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Census Indexes 1891 Idle ED9


The census returns for 1891 were taken on the evening of April 5th and the area of Idle is covered by piece RG12/3652 & 3653.

ED9, Folios 4-17, Enumerator: Grimshaw Walton
Boundary - being that part bounded on the west by Stockhill Road, on the north by the beck, and by Apperley on the north east.
Contents - part of the township of Eccleshill comprising all the dwelling houses in Stockhill Road, Albion House, Stockhill Fold, Carrbottom Road, Beckbottom, Apperley Road with Dyehouse Fold, Derby Terrace, Low Fold and Apperley, all in the Parliamentary division of Shipley.

1 2 Low Fold Stockhill Road Alfred GOODALL Head M 53 Stone Mason Apperley Bridge 4a
    Sarah A GOODALL Wife M 50   Yeadon 4a
    Benjamin GOODALL Son S 22 Wool Mill Lab. Greengates 4a
    Fred GOODALL Son S 10 Scholar Greengates 4a
    Percy GOODALL Son S 7 Scholar Greengates 4a
2 4 Low Fold Stockhill Road Reuben STONES Head M 44 Carrier BKM Radnage 4a
    Caroline STONES Wife M 47   BKM Bullbrook 4a
    Reuben STONES Son S 17 Worsted Spinner Laisterdyke 4a
    Walter S STONES Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Laisterdyke 4a
3 6 Low Fold Stockhill Road John SMITH Head M 55 Rail Plate Layer Eccleshill 4a
    Hannah SMITH Sis S 47 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 4a
4 8 Low Fold Stockhill Road Fred RAISTRICK Head M 40 Stone Quarryman Idle 4a
    Margaret RAISTRICK Wife M 40 Woollen Weaver York 4a
    Martha RAISTRICK Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 4a
    Alice RAISTRICK Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 4a
    Ann RAISTRICK Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 4a
    Martha PULLAN m in l W 75 Looks after House Ripon 4a
5 10 Low Fold Stockhill Road Mawson HALIDAY Head M 48 Woollen Fettler Idle 4a
    Sarah HALIDAY Wife M 46   Leeds 4a
    Harry HALIDAY Son S 19 Wool Cloth Finisher Idle 4a
    Fred HALIDAY Son S 17 Wool Mill Lab. Greengates 4a
    Thomas HALIDAY Son S 13   Greengates 4a
    Martha A HALIDAY Dau S 13 Mother's Help Greengates 4a
6 2 Stockhill Road Sarah DUNWELL Head W 68 Mangle Keeper Southowram 4a
    Charlotte MYERS Boarder S 17 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 4a
7 4 Stockhill Road Nanny MANN Head W 46 Confectioner Windhill 4a
    Mary A ODDY Sis S 38 Woollen Weaver Idle 4a
    Sarah J DENBY Adopt dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Shipley 4a
    John DENBY Boarder S 15 Jam Boiler Shipley 4a
8 6 Stockhill Road Thomas SMITH Head M 71 Farmer Wilsden 4b
    Ann SMITH Wife M 74   Bingley 4b
    Sarah WILDMAN Niece S 37   Bingley 4b
9 8 Stockhill Road John A DOUGGEN Head M 24 Boot Rivetter Leeds 4b
    Bertha DOUGGEN Wife M 22 Woollen Condenser Minder Greengates 4b
    George DOUGGEN Son S 6m   Greengates 4b
10 1 Albion House Sarah E HOLMES Head W 47 Living on own means Bradford 4b
    Adeline HOLMES Dau S 24 Private School Principal Shipley 4b
    Edith HOLMES Dau S 22 Governess Shipley 4b
    Louisa HOLMES Dau S 18 Boarding School Asst Mistress Shipley 4b
    Annie KING Boarder S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 4b
11 3 Albion House Thomas CHILD Head M 53 Wool Warp Dresser Eccleshill 4b
    Ann CHILD Wife M 48   Eccleshill 4b
    Mary CHILD Dau S 22 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 4b
    Hannah CHILD Dau S 20 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 4b
    Maria CHILD Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 4b
    Alice CHILD Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 4b
    Martha CHILD Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 4b
    Sarah E CHILD Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 4b
    Lois CHILD Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 4b
    Lizzie CHILD Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 4b
12 1 Stockhill Fold John BURRIDGE Head M 43 Stone Quarryman BDF Ampthill 4b
    Elizabeth BURRIDGE Wife M 40   GLS Tydenham 4b
    Emily BURRIDGE Dau S 17 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 4b
    Elizabeth BURRIDGE Dau S 14 Mother's Help Eccleshill 4b
    Mary BURRIDGE Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 4b
    W Luther BURRIDGE Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 4b
    George BURRIDGE Son S 5   Eccleshill 4b
    Beatrice BURRIDGE Dau S 3   Eccleshill 4b
13 3 Stockhill Fold Thomas PRATT Head M 68 Hand Loom Wool Cloth Weaver Greengates 4b
    Ellen PRATT Wife M 56   Wyke 4b
14 5 Stockhill Fold Squire WARD Head M 29 Woollen Willier Calverley 5a
    Annie WARD Wife M 27   Eccleshill 5a
    Hetty WARD Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 5a
    Ada WARD Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 5a
    Millie WARD Dau S 3 Scholar Eccleshill 5a
    William WARD Son S 1   Eccleshill 5a
    [unnamed] WARD Dau S 7d   Eccleshill 5a
15 9 Stockhill Fold Valentine PEDLEY Head M 54 General Lab. Grassington 5a
    Mary PEDLEY Wife M 54   Newtown 5a
    Elizabeth PEDLEY Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Newtown 5a
    Jane PEDLEY Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Newtown 5a
    Robert PEDLEY Son S 20 Worsted Weaver Idle 5a
    Harriet PEDLEY Dau S 18 Mother's Help Idle 5a
16 11 Stockhill Fold Ernest MARSHALL Head M 25 Woollen Willier Yeadon 5a
    Sarah H MARSHALL Wife M 23 Woollen Weaver Idle 5a
17 13 Stockhill Fold James BENSON Head M 68 Ag Lab. Stainburn 5a
    Mary BENSON Wife M 48   HEF Yarpole 5a
    Clara E BENSON Dau S 17 Worsted Mender Stainburn 5a
    Robert D BENSON Son S 14 Ag Lab. Idle 5a
    John A BENSON Son S 10 Scholar Idle 5a
    Joseph BENSON Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 5a
18 15 Stockhill Fold James SMITH Head M 49 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 5a
    Sarah SMITH Wife M 49 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 5a
    Clara SMITH Dau S 19 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 5a
    Lilly SMITH Dau S 16 Woollen Tier in Eccleshill 5a
    James A SMITH Son S 15 Wool Mule Piecer Eccleshill 5a
    Florence SMITH Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 5a
19 17 Stockhill Fold Robert WEBSTER Head M 39 Stone DER Bakewell 5b
    Margaret WEBSTER Wife M 35   YKS Anderby 5b
    Arthur WEBSTER Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 5b
    Eliza WEBSTER Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 5b
    Herbert WEBSTER Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 5b
21 26 Stockhill Road Ann ELLISON Head S 69 Living on own means Eccleshill 5b
22 10a Stockhill Road William ELLISON Head M 40 General Lab. Eccleshill 5b
    Ann ELLISON Wife M 43   Idle 5b
    Alice ELLISON Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Idle 5b
    Ann E ELLISON Dau S 14 Woollen Spooler Idle 5b
    Harry E ELLISON Son S 10 Scholar Idle 5b
    Willie ELLISON Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 5b
    Fred ELLISON Son S 2   Eccleshill 5b
23 2 Belle Vue Place John IBBETSON Head M 30 Woollen Weaver Idle 5b
    Harriet A IBBETSON Wife M 31   Horsforth 5b
    Maude IBBETSON Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 5b
    Kate IBBETSON Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 5b
24 4 Belle Vue Place William ALRED Head M 38 Stone Quarryman Idle 5b
    Mary A ALRED Wife M 37   Idle 5b
    Martha L ALRED Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Idle 5b
    Harry ALRED Son S 13 Worsted Doffer Idle 5b
    Elizabeth ALRED Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 5b
25 6 Belle Vue Place Joshua BEAUMONT Head M 42 General Lab. Huddersfield 5b
    Grace A BEAUMONT Wife M 49   Horsforth 5b
    Henry SMITH step son S 24 Woollen Weaver Calverley 5b
    Charles BEAUMONT Son S 21 Woollen Twister Greengates 5b
    James W BEAUMONT Son S 19 Hairdresser's App. Greengates 5b
26 8 Belle Vue Place Richard ATKINSON Head M 46 Lamp Lighter Dunnington 5b
    Emily A ATKINSON Wife M 58 Woollen Condenser Minder Thirsk 5b
    Ann ATKINSON Dau S 21 Worsted Spinner Dunnington 5b
27 10 Belle Vue Place Farnell BENSON Head M 47 Wool Washer Idle 6a
    Maria BENSON Wife M 45 Woollen Weaver Idle 6a
    Bob BENSON Son S 14 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Idle 6a
28 12 Belle Vue Place Rachel SHARPE Head W 55   Brighouse 6a
    Elizabeth SHARPE Dau S 21 Woollen Weaver Bradford 6a
    John OLDFIELD Boarder S 23 Worsted Finisher Huddersfield 6a
    Joseph DRAMSFIELD Boarder S 25 Worsted Finisher Huddersfield 6a
29 14 Belle Vue Place Thomas BUCKNELL Head M 41 Confectioner & Wool Sorter Idle 6a
    Zillah BUCKNELL Wife M 44   Eccleshill 6a
    Fred BUCKNELL Son S 17 Stuff Merchant's Clerk Eccleshill 6a
    Annie E BUCKNELL Dau S 15 Confectioner's Assistant Eccleshill 6a
    Florence E BUCKNELL Dau S 13 Confectioner's Assistant Eccleshill 6a
    George A BUCKNELL Son S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 6a
    Lawrence A BUCKNELL Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 6a
    Jane MALLPASS Serv S 20 General Serv Tembury? 6a
30 16 Belle Vue Place Robert SIMPSON Head M 31 Drayman Clifton 6a
    Maria SIMPSON Wife M 34 Woollen Weaver Guiseley 6a
    Sarah H SIMPSON Dau S 9 Scholar Thackley 6a
    Annie E SIMPSON Dau S 4 Scholar Greengates 6a
31 18 Belle Vue Place John A CAWSON Head M 51 Wool Mill Labourer Bramley 6a
    Sarah A CAWSON Wife M 46 Charwoman Baildon 6a
    William H CAWSON Son S 21 Carter Rodley 6a
    Mary E CAWSON Dau S 15 Charwoman Rodley 6a
    Benjamin CAWSON Bro Wr 51 Wool Mill Labourer Bramley 6a
32 20 Belle Vue Place Elizabeth WALKER Head W 60   Rawdon 6a
    Caroline WALKER Dau S 28 Woollen Weaver Rawdon 6a
    James WALKER Son S 20 Woollen Weaver Rawdon 6a
    Albert WALKER Son S 15 Mule Piecer Eccleshill 6a
33 22 Belle Vue Place Maria WHITELEY Head W 27 Woollen Condenser Minder Balby 6a
    Eliza WHITELEY Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 6a
34 24 Belle Vue Place Samuel IBBETSON Head M 71 Stone Quarryman Bradford 6b
    Jane IBBETSON Wife M 73   Bradford 6b
    Samuel IBBETSON Son S 44 Carpenter Bradford 6b
35 12a Stockhill Road Edwin GALLOWAY Head W 61 Grocer Eccleshill 6b
    Mary E GALLOWAY Dau S 39 Dressmaker Otley 6b
36 10 Stockhill Road Joe BURHOUSE Head M 38 Wool Cloth Presser Huddersfield 6b
    Mary E BURHOUSE Wife M 36 Wool Cloth Presser Bramley 6b
    Elsie BURHOUSE Dau S 4   Lindley 6b
    James NOBLE Boarder S 22 Wool Cloth Dresser Lindley 6b
    Smith THORNTON Boarder S 26 Wool Cloth Dresser Lindley 6b
37 12 Stockhill Road John P BERESFORD Head M 45 Stone Quarryman DER Bakewell 6b
    Mary BERESFORD Wife M 43 Woollen Burler Greengates 6b
    Mary A BERESFORD Dau S 23 Woollen Weaver Greengates 6b
    Lizzie BERESFORD Dau S 22 Woollen Burler Greengates 6b
    Susanah BERESFORD Dau S 18 Woollen Burler Greengates 6b
    Lillian H BERESFORD Dau S 9 Scholar DER Matlock 6b
38 14 Stockhill Road John SMITHSON Head M 39 Cloth Fuller Shipley 6b
    Phoebe SMITHSON Wife M 38 Woollen Weaver Idle 6b
    Joseph SMITHSON Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Idle 6b
    Moses SMITHSON Son S 12 Woollen Warper Idle 6b
39 1 Barraclough Bldgs John HICK Head M 26 Carter Idle 6b
    Sophia HICK Wife M 28 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 6b
40 3 Barraclough Bldgs Charles YEADON Head M 69 Woollen Weaver Yeadon 6b
    Rachel YEADON Wife M 74   Castley 6b
41 5 Barraclough Bldgs Samuel GRANT Head M 61 Woollen Fettler Leeds 7a
    Jane GRANT Wife M 56   Pudsey 7a
    Samuel GRANT Son S 22 Woollen Fettler Stanningley 7a
    Elizabeth GRANT Dau S 20 Worsted Spinner Menston 7a
    Mary J GRANT Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner Guiseley 7a
    Emma GRANT Dau S 16 Worsted Comber Guiseley 7a
    Martha GRANT Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Guiseley 7a
    Alice GRANT Dau S 9 Scholar Guiseley 7a
42 7 Barraclough Bldgs Robert NETTLETON Head M 36 Woollen Fettler Horbury 7a
    Susanah NETTLETON Wife M 42 Worsted Spinner Greengates 7a
    Walter NETTLETON Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 7a
    Charley NETTLETON Son S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 7a
    Fanny NETTLETON Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 7a
43 9 Barraclough Bldgs Frederick TURNER Head M 52 Retired Policeman DER Brampton 7a
    Hannah TURNER Wife M 49   Fulstone 7a
    Edwin TURNER Son S 22 Woollen Spinner Fulstone 7a
    John E TURNER Son S 18 Manufacturer's Clerk Eccleshill 7a
    William TURNER Son S 16 Grocer's Assistant Eccleshill 7a
    Freddy W TURNER Son S 14 Manufacturer's Clerk Eccleshill 7a
    Charles H TURNER Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 7a
    Joseph TURNER Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 7a
44 11 Barraclough Bldgs Sarah ELLISON Head W 67   Armley 7a
    Maria ELLISON Dau S 37 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 7a
    Mary ELLISON Dau S 32 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 7a
    Stables ELLISON Son S 29 Assistant Schoolmaster Eccleshill 7a
    Rollie ELLISON Gson S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 7a
45 13 Barraclough Bldgs George HOLDSWORTH Head M 56 Coal Merchant Armley 7a
    Elizabeth HOLDSWORTH Wife M 55   Armley 7a
    Wainman HOLDSWORTH Son S 20 Carrier Pudsey 7a
    Sam HOLDSWORTH Son S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 7a
    Louise HOLDSWORTH Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 7a
46 2 Barraclough Bldgs Alfred ELLIOTT Head M 21 Woollen Warper Eccleshill 7b
    Mary A ELLIOTT Wife M 19   Eccleshill 7b
    Edith ELLIOTT Dau S 2   Eccleshill 7b
    Clarice ELLIOTT Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 7b
    Grace PERROW Boarder S 17 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 7b
47 4 Barraclough Bldgs Joseph METCALF Head M 24 Woollen Warper Armley 7b
    Mary METCALF Wife M 24 Woollen Weaver Fulstone 7b
48 6 Barraclough Bldgs Alfred SYKES Head M 26 Woollen Weaving Overlooker Gildersome 7b
    Emma SYKES Wife M 25   Kirkheaton 7b
49 8 Barraclough Bldgs Maria BARRACLOUGH Head W 59 Living on own means Eccleshill 7b
    Florence A BARRACLOUGH Dau S 22 Dressmaker Eccleshill 7b
    Agnes BARRACLOUGH Dau S 19 Dressmaker's Assistant Eccleshill 7b
50 16 Carrbottom Road Mary SWIFT Head W 60   MDX London 7b
    Frederick SWIFT Son S 24 Rail Plate Layer N Wales Wrexham 7b
51 18 Carrbottom Road Elizabeth BEAUMONT Head W 51   LAN Sefton 7b
    Thomas BEAUMONT Son S 23 Mill Lab. Wakefield 7b
    George BEAUMONT Son S 15 Woollen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 7b
    Arthur BEAUMONT Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 7b
    Harry HORSFIELD Boarder M 42 Wool Dryer Bradford 7b
52 20 Carrbottom Road Jane BROWN Head W 30 Woollen Condenser Minder SSX Huckfield 7b
    Charlotte A BROWN Dau S 1   Eccleshill 7b
53 4 Carrbottom Road Elizabeth LEE Head M 59   Eccleshill 7b
    Harriett DOCKRAY Dau S 32 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 7b
    Thomas LEE Son S 15 Mechanic's Lab. Eccleshill 7b
    Ellen DOCKRAY Gdau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 7b
    Alvan DOCKRAY Gson S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 7b
54 6 Carrbottom Road Margaret SWIFT Head W 33 Charwoman Horsforth 7b
    Sarah J SWIFT Dau S 10 Scholar LAN Liverpool 7b
    Kate SWIFT Dau S 5 Scholar LAN Liverpool 7b
    Hannah SWIFT Dau S 3 Scholar LAN Liverpool 7b
55 8 Carrbottom Road Charlotte MOSS Head M 60 Dressmaker LIN Donnington 8a
    Charles T T R MOSS Son S 23 Rail Plate Layer KEN Widmore Green 8a
    Elizabeth A BERRY Dau W 29 Woollen Condenser Minder BKM Princes Risborough 8a
    Joseph A BERRY Gson S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 8a
    Thomas TERGUS Lodg S 23 Rail Plate Layer Kirkstall 8a
56 10 Carrbottom Road William ELLIOTT Head M 61 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 8a
    Martha ELLIOTT Wife M 61   Eccleshill 8a
    Thomas ELLIOTT Son S 34 General Lab. Eccleshill 8a
    Sarah ELLIOTT Dau S 24 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 8a
57 12 Carrbottom Road Marguerite HOBSON Dau S 23 Woollen Weaver LIN Nettleham 8a
    Lucy HOBSON Dau S 21 Woollen Weaver LIN Nettleham 8a
    Charles W HOBSON Son S 10 Scholar LIN Nettleham 8a
    George HOBSON Gson S 8 Scholar LEI Loughborough 8a
58 14 Carrbottom Road Arthur HOLDSWORTH Head M 27 Carter Armley 8a
    Ellen HOLDSWORTH Wife M 28   Eccleshill 8a
    Harry HOLDSWORTH Son S 2   Eccleshill 8a
    Ernest HOLDSWORTH Son S 2m   Eccleshill 8a
59 16 Carrbottom Road Thomas BEECH Head M 59 Corn Miller WOR Worcester 8a
    Ellen BEECH Wife M 48   Sowerby Bridge 8a
    Albert BEECH Son S 18 Mill Fireman Halifax 8a
    Emily BEECH Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 8a
60 18 Carrbottom Road John WILKINSON Head M 38 Blacksmith Holbeck 8a
    Elizabeth H WILKINSON Wife M 33   Yeadon 8a
    William H WILKINSON Son S 13 Blacksmith Yeadon 8a
    Beatrice G WILKINSON Dau S 11 Scholar Yeadon 8a
    Horace G WILKINSON Son S 9 Scholar Yeadon 8a
    Arthur WILKINSON Son S 5 Scholar Yeadon 8a
    May WILKINSON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 8a
61 1 Carrbottom Road Joseph BAXTER Head M 66 Wesleyan Church ChapelKeeper Eccleshill 8a
    Eliza BAXTER Wife M 62 Charwoman Eccleshill 8a
    Jabez BAXTER Son Wr 42 Army Reserve Eccleshill 8a
62 3 Carrbottom Road William GILL Head M 56 Retired Flannel Manufacturer YKS Idle 8b
    Hannah GILL Wife M 53   YKS Bradford 8b
63 5 Carrbottom Road Benjamin ELLIOTT Head M 29 Woollen Warper Eccleshill 8b
    Fanny ELLIOTT Wife M 27   LIN Nettleham 8b
    Lucy ELLIOTT Dau S 4   Eccleshill 8b
    Alice ELLIOTT Dau S 2   Eccleshill 8b
64 7 Carrbottom Road Charles T DRAGE Head M 40 Farmer HUN Hemingford 8b
    Harriett M DRAGE Wife M 46   Ripon 8b
    Alice HARRISON Serv S 18 General Domestic Serv Aysgarth 8b
    Thomas L HAMEYER Boarder S 33 Warehouseman's Drapery Buyer YKS Saddleworth 8b
65 9 Carrbottom Road James HALL Head M 47 Woollen Overlooker Eccleshill 8b
    Elizabeth HALL Wife M 46   Sherburn 8b
    Florence HALL Dau S 21 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 8b
    Alice HALL Dau S 14 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 8b
    Bertha HALL Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 8b
    Beatrice HALL Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 8b
    George F HALL Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 8b
    Albert HALL Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 8b
66 11 Carrbottom Road William CRAVEN Head M 51 Cloth Fuller Idle 8b
    Lidia CRAVEN Wife M 51   Bingley 8b
    Wilfrid L CRAVEN Son S 21 Wool Sorter Bingley 8b
    James A CRAVEN Son S 17 Cloth Fuller Bingley 8b
    Ada CRAVEN Dau S 15 Woollen Weaver Bingley 8b
    Minnie CRAVEN Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bingley 8b
    George CRAVEN Son S 11 Scholar Bingley 8b
67 13 Carrbottom Road John COULTAS Head M 37 Woollen Fettler Yeadon 8b
    Mary COULTAS Wife M 37   North Rigton 8b
    William R DENNISON Son S 18 Willier Guiseley 8b
    David A COULTAS Son S 15   Stalybridge 8b
    Elizabeth A COULTAS Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Guiseley 8b
    Bertha COULTAS Dau S 8 Scholar Baildon 8b
    Annie COULTAS Dau S 6 Scholar Baildon 9a
    Florence H COULTAS Dau S 3 Scholar Greengates 9a
68 15 Carrbottom Road George HUNT Head M 33 Rail Signalman SOM Bridgewater 9a
    Emily HUNT Wife M 33   Leeds 9a
    Louisa HUNT Dau S 8 Scholar Woodlesford 9a
    Idonia HUNT Dau S 4 Scholar Woodlesford 9a
69 17 Carrbottom Road Sarah CHARLESWORTH Head M 55 Woollen Weaver Bradford 9a
    Benjamin CHARLESWORTH Son S 27 Woollen Weaver Greengates 9a
70 19 Carrbottom Road Joseph H CRAVEN Head M 31 Cloth Fuller Saltaire 9a
    Hannah CRAVEN Wife M 29 Woollen Weaver Fewston 9a
    George W CRAVEN Son S 8 Scholar Bingley 9a
    Wilfred CRAVEN Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 9a
    Ada CRAVEN Dau S 2   Eccleshill 9a
71 21 Carrbottom Road Jonathan BUCKNELL Head M 65 Night WatchMan SOM Bath 9a
    Ann BUCKNELL Wife M 66   Idle 9a
    Hannah E BUCKNELL Dau S 39 Woollen Weaver Idle 9a
    Eliza BUCKNELL Dau S 35 Woollen Weaver Idle 9a
72 23 Carrbottom Road Jonathan BENN Head M 44 Worsted Percher Thornton 9a
    Alice BENN Wife M 44   Thornton 9a
    Mary A BENN Dau S 23 Worsted Mender Thornton 9a
    Fred BENN Son S 20 Worsted Weaver Thornton 9a
    Emily BENN Dau S 16 Worsted Mender Thornton 9a
    Craven BENN Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Embsay 9a
    Ernest BENN Son S 9 Scholar Embsay 9a
    Ralph BENN Son S 6 Scholar Embsay 9a
    Harold BENN Son S 1   Eccleshill 9a
73 25 Carrbottom Road Richard GALLOWAY Head M 44 Gardener & Caretaker Eccleshill 9b
    Mary J GALLOWAY Wife M 41   Eccleshill 9b
    John GALLOWAY Son S 20 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 9b
    Henry GALLOWAY Son S 17 Woollen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 9b
    Eden GALLOWAY Dau S 14 Woollen Spooler Eccleshill 9b
    Thomas GALLOWAY Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 9b
    Susannah GALLOWAY Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 9b
    Phyllis GALLOWAY Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 9b
    Harriet GALLOWAY Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 9b
    Richard GALLOWAY Son S 1     9b
74 27 Carrbottom Road Thomas HUBY Head M 52 Stone Quarryman * 9b
    Elizabeth HUBY Wife M 39   Manningham 9b
    Agnes HUBY Dau S 18 Worsted Mender Manningham 9b
    John T HUBY Son S 6 Scholar Girlington 9b
76 31 Carrbottom Road Zaccheus STEELE Head W 72 Wheelwright Addingham 9b
77 33 Carrbottom Road Benjamin BUTLER Head M 44 Road Stone Breaker Bramley 9b
    Sophia BUTLER Wife M 43   Idle 9b
    Thomas E BUTLER Son S 21 Road Stone Breaker Eccleshill 9b
    James A BUTLER Son S 15 Road Stone Breaker Eccleshill 9b
    Emily L BUTLER Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 9b
    George W BUTLER Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 9b
77 35 Carrbottom Road James BAXTER Head M 42 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 9b
    Ruth BAXTER Wife M 42   Eccleshill 9b
    John W BAXTER Son S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 9b
    Thomas BAXTER Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 9b
78 3 Apperley Road Mary A CLAYTON Head M 41   Eccleshill 10a
    John W CLAYTON Son S 17 Wool Crabber [Cloth Finishing] Eccleshill 10a
    Louisa CLAYTON Dau S 14 Helps in home Eccleshill 10a
    Jane CLAYTON Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
    Elizabeth CLAYTON Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
    Harry CLAYTON Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
79 6 Apperley Road Joseph W OATES Head M 26 Wool Cloth Finisher Leeds 10a
    Martha OATES Wife M 21   Leeds 10a
    Violetta OATES Dau S 8m   Eccleshill 10a
80 9 Apperley Road James KENDALL Head M 46 Mason's Lab. Eccleshill 10a
    Mary KENDALL Wife M 40 Worsted Weaver Idle 10a
    William H KENDALL Son S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
81 11 Apperley Road Sarah A CROWTHER Head W 39 Charwoman Eccleshill 10a
    Thomas CROWTHER Son S 19 Wool Cloth Gigger Eccleshill 10a
    Herbert CROWTHER Son S 15 Woollen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 10a
    Walter CROWTHER Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
    Agnes CROWTHER Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
82 15 Apperley Road Thomas ATKINS Head M 47 Wool Extractor GLS Bristol 10a
    Mary ATKINS Wife M 50   Eccleshill 10a
    Albert E ATKINS Son S 22 Woollen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 10a
83 17 Apperley Road Thomas STEELE Head M 40 Carter Eccleshill 10a
    Sarah J STEELE Wife M 39 Wool Twister Leeds 10a
    Alice B STEELE Dau S 14   Eccleshill 10a
    Catherine STEELE Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
    Walter STEELE Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
    Edith STEELE Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
    Emma STEELE Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 10a
    Percy M STEELE Son S 3   Eccleshill 10a
84 2 Dyehouse Fold Zachariah CADE Head M 41 Mill Carrier LIN Bilsby 10b
    Jane CADE Wife M 38   Spofforth 10b
    Hannah E CADE Dau S 18 Woollen Condenser Minder Calverley 10b
    George H CADE Son S 16 Mule Piecener LIN Farlesthorpe 10b
    Martha A CADE Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Micklefield 10b
    Betsie CADE Dau S 12 Scholar Micklefield 10b
    Florence CADE Dau S 11 Scholar LIN Alford 10b
    Elizabeth CADE Dau S 4   LIN Alford 10b
    Jane E CADE Dau S 7m   Eccleshill 10b
85 3 Dyehouse Fold William LEE Head M 52 Woollen Mill Lab. Eccleshill 10b
    Christopher LEE Son S 28 Gardener's Lab. Eccleshill 10b
86 4 Dyehouse Fold Joseph JENNINGS Head M 58 Woollen Weaving Overlooker Eccleshill 10b
    Sarah JENNINGS Wife M 57   Eccleshill 10b
87 4 Dyehouse Fold Walter WARRINGTON Head M 26 Solid Plush Warehouseman Eccleshill 10b
    Louisa WARRINGTON Wife M 24   Eccleshill 10b
88 5 Dyehouse Fold Joseph F PARKER Head M 49 Woollen Mill Manager Pudsey 10b
    Jane PARKER Wife M 45   Pudsey 10b
    Joseph PARKER Son S 20 Bookkeeper Pudsey 10b
    Samuel PARKER Son S 18 Printer's Compositor Pudsey 10b
    Mary WHEATON Visitor W 57 Sick Nurse Pudsey 10b
89 6 Dyehouse Fold John PEASE Head M 39 Mill Engineer Garforth 10b
    Mary PEASE Wife M 36   Methley 10b
    Agnes PEASE Dau S 17   Woodlesford 10b
    Edgar G HARDY Visitor S 24 Certified Schoolmaster Hinckley 10b
90 7a Dyehouse Fold Joseph READ Head M 57 Woollen Carding Overlooker Eccleshill 11a
    Jane READ Wife M 58   Grassington 11a
    Henry READ Son S 27 Elementary Teacher Eccleshill 11a
    Samuel READ Son S 22 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 11a
    Edwin WATMOUGH s in l M 30 Woollen Weft Man Eccleshill 11a
    Emma WATMOUGH Dau M 30 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 11a
    Mary WATMOUGH Gdau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 11a
    Hedley WATMOUGH Gson S 1   Eccleshill 11a
91 7 Dyehouse Fold James NORTH Head M 44 Woollen Weaver Idle 11a
    Mary NORTH Wife M 44   Thackley 11a
    Sally NORTH Dau S 20 Woollen Weaver Idle 11a
    Eliza A NORTH Dau S 18 Woollen Weaver Idle 11a
    Child NORTH Son S 15 Wool Mill Lab. Idle 11a
    Edwin NORTH Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 11a
92 8 Dyehouse Fold Thomas WHITTAKER Head M 25 Stone Quarryman Rawdon 11a
    Mary E WHITTAKER Wife M 30 Woollen Weaver Windhill 11a
93 9 Dyehouse Fold William ROSS Head M 25 Woollen Fettler Calverley 11a
    Josephine ROSS Wife M 25 Woollen Weaver Laisterdyke 11a
    George A ROSS Son S 4   Eccleshill 11a
    Albert ROSS Son S 1   Eccleshill 11a
94 10 Dyehouse Fold William WEBSTER Head M 26 Tenterer Leeds 11a
    Annie E WEBSTER Wife M 24   Leeds 11a
    William E WEBSTER Son S 1   Leeds 11a
    George WEBSTER Son S 8m   Leeds 11a
95 11 Dyehouse Fold Ann SUGDEN Head W 52 Woollen Weaver Windhill 11a
    Fred SUGDEN Son S 21 Woollen Spinner Idle 11a
    Elizabeth SUGDEN Dau S 15 Woollen Spooler Eccleshill 11a
    John SUGDEN Son S 13 Woollen Mule Piecer Eccleshill 11a
    Sarah DAWSON Cousin S 12 Scholar Idle 11a
96 12 Dyehouse Fold Annie E DAVEY Head W 37 Woollen Burler NTT Everton 11b
    George H DAVEY Son S 18 Woollen Mule Piecer NTT Everton 11b
    Henrietta DAVEY Dau S 17 Woollen Weaver NTT Everton 11b
    Annie M DAVEY Dau S 14 Worsted Twister Greengates 11b
    Edith E DAVEY Dau S 12 Scholar Greengates 11b
    Ada DAVEY Dau S 4 Scholar Greengates 11b
97 13 Dyehouse Fold Francis SMITH Head M 47 Woollen Overlooker Calverley 11b
    Mary A SMITH Wife M 53   Dudley Hill 11b
    Ellen SMITH Dau S 21 Woollen Spinner Calverley 11b
    Mary A SMITH Dau S 18 Woollen Condenser Minder Calverley 11b
98 14 Dyehouse Fold Thomas HARRISON Head M 47 Woollen Weaver Yeadon 11b
    Emma HARRISON Wife M 43 Woollen Condenser Minder Yeadon 11b
99 15 Dyehouse Fold William GLOVER Head M 56 Lime Burner Silsden 11b
    Ann GLOVER Wife M 66 Woollen Burler Baildon 11b
100 16 Dyehouse Fold Fanny PARKIN Head W 50 Rope Maker Leeds 11b
    William HARDAKER Boarder S 62 General Lab. Greengates 11b
101 17 Dyehouse Fold John DAWSON Head M 22 Woollen Beamer Idle 11b
    Maria L DAWSON Wife M 23 Dressmaker LEI Braunston 11b
102 18 Dyehouse Fold Jonathan PRATT Head M 76 Woollen Weaver Rawdon 11b
    Martha PRATT Wife M 72   Eccleshill 11b
    Mary A PRATT Dau S 28   Eccleshill 11b
    Eliza PRATT Dau S 36   Eccleshill 11b
    Ada PRATT Dau S 32 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 11b
103 19 Dyehouse Fold Jane ROBINSON Head S 51   Eccleshill 11b
    John ROBINSON Bro S 44 Stone Mason Eccleshill 11b
    Richard ROBINSON Bro S 36 Gardener's Lab. Eccleshill 11b
    George HARRIS Boarder M 60 Plate Navvy WOR Defford 11b
104 20 Dyehouse Fold Joseph REDMOND Head M 35 Worsted Weaver Queensbury 12a
    Susannah REDMOND Wife M 44   CUL Wigton? 12a
    Ellen BORTHWICK step dau S 18   Thornton 12a
    Mary E BORTHWICK step dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Thornton 12a
    Annie LINSEY step dau M 24   CUL Carlisle 12a
    John LINSEY Step Gson S 4m   LIN Grantham 12a
    Margaret BERRY Boarder W * Living on own means WST Temple Sowerby 12a
105 21 Dyehouse Fold Isaac BRIGHT Head M 44 Boatman NTH Luddington 12a
    Elizabeth BRIGHT Wife M 39   NTH Westhorpe 12a
    William BRIGHT Son S 11 Scholar Shipley 12a
    Charles E BRIGHT Son S 9 Scholar WIndhill 12a
    George BRIGHT Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 12a
    Sarah A BRIGHT Dau S 3   Eccleshill 12a
    Elizabeth BRIGHT Dau S 7m   Eccleshill 12a
106 24 Dyehouse Fold James R DAWSON Head M 56 Woollen Weaver Thackley 12a
    Annie DAWSON Wife M 50   Idle 12a
    Harry DAWSON Son S 20 Woollen Mule Piecer Thackley 12a
    James W DAWSON Son S 17 Woollen Mule Piecer Thackley 12a
    Amelia DAWSON Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 12a
    Alfred DAWSON Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 12a
    Thomas DAWSON Brother Wr 47   Thackley 12a
107 25 Dyehouse Fold Jonas SUGDEN Head M 46 Stone Mason Harewood Hill 12a
    Louisa F SUGDEN Wife M 43   Eccleshill 12a
    Olive A SUGDEN Dau S 21 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 12a
    George F SUGDEN Son S 20 Stone Mason Eccleshill 12a
    Emily F SUGDEN Dau S 18 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 12a
    Annie C SUGDEN Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 12a
    Lilly SUGDEN Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 12a
108 26 Dyehouse Fold William W EASTWOOD Head M 54 Carter Calverley 12b
    Betty EASTWOOD Wife M 65   Eccleshill 12b
    Mary A E BENNETT Niece S 25 Woollen Weaver Masbrough 12b
109 27 Dyehouse Fold Emma PARKINSON Head M 56 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 12b
    Sarah PARKINSON Dau M 33 Charwoman Eccleshill 12b
110 28 Dyehouse Fold Luke SHEPHERD Head Wr 69 General Lab. Bradford 12b
    James LAMB Lodger M 63 Sawyer Dent 12b
    Elizabeth LAMB Lodger M 48   LAN Ulverstone 12b
111 30 Dyehouse Fold Francis LEACH Head M 32 Woollen Weaver Baildon 12b
    Millisia LEACH Wife M 32 Woollen Weaver Guiseley 12b
    Norah LEACH Dau S 8 Scholar Baildon 12b
112 31 Dyehouse Fold George HILL Head M 26 Wool Washer CAM Cambridge 12b
    Clara J HILL Wife M 26 Worsted Drawer Bolton Woods 12b
    Lilly HILL Dau S 3 Scholar Bradford 12b
113 32 Dyehouse Fold William CALVERLEY Head M 43 Mill Carrier LAN Wray 12b
    Louisa CALVERLEY Wife M 43   Eccleshill 12b
    Margaret CALVERLEY Dau S 19 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 12b
    Florence L CALVERLEY Dau S 2   Eccleshill 12b
114 33 Dyehouse Fold John HOWE Head M 42 Wool Extractor Leeds 12b
    Alice HOWE Wife M 41 Woollen Burler Leeds 12b
115 34 Dyehouse Fold Benjamin EDDISON Head M 51 Woollen Spinner Wortley 12b
    Sarah A EDDISON Wife M 48   Armley 12b
    George EDDISON Son S 28 Woollen Spinner Armley 12b
116 35 Dyehouse Fold John SUTCLIFFE Head M 45 Woollen Fettler Leeds 12b
    Eliza SUTCLIFFE Wife M 39 Woollen Condenser Minder Eccleshill 12b
    Adelaide SUTCLIFFE Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 12b
117 36 Dyehouse Fold Rookes ROPER Head M 44   Eccleshill 12b
    Martha ROPER Wife M 44 Wool Sorter Spofforth 12b
118 39 Dyehouse Fold James COTHILL Head M 47 Wool Dyer's Lab. Forfarshire 13a
    Sarah COTHILL Wife M 40   WLT Ramsbury 13a
119 40 Dyehouse Fold Thomas ELLIOTT Head M 81 Carpenter Eccleshill
    Mary A ELLIOTT Wife M 81   Eccleshill 13a
    Christopher ELLIOTT Son S 54 Maintained by his parents Eccleshill 13a
121 21 Apperley Road Ann YEADON Head W 64 Beerhouse Keeper Guiseley 13a
    Edmund MYERS s in l Wr 41 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Calverley 13a
    Lilian MYERS Gdau S 15   Eccleshill 13a
    Hetty STEWART Visitor S 24   Bradford 13a
122A 25 Apperley Road Alice COWMAN Head W 71   Hartwith 13a
    John COWMAN Son S 32 Woollen Weaver Yeadon 13a
123 25 Apperley Road Kendall ALRED Head M 50 Loom Tuner Eccleshill 13a
    Mary ALRED Wife M 46   Eccleshill 13a
    Ada ALRED Dau S 21 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 13a
    Mary ALRED Dau S 19 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 13a
    Harry ALRED Dau S 18 Finishing Brusher Eccleshill 13a
    Charlie ALRED Son S 16 Finishing Presser Eccleshill 13a
    Annie ALRED Dau S 13 Mother's Help Eccleshill 13a
124 27 Apperley Road John HINDLE Head M 38 Cab Driver & Groom Yeadon 13a
    Sarah HINDLE Wife M 34   Montgomeryshire Newtown 13a
    Mabel HINDLE Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 13a
    Ida HINDLE Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 13a
    Lewis HINDLE Son S 3   Eccleshill 13a
    John HINDLE Son S 2   Eccleshill 13a
    Norah HINDLE Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 13a
    Annie DOUGHTY Boarder S 22 Worsted Mender STA Stourbridge 13a
    Annie SHEPLEY Boarder S 22 Worsted Weaver LAN Sowerby Bridge 13a
125 29 Apperley Road Sarah PITTS Head M 64   Eccleshill 13b
    William PITTS Son S 39 Millwright Eccleshill 13b
126 2 Derby Terrace Elizabeth GOODALL Head W 54   Eccleshill 13b
    Martha A GOODALL Dau S 24 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 13b
    Joseph B GOODALL Son S 22 Wool Dyer Eccleshill 13b
    Lillie A R GOODALL Dau S 19 Worsted Winder Eccleshill 13b
    Andrew C GOODALL Son S 17 Woollen Tenterer Eccleshill 13b
    Ernest L P GOODALL Son S 15 Wool Extractor Eccleshill 13b
127 4 Derby Terrace Martha A HARDAKER Head W 52 Living on own means Eccleshill 13b
    Clara E HAYTON Adopt dau S 14 Worsted Twister Eccleshill 13b
128 6 Derby Terrace William H HARE Head M 27 Manager * Eccleshill 13b
    Annie HARE Wife M 28   Idle 13b
    Mary A HARE Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 13b
129 8 Derby Terrace Thelstone WARD Head M 39 Mill Stoker Eccleshill 13b
    Mary R WARD Wife M 36   STS West Bromwich 13b
    Laura WARD Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 13b
    William S WARD Son S 15 Asst Wool Finisher Eccleshill 13b
    James BRUNTON Step son S 14 Woollen Mule Piecer Wortley 13b
    Emma BRUNTON Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 13b
    Fred BRUNTON Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 13b
    Arthur BRUNTON Step son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 13b
    Ellen WARD Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 13b
130 10 Derby Terrace William STANSFIELD Head M 32 Wool Cloth Finisher Huddersfield 13b
    Annie STANSFIELD Wife M 30   East Cayton? 13b
    William E D STANSFIELD Son S 7m   Eccleshill 13b
131 12 Derby Terrace William WALSH Head M 34 Wool Cloth Presser Leeds 13b
    Ann E WALSH Wife M 38   Huddersfield 13b
    Sarah E WALSH Dau S 12 Scholar Leeds 13b
    Fred WALSH Son S 6 Scholar Rawdon 13b
    Nellie WALSH Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 13b
132 14 Derby Terrace Jonathan INGHAM Head M 41 Worsted Spinning Manager Thornton 14a
    Elizabeth INGHAM Wife M 36   Keighley 14a
    Mary HARGREAVES Niece S 14 Worsted Spinner Thornton 14a
133 16 Derby Terrace William A HINCHCLIFFE Head M 36 Wool Finishing Presser Birstall 14a
    Mariah HINCHCLIFFE Wife M 31   Dewsbury 14a
    John H HINCHCLIFFE Son S 5   Birstall 14a
    Frederick B HINCHCLIFFE Son S 3   Birstall 14a
    Samuel L HINCHCLIFFE Son S 1m   Eccleshill 14a
134 2 Apperley Road William S EXLEY Head M 54 * Agent Rawdon 14a
    Ann EXLEY Wife M 54   Bradford 14a
    Clara EXLEY Dau S 26 Dressmaker Guiseley 14a
135 4 Apperley Road William CORDINGLEY Head M 27 Carter Eccleshill 14a
    Selina CORDINGLEY Wife M 25   WAR Birmingham 14a
    Joseph CORDINGLEY Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 14a
    Ethel CORDINGLEY Dau S 2   Eccleshill 14a
136 31 Apperley Ben LILEY Head M 41 Boot & Shoemaker Drighlington 14a
    Agnes LILEY Wife M 32   Rawdon 14a
    Wilfred LILEY Son S 13 Wood Box Maker Drighlington 14a
    Agnes LILEY Dau S 10 Scholar Drighlington 14a
138 2 Low Fold, Apperley Matthias EWARD Head S 41 Woollen Weaver Idle 14a
139 3 Low Fold, Apperley John PULLAN Head M 45 Cart Driver Hartwith 14a
    Martha A PULLAN Wife M 47   Yeadon 14a
    Annie PULLAN Dau S 18 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 14a
    Charles PULLAN Son S 16 Box Maker Eccleshill 14a
    Ada E PULLAN Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 14a
    Edith PULLAN Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 14a
    Robert PULLAN Son S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 14a
140 4 Low Fold, Apperley George LEE Head M 30 Rail Signalman DER Kirk Langley 14b
    Mary M LEE Wife M 29   GLS Pucklechurch 14b
    Percy G LEE Son S 4   Greengates 14b
    Frank J WIXEY Boarder S 19 Rail Porter GLS Walton Hill 14b
141 5 Low Fold, Apperley John KIPLING Head M 47 Farm Lab. Bishop Thornton 14b
    Margaret KIPLING Wife M 43   IRE Clare 14b
    Mary A KIPLING Dau S 17 Worsted mender Ripon 14b
    Ada KIPLING Dau S 13 Spinner Ripon 14b
    John KIPLING Son S 10 Scholar Ripon 14b
    Albert KIPLING Son S 7   Melmerby 14b
    Herbert KIPLING Son S 9m   Eccleshill 14b
142 6 Low Fold, Apperley Jane PROCTER Head W 78 Maintained by Grandchildren Ripon 14b
    George H NELSON Gson S 21 Plumber Sheffield 14b
    Mary E NELSON Gdau S 18 Woollen Weaver Sheffield 14b
    Percy J PRENTICE Boarder S 18 Rail Porter BRK Stevington 14b
143 7 Low Fold, Apperley Herbert TOPHAM Head M 24 Rail Porter LIN Welbourn 14b
    Sarah TOPHAM Wife M 27   Yeadon 14b
    Ellen TOPHAM Dau S 1   Rawdon 14b
    Arthur PULLAN Lodg S 26 Drayman HEF 14b
    Isaac SMITH Lodg S 22 Rail Goods Porter RUT 14b
    Unnamed TOPHAM Son S 2w   Eccleshill 14b
144 8 Low Fold, Apperley Tom DOWNS Head M 26 Rail Plate Layer Heaton 14b
    Miriam DOWNS Wife M 23   Greengates 14b
    Hannah DOWNS Dau S 10m   Greengates 14b
145 9 Low Fold, Apperley William BAINES Head M 37 Stone Quarryman Greengates 14b
    Elizabeth BAINES Wife M 37   Greengates 14b
    Herbert BAINES Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Greengates 14b
    Henry BAINES Son S 6 Scholar Greengates 14b
146 10 Low Fold, Apperley George NORTH Head M 27 Carrier LIN Fenton 14b
    Jane E NORTH Wife M 29   Burley 14b
    Thomas JEBB Boarder S 22 Rail Porter SAL Wem 14b
147 11 Low Fold, Apperley John RAISTRICK Head M 65 Flannel Manufacturer Eccleshill 15a
    Jane RAISTRICK Wife M 62   Calverley 15a
148 12 Low Fold, Apperley Sarah COPPING Head W 76 Living on own means LIN Skirbeck 15a
    Sarah A CRAFTS Dau W 49 Living on own means Manningham 15a
    Henrietta A CRAFTS Gdau S 22 Florist's Assistant Eccleshill 15a
    Florence A CRAFTS Gdau S 21 Florist's Assistant Eccleshill 15a
    Robert D RAW Boarder W 59 Nurseryman Kilton 15a
    James H POTTS Boarder W 57 Nurseryman Manager WAR Stoneleigh 15a
149 13 Low Fold, Apperley Charles LINFORD Head M 32 Journeyman Butcher Beamsley 15a
    Priscilla A LINFORD Wife M 27   Whitby 15a
    Thomas LINFORD Son S 1   Ilkley 15a
    Annie LINFORD Dau S 4m   Ilkley 15a
150 14 Low Fold, Apperley William S MOSS Head M 65 Gentleman's Servant WLT Highworth 15a
151 15 Low Fold, Apperley Joseph BEACH Head M 24 Warper Halifax 15a
    Grace E BEACH Wife M 20   LEI Cropston 15a
152 16 Low Fold, Apperley John BAINES Head M 39 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 15a
    Esther BAINES Wife M 39   Eccleshill 15a
    Charlie BAINES Son S 13 Wool Mill Hand Eccleshill 15a
    Eva BAINES Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 15a
    Martha BAINES Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 15a
    Adline BAINES Dau S 5 Scholar Eccleshill 15a
    Bertha BAINES Dau S 2   Eccleshill 15a
153 17 Low Fold, Apperley Edred MORRIS Head M 41 Jobbing Gardener SSX Cuckfield 15a
    Sarah MORRIS Wife M 46   Arncliffe 15a
    Edith E MORRIS Dau S 13 Wool Mill Hand Eccleshill 15a
    Alfred MORRIS Son S 8 Scholar Rawdon 15a
    Harry MORRIS Son S 5 Scholar Rawdon 15a
154 18 Low Fold, Apperley Emma PETTY Head M 38 Woollen Weaver Yeadon 15a
    Ada PETTY Dau S 15 Worsted Mender Yeadon 15a
    Florrie PETTY Dau S 13 Nurse Yeadon 15a
    Lilly PETTY Dau S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 15a
155 19 Low Fold, Apperley George FOSTER Head M 53 Boatman Bradford 15b
    Sarah A FOSTER Wife M 56 Boatman's Helper Rawdon 15b
    Betty FOSTER Dau S 18 Woollen Burler Eccleshill 15b
156 20 Low Fold, Apperley William H MACKLEY Head M 43 Litho Printer Bradford 15b
    Sarah MACKLEY Wife M 42   Manningham 15b
157 21 Low Fold, Apperley Joseph NUTTER Head M 64 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Bradford 15b
    Ann NUTTER Wife M 65   Aldwark 15b
158 22 Low Fold, Apperley William SWALE Head M 56 Shop Fitter Ripley 15b
    Frances SWALE Wife M 50 Postmistress Leeds 15b
    Frederick W SWALE Son S 23 Mechanic Eccleshill 15b
    Arthur L SWALE Son S 21 Letter Carrier Eccleshill 15b
    Charles H SWALE Son S 18 Asst * Eccleshill 15b
    Maria SWALE Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 15b
    Sarah SWALE Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 15b
    Ellen HARPER Serv S 24 General Domestic Serv Kirby Malham 15b
159 37 Apperley William BAINES Head M 49 Stone Quarryman Eccleshill 15b
    Maria BAINES Wife M 49   Eccleshill 15b
    Jane A BAINES Dau S 14 General Domestic Serv Eccleshill 15b
    Sarah E BAINES Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 15b
    John G BAINES Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 15b
    Joseph JACKSON Lodg S 37 Plumber * 15b
160 37 Apperley William C THOMPSON Lodg S 27 Gardener Domestic Serv HAN Woodford 15b
161 39 Apperley Charles BRITCHER Head M 43 Gardener Domestic Serv NOR Frettenham 15b
    Catherine BRITCHER Wife M 47   York 15b
    Mary J BRITCHER Dau S 17 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 15b
    Lillian A BRITCHER Dau S 14 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 15b
    William H BRITCHER Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 15b
162 41 Apperley Seth THORNTON Head M 32 Grocer Idle 15b
    Martha THORNTON Wife M 31   Eccleshill 15b
    Elizabeth MAWSON s in l S 27 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 15b
163 43 Apperley Hannah TEALE Head S 65 Principal of Dame School Horsforth 16a
    William A TEALE Neph S 26 Woollen Buyer SFK Barningham 16a
    Harriett DAGGETT Niece S 16 Scholar York 16a
164 45 Apperley William RAYNER Head Wr 77 Blacksmith & Farmer Middlesmoor 16a
    Robert RAYNER Son M 34 Blacksmith & Farmer Eccleshill 16a
    Nancy RAYNER d in l M 32   Birstwith 16a
    Mabel RAYNER Gdau S 4   Birstwith 16a
    Frank W RAYNER Gson S 3   Eccleshill 16a
165 47 Apperley Hephzibar WALMSLEY Head Wr 67 Laundress Headingley 16a
    Ann WALMSLEY Dau S 40 [Imbecile] Eccleshill 16a
166 49 Apperley Joseph BUCK Head M 40 Green Grocer Ellenthorp 16a
    Sarah J BUCK Wife M 40   Bradford 16a
    Carry BUCK Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 16a
    Katie BUCK Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 16a
    Arthur P BUCK Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 16a
    George E BUCK Son S 2   Eccleshill 16a
167 53 Apperley Elizabeth WILLIAMSON Head W 49 Charwoman Eccleshill 16a
    William T WILLIAMSON Son S 30 General Lab. Eccleshill 16a
    Annie E WILLIAMSON Dau S 23 Burler & Mender Eccleshill 16a
    Samuel M WILLIAMSON Son S 21 Cloth Fuller Eccleshill 16a
168 55 Apperley James SCHORT Head M 27 Florist Denmark 16a
    Ingerborg SCHORT Wife M 28   Norway 16a
169 59 Apperley Richard A WILLIAMSON Head M 28 General Lab. Eccleshill 16a
    Sarah J WILLIAMSON Wife M 20 Worsted Mender Bradford 16a
    George G WILLIAMSON Son S 1   Burfield 16a
170 61 Apperley Thomas WILLIAMSON Head M 71 Road Stone Breaker Calverley 16a
    Margaret WILLIAMSON Wife M 50 Baker Bramley 16a
    Jane WILLIAMSON Dau S 30 Confectioner Eccleshill 16a
    Joseph WILLIAMSON Son S 27 General Lab. Eccleshill 16a
    Basquine WILLIAMSON Dau S 16 Domestic Housekeeper Eccleshill 16a
171 63 Apperley George LUPTON Head M 80 General Lab. Rawdon 16b
    Mary LUPTON Wife M 71 Charwoman Halifax 16b
172 57 Apperley Sarah E THORNTON Head S 39 Charwoman Idle 16b
173 67 Apperley Christopher B HILL Head M 37 Commercial Traveller Leeds 16b
    Sarah E HILL Wife M 38   London 16b
    Elizabeth B HILL Dau S 17   Leeds 16b
    Maude A HILL Dau S 14   Leeds 16b
    Christopher B HILL Son S 2   Leeds 16b
    Elizabeth BAVE m in l W 60   London 16b
    Bethany H C HILL Neph S 14   Horsforth 16b
174 69 Apperley Edward MORTIMER Head M 33 Cardnailer Cleckheaton 16b
    Elizabeth W MORTIMER Wife M 34   Middlesborough 16b
    Nellie F MORTIMER Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 16b
175 71 Apperley Peter C TETLEY Head M 44 Commercial Traveller Stanningley 16b
    Eliza J TETLEY Wife M 40   SCT Glasgow 16b
    Percy C TETLEY Son S 16 Wool Stapler Manningham 16b
    Maurice C TETLEY Son S 6   Manningham 16b
    Lillian M TETLEY Dau S 6   Manningham 16b
    Julius Caesar CREBBIN F in L Wr 70 Manuf. IRL Coleraine 16b
176 73 Apperley George W MORTIMER Head M 62 Cardnailer Cleckheaton 16b
    Alice MORTIMER Wife M 52   Skipton 16b
    Sarah MORTIMER Dau S 19 Worsted Mender Eccleshill 16b
    George MORTIMER Son S 17 Cardnailer Eccleshill 16b
    Clara MORTIMER Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 16b
    Lucy MORTIMER Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 16b
177 14 Apperley William COCKSHOTT Head M 66 Farmer & Butcher Farsley 16b
    Sarah COCKSHOTT Wife M 64   Kirkburton 16b
178 16 Apperley John T WILSON Head M 55 Corn Miller Kildwick 17a
    Mary WILSON Wife M 48   Bradford 17a
    William A WILSON Son S 25 Corn Miller Bradford 17a
    George WILSON Son S 21 Manager Corn Mill Guiseley 17a
    John T WILSON Son S 18 Commercial Traveller Guiseley 17a
    Agnes M WILSON Dau S 16 Scholar Guiseley 17a
    Jessie WILSON Dau S 14 Scholar Guiseley 17a
    Kenneth WILSON Son S 12 Scholar Guiseley 17a
    Marian I WILSON Dau S 10 Scholar Guiseley 17a
    Catherine WILSON Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 17a
    Gerald G WILSON Son S 6 Scholar Bradford 17a
    Sarah A PEARCE Serv S 25 General Serv GLS 17a
179 12 Apperley Elizabeth MARGERISON Head W 52 Living on own means England 17a
    Jessie WRIGHTSON Serv S 23 General Domestic Serv England 17a
180 10 Apperley William BAXTER Head M 54 Jobbing Gardener Eccleshill 17a
    Susanah S BAXTER Wife M 56   Howden 17a
    Walter H BAXTER Son S 21 Asst Worsted Overlooker Eccleshill 17a
    Jesse N B BAXTER Son S 18 Asst Worsted Overlooker Eccleshill 17a
    Florence BAXTER Dau S 14 Mother's Help Eccleshill 17a
181 8 Apperley Christopher HOLGATE Head Wr 77 Ag Lab. Castley 17a
    Robert HOLGATE Son S 39 Gardener Domestic Serv Eccleshill 17a
182 6 Apperley Thomas RHODES Head M 37 Grocer & Warehouseman Eccleshill 17a
    Elizabeth RHODES Wife M 39   WES Beetham 17a
    Herbert RHODES Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 17a
183 No Home John FOULDS   M 57 General Lab. LAN Trawden 17a