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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED14



Piece RG12/3657, Enumeration District 14, Folios 64 - 72, Enumerator: Jonathan Stead Glover

Comprising Bankhouse Lane from above Chapel Burial Ground, Height House, Woodhouse View, Hillthorpe, Mill Hill and Bankhouse Hill, Nesbit House and Cottages, the whole of Fulneck including the two boarding School institutions male and female containing in each some 50 or 60 pupils taking in also Dyehouse Lane.


1 Mill Hill HINCHCLIFFE Arthur head m 27 Warp Dresser Pudsey 64a
    HINCHCLIFFE Janet wife m 22 Worsted Weaver Yeadon 64a
2 Mill Hill OATES Annie head s 28 Dressmaker Fulneck 64a
    OATES Mabel dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 64a
3 Mill Hill SWITHENBANK James head m 31 Coal Miner Rodley 64a
    SWITHENBANK Jane wife m 31   Pudsey 64a
    SWITHENBANK Willie son   5 Scholar Pudsey 64a
    SWITHENBANK Fred son   2   Pudsey 64a
    SWITHENBANK Benjamin son   1   Pudsey 64a
4 Mill Hill WEBSTER James head m 38 Deputy Iron stone Miner Pudsey 64a
    WEBSTER Mary A wife m 35   Thorne 64a
    WEBSTER Emma A dau   12 Scholar Thorne 64a
    WEBSTER James William son   6 Scholar Tong 64a
5 Mill Hill CLAYTON Elizabeth head w 54   Pudsey 64a
    CLAYTON John son s 26 Designer wool & cotton goods Pudsey 64a
    CLAYTON Charlotte Ann dau s 17   Pudsey 64a
6 Mill Hill SHAW James head wr 72 living on own means Pudsey 64a
7 Mill Hill PICKARD John head m 52 Ironstone Miner Knaresborough? 64a
    PICKARD Jane wife m 52   Br*tton 64a
    PICKARD Emma dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Br*tton 64a
    PICKARD Annie dau   15 Worsted Weaver Br*tton 64a
    PICKARD Jane dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 64a
8 Mill Hill BUSFIELD Joseph Henry head m 31 Ironstone Miner Pudsey 64a
    BUSFIELD Annie wife m 31   Pudsey 64a
    BUSFIELD Emma dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 64a
    BUSFIELD Mary Elizabeth G dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 64a
    BUSFIELD Harold Edward son   2   Pudsey 64a
    BUSFIELD Eliza Ann dau   6m   Pudsey 64a
9 Mill Hill BOYS Fred head   19 Mill Hand Worsted Pudsey 64a
    BOYS Edwin bro   17 Mill Hand Worsted Pudsey 64a
10 Mill Hill LAYCOCK John head m 59 Tailor Rothwell 64b
    LAYCOCK Sarah wife m 56   Silkstone 64b
11 Hillthorpe JONES George A head m 52 Worsted Manuf. Pudsey 64b
    JONES Elizabeth wife m 44   Tong 64b
    JONES Maude Eliz dau s 20   Bradford 64b
    JONES Kate Robinson dau s 19   Pudsey 64b
    JONES Lilian dau s 17   Pudsey 64b
    JONES George Andrew son s 16 Clerk Pudsey 64b
    JONES Ethel Gertrude dau   14 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    JONES Reginald Cecil son   13 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    JONES Blanche Augusta dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    JONES Charlotte Edith dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    JONES Mabel Constance dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    JONES Victoria Bertha dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    JONES Amy Violet dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    JONES Muriel Irene dau   3   Pudsey 64b
    JONES Cyril Gordon son   2   Pudsey 64b
    JONES Frances Hilda dau   1   Pudsey 64b
    RIDDICH Lavinia serv   25 cook Bradford 64b
12 Hillthorpe SAUNDERSON Hannah M serv   21 housemaid Hemsworth 64b
    COOK Ada serv   13 nurse DBY Pilsley 64b
13 Woodland View CORDINGLEY Samuel head m 46 Woolen Manuf. Calverley 64b
    CORDINGLEY Alice wife m 48   Calverley 64b
    CORDINGLEY Ann dau s 24   Calverley 64b
    CORDINGLEY Will son s 22 Woolen Manuf. Calverley 64b
    CORDINGLEY Emily dau   19   Calverley 64b
    CORDINGLEY Pratt son   17 Woolen Manuf. Calverley 64b
14 Heights House MAUDE Robert head s 52 Worsted Stuff & Merchants Clerk York 64b
    MAUDE Hannah M sis s 41 housekeeper Tong 64b
    MAUDE Thomas bro s 37 Worsted Stuff Manuf. Tong 64b
    ATKINSON Catherine A serv s 14 Dom Serv York 64b
15 Bankhouse Lane JACKSON Dan head m 48 Methodist NC Minister LAN Ashton 65a
    JACKSON Sarah Ann wife m 36   LAN Ashton 65a
    JACKSON Henry H son   6   STS Silverdale 65a
    HOLLINGWORTH Mary s in l s 45   LAN Ashton 65a
16 Bankhouse Lane WOOD Harriet head wr 50 Burler Pudsey 65a
17 Bankhouse Lane TURTON Mary Ann head * 59   Pudsey 65a
    TURTON Fred son s 31 Weaving Overlooker Bradford 65a
    TURTON James Hy son s 24 Warehouse Man Bradford 65a
    TURTON Sarah Ann dau s 22 Milliner Bradford 65a
18 Bankhouse Lane SHOOTER Ann head wr 42   LIN *ton L* 65a
    SHOOTER Caroline dau s 20 weaver Ingleton 65a
    SHOOTER Robert son   13   Little Houghton? 65a
    SHOOTER Elijah son   10   Kieghley 65a
    REID John H gson   2   Halifax 65a
    HUGHES Frank lodg s 43 Tunnel miner WLS Montgomery 65a
    NAYLOR Thomas lodg s 26 Stone mason Dewsbury 65a
    SUNFIELD William lodg s 31 Railway Lab Bedford? 65a
    WITTON Samuel lodg s 40 Tunnel miner Shipley 65a
19 Bankhouse Lane DOBSON Ellis head m 22 Railway Engine Driver Brashfield? 65a
    DOBSON Rose H wife m 24   LAN Th*ford 65a
    DOBSON Olive M dau   1   Thornton le * 65a
    NOVEL Hannah E moth m 52     65a
20 Bankhouse Lane ROBBINS Joseph head m 46 Coal Miner HAM Portsmouth 65a
    ROBBINS Mary Ann wife m 38     65a
    ROBBINS Joseph son s 19 Coal Miner Sheffield 65a
    ROBBINS William   s 17 Coal Miner Otley 65a
    ROBBINS Caroline     15   Thornton 65a
    ROBBINS Emma     11   Kieghley 65a
    ROBBINS Thomas     3   Scotland 65a
    ROBBINS Mark     11m   Holmfirth 65a
21 Bankhouse Lane CALVERT John head m 54 Farmer Tadcaster 65b
    CALVERT Rachael wife m 50   Pudsey 65b
22 Bankhouse Lane WEST Ben head s 25 Coal Miner Pudsey 65b
    WEST Mathew bro s 23 Woolsorter Pudsey 65b
    WEST Charlotte J sis s 32 Worsted Winder Pudsey 65b
    WEST Alice Ann niece   12 Scholar Pudsey 65b
23 Bankhouse Lane WEST John H head m 48 Woolsorter Dudley Hill 65b
    WEST Jane wife m 39   Pudsey 65b
    WEST Charles L V son s 16 Shoemaker Fagley 65b
    WEST Kate Evelyn dau   15 Scholar Pudsey 65b
    WEST Albert Harewood son   12 Scholar Pudsey 65b
    WEST Frances Helena dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 65b
    WEST Joseph Gaunt son   7 Scholar Pudsey 65b
24 Bankhouse Lane HARRIS Sarah head m 69   Wales 65b
    HARRIS Sarah dau s 24 Worsted Winder Kent 65b
    HARRIS Elizabeth dau m 22   LAN Saddleworth 65b
    HARRIS Charlie gson   3   Huddersfield 65b
    HARRIS Nellie gdau   8m   Pudsey 65b
25 Bankhouse Inn ATKINSON William head m 27 Publican T*holm 65b
    ATKINSON Ada wife m 27   Todmorden 65b
    ATKINSON Percy son   3   Denholm 65b
26 Bankhouse Lane WILSON William head m 35 Tunnel miner London 65b
    WILSON Rispah wife m 35   Yeadon 65b
    WILSON John William son   14   Clayton 65b
    WILSON George Henry son   13 Coal hurrier Clayton 65b
    WILSON Albert son   11 Scholar Cross Roads 65b
    WILSON Freddy son   9 Scholar Thornton 65b
    WILSON Dennis son   7 Scholar Cullingworth 65b
    WILSON Oliver son   5   Huddersfield 65b
    WILSON Rispah dau   1   Yeadon 65b
27 Bankhouse Lane DICKINSON William head m 24 Clay Miner Pudsey 66a
    DICKINSON Sarah wife m 24   Farsley 66a
    DICKINSON Herbert son   4   Farsley 66a
    DICKINSON Maud dau   2   Stanningley 66a
    DICKINSON Mary Ann dau   5mth   Pudsey 66a
28 Bankhouse Lane JOWETT Oliver head m 43 Mill Hand Pudsey 66a
    JOWETT Mary Ann wife m 47   Pudsey 66a
    JOWETT William son s 27 Worsted Twister Pudsey 66a
    JOWETT Mary L dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66a
    JOWETT Harriet E dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66a
    JOWETT Emily dau   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 66a
    JOWETT Martha Ann dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 66a
    JOWETT Benjamin son   9 Scholar Pudsey 66a
29 Bankhouse Hill NAYLOR John head m 31 Cobbler NBL 66a
    NAYLOR Annie wife m 28   Pudsey 66a
    NAYLOR Esther dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 66a
    NAYLOR Hilda dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 66a
    NAYLOR Lily dau   4 Scholar Pudsey 66a
    NAYLOR William son   1   Pudsey 66a
30 Bankhouse Hill STEELE Martha R head s 45 Baker Sheffield 66a
    STEELE James Richard neph s 26 Weaving Overlooker Pudsey 66a
31 Bankhouse Hill BROOK Mary head w 46 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 66a
    BROOK Joseph son s 25 House Waller Pudsey 66a
    BROOK Hannah dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66a
    BROOK Elizabeth dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66a
32 Bankhouse Hill STOTT Mark Smith head m 58 Farmer Pudsey 66a
    STOTT Frances wife m 54   Pudsey 66a
    HOLROYD Jane s in l s 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66a
33 Bankhouse Hill HAINSWORTH James head m 52 Waggoner Bingley 66a
    HAINSWORTH Emma wife m 50   Tong 66a
    HAINSWORTH Sam son s 26 Coal Miner Bowling 66a
    HAINSWORTH Fred son s 21 Coal Miner Pudsey 66b
    HAINSWORTH Sarah dau   15   Pudsey 66b
    HAINSWORTH Florrie dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 66b
34 Bankhouse Hill HAINSWORTH Harry head m 23 Coal Miner Bowling 66b
    HAINSWORTH Sarah wife m 22   Tong 66b
    HAINSWORTH Lily dau   7m   Tong 66b
35 Bankhouse Hill RHODES George Wm head m 40 Coal Miner Bowling 66b
    RHODES Ann wife m 36   Pudsey 66b
    RHODES Lewis son s 17 Coal Miner Pudsey 66b
    RHODES Samuel son   14 Coal Miner Pudsey 66b
    RHODES Squire son   10 Scholar Pudsey 66b
    RHODES Marinda dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 66b
    RHODES Harry son   3   Pudsey 66b
36 Bankhouse Hill JOHNSON Samuel head wr 63 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 66b
    JOHNSON Martha dau s 35 Burler Pudsey 66b
37 Bankhouse Hill BOWER John head m 35 Wheelwright Thornton 66b
    BOWER Sarah wife m 30   Clayton 66b
    BOWER Frank son   7 Scholar LAN Liverpool 66b
    BOWER Herbert son   4   Thornton 66b
    BOWER Randolph son   4m   Pudsey 66b
    LONGSON John lodg s 17 Tunnel Lab Middlesborough 66b
38 Bankhouse Hill SUTCLIFFE Squire head m 33 wool comber Pudsey 66b
    SUTCLIFFE Mary E G wife m 27   Pudsey 66b
    SUTCLIFFE Maud Mary dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 66b
    SUTCLIFFE John Harold son   6 Scholar Pudsey 66b
    SUTCLIFFE Arthur son   4 Scholar Pudsey 66b
    SUTCLIFFE Jane E dau   2m   Pudsey 66b
39 Bankhouse Hill STOTT Samuel head wr 75 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 66b
40 Bankhouse Hill SUTCLIFFE Jane head w 67   Drighlington 66b
    SUTCLIFFE Elizabeth dau s 45   Pudsey 66b
    SUTCLIFFE Snowden son wr 43 Coal Miner Pudsey 66b
    SUTCLIFFE Rebecca gdau s 19 Worsted Spinner Adwalton 67a
    BRICKELL Sarah gdau s 18   London? 67a
    RHODES John gson   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 67a
41 Bankhouse Hill CARR Sophia head w 60 living on own means West R*den 67a
42 Bankhouse Hill DAWSON John H head m 49 living on own means Pudsey 67a
    DAWSON Annie wife m 45 living on own means Gargrave 67a
43 Nesbit Hall CLIFF John head wr 58 Ret. Fire Brick merchant Wortley Leeds 67a
    CLIFF David G son s 31 Fire Brick Merchant London Lambeth 67a
    CLIFF Maria dau s 30   London Lambeth 67a
    CLIFF Sarah dau s 23   London Wimbledon 67a
    CLIFF Flora K dau   12   CHS Halton 67a
    FITSPATRICK Mary serv s 26 Dom Serv Ripon 67a
44 Bankhouse Hill BOOTH Alfred head m 45 Farmer & Tanner Pudsey 67a
    BOOTH Elizabeth wife m 42   Askham Bryan 67a
    BOOTH Herbert son   13 Scholar Pudsey 67a
    BOOTH John Wm son   12 Scholar Pudsey 67a
    BOOTH James son   14 Scholar Pudsey 67a
    BOOTH Harold A son   8 Scholar Pudsey 67a
    BOOTH Mabel Alice dau   6   Pudsey 67a
    BOOTH Louis son   3m   Pudsey 67a
    SMITH Sophia serv s 17 Dom Serv NTT Mansfield 67a
    BOOTH Ernest Alfred son   2   Pudsey 67a
45 Bankhouse Hill HARRISON Thomas head m 33 Market gardener CUL R* 67a
    HARRISON Ann wife m 35   SAL *call 67a
    HARRISON Thomas Hy son   3   NBL *how 67a
    HARRISON Elizabeth dau   1   CUL Keswick? 67a
46 Bankhouse Hill RAWBON Richard head m 56 Market gardener WAR Birmingham 67a
    RAWBON Mary wife m 55   Midgley 67a
    BELL Edward lodg m 40 Lab. Market gardener York 67a
47 Bankhouse Hill QUINN Patrick head m 60 Mason Ireland 67b
    QUINN Catherine wife m 62   Ireland 67b
48 Newstead House BURROWS Shadrack head m 42 Metal Broker STS 67b
    BURROWS Hannah wife m 46   Fewston 67b
    BURROWS Harold son   6 Scholar Frizinghall 67b
    BURROWS Mary E dau   5 Scholar Frizinghall 67b
    BURROWS Laurence Victor son   2   Frizinghall 67b
    SMITH Maria serv   14 Gen Serv NTT Mansfield 67b
49 Bankhouse Hill WOOD Frederick head m 40 House Painter GLS Dursley 67b
    WOOD Mary Ann wife m 43   Bradford 67b
    WOOD Barbara dau   14   Bradford 67b
    WOOD Sam son   9 Scholar at Blind School Bradford 67b
    WOOD Thomas R son   3   Bradford 67b
50 Bankhouse Hill GRIMES Robert head m 49 Gen Lab London 67b
    GRIMES Elizabeth wife m 47   Helperby 67b
    GRIMES James son   18 Ag Lab Churwell 67b
    GRIMES Thomas son   16 Ag Lab Wakefield 67b
    GRIMES Percy son   14 Ag Lab Harrogate 67b
    GRIMES Robert son   11 Worsted Bobbin pegger Knaresborough 67b
    GRIMES Harold son   9   Farnham 67b
    GRIMES William son   6   Farnham 67b
    GRIMES Mabel dau   3   Bramley 67b
51 Bankhouse Hill BINNS William head   31 Coal Miner Pudsey 67b
52 Bankhouse Hill SILL Aaron head wr 76 Ret. Farmer WES Kendal 67b
    SILL Hannah wife m 56   Apperley Bridge 67b
53 Bankhouse Hill DUFTON Mary head m 57 Laundress Pudsey 67b
    DUFTON Martha sis s 52 Laundress Pudsey 67b
54 Fulneck OATES Rachael head w 54 living on own means Pudsey 68a
    OATES Charles son s 22 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 68a
    OATES Edgar son   16   Pudsey 68a
    OATES Eveline Amery dau   12 scholar Pudsey 68a
55 Fulneck HUMBERSTONE Earnest A head s 28 book keeper DEV Devonport 68a
    WITTY Sarah Ann serv w 64 housekeeper Pudsey 68a
    WITTY Annie Maud board s 25 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 68a
56 Fulneck OXLEY Alfred head m 28 draper Pudsey 68a
    OXLEY Ann E wife m 23   Beeston? 68a
57 Fulneck MANN Ellen serv s 65 housekeeper K* 68a
58 Fulneck STOTT John head m 33 farm bailiff Hartwith 68a
    STOTT Hannah wife m 35   Pudsey 68a
    STOTT Ellen dau   8   Pudsey 68a
    STOTT Alice dau   6   Pudsey 68a
    STOTT Samuel son   4   Pudsey 68a
    STOTT Annie dau   2   Pudsey 68a
    STOTT Frederick son   6m   Pudsey 68a
59 Fulneck HALL Hannah head s 46 Laundress Pudsey 68a
60 Fulneck WARD John head m 56 Life Insurance Agent Pudsey 68a
    WARD Martha Ann wife m 56   Pudsey 68a
    WARD Caroline M dau s 27 School mistress Pudsey 68a
    WARD Annie Elizabeth dau s 21 Ass. School mistress Pudsey 68a
    WARD Agnes dau   13 (blind from birth) Pudsey 68a
61 Fulneck GLOVER Jonathan Stead head m 41 Grocer's manager Pudsey 68a
    GLOVER Hannah wife m 43   Pudsey 68a
    GLOVER John Wm son   11 scholar Pudsey 68a
    GLOVER Frances Elizabeth dau   9 scholar Pudsey 68a
62 Fulneck HEATH Charlotte E wife m 35 Missionary's Wife Jamaica West Indies 68a
    HEATH Edwin Josh son   10 scholar St J* West Indies 68a
    HEATH Emma G dau   6 scholar Barbados West Indies 68a
    HEATH Herbert William son   4 scholar Barbados West Indies 68a
    CERRIN? Jane serv s 21 Gen Serv LIN Norton 68b
63 Fulneck PROCTOR Benjamin head m 55 life Insurance Collector Pudsey 68b
    PROCTOR Jane wife m 64   Barton 68b
    PROCTOR David son m 30 life Insurance Collector Pudsey 68b
    PROCTOR Elizabeth s in l m 28   LIN Grimsby 68b
    PROCTOR Louis gson   5 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    PROCTOR Eva gdau   5 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    PROCTOR Norman gson   1   Pudsey 68b
    PROCTOR Ethel gdau   1   Pudsey 68b
    MORRIS Eleanor M board s 21 Stuff Weaver LIN Grimsby 68b
    MUMFORD Henry J board s 28 Theology Student Antigua West Indies 68b
64 Dyehouse Lane FIRTH Jonathan E head m 52 Plumber Leeds 68b
    FIRTH Harriet wife m 55   Pudsey 68b
    FIRTH David son s 17 Draper's Ass. Bradford 68b
    FIRTH Jane dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Bradford 68b
65 Dyehouse Lane CARR John head wr 44 Coal Miner Tong 68b
    CARR Joseph John son s 17 Coal Miner Pudsey 68b
    BRIERLEY Marie serv m 37 housekeeper Morley 68b
    BRIERLEY Robert lodg   14   Staincliffe 68b
    BRIERLEY Henry lodg   11 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    BRIERLEY William lodg   8 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    BRIERLEY Annie E lodg   6 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    BRIERLEY Fred lodg   3 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    BRIERLEY Thomas lodg   1   Pudsey 68b
66 Dyehouse Lane CAHILL Daniel head m 60 Gardener's Lab. Ireland 68b
    CAHILL Kate E wife m 50 Charwoman Ireland 68b
    CAHILL Edward son s 19 Mason's Lab Bradford 68b
    CAHILL William son   12 scholar Bradford 68b
    CAHILL Sarah Ann dau   10 scholar Bradford 68b
67 Fulneck TITTERINGTON William head m 44 School Principal Barbados West Indies 69a
  Boys boarding school TITTERINGTON Ellen wife m 45   London Kensington 69a
    TITTERINGTON Hugh son   7   Pudsey 69a
    TITTERINGTON Ellen May dau   4   Pudsey 69a
    TITTERINGTON Guy son   1   Pudsey 69a
    BLANDFORD Henry E visit m 47 Moravian Minister Jamaica West Indies 69a
    WILLEY Robert B board s 22 Singing Master Ireland 69a
    WALDER Harriet visit   20 Student of Classics Jamaica West Indies 69a
    WALDER Earnest visit   18 Student of English Jamaica West Indies 69a
    SCOTT Ellen serv s 18 Dom Serv Richmond YKS 69a
    JONES Ann serv w 46 Cook SAL Elsemere' 69a
    BOWERS Lydia serv s 16 Kitchen Maid Middlesborough 69a
    MITCHELL Martha serv s 40 Matron Ossett 69a
    LILLEY Sarah J serv s 17 Dom Serv LEI Tattershall 69a
    JACKSON Elizabeth serv s 16 Dom Serv Middlesborough 69a
    WATSON Mary Jane serv s 27 Dom Serv Kings Lynn 69a
    BOWEN Mary Alice serv s 27 Nurse Whitby 69a
68 Fulneck ANDREWS Herbert Wm board   14 Scholar London 69a
  Boys boarding school ANDREWS Stanley board   13 Scholar London 69a
    BARLOW J board   14 Scholar GLS King* 69a
    BARLOW Frances board   12 Scholar BEF Putenhall 69a
    BARLOW Stanley board   9 Scholar BEF Putenhall 69a
    BARROW George Hy board   14 Scholar Bradford 69a
    BUTT Walter E board   12 Scholar Cardigan 69a
    BUTT Albert A board   10 Scholar Cardigan 69a
    BROWN Henry W board   11 Scholar Bradford 69a
    CLEMENS Godfrey board   12 Scholar Antigua West Indies 69a
    CLEMENS Erwin board   10 Scholar Antigua West Indies 69a
    DEAN Arthur W board   12 Scholar Batley 69a
    DUCK Henry board   14 Scholar WIL Malmsbury 69a
    EAGLE Earnest E board   13 Scholar Bradford 69a
    EGGLETON Thomas board   15 Scholar Ireland 69a
    EGGLETON Eric board   11 Scholar Ireland 69a
    ELLIOTT John H board   15 Scholar Ireland 69a
    ELLIOTT Cesil board   14 Scholar Ireland 69a
    ELLIOTT Harold board   10 Scholar Wales 69a
    EVANS Ellis T board   12 Scholar Wales 69a
    FRAZER Herbert B board   15 Scholar London 69a
    GOLDMAN John M board   14 Scholar Scotland 69a
    GIBSON Frank board   14 Scholar Pudsey 69a
    GIBSON Albert board   14 Scholar Pudsey 69a
    HAMILTON Charles board   10 Scholar Ireland 69a
    HARRISON Charles T board   14 Scholar Jamaica West Indies 69a
    HEATH George R board   13 Scholar Jamaica West Indies 69a
    HUTTON Samuel K board   13 Scholar Ireland 69a
    HUTTON Arthur board   11 Scholar Ireland 69a
    JAMES Richard board   10 Scholar LAN Manchester 69a
    JAMES George board   9 Scholar Leeds 69a
    JEFFREYS Frederick board   16 Scholar WIL * 69a
    KING Samuel board   15 Scholar Scotland 69a
    KING Leonard h board   15 Scholar SOM Bath 69a
    KIRKLAND William H board   15 Scholar DUR Crook 69a
    KNOWLES Robert B board   15 Scholar LAN Lydisle? 69a
    KNOWLES John board   14 Scholar LAN Lydisle? 69a
    KNOWLES Alfie board   12 Scholar LAN Lydisle? 69a
    LATROBE Henry W board   14 Scholar LAN Oldham 69a
    LEASON George Wm board   15 Scholar India Calcutta 69a
    MARSH William board   15 Scholar KEN Brompton 69a
    MELLOWS? Henry board   17 Scholar GLS Brockwell 69a
    MELLOWS? Randolph board   12 Scholar NTH Woodford 69a
    MELLOWS? Charles H board   9 Scholar NTH Woodford 69a
    MELLOWS? Leonard J board   11 Scholar Sheffield 69a
    MILLER Allen H board   14 Scholar Bradford 69b
    MILLER Edward board   9 Scholar Pudsey 69b
    NOWELL Robert P board   13 Scholar Antigua West Indies 69b
    OGILVIE Henry board   15 Scholar Jamaica West Indies 69b
    OMEROD Reginald board   14 Scholar Raistrick 69b
    ORR Thomas E board   16 Scholar Heckmondwike 69b
    ORR Norman board   10 Scholar Bristol 69b
    ROSS James board   11 Scholar Wakefield 69b
    RYVES James board   16 Scholar France Boulogne 69b
    SMITH Harley B board   13 Scholar Woodlesford 69b
    SHAWE Percy board   14 Scholar BEF Putenhall 69b
    STOTT Henry V board   14 Scholar LAN Oldham 69b
    TAYLOR Warring R board   14 Scholar Gomersal 69b
    THROP George Henry board   12 Scholar Tong 69b
    TITTERINGTON Norman son   8 Scholar DEV Devonport 68b
    WATSON John board   11 Scholar Jamaica West Indies 68b
    WEATHERBURN Percy board   14 Scholar Leeds 68b
    WILSON John H board   15 Scholar Ireland 68b
    WILSON Ronald board   12 Scholar WIL Tytherton? 68b
    WILSON James board   10 Scholar Bradford 68b
    WILSON Wm board   15 Scholar Eccleshill 68b
    DINGEMANS James board s 26 Master of modern Languages Holland 68b
    BASON Charles J board s 21 Master of Music NTH Woodford 68b
    HUTTON Joseph board s 22 Master of History Pudsey 68b
    YOUNGE John A board s 25 Classical Master Isle of Wight 68b
    BATT William board s 24 * Master Antigua 68b
    TYNDALE William board s 27 English Master Hull 68b
    LA TROBE Frederick board s 22 Ass. Classical Master LAN Oldham 68b
69 Fulneck VON SCHENCK Lina head s 45 School Principal Germany Canel? 69a
  Ladies School JAQUEL Bertha   s 45 Teacher London 69a
    SCHUSTER Bertha   s 39 Matron Gemany Hernhart? 69a
    KEAL Rebecca   w 49 Cook LIN Wainfleet 69a
    EDWARDS Rosa   s 17 Kitchen Maid Cawood 69a
    MANN Mary E   s 22 housemaid Guisboro' 69a
    PRIDGEON Florence   s 18 housemaid LIN Boston 69a
    PRIDGEON Mary E   s 24 Pantrymaid LIN Boston 69a
    LANG Charlotte   s 39 Teacher music & language HEF Leominster 69a
    PAYNG Muthilan   s 21 Teacher music SOM Bath 69a
    MARTON Mabel   s 21 Teacher General Wales 69a
    MITCHELL Mary   s 18 living on own means Calcutta 69a
    SCHINCK Amelia   s 24 Teacher Antigua 69a
    MILLARD Alice   s 25 Teacher London 69a
    WINCKLER Margaret   s 20 Teacher Jamaica 69a
    DEARDEN Ellen board   17 scholar Didsbury 69a
    LA TROBE Ethel board   16 scholar Bristol 69a
    IRVING May board   16 scholar HAM Aldershot 69a
    SMITH Margaret board   14 scholar London 69a
    GREY Constance board   16 scholar Calverley 69a
    KELLETT clarica board   14 scholar Calverley 69a
    STOTT Amy board   15 scholar LAN Oldham 69a
    WILLEY Jane board   15 scholar Little Horton 69a
    ORR Jessie board   14 scholar Heckmondwike 69a
    ATKINSON Annie board   14 scholar Shipley 69a
    BARKER Mary board   14 scholar Horsforth 69a
    WENHAM Elizabeth board   16 scholar London 69a
    HOOPER Maud board   15 scholar London 69a
    MITCHELL Emma board   15 scholar Calcutta 69a
    WALDER Annie board   13 scholar Jamaica 69a
    SPINKER Gertrude board   15 scholar Pontefract 69a
    SNEE Dorothy board   13 scholar London 70a
    GARLICK Ethel board   13 scholar DBY Glossop 70a
    SCANDRETT Edith board   14 scholar CHS Dukinfield 70a
    MELLOWS Margaret board   11 scholar NTH Woodford 70a
    SCHICK Mabel board   11 scholar Jamaica 70a
    HODGSON Daisy board   11 scholar Bramley 70a
    HEATH Mary board   8 scholar Barbados West Indies 70a
    STEPHENSON Marie board   13 scholar London 70a
    HUGHES Alicia board   12 scholar Bristol 70a
    FRANCE Evelyne board   11 scholar Dieghton 70a
    STRICKLAND Alice board   12 scholar Thirsk 70a
    SCANDRETH? Kathleen board   12 scholar CHS Dukinfield 70a
    FENTON Alice board   17 scholar Ireland 70a
    STABLES Jane board   17 scholar Horsforth 70a
    EGGLETON Henrietta board   17 scholar Ireland 70a
    BATT Minnie board   16 scholar Antigua 70a
    WARD Gretty board   16 scholar Jamaica 70a
    BARLOW Gertrude board   15 scholar NTH Woodford 70a
    WALDER Alice board   15 scholar Jamaica 70a
    HUTTON Hannah board   15 scholar NTH Priors Marston 70a
    GREENWOOD Gertrude board   16 scholar Goole 70a
    SHAWE Margaret board   14 scholar London 70a
    KIRKLAND Kathleen board   12 scholar HUN Kimbolton 70a
    SCHICK Edith board   10 scholar Jamaica 70a
70 Fulneck BAXTER John head m 64 Moravian Minister BEF Bedford 70a
  Minister's House BAXTER Sarah C wife m 54   London 70a
    RICHARDSON Mary E serv s 39 Gen Serv Pudsey 70a
71 Widow's house WINCUP Nancy head w 59 Gen Serv Wortley 70a
72 Widow's house ZIPPLE Anne head w 58 Missionary's Widow Ireland 70a
    ZIPPLE Charlotte A dau s 30 Teacher British West Indies 70a
73 Widow's house ORR Jessie head w 45 Minister's widow Scotland 70a
74 Widow's house BLANDFORD Mary head w 74 Missionary's Widow Liversedge 70b
75 Widow's house BAMBER? Agnes M head s 27 living on own means HUN Kimbolton 70b
76 Ladies house URQUHART Anne head s 71 living on own means Ireland 70b
77 Ladies house SPENCE Emily head s 48 Governess Jamaica 70b
78 Ladies house WARD Elizabeth head s 61 Bread Baker Pudsey 70b
79 Ladies house TITTERINGTON Henrietta head s 43 Lady Manager Establishment Barbados West Indies 70b
    WESTMORLAND Mary J serv s 24 Gen Serv West Ardsley 70b
    WESTMORLAND Agnes visit s 16 Gen Serv Featherstone 70b
80 Ladies house ESSINGTON Emma head s 68 living on own means WIL Calne 70b
81 Ladies house LAWFORD Emma C head s 46 living on own means Liversedge 70b
82 Ladies house CLOUGH Martha E head s 74 Ret Moravian Labouress Pudsey 70b
83 Ladies house LEATHLEY Elizabeth head w 69 living on own means Pudsey 70b
    BRAY Ann M visit w 63 living on own means Beeston Hill 70b
84 Ladies house CLEMENS Mary head w 69 living on own means LAN Fairfield 70b
    CLEMENS Annie dau s 30 Teacher Baildon 70b
85 Fulneck MITCHELL William M head m 50 Shoemaker Pudsey 70b
    MITCHELL Ada wife m 44   Gomersall 70b
    MITCHELL Thomas Henry son   11 scholar Pudsey 70b
    MITCHELL Herbert Warren son   10 scholar Pudsey 70b
    MITCHELL Clement son   7 scholar Pudsey 70b
    MITCHELL Mary Ethel dau   4 scholar Pudsey 70b
86 Fulneck RILEY Richard head m 62 Market gardener Brotherton 70b
    RILEY Mary Ann wife m 56   SOM Wedmore? 70b
    RILEY Mary Annie dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 70b
    RILEY Randolph son s 21 Market gardener Pudsey 70b
    RILEY Florence dau   12 scholar Pudsey 70b
87 Fulneck HARGREAVES John head m 62 Shoemaker Raistrick 70b
    HARGREAVES Emma wife m 60   Bramley 70b
    HARGREAVES Martha Ann dau s 30 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 70b
    HARGREAVES John Ben son   23 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 70b
    HARGREAVES Earnest son   19 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 70b
    HARGREAVES Frederick son   14 ass Shoemaker Pudsey 71a
88 Fulneck BURROWS John head m 79 living on own means Leeds 71a
    BURROWS Ann wife m 76 living on own means HUN Stow 71a
89 Fulneck SHAW Joseph head m 61 Sexton Pudsey 71a
    SHAW Mary wife m 64 Confectioner Pudsey 71a
    HEAP Sarah Emily niece s 30 School Teacher Pudsey 71a
90 Fulneck BARKER Ralph head m 43 Baker Hampsthwaite 71a
    BARKER Emma wife m 43   Goldsboro' 71a
    BARKER Ralph son   15 Grocer's App. Farsley 71a
    BARKER Frederick son   13 Bag Maker Pudsey 71a
    BARKER Emily dau   12 scholar Pudsey 71a
    BARKER Annie dau   10 scholar Pudsey 71a
    BARKER Louis son   4 scholar Pudsey 71a
91 Fulneck WEBSTER Frances head s 44 Postmistress Pudsey 71a
    WEBSTER Clara L sis s 29 Ass Postmistress Pudsey 71a
    WEBSTER Alfred J cous s 32 living on own means BRK Windsor 71a
92 Fulneck HUDSON Butterworth head m 69 Laundry Man Yeadon 71a
    HUDSON Martha wife m 56 Laundress Adel 71a
93 Fulneck GROVES Henry head m 30 Farmer Leeds 71a
    GROVES Martha E wife m 31   Stockton on Tees 71a
    GROVES Thomas neph   15 Coal Miner Bradford 71a
94 Fulneck RHODES Benjamin head m 43 Coal Miner Bingley 71a
    RHODES Esther B wife m 39   Pudsey 71a
    RHODES Emma dau s 19 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 71a
    RHODES Ruth Ann dau   12 scholar Pudsey 71a
    RHODES Frances Lilian dau   9 scholar Pudsey 71a
    RHODES Herbert Chancellor son   5 scholar Pudsey 71a
    RHODES Henrietta dau   3 scholar Pudsey 71a
    RHODES Charles son   1   Pudsey 71a
95 Fulneck HUTTON Daniel head m 54 Tailor Pudsey 71b
    HUTTON Sarah Emily wife m 51   Pudsey 71b
    HUTTON Caroline dau s 20 Cert. Teacher Pudsey 71b
    HUTTON John Daniel son s 18 Printer Pudsey 71b
    HUTTON Sarah Ellen dau   16 Machinist Pudsey 71b
    HUTTON Rosa dau   14 Scholar Pudsey 71b
    HUTTON Mary Rebecca dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 71b
    HUTTON Charlotte Eliza dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 71b
96 Fulneck BRAMLEY William head m 43 Cab proprietor Knaresborough 71b
    BRAMLEY Sarah Ann dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 71b
    BRAMLEY Hannah M dau   13 Dom Serv Pudsey 71b
    BRAMLEY Emily dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 71b
    BRAMLEY Joseph son   10 Scholar Pudsey 71b
    BRAMLEY Wilfred son   8 Scholar Pudsey 71b
    BRAMLEY Rose dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 71b
    BRAMLEY James Wm son   3 Scholar Pudsey 71b
97 Fulneck SHAW Johanna head w 46 living on own means France 71b
    SHAW Clarence H son   14   LAN Fairfield 71b
98 Fulneck WILSON Charles head s 47 Architect Pudsey 71b
    WILSON Katherine sis s 54 living on own means Pudsey 71b
    HAINSWORTH Emma head w 57 housekeeper Wyke 71b
99 Fulneck WEBSTER Sarah head s 79 living on own means Pudsey 71b
100 Fulneck MITCHELL Edward head m 78 Shoemaker Raistrick 71b
    MITCHELL Grace wife m 74   Pudsey 71b
101 Fulneck SUTCLIFFE Joshua head m 61 Colliery Clerk Pudsey 71b
    SUTCLIFFE Mary wife m 62   Farnley Leeds 71b
102 Fulneck HUTTON Edmond head m 52 Master Joiner Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Eliza wife m 49   Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Benjamin son s 25 Joiner Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON James Fred son s 22 Art Student Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Agnes Eliza dau   13 scholar Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Beatrice dau   9 scholar Pudsey 72a
103 Fulneck RICHARDSON Joseph head m 37 Joiner Gildersome 72a
    RICHARDSON Jane Ann wife m 34   Pudsey 72a
    RICHARDSON William son   9 scholar Pudsey 72a
    RICHARDSON Frederick son   7 scholar Pudsey 72a
    RICHARDSON Richard Ernest son   1   Pudsey 72a
104 Fulneck HALLIDAY James head m 60 Master Tailor Adwalton 72a
    HALLIDAY Annie wife m 62   Scotland 72a
105 Fulneck HAMMERTON Agnes Eliza head s 52 living on own means Pudsey 72a
    HAMMERTON Eleanor J sis s 49 living on own means Pudsey 72a
106 Fulneck HUTTON William head m 45 Mason Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Elizabeth wife m 43   Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Mary dau s 19 Dressmaker Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Samuel son   16 ass. Pupil Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Henry son   14 Mason's Clerk Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Florence dau   11 scholar Pudsey 72a
    HUTTON Louise dau   5   Pudsey 72a