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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED15



Piece RG12/3657, Enumeration District 15, Folios 76a - 87a, Enumerator J W Turner

Comprising the lower part of Fartown from the Tannery Houses on the South side to the top of Fartown of Fartown St on said side taking in Bankhouse Lane to the chapel thenceforward to far end of Greentop and the north side of Fartown St from the bottom to the Regent Hotel inclusive.


1 Fartown SWITHENBANK Benjamin head m 47 * Labourer Pudsey 76a
    SWITHENBANK Elizabeth wife m 49   LIN West Ravendale 76a
    SWITHENBANK Joseph son s 15 Carrier's lab. Pudsey 76a
2 Fartown SWITHENBANK John H head m 27 coal miner Pudsey 76a
    SWITHENBANK Elizabeth wife m 26 worsted weaver Pudsey 76a
    SWITHENBANK Elizabeth Ann dau s 7 scholar Pudsey 76a
3 Fartown WARD Thomas head m 60 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 76a
    WARD Harriet wife m 58   Bowling 76a
    WARD Arthur son s 28 Provision merchant's salesman Pudsey 76a
4 Fartown JOHNSON Frances M head m 29 general carrier Pudsey 76a
    JOHNSON Sarah Ann wife m 31   Pudsey 76a
    JOHNSON Samuel son   1   Pudsey 76a
5 Fartown TURNER Luther head m 25 Worsted weaving overlooker Pudsey 76a
    TURNER Emily wife m 30   Leeds 76a
    TURNER Nellie dau   2   Pudsey 76a
    TURNER Harry son   7m   Pudsey 76a
6 Fartown GAUNT John head m 56 Wool Extractor Pudsey 76a
    GAUNT Emma wife m 56   Pudsey 76a
    GAUNT Rose E dau s 21 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 76a
    GAUNT Lily Ann dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 76a
    GAUNT Joseph E gson   9 scholar Pudsey 76a
    GAUNT Luther gson   6 scholar Pudsey 76a
7 Fartown HUTCHINSON Jane head w 61 charwoman Pudsey 76a
    BUTLER Charles E s in l m 25 Flock maker Pudsey 76a
    BUTLER Mary E dau m 25 worsted drawer Pudsey 76a
8 Fartown BROWN Joseph head m 34 coal miner'e lab. Pudsey 76a
    BROWN Sarah wife m 28   Tong 76a
    BROWN Robert son   6 scholar Pudsey 76a
    BROWN Ann dau   4 scholar Pudsey 76a
    BROWN Mary dau   1   Pudsey 76a
9 Fartown HINCHCLIFFE Hannah head w 48   Pudsey 76b
    HINCHCLIFFE Nellie son s 23 farmer's handler Pudsey 76b
    HINCHCLIFFE Hannah dau s 18   Pudsey 76b
    HINCHCLIFFE Jane E dau   12   Pudsey 76b
    HINCHCLIFFE Florence dau   10   Pudsey 76b
10 Fartown BAKER Charles head m 33 Bricklayer WAR Birmingham 76b
    BAKER Fanny wife m 33   Dewsbury 76b
    BAKER Harry son   12   Dewsbury 76b
    BAKER Mary E dau   1   Dewsbury 76b
    O HARE Pat board s 22 Bricklayer's lab Ireland 76b
11 Fartown SWALLOW Joseph head m 33 Flesher (Leather) Leeds 76b
    SWALLOW Ellen wife m 34   Otley 76b
    SWALLOW Lily Ann dau   7   Pudsey 76b
    SWALLOW William son   6   Pudsey 76b
    SWALLOW Harold son   4   Pudsey 76b
    SWALLOW Herbert son   2   Pudsey 76b
    SWALLOW Mary dau   6m   Pudsey 76b
12 Fartown BINNS Harry head m 32 Gen. Lab. Clayton 76b
    BINNS Grace wife m 29   Keighley 76b
13 Fartown ARUNDALE George head m 35 Stone Mason Pudsey 76b
    ARUNDALE Mary wife m 40   Tong 76b
    ARUNDALE James Wm son   5   Tong 76b
14 Fartown HINCHCLIFFE Edward head wr 67 HLW Weaver Pudsey 76b
    HINCHCLIFFE Catherine dau s 29 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 76b
15 Fartown RAYNER Mary head w 67   Pudsey 76b
    RAYNER John son s 35 Collier Pudsey 76b
    RAYNER William son s 27 Collier Pudsey 76b
    THREAPLETON Edith gdau s 18 worsted drawer Pudsey 76b
16 Fartown MEGERAND Frances head m 58 Stuff merchant Geneva Switz. 77a
    MEGERAND Sarah wife m 58   Pudsey 77a
    MEGERAND Frederick son s 16 worsted weaver Bradford 77a
    CRAWSHAW Jonas s in l m 20 butcher Pudsey 77a
    CRAWSHAW Louise dau m 19   Bradford 77a
17 Fartown BAKER Peter head m 30 Engine driver STS 77a
    BAKER Emily wife m 32   Dewsbury 77a
    BAKER Annie dau   13   Dewsbury 77a
    BAKER Nelly dau   5   Dewsbury 77a
    BAKER Ethel dau   3   LAN Burnley 77a
18 Fartown HORNSBY James head m 26 Railway porter LIN Stamford 77a
    HORNSBY Fannie? wife m 25   LIN Moulton 77a
    HORNSBY James A son   3   LIN Crowland 77a
    HORNSBY Edith dau   1   LIN Crowland 77a
19 Fartown RAYNER Elizabeth head w 58 Burler Pudsey 77a
    SHEARD Charles neph m 25 woolen warper Pudsey 77a
    SHEARD Hannah M niece m 23   Bradford 77a
20 Fartown HARGREAVES Cecil head m 34 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 77a
    HARGREAVES Ann wife m 31 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 77a
    HARGREAVES Edith dau   8   Pudsey 77a
    HARGREAVES Lilian dau   4   Farsley 77a
21 Fartown HINCHLIFFE Joseph head m 35 warp dresser Pudsey 77a
    HINCHLIFFE Jane wife m 30 worsted weaver Crofton 77a
    HINCHLIFFE Louisa dau   11 half time spinner Bingley 77a
    HINCHLIFFE Eliza dau   7   Pudsey 77a
    HINCHLIFFE Annie E dau   5   Pudsey 77a
22 Fartown WOODHEAD John R H head m 24 Greengrocer Pudsey 77a
    WOODHEAD Annie wife m 25   Farsley 77a
    WOODHEAD Letitia dau   1   Pudsey 77a
23 Fartown TWYFORD Allen H head m 37 Stone Mason DBY Matlock 77b
    TWYFORD Nelly wife m 26   Ireland 77b
    TWYFORD Lilian dau   10   Pudsey 77b
    KELLY Thomas lodg s 25 mason Ireland 77b
    AINSWORTH Herbert lodg s 36 Mason's lab. LAN 77b
    GRIFFITHS Charles lodg s 32 mason Wales 77b
    JADGER Walter lodg s 19 Coal Miner Halifax 77b
24 Fartown WOOD John head m 35 Stone Mason Pudsey 77b
    WOOD Martha wife m 32   Pudsey 77b
    WOOD Fanny dau   9   Pudsey 77b
    WOOD George son   7   Pudsey 77b
    WOOD John Clough son   5   Pudsey 77b
    WOOD Amy dau   3   Pudsey 77b
    WOOD Willie son   1   Pudsey 77b
25 Fartown ELLIS Albert head m 31 Postman, assurance agent & local preacher Mapplewell 77b
    ELLIS Kesia wife m 30   Farnley 77b
    ELLIS Herbert son   6   Pudsey 77b
    ELLIS Ernest Wm son   4   Pudsey 77b
26 Fartown RAISTRICK Eliza Ann head s 54 On own means Pudsey 77b
27 Fartown HUDSON Ann head w 54 Burler Pudsey 77b
    HUDSON Grace dau s 20 worsted weaver Pudsey 77b
28 Fartown ELLIS William head m 55 dressmaker Mapplewell 77b
    ELLIS Mary wife m 52   Mapplewell 77b
    ELLIS Wilfred son s 18 Nail maker Mapplewell 77b
29 Fartown DENNISON James head wr 62 teamer Tong 77b
    DENNISON James Arthur son s 21 teamer Tong 77b
    DENNISON Charles Henry son s 18 teamer Tong 77b
    DENNISON George son s 17 coal miner Tong 77b
    DENNISON Thomas son s 16 coal miner Tong 77b
    DENNISON Mary dau   13   Tong 77b
30 Fartown ACKROYD Soloman head m 81 former cloth weaver Pudsey 78a
    ACKROYD Sarah wife m 85   Pudsey 78a
31 Fartown RAISTRICK Samuel G head m 44 farmer Pudsey 78a
    RAISTRICK Martha wife m 42   Pudsey 78a
    RAISTRICK Charley son   23   Pudsey 78a
    RAISTRICK Rhoda dau   10   Pudsey 78a
    RAISTRICK Fred son   6   Pudsey 78a
    VERITY Joseph b in l s 35 joiner Pudsey 78a
32 Fartown ROBERTS Alfted A head m 38 worsted overlooker Pudsey 78a
    ROBERTS Elizabeth wife m 32   Pudsey 78a
    ROBERTS William Farrar son   10   Pudsey 78a
    ROBERTS Mabel Margaret dau   7   Pudsey 78a
    ROBERTS Frank Herbert son   3   Pudsey 78a
33 Regent Hotel SMITH Thomas head m 40 Publican LIN Boston 78a
    SMITH Sarah wife m 36   LIN Boston 78a
    STEEL Jane serv s 20 gen serv LAN Liverpool 78a
34 Fartown GAUNT Charles M head m 36 Tailor Pudsey 78a
    GAUNT Sarah Ann wife m 36   Pudsey 78a
    GAUNT Alice dau   9   Pudsey 78a
    GAUNT Eden dau   7   Pudsey 78a
    GAUNT Charles Herbert son   5   Pudsey 78a
    GAUNT Henry Mathers son   1   Pudsey 78a
    MATHERS Grace m in l w 75 On own means Pudsey 78a
35 Fartown WILLIAMS William head m 45 stone miner Wales 78a
    WILLIAMS Ann wife m 43   DBY Tidswell 78a
    WILLIAMS Jane dau s 15 woolen spinner Dewsbury 78a
    WILLIAMS John son   14 woolen spinner Dewsbury 78a
    WILLIAMS Susannah dau   12   Dewsbury 78a
    GEORGE George board s 20 Gen. Lab. NFK Hapton 78a
36 Fartown RAISTRICK Charles W head m 45 woolen waste dealer & grocer Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Sarah wife m 42   Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK W M son   14 grocer ass. Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK J M son   12   Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Millie dau   12   Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Grace Ann dau   9   Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Arthur son   9   Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Hannah dau   7   Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Sarah Helena dau   7m   Pudsey 78b
37 Fartown FOWLER Martha Ann head w 28 dressmaker Pudsey 78b
    FOWLER Annie L dau   2   Bradford 78b
38 Fartown WARD John head m 54 Night Watchman Pudsey 78b
    WARD Hannah wife m 55   Pudsey 78b
    WARD Joseph son s 19 Cloth Mill Ass. Pudsey 78b
    WARD Harry son s 18 Woolen Warper Pudsey 78b
39 Fartown GAMBLES Hannah head w 61 charwoman Leeds 78b
40 Fartown MANN William head m 37 Millhand Pudsey 78b
    MANN Sarah wife m 33 Burler Pudsey 78b
41 Fartown LEWIS William head m 35 Railway porter SSX Midhurst 78b
    LEWIS Ellen wife m 34   ESS Birch 78b
    LEWIS Mary E dau   6   * Fulbeck 78b
    LEWIS Maye E dau   4   * Fulbeck 78b
42 Fartown HILTON James head m 51 stone miner LAN Birkenhead 78b
    HILTON Kate wife m 49   WOR Kidderminster 78b
43 Fartown BURTON Thomas head m 32 coal miner Pudsey 78b
    BURTON Mary wife m 30 worsted weaver Pudsey 78b
    BURTON Sarah E dau   7   Pudsey 78b
    BURTON Ernest son   4   Pudsey 78b
44 Fartown BURTON Robert head m 58 Mason's lab. B__green 79a
    BURTON Betty wife m 54   Stanningley 79a
    BURTON Caroline dau s 26 worsted weaver Pudsey 79a
    SWALLOW George step son s 23 worsted twister Pudsey 79a
    SWALLOW David s in l s 20 worsted twister Pudsey 79a
    BURTON Albert son s 22 iron miner Pudsey 79a
    BURTON Lewis son s 19 currier Pudsey 79a
    BURTON Charles son   14 worsted slaer Pudsey 79a
    BURTON William son   12 bobbin pegger Pudsey 79a
45 Fartown LEWIS Joseph head m 64 Stone Mason South Wales 79a
    LEWIS Ann wife m 49   South Wales 79a
    LEWIS Oscar Sinclair son s 21 Stone Mason Halifax 79a
    LEWIS Joseph Edmund son   15 stoker Thornton 79a
    LEWIS Henry Ernest son   13   Clayton 79a
    BRADFORD Emma A dau m 28   Wales Swansea 79a
    BRADFORD Beatrice A gdau   9m   Wales Cardiff 79a
46 Fartown TOWNEND William B head m 26 Foreman extractor Conisbro' 79a
    TOWNEND Mary H wife m 25   Pudsey 79a
    TOWNEND Ernest son   1m   Pudsey 79a
47 Fartown SCARTH Joseph E head m 24 Plumber Pudsey 79a
    SCARTH Annice wife m 25   Pudsey 79a
    SCARTH Joseph William son   4   Pudsey 79a
    SCARTH Herbert son   10m   Pudsey 79a
48 Fartown KEMP James head m 41 Hawker Birstall 79a
    KEMP Sarah A wife m 35   LAN Ashton under Lyne 79a
    KEMP Mary E dau   14 worsted weaver Cleckheaton 79a
    KEMP Hilda M S dau   11   Cleckheaton 79a
    KEMP Martha Ann dau   10   Cleckheaton 79a
    KEMP Lily B dau   8   Cleckheaton 79a
    KEMP Harry son   6   Cleckheaton 79a
    KEMP Harvey? son   3   Cleckheaton 79a
    KEMP Nelly dau   2   Cleckheaton 79a
49 Fartown BURTON Harry head m 29 currier Pudsey 79b
    BURTON Harriet wife m 29   Pudsey 79b
    BURTON Martha dau   7   Pudsey 79b
    BURTON Joseph W son   5   Pudsey 79b
    BURTON Emily dau   3   Pudsey 79b
    BURTON Maud dau   1   Pudsey 79b
50 Fartown MORRELL Fred head m 31 Cotton Warp Twister Bowling 79b
    MORRELL Sarah A wife m 30   Bradford 79b
    MORRELL John H son   7   Bradford 79b
51 Fartown MARSHALL William head m 26 Shoemaker Wortley 79b
    MARSHALL Lilley wife m 28 Tailoress Bramley 79b
    MARSHALL Annie M dau   1   Bramley 79b
52 Fartown SCOTT Thomas head m 41 Shoemaker Eccleshill 79b
    SCOTT Jane wife m 44   Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT John W son s 18 Boot finisher Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Luther son s 17 jobber Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Florrie dau   14 weaver Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Arthur son   11   Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Laura dau   8   Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT James son   6   Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Harry son   3   Pudsey 79b
53 Fartown SCOTT Vincent head m 49 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Elizabeth A wife m 41   Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Harry son s 20 twister Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Janet A dau s 18 worsted weaver Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Hannah dau s 16 woolen weaver Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Harold son   13 page boy Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Florence L dau   11   Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Emma dau   8   Pudsey 79b
    SCOTT Herbert V son   4   Pudsey 79b
54 Fartown SCOTT Emanuel head m 29 Woolen warehouseman Pudsey 80a
    SCOTT Annie E wife m 30 worsted weaver Tong 80a
    SCOTT Edith dau   7   Pudsey 80a
55 Fartown BLACKBURN William head m 69 retired tailor Bradford 80a
    BLACKBURN Mary wife m 67   Ossett 80a
56 Fartown SWALLOW Joseph head m 26 Coal miner Pudsey 80a
    SWALLOW Emma wife m 23 worsted weaver Mapplewell 80a
57 Fartown BARNES Walter head m 34 groom SFK Hadleigh 80a
    BARNES Mary Ann wife m 24   DUR South Shields 80a
58 Fartown WOODHEAD William head m 51 Greengrocer Dudley Hill 80a
    WOODHEAD Elizabeth wife m 47   Bradford 80a
    WOODHEAD Alice A dau s 22 weaver Pudsey 80a
    WOODHEAD Henry son s 16 wheelwright's app. Pudsey 80a
    WOODHEAD Emma J dau   13   Pudsey 80a
    WOODHEAD Maria E dau   9   Pudsey 80a
59 Fartown LAWSON Elizabeth head wr 74   Pudsey 80a
    LAWSON Mary dau s 35 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 80a
60 Fartown RAYNER Martha head wr 49 woolen weaver Pudsey 80a
    RAYNER Lotus dau s 30 woolen weaver Pudsey 80a
61 Fartown GREAVES George W head m 25 willeyer cloth mill Pudsey 80a
    GREAVES Clara A wife m 21 Comb minder Pudsey 80a
62 Fartown RICHARDSON Mary head m 46 worsted weaver Pudsey 80a
    RICHARDSON Herbert son s 18 worsted weaver Pudsey 80a
    RICHARDSON William son s 17 worsted weaver Pudsey 80a
63 Fartown WEBSTER Albert head m 25 stone miner Pudsey 80a
    WEBSTER Mary Ann wife m 34 charwoman OXF B*ster 80a
64 Fartown LOBLEY Frank H head m 33 Railway Lab. RUT Barrowden 80b
    LOBLEY Fanny wife m 27   LIN Nocton 80b
    HEADLEY William lodg s 40 Railway Lab. DUR South Shields 80b
    CAMBRY Robert lodg s 28 Railway Lab. GLS Leichdale 80b
    HOPKINS Tom lodg s 25 Railway Lab. WOR Shipston on Stour 80b
    DENT Thomas lodg m 50 Railway Lab. Newcastle 80b
65 Fartown BOOCOCK Samuel head wr 63 woolen beamer Bramley 80b
    BOOCOCK Mary Ann dau s 25 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 80b
    BOOCOCK Esther dau s 15 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 80b
66 Fartown BIRDSELL James head m 69 woolen spinner LAN Honley 80b
    BIRDSELL Margaret wife m 70   Pudsey 80b
    BIRDSELL Elizabeth dau s 29   Pudsey 80b
67 Fartown BROWN George head m 45 navvy LIN Bonley? 80b
    BROWN Mary wife m 39   NTT Newark 80b
68 Fartown CLAYTON Thomas head m 66 former millhand Leeds 80b
    CLAYTON Hannah wife m 55   Pudsey 80b
69 Fartown STANSFIELD Joshua head m 58 spinner Farnley 80b
    STANSFIELD Frances wife m 52 confectioner Hauxwell? 80b
    EMMETT Firth board s 28 carpenter Halifax 80b
70 Fartown HAINSWORTH John head m 37 woolen millhand Pudsey 80b
    HAINSWORTH Jane wife m 35 woolen weaver Calverley 80b
    HAINSWORTH Sowden son   6   Pudsey 80b
71 Fartown STEPHENSON Mary head w 62   Pudsey 80b
    STEPHENSON Susannah dau s 39 worsted weaver Pudsey 80b
    STEPHENSON Esther dau s 34 worsted weaver Pudsey 80b
    STEPHENSON Mary dau s 32 worsted weaver Pudsey 80b
72 Fartown GLOVER Joseph head m 61 wool drayer Wortley 80b
    GLOVER Olive wife m 57   Pudsey 80b
    GLOVER Florry dau s 14 Millhand Pudsey 80b
    HARTLEY Lily lodg   14 Millhand Pudsey 80b
73 Fartown SPENCER John head m 42 woolen spinner Pudsey 81a
    SPENCER Emma wife m 44   Pudsey 81a
    SPENCER Frederick son s 16 Millhand Pudsey 81a
    SPENCER Ann dau   13   Pudsey 81a
    SPENCER Lilly dau   12   Pudsey 81a
    SPENCER James William son   9   Pudsey 81a
74 Fartown NORTON William head m 34 woolen spinner Pudsey 81a
    NORTON Mary wife m 38   Pudsey 81a
    NORTON James H son   12 woolen mill hand Pudsey 81a
    NORTON Elizabeth dau   11   Pudsey 81a
    NORTON Willie son   9   Pudsey 81a
    NORTON Hugh son   7   Pudsey 81a
    NORTON Harry son   2   Pudsey 81a
75 Fartown HINCHLIFFE Joseph head m 45 woolen spinner Pudsey 81a
    HINCHLIFFE Ellen wife m 42   Wyke 81a
    HINCHLIFFE Annie dau s 17 worsted weaver Pudsey 81a
    HINCHLIFFE Walter son   14 woolen piecer Pudsey 81a
    HINCHLIFFE Eva dau   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 81a
    HINCHLIFFE Friend son   9   Pudsey 81a
    HINCHLIFFE Clara dau   6   Pudsey 81a
    HINCHLIFFE John E son   3   Pudsey 81a
76 Fartown GREAVES Edward head m 49 woolen mill hand Pudsey 81a
    GREAVES Elizabeth wife m 48   Pudsey 81a
    GREAVES Isabella dau s 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 81a
    GREAVES Sarah H dau s 19 worsted weaver Pudsey 81a
    GREAVES Fred gson   1   Pudsey 81a
77 Fartown GALLOWAY George head m 60 Woolen Warper Pudsey 81a
    GALLOWAY Nancy wife m 57   Pudsey 81a
    GALLOWAY Agnes dau s 30 Burler Pudsey 81a
78 Fartown HARGREAVES Fountain head m 29 woolen mill hand Pudsey 81b
    HARGREAVES Elizabeth wife m 33   Stanningley 81b
    HARGREAVES Arthur son   7   Stanningley 81b
    HARGREAVES Clarissa dau   2   Pudsey 81b
79 Fartown WATERHOUSE William head m 70 cloth fuller Pudsey 81b
    WATERHOUSE Betty wife m 65   Pudsey 81b
80 Fartown BERRY David head m 31 Millhand Bradford 81b
    BERRY Mary wife m 36   Pudsey 81b
    BERRY Joseph Henry son   3   Pudsey 81b
    BERRY Annie dau   2   Pudsey 81b
    BERRY Clara dau   8m   Pudsey 81b
81 Fartown WILSON Joseph head m 22 Millhand Pudsey 81b
    WILSON Louisa wife m 24   Pudsey 81b
    WILSON Hannah E dau   1   Pudsey 81b
82 Fartown WILKINSON Martha head w 82 On own means Holmfirth 81b
83 Fartown SHARP Samuel head m 20 Boot finisher Pudsey 81b
    SHARP Harriet wife m 18 worsted weaver Wyke 81b
84 Fartown RAYNOR George head m 60 retired tanner Pudsey 81b
    RAYNOR Ellen wife m 53   Pudsey 81b
    RAYNOR Mary dau s 30 worsted weaver Pudsey 81b
    RAYNOR Thomas son wr 28 bootmaker Meanwood 81b
    RAYNOR Judith dau s 25 Worsted Weaver Kirkstall 81b
    RAYNOR Martha dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Halifax 81b
    RAYNOR Margery Eliza dau s 15 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 81b
85 Fartown WHITELEY Ann head w 76 On own means Bramham 81b
86 Fartown VINCENT Tom E head m 36 Labourer Pudsey 81b
    VINCENT Margery wife m 39 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 81b
    VINCENT Judith dau   13 nurse girl Pudsey 81b
    VINCENT Sarah dau   10   Pudsey 81b
    VINCENT William Rycroft son   4   Pudsey 81b
87 Fartown FEARNLEY Mary head w 37 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 82a
    FEARNLEY Thomas son s 17 overlooker's app. Pudsey 82a
88 Fartown HINCHLIFFE Eliza head w 55   Holmfirth 82a
    HINCHLIFFE Arthur son s 19 tanner Pudsey 82a
    GARSIDE Hinchliffe neph   9   Pudsey 82a
89 Fartown CRAVEN John R head m 50 Greengrocer Pudsey 82a
    CRAVEN Mary wife m 49   Pudsey 82a
    CRAVEN Susannah dau s 15 worsted weaver Pudsey 82a
90 Fartown WILSON Christopher head wr 55 coal merchant Pudsey 82a
    WILSON Margaret J dau s 18   Pudsey 82a
    WILSON Frank Herbert L son s 17 app. mechanical eng. Pudsey 82a
    WILSON Charles E son   13   Pudsey 82a
    WILSON Frances sister s 56 On own means Pudsey 82a
91 Fartown BINNS Robert head m 65   Pudsey 82a
    BINNS Ann wife m 65 Stone breaker (!) Pudsey 82a
92 Fartown KITCHEN Edmund C head m 43 Grocer LAN Crompton 82a
    KITCHEN Sarah wife m 43   LAN Crompton 82a
    KITCHEN Samuel G son   12   Bradford 82a
    KITCHEN James A C son   10   Bradford 82a
    KITCHEN Amy K dau   8   Bradford 82a
    KITCHEN Edmund M son   4   Bradford 82a
93 Fartown TOWNEND Ellen head w 56 dressmaker Woodhouse 82a
    TOWNEND Annie E dau s 24 worsted weaver Pudsey 82a
    TOWNEND Richard B son s 22 Labourer Pudsey 82a
94 Fartown DOBSON Thomas W head m 22 stone dresser Pudsey 82a
    DOBSON Jane wife m 22   Pudsey 82a
    DOBSON John fath wr 48 Twine dealer Bramley 82a
95 Fartown GREAVES Edward head m 57 Farmer Pudsey 82b
    GREAVES Nancy wife m 55   Pudsey 82b
    GREAVES Edward J son s 21 currier Pudsey 82b
    GREAVES Mary E dau   13   Pudsey 82b
96 Fartown WILKINSON James head m 52 dyer's lab. Pudsey 82b
    WILKINSON Elizabeth wife m 72   Pudsey 82b
97 Fartown BROADBENT Edwin head m 41 shoemaker Pudsey 82b
    BROADBENT Sarah A wife m 43 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 82b
    FEARNLEY Maria E step dau s 22 worsted weaver Pudsey 82b
    BROADBENT Ruth Ann dau s 17 worsted weaver Pudsey 82b
    BROADBENT Ernest son s 15 worsted weaver Pudsey 82b
    BROADBENT Harry son   13 quarry boy Pudsey 82b
    BROADBENT Tom son   9   Pudsey 82b
    BROADBENT Alfred son   7   Pudsey 82b
    BROADBENT Ned son   5   Pudsey 82b
98 Fartown HALL Sarah Ann head w 49 Glass & China dealer Pudsey 82b
    HALL Matthew H son s 28 Glass & China dealer Pudsey 82b
    HALL Elizabeth dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 82b
    HALL Lavinia dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 82b
    HALL Herbert Arthur son s 17 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 82b
    HALL John Robert son   14 Card * worsted mill Pudsey 82b
    HALL Sarah Emma dau   11   Pudsey 82b
    HALL Annie Louisa dau   8   Pudsey 82b
    LUMBY Elizabeth moth w 84 On own means Pudsey 82b
99 Milner's Fold LUMBY Christopher head m 55 Cart Driver Pudsey 82b
    LUMBY Ann wife m 54   Pudsey 82b
    LUMBY Mary E dau s 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 82b
    LUMBY Emma dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 82b
    LUMBY Louisa dau   12 General Domestic Pudsey 82b
    GAUNT Harriet s in l m 43 Cloth Burler Pudsey 82b
    SUGDEN Mary Sarah lodg s 19   Pudsey 82b
100 Milner's Fold WHITELEY Nancy head w 64 On own means Pudsey 82c
101 Milner's Fold HUSTLER Thos head m 76 retired cloth fuller Pudsey 82c
    HUSTLER Sarah wife m 68   Pudsey 82c
    RANDALL Esther A gdau s 17 worsted weaver Pudsey 82c
    RANDALL Herbert gson   12   Pudsey 82c
102 Milner's Fold FOSTER Mary Ann head s 26 worsted weaver Pudsey 82c
    KING Ann visit s 19 worsted weaver Pudsey 82c
103 Milner's Fold MIDGLEY John head m 78 retired yeast importer Tong 82c
    MIDGLEY Ellen wife m 64   Gawber? 82c
104 Milner's Fold FEARNLEY Thomas head m 63 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 82c
    FEARNLEY Rebecca wife m 64   Pudsey 82c
105 Milner's Fold GILL Robert head m 40 navvy GLS Wooten *dridge 82c
    GILL Emma wife m 31   SOM Wall* 82c
    GILL Julia dau   12   Fewston 82c
    GILL George son   8   Eccup 82c
106 Milner's Fold PRESTON William Glover head m 36 Cotton warp dresser Idle 82c
    PRESTON Ann wife m 37 Woolen Weaver Idle 82c
    PRESTON Mary Ann dau s 17 Woolen Weaver Idle 82c
    PRESTON John Jas son   14 foundry app. Idle 82c
    PRESTON Arthur son   9   Idle 82c
    PRESTON Kate dau   6   Pudsey 82c
107 Milner's Fold ACKROYD Joseph head m 41 Carter Pudsey 82c
    ACKROYD Sarah A wife m 40 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 82c
    ACKROYD Mary Ann dau s 18 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 82c
    ACKROYD Thomas H son s 17 worsted weaver Pudsey 82c
    ACKROYD Alfred son   10   Pudsey 82c
    ACKROYD John son   6   Pudsey 82c
108 Milner's Fold DRIVER Joseph head wr 64 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 82c
109 Milner's Fold HALL Martha head s 41 Burler Pudsey 82d
    HALL Joseph son s 21 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 82d
110 Milner's Fold ROSS Grace Ann head w 44 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 82d
    ROSS Martha A dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 82d
    ROSS Mary E dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 82d
    ROSS Florence Annie dau   11 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 82d
111 Milner's Fold SCOTT Mary Ann head s 20 worsted drawer Pudsey 82d
    SCOTT Albert bro s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 82d
112 Milner's Fold WHITELEY Thomas head m 35 currier Pudsey 82d
    WHITELEY Sophia wife m 33   LAN Liverpool 82d
    WHITELEY Mary A dau   11 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 82d
    WHITELEY Sarah E dau   9   Pudsey 82d
    WHITELEY Ethel dau   6   Pudsey 82d
    WHITELEY Lilian dau   3   Pudsey 82d
    WHITELEY Eva dau   6m   Pudsey 82d
113 Milner's Fold NEWTOWN Mathew head m 51 carpenter DBY Charne 82d
    NEWTOWN Georgina wife m 39   SFK Raydon 82d
    NEWTOWN Dick R son s 19 clerk DBY Barlbrough 82d
    NEWTOWN Ada dau s 17 fancy weaver DBY Charne 82d
    NEWTOWN Fanny dau s 15 fancy weaver DBY Charne 82d
    NEWTOWN Thomas son   13   DBY Barlbrough 82d
    NEWTOWN Frank son   9   LIN Matheringham 82d
    NEWTOWN Florence dau   7   Rushworth 82d
    NEWTOWN James R son   4   Rushworth 82d
114 Milner's Fold ACKROYD Benjamin head m 45 butter factor Pudsey 82d
    ACKROYD Hannah wife m 47   Pudsey 82d
115 Milner's Fold JACKSON Louisa E head s 32 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 82d
    JACKSON Annie sister s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 82d
116 Milner's Fold ARMITAGE William head m 47 woolen spinner Pudsey 83a
    ARMITAGE Sarah A wife m 40 dressmaker Pudsey 83a
    ARMITAGE Joseph son s 17 worsted weaver Pudsey 83a
    ARMITAGE Arthur son   15 woolen dresser Pudsey 83a
    ARMITAGE Florence dau   11 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 83a
    ARMITAGE Hilda dau   3   Pudsey 83a
117 Milner's Fold ROBINSON Hannah head s 46 worsted weaver Pudsey 83a
    ROBINSON Grace sister s 34 worsted weaver Pudsey 83a
    ROBINSON William bro s 27 * machine minder Pudsey 83a
    ROBINSON Nancy sister s 25 worsted weaver Pudsey 83a
    ACKROYD Elizabeth board w 40 worsted weaver Pudsey 83a
    ACKROYD Joseph R board   8   Pudsey 83a
    ACKROYD Arthur board   6   Pudsey 83a
    ACKROYD Naomi board   4   Pudsey 83a
118 Milner's Fold GAMBLES Joseph head m 57 leather currier Pudsey 83a
    GAMBLES Esther wife m 57   Pudsey 83a
    GAMBLES William H son s 30 leather currier Pudsey 83a
    GAMBLES Mary dau s 26 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 83a
    GAMBLES John B son s 20 leather currier Pudsey 83a
    GAMBLES Emma dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 83a
    GAMBLES Ruth Ann dau   13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 83a
119 Fartown CARTER Samuel head m 52 Grocer Pudsey 83a
    CARTER Sarah A wife m 53   Bramhope 83a
    PRIESTLEY Fred G board s 29 Clerk Ovenden 83a
120 Fartown WHITE John head m 30 Carter ESS Leytonstone 83a
    WHITE Margaret A wife m 21   DUR Consett 83a
    WHITE Elizabeth dau   2   ESS Maldon 83a
    HARRIS George lodg s 27 Carter Middlesborough 83a
    BUTTERWORTH George lodg s 21 Carter Meltham 83a
    INGHAM George lodg s 23 Carter RUT Belton 83a
121 Fartown JERMAING Robert head m 28 Foreman NFK Wicklewood 83b
    JERMAING Minnie wife m 22   DUR Consett 83b
    JERMAING Sarah Elizabeth dau   11m   Pudsey 83b
    SMITH Thomas board s 22 stone man LEI Hathan? 83b
    DREW William board s 21 stone man KEN Dover 83b
    TAYLOR George board s 36 stone man GLS Bristol 83b
    THOMPSON Frederick lodg s 45 Carter CAM Reach 83b
122 Fartown FOWLER William head m 43 former mason's lab Pudsey 83b
    FOWLER Martha wife m 44   Pudsey 83b
    FOWLER Annie dau s 19 weaver Pudsey 83b
    FOWLER Mathew son s 17 miner Pudsey 83b
    FOWLER Walter son   15 Buckle maker Pudsey 83b
    FOWLER Brayshaw son   14 worsted weaver Pudsey 83b
    FOWLER Willie son   10   Pudsey 83b
123 Fartown GLOVER William head m 35 Mason's lab. KEN L* 83b
    GLOVER Mary wife m 34   Pudsey 83b
    GLOVER George son   14 coal miner's boy Pudsey 83b
    GLOVER Mary A dau   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 83b
    GLOVER Elizabeth dau   10   Pudsey 83b
    GLOVER Amy dau   6   Pudsey 83b
124 Fartown CROW John head m 37 Railway Navvy Nottingham 83b
    CROW Betty Jane wife m 39   LIN Goulasby? 83b
    CROW George son s 18 Railway Navvy LIN Goulasby? 83b
    CROW Lucy A dau   12   Houldforth 83b
    CROW Thomas W son   10   Cross Roads 83b
    CROW Betsy J dau   8   Cross Roads 83b
    CROW Clark dau   1   New Scarborough 83b
    WILLS Charles board s 21 Railway Navvy SOM Ga*nborough 83b
    SMITH Thomas board s 36 Railway Navvy York 83b
    SMITH William board s 21 Railway Navvy York 83b
125 Fartown INGHAM William H head m 40 Asphalter? Pudsey 84a
    INGHAM Hannah wife m 41   Holbeck 84a
    INGHAM Mary Louisa dau s 18 worsted weaver Pudsey 84a
    INGHAM Sarah Ann dau s 16 worsted weaver Pudsey 84a
    INGHAM Caroline dau   11   Pudsey 84a
    INGHAM Granville son   5   Pudsey 84a
    INGHAM Emily Vina dau   4   Pudsey 84a
    INGHAM Annie Elizabeth dau   9m   Pudsey 84a
126 Fartown HINCHLIFFE John E head s 30 shoemaker Pudsey 84a
127 Fartown BRAITHWAITE Alfred head s 37 warehouseman Pudsey 84a
128 Fartown LAWSON William head m 55 Carter Pudsey 84a
    LAWSON Sarah A wife m 60   Tong 84a
129 Bankhouse Lane STRICKLAND Adam head m 53 retired wollsorter Stanningley 84a
    STRICKLAND Martha wife m 57   Pudsey 84a
130 Bankhouse Lane GAUNT Samuel head m 49 Foundry Labourer Pudsey 84a
    GAUNT Hannah wife m 48   LAN Liverpool 84a
    GAUNT Hannah dau   15 Worsted Spinner LAN Liverpool 84a
    GAUNT Martha A dau   13 Worsted Spinner LAN Earlstown 84a
    LEVAS Jennet niece s 18 Worsted Weaver LAN Earlstown 84a
131 Bankhouse Lane PICKERING John head s 37 Gen Lab (imbecile) Pudsey 84a
132 Bankhouse Lane TOPPIN Richard head m 50 gen Lab LAN 84a
    TOPPIN Mary wife m 60   DOR Blandford 84a
    CHESTERMAN Thomas lodg s 29 gen lab WIL 84a
    FULLER Henry lodg s 21 gen lab YKS 84a
133 Bankhouse Lane WHITLEY Joseph head m 49 woolen cloth spinner Beeston Hill 84a
    WHITLEY Ann wife m 50   Pudsey 84a
    WHITLEY Alice niece   10   LAN St Helens 84a
134 Bankhouse Lane WEBSTER Mary head w 66 Burler Pudsey 84a
135 Bankhouse Lane DUFTON Joseph head s 36 wool sorter Pudsey 84a
136 Bankhouse Lane CLAYTON Thomas H head m 31 tailor Pudsey 84b
    CLAYTON Sarah A wife m 30   Pudsey 84b
    CLAYTON James son   8   Pudsey 84b
137 Bankhouse Lane PARKER Hannah head w 79 retired monthly nurse Stanningley 84b
    PARKER Mary dau s 51 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 84b
138 Fartown HARGREAVES Rhoda head s 44 Burler Pudsey 84b
139 Fartown MANN John E head m 28 worsted overlooker Pudsey 84b
    MANN Amelia wife m 27 worsted weaver Pudsey 84b
140 Fartown HARRISON Adam head m 28 draper's ass. Pudsey 84b
    HARRISON Martha A wife m 29   Pudsey 84b
    HARRISON William son   1   Pudsey 84b
141 Fartown BRAITHWAITE Squire head m 22 leather currier Pudsey 84b
    BRAITHWAITE Ellen wife m 22 worsted weaver Pudsey 84b
    BRAITHWAITE Maud dau   1   Pudsey 84b
142 Fartown WILSON William head m 45 woolen spinner Pudsey 84b
    WILSON Rose wife m 41   Pudsey 84b
    WILSON Rhoda Rebecca dau s 16 worsted weaver Pudsey 84b
    WILSON Willie son   15 woolen piecer Pudsey 84b
    WILSON Rose dau   11   Pudsey 84b
    WILSON Joseph Spencer son   9   Pudsey 84b
143 Fartown ELLIS Edward head m 31 worsted spinning overlooker Halifax 84b
    ELLIS Mary wife m 29   Pudsey 84b
    ELLIS Ethel Ann dau   4   Pudsey 84b
144 Fartown DEWHIRST Nancy head s 62 *rier Shelf 84b
145 Fartown HYLAND Joseph B head m 29 traveller foe B* Pudsey 84b
    HYLAND Ruth wife m 27   Pudsey 84b
    HYLAND John Latimer son   1   Pudsey 84b
    HYLAND Walter son   3m   Pudsey 84b
    PRICE Mary Ann serv s 15 gen. serv. Rothwell Haigh 84b
146 Fartown INGHAM Samuel head wr 83 On own means Pudsey 85a
147 Fartown LAWSON Stephenson head m 29 Painter's lab. Pudsey 85a
    LAWSON Sarah wife m 29 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 85a
    LAWSON Alice dau   5   Pudsey 85a
148 Fartown MOSS Mary head s 41 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 85a
    MOSS Martha sister s 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 85a
149 Fartown GREAVES Harry head m 22 twister Pudsey 85a
    GREAVES Sarah A wife m 23 cotton weaver Leeds 85a
150 Fartown BEAN Eliza head s 29 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 85a
151 Fartown STOTT Ann head w 69   Earlsheaton 85a
    STOTT Mary Ann dau s 28 confectioner Pudsey 85a
152 Fartown GOMERSAL John head m 61 retired joiner Hunsworth 85a
    GOMERSAL Hannah wife m 58   Pudsey 85a
    GOMERSAL Joseph Haley son s 13   Pudsey 85a
    GOMERSAL Esther dau s 22 ass. Dressmaker Pudsey 85a
    GOMERSAL Rose Mary dau s 19 ass. Dressmaker Pudsey 85a
153 Fartown COOPE John J head m 55 Boot & Shoe maker Pudsey 85a
    COOPE Rachel wife m 56   Pudsey 85a
    COOPE Sarah F dau s 32 Cloth weaver Pudsey 85a
    COOPE Anne dau s 27 cloth winder Pudsey 85a
    COOPE Clara dau s 23 worsted weaver Pudsey 85a
    COOPE Florence dau s 21 Cloth weaver Pudsey 85a
    COOPE Rose Hannah dau s 19 gen. serv. Pudsey 85a
    COOPE Harry son   14 cotton twister Pudsey 85a
154 Fartown GAUNT Mary head s 40   Pudsey 85a
    GAUNT Ellen sister s 35 Cloth weaver Pudsey 85a
    GAUNT Amelia niece s 23 Cloth weaver LAN Liverpool 85a
155 Greentop ROSS Stephen Gill head m 66 On own means Gomersal 85b
    ROSS Nancy wife m 66   Pudsey 85b
    FARRER Ann dau w 36 Boot & Shoe machinist Pudsey 85b
    FARRER Rachel gdau   14   Pudsey 85b
    FARRER Fred gson   13 Piece s*ker Pudsey 85b
    FARRER Bertha Ann gdau   11   Pudsey 85b
    FARRER Martha Amelia gdau   8   Pudsey 85b
156 Greentop SUTCLIFFE Charlotte head w 74   *ton 85b
    DALBY Charles Oliver lodg m 36 Night Watchman Pudsey 85b
    KENDALL John lodg s 30 shoemaker Pudsey 85b
157 Greentop ACKROYD John head m 58 Farmer Pudsey 85b
    ACKROYD Hannah wife m 58   Pudsey 85b
    ACKROYD Frances dau s 21 Cloth weaver Pudsey 85b
    ACKROYD Albert son m 32   Pudsey 85b
    ACKROYD Margaret d in l m 25   Leeds 85b
    ACKROYD Luther gson   12   Pudsey 85b
    ACKROYD Annie gdau   1   Pudsey 85b
158 Greentop LUMBY John head m 66 ret. Cloth manufacturer Pudsey 85b
    LUMBY Rose wife m 56   Pudsey 85b
    LUMBY Emily dau   14 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 85b
159 Greentop ARMITAGE John B head m 59 ret. Cloth manufacturer Pudsey 85b
    ARMITAGE Sarah wife m 57   Pudsey 85b
160 Greentop HODGKINS George head m 61 Boot maker IRL Wicklow 85b
    HODGKINS Ann wife m 56   Leeds 85b
    HODGKINS Alma son s 17 woolen spinner Pudsey 85b
    HODGKINS Florence dau s 16 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 85b
    BULLER Ann lodg s 20 worsted spinner Bramley 85b
    BULLER Emily visit s 18 Cloth weaver Bramley 85b
161 Greentop LUMBY Esther head s 37   Pudsey 86a
    LUMBY John bro s 35 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 86a
    LUMBY David bro s 31 woolen beamer Pudsey 86a
    LUMBY Martha sister s 27 Burler Pudsey 86a
162 Greentop RICHARDSON John head m 23 Miner's lab. Coulton 86a
    RICHARDSON Sarah J wife m 25   Farnley 86a
    RICHARDSON Cyril Jagger son   3   Farnley 86a
    RICHARDSON Fanny Gertrude dau   2   Farnley 86a
163 Greentop GALLOWAY John head m 53 Insurance agent Pudsey 86a
    GALLOWAY Mary wife m 52   Pudsey 86a
    GALLOWAY Clara H dau s 30 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 86a
    GALLOWAY Albert E son s 28 Bri* labourer Pudsey 86a
    GALLOWAY William B son m 24 Cloth weaver Pudsey 86a
    GALLOWAY Florence E dau s 14   Pudsey 86a
164 Greentop CLOUGH John Henry head m 42 colliery manager Horton 86a
    CLOUGH Lydia wife m 41   Farnley 86a
    CLOUGH Lou Ann dau s 15 worsted spinner Farnley 86a
    CLOUGH Miranda dau   13 worsted spinner Farnley 86a
    CLOUGH Dan Jagger son   12 worsted spinner half time Farnley 86a
    CLOUGH Horace son   9   Farnley 86a
    CLOUGH Enos son   8   Farnley 86a
165 Greentop RANKIN Mary head s 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 86a
    RANKIN Leah sister s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 86a
166 Greentop WEBSTER Henry head m 60 wool merchant Pudsey 86a
    WEBSTER Maria wife m 57   Pudsey 86a
    COOPE James s in l m 26 gardener Pudsey 86a
    COOPE Emma dau m 23   Pudsey 86a
    COOPE Hettie gdau   2   Middleton 86a
    COOPE Harold gson   1m   Pudsey 86a
167 Greentop WATERHOUSE James H head wr 54 Cattle dealer Pudsey 86a
    WATERHOUSE Sarah dau s 23   Pudsey 86a
168 Greentop WARD John head m 72 Woolen Weaver Stanningley 86b
    WARD Mary wife m 72   Stanningley 86b
    WARD Isaac son s 39 Quarryman Stanningley 86b
169 Albion House CASSON Robert head m 51 draper Pudsey 86b
    CASSON Annie J wife m 51   Bradford 86b
    CASSON Robert L son s 19 civil engineer Bradford 86b
    CASSON John N son s 16 * app. Bradford 86b
    CASSON Frank son   10   Leeds 86b
    DOBSON Eliza A serv s 23 gen. serv. Wakefield 86b
170 Greentop JARMAN Tildon head m 44 Tunnel Miner SSX 86b
    JARMAN Jane wife m 49   BEF Ampthill 86b
    JARMAN Alfred son m 23 Tunnel Miner BEF Ampthill 86b
    JARMAN John son s 19 tunnel lab. Watford 86b
    JARMAN Tildon son   12   NTT 86b
    JARMAN Kate dau   9   BEF Ampthill 86b
    DAVIS Charles lodg s 21 Tunnel Miner WAR Stratford 86b
171 Greentop STEEL Joseph head m 50 brickmaker Wortley 86b
    STEEL Elizabeth wife m 49   Sheffield 86b
    HATON Caroline aunt w 74   Sheffield 86b
172 Greentop WELSH Robert head m 42 woolen dryer Scotland 86b
    WELSH Elizabeth wife m 40   Scotland 86b
173 Greentop TAYLOR Thomas head m 79 Farmer Outwood 86b
    TAYLOR Mary J wife m 51   Eccleshall 86b
    TAYLOR Thomas son s 19 farm lab. Eccleshall 86b
174 Greentop BURGE George head m 42 Foreman excavator SOM Brickmatter? 87a
    BURGE Alice wife m 36   LIN Louth 87a
    BURGE Thomas son   8   LIN Matheringham 87a
    BURGE William son   7   Rushworth 87a
    BURGE Daisy dau   5   Rushworth 87a
    BURGE Mary J dau   4   Rushworth 87a
    BURGE Lizzie dau   2   Halifax 87a
    BURGE James son   1   Halifax 87a
    FAIRHURST Charles b in l s 34 Blacksmith LIN Louth 87a
    HOUGHTON George lodg s 32 Railway Navvy BEF Carrington 87a
    BROWN Henry lodg s 45 Railway Navvy GLS 87a
    SHINKINGS James lodg s 27 Railway Navvy NFK 87a
    TOMLINSON William lodg s 21 Railway Navvy DBY Darby Dale 87a
    SCARBRO Philip lodg m 39 Railway Navvy NTT Bottesford? 87a
175 Greentop GRAY Henry head m 26 Tunnel Miner CUL Cockermouth 87a
    GRAY Hannah wife m 27   NBL Ridsdale 87a
    GRAY Isabella dau   3   CUL Cleator? 87a
    GRAY Hannah M dau   1   CUL Cleator? 87a
176 Fartown WILKINSON Thomas head m 62 Lamplighter Tong 87a
    WILKINSON Sophia wife m 52   Warwick 87a