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Census Indexes 1891 Idle ED10


The census returns for 1891 were taken on the evening of April 5th and the area of Idle is covered by piece RG12/3652 & 3653.

ED10, Folios 20-31 Enumerator: James Watmough

Boundary being that part bounded on the north by Buck Mill, on the east by Albion Mill, on the south by New Mill Yard, and on the west by Park Lodge. Contents - part of the Township of Idle comprising all the dwelling houses at Buck Mill. Including the cottage in the Wood. Field Lock.Strangford Farm. Rawcliffe. Crowcroft. Old Bottoms. Bottoms Farm. Apperley Lock. Apperley Road (both sides) from the George & Dragon Hotel to the Old Toll House, to the boundaryat Albion Mill. Including Greenside, Nimrods Place. Gas Works & 4 Lands. Leeds Rd (both sides). Extending from the Old Toll House to the end of Park Rd including Castle Mill Yd. New York. New Mill Yard. Lees Farm. Renton's Farm & Mitchell Lane. Ashfield, Ashfield Road.Thorn Garth. Ellar Carr Road. Extending from Leeds Rd to Park Hill. Including Beulah House. Ellar Carr. Jennings Farm. Park Road. Extending from Leeds Rd to Hill Top Lane. Including Park Lodge Low Ash & Hill Top Cottages. All in the Parliamentary Division of Shipley.

1 28 Buck Wood John MOULDS Head W 42 Domestic Servant [Coachman] NTH Apethorpe 21a
    Han J MOULDS Dau S 22 Housekeeper London 21a
    Herbert MOULDS Son S 20 Worsted Warper London 21a
    Minnie MOULDS Dau S 17 Dressmaker Liversedge 21a
    John MOULDS Son S 14 Worsted Bobbin Layer Idle 21a
    Lily MOULDS Dau S 12 Scholar Idle 21a
    Fanny MOULDS Dau S 9 Scholar Idle 21a
3 32 Buck Mill James CLAPHAM Head S 21 Farmer Denton 21a
    Ada CLAPHAM Sis S 14 Domestic Duties Lindley 21a
4 Strangford Farm Frances BLACKBOROUGH Head W 46 Living on Own Means Starbottom 21a
    George E BLACKBOROUGH Son S 28 Farmer Utley 21a
    Mary A WILSON Dau W 29   Utley 21a
    Fanny BLACKBOROUGH Dau S 14 Scholar Morton Banks 21a
    Annie WAINHOUSE Visor S 29 Dressmaker Beverley 21a
    Marie K MILLER Serv S 26 General Domestic Servant GER 21a
    Jonas R HOLLINGDRAKE Serv W 45 Farm Servant Sislden 21a
    Richard HOLLINGDRAKE Serv S 18 Farm Servant Skipton 21a
    Robertshaw HOLLINGDRAKE Serv S 14 Farm Servant Settle 21a
    James HANSON Serv W 41 Farm Servant Beverley 21a
5 Rockcliffe House Thomas HALL Head W 60 Farmer NTH Alnwick 21a
  Canal Bank Robert HALL Son M 30 Farmer's Son LAN Manchester 21a
    Jane E HALL Dau S 26   LAN Manchester 21a
    Robert HALL Father W 85 Living on Own Means NTH Alnwick 21a
    Margaret STOREY s in l S 65 Living on Own Means NTH Newham 21a
7 23 Canal Bank William WINTERBURN Head M 70 Farm Labourer Bishop Monkton 21a
    Elizabeth WINTERBURN Wife M 70   Leeds 21a
6 CrowCroft Farm Jane DAWSON Head W 42 Farmer Bishop Monkton 21b
    Eliza DAWSON Dau S 18   Idle 21b
    Mary DAWSON Dau S 15   Idle 21b
    Arthur DAWSON Son S 12 Scholar Idle 21b
    Richard DAWSON Son S 10 Scholar Idle 21b
    Jane DAWSON Dau S 8 Scholar Idle 21b
    John William DAWSON Son S 1   Idle 21b
    Annie PARKER Visor S 49 Domestic Duties Leeds 21b
8 24 Canal Bank John JOYCE Head M 32 Carpenter Leeds 21b
    Emily JOYCE Wife M 29   Apperley Bridge 21b
    Herbert JOYCE Son S 10 Scholar Rodley 21b
    Amelia JOYCE Dau S 5 Scholar Apperley 21b
    Edward JOYCE Son S 2   Apperley 21b
    Harry JOYCE Son S 5m   Apperley 21b
9 25 Bottoms Farm James H GREENWOOD Head M 37 Farmer FrizingHall 21b
  Canal Bank Eliza GREENWOOD Wife M 39   LIN Broxholme 21b
    Herbert GREENWOOD Son S 14 Farmer's Son Frizinghall 21b
    Harold GREENWOOD Son S 12 Farmer's Son Frizinghall 21b
    Isabella GREENWOOD Dau S 6 Scholar Baildon 21b
    Walter GREENWOOD Son S 3 Scholar Idle 21b
    Annie R GREENWOOD Dau S 1   Idle 21b
    Annie TAYLOR Serv S 16 General Domestic Servant LIN Walcot 21b
10 26 Rose Cottage A SUNDERLAND Head M 54 Canal Carpenter LAN Burnley 21b
  Canal Bank E SUNDERLAND Wife M 55   LAN Blackburn 21b
    Agnes SUNDERLAND Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver LAN Manchester 21b
    John SUNDERLAND Son S 19 Canal Carpenter LAN Burnley 21b
11 27 Canal Bank John SMITH Head M 72 Blacksmith LAN Burnley 21b
    Agnes SMITH Wife M 70   SCT 21b
12 Limekiln House Ann BECK Head W 67 Baby Nurse Skipton 21b
    Eliz BICKFORD Lodg S 55 Sick Nurse Bradford 21b
    George HOILE Lodg S 34 Wool Cloth Dresser Halifax 21b
13 45 Millman Lane Edward SMITH Head M 44 Canal Carpenter Skipton 22a
    Mary A SMITH Wife M 43   Bradford 22a
    Jeremiah SMITH Son S 20 Worsted Dyer Leeds 22a
    Henry SMITH Son S 18 Worsted Finisher Windhill 22a
    Isaac SMITH Son S 16 Gardener Windhill 22a
    Grace E SMITH Dau S 8 Scholar Apperley 22a
    Robert GREAVES Board S 21 Farmer's Man Asquith 22a
14 47 Millman Lane George PICKERSGILL Head M 39 Lime Burner Greengates 22a
    Mary E PICKERSGILL Wife M 34 Machine Minder Leeds 22a
    Emily PICKERSGILL Dau S 12 Scholar Leeds 22a
    William PICKERSGILL Son S 10 Scholar Leeds 22a
    Edith PICKERSGILL Dau S 7 Scholar Leeds 22a
    Eliza PICKERSGILL Dau S 1     22a
15 Field House Charles HOUGHTON Head M 44 Stationary Engine Driver & Farmer HUN Buckden 22a
  Millman Lane Sarah A HOUGHTON Wife M 43   LIN Spalding 22a
    David HOUGHTON Son S 24 Wool Weaver LIN Deeping St James 22a
    John HOUGHTON Son S 20 Wool Weaver Idle 22a
    James HOUGHTON Son S 16 Wheelwright Appr Idle 22a
    Joseph HOUGHTON Son S 12 Scholar Idle 22a
    Harriet HOUGHTON Dau S 11 Scholar Idle 22a
    Annie HOUGHTON Dau S 10 Scholar Idle 22a
    Charles HOUGHTON Son S 3   Idle 22a
16 Elm Tree House James CLARKSON Head M 72 Coal Merchant Silsden 22a
  Millman Lane Mary CLARKSON Wife M 70   Silsden 22a
    Lily SAXTON Serv S 31 Domestic Servant Kilnhurst 22a
19 Dock Cottage Henry TEALE Head M 48 Boat Builder IRE 22a
  Millman Lane Margaret TEALE Wife M 44   Hull 22a
    William Reuben TEALE Son S 9 Scholar Apperley 22a
17 Apperley Road James GRAY Head M 52 Publican Apperley 22b
  George & Dragon Sarah J GRAY Wife M 51   Apperley 22b
    Albert GRAY Son S 21 [Cripple from Birth] Apperley 22b
    Fred GRAY Son S 19   Apperley 22b
    Harold GRAY Son S 8 Scholar Apperley 22b
    Florence GRAY Dau S 23 Inn Barmaid Apperley 22b
    Annie ARMITAGE Serv S 19 General Servant Apperley 22b
18 Apperley Road Thomas CLARKSON Head M 40 Coal Merchant Silsden 22b
  Liburnam Village Eliza A CLARKSON Wife M 38   Bradford 22b
    James CLARKSON Son S 16 Office Clerk Idle 22b
    Ann CLARKSON Dau S 15 Scholar Idle 22b
    Charles E CLARKSON Son S 13 Scholar Idle 22b
    William Henry CLARKSON Son S 11 Scholar Idle 22b
    Ida M CLARKSON Dau S 9 Scholar Idle 22b
    Frank CLARKSON Son S 7 Scholar Idle 22b
20 41 Millman Lane Thomas LEE Head M 39 Woollen Designer Yeadon 22b
    Martha LEE Wife M 38   Yeadon 22b
    Louie LEE Dau S 18 Woollen Weaver Yeadon 22b
    Annie LEE Dau S 16 Woollen Weaver Yeadon 22b
    Minnie LEE Dau S 14 Woollen Weaver Rawdon 22b
    Carrie LEE Dau S 13   Rawdon 22b
    Thomas B LEE Son S 10 Scholar Rawdon 22b
    Jannet LEE Dau S 8 Scholar Rawdon 22b
    Nelly LEE Dau S 6 Scholar Rawdon 22b
    Addrienne LEE Dau S 4 Scholar Rawdon 22b
    Wilfred LEE Son S 2 Scholar Rawdon 22b
    James LEE Son S 8m   Idle 22b
    Faith MIDDLETON Niece S 19 Dressmaker Yeadon 22b
23 40 Millman Lane John HANNAM Head W 60 Farmer & Butter Factor Fewston 22b
    George HANNAM Son S 21 Farmer's Son Idle 22b
    Ada HANNAM Dau S 20 Farmer's Daughter Idle 22b
21 44 Millman Lane Arthur A CLAXTON Head M 36 Cotton & Worsted Yarn Agent's Asst DER Derby 23a
    Emily F CLAXTON Wife M 37   MDX Brixton 23a
    Emily V CLAXTON Dau S 7   SCT 23a
    Harold CLAXTON Son S 5   SCT 23a
    Cuthbert CLAXTON Son S 4   SCT 23a
    Catherine CLAXTON Dau S 2   SCT 23a
    Edwin CLAXTON Son S 7m   Idle 23a
22 42 Millman Lane David HAINSWORTH Head M 40 Corn Miller Idle 23a
    Josephine HAINSWORTH Wife M 34   Knaresbro' 23a
    Edith HAINSWORTH Dau S 12 Scholar Idle 23a
    Harold HAINSWORTH Son S 11 Scholar Idle 23a
    Clarice HAINSWORTH Dau S 4 Scholar Idle 23a
24 39 Millman Lane William BROOKE Head M 63 Stone Dresser Idle 23a
    Sarah BROOKE Wife M 62   Idle 23a
    Mary A BROOKE Dau S 36 Cotton Hank Winder Idle 23a
    Emily BROOKE Dau S 34 Cotton Hank Winder Idle 23a
    Herbert BROOKE Son S 23 Steam Engineer Machine Maker Idle 23a
25 37 Millman Lane William LINSLEY Head M 46 Traveller [Corn] Malton 23a
    Martha LINSLEY Wife M 45   SCT 23a
    Sarah A LINSLEY Dau S 18 Elementary Pupil Teacher Otley 23a
    Maggie LINSLEY Dau S 17 Dressmaker Skipton 23a
    Frances LINSLEY Dau S 15 Elementary Pupil Teacher Skipton 23a
    Annie E LINSLEY Dau S 14 Elementary Pupil Teacher Skipton 23a
    Letitia LINSLEY Dau S 13 Scholar Skipton 23a
    John William LINSLEY Son S 12 Scholar Skipton 23a
    Agnes LINSLEY Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 23a
    Albert LINSLEY Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 23a
    May LINSLEY Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 23a
26 35 Millman Lane Benjamin E BERRY Head W 77 Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Idle 23a
    Jane E RIPLING Serv S 14 General Domestic Servant Ripon 23a
27 36 Millman Lane Thomas BERRY Head M 53 Woollen Cloth Maker Idle 23b
    Elizabeth BERRY Wife M 42   Eccleshill 23b
    James A BERRY Son S 14 Scholar Idle 23b
    John C BERRY Son S 11 Scholar Idle 23b
    Maude BERRY Dau S 5 Scholar Idle 23b
28 33 Millman Lane Jeremiah THORNTON Head M 35 Stationary Engine Tenter Bowling 23b
    Hannah THORNTON Wife M 32   Idle 23b
    Arthur THORNTON Son S 12 Scholar Idle 23b
    Sam THORNTON Son S 10 Scholar Idle 23b
    John W THORNTON Son S 7 Scholar Idle 23b
    Clara THORNTON Dau S 5 Scholar Idle 23b
    Louisa THORNTON Dau S 2   Idle 23b
    Annie THORNTON Dau S 5m   Idle 23b
29 Leeds Road Thomas TAYLOR Head M 36 Publican Shipley 23b
  George Hotel Martha TAYLOR Wife M 36   Yeadon 23b
    Ann TAYLOR Dau S 14 Domestic Duties Shipley 23b
    Joseph TAYLOR Son S 9 Scholar Bradford 23b
    Lily TAYLOR Dau S 7   Shipley 23b
    Maude TAYLOR Dau S 1   Idle 23b
    Edwin TAYLOR Son S 2m   Idle 23b
30 89 Leeds Road Henry HOLLINGS Head M 34 Woollen Weaver Rawdon 23b
    Elizabeth HOLLINGS Wife M 39   Idle 23b
    Mary HOLLINGS Dau S 7 Scholar Idle 23b
    Eva HOLLINGS Dau S 2 Scholar Idle 23b
33 Dob Royd Edwin THORNTON Head M 51 Gas Company Secretary Idle 23b
  Leeds Road Eliza THORNTON Wife M 51   Idle 23b
    Sarah E THORNTON Dau S 24 Certified Elem. School Teacher Idle 23b
    Albert H THORNTON Son S 22 BA Student in Theology Idle 23b
31 Off Leeds Road Earl GLOVER Head M 38 Woollen Weaver Idle 24a
    Mercy GLOVER Wife M 35 Woollen Weaver Idle 24a
    Fanny GLOVER Dau S 14 Thread Spooler Idle 24a
    Wilfred GLOVER Son S 11 Wool Millhand Idle 24a
    Emma GLOVER Dau S 10 Scholar Idle 24a
    John KENDAL f in l M 70 Wool Millhand Shipley 24a
    Martha KENDAL m in l M 70   Shipley 24a
    John SCOTT Neph S 25 Wool Millhand Idle 24a
    Emma KENDAL Niece S 6 Scholar Idle 24a
32 Off Leeds Road Alfred WATERHOUSE Head M 46 Woollen Warper Thackley 24a
    Margaret WATERHOUSE Wife M 39   Rawdon 24a
    Sarah J WATERHOUSE Dau S 19 Woollen Weaver Thackley 24a
    Lillian WATERHOUSE Dau S 17 Woollen Weaver Thackley 24a
    Minnie WATERHOUSE Dau S 14 Scholar Thackley 24a
    Martha WATERHOUSE Dau S 7 Scholar Thackley 24a
    Annie WATERHOUSE Dau S 6 Scholar Thackley 24a
    Miles WATERHOUSE Son S 4 Scholar Thackley 24a
34 Off Leeds Road Jonathan GREAVES Head M 29 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Otley 24a
    Catherine GREAVES Wife M 28   Skipton 24a
    Elizabeth E GREAVES Dau S 4 Scholar Shipley 24a
    Annie GREAVES Dau S 3 Scholar Shipley 24a
35 Leeds Road John PECKOVER Head M 37 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Bradford 24a
  Greenside Mary PECKOVER Wife M 37   Bramley 24a
    Harriet PECKOVER Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Bradford 24a
    Polly PECKOVER Dau S 13 Scholar Bradford 24a
    Annie PECKOVER Dau S 8 Scholar Huddersfield 24a
    Eva PECKOVER Dau S 5 Scholar Huddersfield 24a
36 Leeds Road Harry GOLDSBOROUGH Head M 32 Stationary Engine Driver Idle 24b
  3 Greenside Margaret A GOLDSBOROUGH Wife M 31   Idle 24b
    Sam GOLDSBOROUGH Son S 9 Scholar Idle 24b
    Emma GOLDSBOROUGH Dau S 10 Scholar Idle 24b
    John William GOLDSBOROUGH Son S 7 Scholar Idle 24b
    Martha GOLDSBOROUGH Dau S 4 Scholar Idle 24b
    Eva GOLDSBOROUGH Dau S 1 Scholar Idle 24b
    Thomas A GOLDSBOROUGH Bro S 18 Stationary Engine Stoker Idle 24b
37 Leeds Road G A WHITE Head M 34 Worsted Spinner Bradford 24b
  4 Greenside M A WHITE Wife M 33   NFK Methwold 24b
    Bertha C WHITE Dau S 11 Scholar Shipley 24b
    George W B WHITE Son S 9 Scholar Shipley 24b
    Flo WHITE Dau S 7 Scholar Buttershaw 24b
    Ida WHITE Dau S 3 Scholar Idle 24b
38 Leeds Road William P LEDGER Head M 37 Woollen Carding Overlooker Eccleshill 24b
  Nimrods Place Ellen LEDGER Wife M 37   Idle 24b
    Elizabeth A LEDGER Dau S 16   Idle 24b
    Joe LEDGER Son S 13 Scholar Idle 24b
39 Leeds Road Josiah SMITH Head M 46 Stationary Engine Tenter SUR Mitcham 24b
  Nimrods Place Caroline SMITH Wife M 42   SUR Wandsworth 24b
    Ella SMITH Dau S 21 Wool Weaver SUR Wandsworth 24b
    Ernest SMITH Son S 19 Labourer SUR Tooting 24b
    Josiah SMITH Son S 18 Woollen Mule Piecer MDX Greenwich 24b
    Minnie SMITH Dau S 16 Burler SUR Mill Wall 24b
    Edith SMITH Dau S 15 Spinner Idle 24b
    Alice SMITH Son S 14 Half-Time Sick Nurse Idle 24b
    George SMITH Son S 10 Scholar   24b
40 Leeds Road John IBBETSON Head M 71 Grocer Idle 24b
  Nimrods Place Ann IBBETSON Wife M 53   Greengates 24b
    Minnie BEAUMONT Adpt dau S 34 Milliner Wakefield 24b
41 1 Gas Works Robert SENIOR Head M 62 Gas Manager Dewsbury 25a
    Frances L SENIOR Wife M 58   Liversedge 25a
    Fanny SENIOR Dau S 36 Woollen Weaver Halifax 25a
    Mary A SENIOR Dau S 30 Woollen Weaver Idle 25a
    Albert E SENIOR Gson S 18 Model Maker Appr Eccleshill 25a
    Joseph E SENIOR Gson S 7 Scholar Idle 25a
42 19 Four Lands Mary HARRISON Head W 76 Living on Own Means Idle 25a
    Eliz ILLINGWORTH Niece S 47 Companion Idle 25a
43 Four Lands Sam SMITH Head M 30 Worsted Spinner Wilsden 25a
    Annie SMITH Wife M 30   Bradford 25a
    Harold SMITH Son S 4   Bradford 25a
    May SMITH Dau S 7m   Idle 25a
    Emily SHEPHERD s in l S 26 Companion to Wife Bradford 25a
44 Four Lands Thomas FIRTH Head M 24 Worsted Overlooker Bradford 25a
    Annie FIRTH Wife M 22   Bradford 25a
    Rene Zilla FIRTH Dau S 2   Bradford 25a
45 Four Lands Joshua F GARNETT Head M 52 Woollen Manufacturer Idle 25a
    Martha GARNETT Wife M 43   Dewsbury 25a
    George GARNETT Son S 19 Clerk Idle 25a
    Hannah GARNETT Dau S 17 Art Student [Student Painting] Idle 25a
    Laura GARNETT Dau S 14 Scholar Idle 25a
    Arnold GARNETT Son S 10 Scholar Idle 25a
    Joseph H GARNETT Son S 8 Scholar Idle 25a
46 11 Four Lands William HOGG Head M 35 Worsted Power Loom Tuner Rawdon 25a
    Elizabeth HOGG Wife M 37   Clayton 25a
    Adelaide HOGG Dau S 11 Scholar Shipley 25a
    George William HOGG Son S 5 Scholar Kirkstall 25a
    Harold HOGG Son S 3 Scholar Kirkstall 25a
47 13 Four Lands Benj WRIGHT Head M 35 Wool Cloth Presser Leeds 25b
    Laura E WRIGHT Wife M 31 Woollen Weaver Huddersfield 25b
    Emily WRIGHT Dau S 10 Scholar Hunslet 25b
    George H WRIGHT Son S 9 Scholar Hunslet 25b
    Benj WRIGHT Son S 5 Scholar Hunslet 25b
48 Four Lands William SMITH Head M 39 Wool Finisher Foreman Huddersfield 25b
    Deborah SMITH Wife M 37   Huddersfield 25b
    Sarah E SMITH Dau S 16   Huddersfield 25b
    Harold H SMITH Son S 14 Scholar Huddersfield 25b
49 Brampton Farm William WOOD Head S 39 Farmer Otley 25b
  Leeds Road Mary WOOD Sis S 59 Farmer Otley 25b
    Ellen MORSE Serv S 16 General Domestic Servant Fewston 25b
    Ann SHARP Board W 60 Cook Wakefield 25b
50 86 Leeds Road Benjamin PEARCE Head M 44 Commission Agent Bradford 25b
    Emma PEARCE Wife M 39   DER Bakewell 25b
    Henry PEARCE Son S 10 Scholar NTT 25b
    Cyril PEARCE Son S 7 Scholar Idle 25b
    Bertha PEARCE Dau S 6 Scholar Idle 25b
    Frank PEARCE Son S 4   Idle 25b
    Mary PEARCE Dau S 3   Idle 25b
    Dora PEARCE Dau S 1   Idle 25b
    Marjorie PEARCE Dau S 3m   Idle 25b
51 85 Leeds Road William SUTCLIFFE Head M 32 Manufacturer Heptonstall 25b
    Marion SUTCLIFFE Wife M 24   Hebden Bridge 25b
    Eva M SUTCLIFFE Dau S 5   Idle 25b
    Dorothy SUTCLIFFE Dau S 3   Idle 25b
    Jessie SHACKLETON s in l S 16   Heptonstall 25b
    Edith E SHACKLETON s in l S 12   Hebden Bridge 25b
    Ellen C WALLIS Serv S 30 Nurse Housemaid STS 25b
    Annie E LUTY Serv S 19 General Servant NTT Lound 25b
52 Leeds Road Thomas SUTCLIFFE Head M 39 Worsted Mfgr & Stuff Merchant Heptonstall 26a
  Cliffe Cottage Eva SUTCLIFFE Wife M 35   Idle 26a
    Robert SUTCLIFFE Son S 10   Bradford 26a
    Clara SUTCLIFFE Dau S 4   Idle 26a
    Sarah I HULME Serv W 38 Trained Nurse CHS Macclesfield 26a
    Lavinia MURGATROYD Serv S 29 Sick Nurse Spofforth 26a
    Mary J A FRANCIS Serv S 27 Cook WLS Mold 26a
    Annie OWEN Serv S 19 Housemaid WLS Dinas Mawddwy 26a
53 Leeds Road Albert WRIGHT Head M 34 Solicitor Wilsden 26a
  Millman House Mary E WRIGHT Wife M 31   SHR Shrewsbury 26a
    Joseph A WRIGHT Son S 2   Idle 26a
    Albert J WRIGHT Son S 1   Idle 26a
    Ann J ROBSON Serv S 22 General Domestic Servant DUR Herrington 26a
54 21 Leeds Road John YEADON Head M 56 Patent Heald Maker Rawdon 26a
    Mary YEADON Wife M 55   Rawdon 26a
    Polly YEADON Dau S 18 Heald Knitter Idle 26a
    Ann YEADON Dau S 14 Heald Knitter Idle 26a
55 20 Leeds Road Fred LEE Head M 22 Woollen Stover & Tenter Idle 26a
    Margaret A LEE Wife M 22 Woollen Weaver Idle 26a
    Harry LEE Son S 7m   Idle 26a
56 19 Leeds Road Phoebe DENISON Head W 42 Charwoman Idle 26a
    Arthur DENISON Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 26a
    John DENISON Son S 10 Scholar Windhill 26a
57 80 Leeds Road William C WHITFIELD Head M 25 Stationary Engine Driver Middleham 26a
    Henrietta WHITFIELD Wife M 23 Woollen Weaver Leeds 26a
58 81 Leeds Road Edwin PADGETT Head W 55 Baker Idle 26a
    Mary PADGETT Dau S 25   Idle 26a
    Anne E PADGETT Dau S 23 Cotton Spinner Idle 26a
    William PADGETT Gson S 5   Idle 26a
    James PADGETT Gson S 3   Idle 26a
    Edwin PADGETT Gson S 8m   Idle 26a
59 82 Leeds Road John WARD Head W 73 Wool Sorter Wilsden 26b
    Edwin YEADON   M 32 Stone Mason Rawdon 26b
    Louisa A YEADON GNiece M 30 Dressmaker Halifax 26b
60 1 Mitchell's Lane Fred GARSIDE Head M 29 Cloth Fuller Meltham 26b
    Mary A GARSIDE Wife M 31 Small Shop Keeper Eccleshill 26b
    Clara GARSIDE Dau S 4 Scholar Idle 26b
    Mary A GARSIDE Dau S 3 Scholar Idle 26b
    George H GARSIDE Son S 1   Idle 26b
61 2 Mitchell's Lane Minerva KNAPTON Head W 50 Domestic Duties Queensbury 26b
    Annie KNAPTON Dau S 23 Weaver Bradford 26b
    Emma KNAPTON Dau S 20 Weaver Bradford 26b
    Joseph KNAPTON Son S 18 Overlooker's Apprentice Bradford 26b
62 3 Mitchell's Lane John LEE Head W 69 Farmer Idle 26b
    Leonard HARDAKER s in l M 39 Butcher Idle 26b
    Sarah Ann HARDAKER Dau M 41   Idle 26b
    Mary A HARDAKER Gdau S 16 Pupil Teacher Idle 26b
    John HARDAKER Gson S 15 Butcher's Apprentice Idle 26b
    Sarah Agnes HARDAKER Gdau S 11 Scholar Idle 26b
63 5 Mitchell's Lane Jesse MURGATROYD Head M 62 Farmer Wilstrop 26b
    Harriet L MURGATROYD Wife M 57   Spofforth 26b
    Mary E MURGATROYD Dau S 28 Domestic Servant Spofforth 26b
    Harriet MURGATROYD Dau S 23 Dressmaker Spofforth 26b
    Thomas MURGATROYD Son S 22 Bookkeeper Spofforth 26b
    Kate MURGATROYD Dau S 20   Spofforth 26b
    Charles MURGATROYD Son S 17 Farmer's Son Spofforth 26b
    Annie E MURGATROYD Dau S 15 Milliner's Apprentice Idle 26b
64 4 Mitchell's Lane William GRIFFITHS Head M 26 Joiner Idle 26b
    Mary C GRIFFITHS Wife M 22   Castleford 26b
66 18 Ellar Carr Road Thomas WOOD Head M 66 Farmer Asquith 26b
    Isabella WOOD Wife M 62   Guiseley 26b
    Margaret HEPWORTH Serv S 16 Domestic Servant Castleford 26b
65 Ellar Carr Road Alfred FIRTH Head M 44 Worsted Spinner Bradford 27a
  Beulah House Agnes FIRTH Wife M 37   Bradford 27a
    Charles T FIRTH Son S 10   Idle 27a
    Walter H FIRTH Son S 8   Idle 27a
    Martha L SEARLE Serv S 33 Domestic Servant Sheffield 27a
67 20 Ellar Carr Road Grace SHACKLETON Head W 58   Otley 27a
    Ann Shackleton WRIGHT Dau M 31 Worsted Drawer Otley 27a
    Lily SHACKLETON Dau S 24 Worsted Drawer Idle 27a
    John J WRIGHT Gson S 11 Scholar - Half-Time at Mill Idle 27a
68 14 Jennings Farm Thomas BRETHERICK Head M 39 Mason's Labourer Bramley 27a
    Mercy BRETHERICK Wife M 38   Idle 27a
    Mary BRETHERICK Dau S 14 General Servant Bramley 27a
    Annie BRETHERICK Dau S 11 Scholar - Half-Time at Mill Bramley 27a
    Lily BRETHERICK Dau S 6 Scholar Wortley 27a
    Sarah BRETHERICK Dau S 3 Scholar Leeds 27a
    Dan BRETHERICK Son S 1   Idle 27a
69 12 Jennings Farm William JENNINGS Head M 63 Farmer Idle 27a
    Sarah JENNINGS Wife M 64   Rawdon 27a
    William CALVERT s in l M 25 Woollen Cloth Finisher Manningham 27a
    Sabina CALVERT Dau M 21 Woollen Mender Idle 27a
    Harry HARDY Gson S 10 Scholar Idle 27a
70 Ellar Carr Road Joshua GREENWOOD Head M 45 Woollen Weft Man Idle 27a
    Mary J GREENWOOD Wife M 45   Idle 27a
    Eliza GREENWOOD Dau S 18 Wool Weaver Idle 27a
    Fred B GREENWOOD Son S 14 Wool Millhand Idle 27a
    Louisa GREENWOOD Dau S 10 Scholar Idle 27a
72 8 Ellar Carr Road Child GARNETT Head M 43 Woollen Manufacturer Idle 27a
    Ann GARNETT Wife M 43 Woollen Weaver Idle 27a
73 3 New Mill Yard Hugh TURNER Head M 65 Woollen Mill Manager Pudsey 27a
    Mary TURNER Wife M 64   Calverley 27a
71 9 Ellar Carr Road Margaret SPENCE Head W 44   Idle 27b
    Arthur SPENCE Son S 22 Cotton Warp Dresser Idle 27b
    Albert SPENCE Son S 19 Cotton Warp Dresser Idle 27b
    Sarah SPENCE Dau S 17 Woollen Weaver Idle 27b
    Joshua SPENCE Son S 15 Factory Stoker Idle 27b
    Edith SPENCE Dau S 8 Scholar Idle 27b
    Mary A SPENCE Dau S 6 Scholar Idle 27b
    Annie SPENCE Dau S 2   Idle 27b
74 1 New Mill Yard George ROBERTSHAW Head M 54 Stationary Engine Man Baildon 27b
    Mary ROBERTSHAW Wife M 53   Baildon 27b
    Alice A ROBERTSHAW Dau S 22 Woollen Weaver Idle 27b
    Anice ROBERTSHAW Dau S 20 Woollen Weaver Idle 27b
    Abraham ROBERTSHAW Son S 18 Stationary Engine Man Idle 27b
    Eva ROBERTSHAW Dau S 12 Scholar Idle 27b
75 5 New York Sarah J ILLINGWORTH Head S 62 Living on Own Means Idle 27b
    Martha A ILLINGWORTH s in l W 46 Woollen Darner Idle 27b
    Louisa E ILLINGWORTH Niece S 17 Elementary Pupil Teacher Idle 27b
    Mary A ILLINGWORTH Niece S 16 Elementary Pupil Teacher Idle 27b
    Arthur NETTLETON Board S 26 Assistant Schoolmaster Goldsbro 27b
76 7 New York Thomas SMITHIES Head M 47 Worsted Mill Foreman Bowling 27b
    Mary A SMITHIES Wife M 46   Wakefield 27b
    Fred SMITHIES Son S 23 Cotton Warp Dresser Norland 27b
    Arthur SMITHIES Son S 18 Cotton Warp Twister Eccleshill 27b
    David SMITHIES Son S 16 Worsted Weft Man Wakefield 27b
    Eliza A SMITHIES Dau S 13   Idle 27b
    Emmeline SMITHIES Dau S 9 Scholar Idle 27b
    Ida SMITHIES Dau S 6 Scholar Idle 27b
80 Leeds Road Harry WARD Head M 29 Groom & CoachMan Leeds 27b
  Thorn Garth Lodge Martha WARD Wife M 25   Cawthorne 27b
77 16 Castle Mill Yard David D HODGSON Head N 41 Worsted Spinner Windhill 28a
    Mary A HODGSON Wife N 41   Bingley 28a
    Sam HODGSON Son S 18 Worsted Spinner Morton Banks 28a
    Mary E HODGSON Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Shipley 28a
    William HODGSON Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Shipley 28a
    Benj S HODGSON Son S 13 Scholar Shipley 28a
    Sarah E HODGSON Dau S 10 Scholar Keighley 28a
    Thomas HODGSON Son S 6 Scholar Windhill 28a
    Joshua D HODGSON Son S 2   Windhill 28a
    Joseph Smith HODGSON Bro W 47 Traveller for Books ? Windhill 28a
78 18 Castle Mill Yard Robert DIBB Head M 31 Stationary Engine Driver Greengates 28a
    Grace E DIBB Wife M 28   Leeds 28a
    Ellen DIBB Dau S 4   Idle 28a
    David W DIBB Son S 2   Idle 28a
    Mary E DIBB Dau S 8m   Idle 28a
79 Castle Mill Yard William HARDY Head M 54 Groom Bishop Wilton 28a
    Anne HARDY Wife M 53   WLS Flintshire 28a
    John T HARDY Son S 19 Gardener Idle 28a
    Margaret HARDY Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Idle 28a
    Estyn HARDY Son S 15 Worsted Weaver Idle 28a
    John K HARDY Son M 24 Groom Idle 28a
    Adelaide HARDY d in l M 26   Bowling 28a
    Lily HARDY Gdau S 2   Idle 28a
81 Leeds Road Thomas A WATSON Head M 55 Living on Own Means Idle 28a
  Thorn Garth Eliz WATSON Wife M 48   Northowram 28a
    Francis WATSON Son S 27 Solicitor Bradford 28a
    Richard WATSON Son S 25 Barrister at Law School Bradford 28a
    Kate WATSON Dau S 21   Idle 28a
    Henrietta WATSON Dau S 10   Bradford 28a
    Annie TATE Serv S 35 Domestic Cook York 28a
    Mary J SMITH Serv S 23 Domestic Housemaid LIN Molton 28a
    Lily HOPKIN Serv S 20 Domestic Housemaid Whiston 28b
    Maude GLOSSOP Vis S 19 Domestic HouseMaid Kingston on Hull 28b
82 78 Leeds Road John William HUDSON Head M 62 Job Stuff Merchant Bradford 28b
    Sarah A HUDSON Wife M 65   Bradford 28b
83 Leeds Road Ann BLAND Head S 48 Living on Own Means Idle 28b
    Anna HANNAM Serv S 14 General Domestic Servant Bradford 28b
84 11 Leeds Road William B LENNON Head M 39 Railway Clerk SCT 28b
    Ellen LENNON Wife M 35   Bradford 28b
    William H LENNON Son S 13 Scholar Bradford 28b
    John LENNON Son S 11 Scholar Bradford 28b
    Mary LENNON Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 28b
    Sarah E LENNON Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 28b
    Annie LENNON Dau S 3 Scholar Idle 28b
    Charles B LENNON Son S 7m   Idle 28b
85 10 Leeds Road George BLAND Head M 48 Wool Sorter Idle 28b
    Emily BLAND Wife M 45   Otley 28b
    Frances BLAND Sis S 46   Idle 28b
86 Leeds Road Charles E FLETCHER Head M 29 Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Idle 28b
  Ashfield Martha E FLETCHER Wife M 32   Eccleshill 28b
    Benjamin T FLETCHER Son S 8   Doncaster 28b
    Mary A FLETCHER Dau S 3   Idle 28b
    Clara E T FLETCHER Dau S 2   Apperley Bridge 28b
    John C FLETCHER Son S 10m   Idle 28b
    Martha WATERHOUSE Serv S 23 General Domestic Servant Idle 28b
    Caroline SMITH Serv S 20 Domestic Nurse MDX Somerstown 28b
87 77 Leeds Road Jeremiah BROOKE Head M 32 Wool Cloth Dyer Idle 28b
    Theorah BROOKE Wife M 43   Baildon 28b
    Sarah BROOKE Vis S 32 Worsted Weaver Windhill 28b
93 2 Leeds Road John BOOCOCK Head M 30 Worsted Overlooker Bradford 28b
    Annie BOOCOCK Wife M 28   Sheffield 28b
    Evis E FITTON Aunt W 67   Bradford 28b
88 76 Leeds Road Robert MUNTON Head M 28 Woollen Weaver LIN Boston 29a
    Rebecca MUNTON Wife M 30 Woollen Weaver Idle 29a
89 75 Leeds Road Alfred WILKINSON Head M 30 Joiner Idle 29a
    Sarah E WILKINSON Wife M 29 Worsted Weaver Idle 29a
90 74 Leeds Road Sarah J SCOTT Head S 35 Woollen Weaver Idle 29a
    Mary E SCOTT Sis S 33 Woollen Weaver Idle 29a
91 73 Leeds Road Emma HIRD Head W 50 Worsted Weaver Idle 29a
    Mary E HIRD Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Idle 29a
93 71 Leeds Road Sarah YEADON Head W 55 Grocers Shopwoman LAN Duckenfield 29a
    Annie YEADON Dau S 26 Woollen Cloth Weaver Leeds 29a
    Essie YEADON Dau S 21 Woollen Cloth Weaver Idle 29a
    Ellen YEADON Dau S 18 Woollen Cloth Weaver Idle 29a
    Minnie YEADON Dau S 15 Woollen Cloth Weaver   29a
94 3 Ashfield Place Judy FARRAR Head W 75 Living on Own Means Idle 29a
95 4 Ashfield Place John BROOKE Head M 68 Worsted Weaver Idle 29a
    Susannah BROOKE Wife M 68   Idle 29a
    Alice BROOKE Dau S 30 Worsted MillHand Idle 29a
    Annie BROOKE Dau S 26 Worsted MillHand Idle 29a
    Polly M BROOKE Gdau S 4   Idle 29a
96 5 Ashfield Road Harry GREENWOOD Head M 28 Cigar Traveller Idle 29a
    Elizabeth GREENWOOD Wife M 28   LAN Longridge 29a
    Florence GREENWOOD Dau S 1   Idle 29a
97 6 Ashfield Road William Francis HOLGATE Head M 47 Ag Labourer Apperley 29a
    Mary HOLGATE Wife M 41   Middlesmoor 29a
    Annie HOLGATE Dau S 18 Worsted Stuff Weaver Guiseley 29a
    Mary E HOLGATE Dau S 15 Worsted Stuff Weaver Idle 29a
    Thomas HOLGATE Son S 12 Scholar Idle 29a
    Harry HOLGATE Son S 9 Scholar Idle 29a
    Amelia HOLGATE Dau S 7 Scholar Idle 29a
    Margaret HOLGATE Dau S 5 Scholar Idle 29a
    Hannah E HOLGATE Dau S 3   Idle 29a
98 7 Ashfield Place Joseph MILLS Head M 49 Coachman Groom CAM March 29b
    Charlotte MILLS Wife M 41 Laundress SFK Brandon 29b
    William MILLS Son S 19 Woollen Goods Packer IRE 29b
    Annie MILLS Dau S 14   SUR Aldershot 29b
    Mary MILLS Dau S 11 Scholar LAN Manchester 29b
    Joseph MILLS Son S 9 Scholar Esholt 29b
    Martha MILLS Dau S 7 Scholar Esholt 29b
    John MILLS Son S 3   Esholt 29b
99 Park Road Martha HOPTON Head W 48 Living on Own Means Idle 29b
  Park House Ralph HOPTON Son S 18 Student of Medicine Idle 29b
    Alice HOPTON Son S 15 Wool Sorter Idle 29b
    Nora HOPTON Dau S 7   Idle 29b
100 Park Road James THORNTON Head W 63 Woollen Weaver Idle 29b
    Hannah THORNTON Dau S 29 Woollen Weaver Idle 29b
    Emily THORNTON Dau S 27 Woollen Weaver Idle 29b
    Albert THORNTON Son S 21 Woollen Cloth Fuller Idle 29b
101 Park Road Thomas KEIGHLEY Head M 23 Plasterer Saltaire 29b
    Clara E KEIGHLEY Wife M 24   Thackley 29b
    George H KEIGHLEY Son S 3   Thackley 29b
    Emily M KEIGHLEY Dau S 1   Thackley 29b
    Fanny GREENWOOD s in l S 18 Wool Weaver Thackley 29b
    Walter KEIGHLEY Bro S 16 Plasterer's Apprentice Eccleshill 29b
102 14 Park Road Elizabeth KITSON Head S 69   Thackley 29b
    Thornton KITSON Bro S 66 Woollen Weaver Thackley 29b
103 16 Park Road Edwin BERRY Head M 35 Builder's Labourer Thackley 29b
    Hannah BERRY Wife M 33 Worsted Weaver Bolton 29b
    Charles BERRY Bro S 19 Wool Washer Thackley 29b
    Sarah BERRY Dau S 8 Scholar Idle 29b
104 18 Park Road John CLAYTON Head M 34 Wool Weaver Not Recorded 29b
    Emma CLAYTON Wife M 33   Not Recorded 29b
    Ada CLAYTON Dau S 4   Thackley 30a
    Harry CLAYTON Son S 2   Thackley 30a
105 20 Park Road William GLOVER Head M 55 Wool Warper Thackley 30a
    Sarah GLOVER Wife M 54   Windhill 30a
    Mary GLOVER Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Thackley 30a
    John William GLOVER Son S 21 Carter Thackley 30a
    Jonas GLOVER Son S 19 Joiner's Apprentice Thackley 30a
    Martha E GLOVER Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Thackley 30a
    Ann GLOVER Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Thackley 30a
    Eva GLOVER Dau S 11 Scholar Thackley 30a
106 Park Road Edmund GLOVER Head M 40 Woollen Loom Tuner Idle 30a
    Eliza GLOVER Wife M 39   Calverley 30a
    Ada GLOVER Dau S 15 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 30a
    Alfred GLOVER Son S 12 Scholar Horbury 30a
    Alice GLOVER Dau S 7 Scholar Idle 30a
    Harry GLOVER Son S 5 Scholar Idle 30a
    William GLOVER Son S 3   Idle 30a
107 22 Park Road Benjamin ARMISTEAD Head M 32 Gardener Darley 30a
    Sarah A ARMISTEAD Wife M 30   Allerton 30a
    Charles ARMISTEAD Son S 10 Scholar Allerton 30a
    Arthur ARMISTEAD Son S 8 Scholar Allerton 30a
    Benj ARMISTEAD Son S 2 Scholar Allerton 30a
    Grace ARMISTEAD Dau S 4 Scholar Allerton 30a
108 26 Park Road Lewis LACK Head M 70 Stone Quarryman BDF 30a
    Sarah LACK Wife M 69   CHS 30a
    Samuel CORDINGLEY s in l M 26 Builder's Labourer Idle 30a
    Hannah CORDINGLEY Dau M 31 Woollen Cloth Weaver STS 30a
    Christiana VEVERS Adpt dau S 16 Woollen Cloth Weaver Windhill 30a
109 28 Park Road Mary KNOWLES Head S 37 Worsted Weaver Bradford 30a
110 30 Park Road Charles WOOD Head S 51 Accountant's Clerk Headingley 30a
111 32 Park Road Ezra IBBETSON Head M 41 Woollen Cloth Weaver Idle 30b
    Sarah A IBBETSON Wife M 42   Idle 30b
    Edith IBBETSON Dau S 17 Woollen Weaver Idle 30b
    Herbert IBBETSON Son S 16 Woollen Weaver Idle 30b
    Arthur IBBETSON Son S 14   Idle 30b
    Florence IBBETSON Dau S 11   Idle 30b
    Frank IBBETSON Son S 8 Scholar Idle 30b
    Zilla IBBETSON Dau S 6 Scholar Idle 30b
    William Hy IBBETSON Son S 4   Idle 30b
    Harry IBBETSON Son S 1   Idle 30b
112 Park Lodge Thos SPENCER Head M 59 Wholesale Draper Addingham 30b
    Eliz SPENCER Wife M 57   Manningham 30b
    Ruth SPENCER Dau S 18   Bradford 30b
    Alice SPENCER Dau S 17   Bradford 30b
    Maude SPENCER Dau S 15 Scholar Bradford 30b
    Sarah A SPENCER Dau S 14 Scholar Bradford 30b
    Esther SPENCER Dau S 12 Scholar Bradford 30b
    Ger SIMPSON Step son S 26 Banker's Clerk Bradford 30b
    William SIMPSON Step son S 23 Worsted Stuff Trade Warehouseman Bradford 30b
    Elizabeth SIMPSON Step dau S 19   Bradford 30b
    Mary J TRANTHAM Serv S 18 General Domestic CHS Bolsover 30b
113 50 Park Road Seth GOLDSBRO Head M 38 Farm Labourer Thackley 30b
    Mary H GOLDSBRO Wife M 28 Woollen Weaver Thackley 30b
    Martha A GOLDSBRO Dau S 2     30b
114 Park Road William J COPLEY Head M 33 Blacksmith's Striker Beverley 30b
    Rose H COPLEY Wife M 38 Worsted Weaver Bishop Thornton 30b
    Eliz COPLEY Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 30b
    Clara DINSDALE Dau S 8 Scholar Idle 30b
    Joseph A COPLEY Son S 3 Scholar Idle 30b
    William H COPLEY Son S 2   Idle 30b
115 Park Road Edmund BERRY Head M 48 Woollen Warper Thackley 31a
    Mary BERRY Wife M 42   York 31a
    Jane BERRY Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 31a
    Ann BERRY Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 31a
    Walter BERRY Son S 13 Worsted Doffer Eccleshill 31a
    Florence VEVERS Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Thackley 31a
    Ada BERRY Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Thackley 31a
    Arthur BERRY Son S 6 Scholar Thackley 31a
    Emma BERRY Dau S 5 Scholar Thackley 31a
    Frank BERRY Son S 3   Thackley 31a
    Levi BERRY Son S 7m   Thackley 31a
116 Park Road Moses HORNE Head M 37 Woollen Woollier Thackley 31a
    Emily HORNE Wife M 31   Asquith 31a
    Edith HORNE Dau S 5 Scholar Thackley 31a
117 Low Ash Farm Edwin BAXTER Head M 43 Farmer & Cloth Weaver Idle 31a
    Annie BAXTER Wife M 42   Idle 31a
    Clara BAXTER Dau S 17 Wool Cloth Weaver Idle 31a
    Mary BAXTER Dau S 12   Idle 31a
    Wilfred BAXTER Son S 14 Farmer's Son Idle 31a
    Harry BAXTER Son S 9 Scholar Idle 31a
    John SCOTT Board W 76 Wool Cloth Weaver Idle 31a
118 76 Leeds Road John NIXON Head M 52 Road Stonebreaker Silsden 31a
  Hill Top Cottages Eliz NIXON Wife M 50   Steeton 31a
    Jane NIXON Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Leeds 31a
    Ellen NIXON Dau S 9 Scholar Leeds 31a
    Mary NIXON Dau S 6 Scholar Idle 31a
    Isabella NIXON Dau S 4 Scholar Idle 31a
119 72 Leeds Road Wilks GREAVES Head W 62 Woollen Weaver Rawdon 31a
123 60 Leeds Road Ephraim WHITFIELD Head M 60 Woollen Warp Beamer Idle 31a
    Frances WHITFIELD Wife M 57   Idle 31a
    Eva WHITFIELD Dau S 24 Woollen Cloth Weaver Idle 31a
120 70 Hill Top Cottages Benjamin JOY Head M 42 Stone Miner Esholt 31b
    Caroline JOY Wife M 42   Shipley 31b
    Jane JOY Dau S 14 Worsted Winder Windhill 31b
    Mary A JOY Dau S 8 Scholar Idle 31b
    John T JOY Son S 5 Scholar Idle 31b
    Margaret JOY Dau S 2   Idle 31b
121 66 & 68 Hill Top Cottages William HOLGATE Head M 45 Stone Quarryman Idle 31b
  'Through House' Jane HOLGATE Wife M 50   Idle 31b
    Thomas HOLGATE Son S 23 Stone Quarryman Idle 31b
    Albert HOLGATE Son S 21 Cotton Dyer Idle 31b
    Mary J HOLGATE Dau S 19   Idle 31b
    Stephen HOLGATE Son S 17 Stone Quarryman Idle 31b
    William HOLGATE Son S 15 Worsted Weaver Idle 31b
    James E HOLGATE Son S 12 Woollen Spinner Idle 31b
    Harry HOLGATE Son S 9 Scholar Idle 31b
    Minnie HOLGATE Dau S 6 Scholar Idle 31b
122 62 Hill Top Cottages George WHITFIELD Head M 27 Stone Mason Idle 31b
    Eliza WHITFIELD Wife M 28   Calverley 31b
    Emma WHITFIELD Dau S 4 Scholar Idle 31b
    Alice WHITFIELD Dau S 1   Idle 31b
125 72 Leeds Road James BROOKE Head M 29 Woollen Dyer Idle 31b
    Emma BROOKE Wife M 27   LAN Ashton 31b
    Cecilia BROOKE Dau S 1   Rawdon 31b
3 Canal Side Field Lock Joseph PLACE Head M 54 Canal Lock Keeper [Barge] Barnsley 31b
    Harriet PLACE Wife M 56 Assists Husband Shafton 31b
    Eliza A COPLEY Gdau S 7 Scholar Windhill 31b