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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED1



Piece RG12/3656 Enumeration district 1 Folios 4 - 12, Enumerator Edward John Russell

Comprising of North East and North West of Waterloo Mill including Quarry
Gap Farm, Wild Grove, Ducketts Crossing , Joshua Greaves and next door at
Hill Foot Lane (also Inghams Houses) the Waterloo Road to Waterloo Mill
also Bradley Lane, Gibralter North of the Mill and the houses in the mill yard.


1 Waterloo Mill Yard TURNER Hannah head w 51   Pudsey 4a
    TURNER Willie son s 23 Secretary & Manager Mill Pudsey 4a
    TURNER Lilly dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 4a
    TURNER Benjamin son s 20 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 4a
2 Waterloo Mill Yard FLETCHER John E head m 38 woolen overlooker Bramley 4a
    FLETCHER Elizabeth wife m 56   Bramley 4a
    FLETCHER Teal son s 29 Butcher Bramley 4a
    FLETCHER Sarah dau s 25 confectioner Bramley 4a
    HADDOCK Florence gdau s 15 woolen weaver Bramley 4a
3 Waterloo Rd WOMERSLEY Betty head m 52 Grocer Pudsey 4a
    MOORHOUSE Sarah dau s 20 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 4a
    MOORHOUSE Hannah E dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 4a
4 Waterloo Rd FIRMEN Thomas head m 37 quarry lab. Barmby Moor 4a
    FIRMEN Sarah A wife m 38   ESS 4a
    DONALDSON William son s 15 railway lab (new line) York 4a
    DONALDSON Robert son   13 railway lab (new line) Ilkley 4a
    DONALDSON Jane dau   12   Ilkley 4a
    DONALDSON Peter son   11 Scholar Ilkley 4a
    DONALDSON Sarah A dau   9 Scholar Addingham 4a
    DONALDSON Kate dau   7 Scholar Skipton 4a
    FIRMEN Amy dau   1   Rothwell 4a
    HILL Joe lodg s 40 waterworks lab LEI Leicester 4a
    STOREY Joe lodg s 20 waterworks lab ESS 4a
5 Waterloo Rd TOWNEND William head m 36 Plater on railway LEI Carlton 4a
    TOWNEND Alice wife m 29   CHS Neston 4a
    TOWNEND Samuel son   3   Skipton Embsay 4a
    TOWNEND Alice dau   2   CHS Neston 4a
    TOWNEND William son   1   Pudsey 4a
6 Waterloo Rd SUGDEN Sam head m 21 warp dresser Pudsey 4a
    SUGDEN Mary wife m 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 4a
7 Waterloo Rd GARLICK Joseph C head m 20 spinning overlooker Ilkley 4b
    GARLICK Mary A wife m 19   Pudsey 4b
    GARLICK John Wilson son   7m   Pudsey 4b
8 Waterloo Rd WARD Peter head m 53 HLW Weaver Pudsey 4b
    WARD Elizabeth A wife m 50 Wool Knotter Brighouse 4b
9 "Waterloo Inn" GREAVES Joshua head m 54 Farmer & Innkeeper Pudsey 4b
    GREAVES Rebecca wife m 54   Pudsey 4b
10 104 Waterloo Rd HAINSWORTH Mary head w 68 Grocer & Farmer Drighlington 4b
    GIBSON John s in l m 34 Stone mason Pudsey 4b
    GIBSON Hannah dau m 29   Pudsey 4b
    TURNER Robert s in l m 28 Coal Merchant Birstall 4b
    TURNER Elizabeth dau m 24   Pudsey 4b
    TURNER Fred gson   8m   Pudsey 4b
    MOORHOUSE Martin gson   12 Scholar Calverley 4b
    MOORHOUSE Martha gdau   8 Scholar Calverley 4b
11 106 Waterloo Rd SUGDEN Charlotte head s 49 On own means Pudsey 4b
    MOORHOUSE Isaac cous s 17 stuff warehouseman Calverley 4b
    MOORHOUSE William cous s 15 farm serv. Calverley 4b
12 112 Waterloo Rd HAINSWORTH Isaac Sugden head m 36 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 4b
    HAINSWORTH Ann E wife m 22 Woolen Burler Calverley 4b
13 114 Waterloo Rd RHODES John head m 22 Railway Platelayer Pudsey 4b
    RHODES Ellen wife m 40   Pudsey 4b
    RHODES Abraham son s 20 Millhand Pudsey 4b
    RHODES Frances dau s 16 Scholar Pudsey 4b
    RHODES Joseph Jagger son   14 Scholar Pudsey 4b
    RHODES William H son   11 Scholar Pudsey 4b
    RHODES Mary Elizabeth dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 4b
    RHODES Ruth Ann dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 4b
    RHODES Ethel dau   3 Scholar Pudsey 4b
    RHODES John A son   1   Pudsey 4b
14 116 Waterloo Road HARRISON William head m 72 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5a
    HARRISON Ann E wife m 50   Swinton 5a
    MARSHALL William board m 60 Mill Hand Pudsey 5a
    TEET William board s 19 Cloth Dyer CAM Coldham 5a
15 118 Waterloo Road CARR Joseph head m 62 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5a
    CARR Eliza wife m 60   Saxton 5a
    CARR Hannah dau s 21 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5a
16 122 Waterloo Road THORNTON Elizabeth head w 75   Calverley 5a
    THORNTON James son s 31 Carter Calverley 5a
    HEMINGWAY Jonas lodg wr 45   Calverley 5a
    HEMINGWAY Sarah Jane lodg s 16 Millhand Pudsey 5a
    HEMINGWAY Martha lodg   13   Pudsey 5a
    HEMINGWAY Emma lodg   9   Pudsey 5a
    CARTER Moses lodg m 45 Commission Agent Calverley 5a
    CAWTHRAY Israel lodg s 25 Carter Tong 5a
    DIXON Frank lodg s 22 Carter Pudsey 5a
17 124 Waterloo Road GAUNT Isaac head m 51 Tailor Pudsey 5a
    GAUNT Mary wife m 49 Burler Pudsey 5a
    GAUNT Arthur son s 18 Stone Dresser Pudsey 5a
    GAUNT Ernest son s 15 Woolen piecer Pudsey 5a
    LUMBY Hannah m in l w 70 own means Pudsey 5a
18 126 Waterloo Road VINCENT William H head m 57 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 5a
    VINCENT Nancy wife m 56 Woolen Knotter Pudsey 5a
    VINCENT Harry son s 21 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 5a
    VINCENT George son   14 Woolen Piecer Pudsey 5a
19 128 Waterloo Road TEALE William head m 47 Commission Agent Yeadon 5a
20 120 Waterloo Road RODWELL James R head m 28 Wool Extractor Skipton 5a
    RODWELL Sarah E wife m 28 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 5a
    RODWELL Sarah Elizabeth dau   1   Pudsey 5a
    RODWELL George Henry son   9m   Pudsey 5a
21 134 Waterloo Rd CLEMENTS Ellen wife m 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 5b
    CLEMENTS Freddy son   5 Scholar KEN London 5b
22 132 Waterloo Rd SLINGSBY John W head m 28 Mule Spinner Pudsey 5b
    SLINGSBY Elizabeth A wife m 26 dressmaker Wooley (Wakefield) 5b
23 120 Waterloo Rd WALKER William head m 42 Farm lab. Bedale 5b
    WALKER Ann E wife m 41   Bedale 5b
    WALKER Mary A dau s 18 Cotton Millhand Bedale 5b
    WALKER Thomas son s 16 Cabinet maker Bedale 5b
24 162 Waterloo Rd HEATON Ellen head w 39 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 5b
    HEATON Annie dau   15 worsted spinner Pudsey 5b
    HEATON Thomas son   12 worsted bobbin boy Pudsey 5b
    HEATON Priestley son   6   DBY Derby 5b
    PRIESTLEY Hannah m in l w 61   Leeds 5b
25 164/166 Waterloo Rd TURNER Thomas head wr 67 Cabinet maker Hull 5b
    WOOD Mary serv m 47 housekeeper Bradford 5b
26 168 Waterloo Rd WALTON Mary head w 60   Pudsey 5b
    WALTON John Arthur son s 19 Yarn agent's clerk Pudsey 5b
    WALTON Martha dau s 18   Pudsey 5b
    WALTON Benjamin Johnson son   14 cloth weaver Pudsey 5b
    WALTON Edwin Beaumont son   13 Scholar Pudsey 5b
27 170 Waterloo Rd HINTON George head m 53 upholsterer Kendal 5b
    HINTON Sarah L wife m 55   Undercliffe 5b
    GARSIDE Gertrude A M dau s 24 Cloth Weaver Leeds 5b
    FALLAM Norah serv s 18 Dom. Serv. LAN Ashton u Lyne 5b
28 174 Waterloo Rd BINNS Catherine E head m 49   Pudsey 5b
29 43 Waterloo Rd HINCHCLIFFE Samuel head m 31 joiner Idle 5b
    HINCHCLIFFE Frances wife m 51   Bramley 5b
    OLIVER Emily dau m 29 Wool twister Bradford 5b
    OLIVER Arnold son   1   Pudsey 5b
30 41 Waterloo Rd LAW John head m 20 cloth weaver Guiseley 6a
    LAW Eden wife m 27 cloth weaver Pudsey 6a
31 39 Waterloo Rd BENNETT Frederick head m 40 Stoen quarryman Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Martha wife m 40   Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Esther dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Harry son   8 Scholar Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Martha E dau   9m   Pudsey 6a
32 37 Waterloo Rd GOMMERSALL John head wr 53 woolen overlooker Gildersome 6a
    GOMMERSALL Martha dau s 27 dressmaker Pudsey 6a
    GOMMERSALL Matthew son m 28 woolen overlooker Pudsey 6a
33 35 Waterloo Rd BENNETT Hannah head w 63   Armley 6a
    BENNETT Benjamin R son s 23 Steam engine maker fitter Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Elizabeth dau s 21 cloth weaver Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Aden foster son   6 Scholar Bradford 6a
    WATSON Susanah lodg w 82   Rawdon 6a
34 31 Waterloo Rd BENNETT James head m 38 quarryman Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Sarah wife m 37   Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT John son s 18 quarry boy app. Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Benjamin son s 16 quarry boy app. Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Joseph son   14 cloth piecener Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Hannah dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Martha dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT James son   7 Scholar Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT Bertha dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 6a
    BENNETT William son   9 Scholar Pudsey 6a
35 Owlcoates Farm GREAVES Joshua head m 27 Farmer Pudsey 6a
    GREAVES Ann wife m 25   Leeds 6a
    GREAVES Laura Mabel dau   3   Pudsey 6a
    GREAVES Ernest son   1   Pudsey 6a
    GREENWOOD Jesse lodg s 22 Millhand Leeds 6a
36 29 Waterloo Rd BUCKLE Thomas head m 55 stone quarryman Bramley 6b
    BUCKLE Martha wife m 54   Pudsey 6b
    BUCKLE Betty dau s 27 cloth weaver Pudsey 6b
    BUCKLE Daniel son s 23 stone quarryman Pudsey 6b
    BUCKLE John W son s 18 cloth Miller Pudsey 6b
    BUCKLE Clara dau   15 cloth weaver Pudsey 6b
    BUCKLE George son   14 Wool twister Pudsey 6b
37 Owlcoates Farm PEACOCK Mary head w 47 On own means Baildon 6b
    PEACOCK George B son   13 Scholar Cullingworth 6b
38 Bradley Lane STANSFIELD Alfred head m 40 Cabinet maker Pudsey 6b
    STANSFIELD Martha wife m 39 dressmaker Pudsey 6b
    STANSFIELD Hannah dau   15 cotton weaver Pudsey 6b
    STANSFIELD Mary Lizzie dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 6b
39 Bradley Lane MOORHOUSE Henry head m 30 Ag Lab (unemp) Pudsey 6b
    MOORHOUSE Hannah wife m 30   Farsley 6b
    MOORHOUSE Isaac son   7 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    MOORHOUSE Bertha dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    MOORHOUSE William son   3   Pudsey 6b
    MOORHOUSE Herbert son   8m   Pudsey 6b
40 Bradley Lane ARMITAGE Abraham head m 39 wool dryer Pudsey 6b
    ARMITAGE Elizabeth wife m 35   Pudsey 6b
    ARMITAGE Mary dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    ARMITAGE Joseph Edwin son   11 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    ARMITAGE Arthur son   7 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    ARMITAGE Ethel dau   4   Pudsey 6b
41 Bradley Lane EDDISON Charles head s 28 Stone mason Pudsey 6b
    EDDISON Ann sister s 32 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 6b
    EDDISON Mary sister s 25 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 6b
42 Bradley Lane GAUNT Samuel head m 58 Warper Wool Pudsey 6b
    GAUNT Margaret wife m 50   LAN Manchester 6b
    GAUNT Albert son s 16 Millworker Pudsey 6b
43 Bradley Lane RIDER Eliza head m 36 cloth weaver Pudsey 7a
    RIDER John William son s 14 piecener Pudsey 7a
    RIDER Maud E dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 7a
    RIDER George Ernest son   8 Scholar Pudsey 7a
    RIDER Florence dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 7a
    RIDER Freddy son   5 Scholar Pudsey 7a
    RIDER Willy son   3   Pudsey 7a
44 Bradley Lane BELLWOOD Thomas head m 60 Lamplighter Wigton Harewood 7a
    BELLWOOD Frances wife m 60   Seacroft 7a
    BELLWOOD Mary F dau s 28 worsted weaver Pudsey 7a
    BELLWOOD Christiana dau s 20 worsted weaver Pudsey 7a
    BELLWOOD Thomas son s 17 Joiner's app. Pudsey 7a
    BELLWOOD Hannah dau   14 worsted weaver Pudsey 7a
45 Bradley Lane GALLOWAY Henry head m 43 Warp Beamer Bramley 7a
    GALLOWAY Anne wife m 45 cloth weaver Pudsey 7a
    GALLOWAY Ruth Ann dau s 18 cloth weaver Pudsey 7a
    CLARKSON Ben son s 18 cloth weaver Pudsey 7a
    CLARKSON John son   14 cloth weaver Pudsey 7a
46 Bradley Lane GAUNT James head m 75 On own means Pudsey 7a
    GAUNT Annie wife m 60   Stanningley 7a
    GAUNT William son s 26 Overlooker Cloth Pudsey 7a
47 Bradley Lane GAUNT Joseph head m 20 Cloth Presser Pudsey 7a
    GAUNT Sarah E wife m 21 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 7a
    GAUNT James William son   1   Pudsey 7a
48 Bradley Lane BLACK William head m 26 Cabinet maker Scotland Edinburgh 7a
    BLACK Elizabeth wife m 28 wool weaver Scotland Edinburgh 7a
49 Bradley Lane DAVEY William head wr 38 Wholesale Cabinet maker Pudsey 7a
    DAVEY Emily Elizabeth dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 7a
    DAVEY Annie Caroline dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 7a
    THORNTON Martha serv wr 52 housekeeper Milnes Bridge 7a
50 Bradley Lane HOLMES Robert head m 39 Shoemaker Menston 7b
    HOLMES Martha Jane wife m 31   Pudsey 7b
    HOLMES Albert son   14 Worsted Millhand Pudsey 7b
    HOLMES Eliza Ann dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 7b
    HOLMES Rebecca dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 7b
    HOLMES Sam son   4 Scholar Pudsey 7b
    HOLMES Robert son   2   Pudsey 7b
51 Bradley Lane WOOD John head m 33 Fireman Iron Works Stanningley 7b
    WOOD Mary wife m 27 Sorter Rag Mill Bradford 7b
52 Bradley Lane MOORHOUSE John head m 65 woolen cloth weaver Pudsey 7b
    MOORHOUSE Hannah wife m 65   Pudsey 7b
53 Bradley Lane TUNNICLIFFE David head m 45 wool cleaner Pudsey 7b
    TUNNICLIFFE Susan wife m 43   Pudsey 7b
    TUNNICLIFFE Ada dau   11   Pudsey 7b
    TUNNICLIFFE Edwin son   7   Pudsey 7b
    TUNNICLIFFE Alfred son   4   Pudsey 7b
    GAUNT William lodg ws 24 Warehouseman Pudsey 7b
54 Bradley Lane MARSHALL Rose head w 47 Woolen Mill Peaker Pudsey 7b
55 Gibraltar MOORHOUSE Mary head s 54 grocer Pudsey 7b
    MOORHOUSE Martha niece s 31 gen dom serv Pudsey 7b
    MOORHOUSE William Henry neph s 25 carrier Pudsey 7b
56 Gibraltar WOOD James head m 59 Cloth drying 'centredals' Leeds 7b
    WOOD Elizabeth wife m 56   Darrington 7b
    WOOD Ruth Ann dau s 19 cotton weaver Stanningley 7b
57 Gibraltar POLLARD Samuel head m 27 Press setter cotton GLS Stroud 7b
    POLLARD Sarah A wife m 26 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 7b
58 Gibraltar GRANGE Albert head m 24 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 7b
    GRANGE Martha wife m 24   Pudsey 7b
    GRANGE Sarah Hannah dau   4m   Pudsey 7b
59 Gibraltar LEE George head m 30 Engine Fitter Stanningley 8a
    LEE Amelia wife m 28   Pudsey 8a
    LEE Joseph son   3   Pudsey 8a
60 Gibraltar GRANGE William head m 67 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 8a
    GRANGE Hannah wife m 63   Pudsey 8a
    GRANGE Joshua son   44 (imbecile) Pudsey 8a
    GRANGE Herbert son s 21 currier Pudsey 8a
    COLLINSON Rose gdau   2   Laisterdyke 8a
61 Gibraltar LOFTHOUSE Joseph head wr 75 Army pensioner LAN Manchester 8a
62 Gibraltar BROOK Joseph head m 37 woolen mill lab. Rodley 8a
    BROOK Alice A wife m 36   Pudsey 8a
    BROOK Ben son   15 Cloth Finisher Pudsey 8a
    BROOK Martha dau   11   Pudsey 8a
    BROOK William son   6 Scholar Pudsey 8a
    GAUNT Samuel lodg s 33 woolen Weaver Pudsey 8a
63 Gibraltar STANFIELD George head m 57 delver Pudsey 8a
    STANFIELD Sarah A wife m 58   Leeds 8a
64 Gibraltar DIXON William head m 34 Slater's lab. Pudsey 8a
    DIXON Louisa wife m 37 cotton weaver Leeds 8a
    DIXON Mary Ann dau   10 Scholar Eccleshill 8a
    DIXON Florence dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 8a
65 Gibraltar TUNNICLIFFE Mary Ann head w 62   Pudsey 8a
    TUNNICLIFFE Ruth A dau s 31 woolen machine minder Pudsey 8a
    TUNNICLIFFE Charlotte dau   14 Worsted Millhand Pudsey 8a
    TUNNICLIFFE Mary dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 8a
66 Gibraltar RIDER Charles head m 28 wool fettler Pudsey 8a
    RIDER Annie E wife m 30   Pudsey 8a
    RIDER James William son   10 Scholar Pudsey 8a
    RIDER Herbert son   6   Pudsey 8a
    RIDER Amy dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 8a
    RIDER Albert son   3   Pudsey 8a
67 Gibraltar WILLIAMSON Nancy head w 45 Woolen Weaver LAN Bury 8b
    WILLIAMSON Martha Emma dau s 17 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 8b
    WILLIAMSON George son   15 Mule piecer Pudsey 8b
    WILLIAMSON William son   13 Mule piecer Pudsey 8b
    WILLIAMSON Sarah Ellen dau   8   Pudsey 8b
    WILLIAMSON Florence M son   4   Pudsey 8b
68 Gibraltar RUSSELL Thomas head m 44 railway lab (new line) Sherriff Hutton 8b
    RUSSELL Jane wife m 36   NBL Alnwick 8b
69 Gibraltar OVEREND Joseph head m 29 joiner Eccleshill 8b
    OVEREND Sarah wife m 27   Pudsey 8b
    OVEREND James son   5   Pudsey 8b
    OVEREND Fred son   3   Pudsey 8b
    OVEREND Ernest son   1   Pudsey 8b
70 Gibraltar WATERHOUSE Sarah Ann head w 49   Pudsey 8b
    WATERHOUSE Elizabeth dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 8b
    WATERHOUSE Sarah dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 8b
    WATERHOUSE David son s 18 stonedresser app. Pudsey 8b
71 Gibraltar CLAYTON Eli head m 60 Well sinker & borer Pudsey 8b
    CLAYTON Rebecca wife m 57 woolen Weaver Pudsey 8b
    CLAYTON George H son s 26 Wngine tenter Mill Pudsey 8b
    CLAYTON Rebecca dau s 23 woolen Weaver Pudsey 8b
    CLAYTON Amelia dau s 18 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 8b
    CLAYTON Sarah Jane dau   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 8b
72 Gibraltar TIFFANY Samuel head m 31 Power loom turner Morley 8b
    TIFFANY Sarah H wife m 32   Stanningley 8b
    TIFFANY Fidela dau   11 Worsted Spinner Farsley 8b
    TIFFANY James son   7   Farsley 8b
    TIFFANY William dau   3   Farsley 8b
    TIFFANY Hannah E dau   6m   Pudsey 8b
73 Gibraltar PEARSON Samuel head m 41 woolen Weaver Pudsey 9a
    PEARSON Sarah wife m 36 woolen Weaver Pudsey 9a
    PEARSON Ann dau s 18 woolen Weaver Pudsey 9a
    PEARSON Hannah dau   14 woolen Weaver Pudsey 9a
    PEARSON Betsy dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 9a
    PEARSON William son   9 Scholar Pudsey 9a
74 Gibraltar ELSWORTH Eden head s 48 cotton weaver Pudsey 9a
    ELSWORTH Mary sister s 47   Pudsey 9a
    DIXON John s in l m 23 Woolen Spinner Hunslet 9a
    DIXON Annie E dau m 20 cotton weaver Pudsey 9a
    ELSWORTH John W son   1   Pudsey 9a
75 Gibraltar HEMSWORTH John head m 30 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 9a
    HEMSWORTH Mary E wife m 23   Bradford 9a
    HEMSWORTH Albert son   3   Pudsey 9a
    HEMSWORTH Laura dau   1   Pudsey 9a
76 Gibraltar BRAY George head m 45 delver Pudsey 9a
    BRAY Sarah wife m 37 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 9a
    SOWDEN Mary A dau s 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 9a
    BRAY Benjamin son   16   Pudsey 9a
    BRAY Joseph son   7   Pudsey 9a
77 Gibraltar LANGLEY Richard head m 32 Cloth Fuller Pudsey 9a
    LANGLEY Grace A wife m 31 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 9a
    LANGLEY Lena dau   11   Pudsey 9a
    LANGLEY Ernest Edward son   10 scholar half time Pudsey 9a
    LANGLEY Harry son   7 scholar Pudsey 9a
    LANGLEY Maurice son   4 scholar Pudsey 9a
    LANGLEY Albert son   3   Pudsey 9a
    LANGLEY William son   2m   Pudsey 9a
78 Waterloo Place RODWELL William H head m 30 dry waller Skipton 9a
79 Waterloo Place CROOKS Thomas head wr 62 Army Pensioner NTH Weadon 9a
80 Waterloo Place WEST Tom Perry head m 24 Cart driver's lab. Dudley Hill 9b
    WEST Clara wife m 26   Norwood 9b
    WEST Edith dau   6 scholar Manningham 9b
    WEST Mary A dau   5 scholar Clifton with Norwood 9b
    WEST Judith E dau   2   Dudley Hill 9b
81 Waterloo Place GRIMSHAW William head wr 75 Retired clothier Calverley 9b
82 Waterloo Place SOWDEN Mary head s 63 worsted weaver Pudsey 9b
83 Waterloo Place INNSCLIFFE Joseph head wr 70 Army Pensioner Pudsey 9b
84 Waterloo Place CLAYTON Mary head m 51 Mission church keeper Bramley 9b
    CLAYTON Florence dau s 22 worsted drawer Bradford 9b
    HETHERINGTON Ada J dau m 20 worsted twister Bradford 9b
    CLAYTON Fred son s 17 Engine fitter App. Horsforth 9b
    CLAYTON Fanny dau   15 worsted twister Horsforth 9b
    CLAYTON Charlie son   14 worsted doffer Horsforth 9b
    CLAYTON Harry son   12 Worsted Millhand Horsforth 9b
    CLAYTON Kate dau   10 scholar Bradford 9b
    CLAYTON Alice Ann dau   9   Pudsey 9b
85 Waterloo Place LUMBY Joshua head wr 47 Quarryman Pudsey 9b
    LUMBY John son s 22 Worsted Millhand Pudsey 9b
    LUMBY Margaret dau s 17 worsted weaver Pudsey 9b
    LUMBY Hannah dau   15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 9b
    LUMBY Joseph son   13 Band twister Pudsey 9b
    LUMBY Robert son   11   Pudsey 9b
86 Waterloo Place FARRER Samuel head m 25 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 9b
    FARRER Amy wife m 24   Pudsey 9b
    FARRER George son   3 scholar Pudsey 9b
    FARRER John Edward son   5m   Pudsey 9b
    FARRER George bro s 28 woolen overlooker Bradford 9b
    WILLIAMSON George gfath wr 77 On own means Pudsey 9b
87 Waterloo Place GAUNT John head m 54 Engine tenter mill Pudsey 10a
    GAUNT Hannah wife m 53   Stanningley 10a
    GAUNT Albert son s 24 Worsted card grinder Pudsey 10a
    GAUNT James E son s 22 Worsted card grinder Pudsey 10a
88 Waterloo Place WATMOUGH Squire head m 58 Quarryman Shandy Lane Bottom Alerton? 10a
    WATMOUGH Mary wife m 55 worsted weaver Burley Woodhead 10a
89 Waterloo Place DIXON Addyman B head m 58 wool fettler Aberford 10a
    DIXON Esther wife m 59   Pudsey 10a
    DIXON Ruth Ann dau s 34 worsted weaver Pudsey 10a
    DIXON Eunice dau   14 worsted weaver Pudsey 10a
90 Waterloo Place CARTER Kate R head m 46   Dudley Hill 10a
    CARTER David son s 25 Cart Driver Calverley Moor 10a
    CARTER Harry son s 23 Cart Driver Calverley Moor 10a
    CARTER Mary Elizabeth dau s 20 Worsted coating mender Calverley Moor 10a
    CARTER Sarah Jane dau s 18 Worsted coating mender Calverley Moor 10a
    CARTER Alice dau   14 Worsted coating mender Calverley Moor 10a
    CARTER Maude dau   4 scholar Pudsey 10a
91 Quarry Houses MARSHALL Abraham head m 34 Quarry lab. Stanningley 10a
    MARSHALL Mary wife m 33   * 10a
    MARSHALL Emily dau   12 scholar Idle 10a
    MARSHALL Martha dau   9 scholar Pudsey 10a
    MARSHALL Lily dau   6 scholar Pudsey 10a
    MARSHALL Herbert son   10m   Pudsey 10a
91a Quarry Houses GAUNT Charles head m 51 Quarryman Pudsey 10a
    GAUNT Fanny wife m 52   Calverley 10a
    GAUNT Joe son s 20 Quarryman Pudsey 10a
    GAUNT Lizzie dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 10a
92 Waterloo Castle House MYERS Jonathan head m 60 Quarry Owner Idle 10b
    MYERS Sarah wife m 60   Idle 10b
93   MYERS Harry J head m 30 Quarry Owner Idle 10b
    MYERS Mary E wife m 30   Windhill 10b
94 Poplar Place BROWN Emanuel head m 65 woolen millhand Pudsey 10b
    BROWN Mary wife m 38 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 10b
95 Poplar Place POLLARD Hannah head wr 55   Leeds 10b
    POLLARD Mary dau s 24 Cloth Weaver Sherboune 10b
    POLLARD Jabez son s 20 Cloth Finisher Norway Christiana 10b
96 Poplar Place WATERHOUSE Charles head m 49 Mason & Builder Stanningley 10b
    WATERHOUSE Ruth wife m 52   Barwick in Elmet 10b
    WATERHOUSE Alfred son s 17 woolen millhand Pudsey 10b
97 Alder House Hillfoot PICKLES James head m 22 Temple maker Bradford 10b
    PICKLES Martha wife m 20   Bradford 10b
    PICKLES Richard son   9 scholar Bradford 10b
    PICKLES Charles E son   7 scholar Bradford 10b
    PICKLES Fred son   4 scholar Bradford 10b
    PICKLES Edith M dau   3   Bradford 10b
    PICKLES Not Named dau   4d   Pudsey 10b
    SAGAR Jane nurs m 55 nurse Pudsey 10b
    JUBB Harriet serv s 19 dom serv Sheffield 10b
98 Wild Grove Farm HARRISON John head m 35 Farmer Shelf 10b
    HARRISON Claudina wife m 27   Germany 10b
    HARRISON Herbert son   13   Shelf 10b
    HARRISON Martha dau   4   Shelf 10b
    HARRISON James son   7   Tyersal 10b
    HARRISON William son   2m   Tyersal 10b
    GREENWOOD John serv s 22 farm serv Horsforth 10b
    SMITH William serv s 22 farm serv Little Horton 10b
    STERLING William serv s 16 farm serv Market Weighton 10b
    HEINA? Mary serv s 20 dom serv Germany 10b
99 Wild Grove Farm PITTS Caleb head m 23 Coffee Tavern Keeper WOR 11a
    PITTS Mary E wife m 24   Bradford 11a
    PITTS Albert son   2   Bradford 11a
100 Quarry Gap Farm MOSSE Hannah head wr 70 Farmer Haworth 11a
    MOSSE Mary A dau s 50   Haworth 11a
    MOSSE Nathan son s 35 Weaving Overlooker Cashmere Haworth 11a
    MOSSE James son s 29   Haworth 11a
    MOSSE Sarah dau s 26 Cashmere weaver Shipley 11a
    KNOWLES John gson s 16 farm serv Bradford 11a
101 Quarry Gap Farm FIRTH Hannah wife m 40 Cashmere weaver Bradford 11a
    FIRTH Evanalina dau s 19 Cashmere weaver Bradford 11a
    FIRTH Robert son   14   Bradford 11a
102 Ducketts Crossing FOX John head s 36 Railway Signalman London 11a
103 Ducketts Crossing PITTS James R head m 30 Blacksmith's striker LAN Manchester 11a
    PITTS Elizabeth A wife m 31   IRL Co. Kildare 11a
    PITTS Ada Rowley dau s 4   Pudsey 11a
    PITTS Clara Rowley dau   3   Pudsey 11a
    PITTS Samuel Rowley son   3m   Pudsey 11a
104 68 Waterloo Rd PROCTOR Benjamin head m 61 worsted mill lab. Bradford 11a
    PROCTOR Elizabeth wife m 61   Pudsey 11a
    PROCTOR Sarah dau s 23 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 11a
105 70 Waterloo Rd TILLOTSON John E head m 22 woolen willer Pudsey 11a
    TILLOTSON Pricilla wife m 21   Farsley 11a
    MARSHALL Maud Lilian dau   3   Pudsey 11a
    TILLOTSON Esther Ann dau   6m   Pudsey 11a
106 72 Waterloo Rd FARRAR Mary A head w 43 (blind) Pudsey 11a
    FARRAR Annie dau s 20 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 11a
    FARRAR Martha dau s 17 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 11a
107 74 Waterloo Rd SUGDEN Mary A head M 41 Charwoman Pudsey 11b
    SUGDEN Jane dau   8 scholar Pudsey 11b
    SUGDEN Joshua Gibson son   4   Pudsey 11b
108 76 Waterloo rd WARD Sam head wr 50 woolen millhand Pudsey 11b
    WARD Arthur son s 16 woolen millhand Pudsey 11b
    WARD Tom son   12 woolen millhand Pudsey 11b
109 82 Waterloo Rd SLINGSBY William head m 60 cloth willer Pudsey 11b
    SLINGSBY Elizabeth wife m 56 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 11b
    SLINGSBY Mary Ann son s 21 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 11b
    SLINGSBY Martha son   15 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 11b
110 94 Waterloo Rd GALLOWAY Elizabeth head w 63 Woolen Weaver Bradford 11b
111 Blackbird Row BRAY Christopher head wr 73 parish pay Morley ? 11b
112 Blackbird Row WITHAM Zachariah head m 59 Filler woolen mill Pudsey 11b
    WITHAM Martha A wife m 38   Fagley 11b
113 Blackbird Row TURNER Thomas head m 78   LAN Colne 11b
    HANSON David board s 60 Blacksmith Keighley 11b
114 Nether Stepping Row BLACKBURN George head m 73 On own means Pudsey 11b
    BLACKBURN Jane wife m 46   Pudsey 11b
115 Nether Stepping Row WOMERSLEY Joe head m 26 Mule Spinner Pudsey 11b
    WOMERSLEY Sarah wife m 28 woolen minder Pudsey 11b
    WOMERSLEY Sam son   2   Pudsey 11b
116 Nether Stepping Row PRIESTLEY William head m 33 wool dyer Pudsey 11b
    PRIESTLEY Martha E wife m 34   Pudsey 11b
    PRIESTLEY Irwin son   2   Pudsey 11b
117 Nether Stepping Row CLARKSON Joseph B head m 23 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 11b
    CLARKSON Harriet wife m 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 11b
118 Stepping Row ACKROYD Charles head m 37 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 12a
    ACKROYD Ruth wife m 37 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 12a
    ACKROYD Frances Mary dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 12a
119 Stepping Row WOMERSLEY Joseph head m 46 Rough cutter shoe factory Pudsey 12a
    WOMERSLEY Martha wife m 42   Pudsey 12a
    WOMERSLEY Richard Baker son s 18 Cloth Warper's ass. Pudsey 12a
    WOMERSLEY Sarah A dau   14 Scholar Pudsey 12a
    WOMERSLEY Edith dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 12a
120 Stepping Row WOMERSLEY Unreadable. Prob. James Blackburn head w 52 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 12a
    WOMERSLEY Emma dau s 15 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 12a
    WOMERSLEY Freddy son   14 Woolen spinner Pudsey 12a
121 Stepping Row EDDISON William head m 30 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 12a
    EDDISON Matilda wife m 29   Sherboune 12a
    EDDISON Ethel dau   4   Pudsey 12a
    EDDISON unnamed (Granville Hubert) son   3d   Pudsey 12a
122 Stepping Row DAWSON Hannah head w 50 Woolen Knotter Pudsey 12a
    DAWSON William son s 42 fettler Pudsey 12a
    DAWSON Betty dau s 21 weaver Pudsey 12a
123 Stepping Row SLINGSBY Mary head w 63   Pudsey 12a
    SLINGSBY Elizabeth dau s 37 wool drawer Pudsey 12a
    SLINGSBY Susannah dau s 23 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 12a
124 Stepping Row MCLANE James head m 28 wool sorter Bradford 12a
    MCLANE Sarah A wife m 30   Pudsey 12a
125 Stepping Row HARRISON Mary A head s 50 Cloth Percher Bradford 12a
    HARRISON Joseph son s 25 Cloth Finisher Pudsey 12a