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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED10



Piece RG12/3657, Enumeration District 10, Folios 4a - 14b, Enumerator: John Boyes

Commencing at the Crimbles taking in both sides of the Road of the whole of Crimbles, Huggan Row, Hammerton Grove, Larkfield House, Albion Row, New Road Side, all the houses at Hough side in Pudsey Township, the White Horse Inn, one house in Balloon row and two cottages of the late B Wade's.


1 Crimbles HINCHCLIFFE Frances Head m 48 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 4a
    HINCHCLIFFE Rhoda Wife m 41 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 4a
2 Crimbles HUGGAN John Head m 58 Grocer Farmer Coal Merch. Pudsey 4a
    HUGGAN Sarah Wife m 61   Pudsey 4a
    HUGGAN Sarah dau s 21 Grocer's Ass. Pudsey 4a
    WILCOCK Samuel Gson s 15 Rivetter Pudsey 4a
3 Crimbles HUTCHINSON George Head m 52 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 4a
    HUTCHINSON Maria Wife m 53   Pudsey 4a
    HUTCHINSON William Son s 25 Butcher Pudsey 4a
    HUTCHINSON Arthur Son s 23 Currier Pudsey 4a
    HUTCHINSON Herbert Son s 20 Weaver's Overlooker Pudsey 4a
    HUTCHINSON Rhoda dau s 18 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 4a
    HUTCHINSON John Son s 15 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 4a
    HUTCHINSON Joseph Son s 13 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 4a
4 Crimbles BRIGGS John Head m 72 Grocer Pudsey 4a
    BRIGGS Hannah Wife m 69   Pudsey 4a
    BRIGGS James lodg m 58 Gen. Lab. Pudsey 4a
    GIBSON Sarah E dau   12 Mill hand Pudsey 4a
    BROARDLY John lodg s 64 Lab. Ireland 4a
    SHARPE Ben lodg s 31 Coal merchant Pudsey 4a
5 Crimbles GAMBLE Hannah Head w 64   Pudsey 4a
    GAMBLE William Son s 41 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 4a
    GAMBLE Joseph Son s 37 Boot Rivetter Bramley 4a
    GAMBLE Elizabeth dau s 31 Worsted Weaver Bramley 4a
6 Crimbles ROGER John Head m 67 Ret. Weaver Pudsey 4a
    ROGER Sarah Wife m 61   Pudsey 4a
    ROGER Emily dau s 34 Boot Machinist Pudsey 4a
    ROGER John Son s 24 Clerk Boot Factory Pudsey 4a
    ROGER Annie dau s 22 Boot Fitter Pudsey 4a
    ROGER Sarah dau s 20 Boot Machinist Pudsey 4b
7 South View HUGGAN Joseph Head m 26 Grocer Pudsey 4b
  Crimbles HUGGAN Mary Wife m 28   Pudsey 4b
    HUGGAN Agnes dau   3   Pudsey 4b
8 South View HALLIDAY Hannah Head s 55 Living on own means Pudsey 4b
    HALLIDAY Mary sis s 52 Living on own means Pudsey 4b
    MAUD Alice board   2   Bradford 4b
9 South View SHAW Joseph Head m 33 Basket Maker Heckmondwike 4b
    SHAW Betsy Wife m 31   Rotherham 4b
    SHAW Ernest Son   7 Scholar Bramley 4b
    SHAW Laura Annie dau   7 Scholar Bramley 4b
    SHAW Lillian dau   5 Scholar Bramley 4b
    SHAW Arthur Son   3   Bramley 4b
    SHAW Leonard S Son   10m   Pudsey 4b
    STOCKDALES Elizabeth m in l w 70 Ret. Grocer Blythe 4b
10 Crimbles THOMPSON William Head m 66 Cow Keeper Milk Dealer Pudsey 4b
    THOMPSON Sarah Ann Wife m 63   Pudsey 4b
    THOMPSON Jane dau s 36 Woolen Warper Pudsey 4b
11 Crimbles THREAPLETON Mary Head s 52 Grocer Pudsey 4b
    THREAPLETON Simeon bro s 40 Gas Meter Inspector Pudsey 4b
12 Crimbles THREAPLETON Jonathan Head m 42 Currier Pudsey 4b
    THREAPLETON Fanny Wife m 44   Leeds 4b
    THREAPLETON Esther Mary dau s 16 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 4b
    THREAPLETON George Henry Son   12 Scholar Pudsey 4b
    THREAPLETON Laurence Son   15 Scholar Pudsey 4b
    THREAPLETON Willie Son   5 Scholar Pudsey 4b
13 Huggan Row DRIVER Sam Head m 60 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 4b
    DRIVER Phoebe Wife m 51 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 4b
    CARTER Hannah board w 30 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 4b
    DRIVER George Hainsworth Son s 18 Printer Pudsey 4b
    DRIVER Samuel Son s 16 Currier Pudsey 4b
    DRIVER Mary Ann dau   13 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 5a
14 Huggan Row WORSNOP William Head m 76   Malton 5a
    WORSNOP Mary Wife m 70 Woolen weaver Pudsey 5a
    WORSNOP Sarah dau s 37   Bramley 5a
    WORSNOP John G Son s 35 Woolen weaver Bramley 5a
    WORSNOP Joseph Son s 32 Woolen Warper Pudsey 5a
    WORSNOP William Son s 30 Moulder Pudsey 5a
    WORSNOP Harold Son   5 Scholar Pudsey 5a
15 Huggan Row PARKER James R Head m 47 Woolen Knotter Pudsey 5a
    PARKER Emma Wife m 46 Woolen weaver Pudsey 5a
    PARKER John Wm Son s 20 Basket Maker Pudsey 5a
    PARKER Arthur Son s 18 Boot Finisher Pudsey 5a
    PARKER Mary Hannah dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 5a
    PARKER Emma dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 5a
16 Huggan Row HUGGAN William Head m 39 Warehouse Manager Pudsey 5a
    HUGGAN Jane Wife m 40   Bramley 5a
    HUGGAN Mary dau s 17 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 5a
    HUGGAN Annie dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 5a
    HUGGAN Christopher Son   13 Scholar Pudsey 5a
    HUGGAN Florrie dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 5a
17 Huggan Row PRATT Walter Head m 38 Wool Dyer Calverley 5a
    PRATT Emma Wife m 30   Calverley 5a
    PRATT Janet dau   10 Scholar Calverley 5a
    PRATT Sydney Son   8 Scholar Calverley 5a
    PRATT Ernest Son   6 Scholar Calverley 5a
    PRATT Martha dau   3   Calverley 5a
    PRATT Rachel A dau   1   Bramley 5a
18 Huggan Row TURNER Benjamin Head m 46 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5a
    TURNER Sarah Wife m 46 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5a
    TURNER Mary dau s 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5a
    TURNER Amy dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5b
    TURNER Joseph Son s 16 Boot Maker Pudsey 5b
    TURNER John Son s 13 Boot Maker Pudsey 5b
    TURNER Martha dau   6 Scholar Bramley 5b
    TURNER Esther dau   2   Bramley 5b
19 Huggan Row GAUNT Samuel Head w 68 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 5b
20 Huggan Row HALLIDAY Hannah Head w 78 Living on own means Pudsey 5b
    HALLIDAY Sarah H gdau s 25 Boot Machinist Pudsey 5b
21 Huggan Row LAWSON Thomas Head m 54 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5b
    LAWSON Mary Wife m 58 Milliner Pudsey 5b
22 Huggan Row CARTER John Head m 61 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 5b
    CARTER Betty S Wife m 62   Pudsey 5b
    CARTER Simeon Gaunt Son m 26 Woolen Twister Pudsey 5b
    CARTER Paulina A d in l m 30   Otley 5b
    CARTER Lily gdau   10?   Pudsey 5b
23 Huggan Row WOMERSLEY John Head m 52 Woolen weaver Pudsey 5b
    WOMERSLEY Jane Wife m 50   Pudsey 5b
    WOMERSLEY Ann dau s 21 Woolen weaver Pudsey 5b
24 Huggan Row WILCOCK Benjamin Head m 42 Woolen Waste Dealer Pudsey 5b
    WILCOCK Emma Wife m 33   Pudsey 5b
    WILCOCK John Son s 16 Wool sorter Pudsey 5b
    WILCOCK Jane dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 5b
    WILCOCK Rhoda dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 5b
    WILCOCK Joseph Halliday Son   2   Pudsey 5b
25 Huggan Row SHAW William Head m 36 Methodist Minister Tickhill 5b
    SHAW Sarah Wife m 36   NTT Harwood 5b
    SHAW Florence dau   11 Scholar LIN Horncastle 5b
    SHAW George H Son   7 Scholar LIN Boston 5b
    SHAW Frank Son   6 Scholar STS Burton 5b
    SHAW Robert R Son   4   STS Burton 5b
    SHAW Charles Son   3   STS Burton 5b
    SHAW Reginald Son   1   Ripley 6a
    DURDY Mary m in l w 71 Living on own means Tickhill 6a
26 Hammerton Grove GAUNT Thomas Head m 34 General labourer Bradford 6a
    GAUNT Alice Wife m 33   ESS 6a
    GAUNT Edith dau   1   Pudsey 6a
27 Hammerton Grove SUTCLIFFE George Stephen Head m 31 Cotton warp Dresser Pudsey 6a
    SUTCLIFFE Mary Wife m 32   Pudsey 6a
    SUTCLIFFE Clara dau   1   Pudsey 6a
28 Hammerton Grove JENNISON Jonathan Head m 27 Iron Moulder Pudsey 6a
    JENNISON Nancy Wife m 25   Pudsey 6a
    JENNISON Thomas son   1   Pudsey 6a
29 Hammerton Grove WINDSOR Hannah Head w 75   Pudsey 6a
    WINDSOR Martha dau s 47 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 6a
    WINDSOR Isaac Son s 25 Power loom Overlooker Pudsey 6a
30 Hammerton Grove HINCHCLIFFE Joseph Head m 68 Tanner Pudsey 6a
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah Wife m 54 woolen weaver Pudsey 6a
    HINCHCLIFFE John Son s 44 Tanner Pudsey 6a
31 Hammerton Grove GAUNT Walter Head m 31 Mill hand Pudsey 6a
    GAUNT Elizabeth Wife m 31 Weaver BED Goldington 6a
    GAUNT Maud dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 6a
    MARTIN Phoebe m in l w 69   LAN Liverpool 6a
32 Hammerton Grove ALLERTON Esther Head w 53   Pudsey 6a
    ALLERTON Anne dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 6a
    ALLERTON Arthur Son s 19 Tanner Pudsey 6a
    ALLERTON John Son s 17 Gas Stoker Pudsey 6a
    ALLERTON David Son s 14 Woolen Piecer Pudsey 6a
33 Hammerton Grove HALLIDAY Frederick Head m 44 Woolen weaver Pudsey 6a
    HALLIDAY Rose Wife m 41 Woolen weaver Pudsey 6a
    HALLIDAY Arthur Son s 18 Currier Pudsey 6a
    HALLIDAY Ethel dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    HALLIDAY Sarah A dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 6b
34 Hammerton Grove NAYLOR George Head m 73 School caretaker Pudsey 6b
    NAYLOR Sarah Wife m 68 School caretaker Pudsey 6b
    CRAVEN Arthur s in l m 32 Currier Pudsey 6b
    CRAVEN Harriet dau m 31 School caretaker Pudsey 6b
    CRAVEN Florence gdau   6 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    CRAVEN George Edward gson   5 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    CRAVEN Martha Hannah gdau   1   Pudsey 6b
35 Hammerton Grove FARRAR Matthew Head m 46 Cloth Percher Pudsey 6b
    FARRAR Amelia Wife m 46   Pudsey 6b
    FARRAR Selina dau s 19 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 6b
    FARRAR Clara dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 6b
    FARRAR Joseph Son s 15 Tinner's app. Pudsey 6b
    FARRAR Rose dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    FARRAR Arthur Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 6b
    FARRAR Amelia dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 6b
36 Hammerton Grove BROOK William Head m 72 Ret. Weaver Pudsey 6b
    BROOK Rachel Wife m 69   Pudsey 6b
    BROOK Mary dau s 36 woolen weaver Pudsey 6b
    BROOK Alfred Son s 30 Boot & Shoe maker Pudsey 6b
    BROOK Frances dau s 25 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 6b
    PEAT Mary Ann gdau s 16 Woolen Knotter Pudsey 6b
    PEAT Sarah dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 6b
37 Hammerton Grove HUDSON Benjamin Head m 32 Boot Rivetter Wortley 6b
    HUDSON Eliza A Wife m 31   Pudsey 6b
    HUDSON Annie dau   3   Pudsey 6b
    HUDSON Ann dau   6m   Pudsey 6b
38 Hammerton Grove DUFTON Alfred Head m 22 Tanner Pudsey 6b
    DUFTON Annie E Wife m 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 6b
    DUFTON Joseph Farrar son   2   Pudsey 6b
39 Musgrave Row WALKER James Head m 28 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 7a
    WALKER Susannah Wife m 28 Dressmaker Guiseley 7a
40 Musgrave Row RHODES Arthur Head m 26 Printer Pudsey 7a
    RHODES Ruth Ann Wife m 25 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 7a
    RHODES Maurice Son   2   Pudsey 7a
41 Musgrave Row HARGREAVES Herbert Head m 28 Plumber Pudsey 7a
    HARGREAVES Esther Ann Wife m 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 7a
    HARGREAVES Clara A dau   4   Pudsey 7a
    HARGREAVES Bertha dau   1   Pudsey 7a
42 Musgrave Row HEMSWORTH John Head m 36 Smith Pudsey 7a
    HEMSWORTH Maria Wife m 38   Pudsey 7a
    HEMSWORTH Alice dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 7a
43 Musgrave Row WALTON Sarah Head w 35 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 7a
    WALTON Annie W dau   10 Scholar Bramley 7a
    WALTON Jenny dau   7 Scholar Bramley 7a
    APPLEYARD Sarah A lodg s 21? cloth Drawer Pudsey 7a
44 Musgrave Row MUSGRAVE Thomas Head m 32 Boot & Shoe maker Pudsey 7a
    MUSGRAVE Sarah Wife m 31   Farsley 7a
    MUSGRAVE Jane dau   10 Scholar Farsley 7a
    MUSGRAVE William Son   9 Scholar Bramley 7a
    MUSGRAVE Samuel Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 7a
    MUSGRAVE Elizabeth dau   4   Pudsey 7a
    MUSGRAVE Caroline moth w 64 Living on own means Pudsey 7a
45 Musgrave Row HUSTLER Samuel J Head m 45 Worsted Spinner Farsley 7a
    HUSTLER Selina Wife m 45   Farsley 7a
    HUSTLER Harry Son s 21 Mill hand Farsley 7a
    HUSTLER Ben Son s 17 Mill hand Farsley 7a
    HUSTLER Mariannie dau   11 Scholar Farsley 7a
    HUSTLER Reuben Son   8 Scholar Farsley 7a
    HUSTLER James Son   7 Scholar Farsley 7a
    HUSTLER Rose dau   4 Scholar Farsley 7a
46 Musgrave Row RAISTRICK Mark Head m 31 Mechanic Horsforth 7b
    RAISTRICK Bertha Wife m 28   Pudsey 7b
    RAISTRICK Harold Son   4m   Pudsey 7b
47 Musgrave Row HALLIDAY Henry Head m 50 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 7b
    HALLIDAY Mary E Wife m 50   Pudsey 7b
48 Musgrave Row HALLIDAY Rebecca Head w 59   Pudsey 7b
    HALLIDAY Hannah dau s 30 Woolen Knotter Pudsey 7b
    HALLIDAY Martha A dau s 25 Boot Fitter Pudsey 7b
    HALLIDAY Emily dau s 20 Boot Fitter Pudsey 7b
49 Musgrave Row BALMFORTH Henry Head m 34 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 7b
    BALMFORTH Mary E Wife m 31   Pudsey 7b
    BALMFORTH Marion dau   3   Pudsey 7b
    BALMFORTH Isaac son   1   Pudsey 7b
50 Musgrave Row MUSGRAVE Thomas Head w 55 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 7b
    MUSGRAVE George son s 22 Butcher Bramley 7b
    MUSGRAVE Clara dau s 18 Weaver Pudsey 7b
51 Musgrave Row SENIOR? Joseph Head s 47 Painter Pudsey 7b
51 Musgrave Row WALTON Seth Head s 67 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 7b
53 Musgrave Row DUFTON William Head s 68 Woolen Knotter Pudsey 7b
54 Musgrave Row SWALLOW Mary Ann Head w 53 Green Grocer Pudsey 7b
    HARRISON Joseph lodg   18 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bramley 7b
55 Musgrave Row DALEY Thomas Head m 47 Plasterer's lab. IRL Mayo 7b
    DALEY Mary Wife m 49   IRL Galway 7b
    DALEY Mary dau s 18 Worsted Spinner Leeds 7b
    DALEY Michael Son s 16 woolen spinner Leeds 7b
    DALEY Bernard Son s 14 woolen spinner Leeds 7b
    DALEY Thomas Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 7b
56 Musgrave Row COATES John Norton Head m 35 Cloth Fuller Pudsey 7b
    COATES Esther Wife m 35   Pudsey 7b
    COATES Edith dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 7b
    COATES Christopher Son s 14 Mill Piecer Pudsey 8a
    COATES Esther Ann dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 8a
    COATES Horace Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 8a
    COATES Mary A dau   2   Pudsey 8a
    COATES Cyril Son   10m   Pudsey 8a
    COATES Joseph Huggan Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 8a
57 Crimbles RAYNER William H Head m 31 Spinning overlooker USA 8a
    RAYNER Hannah Wife m 33   Pudsey 8a
    RAYNER Sarah Ann dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 8a
    RAYNER Mary Jane dau   4   Pudsey 8a
58 Crimbles TUNNICLIFFE William Head m 58 Top maker Pudsey 8a
    TUNNICLIFFE Sarah Ann Wife m 52   Bramley 8a
    TUNNICLIFFE Sam Son s 22 Clerk Pudsey 8a
    TUNNICLIFFE Albert Edwin Son s 19 Wool sorter Pudsey 8a
59 Crimbles TUNNICLIFFE John Head m 24 Wool sorter Pudsey 8a
    TUNNICLIFFE Hannah E Wife m 24   Pudsey 8a
60 Crimbles PULLEN Henry Head w 76 Farm Lab. Adel 8a
    PULLEN Hannah M dau s 31 woolen weaver Pudsey 8a
    PULLEN Sarah E gdau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 8a
61 Crimbles HALLIDAY William Head w 76 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 8a
    HARRISON Samuel s in l m 42 Iron worker's lab. Pudsey 8a
    HARRISON Alice dau m 39   Pudsey 8a
    HARRISON Sarah E gdau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 8a
    HARRISON Ann gdau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 8a
    HARRISON Joseph gson s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 8a
62 Crimbles NAYLOR James Head m 66 woolen weaver Pudsey 8a
    SMITH Isabella lodg w 51 Housekeeper Settle 8a
    SIMPSON Edward lodg w 48 Cloth Cutter Leeds 8a
63 Crimbles MIDDLEBROOK Mary Head w 55   Pudsey 8b
    MIDDLEBROOK Clara dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Bramley 8b
    MIDDLEBROOK Alfred son s 15 Clerk Pudsey 8b
64 Crimbles LAWSON William Head m 36 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 8b
    LAWSON Rebecca Wife m 38   LIN Spalding 8b
    LAWSON Hannah dau   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 8b
    LAWSON Wilfred son   10 Scholar Bramley 8b
    LAWSON James Son   8 Scholar Bramley 8b
    LAWSON Horace Son   6 Scholar Bramley 8b
65 Crimbles JOHNSON Joseph Head s 44 Ret. Coal Leader Pudsey 8b
66 Crimbles GAUNT James Head m 27 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 8b
    GAUNT Phoebe Wife m 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 8b
    GAUNT Hannah moth   64 Retired cloth burler Pudsey 8b
67 Crimbles ELSWORTH Elizabeth Head s 68 Living on own means Pudsey 8b
    ELSWORTH Hannah sis s 61 Living on own means Pudsey 8b
    ELSWORTH Ann sis s 58 woolen weaver Pudsey 8b
68 Crimbles RIDER William Head m 22 Warp Dresser Pudsey 8b
    RIDER Esther Wife m 21 Dressmaker Pudsey 8b
69 Crimbles ELSWORTH Joseph Head m 27 Warehouseman Pudsey 8b
    ELSWORTH Clara Wife m 24   Pudsey 8b
    ELSWORTH Mary H dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 8b
    ELSWORTH John Son   2   Pudsey 8b
70 Crimbles BATEMAN Simeon Head m 32 Lab. Shelf 8b
    BATEMAN Ann M Wife m 33   Pudsey 8b
71 Crimbles PARKER John Head m 73 Mill hand Pudsey 8b
    PARKER Rachel Wife m 69   Farsley 8b
72 Crimbles THREAPLETON William Head m 56 Gen. Lab. Pudsey 8b
    THREAPLETON Nancy Wife m 58   Pudsey 8b
73 Crimbles LEE John Head m 36 Drayman Pudsey 8b
    LEE Martha Wife m 36   Pudsey 8b
    LEE Samuel Son s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 9a
    LEE Halliday Son   12 Errand Boy Pudsey 9a
    LEE Fred Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 9a
    LEE Hetty dau   2   Pudsey 9a
    HALLIDAY Clara s in l s 19 Burler Pudsey 9a
74 Crimbles BALMFORTH William Head m 46 Boot factory Foreman Pudsey 9a
    BALMFORTH Alice Wife m 41   Pudsey 9a
    BALMFORTH William son s 20 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 9a
    BALMFORTH Urban son s 18 Fitter Iron Wks Pudsey 9a
    BALMFORTH Annie dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 9a
75 Crimbles LYNCH Patsy Head m 36 Gen. Lab. not entered 9a
    LYNCH Jane Wife m 34   not entered 9a
    LYNCH H M dau   12 Worsted Spinner not entered 9a
    LYNCH H J dau   10 Worsted Spinner not entered 9a
    LYNCH William son   8 Scholar not entered 9a
    LYNCH Sarah dau   6 Scholar not entered 9a
    LYNCH Stephen son   4 Scholar not entered 9a
76 Crimbles CHADWICK William Head m 38 Leather Lace cutter Leeds 9a
    CHADWICK Mary A Wife m 33   Leeds 9a
    CHADWICK John son s 15 Lab. Leeds 9a
    CHADWICK Blanche dau   12 Scholar Leeds 9a
    CHADWICK Benjamin son   10 Scholar Leeds 9a
    CHADWICK Sarah E dau   8 Scholar Scotland 9a
    CHADWICK Emma dau   5   Scotland 9a
    CHADWICK William son   4   Scotland 9a
    CHADWICK Eliza dau   2   Leeds 9a
    CHADWICK Ethel dau   2m   Pudsey 9a
77 Crimbles MACTIGHE Bridgett Head m 40 Charwoman Ireland 9a
    MACTIGHE Catherine dau   13 Worsted Spinner Leeds 9a
    MACTIGHE John Son   5   Leeds 9a
78 Crimbles WEBSTER Musgrave Head m 50 Tanner Pudsey 9b
    WEBSTER Alice Wife m 51   Pudsey 9b
    WEBSTER Isaac Son s 20 Currier Pudsey 9b
    WEBSTER John Edward Son s 15 Lab. Pudsey 9b
    WEBSTER Thomas Musgrave Son s 13 Scholar Pudsey 9b
    WEBSTER William Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 9b
79 Crimbles HEATON John Head s 44 Cloth weaver Pudsey 9b
80 Greenwood Row WEBSTER Dan Head m 77 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 9b
    WEBSTER Grace Wife m 76   Pudsey 9b
    WEBSTER Sarah dau s 50 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 9b
81 Greenwood Row HALLIDAY Frederick Head m 44 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY Nancy Wife m 45   Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY Hannah dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY George William Son s 19 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY Luther Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY Fred Sanderson Son   4   Pudsey 9b
82 Greenwood Row GREENWOOD James E Head s 45 Draper's Ass. Pudsey 9b
83 Greenwood Row FEARNLEY William Head m 44 Bobbin Turner Pudsey 9b
    FEARNLEY Susannah Wife m 40   Pudsey 9b
    FEARNLEY Willie Son s 14 Warp Tyer in Pudsey 9b
    FEARNLEY Annie dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 9b
    FEARNLEY Charles Albert Son   9 Scholar Bramley 9b
    FEARNLEY Esther dau   6 Scholar Bramley 9b
    FEARNLEY Laura dau   4   Bramley 9b
    FEARNLEY Nelson son   1   Bramley 9b
84 Greenwood Row HALLIDAY George Head m 59 Cloth Manf. Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY Martha Wife m 60   Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY John son s 30 Boot maker Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY Simeon Hinchliffe son s 24 Wool sorter Pudsey 9b
    HALLIDAY Martha dau s 23 Dressmaker Pudsey 9b
    NICHOLS Jane dau w 34   Pudsey 10a
    NICHOLS Jane gdau   1   Pudsey 10a
85 Greenwood Row FARRER Walter Head m 56 Wood turner Bramley 10a
    FARRER Sarah Wife m 59   Pudsey 10a
86 Greenwood Row OWENS James Head m 36 Mason's lab. Ireland 10a
    OWENS Mary Wife m 34   STS 10a
    OWENS James son   8   STS 10a
    OWENS Margaret dau   4   LEI 10a
    OWENS Maria dau   2   DBY 10a
87 Greenwood Row RIDER William Head m 35 Poultry Dealer Pudsey 10a
    RIDER Jane Ann Wife m 37   Leeds 10a
    RIDER Vina dau   11 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 10a
    RIDER Maud dau   8 Scholar Leeds 10a
88 Greenwood Row MILNER Hannah Head w 69 Living on own means Pudsey 10a
    MILNER John gson m 22 Wool Packer Pudsey 10a
    MILNER Elizabeth d in l m 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 10a
89 Albion St. MILNER Samuel Head m 66 Woolen warper & Grocer Pudsey 10a
    MILNER Sarah Wife m 66 attends the shop Pudsey 10a
90 Albion St. BARNES John Head m 51 Gas fitter LAN 10a
    BARNES Betty S Wife m 45 weaver YKS 10a
    BARNES Hannah R dau s 14 Weaver YKS 10a
    BARNES Annie dau   12 Scholar YKS 10a
    BARNES Willie Son   5 Scholar YKS 10a
91 Albion St. MILNER William Head m 76 Warehouseman Pudsey 10a
    MILNER Martha Wife m 73   Bramley 10a
92 Albion St. MILNER Squire Head m 28 Shoemaker Pudsey 10a
    MILNER Emma Wife m 28   Halifax 10a
    MILNER Sarah E dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 10a
    MILNER Rose dau   4   Pudsey 10a
93 Albion St. ROGER Walter Head m 26 Currier Pudsey 10b
    ROGER Hannah Wife m 27 machinist Pudsey 10b
    MILNER William board s 25 Shoemaker Pudsey 10b
94 Albion St. LYNCH John Head m 67 Farm Lab. IRL Clare 10b
    LYNCH Nancy Wife m 65   IRL Clare 10b
    KELLY Mary board w 70   IRL Clare 10b
95 Albion St. SHAW Joseph Head w 76 Ret. Wool Dryer Pudsey 10b
96 Albion St. VERITY Simeon Head m 23 Stat. Engine man Pudsey 10b
    VERITY Esther Wife m 23   Pudsey 10b
    VERITY Joseph Son   1   Pudsey 10b
97 Albion St. VERITY Betty S Head s 38 woolen weaver Pudsey 10b
    VERITY John bro s 21 woolen spinner Pudsey 10b
98 Albion St. BRIGGS Arundel Head m 48 Tenterer Pudsey 10b
    BRIGGS Eden Wife m 48 knotter Pudsey 10b
99 Albion Mill Yard YATES Samuel Head m 44 Woolen Overlooker Birstall 10b
    YATES Sarah Ann Wife m 46   Birstall 10b
    YATES Fred son s 22 Drapery Traveller Birstall 10b
    YATES Polly dau s 16 Dressmaker Birstall 10b
    YATES Arthur son s 14 Mill Packer Birstall 10b
    YATES Maud dau   11 Scholar Farnley 10b
    YATES Gilbert son   8 Scholar Leeds 10b
    YATES Beatrice dau   5   Pudsey 10b
100 Albion Mill Yard BOYES John Head m 62 Clerk & manager Pudsey 10b
    BOYES Eliza Wife m 50   Pudsey 10b
    BOYES Sarah E dau s 22   Pudsey 10b
    BOYES Joseph Thackrah son s 21 draper Pudsey 10b
    BOYES J William son s 17 Clerk Mill Pudsey 10b
    BOYES Rachel E dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 10b
    BOYES John Arthur Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 10b
    BOYES Annie dau   6 Scholar not entered 10b
101 Kent WILKINSON John Head m 38 Gas Company Sec. LAN Lancaster 11a
    WILKINSON Alice Wife m 39   LAN Wray? 11a
    WILKINSON Walter P Son s 14 Weigh Clerk LAN Lancaster 11a
    WILKINSON James Son   11 Scholar LAN Lancaster 11a
    WILKINSON Alice dau   10 Scholar LAN Lancaster 11a
    WILKINSON William Son   8 Scholar LAN Lancaster 11a
    WILKINSON John Son   5 Scholar Drighlington 11a
    WILKINSON Florence dau   3   Pudsey 11a
102 Kent WALTON James Head m 59 Cloth Tenterer Kirkstall 11a
    WALTON Sarah Ann Wife m 50   Pudsey 11a
    BALMFORTH Clara adpt dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 11a
    BALMFORTH Mary adpt dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 11a
103 Kent VARLEY John W Head m 31 Waste Dealer Pudsey 11a
    VARLEY Mary E Wife m 30 Dressmaker Malton 11a
104 Kent GAUNT John Head m 67 Ret. Wool weaver Pudsey 11a
    GAUNT Hannah Wife m 67   Pudsey 11a
105 Kent BAXTER Sam Head m 45 Gas Stoker BKN Newport Pagnell 11a
    BAXTER Elizabeth Wife m 33   not entered 11a
    BAXTER William G Son s 14 Scholar Drighlington 11a
    BAXTER Lily dau   12 Scholar Drighlington 11a
    BAXTER Phoebe dau   10 Scholar Rothwell 11a
    BAXTER Susannah dau   7 Scholar Dewsbury 11a
    BAXTER Beatrice dau   5 Scholar Dewsbury 11a
    BAXTER Martha E dau   3   Rothwell 11a
106 Kent HEATON William J Head m 58 Currier Pudsey 11a
    HEATON Mary Wife m 50   Pudsey 11a
    HEATON William Son s 21 Currier Pudsey 11a
    HEATON Walter Son s 19 Shoemaker Pudsey 11a
    HEATON Arthur Son s 17 Currier Pudsey 11a
    HEATON Rella dau s 15 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 11a
    HEATON John son   12 Scholar Pudsey 11a
107 Kent BROOK Mary Ann Head m 71 Living on own means Pudsey 11b
    BROOK Charles son s 32 Bank Clerk Pudsey 11b
    FLETCHER Francis S gson   11 Scholar Eastburn 11b
    FLETCHER Mabel gdau   9 Scholar Crosshills 11b
108 Kent BRIGGS Thomas Head m 54 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 11b
    BRIGGS Mary J Wife m 40 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 11b
    BRIGGS Thomas William son s 19 Boot Finisher Pudsey 11b
109 Kent VARLEY William Head m 51 Waste Dealer Pudsey 11b
    VARLEY Sarah Wife m 50   Pudsey 11b
    VARLEY Walter son s 17 Boot Finisher Pudsey 11b
    VARLEY Ernest son   13 Mill hand Pudsey 11b
    VARLEY Wilfred son   11 Scholar Pudsey 11b
110 Kent BALMFORTH James Head m 68 Cloth weaver Pudsey 11b
    BALMFORTH Betty S Wife m 72   Wortley 11b
    BALMFORTH John son s 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 11b
111 Kent TOMLINSON John W Head m 41 Outfitter Bramley 11b
    TOMLINSON Elizabeth Wife m 41   Pudsey 11b
    TOMLINSON Clara dau   9 Scholar Bramley 11b
    TOMLINSON George Son   7 Scholar Bramley 11b
    TOMLINSON John Son   1   Pudsey 11b
112 Kent HEATON Joseph Wray Head m 38 Warehouseman Pudsey 11b
    HEATON Mary J Wife m 38   Pudsey 11b
    HEATON Ethel A dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 11b
    HEATON Lizzie dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 11b
    HEATON (Joseph) Urban Son   4   Pudsey 11b
    HEATON Annie dau   2   Pudsey 11b
113 Kent EMSLEY Fred Head m 32 Worsted Overlooker Morley 12a
    EMSLEY Sarah Wife m 30   Pudsey 12a
    EMSLEY Harry Son   6   Pudsey 12a
    EMSLEY Willie Son   5   Pudsey 12a
    EMSLEY Fred Son   9m   Pudsey 12a
114 Larkfield House BROWN Charles Head m 48 Farm lab. Alwoodley 12a
    BROWN Mary Wife m 50   ButterCombe 12a
    BROWN Annie dau s 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Leeds 12a
    BROWN Henry Son s 18 Tanner Farnley 12a
    BROWN David Son s 13 Scholar Farnley 12a
    BROWN Robert Son   11 Scholar Farnley 12a
    BROWN John William Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 12a
    BROWN Herbert Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 12a
115 Baloon Row ATKINSON James H Head m 34 Mill hand Pudsey 12a
    ATKINSON Mary Wife m 28   Sherburn 12a
    MILLS? Florence dau   4   Pudsey 12a
    MILLS? Clara dau   3   Pudsey 12a
    BRADLEY John b in l s 22 Railway Engine Cleaner Sherburn 12a
    BRADLEY Thomas b in l s 18 Miller Sherburn 12a
    BRADLEY Rowland b in l s 14 Boot Rivetter Whitwood 12a
116 "White Horse Inn" TUNNICLIFFE Esther M Head s 56 Innkeeper Pudsey 12a
    CLEGG Alice vis m 26 Assistant Huddersfield 12a
    HALL Lily serv s 17 Servant Leeds 12a
    FREEMAN Rebecca serv s 18 Servant Garforth 12a
117 Crimbles HUGGAN Tom Head m 23 Grocer's Ass. Pudsey 12a
    HUGGAN Mary Wife m 24   DUR Barnard Castle 12a
    HUGGAN John son   2   Pudsey 12a
118 Crimbles HALLIDAY Joshua Head m 73 Woolen Cloth Manf. Pudsey 12a
    HALLIDAY Ruth Wife m 71   Pudsey 12a
    HALLIDAY William son s 27 Butcher Pudsey 12a
    MYERS Lizzie serv s 17 Servant Horsforth 12a
119 New Road GARWELL William J Head m 38 Gas Stoker LIN Boston 12b
    GARWELL Emma Wife m 39   LIN Boston 12b
    GARWELL George K son   11   LIN Sleaford 12b
    GARWELL Arthur son   8   Clayton 12b
120 New Road HOLT William H Head w 47 Blacksmith Hunslet 12b
    HOLT John son s 16 Spinner Pudsey 12b
    HOLT Hannah dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 12b
    HOLT Ethel dau   3   Pudsey 12b
    HOLT Edwin     14 Mule piecer Pudsey 12b
121 Albion Cottages SHEARD Geoge Head m 68 Woolen Cloth Weaver Wakefield 12b
    SHEARD Elizabeth Wife m 58   Harrogate 12b
122 Albion Cottages ATKINSON Matthew Head m 72 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 12b
    ATKINSON Sarah Wife m 71 Burler Leeds 12b
123 Albion Cottages WILCOCK Joshua Head m 74 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 12b
    WILCOCK Sarah Wife m 70   Pudsey 12b
    WILCOCK Simeon Son s 33 Joiner Pudsey 12b
    WILCOCK Hannah dau s 30 Cloth weaver Pudsey 12b
124 Albion Cottages WALKER Mitchell Head m 59 Cloth weaver Pudsey 12b
    WALKER Mary Wife m 53   Calverley Bridge 12b
    WALKER Alfred Son s 17 Leather Cutter Bramley 12b
125 Albion Cottages MILNER Samuel Head m 55 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 12b
    MILNER Betsy E Wife m 54   Bramley 12b
    MILNER William Son s 29 Tanner Bramley 12b
    MILNER Matthew Son s 23 Mule piecer Bramley 12b
    MILNER Mary E dau s 20 Cloth weaver Bramley 12b
126 Albion Cottages MILNER Alexander Head m 27 Spinner Bramley 12b
    MILNER Jane Wife m 24   Bramley 12b
    MILNER James Goodall Son   3   Pudsey 12b
    MILNER Haley Son   2   Pudsey 12b
127 Albion Cottages HALEY Jane Head w 58   Bramhope 12b
    HALEY Violet dau s 28 Tailoress Bradford 12b
128 Albion Cottages MILNER Joseph Head m 20 Mule head minder Pudsey 13a
    MILNER Selina Wife m 20 woolen weaver Heckmondwike 13a
129 Albion Cottages SUTCLIFFE Edward Head s 55 Shoemaker Pudsey 13a
    SUTCLIFFE Elizabeth sis s 51   Pudsey 13a
130 Albion Cottages BARLOW William Head m 50 Gasworker LAN Morton 13a
    BARLOW Jane Wife m 46   LAN Oldham 13a
    BARLOW Edward son s 22 Leather worker Bradford 13a
    BARLOW Mary Jane dau s 19 Cloth weaver Pudsey 13a
    BARLOW George son s 18 Moulder Pudsey 13a
    BARLOW Sarah dau s 17 Cloth weaver Pudsey 13a
    BARLOW Emily dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 13a
    BARLOW Charlotte dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 13a
131 Albion Cottages HARGREAVES Simeon Head m 46 Shoemaker Pudsey 13a
    HARGREAVES Martha Wife m 46   Pudsey 13a
    HARGREAVES John Ed son s 17 Clerk Pudsey 13a
    HARGREAVES Harry son s 15 Boot Finisher Pudsey 13a
    HARGREAVES Nancy dau s 14 Wool Knotter Pudsey 13a
    HARGREAVES Charles son   12 Scholar Pudsey 13a
    HARGREAVES Mary E dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 13a
    HARGREAVES Edwin son   8 Scholar Pudsey 13a
132 New Road WILSON Mary Ann Head w 45 Living on own means Pudsey 13a
133 New Road PROCTOR John Head m 53 woolen weaver Pudsey 13a
    PROCTOR Hannah Wife m 48   Pudsey 13a
    PROCTOR William son s 27 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 13a
    PROCTOR Mary dau s 22 Boot Machinist Bramley 13a
    PROCTOR Annie dau s 18 woolen weaver Pudsey 13a
    PROCTOR John Ernest Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 13a
134 New Road PROCTOR Thomas Head m 47 Florist Pudsey 13b
    PROCTOR Mary Wife m 47   Pudsey 13b
    PROCTOR Edith dau s 16 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 13b
135 New Road CRAMPTON John Head m 69 Farmer Tong 13b
    CRAMPTON Mary Wife m 59   Bramley 13b
    CRAMPTON John Procter Son s 28 Farmer Pudsey 13b
    CRAMPTON Clara dau s 20   Pudsey 13b
    BELL John lodg s 21 Gen. Farm serv. n k 13b
    BUCKLE William lodg s 21 Gen. Farm serv. n k 13b
136 New Road MERRITT William Head m 59 Spinner Leeds 13b
    MERRITT Elizabeth Wife m 59   Leeds 13b
    MERRITT Timothy Woodhead Son s 21 Boilermaker Leeds 13b
    MERRITT Charles gson s 17 Engine Tenter Leeds 13b
137 New Road CRAMPTON Walter William Head m 23 Farm serv. Pudsey 13b
    CRAMPTON Mary Wife m 24 woolen weaver Bramley 13b
    CRAMPTON John William Son   4m   Pudsey 13b
    STEAD Emma s in l s 17 Mule piecer Bramley 13b
138 New Road JOWETT Thomas Head m 47 Warehouseman Leeds 13b
    JOWETT Eliza Wife m 36   Hull 13b
    JOWETT Ada dau s 16   Leeds 13b
    JOWETT Anne dau   12 Scholar Leeds 13b
    JOWETT Frederick Son   6 Scholar Hull 13b
139 New Road HALL Sarah Maria Head w 43   not entered 13b
    HALL Ernest Wm Son s 20   not entered 13b
    HALL Gertrude Mary dau   13   not entered 13b
    HALL Eliza Ellen dau   10   not entered 13b
    WILLIAMSON Peter unc w 72   not entered 13b
140 Hough Side LAWSON Joseph Head m 67 Ret. Farmer Bramley 14a
    LAWSON Mary Wife m 65   Bramley 14a
    WADE James Lawson adpt son   10 Scholar Pudsey 14a
    JACKSON William board s 21   Gildersome 14a
141 Hough Side EXLEY Mary Head s 35 Dressmaker Pudsey 14a
    EXLEY Thomas bro s 32   Pudsey 14a
142 Hough Side CLARKSON William Head m 32 Manager shoe factory Ireland 14a
    CLARKSON Mary Wife m 33   Ireland 14a
    CLARKSON Annie M dau   7   Leeds 14a
    CLARKSON Francis W Son   5   Bramley 14a
    CLARKSON Vincent Son   4   Ireland 14a
    CLARKSON Gideon dau   2   Ireland 14a
    CLARKSON Margaret dau   9m   Ireland 14a
143 Hough Side EMSLEY Edward Head m 45 Gardener Pudsey 14a
    EMSLEY Sarah Wife m 43   Pudsey 14a
    EMSLEY Joseph Son s 20 Gardener's Ass. Pudsey 14a
    EMSLEY John Son s 17 Gardener's Ass. Pudsey 14a
    EMSLEY Florence dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 14a
144 Hough Side EMSLEY Elijah Head m 72 gardener Pudsey 14a
    EMSLEY Martha Wife m 70   Pudsey 14a
    EMSLEY Northrop Son s 49 gardener Pudsey 14a
    EMSLEY Hannah M dau s 43 Gardener Pudsey 14a
145 Hough Side VERITY Elizabeth Head w 80 Living on own means Bradford 14a
146 Hough Side COATES Joseph Head m 60 Mill hand Pudsey 14a
    COATES Hannah Wife m 60   Pudsey 14a
    COATES Isabella dau s 28   Pudsey 14a
    COATES James Son s 25 Mill hand Pudsey 14a
    LANGLEY Thomas s in l w 40 Mill hand Pudsey 14a
    LANGLEY Henrietta gdau   12 Scholar Pudsey 14a
    LANGLEY Bertha gdau   9 Scholar Pudsey 14a
    TURNER Elizabeth s in l w 56   Pudsey 14a
147 Hough Side WILSON James Head m 25 Farm Lab. Batley 14b
    WILSON Ruth Wife m 22 Dressmaker Pudsey 14b
    WILSON Nelly dau   10m   Pudsey 14b
    WILSON Susannah moth w 58   Manningham 14b