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Census Indexes 1891 Idle ED27


The census returns for 1891 were taken on the evening of April 5th and the area of Idle is covered by piece RG12/3652 & 3653. ED27, Folios 151-163. Enumerator: Uriah Emsley

Boundary being that part bounded on the East by Pudding Hall, on the West by Royds Farm, on the North by Jennings Street. Contents. Part of the Township of Idle comprising all the dwelling houses in Aire Street (both sides), Weighells Cottages in Wilcock Street, Mountain Street (both sides) Westroyd's Farm, Opentail Cottage, Pudding Hall, Busy Lane, Dove's Hall, Wood Top,Leeds Road (North side) from Rhodes' Cottage inclusive to the East corner of Jennings Street. Including Prince Street, King Street and Jennings Street (both sides). All in the Parliamentary Division of Shipley.

1 10 Wood Top (Farm) Christopher DIBB Head M 74 Farmer Cottingley nr Bradford 151a
    Martha DIBB Wife M 71   Windhill 151a
    James DIBB Son M 30 Farmer's Servant Windhill 151a
    Elizabeth DIBB D in l M 30   Wetherby 151a
    Frank DIBB Gson S 1   Windhill 151a
    Grace DIBB Gdau S 19   Shipley 151a
    Thomas DIBB Gson S 14   Bradford 151a
2 8 Wood Top (Cottage adjoining farm) Samuel DURHAM Head M 28 Gas Lamplighter Windhill 151a
    Emma DURHAM Wife M 27   Windhill 151a
    Edith DURHAM Dau S 4   Windhill 151a
    Thomas DURHAM Son S 4m   Windhill 151a
    Harriet PETTY Mother W 71   Thornton 151a
3 11 Doves Hall Sarah PITTS Head W 73   Windhill 151a
    Fred ELLISON Gson S 22 Stone Quarryman Windhill 151a
    Mary A ELLISON Gdau S 21   Windhill 151a
    Clara ELLISON Ggdau S 13 1/2m   Windhill 151a
4 9 Doves Hall Richard DUNWELL Head M 71 Mason & Fence Waller Timble 151a
    Jane DUNWELL Wife M 71   Barlick 151a
5 Rhodes Cottage Mary RHODES Head W 62 Living on own means Bradford 151b
    James L RHODES Son S 25 Mechanic (Retired) Windhill 151b
    John RHODES Son S 27 Medical Student Windhill 151b
    Thomas RHODES Son S 20 Farmer Windhill 151b
    Elizabeth HALL Servant S 38 Domestic Servant DUR Bishop Auckland 151b
6 4 Wood Top Alexander B MASON Head M 32 Quarryman Idle 151b
    Ann MASON Wife M 37   Thornton 151b
    Emily MASON Dau S 2   Windhill 151b
    Elizabeth MASON Dau S 10m   Windhill 151b
7 2 Wood Top Betty BARKER Head W 67   Bradford 151b
    Emma BARKER Dau S 41 [Imbecile] Stanningley 151b
    Jane Elizabeth BARKER Dau S 27 Milliner's Shop Woman Bradford 151b
8 75 Leeds Road Edward DAWSON Head M 63 Farmer Bradford 151b
    Sarah DAWSON Wife M 64   Idle 151b
    Rycroft DAWSON Son M 36 Farmer Idle 151b
    Mary DAWSON D in l M 35   Huddersfield 151b
9 77 Leeds Road John RENSHAW Head M 31 Railway Plate Layer LAN Manchester 151b
    Annie RENSHAW Wife M 30   Windhill 151b
    Frances Ann RENSHAW Dau S 3m   Windhill 151b
10 79 Leeds Road Samuel BROOK Head M 58 Worsted Weaver Windhill 151b
    Sarah A BROOK Wife M 60   Shipley 151b
11 2 Jennings Street Nancy ROOKS Head S 54 Worsted Weaver Calverley 151b
12 4 Jennings Street Fredericka HORSFIELD Head W 47 Worsted Drawer GER Wertembergh 151b
    Walter HUGHES Son S 19 Yeast Dealer Bradford 151b
13 6 Jennings Street Hannah CLARK Head W 72   Calverley 151b
    Mary CLARK Dau S 41 Stuff Weaver Horsforth 151b
14 8 Jennings Street Sarah CROSSLEY Head W 60   Bradford 151b
    Isaac CROSSLEY Son M 26 Worsted Dyer's Lab. Windhill 151b
    Alice CROSSLEY D in l M 29   Bradford 151b
    Mary CROSSLEY Gdau S 5   Shipley 151b
    Eliza CROSSLEY Gdau S 2   Shipley 151b
15 10 Jennings Street William YATES Head M 30 Canal Ranger Fewston 152a
    Eliza YATES Wife M 26   Pateley Bridge 152a
    Eliza YATES Dau S 4   Pateley Bridge 152a
    Alfred YATES Son S 2   Calverley 152a
16 12 Jennings Street Squire TAYLOR Head M 44 Gas Fitter Keighley 152a
    Mary TAYLOR Wife M 49   NBL Newcastle 152a
    Ann TAYLOR Dau S 10   Windhill 152a
17 17 Jennings Street Charles CLARKE Head M 27 Dyer's Lab. SFK Elmswell 152a
18 15 Jennings Street Joseph B ODDY Head M 38 Railway Lab. Leeds 152a
    Martha ODDY Wife M 39 Silk Weaver Horsforth 152a
    Edgar ODDY Son S 8 Scholar Leeds 152a
    John William ODDY Son S 6 Scholar Leeds 152a
    Isabel ODDY Dau S 4   Tyersal 152a
19 13 Jennings Street Thomas STOREY Head M 32 Mason's Lab. Pateley Bridge 152a
    Mary Ann STOREY Wife M 34   Pateley Bridge 152a
    Ethel STOREY Dau S 9 Scholar Pateley Bridge 152a
    Minnie STOREY Dau S 6 Scholar Pateley Bridge 152a
    John STOREY Son S 4 Scholar Pateley Bridge 152a
20 11 Jennings Street Stephen S HARGILL Head M 47 Machine Fitter Wakefield 152a
    Alice HARGILL Wife M 46   Leeds 152a
    Mary Alice HARGILL Dau S 7 Scholar Wakefield 152a
21 9 Jennings Street Arthur SHOOTER Head M 32 Steam Crane Driver Windhill 152a
    Elizabeth SHOOTER Wife M 26   LIN New Leake 152a
    Walter SHOOTER Son S 7   Windhill 152a
    Willie SHOOTER Son S 6   Windhill 152a
    Minnie SHOOTER Dau S 4   Windhill 152a
    James Arthur SHOOTER Son S 2   Windhill 152a
    Sarah Alice SHOOTER Dau S 6m   Windhill 152a
    John BERRY   S 38 Wool Comber Idle 152a
22 7 Jennings Street Elizabeth WHITTHAM Head W 59   Calverley 152b
    Sarah A WHITTHAM Dau S 21 Worsted Spinner Windhill 152b
    Mary WHITTHAM Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Windhill 152b
23 5 Jennings Street Fred PADGETT Head M 32 Blacksmith's Striker Idle 152b
    Lavinia PADGETT Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Bradford 152b
    John Ed. PADGETT Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Baildon 152b
24 3 Jennings Street Richard FORSHAW Head M 30 Foundry Iron Turner LAN Preston 152b
    Mary E FORSHAW Wife M 26   Keighley 152b
25 1 Jennings Street Joseph MYERS Head M 72 Shuttle Maker Baildon 152b
    Elizabeth MYERS Wife M 70   Baildon 152b
26 1 King Street William FEARNLEY Head M 39 Railway Servant (Midland Ry) Otley 152b
    Ann FEARNLEY Wife M 24   Idle 152b
    Elizabeth FEARNLEY Dau S 2   Windhill 152b
27 3 King Street John HARTLEY Head M 30 Slater Eccleshill 152b
    Hannah HARTLEY Wife M 28   Shipley 152b
    Sarah E HARTLEY Dau S 2   Windhill 152b
28 5 King Street Thomas RHODES Head M 61 Mason's Labourer Brotherton 152b
    Elizabeth RHODES Wife M 58   Brotherton 152b
    Adelaide RHODES Dau S 20 Worsted Twister Windhill 152b
    Joseph MASON S in l M 26 Weaving Overlooker Skipton 152b
    Ellen MASON Dau M 22 Drawer Brotherton 152b
29 7 King Street Joseph LANGWADE Head M 31 Gas Stoker Windhill 152b
    Albertina LANGWADE Wife M 30   Windhill 152b
    Florence LANGWADE Dau S 9 Scholar Windhill 152b
    Ann LANGWADE Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 152b
    Hannah LANGWADE Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 152b
    John W LANGWADE Son S 4 Scholar Windhill 152b
    Thomas LANGWADE Son S 3   Windhill 152b
    Ruth LANGWADE Dau S 11m   Windhill 152b
30 9 King Street Joshua B MYERS Head M 38 Joiner & Carpenter Bradford 153a
    Sarah E MYERS Wife M 32   Leeds 153a
    Charles E MYERS Son S 13 Factory Hand Windhill 153a
    Ethel MYERS Dau S 11 Factory Hand Windhill 153a
    Edith MYERS Dau S 6   LAN Burnley 153a
    Joseph MYERS Son S 4   LAN Burnley 153a
    Caroline MYERS Dau S 2   LAN Burnley 153a
31 11 King Street Emma LISTER Head W 48   Idle 153a
    Sarah J LISTER Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Windhill 153a
    Dawson LISTER Son S 22 [Imbecile] Windhill 153a
    Rose H LISTER Dau S 19 Worsted Twister Windhill 153a
    Nannie LISTER Dau S 17 Worsted Twister Windhill 153a
    Sydney LISTER Son S 11   Windhill 153a
    Mary A WADE Dau M 27 Plush Weaver Windhill 153a
    Edith M WADE Gdau S 4   Windhill 153a
    Beatrice A WADE Gdau S 3   Windhill 153a
32 14 King Street David LANGWADE Head M 47 Mason's Lab. Addingham 153a
    Hannah M LANGWADE Wife M 48 Factory Drawing Machine Minder Wakefield 153a
    Mary A LANGWADE Dau S 10 Scholar Windhill 153a
33 10 King Street James A COULTOUS Head M 45 Mechanic Shipley 153a
    Mary A COULTOUS Wife M 43   IRE 153a
    Edmund COULTOUS Son S 17 Mechanic's App. Windhill 153a
    Blanche E COULTOUS Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner [Half-time] Windhill 153a
    Georgina COULTOUS Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 153a
34 8 King Street Sarah WRIGHT Head M 58 Charwoman MDX London 153a
    Elizabeth A WRIGHT Dau S 24 Factory Hand Windhill 153a
    Samuel HARTLEY Boarder S 36 Iron Moulder Bingley 153a
35 6 King Street Hannah MORTON Head W 68   DBY Ashton 153a
    Anne Elizabeth MORTON Dau S 36 Worsted Weaver Windhill 153a
36 4 King Street Israel ROBINSON Head M 27 [Blind] Windhill 153b
    Lily ROBINSON Wife M 25 Worsted Weaver Idle 153b
    Mary E ROBINSON Dau S 4   Shipley 153b
    Florrie ROBINSON Dau S 1 1/2   Keighley 153b
37 2 King Street Charles HIRD Head M 30 Mechanic Shipley 153b
    Ruth HIRD Wife M 28   DBY Biggin 153b
    Martha M HIRD Dau S 6   USA, Providence RI 153b
    John W HIRD Son S 1   Windhill 153b
38 71 Leeds Road Martha GOULDSBROUGH Head W 58   Idle 153b
    Frances H GOULDSBROUGH Dau S 20 Factory Operative Windhill 153b
39 73 Leeds Road Dixon GLEDSTONE Head M 26 Stone Mason Idle 153b
    Elizabeth GLEDSTONE Wife M 25   Windhill 153b
    Richard GLEDSTONE Son S 3   Windhill 153b
    John William ILLINGWORTH Boarder S 23 Stone Mason Shipley 153b
40 2 Prince Street Mary STIRK Head W 61 Worsted Weaver LAN Colne 153b
    Alice STIRK Dau S 22 Housekeeper Windhill 153b
    Annie STIRK Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Windhill 153b
41 4 Prince Street Thomas PEDLEY Head M 46 Blacksmith Gargrave 153b
    Eliza PEDLEY Wife M 52   Calverley 153b
    John GOULDSBORO Boarder S 25 Worsted Weaver Idle 153b
42 6 Prince Street John E JENNINGS Head M 51 Quarry Labourer Idle 153b
    Martha JENNINGS Wife M 52   Calverley 153b
    Sarah J JENNINGS Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner Windhill 153b
    Mary E JENNINGS Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Windhill 153b
43 8 Prince Street John N WISE Head M 23 Farmer Idle 153b
    Elizabeth J WISE Wife M 22   Windhill 153b
    Myrtle W WISE Dau S 1   Idle 153b
44 10 Prince Street George William HAWKINS Head M 47 Engraver Bradford 154a
    Mary A HAWKINS Wife M 47   DUR Barnard Castle 154a
    Mary J HAWKINS Dau S 23 Twister Leeds 154a
    Lily HAWKINS Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Leeds 154a
    Walter HAWKINS Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Leeds 154a
    Rosetta HAWKINS Dau S 8   Leeds 154a
45 12 Prince Street George HALLCOCK Head M 25 Gas Stoker NFK Swaffham 154a
    Louisa HALLCOCK Wife M 26 Worsted Weaver Windhill 154a
46 14 Prince Street John WHIPP Head M 30 Drayman Gargrave 154a
    Anne E WHIPP Wife M 31   Bedale 154a
    Bowman WHIPP Son S 7   Windhill 154a
    Alfred H WHIPP Son S 5   Windhill 154a
    William WHIPP Son S 3   Windhill 154a
    Victor WHIPP Son S 1   Windhill 154a
47 67 Leeds Road Samuel M PITT Head S 30 Green Grocer Windhill 154a
48 78 Aire Street Matthew BROADLEY Head M 38 Warp Dresser Crakehall 154a
    Elizabeth BROADLEY Wife M 38   Idle 154a
    Annie BROADLEY Dau S 17 Hawker & Grocer Windhill 154a
    Ellen BROADLEY Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Windhill 154a
    Sarah BROADLEY Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 154a
    Ernest BROADLEY Son S 10 Scholar Windhill 154a
    John BROADLEY Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 154a
    Hannah BROADLEY Mother W 78   Crakehall 154a
49 76 Aire Street Edward DODSON Head S 43 Worsted Weaver Bradford 154a
50 74 Aire Street William E HARTLEY Head M 52 Hoist Driver Baildon 154a
    Jane HARTLEY Wife M 54   Scarborough 154a
    Albert HARTLEY Son S 19 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Guiseley 154a
    Ernest HARTLEY Son S 17 Worsted Spinner Guiseley 154a
51 70 Aire Street George HERBARTS Head M 28 Commercial Traveller [Bottle Spice] Castleford 154b
    Ruth HERBARTS Wife M 29   Nostrop 154b
    John HERBARTS Son S 2   Silsden 154b
    Willy HERBARTS Son S 10m   Silsden 154b
52 68 Aire Street George GLOVER Head M 23 Mason's Labourer Windhill 154b
    Rebecca GLOVER Wife M 22   LIN Gainsboro 154b
    Mary E GLOVER Dau S 1   Shipley 154b
53 66 Aire Street James DAYKIN Head M 23 Coppersmith Windhill 154b
    Eliza DAYKIN Wife M 19   Windhill 154b
54 64 Aire Street John VARLEY Head M 62 Cordwainer Selby 154b
55 62 Aire Street George BATTERSBY Head M 44 Quarry Labourer Barlow 154b
    Mary A BATTERSBY Wife M 43   Selby 154b
    Mary Jane BATTERSBY Dau S 17 Worsted Winder Windhill 154b
    James William BATTERSBY Son S 12 Scholar Windhill 154b
    George Thomas BATTERSBY Son S 10 Scholar Windhill 154b
    Maud BATTERSBY Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 154b
    Elizabeth A BATTERSBY Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 154b
56 60 Aire Street Stephen CAWTHORN Head M 29 Machine Fitter Wakefield 154b
    Ada CAWTHORN Wife M 31   Wakefield 154b
    Clifford CAWTHORN Son S 7 Scholar Wakefield 154b
    Herbert CAWTHORN Son S 5 Scholar Wakefield 154b
    Willie CAWTHORN Son S 3   Wakefield 154b
    Clement CAWTHORN Son S 3m   Wakefield 154b
57 58 Aire Street James TENNANT Head M 30 Stone Quarryman Windhill 154b
    Catherine TENNANT Wife M 29   Skipton 154b
    Emma TENNANT Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 154b
    Blanche TENNANT Dau S 3   Windhill 154b
    Richard BROWN Boarder S 20 Machine Maker App. Skipton 154b
58 56 Aire Street Walter IDESON Head S 42 Stone Quarryman Pateley Bridge 154b
    Rhodes IDESON Bro S 35 Stone Quarry Labourer Pateley Bridge 154b
59 54 Aire Street Thomas ILLINGWORTH Head M 60 Machine Tool Maker Bradford 155a
    Jane ILLINGWORTH Wife M 59   Hinderby 155a
    Anne HECKLEY Visitor S 13   York 155a
60 52 Aire Street John BOLTON Head M 44 Insurance Agent York 155a
    Anne M BOLTON Wife M 41   Scarborough 155a
    George R BOLTON Son S 14   Hull 155a
    Herbert W BOLTON Son S 8   Leeds 155a
    Annie M BOLTON Dau S 2   Leeds 155a
    George H C RAMSBOTTOM Boarder S 23 Compositor [Printer] Scarborough 155a
61 50 Aire Street Alfred BAKER Head M 26 Carpenter Bradford 155a
    Susan BAKER Wife M 28 Worsted Weaver Calverley 155a
62 48 Aire Street Thomas BLADES Head M 36 Signalman (Midland Ry) CUL Renwick 155a
    Margaret BLADES Wife M 31   CUL Alston 155a
    Mary A BLADES Dau S 11   NBL Coanwood 155a
    Joseph A BLADES Son S 6   Hellifield 155a
    Albert BLADES Boarder S 30 BookKeeper CUL Renwick 155a
    Agnes WATSON Mother W 65   CUL Stock, Ousby 155a
63 46 Aire Street John T HARDAKER Head M 34 Factory Warp Dresser Shipley 155a
    Ann HARDAKER Wife M 37   Thackley 155a
    Mary E HARDAKER Dau S 14 Factory Yarn Twister Windhill 155a
    Amelia HARDAKER Dau S 11 Factory Spinner Windhill 155a
    William Ed HARDAKER Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 155a
    Maria HARDAKER Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 155a
    Jane HARDAKER Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 155a
    Stephen HARDAKER Son S 2m   Windhill 155a
64 44 Aire Street James STUBBS Head M 55 Shoemaker WES 155a
    Elizabeth STUBBS Wife M 56   WES 155a
    James STUBBS Son S 19 Labourer WES 155a
65 42 Aire Street Alfred ROBINSON Head M 47 Railway Plate Layer Bowling 155b
    Martha A ROBINSON Wife M 43   Keighley 155b
    Hannah ILLINGWORTH M in l W 66   Idle 155b
    Harry PICKLES Boarder S 38 Railway Plate Layer Tong 155b
66 40 Aire Street John HALL Head M 45 Wool Sorter Windhill 155b
    Priscilla HALL Wife M 44   Pudsey 155b
    Fred HALL Son S 24 Blacksmith Windhill 155b
    Clara HALL Dau S 20 Factory Worsted Weaver Windhill 155b
    Alice HALL Dau S 17 Botany Drawer Windhill 155b
    Albert HALL Son S 7 Scholar Windhill 155b
67 38 Aire Street Sarah SMITH Head W 55   LAN Colne 155b
    Sarah J MELLOR Dau W 28 Factory Weaver LAN Colne 155b
    Elizabeth E SMITH Dau S 26 Factory Winder Windhill 155b
    Cecil C SMITH Gson S 6   Windhill 155b
    Willy SMITH Gson S 3   Windhill 155b
68 36 Aire Street Raistrick MITCHELL Head M 62 Living on own means Idle 155b
    Hannah MITCHELL Wife M 57   Milby 155b
69 34 Aire Street Greenwood SUTCLIFFE Head M 52 General Trader Stansfield 155b
    Rachel SUTCLIFFE Wife M 52   Farsley 155b
    Richard SUTCLIFFE Son S 20 Worsted Factory Assistant Windhill 155b
    Mary SUTCLIFFE Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Windhill 155b
    Sarah SUTCLIFFE Dau S 16 Pupil Teacher Windhill 155b
70 32 Aire Street David COLLINS Head M 35 Textile Machinery Clerk Bradford 155b
    Mary E COLLINS Wife M 32   SAL Wellington 155b
    Harry COLLINS Son S 12 Worsted Spinner AUS North Adelaide 155b
    Robert COLLINS Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 155b
    Percy COLLINS Son S 7 Scholar LAN Wigan 155b
    Francis D COLLINS Son S 2   Windhill 155b
71 30 Aire Street William BAILEY Head M 59 Stone Mason Lothersdale 155b
    Ruth BAILEY Wife M 54   Shipley 155b
72 28 Aire Street Suddick MIDGLEY Head M 36 Carpenter & Joiner West Bowling 156a
    Rhoda MIDGLEY Wife M 36   Great Horton 156a
    Harry MIDGLEY Son S 12 Machine Maker's Assistant Great Horton 156a
    Arthur MIDGLEY Son S 9 Scholar Great Horton 156a
    Alice MIDGLEY Dau S 5 Scholar Great Horton 156a
    Annie MIDGLEY Dau S 5m   Windhill 156a
73 26 Aire Street Miles RAISTRICK Head M 49 Warp Dresser Calverley 156a
    Sarah RAISTRICK Wife M 50   Calverley 156a
    Mary RAISTRICK Dau S 23 Factory Weaver Calverley 156a
    Martha RAISTRICK Dau S 19 Factory Twister Windhill 156a
    Sarah RAISTRICK Dau S 15 Factory Twister Windhill 156a
    Charles RAISTRICK Son S 11 Factory Twister - Half Time Windhill 156a
    Edward RAISTRICK Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 156a
    James RAISTRICK Gson S 7 Scholar Windhill 156a
74 24 Aire Street Robert MULLINDER Head M 47 Railway Labourer CUL Carlisle 156a
    Mary MULLINDER Wife M 47   Green Hammerton 156a
    John W BENSON Son S 21 Factory Operative Green Hammerton 156a
    Agnes MULLINDER Dau S 18 Factory Operative Windhill 156a
    Alice MULLINDER Dau S 15 Factory Operative Windhill 156a
    Richard MULLINDER Son S 10   Windhill 156a
75 22 Aire Street Ann CRAVEN Head W 64 Living on own means Idle 156a
    Elizabeth WRIGHT Sis S 55 Factory Hand Idle 156a
76 20 Aire Street Joseph GRAY Head M 28 Cart Driver Pickering 156a
    Hannah GRAY Wife M 32   Pickering 156a
    Ann GRAY Mother W 71   Pickering 156a
77 18 Aire Street Ann FIRTH Head W 45 Charwoman Thornton 156a
    Annie E P FIRTH Dau S 18 Factory Twister Windhill 156a
    Elizabeth FIRTH Dau S 14 Factory Spinner Windhill 156a
    Fred FIRTH Son S 10 Scholar Windhill 156a
78 16 Aire Street Ellen COWMAN Head W 57   LAN Bolton 156a
79 12 Aire Street Charles HARDCASTLE Head M 30 Factory Weft Man Harrogate 156b
    Clara HARDCASTLE Wife M 27   Brighouse 156b
    Annie HARDCASTLE Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 156b
80 10 Aire Street George CLEGG Head M 41 Machine Pattern Maker Brighouse 156b
    Hannah R CLEGG Wife M 37   Brighouse 156b
    Thomas CLEGG Son S 18 Steam Engine Fitter Appr Brighouse 156b
    Elizabeth CLEGG Mother W 85   Leeds 156b
    John G WALKER Neph S 9 Scholar Brighouse 156b
81 8 Aire Street Joseph WILSON Head W 46 Cloth Fuller Idle 156b
    Sarah A WILSON Dau S 20 Cotton Weaver Windhill 156b
    Willie WILSON Son S 14 Scholar Windhill 156b
82 6 Aire Street Samuel YATES Head M 61 Factory Weaver Shipley 156b
    Jane YATES Wife M 42 Factory Weaver Shipley 156b
    Percy YATES Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 156b
    Mary BROOKSBANK Boarder M 65   Shipley 156b
    John BROOKSBANK Boarder W 32 Woolwasher Windhill 156b
83 4 Aire Street James BROOKSBANK Head M 35 Stone Mason Shipley 156b
    Sabina BROOKSBANK Wife M 42   Idle 156b
    Ruth Ann FARRAR step dau S 14 Factory Operative Windhill 156b
    George FARRAR step son S 12 Factory Operative Windhill 156b
    Charles FARRAR step son S 8 Scholar Bingley 156b
    Benjamin L BROOKSBANK Son S 11 Scholar Windhill 156b
    Thomas P BROOKSBANK Son S 8 Scholar Halifax 156b
84 2 Aire Street John BELL Head M 31 Steam Engine Maker Keighley 156b
    Everelda BELL Wife M 33   Bingley 156b
    Harold N BELL Son S 4   Keighley 156b
    Lilian E BELL Dau S 3   Bradford 156b
85 3 Aire Street Thomas MARSHALL Head M 33 Clerk Bradford 156b
    Sarah M MARSHALL Wife M 34   Long Preston 156b
    Francis H MARSHALL Son S 11m   Windhill 156b
86 5 Aire Street Roby SEDGLEY Head M 44 Gas Meter Inspector GLS 157a
    Elizabeth A SEDGLEY Wife M 47   Windhill 157a
    Flora SEDGLEY Dau S 13   Windhill 157a
    Henry HULL S in l M 24 Warehouseman York 157a
    Sarah HULL Dau M 22   Windhill 157a
    Ernest HULL Gson S 2   Windhill 157a
87 7 Aire Street Sarah PARSONS Head W 70 Living on own means Windhill 157a
    Grace LAYCOCK Boarder W 31 Worsted Weaver Bradford 157a
88 9 Aire Street Hannah HOLDSWORTH Head W 63   Windhill 157a
    John A HOLDSWORTH Son S 24 Plasterer Windhill 157a
89 11 Aire Street Robert S AMBLER Head M 38 Bookkeeper Brighouse 157a
    Sarah A AMBLER Wife M 31   Bradford 157a
    Louisa J AMBLER Dau S 11 Scholar Bradford 157a
    William L AMBLER Son S 9 Scholar Bradford 157a
90 13 Aire Street Alice SUNDERLAND Head S 39 Factory Worsted Drawer LIN Stewton 157a
    John SUNDERLAND Son S 4   Leeds 157a
    Frances SUNDERLAND Mother M 68   LAN Louth 157a
91 15 Aire Street Ralph LONSDALE Head M 35 Stone Quarryman Pateley Bridge 157a
    Mary A LONSDALE Wife M 35   Idle 157a
    Thomas LONSDALE Son S 11   Windhill 157a
    Fred LONSDALE Son S 9   Windhill 157a
    John William LONSDALE Son S 3   Windhill 157a
    Matthew LONSDALE Son S 1   Windhill 157a
92 17 Aire Street Ann HILL Head W 48   WES Kendal 157a
    Jane HILL Dau S 19 Factory Worsted Drawer Windhill 157a
    Joseph HILL Son S 17 Mechanic Windhill 157a
    Emily HILL Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 157a
    Lavinia HILL Dau S 10 Scholar Windhill 157a
    Annie HILL Dau S 9 Scholar Windhill 157a
93 21 Aire Street James LUPTON Head M 54 Mechanic Shipley 157b
    Amelia LUPTON Wife M 50   Bradford 157b
    Samuel LUPTON Son S 20 Grocer's App. Windhill 157b
    Alice LUPTON Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Windhill 157b
    Mary LUPTON Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Windhill 157b
    Annie LUPTON Dau S 11 Scholar Windhill 157b
    Edith LUPTON Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 157b
94 23 Aire Street Wilkinson HIRST Head M 60 General Labourer Shipley 157b
    Elizabeth HIRST Wife M 56 Worsted Weaver Bingley 157b
95 25 Aire Street Hannah MORT Head W 56   Pateley Bridge 157b
    John William HABBOT? Son S 38 Plasterer's Lab. Pateley Bridge 157b
96 27 Aire Street Benjamin COOK Head M 41 Worsted Overlooker Oxenhope 157b
    Hannah COOK Wife M 40   Cononley 157b
    Jonathan COOK Son S 16 Factory Operative Bingley 157b
    Mary COOK Dau S 12 Scholar Bingley 157b
    Martha COOK Dau S 10 Scholar Bingley 157b
    Alice COOK Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 157b
    Henry COOK Son S 6 Scholar Windhill 157b
    Maggie COOK Dau S 2   Haworth 157b
    Bertie COOK Son S 8m   Haworth 157b
97 29 Aire Street Sarah HOLGATE Head W 54   Windhill 157b
    Mary E HOLGATE Dau S 21 Weaver Windhill 157b
    Christopher HOLGATE Son S 20 Grocer's Assistant Windhill 157b
98 31 Aire Street Peter BARROW Head M 40 Ship Carpenter LAN Bootle 157b
    Eliza BARROW Wife M 41   Idle 157b
99 33 Aire Street Albert ROSS Head M 23 Plumber Saltaire 157b
    Mary E ROSS Wife M 23   Windhill 157b
    Mabel ROSS Dau S 3m   Windhill 157b
100 35 Aire Street Jane ALRED Head W 43 Worsted Weaver Malham in Craven 158a
    Clara ALRED Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Windhill 158a
    Dorothy ALRED Mother W 78   Malham in Craven 158a
101 37 Aire Street John DOWTON Head M 34 Stone Quarryman Thornton 158a
    Mary A DOWTON Wife M 33   Pudsey 158a
    Eva DOWTON Dau S 3   Windhill 158a
102 39 Aire Street Peter H BOWERS Head M 44 ? Smith DOR Swanage 158a
    Charlotte BOWERS Wife M 37   Wakefield 158a
    Harry BOWERS Son S 15 Painter's App. Wakefield 158a
    Nellie BOWERS Dau S 11 Scholar Wakefield 158a
    Joe WILSON Boarder S 28 Foundry Man Wakefield 158a
103 41 Aire Street William MORRELL Head M 31 General Labourer Harrogate 158a
    Bessie MORRELL Wife M 28   Windhill 158a
    Arthur MORRELL Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 158a
    Ethel MORRELL Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 158a
    Laura MORRELL Dau S 5m   Windhill 158a
104 43 Aire Street Alice MELLOR Head W 58   DBY Atlow 158a
    Jane MELLOR Dau S 25 Dress Goods Weaver DBY Hulland 158a
    Anne S MELLOR Dau S 23 Dress Goods Weaver DBY Hulland 158a
105 51 Aire Street Watson CRYER Head M 39 Wool Combing Overlooker Cononley 158a
    Jane DICKINSON Sis M 49 Worsted Weaver Cononley 158a
106 53 Aire Street Jane A DAYKIN Head S 29 Factory Yarn Reeler Pateley Bridge 158a
    Arthur W DAYKIN Bro S 16 Copper Smith App. Windhill 158a
    Joseph F DAYKIN Son S 7   Windhill 158a
107 55 Aire Street William CARR Head M 32 Canal Bank Ranger Settle 158a
    Martha CARR Wife M 26 DressGoods Weaver DBY Hulland 158a
108 57 Aire Street David BAKER Head M 35 Stone Quarryman Westhorp 158b
    Eliza BAKER Wife M 34   Windhill 158b
    Mary E BAKER Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 158b
    William H BAKER Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 158b
    Thomas A BAKER Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 158b
    John E BAKER Son S 7 Scholar Windhill 158b
    Alice BAKER Dau S 4   Windhill 158b
    Hartley BAKER Son S 1   Windhill 158b
109 59 Aire Street Joseph ROSS Head W 61 Labourer Idle 158b
    Elizabeth ROSS Dau S 32 Weaver Saltaire 158b
    Joseph ROSS Son S 27 Tailor Pickering 158b
110 63 Aire Street Thomas DENNISON Head M 20 Cart Driver West Ardsley 158b
    Alice DENNISON Wife M 28   Bradford 158b
111 65 Aire Street Smith TOWN Head M 59 Factory Warp Dresser Addingham 158b
    Isabella TOWN Wife M 57   Skirome 158b
    Elijah TOWN Son S 30 Factory Warp Dresser Burley Otley 158b
    Ellen TOWN Dau S 20 Weaver Windhill 158b
    Thomas TOWN Son S 12 Iron Moulder Windhill 158b
112 67 Aire Street Robert MORRISON Head M 26 Iron Planer IRE Mayo 158b
    Winifred MORRISON Wife M 23   WLS Monmouth 158b
113 7 Weighhill Cottages William GRIFFIN Head M 43 Stationary Engine Stoker WIL Highworth 158b
    Sarah GRIFFIN Wife M 40   CAM Benwick 158b
    William GRIFFIN Son S 16 App. Overlooker Harthill 158b
    Alice Ann GRIFFIN Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Manningham 158b
    Harry GRIFFIN Son S 10 Worsted Spinner Half Time LAN Stackstead 158b
    Arthur GRIFFIN Son S 5 Scholar LAN Burnley 158b
    Harriet GRIFFIN Dau S 2   LAN Burnley 158b
    Andrew MULLEN Boarder M 21 Railway Porter LAN Burnley 158b
    Louisa MULLEN Boarder M 21 Worsted Spinner Halifax 158b
114 9 Weighhill Cottage Thomas HESLEDEN Head W 68 General Labourer Horton Gill 159a
    Mary FELL Dau M 41   Coniston Cold 159a
    Wheater FELL S in l M 25 Factory Worsted Weft Man Bradford 159a
    Murdock FELL Gson S 7   Windhill 159a
    Mary FELL Gdau S 5   Windhill 159a
115 2 Mountain Street Marmaduke BARTON Head M 33 Milk Dealer Bramhope 159a
    Elizabeth BARTON Wife M 31   Denton 159a
    Alice BARTON Dau S 1   Windhill 159a
116 4 Mountain Street Edwin PETTY Head M 35 Stone Quarryman Thornton 159a
    Ellen PETTY Wife M 34   Windhill 159a
    William C PETTY Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 159a
    Bertha PETTY Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 159a
    Mary PETTY Dau S 9 Scholar Windhill 159a
    Harriet PETTY Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 159a
    James PETTY Son S 6 Scholar Windhill 159a
117 6 Mountain Street Olive MURGATROYD Head W 66 Living on own means Windhill 159a
118 8 Mountain Street Joseph MCNICHOLL Head M 38 Mechanic Barnsley 159a
    Mary MCNICHOLL Wife M 35   Great Horton 159a
    Harold MCNICHOLL Son S 8   Great Horton 159a
    Lillian MCNICHOLL Dau S 6   Great Horton 159a
119 10 Mountain Street George MURGATROYD Head M 38 Worsted Spinner Windhill 159a
    Emma MURGATROYD Wife M 40   Bradford 159a
    James MURGATROYD Son S 14 Butcher's App. Windhill 159a
120 12 Mountain Street John BENNETT Head M 36 Railway Signalman LAN Chorley 159a
    Elizabeth BENNETT Wife M 36   LAN Fillongley 159a
    William H BENNETT Son S 13 Scholar LAN Fillongley 159a
    John A BENNETT Son S 11 Scholar LAN Codnor Park 159a
    George BENNETT Son S 10 Scholar LAN Ribblehead 159a
    Samuel C BENNETT Son S 5 Scholar Bingley 159a
    Sarah L BENNETT Dau S 3   Windhill 159a
    Harriet E BENNETT Dau S 10m   Windhill 159a
121 14 Mountain Street George ASPINALL Head M 46 Wool Sorter Shipley 159b
    Emma ASPINALL Wife M 45   Idle 159b
    Christiana ASPINALL Dau S 25 Dressmaker Shipley 159b
    Tom Fred ASPINALL Son S 18 Coppersmith's App. Windhill 159b
    Herbert ASPINALL Son S 16 Worsted Spinner Windhill 159b
    Edith ASPINALL Gdau S 2   Windhill 159b
122 16 Mountain Street Sarah TAYLOR Head M 46   LAN Burnley 159b
    Tom TAYLOR Son S 10   Bradford 159b
    Lizzie TAYLOR Dau S 7   Bradford 159b
123 18 Mountain Street Abraham BROSKOM Head M 67 Cotton Warp Dresser Baildon 159b
    Alice BROSKOM Wife M 70   Windhill 159b
    Sarah E BROSKOM Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Windhill 159b
    Abraham BROSKOM Gson S 12 Scholar Windhill 159b
124 20 Mountain Street Benjamin IVES Head M 54 Stone Quarryman Guiseley 159b
    Sarah IVES Wife M 53   Rawdon 159b
    Walton IVES Son S 21 Baker Esholt 159b
    James IVES Son S 18 Blacksmith's App. Esholt 159b
    Rhoda IVES Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Esholt 159b
125 22 Mountain Street John NEWBOULD Head M 46 Engine Tenter Skipton 159b
    Sarah NEWBOULD Wife M 45   Greenhowhill 159b
    Thomas NEWBOULD Son S 21 Stuff Weaver Skyreholme 159b
    John NEWBOULD Son S 18 Labourer Skyreholme 159b
    Richard NEWBOULD Son S 16 Worsted Spinner Windhill 159b
    Sarah NEWBOULD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Windhill 159b
    Herbert NEWBOULD Son S 3   Windhill 159b
126 24 Mountain Street Thomas SOUSTER Head M 46 Railway Servant BKM Great Linford 159b
    Harriet SOUSTER Wife M 45   Guiseley 159b
    William SOUSTER Son S 19 Railway Servant NFK Walpole 159b
    Mildred SOUSTER Dau S 14 Worsted Mill Hand NFK Walpole 159b
    Gertrude SOUSTER Dau S 13 Worsted Mill Hand LIN Moulton 159b
    Emma SOUSTER Dau S 8 Scholar Guiseley 159b
127 26a Mountain Street John COULTOUS Head M 72 Blacksmith Windhill 160a
    Ann COULTOUS Wife M 67   Shipley 160a
    Ralph P COULTOUS Son S 34 Wool Comber [Deaf & Dumb] Shipley 160a
128 26b Mountain Street Jane LAMBERT Head M 36 Worsted Weaver Windhill 160a
    Herbert LAMBERT Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 160a
    Harry LAMBERT Son S 10 Scholar Queensbury 160a
129 28 Mountain Street Thomas HORSFALL Head M 24 Mechanic Idle 160a
    Mary A HORSFALL Wife M 24   Shipley 160a
    Annie HORSFALL Dau S 8m   Windhill 160a
130 30 Mountain Street John MITCHELL Head M 57 Mason's Labourer Midgley 160a
    Martha J MITCHELL Wife M 55   Clayton 160a
    Elizabeth E MITCHELL Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner LAN Middleton 160a
131 32 Mountain Street Annie RENSHAW Head W 70 Charwoman LAN Manchester 160a
    Ann RENSHAW Gdau S 16 Worsted Spinner Shipley 160a
132 34 Mountain Street Robert BROOKSBANK Head M 48 Dyer's Labourer WES Kirkby Lonsdale 160a
    Martha BROOKSBANK Wife M 47   Pudsey 160a
    Albert BROOKSBANK Son S 22 Tinner Windhill 160a
    Fred BROOKSBANK Son S 19 Carpenter's Labourer Windhill 160a
    Isaac BROOKSBANK Son S 14 Tinner Windhill 160a
133 Mountain Street Abraham SLINGSBY Head M 56 Quarryman Idle 160a
  New House Mary H SLINGSBY Wife M 55   Bramley 160a
    William SLINGSBY Son S 20 Quarryman Windhill 160a
    Mary Emma SLINGSBY Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Windhill 160a
    Maria SLINGSBY Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Windhill 160a
    Amelia SLINGSBY Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 160a
    Susannah SLINGSBY Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 160a
    Ada SLINGSBY Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 160a
    Willie MACKWELL Gson S 10   Shipley 160a
134 38 Mountain Street Herbert HARRISON Head M 28 Mason's Labourer Shipley 160b
    Clara HARRISON Wife M 28   Bradford 160b
    Leonard HARRISON Son S 6 Scholar Bradford 160b
    Frank HARRISON Son S 5 Scholar Bradford 160b
    Lilian HARRISON Dau S 2   Bradford 160b
    Ethel HARRISON Dau S 4m   Idle 160b
135 40 Mountain Street Sophia KNOTT Head M 46   Idle 160b
    Samuel KNOTT Son S 23 Worsted Dyer's Labourer Idle 160b
    Thomas KNOTT Son S 20 Iron Moulder Idle 160b
    George KNOTT Son S 18 Iron Moulder Idle 160b
    Emma J KNOTT Dau S 12 Dressmaker's App. Idle 160b
136 42 Mountain Street John W HUNTER Head M 36 Dyer's Labourer Otley 160b
    Mary HUNTER Wife M 36   Shipley 160b
    William HUNTER Son S 10 Scholar Shipley 160b
    Amelia HUNTER Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 160b
    Alice HUNTER Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 160b
137 1 Mountain Street Henry PETTY Head M 27 Loom Fitter Bingley 160b
    Emily PETTY Wife M 26   Bingley 160b
138 3 Mountain Street George LONGTHORNE Head M 35 Machine Carpenter Bradford 160b
    Eliza LONGTHORNE Wife M 37   Bradford 160b
    Beatrice LONGTHORNE Dau S 9   Bradford 160b
    Ada L LONGTHORNE Dau S 5   Bradford 160b
    Annie LONGTHORNE Dau S 2   Windhill 160b
139 5 Mountain Street Brook TILLOTSON Head W 75 Retired Cloth Fuller Windhill 160b
    Mary TILLOTSON Dau S 40 Cotton Weaver Eccleshill 160b
    Rachel TILLOTSON Dau S 35 Cotton Weaver Idle 160b
    Eliza TILLOTSON Dau S 33 Cotton Weaver Idle 160b
    Zillah TILLOTSON Dau S 30   Windhill 160b
    Sarah E TILLOTSON Gdau S 14 Cotton Weaver Windhill 160b
    John W MOODY Gson S 3     160b
140 7 Mountain Street William Hy IMESON Head M 32 Machine Joiner Leeds 161a
    Selina IMESON Wife M 32   Otley 161a
    Harold IMESON Son S 2   Windhill 161a
141 9 Mountain Street Elizabeth HILL Head M 67   Bradford 161a
    Joshua HILL Son S 50 Coal Dealer Bingley 161a
    Fred NEWALL Gson S 24 Cloth Finisher Windhill 161a
    John W HILL Gson S 18 Green Grocer Bradford 161a
142 13 Mountain Street Maria HARRISON Head W 69   Rotherham 161a
    Mary HARRISON Dau S 44 Stuff Weaver Eccleshill 161a
143 17 Mountain Street Matthew LONSDALE Head M 45 Stone Miner Greenhowhill 161a
    Sarah LONSDALE Wife M 44   Bradford 161a
    Thomas LONSDALE Son S 22 Blacksmith Windhill 161a
    Agnes LONSDALE Dau S 19 Worsted Twister Windhill 161a
    Ada LONSDALE Dau S 18 Worsted Twister Windhill 161a
    Arthur LONSDALE Son S 15 Cabinet Maker's App. Windhill 161a
    Joseph LONSDALE Son S 11 Botany Spinner Windhill 161a
    Annie LONSDALE Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 161a
    Elizabeth HUDSON Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Shipley 161a
    Priscilla HUDSON Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Windhill 161a
144 21 Mountain Street Edwin BATES Head M 36 Police Officer (W R Const) Huddersfield 161a
    Eleanor BATES Wife M 40   Huddersfield 161a
    Edgar BATES Son S 16 Mechanic's App. Huddersfield 161a
    Marion BATES Dau S 11   Barnsley 161a
    John J BATES Son S 9   Barnsley 161a
    Ethel BATES Dau S 6   Barnsley 161a
145 23 Mountain Street James STEAD Head M 24 Drawing Overlooker Shipley 161a
    Ann E STEAD Wife M 22 Burler & Mender North Bierley 161a
146 25 Mountain Street Alfred WILKS Head M 41 Stone Mason Shipley 161a
    Sarah WILKS Wife M 39   Bingley 161a
    Joshua WILKS Son S 18 Stone Mason Windhill 161a
    John WILKS Son S 13 Mill Hand Windhill 161a
147 27 Mountain Street John LEE Head M 26 Quarryman Idle 161b
    Clara LEE Wife M 28   Lancliffe 161b
    Nellie LEE Dau S 1   Baildon 161b
    Annie LEE Dau S 7m   Windhill 161b
148 29 Mountain Street William MASON Head M 64 Stone Miner Kirby 161b
    Sarah MASON Wife M 48   Shipley 161b
    William MASON Son S 24 Stone Miner Windhill 161b
    Clara MASON Dau S 4 Scholar Windhill 161b
    Benjamin DICKINSON Boarder M 55 Quarryman Horsforth 161b
149 31 Mountain Street Enoch GLEDHILL Head M 28 Machine Fitter Bradford 161b
    Sarah A GLEDHILL Wife M 26   Bradford 161b
    Harry GLEDHILL Son S 4   Bradford 161b
    Florence GLEDHILL Dau S 2   Windhill 161b
150 33 Mountain Street Lister DRACUP Head M 26 Machine Iron Turner Bradford 161b
    Sarah E DRACUP Wife M 27   Morley 161b
    Edwin DRACUP Son S 2   Windhill 161b
    William Hy DRACUP Son S 10m   Windhill 161b
151 35 Mountain Street Anne HAINSWORTH Wife M 30   Bradford 161b
    Minnie HAINSWORTH Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 161b
    Arthur HAINSWORTH Son S 2   Wyke 161b
152 37 Mountain Street Samuel W OATES Head M 34 Railway Signalman DBY Derby 161b
    Louisa OATES Wife M 37   SFK 161b
    Wilfred OATES Son S 6   LAN Carnforth 161b
    Joseph OATES Son S 4   Idle 161b
    Albert OATES Son S 2   Idle 161b
153 39 Mountain Street William BEACH Head M 33 Railway Signalman GLS Bream 161b
    Cora BEACH Wife M 31   GLS Whitecroft 161b
    George BEACH Son S 6   Keighley 161b
    Nora BEACH Dau S 4   Windhill 161b
154 41 Mountain Street William P WRIGHT Son M 46 Stone Quarryman Methley 162a
    Joseph TEAL Head M 63 Railway Plate Layer Burley 162a
    Jane TEAL Wife M 61   Methley 162a
155 43 Mountain Street Thomas WRIGHT Head M 51 Stone Mason Idle 162a
    Margaret WRIGHT Wife M 52   Idle 162a
    Lilly WRIGHT Dau S 21 Factory Operative Idle 162a
    Margaret WRIGHT Dau S 19 Factory Operative Idle 162a
    Joshua WRIGHT Son S 15 Factory Operative Idle 162a
    Thomas WRIGHT Son S 13 Factory Operative Idle 162a
156 45 Mountain Street Stephen PROCTOR Head M 58 Stone Miner Rawdon 162a
    Jane PROCTOR Wife M 56   DUR Darlington 162a
    Emily PROCTOR Dau S 27 Cloth Weaver Windhill 162a
    Frank PROCTOR Son S 22 Butcher Windhill 162a
    ? PROCTOR Dau S 20 Iron Moulder Windhill 162a
157 47 Mountain Street James DUNWELL Head M 44 Stone Mason Windhill 162a
    Sarah J DUNWELL Wife M 44   Idle 162a
    Clara DUNWELL Dau S 19 Factory Weaver Windhill 162a
    Annie DUNWELL Dau S 16 Factory Spinner Windhill 162a
    Lavinia DUNWELL Dau S 4   Windhill 162a
158 51 Mountain Street William HORSFALL Head M 47 Warp Dresser Shipley 162a
    Sabina HORSFALL Wife M 46   Yeadon 162a
    Alderman BROWN Son S 23 Warehouseman Yeadon 162a
    Eva L HORSFALL Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 162a
159 53 Mountain Street John Thomas HORSFALL Head M 36 Joiner Shipley 162a
    Adelaide HORSFALL Wife M 36   Pateley Bridge 162a
    Ada HORSFALL Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Windhill 162a
    Annie HORSFALL Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 162a
    Joseph HORSFALL Son S 2   Windhill 162a
    Emily HORSFALL Dau S 1w   Windhill 162a
    Metcalf DAYKIN Neph S 15 Factory Spinner Windhill 162a
160 55 Mountain Street Esaias KAY Head M 30 Stone Mason Windhill 162b
    Sarah KAY Wife M 33   Rawdon 162b
161 57 Mountain Street James PEARSON Head M 28 Quarry Labourer SFK Norton 162b
    Martha PEARSON Wife M 23   Hull 162b
162 59 Mountain Street Joseph SMITH Head M 32 Mechanic Baildon 162b
    Harriet SMITH Wife M 34   Shipley 162b
    Sarah A RUSHWORTH Step dau S 10   Windhill 162b
    Ethel SMITH Dau S 4   Windhill 162b
    Laura SMITH Dau S 2w   Windhill 162b
163 61 Mountain Street Fred BRIGGS Head M 31 Mason's Labourer Bradford 162b
    Ellen BRIGGS Wife M 32   Shelf, Bradford 162b
    Margaret BRIGGS Dau S 2   Windhill 162b
164 63 Mountain Street Walter GILL Head M 38 Woolen Spinner Eccleshill 162b
    Martha GILL Wife M 38   Wilsden 162b
    Hannah E GILL Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 162b
    Edith GILL Dau S 2m   Windhill 162b
    William CRAWLEY Boarder M 22 Asst Woolcombing Overlooker Bradford 162b
    Clara A CRAWLEY Boarder M 23 Worsted Weaver Bradford 162b
165 65 Mountain Street James KEIGHLEY Head M 51 Quarryman Idle 162b
    Mary KEIGHLEY Wife M 58   Bradford 162b
    John Thomas KEIGHLEY Son S 17 Wheel Filer (Iron Foundry) Idle 162b
    Edith KEIGHLEY Dau S 7 Scholar Idle 162b
166 67 Mountain Street William BRADBURY Head W 42 Boiler Fireman Pateley Bridge 162b
    George William BRADBURY Son S 10   Windhill 162b
    John R BRADBURY Son S 6   Windhill 162b
167 Westroyd's Farm James WHITAKER Head M 60 Farmer Weston 162b
    Hannah WHITAKER Wife M 56   Otley 162b
    Annie WHITAKER Dau S 21   Otley 162b
    Ellen WHITAKER Dau S 19 Stocking Knitter Otley 162b
    Emma WHITAKER Dau S 16   Otley 162b
    George JOHNSON Servant S 22 Farm Servant Dacre Banks 162b
168 Opentail Cottage John ROBINSON Head M 60 Stone Quarryman YKS Saxton 163a
    Harriet ROBINSON Wife M 63   DBY Tipnall 163a
    Emma BRAILSFORD Gdau S 11 Factory - Half Time Idle 163a
169 57 Busy Lane Eliza RUSSELL Head S 48   Idle 163a
    William RUSSELL Son S 21 Painter Leeds 163a
170 59 Busy Lane John POPPLEWELL Head M 49 Milk Dealer Bingley 163a
    Mary POPPLEWELL Wife M 40   Windhill 163a
    Benjamin POPPLEWELL Son S 16 Milk Dealer's Assistant Idle 163a
    William POPPLEWELL Son S 10 Scholar Castleford 163a
    Francis POPPLEWELL Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 163a
    John POPPLEWELL Son S 2   Windhill 163a
171 Pudding Hall Farm John GARFORTH Head M 39 Farmer Menston 163a
    Mary GARFORTH Wife M 32   Idle 163a
    Mary GARFORTH Dau S 12   Idle 163a
    Louisa GARFORTH Dau S 10   Windhill 163a
    Willy GARFORTH Son S 9   Windhill 163a
    Wilfred GARFORTH Son S 8   Windhill 163a
    Elizabeth GARFORTH Dau S 5   Windhill 163a
    Thomas GARFORTH Son S 3   Windhill 163a
    James GARFORTH Son S 6m   Windhill 163a
172 Pudding Hall Cottage William JACKSON Head M 36 Blacksmith Bradford 163a
    Sarah JACKSON Wife M 34   Bradford 163a
    Herbert JACKSON Son S 10 Worsted Spinner Bradford 163a
    Annie JACKSON Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 163a