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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED12



Piece RG12/3657, Enumeration District 12, Folios 38a - 48b, Enumerator Harold Newell

Comprising of the Southern and Upper portion of Littlemoor beginning at
Crowther's Fold in Littlemoor Road, all New Street both sides up to the worsted Mill, Railway Station that all Littlemoor Road from Littlemoor Hill on one side and Jenning's Shop on the other side to its junction with Roker Lane including Cliffe Terrace, Troughton Row, Cooper Hill and Alma House with Cottage also Lumby Lane both Sides from William Lumby's to the top.


1 New Street OGDEN Richard Head m 37 weaving overlooker Bradford 38a
    OGDEN Nancy Wife m 37   Pudsey 38a
    OGDEN Joseph Son   11 Scholar Pudsey 38a
2 New Street ASQUITH Elizabeth Head m 50   Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Martha Dau s 30 Worsted weaver Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Lavinia Dau s 28 Worsted weaver Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Joseph Son s 26 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Ann Dau s 21 Dom. Serv. Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Elizabeth Dau s 17 Worsted weaver Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Thomas Son s 15 cloth twister Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Alfred Son s 13 App. Shoemaker Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Harriet Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 38a
3 New Street SALTER Willie Head m 32 boot Clicker Pudsey 38a
    SALTER Mary E Wife m 31   M* 38a
    SALTER Benjamin Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 38a
    SALTER Frank Son   8 Scholar Pudsey 38a
    SALTER Edith A Dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 38a
    SALTER Herbert Son   3   Pudsey 38a
    SALTER Harry Son   7m   Pudsey 38a
4 New Street OGDEN Matthew Head m 39 Warp dresser Bradford 38a
    OGDEN Emma Wife m 41   Bradford 38a
    ORANGE Esther m in l w 72   Wales 38a
5 New Street MARSHALL Thomas Head m 27 Stone mason Pudsey 38a
    MARSHALL Hannah Wife m 29 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 38a
6 New Street ILLINGWORTH William Head m 75 clogger Pudsey 38a
    ILLINGWORTH Elizabeth Dau s 49 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 38a
7 New Street MOSS Joshua Head m 43 wheelwright Pudsey 38a
    MOSS Eliza Wife m 39   Pudsey 38a
    MOSS Harry Son   11   Pudsey 38a
8 New Street SPENCER Robert Head m 36 engineman tenter Pudsey 38b
    SPENCER Sarah L Wife m 37   Pudsey 38b
    SPENCER John B Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 38b
    SPENCER Ethel Dau   3   Pudsey 38b
    SPENCER Emma Dau   7m   Pudsey 38b
9 New Street FOWLER Martha Head w 42 Worsted weaver Pudsey 38b
    FOWLER Robert Son   12? cloth finisher Leeds 38b
    FOWLER Alfred Son   12 Scholar Leeds 38b
    FOWLER Frankland Son   8 Scholar Leeds 38b
10 New Street JOHNSON Betsey Head s 51 Dressmaker Pudsey 38b
    JOHNSON Bella A sis s 46 Boot Black* Pudsey 38b
11 New Street SMITH Albert Head m 22 weaver Bramley 38b
    SMITH Elizabeth Wife m 23 weaver Pudsey 38b
    SMITH Florence Dau   2   Pudsey 38b
12 New Street BINKS Christopher Head m 61 warehouseman Pudsey 38b
    BINKS Martha Wife m 60 Dressmaker Pudsey 38b
13 New Street HAWKSWELL Frances Head w 69 Railway drayman Bramhope 38b
    HAWKSWELL Mary J Dau s 42 weaver Leeds 38b
    HAWKSWELL Elizabeth Dau s 39 weaver Kirkstall 38b
    HAWKSWELL Eliza A Dau s 34 housekeeper Stanningley 38b
    TINKER Mary J gdau   12 Scholar Stanningley 38b
14 New Street VERITY John Head m 28 Stovemaker Pudsey 38b
    VERITY Mary Wife m 29 weaver Pudsey 38b
15 New Street CROMACK Jane Head w 38   Pudsey 38b
    CROMACK Sarah A Dau   6   Pudsey 38b
    CROMACK Eva Dau   4   Pudsey 38b
    CROMACK Martha Dau   10m   Pudsey 38b
16 New Street SUTCLIFFE John Head m 31 joiner Pudsey 38b
    SUTCLIFFE Charlotte Wife m 31   Pudsey 38b
    SUTCLIFFE Florry Dau   4   Pudsey 38b
    SUTCLIFFE Lillian Dau   1   Pudsey 38b
17 New Street GAMBLES Samuel Head m 62 Mason's Lab. Pudsey 39a
    GAMBLES Margaret Wife m 61   Pudsey 39a
    GAMBLES Ann Dau s 23 winder Pudsey 39a
    GAMBLES Clara gdau   10m   Pudsey 39a
18 New Street NAYLOR John Head m 39 Mason's Lab. Tadcaster 39a
    NAYLOR Ellen Wife m 39   NFK 39a
    NAYLOR Gorden Son   9m   Pudsey 39a
19 New Street WEBSTER Richard Head m 32 joiner Pudsey 39a
    WEBSTER Ellen Wife m 33 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39a
    WEBSTER William Son   9   Pudsey 39a
20 New Street MANN Jane Head w 56   Pudsey 39a
    MANN Clara Dau s 23 Worsted weaver SA Durban 39a
    MANN Amy Dau s 23 Worsted weaver SA Durban 39a
    MANN Harriet Dau s 20 Worsted weaver SA Durban 39a
21 New Street BRAYSHAW Sarah Head w 44 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39a
    BRAYSHAW Rose Dau   7   Pudsey 39a
22 New Street WALTON Alfred Head m 39 shoemaker Pudsey 39a
    WALTON Grace Wife m 40   Bingley 39a
    WALTON Edith Dau   9   Pudsey 39a
23 New Street THACKRAY Samuel Head m 42 cloth fuller Bramley 39a
    THACKRAY Elizabeth Wife m 40   Pudsey 39a
    THACKRAY Grace Dau s 20 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39a
    THACKRAY Thomas Son s 19 * finisher Wortley 39a
    THACKRAY Rose A Dau s 17 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39a
    THACKRAY Nancy Dau s 13 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39a
    THACKRAY John W Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 39a
    GLOVER Joseph M lodg s 19 woolen spinner Pudsey 39a
24 New Street PLATTS Jabez Head m 49 painter & Paperhanger Gomersal 39b
    PLATTS Hannah Wife m 46   Buttershaw 39b
    PRIESTLEY Alfred lodg m 46 painter & Paperhanger Horton 39b
25 New Street VERITY Sarah Head w 55   Pudsey 39b
    VERITY James Son s 17 engine tenter Pudsey 39b
    VERITY Hannah Dau s 15 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39b
26 New Street OXLEY Herbert W Head m 30 grocer's ass. Fulneck 39b
    OXLEY Rachel Wife m 31 . Pudsey 39b
    OXLEY Blance Dau   2   Farsley 39b
27 New Street HUGGAN Henry Head m 32 Boot rivetter Pudsey 39b
    HUGGAN Mary Wife m 31 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39b
28 New Street GLOVER Arthur Head m 45 Cloth fuller Pudsey 39b
    GLOVER Sarah A Wife m 36   Pudsey 39b
    HARDAKER? Florence A Dau   14 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39b
    HARDAKER? Edith Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 39b
    GLOVER Percy Son   1   Pudsey 39b
29 New Street KIRK Alfred C Head m 24 boot finisher Leeds 39b
    KIRK Eleanor Wife m 24   Leeds 39b
30 New Street O'NEILL Michael Head m 26 weaving overlooker IRE 39b
    O'NEILL Hannah Wife m 26   Halifax 39b
    O'NEILL Lilly Dau   3 . Halifax 39b
31 New Street KING Hannah M Head m 52   Pudsey 39b
    KING Orvill W Son s 26 shoemaker Pudsey 39b
    KING Jane Dau s 15 Worsted weaver Pudsey 39b
    NAYLOR Sarah A lodg m 48 stocking knitter Pudsey 39b
32 New Street TINKER George Head m 39 Railway drayman LIN Holton le * 39b
    TINKER Francis M Wife m 37   Kirkstall 39b
    TINKER John neph s 17 shoemaker LIN Holton le * 39b
    TINKER George H neph s 13 weft packer LIN Lincoln 39b
    TINKER Samuel H Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 39b
    TINKER Francis Son   4 . Pudsey 39b
    TINKER Cecil Son   1   Pudsey 40a
33 New Street HAINSWORTH Godfrey Head s 28 Piece taker in Pudsey 40a
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth A is s 31   Pudsey 40a
    VERITY Martha A niece s 17 pupil teacher Pudsey 40a
34 New Street LEES Esther Head s 33 Worsted weaver Pudsey 40a
    LEES Abram bro s 30 currier Pudsey 40a
    CARTER Susan Esther niece s 14 Scholar Pudsey 40a
35 New Street JONES Joseph Head m 39 grocer? Wortley 40a
    JONES Martha Wife m 44   Pudsey 40a
    JONES Sarah H Dau s 16 Worsted weaver Pudsey 40a
    JONES Louisa Dau s 14 Scholar Pudsey 40a
    JONES John E Son   12 . Pudsey 40a
    JONES Clara Dau   7   Pudsey 40a
36 New Street RUSSELL Edward Head m 40 unitarian Minister London 40a
    RUSSELL Clara A Wife m 40   London 40a
    RUSSELL Edward J Son s 18 student GLS 40a
    RUSSELL Arthur H Son s 14 pupil teacher Sheffield 40a
    RUSSELL Quenless? Son   8 Scholar WAR Birmingham 40a
    RUSSELL Leonard J Son   6   WAR Birmingham 40a
    RUSSELL Ernest W Son   4   WAR Birmingham 40a
    RUSSELL Clara M Dau   2   ESS West Ham 40a
    MALLETT George neph s 14 Engine fitter's app. London 40a
37 Longfield Cottage PARKER Mary Head w 53 Own Means Pudsey 40a
    PARKER Harry Son s 23 Violin Teacher Pudsey 40a
    PARKER Henrietta Dau s 19 Piano Teacher Pudsey 40a
38 New Street VERITY Sarah Head w 48 Own Means Bradford 40a
    VERITY Margaret Ann Dau s 19 Worsted weaver Pudsey 40a
    VERITY Lilly Dau s 18   Pudsey 40a
    VERITY Willie Son s 15 Scholar Pudsey 40a
    VERITY Annie Dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 40a
    VERITY Elizabeth Dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 40a
39 New Street STANSFIELD William Head m 77 shoemaker Pudsey 40b
    STANSFIELD Dorothy Wife m 72   Pudsey 40b
    STANSFIELD Sarah A Dau s 32 Worsted weaver Pudsey 40b
40 New Street TAYLOR Thomas Head m 31 engine tenter Northallerton 40b
    TAYLOR Sarah A Wife m 30   Stanningley 40b
    TAYLOR Ethel Dau   10 Scholar Farsley 40b
    TAYLOR Adelaide Dau   9 Scholar Farsley 40b
    TAYLOR Maude Dau   7 Scholar Farsley 40b
    TAYLOR Cyril Son   3   Farsley 40b
    TAYLOR Nelly Dau   11m   Pudsey 40b
41 New Street CROWTHER Elizabeth Head w 60   Pudsey 40b
    CROWTHER Frances Dau s 34 Dressmaker Pudsey 40b
    CROWTHER Sabrina Dau s 30 Dressmaker Pudsey 40b
42 South View House MOSS Samuel Head m 46 commision agent Pudsey 40b
    MOSS Ann Wife m 40   Dewsbury 40b
    MOSS Charles Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    MOSS Inf. (Frances Beatrice) Dau   2d   Pudsey 40b
    ASHWORTH Isabella vis m 46   LIN B* 40b
43 New Street JOHNSON George Head m 30 Leather Currier Pudsey 40b
    JOHNSON Alice Wife m 32   Pudsey 40b
    JOHNSON Amy Dau s 13   Pudsey 40b
    JOHNSON Annie Dau   11   Pudsey 40b
    JOHNSON Samuel Son   8   Pudsey 40b
    JOHNSON Ethel Dau   6   Pudsey 40b
    JOHNSON James M Son   4   Pudsey 40b
44 New Street PARKINSON Martha Head w 51 Own Means Pudsey 40b
    PARKINSON John Son s 23 commercial clerk Farsley 40b
    PARKINSON Robert Son s 19 Railway Clerk Farsley 40b
    PARKINSON Benjamin Son s 17 commercial clerk Farsley 40b
    PARKINSON George Son s 15 Leather Worker Pudsey 40b
45 New Street MUNCASTER George H Head m 25 Railway Clerk Harrogate 41a
    MUNCASTER Eliza Wife m 25   Wakefield 41a
    MUNCASTER Maude M Dau   2   East ardsley 41a
    MUNCASTER William H Son   1   East ardsley 41a
46 New Street PLACE George L Head m 27 warehouseman Wakefield 41a
    PLACE Clara Wife m 21   Pudsey 41a
    PLACE Olivina Dau   4   Pudsey 41a
    PLACE Florence A Dau   2   Pudsey 41a
    PLACE no name given (James William) Son   1m? . Pudsey 41a
47 New Street WILCOCK Rodger Head m 50 warp dresser Pudsey 41a
    WILCOCK Clara Wife m 46   Pudsey 41a
    WILCOCK Henry Son s 21 mule spinner Pudsey 41a
    WILCOCK Arthur Son s 17 mill hand Pudsey 41a
    WILCOCK Walker Son s 15 mill hand Pudsey 41a
    WILCOCK Ruth A Dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    WILCOCK Herbert Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    WILCOCK Julius Son   5   Pudsey 41a
48 New Street CRAMPTON Joshua Head m 39 warp dresser Pudsey 41a
    CRAMPTON Ann Wife m 34 woolen weaver Pudsey 41a
    CRAMPTON Edith H Dau   13 Worsted weaver Pudsey 41a
    CRAMPTON Annie Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    CRAMPTON Sarah L Dau   6   Pudsey 41a
49 New Street HUDSON Oliver Head m 49 Grocer & confectioner Pudsey 41a
    HUDSON Sarah Wife m 46   Pudsey 41a
    HUDSON Annie Dau s 28 weaver Pudsey 41a
    HUDSON Elizabeth A Dau s 23 weaver Pudsey 41a
    HUDSON Ernest L Son s 20 warp dresser Pudsey 41a
50 New Street HARGREAVES Fanny Head w 45   Pudsey 41a
    HARGREAVES James Son s 19 Joiner & Cabinet maker Pudsey 41a
    HARGREAVES Helen Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 41a
51 New Street SCARTH John E Head m 34 Plumber Pudsey 41b
    SCARTH Mary Wife m 36   Askham Bryan 41b
    SCARTH John R Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 41b
    SCARTH William Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 41b
    SCARTH Walter Son   2   Pudsey 41b
52 New Street EMSLEY James Head m 61 woolcomber Pudsey 41b
    EMSLEY Sarah E Wife m 60   Pudsey 41b
    EMSLEY Elizabeth Dau   30 woolen weaver Pudsey 41b
53 New Street FEATHER Pickles Head m 28   Haworth 41b
    FEATHER Angelina Wife m 27   Thornton 41b
    FEATHER Gertrude Dau   3   Bradford 41b
54 New Street HARGREAVES Emma Head w 53 laundress London 41b
    HARGREAVES Annie E Dau s 17 pupil teacher Pudsey 41b
    HARGREAVES Marion E H Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 41b
55 New Street BIRKS Frank Head m 30 stone mason Pudsey 41b
    BIRKS Martha Wife m 30   Pudsey 41b
    BIRKS William Son   11   Pudsey 41b
    BIRKS Maude A Dau   9   Pudsey 41b
    BIRKS Samuel H Son   6   Pudsey 41b
56 New Street SWITHENBANK Joseph Head m 62 wool sorter Pudsey 41b
    SWITHENBANK Martha A Wife m 58   Farnley 41b
    SWITHENBANK Harriet Dau s 28 Worsted weaver Pudsey 41b
    SWITHENBANK Sarah E Dau s 25 Fancy Weaver Pudsey 41b
    SWITHENBANK Walker Son s 23 Shoe * Pudsey 41b
    SWITHENBANK Mary E Dau s 18 Dressmaker Pudsey 41b
57 New Street JARVIS Henry T D Head m 44 Signalman LIN Fullington? 41b
    JARVIS Elizabeth Wife m 40   LIN Market D* 41b
    JARVIS William H Son s 20 housepainter & Decorator LIN West D* 41b
    JARVIS Thomas Son s 12 Dressmaker LIN Thingford? 41b
58 New Street WOOD Thomas Head m 28 Mason Builder Pudsey 41b
    WOOD Rebecca Wife m 27   Farsley 41b
    WOOD Clarissa Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    WOOD Lucretia Dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    WOOD Frank W Son   4 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    WOOD Willie Son   1   Pudsey 42a
    WOOD Sarah A Dau   4m   Pudsey 42a
59 New Street WOOD Sarah Head w 62 Own Means Baildon 42a
    WOOD Emily A Dau s 32 Dressmaker Pudsey 42a
    WOOD Hannah E Dau s 27 Dressmaker Pudsey 42a
    WOOD Mary E Dau s 24 Dressmaker Pudsey 42a
    WOOD Maud Dau s 22 Dressmaker Pudsey 42a
    WHITAKER Hannah moth w 85   Baildon 42a
60 New Street HUNTER William L Head m 37 Gen. Practicioner Ireland 42a
    HUNTER Annie E Wife m 37 Scholar Bedale 42a
    HUNTER Annie E Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    HUNTER Nelly H Dau   9   Pudsey 42a
    HUNTER Mary H moth w 57   Ireland 42a
    HUNTER Sydney sis s 22   Ireland 42a
    HUNTER Charles E bro s 18 electrical engineer Ireland 42a
    HASEWINKEL Elizabeth S serv s 20 governess Surinam 42a
    SMYTH James vis s 38 Gen. Practicioner Ireland 42a
    COCKRANCE? Ernest J vis s 19 electrical engineer DEV Crediton 42a
    MANSFIELD Mary serv s 19 Dom Serv Burley 42a
    WHEATLEY Bertha serv s 27 cook Harrogate 42a
61 New Street WEBSTER Herbert Head m 27 yarn salesman Pudsey 42a
    WEBSTER Ann Wife m 26   Pudsey 42a
    WEBSTER Mary E Dau   1   Pudsey 42a
62 New Street ASQUITH Harriet Head s 46 living on own means Pudsey 42a
63 New Street STABLES Sam Head m 43 Cloth Manf. Bramley 42a
    STABLES Anna Wife m 30   Bramley 42a
    STABLES Amy Dau   1   Pudsey 42a
64 New Street STABLES Henry Head m 38 woolen manuf. Bramley 42b
    STABLES Hannah Wife m 39   Pudsey 42b
    STABLES Eva Dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    STABLES Eliza moth w 71   Bramley 42b
65 New Street SUGDEN Eliza Head m 40   Pudsey 42b
    SUGDEN Joseph B Son   13 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    SUGDEN Mable A Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    CHEESBOROUGH Catherine Son   16 Dom Serv Normanton 42b
66 New Street SPENCER Anne Head w 43 Own Means Pudsey 42b
    SPENCER Nancy step dau s 36 Own Means Pudsey 42b
    SPENCER Lilly step dau s 26 School Board teacher Pudsey 42b
    SPENCER Mary Dau s 18 Dressmaker Pudsey 42b
    SPENCER Arthur Son s 16 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    SPENCER Alice Dau   12   Pudsey 42b
    SPENCER Clara Dau   10   Pudsey 42b
    SPENCER Bertha Dau   8   Pudsey 42b
    SPENCER Mabel Dau   4   Pudsey 42b
67 New Street COOPER Ann Head w 44 . Calverley 42b
    COOPER William H Son s 15 unemployed Pudsey 42b
    COOPER Ernest Son   13 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    COOPER Mary A Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    COOPER John Son   6   Pudsey 42b
    WOMERSLEY Rachel moth w 76   Eccleshill 42b
68 New Street WILSON James Head m 69 gardener Pudsey 42b
    WILSON Nancy Wife m 55   Pudsey 42b
    WILSON Arthur H Son s 25 Box Maker Pudsey 42b
    WILSON Annie H Dau s 22 Dressmaker Pudsey 42b
    WILSON Lizzie H Dau s 18   Pudsey 42b
69 New Street BANKS Joseph Head m 35 Cloth Salesman Pudsey 42b
    BANKS Ruth Wife m 36   Windhill 42b
70 New Street WEBSTER Jonathan Head m 66   Pudsey 43a
    WEBSTER Mary Wife m 62   York 43a
71 New Street DANIEL Alfred A Head m 27 gardener Wakefield 43a
    DANIEL Mary E Wife m 25   Alverthorpe 43a
    DANIEL Harriet Son   4   Alverthorpe 43a
    DANIEL Gertrude Dau   1   Alverthorpe 43a
72 Littlemoor Hall HUGGAN Joseph Head m 24 Cloth Manf. Pudsey 43a
    HUGGAN Nancy E Wife m 24   Pudsey 43a
    CROWTHER Emma E aunt s 45 Own Means Bramley 43a
    DEWHIRST Emily serv s 38 Dom Serv Leeds 43a
73 Littlemoor Road HINCHCLIFFE Ann Head w 76 Own Means Pudsey 43a
74 Littlemoor Road CRAMPTON John Head m 45 Grocer & L* Pudsey 43a
    CRAMPTON Sarah E Wife m 45   Pudsey 43a
75 Littlemoor Road RILEY Benjamin Head m 58 wool scourer Bradford 43a
    RILEY Hannah Wife m 58 burler Pudsey 43a
76 Littlemoor Road STOCKS John Head m 54 B* Fulneck 43a
    STOCKS Mary Wife m 54   Queensbury 43a
    STOCKS Sarah E Dau s 19 Worsted weaver Pudsey 43a
    STOCKS William A Son s 18 app. Joiner Pudsey 43a
    STOCKS Joseph Son s 16 * Pudsey 43a
77 Littlemoor Road GILL Charles Head m 37 Cabinet maker Pudsey 43a
    GILL Alice Wife m 38 . Pudsey 43a
    GILL Marsha E Dau s 14 app. Milliner Pudsey 43a
    GILL Annie Dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 43a
    SHAW Elizabeth m in l w 70   Pudsey 43a
78 Littlemoor Road HINCHCLIFFE Benjamin Head m 73 Weaver Pudsey 43a
    HINCHCLIFFE Mary Ann Wife m 73   Pudsey 43a
    HINCHCLIFFE Martha R Dau s 30 Weaver Pudsey 43a
81 Littlemoor Road WILCOX Frederick Head m 43 gardener Knaresborough 43b
    WILCOX Margaret Ann Wife m 43   Grantley 43b
    WILCOX Mary C Dau s 24 Worsted weaver Ripon 43b
    WILCOX Amelia Dau s 16 Worsted weaver Leeds 43b
80 Littlemoor Road PEEL William Head m 27 Ag. Lab. Bradford 43b
    PEEL Maria Wife m 23   Wins* 43b
    PEEL Lilly E Dau   8m . Easingwold 43b
82 Littlemoor Road HINCHCLIFFE Eliza Head w 39   Pudsey 43b
    HINCHCLIFFE James S Son s 16 spinning dept Pudsey 43b
    HINCHCLIFFE Fred S Son s 15 warp dresser Pudsey 43b
    HINCHCLIFFE Samuel Son   13 * Pudsey 43b
    HINCHCLIFFE Henry D Son   12 Scholar Pudsey 43b
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah E Dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 43b
83 Littlemoor Road CRAMPTON Ann Head s 54 burler Pudsey 43b
84 Littlemoor Road WATSON John Head m 28 Boot rivetter Armley 43b
    WATSON Rebecca Wife m 25 Worsted weaver Pudsey 43b
    WATSON Martha Dau   3   Pudsey 43b
85 Lumby Lane DAWSON Sarah A Head w 55   Halifax 43b
    DAWSON Mary S Dau s 27 stuff weaver Idle 43b
    DAWSON Rose A Dau s 24 cloth * Idle 43b
    DAWSON Joseph W Son s 21 woolen weaver Idle 43b
    DAWSON Selena E Dau s 14 Cotton warper Dudley Hill 43b
86 62 Lumby Lane GAUNT William Head m 38 Tanner Journeyman Pudsey 43b
    GAUNT Sarah Wife m 40 Worsted weaver Pudsey 43b
    GAUNT Hubert Horace Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 43b
    GAUNT Eva Dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 43b
87 Lumby Lane EMSLEY Sarah Head w 69   Pudsey 43b
    EMSLEY Annie Dau s 36 Worsted weaver Pudsey 43b
    EMSLEY Joseph gson s 18   Pudsey 43b
88 Lumby Lane LUMBY Joshua Head m 54 living on own means Pudsey 44a
    LUMBY Sarah E Wife m 53   Haworth 44a
89 Lumby Lane BROOK Willam F Head m 37 groom Pudsey 44a
    BROOK Faith Wife m 34   LAN Camforth 44a
    BROOK Matthew H Son   7   Pudsey 44a
    BROOK Mary H Dau   5   Pudsey 44a
90 Lumby Lane LONGSTAFF John Head s 64 woolen weaver Pudsey 44a
    LONGSTAFF Mary Son s 57 Ret. Laundress Pudsey 44a
91 Lumby Lane MIDGLEY Martha Head w 49 . Thornton 44a
    MIDGLEY Annie Dau s 21 Teacher Pudsey 44a
    MIDGLEY John Son s 15 chemist's app. Hull 44a
    KEIGHLEY Elizabeth M vis s 21 Teacher London 44a
92 Lumby Lane MYERS Eva Head w 35 Own Means Pudsey 44a
    MYERS Gertrude Dau s 15 app. Pudsey 44a
    MYERS Hannah Dau   13   Pudsey 44a
    MYERS Hinchcliffe Son   11   Pudsey 44a
    MYERS Sally Dau   7   Pudsey 44a
    MYERS Nancy Dau   5   Pudsey 44a
    HUDSON Annie sis s 29 domestic Pudsey 44a
93 Lumby Lane ELSTUB Robert Head m 57 yeast Dealer Adwalton 44a
    ELSTUB Sarah A Wife m 62 . Farnley 44a
94 Lumby Lane WINDSOR Charles Head m 50 spinner Armley 44a
    WINDSOR Ann Wife m 50   * 44a
    WINDSOR Walter Son s 23 overlooker in mill Leeds 44a
    CLARKE Elizabeth step dau s 25 Weaver Wortley 44a
    CLARKE Sarah step dau s 22 Weaver Wortley 44a
    WINDSOR Frederick Son s 16 mule piecer Rawden 44a
    WINDSOR James R Son s 15 Office Boy Armley 44a
    WINDSOR George A Son s 13 Scholar Armley 44a
95 Lumby Lane SUTCLIFFE John Head w 50 Tanner Journeyman Pudsey 44b
    SUTCLIFFE Harry Son s 22 Basket maker Bramley 44b
    SUTCLIFFE Eliza Dau s 20   Bramley 44b
    SUTCLIFFE Willie Son s 17 Scholar Pudsey 44b
96 Lumby Lane LUMBY William Head m 59   Pudsey 44b
    LUMBY Sarah A Wife m 57 . Pudsey 44b
97 Prospect Place WALTON Mary Head w 68   Pudsey 44b
    RAISTRICK Hannah Dau m 46 Weaver Pudsey 44b
    RAISTRICK Emily gdau s 14 Weaver Pudsey 44b
    RAISTRICK Sarah gdau   11 Spinner Pudsey 44b
98 Prospect Place MARSHALL Fanny Head w 81   Pudsey 44b
    MARSHALL Frances Dau s 50 Charwoman Pudsey 44b
99 Prospect Place ROBINSON George M Head m 62 Platelayer Wortley 44b
    ROBINSON Mary A Wife m 56 * Pudsey 44b
    ROBINSON Margaret sis s 47 * Shipley 44b
100 Prospect Place GRAYSHON Ezra Head m 27 cloth presser Cockersdale 44b
    GRAYSHON Mary Wife m 29 Weaver Pudsey 44b
    GRAYSHON John W Son   8m     44b
101 Alma House GOODALL Eleanor Head w 58 Own Means Leeds 44b
    GOODALL Eliza Dau s 29   Garforth 44b
    GOODALL Clara Dau s 24   Pudsey 44b
    GOODALL Herbert Son s 22 joiner builder Pudsey 44b
    GOODALL Walter Son s 20 * App. Pudsey 44b
    GOODALL Arthur Son s 16 * Pudsey 44b
    CHEESBOROUGH Maria serv s 17 Dom Serv Castleford 44b
102 Alma House PROCTOR William Head w 34 Foreman joiner Meanwood 44b
    PROCTOR Mary moth w 62   Meanwood 44b
    PROCTOR Annie sis s 32 Dressmaker Meanwood 44b
    PROCTOR George bro s 25 Currier Pudsey 44b
    PROCTOR Eliza sis s 22 Dressmaker Pudsey 44b
    PROCTOR Minnie Dau   4 . Pudsey 44b
103 Springfield House CROWTHER Ann Head w 64 Own Means Horsforth 45a
    CROWTHER Sarah Edith Dau s 33 Own Means Pudsey 45a
    CROWTHER Hilda Eva R gdau s 16   Pudsey 45a
    CROWTHER Samuel Herbert gson   12 Scholar Wakefield 45a
104 Cooper Hill RAISTRICK Maria Head s 74 Own Means Pudsey 45a
    RAISTRICK Fanny sis s 66 Own Means Pudsey 45a
    RAISTRICK Joseph sis s 60 Weaver Pudsey 45a
105 Cooper Hill GAUNT William H Head m 35 Rag merchant Pudsey 45a
    GAUNT Elizabeth Wife m 35   Pudsey 45a
    GAUNT Harry W Son   10 . Pudsey 45a
    GAUNT Emily Dau   9   Pudsey 45a
    GAUNT Walter Son   7   Pudsey 45a
    GAUNT Granville Son   5   Pudsey 45a
    GAUNT Mabel Dau   3   Pudsey 45a
    GAUNT Hannah Dau   1   Pudsey 45a
    GAUNT Walter bro s 33 Wool Merchant Pudsey 45a
106 Cooper Hill away on visit              
107 Cooper Hill MANNERS Mary Ann Head w 56   Farnley 45a
    MANNERS Martha Dau s 28 Weaver Farnley 45a
    MANNERS Eliza A Dau s 21 Weaver Farnley 45a
    MANNERS Langley Son s 19 Filler Farnley 45a
    MANNERS Willie Son s 16 Weaver Farnley 45a
108 Springwood house CARR Simeon Head m 60 Own Means Pudsey 45a
    CARR Maria Wife m 53   Pudsey 45a
    CARR Harold Son s 22 solicitor's clerk Pudsey 45a
    CARR Hannah S Dau s 17 Scholar Pudsey 45a
109 Littlemoor Road DRIVER James Head m 52 ret. Groom Pudsey 45a
    DRIVER Hannah Wife m 52   Pudsey 45a
    DRIVER Elizabeth A Dau s 29 app. Teacher Pudsey 45a
    DRIVER Ruth Dau s 28 Dressmaker Pudsey 45b
    DRIVER Edith A Dau s 18 * Pudsey 45b
110 Littlemoor Road HARDAKER Mary Head m 63 Own Means Farnley 45b
111 Littlemoor Road THREAPLETON Sarah A Head s 48 Weaver Pudsey 45b
    WILSON Sophia A sis s 41 burler Pudsey 45b
    HINCHCLIFFE Jonathan uncle s 52 Weaver Pudsey 45b
112 Littlemoor Road WADE? WAKE? William Head s 38 lab. Windhill 45b
    WADE? WAKE? Joseph bro s 28 warp twister Windhill 45b
    WADE? WAKE? Sarah H sis s 25 Dressmaker Windhill 45b
113 Littlemoor Road FAWBERT William Head w 75   Pudsey 45b
    FAWBERT Rachel Dau s 37 drawer Pudsey 45b
114 Littlemoor Road DAVEY George Head m 40 quarryman Bradford 45b
    DAVEY Sarah Wife m 41 Weaver Pudsey 45b
    DAVEY Miles Son s 18 mule piecer Pudsey 45b
    DAVEY Mary H Dau s 14 mule spinner Pudsey 45b
    DAVEY Thomas Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 45b
    DAVEY Albert Son   6 Scholar Pudsey 45b
115 Littlemoor Road PROCTER James H Head w 45 gardener Pudsey 45b
    PROCTER Charles Son s 20 mule piecer Pudsey 45b
    PROCTER William Son s 18 mule piecer Pudsey 45b
    PROCTER Charlotte Dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 45b
    PROCTER Florence Dau   10   Pudsey 45b
    PROCTER Edith Dau   8   Pudsey 45b
116 Littlemoor Road HINCHCLIFFE Allan Head m 37 ironstone miner Bowling 45b
    HINCHCLIFFE Rachel Wife m 37   Pudsey 45b
    HINCHCLIFFE Andrew Son s 16 mule piecer Pudsey 45b
    HINCHCLIFFE Edward Son   10 . Pudsey 45b
    HINCHCLIFFE Harry Son   6   Pudsey 45b
    HINCHCLIFFE Frances A Dau   6m   Pudsey 45b
118 Littlemoor Road JACKSON George Head m 44 plumber Masham 45b
    JACKSON Harriet Wife m 54   sheffield 45b
117 Littlemoor Road SMITHIES George Head m 23 coal leader * 46a
    SMITHIES Emily Wife m 23 Worsted weaver * 46a
    SMITHIES Mary E Dau   3   * 46a
119 Littlemoor Road LANGLEY John Head s 48 * lab. Pudsey 46a
120 Littlemoor Road SWAINE Elijah Head m 28 ironstone miner Pudsey 46a
    SWAINE Martha E Wife m 29 Worsted weaver Leeds 46a
    SWAINE Mary E Dau   4   Pudsey 46a
121 Littlemoor Road JOHNSON Jane Head s 46 burler Pudsey 46a
    JOHNSON Martha sis s 42 * Pudsey 46a
122 Littlemoor Road SWAINE Enoch Head m 52 ironstone miner C* Slack? 46a
    SWAINE Esther Wife m 62   Oulton 46a
    SWAINE Elizabeth Dau s 19 Weaver Pudsey 46a
123 Littlemoor Road MILLINGAN Richard Head m 31 coal merchant * 46a
    MILLINGAN Miranda Wife m 28   * 46a
    MILLINGAN Ellen A Dau   8   * 46a
    MILLINGAN Emily Dau   6   * 46a
    MILLINGAN Sarah H Dau   4   * 46a
    HELM Ellen m in l w 50   * 46a
124 Railway Hotel CLARKSON James Head m 45 Innkeeper Gomersal 46a
    CLARKSON Emma Wife m 44   Pudsey 46a
    CLARKSON Charles E Son s 21 Cabinet maker Pudsey 46a
    CLARKSON Herbert W Son s 18 wool sorter Bramley 46a
    TAYLOR Mary J serv s 20 Dom Serv Huddersfield 46a
125 Littlemoor Road RALPH Benjamin Head m 46 engineman HAM Portsea 46a
    RALPH Maria Wife m 43 . LIN B* 46a
    RALPH Elizabeth E Dau s 21 Weaver Leeds 46a
    RALPH John W Son s 18 fireman Leeds 46a
    RALPH James Son   13 presser Morley 46a
    RALPH Annie Dau   8   Morley 46a
  Cliffe Mill               46a
126 Littlemoor Road LAWSON William Head m 45 overlooker in mill Sherburn 46b
    LAWSON Mary Wife m 44   Pudsey 46b
    LAWSON S E Dau s 16 Weaver Pudsey 46b
    LAWSON Joseph Son   13 Spinner Pudsey 46b
    LAWSON James W Son   7   Pudsey 46b
127 Littlemoor Road BELLWOOD David Head m 22 overlooker in mill Pudsey 46b
    BELLWOOD Mary Wife m 22   Pudsey 46b
    BELLWOOD Thomas Son   5m   Pudsey 46b
128 Littlemoor Road EMSLEY Joshua Head m 64   Pudsey 46b
    EMSLEY Martha Wife m 57   Pudsey 46b
    EMSLEY Bertha Dau s 27 Dressmaker Pudsey 46b
129 Littlemoor Road LYNCH William Head m 36 * Iron foundry Pudsey 46b
    LYNCH Nancy Wife m 36   Pudsey 46b
    LYNCH Hannah S Dau   1   Pudsey 46b
130 Littlemoor Road ACKROYD William Head m 56 foundry lab. Pudsey 46b
    ACKROYD Mary Wife m 58   Shelf 46b
    ACKROYD Robinson Son s 17 iron Moulder Pudsey 46b
    ACKROYD William Son s 16 foundryman Pudsey 46b
    ACKROYD Ruth Dau   13   Pudsey 46b
    ACKROYD Henry Son   11?   Pudsey 46b
    ACKROYD John E Son   11   Pudsey 46b
131 Littlemoor Road HAINSWORTH George Head m 52 carter Pudsey 46b
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth Wife m 51   Pudsey 46b
    HAINSWORTH William Son s 25 * journeyman Pudsey 46b
    HAINSWORTH George Son   10 Spinner Pudsey 46b
    HAINSWORTH Edith Dau   12 * Pudsey 46b
    HALLIDAY Herbert lodg s 17 Weaver Pudsey 46b
    HALLIDAY Martha H lodg s 23 Weaver Pudsey 46b
    HALLIDAY Lilly lodg s 13   Pudsey 46b
    HALLIDAY Florence A lodg   10   Pudsey 46b
132 42 Littlemoor Road BARKER John Head m 47 Mason's Labourer Pudsey 47a
  Cliffe Terrace BARKER Lucy Wife m 44 Cloth Weaver Brighouse 47a
    BARKER Edwin Jagger Son s 17 Spinner Pudsey 47a
    BARKER Hetty Jagger Dau   12   Pudsey 47a
    BARKER Harry Son   5   Pudsey 47a
133 44 Littlemoor Road SENNETT Mary Head m 37 weaver Bingley 47a
    SENNETT Mary E Dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 47a
    SENNETT James Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 47a
134 46 Littlemoor Road WARD Joseph G Head m 23 * Pudsey 47a
    WARD Mary A Wife m 22   Pudsey 47a
    WARD Beatrice Dau   2   Pudsey 47a
    WARD William Son   11m   Pudsey 47a
135 48 Littlemoor Road JOHNSON William Head m 53 butcher Pudsey 47a
    JOHNSON Jane A Wife m 38   IRL Sligo 47a
    JOHNSON William H Son s 19 printer? Pudsey 47a
    JOHNSON Ben Son s 17 * Pudsey 47a
    JOHNSON Joe Son s 16 millhand Pudsey 47a
    JOHNSON Harry Son   14 millhand Pudsey 47a
    JOHNSON Edwin Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 47a
    JOHNSON Sarah A Dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 47a
136 50 Littlemoor Road LOBLEY Matthew Head w 48 lab. Wortley 47a
137 34 Littlemoor Road SWAIN Joseph Head m 23 Plasterer's Lab. Pudsey 47a
    SWAIN Nelly Wife m 23 Weaver LIN Alford 47a
138 36 Littlemoor Road CHAPMAN Joseph Head m 30 * Pudsey 47a
    CHAPMAN Emma Wife m 36   Winstanley? 47a
    CHAPMAN Alfred Son   11   Pudsey 47a
    CHAPMAN Squire Son   8   Pudsey 47a
    CHAPMAN Edwin Son   5   Pudsey 47a
    CHAPMAN Walter Son   1   Pudsey 47a
139 38 Littlemoor Road MARSHALL Joseph Head m 31 card cleaner Pudsey 47b
    MARSHALL Emma Wife m 35   London 47b
    MARSHALL Florry Dau   12 worsted spinner Pudsey 47b
    MARSHALL Benjamin Son   11   Pudsey 47b
    MARSHALL Sophia Dau   7   Pudsey 47b
    MARSHALL Amy Dau   4   Pudsey 47b
    MARSHALL Leonard Son   2   Pudsey 47b
140 40 Littlemoor Road WARD Squire Head m 33 Leather Cutter Pudsey 47b
    WARD Hannah Wife m 31 Worsted weaver Pudsey 47b
    WARD Florence R Dau   5   Pudsey 47b
141 30 Littlemoor Road PICKLES John Head m 50 weaver Bradford 47b
    PICKLES Jannet Wife m 54 Weaver CUL Carlisle 47b
142 28 Littlemoor Road SENNETT Mary Ann Head w 56 butcher Burley 47b
143 22 Littlemoor Road TEALE John Head m 58 Beerhouse keeper Horsforth 47b
  "Woolpack Inn" TEALE Martha Wife m 56   Horsforth 47b
    REYNOLDS William H lodg m 29 Engine Fitter LEI Melton Mowbray 47b
144 20 Littlemoor Road SHEFFIELD Tom Head m 39 Card Cleaner Pudsey 47b
    SHEFFIELD Rose E Wife m 34   Burley 47b
    SHEFFIELD Martha A Dau s 15 worsted spinner Pudsey 47b
    SHEFFIELD William Son   14 worsted spinner Pudsey 47b
    SHEFFIELD Thomas Son   12 worsted spinner Pudsey 47b
    SHEFFIELD Rachel Dau   4   Pudsey 47b
    SHEFFIELD Eveline Dau   1   Pudsey 47b
145 Littlemoor Road MARSH George Head m 23 * NTT Worksop 47b
    MARSH Mary E Wife m 22 . Pudsey 47b
    MARSH John H Son   11m   Pudsey 47b
146 Littlemoor Road JENNINGS William F Head m 30 grocer Stanningley 48a
    JENNINGS Hannah Wife m 28   Pudsey 48a
    JENNINGS Annie Dau   4   Pudsey 48a
    JENNINGS Joe N Son   1   Pudsey 48a
147 Littlemoor Road CRAVEN Thomas Head m 54 quarryman Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN Mary Wife m 49   Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN Joshua Son m 29 stone mason Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN Joseph Son s 25 Boot rivetter Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN George Son s 21 Cloth Miller Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN Walter Son s 20 Grinder Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN Thomas Son s 18 Cartman Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN Sarah E Dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN Thomas H gson   9 csh Pudsey 48a
    CRAVEN Ernest gson   6 Scholar Pudsey 48a
148 Littlemoor Road PEARSON Mary A Head w 68   Holbeck 48a
    WILSON Elizabeth Dau w 30 Worsted weaver Pudsey 48a
    HALIDAY Elizabeth lodg s 23 burler Pudsey 48a
    HALIDAY Harry lodg   2   Pudsey 48a
149 Littlemoor Road BUSFIELD John W Head m 23 Grinder Stanningley 48a
    BUSFIELD Mary J Wife m 21   Pudsey 48a
    BUSFIELD Lawrance Son   1   Pudsey 48a
150 Littlemoor Road ILLINGWORTH Sarah Head s 20 weaver Pudsey 48a
    ILLINGWORTH Martha Sis s 18 Worsted weaver Pudsey 48a
    ILLINGWORTH Abraham bro s 15 Ass. Grocer Pudsey 48a
    ILLINGWORTH Walter bro   12 millhand Pudsey 48a
151 Littlemoor Road CHAPMAN Elizabeth Head w 56   Wibsey 48a
    CHAPMAN John Son s 26 ironstone miner Pudsey 48a
    CHAPMAN Frances Dau s 21 Worsted weaver Pudsey 48a
    CHAPMAN Lucy Dau s 16   Pudsey 48a
152 Littlemoor Road DICKENSON Sarah Head w 77   Pudsey 48b
153 Littlemoor Road WALTON Mary A Head w 59   Pudsey 48b
154 Littlemoor Road HOLDSWORTH Joseph G Head m 27 deliver of dress goods Pudsey 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Mary E Wife m 22   Thirsk 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Edith E Dau   1   Pudsey 48b
155 Littlemoor Road HOLDSWORTH Henry C Head m 57 warp dresser Farnley 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Sarah A Wife m 53   Pudsey 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Jane Dau s 30 stuff weaver Pudsey 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Mary Dau s 24 Dressmaker Pudsey 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Clara Dau s 22 Worsted weaver Pudsey 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Hannah S Dau s 19 Dressmaker Pudsey 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Arthur Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 48b
    HOLDSWORTH Frances Sis s 54 living on own means Pudsey 48b
  Greenside Station               48b
156 Station House FELL George H Head m 31 Station master Knottingley 48b
  New Street FELL Laura Wife m 31   L* B* 48b
    FELL Harriet Dau   6   DBY Derby 48b
    FELL Mary L Dau   4   NTT Tuxford 48b
    MOLTON Emma serv s 18 nurse DUR darlington 48b
    POLHURST Adolphus H vis s 28 Student of Theology AUS Melbourne 48b