elizabeth Wife M 22   WOR Chaddesley 12a
    HODGSON John Ralph Snowden Son   3   Farsley 12a
    HODGSON Gertrude Annie Dau   1   Farsley 12a
127 12 Gilbert St. JOHNSON David Head M 52 Retired Waste Dealer Farsley 12a
    JOHNSON Ruth Wife M 51   Farsley 12a
    JOHNSON Annie Dau S 23   Farsley 12a
    HUSTLER Francis niece   8 Scholar Scotland 12a
128 6 Gilbert St. WADE James Harry Head M 39 Joiner on Railway Farsley 12a
    WADE Emma Wife M 36   Calverley 12a
    WADE William Edward Son   13 Mule Piecer Worsted Mill Calverley 12a
    WADE Sarah Ellen Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 12a
    WADE Fred Son   6 Scholar Farsley 12a
    WADE Alice Dau   1   Farsley 12a
129 4 Gilbert St. SETTLE James Head M 59 Brewery Book keeper Bradford 12a
    SETTLE Elizabeth Wife M 58   Leeds 12a
    SETTLE John Henry R Son S 26 Steam Engine Fitter Idle 12a
    SETTLE Clara Ida Dau S 25 Dressmaker Shipley 12a
    SETTLE Joseph Thomas Son S 23 Mechanic Iron Turner Shipley 12a
    SETTLE Florence A Dau   19 Dressmakers Assistant Farsley 12b
    SUTCLIFFE Edgar Lodg   11 Scholar Leeds 12b
130 2 Gilbert St SMITH William Head M 37 Butcher Calverley 12b
    SMITH Elizabeth Wife M 39 Confectioner Farsley 12b
    SMITH Percy Son   11 Scholar Farsley 12b
    WALTON Hannah m in l W 70   Farsley 12b
    WALTON Louisa s in l S 35 Weaver in Worsted Mill Farsley 12b
131 7 Frances St SMITH Benjamin Head M 54 Cord Cleaner in Cloth Mill Farsley 12b
    SMITH Elizabeth Wife M 48 Weaver Stanningley 12b
132 9 Frances St. BENTLEY John Head M 29 Joiner Stanningley 12b
    BENTLEY Annie Wife M 29   Huddersfield 12b
    BENTLEY Leonard son   5   Farsley 12b
    BENTLEY Frank son   3   Farsley 12b
    BENTLEY Sam son   4m   Farsley 12b
133 2 Donald St BENSON Benjamin O Head M 37 Grocer Farsley 12b
    BENSON Alma Wife M 36   Farsley 12b
    BENSON James O son   7 Scholar Farsley 12b
    BENSON John O Son   5 Scholar Farsley 12b
    BENSON Benjamin O Son   3 Scholar Farsley 12b
134 4 Donald St. WILLIAMS John Head M 31 Barley maker LAN Speke 12b
    WILLIAMS Mary Jane Wife M 31   LAN Woolton 12b
    WILLIAMS Llewellyn Son   8 Scholar Stanningley 12b
    WILLIAMS Frederick George Son   4   Farsley 12b
    WILLIAMS Albert Edward Son   1   Farsley 12b
135 6 Donald St. WATERHOUSE Harry Head M 36 Ironworks Lab. Farsley 12b
    WATERHOUSE Alice Ann Wife M 30   Wakefield 12b
    WATERHOUSE Clara Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 12b
    WATERHOUSE James Son   5 Scholar Farsley 12b
136 8 Donald St. SUGDEN William Head M 34 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bagley 12b
    SUGDEN Martha A Wife M 33   Farsley 12b
    SUGDEN Henrietta Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 12b
    SUGDEN Willie Son   6 Scholar Farsley 13a
    SUGDEN Annie Dau   4   Farsley 13a
    SUGDEN George Hainsworth Son   1   Farsley 13a
    SANDERS Louisa Board   16 Mender in Cloth Mill Stanningley 13a
137 10 Donald St HAINSWORTH Samuel Head M 55 Warp Dresser Yeadon 13a
    HAINSWORTH Sarah Ann Wife M 52   Stanningley 13a
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth Dau   29 Weaver Stanningley 13a
    HAINSWORTH Edna Dau   23 Mender Farsley 13a
    SANDERS Joseph John Board S 72 Iron Moulder Pudsey 13a
    SANDERS Bella niece S 12 Scholar Farsley 13a
138 12 Donald St. WILSON Henry Head M 51 Joiner Heworth 13a
    WILSON Sarah Ann Wife M 45   York 13a
    RICHARDSON Flora step dau S 23 Mender in Worsted Mill Newcastle on Tyne 13a
    WILSON Laura Dau   17 Mender in Worsted Mill York 13a
    WILSON Henry Son   15 Joiner's App. Haworth 13a
    WILSON William Son   5   York 13a
139 14 Donald St. POUNCEY Alfred Head M 39 Ironworks Lab. Bradford 13a
    POUNCEY Evangline Wife M 37   Pudsey 13a
    POUNCEY Annie E Dau S 15 Spinner Worsted Mill Pudsey 13a
    POUNCEY Emily M Dau   13 Spinner Worsted Mill Pudsey 13a
    POUNCEY Pamelia Florence Dau   11 Spinner Worsted Mill Pudsey 13a
    POUNCEY Margaret Dau   8 Scholar Calverley 13a
    POUNCEY Rose Dau   7 Scholar Calverley 13a
    POUNCEY Ernest Son   3   Calverley 13a
    EMSLEY Ann m in l W 72   Pudsey 13a
    FIELD Florry Board S 15 Spinner Worsted Mill Bradford 13a
140 16 Donald St LUMBY William Head M 43 Wood Turner Pudsey 13a
    LUMBY Sarah Ann Wife M 42   Pudsey 13a
    LUMBY Charles Hy son   21 Ironworks Lab. Pudsey 13a
    LUMBY Arthur son   19 Lab. Woollen Mill Pudsey 13a
    LUMBY Fred son   16 Lab. Ironworks Pudsey 13a
    LUMBY Annie M Dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 13b
    LUMBY George Arnot son   9 Scholar Pudsey 13b
    LUMBY Harry son   4   Farsley 13b
141 5 Clara St. LUPTON Francis Head M 62 Lab. Ironworks Rawdon 13b
    LUPTON Mary H Wife M 48   Stanningley 13b
    GAUNT Squire William Son S 21 Lab. Ironworks Stanningley 13b
141 7 Clara St. WALKER Daniel Head M 26 Lab. Ironworks Farsley 13b
    WALKER Eliza Wife M 25   Calverley 13b
    WALKER Albert Son   5 Scholar Farsley 13b
    WALKER Annie Dau   3   Farsley 13b
    WALKER William Son   1   Farsley 13b
142 9 Clara St. RILEY Tom H Head M 30 Stationary Engine Driver Stanningley 13b
    RILEY Ada Wife M 30   Woodhouse 13b
    RILEY John W Son   7 Scholar Farsley 13b
    RILEY Alice Dau   5 Scholar Farsley 13b
    RILEY Fred Lonsdale Son   1   Farsley 13b
143 11 Clara St. SMALES David Head M 35 Lab. Ironworks Farsley 13b
    SMALES Christania Wife M 36 Drawer in Worsted Mill Tong 13b
    HUDSON James W Adopt   5   Barnsley 13b
144 13 Clara St. DAWSON John Wm Head M 36 Lab. Ironworks Farsley 13b
    DAWSON Ann Wife M 29   Selby 13b
    DAWSON Herbert Son   6 Scholar Farsley 13b
    DAWSON Edward Son   1   Stanningley 13b
145 15 Clara St. DOBSON William Head M 69 Warper Worsted Mill Rawdon 13b
    DOBSON Sarah Ann Wife M 44   Stanningley 13b
146 17 Clara St. ELLIS Walter Head M 41 Foreman Dyer Cloth Mill Huddersfield 13b
    ELLIS Jane Wife M 43   Huddersfield 13b
    COOPER Elizabeth m in l W 71   Slaithwaite 13b
    COOPER Walter Neph   5   Huddersfield 13b
147 19 Bertha St PARKINSON Henry Head M 66 Cloth Weaver Farsley 13b
    PARKINSON Sarah Wife M 64   Pudsey 13b
    PARKINSON Louis Dau S 38 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 14a
    PARKINSON Elias Son S 29 Joiner Master Farsley 14a
    PARKINSON Ada Dau S 22 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 14a
    BROOK John Lodg M 57 Beamer Cloth Mill Pudsey 14a
148 18 Bertha St HAINSWORTH David Head M 22 Plumber Farsley 14a
    HAINSWORTH Frances Wife M 24 Weaver Cloth Mill Bramley 14a
    HAINSWORTH John Edwin Son   11m   Bramley 14a
149 16 Clara St SOWDEN John Head M 74 Slater Barnsley 14a
    SOWDEN Ruth Wife M 26 Drawer Farsley 14a
150 14 Clara St. BROWN William Head M 41 Blacksmith's Lab. Stanningley 14a
    BROWN Lydia Wife M 30   Ossett 14a
    BROWN Lavinia Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 14a
    BROWN Clara Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 14a
    BROWN William Hy son   3   Farsley 14a
152 10 Clara St. WOOLFORD James Head M 29 Cartman Cloth Mill Shadwell 14a
    WOOLFORD Mary Elizabeth Wife M 28   NFK Ringland 14a
    WOOLFORD Ernest son   2   Farsley  
    COLDEN Henry J m in l   22 Lab. Ironworks NFK Ringland 14a
153 8 Clara St. THOMPSON John Head M 37 Wool Combing Overlooker Bradford 14a
    THOMPSON Mary Ann Wife M 30   Stanningley 14a
    THOMPSON Gertrude Dau   4   Farsley 14a
    THOMPSON George son   2   Farsley 14a
    THOMPSON Richard Son   7m   Farsley 14a
154 6 Clara St HAINSWORTH John Head M 32 Ironworks Turner Farsley 14a
    HAINSWORTH Emily Wife M 23   Oulton 14a
    HAINSWORTH Edwin Son   11 Scholar Farsley 14a
    HAINSWORTH Turner Son   8 Scholar Farsley 14a
    HAINSWORTH Hannah H Dau   2   Farsley 14a
    HARRISON Edith s in l S 17 Cord Mending Cloth Mill Oulton 14a
155 4 Clara St. FARRAR James Head M 37 Iron Moulder Farsley 14a
    FARRAR Martha Ann Wife M 36   Rodley 14a
    FARRAR Herbert H Son   12 Scholar Farsley 14b
    FARRAR Fred Son   8   Farsley 14b
    FARRAR Harry Son   4   AUST Brisbane 14b
    FARRAR Austral C Son   1   AUST Brisbane 14b
156 2 Clara St MANN Joseph Wm Head M 41 Fuller in Cloth Mill Bramley 14b
    MANN Martha Wife M 36   Bramley 14b
    MANN Edith Ann Dau   10 Scholar Bramley 14b
    MANN Bertha Dau   8 Scholar Bramley 14b
    MANN Granville Son   4 Scholar Pudsey 14b
    MANN John Nelson Son   4 Scholar Farsley 14b
    MANN Andrew Son   1m   Farsley 14b
157 1 Bertha St PARKINSON James Head M 78 Retired Cloth Weaver Farsley 14b
    PARKINSON Nancy Wife M 73   Stanningley 14b
158 3 Bertha St AMBLER Martha Head W 74   Stanningley 14b
    AMBLER John Son S 30 Weaver Cloth Mill Stanningley 14b
159 13 Bertha St. RAISTRICK Oliver Head M 31 Spinner Cloth Mill Pudsey 14b
    RAISTRICK Sarah Wife M 29 Drawer Cloth Mill Stanningley 14b
160 5 Bertha St. BALES Elizabeth Head S 51 Knotter Worsted Mill Armley 14b
    BALES Eliza Sis S 49 Mender Worsted Mill Armley 14b
161 9 Bertha St. TURNER Alfred Head M 25 Warper Worsted Mill Pudsey 14b
    TURNER Ruth Wife M 28   Bradford 14b
    TURNER Sarah Beaumont Dau   11m   Farsley 14b
162 11 Bertha St. HARDMAN Fred Head M 26 Finisher ? Cloth Mill Farsley 14b
    HARDMAN Annie Wife M 23 Weaver Worsted Mill Stanningley 14b
163 15 Bertha St. COATES Joseph Head M 24 Tramway Engine Fitter Stanningley 14b
    COATES Harriett Ellen Wife M 24 Twister Worsted Mill Stanningley 14b
164 27 Bertha St. HAINSWORTH Reuben Head M 34 Yeast Dealer Brew Farsley 14b
    HAINSWORTH Susannah Wife M 26   Bradford 14b
    HAINSWORTH Alfred A son   8 Scholar Halifax 14b
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth Dau   5 Scholar Farsley 15a
    YEADON Richard Board S 21 Coachman Domestic Groom Bramley 15a
165 29 Bertha St. PEARSON John Wm Head M 44 Warper Worsted Mill Farsley 15a
    PEARSON Hannah Wife M 43   Farsley 15a
    PEARSON Alice Dau S 20 Mender Worsted Mill Farsley 15a
    PEARSON Agnes Dau   17 Mender Worsted Mill Farsley 15a
    PEARSON Jonathan son   11 Scholar Farsley 15a
166 26 Bertha St BUSFIELD Matthew Head M 28 Bob presser Farsley 15a
    BUSFIELD Selina Wife M 28   Farsley 15a
    BUSFIELD Ernest son   2   Farsley 15a
167 24 Bertha St WATKINSON Popple Head M 44 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 15a
    WATKINSON Martha Wife M 47   Farsley 15a
168 22 Bertha St GARTH John Head M 60 Bricklayer Woodhouse 15a
    GARTH Mary Ann Wife M 55   Leeds 15a
169 20 Bertha St RAYNER Elizabeth Head W 52 On own means Farsley 15a
    RAYNER John Son S 17 Twister Woollen Mill Farsley 15a
    RAYNER Tim Son   14 Heft Lad Woollen Mill Farsley 15a
    HAINSWORTH Sam Lodg S 24 Top packs Woollen Mill Farsley 15a
170 18 Bertha St HARDMAN James Head M 64 Lab. Ironworks LAN Dolphinhome 15a
    HARDMAN Mary H Wife M 61 Charwoman Stanningley 15a
    KEIGHLEY Joseph W Board S 22 Stationary Engine Foreman Farsley 15a
171 16 Bertha St MORTON Benjamin Head M 44 Presser Cloth Mill Holbeck 15a
    MORTON Emily Wife M 45   GERM Hanover 15a
    MORTON James Henry Son   15 Finisher Cloth Mill Holbeck 15a
    MORTON Hannah Dorette Dau   12 Millhand Cloth Mill Hunslet 15a
    MORTON William Son   10 Millhand Cloth Mill Hunslet 15a
172 14 Bertha St. CROFT Moses Head M 51   Farsley 15a
    CROFT Martha R Wife M 52   Wortley 15a
    CROFT Hannah M Dau S 24 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 15a
    CROFT Amy Dau   22 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 15a
    CROFT Allan W Son   19 Heft Lad Woollen Mill Farsley 15a
    CROFT Herbert Lockwood Son   16 Iron moulder App Farsley 15b
    CROFT Minnie Dau   14 Spinner Worsted Mill Farsley 15b
173 3 Arthur St WILSON Daniel Head M 44 Cloth Merchant Stanningley 15b
    WILSON Martha Ann Wife M 42   Farsley 15b
    WILSON Annie Dau S 22 Picking Cloth Mill Farsley 15b
    WILSON James son   20 Cloth Warehouseman Farsley 15b
    WILSON Clara Dau   16 Dressmakers App Farsley 15b
    WILSON Leonard son   14 Errand Boy Cloth Warehouse Farsley 15b
    WILSON Harold son   10 Scholar Farsley 15b
    WILSON Fred son   6 Scholar Farsley 15b
    WILSON Percy son   3   Farsley 15b
174 1 Arthur St HAINSWORTH Jabez Head M 65 Waste & Wool Warehouseman Farsley 15b
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth Wife M 66   Farsley 15b
    HAINSWORTH Joseph son S 29 Waste & Wool Warehouseman Farsley 15b
    HARDISTY Hollings s in l M 41 Ironworks Turner Farsley 15b
    HARDISTY Sarah Dau M 38   Farsley 15b
    HARDISTY Hainsworth Gson   11   Farsley 15b
175 7 Arthur St KNAPTON Tom Head M 34 ? Smith Boiler Wks Bramley 15b
    KNAPTON Martha Wife M 36   Pudsey 15b
    KNAPTON Rowland Murgatroyd Son   9 Scholar Farsley 15b
    KNAPTON Esther Ann Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 15b
    KNAPTON Granville Murgatroyd Son   3   Farsley 15b
    KNAPTON Violetta Janet Dau   1   Farsley 15b
176 9 Arthur St SHAW Elizabeth Head M 52   Farsley 15b
    SHAW Nathaniel Son S 22 Beamer Cloth Mill Huddersfield 15b
    SHAW Mary E Dau S 20 Weaver Cloth Mill Huddersfield 15b
    SHAW Jane Ann Dau   18 Weaver Cloth Mill Huddersfield 15b
    SHAW Joseph Son   16 Heft Lad Cloth Mill Huddersfield 15b
    SHAW John Ed Son   12 Heft Lad Cloth Mill Farsley 15b
177 11 Arthur St WHEATLEY William Head M 34 Warper Cloth Mill Eccleshill 15b
    WHEATLEY Sarah Wife M 32   Calverley 15b
    WHEATLEY Benjamin Harold Son   6 Scholar Calverley 16a
    WHEATLEY Albert Son   3   Calverley 16a
    WHEATLEY Ernest Son   2   Calverley 16a
    WHEATLEY Leonard Son   6m   Farsley 16a
178 13 Arthur St. BROOKS John Head M 36 Iron moulder Pudsey 16a
    BROOKS Sarah Wife M 38   Pudsey 16a
    BROOKS Martha Dau S 19 Spinner Worsted Mill Calverley 16a
179 15 Arthur St GEMMELL William Head M 48 Railway Plate Lab. Scotland 16a
    GEMMELL Kate Wife M 46   SUFF Nortingwith? 16a
180 17 Arthur St BOYES Judith Head W 72 Living on own Means Brighouse 16a
181 19 Arthur St KEIGHLEY William Head M 43 Auctioneer Farsley 16a
    KEIGHLEY Alice Wife M 41   Stanningley 16a
    KEIGHLEY Albert Son   16 Boiler Makers App Farsley 16a
    KEIGHLEY Ada Dau   14 Spinner Worsted Mill Farsley 16a
    KEIGHLEY Thomas Son   11 Millhand Worsted Mill Farsley 16a
182 16 Arthur St MURGATROYD Rodger Head M 36 Overlooker Worsted Mill Bingley 16a
    MURGATROYD Sarah Wife M 31   Haworth 16a
    MURGATROYD Mary Dau   5 Scholar Bradford 16a
    MURGATROYD Albert Son   2   Bradford 16a
    MURGATROYD Eva Dau   1   Bradford 16a
183 11 Arthur St STRICKLAND William Head M 30 Overlooker Worsted Mill Calverley 16a
    STRICKLAND Ann Wife M 28   Calverley 16a
    STRICKLAND Joseph L Son   2   Calverley 16a
184 9 Arthur St HAINSWORTH Mary Head W 70   Stanningley 16a
    HAINSWORTH Hannah Dau S 47 Weaver in Worsted Mill Farsley 16a
    HAINSWORTH John Ed Son M 40 Piece Taker in Worsted Mill Farsley 16a
    HAINSWORTH Eliza Dau S 38 Weaver in Worsted Mill Farsley 16a
185 14 Arthur St. PROCTOR Richard Head M 36 Overlooker Worsted Mill Calverley 16a
    PROCTOR Rhoda Wife M 38   Calverley 16a
    PROCTOR Alice Mary Dau   15 Knotter Worsted Mill Calverley 16a
    WILSON Annie Board S 26 Mender Worsted Mill Leeds 16a
186 12 Arthur St WEBSTER Jonathan Head M 51 Baker Guideley 16b
    WEBSTER Mary Wife M 48   Calverley 16b
187 8 Arthur St SCOTT Walter Head M 30 Tailor Pudsey 16b
    SCOTT Martha Wife M 31   Farsley 16b
    SCOTT Arthur Son   4   Farsley 16b
    SCOTT Leonard Son   2   Farsley 16b
188 6 Arthur St OVEREND Martha Head W 73 Grocer Calverley 16b
    OVEREND Bertha Gdau   9 Scholar Leeds 16b
189 1 Arthur Terrace COATES William Head M 39 Tailor Farsley 16b
    COATES Sarah Wife M 38   Farsley 16b
    COATES Walter son   11 Telegraph Boy & Scholar Farsley 16b
    COATES Hilda Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 16b
    COATES Alan son   6 Scholar Farsley 16b
190 3 Arthur Terrace SELBY Richard Watson Head W 36 Warehouseman Worsted Mill Armley 16b
    ISLES Bertha step dau S 23 Weaver Farsley 16b
    SELBY James Arthur Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 16b
    ISLES Ernest step son   2   Dewsbury 16b
191 New St (Rose Bank Cottage) JOHNSON Benjamin Head M 47 Woollen Manufacturer Farsley 16b
    JOHNSON Elizabeth Wife M 44   Rodley 16b
    JOHNSON Edith Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 16b
    JOHNSON Ann Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 16b
    JOHNSON Hilda Mary Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 16b
    WATKINSON Ann Elizabeth Serv S 20 General Serv Sandal 16b
192 Prospect St JOHNSON Richard Head S 27 Butcher & grist Miller Farsley 16b
    JOHNSON Charles Bro S 23   Farsley 16b
    JOHNSON Zillah Moth M 62   Farsley 16b
193 Prospect St TOWNEND Herbert Head S 30 Overlooker Worsted Mill Shelf? 16b
194 Prospect St KEIGHLEY Sarah Head W 72 Living on own Means Farsley 16b
    FISH Annie Lodg M 42 Weaver Woollen Mill Gildersome 16b
    NORMANTON Ann Lodg S 30 Weaver Woollen Mill Halifax 16b
195 25 Prospect St KEIGHLEY Samuel Head M 22 Mechanical Eng Fitter Farsley 16b
    KEIGHLEY Mary Ann Wife M 22   LINC Helpstone? 17a
196 27 Prospect St. SYKES Elizabeth E Head W 57 Burler Cloth Mill Kirkstail 17a
    SYKES John Son S 25 Overlooker Cloth Mill Rodley 17a
    SYKES Fred Gson   10 Doffer Cloth Mill Farsley 17a
197 29 Prospect St MARSHALL William Head M 46 Coal Agent Farsley 17a
    MARSHALL Ann Wife M 45 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 17a
    MARSHALL Joseph Son S 21 Overlooker Cloth Mill Farsley 17a
198 31 Prospect St AMBLER Elizabeth Head M 48   Pudsey 17a
    AMBLER Martha A Dau S 24 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 17a
    AMBLER Hannah Dau S 23 Mender Cloth Mil Farsley 17a
    AMBLER Ruth Dau S 20 Mender Cloth Mil Farsley 17a
    AMBLER Mary Ann Dau S 18 Spinner Cloth Mill Farsley 17a
    AMBLER Benjamin Son   15 Bobbin Sorter Cloth Mill Farsley 17a
199 33 Prospect St FORREST Sarah Head W 69   Farsley 17a
    FORREST Julia Dau S 32 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 17a
    FORREST Dora Dau S 26 Mender Cloth Mil Farsley 17a
200 35 Prospect St. BUSFIELD Charles Head M 35 Overlooker Cloth Mill Farsley 17a
    BUSFIELD Harriett Wife M 35   Farsley 17a
    BUSFIELD Herbert Son   9 Scholar Farsley 17a
    BUSFIELD Leonard Son   8 Scholar Farsley 17a
201 37 Prospect St. ROBBINS Frederick Head M 39 Model Maker WIL Melksham 17a
    ROBBINS Lucy Wife M 38   WIL Melksham 17a
    ROBBINS Osborne John Son   16 Model Makers App Bradford 17a
    ROBBINS Arthur Son   14 Engineer Draughtsman App Bradford 17a
    ROBBINS Herbert Son   10 Scholar Bradford 17a
    ROBBINS Ricarda Son   8 Scholar Bradford 17a
    ROBBINS Leonard Son   5 Scholar Bradford 17a
202 39 Prospect St TURNER Sarah Head W 56   Stanningley 17a
    TURNER Mary Ann Dau S 30 Weaver Worsted Mill Pudsey 17a
    TURNER Jane Dau S 21 Weaver Worsted Mill Stanningley 17a
203 45 Prospect St CLARKSON Eliza Head W 59   Calverley 17a
    CLARKSON Ellen Dau S 35 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 17b
204 43 Prospect St HOLLINGS Mary Hannah Head W 75 Retired Grocer Bramley 17b
    MARSHALL Jonathan David s in l M 36 Worsted Manufacturers Clerk Farsley 17b
    MARSHALL Annie Dau M 34   Farsley 17b
205 41 Prospect St OWSTON Emma Head S 50 Living on own Means Calverley 17b
    OWSTON Martha Sis S 46 Dressmaker Calverley 17b
    OWSTON Ruth Annie Niece   26 Mender Worsted Mill Bradford 17b
    OWSTON Sarah Alice Niece   23 Mender Worsted Mill Bradford 17b
    OWSTON John Charles Neph   21 Barkers Assistant Bradford 17b
206 34 Prospect St CAWSON John Mitchell Head M 22 Goods Clerk, Railway Farsley 17b
    CAWSON Annie F Wife M 22   Castleford 17b
    CAWSON Louie Dau   1   Farsley 17b
207 36 Prospect St ARMITAGE Jonathan Head M 47 Stationary Engine Driver Pudsey 17b
    ARMITAGE Annie Wife M 46   Farsley 17b
    ARMITAGE Benjamin Keighley Son S 18 Factory Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 17b
    ARMITAGE Walter Son S 15 Factory Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 17b
    ARMITAGE Lilly Dau   11 Scholar Farsley 17b
    ARMITAGE Ned Son   7 Scholar Farsley 17b
208 47 Prospect St WADE Peter Head W 70 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 17b
    WADE Henry Son S 39 Warp Dresser Woollen Mill Farsley 17b
    WADE Mary H Dau S 34   Farsley 17b
209 38 Prospect St BERRY Esther Head W 71 Living on own Means Farsley 17b
210 40 Prospect St ROBINSON William Head M 58 Carrier Knaresborough 17b
    ROBINSON Elizabeth Wife M 54   Marston 17b
211   RHODES John Head M 38 Stone Mason Borough Bridge 17b
    RHODES Annie Lavinia Wife M 30   Humpton? 17b
    RHODES John Wm Son   9 Scholar Farsley 17b
    RHODES Emily Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 17b
    RHODES Florence Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 17b
    RHODES Ethel Dau   2   Farsley 17b
212 42 Prospect St BARRAN John Head M 38 Stationary Engine Stoker Farsley 17b
    BARRAN Sarah Wife M 41   Farsley 18a
    BARRAN Harry step son?   14 Weft Boy Worsted Mill Farsley 18a
    BARRAN Lilly Dau   1   Farsley 18a
213 53 Prospect St BUSFIELD Israel Head M 30 Percher Farsley 18a
    BUSFIELD Rhoda Wife M 32   Farsley 18a
    BUSFIELD Morris Son   2   Farsley 18a
214 55 Prospect St LAYCOCK Ed. Head M 23 Stone Mason Farsley 18a
    LAYCOCK Martha Wife M 24   DUR Darlington 18a
    LAYCOCK Joseph Wm Son   1   Farsley 18a
215 44 Prospect St HAINSWORTH Fred Head M 26 Overlooker Worsted Mill Farsley 18a
    HAINSWORTH Eva Wife M 25   Farsley 18a
    HAINSWORTH Edith Dau   3m   Farsley 18a
215 46 Prospect St BUSFIELD Thomas F Head M 53 Spinner Woollen Mill Leeds 18a
    BUSFIELD Sarah Wife M 54   Farsley 18a
    BUSFIELD Rebecca Dau S 25 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 18a
    BUSFIELD Sarah Dau S 21 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 18a
    BUSFIELD William Son   18 Iron Moulder Farsley 18a
    BUSFIELD Thomas Farrer Son   16   Farsley 18a
    BUSFIELD Joanna Dau   14   Farsley 18a
217 4 Prospect St LEE James Head M 63 Caretaker Weslyan Chapel Farsley 18a
    LEE Ruth Wife M 57   Halifax 18a
    LEE Sarah Dau S 25 Burler Worsted Mill Pudsey 18a
    LEE Annie Dau S 23 Mender Worsted Mill Pudsey 18a
    LEE E? Dau S 21 Weaver Worsted Mill Pudsey 18a
    LEE Minnie Dau S 19 Burler Worsted Mill Pudsey 18a
    LEE Mitchell Son S 17 Iron Fixture Fitter Pudsey 18a
    LEE Lilly Dau   15 Weaver Worsted Mill Pudsey 18a
218 50 Prospect St. WATERHOUSE Jeremiah W Head M 26 Iron Moulder Farsley 18a
    WATERHOUSE Lucilla Wife M 24   Farsley 18a
    WATERHOUSE Herbert Allan Son   8m   Farsley 18a
219 59 Prospect St CLARK George Head M 51 Carter LIN ? 18a
    CLARK Ann Wife M 49   NOT South Laverton 18b
    SMITH Ada Kate Niece   15 Weaver Worsted Mill LIN Hepworth 18b
    COULING Ted Board S 24 Lab. Ironworks LIN Rauceby 18b
220 63 Prospect St WATERHOUSE Charles Head M 58 Lab. Ironworks Horsforth 18b
    WATERHOUSE Ellen Wife M 56   Horsforth 18b
    WATERHOUSE Lily Dau S 21 Creal Knitter Farsley 18b
    WATERHOUSE Emma Dau   18 Mender Worsted Mill Farsley 18b
221 10 Prospect Terr. ISLES Jonathan Head M 58 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 18b
    ISLES Sarah Wife M 59   Horsforth 18b
    ISLES Eliza Dau S 26 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 18b
    ISLES John Wm son S 24 Overlooker Worsted Mill Farsley 18b
    ISLES Polly Dau S 19 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 18b
    ISLES Agnes Dau   16 Mender Worsted Mill Farsley 18b
222 9 Prospect Terr HAINSWORTH Joseph Head M 57 Woolsorter Farsley 18b
    HAINSWORTH Ann Wife M 52   Pateley Bridge 18b
    HAINSWORTH Martha Ann Dau   14 Weaver Worsted Mill Kirkstall 18b
223 5 Prospect Terr ABEL Robert Head M 44 Boiler Maker Foreman LAN Liverpool 18b
    ABEL Sarah Ann Wife M 52   Ingrow 18b
    ABEL Lucy Dau   20   LAN Liverpool 18b
    ABEL Alexander Son   20 Boiler Makers App LAN Liverpool 18b
    ABEL George Son   17 Boiler Makers App LAN Garston 18b
224 8 Prospect Terr COULSON Stead Head M 30 Iron Moulder Stanningley 18b
    COULSON Rhoda Wife M 31   Farsley 18b
    COULSON Florence Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 18b
    COULSON Bertha Dau   4   Stanningley 18b
    COULSON Edith Dau   1   Farsley 18b
225 7 Prospect Terr BLACKBURN Elizabeth Head M 41 Mender Worsted Mill Stanningley 18b
    BARNES Thomas Bro S 34 Woolsorter Stanningley 18b
    BARNES Sarah H Sis S 30   Stanningley 18b
    BLACKBURN Mary Alice Dau   18 Mender Worsted Mill Stanningley 18b
    BLACKBURN Raymond Barnes Son   16 IronWorks Clerk Stanningley 18b
226 6 Prospect Terr ACKROYD Annabella Head M 24   Bramley 19a
    ACKROYD Mabel Dau   3   Farsley 19a
    ACKROYD Elsie Dau   3m   Farsley 19a
227 3 Prospect Terr HAINSWORTH Matthew Head M 53 Retired Publican Farsley 19a
    HAINSWORTH Emma Wife M 57   Leeds 19a
    MUSGRAVE Sarah step dau   20 Assists at home Stanningley 19a
    HAINSWORTH Sherman W Son   11   Farsley 19a
    HUTCHINSON Elizabeth Cousin S 50   Bramley 19a
228 4 Prospect Terr GILL John Ed Head M 44 Engineer Draughtsman Bowling York 19a
    GILL Hannah Wife M 46   Farsley 19a
    GILL Frances Ann Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 19a
    GILL David Reuben Son   10 Scholar Farsley 19a
    GILL Arthur Son   8 Scholar Farsley 19a
    GILL Harry Son   5   Farsley 19a
    GILL Clara Dau   1   Farsley 19a
229 2 Prospect Terr WHITE Henry Able Head M 30 Railway Booking Clerk LIN ?shon 19a
    WHITE Ada Wife M 27   Halifax 19a
    WHITE Martha Lillian Dau   1   Farsley 19a
230 1 Prospect Terr FOWLER Judd Head M 56 Railway Engineers Clerk NFK Keating? 19a
    FOWLER H/Nanny Wife M 56   Bradford 19a
    FOWLER Ann Sis S 68 Retired Grocer NFK Keating? 19a
231   POOLE John Wm Head W 33 Railway Machine Fitter Bradford 19a
    POOLE Gladys Dau   6 Scholar Bradford 19a
    POOLE Etty Dau   4   Bradford 19a
    POOLE George Hutchinson son   2   Farsley 19a
232 91 Town St. CROFT Samuel Head W 47 Grocer Farsley 19a
    CROFT Arthur son   13 Assistant Farsley 19a
    CROFT Esther Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 19a
    CROFT Harrold son   3   Farsley 19a
233 89 Town St. CRAVEN Michael Head M 62 Ironmonger Draper Farsley 19a
    CRAVEN Martha Wife M 68   Farsley 19a
    WATTS Amy Serv   18 General Serv Stanton 19b
234 1 Old Fold ROBERTS James Head S 75 Living on own Means Farsley 19b
235 2 Old Fold STEPHENSON William Head M 64 Coal Loader Bramley 19b
    STEPHENSON Denton Son S 22 Chip Merchant Stanningley 19b
    STEPHENSON James Son   20 Sawdust Merchant Stanningley 19b
236 3 Barton St BROOKSBANK Henry Head M 27 Boiler Maker Pudsey 19b
    BROOKSBANK Mary Ann Wife M 30 Burler Worsted Mill Rodley 19b
237 5 Barton St. MASKILL Joseph Wm Head M 32 Agricultural Lab. Barwick in Elmert 19b
    MASKILL Annie Wife M 33   Bedale 19b
    MASKILL John Wm Son   11 Spinner Worsted Mill Leeds 19b
    MASKILL Mabel Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 19b
    MASKILL Maud Dau   6 Scholar Eccleshill 19b
    MASKILL Annie Dau   5 Scholar Eccleshill 19b
    MASKILL Florence Dau   3   Eccleshill 19b
    MASKILL Louie Dau   1   Farsley 19b
    MYERS Mary Ellen Niece   16 Spinner Worsted Mill Barwick in Elmert 19b
238 7 Barton St BUSFIELD Wilfred Head M 32 Plasterer Farsley 19b
    BUSFIELD Mary Ann Wife M 32   Bradford 19b
    BUSFIELD Hilda Dau   4   Farsley 19b
239 9 Barton St BUSFIELD Sarah Head S 55 Living on own Means Farsley 19b
240 1 Rawson St APPLEYARD Martha Ann Head S 45 Burler Worsted Mill Farsley 19b
    APPLEYARD Judith Sis S 43 Nurse Domestic Farsley 19b
    APPLEYARD Emily Sis S 37 Dressmaker Farsley 19b
241 2 Rawson St FIELDHOUSE James Head W 64 Lab. Worsted Mill Horsforth 19b
242 3 Rawson St BARAND Charles Head M 37 Cow Keeper Bagley 19b
    BARAND Zillah Wife M 35   Farsley 19b
    BARAND James W Son   10 Scholar Farsley 19b
243 4 Rawson St SCOTT Peter Head S 52 Weaver Hand loom Stanningley 19b
244 5 Rawson St O'BRIAN Thomas Head M 47 Wooler Scourer Worsted Mill Farsley 19b
    O'BRIAN Hannah Wife M 53   Bramley 19b
    O'BRIAN Joseph Smith Son S 18 Iron Moulder Farsley 20a
    O'BRIAN Esther Dau   14 Spinner Worsted Mill Farsley 20a
    O'BRIAN James Scott Son   9 Scholar Farsley 20a
245 7 Rawson St WHARTON George Head M 52 Weaver Cloth Mill Calverley 20a
    WHARTON Sarah Wife M 51   Bramley 20a
    WHARTON Thomas son   14 Spinner Worsted Mill Bramley 20a
    WHARTON Harry son   11 Scholar Bramley 20a
    WHARTON George Lawson son   8 Scholar Bramley 20a
246 8 Rawson St SHRIVE Joseph Head M 58 Farm Lab. NTH Isham 20a
    SHRIVE Jane Wife M 56   NTH Burnwell 20a
    SHRIVE Frederick son   16 Grocer Assistant Acton 20a
    SHRIVE Julia Dau   19 Weaver Cloth Mill ?? Holme 20a
247 9 Rawson St SUNDERLAND Joseph Head M 72 Master Painter WIL Bradford 20a
    SUNDERLAND Ann Wife M 60   Canal ,Doncaster 20a
248 87 Town St BATES John Head M 70 Warp Dresser Worsted Mill Overton 20a
    BATES Martha Wife M 68   Bradford 20a
    SYKE Leah Dau M 35   Overton 20a
    SYKE Lily Gdau   7 Scholar Farsley 20a
249 83 Town St WALKER James Head M 52 Carter Farsley 20a
    WALKER Eliza Wife M 52   Bramley 20a
    WALKER Fred Son   22 Ironworks Lab. Farsley 20a
    WALKER George Son   20 Bootmaker Farsley 20a
    WALKER Elizabeth Ann Dau   18 Spinner Worsted Mill Farsley 20a
    WALKER Hetty Dau   13 Scholar Farsley 20a
    WALKER Mary Jane Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 20a
    WALKER Alice Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 20a
250 79 Town St BUSFIELD Samuel Head M 62 Stationer & News Agent Farsley 20a
    BUSFIELD Harriett Wife M 65   Farsley 20a
    BUSFIELD Martha Dau   25 Assists at home Farsley 20a
251 77 Town St WALKER John Head M 28 Boot & Shoe Maker Farsley 20a
    WALKER Mary Jane Wife M 31   Bagley Farsley 20b
    WALKER Agnes Dau   2   Bagley Farsley 20b
252 73 Town St OVINGTON James Head M 48 Grocer & Earhtenware Dealer Idle 20b
    OVINGTON Sarah Wife M 44   Farsley 20b
    HORN John f in l W 71   Farsley 20b
253 1 Gamble's Hill GILL Joshua Head M 29 Hairdresser Idle 20b
    GILL Charlotte Wife M 26   NTH Peterboro 20b
    GILL William Son   9d   Farsley 20b
    RICHARDS Sarah m in l W 52   LIN Ruckland? 20b
254 1 Back Lane MARSHALL Jonathan Head W 50 Licensed Victualler Farsley 20b
  (Old Hall Hotel) HUSTLER Alfred Visit M 63 Drivers Traveller? Yeadon 20b
    HUSTLER Margaret Visit M 51   Bradford 20b
    FLEMING Thomas F Lodg S 57 Farm Lab. LAN Liverpool 20b
255 2 Back Lane KITSON Sarah Head W 78   Bramley 20b
    KITSON Hannah Dau S 47 Heald Marker Farsley 20b
    KITSON Sarah Dau S 40 Heald Marker Farsley 20b
    KITSON Timothy Son S 35 Heald & read Maker Farsley 20b
256 3 Back Lane GRIMSHAW Alfred Head M 37 Warp Dresser Worsted Mill Rodley 20b
    GRIMSHAW Lilian Wife M 26   Rodley 20b
    GRIMSHAW Harriett Dau S 17 Mender Worsted Mill Farsley 20b
    GRIMSHAW Hayden Son S 15 Warp Dresser Worsted Mill Farsley 20b
    GRIMSHAW Harry Son   13 Spinner Worsted Mill Farsley 20b
    GRIMSHAW Alice Annette Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 20b
    GRIMSHAW Emily Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 20b
    GRIMSHAW Hugh son   6 Scholar Farsley 20b
257 4 Back lane BAKER Nanny Head W 69   Farsley 20b
    BAKER Emily Gdau S 21 Power Loom Weaver Calverley 20b
258 5 Back Lane HARRISON Walter H Head M 21 Grocer Assistant Tingley Common 20b
    HARRISON Clara Wife M 22   Farsley 20b
    ENGLAND Frances s in l S 17 Piece Maker Woollen Mill Farsley 20b
    WADE Mary s in l S 26 Drawer Farsley 20b
259 6 Back Lane HARDISTY John Head M 45 Chapel Keeper Rent & Debt Collector Farsley 21a
    HARDISTY Mary Oddy Wife M 42   Farsley 21a
    HARDISTY Sarah Ellen Dau S 22 Assistant Schoolmistress Farsley 21a
    HARDISTY Alice Dau   17 Mender Worsted Mill Farsley 21a
    HARDISTY Florence Dau   14   Farsley 21a
260 7 Back Lane BRETHERICK John Head M 46 Wheelwright Churwell 21a
    BRETHERICK Agnes Hannah Wife M 41   LAN Preston 21a
    BRETHERICK Eva Dau   15 Worsted mender Worsted Mill Farsley 21a
    WOODCOCK Oliver Lodg S 39 Overlooker Worsted Mill Birkenshaw 21a
    WOODCOCK Rowland Lodg M 33 Overlooker Worsted Mill Livesedge 21a
261 8 Back Lane CHILD Joseph Head M 42 Warp Dresser Worsted Mill Farsley 21a
    CHILD Nanny Wife M 34   Farsley 21a
    CHILD Harriett Ann Dau   6 Scholar Farsley 21a
    CHILD Bertha Alethia Dau   4   Farsley 21a
263 2 Turner's Yard GREAVES Abram Head M 50 Oak merchant Farsley 21a
    GREAVES Sarah Wife M 50   Rodley 21a
    GRIMSHAW Agnes Adopt Dau   4   Farsley 21a
264 3 Turner's Yard GRIMSHAW Betty Head W 80 Living on own Means Dudley Hill Bradford 21a
265 4 Turner's Yard KEIGHLEY Betty Head W 60   Farsley 21a
    KEIGHLEY Hannah Dau S 34 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 21a
    KEIGHLEY Sarah Dau S 32 Knotter Woollen Mill Farsley 21a
    WELLS John Wm Gson   3   Farsley 21a
266 Prospect House GAUNT Leonard Head M 32 Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Farsley 21a
    GAUNT Ruth Wife M 24   Stanningley 21a
    GAUNT Frederick Wm Son   5 Scholar Laisterdyke Bradford 21a
    GAUNT Hilda Dau   4   Farsley 21a
    GAUNT Emily Blanch Dau   3   Farsley 21a
    GAUNT John Charles Son   1   Farsley 21a
    GAUNT Mary Margaret Dau   1m   Farsley 21a
    OVEREND Jane m in l   50 Housekeeper Farsley 21a
    WALLER Emma Serv S 24 General Serv Domestic Woodhall Hills Calverley 21b
267 1 School St MARSHALL Amelia Head W 43   Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Israel Son S 21 Painter Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Charles Son   16 Dryer in Worsted Mill Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Alice Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Isaac Bro   48 Farm Lab. Farsley 21b
268 3 School St MARSHALL Samuel Head M 46 Lab. Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Eliza Wife M 45   Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Ann Elizabeth Dau S 23 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Clara Dau S 21 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Harry Son   17 Piecer Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Irwin son   15 Piecer Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Florry Dau   14 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Mary Dau   11 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Sarah Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Percy Son   5 Scholar Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL Ada Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 21b
    MARSHALL George Son   3 Scholar Farsley 21b
269 5 School St O'BRIAN Joseph Smith Head M 44 Lab. Worsted Mill Farsley 21b
    O'BRIAN Mary Ann Wife M 55   Halifax 21b
270 7 School St ISLES Benjamin Head S 67 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    ISLES Jane Sis S 78   Farsley 21b
    ISLES Priscilla Niece S 37 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
271 9 School St TAYLOR Charles Head M 58 Watchman Woollen Mill Knottingley 21b
    TAYLOR Ann Wife M 55   Northallerton 21b
    TAYLOR Charles Son S 19 Dryer in Worsted Mill Farsley 21b
    TAYLOR Lily Dau   16 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
    TAYLOR Alfred Son   16 Iron Moulder Farsley 21b
    TAYLOR Fanny England Dau   13 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 21b
272 11 School St GILL John Head M 26 Crane Makers Fitter Leeds 21b
    GILL Mary Wife M 26   Leeds 21b
    GILL Ellen Dau   1   Farsley 22a
    KENDALL William b in l S 24 Cloth Burler Cloth Mill Farsley 22a
    KENDALL Robert b in l S 15 Cloth Finisher Cloth Mill Farsley 22a
    KENDALL Ellen s in l S 21 Comber Cloth Mill Farsley 22a
    KENDALL Sarah Ann s in l   7 Scholar Farsley 22a
273 13 School St WAITE Hannah Head W 71   Stanningley 22a
    SMITH Elizabeth Dau M 30 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 22a
    SMITH Irwin s in l M 25 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 22a
    WAITE John Charles Son S 26 Turner Farsley 22a
    WAITE Lavinia Gdau S 21 Dressmaker Farsley 22a
274 Quarry Hill Ho. LANGLEY William Head M 40 Woolsorter Pudsey 22a
    LANGLEY Martha Wife M 40   Bramley 22a
    LANGLEY John Son   14 Clerk Woollen Mill Farsley 22a
    LANGLEY Alice Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 22a
    LANGLEY Sarah E Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 22a
    LANGLEY Harold Son   1   Farsley 22a
275 6 School St WELLS Arthur Edward Head M 24 Crane makers Lab. Farsley 22a
    WELLS Jane Wife M 24   Farsley 22a
    WELLS Ada Dau   1   Farsley 22a
276 4 School St KEIGHLEY John Head M 66 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 22a
    KEIGHLEY Mary Wife M 64 Burler Cloth Mill Farsley 22a
277 2 School St WRIGHT William Head M 42 Finisher Cloth Mill Woodhouse 22a
    WRIGHT Elizabeth Wife M 40   Woodhouse 22a
    WRIGHT Lily Dau   12 Scholar Woodhouse 22a
    WRIGHT Edith Dau   10 Scholar Woodhouse 22a
    WRIGHT William Son   8 Scholar Woodhouse 22a
    WRIGHT Gertrude Dau   5 Scholar Farsley 22a
    WRIGHT George Son   3   Farsley 22a
    WRIGHT Horace Son   1m   Farsley 22a
278 13 Hainsworth Sq. SUTCLIFFE William Head M 48 Dyer Woollen Mill Farsley 22a
    SUTCLIFFE Sabina Wife M 46   Farsley 22a
    SUTCLIFFE Maria Dau S 21 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 22b
    SUTCLIFFE Joseph Son S 20 Cabinet Makers App Farsley 22b
279 8 Hainsworth Sq IBBETSON Benjamin Head M 42 Cord Cleaner Woollen Mill Guiseley 22b
    IBBETSON Emily Wife M 33   Bradford 22b
    IBBETSON John W Son   14 Piecer Woollen Mill Farsley 22b
    IBBETSON Beatrice Dau   12 Doffer Woollen Mill Halifax 22b
    IBBETSON Mary Ann Dau   10 Doffer Woollen Mill Halifax 22b
    IBBETSON Frank H Son   7 Scholar Halifax 22b
    IBBETSON Arthur Son   1   Farsley 22b
280 7 Hainsworth Sq HAINSWORTH Joseph Head M 30 Overlooker Woollen Mill Farsley 22b
    HAINSWORTH Sarah Wife M 38   Farsley 22b
    JONES Harry step son   18 Lab. Ironworks Farsley 22b
    JONES Mary Ellen step dau   16 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 22b
    JONES Willie step son   13 Jobber Worsted Mill Farsley 22b
    HAINSWORTH Ada Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 22b
    HAINSWORTH Ernest Son   4 Scholar Farsley 22b
    HAINSWORTH Arthur Son   1   Farsley 22b
    HAINSWORTH Job Lodg W 51 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 22b
281 6 Hainsworth Sq KEIGHLEY Jacob Head W 42 Grainer Paperhanger Farsley 22b
    KEIGHLEY Lily Dau   15   LAN Blackpool 22b
    KEIGHLEY Amos Son   13 Mill Hand Worsted Mill LAN Blackpool 22b
    KEIGHLEY Ada Dau   12   LAN Blackpool 22b
    KEIGHLEY Fred Son   10 Scholar Farsley 22b
    KEIGHLEY Harry Son   5 Scholar Farsley 22b
282 5 Hainsworth Sq TURNER Joseph Head M 47 Fitter Mechanical Eng Farsley 22b
    TURNER Amy Wife M 48   Farsley 22b
    TURNER Thomas Procter Son   13 Mule Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 22b
    TURNER Emily Dau   11 Mule Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 22b
    TURNER Lydia Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 22b
283 1 Hainsworth Sq NOBLE Martha Head W 73 Receipt of Parish pay Farsley 22b
284 2 Hainsworth's Sq. COUPE Frank Head M 29 Cart Driver worsted Mill NTT ? 23a
    COUPE Annie Wife M 28   Bradford 23a
    COUPE Arthur Son   4   Bradford 23a
    COUPE Harry Son   2   Idle 23a
285 3 Hainsworth Sq NICHOLSON Charles Head W 64 Living on own Means Farsley 23a
    NICHOLSON Joseph Son S 30 Cloth Burler Cloth Mill Farsley 23a
286 4 Hainsworth Sq NORMANTON William Head M 62 Parish relief Shipley 23a
    NORMANTON Jane Wife M 76   LAN Failsworth 23a
287 16 Hainsworth Sq WALKER William Head M 49 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 23a
    WALKER Sarah Wife M 49 Burler Woollen Mill Farsley 23a
    WALKER Hannah Mary Dau S 25 Mender Woollen Mill Farsley 23a
    WALKER Johnson Son S 22 Lab. mechanical ?Works Farsley 23a
    WALKER Elizabeth Dau S 16 Mill Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 23a
    WALKER Maria Dau S 14 Mill Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 23a
    WALKER Alice Dau   11 Scholar Farsley 23a
    WALKER Emily Dau   10 Mill Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 23a
    WALKER Raymond Son   4   Farsley 23a
288 69 Town St WINTERBURN Sarah Head S 40 Grocer Confections Farsley 23a
    STRICKLAND Harry Neph S 25 Picker Cloth Mill Farsley 23a
    BROWN Rebecca Visit S 38 Housekeeper Farsley 23a
289 59 61 63 Town St BENTLEY George W Head M 37 Draper Leeds 23a
    BENTLEY Emily Wife M 38   Horsforth 23a
    BENTLEY Arthur Hodgson Son   10 Scholar Farsley 23a
    BENTLEY Joseph Harold Son   9 Scholar Farsley 23a
    BENTLEY Sydney George Son   7 Scholar Farsley 23a
    BENTLEY Alice Mary Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 23a
    BENTLEY Edith Margaret Niece   10 Scholar Rodley 23a
    FEARNLEY Maria Lodg   43 Dressmaker Bradford 23a
    MYERS Annie Son   20 General Serv Domestic Horsforth 23a
290 1 Wesley PEARSON Emanuel Head M 42 Butcher Farsley 23a
    PEARSON Elizabeth Wife M 39 Baker & Confectioner Farsley 23a
    PEARSON John Son   17 Engineer's - Draughtsman Farsley 23b
    PEARSON Emily Dau   14 Dressmaker App Farsley 23b
    PEARSON Bertha Dau   12 Scholar Farsley 23b
    PEARSON Arthur Son   4   Farsley 23b
    JOHNSON Walton Lodg M 34 Lab. Ironworks Engineer Farsley 23b
291 2 Wesley St DUFFIELD Margaret Head S 66 Burler Woollen Mill Farsley 23b
    DUFFIELD Christopher Bro W 59 Agent Woollen Cloth Farsley 23b
    DUFFIELD Ann Sis S 56 Burler Farsley 23b
    DUFFIELD Sarah Sis S 49 Mender Farsley 23b
    DUFFIELD Teresa Evelyn Niece   21 Teacher of Music Farsley 23b
292 7 Fewster's Yard CLAYTON John Head M 33 Greengrocer Bramley 23b
    CLAYTON Eden Wife M 29   Yeadon 23b
    CLAYTON James Son   7 Scholar Farsley 23b
    CLAYTON Harold son   6 Scholar Farsley 23b
    CLAYTON Hermann son   2   Farsley 23b
293 6 Fewster's Yard RICHARDSON William Head M 45 Tailor & Outfitter Calverley 23b
    RICHARDSON Mary Wife M 48   Wortley nr Sheffield 23b
    RICHARDSON George Edmund Son   14 Cloth Merchants App Burley Leeds 23b
    RICHARDSON Joseph Alex Son   13 Scholar Eccleshill 23b
    RICHARDSON William Scholey Son   10 Scholar Eccleshill 23b
    RICHARDSON Mary Elenor Dau   9 Scholar Eccleshill 23b
    RICHARDSON John Robert son   7 Scholar Calverley 23b
294 4 Fewster's Yard FEWSTER Maria Head W 58 Living on own Means Greengates Eccleshill 23b
295 3 Fewster's Yard KEIGHLEY Arthur Head M 31 Coal Merchant Rodley 23b
    KEIGHLEY Mary Elizabeth Wife M 25   Farsley 23b
    KEIGHLEY Florence Alberta Dau   4   Farsley 23b
    KEIGHLEY Edith Maud Dau   2   Farsley 23b
296 1 & 2 Fewster's Yard EXELBY Ann Head W 59   Haram (Harome) 23b
    EXELBY Mary Ellen Dau S 25 Weaver Worsted Mill Sherburn in Elmet 23b
    EXELBY George Son   21 Agricultural Lab. Sherburn in Elmet 23b
297 Town St 'Bay Horse' SWALLOW Luke Henry Head M 41 Licensed Victualler Huddersfield 23b
    SWALLOW Edna Wife M 38   Huddersfield 24a
    WESTERMAN Caroline Serv   18 General Serv Domestic Leeds 24a
    FOSTER Eliza Serv   18 General Serv Domestic Leeds 24a
298 5 Bay Horse Yard MARTIN George Head M 65 Agricultural Lab. ?..ness? 24a
    MARTIN Ann Wife M 55   Sutton 24a
    MARTIN Elizabeth Dau   18 Drawer Worsted Mill Farsley 24a
    MARTIN Thomas Son   14 Jobber Worsted Mill Farsley 24a
299 3 Bay Horse Yard RAMSDEN John Head M 52 Tape? Dealer Wortley Leeds 24a
    RAMSDEN Bella Wife M 23   Leeds 24a
    RAMSDEN Sarah Ann Dau   23 Dressmaker Stanningley 24a
    RYLEY Agnes Visit   8 Scholar Leeds 24a
    HUDSON Mary Ann Visit   8 Scholar Leeds 24a
300 1 Bay Horse Yard SUTCLIFFE Eliza Head W 40   Bradford 24a
    SUTCLIFFE Harry Son   18 Barber & Hairdresser Bradford 24a
    SUTCLIFFE Emily Dau   14 Factory Hand, ? Mill Farsley 24a
    SUTCLIFFE Herbert Son   12 Scholar Farsley 24a
    SUTCLIFFE Mary Ann Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 24a
301 1 Cockshott Hill CHILD Harriet Head W 73 Receiving Parish pay Farsley 24a
302 2 Cockshott Hill SMITH Ruth Ann Head W 35 Filler Worsted Mill Leeds 24a
    WRIGHT Isabella Lodg S 19 Weaver Worsted Mill York 24a
303 3 Cockshott Hill STEEL Joseph Head W 65 Agricultural Lab. Bardsey 24a
304 4 Cockshott Hill YEADON Joshua Head M 52 Willier Worsted Mill Stanningley 24a
    YEADON Eliza Wife M 38   Stanningley 24a
    YEADON Priscilla Dau S 16 Drawer Worsted Mill Farsley 24a
    YEADON Annie Dau   12 Spinner Worsted Mill Farsley 24a
    YEADON George Aaron Son   15m   Farsley 24a
305 5 Cockshott Hill WALLBANK John Head M 56 Cartman Popplington 24a
    WALLBANK Hannah Wife M 52   Bishop Thornton 24a
    WALLBANK Thomas Wm Son S 27 Carrier Worsted Mill Hartwell 24a
    WALLBANK Fryer Son   23 Farm Lab. Bishop Thornton 24a
    WALLBANK Alice Dau   19 Dressmaker Bishop Thornton 24a
    WALLBANK John Son   11 Scholar Farsley 24b
306 75 Town St COCKSHOTT James Head M 61 Grocer Butcher & Farmer Farsley 24b
    COCKSHOTT Ann Wife M 56   Bishop Thornton 24b
    COCKSHOTT Benjamin Baker Son S 25 Butcher Farsley 24b
    COCKSHOTT John Henry Son S 22 Butcher Farsley 24b
    COCKSHOTT Mary Ann Dau S 20   Farsley 24b
    COCKSHOTT Thomas Son   17 Scholar Farsley 24b
307 1 Baker's Hill POWELL Henry Head M 44 Bricklayer North Cave 24b
    POWELL Priscilla Wife M 39   Rodley 24b
    POWELL Lawrence son   12 Scholar Farsley 24b
    POWELL Harry Son   4   Farsley 24b
    CROFT Harriet Ann Niece S 18 Mill Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 24b
    CROFT James Wm Neph   15 Mill Hand Worsted Mill Farsley 24b
308 3 Barker's Hill LATHAM Ann Head W 77   Scotland 24b
    WAITE Jane Dau M 48   Halifax 24b
    WAITE Arthur Gson S 22 Wool washer Cloth mill Farsley 24b
    WAITE John Thomas Gson   8 Scholar Farsley 24b
309 4 Baker's Hill GRAY John Ed Head M 44 Painter & paper hanger Malton 24b
    GRAY Eleanor Wife M 44   Flockton 24b
310 3 Town St. (Commerce House) BOWMAN Thomas Elston Head M 42 Warper Howden 24b
    BOWMAN Lucy Wife M 39   Brighouse 24b
    BOWMAN Herbert Bottomley Son   17 H? App Lab Low Moor 24b
    BOWMAN Florence Gertrude Dau   15   Low Moor 24b
    BOWMAN John Edmund Son   13 Scholar Bradford 24b
    BOWMAN Mary Beatrice Dau   11 Scholar Bradford 24b
311 2 High St KEIGHLEY Archibald Head M 46 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 24b
    KEIGHLEY Mary H Wife M 43   Farsley 24b
    KEIGHLEY Albert Son   18 Piecer Woollen Mill Farsley 24b
    KEIGHLEY Martha Elizabeth Dau   12 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 25a
    KEIGHLEY Overend Percy son   10 Scholar Farsley 25a
    KEIGHLEY Maud Mary Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 25a
    KEIGHLEY Archie Son   3   Rodley 25a
312 4 High St. FENTON Joseph Head M 36 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 25a
    FENTON Ellen Wife M 40   Calverley 25a
    FENTON Ernest Son   13 Scholar Farsley 25a
    FENTON Clarice Dau   2   Farsley 25a
    FENTON Norman Son   9m   Farsley 25a
313 6 High St HARGREAVES Benjamin Musgreave Head W 52 Cord Cleaner Cloth Mill Farsley 25a
    CARTER Mary Elizabeth step dau S 30 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 25a
    HARGREAVES Ada Dau S 22 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 25a
    HARGREAVES Clara Dau   20 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 25a
314 8 High St WHARTON John Head M 47 beamer Cloth Mill DBY Conder Park 25a
    WHARTON Ann Wife M 45   DBY Conder Park 25a
    WHARTON Sarah Ann Dau S 21 Weaver Cloth Mill Rodley 25a
    WHARTON Harry Son   16 spinner Cloth Mill Rodley 25a
    WHARTON Amanda Dau   15 spinner Cloth Mill Rodley 25a
    WHARTON Herbert Son   12 Scholar Rodley 25a
315 10 High St WHITAKER John Head M 72 Market gardener Farsley 25a
    WHITAKER Sarah Ann Wife M 67   Stanningley 25a
    WHITAKER Ann Dau S 39 Drawer Worsted Mill Farsley 25a
    WHITAKER Sarah Dau S 33 Winder Worsted Mill Farsley 25a
    WHITAKER Joseph Son S 31 Tobacconist Farsley 25a
    WHITAKER Elizabeth Dau S 20 Mender Worsted Mill Farsley 25a
316 12 High St LAYCOCK Edward Head M 45 Blacksmith Farsley 25a
    LAYCOCK Elizabeth Wife M 46   Calverley 25a
    LAYCOCK Nanny Dau   19 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 25a
    LAYCOCK John Edward Son   5   Farsley 25a
    LAYCOCK James son W 24 Blacksmith Farsley 25a
    LAYCOCK Elizabeth Gdau   2   Farsley 25a
317 14 High St. STEAD Edward Head M 30 Wool comb fitter Woollen Mill Heaton 25b
    STEAD Emma Wife M 30   Manningham, Bradford 25b
    STEAD Alice Dau   10 Doffer Worsted Mill Allerton 25b
    STEAD Ralph Son   9 Scholar Allerton 25b
    STEAD Eliza Dau   7 Scholar Allerton 25b
    STEAD Annie Dau   5 Scholar Farsley 25b
    STEAD William Son   3 Scholar Farsley 25b
    STEAD Sydney Son   2   Farsley 25b
318 16 High St. DAWSON John Head M 42 Railway porter CHS Macclesfield 25b
    DAWSON Elizabeth Wife M 42   Almondbury 25b
    DAWSON Sarah Hannah Dau   18 Weaver Worsted Mill Almondbury 25b
    DAWSON Joseph Son   16 Piecer Worsted Mill Morley 25b
    DAWSON James Ogden Son   13 Finisher Worsted Mill Morley 25b
    DAWSON Harry Son   10 Doffer Worsted Mill Leeds 25b
319 18 High St HOLLINGS Ann Head W 56   York 25b
    HOLLINGS Mary Elizabeth Dau   28 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 25b
    HOLLINGS Jane Dau   22 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 25b
    HOLLINGS Nina Dau   22 Knotter Worsted mill Farsley 25b
    HOLLINGS Sarah Martha Dau   19 Knotter Worsted mill Farsley 25b
320 1 High St THORNTON Albert Head M 23 Lab. Ironworks Pudsey 25b
    THORNTON Hettie Wife M 20   Guiseley 25b
    THORNTON Whitfield Son   1   Farsley 25b
    THORNTON John William Bro S 25 Cloth Dyer Cloth Mill Pudsey 25b
321 3 High St BROADBENT James Head M 46 Wool washer Cloth mill Pudsey 25b
    BROADBENT Mary Ann Wife M 42   Yeadon 25b
    BROADBENT Mary Ellen Dau   19 Combing Worsted Mill Pudsey 25b
    BROADBENT Martha Dau   16 Drawer Worsted Mill Pudsey 25b
    BROADBENT Herbert Son   14 Winder Worsted Mill Stanningley 25b
    BROADBENT John Son   12 Scholar Farsley 25b
    BROADBENT Alfred Son   9 Scholar Farsley 25b
    BROADBENT Sophia Dau   5 Scholar Farsley 25b
322 9 High St. SCOTT Jeremiah Head M 51 Cotton Warp Dresser Yeadon 25Aa
    SCOTT Margaret Wife M 51   Farsley 25Aa
    SCOTT Rose Anna Dau S 27 Weaver Worsted Mill Yeadon 25Aa
    SCOTT Holdsworth Son   13 Doffer Worsted Mill Yeadon 25Aa
    SCOTT Lucilla Dau   11 Scholar Yeadon 25Aa
323 11 High St. ROYSTON William Hy Head M 39 Cloth Finisher Birchen Cliff 25Aa
    ROYSTON Sarah Wife M 36   Bul? 25Aa
    ROYSTON Annie Dau   11 Scholar Birchen Cliff 25Aa
    ROYSTON Edith Dau   9 Scholar Birchen Cliff 25Aa
    ROYSTON Bartle Henry Son   5 Scholar Farsley 25Aa
    ROYSTON Mary Lizzie Dau   3m   Farsley 25Aa
324 15 High St PROCTOR Thomas Head M 39 Green Grocer Farsley 25Aa
    PROCTOR Mary Wife M 38   Leeds 25Aa
    PROCTOR Arthur Son   15 Mill Hand Cloth Mill Bowling by York 25Aa
    PROCTOR Mary Elizabeth Dau   12 Mill Hand Cloth Mill Farsley 25Aa
    PROCTOR Emily Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 25Aa
    PROCTOR Maria Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 25Aa
    PROCTOR Herbert son   3   Farsley 25Aa
    PROCTOR Lawrence Son   11ms   Farsley 25Aa
    BROOK Elizabeth m in l W 53   Leeds 25Aa
325 17 High St PICKARD Frank Head M 30 Joiner & Grocer Farsley 25Aa
    PICKARD Agnes Wife M 30   Horsforth 25Aa
    PICKARD William Norman Son   5   Farsley 25Aa
    PICKARD Lilliam Dau   3   Farsley 25Aa
    PICKARD Maria Dau   4m   Farsley 25Aa
    DOCKRAY Agnes Niece   10 Scholar Horsforth 25Aa
326 19 High St. DOBSON Zillah Head W 54   Farsley 25Aa
    DOBSON Abraham Son S 24 Woolsorter Hanging Heaton 25Aa
    DOBSON Annie Dau S 21 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 25Aa
327 21 High St MARSHALL Abraham Fath W 82   Farsley 25Ab
    SYKES Brook Head M 36 Cloth Presser Woollen Mill Huddersfield 25Ab
    SYKES Elizabeth Wife M 27   LAN Liverpool 25Ab
    SYKES Agnes Ellen Dau   9 Scholar Milton 25Ab
    SYKES John Son   7 Scholar Farsley 25Ab
    SYKES Alfred Son   6 Scholar Farsley 25Ab
    DOYLE Francis Board S 19 Lab. Ironworks LAN Liverpool 25Ab
    DOYLE Thomas Board S 17 Lab. Market Gardener LAN Liverpool 25Ab
328 23 High St BARRON Joseph Head M 68 Willier Woollen Mill Farsley 25Ab
    BARRON Martha Jane Wife M 66   Armley 25Ab
    BARRON Samson Hargreaves Son S 20 Willier Woollen Mill Farsley 25Ab
    BARRON Samuel Son M 39 Bricklayer Farsley 25Ab
    THREAPLETON Mary step dau S 23 R? Wool Farsley 25Ab
    NEWSOME Alice Hannah Niece S 17 Dandy Minder Wool Marsden Moor Sheffield 25Ab
329 25 High St GRIMSHAW Nancy Head W 56   Batley 25Ab
    GRIMSHAW Fred Fieldhouse Son S 25 Shoemaker Batley 25Ab
    GRIMSHAW William Son S 21 Rag Mill Lab. Farsley 25Ab
    GRIMSHAW Eva Dau S 18 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 25Ab
330 27 High St WELLS John Head W 56 Cabinet Maker Farsley 25Ab
    WELLS Sarah Elizabeth Dau S 21   Farsley 25Ab
    WELLS Lydia Ann Dau   18 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 25Ab
    WELLS John Alfred Son   15 Wood Bobbin Turner Farsley 25Ab
331 29 High St. COATES Alfred Head M 30 Spinning Worsted Mill Farsley 25Ab
    COATES Sarah Wife M 28   Farsley 25Ab
    COATES Ernest Son   5   Farsley 25Ab
    COATES Sydney Son   4   Farsley 25Ab
    COATES Ada Dau   2   Farsley 25Ab
332 31 High St BUSFIELD Sarah Ann Head M 41 Weaver Woollen Mill WOR Dudley 25Ab
    BUSFIELD James Husb M 38 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 25Ab
    BUSFIELD Ruthetta Dau   13 Doffer Woollen Mill Farsley 25Ab
333 33 High St. TIDSWELL William Ryder Head W 50 Willier Woollen Mill Pudsey 25Ab
    TIDSWELL Ann Dau S 27 Weaver Woollen Mill Pudsey 26a
    TIDSWELL Lily step dau   5   Farsley 26a
334 1 Laurel Street BELLWOOD Ruth Head W 62   Rodley 26a
    BELLWOOD Emma Dau S 29 Weaver Woollen Mill Rodley 26a
335 3 Laurel St BOOCOCK Sarah Ann Head M 42 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 26a
    BOOCOCK Martha Dau   13 Spooler Woollen Mill Farsley  
    PEARSON James Head W 59 Living on own Means Farsley 26a
336 5 Laurel St CALVERT John s in l M 38 Teacher of Music Calverley 26a
    CALVERT Rebecca Dau M 36   Farsley 26a
    CALVERT Joseph Gson   3   Farsley 26a
337 7 Laurel St HAINSWORTH Bertha Head W 67 Burler Woollen Mill Pudsey 26a
    KEIGHLEY Irwin s in l M 38 Weft Man Worsted Mill Farsley 26a
    KEIGHLEY Emma Dau M 35   Farsley 26a
    KEIGHLEY Herbert Hainsworth Gson   13 Butcher's Boy Farsley 26a
    KEIGHLEY Harold Wright Gson   11 Scholar Farsley 26a
    KEIGHLEY Ernest Clifton Gson   9 Scholar Farsley 26a
    KEIGHLEY Leonard Gson   6 Scholar Farsley 26a
    KEIGHLEY Laura Gdau   3   Farsley 26a
338 9 Laurel St FARRAR Jabez Head M 37 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 26a
    FARRAR Mary Wife M 38   Baildon 26a
    FARRAR Harry son   11 Mill Hand Woollen Mill Farsley 26a
    FARRAR Emily Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 26a
    FARRAR Maria Dau   5 Scholar Farsley 26a
    FARRAR Walter Son   3   Farsley 26a
339 11 Laurel St HORN Harris Head M 25 Wool Washer Woollen Mill Farsley 26a
    HORN Emma Wife M 21   Pudsey 26a
    HORN Harry Son   2m   Farsley 26a
340 10 Vine Street DOCKRAY David Head M 27 Willier Horsforth 26a
    DOCKRAY Louise Wife M 24   Leeds 26a
    DOCKRAY Jennie Dau   3   Farsley 26a
342 4 Vine St TRUEMAN James Head M 33 Lab. Ironworks Knottingley 26b
    TRUEMAN Emma Wife M 38 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 26b
343 2 Vine St FARRAR Joseph Head M 46 Lab. Ironworks Farsley 26b
    FARRAR Nancy Wife M 50 Weaver Worsted Mill Pudsey 26b
    FARRAR Mary Ellen Dau   21 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 26b
    FARRAR Anna Dau   16 Spinner Worsted Mill Farsley 26b
344 1 Vine St WILLIAMS David Head M 31 Lab. Ironworks Dewsbury 26b
    WILLIAMS Clara Wife M 30   Sowerby Bridge 26b
    WILLIAMS Emily Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 26b
    WILLIAMS Sam Son   8 Scholar Farsley 26b
345 3 Vine St WEBSTER Richard Head M 73 Receives Parish Pay Rawdon 26b
    WEBSTER Hannah Wife M 72   Rawdon 26b
346 5 Vine St RHODES Walton Head M 34 Iron Moulder Farsley 26b
    RHODES Elizabeth Wife M 33   Farsley 26b
    RHODES Mary Ann Dau   11 Scholar Farsley 26b
    RHODES Priscilla Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 26b
    RHODES Fountain Son   7 Scholar Farsley 26b
    RHODES Squire Son   5 Scholar Farsley 26b
    RHODES Ada Dau   3   Farsley 26b
    ENGLAND Sarah m in l   72   Farsley 26b
347 7 Vine St HAINSWORTH Luke Head S 37 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 26b
    HAINSWORTH Martha Ann Sis S 30 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 26b
348 9 Vine St RAWCLIFFE John Hoyle Head M 58 Joiner LAN Ripponden 26b
    RAWCLIFFE Frances Wife M 60   Knaresboro 26b
    RAWCLIFFE Young Son   16 Mechanic Fitter Woollen Mill Sowerby Bridge 26b
    HUSTLER Arthur Gson   6 Scholar Farsley 26b
349 11 Vine St GOTT Arnock Head M 33 Iron Moulder Farsley 26b
    GOTT Mary Wife M 32   LAN Liverpool 26b
    GOTT Ernest Son   4   Farsley 26b
    GOTT Wilby Son   3   Farsley 26b
    GOTT John Son   2   Farsley 26b
350 13 Vine St? BUSFIELD Maria Head W 61   Farsley 27a
    BUSFIELD Alison Dau S 27 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 27a
351 20 Craven St LISTER Samuel Head M 46 Combing Overlooker Farsley 27a
    LISTER Rachel Wife M 43   Farsley 27a
    LISTER Zillah Dau S 16 Spinner Farsley 27a
352 18 Craven St BROWN Charles Head M 67 Retired Woollen Overlooker Farsley 27a
    BROWN Martha Wife M 61   Farsley 27a
    BROWN Sam Son S 37 Mule Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 27a
    BROWN Ada Dau S 27   Farsley 27a
    BROWN Anne Dau S 18 ? Mender (Minder?) Farsley 27a
353 16 Craven St WHITAKER Alfred Head M 41 Foreman Overlooker Farsley 27a
    WHITAKER Frances Wife M 41   Farsley 27a
    WHITAKER Sarah Elizabeth Dau   15 Warper Farsley 27a
    WHITAKER Joseph Wm Son   12 Doffer Farsley 27a
    WHITAKER Harold Son   7 Scholar Farsley 27a
354 14 Craven St KITCHING John Wm Head M 46 Weaver Horsforth 27a
    KITCHING Elizabeth Wife M 45   Horsforth 27a
    KITCHING Thompson Son S 21 Beamer Horsforth 27a
    KITCHING Mary Ann Dau   19 Burler Horsforth 27a
    KITCHING Albert Son   18 Assistant Overlooker Horsforth 27a
    KITCHING James Son   16 Spinning Horsforth 27a
    KITCHING Hugh Son   9 Scholar Horsforth 27a
    KITCHING Ethel Dau   4 Scholar Farsley 27a
    KITCHING Florence Dau   1   Farsley 27a
355 12 Craven St WALTON Leighton Head M 24 Iron Moulder Grassington 27a
    WALTON Sophia Wife M 24   Leeds 27a
356 10 Craven St ISLES David Head M 35 Fellmonger Worsted Mill Farsley 27a
    ISLES Mary Ann Wife M 30   Bramley 27a
    ISLES Lily Dau   2   Bramley 27a
357 8 Craven St SUTCLIFFE Mary Ann Head W 65   Priesthorpe Calverley 27a
    SUTCLIFFE Amelia Dau S 37 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 27a
    SUTCLIFFE Ada Gdau S 17 Weaver Worsted Mill Farsley 27b
358 6 Craven St SUTCLIFFE James Head M 40 Fellmonger Worsted Mill Farsley 27b
    SUTCLIFFE Annie Wife M 39   Calverley 27b
    SUTCLIFFE Emily Dau   17 Spinner Worsted Mill Calverley 27b
    SUTCLIFFE Arthur Son   15 Fellmonger App Calverley 27b
    SUTCLIFFE Dan Son   7 Scholar Farsley 27b
    SUTCLIFFE Hedley Son   5 Scholar Farsley 27b
    SUTCLIFFE Beatrice Dau   1   Farsley 27b
359 4 Craven St GRIMSHAW Elijah Head M 38 Weaver Farsley 27b
    GRIMSHAW Alice Ann Wife M 39   Calverley 27b
    GRIMSHAW Mary Dau   15 Spinner Rodley 27b
    GRIMSHAW Leonard Son   8 Scholar Farsley 27b
360 2 Craven St SUTCLIFFE Horace? Head M 28 Spinner Farsley 27b
    SUTCLIFFE Miriam Wife M 24   Sowerby Bridge 27b
    SUTCLIFFE Harold Son   1   Farsley 27b
361 2 Nether St STEEL Thomas Head M 32 Lab. Ironworks Bradford 27b
    STEEL Annie Wife M 30   Calverley 27b
    STEEL Sydney Son   10 Scholar Bradford 27b
    STEEL Arthur son   8 Scholar Farsley 27b
    STEEL George son   6 Scholar Farsley 27b
    STEEL Emma Dau   3   Farsley 27b
    STEEL Harry Son   2   Farsley 27b
    STEEL Herbert Son   2m   Farsley  
362 4 Nether St PEARSON Jonathan Head M 36 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 27b
    PEARSON Mary Wife M 37   LAN Ormskirk 27b
363 6 Nether St BARRAN Job Head M 49 Lab. Ironworks Farsley 27b
    BARRAN Ann Wife M 50   Farsley 27b
    BARRAN Arthur son S 23 Spinner Woollen Mill Farsley 27b
    BARRAN John Son S 19 Lab. Ironworks Farsley 27b
    BARRAN Joseph Son   16 Boot Rivitter Farsley 27b
    MARSHALL Mary Jane Dau M 22 Mender Worsted Mill Farsley 27b
    MARSHALL Sydney Gson   4   Farsley 28a
  5 Nether St BROWN Abraham Head M 45 Lab. Ironworks Farsley 28a
364 10 Nether St BROWN Emily Wife M 35   Horsforth 28a
    BROWN Joseph Wm son   4   Bramley 28a
    BROWN Bertie Son   2   Stanningley 28a
365 12 Nether St PARKINSON John Craven Head M 41 General Serv Domestic Farsley 28a
    PARKINSON Elizabeth Wife M 37   Horsforth 28a
    PARKINSON Rebecca Dau   8 Scholar Farsley 28a
    PARKINSON Randolph Son   6 Scholar Farsley 28a
    PARKINSON Leonard Cecil Son   4 Scholar Farsley 28a
    PARKINSON James Craven Son   2   Farsley 28a
366 16 Nether St DAWSON Joseph Head M 32 Willier Woollen Mill Farsley 28a
    DAWSON Eliza Wife M 36   Rodley 28a
    DAWSON Mary E Dau   9 Scholar Rodley 28a
    DAWSON Albert Son   6 Scholar Rodley 28a
    DAWSON Leonard Son   2   Rodley 28a
367 18 Nether St GRIMSHAW Annie Eliza Head W 54   Horsforth 28a
    GRIMSHAW Fred Son S 23 Lab. in Coal Yard Rodley 28a
    GRIMSHAW Ada Dau   20 Box Minder Worsted Mill Rodley 28a
    GRIMSHAW Harry Son   13 Farm Lab. Rodley 28a
368 20 Nether St LAYCOCK John Head M 73 Blacksmith Farsley 28a
    LAYCOCK Jane Wife M 72   Farsley 28a
369 22 Nether St BROOKSBANK Anne Head S 27 Charwoman Bradford 28a
    BROOKSBANK Herbert Son   5w   Farsley 28a
370 24 Nether St WOOD David Head M 32 Bootmaker Pudsey 28a
    WOOD Clara Wife M 31   Farsley 28a
    WOOD Sarah Dau   11 Spinner Worsted Mill Farsley 28a
    WOOD Jonathan Son   4   Farsley 28a
    WOOD Mary Jane Dau   3   Bramley 28a
371 26 Nether St NEWSOME John Head M 62 Weaver Cloth Mill Farsley 28b
    NEWSOME Jane Wife M 63   Bradford 28b
    HAINSWORTH Mary H Niece S 17 Spinner Worsted Mill Pudsey 28b
372 28 Nether St FIELD Samuel Head M 38 Dyer Lab. Bradford 28b
    FIELD Mary Ann Wife M 38   Bradford 28b
    FIELD Elizabeth Dau   13 Spinner Bradford 28b
    FIELD Louisa Dau   3   Stanningley 28b
    FIELD Edmund son   1   Farsley 28b
373 30 Nether St BERRY Samuel Newsome Head M 32 Steam Works Fitter Laisterdyke Bradford 28b
    BERRY Sarah Wife M 30   Queensbury 28b
    BERRY Fanny Dau   9 Scholar Little Horton Bradford 28b
    BERRY Harold N Son   8 Scholar Farsley 28b
    BERRY Fred Son   6 Scholar Farsley 28b
    BERRY Clara Alice Dau   2   Farsley 28b
    BLAMIRES Jane Hannah s in l   18 Drawer Worsted Mill Little Horton Bradford 28b
374 19 Nether St LAYFIELD Thomas Head M 29 Carrier Worsted Mill Pateley Bridge 28b
    LAYFIELD Maria Wife M 26   Aberford 28b
    LAYFIELD Fred Son   3   Rodley 28b
    LAYFIELD Samuel Son   8m   Farsley 28b
    LAYFIELD George Bro S 27 Lab. ironworks Pateley Bridge 28b
    LAYFIELD Allen Bro S 22 Moulder Lab. Leeds 28b
375 17 Nether ST HAINSWORTH Benjamin Head M 35 Warp Dresser Worsted Mill Farsley 28b
    HAINSWORTH Ann Wife M 32   Horsforth 28b
    HAINSWORTH Harry Son   10 Scholar Farsley 28b
    HAINSWORTH Joseph George son   14d   Farsley 28b
376 15 Nether St DOCKRAY William Head M 62 Willier Woollen Mill Horsforth 28b
    DOCKRAY Elizabeth Wife M 59   Scotland 28b
    DOCKRAY James son S 25 Comber Worsted Mill Horsforth 28b
    DOCKRAY John son   20 Spinner Worsted Mill Horsforth 28b
    DOCKRAY Jane Elizabeth Gdau   12 Spinner Worsted Mill Horsforth 28b
    DOCKRAY Lizzie Ann Gdau   2   Horsforth 28b
377 1 Back Nether St WHITAKER Sarah Head W 70 Burler Woollen Mill Farsley 28c
    WHITAKER Miranda Dau S 38 Weaver Woollen Mill Farsley 28c
378 3 Back Nether St GRIMSHAW Herbert Head M 27 Bricklayer Railway Rodley 28c
    GRIMSHAW Emma Wife M 45 Charwoman Nunburnholme 28c