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Census Index 1891 Pudsey (Richardshaw): ED20



Piece RG12/3658, Enumeration District 20, Folios 21a - 36b, Enumerator Benjamin Dufton

Comprising of the lower portion of Richardshaw Lane beginning at Club Houses and ending at the Sun Inn and including Parkfield Terrace, Saint Paul's Vicarage. Foundry Houses, Park Row, Park Top, and Oxford Place then from Sun Inn forward to Pog Farm including Station Square, Slaters House, Lightfoots Buildings, Turners Fold and taking on all the houses within the limits of Pudsey Township and including also Spring Valley, Traveller's Rest Inn and all the houses up to and including the Draper's Shop occupied by F B Robinson with cottages behind these are on the North side of the Leeds and Bradford Road


1 35 Richardshaw Lane Henry HAGGAS head m 23 Boiler Maker & Iron Ship Builder Thornton 21a
    Mary Hannah HAGGAS wife m 24   Farsley 21a
    John Henry HAGGAS son s 1   Farsley 21a
2 37 Richardshaw Lane Joshua STRICKLAND head m 35 Iron Foundry Moulder Pudsey 21a
    Mary Jane STRICKLAND wife m 34   Doncaster 21a
    Louisa STRICKLAND dau s 12   Pudsey 21a
    Joe STRICKLAND son s 9   Pudsey 21a
    Albert STRICKLAND son s 1   Pudsey 21a
3 39 Richardshaw Lane Benjamin KEIGHLEY head m 62 Plasterer Bramley 21a
    Elizabeth KEIGHLEY wife m 65   DEV Chasford 21a
    David HARTLEY board s 23 Farmer's lab. WES Field? Bank 21a
4 41 Richardshaw Lane Isaiah LUMBY head m 42 General lab. Skipton 21a
    Eliza LUMBY wife m 55   Bagley 21a
    Allison Hainsworth WATERHOUSE gdau s 10 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 21a
5 43 Richardshaw Lane Mary HILL head s 72 Tea Agent DEV South Molton 21a
6 45 Richardshaw Lane Richard WADE head m 49 Tailor Gebdykes Masham 21a
    Barbra WADE wife m 49 Wool Comber Ilton Masham 21a
    Jane WADE dau s 18 Wool Finisher Ilton Masham 21a
    Anne R WADE dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Ilton Masham 21a
    William WADE son s 14 Worsted Spinner Ilton Masham 21a
    Richard WADE son s 12 Worsted Spinner Ilton Masham 21a
    Barbra WADE dau s 9 Scholar Ilton Masham 21a
7 28 Parkfield Terrace John KEIGHLEY head m 55 Cotton Warp Dresser Pudsey 21a
    Mary KEIGHLEY wife m 53   Pudsey 21a
    Clara WARD dau m 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 21a
    Ivy WARD gdau s 2   Pudsey 21a
    Clifford WARD gson s 1   Pudsey 21a
    Ruth FRANCIS board s 18 Dressmaker WIL Westburg Leigh 21a
8 27 Parkfield Terrace Matilda MARSHALL head s 33 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 21a
    Hephzibah MARSHALL dau s 11 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 21a
    Sabina MARSHALL dau s 5   Pudsey 21b
    Hepsibeth RILEY moth w 75 Housekeeper LEI Inkley 21b
    Richard WALKER head W 76 Poultry Dealer Hunsworth 21b
9 26 Parkfield Terrace Joshua ROGERS head m 47 Joiner Bramley 21b
10 25 Parkfield Terrace Sarah ROGERS wife m 45   Sherburn 21b
    John Wm ROGERS son s 22 Machine Planer Pudsey 21b
    Herbert H ROGERS son s 20 Plate Layer Pudsey 21b
    Edith Clara ROGERS dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 21b
    Joseph ROGERS son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 21b
11 24 Parkfield Terrace David RAWNSLEY head m 64 Plumber Manningham 21b
    Anna RAWNSLEY wife m 65   Yarm on Tees 21b
    Sarah RAWNSLEY dau s 25 Worsted Drawer DUR West Hartlepool 21b
    Margaret BINNS dau m 27   DUR West Hartlepool 21b
    Kirk R BINNS gson s 4   LIN Gainsborough 21b
    Sarah Annie BINNS gdau s 1   HUN Somersham 21b
12 23 Parkfield Terrace Walton WARD head m 38 Iron Moulder Bramley 21b
    Hannah M WARD wife m 26   HAM Sheerness 21b
    Ethel Ann WARD dau s 6 Scholar Bramley 21b
    Mary E WARD dau s 1   Farsley 21b
    Joseph DAVEY f in l W 57 Fishmonger Bramley 21b
13 22 Parkfield Terrace Thomas MARRINER head m 51 General lab. Hull 21b
    Betsey MARRINER wife m 52   Bramley 21b
    Eva MARRINER dau s 19 Worsted Twister Pudsey 21b
    Rose MARRINER dau s 18 Spinner Pudsey 21b
    Lilly MARRINER dau s 12 Spinner Pudsey 21b
    Walter COATES s in l m 23 General lab. Acomb 21b
    Blanche COATES dau m 22 Worsted Twister Pudsey 21b
14 21 Parkfield Terrace Thomas WATERS head m 60 Barnstone Miner & Well Sinker Pateley Bridge 21b
    Elizabeth WATERS wife m 54   York 21b
    Michael WATERS son s 17 Barnstone Miner & Well Sinker Dalby 21b
15 20 Parkfield Terrace Judith WHITTAKER head m 48 Seamstress CAM Burns 22a
    Samuel H WHITTAKER son s 23 Shoemaker Calverley 22a
    Thomas H WHITTAKER son s 20 General lab. Calverley 22a
    Ann WHITTAKER dau s 14 Housekeeper Calverley 22a
    Robert R WHITTAKER son s 8 Scholar Calverley 22a
16 19 Parkfield Terrace Rueben HARVEY head W 72 Night Watchman HUN Needingworth 22a
17 18 Parkfield Terrace Ephram LEE head m 29 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 22a
    Emma L LEE wife m 28   Pudsey 22a
    James LEE son s 7 Scholar Bramley 22a
18 17 Parkfield Terrace Richard SHEPHERD head m 48 Worsted Overlooker Pudsey 22a
    Jane SHEPHERD wife m 46   Great Horton 22a
    Frankland SHEPHERD son s 20 Farm lab. Pudsey 22a
    Esther SHEPHERD dau s 18 Worsted Twister Pudsey 22a
    Ann E SHEPHERD dau s 16 Worsted Twister Pudsey 22a
    Mary Jane SHEPHERD dau s 13 Spinner Pudsey 22a
    Lily SHEPHERD dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 22a
    Mary E SHEPHERD dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 22a
    Lawrence SHEPHERD son s 3   Pudsey 22a
19 16 Parkfield Terrace James Henson LODGE head m 27 Foundry lab. Burley in Wharfdale 22a
    Eliza LODGE wife m 37   Holbeck 22a
    Charles DEAN head m 49 Blacksmith Bramley 22a
    Elizabeth DEAN wife m 49   Bramley 22a
    Albert DEAN son s 24 Painter Pudsey 22a
    Harriet DEAN dau s 18 Worsted Drawer New Wortley 22a
21 14 Parkfield Terrace Joseph William HOLLINGS head m 20 Asst Bldg Inspector & Local Preacher Farsley 22a
    Ruth HOLLINGS wife m 32   Farsley 22a
    Clara HOLLINGS dau s 5   Farsley 22a
    Edith HOLLINGS dau s 2   Pudsey 22a
22 13 Parkfield Terrace Abraham GRIMSHAW head m 39 Woolen Cloth Loom Tuner Farsley 22a
    Lucy GRIMSHAW wife m 40   Bradford 22a
23 12 Parkfield Terrace James WALKER head m 28 Poultry Dealer Pudsey 22b
    Miriam WALKER wife m 26   Batley Carr 22b
    John R WALTER son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 22b
24 11 Parkfield Terrace Titus ABBOTT head m 33 Iron Moulder Pudsey 22b
    Annie ABBOTT wife m 27   Pudsey 22b
    Thomas H ABBOTT son s 6 Scholar Armley 22b
    John ABBOTT son s 4   Farsley 22b
    Harry ABBOTT son s 1   Pudsey 22b
25 10 Parkfield Terrace James FIELD head m 25 Tin Trunk Maker Leeds 22b
    Mary E FIELD wife m 24   Pudsey 22b
    George Wm FIELD son s 3   Pudsey 22b
    Joseph FIELD son s 8m   Pudsey 22b
26 9 Parkfield Terrace Hannah Maria FIEFIELD head w 60 Living on Own Means Leeds 22b
    John Wm HEPWORTH s in l m 26 Elementary School Master Leeds 22b
    Ada HEPWORTH dau m 30   Pudsey 22b
28 7 Parkfield Terrace William BARRACLOUGH head m 52 Iron Founder Bramley 22b
    Jane BARRACLOUGH wife m 48   Bramley 22b
    Ada BARRACLOUGH dau s 19 No Occupation Pudsey 22b
    Annie BARRACLOUGH dau s 17 No Occupation Pudsey 22b
    William BARRACLOUGH son s 12 Scholar Pudsey 22b
29 6 Parkfield Terrace Albert RHODES head m 46 Blacksmith & Engineer Gomersal 22b
    Rachel RHODES wife m 46   Gomersal 22b
    Luther RHODES son s 18 Iron Foundry Turner & Fitter Pudsey 22b
    Frances RHODES dau s 17   Pudsey 22b
30 5 Parkfield Terrace John PEARSON head m 57 Police Constable Wrenthorpe 22b
    Sarah Ann PEARSON wife m 56   Morley 22b
31 4 Parkfield Terrace James APPLEYARD head m 29 Size Manufacturer Pudsey 22b
    Frances A APPLEYARD wife m 23   Farsley 22b
    Oliver Wm APPLEYARD son s 9m   Pudsey 22b
    Ellen ASKERN serv s 21 General Domestic serv BDF Stagsdon 22b
32 8 Parkfield Terrace Seth RUSHFORTH head m 41 Stone Dresser Otley 23a
    Jane RUSHFORTH wife m 35   LAN St Helens 23a
    Edith RUSHFORTH dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 23a
    Joseph RUSHFORTH son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 23a
    Fred RUSHFORTH son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 23a
    Maud RUSHFORTH dau s 11m   Pudsey 23a
33 55 Richardshaw Lane Joseph PARKER head m 72 Unemployed Cloth Weaver Pudsey 23a
    Eshter PARKER wife m 71   Bramley 23a
    William CROSSLAND s in l m 34 Wool Sorter Huddersfield 23a
    Sarah Jane CROSSLAND dau m 33   Farsley 23a
    Ada CROSSLAND gdau s 9 Scholar Batley 23a
    Herbert CROSSLAND gson s 6 Scholar Batley 23a
    Ernest CROSSLAND gson s 4   Batley 23a
    Anne CROSSLAND dau s 2   Batley 23a
34 57 Richardshaw Lane Amon WOOD head m 43 Publican Brighouse 23a
    Elizabeth WOOD wife m 42   Bramley 23a
    Harry WOOD son s 16 Printer's app. Bramley 23a
    Bertha WOOD dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 23a
    Thomas PHASEY lodg s 26 Iron Foundry lab. STS Wolverhampton 23a
    Mary Ellen PICKLES serv s 17 General Domestic Dewsbury 23a
35 59 Richardshaw Lane Matthew Gaunt BARRETT head m 53 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bramley 23a
    Sarah Ann BARRETT wife m 59   Bramley 23a
    Harry BARRETT son s 19 Kitchen Range Fitter Pudsey 23a
    William HOLDSWORTH b-in-l s 48   Bramley 23a
36 2 Park Row George Robert SMITH head m 40 House Painter LIN Homeswell 23a
    Frances SMITH wife m 37   Pudsey 23a
    Hannah S SMITH dau s 15   Pudsey 23a
    John W SMITH son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 23a
    Lois Maud SMITH dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 23a
37 4 Park Row Mary Ann FIELDHOUSE head w 58   NTT Nottingham 23a
    Morgan FIELDHOUSE son s 21 Grocer's ass. Eland 23b
    Sarah Gaunt FIELDHOUSE dau s 16 Worsted Comber USA 23b
38 6 Park Row Elizabeth RAYNER head m 64 Living on Own Means Halifax 23b
    Rebecca RAYNER dau m 28 Living on Own Means Pudsey 23b
39 8 Park Row Joseph RAYNER head m 49 Woolen Cloth Weaver Horsforth 23b
    Hannah RAYNER wife m 50   Farsley 23b
    Ann RAYNER dau s 23 Wool Comber Pudsey 23b
    Nancy RAYNER dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 23b
    Florence RAYNER dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 23b
40 10 Park Row Harry WALKER head m 24 Boot & Shoe Rivetter LON Rutland Street 23b
    Rose Emily WALKER wife m 23   BDF Sandy 23b
    Nellie WALKER dau s 2m   Pudsey 23b
41 12 Park Row Rachel GORDON head w 74   Pudsey 23b
    John Mitchell BRAYSHAW s in l m 34 Iron Foundry Mechanic Bramley 23b
    Frances BRAYSHAW dau m 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 23b
? Parkfield Edward Jarratt TYSER head s 37 Vicar of St.Pauls, Pudsey LON Hackney 23b
  [St.Pauls Vicarage] Edward James HILLINGS board W 50 Clerk in Holy Orders GLS Bristol 23b
    Clement Francis ROGERS board s 24 Clerk in Holy Orders OXF 23b
    Elizabeth M A MADDISON serv s 24 Domestic Housekeeper DUR Edgewood 23b
    Rachel AMBLER serv s 16 Domestic Maid Farsley 23b
42 14 Park Row Alfred ILLINGWORTH head m 23 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 23b
    Martha Ann ILLINGWORTH wife m 23   LIN Spalding 23b
43 16 Park Row Harry PARKER head m 29 Joiner Pudsey 23b
    Mary PARKER wife m 30   Pontefract 23b
    Joseph Arthur PARKER son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 23b
    Esther Elizabeth PARKER dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 23b
    Albert PARKER son s 4 Scholar Pudsey 23b
    Allen ENGLAND visitor s 20 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pontefract 23b
44 63 Richardshaw Lane John KEIGHLEY head W 82 Retired Farmer Keighley 23b
45 65 Richardshaw Lane Elizabeth DUFTON head w 66 Living on Own Means Pudsey 23b
    Frances SELWAY dau w 36 Living on Own Means Pudsey 24a
    Harriet DUFTON gdau s 15 Worsted Twister Morley 24a
    William SELWAY gson s 8 Scholar Morley 24a
    Sarah E SELWAY gdau s 6   Morley 24a
    Thomas MASON lodg m 53 Bobbin Turner Ripon 24a
    William DUNCAN lodg s 49 General lab. SCT Forfarshire 24a
    James LEE lodg s 36 General lab. LAN Liverpool 24a
    Thomas INGHAM lodg s 24 General lab. Cleckheaton 24a
    Arthur JAGGER lodg s 17 Iron Foundry Rivet Maker Pudsey 24a
    Thomas MARTONG lodg W 41 Painter's lab. IOM Ramsey 24a
46 64 Richardshaw Lane Sarah NEALE head w 43 Housekeeper Rotherham 24a
    Mary NEALE dau s 20 MillHand Comb Minder Sheffield 24a
    Sarah E NEALE dau s 18 Worsted Spinner Sheffield 24a
    William NEALE son s 13 Bobbin Taker-off Rotherham 24a
    John NEALE son s 11 Worsted Bobbin Layer Ulleskelf 24a
    Annie NEALE dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 24a
47 69 Richardshaw Lane Thomas SIDDALLE head m 47 Drayman Pudsey 24a
    Harriet SIDDALLE wife m 37   Pudsey 24a
    Charles B SIDDALLE son s 17 Iron Foundry Mechanic Leeds 24a
    Eliza Ann SIDDALLE dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Leeds 24a
    Sarah SIDDALLE dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 24a
    Mary Ann SIDDALLE dau s 11 Worsted Spinner Bramley 24a
    Lilly SIDDALLE dau s 9 Scholar Bramley 24a
    Birtie SIDDALLE son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 24a
    Harry SIDDALLE son s 1   Pudsey 24a
48 71 Richardshaw Lane Albert GIBBONS head m 38 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 24a
    Sarah A GIBBONS wife m 34 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 24a
    Harriet E GIBBONS dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 24a
49 73 Richardshaw Lane Martha ELAM head m 46   Kirksmeaton/Kirkheaton ? 24a
    Walter ELAM son s 14 Cloth Finisher Hunslet 24a
    James Henry ELAM son s 9 Scholar Hunslet 24b
    John William CLAYTON son s 23 Cloth Finisher Bradford 24b
50 1 Park Top Joseph CROSSLEY head s 58 Retired Soldier [private] Huddersfield 24b
51 2-3 Park Top Catherine KEIGHLEY head w 71 ? & LodgingHouse Keeper LEI Leicester 24b
  4-5 Park Top Joseph KEIGHLEY son s 41 Retired Mechanic Pudsey 24b
  6 & 24 Park Top Aaron KEIGHLEY board s 57 Retired lab. Keighley 24b
    Smith KEIGHLEY gson s 18 General lab. Pudsey 24b
    Lilly DYSON niece s 18 Grocer's ass. Bradford 24b
    Benjamin CARTER lodg s 57 General lab. Pudsey 24b
    Andrew HALL lodg s 65 Retired Maltster CHS Stockport 24b
    Sarah GAUNT lodg m 54 Retired Weaver Pudsey 24b
    William HAIGH lodg s 50 General lab. Bradford 24b
    John HENRY lodg W 58 General lab. LAN Liverpool 24b
    Densel HODGES lodg s 37 General lab. GLS Gloucester 24b
    John ADER lodg s 52 Retired Miner Pickering 24b
    John HODSON lodg m 47 General lab. Pickering 24b
    Patrick SKHAN? lodg W 50 General lab. IRE Clare 24b
    Margaret SMITH lodg w 54 Small Wares Hawker Hull 24b
    Mary DIXON lodg w 52 Small Wares Hawker IRE Dublin 24b
    Mary CLARK lodg w 65 Small Wares Hawker CAM Cambridge 24b
    Catherine BLOWER lodg w 68 Rag Sorter LAN Staleybridge 24b
52 7 Park Top Martha Ann RILEY head w 38 Housekeeper Huddersfield 24b
    John RILEY son s 18 Foundry lab. LAN Bolton 24b
53 8 Park Top John HAINSWORTH head W 54 Wool Dyer Farsley 24b
    John HAINSWORTH son s 20 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 24b
    Mary HAINSWORTH dau s 17 Domestic Housekeeper Pudsey 24b
    James HAINSWORTH son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 24b
54 9 Park Top Martha Ann GOULD head w 49 Farm lab. WIL Devril 24b
    William L PRESLEY son s 20 Woolen Mill Worker WIL Devril 24b
    Elizabeth A GOULD dau s 14 Woolen Spinner GLS Bristol 24b
    Mercy A GOULD dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 25a
55 10 Park Top Harriet Ann BELL head m 46 Housekeeper Swinfleet, nr Hull 25a
    Emila BELL dau s 27 Woolen Filler Goole 25a
    David Luke BELL son s 12 Scholar LAN Manchester 25a
    James BELL son s 9 Scholar Goole 25a
    Sarah Ann BELL dau s 6 Scholar Bramley 25a
    Harold BELL son s 3   Farsley 25a
56 11 Park Top Arthur KNOWLES head m 24 Blacksmith Striker LAN Manchester 25a
    Annie KNOWLES wife m 21 Housekeeper Keighley 25a
    Sarah Ann KNOWLES dau s 1   Pudsey 25a
    Sarah Ann GILL moth w 60 Living on Charity Pudsey 25a
    Lydia Ann HAINSWORTH lodg s 19 Worsted Twister Pudsey 25a
57 12 Park Top Annie MELLOR head w 56 Umbrella Mender Plymouth 25a
58 13 Park Top Seth ROBINSON head m 41 Plaid Cloth Weaver Calverley 25a
    Martha ROBINSON wife m 41   Headingley 25a
    Florence E ROBINSON dau s 16 Worsted Winder Guiseley 25a
    Sylvia M G ROBINSON dau s 14 Worsted Winder Guiseley 25a
    William ROBINSON son s 12 Scholar Guiseley 25a
    Leslie ROBINSON dau s 9 Scholar LAN Higham 25a
    Sarah ROBINSON dau s 7 Scholar Silsden ? 25a
    Ethel H ROBINSON dau s 5 Scholar Keighley 25a
59 14 Park Top John EATON head m 48 Railway Goods Agent CHS Macclesfield 25a
    Pricilla EATON wife m 42   LAN Manchester 25a
    John Wm EATON son s 20 Railway Clerk Doncaster 25a
    George A EATON son s 17 Railway Porter Doncaster 25a
    Mabel H EATON dau s 12 Scholar Doncaster 25a
60 15 Park Top Ruth YEADON head w 43 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 25a
    Sarah E YEADON dau s 16 Worsted Mender Pudsey 25a
    Fred YEADON son s 14 Iron Rubber ? Pudsey 25a
    Arthur YEADON son s 11 Worsted Doffer Farsley 25a
    Elijah YEADON son s 7 Scholar Bramley 25b
60 16 Park Top Mary Ann GRAINGER head w 53 HouseHolder Pudsey 25b
    Alfred GRAINGER son s 26 Boiler Maker Pudsey 25b
    John BENNETT s in l m 38 Foundry lab. Halifax 25b
    Elizabeth A BENNETT dau m 32   Pudsey 25b
    Phoebe BENNETT gdau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 25b
    Lydia BENNETT gdau s 12   Bramley 25b
    Ruth BENNETT gdau s 10 Scholar Bramley 25b
    John Wm BENNETT gson s 7   Pudsey 25b
    Alfred BENNETT gson s 5   Pudsey 25b
    Sarah H BENNETT gdau s 2   Pudsey 25b
61 17 Park Top Charles LEE head m 41 Boiler Maker Farsley 25b
    Druisilla LEE wife m 41   Bramley 25b
    William LEE son s 15 Moulder's lab. Bramley 25b
    Arthur LEE son s 12 Scholar Pudsey 25b
    Sarah Ann LEE dau s 10 Scholar Farsley 25b
    Lily LEE dau s 7 Scholar Farsley 25b
    Christina LEE dau s 1   Farsley 25b
63 18 Park Top Priscilla LAWTON head w 49   Woodlesford 25b
    Charlotte LAWTON dau s 26 Worsted Drawer Middlesborough 25b
    Priscilla LAWTON dau s 17 Worsted Twister Pudsey 25b
    Sarah Ann LAWTON dau s 15 Worsted Twister Pudsey 25b
    Frances Louisa LAWTON dau s 8 Scholar Bramley 25b
    Arthur Lewis LAWTON gson s 4   Pudsey 25b
64 19 Park Top William FORREST head m 36 Iron Dresser LAN Oldham 25b
    Esther FORREST wife m 30   Pudsey 25b
    Samuel FORREST son s 12 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 25b
    Richard FORREST son s 10 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 25b
    William FORREST dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 25b
    Harry FORREST son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 25b
    James FORREST son s 3   Pudsey 26a
    Herbert FORREST son s 1   Pudsey 26a
65 20 Park Top Bethel BROWN head m 36 Moulder's lab. Sturton 26a
    Hannah M BROWN wife m 36 Housekeeper Sturton 26a
    William BROWN son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 26a
    Austin BROWN son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 26a
    Harriet Ann BROWN dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 26a
    Charlotte Maude BROWN dau s 5 Scholar Farsley 26a
    Josephine Maria BROWN dau s 3   Pudsey 26a
66 21 Park Top John Firth BANKS head m 28 Carter Pudsey 26a
    Sarah Ann BANKS wife m 33 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 26a
    Clara HALL sis s 22 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 26a
67 22 Park Top Samuel FIELDING head m 37 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 26a
    Sarah FIELDING wife m 33   IRE Dublin 26a
    John FIELDING son s 17 Iron Foundry Moulder Pudsey 26a
    Eliza Ann FIELDING dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 26a
    Mary Hannah FIELDING dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 26a
    Joseph FIELDING son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 26a
    Lilly FIELDING dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 26a
    Richard BREEN lodg s 16 Moulder York 26a
68 23 Park Top George BIRCH head m 40 Mason's lab. Leeds 26a
    Harriet BIRCH wife m 50   LEI Leicester 26a
69 1 & 2 Oxford Place Joseph HUTCHINSON head W 70 Grocer Timbel 26a
    Alexander JOHNSTONE board s 21 General lab. Yeadon 26a
70 3 Oxford Place Abraham RICHMOND head W 56   Darlington 26a
    Caroline RICHMOND dau s 15   Pudsey 26a
71 5 Oxford Place William PICKUP head m 46 Blacksmith Striker LAN Blackburn 26a
    Hannah PICKUP wife m 45   Pudsey 26a
    Herbert RHODES son s 16 Spinning Frame Oiler Keighley 26a
    Rachel PICKUP dau s 14 Mill Hand - Worsted Spinner Pudsey 26b
    Rose H RHODES dau s 10   Pudsey 26b
    James Henry PICKUP son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 26b
    Alice PICKUP dau s 1   Pudsey 26b
72 Station Masters House Thomas WALKER head m 62 Retired Station Master LIN Thorpe 26b
    Annie WALKER wife m 60   LIN Founton 26b
    Louisa WALKER dau s 32 Dressmaker NTT Newark 26b
    Adelaide WALKER dau s 19 Dressmaker Bradford 26b
    Ada WALKER gdau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 26b
73 75 Oxford Place Charles Henry HALDON head m 30 General lab. Bramley 26b
    Ellen HALDON wife m 28 Woolen Cloth Burler Pudsey 26b
    Florence A HALDON dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 26b
    Squire HALDON son s 5   Pudsey 26b
    Bertha HALDON dau s 1   Pudsey 26b
74 77 Oxford Place Robert KENDALL head m 45 General lab. Pudsey 26b
75 79 Oxford Place John SEDGWICK head m 24 General lab. Pudsey 26b
    Rebecca SEDGWICK wife m 26   CAM Haddenham 26b
76 81 Oxford Place Samuel COULSON head m 78 Retired lab. Pudsey 26b
    Mary COULSON wife m 60   Apperley Bridge 26b
    Alfred COULSON son m 20 Iron Foundry Moulder Pudsey 26b
    Esther COULSON d in l m 20   Bramley 26b
77 83 Oxford Place James PEARSON head m 65 Living on Own Means Pudsey 26b
    Rachel PEARSON wife m 63   Farsley 26b
    Albert PEARSON son s 22 Blacksmith's Striker Bradford 26b
78 85 Oxford Place John BOOCOCK head m 54 Coal Leader - CartMan Bramley 26b
    Ruth BOOCOCK wife m 54   Bramley 26b
    Joseph BOOCOCK son s 24 Coal Leader - CartMan Bramley 26b
    John BOOCOCK son s 20 Saddler Bramley 26b
    Arthur BOOCOCK dau s 18 Coal Office Clerk Farsley 26b
79 87 Oxford Place Betty PARRINGTON head w 83   Dent 27a
80 89 Oxford Place Mary ROBINSON head w 64 Char Woman Pudsey 27a
    Warran ROBINSON son s 39 Carter MA USA Boston 27a
    Sarah Ann GIBBONS dau m 37 Worsted Spinner Laister Dyke 27a
    Harriet E GIBBONS gdau s 15 Scholar Pudsey 27a
    Harry ROBINSON gson s 14 Carter Leeds 27a
81 Spring Valley Mark SHORT head m 58 Woolen Cloth Maker Leeds 27a
    Sarah Ann SHORT wife m 59 Woolen Warper Bramley 27a
    Mary Davey SHORT dau s 29 Woolen Warper Bramley 27a
82 2 Spring Valley Isaac GLOVER head m 40 Cloth Miller Pudsey 27a
    Rhoda GLOVER wife m 48 Housekeeper Pudsey 27a
83 4 Spring Valley David COULSON head W 50 General lab. Pudsey 27a
    John Wm COULSON son s 20 Stone Quarryman Pudsey 27a
    David COULSON son s 14 Iron Foundry Fettler Pudsey 27a
84 Travellers Rest Inn James COULSON head m 52 Publican Pudsey 27a
    Jane COULSON wife m 51   Bramley 27a
    Jane CRABTREE niece s 21   Laister Dyke 27a
    Ada NOWLAN serv s 19 General serv Leeds 27a
85 Town Street Simeon WADE head m 47 Boot & Shoe Dealer Pudsey 27a
    Sarah Ann WADE wife m 49 Shop Woman Pudsey 27a
86 Town Street John Edward VERITY head m 33 Grocer Pudsey 27a
    Martha VERITY wife m 30   Pudsey 27a
    Fred VERITY son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 27a
    George VERITY son s 3 Scholar Pudsey 27a
    Harry VERITY son s 2   Pudsey 27a
    Leonard VERITY son s 7m   Pudsey 27a
    Sarah MARRINER serv s 15 General serv Bramley 27a
87 Town Street William GARNET head m 61 HairDresser Pudsey 27b
    Easter GARNET wife m 60   Bramley 27b
    Mary GARNET dau s 37   Pudsey 27b
88 20 Town Street Thomas BENNETT head m 36 Book Paper & Stationer Pudsey 27b
    Elizabeth BENNETT wife m 33 ass. Stationer Pudsey 27b
    Florence H BENNETT dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    John Dufton BENNETT son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    Matthew Henry BENNETT son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    Alice Mary BENNETT dau s 5 Scholar LIN Gainsborough 27b
    Thomas W BENNETT son s 1   Bramley 27b
90 Sun Inn - Town Street Albertina WOOD head w 48 Publican Pudsey 27b
    Harry WOOD son s 22   Bramley 27b
    Martha E WOOD dau s 17   Pudsey 27b
    Emily BUTTERWOOD serv s 23 General serv Castleford 27b
    Antonia MARTINENGO visitor s 22 Vocalist STS Wolverhampton 27b
91 1 Sun Inn Yard Mary Ann WOOD head s 67   Bramley 27b
    Eliza Ann WOOD grtniece s 12 Scholar Farsley 27b
92 5 Town Street Vasper Lyndarn BINKS head m 39 Fishmonger Pudsey 27b
    Dinah BINKS wife m 39   York 27b
    Thomas Wm HARRISON stepson s 11 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    William Henry BINKS son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    Eliza BINKS dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    Albertina BINKS dau s 3 Scholar Pudsey 27b
    Stanley BINKS son s 1   Pudsey 27b
93 7 Town Street William LONGBOTTOM head m 49 Woolen Bobbin Wetter Pudsey 27b
    Martha LONGBOTTOM wife m 46   Pudsey 27b
    Sarah Ann LONGBOTTOM dau s 12 Worsted Piecer Pudsey 27b
    Anna LONGBOTTOM dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 28a
94 9 Town Street Arthur John POWELL head m 46 Chemist & Druggist York 28a
    Sarah POWELL wife m 51   Rufforth 28a
95 11 Town Street Reuben ISLES head m 31 Farm lab. Pudsey 28a
    Clara Emma ISLES wife m 33   Bowling 28a
    Harry ISLES son s 9 Scholar Bowling 28a
    William ISLES son s 7 Scholar Farsley 28a
    Martha Eliza ISLES dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 28a
    John ISLES son s 3   Pudsey 28a
    Tom ISLES son s 7m   Bowling 28a
96 13 Town Street Joseph BEESLEY head m 42 Boiler Maker Burnley 28a
    Sarah BEESLEY wife m 37   CON 28a
    Mary E BEESLEY dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Burnley 28a
    Hannah BEESLEY dau s 12 Worsted Spinner LAN Littleborough 28a
    Susan BEESLEY dau s 9   Eastringstead 28a
    Elizabeth BEESLEY dau s 7 Scholar LAN Littleborough 28a
    James BEESLEY son s 4   Pudsey 28a
    Edith Anne BEESLEY dau s 1   Pudsey 28a
97 3 Isles Yard Thomas KELLY head m 43 Kitchen Range Fitter Rotherham 28a
    Mary KELLY wife m 32   Sheffield 28a
    John KELLY son s 18 Iron Moulder Rotherham 28a
    Ellen KELLY dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Rotherham 28a
    William KELLY son s 14 Worsted Doffer Rotherham 28a
    Herbert KELLY son s 12 Scholar Rotherham 28a
    Arthur KELLY son s 8 Scholar Elsecar 28a
    Mary KELLY dau s 6 Scholar Rotherham 28a
98 2 Isles Yard Raymond ROWNTREE head m 38 Carrier Manningham 28a
    Rose Ann ROWNTREE wife m 39   STS West Bromwich 28a
    Mary Jane SHAW s in l s 20 Worsted Spinner CHS Seacombe 28a
    Sarah Ann SHAW s in l s 17 Worsted Spinner Lindley ? 28b
    Clara SHAW s in l s 12 Scholar Huddersfield 28b
99 1 Isles Yard Barnabas LONG head m 44 Stone Mason Leeds 28b
    Sarah LONG wife m 38   Leeds 28b
    John LONG son s 23 Plasterer's lab. Leeds 28b
    Charles LONG son s 18 Iron Foundry Moulder Leeds 28b
    Tom LONG son s 14 MillHand - Bobbin Piler Leeds 28b
    Jane Ann LONG dau s 13 Worsted Doffer Leeds 28b
    Clara LONG dau s 10 Scholar Leeds 28b
    Lilly LONG dau s 6 Scholar Leeds 28b
    Hettie LONG dau s 4 Scholar Bramley 28b
    Barnabas LONG son s 1   Pudsey 28b
100 15 Town Street Joseph WESTERMAN head m 51 General lab. Churwell 28b
    Susannah WESTERMAN wife m 51   Leeds 28b
    Hephzibah WESTERMAN dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 28b
    Jerry WESTERMAN son s 17 Iron Foundry Fixture Fitter Pudsey 28b
101 17 & 19 Town Street Henry PENNINGTON head m 29 Plumber Farsley 28b
    Eliza PENNINGTON wife m 27   Pudsey 28b
    Harriet Ann BRANNAN serv s 12 General serv Farsley 28b
102 21 & 23 Town Street James NAYLOR head m 41 Green Grocer Pudsey 28b
    Frances NAYLOR wife m 41   Pudsey 28b
    Sarah Ann NAYLOR dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 28b
    Harold NAYLOR son s 14 Iron Founder Pudsey 28b
    Maud NAYLOR dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 28b
    Adolphus NAYLOR son s 11 Scholar Bramley 28b
    Florence NAYLOR dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 28b
    Claude NAYLOR son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 28b
    Mabel NAYLOR dau s 1   Pudsey 28b
103 4 Station Square Henry BAILEY head m 49 Print Shop lab. GLS Harberry 28b
    Harriet BAILEY wife m 51   Pudsey 28b
    Alice BAILEY dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 29a
104 2 Station Square James BLIGHT head m 35 Railway Porter DEV Shebbear 29a
    Arthur BLIGHT son s 12 Scholar Bradford 29a
    Wiliam Henry BLIGHT son s 10 Scholar Farsley 29a
    Selina BLIGHT dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 29a
    Mary Alice BLIGHT dau s 4   Pudsey 29a
    George BLIGHT son s 2   Pudsey 29a
    Mary Ann HARRISON s in l s 21 Worsted Weaver Chapeltown 29a
105 3 Station Square Sarah FIELDHOUSE head s 34 Worsted Drawer Farsley 29a
    Mary Ann WRAY sis w 40 Worsted Weaver Bradford 29a
106 5 Station Square Walter WESTROP head m 40 General lab. ESS Castle Hedingham 29a
    Editha WESTROP wife m 38   ESS Moultan Chappel ? 29a
    Ellen WESTROP dau s 9 Scholar Sheffield 29a
    William WESTROP son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 29a
    Rose WESTROP dau s 4   Pudsey 29a
    Harry WESTROP son s 1   Pudsey 29a
107 6 & 7 Station Square Henry DEACON head m 52 Sup. Foreman Porter LIN Swinstead 29a
    Susan DEACON wife m 49   ESS Moultan Chappel 29a
    John DEACON son s 19 Wool Cloth Finisher NTT Newark on Trent 29a
    Matthew DEACON son s 18 General lab. Pudsey 29a
    Charlotte DEACON dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 29a
108 8 Station Square John Thomas NAYLOR head m 41 Railway Plate Layer Pudsey 29a
    Mary Emma NAYLOR wife m 42   Leeds 29a
    George NAYLOR son s 15 Stuff Warehouse Boy Pudsey 29a
    Walter NAYLOR son s 13 Butcher's ass. Pudsey 29a
    Herbert NAYLOR son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 29a
109 9 Station Square John TANN head m 34 Iron Foundry lab. Harrogate 29a
    Annie TANN wife m 33   Headingley 29a
    George Ratcliff TANN son s 5   Pudsey 29a
    John Wm TANN son s 3m   Pudsey 29b
110 10 Station Square John NAYLOR head m 38 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 29b
    Sarah H NAYLOR wife m 39   Pudsey 29b
    Florry NAYLOR dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 29b
    Edith Anne NAYLOR dau s 9 Scholar Farsley 29b
    Tom NAYLOR son s 4 Scholar Farsley 29b
    Clara NAYLOR dau s 1   Pudsey 29b
111 11 Station Square Emily ROBINSON head w 56   LIN Caiston 29b
    Thomas E ROBINSON dau s 21 General lab. LIN St. Bitolph 29b
    Ellen ROBINSON son s 12   LIN Lincoln 29b
    William ROBINSON gson s 8 Scholar NTT Nottingham 29b
112 25 Town Street Walker WHITEHEAD head m 59 Iron Foundry lab. Rycroft 29b
    Charlotte WHITEHEAD wife m 59   Pudsey 29b
113 27 Town Street William HUNT head m 35 Boiler Maker DBY Ripley 29b
    Hannah E HUNT wife m 36   DBY Ripley 29b
114 8 Slater's Bldgs David PARKINSON head W 70 Retired Slubber Farsley 29b
    Emma PARKINSON dau s 37 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 29b
    Irwin HODGSON gson s 20 ass. SchoolMaster Pudsey 29b
115 10 Slater's Bldgs Isaac RHODES head m 49 Iron Foundry Core Maker Farsley 29b
    Sarah Ann RHODES wife m 47   Farsley 29b
    Alice RHODES dau m 20 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 29b
116 12 Slater's Bldgs Edward STACK head m 30 Registered Medical Practitioner IRE 29b
    Susan STACK wife s 31   WLS Llandudno 29b
    Charles Maurice STACK son s 3   Pudsey 29b
    John Maspen STACK son s 1   Pudsey 29b
    William Aspinleck STACK son s 3m   Pudsey 29b
    Helen A MASPEN s in l s 18   Tamworth 29b
    Ethel M F HYNE visitor s 19   Bradford 29b
    Charlotte WALKER serv s 16 Housemaid Bradford 30a
    Helen MEEK serv s 21 Cook York 30a
    Emma WORRLEIN serv s 17 Nursury Governess GER 30a
117 Slater's Buildings Alfred HAINSWORTH head m 50 Woolen Spinning Overlooker Bramley 30a
    Betsey HAINSWORTH wife m 36   Hollingworth 30a
    Emily HAINSWORTH dau s 16 Woolen Tyer-In Bramley 30a
    Edith Anne HAINSWORTH dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 30a
118 Slater's Buildings Sarah Jane NEAL head w 47 Laundress NTH Aylesworth 30a
    Kate NEAL niece s 16 Worsted Comber NTH Peterboro 30a
    Elizabeth MILLER lodg s 19 Worsted Comber Pudsey 30a
119 Slater's Buildings Joseph HOWE head m 63 Retired Farmer Pudsey 30a
    Mary HOWE wife m 59   Bramley 30a
    Emily HOWE dau s 32 Worsted Weaver Bramley 30a
    John HOWE son s 23 Journalist Bramley 30a
    Avicer? HOWE gdau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 30a
120 Slater's Buildings Jim PARKINSON head m 43 Railway Engine Driver Pudsey 30a
    Sarah PARKINSON wife m 39 Woolen Weaver Bramley 30a
    Grace Ann PARKINSON dau s 15 Woolen Warper Pudsey 30a
    Rhoda PARKINSON dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 30a
    Gilbert WOOD neph s 5 Scholar Bramley 30a
121 Slater's Buildings John HOBSON head m 28 Joiner & Builder Bramley 30a
    Annie Jane HOBSON wife m 23   Scarborough 30a
    Thomas BROMLEY b-in-l s 24 Draper's ass. Scarborough 30a
    Jennie COOPER visitor s 25   Filey 30a
122 2 Wheater's Yard James BROWN head m 44 Iron Founder Pudsey 30a
    Ellen BROWN wife m 45   Pudsey 30a
    Arthur BROWN son s 20 Iron Founder Pudsey 30a
    Mary E BROWN dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Bramley 30a
    Clara BROWN dau s 15 Worsted Drawer Bramley 30a
    James Wilson BROWN son s 14 Scholar Pudsey 30a
    Alice BROWN dau s 12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 30b
    Willie BROWN son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 30b
123 3 Wheater's Yard John Wm BUSFIELD head m 57 Woolen Cloth Finisher Farsley 30b
    Ann BUSFIELD wife m 32 Worsted Comb Minder Bramley 30b
    Willie BUSFIELD son s 15 Worsted Comb Jobber Pudsey 30b
    Ada BUSFIELD dau s 12 Worsted Bobbin Doffer Bramley 30b
    Arthur BUSFIELD son s 10 Worsted Bobbin Doffer Pudsey 30b
    Fred BUSFIELD son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 30b
    Ernest BUSFIELD son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 30b
    Eliza Ann BUSFIELD dau s 4 Scholar Pudsey 30b
    Herbert BUSFIELD son s 1   Pudsey 30b
124 4 Wheater's Yard Joseph ACKROYD head m 22 Boiler Maker Pudsey 30b
    Margaret ACKROYD wife m 21   Keighley 30b
    Joseph TAYLOR board m 52 Worsted Yarn Scourer Thornton 30b
    Mary TAYLOR board m 50   Malt---- Hall 30b
    James H TAYLOR board s 13 Blacksmith Saltaire 30b
125 5 Wheater's Yard Jane PEPPER head w 39 Washerwoman SFK Waringworth 30b
    Bertie PEPPER son s 7 Scholar Bramley 30b
    William PEPPER son s 2   Bramley 30b
    John CUNNINGHAM board m 40 Iron Moulder SCT 30b
126 6 Wheater's Yard John Wm SPENCER head m 30 Licensed Hawker [Peddler] Gomersal 30b
    Mary Ann SPENCER wife m 23   Triangle 30b
127 7 Wheater's Yard Sarah MUSGRAVE head w 47 Woolen Burler Bramley 30b
128 8 Wheater's Yard Alfred BROOKS head m 35 General lab. New Wortley 30b
    Elizabeth BROOKS wife m 34   Pudsey 30b
    William H BROOKS son s 11 Worsted Doffer Bramley 30b
    Emily BROOKS dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 30b
    Rhoda BROOKS dau s 4   Pudsey 30b
    Martha Ann BROOKS dau s 6m   Pudsey 30b
129 9 Wheater's Yard Abednego KEIGHLEY head m 46 Cabinet Maker & Undertaker Pudsey 30b
    Maria KEIGHLEY wife m 44   Pudsey 31a
    Samuel KEIGHLEY dau s 16 Cabinet Maker & Undertaker's ass. Pudsey 31a
    Miriam KEIGHLEY son s 14   Pudsey 31a
    Renel KEIGHLEY dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 31a
130 10 Wheater's Yard Ben EDDISON head m 51 Stone Mason Pudsey 31a
    Ann EDDISON wife m 49   Barnsley 31a
131 11 Wheater's Yard Arthur KAYE head m 27 Iron Moulder's lab. Pudsey 31a
    Sarah E KAYE wife m 26 Worsted Mill Filler Leeds 31a
    Irwin KAYE son s 2   Bramley 31a
    Sarah Ann KAYE dau s 4   Bramley 31a
    Martha KAYE dau s 4m   Pudsey 31a
    Julianne BELL m in l w 54 Retired Laundress Malton 31a
132 12 Wheater's Yard Alfred JORDAN head m 25 Iron Moulder LEI Leicester 31a
    Mary JORDAN wife m 25   Sheffield 31a
    Edith JORDAN dau s 1   Bradford 31a
133 13 Wheater's Yard Robert DANIEL head m 48 Iron Dresser Scarcroft 31a
    Louisa DANIEL wife m 44   Pudsey 31a
134 14 Wheater's Yard Edward KEIGHLEY head w 78 Retired Cabinet Maker Great Horton 31a
    George PARKER head m 69 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 31a
135 15 Wheater's Yard Hannah PARKER wife m 69 Woolen Cloth Burler Pudsey 31a
    Samuel PARKER gson s 22 Boiler Maker's lab. Pudsey 31a
    George ACKROYD gson s 19   Pudsey 31a
136 16 Wheater's Yard Samuel SMITH head m 53 General lab. Bramley 31a
    Elizabeth A SMITH wife m 39 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 31a
    Frances INGHAM dau s 19 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 31a
    Rebecca SMITH dau s 12 Scholar Pudsey 31a
    Freddy SMITH son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 31a
137 17 Wheater's Yard Jane GLOVER head w 46 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 31a
    Emily GLOVER dau s 8   Pudsey 31a
138 18 Wheater's Yard Maria CROFT head m 44 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 31b
    Simeon CROFT son s 13 Worsted Doffer CHS Birkenhead 31b
139 19 Wheater's Yard William LUMBY head m 55 Woolen Machine Warper Pudsey 31b
    Sarah Ann LUMBY wife m 50   Pudsey 31b
    Willie LUMBY son s 27 Woolen Power Loom Tuner Pudsey 31b
    Mary H LUMBY dau s 24   Pudsey 31b
    Squire Ackroyd LUMBY son s 19 Elementary School Teacher Pudsey 31b
    Herbert LUMBY son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 31b
140 20 Wheater's Yard David LONG head m 57 Woolen Overlooker Esholt 31b
    Sarah LONG wife m 51   Oulton 31b
    Annie LONG dau s 17 Dressmaker's app. Guiseley 31b
141 21 Wheater's Yard William HORTON head m 54 Worsted Box Minder Pudsey 31b
    Ann HORTON wife m 55   Wakefield 31b
    Ruth Ann HORTON dau s 20 Woolen Twister Pudsey 31b
    Harry HORTON son s 18 Mule Spinner Pudsey 31b
142 22 Wheater's Yard Benjamin William BROOK head m 44 Joiner & Builder Hunslet, Leeds 31b
    Hannah BROOK wife m 38   Farsley 31b
143 23 Wheater's Yard Eddison GLOVER head m 22 Blacksmith Pudsey 31b
    Amelia GLOVER wife m 21 Worsted Comb Minder Shelton Green 31b
    Edward GLOVER son s 4m   Pudsey 31b
144 24 Wheater's Yard Henry BARBER head m 24 Iron Foundry Mechanic Pudsey 31b
    Frances E BARBER wife m 23   Leeds 31b
    Emma W BARBER dau s 3   Hunslet 31b
    Ann BARBER dau s 9m   Pudsey 31b
145 25 Wheater's Yard Henry BATES head m 41 Iron Dresser Sheffield 31b
    Ann BATES wife m 49 Woolen Cloth Burler Bramley 31b
    Mary Emma BATES dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 31b
146 26 Wheater's Yard Charles SMITH head m 26 Engineer's lab. Farsley 31b
    Jane SMITH wife m 24 Woolen Cloth Weaver NTT Worksop 31b
    Martha Ann SMITH dau s 5   Pudsey 31b
147 27 Wheater's Yard Henry CARRICK head m 47 Horseman ? [Groom] Pudsey 32a
    Jane CARRICK wife m 43   Rawnsley 32a
    Walter CARRICK son s 18 Boiler Maker app. Pudsey 32a
    Richard CARRICK son s 16 Iron Moulder app. Pudsey 32a
    Fred CARRICK son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 32a
    Willie CARRICK son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 32a
    Harry CARRICK son s 1   Pudsey 32a
148 29 Wheater's Yard Maria COULTISH head s 20 Housemaid Pudsey 32a
    Robert COULTISH bro s 18 Boiler Maker Pudsey 32a
    Jane HARDAKER head m 35 Woolen Mill Filler WLS CAE Bangor 32a
    Herbert HARDAKER son s 11 Scholar Bradford 32a
    Mary Ann HARDAKER dau s 9 Scholar Bradford 32a
    Elizabeth HARDAKER dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 32a
    Margaret HARDAKER dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 32a
150 30 Wheater's Yard Annie GLOVER head m 33 Worsted Drawer STS Dudley 32a
    Caroline TAYLOR moth w 54   STS Dudley 32a
    William TAYLOR bro m 31 Stationary Boiler Fixer STS Dudley 32a
151 31 Wheater's Yard Henry HODDENOT head m 28 Blacksmith Striker LON 32a
    Jane HODDENOT wife m 28   Leeds 32a
    Ellen HODDENOT dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 32a
    Charles E HODDENOT son s 5   Pudsey 32a
    Alfred HODDENOT son s 3m   Pudsey 32a
152 31 Fowler's Place Samuel BARNES head m 38 Farm lab. Calverley 32a
    Ellen BARNES wife m 40   Bramley 32a
    Charles BARNES son s 12 Scholar Calverley 32a
    Albert BARNES son s 2   Calverley 32a
153 32 & 33 Fowler's Place John COLBURN head m 35 General lab. Pudsey 32a
    Elizabeth COLBURN wife m 37   Pudsey 32a
    Nanny COLBURN dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Bramley 32a
    Christiana COLBURN dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Bramley 32b
    George COLBURN son s 13 Scholar Bramley 32b
    William A COLBURN son s 8 Scholar Bramley 32b
    Mary COLBURN dau s 6 Scholar Bramley 32b
    Minnie COLBURN dau s 4 Scholar Bramley 32b
    James COLBURN son s 4m   Pudsey 32b
    Jack COLBURN son s 4m   Pudsey 32b
154 Fowler's Place Thomas BRITTON head m 54 Blacksmith Leeds 32b
    Harriet BRITTON wife m 54   Dudley Hill 32b
    Ann E BRITTON dau s 30 Housemaid Dudley Hill 32b
    Charles BRITTON son s 27 Iron Foundry Turner IRE Londonderry 32b
    Sarah BRITTON dau s 25 Worsted Weaver Bramley 32b
    Emila BRITTON dau s 14 Scholar Bramley 32b
155 Fowler's Place George BROOKE head m 72 Iron Foundry Bookkeeper Skelmanthorpe 32b
    Elizabeth BROOKE wife m 62   Huddersfield 32b
156 36 Smith's Bldgs Hannah SPEIGHT head m 67 Living on own means Bramley 32b
    Sarah Ann SPEIGHT dau s 33   Bramley 32b
    Rhoda A SPEIGHT dau s 30 Worsted Weaver Bramley 32b
    Hannah SPEIGHT dau s 28 Worsted Weaver Bramley 32b
    Mary F SPEIGHT dau s 25 Worsted Weaver Bramley 32b
157 37 Smith's Bldgs Joseph Dixon SMITH head m 34 Cabinet Maker Bramley 32b
    Annie SMITH wife m 32   LAN Hulme 32b
    John Henry SMITH son s 13   Clayton 32b
158 38 Albion Yard John EVANS head m 48 Blacksmith GLA Dewlap 32b
    Annie EVANS wife m 38   GLS Cheltinham 32b
    William John EVANS son s 9 Scholar Rotherham 32b
159 39 Albion Yard Walter BROOKE head m 47 Iron Foundry lab. Leeds 32b
    Esther S BROOKE wife m 41   Pudsey 32b
    Joseph Yeadon BROOKE son s 15 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 32b
    Martha BROOKE dau s 12 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 32b
    Sarah BROOKE dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 33a
    John BROOKE son s 5   Pudsey 33a
160 40 Albion Yard James P KENNEDY head m 51 Iron Foundry lab. STS Newcastle under Tyne 33a
    Elizabeth KENNEDY wife m 41   NBL Newcastle upon Tyne 33a
    John B KENNEDY son s 17 Currier's app. Pudsey 33a
    Priscilla KENNEDY dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 33a
    William KENNEDY son s 12 Scholar Bramley 33a
    George W KENNEDY son s 8 Scholar Bramley 33a
161 42 Albion Yard Fred WOOD head m 55 Iron Foundry Driller Pudsey 33a
    Ruth Ann WOOD wife m 53   Farsley 33a
    John Wm WOOD son s 24 Foundry lab. Bramley 33a
    Mary WOOD dau s 19 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 33a
    Jonathan WOOD son s 16 Foundry Turner & Fitter app. Bramley 33a
    Joseph WOOD son s 14 Worsted Spinner Bramley 33a
    Thomas WOOD son s 12 Scholar Bramley 33a
    Ernest WOOD son s 10 Scholar Bramley 33a
    Fred WOOD son s 3   Pudsey 33a
    Sarah W ERRANTON relative s 9 Scholar Pudsey 33a
    Sarah PEARSON dau m 21   Pudsey 33a
    Leonard PEARSON gson s 1   Pudsey 33a
162 43 Albion Yard Eliza CROFT head w 51   Bramley 33a
    Mary J ROBERTSHAW dau s 19 Worsted Drawer Bramley 33a
    A E ROBERTSHAW dau s 17 Worsted Drawer Bramley 33a
163 44 Albion Yard John HORN head m 29 Mechanic & Turner Pudsey 33a
    Sarah Ann HORN wife m 28 Woolen Weaver Farsley 33a
    Frances HORN dau s 3   Pudsey 33a
    Annie E HORN dau s 1   Pudsey 33a
164 45 Albion Yard Sarah Ann MITCHELL head W 59   Pudsey 33a
    Harriet MITCHELL dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33a
    Sarah MITCHELL dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33a
    Eliza MITCHELL dau s 18   Pudsey 33b
    Emily MITCHELL dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 33b
165 46 Albion Yard Sarah Ann HIGGS head m 41 Wool Cloth Weaver Farsley 33b
    Matilda HIGGS dau s 16 Worsted Winder Pudsey 33b
    Rebecca HIGGS dau s 13   Pudsey 33b
    William HIGGS son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 33b
    Annie HIGGS dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 33b
166 47 Albion Yard Richard WARD head m 29 CartWright Pudsey 33b
    Betsey WARD wife m 26 Worsted Twister Pudsey 33b
    Ethel WARD dau s 2   Pudsey 33b
166a 48 Albion Yard Joshua YEADON head m 53 Farmer Bramley 33b
    Eliza YEADON wife m 51   Bramley 33b
    William R YEADON son s 23 Shoeing Smith Bramley 33b
    Benjamin YEADON son s 21 Farm lab. Bramley 33b
    Eliza Ann YEADON dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33b
    Annie YEADON dau s 14   Pudsey 33b
166b 49 Albion Yard Arthur LORD head m 52 Mechanic LAN 33b
    Mary LORD wife m 47   Bramley 33b
    Mary Ellen LORD dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 33b
    David Thomas BARNES son s 20 Worsted Weaver Bramley 33b
    James Henry FORD son s 17 Woolen Gear Drawer Pudsey 33b
    Joseph R FORD son s 13 Worsted Bobbin Doffer Bramley 33b
    Elizabeth FORD dau s 12 Worsted Bobbin Doffer Bramley 33b
    Sarah Jane FORD dau s 8 Scholar Bramley 33b
    Annie E FORD dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 33b
    Arthur FORD son s 3   Pudsey 33b
166c 1 Lightfoot's Bldgs Mary Ann LIGHTFOOT head w 55 Self Provided Scarborough 33b
    Mary Ann LIGHTFOOT dau s 19 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 33b
    Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Bramley 33b
    Richard SUMMERSGILL lodg W 36 Tailor Northallerton 34a
    John A FISWICK lodg s 21 Foundry Fettler Bramley 34a
167 2 Lightfoot's Bldgs Richard PONTEFRACT head m 46 Iron Foundry Fitter Farsley 34a
    Lydia PONTEFRACT wife m 45   Bramley 34a
    Martha Ann PONTEFRACT dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Bramley 34a
    Priscilla PONTEFRACT dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Bramley 34a
    Fred PONTEFRACT son s 12 Worsted Spinner Bramley 34a
    Seth PONTEFRACT son s 8 Scholar Bramley 34a
168 3 Lightfoot's Bldgs Matthew CLAYTON head m 57 Living on Own Means Pudsey 34a
    Sarah CLAYTON wife m 56   Appleton 34a
    Samuel A SCOTT board s 28 Boiler Maker Pudsey 34a
169 4 Lightfoot's Bldgs George VERITY head m 53 Boiler Maker Bramley 34a
    Sarah Ann VERITY wife m 37   Scarborough 34a
    Florence VERITY dau s 12 Worsted Doffer Bramley 34a
    Sarah E VERITY dau s 8 Scholar Bramley 34a
    Mary VERITY dau s 5 Scholar Bramley 34a
    Robert VERITY son s 2   Pudsey 34a
    Thomas VERITY son s 4m   Pudsey 34a
170 5 Lightfoot's Bldgs Christopher LIGHTFOOT head m 21 Iron Foundry Striker Bramley 34a
    Eveline LIGHTFOOT wife m 19 Woolen Mill Filler Bramley 34a
171 6 Watkinson's Bldgs William CRABTREE head m 68 Police Pensioner Hunsworth 34a
    Elizabeth CRABTREE wife m 58   Newfield 34a
172 7 Watkinson's Bldgs Squire STOCKWELL head W 59 Blacksmith Holbeck 34a
    Harriet STOCKWELL dau s 31 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 34a
    Bertha STOCKWELL dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Bramley 34a
173 8 Watkinson's Bldgs John FARLEY head m 53 General lab. Cawood 34a
    Margaret FARLEY wife m 51   DUR Sherburn 34a
    Thomas FARLEY son s 12 Scholar DUR Sunderland 34a
174 9 Watkinson's Bldgs Harry BELL head m 23 General lab. Goole 34a
    Mary BELL wife m 21   Selby 34a
    William H BELL son s 2   Leeds 34b
    Ernest BELL son s 6m   Pudsey 34b
175 11 Turner's Bldgs Tom BROADLEY head m 35 Blacksmith Striker York 34b
    Hannah BROADLEY wife m 45   York 34b
    Sarah BROADLEY dau s 6 Scholar York 34b
176 12 Turner's Bldgs John Robert SWAINSON head m 34 Blacksmith's Coke Wheeler Hunslet 34b
    Charlotte SWAINSON wife m 34   Pudsey 34b
    John William SWAINSON son s 13 Farmer's Boy Bramley 34b
    Albert SWAINSON son s 10 Scholar Bramley 34b
    Alice SWAINSON dau s 6 Scholar Bramley 34b
    Elizabeth SWAINSON dau s 8m   Pudsey 34b
177 13 Turner's Bldgs Samuel COULSON head m 28 Foundry lab. Pudsey 34b
    Mary COULSON wife m 23   Bramley 34b
    Elizabeth COULSON dau s 5 Scholar Bramley 34b
    Emma COULSON dau s 3   Bramley 34b
178 1 Turner's Yard Smith GOODALL head m 56 Farm lab. Barwick in Elmet 34b
    Hannah GOODALL wife m 45   WAR Knowle 34b
    Edith Anne GOODALL dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Barwick in Elmet 34b
    Lillian GOODALL dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Barwick in Elmet 34b
    William A GOODALL son s 11 Scholar Horsforth 34b
179 2 Turner's Yard Joseph BECKWITH head m 29 General lab. Leeds 34b
    Mary Ann BECKWITH wife m 28 Worsted Box Minder Leeds 34b
180 3 Turner's Yard George DARNBOROUGH head m 34 Iron Foundry Moulder Pudsey 34b
    Maranda DARNBOROUGH wife m 24   Brad 34b
    Thomas Leonard DARNBOROUGH son s 1   Pudsey 34b
181 4 Turner's Yard Annie Elizabeth STOCKWELL head m 23   Pudsey 34b
    John STOCKWELL son s 1   Pudsey 34b
182 5 Turner's Yard Thomas RHODES head m 52 Millwright Farsley 34b
    Ann E RHODES wife m 51   Bramley 34b
    John CLAYTON lodg W 53 Worsted Dyer's lab. Pudsey 35a
183 6 Turner's Yard James William DAVEY head m 29 Iron Dresser Farsley 35a
    Emily DAVEY wife m 28   Pudsey 35a
    Percy DAVEY son s 3   Pudsey 35a
    Harry DAVEY son s 8m   Pudsey 35a
184 7 Turner's Yard John RICHMOND head m 74 Scavenger Harrogate 35a
    Mary RICHMOND wife m 66   Harrogate 35a
    Charles RICHMOND son s 23 Boiler Maker Bramley 35a
185 8 Turner's Yard Joseph WATKINSON head m 40 Mason's lab. Pudsey 35a
    Sarah Ann WATKINSON wife m 38   NTH Peterboro 35a
    Alfred W WATKINSON son s 13 Market Gardener Pudsey 35a
    Eliza A WATKINSON dau s 3   CHS Staleybridge 35a
186 9 Turner's Yard Lepton PEACOCK head m 45 Iron Moulder GLS ?--tton 35a
    Hannah M PEACOCK wife m 41   Pudsey 35a
    James W PEACOCK son s 16 General lab. Hunslet 35a
    Willie PEACOCK son s 12 Scholar Pudsey 35a
    Edith PEACOCK dau s 9 Scholar Bramley 35a
    Joseph PEACOCK son s 7 Scholar Bramley 35a
    Alice Elizabeth PEACOCK dau s 4   Bramley 35a
    John Hollings PEACOCK son s 7m   Pudsey 35a
    Richard LAWRENCE board s 22 General lab. Skelton 35a
    Thomas GREENWOOD board s 23 Iron Turner York 35a
    Arthur GREENWOOD board s 19 General lab. York 35a
187 10 Turner's Yard John H INGHAM head m 48 Foundry lab. Pudsey 35a
    Henrietta INGHAM wife m 46   Pudsey 35a
    Rosetta INGHAM dau s 18 Woolen Burler Pudsey 35a
    Thomas William INGHAM son s 14 Foundry Mechanic Appr Pudsey 35a
    Clara Louisa INGHAM dau s 10   Bramley 35a
    Ernest INGHAM son s 7   Bramley 35a
188 11 Turner's Yard Jonathan BIRDSALL head m 39 Insurance Agent Yeadon 35a
    Adah BIRDSALL wife m 40   Pudsey 35b
    William BIRDSALL son m 9 Scholar Pudsey 35b
    Mary BIRDSALL dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 35b
189 12 Turner's Yard Joseph MARSDON head m 29 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Bingley 35b
    Sarah MARSDON wife m 27   Pudsey 35b
    Leonard MARSDON son s 5   Bramley 35b
    Clara A MARSDON dau s 1   Pudsey 35b
190 13 Turner's Yard Francis WILLIAMS head m 43 Blacksmith ?? Hull 35b
    Mary Ann WILLIAMS wife m 35   Pudsey 35b
    Frederick WILLIAMS son s 14 Iron Foundry Fitter's Appr Pudsey 35b
    John E WILLIAMS son s 12 Worsted Bobbin Doffer Pudsey 35b
    Ernest WILLIAMS son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 35b
    Charles P WILLIAMS son s 8 Scholar Leeds 35b
    Harry WILLIAMS son s 2   Pudsey 35b
    Alice May WILLIAMS dau s 1   Pudsey 35b
191 14 Turner's Yard Simon CLAYTON head m 47 General lab. Pudsey 35b
    Emma CLAYTON wife m 43   Snaith 35b
    Sarah E CLAYTON dau s 18 Worsted Comb Minder Bramley 35b
    Grace Ann CLAYTON dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Bramley 35b
    Gertrude CLAYTON dau s 11 Bobbin Doffer 1/2 time Pudsey 35b
    Robert CLAYTON son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 35b
    Simon CLAYTON son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 35b
    Alfred CLAYTON son s 4   Pudsey 35b
    John Thomas CLAYTON son s 2   Pudsey 35b
192 15 Turner's Yard Henry TODD head m 29 Bricklayer's lab. Pudsey 35b
    Mary Jane TODD wife m 34   Holbeck 35b
    James H TODD son s 14 Shoemaker's app. Morley 35b
    Lavinia TODD dau s 8 Scholar Hunslet 35b
    Rachel TODD dau s 5 Scholar Hunslet 35b
    Hannah TODD dau s 1   Farsley 35b
193 16 Turner's Yard Elizabeth DAVEY head w 37   SOM Chard 36a
    Hannah DAVEY dau s 16 Worsted Twister Bramley 36a
    Mary DAVEY dau s 11 Scholar Bramley 36a
    Benjamin DAVEY son s 9 Scholar Bramley 36a
    Eva DAVEY dau s 1   Pudsey 36a
    Henry DUNN board s 21 General lab. SOM Chard 36a
    Frederick DAVIS neph s 19 General lab. NTT 36a
194 17 Turner's Yard John EMMETT head m 20 Foundry lab. Farsley 36a
    Martha Ellen EMMETT wife m 34   Pudsey 36a
    James Bowman COULSON son s 12 Grocer's ass. Bramley 36a
    Rhoda Mary EMMETT dau s 8 Scholar Bramley 36a
    Amelia EMMETT dau s 4 Scholar Bramley 36a
    Martha Ellen EMMETT dau s 2   Pudsey 36a
    John EMMETT son s 5m   Pudsey 36a
    Mary Emma COULSON s in l s 18 Worsted Spinner Bramley 36a
195 New Cottage Farm Thomas LAWSON head m 32 Farmer Armley 36a
    Ann LAWSON wife m 36   LIN Crowland 36a
    Joseph LAWSON son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 36a
    James Wm LAWSON son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 36a
    Thomas LAWSON son s 1   Pudsey 36a
    Elizabeth BREED serv s 11 General Domestic serv Robin Hood 36a
196 Hog Farm Squire BINKS head W 67 Market Gardener Leeds 36a
    Walter BINKS son s 29 Market Gardener DOR Portland 36a
    Clard BINKS dau s 17 Dressmaker Bramley 36a
    Sarah WATSON serv w 49 General Domestic serv Overton 36a
197 Grangefield Road Benjamin GRAY head m 60 Worsted Mill Carrier [CartMan] Rodley 36a
    Sarah Ann GRAY wife m 52   Dudley Hill 36a
    Edith GRAY dau s 17   Farsley 36a
    John GRAY son s 15 Worsted Twister Farsley 36a
    Fred GRAY son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 36a
198 Grangefield Cottages Joseph H TOWN head m 45 Wool Sorter Foreman Farsley 36b
    Jane TOWN wife m 40   Bramley 36b
    John TOWN son s 16 Pork Butcher Farsley 36b
    Ezra TOWN son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 36b
    George H TOWN son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 36b
    Thomas TOWN son s 2   Pudsey 36b
    Thomas SUTTON lodg m 23 Woolen Warehouseman SAL Delbury Hall 36b
    Hannah SUTTON lodg m 29 Worsted Weaver Saltaire 36b
199 Grangefield Cottages Tom EASTWOOD head m 31 Worsted Mill Engineer Farsley 36b
    Emily EASTWOOD wife m 31   Holbeck 36b
    Mary Gill EASTWOOD dau s 11 Scholar Bramley 36b
    Harry EASTWOOD son s 9 Scholar Bramley 36b
    Eliza EASTWOOD dau s 8 Scholar Bramley 36b
    Florence EASTWOOD dau s 6 Scholar Bramley 36b
    Annie EASTWOOD dau s 2   Bramley 36b
200 Grangefield Cottages Miles COOPE head m 43 Worsted Carding Overlooker West Ardsley 36b
    Sarah COOPE wife m 44   Bramley 36b
    Fred COOPE son s 20 Music Professor Pudsey 36b
    Emily COOPE dau s 18 Worsted Box Minder Bramley 36b
    James COOPE son s 14 Worsted Loading Machine Feeder Bramley 36b
    Mary COOPE dau s 11 Scholar Bramley 36b
    Grace COOPE dau s 8 Scholar Farnley 36b