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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED11



Piece RG12/3657, Enumeration District 11, Folios 18a - 34a, Enumerator: Watson Turton

Comprising of the North Eastern and Lower Portion of Littlemoor commencing at Brick Mill all the houses in Brick Mill Road, both sides the Eastern portion of Littlemoor Road to its Junction with Valley Road, all Valley Road both sides to Troydale, across Hall Troydale, Burnly Park, Littlemoor Bottom including S Moss now in Turkey Land.


1 Brick Mill Road SPENCER Squire Head m 32 Woolen manuf. Pudsey 18a
    SPENCER Pattie Wife m 30   Adwalton 18a
    SPENCER William Robert Son   5   Pudsey 18a
    SPENCER Katie Dau   9m   Pudsey 18a
    BIRKENSHAW Mary Serv s 22 servant Ripon 18a
2 Brick Mill Road SUTCLIFFE George Head w 75 Ret. Weaver Pudsey 18a
    SUTCLIFFE Hannah Dau s 48 Burler Pudsey 18a
    SUTCLIFFE Arthur Son s 45 Foundry Lab. Pudsey 18a
    SUTCLIFFE Caroline Dau s 35 Machinist Pudsey 18a
    SUTCLIFFE Harriett Dau s 22 * Pudsey 18a
    SUTCLIFFE William Son s 28 Bobbin Turner Pudsey 18a
3 Brick Mill Road DUFTON Samuel Head m 37 Woolen Overlooker Pudsey 18a
    DUFTON Hannah Maria Wife m 36   Bradford 18a
    DUFTON Harry Son s 15 Machine minder Pudsey 18a
    DUFTON Sarah Hannah Dau   13   Pudsey 18a
    DUFTON Elizabeth Dau   6   Pudsey 18a
    DUFTON Arthur Son   4   Pudsey 18a
    DUFTON Martha Dau   11m   Pudsey 18a
4 Brick Mill Yard GAUNT Charles Head m 51 Teamer Pudsey 18a
    GAUNT Alice Wife m 46   Pudsey 18a
    GAUNT John Son s 21 Labourer Pudsey 18a
    GAUNT Squire Son s 18 Teamer Pudsey 18a
    GAUNT Martha Dau s 16 Weaver Pudsey 18a
    GAUNT Florence Ann Dau   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 18a
    GAUNT Ernest Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 18a
    GAUNT Luther Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 18a
5 Brick Mill Yard LUMBY Simeon Head m 48 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 18a
    LUMBY Sarah Wife m 40   Pudsey 18a
    LUMBY Edith Emma Dau s 17 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 18a
    LUMBY Florence Dau s 14 dom serv Pudsey 18a
    LUMBY Emily Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 18b
    LUMBY Hannah M Dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 18b
    LUMBY Arthur Son   4 Scholar Pudsey 18b
6 Brick Mill Yard PRIESTLEY Fred Head m 28 weaving overlooker Stainland 18b
    PRIESTLEY Ada Wife m 29   Hunslet 18b
    PRIESTLEY James Samuel Son   6 Scholar Morley 18b
    PRIESTLEY William Arthur Son   5 Scholar Morley 18b
    PRIESTLEY Laura Dau   3   Morley 18b
7 Brick Mill Yard SUNDERLAND Joseph Head m 26 Factory engineer Pudsey 18b
    SUNDERLAND Mary Wife m 22   SFK Crawford 18b
8 Brick Mill Road CROWTHER James Head m 32 Cloth overlooker Pudsey 18b
    CROWTHER Sarah Wife m 30   Idle 18b
    CROWTHER Mary A Dau   6 Scholar Idle 18b
    CROWTHER Ernest? Son   3   Pudsey 18b
9 Brick Mill Road JESSOP Mary A Wife m 56   Armley 18b
    JESSOP Willie Son s 29 carrier Bramley 18b
    JESSOP Fred Son s 21 wool Broker? Pudsey 18b
    JESSOP John Son s 16 Barber's ass. Pudsey 18b
    JESSOP Ada Dau s 23 Burler Pudsey 18b
10 Brick Mill Road GAUNT Fountain Head m 44 Bootmaker Pudsey 18b
    GAUNT Emma Wife m 43   Pudsey 18b
    GAUNT Joseph Son s 15 Joiner's app. Pudsey 18b
    GAUNT Mary E Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 18b
    GAUNT John Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 18b
11 Brick Mill Road GLOVER Simeon Head m 42 Butcher & Farmer Pudsey 18b
    GLOVER Hannah Wife m 43   Pudsey 18b
    GLOVER Sarah Dau s 19   Pudsey 18b
    GLOVER William Son s 17 Butcher's ass. Pudsey 18b
    GLOVER Florence Dau s 15   Pudsey 18b
    GLOVER Harry Son   13 Scholar Pudsey 18b
    GLOVER Beatrice Dau   11   Pudsey 19a
    GLOVER Esther Dau   8   Pudsey 19a
    GLOVER Rose Dau   6   Pudsey 19a
    GLOVER Harold Son   10m   Pudsey 19a
12 Moorland House HALLIDAY John Head m 45 Woolen waste dealer Pudsey 19a
    HALLIDAY Elizabeth Wife m 42   Bramley 19a
    HALLIDAY Ruth A Dau s 32 Dressmaker Pudsey 19a
    HALLIDAY Elena Dau s 19 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 19a
13 Brick Mill Road DUFTON Edmund Head m 72 Ret. Wool Scourer Pudsey 19a
    DUFTON Sarah Wife m 70   Armley 19a
    DUFTON Mary Dau s 43 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 19a
    DUFTON Grace Dau s 40 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 19a
14 Brick Mill Road HINCHCLIFFE James A Head m 32 Cabinet maker Pudsey 19a
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah Wife m 31   Pudsey 19a
    HINCHCLIFFE Clarissa Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 19a
    HINCHCLIFFE Banks Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 19a
15 Brick Mill Road FIRTH Thomas Head m 40 Mill mechanic Halifax 19a
    FIRTH Mary E Wife m 35   Bradford 19a
16 Brick Mill Road BREARLEY John Head m 26 Leather Currier Scotland 19a
    BREARLEY Sarah Wife m 30   Pudsey 19a
    BREARLEY Willie Bannister Son   8m   Pudsey 19a
17 Brick Mill Road WEBSTER James Head m 61 ret wool sorter Pudsey 19a
    WEBSTER Martha Wife m 54   Pudsey 19a
    WEBSTER Phoebe Dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 19a
    WEBSTER Mary E Dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 19a
18 Brick Mill Road HALLIDAY John Wilfred Head m 28 weaving overlooker Farnley 19a
    HALLIDAY Sarah H Wife m 28   Pudsey 19a
    TURNER Eli b in l s 23 Currier Pudsey 19a
    DEWHIRST Lilly Vis   7 Scholar Shipley 19b
19 Brick Mill Road MYERS Tom Head m 31 Woolen Weaving foreman Yeadon 19b
    MYERS Elizabeth Wife m 32   Rawdon 19b
    MYERS Maggie Dau   10 Scholar Yeadon 19b
    MYERS Sarah E Dau   7 Scholar Yeadon 19b
    MYERS Ernest G Son   3   Yeadon 19b
    BINGLEY Margaret S in l s 27 Dressmaker Yeadon 19b
20 Brick Mill Road WEBSTER Robert Head m 51 Wool * Maker Pudsey 19b
    WEBSTER Jane Wife m 44   Bramley 19b
    WEBSTER Lister Son s 21 Bookkeeper Pudsey 19b
    WEBSTER Luther Son s 14 Scholar Pudsey 19b
    WEBSTER George Andrew Son   12 Scholar Pudsey 19b
    WEBSTER Philip Son   9   Pudsey 19b
    KNOWLES Louisa? Serv s 20 dom serv Upper Wortley 19b
21 Sharpe Row AMBLER John Head m 39 Contractor Denholme 19b
    AMBLER Hannah M Wife m 42   Pudsey 19b
    AMBLER John Benjamin Son   12 Scholar Pudsey 19b
    AMBLER Harry Son   3   Pudsey 19b
    AMBLER Fred Son   5m   Pudsey 19b
    CHEESBROUGH Margaret Serv s 15 servant Normanton B* 19b
22 Sharpe Row SPENCER William Head m 47 Cloth tenter Pudsey 19b
    SPENCER Susan Wife m 48   Armley 19b
23 Sharpe Row ILLINGWORTH George H Head m 21 Woolen Machine warper Pudsey 19b
    ILLINGWORTH Hannah Wife m 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 19b
    ILLINGWORTH Harry Son   2   Pudsey 19b
    ILLINGWORTH Mary E Dau   11m   Pudsey 19b
24 Sharpe Row ILLINGWORTH Abraham Head m 48 General agent Pudsey 19b
    ILLINGWORTH Elizabeth Wife m 48   Pudsey 19b
    ILLINGWORTH Arthur Son s 18 Joiner's app. Pudsey 19b
    ILLINGWORTH Willie Son   12 Scholar Pudsey 19b
25 Sharpe Row NORTHROP Joseph Head m 35 Worsted overlooker Thornton 20a
    NORTHROP Sarah E Wife m 27   Pudsey 20a
    NORTHROP Horace Son   4   Pudsey 20a
    NORTHROP Marion Dau   2   Pudsey 20a
26 Sharpe Row HALLIWELL Adelaide Head s 28 Worsted Weaver Queensbury 20a
27 Sharpe Row CLEGG George H Head m 26 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Armley 20a
    CLEGG Jane Wife m 27   Pudsey 20a
    CLEGG Sarah E Dau   1   Pudsey 20a
28 Sharpe Row GAUNT Mary Head w 81   Pudsey 20a
    GAUNT William Son s 58 Lab. Ironworks Pudsey 20a
    GAUNT Dorothy Dau s 51 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 20a
29 Sharpe Row WINN Elizabeth Wife m 35   Kippax 20a
    WINN John Henry Son   4 Scholar Farsley 20a
    WINN Annie E Dau   1   Pudsey 20a
30 Sharpe Row SHAW George H Head m 35 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 20a
    SHAW Ruth Ann Wife m 33   Pudsey 20a
    SHAW Martha Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 20a
    SHAW Ethel Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 20a
    SHAW Edith Dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 20a
31 Sharpe Row WALTON George Head m 33 Grocer's ass Pudsey 20a
    WALTON Jane Wife m 29   Pudsey 20a
    WALTON John Edward Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 20a
    WALTON Maurice Son   5 Scholar Pudsey 20a
    WALTON George Son   3   Pudsey 20a
32 Sharpe Row GLOVER Mark Head m 32 Cloth Miller Pudsey 20a
    GLOVER Ruth Wife m 32   Bradford 20a
    GLOVER James Arthur Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 20a
    GLOVER Clara Dau   4   Pudsey 20a
    GLOVER Maud Dau   2m   Pudsey 20a
    CLOUGH Jane Rel s 27 Worsted Weaver Bradford 20a
33 Lays Row MOSS Sarah Head w 42   Idle 20b
    MOSS Ann Dau s 24 Weaver Eccleshill 20b
    MOSS Betty Dau s 22 Weaver Eccleshill 20b
    MOSS Squire Son s 16 Joiner's app. Pudsey 20b
34 Littlemoor Road WALTON Edward Head s 69 Grocer Pudsey 20b
35 Littlemoor Road MYERS Elizabeth Wife m 48   Pudsey 20b
    MYERS Harry Son s 20 Top Maker Pudsey 20b
    MYERS Frederick Son s 17 wool sorter Pudsey 20b
    MYERS Joseph Son s 15 Scholar Pudsey 20b
    MYERS Simeon Son   13 Scholar Pudsey 20b
    MYERS Oliver Son   11 Scholar Pudsey 20b
    SMITH Mary E Serv s 18 dom serv Hull 20b
36 Littlemoor Road HARRISON Mary Head w 64 own means Pudsey 20b
    HARRISON Joshua Son w 34 *rt Pudsey 20b
37 Littlemoor Road MARSTON Charles H Head m 37 Engineman Pudsey 20b
    MARSTON Ann Wife m 41   Pudsey 20b
38 Littlemoor Road SNOWDEN Isaac Head w 69 ret Cordwainer Adwalton 20b
    SNOWDEN Ann Dau s 34   Calverley 20b
39 Littlemoor Road SNOWDEN Tom Head m 35 Leather Mercahnat Pudsey 20b
    SNOWDEN Sarah E Wife m 33   Pudsey 20b
40 Littlemoor Road HAINSWORTH Abraham Head m 36 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 20b
    HAINSWORTH Emma Wife m 33   Pudsey 20b
41 Littlemoor Road CARTER Thomas Head m 50 Millhand Pudsey 20b
    CARTER Ann Wife m 48   Pudsey 20b
    CARTER Fred Son s 2_ railway clerk Pudsey 20b
    CARTER Clara Dau s 16 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 20b
    CARTER Arthur Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 20b
42 Littlemoor Road BROOK Rebecca Head w 60 Burler Pudsey 20b
    BROOK Hannah Dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 20b
43 Valley Road WALTON Ernest? Head w 62 woolen Spinner Pudsey 21a
    WALTON Sarah Wife w 64   Pudsey 21a
    WALTON Annie Dau s 30 Dressmaker Pudsey 21a
44 Valley Road BARKER Joseph Head w 27 Blacksmith's striker Pudsey 21a
    BARKER Mary Wife w 25 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 21a
45 Valley Road BLACKBURN James Head w 32 Blacksmith's striker Pudsey 21a
    BLACKBURN Ann Wife w 33   Horsforth 21a
    BLACKBURN George Son   12 Telegraph Messenger Pudsey 21a
    BLACKBURN John Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 21a
    BLACKBURN Rhoda Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 21a
46 Valley Road PITTS Isabella Head w 43 woolen weaver Leyburn? 21a
    PITTS Mary A Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 21a
47 Valley Road PEAK Ester Head w 76   Pudsey 21a
48 Valley Road WILSON William Head m 37 Railway porter East India (BS) 21a
    WILSON Selma Wife m 24   SRY Epsom 21a
    WILSON Dorothy Dau   2   KEN Woolwich 21a
    WILSON Edith M Dau   8m   KEN Woolwich 21a
49 Valley Road BARKER John Head m 51 *er Nidd 21a
    BARKER Sarah Wife m 49   Pudsey 21a
    BARKER George Son m 23 B* maker Pudsey 21a
    BARKER Sarah H Dau m 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 21a
    BARKER Harry Son m 17 App binder? Pudsey 21a
    BARKER Herbert Son m 14 Errand boy Pudsey 21a
    BARKER Annie Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 21a
50 Valley Road THOMAS James Head m 32 Tunnel miner's lab. GLS Longmarston 21a
    THOMAS Elizabeth Wife m 44   SOM Hensome? 21a
    CHERITON William lodg s 30 Tunnel miner's lab. NK 21a
    BAMFORTH David board s 23 * Missionary Hunslet 21a
51 Valley Road MITCHELL Eliza Head s 46 Cloth Weaver Queensbury 21a
52 Valley Road GILL Hannah Head w 54 Burler Pudsey 21b
    BROWN George lodg s 16 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 21b
53 Valley Road KEIGHLEY Abraham Head m 78 Ret. Plumber Hunslet 21b
    KEIGHLEY Hannah Wife m 63   Cawthorne 21b
54 Valley Road CROWTHER Elizabeth Head s 56 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 21b
55 Valley Road GLOVER Martha Head w 47 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 21b
    GLOVER Sarah E Dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 21b
56 Valley Road BANKS Hannah Head w 68   Pudsey 21b
    HARGREAVES Easter Sis w 66 Burler Pudsey 21b
57 Valley Road SUGDEN Joseph A Head m 21 Combing overlooker Bramley 21b
    SUGDEN Henrietta Wife m 19   Rodley 21b
58 Valley Road JOHNSON Benjamin Head m 36 Machine Maker Pudsey 21b
    JOHNSON Sarah Maria Wife m 41   Pudsey 21b
    JOHNSON Ben fath w 77   Pudsey 21b
59 Valley Road DRAKE John Head m 43 Manager worsted manuf. Bradford 21b
    DRAKE Elizabeth Wife m 45   Bradford 21b
    DRAKE Alfred H Son s 13 Scholar Pudsey 21b
    HODGSON Sarah m in l w 72   Keighley 21b
60 Valley Road LUMBY William Head m 25 wool sorter Pudsey 21b
    LUMBY Nancy Wife m 22   Pudsey 21b
    LUMBY Elizabeth Dau   2   Pudsey 21b
61 Valley Road STABLES Tom Head m 45 Flock Manuf. Bramley 21b
    STABLES Sarah Wife m 45   Pudsey 21b
    STABLES James Henry Son s 20 Stat. Engine Driver Pudsey 21b
    STABLES Eleanor Dau   13   Pudsey 21b
62 Valley Road SPENCER Maria Head w 74 own means Pudsey 21b
    WILSON William Son w 51 agent Pudsey 21b
    BOOCOCK Ruth Ann Dau m 37   Pudsey 21b
    BOOCOCK George gson s 17 Watchmaker Pudsey 21b
    BOOCOCK Herbert gson s 9 Scholar Pudsey 21b
    BOOCOCK Florence gdau   11 Scholar Leeds 22a
    WILSON Frances gdau s 29   Pudsey 22a
63 Valley Road CRAMPTON William Head m 40 bread baker Pudsey 22a
    CRAMPTON Ann Wife m 33   Pudsey 22a
    CRAMPTON Herbert S Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 22a
    CRAMPTON Harry Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 22a
    CRAMPTON Bertha Dau   4   Pudsey 22a
    CRAMPTON Florence Dau   3   Pudsey 22a
64 Valley Road JESSOP Henry Head m 31 Flock Dealer Bramley 22a
    JESSOP Rose H Wife m 31   Pudsey 22a
    JESSOP Herbert Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 22a
    JESSOP Wilfred Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 22a
    JESSOP Leonard Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 22a
    JESSOP Annie Dau   8m   Pudsey 22a
65 Valley Road INGHAM John Head m 35 Coal Miner East Bierley 22a
    INGHAM Emily Wife m 30   Gomersal 22a
    INGHAM Adelaide Dau   6 Scholar Gomersal 22a
    INGHAM William E Son   4 Scholar East Bierley 22a
    ARMITAGE Mary m in l w 75   Gomersal 22a
66 Valley Road LANGLEY Joe Head s 23 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 22a
    LANGLEY Asmath Sis s 25 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 22a
    LANGLEY Arthur bro   12 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 22a
67 Valley Road WEBSTER John Head m 26 Woolen Mule Spinner Pudsey 22a
    WEBSTER Jane Wife m 24   Ossett 22a
    WEBSTER James Son   4 Scholar Pudsey 22a
    WEBSTER Nelson Son   8m   Pudsey 22a
68 Valley Road HINCHCLIFFE Richard Head w 41 Gasworks Lab. Holmfirth 22a
    HINCHCLIFFE Allen Son s 19 Gasworks Lab. Pudsey 22a
    HINCHCLIFFE Ada Dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 22a
    HINCHCLIFFE Annie Dau   12   Pudsey 22a
    HINCHCLIFFE Rhoda Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 22b
69 Valley Road GLOVER Joseph Head m 49 Wheat Dealer Pudsey 22b
    GLOVER Esther Wife m 49   Stanningley 22b
    GLOVER Joseph Son s 18 Stuff Weaver Pudsey 22b
    GLOVER Ruth Dau s 15 Stuff Weaver Pudsey 22b
    GLOVER Sarah Ann Dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 22b
70 Valley Road GLOVER Hannah Head w 70   Pudsey 22b
    GLOVER Thomas Son s 44 Millhand Pudsey 22b
    GLOVER Rose Dau s 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 22b
71 Valley Road COOPER John Head m 59 Gardener Pudsey 22b
    COOPER Elizabeth Wife m 56   Horsforth 22b
    COOPER Thomas F Son s 17 Millhand Pudsey 22b
    COOPER Harrison Son s 15 under gardener Pudsey 22b
    COOPER Martha E Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 22b
72 Valley Road BROOK Sarah Head w 60   Pudsey 22b
    BROOK Hannah Dau s 30   Pudsey 22b
73 Valley Road COOPER Charlesworth Head m 30 Worsted drawer Pudsey 22b
    COOPER Mary Wife m 30 Bootmaker Pudsey 22b
    COOPER Fred Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 22b
    COOPER Handel Son   3   Pudsey 22b
    THREAPLETON James board s 23 * Maker Pudsey 22b
74 Valley Road DIXON William Head m 24 Woolen fettler Wakefield 22b
    DIXON Hannah Wife m 21   Farnley 22b
    DIXON John Son   3   Pudsey 22b
    DIXON Edith Dau   2   Pudsey 22b
    DIXON Sarah A Dau   2m   Pudsey 22b
75 Valley Road HINCHCLIFFE George H Head m 52 own means Pudsey 22b
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah A Wife m 55   Rodley 22b
    DIXON Mary A m in l w 75 own means Farsley 22b
76 Valley Road HINCHCLIFFE Joseph Head m 58 Wool Scourer Pudsey 23a
    HINCHCLIFFE Elizabeth Wife m 58   Pudsey 23a
    HINCHCLIFFE Hannah Dau s 28 Cotton Weaver Pudsey 23a
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah Dau s 22 Cotton Weaver Pudsey 23a
77 Valley Road HAINSWORTH Jane Head w 57 Dressmaker M* S* 23a
    HAINSWORTH John R Son s 30 *Maker Bramley 23a
    RIPPER Edmund lodg s 27 Tailor Brampton 23a
78 Valley Road WEBSTER David Head m 41 Scribbling overlooker Bramley 23a
    WEBSTER Maria Wife m 37   Leeds 23a
    WEBSTER George Son s 17 Fettler Leeds 23a
    WEBSTER Joseph Son s 15 * Leeds 23a
    WEBSTER Emily Dau s 13 Scholar Leeds 23a
    WEBSTER David Son   7   Leeds 23a
    WEBSTER Nellie Dau   3   Pudsey 23a
79 Valley Road BRADY George Head m 39 Currier NFK 23a
    BRADY Ann Wife m 51   Pudsey 23a
    BRADY Eva Dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 23a
    BRADY Mark Son s 14 Gardener Pudsey 23a
    BRADY Ann E Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 23a
    BRADY Beatrice Dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 23a
80 Valley Road CLOUGH Margaret Head w 56   Shelf 23a
    CLOUGH Emma L Dau s 28 Worsted Weaver Fulneck 23a
    CLOUGH Margaret A Dau s 26 Weaver Fulneck 23a
    CLOUGH Mary Dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Fulneck 23a
    CLOUGH Thomas J Son s 21 Gen Lab Fulneck 23a
    CLOUGH Amy R Dau s 20 Cloth Weaver Fulneck 23a
    CLOUGH Laura Dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Fulneck 23a
    CLOUGH Henry Son s 18 * app. Fulneck 23a
81 Valley Road DYSON John William Head m 27 Warp twister Lindley 23a
    DYSON Minetta Wife m 30 Woolen Weaver Linthwaite 23a
    DYSON Florence Dau   7 Scholar Lindley 23b
    SHAW Hannah D s in l s 47 Woolen Weaver Honley 23b
82 Valley Road LANGLEY Clara Head s 25 Weaver Pudsey 23b
    LANGLEY Naomi Dau s 5   Pudsey 23b
83 Valley Road ROGER Nancy Head w 61   Pudsey 23b
    ROGER Hannah Dau s 26   Pudsey 23b
    LANGLEY Eli lodg s 42 Weaver Pudsey 23b
84 Valley Road ARMITAGE Joseph Head m 27 Weaver Pudsey 23b
    ARMITAGE Grace Wife m 27   Pudsey 23b
    ARMITAGE Maud Dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 23b
    ARMITAGE Mary H Dau   4   Pudsey 23b
    ARMITAGE Henry Son   1   Pudsey 23b
85 Valley Road HOBSON Owen Head m 25 Cloth Miller Farnley 23b
    HOBSON Sarah A Wife m 24   Pudsey 23b
    HOBSON Webster Son   3   Pudsey 23b
    HOBSON Martha Dau   1   Pudsey 23b
86 Valley Road * Hotel EARNSHAW William E Head m 35 Publican Huddersfield 23b
    EARNSHAW Ann E Wife m 33   Huddersfield 23b
    EARNSHAW John A Son   12 Scholar Huddersfield 23b
    EARNSHAW Harrry Son   11 Scholar Huddersfield 23b
    EARNSHAW Herbert Son   9 Scholar Huddersfield 23b
    EARNSHAW Florrie Dau   7 Scholar Huddersfield 23b
    EARNSHAW Lily Dau   4 Scholar Huddersfield 23b
    WALTON James Serv m 36 servant Huddersfield 23b
87 Valley Road LANGLEY Thomas Head w 77   Pudsey 23b
88 off Valley Road WALTON Nancy Head w 75   Pudsey 23b
    WALTON Elizabeth A gdau s 22 Weaver Pudsey 23b
    TIDGEWELL Matthew Henry gson s 20 Overlooker Pudsey 23b
    TIDGEWELL Lewis gson s 19 * Pudsey 23b
    TIDGEWELL Bertha gdau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 24a
    RIDER Annie E gdau   10 Scholar Pudsey 24a
89 off Valley Road GILL Isabella Head s 38 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 24a
    GILL Sarah E vis m 19   Kirkstall 24a
90 off Valley Road BOOCOCK Harriett Head s 47   Pudsey 24a
    BOOCOCK Sarah Dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 24a
    BOOCOCK Harry Son s 15 mule piecener Pudsey 24a
91 off Valley Road BAKER John F Head m 37 Foreman joiner Pudsey 24a
    BAKER Elizabeth Wife m 35   Morley 24a
    BAKER Eva Dau   12   Pudsey 24a
    BAKER Maud Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 24a
    BAKER Laura Dau   1   Pudsey 24a
92 off Valley Road RAMSDEN Joseph Head m 28 Filler Batley 24a
    RAMSDEN Mary Wife m 32   Bradford 24a
    RAMSDEN Frederick Son   1   Pudsey 24a
93 off Valley Road MALKIN John W Head m 30 Coal Miner Pudsey 24a
    MALKIN Elizabeth Wife m 26 Worsted Weaver Bramley 24a
    MALKIN Willie Son   4   Bramley 24a
    MALKIN Walter Son   2   Bramley 24a
    MALKIN Bertha Dau   3m   Pudsey 24a
94 off Valley Road HINCHCLIFFE Andrew Head w 65 deputy, Clayminer Bowling 24a
95 off Valley Road RIDER William Head m 47 Fettler Pudsey 24a
    RIDER Harriett Wife m 47   Pudsey 24a
    RIDER Jane Ann Dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 24a
    RIDER Sarah E Dau s 18 Weaver Pudsey 24a
    RIDER Willie Son s 16 Compositor Pudsey 24a
    RIDER Louise Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 24a
96 off Valley Road WILCOCK George H Head m 32 Iron Moulder Pudsey 24a
    WILCOCK Hannah Wife m 31 * Pudsey 24a
    WILCOCK William H Son   12 Scholar Pudsey 24a
    WILCOCK Walter Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 24b
97 19 off Valley Road SUGDEN James Head m 45 Scribbling overlooker Esholt 24b
    SUGDEN Martha Wife m 46   Idle 24b
    SUGDEN William Son s 22 ass. Scribbling overlooker Idle 24b
    SUGDEN Eliza Dau s 18 Milliner Idle 24b
    SUGDEN Herbert Son s 15 Woolen card minder Apperley Bridge 24b
    SUGDEN Eleanor Dau   7 Scholar Leeds 24b
    SUGDEN Arthur Son   5 Scholar Pudsey 24b
    RILEY Ann m in l w 85   Idle 24b
98 off Valley Road ELSWORTH James A Head m 26 * woolen Mill Pudsey 24b
    ELSWORTH Clara C Wife m 27 Worsted Weaver Hull 24b
99 off Valley Road GAUNT Joseph Head m 40 Coal Miner Pudsey 24b
    GAUNT Mary J Wife m 40   Toft Shaw 24b
    GAUNT Ephraim Son s 18 Moulder Pudsey 24b
    GAUNT Ruth Ann Dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 24b
    GAUNT Lilly Dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 24b
    GAUNT William Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 24b
    GAUNT Rose Dau   11m   Pudsey 24b
100 off Valley Road ATKINSON Frank Head m 31 Pedlar Pudsey 24b
    ATKINSON Mary E Wife m 31   Pudsey 24b
    ATKINSON George Son   11 Scholar Pudsey 24b
    ATKINSON Anne Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 24b
    ATKINSON Edith Dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 24b
    ATKINSON Emma Dau   3   Bramley 24b
101 off Valley Road BOOCOCK John E Head m 30 Clay Miner Pudsey 24b
    BOOCOCK Helena Wife m 27   Pudsey 24b
102 off Valley Road HAMERS Samuel Head m 32 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 24b
    HAMERS Ann Wife m 28   Pudsey 24b
    HAMERS Florence Dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 24b
103 off Valley Road BATTY James Head m 28 Coal Miner Al*thorpe 25a
    BATTY Clara A Wife m 24   Bramley 25a
    BATTY Ada Dau   1   Pudsey 25a
104 off Valley Road ILLINGWORTH Sophia Head w 5_ Worsted Weaver Pudsey 25a
    ILLINGWORTH Miranda Dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 25a
    ILLINGWORTH Naylor Son s 16 Rough Cutter Pudsey 25a
105 off Valley Road WILKINSON John Head w 61 Machine minder Pudsey 25a
    WILKINSON John Son m 23 warp dresser Pudsey 25a
    WILKINSON Jane S D in l m 24   Wales 25a
106 off Valley Road SHEPHARD William Head m 43 Drayman Stanningley 25a
    SHEPHARD Catherine Wife m 42   Gomersal 25a
    SHEPHARD Benjamin Son s 15 * Stanningley 25a
    SHEPHARD Ann E Dau s 14 Scholar Stanningley 25a
    SHEPHARD Lilly Dau   11 Scholar Stanningley 25a
    SHEPHARD John Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 25a
107 off Valley Road RAISTRICK Ann Head s 39 burler Pudsey 25a
    RAISTRICK Alice Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 25a
108 off Valley Road MOSLEY Eliza Head w 51 Worsted Weaver Morley 25a
    MOSLEY Mary E Dau s 25 Worsted Weaver Morley 25a
    MOSLEY Charley Son s 18 News agent Morley 25a
109 off Valley Road BROADHEAD John E Head w 35 * Holmfirth 25a
110 off Valley Road COOPER Herbert E Head m 26 Teamer NFK East * 25a
    COOPER Elizabeth Wife m 25   Batley 25a
    COOPER Thomas Son   1   Pudsey 25a
    COOPER Frances A Dau   2m   Pudsey 25a
111 off Valley Road O' CALLIGAN Emma Head w 37 Worsted Weaver Bradford 25a
    O' CALLIGAN Florence Dau   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 25a
    O' CALLIGAN Frances Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 25a
    O' CALLIGAN Maud Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 25a
112 off Valley Road TURNER Louise Wife m 35 Cloth Weaver Otley 25b
    TURNER Butler R Son   13 mule piecener Cleckheaton 25b
    TURNER George Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 25b
    TURNER Harriet E Dau   4 Scholar Cleckheaton 25b
    TURNER Thomas Son   2   Pudsey 25b
113 off Valley Road MALLINSON John Head w 63 own means Pudsey 25b
114 off Valley Road GAMBLES Samuel Head m 34 Coal Miner Pudsey 25b
    GAMBLES Anne M Wife m 28   Batley 25b
    GAMBLES Margaret A Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 25b
    GAMBLES Louis Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 25b
    GAMBLES William Son   5 Scholar Pudsey 25b
    GAMBLES Violetta Dau   4   Pudsey 25b
    GAMBLES Ethel Dau   2m   Pudsey 25b
115 off Valley Road GELDART William Head m 58 ag. Lab. Ripon 25b
    GELDART Harriet Wife m 47   Ripley 25b
    GELDART Frederick Son s 22 Iron Puddler Ripley 25b
    GELDART Harry Son s 20 Leather * Ripley 25b
    GELDART Sarah Dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Clint 25b
    GELDART Herbert Son s 15 Worsted Weaver Boroughbridge 25b
    GELDART Bertram Son   11 Scholar Ripon 25b
116 off Valley Road TIDGEWELL Wilson Head m 42 willeyer Pudsey 25b
    TIDGEWELL Betty Wife m 42   Pudsey 25b
    TIDGEWELL Maria Dau s 29 Cloth Weaver Leeds 25b
    TIDGEWELL Isaiah Son s 15 mule piecener Leeds 25b
    TIDGEWELL Joseph Son   13 * Leeds 25b
117 off Valley Road ROSS John Head m 58 Cotton Weaver? Pudsey 25b
    ROSS Mary Wife m 61   Morley 25b
    ROSS Martha A Dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 25b
118 off Valley Road GATEHOUSE Mary A Head s 55 * Bramley 25b
    GATEHOUSE Emily sis s 53 * Bramley 25b
119 off Valley Road ROBERTS Sugden Head m 43 Stat. Engine Driver Pudsey 26a
    ROBERTS Ann Wife m 41   Pudsey 26a
    ROBERTS Asquith Son s 21 Boot Finisher Pudsey 26a
    ROBERTS Mathew Son s 19 Cloth scourer Pudsey 26a
    ROBERTS Mary E Dau s 17 Weaver Pudsey 26a
    ROBERTS Emily Dau s 15 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 26a
    ROBERTS John B Son   3m   Pudsey 26a
120 off Valley Road KIRWIN David Head m 33 * Holbeck 26a
    KIRWIN Margaret A Wife m 29 Weaver DUR Bishop Auckland 26a
121 off Valley Road PROCTOR Ann Head w 52 own means Batley 26a
    PROCTOR William Son s 31 Coal Miner Batley 26a
    BATTY Joseph board w 53 Weaver Wakefield 26a
122 off Valley Road HORN Rebecca Wife m 31 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 26a
    HORN Sarah Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 26a
    HORN Willie Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 26a
123 off Valley Road NORTH Ezra Head m 45 * minder Idle 26a
    NORTH Sarah Wife m 46 Weaver Bramley 26a
    NORTH Ezra Son   14 Foundry Lab. Greengates 26a
124 off Valley Road GAUNT John Head m 34 Iron stone Mason Pudsey 26a
    GAUNT Harriet A Wife m 31   Pudsey 26a
    GAUNT Joseph E Son   9   Pudsey 26a
    GAUNT Thomas Son   2   Pudsey 26a
    GAUNT William bro w 39 Farmer Pudsey 26a
125 off Valley Road BARNES Agnes Head m 45 Weaver Pudsey 26a
    BARNES Ann Dau s 17 Weaver Pudsey 26a
    BARNES William Son m 22 Currier Pudsey 26a
    BARNES Sarah D in l m 21 Weaver Stanningley 26a
    BARNES Rebecca Dau   1   Pudsey 26a
126 Valley Road THRIPPLETON John Head m 50 Cloth Miller Stanningley 26a
    THRIPPLETON Sarah Wife m 54   Pudsey 26a
    THRIPPLETON Joshua Son   12 Scholar Pudsey 26b
    THRIPPLETON Mary Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 26b
127 Valley Sq. WATKINSON Joseph D Head m 39 Card Cleaner Pudsey 26b
    WATKINSON Sarah Wife m 36 grocer shopwoman Farnley 26b
    WATKINSON John Son s 15 joiner app. Pudsey 26b
    WATKINSON Herbert Son   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 26b
    WATKINSON Fred Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 26b
    WATKINSON Alice Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 26b
128 Valley Sq. PEARSON Thomas Head w 45 labourer Pudsey 26b
    PEARSON Julia Dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 26b
129 Valley Sq. COOPER Joseph Head m 30 Greengrocer Pudsey 26b
    COOPER Martha A Wife m 29   Pudsey 26b
    COOPER Annie Dau   4   Pudsey 26b
130 Valley Inn DIXON Joseph` Head m 56 Blacksmith Gildersome 26b
    DIXON Charlotte Wife m 52   * 26b
    DIXON Hannah Dau s 14   Gildersome 26b
    DIXON Sarah A Dau   12   Gildersome 26b
    DIXON James Son   10   Gildersome 26b
131 Valley Sq. ILLINGWORTH Simeon Head m 40 Stone mason Pudsey 26b
    ILLINGWORTH Eliza Wife m 39   Pudsey 26b
    ILLINGWORTH Martha Dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 26b
    ILLINGWORTH Samuel Son s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 26b
    ILLINGWORTH Mary E Dau s 13 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 26b
    ILLINGWORTH William Son   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 26b
    ILLINGWORTH Hannah Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 26b
    ILLINGWORTH Emma Dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 26b
    ILLINGWORTH John Son   1   Pudsey 26b
132 Valley Sq. WALTON Thomas Head m 55 Farm lab. Pudsey 26b
    WALTON Elizabeth Wife m 49   Pudsey 26b
    WALTON John Son s 27   Pudsey 27a
    WALTON Squire Son s 21   Pudsey 27a
    WALTON Sarah Dau s 20   Pudsey 27a
    WALTON Eva Dau s 14   Pudsey 27a
    WALTON Martha? Dau   11   Pudsey 27a
133 Valley Sq. ALLANSON James Head m 42   Leeds 27a
    ALLANSON Ellen Wife m 40   Kirkby Overblow 27a
    ALLANSON Rachel Dau s 13   Kirkby Overblow 27a
134 Valley Sq. HUTCHINSON John Head m 28   Pudsey 27a
135 Valley Sq. WOOD James Head m 36   Pudsey 27a
    WOOD Sarah Wife m 35   CUL * 27a
    WOOD W A Son   12   Pudsey 27a
    WOOD Nelly Dau   10   Pudsey 27a
    WOOD Reggie Son   8   Pudsey 27a
    WOOD Percy Son   4   Pudsey 27a
    WOOD Hilda Dau   6   Pudsey 27a
    WOOD Cecil Son   3   Pudsey 27a
    WOOD Ann Dau   1   Pudsey 27a
    PRITCHARD Hannah Serv s 16 dom serv Altofts 27a
136 Valley Sq. RAYNER Benjamin Head m 39   * 27a
    RAYNER Sarah Wife m 32   Birstall 27a
    RAYNER Alice Dau   12   Drighlington 27a
    RAYNER Willie H Son   9   Drighlington 27a
    RAYNER Ann Dau   7   Bradford 27a
    RAYNER George Son   5   Tong 27a
    ANNESS Martha m in l w 62 Housekeeper Tong 27a
137 Valley Sq. BELLWOOD William Head m 31 Weaving Overlooker Pudsey 27a
    BELLWOOD Eliza Wife m 34   Wibsey? 27a
    BELLWOOD Harry Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    BELLWOOD James Son   4 Scholar Pudsey 27b
138 Valley Sq. WILSON John Head m 38 joiner's lab. Pudsey 27b
    WILSON Rella Wife m 35   Pudsey 27b
    WILSON William Son   15 Shoemaker Pudsey 27b
    WILSON Mary Dau   13 spinner Pudsey 27b
    WILSON Harriet Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    WILSON Annie Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    WILSON Edward Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    WILSON Edith Dau   3   Pudsey 27b
    WILSON John Son   1   Pudsey 27b
139 Valley Sq. RIDER James Head m 42 Leather currier's lab. Calverley 27b
    RIDER Rodah Wife m 40 Weaver Pudsey 27b
    RIDER Betty Dau s 15 Weaver Pudsey 27b
    RIDER Harriet Ann Dau   11   * 27b
    RIDER Edward Son   4   Pudsey 27b
140 Valley Sq. WEBSTER Rosetta Head w 82   Pudsey 27b
    WEBSTER Hannah Dau s 43   Pudsey 27b
    WEBSTER Benjamin M Son s 37 wool sorter Pudsey 27b
141 Valley Sq. BARRACLOUGH Fred Head m 38 Coal Miner Bradford 27b
    BARRACLOUGH Mary Wife m 3_   Pudsey 27b
    BARRACLOUGH Elizabeth Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    BARRACLOUGH Ernest Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    BARRACLOUGH Ruth Ann Dau   4 Scholar Pudsey 27b
142 Valley Sq. SANDERSON Samuel Head s 66 Shoemaker Gildersome 27b
143 Valley Sq. LASSEY Harriet Head w 61 Weaver Pudsey 27b
    EDDISON John s in l m 26 labourer Castleford 27b
    EDDISON Nancy Dau m 24 Weaver Pudsey 27b
    LASSEY Walter Son   2   Pudsey 27b
144 Valley Sq. WATKINSON James Head m 29 Woolen mill fettler Drighlington 28a
    WATKINSON Harriet Wife m 28   Drighlington 28a
    WATKINSON Clara Dau   4   Pudsey 28a
    WATKINSON Amy Dau   6m   Elland 28a
    WATKINSON Sarah moth w 68   Pudsey 28a
145 Valley Sq. COATES Jonathan Head m 29 Shoemaker Pudsey 28a
    COATES Sarah Wife m 28 weaver Pudsey 28a
    COATES Florence Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 28a
    COATES William Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 28a
    COATES Dick Son   2   Pudsey 28a
146 Valley Sq. GLOVER Benjamin Head m 54 farmer Pudsey 28a
    GLOVER Hannah Wife m 54   Pudsey 28a
    GLOVER William Son s 25 wool * Pudsey 28a
    GLOVER Benjamin Son s 22 Farm lab. Pudsey 28a
    GLOVER Whitfield Son s 19 * ass. Pudsey 28a
    GLOVER Elizabeth Dau s 18 pupil teacher Pudsey 28a
    WHITFIELD Elizabeth s in l s 44 own means Pudsey 28a
147 Valley Sq. HAINSWORTH Ann Head w 68 Farmer Kirby Malzeard 28a
    CROSLAND Fanny L Dau m 31 Housekeeper Bramley 28a
    CROSLAND Samuel gson   11 Scholar Pudsey 28a
    CROSLAND William gson   8   Pudsey 28a
148 Valley Sq. SUTCLIFFE William Head m 22 Currier Pudsey 28a
    SUTCLIFFE Rhoda Wife m 22   Pudsey 28a
149 Valley Sq. BROUGHTON William Head m 36 Labourer in * on board ship 28a
    BROUGHTON Eliza Wife m 28 Scholar Leeds 28a
    BROUGHTON Edward Son   8 Scholar Bramley 28a
    BROUGHTON Matthew Son   5   Bramley 28a
    BROUGHTON Emily Dau   2   Bramley 28a
150 Valley Sq. WADE Sarah J Head m 41 own means Steeton 28b
    BAKER Mary A Serv s 16 dom serv Bramley 28b
151 Valley Sq. FRANKLAND Richard Head m 27 Farmer H* 28b
    FRANKLAND Ellen Wife m 21   Ripon 28b
152 Valley Sq. WADE Benjamin Head m 38 Draper Comm. Trav. Pudsey 28b
    WADE Annie Wife m 26   Huddersfield 28b
    WADE Agnes Dau   2   Pudsey 28b
    WADE Edith Dau   7m   Pudsey 28b
    NORTH Emmeline vis s 15   Huddersfield 28b
153 Valley Sq. GLOVER John Head m 27 Currier Pudsey 28b
    GLOVER Charlotte Wife m 27   Pudsey 28b
    GLOVER David Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 28b
    GLOVER Florence Dau   5   Pudsey 28b
    GLOVER Hannah Dau   5m   Pudsey 28b
154 Valley Sq. HUTCHINSON William Head m 65 Farmer Pudsey 28b
    HUTCHINSON Grace Wife m 75   Thornton 28b
    HUTCHINSON Mary Ann board w 48   Bramley 28b
    HUTCHINSON Sarah board s 26   Pudsey 28b
    HUTCHINSON Mary A board s 23   Pudsey 28b
    HUTCHINSON Emily board s 21   Pudsey 28b
155 Valley Sq. WEBSTER Charles Head m 41 Top maker Pudsey 28b
    WEBSTER Ellen Wife m 35   Pudsey 28b
    WEBSTER Maud Dau   4   Pudsey 28b
    WEBSTER Mary Dau   3   Pudsey 28b
    WEBSTER John William Son   9m   Pudsey 28b
    HUTCHINSON Clara s in l s 18   Pudsey 28b
156 Valley Road GILL David Head m 42 Stationary engine driver Burley 28b
    GILL Fanny Wife m 42   Birkenshaw 28b
    GILL Joseph Son s 17 gen lab Pudsey 28b
    GILL Martha Dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 29a
    GILL Hannah Dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 29a
    GILL Lucy Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 29a
    GILL James Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 29a
    GILL Sophia H niece s 19 Worsted Weaver Farnley 29a
157 Valley Road WEBSTER David Head m 24 Combing overlooker Pudsey 29a
    WEBSTER Liah Wife m 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 29a
    WEBSTER Lilian Dau   8m   Pudsey 29a
158 Valley Road CRAMPTON John Head m 38 gen lab Pudsey 29a
    CRAMPTON Rachel Wife m 34 Cloth Weaver *bridge 29a
    CRAMPTON Arthur Harwood Son   1   Pudsey 29a
159 Valley Road GLOVER Nancy Head s 48 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 29a
    GLOVER Sarah sis s 45 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 29a
160 Valley Road ROBERTS Ellen Head s 43 Cloth Weaver Lockwood 29a
161 Valley Road GILL John Head m 37 Stationary engineman Windhill 29a
    GILL Annie Wife m 31   Pudsey 29a
    GILL Clara Dau   5 Scholar Wortley 29a
162 Valley Road WEBSTER Milner Head m 28 Wool breaker? Pudsey 29a
    WEBSTER Emma Wife m 26 Knotter Gildersome 29a
    WEBSTER Difon Son   9   Pudsey 29a
163 Valley Road JOWETT Ephraim Head m 60 Lay* for miners Horton 29a
    JOWETT Hannah Wife m 56   Pudsey 29a
    JOWETT Joseph Son s 26 * Pudsey 29a
    JOWETT Emanuel Son s 23 weaver Pudsey 29a
    JOWETT Abraham Son s 17 Cloth finisher Pudsey 29a
164 Valley Road FOX Rose Head s 19 Cloth Weaver Cockersdale 29a
    FOX George H bro s 17 Cloth finisher Farnley 29a
    FOX Edwin bro   7   Cockersdale 29a
165 Valley Road PIMBLOTT William Head m 49 Gas Meter inspector CHS Macclesfield 29a
    PIMBLOTT Jane Wife m 39   Scotland * 29a
    PIMBLOTT Ernest Son s 17 * cutter? CHS Macclesfield 29b
    PIMBLOTT Oswald Son   13 Weft boy CHS Macclesfield 29b
    PIMBLOTT Walter Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 29b
    PIMBLOTT Lily Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 29b
    PIMBLOTT Arthur Son   5 Scholar Pudsey 29b
    PIMBLOTT James Son   3   Pudsey 29b
    PIMBLOTT Rose Dau   1   Pudsey 29b
    PIMBLOTT Mary A Sis s 32? Silk weaver CHS Macclesfield 29b
166 Valley Road STOTT Daniel Head m 43 Cotton Warp dresser [lupus] Pudsey 29b
    STOTT Elizabeth A Wife m 39   Pudsey 29b
    STOTT Clara Dau s 18 pupil teacher Pudsey 29b
    STOTT Rose Dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 29b
    STOTT Lewis Son s 13 Bobbin Pegger Pudsey 29b
    STOTT John H Son   11 Scholar Pudsey 29b
    STOTT Willie Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 29b
167 Valley Road WHITFIELD John Head m 51 Farmer Pudsey 29b
    WHITFIELD Mary Wife m 51   Pudsey 29b
168 Valley Road WHITFIELD Joseph Head m 48 Farm lab. Pudsey 29b
    WHITFIELD Grace Wife m 48   Allnet? 29b
    WHITFIELD Elizabeth Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 29b
    WHITFIELD John Son   5 Scholar Pudsey 29b
169 Valley Road HUDSON John Head m 27 foreman cloth fuller New Wortley 29b
    HUDSON Eliza A Wife m 28   CAM March 29b
    HUDSON Clarice Dau   1   Armley 29b
170 Valley Road REYNARD Hannah Head w 76   Birstwith 29b
    REYNARD Mary A Dau s 43 * maker Hemsworth? 29b
    REYNARD John Son s 34 Stone Delver Hemsworth? 29b
    BRADLEY James neph   9 Scholar LAN Bacup 29b
171 Valley Road SANDERSON Joseph Head m 25 Shoemaker Pudsey 29b
    SANDERSON Elizabeth Wife m 21   Pudsey 29b
    SANDERSON Mary A Dau   1   Pudsey 30a
172 Valley Road FOX Rosetta Head w 81   Pudsey 30a
    FOX Phoebe Dau m 50 weaver Pudsey 30a
173 Valley Road DIXON Arthur Head m 34? Fettler Gildersome 30a
    DIXON Ann P Wife m 35   Sherburn 30a
    DIXON Laurance Son   7 Scholar Gildersome 30a
    DIXON Willie Son   4   Gildersome 30a
174 Valley Road GARNETT Samuel Head m 59 millhand Morley 30a
    GARNETT Sarah A Wife m 39   Churwell 30a
175 Valley Road LANGLEY David Head m 51 Mason's lab Pudsey 30a
176 Valley Road CRAMPTON Elizabeth Head w 47 weaver Farsley 30a
    CRAMPTON Sarah A Dau s 21 weaver Farsley 30a
177 Valley Road WHITE George Head m 46 millhand Tadcaster 30a
    WHITE Mary Wife m 44 Worsted Weaver Tong 30a
178 Valley Road SPRINGTHORPE Jacob Head m 50 gen lab LEI Leicester 30a
    SPRINGTHORPE Elizabeth A Wife m 48   LAN Manchester 30a
    SPRINGTHORPE Joseph Son s 17 gen lab Pudsey 30a
    SPRINGTHORPE Eliza A Dau s 13 [deaf & dumb] Pudsey 30a
    SPRINGTHORPE Henrietta Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 30a
    SPRINGTHORPE John Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 30a
179 Valley Road HAREWOOD Mark Head m 60 gen lab Wibsey 30a
    HAREWOOD Martha Wife m 70   Wibsey 30a
    HAREWOOD Martha A Dau s 30 weaver Milnbridge 30a
    CRAMPTON Martha A gdau   3   Pudsey 30a
180 Valley Road SANDERSON Caroline Head s 56 Monthly Nurse Pudsey 30b
    SANDERSON Emma Sis s 43   Pudsey 30b
    SANDERSON Amelia niece s 25 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 30b
    SANDERSON Annetta niece   5 Scholar Pudsey 30b
    JAGGER Nancy cous s 36 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 30b
181 Valley Road HARWOOD Tommy Head m 48 gen lab Wibsey 30b
    HARWOOD Sarah Wife m 44   Stanningley 30b
    HARWOOD Amy Dau s 17 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 30b
182 Valley Road RAMSDEN George Head m 47 Card Cleaner Holmfirth 30b
    RAMSDEN Elizabeth Wife m 46   Batley 30b
    RAMSDEN Mary Dau s 22 Woolen Weaver Birstall 30b
    RAMSDEN Brook Son s 17 * (Leather) Birstall 30b
    RAMSDEN John Son s 15 Boot Factory Boy Birstall 30b
    RAMSDEN Hannah Dau   13 Worsted Spinner Birstall 30b
    RAMSDEN Edward Son   9 Scholar Farnley 30b
183 Valley Road TIDGEWELL John Head m 38 Night watchman Pudsey 30b
    TIDGEWELL Harriet wife m 39   Pudsey 30b
    TIDGEWELL David Son s 16 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 30b
    TIDGEWELL Benjamin Son s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 30b
    TIDGEWELL Lily Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 30b
    TIDGEWELL Ethel Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 30b
    TIDGEWELL Emma Ellen Dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 30b
    TIDGEWELL Sarah A Dau   2   Pudsey 30b
    TIDGEWELL Willie Son   2m   Pudsey 30b
184 Valley Road MARSHALL Eliza Head w 63   Pudsey 30b
185 Valley Road GLOVER George Head m 51 Confectioner Pudsey 30b
    GLOVER Hannah Wife m 51   Pudsey 30b
    GLOVER George Henry Son   11   Pudsey 30b
    GLOVER Miriam Dau   7   Pudsey 30b
    PEARSON John Son w 31 Confectioner Pudsey 31a
    PEARSON Matthew gson   8   Pudsey 31a
186 Valley Road SANDERSON Benjamin Head w 41 Shoemaker Gildersome 31a
    SANDERSON Joseph Son s 14 Joiner's app. Pudsey 31a
    SANDERSON Benjamin fath w 72 Shoemaker Gildersome 31a
    SANDERSON Emma Sis s 38 Cloth Weaver Gildersome 31a
187 Valley Road ILLINGWORTH Thomas Head m 21 gen lab Pudsey 31a
    ILLINGWORTH Sarah A Wife m 25   Parkgate 31a
    ILLINGWORTH George Russel Son   1   Pudsey 31a
188 Valley Road BARRACLOUGH Abraham Head m 48 Coal Miner Bradford 31a
    BARRACLOUGH Martha A Wife m 47   Bradford 31a
    BARRACLOUGH Ester Dau   11 Scholar Bradford 31a
    BARRACLOUGH George Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 31a
    BARRACLOUGH Willie Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 31a
    COOPER David lodg s 23 Iron Moulder Pudsey 31a
189 Valley Road KELLETT Jessie Head m 61 Gardener Wyke 31a
    KELLETT Mary A Wife m 51   Aberford 31a
190 Valley Road FEARNLEY Henry Head m 31 Tanner Pudsey 31a
    FEARNLEY Frances A Wife m 31   Pudsey 31a
    FEARNLEY Annie Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 31a
    FEARNLEY Clara Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 31a
    FEARNLEY Bertha Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 31a
191 Valley Road BROOK Samuel Head m 31 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 31a
    BROOK Sarah A wife m 29   Pudsey 31a
    BROOK Ethel dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 31a
    BROOK Arthur Son   4 Scholar Pudsey 31a
    BROOK Jane dau   1   Pudsey 31a
192 Valley Road PAYNE Mary J Wife m 33 Cloth Weaver DUR Samford 31a
    PAYNE Emily J Dau   12 Worsted Weaver Leeds 31a
193 Valley Road CHILD Henry Head m 23 Cloth Miller Pudsey 31b
    CHILD Evangelina wife m 23   Pudsey 31b
    CHILD Edith dau   1   Farsley 31b
194 Valley Road THRIPPLETON Samuel Head m 48 Bricklayer's Lab. Stanningley 31b
    THRIPPLETON Sarah J wife m 45   Bradford 31b
    THRIPPLETON Elizabeth A dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 31b
    THRIPPLETON Mary dau s 16 millhand DUR Bishop Auckland 31b
    THRIPPLETON Margaret dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 31b
    THRIPPLETON John Son   11 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 31b
    THRIPPLETON Joseph Son   8   DUR Bishop Auckland 31b
    THRIPPLETON Benjamin Son   6   DUR Crook 31b
    THRIPPLETON William Son   3   LAN Wigan 31b
195 Valley Road TIDGEWELL Nancy Head w 72   Pudsey 31b
196 Valley Road WEBSTER William Head m 53 wool sorter Pudsey 31b
    WEBSTER Martha wife m 49   Pudsey 31b
    WEBSTER Rosetta dau m 21 burler Pudsey 31b
    WEBSTER Martha A dau m 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 31b
    WEBSTER Eden dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 31b
197 Valley Road GLOVER William Head m 40 Gardener Pudsey 31b
    GLOVER Selena wife m 46   Pudsey 31b
    GLOVER John Dickinson Son s 19 Size Boiler Pudsey 31b
    GLOVER Leah dau s 15 *der Pudsey 31b
    GLOVER Ada dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 31b
198 Valley Road THROP Robert Head m 36 warp dresser Wakefield 31b
    THROP Martha wife m 33   Pudsey 31b
    THROP John son s 14 spinner Pudsey 31b
    THROP Annie E dau   13 spinner Pudsey 31b
    THROP William son   11 spinner Pudsey 31b
    THROP Lewis son   9 Scholar Pudsey 31b
    THROP Harry son   8 Scholar Pudsey 31b
    THROP Laurance son   1   Pudsey 32a
199 Springfield Place WILSON James Head s 47 Willyer Pudsey 32a
    WILSON Harriet Sis s 33 Shoemaker Pudsey 32a
200 Springfield Place TIDGEWELL Eli Head m 40 Cloth Fuller Pudsey 32a
    TIDGEWELL Frances Wife m 38 weaver Pudsey 32a
    TIDGEWELL George Son   2   Pudsey 32a
201 Springfield Place BRIGGS Martha Head w 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32a
    BRIGGS Helen Dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 32a
    BRIGGS John Son   5 Scholar Pudsey 32a
202 Springfield Place HINCHCLIFFE Henry Head m 30 woolen spinner Pudsey 32a
    HINCHCLIFFE Paulina wife m 28 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32a
203 Springfield Place HARRISON William Head m 30 Carrier LAN Manchester 32a
    HARRISON Emily A wife m 32   Pudsey 32a
    HARRISON Frederick son   7 Scholar Pudsey 32a
    HARRISON Christina dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 32a
    HARRISON Mary dau   1   Pudsey 32a
    CROWTHER Annie lodg s 23 weaver Pudsey 32a
204 Springfield Place COE Elizabeth Head w 65 own means Pudsey 32a
205 Valley Road WARD Benjamin Head m 25 Wax Boiler Pudsey 32a
    WARD Susana wife m 29   Pudsey 32a
    WARD Mary H dau   4   Pudsey 32a
206 Valley Road COULSON Joseph R Head m 29 Reporter Pudsey 32a
    COULSON Ada wife m 29   WIL Welksham 32a
    COULSON Dora dau   2   Pudsey 32a
    COULSON Harold Son   10m   Pudsey 32a
    COULSON Nancy moth w 51   Pudsey 32a
207 Valley Road LANGLEY Matthew Head m 57 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 32a
    LANGLEY Martha wife m 57   Saddleworth 32a
    LANGLEY Julia dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32a
    LANGLEY Martha dau s 17 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 32b
    LANGLEY Hannah dau s 14 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32b
208 Valley Road NAYLOR Edwin Head m 31 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 32b
    NAYLOR Annie wife m 31   Pudsey 32b
    NAYLOR John Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 32b
    NAYLOR Horace Son   9d   Pudsey 32b
209 Valley Road GLOVER Rachel Head w 63   Pudsey 32b
    GLOVER Hugh gson s 21 railway lab Pudsey 32b
    GLOVER Lily A gdau s 12 worsted spinner Pudsey 32b
210 Valley Road ROSS Joshua Head m 29 Greengrocer Pudsey 32b
    ROSS Emma A wife m 26   CAM Little Downham 32b
    ROSS Edith dau   2   Pudsey 32b
211 Valley Road ROSS William Head m 73 Yeast dealer Pudsey 32b
    ROSS Grace wife m 65   Pudsey 32b
    ROSS Mary dau s 31 burler Pudsey 32b
212 Valley Road GAUNT Henry Head m 58 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 32b
    GAUNT Jane E wife m 48   Pudsey 32b
    GAUNT Benjamin rel s 24 Carrier Morley 32b
    GAUNT William H rel s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32b
    GAUNT Helena rel s 13 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32b
    FOX Edith Annie vis   12 Scholar Pudsey 32b
213 Valley Road PROCTER Alfred Head m 28 Farmer Meanwood 32b
    PROCTER Grace wife m 30   Pudsey 32b
    PROCTER Lillie dau   4   Pudsey 32b
214 Valley Road PROCTER John Head m 79?   Pudsey 32b
    PROCTER Nancy wife m 71   Pudsey 32b
    PROCTER Sarah Dau s 43 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32b
    PROCTER Amos Son m 36 currier Pudsey 32b
    PROCTER Hannah M d in l m 26   NTT Nottingham 32b
215 Valley Road WOOD William Head m 52 Mason's lab Pudsey 33a
    WOOD Betty wife m 50   Pudsey 33a
    WOOD John son s 26 Mason's lab Pudsey 33a
    WOOD Simeon son s 25 woolsorter Pudsey 33a
    WOOD Richard F son s 21 Warp Twister Pudsey 33a
    WOOD Mary A F dau   13 weaver Pudsey 33a
    WOOD William F Son   5   Pudsey 33a
216 Valley Road WOOD Charles Head m 29 Iron yard Lab. Calverley 33a
    WOOD Sarah E wife m 29   Morley 33a
    WOOD Joseph Son   8 scholar Pudsey 33a
    WOOD Willie Son   7 scholar Pudsey 33a
    WOOD Rose A dau   3   Pudsey 33a
    WOOD Fred Son   1   Pudsey 33a
217 Valley Road WALTON Hannah Head w 71   Pudsey 33a
    RAISTRICK Harry lodg   47 weaver Pudsey 33a
218 Valley Road BARNES Benjamin Head m 68 Bricklayer Pudsey 33a
    BARNES Margaret wife m 68 burler LAN 33a
219 Valley Road WHITEHEAD Ruth Head w 44 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33a
    WHITEHEAD Hannah dau   15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33a
    WHITEHEAD Johnson Son   9 scholar Pudsey 33a
220 Valley Road GLOVER George S Head m 27 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 33a
    GLOVER Sarah A wife m 32   Leeds 33a
    GLOVER Mary E dau   4   Pudsey 33a
    GLOVER Annie dau   1   Pudsey 33a
221 Valley Road SUNDERLAND James Head m 56 Engineman Mill Pudsey 33a
    SUNDERLAND Sarah wife m 55   Pudsey 33a
    SUNDERLAND Benjamin son s 29 woolsorter Pudsey 33a
    SUNDERLAND Rachel dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33a
    SUNDERLAND John son s 17 wollen manuf.'s Lab. Pudsey 33a
    SUNDERLAND Mary dau s 14 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33a
    SUNDERLAND Fred son   8 scholar Pudsey 33b
    RHODES Ethel gdau   2   Dudley Hill 33b
222 Valley Road STUBBS Elizabeth Head w 54 own means Horsforth 33b
    STUBBS William son   14 Mechanic's app. Horsforth 33b
    STUBBS Samuel son   12   Horsforth 33b
    STUBBS Ann dau   8 scholar Horsforth 33b
223 Valley Road BANKS George Head m 40 wool washer Pudsey 33b
    BANKS Frances wife m 37   Pudsey 33b
    BANKS Harry son   11 scholar Pudsey 33b
    BANKS Beatrice dau   7 scholar Pudsey 33b
    BANKS Phillip son   2   Pudsey 33b
    NAYLOR Martha E lodg s 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33b
224 Valley Road ACKROYD Fred Head m 32 Elem. Teacher Farsley 33b
    ACKROYD Rosanna wife m 29   Stanningley 33b
    ACKROYD Norman G son   2   Bowling 33b
    ACKROYD Richard son   1   Bowling 33b
    DICKINSON Jane vis m 35 weaver Farsley 33b
225 Valley Road ILLINGWORTH Betty Head w 44 weaver Pudsey 33b
    ILLINGWORTH Annie dau s 22 weaver Pudsey 33b
    ILLINGWORTH John D son s 18 weaver Pudsey 33b
    ILLINGWORTH Lily dau   11 scholar Pudsey 33b
226 Valley Road DRIVER William Head w 63 Farmer Pudsey 33b
    DRIVER Eliza A dau s 39 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33b
    DRIVER Samuel son s 36 worsted overlooker Pudsey 33b
    DRIVER William son s 28 currier Pudsey 33b
    DRIVER Horpa dau s 30   Pudsey 33b
    DRIVER Ada dau s 22   Pudsey 33b
    DRIVER John gson s 16 Farm lab. Pudsey 33b
227 Valley Road EMSLEY Joseph Head m 36 Boot Clicker Pudsey 34a
    EMSLEY Mary wife m 35   Pudsey 34a
    EMSLEY Lizzie dau   13 Leather lace * Pudsey 34a
    EMSLEY William son   11 Leather lace * Pudsey 34a
    EMSLEY Fred son   9 scholar Pudsey 34a
    EMSLEY Herbert son   7 scholar Pudsey 34a
    EMSLEY Ethel dau   4 scholar Pudsey 34a
    EMSLEY Clara dau   2   Pudsey 34a
    EMSLEY Joseph fath w 64 Woolen Weaver Scotland * 34a
228 Valley Road CLAYTON Elizabeth Head w 53 burler Pudsey 34a
    GLOVER Grace dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 34a
    GLOVER Martha A dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 34a
229 Valley Road DRIVER Jane Head s 59 burler Pudsey 34a
230 Valley Road MYERS James Head m 41? Template maker Bradford 34a
    MYERS Phidela wife m 42   Stanningley 34a
    MYERS Miriam dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 34a
    MYERS Clara dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 34a