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Census Indexes 1891 Farsley

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Film RG12/3655 ED8, Folios 32a - 54a, Enumerator: George Nicholson
Township of Farsley comprising East Side of Woodhall Lane - Mr Tankards house and Cottages - East side of Galloway Lane. Womersley Villa, Mrs Womersley's and cottage at Hill Foot, Gott's block in Leeds Turnpike road. Queens head Row, Womersley's house, Worth's house. Farm House in Cote Lane - Cote Farm and houses nr Mr. Gaunt's house - All the south side of the Turnpike Road from Midgley's foundry and north side of beck down to Wm Kitchens Mechanic and shop on Stanningley Cottages in Midgley's yard. Carlisle St, Bairstow St, Mulberry St, Westfield Terrace, Beechwood St, Woodnook Terrace, Woodvine St, South View - Wood Nook farm lane end and Varley St, Mr Gaunt's Villa and Cottage, Mr Robert's and Cottage, Wesleyan Chapel, Independent Chapel, West Terrace, Westgrove Terrace, the cabmans house, house south of Turnpike road- Kitchen's house - 2 houses at Beckside - Cottage in Slater's yard. Wilson's new block, Wilson's Mill, Westbourne St, Cottage opposite Kitchen's to Pennington's butchers- Shops and houses to Mark Webster's, Roberts Shop, Spring Valley. Temperance St, Temperance Mills and cottage in yard and West Street all houses, streets in Sunfield from Weston and Roberts shop both sides.


1 Wood Hall Wood Hall Lane LANGFORD James M Head 26 M Worsted Spinner Lightcliff 32a
    LANGFORD Marian Wife 26 M   Bradford 32a
    KELLY Kate Serv 40 S Cook Domestic Serv Ireland 32a
    HAWES Ellen Serv 21 S Housemaid Bradford 32a
2 Gardener's House HUNT William Head 25 M Gardener Gloucestershire 32a
    HUNT Elizabeth Wife 25 M   Yorkshire 32a
    HUNT William Son 4     Yorkshire 32a
3 Thorne Hurst WOMERSLEY George Head 41 M Cloth Manufacturer Calverley 32a
    WOMERSLEY Hannah Wife 41 M   Eccleshill 32a
    SOOTHILL Elizabeth Serv 18 S General Domestic Serv Morley 32a
4 Galloway Lane WORTH William Head 52 M Rope Maker Wakefield 32a
    WORTH Mary Wife 55 M   Farsley 32a
    WORTH George Son 20 S Rope Maker Farsley 32a
    WORTH John Son 22 S Butcher Farsley 32a
    WORTH Sam Son 20 S   Farsley 32a
5   DUFTON John Head 47 M Spinner   32a
    DUFTON Hannah Wife 46 M     32a
    DUFTON Thomas Son 21 S Cloth Weaver   32a
    DUFTON Lucy Dau 13   Assists at home   32a
    DUFTON Charles Son 11   Scholar   32a
    DUFTON John Son 7       32a
7 Leeds Bradford Rd HEMINGWAY William Head 36 M Butcher & Farmer Farsley 32a
    HEMINGWAY Mary Ann Wife 35 M   Farsley 32a
    HEMINGWAY Hannah Dau 6   Scholar Farsley 32a
    HEMINGWAY Herbert Son 4   Scholar Farsley 32a
    HEMINGWAY William Son 2     Farsley 32a
8 Leeds Bradford Rd BRUMBY *llerby Head 32 M Joiner Hull 32a
    BRUMBY Annie Wife 32 M   Hull 32a
    BRUMBY Amy Dau 8   Scholar LAN Wigan 32a
    BRUMBY William Son 7     KEN Dover 32a
    BRUMBY Albert Son 6   Scholar Hull 32b
    BRUMBY Florence Dau 5     Hull 32b
    BRUMBY Edith Dau 3     Calverley 32b
    BRUMBY Gertrude Dau 2     Calverley 32b
    BRUMBY Annie Dau 4m     Calverley 32b
9 Leeds Bradford Rd WEAR William Head 41 M Skein Maker Rodley 32b
    WEAR Elizabeth Wife 42 M Woollen Cloth Burler Rodley 32b
    WEAR Samuel Newsome Son 4   Scholar Calverley 32b
    WEAR James Fath 72 W Living on own means Leathley 32b
10 Leeds Bradford Rd PLATTS John Head 67 W Living on own means Bradford 32b
    SNOWDON John Neph 28 S Wool warehouseman LAN Rosendale 32b
    SNOWDON Mary Ann Niece 29 S Worsted mender Burnley 32b
    SNOWDON Robert Neph 28 S Iron Foundry Lab. Burnley 32b
    SNOWDON Alice Niece 7   School Girl Calverley 32b
11 Queens Head Row AVERY Mary Head 50 W   Dudley Hill 32b
    AVERY Sam Son 24 S Iron Marler Farsley 32b
    AVERY Thomas Son 20 S Moulder at an Iron Foundry Farsley 32b
    AVERY Alice Ann Dau 18 S Worsted mender Farsley 32b
    AVERY Annie Dau 13 S Doffer at Worsted Mill Farsley 32b
12 Queens Head Row STEAD William Head 67 W Retired Woollen Weaver Bradford 32b
    STEAD Samuel Son 39 S [Imbecile from childhood] Calverley 32b
13 Queens Head Row TURNER Harry Head 29 M Clerk at Iron Works Calverley 32b
    TURNER Norma Wife 29 M   Calverley 32b
    TURNER Mary Ann Dau 5   Scholar Calverley 32b
    TURNER John W Son 2     Calverley 32b
    TURNER Elizabeth Dau 4m     Calverley 32b
14 Queens Head Row SUDDARDS William B Head 27 M Farmer Lab. Bradford 32b
    SUDDARDS Mary A Wife 25 M   Leeds 32b
    SUDDARDS Annie Dau 2     Farsley 32b
    SUDDARDS Walter Son 5m     Calverley 32b
16 Queens Head Row WOMERSLEY Richard Head 49 M Cloth Manufacturer Wool Pudsey 33a
    WOMERSLEY Hannah Wife 49 M   Calverley 33a
    WOMERSLEY John Son 15 S Scholar Farsley 33a
    WOMERSLEY Nancy Dau 14 S   Farsley 33a
    WOMERSLEY Peter Son 12 S   Farsley 33a
    WOMERSLEY Henry Son 10     Farsley 33a
17 Leeds Bradford Rd WOMERSLEY Peter Head 76 W Farmer Calverley 33a
    WOMERSLEY William Son 46 M Cloth Manufacturer Wool Pudsey 33a
    WOMERSLEY Elizabeth d in l 41 M   Pudsey 33a
    WOMERSLEY William Gson 12   Scholar Stanningley 33a
    WOMERSLEY Richard Gson 6     Stanningley 33a
    ATKINSON Margaret A Serv 15 S General Domestic Serv Canton 33a
    CARTWRIGHT John Wear Serv 16 S Farmer Lab. Calverley 33a
18 Leeds Bradford Rd WORTH Charles Head 54 M Band M* Maker Rothwell 33a
    WORTH Maria Wife 50 M   Calverley 33a
    WORTH James Son 27 S Band M* maker Calverley 33a
    WORTH Benjamin Son 25 S Band M* maker Calverley 33a
    WORTH Frederick Son 18 S Fitters App. at an Iron Foundry Calverley 33a
    WORTH Thomas Son 14 S Band Maker Ass. Calverley 33a
    WORTH William Son 13 S Grocer Assistant Calverley 33a
19 Cote Lane Farm POTTER Joseph Head 76 W Farmer Seacroft 33b
    POTTER Robert Bro 74 W   Seacroft 33b
    HIRD Hartley s in l 54 M Wool Waste Dealer Howarth 33b
    HIRD Agnes Dau 50 M House Keeper Shipley 33b
    NEAL Joseph Board 15 S Farm Serv Farsley 33b
20 Cote Farm LAW Dawson Head 63 M Farmer Horsforth 33b
    LAW Alice Wife 61 M   Horsforth 33b
    LAW Matthew Son 18 S Farmer's Son Stanningley 33b
    LAW Grace A Dau 23 S Woollen Weaver Stanningley 33b
    LAW Hannah Ellen Dau 18   Dressmaker App. Stanningley 33b
21 The Cote LOCKWOOD George Head 40 M Farmer Holbeck 33b
    LOCKWOOD Jannette Wife 38 M   Dewsbury 33b
22 N. Riverton Street FOWLER W B Head 43 M General Dealer Shop Woodhouse nr Leeds 33b
    FOWLER Betty Wife 37 M   Pudsey 33b
    FOWLER William Bradley Son 10 S Scholar Pudsey 33b
23 Barstow St. COLEMAN Charles Head 35 M Maker of Fire Lighter Armley 33b
    COLEMAN Sarah Wife 34 M   Bramley 33b
    BARKER Thomas F in l 50 W Woollen Weaver Bramley 33b
    COLEMAN T? (male) Son 12   Maker of Fire Lighter Farsley 33b
24 15 Carlisle St WESTBROOK George Head 36 M Railway Signalman HAM Drewford 33b
    WESTBROOK Jessie Wife 36 M   SCT Aberdeen 33b
    WESTBROOK ? (male) Son 8 S Scholar DBY Repton 33b
    WESTBROOK Lilly Dau 5     DBY Derby 33b
    WESTBROOK Minnie May Dau 2     LIN St Nichols 33b
    WESTBROOK   Dau     Wheelwright LIN St Nichols  
25 13 Carlisle St PARKER Thomas Appleyard Head 24 M Wheelwright Wakefield 33b
    PARKER Sarah Wife 29 M Cloth Mender Wakefield 33b
    PARKER Ada Dau 2     Stanningley 33b
26 11 Carlisle St GARSIDE John Head 31 M Railway Signalman Melksham? 33b
    GARSIDE Annie Wife 31 M   Idle 33b
    GARSIDE Clarice Dau 4     Birkenshaw 33b
27 11 Carlisle St TANKARD Mary A Head 40 W Charwoman Calverley 34a
    TANKARD Susannah Dau 19 S Drawer in Mill Thornbury 34a
    TANKARD Samuel Son 13 S Mill Hand Calverley 34a
    TANKARD Annie Dau 4     Calverley 34a
    RAYNER Henry Lodg 40 S Engine tenter at foundry Rodley 34a
    CARTWRIGHT Hannah Visit 14   Scholar Pudsey 34a
28 7 Carlisle St FIELDSEND Edmund Head 51 M Farm Lab. LIN Middle Rasen 34a
    FIELDSEND Fanny Wife 51 M   LIN B*y on Humber 34a
29 5 Carlisle St HUDSON George A Head 22 M Blacksmith Halifax 34a
    HUDSON Sarah A Wife 20 M Cloth Weaver Farsley 34a
30 3 Carlisle St TONGE Frederick Head 27 M plumber LAN Liverpool 34a
    TONGE Sarah Wife 24 M   Marske by the Sea 34a
    TONGE Harold Son 2     Greengates 34a
31 1 Carlisle St JACKSON John C Head 25 M Bricklayer mason Bradford 34a
    JACKSON Jemima Wife 26 M Seamstress Doncaster 34a
    JACKSON May Dau 10   Scholar AUSTRALIA 34a
    JACKSON Sarah Dau 3     Bradford 34a
    JACKSON Matthew Son 5m     Stanningley 34a
    NICHOLS Alice M Visit 22 S Woollen Cloth Weaver Horsforth 34a
    NICHOLS Maud Visit 24     Stanningley 34a
32 2 Carlisle St OLNEY James Head 40 M Cart Drawer BED Pulloxhill 34a
    OLNEY Sarah Ann Wife 35 M   Pudsey 34a
    OLNEY William Son 12   Cloth Mill Hand Pudsey 34a
    OLNEY Joseph son 10   Cloth Mill Hand Farsley 34a
    OLNEY John son 8   Scholar Farsley 34a
    OLNEY May dau 6   Scholar Farsley 34a
    OLNEY Albert son 4     Farsley 34a
    GAUNT John F in l 76 M Living on own means Pudsey 34a
    GAUNT Sarah Moth 73 M   Pudsey 34a
33 1 Mulberry St. WOOD George Head 66 M Grocer Stanningley Farsley 34a
    WOOD Mary Wife 62 M Grocer Stanningley Farsley 34a
34 3 Mulberry St PICKARD James Head 46 M Leather Warehouseman Farsley Stanningley 34b
    PICKARD Sarah A Wife 50 M   Calverley 34b
    PICKARD Joseph son 16 S App. Checker at Worst Factory Bradford Laisterdyke 34b
35 5 Mulberry St LODGE John H Head 28 M Power Loom tuner at Worsted Mill Huddersfield 34b
    LODGE Ann Wife 20 M   Pudsey 34b
    LODGE John son 8   School Boy Huddersfield 34b
36 7 Mulberry St WEBB Albert Head 28 M Carpenter Gen Lab. RUT Ridlington 34b
    WEBB Christiana Wife 18 M   Pudsey 34b
    WEBB Charles son 9m     Bramley Swinnow 34b
37 9 Mulberry St WHARTON John Head 29 M Farm Lab. Widdington 34b
    WHARTON Rachel Wife 30 M   York 34b
    WHARTON William son 12   Scholar Kirk Hammershaw 34b
    WHARTON Beatrice dau 11   Scholar Kirk Hammershaw 34b
    WHARTON Robert son 8   Scholar Kirk Hammershaw 34b
    WHARTON Elizabeth Dau 5   Scholar Plompton 34b
    WHARTON Minnie Dau 2     Low Wortley 34b
38 11 Mulberry St ASKEW William Head 53 M General Lab. & Cartman BED Stagsden 34b
    ASKEW Sarah A Wife 51 M   BED Stagsden 34b
    COOLEY Hilda A Gdau 5     Pudsey Stanningley 34b
39 13 Mulberry St GRAYSTON William Head 39 M General Lab. at Foundry Hipperholme 34b
    GRAYSON Harriet E Wife 40 M   Stanningley 34b
40 15 Mulberry St MARSH Eliza Head 62 W Worsted Mill Hand LIN Pickering? 34b
41 16 Mulberry St SMITH John Head 37 M Plate Layer on the Railway Leeds 34b
    SMITH Sarah A Wife 37 M   LAN Redshaw 34b
    SMITH Ada Dau 9   Scholar Bradford Bowling 34b
    SMITH Louis Son 7   Scholar Bradford Bowling 34b
    SMITH Fred Son 4   Scholar Farsley 34b
42 14 Mulberry St LONSDALE John Head 30 M Stationary Engine Man Leeds 34b
    LONSDALE Ann Wife 32 M   Otley Rawsdon 34b
44 10 Mulberry St LINGER Daniel Head 42 M Coal leader BED Stagsden 34b
    LINGER Martha Wife 43 M   BCK North Crawley 35a
    LINGER William Son 9   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 35a
    LINGER Emily Dau 6   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 35a
    LINGER Selina A Dau 17 S Twister at Worsted Mill BED Stagsden 35a
45 8 Mulberry St TOMPKINS Alfred Head 28 M Power Loom on the Line BED Stagsden 35a
    TOMPKINS Annie Wife 27 M   BED Cranfield 35a
46 6 Mulberry St RAYNER Harriet Head 67 W No occupation Stanningley Bramley 35a
    RAYNER Esther M dau 44 S Woollen Power Loom cleaner Stanningley Farsley 35a
    RAYNER Annie Eliza dau 35 S   Stanningley Farsley 35a
47 4 Mulberry St WHITEHEAD Albert Head 24 M Shoemaker Rodley 35a
    WHITEHEAD Mary E Wife 22 M   Farsley 35a
    WHITEHEAD Mary dau 2     Stanningley Pudsey 35a
    WHITEHEAD Annie dau 3m     Stanningley Pudsey 35a
48 2 Mulberry St WOOD Sam Head 26 M Furniture Dealer Stanningley Farsley 35a
    WOOD Ada Wife 25 M   Sheffield 35a
    WOOD Nellie dau 2     Farsley 35a
49 1 Woodfield St EDGAR Robert Head 31 M Iron moulder Scotland Renfrew G* 35a
    EDGAR Eliza Wife 22 M   LIN Louth 35a
    FLETCHER Betsy s in l 18 S B* M* at Woollen Mill LIN Louth 35a
50 3 Woodfield St HATTERSLEY Frederick Head 55 M Cash Agent Keighley 35a
    HATTERSLEY Mary A Wife 52 M   Huddersfield 35a
    HATTERSLEY Evaleen dau 12   Scholar Leeds Headingley 35a
51 5 Woodfield St CREASY William Head 24 M Railway Signalman LIN Stickney 35a
    CREASY Beatrice Wife 24 M   DBY Derby 35a
    CREASY John W Son 5   Scholar Leeds 35a
    CREASY Ellen dau 3     Gildersome 35a
    CREASY Albert V Son 10m     Stanningley 35a
52 7 Woodfield St FREEMAN Joseph B Head 37 M Brewery Drayman Selby 35a
    FREEMAN Catherine Wife 36 M   Norton 35a
    FREEMAN Mary E dau 6   Scholar Beeston Hill 35a
    FREEMAN Catherine E dau 4     Beeston Hill 35a
    FREEMAN Agnes dau 1     Beeston Hill 35b
53 9 Woodfield St COOK George F Head 22 M Railway Shunter London Greenhouse 35b
    COOK Emily Wife 36 M   New Wortley 35b
54 11 Woodfield St PEEL George H Head 24 M Boot & Shoe Maker Bradford 35b
    PEEL Elizabeth Wife 24 M Cloth Weaver Wool Lockwood 35b
    PEEL William H Son 3     Stanningley 35b
    PEEL Friend Son 2     Stanningley 35b
    KIRBY Thomas Board 22 S Signalman on the Railway LIN Winterton 35b
55 13 Woodfield St MALLINSON William Head 23 M Steam Burler Maker Lockwood 35b
    MALLINSON Ellen Wife 22 M   Bramley 35b
    MALLINSON Benjamin Son 9   Scholar Pudsey 35b
    MALLINSON Henry Son 7   Scholar Pudsey 35b
    MALLINSON Hannah M Dau 5   Scholar Pudsey 35b
    MALLINSON Arthur Son 4     Pudsey 35b
    MALLINSON James Son 1     Pudsey 35b
56 12 Woodfield St BURGESS Barclay Head 50 M Tailor Scotland 35b
    BURGESS Isabella Wife 21 M   Scotland 35b
    BURGESS   Dau 21 S Woollen Weaver Scotland  
    BURGESS Allan Son 22   Scholar Pudsey 35b
57 8 Woodfield St JOHNSON Martha Wife 38 M Worsted Coating Mender Pudsey 35b
    JOHNSON Will Son 16 S Iron Fitter Mender Pudsey 35b
    JOHNSON Mary Dau 12   School Girl Farsley 35b
    JOHNSON Alice Dau 10     Farsley 35b
58 6 Woodfield St STANSFIELD Ellen B Head 41 S Living on own means Stanningley 35b
59 4 Woodfield St TOMPKINS George Head 28 M Gen. Lab. on the Railway BED Stagsden 35b
    TOMPKINS Fanny Wife 25 M   BED Stagsden 35b
    TOMPKINS Ethel Maud dau 2     BED Stagsden 35b
    TOMPKINS William Bro 19 S Gen. Lab. at an Iron Foundry BED Stagsden 35b
59 2 Woodfield St LONG William Head 55 M Blacksmith lab Leeds Armley 35b
    LONG Elizabeth Wife 57 M   Bradford 35b
    LONG Fred son 15 S Printer's App. Farsley 35b
60 1 Backwood St HARGRAVE Wilson Head 40 M Builder & House Agent Leeds 36a
    HARGRAVE Elizabeth Wife 36 M   Leeds 36a
61 3 Backwood St DAVIES William Head 32 M Police Constable HER Mordeford 36a
    DAVIES Sarah Ann Wife 25 M   Pudsey 36a
62 5 Backwood St SPENCER William Henry Head 42 M Woolsorter Bramley 36a
    SPENCER Frances M Wife 38 M   Bramley 36a
    SPENCER Maria dau 12   Scholar Farsley 36a
    HORN Ellen s in l 32 S Cloth Weaver Farsley 36a
63 7 Backwood St BROOKSLAND Harry Head 28 M Wholesale Clothing Salesman Idle 36a
    BROOKSLAND Emma L Wife 22 M   Gildersome 36a
64 The Mount GAUNT Joseph Head 54 M Wool Comber Farsley 36a
    GAUNT Herbert Son 42 S   Farsley 36a
    GAUNT James N Son 21   Book Keeper Farsley 36a
    GAUNT Raymond Son 18   Engineer's App. Farsley 36a
    GAUNT William Clifford Son 16   Wool Sorter Farsley 36a
    OWEN Mary A Serv 28 S General Serv Domestic NTH Wappenham 36a
65 16 Beach Wood St WARD Samuel Head 41 M Wool Maker Stanningley Pudsey 36a
    WARD Mary Wife 39 M   Stanningley Pudsey 36a
    WARD Thomas Son 19 S Cabinet Maker App. Stanningley Pudsey 36a
66 14 Beach Wood St ASTON Nancy Head 52 W   Keighley 36a
    SMALES Mary Dau 28 M Worsted Weaver Oakforth 36a
    ASTON Mitchell Son 13 S Draper App. Darlington 36a
    SMALES James s in l 20 M Bobbin Turner Stanningley Pudsey 36a
    SMALES Mary Gdau 2     Stanningley Pudsey 36a
67 12 Beach Wood St MIDGLEY Jonas Head 51 M Fitter & Moulder Shop Eccleshill 36a
    MIDGLEY Susannah Wife 46 M   Armley 36a
    ABBOTT Edmund step son 25 S Woollen Worsted Draper Low Wortley 36a
    ABBOTT Rose A step dau 20 S Woollen Weaver Burley 36a
    ABBOTT Mary step dau 17 S   New Wortley 36a
    ABBOTT Martha step dau 16 S Knotter New Wortley 36a
    MIDGLEY David Son 15 S App. to Wagon maker Farsley 36a
    ABBOTT Lizzie step dau 13   Worsted Spinner Guiseley 36b
    ABBOTT Seth Son 9   Scholar Rodley 36b
    ABBOTT John Son 2     Rodley 36b
68 10 Beach Wood St SCRIVENER William Head 48 M Carpenter Furniture LIN Aylesby 36b
    SCRIVENER Sarah Ann Wife 45 M   Bradford 36b
    SCRIVENER William Son 18 S Carpenter's App. Bradford 36b
    SCRIVENER George Son 9   Scholar Bradford 36b
69 8 Beach Wood St MIDGLEY David Head 48 M Steam Boiler Manufacturer LAN R* 36b
    MIDGLEY Ann Wife 58 M   Lockwood 36b
    WOOD Mary s in l 56 W   Lockwood 36b
70 6 Beach Wood St HILLS Mark W Head 39 M G N R Drayman BED Thornhouse nr Sandy 36b
    HILLS Ellen M Wife 37 M   BED Wellington 36b
    HILLS Alice dau 9   Scholar Farsley 36b
    HILLS Charles Son 7   Scholar Stanningley Pudsey 36b
    HILLS Mark Lewis Son 5     Stanningley Pudsey 36b
    LARKINS William L Board 22 W G N R Drayman Stanningley Pudsey 36b
71 4 Beach Wood St FIRTH Mark A Head 34 M Railway Shunter BED Willington 36b
    FIRTH Elizabeth Wife 35 M   LIN Pulshow 36b
    FIRTH Arthur Son 6   Scholar LIN Moulton 36b
    FIRTH Eva dau 5   Scholar Leeds 36b
    FIRTH Frank Son 2     Leeds 36b
    WRIGHT John Board 18 S Iron Foundry Lab. Stanningley Pudsey 36b
72 2 Beach Wood St MILNER Charles Head 60 M   LIN Louth 36b
    MILNER Sarah Wife 65 M   Wortley 36b
73 Wood Road Terrace THOMPSON Frederick Head 48 M Slater & Slate merchant Wortley 36b
    THOMPSON Grace Wife 48 M   Bradford 36b
    THOMPSON Mary E Dau 14   Scholar Bradford 36b
    THOMPSON John Son 13   App. to Dealer Bradford 36b
    THOMPSON James Son 12   Scholar Bradford 36b
    THOMPSON Frederick Son 10   Scholar Bradford 36b
    THOMPSON Margaret Ann Dau 8   Scholar Bradford 36b
    THOMPSON Ann Dau 6   Scholar Stanningley 37a
    THOMPSON Herbert Son 4     Stanningley 37a
    HUDSON Mary m in l 82 W * at Home Work Eastwood 37a
74 Wood Road Terrace JENNINGS George Head 55 M Mill Hand Bradford 37a
    JENNINGS Hannah Wife 54 M   Calverley Moor 37a
    HEMMINGWAY Mary E Niece 18 S Worsted Piece Mender Calverley Moor 37a
74 Wood Road Terrace KEIGHLEY James Head 38 M Woolsorter Pudsey 37a
    KEIGHLEY Mary Ann Wife 40 M   Ireland Dublin 37a
    KEIGHLEY Joseph Son 15 S Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 37a
    KEIGHLEY Lily dau 12     Pudsey 37a
    KEIGHLEY Abednigo Son 10   scholar Pudsey 37a
    KEIGHLEY Leonard Son 5   scholar Pudsey 37a
    KEIGHLEY Stella dau 1     Pudsey 37a
75 Wood Road Cottage SCHOFIELD Fred Head 32 M Book keeper Farsley 37a
    SCHOFIELD Annie Wife 22 M   Bramley 37a
    PEARSON Herbert step son 13   Woollen Mill Hand Farsley 37a
    SCHOFIELD Rebecca dau 6   Scholar Farsley 37a
    SCHOFIELD Henry Son 4   Scholar Farsley 37a
    SCHOFIELD Charles Son 2     Farsley 37a
    SCHOFIELD George Son 1     Farsley 37a
    SCHOFIELD Susannah Sis 34 S Woollen Weaver Farsley 37a
76 Wood Road Cottage WHITELEY Thomas Head 49 M Engineer? Lab. Horsforth 37a
    WHITELEY Elizabeth Wife 45 M   Bradford 37a
    WHITELEY Harry Son 18     Barnby Dun 37a
    WHITELEY Charles Son 16   Worsted Spinner Barnby Dun 37a
    WHITELEY Lily dau 14   Spinner Barnby Dun 37a
    WHITELEY Herbert Son 13   Spinner Barnby Dun 37a
    WHITELEY William Son 10   Scholar Barnby Dun 37a
    WHITELEY Zillah dau 9   Scholar Barnby Dun 37a
    WHITELEY Frank Son 6   Scholar Pudsey 37a
    GOTT Frances Head 35 S Cloth Weaver Wool Rodley 37a
    GOTT Ada s in l 34 W Cloth Weaver Wool Rodley 37b
    GOTT Ben Bro 25 S Stone Quarryman Rodley 37b
    GOTT Job Pearson Neph 3     Stanningley 37b
    GOTT Susannah Neph 2     Stanningley 37b
    GOTT Elizabeth Niece 4m     Stanningley 37b
78 11 Wood Road HOBSON George Head 31   Iron moulder Stanningley Bramley 37b
    HOBSON Emily Wife 30 M   Cleckheaton 37b
    HOBSON Harold Son 13 M   Bramley 37b
    HOBSON Jane Dau 11   Scholar Pudsey 37b
    HOBSON Alice Dau 1     Farsley 37b
79 13 Wood Road GREENWOOD Henry Head 31 M Passenger Gaurd on the GNR LIN Woodingham 37b
    GREENWOOD Mary J Wife 32 M   LIN Market Rasen 37b
80 6 Wood Road THOMPSON Joseph Head 37 M Slater Bradford 37b
    THOMPSON Julia Wife 39 M   Dodworth 37b
    THOMPSON Martha A Dau 14   Worsted Spinner Bradford 37b
    THOMPSON Lizzie Dau 10   Scholar Bradford 37b
    THOMPSON Emily Dau ?     Bradford 37b
81 4 Wood Road WAITE Enoch Head 37 M Engine Tenter Stationary Stanningley 37b
    WAITE Elizabeth Wife 30 M   Stanningley 37b
    WAITE Anthony Son 17 S Cloth Finisher Worsted Farsley 37b
    WAITE Mildred dau 12   Woollen Spinner Stanningley 37b
    WAITE Leonard Son 9   scholar Farsley 37b
    WAITE Adolphus son 7     Farsley 37b
    WAITE Allan son 5     Farsley 37b
82 2 Wood Road CARTER Edwin Head 51 M Cloth Fuller Pudsey 37b
    CARTER Susan Wife 51 M Wool * 37b
    CARTER Mary dau 21 S Mender Worsted Coating Stanningley 37b
83 15 Leeds & Bradford Rd CARTER Tom Head 24 M Mender Worsted Coating Calverley 37b
    CARTER Catherine Wife 22 M Mechanic NTT M* Town 37b
    CARTER Lily dau 2     Calverley  
    CARTER Florence dau 4m     Calverley 37b
    CARTER John Fath 54 M Unemployed Pudsey 38a
84 13 Leeds & Bradford Rd LEE John A Head 43 M Boiler Maker Stanningley 38a
    LEE Martha Wife 40 M   Pudsey 38a
    LEE Charles Son 22 S Boiler Maker Pudsey 38a
    LEE Ruth A dau 20   Assists at home Pudsey 38a
    LEE Fred Son 18   App Boiler Maker Pudsey 38a
    LEE Harry Son 16     Pudsey 38a
    LEE Florence dau 12   Scholar Pudsey 38a
    LEE Annie dau 10   Scholar Farsley 38a
    LEE Lily dau 9   Scholar Farsley 38a
    LEE Emily dau 5   Scholar Farsley 38a
    LEE thomas Son 2     Farsley 38a
    LEE Joseph Son 5m     Farsley 38a
85 18 Wood Vine Street SANDERS Frank Head 30 M Engineer Lab. Bramley 38a
    SANDERS Mary Wife 31 M   Farsley 38a
    SANDERS William Kitchen Son 10   Worsted Spinner Farsley 38a
    SANDERS charles Son 8   Scholar Pudsey 38a
    SANDERS Alfred Son 5     Farsley 38a
    SANDERS Percy Son 3     Farsley 38a
    SANDERS Emily Niece 28 S Worsted Spinner Farsley 38a
    CARTER Emily Adpt 12     Farsley 38a
    CARTER Esther Adpt 9   Scholar Farsley 38a
86 16 Wood Vine Street WOOD William Head 35 M Lab. at an Iron Foundry Calverley 38a
    WOOD Selina Wife 41 M   Pudsey 38a
    WOOD Sarah step dau 22 S Woollen Weaver Pudsey 38a
    WOOD Wilfred Son 16   Weft Boy Pudsey 38a
    WOOD Ada Dau 14   Worsted Drawer Leeds 38a
    WOOD Herbert Son 7   Scholar Dewsbury 38a
    WOOD Charles Son 4     Dewsbury 38a
87 14 Wood Vine Street DIXON Charles Head 26 M Clothing Collector Guiseley 38a
    DIXON Emily Wife 28 M   Cardiff 38a
    DIXON Joseph Son 4   Scholar Guiseley 38b
    DIXON Bertie Alexander Son 1     Seacroft 38b
88 12 Wood Vine St HUDSON Viola Head 55 M Housekeeper KEN Tunbridge Wells 38b
    HUDSON William Son 23 S Moulder in Iron Foundry LAN Manchester 38b
    HUDSON Jamie C Son 22     Halifax 38b
    HUDSON Walter Son 17   App. to Moulder Bradford 38b
89 10 Wood Vine St TOWNEND Sarah J Head 56 M Housekeeper Bradford 38b
    TOWNEND Clara dau 20 S Woollen Weaver Bradford 38b
    TOWNEND George Son 19 S App. Manningham 38b
90 8 Wood Vine St LAMBERT John Head 45 M Farmer Lab. Riccall 38b
    LAMBERT Ann Wife 50 M   Burton Leonard 38b
    LAMBERT John A son 16 S Foundry Lab. Tong 38b
    LAMBERT George A Son 15   Mill Hand Tong 38b
    LAMBERT Percy J Son 12     Tong 38b
    LAMBERT Mary E dau 10   Scholar Stanningley 38b
91 6 Wood Vine St GILBY Robert Head 30 M Drayman at an Iron Foundry NTH Wildon 38b
    GILBY Emma A Wife 30 M Woollen Coating Mender RUT Heaton 38b
    WEBB Mary A Cous 22 S Worsted Twister RUT Owlington 38b
92 4 Wood Vine St WHEATER Atkinson Head 27 M Coal Merchant Shipley 38b
    WHEATER Eva Wife 26 M   Bramley 38b
    WHEATER Rebecca dau 2     Farsley 38b
    WHEATER Elizabeth Moth 66 W   Bowling 38b
93 2 Wood Vine St DUNN William Head 75 W Retired Engine Tenter Pateley Bridge 38b
    DUNN Emily dau 34 S Assists at home Bradford 38b
    DUNN Nellie Gdau 2     Stanningley Farsley 38b
94 81 Leeds & Bradford Rd. MARLER Mary A Head 50 W Draper CON Culstock 38b
    MARLER James Son 18 S Mechanics App. CON Culstock 38b
    MARLER Laura dau 16 S Drawer at Woollen Mill DEV Moncitown 38b
    MARLER Charles W Son 12   Mule Spinner DEV Low Davenport 38b
    MARLER Clarissa A dau 11   Scholar Leeds 38b
    COX Mary *Sis 33 M No occupation CON Culstock 38b
    COX Gertrude GNiece 4   Scholar Leeds 38b
    COX Reginald Neph 1     Calverley 38b
95 16 Wood Vine Street ELLIS David Head 54 M Boiler Maker Hunslet 39a
    ELLIS Charlotte Wife 52 M   DEV Westbridge 39a
    ELLIS Charlotte M Dau 24 S Filler at Woolen Mill Stanningley Pudsey 39a
    ELLIS Ruth Dau 22 S Filler at Woolen Mill Stanningley Pudsey 39a
    ELLIS Frances Dau 19 S Filler at Woolen Mill Stanningley Pudsey 39a
    ELLIS Emily Dau 17 S Spinner at Woollen Mill Stanningley Pudsey 39a
    ELLIS Florence Dau 15 S Assists at home Stanningley Pudsey 39a
    ELLIS Ada Dau 12   Spinner at Woollen Mill Stanningley Pudsey 39a
    ELLIS Herbert Son 9   Scholar Farsley 39a
96 14 Wood Vine Street MAWSON Samuel Head 40 M Iron moulder Wortley 39a
    MAWSON Sarah A Wife 42 M   Wakefield 39a
    MAWSON Frances Dau 21 S Worsted Drawer Armley 39a
    MAWSON Eliza Dau 19 S   Armley 39a
    MAWSON Ada dau 17 S Spinner Armley 39a
    MAWSON John Son 15 S Moulder App. Armley 39a
    MAWSON Alice dau 13   Woollen Spinner Armley 39a
    MAWSON William Son 11   Scholar Armley 39a
    MAWSON Samuel Son 9   Scholar Farsley 39a
97 12 Wood Vine St WILKINSON Henry Head 50 M Machine Wool Comb maker Bramley 39a
    WILKINSON Mary Wife 48 M   Bramley 39a
    WILKINSON Charles Son 20 S Cabinet Maker Bramley 39a
    WILKINSON Craven Son 13   Scholar Pudsey 39a
    WILKINSON Hiram Son 11     Pudsey 39a
98 10 Wood Vine St VARLEY Obediah Head 43 M Engine Driver, stationary Lidgett Green, Bradford 39a
    VARLEY Hannah Wife 44 M   Bradford 39a
    VARLEY Lewis Son 23 S General Lab. Bradford 39a
    VARLEY Mary dau 22 S Woollen Weaver Bradford 39a
    VARLEY Henrietta dau 18 S Woollen Weaver Bradford 39a
    VARLEY Ephram son 16   Woolmakers App. Dudley Hill 39a
99 8 Wood Vine St RAISTRICK William Head 52 M Woollen Weaver Pudsey 39b
    RAISTRICK Esther Wife 52 M   Pudsey 39b
    RAISTRICK Hettie dau 27 S Worsted Drawer Pudsey 39b
    RAISTRICK Matilda dau 15     Farsley 39b
    RAISTRICK Martha dau 13   Spinner Pudsey 39b
    RAISTRICK Ann dau 10   Scholar Pudsey 39b
100 6 Wood Vine St HARRISON Samuel Head 65 M Night Watchman Bramley 39b
    HARRISON Hannah Wife 60 M   Pudsey 39b
    HARRISON John Son 40 S Day Watchman Pudsey 39b
101 4 Wood Vine St WALKER Sarah Head 58 W   Bramley 39b
    WALKER Mary dau 22 S Worsted Weaver Calverley with Farsley 39b
    WALKER Charles Son 22 S Woollen Loom Tuner Calverley with Farsley 39b
    WALKER Martha dau 20 S Weaver Calverley with Farsley 39b
    WALKER John Alfred Son 19 S Mechanics App. Calverley with Farsley 39b
    WALKER Sarah dau 16   Woollen Weaver Calverley with Farsley 39b
102 2 Wood Vine St SUNDERLAND James Head 49 M Painter & Decorator Pudsey 39b
    SUNDERLAND Maria Wife 47 M   Low Green Bradford 39b
103 2 South View HOLLIDAY Thomas Head 42 M Foreman Joiner Harrowgate 39b
    HOLLIDAY Mary Ann Wife 39 M   Bradford 39b
    HOLLIDAY Thomas M Son 15 S Clerk on the Railway Bradford 39b
    HOLLIDAY Minnie Dau 9   Scholar Bradford 39b
    HOLLIDAY Edgar Son 3     Stanningley 39b
    HOLLIDAY Alice Maud Dau 1     Stanningley 39b
104 4 South View HAISTE Benjamin Head 56 M Smith at an Iron Foundry Hunslet 39b
    HAISTE Rachel Wife 54 M   Rotherham 39b
    HAISTE Lily Dau 20 S Dress Maker Assistant Hunslet 39b
    HAISTE Walter Son 19 S Smith's Stoker Hunslet 39b
    HAISTE Edmund Son 14 S Weavers Loom man in Mill Hunslet 39b
105 6 South View HUDSON Robert Head 52 M P* On the Railway Bradford 39b
    HUDSON Ann Amelia Wife 40 M Cloth Weaver Wool Bradford 39b
106 8 South View BLACKBURN Walter Head 45 M Oil Warehouseman Gomersal Hall 39b
    BLACKBURN Harriet Wife 41 M   LIN Hampstead 40a
    BLACKBURN Joseph Edward Son 18 S Foreman on Railway Stanningley 40a
    BLACKBURN Laura Dau 14   Mill Hand Stanningley 40a
    BLACKBURN Emma dau 7   Scholar stanningley 40a
    BLACKBURN Samuel Son 3     stanningley 40a
107 10 South View Terrace INGHAM William Head 35 M Farmers Son Pudsey 40a
    INGHAM Sarah Wife 32 M   Farsley 40a
    INGHAM Alice dau 3     Farsley 40a
    INGHAM George Son 1     Farsley 40a
108 63 & 65 Leeds & Bradford Rd - Butcher Shop House HORN James Head 28 M Machine Fitter & Turner stanningley 40a
    HORN Elizabeth Wife 25 M   Devon 40a
    JACKSON George Board 23 S Turner YKS * 40a
    JACKSON Henry Board 21 S Milk Dealer YKS * 40a
    JACKSON Archie Board 11   Schoolboy YKS * 40a
109 67 Leeds & Bradford Rd WARD Isaac Head 66 M Manager at Worsted Mill Bradford 40a
    WARD Hannah Wife 58 M   Thornton 40a
    WARD Isaac son 18 S Butcher App. Farsley 40a
110 69 Leeds & Bradford Rd MARSDEN John Head 38 M Plumber LAN Manchester 40a
111 71 Leeds & Bradford Rd JOHNSON George Head 39 M Joiner at an Iron Foundry Pudsey 40a
    JOHNSON Sarah Ann Wife 40 M   Pudsey 40a
    JOHNSON Herbert Son 18 S Joiner's App. Pudsey 40a
    JOHNSON Arthur Son 15   Furniture Polisher & painter Pudsey 40a
    JOHNSON Eliza dau 13   Assists at home Upton 40a
    JOHNSON George Son 8   Scholar Pudsey 40a
    JOHNSON Freddy Son 6   Scholar Pudsey 40a
    JOHNSON Joseph Harold Son 4   Scholar Pudsey 40a
    JOHNSON Irwin William Son 1     Farsley 40a
112 73 Leeds & Bradford Rd BRADSHAW Harry Head 31 M Railway Signalman Dewsbury 40a
    BRADSHAW Margaret Wife 29 M   LAN Liverpool 40a
    BRADSHAW Walter Son 4     Bradford 40a
    BRADSHAW Emma dau 3     Sutton 40a
113 70 Leeds & Bradford Rd NORTON Hannah Head 48 W Living on own means Asholt 40b
    NORTON Florence dau 16 S Worsted Coating Mender Eccleshill 40b
    NORTON Harry Son 14   Woollen Piecer Eccleshill 40b
    NORTON Auber Son 12   Scholar Eccleshill 40b
    NORTON Mary A Dau 10   Scholar Eccleshill 40b
    NORTON James Son 7     Eccleshill 40b
114 77 Leeds & Bradford Rd House & shop WARD Tom Head 26 M Fishmonger & Green grocer Pudsey 40b
    WARD Clara Wife 24 M   Farsley 40b
    WARD Ernest Son 5   Scholar Farsley 40b
115 21 Varley St BARKER Harry Head 32 M Joiner & Butcher Bramley 40b
    BARKER Mary Wife 32 M   Kirkstall 40b
    BARKER Laura Dau 9   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 40b
    BARKER Percy Son 1     Stanningley Farsley 40b
116 19 Varley St DEMAINE Tom Head 25 M Railway Porter Bradford 40b
    DEMAINE Caroline Wife 20 M   NORF Cotteshall 40b
    DEMAINE Tom Son 1m     Stanningley 40b
117 17 Varley St PARKER Amos Head 37 M Iron moulder Fewston 40b
    PARKER Priscilla Wife 35 M   Malton 40b
    PARKER Frederick Son 15 S Worsted Spinner Pudsey 40b
    PARKER Maud Annie Dau 13   Scholar Pudsey 40b
    PARKER William Henry Son 10   Scholar Pudsey 40b
    PARKER Sarah Dau 7   Scholar Farsley 40b
    PARKER Joseph Son 1     Farsley 40b
118 15 Varley St SMITH James Head 58 M Wood Turner Bramley 40b
    SMITH Ann Wife 43 M   Farsley 40b
    SMITH Albert Son 21 S Woollen Spinner Farsley 40b
    SMITH Carter Son 18 S Wood Turner Farsley 40b
119 13 Varley St STRICKLAND Elizabeth Head 76 W   Cowton? Bedale 40b
    STRICKLAND Jonathan son 46 W Joiner Stanningley 40b
    STRICKLAND Major son 44 S Woolsorter Stanningley 40b
    HEATON John Gson 15   Mill Hand Stanningley 40b
120 11 Varley St NORTON Samuel Head 40 M Woollen Spinner Eccleshill 41a
    NORTON Eliza Wife 40 M   Idle 41a
    NORTON John W son 14   Woollen Piecer Farsley 41a
    NORTON Weber son 10   Woollen Piecer Farsley 41a
    NORTON Coffre son 6   Scholar Farsley 41a
121 9 Varley St NORTON Grace Head 69 W Dressmaker Eccleshill 41a
    NORTON Hannah dau 45 S Woollen Warper Eccleshill 41a
122 7 Varley St YELLOW William Head 35 M Farm lab Burton Leonard 41a
    YELLOW Elizabeth Wife 35 M   Tockwith 41a
    YELLOW William R Son 13   Bobbin Layer in Woollen Mill Tockwith 41a
    YELLOW Annie dau 11   Mule Piecemer in Worsted Mill * Wetherby 41a
    YELLOW Mary dau 9   Scholar Nidd 41a
    YELLOW Elizabeth dau 8   Scholar Nidd 41a
    YELLOW Martha dau 6   Scholar Nidd 41a
    YELLOW Tom Son 3   Scholar Nidd 41a
    YELLOW Fred Son 2     Nidd 41a
    YELLOW John S Son 2m     Nidd 41a
124 3 Varley St SAYOR Jonas Head 36 M Lab. in Railway * Dept BED Paddington 41a
    SAYOR Martha E Wife 33 M   BED Bedford 41a
    SAYOR Annie L G dau 11   Doffer in Worsted Mill BED Paddington 41a
    SAYOR Richard W Son 8   Scholar BED Paddington 41a
    SAYOR Ethel Ada Dau 4   Scholar Stanningley 41a
125 1 Varley St WRIGHT Annie Head 34 W Woollen Weaver Bramley 41a
    WRIGHT Jonathan Son 16 S Piecemer at Woollen Mill Stanningley 41a
    WRIGHT Willie Son 15   Seer in Woollen Mill Pudsey 41a
    WRIGHT Sarah H Dau 12   Piecemer at Woollen Mill Pudsey 41a
    WRIGHT Walter Son 9   Scholar Pudsey 41a
    WRIGHT Harry Son 8   Scholar Pudsey 41a
    WRIGHT John W Son 5   Scholar Pudsey 41a
126 59 Leeds & Bradford Rd SHOESMITH Thomas Head 62 M Farmer & Grocer Radon 41a
    SHOESMITH Mary Wife 50 M   Otley 41b
    IVES Richard Visit 4     Esholt 41b
127 5 Leeds & Bradford Rd SPENCE Mary Head 61 W   Sherbourne 41b
    HARSBELL Susan Dau 23 M Cloth Weaver Wool Tadcaster 41b
    HARSBELL William Gson 3     Leeds 41b
    BODDY John R Lodg 25 S Joiner on the Railway Bagby, Thirsk 41b
128 Lane Bond House COLLINSON William Head 60 M Retired Publican Bagby, Thirsk 41b
    COLLINSON Emma Wife 52 M   Calverley 41b
    STOWE Charles Board 29 M Steam Fitter Calverley 41b
    STOWE Emma Board 28     Calverley 41b
    STOWE Lily Board 1     Calverley 41b
    WOOD Annie Serv 15   General Domestic Serv Calverley 41b
129 Stanningley Hall GAUNT Arthur Head 39 M Wosted Spinner Master Farsley 41b
    GAUNT Hannah Wife 31 M   Pudsey 41b
    GAUNT Arthur Son 4     Pudsey 41b
    GAUNT Lilian dau 3     Pudsey 41b
    GAUNT Edith dau 1     Pudsey 41b
    GAUNT Muriel dau 3m     Pudsey 41b
    BAILEY Elizabeth Serv 24 S Cook Domestic Serv NTH Newcastle 41b
    BONNIER Annie Serv 22 S Housemaking Serv Pontefract 41b
    BAILEY Lizzie Serv 22 S Nurse Cleveland 41b
130 Stanningley Hall Coachman's Lodge HAWKRIDGE Peter Head 31 M Coachman & Gardener & Domestic Serv Calverley 41b
    HAWKRIDGE Sophia Wife 28 M   CUL Windermere 41b
131 Westfield House ROBERTS Neriah Head 29 M Ret. Cloth Manufacturer Stanningley Farsley 41b
    ROBERTS Clara Wife 31 M   Kirkham Gate 41b
    ROBERTS Donald Son 4     Stanningley Farsley 41b
    ROBERTS William Howard Son 3     Stanningley Farsley 41b
    ROBERTS Sydney Blackburn Son 1     Stanningley Farsley 41b
    TARING? Emily Serv 24 S Cook Domestic Serv Hull 41b
    SUTCLIFFE Annie Serv 25 S Housemaid Wath on Dearne 41b
    HILL Eliza Serv 14 S Nurse Staveley 41b
132 Westfield Lodge WILLMER William Head 54 M Gardener & Domestic Serv LON Clarkston Well 42a
    WILLMER Mary Wife 52 M   Wakefield 42a
    WILLMER Emily dau 28 S Stuff Loader Worst Leeds 42a
    WILLMER Frank Son 20 S Woolsorter Eccleshill 42a
    WILLMER Oliver Son 20 S Wool Coat Fitter Eccleshill 42a
    WILLMER Lily dau 12?   Drapers Assistant Bradford 42a
133 18 West Terrace SWALE James Head 57 M Woolsorter Otley 42a
    SWALE Nanny Wife 53 M   Calverley 42a
    SWALE Nora dau 32 S Woollen Spinner Stanningley Pudsey 42a
    SWALE Major Son 15 S Joiners App. Stanningley Pudsey 42a
    SWALE Peter Son 15   Woollen Spinner Stanningley Pudsey 42a
134 16 West Terrace WARD Noah Head 39 M Woolsorter Stanningley Pudsey 42a
    WARD Betsy Wife 26 M   Stanningley Pudsey 42a
    WARD Leonard Son 3     Stanningley Farsley 42a
135 14 West Terrace WEBB Sarah Head 49 W Living on own means LON Southwood? 42a
    WEBB Harry A Son 25 S Turner Fitter in an Iron Foundry LON Stratford 42a
    WEBB James Son 21 S Overlooker in Worsted Mill LON Stratford 42a
    WEBB George Son 15   Carpenter's App. Stanningley 42a
136 12 West Terrace HARRISON Arthur Head 39 M Baptist Minister Bramley Leeds 42a
    HARRISON Susannah Wife 44 M   Bramley Leeds 42a
137 9 West Terrace DAVEY Fred Head 21 M Bolt Maker Stanningley Pudsey 42a
    DAVEY Phillis Dau 5d     Farsley 42a
    DAVEY Lavinia Wife 19 M   Bradford 42a
138 10 West Terrace YEADON Elijah Head 29 M Blacksmith Stanningley Bramley 42a
    YEADON Mary Wife 30 M   Pateley Bridge 42a
    YEADON Harry Son 2     Stanningley Farsley 42a
    YEADON Arthur Son 1     Stanningley Farsley 42a
139 9 Grove Street COLCROFT William Head 53 M Timekeeper in Wholesale Clothing section Bramley Leeds 42a
    COLCROFT Sarah Ann Wife 52 M   Stanningley Farsley 42a
    COLCROFT Gerald Son 6   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 42a
140 5 Grove Street MILLER Samuel Head 41 M Asst Supt Prudential Assurance NTT Swinton 42a
    MILLER Ellen Wife 45 M   LEI Loughborough 42b
    MILLER Samuel C M Son 15     NTT Nottingham 42b
141 3 West Grove St DAWSON Ann Head 48 W   Bramley 42b
    DAWSON Sarah dau 18 S Worsted Coating Mender Stanningley 42b
    DAWSON Cyrus Son 12   Piecemer Stanningley 42b
    DAWSON Lancelot Son 12   Piecer at Woollen Mill Farsley 42b
    DAWSON Serinda dau 10   Scholar Farsley 42b
    SMITH Alice Board 17 S Worsted Mender Kirkstall 42b
    MAH* Fred Board 22 S Worsted Porcher Bradford 42b
    WESTIN Frederick Head 25 M Fitter * on the Railway South Wales Cardiff 42b
    WESTIN Emily Wife 20 M   Armley 42b
    WESTIN Charles Son 1     Farsley 42b
142 1 West Grove St CARTER Edwin Head 28 M Machine Card Nailer Stanningley 42b
    CARTER Rose J Wife 22 M   Davenport Monce Town? 42b
    CARTER James Edwin Son 6   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 42b
    CARTER Ethel dau 13m     Stanningley Farsley 42b
    CARTER Minnie Niece 10   Cotton Spinner Stanningley Farsley 42b
143 2 West Grove St BRAY Ellen Head 64 W * Stanningley Farsley 42b
    WATERHOUSE Mary Niece 38 S Draper Stanningley Farsley 42b
144 4 West Grove St WALKER Richard Head 38 M Painter Bramley 42b
    WALKER Augusta Wife 35 M   Farsley 42b
    WALKER John W Son 6     Farsley 42b
    WALKER Ada dau 16 S Mender at Worsted Mill Farsley 42b
    WALKER Alice dau 1     Farsley 42b
    WALKER Ann Sis 40 S Woollen Weaver Farsley 42b
    DOWGILL Ned b in l 21 S Grocer Assistant Farsley 42b
    DOWGILL Grace A Aunt 58 S Domestic Serv Farsley 42b
145 6 West Grove St MANN William H Head 35 M Carpenter Stanningley Bramley 42b
    MANN Clara Wife 29 M   Pudsey 42b
146 8 West Grove St SHIRES Joseph Head 34 M Plumber on the Railway Bramley 42b
    SHIRES Joanna Wife 30 M   Farsley 42b
    SHIRES Emily Dau 9   Scholar Farsley 43a
    SHIRES Florence Dau 9   Scholar Farsley 43a
    SHIRES Thomas Son 5   Scholar Farsley 43a
    SHIRES Harry Son 4   Scholar Farsley 43a
    THREAPLETON Elizabeth m in l 72 W   Farsley 43a
147 10 West Grove St HOYLE Samuel Head 40 M Woolsorter Farsley 43a
    HOYLE Mary Wife 40 M   Farsley 43a
    HOYLE Ellen Dau 10 S Worsted Piece Knotter Farsley 43a
    HOYLE Eli Son 16   Woollen Machine m* Farsley 43a
    HOYLE Leah Dau 16   Worsted Piece Knotter Farsley 43a
    HOYLE Joseph Son 7   Scholar Farsley 43a
    HOYLE William Bray Son 4     Farsley 43a
148 12 West Grove St WILLIS James Head 41 M Foreman weighing Machine * Scotland Fifeshire 43a
    WILLIS Sarah A Wife 42 M   Armley 43a
    WILLIS Kate dau 14   Worsted Burler Armley 43a
    WILLIS Thomas W Son 9     Wortley 43a
149 16 West Grove St DAVEY Simpson Head 38 M Pattern Maker on the Railway Stanningley Pudsey 43a
    DAVEY Alice Wife 41 M   Stanningley Pudsey 43a
    DAVEY Edith dau 14   Pupil Teacher Farsley 43a
    DAVEY Clara dau 11   Scholar Bramley 43a
    DAVEY Alfred dau 8   Scholar Farsley 43a
    DAVEY Agnes           43a
    DAVEY Leonard Son 5     Farsley 43a
    DAVEY Harriet Moth 67 W Living on own means Pudsey 43a
    WARD Edward A b in l 21 S Boiler Maker Bramley 43a
150 18 West Grove St NICHOLLS Joseph Head 52 M Foundry Lab. Farsley 43a
    NICHOLLS Mary Wife 54 M   Farsley 43a
    NICHOLLS Frances dau 30 S Worsted Weaver Farsley 43a
    NICHOLLS Isaac Son 20 S Cabinet maker App. Pudsey 43a
    NICHOLLS Ada A dau 18 S Woollen Cloth Mender Farsley 43a
    NICHOLLS Joseph Son 16 S Woollen Cloth Finisher Farsley 43a
    NICHOLLS Mary A dau 13   Moths Help Farsley 43a
  Thornhill Arms YOUNG James Head 40 M Licenced Victualer Pub DEV Barnstable 43b
151   YOUNG Eliza Wife 38 M   Pocklington 43b
    YOUNG Caroline dau 4     Pocklington 43b
    YOUNG Florence dau 2     Leeds 43b
    BLAIR Emmeline Serv 25 S   MDX Kensington 43b
    HUDSON Jessie Serv 24 S General Serv Dom SCT Edinburgh 43b
152 Leeds & Bradford Rd WINN Harry Head 29 M Pattern Maker at an Iron Foundry Stanningley Farsley 43b
    WINN Mary A Wife 25 M   Pudsey 43b
152x Leeds & Bradford Rd WINN Thomas Head 27 M Cab proprietor Bramley 43b
    WINN Ada Wife 26 M   Bramley 43b
153 Leeds & Bradford Rd WADE Titus Head 37 M Tuner at Woollen Mill Farsley 43b
    WADE Janet Wife 34 M   Stanningley 43b
    WADE Clifford Son 12   Scholar Farsley 43b
    WADE William Son 9     Rawdon 43b
    MURGATROYD Esther A m in l 63 M Assists at home Bramley 43b
154 Leeds & Bradford Rd WHITE Samuel Head 56 M Lab. in Burler Worth Bradford 43b
    WHITE Janet Wife 55 M   Stanningley 43b
    WHITE Lizzie A Dau 24 S Works at Cloth Finisher Farsley 43b
    WHITE Sidney Son 23 S Plumber Farsley 43b
    WHITE Herbert Son 18 S Mechanics App. Farsley 43b
    BAKER Janey Gdau 4     Pudsey 43b
155 8 Westbourne Row JEFFRIES Abraham Head 61 M Blacksmith Leeds 43b
    JEFFRIES Sarah Wife 62 M   Hunslet Leeds 43b
156 Wilsons Houses WILSON Richard Head 42 M Coal Merchant & Farmer Stanningley Farsley 43b
    WILSON Mary A Wife 43 M   Bradford 43b
    WILSON Ada Dau 20 S Moths Help Stanningley Farsley 43b
    WILSON John H Son 18 S Clerk at an Iron Foundry Stanningley Farsley 43b
    WILSON Percy Son 16 S Mechanics App. Stanningley Farsley 43b
    WILSON Esther dau 15   Pupil teacher Stanningley Farsley 43b
    WILSON Harold Son 8   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 43b
    WILSON Richard M Son 3     Stanningley Farsley 43b
157 Wilson houses WILSON John Head 48 M Coal merchant Stanningley Farsley 44a
    WILSON Sarah A Wife 55 M   Batley Carr 44a
    WILSON Joseph Son 24 S Commercial Traveller Stanningley Farsley 44a
    WILSON Richard Son 23 S Auctioneer Clerk Stanningley Farsley 44a
    WILSON John Son 21 S Coal Merchants Assistnat Stanningley Farsley 44a
    WILSON Joshua Son 17 S Mechanics App. Stanningley Farsley 44a
    WILSON William Son 15 S Solicitors Clerk Stanningley Farsley 44a
    WILSON George Son 12 S School Boy Stanningley Farsley 44a
    RAWNSLEY Elizabeth Serv 21 S General Domestic Serv Wakefield 44a
    BEESTON Florence Serv 16     Kippax 44a
158 5 Westbourne Place HEWSON Edmund Head 60 M Joiner on the Railway LIN Lincoln 44a
    HEWSON Elizabeth Wife 60 M   LIN Lincoln 44a
159 7 Westbourne Place GAUNT William Head 30 M Clerk at Iron Works Pudsey 44a
    GAUNT Frances A Wife 30 M   Pudsey 44a
    GAUNT Louis Son 9   Scholar Pudsey 44a
    GAUNT Edith dau 8   Scholar Pudsey 44a
    GAUNT Samuel Son 6   Scholar Pudsey 44a
    GAUNT William Arthur Son 3   Scholar Pudsey 44a
    GAUNT Annie dau 1     Farsley 44a
    HOOKER Edith Serv 16 S General Serv Domestic SRY Epsom 44a
160 8 Westbourne Place HORN James Head 46 M Lab. at an Iron Foundry Farsley 44a
    HORN Sarah Wife 45 M Stocking Knitter Pudsey 44a
    HORN Edith dau 9   Scholar Pudsey 44a
    HORN Herbert Son 4     Pudsey 44a
161 6 Westbourne Place MOORHOUSE John Richard Head 27 M General Lab. for Coal Merchant Kirkburton 44a
    MOORHOUSE Rosanne Wife 25 M   Swinton 44a
    MOORHOUSE Ernest Son 5     Farsley 44a
    MOORHOUSE William Son 2     Pudsey 44a
    MOORHOUSE Frances M Dau 3m     Farsley 44a
162 2 Westbourne Place CLOUGH Samuel Head 67 M Retired Foundry Man Stanningley 44a
    CLOUGH Ann Wife 73 M   Stanningley 44a
163 3 Westbourne Place WADE Jason Head 29 M Lab. at an Oil Works Farsley 44b
    WADE Rose H Wife 23 M   Farsley 44b
164 4 Westbourne Place WHITELEY Mary Head 49 W Power Loom Cloth Weaver Stanningley Farsley 44b
    WHITELEY Harriet Dau 24 S   Stanningley Farsley 44b
165 1 Westbourne Place HARTLEY Joshua Head 40 M Blacksmith Striker Stanningley Farsley 44b
    HARTLEY Ellen Wife 42 M   Stanningley Pudsey 44b
    HARTLEY Thomas G Son 13   Woollen Piecer Mill Hand Stanningley Pudsey 44b
    HARTLEY Mary Dau 12   Woollen Piecer Mill Hand Stanningley Pudsey 44b
    HARTLEY John Son 10   Scholar Stanningley Pudsey 44b
    HARTLEY Lilian Dau 6   Scholar Stanningley Pudsey 44b
166 * House KITCHIN Thomas Head 49 M Millwright Machine Maker Farsley 44b
    KITCHIN Rachel Wife 41 M   Farsley 44b
    KITCHIN Eshter Dau 23 S Woollen Weaver Farsley 44b
    KITCHIN William Son 22 S Millwright Fitter & Turner Farsley 44b
    KITCHIN Johanna dau 19 S Assists at home Farsley 44b
    KITCHIN Rebecca dau 17 S Woollen Piece Mender Farsley 44b
    KITCHIN Joseph Son 13   Miller apts App. Farsley 44b
    KITCHIN George Son 10   Scholar Farsley 44b
    KITCHIN Harry Visit 3     Farsley 44b
167 2 West Terrace SUGDEN Sarah Head 35 S Woollen Weaver Stanningley Pudsey 44b
    SUGDEN Emma Sis 31 S Woollen Weaver Stanningley Pudsey 44b
168 1 West Terrace HIRD Joseph Head 41 M Foreman Bricklayer CAM Stand* 44b
    HIRD Elizabeth Wife 49 M   Horton 44b
169 43 Bradford Rd ORMEROD Sharp Head 41 W Stone Mason LAN Colne 44b
    ORMEROD Hannah dau 16 S Assists at home Pudsey 44b
    ORMEROD Sarah E dau 13   Scholar Pudsey 44b
    ORMEROD Martha dau 11   Scholar Pudsey 44b
    ORMEROD Hirst Son 4     Pudsey 44b
    ORMEROD Mary dau 1     Calverley 44b
170 41 Bradford Rd HUNT Benjamin Head 44 M Blacksmith Rodley 44b
    HUNT Harriet Wife 42 M   WAR Packington 44b
    HUNT Harriet dau 8   Scholar Stanningley 45a
    HUNT Arthur Son 15 S Blacksmiths App. Horsforth 45a
    HUNT Rachel dau 12   Scholar Stanningley 45a
    HUNT Albert Son 6   Scholar Stanningley 45a
171 1* LEE Irwin Head 35 M Iron Moulder Farsley 45a
    LEE Milly Wife 32     Pudsey 45a
    LEE William Son 9   scholar Pudsey 45a
    LEE Sarah dau 2     Pudsey 45a
    LEE Ada   8m     Pudsey 45a
172 2 * WILCOCK John Head 57 M Wool* Woollen Mill Pudsey 45a
    HUNT Ann Board 46 M Domestic Serv Pudsey 45a
173 Providence Mill Yard LOBLEY John Head 68 M * Woollen Mill Pudsey 45a
    LOBLEY Leah Wife 67 M   Leeds 45a
    LOBLEY Joseph Son 30 S Comber woolsorter Farsley 45a
174 34 Bradford Rd BRIGGS John Head 68 W Horse Dealer Stanningley Bramley 45a
    BRIGGS Louisa Dau 35 S Assists at home Stanningley Farsley 45a
    BRIGGS Alfred Son 30 S Brush Maker [blind] Stanningley Farsley 45a
175 32 Bradford Rd WARD George Head 43 M Iron Moulder Stanningley Pudsey 45a
    WARD Jane A Wife 42 M   Stanningley Farsley 45a
    WARD Ada Dau 17 S Woollen Mill Hand Stanningley Farsley 45a
    WARD Elizabeth Dau 15   Woollen Mill Hand Stanningley Farsley 45a
    WARD Sarah Dau 12   Woollen Mill Hand Stanningley Farsley 45a
    WARD Clara Dau 7   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 45a
    WARD Annie Dau 5   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 45a
176 30 Bradford Rd RAYE John Head 67 M Woolcomber Stanningley Farsley 45a
    RAYE Mary Wife 53 M   Stanningley Bramley 45a
    WALTON John Neph 8   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 45a
177 28 Bradford Rd HOWCROFT John Head 41 M Machine Maker Stanningley Pudsey 45a
    HOWCROFT Elizabeth Wife 41 M   Stanningley Pudsey 45a
    HOWCROFT John Son 15   App. & Moulder App. Stanningley Pudsey 45a
    HOWCROFT Ramsden Son 14   Lab. at Machine maker Stanningley Pudsey 45a
    HOWCROFT Arthur Son 10   Scholar Stanningley Pudsey 45b
    HOWCROFT Martha A dau 8   Scholar Stanningley Pudsey 45b
178 26 Bradford Rd EMSLEY Harry Head 28 M Corkman Stanningley Pudsey 45b
    EMSLEY Annie Wife 26 M Burler at Woollen Mill Horsforth 45b
    EMSLEY Ernest Son 3     Stanningley Pudsey 45b
179 24 Bradford Rd CLAYTON Joseph Head 49 M Pattern Maker at an Iron Foundry Stanningley Farsley 45b
    CLAYTON Ann Wife 49 M   Stanningley Bramley 45b
    CLAYTON Harriet Moth 69 W Living on own means Sowerbytown Leeds 45b
    * Sarah Adpt 14   Nursery Sowerbytown Leeds 45b
180 20 Bradford Rd WILSON Joshua Head 72 M Assistant Woollen Cloth Weaver Stanningley Calverley 45b
    WILSON Ann Wife 72 M   Sowerly Bridge 45b
181 18 Bradford Rd SHORES Sarah Head 64 W Living on own means Stanningley Farsley 45b
182 16 Bradford Rd HARGREAVES George Head 64 M Wool Fitter at Worsted Mill Pudsey 45b
    HARGREAVES Maria Wife 64   Grocer Farsley 45b
183 14 Bradford Rd MCGUIRE Martha Head 62 W Living on own means Stanningley 45b
    VARLEY Mary A Niece 29 S Woollen Burler Bramley 45b
184 10/12 Bradford Rd Butcher Shop & house PENNINGTON William Head 72 M Butcher Master Ledstone Castleford 45b
    PENNINGTON Hannah Wife 72 M   Armley 45b
    PENNINGTON Joseph Son 34 S Butcher Stanningley Pudsey 45b
    PENNINGTON Ellen dau 28 S   Stanningley Pudsey 45b
    PENNINGTON Sam Son 26 S   Stanningley Pudsey 45b
    PENNINGTON Fred Son 23 S Tenter Stanningley Pudsey 45b
185 8/6 Bradford Rd Iron Mongers Shop & House BARRACLOUGH Josiah G Head 40 M Iron monger Master Stanningley Bramley 45b
    BARRACLOUGH Louisa Wife 36 M   Doncaster 45b
    BARRACLOUGH Ernest Son 13   scholar Stanningley Farsley 45b
    BARRACLOUGH Ellen dau 10     Stanningley Farsley 45b
    ARMITAGE John F in l 68 W Living on own means Hunslet Leeds 45b
    COTHAM Maria Son 23 S General Domestic Serv Scarborough 45b
186 4 Bradford Rd Grocer Shop & House SUNDERLAND Phineas Head 65 W Grocer master Bramley 45b
    STEVENSON Elizabeth Niece 34 S General Serv Dom Stanningley Pudsey 45b
    STEVENSON Ivy Niece 2     Leeds 45b
187 3 Bradford Rd (News Agnets Shop & house) PAWSON William Head 46 M News Agent Stanningley Pudsey 46a
    PAWSON Grace A Wife 46 M   Stanningley Pudsey 46a
    PAWSON Annie Dau 18 S Assists at home Stanningley Farsley 46a
    PAWSON Benjamin Son 17 S * Clerk on the Railway Stanningley Farsley 46a
    PAWSON Harold Son 15   Shop News Agent Stanningley Farsley 46a
188 2 Bradford Rd (Pork Butchers Shop & house) LAY George Head 38 M Pork Butcher Germany Wurtenburg 46a
    LAY Emma Wife 22 M   Germany Wurtenburg 46a
    LAY Louisa Dau 12   Scholar Bagley 46a
    LAY clara Dau 10     Leeds 46a
    WENTAL Marie Serv 19 S General Serv Dom Germany Wurtenburg 46a
189 1 Bradford Rd. Taylor's Shop & House WEBSTER Mark B Head 38 M Tailor & Outfitter Pudsey 46a
    WEBSTER Matilda Wife 36 M   Kirkstall 46a
    WEBSTER Herbert Son 12   Scholar Farsley 46a
    WEBSTER Fred Blyth Son 10   Scholar Stanningley Bramley 46a
    WEBSTER George Arthur Son 7     Stanningley Bramley 46a
    WEBSTER Leonard Son 2     Farsley 46a
    WEBSTER Harold Percy Son 1     Farsley 46a
    HINCHCLIFFE Martha m in l 69 W Living on own means Rodley 46a
    DUNWELL Annie Serv 18 S Domestic Serv Rippon 46a
190 2 Sun Street * John Head 56 W Woollen Cloth Dresser Huddersfield 46a
    * Ernest Son 21 S Iron Worker Farsley 46a
    * Hannah M dau 19 S Housemaid Farsley 46a
191 3 Sun Street SELF Simpson Head 44 M Coachman Domestic LIN Scotter? 46a
    SELF Fanny Wife 46 M   Pickering 46a
    SELF Harriet dau 16   Worsted Weaver Knaresbro 46a
    SELF Lily dau 12   Worsted Spinner Knaresbro 46a
    SELF Clara dau 11   Worsted Spinner Knaresbro 46a
    SELF Ellen dau 10   scholar Knaresbro 46a
    SELF Herbert Son 8     Knaresbro 46a
193 Sun Street HOWE George Head 64 M Boiler Maker DUR Babon? 46a
    HOWE Harriet Wife 73 M   Thornhill, Dewsbury 46b
194 8 Sun Street ELAM Clara Lodg 19 S General Serv Domestic Leeds 46b
    WHITAKER Alfred Head 58 M Burler? Otley 46b
    WHITAKER Mary Wife 58 M   Bradford 46b
    WHITAKER Aaron Son 22 S Draper Assistant Otley 46b
    WHITAKER Emma dau 20 S D* maker on own Account Otley 46b
    WHITAKER Isabel dau 19 S Milliner App. Otley 46b
195 10 Sun Street KING William Head 36 M Grocer Master LAN Eccles 46b
    KING Margaret Wife 38 M     46b
    KING Joseph Son 16   Grocer Ass. LAN Pa*croft 46b
    KING Margaret dau 14     LAN Eccles 46b
    KING Martha dau 12   Scholar LAN Eccles 46b
    KING William Son 9   Scholar LAN Eccles 46b
    KING Fred Son 7   Scholar Stanningley Bramley 46b
    KING Helen dau 5   Scholar Stanningley Bramley 46b
    KING Annie Dau 1     Stanningley Bramley 46b
    KING Florence Dau 5m     Stanningley Bramley 46b
196 12 Sun Street MAUDE Frances Head 53 M Wool & Woollen card Nailer Farsley 46b
    MAUDE Rebecca Wife 53 M   Farsley 46b
    MAUDE Frances Rebecca Dau 22 S Assists at home Farsley 46b
    MAUDE Fred Son 19 S Wool & Woollen card Nailer Farsley 46b
    MAUDE Johnson Crowther Son 16   Grocers App. Farsley 46b
197 14 Sun Street INGHAM Edwin Head 44 M Iron Foundry Man LIN Goxhill 46b
    INGHAM Ann Wife 52 M   LIN Lincoln 46b
    PARKINSON Elizabeth step dau 31 S Woollen Mill Hand LIN Lincoln 46b
    INGHAM Augusta Dau 19 S Woollen Mill Hand LIN Lincoln 46b
    INGHAM Julia Ann Dau 17 S Woollen Mill Hand Stanningley 46b
    INGHAM Laura Dau 14 S Assists at home Stanningley 46b
    INGHAM John Son 10   Scholar Stanningley Farsley 46b
198 16 Sun Street DEAN William Head 53 M Under Overlooker in Woollen Mill Stanningley Pudsey 46b
    DEAN Martha Wife 54 M   Stanningley Pudsey 46b
    DEAN Jane dau 32 S Wool comb Mender Pudsey 47a
    DEAN John Son 21 S App. Boiler Making Farsley 47a
    DEAN Sarah A dau 18   Spinner in Mill Farsley 47a
    DEAN Annie dau 15   Spinner in Mill Farsley 47a
    DEAN Emma dau 9   scholar Pudsey 47a
199 18 Sun Street WARD Henry F Head 49 M Stone Quarry Man (Master) Farsley 47a
    WARD Hannah E Wife 48 M   Bramley 47a
    WARD Sarah H dau 24 S Woollen Weaver Pudsey 47a
    WARD Susannah dau 18 S Woollen Weaver Pudsey 47a
    WARD Henry Feargus Son 16 S Works at Quarry Pudsey 47a
    WARD Irwin Son 14 S Works at Quarry Pudsey 47a
    WARD Emma Cowling dau 9   scholar Pudsey 47a
    WARD William Henry M Son 6     Pudsey 47a
200 20 Sun Street SEWELL William Head 48 M Leather Dealer Fulneck 47a
    SEWELL Eleanor Wife 47 M   Pudsey 47a
    SEWELL Frederick Son 24 S School Master Pudsey 47a
201 22 Sun Street HOLLINGS Abimelech Head 60 M Woolsorter Farsley 47a
    HOLLINGS Sarah Ann Wife 57 M   Farsley 47a
    HOLLINGS Frederick Son 18 W Printer Type Setter Farsley 47a
    HOLLINGS Frances A dau 20 W Wool Drawer Farsley 47a
202 Spring Valley OTHICK William Head 39 M Foundry Lab. Pudsey 47a
    OTHICK Emma Wife 34 M   Bramley 47a
    OTHICK Joseph W Son 3     Stanningley Pudsey 47a
203 Spring Valley RICHARDSON Bridget Head 75 W   Ireland 47a
204   HAYES G R Head 25 M Woollier at Woollen Mill Bowling Bradford 47a
    HAYES Catherine Wife 22 M   Hereford 47a
    HAYES Michael Son 5   Scholar Bradford 47a
    HAYES Jane dau 4   Scholar Bradford 47a
    HAYES Albert Son 2     Bradford 47a
    HAYES S A (Female) dau 5m     Farsley 47a
    COGLEY Catherine m in l 49 W   Ireland 47a
205 Temperance Mill Road WILSON William Head 69 M Retired Woollen Weaver Stanningley Farsley 47b
    WILSON Maria Wife 70 M   Stanningley Pudsey 47b
    WILSON Alice dau 30 S Woollen Weaver Stanningley Farsley 47b
206 Temperance Mill Road HOLDSWORTH Betha Head 80 W   Bramley 47b
    HOLDSWORTH Hannah Dau 40 S Woollen Power Loom Weaver Farsley 47b
    LOWE Evangeline Gdau 31 M   Pudsey 47b
    LOWE William Gs in l 31 M An Iron Bridge Contractor STS Wednesbury 47b
    LOWE Emily E GGdau 3     LAN Walkden 47b
207 Temperance Mill Road GILL Charles Head 42 M Engine Tenter at Woollen Mill Bradford 47b
    GILL Hannah Wife 42 M   Calverley 47b
    GILL Emma Dau 17 S Woollen Weaver Pudsey 47b
    GILL Herbert Son 15   App. Pudsey 47b
    GILL Joseph Son 13   Scholar Adwalton 47b
    GILL George Son 4     Adwalton 47b
208 Temperance Mill Road WILSON Walker Head 42 M Woollen Spinner Calverley 47b
    WILSON Elizabeth Wife 42 M   Leeds 47b
    WILSON Lily dau 19 S Warper at Woollen Mill Calverley 47b
    WILSON Mary dau 14   Spooler at Woollen Mill Calverley 47b
209 Temperance Mill Road HOLDSWORTH Joseph M Head 35 M Carrier at Woollen Mill Farsley 47b
    HOLDSWORTH Meliha Wife 37 M   Farsley 47b
    HOLDSWORTH Charles Son 15   Seer at Woollen Mill Farsley 47b
    HOLDSWORTH Jonathan Son 13   Seer at Woollen Mill Farsley 47b
    HOLDSWORTH William Son 14   scholar Farsley 47b
    HOLDSWORTH Hilda dau 7   scholar Farsley 47b
    HOLDSWORTH Hannah dau 2     Stanningley 47b
    HOLDSWORTH Herbert Son 1     Farsley 47b
210 Firths Cottages CLAYTON Thomas Head 54 M Woolsorter Bramley 47b
    CLAYTON Alice Wife 54 M   Bramley 47b
    CLAYTON Emily dau 30 S Warper at Woollen Mill Bramley 47b
    CLAYTON John W Son 23 S Machine Fitter at an Iron Foundry Bramley 47b
    CLAYTON Edith dau 14 S Machinist in Boot Factory Bramley 47b
211 Firths Cottages TATE William Head 58 M Woolsorter Bramley 48a
    TATE Mary Ann Wife 59 M   Bramley 48a
    TATE William Son 28 S Postal Telegraph Clerk Bramley 48a
212 South * FIRTH William Head 54 M * Mender Armley 48a
    FIRTH Sarah Wife 53 M   Stan* 48a
    FIRTH Sarah dau 24 S   Stan* 48a
    FIRTH William Son 17 S Civil Engineer Stan* 48a
    FIRTH Herbert Son 10   Scholar Stan* 48a
213 4 Temperance St ATHORN Hannah Head 72 W House Keeper Wakefield 48a
    GAUNT Alfred s in l 31 M Lab. in Foundry Pudsey 48a
    GAUNT Sarah dau 33 M Weaver in Woollen Mill Pudsey 48a
    GAUNT John Gson 10   Twister in Woollen Farsley 48a
    GAUNT Joseph Gson 8   Scholar Farsley 48a
    GAUNT Jonas Gson 4   Scholar Farsley 48a
    GAUNT Arthur Gson 3     Farsley 48a
    GAUNT Willie Gson 1m     Farsley 48a
    CARLTON Joseph Lodg 4* S Woollier at Woollen Mill Pudsey 48a
214 3 Temperance St FIELDON Hannah Head 38 W Woollen Cloth Weaver Bramley 48a
    FIELDON John Son 18 S App. at an Iron Foundry Bramley 48a
    FIELDON Lilian dau 15   Cloth Weaver Bramley 48a
    FIELDON Harry Son 13   Doffer at Worsted Mill Bramley 48a
    FIELDON Fred Son 11   Scholar Bramley 48a
    FIELDON Irwin Son 8   Scholar Bramley 48a
    FIELDON Violetta Dau 5     Bramley 48a
    GAUNT Grace Moth 66 W Retired Dress Maker Bramley 48a
215 2 Temperance St WAITE David Head 44 M Power Loom Spinner Bramley 48a
    WAITE Maria Wife 42 M   Farsley 48a
    WAITE Polly Dau 17 S Wool Farsley 48a
    WAITE Hannah Dau 14 S Scholar Farsley 48a
    WAITE Joseph Son 11   Scholar Farsley 48a
    WAITE Sophia dau 9   Scholar Farsley 48a
    WAITE Sarah dau 3     Stanningley 48b
    WAITE Pearson Son 2     Stanningley 48b
    WAITE Jeatrice dau 2     Stanningley 48b
216 ? Temperance St DEAN Joseph Head 37 M Foundry Lab. Pudsey 48b
    DEAN Mary Wife 35 M   Bradford 48b
    DEAN John Son 12     Stanningley Pudsey 48b
    DEAN Helen dau 9m     Stanningley Farsley 48b
217 5 Temperance St DUNWELL Mary E Head 20 W Worsted mender Leeds 48b
    EALAND Henry R Bro 23 S Carpenter Leeds 48b
    EALAND Frances B Sis 18 S Woollen Burler Stanningley 48b
218 6 Temperance St WOOD Sarah Head 55 W   Stanningley Bramley 48b
    WOOD Elizabeth dau 24 S Drawer of Worsted Cloth Stanningley Pudsey 48b
    WOOD Mary dau 21 S Fitter in Woollen Mill Stanningley Bramley 48b
    PRATT Samuel Board 24 S Worder? Weaver Calverley 48b
    GORLTON William Board 21 S   Calverley 48b
219 11 Sun St RICHARDSON James Head 39 M Masons Lab. Leeds 48b
    RICHARDSON Elizabeth Wife 37 M Fitter in Woollen Mill Pudsey 48b
    VARLEY William step son 15   Mile Piecer in Woollen Mill Pudsey 48b
    RICHARDSON Fred Son 5   Scholar Stanningley 48b
220 9 Sun St BAILEY Harry Head 25 M Plumber Gloucestershire 48b
    BAILEY Hannah Wife 24 M   Pudsey 48b
    BAILEY Charles Son 4   Scholar Stanningley 48b
    BAILEY Willie Son 7m     Stanningley 48b
221 7 Sun St COULSON James Head 56 M General Lab. Farsley 48b
    COULSON Sarah Wife 56 M Comber at Top maker Stanningley Bramley 48b
222 5 Sun St HODGSON Elizabeth Head 68 W House Keeper Doncaster 48b
    HODGSON Albert Son 26 D Iron Moulder Doncaster 48b
    STRICKLAND Elizabeth A Gdau 12   Spinner in Woollen Mill Stanningley Pudsey 48b
    STRICKLAND Maria Gdau 6   Scholar Stanningley Pudsey 48b
    BROOK Tom Lodg 55 D Furnace Man Bradford 48b
223 3 Sun Street WARD Mary Head 50 W Woollen Weaver Bagley, Farsley 48b
    WARD Lily dau 16 S Woollen Weaver Farsley 49a
224 1 Sun Street GRANT William Head 50 M Fitter in Woollen Mill Pudsey 49a
    GRANT Winifred Wife 50 M   Stanningley Bramley 49a
    GRANT Elizabeth dau 20 S Woollen Weaver Pudsey 49a
    GRANT martha dau 19 S Worsted Spinner Pudsey 49a
    GRANT Hannah Mary dau 14   Worsted Spinner Pudsey 49a
225 6 Sunfield ROBERTS Stephen B Head 54 M Grocer & Spirit Merchant Bramley 49a
    ROBERTS Hollings Son 21 M Assistant Farsley 49a
    ROBERTS Annie d in l 20 M   Stanningley 49a
226 6 Sunfield BROOKS John W Head 24 M Woollen Warehouseman Pudsey 49a
    BROOKS Emily Wife 25 M Worsted mender Pudsey 49a
227 7 Sunfield POPPLEWELL Thomas Head 54 M Shoe maker Farsley 49a
    POPPLEWELL Jane Wife 55 M   Farsley 49a
    POPPLEWELL Annie Dau 19 S Weaver Stanningley 49a
    POPPLEWELL Lizzie Dau 17 S   Stanningley 49a
228 5 Sunfield HINNINGS John Head 40 M Draper Pudsey 49a
    HINNINGS Elizabeth Wife 39 M   Pudsey 49a
    HINNINGS Mary dau 19 S Cloth Mender Pudsey 49a
    HINNINGS Edith dau 15   Cloth measurer Pudsey 49a
    HINNINGS John Son 14   Warehouseboy Farsley 49a
    HINNINGS Martha A dau 12   Scholar Farsley 49a
    HINNINGS Florence dau 1     Farsley 49a
229 Sun Field KAYE Joseph Head 50 M Woolsorter Stanningley 49a
    KAYE Maria Wife 49 M   Horsforth 49a
    KAYE William Son 25 M * for Breaker Stanningley 49a
    KAYE Fred Son 22 S Grocer Assistant Stanningley 49a
230 9 Sunfield BRETHERICK James Head 57 M Blacksmith Stanningley 49a
    BRETHERICK Alfred Son 23 S Boot Rivetter Stanningley 49a
231 1 West Street CAWSON Annie Head 55 W Charwoman Otley 49a
    CAWSON Harry Son 35 M Cartman Pool 49a
232 2 West Street HOWE Jane Ann Head 44   Woollen Weaver Sandal Wakefield 49a
    HOWE Herbert Son 24 S Lab. at an Iron Foundry Stanningley Pudsey 49b
    HOWE John W Son 18 S Lab. at an Iron Foundry Stanningley Farsley 49b
    HOWE Matilda dau 16 S Fitter at Woollen Mill Stanningley Pudsey 49b
233 3 West St PAYNE Alice Head 40 W   LAN Manchester 49b
    PAYNE Edith dau 9   Scholar LAN Oldham 49b
    PAYNE Ostaria dau 5     Bradford 49b
    HORSFALL Tom Lodg 42 S Lab. at an Iron Foundry Pudsey 49b
234 4 West St STRICKLAND John Head 32 M Cart Driver Farsley 49b
    STRICKLAND George H Son 14 S Mill Hand Pudsey 49b
    STRICKLAND Joseph Son 12   Mill Hand Pudsey 49b
    STRICKLAND Ernest Son 9   Scholar Pudsey 49b
    JOWETT Joseph Board 40 W Card Filler Pudsey 49b
    GREEN Frank Board 34 W Joiner at an Iron Foundry LON Islington 49b
235 5 West St VARLEY John Head 34 M Stone Quarryman Pudsey 49b
    VARLEY Sarah A Wife 32 M Mill Hand Carlton 49b
    VARLEY John William Son 13   Helper at home Stanningley 49b
    VARLEY Christopher Son 11   Mill Hand Stanningley 49b
    VARLEY Joseph Son 9   Scholar Stanningley 49b
    VARLEY Ernest Son 2     Stanningley 49b
    VARLEY Edward Son 6m     Stanningley 49b
236 6 West St DAVEY Benjamin Head 40 M Foundry Lab. Stanningley 49b
    DAVEY Kate Wife 3? M   Stanningley 49b
    DAVEY Jane Elizabeth dau 14   Woollen Spinner Stanningley 49b
    DAVEY Rebecca dau 12   Woollen Spinner Stanningley 49b
    DAVEY Hannah dau 9   Scholar Stanningley 49b
    DAVEY Ben Son 7   Scholar Leeds 49b
    DAVEY Nancy Dau 5   Scholar Leeds 49b
    DAVEY Tom Son 2     Stanningley 49b
237 2 Willow St WILSON Alfred Head 56 M Woollen Warehouseman Stanningley 49b
    WILSON Eliza Wife 56 M   Stanningley 49b
    WILSON John Son 22 S General Lab. at Iron Foundry Stanningley 49b
    WILSON Ellen Dau 26 S [Imbecile from birth] Stanningley 50a
238 4 Willow St BIRDSALL Alfred Head 46 M Woollen Spinner Yeadon 50a
    BIRDSALL Ann Wife 45 M   Pudsey 50a
    BIRDSALL Sarah Ann dau 22 S Weaver Pudsey 50a
    BIRDSALL John W Son 22 S Spinner Pudsey 50a
    BIRDSALL David Son 19 S Fitter Pudsey 50a
    BIRDSALL Harriet dau 17 S Weaver Pudsey 50a
    BIRDSALL Arthur Son 15   Mule Piecener Pudsey 50a
    BIRDSALL Mary E dau 8   Scholar Farsley 50a
239 4 Willow St GREENWOOD William Head 54 M Woollen Cloth Weaver Rodley 50a
    GREENWOOD Elizabeth Wife 56 M     50a
    GREENWOOD James Arthur * 17   Plumber App. Stanningley 50a
240 Sun Field GAMBLES Ann Head 51 W Charwoman Carlton 50a
    GAMBLES Hannah dau 21 S Worsted Drawer Stanningley 50a
    GAMBLES Sarah dau 19 S Woollen Weaver Stanningley 50a
241 1 Dawson St DOGSON Joe R Head 34 M Draper (master) Shipley 50a
    DOGSON Mary Ann Wife 35 M   Kildwick 50a
    DOGSON Nelly dau 3     Farsley 50a
    DOGSON Florence M dau 4m     Farsley 50a
    BENSON Elizabeth Serv 17 S Domestic Serv Micklefield 50a
242 2 Dawson St DAWSON Mary Head 49 S   Stanningley 50a
    SMITH Sarah dau 27 M   Stanningley 50a
    SMITH Reuben s in l 22 M Steam Boiler Maker Farsley 50a
    SMITH Harry Gson 3m     Stanningley 50a
    BROTHERTON Thomas m in l 41 M Striker at an Iron Foundry WOR Evesham 50a
    BROTHERTON Elizabeth Sis 42 M Power Loom Weaver Stanningley 50a
243 4 Dawson St BRETHERICK Samuel Head 42 M Lab. in Boiler Making Shop Pudsey 50a
    BRETHERICK Hannah Wife 44 M   Pudsey 50a
    BRETHERICK Sarah A dau 12   Spinner at Worsted Mill Pudsey 50a
    BRETHERICK Miriam dau 11   Scholar Pudsey 50a
    BRETHERICK Maud dau 8     Pudsey 50a
244 6 Dawson St RAYNER Elijah Head 32 M Machine Maker Fitter & Turner Farsley 50b
    RAYNER Mary Wife 31 M   Farsley 50b
    RAYNER Marion dau 5   Scholar Farsley 50b
    RAYNER Hilda dau 4     Farsley 50b
    RAYNER Maurice Son 2     Farsley 50b
    RAYNER Elijah dau 1     Farsley 50b
245 8 Dawson St CLIFF Charles S Head 28 M Ticket Agent NR Railway India Umballa BS 50b
    CLIFF Esther E Wife 29 M   BED Bedford 50b
    CLIFF Florence Mary dau 2     Stanningley 50b
    CLIFF (H)Ellen Gertrude dau 11m     Stanningley 50b
246 10 Dawson St DAWSON Robert C Head 25 M Blacksmith Horton 50b
    DAWSON Martha Wife 24 M   Bramley 50b
    DAWSON Miriam   1     Farsley 50b
    DAWSON Edwin Lodg 24 S Blacksmith Horton 50b
247 12 Dawson St RHODES Fowler Head 50 M * Piecer Wool Bramley 50b
    RHODES Emma Wife 49 M   Calverley with Farsley 50b
    RHODES Clara Dau 23 S Elementary Teachers Assistant Matron Pudsey 50b
    RHODES Charlie Son 22 S Boiler Maker Pudsey 50b
    RHODES Fred Son 19 S App. Pudsey 50b
    FIELD Alfred Lodg 38 W Steam Crane worker Calverley with Farsley 50b
248 Vickers Yard VICKERS William Head 55 W Stone Merchant Pudsey 50b
    VICKERS John Son 23 S Quarryman Farsley 50b
    VICKERS Ann Eliza dau 26 S Domestic Serv Farsley 50b
    VICKERS John Farrer dau 22 S Domestic Serv Farsley 50b
    VICKERS Eva dau 20 S School Teacher Farsley 50b
    VICKERS Louisa dau 18 S School Farsley 50b
    VICKERS Ada dau 16 S Scholar Farsley 50b
249 Vickers Yard VICKERS Eliza Head 76 W Living on own means Pudsey 50b
    ROGERS Eliza Gdau 18 S Dressmaker Farsley 50b
    ROGERS Emily Gdau 14 S   Farsley 50b
250 Vickers Yard AMBLER John Head 50 M Delver at Stone Quarry Stanningley 51a
    AMBLER Ann Wife 49 M   Stanningley 51a
    AMBLER Elizabeth dau 20 S Drawer in Worsted Mill Stanningley 51a
    AMBLER Fred Son 18 S Bridge Machinist in Iron Foundry Stanningley 51a
    AMBLER Lilian dau 14 S   Stanningley 51a
    AMBLER John Son 11     Stanningley 51a
251 32 Sun Field BRETHERICK Benjamin Head 33 M Boot & Shoe Maker Calverley 51a
    BRETHERICK Ruth Wife 32 M   Calverley 51a
    BRETHERICK Robert Morris Son 9   Scholar Calverley 51a
    BRETHERICK Samuel Son 5     Calverley 51a
    BRETHERICK Norman Son 2     Calverley 51a
    BRETHERICK Leonard Son 8m     Calverley 51a
    BRETHERICK Mary Moth 68 W Assists at home Calverley 51a
252 24 * STRICKLAND John E Head 51 M Pattern Maker on the Railway Pudsey 51a
    STRICKLAND Mary Wife 46 M   Bramley 51a
253 Sun Field Place WILSON William Head 51 W Top maker Farsley 51a
    WILSON Mary dau 25 S No occupation Farsley 51a
    WILSON Hannah dau 23 S No occupation Farsley 51a
    SCOTT Annie Serv 22 S Domestic Serv Ripon 51a
254 2 Wood St WILCOCK Grayson Head 38 M Card cleaner at Worsted Mill Calverley 51a
    WILCOCK Hester Wife 40 M   Calverley 51a
    WILCOCK Sarah E dau 13   Worsted Spinner Calverley 51a
    WILCOCK Frances M   9   School Girl Calverley 51a
255 4 Wood St STEAD George Head 40 M Iron Foundry Lab. Calverley 51a
    STEAD Ruth Wife 42 M Woollen Weaver Calverley 51a
    STEAD Harriet A dau 9   Scholar Calverley 51a
    STEAD William Son 6     Calverley 51a
256 6 Wood St HAINSWORTH Wright Head 36 M Lab. in Boiler Shop Stanningley 51a
    HAINSWORTH Annie M Wife 32 M Warp Hand Stanningley 51a
    HAINSWORTH Joseph Son 3     Stanningley 51a
257 8 Wood St SHEFFIELD John Head 43 M Iron Foundry Lab. Pudsey 51a
    SHEFFIELD Matilda Head 40 M Iron Foundry Lab. Pudsey 51b
    SHEFFIELD Harriet A Dau 18 S Worsted Mill Hand Bradford 51b
    SHEFFIELD Joseph Son 7   Scholar Pudsey 51b
    SHEFFIELD Simeon Rawnsley Son 3     Pudsey 51b
258 12 Wood St SHARP Charles Head 32 M Iron Foundry Lab. LIN Louth 51b
    SHARP Amelia Wife 33 M   LIN Caistor 51b
    SHARP Nellie dau 4     LIN Grimsby 51b
    LINDON Alice R Board 2     INDIA Sinderabad BS 51b
    LINDON Jacob S Board 1     INDIA Wellington 51b
259 13 Wood St DAVEY John Head 34 M Woolsorter Stanningley 51b
    DAVEY Mary Ann Wife 34 M Woollen Weaver Stanningley 51b
    DAVEY Frances dau 9   Scholar Stanningley 51b
    DAVEY William Son 7   Scholar Stanningley 51b
    DAVEY Percy Son 5   Scholar Stanningley 51b
    DAVEY Ernest Son 2     Stanningley 51b
    YEADON Elizabeth m in l 64 W Living on own means Stanningley 51b
    YEADON Albert Lodg 24 S Iron Foundry Lab. Stanningley 51b
260 11 Wood St WRIGHT Harry Head 34 M Gardener Domestic Serv Bagby Leeds 51b
    WRIGHT Ada Wife 31 M   Holton Leeds 51b
    WRIGHT William Son 10   Doffer at Mill Half Tuner Holton Leeds 51b
    WRIGHT Emily dau 8   Scholar School Green Bradford 51b
    WRIGHT Alan Son 6   Scholar Stanningley 51b
    WRIGHT Arthur Ernest Son 3     Stanningley 51b
261 9 Wood St WADE Harry Head 23 M Mechanic Turner & Fitter Stanningley 51b
    WADE Miranda Wife 24 M   Pudsey 51b
    WADE Florence dau 3     Stanningley 51b
    WADE Susannah dau 1     Stanningley 51b
    WADE Lilian dau 8m     Stanningley 51b
262 7 Wood St PERIGO Samuel Head 21 M Horse Driver Bagley 51b
    PERIGO Emma Wife 20 M   Castleford 51b
    PERIGO George Son 6m     Farsley 51b
263 5 Wood St RIDER Maira Head 45 M Woollen Weaver Farsley 52a
    RIDER Harry Daniel Son 8   Scholar Farsley 52a
264 3 Wood St PADGET Samuel Head 40 M Brick Layer Wakefield 52a
    PADGET Frances Wife 29 M   Leeds 52a
    PADGET George Son 18 S Mule Piecer at Woollen Mill Beeston 52a
    PADGET Joseph Son 16 S Jobber Beeston 52a
    PADGET Herbert Son 12   Worsted Mill Hand Beeston 52a
    PADGET Sarah dau 10     Beeston 52a
    PADGET Hannah dau 8   Scholar Beeston 52a
    PADGET Samuel Son 6   Scholar Stanningley 52a
    PADGET Ethel dau 4     Stanningley 52a
    PADGET John Son 2     Stanningley 52a
    PADGET Edgar Son 6m     Stanningley 52a
265 1 Wood St WADE John Head 26 M Stone Mason Stanningley 52a
    WADE Theresa Wife 25 M   Ireland Dublin 52a
    LYNCH Jeremiah   2     Stanningley 52a
266 The Beeches BEVERLEY Christopher Head 42 M Comm* Wool Comber Wakefield 52a
    BEVERLEY Evangeline Wife 36     Stanningley 52a
    BEVERLEY William Christopher Son 10   Scholar Stanningley 52a
    BEVERLEY Clifford Son 9   Scholar Stanningley 52a
    DUCKER Mary M Serv 24 s cook LIN Haxley? 52a
    HOBSON Jane   21   General Serv Armthorpe 52a
267 Sun Field House BUTLER Henry W Head 46 M Iron Founder Stanningley 52a
    BUTLER M G Wife 45 M   Otley 52a
    BUTLER Gerald Son 18   Scholar Stanningley 52a
    ODDY Sarah E Serv 24 s Housemaid Domestic Serv Tong 52a
    DALE Mary   23 s Cook Leeming 52a
268 Providence House BARNES William Head 24 M Oil Merchant Farsley 52a
    BARNES Selina Wife 26 M   Bramley 52a
    BARNES Lawrence Son 4     Stanningley 52a
    BARNES Bessie dau 2     Stanningley 52a
    BARNES Evelyn dau 1     Farsley 52b
    HODGES Sarah Serv 28 S General Serv Domestic Wiltshire 52b
    MASON Hannah E Serv 16 S Nurse LIN Crowle 52b
269 6 Mathews Cottages RAYNER Harris Head 27 m Woollen Merchant Stanningley 52b
    RAYNER Miriam Wife 29 m   Leeds 52b
    RAYNER Stanley Son 3     Stanningley Calverley 52b
270 5 Mathews Cottages TURNER William Head 41 M House Painter Morley 52b
    TURNER Sarah Wife 36 M   Stanningley 52b
271 Mathews Cottages HAINSWORTH Mary Ann Head 65 W Living on own means Stanningley 52b
272 Mathews Cottages MARRINER Charles W Head 28 M Plumber Bramley 52b
    MARRINER Emily Wife 29 M   Sheffield 52b
    MARRINER Joseph Son 7   Scholar Bramley 52b
    MARRINER Ernest May Son 4     Bramley 52b
    MARRINER Leonard Son 2     Farsley 52b
    MARRINER Fanny dau 6m     Farsley 52b
272 Mathews Cottages GLEDHILL Rebecca Head 72 S Retired House Keeper Stanningley 52b
273 Mathews Cottages GREENWOOD Hannah Head 51 M Owner of Property Farsley 52b
274 Sun Field Grocers Shop & house GRIMSHAW Samuel Head 34 M Woollen Spinner Farsley 52b
    GRIMSHAW Hannah Wife 29 M * Ampleforth 52b
    GRIMSHAW Emily dau 4     Farsley 52b
275 Sun Field Place FIRTH Sarah Wife 43 M   Cleckheaton 52b
    FIRTH Joseph Son 19 S Top maker's App. Stanningley 52b
    FIRTH Ernest Son 9   Scholar Stanningley 52b
    FIRTH Emmeline dau 6   Scholar Stanningley 52b
    CAWFORD Beatrice Serv 15 S General Serv Crossgates 52b
    EASTWOOD Mary Board 52 M   Armley 52b
    EASTWOOD Frances M Board 24 S Board School Teacher LAN Lancaster 52b
276 Sun Field Place WATKINSON James Head 45 M Cloth Manufacturer Stanningley Calverley 52b
    WATKINSON Rebecca Wife 43 M   Otley 52b
277 Sun Field Place MATTOCK Francis Head 68 M Ret Draper Embsay Skipton 52b
    MATTOCK Sarah Wife 66 M   Bradford 52b
    MATTOCK William Son 24 S Bank Manager? Stanningley 53a
    MATTOCK Alice dau 32 S   Stanningley 53a
278 3 Conway St SIMONS Charles S Head 26 M Blacksmith Wakefield 53a
    SIMONS Florence Wife 17 M   Sheffield 53a
279 2 Conway St RAYNOR Harry Head 32 M Turner & Fitter at an Iron Works Stanningley 53a
    RAYNOR Lavinia Wife 24 M   Stanningley 53a
280 1 Conway St MARSHALL Thomas Head 43 M Boiler Maker LAN Lancaster 53a
    MARSHALL Hannah Wife 41 M   Pudsey 53a
    MARSHALL Adam Son 15 S Working in Iron Foundry Pudsey 53a
    MARSHALL Thomas Son 14   Working in Woollen Mill Pudsey 53a
    MARSHALL Lydia dau 9   Scholar Pudsey 53a
    MARSHALL Campbell Son 7   Scholar Pudsey 53a
    MARSHALL George Son 2     Farsley 53a
    MARSHALL Fred Son 5m     Farsley 53a
281 Conway St AMBLER Harry Head 25 M Stone Quarryman Stanningley 53a
    AMBLER Hannah Wife 31 M   Pudsey 53a
    AMBLER Cecil Son 3m     Stanningley 53a
282 Bangor St SMITH John Head 56 M Woollen Spinner Farsley 53a
    SMITH M A Wife 54 M   Farsley 53a
    SMITH Herbert Son 24 S   Farsley 53a
283 Conway St WOOD Benjamin Head 32 M Iron Foundry Lab.   53a
    WOOD Mary Wife 31 M   Lincolnshire 53a
    WOOD John W Son 4   Scholar Yorkshire 53a
    WOOD Harriet dau 6   Scholar Yorkshire 53a
    WOOD Amelia dau 4   Scholar Yorkshire 53a
    WOOD Mary dau 2     Yorkshire 53a
284 Conway St KAYE Martha Head 54 W   Wakefield 53a
    KAYE Irwin Son 21 S Blacksmith Striker Stanningley Pudsey 53a
    LEE Joseph Lodg 67 M Boiler Makers Lab. Farsley 53a
285 Bangor St WOOD Harry Head 31 M Lab. in an Iron Foundry Stanningley 53a
    WOOD Sarah A Wife 24 M   Bentley 53a
    WOOD Mabel dau 1     Stanningley 53b
286 Spring Field Terrace BROOKS joseph Head 44 M Engine Fitter at Railway Co. Calverley 53b
    BROOKS Sarah Wife 44 M   Calverley 53b
    BROOKS Richard Son 17 S Railway Clerk G N R Calverley 53b
287 2 Spring Field Terrace HILLIAM Samuel Head 44 M Instructor of Engineering Work G N R CAM Whittlesea 53b
    HILLIAM Eliza Wife 37 M   Bradford 53b
    HILLIAM Frances dau 16 S Pupil Teacher Stanningley 53b
    HILLIAM Charles Son 15 S Scholar Stanningley 53b
    HILLIAM George Son 13   Scholar Stanningley 53b
    HILLIAM Samuel Son 11   Scholar Stanningley 53b
    HILLIAM Annie dau 6   Scholar Stanningley 53b
288 Spring Field Terrace TETLEY Abraham Head 84 W Fire * Agent Morley 53b
    PITCHFORTH Eliza Serv 52 S Domestic Serv Rutland 53b
289 Spring Field Terrace ROBERTS Joseph Head 55 M Worsted Yarn Merchant Farsley 53b
    ROBERTS Sarah Wife 56 M   Stanningley 53b
    ROBERTS Ann dau 28 S No occupation Stanningley 53b
    ROBERTS Ada dau 24 S Woollen Cloth Mender Stanningley 53b
    ROBERTS Julia dau 19 S No occupation Stanningley 53b
    ROBERTS Edith Annie Gdau 6   Scholar Stanningley 53b
    ROBERTS Emma Gdau 5   Scholar Stanningley 53b
290 2 Spring Field Terrace ELSWORTH John W Head 34 M Congregational minister Calverley 53b
    ELSWORTH Clara Wife 32 M   Dewsbury 53b
291 6 Spring Field Terrace ROBERTS Elizabeth Head 64 W Living on own means Leeds 53b
292 21 Sunfield SUTTON Daniel Head 41 M * Wiltshire 53b
    SUTTON Mary Wife 46 M   Cambridgeshire 53b
    SUTTON Franklin Son 13 S Scholar Stanningley 53b
    WATERFIELD Mary Ann Moth 77 W   Cambridgeshire 53b
293   WOOD William Head 44 M Foundry Lab. Yorkshire 53b
    WOOD Alice Wife 30 M   Lancashire 53b
    WOOD Sam Son 5   Scholar Stanningley 53b
    WOOD Annie dau 4   Scholar Stanningley 53b
    WOOD Harry Son 2     Stanningley 54a
294 1 Wilsons Yard GORTON James Head 54 M Fitter in Woollen Mill Farsley 54a
    GORTON Elizabeth Wife 54 M   Pudsey 54a
295 2 Wilsons Yard RHODES Mary Head 76 W   Farsley 54a
    GODSON Sarah Gdau 25 S Man* of Worsted Farsley 54a
296 Sun Field KAYE Edwin Head 45 M Woolsorter Farsley 54a
    KAYE Mary Wife 46 M   Pudsey 54a
    KAYE Harry Son 23 S Iron Moulder Pudsey 54a
    KAYE Annie dau 21 S Mender of Worsted Pieces Pudsey 54a
    KAYE Esther M dau 18 S Worsted Weaver Pudsey 54a
    KAYE Benjamin Board 53 S Woolcomber Farsley 54a
298 Sun Field EDMONDSON Barbara Head 44 S Rug Maker [cripple] Stanningley 54a
299 Mount Pleasant VARLEY Ann Head 76 W Property Owner Stanningley 54a
300   ROGERS Hannah Head 59 S Woollen Piece Burler Pudsey 54a
301 Longfield House BRICE James Head 58 M Employee at Foundry & Caretaker SCT Edinburgh 54a
    BRICE Isabella Wife 51 M   SCT Edinburgh 54a
302 Olivet Chapel House SHAW James Head 36 M Boot & Shoe Pudsey 54a
    SHAW Annie Wife 36 M Chapel Cleaner Pudsey 54a
    SHAW Emma dau 4     Pudsey 54a