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Census Index 1891 Pudsey (Richardshaw): ED21



Piece RG12/3658, Enumeration District 21, Folios 40a - 47a, Enumerator John William Hepworth

Comprising the west side of Richardshaw Lane beginning at the New Houses lately built above the Baptist Chapel and including the west front of Richardshaw Lane down to the Leeds and Bradford Road also Varley Street, Beckside Hill, Barnes Close and all the houses at Wood Nook in Pudsey.


1 1 Ashfield Place Ruth LAYCOCK head w 64 Living on Own Means Pudsey 40a
    Joseph LAYCOCK son s 25 Plasterer Pudsey 40a
    Esther M LOBLEY gdau s 16 Worsted Mender Pudsey 40a
    Ruth LOBLEY gdau s 14 Worsted Burler Pudsey 40a
2 2 Ashfield Place James H LAYCOCK head m 38 Plasterer Calverley 40a
    Jane LAYCOCK wife m 36   Calverley 40a
    John LAYCOCK son s 18 Scholar Calverley 40a
    Harry LAYCOCK son s 11 Scholar Calverley 40a
    Florence LAYCOCK dau s 7 Scholar Calverley 40a
    Elizabeth CAWSON s in l s 18 Woolen Weaver Calverley 40a
3 Salem House James RHODES head m 51 Boiler Maker's lab. Horsforth 40a
  Richardshaw Lane Amy RHODES wife m 41     40a
    Arthur RHODES son s 20 Boot Finisher Yeadon 40a
    Clara RHODES dau s 15 Worsted Twister Farsley 40a
    William RHODES son s 12 Scholar Farsley 40a
    Alice RHODES dau s 10 Scholar Farsley 40a
    Mary E RHODES dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 40a
    Esther RHODES dau s 4 Scholar Pudsey 40a
    Eliza A RHODES dau s 2   Pudsey 40a
4 36 Richardshaw Lane James TODD head m 58 Farmer's Man Pudsey 40a
    Elizabeth TODD wife m 58   Wortley 40a
5 40 Richardshaw Lane Elizabeth ANDERSON head w 60 Washer Woman Burton Leonard 40a
    Florence ANDERSON gson s 7 Scholar Pudsey 40a
6 42 Richardshaw Lane Joseph KEIGHLEY head m 69 Wool Washer Pudsey 40a
7 44 Richardshaw Lane William MARSDEN head m 37 Shoemaker Pudsey 40a
    Mary E MARSDEN wife m 37 Woolen Cloth Burler Armley 40a
    Jonathan Slingsby MARSDEN son s 19 Wool Millhand Pudsey 40a
    John R MARSDEN son s 17 Iron Foundry Hand Pudsey 40a
    Beatrice ARNSLEY visitor s 9 Scholar Wakefield 40a
8 46 Richardshaw Lane Alfred WALTON head m 38 Butcher Pudsey 40b
    Emma WALTON wife m 36   Pudsey 40b
    Hannah E WALTON dau s 2   Pudsey 40b
9 50 Richardshaw Lane William CRABTREE head s 54 Drayman Eccleshill 40b
    James CRABTREE son W 19 Wool Cloth Finisher Wortley 40b
    Sarah A MARSHALL dau m 23   Wortley 40b
    William MARSHALL s in l m 19 Bolt Maker Pudsey 40b
10 1 Wheater's Yard Mary A PYRAH head w 54   Pudsey 40b
    King PYRAH son m 18 Fitter Pudsey 40b
    Eli STANSFIELD board m 52 Tanner Pudsey 40b
    Sarah STANSFIELD board s 55   Pudsey 40b
    John E MATHERS board s 27 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 40b
11 3 Wheater's Yard Joseph SOWDEN head W 50 Slater's lab. Bradford 40b
    Joseph SOWDEN son s 22 Farm lab. Bradford 40b
    Sarah J SOWDEN dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 40b
12 4 Wheater's Yard John KEIGHLEY head m 37 General lab. Farsley 40b
    Martha KEIGHLEY wife m 35   Pudsey 40b
    Arthur KEIGHLEY son s 12 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    Elizabeth KEIGHLEY dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    Martha KEIGHLEY dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    Joseph KEIGHLEY son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    Lily KEIGHLEY dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    John KEIGHLEY son s 2   Pudsey 40b
13 5 Wheater's Yard Robert MEWSE head m 32 Foundry Engineer & Fitter NTH Barnack 40b
    Elizabeth MEWSE wife m 30   NFK Wearenham 40b
    George H MEWSE son s 10 Scholar NTT Retford 40b
    Frank MEWSE son s 7 Scholar NTT Nottingham 40b
    Robert MEWSE son s 4   LEI 40b
    Frances MEWSE dau s 6m   Pudsey 40b
    Jacob LINDON board W 31 Shoeing Smith STS Wednesbury 40b
14 6 Wheater's Yard Frederick ANDERSON head m 30 Shoe Rivetter Staveley 41a
    Harriet ANDERSON wife m 30   Pudsey 41a
    William ANDERSON son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    Harry ANDERSON son s 4 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    George ANDERSON son s 2   Pudsey 41a
    Elizabeth ANDERSON dau s 1   Pudsey 41a
15 2 Cavendish Place Benjamin VERITY head m 50 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Pudsey 41a
    Sarah J VERITY wife m 50   Farnley 41a
    Earnest STANSFIELD neph s 9   Wortley 41a
16 3 Cavendish Place John POLLARD head m 55 Iron Turner Bradford 41a
    Ann E POLLARD wife m 58   Bradford 41a
    William POLLARD son s 17 Basket Maker Pudsey 41a
    Harry POLLARD son s 16 Painter Pudsey 41a
    George POLLARD son s 13 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    Hannah PARRATT s in l s 61 Worsted Reeler Halifax 41a
17 4 Cavendish Place Walter THREAPLETON head m 32 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Bramley 41a
    Annis THREAPLETON wife m 28   Armley 41a
    Miranda FIRTH lodg s 20 Worsted Comber Armley 41a
18 5 Cavendish Place James WOOD head m 50 Woolen Clothier Farsley 41a
    Elizabeth M WOOD wife m 47 Blacksmith's lab. Wortley 41a
    Francis WOOD son s 15 Blacksmith's lab. Morley 41a
    Mary WOOD dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Morley 41a
    Angelina WOOD dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Morley 41a
    Clara WOOD dau s 11 1/2 time Worsted Spinner Morley 41a
19 6 Wheater's Yard William FIRTH head m 48 Mechanic & Fitter Wilsden 41a
    Ruth FIRTH wife m 49   Bradford 41a
    John Henry FIRTH son s 28 Shoemaker Wilsden 41a
    Albert FIRTH son s 26 General lab. Wilsden 41a
    Herbert G FIRTH son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    Edwin Hillas FIRTH son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 41a
20 7 Wheater's Yard George LONGBOTTOM head m 60 Retired Woolen Weaver Farsley 41a
    Sarah LONGBOTTOM wife m 55   Halifax 41b
    Samuel LONGBOTTOM son s 26 Printer's Compositor Pudsey 41b
    Emily LONGBOTTOM dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 41b
22 9 Wheater's Yard John W HAINSWORTH head m 37 Iron Works Forgeman Pudsey 41b
    Jane HAINSWORTH wife m 41   Wortley 41b
21 8 Wheater's Yard Thomas VARLEY head W 48 Engineer's lab. Pudsey 41b
    Thomas VARLEY son s 11 Cotton Twister Pudsey 41b
    Emily VARLEY dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 41b
    Martha WOOD sis w 55 Housekeeper Pudsey 41b
23 52 Richardshaw Lane Charles HALEY head m 62 Grocer & Druggist Bramley 41b
    Jane HALEY wife m 62   Pudsey 41b
    Annie HALEY dau s 32 Dressmaker Pudsey 41b
    Charles Henry HALEY son s 26 Iron Founder's Clerk Pudsey 41b
24 54 Richardshaw Lane Reuben BOWLING head m 52 Tailor Pudsey 41b
    Martha BOWLING wife m 49   Pudsey 41b
    Joseph George HOLLINGS s in l m 28 Plumber's lab. Pudsey 41b
    Sarah HOLLINGS dau m 28   Pudsey 41b
25 56 Richardshaw Lane Mary H TURNPENNY head w 48 Hardware ShopKeeper Pudsey 41b
    Joshua FARRAH board s 64 Woolen Warper Farsley 41b
26 58 Richardshaw Lane George RATCLIFFE head m 28 Green Grocer Hull 41b
    Joseph John BATES son s 9 Scholar Farsley 41b
    Daniel AMBLER head m 49 Grocer Pudsey 41b
    Sarah A AMBLER wife m 48   Pudsey 41b
    George Arthur AMBLER son s 18 Worsted Twister Farsley 41b
    James AMBLER son s 15 Mechanic Farsley 41b
    Teresa AMBLER dau s 12 Scholar Farsley 41b
    Helen AMBLER dau s 7 Scholar Farsley 41b
28 62 Richardshaw Lane John ATKINSON head m 48 Boot & Shoe Trade Pudsey 41b
    Annie E ATKINSON wife m 48   Pudsey 41b
    Martha A ATKINSON dau s 22 Wool Cloth Mender Pudsey 41b
    Lily ATKINSON dau s 18 Dressmaker Leeds 41b
29 64 Richardshaw Lane Reuben ROSS head m 52 HairDresser Pudsey 42a
    Mary ROSS wife m 51   Pudsey 42a
    Frederick ROSS son s 21 HairDresser Pudsey 42a
    Harry ROSS son s 20 HairDresser Pudsey 42a
30 11 Richardshaw Lane Priscilla BIRDSALL head s 34 Draper Farsley 42a
31 1 Farley Street John FLINT head m 53 Grocer Bramley 42a
    Ann FLINT wife m 37   Pudsey 42a
    Mary A HARGRAVE serv w 49 General serv Leeds 42a
32 5 Barnes Close Alice BULL head s 24 Salvation Army Captain ESS Hornchurch 42a
    Anne SMITH board s 21 Salvation Army Lieutenant BDF Luton 42a
33 Richardshaw Lane Sanderson WOOD head m 49 Whlse Wool Clothing Factory Work Passer? Pudsey 42a
    Harriet WOOD wife m 49   Gildersome 42a
    Ellis WOOD son s 24 Newspaper Reporter Gildersome 42a
    Mary H WOOD dau s 20   Gildersome 42a
    Agnes WOOD dau s 17 Pupil Teacher Wortley 42a
    Herbert WOOD son s 14 Warehouse Clerk Leeds 42a
34 7 Tetley Square Eliza FIRTH head w 82 Living on Own Means Bierley 42a
    Eliza TETLEY serv s 50 General dom. Laister Dyke 42a
35 8 Tetley Square John KEIGHLEY head m 35 Wool Sorter Pudsey 42a
    Eliza A KEIGHLEY wife m 36   Pudsey 42a
    Mary KEIGHLEY dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    Rose A KEIGHLEY dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    Edward KEIGHLEY son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    Martha KEIGHLEY dau s 3   Pudsey 42a
    Florence KEIGHLEY dau s 3m   Pudsey 42a
    Ruth GUY s in l w 48 Wool Drawer Pudsey 42a
36 9 Tetley Square George HOLDER head m 38 Smith's Striker GLS 42a
    Mary A HOLDER wife m 35 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 42a
    Ada HOLDER dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 42a
37 10 Tetley Square Martha JAGGER head w 49 Char Woman Leeds 42a
    Maria JAGGER dau s 19 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 42a
    Samuel JAGGER son s 17 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 42b
    James William JAGGER son s 15 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 42b
    Margaret Emma JAGGER dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 42b
38 11 Tetley Square Thomas HARRISON head m 46 Unemployed Clothier Pudsey 42b
    Mary HARRISON son m 19 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 42b
    Anna Eliz HARRISON d in l m 19   Malden 42b
39 13 Barnes Close William SUTCLIFFE head m 35 Iron Moulder Pudsey 42b
    Ann E SUTCLIFFE wife m 31   LAN Skerton 42b
    Isabella SUTCLIFFE dau s 7 Scholar LAN Skerton 42b
    Clara SUTCLIFFE dau s 6 Scholar LAN Skerton 42b
    Thomas J SUTCLIFFE son s 2   LAN Skerton 42b
40 14 Barnes Close Rose H CROWTHER head w 62 Living on Own Means Mirfield 42b
    Hannah CALVERT board s 25 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pateley Bridge 42b
41 15 Barnes Close Maria AMBLER head m 34 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 42b
    William AMBLER son s 11 Scholar Farsley 42b
    Emily AMBLER dau s 5 Scholar Farsley 42b
42 16 Barnes Close George THOMPSON head m 26 General lab. Swinton Locks 42b
    Harriet E THOMPSON wife m 26   Pudsey 42b
    Isaac THOMPSON son s 4   Pudsey 42b
    James Henry THOMPSON son s 3   Pudsey 42b
    John THOMPSON son s 1   Pudsey 42b
43 17 Barnes Close Sydney FORD head m 36 Coal Man Groveley Wood Mills? 42b
    Christiana FORD wife m 38   LIN Alhorpe 42b
    Harry FORD son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    Willie FORD son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    Betsy FORD dau s 4   Pudsey 42b
44 18 Barnes Close Benjamin BUCK head m 27 Drayman Pudsey 42b
    Martha BUCK wife m 28   Selby 42b
    Herbert W BUCK son s 4   Selby 42b
    Joseph BUCK son s 2   Pudsey 42b
45 19 Barnes Close Hannah SCOTT head w 29 Woolen Cloth Weaver YKS W.? 43a
    Eliza SCOTT dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Kirkstall 43a
46 21 Barnes Close Isaac TAYLOR head W 50 Joiner Farsley 43a
47 23 Barnes Close Samuel RAYNER head m 27 Boiler Shop lab. Pudsey 43a
    Francis RAYNER wife m 27   Pudsey 43a
    Ethel RAYNER dau s 7   Pudsey 43a
    Ada RAYNER dau s 5   Pudsey 43a
    Joseph RAYNER son s 3   Pudsey 43a
    Arthur RAYNER son s 2   Pudsey 43a
    Frances Jane RAYNER dau s 9m   Pudsey 43a
48 25 Barnes Close Sarah MAY head w 54 Laundress Attercliffe 43a
    Samuel MAY son s 18 Blacksmith's Striker Attercliffe 43a
49 26 Barnes Close Eliza MAUD head s 37 Dressmaker Farsley 43a
    Alice Marg MAUD sis s 45 Dressmaker Farsley 43a
50 27 Barnes Close Harriet WALKER head w 40 Worsted Weaver Kirkstall 43a
    James WALKER son s 19 Woolen Machine Fettler Leeds 43a
    Herbert WALKER son s 15 Wool Cloth Finisher Leeds 43a
    Beatrice WALKER dau s 10   Leeds 43a
    Lorena WALKER dau s 3   Farsley 43a
51 28 Barnes Close John HOLDSWORTH head W 58 Wool Overlooker Bramley 43a
52 31 Barnes Close William HARRISON head m 56 Wool Warp Twister Pudsey 43a
    Susannah HARRISON wife m 56   Farsley 43a
53 32 Barnes Close Joseph MASSEY head m 26 Blacksmith's Striker Bradford 43a
    Mary A MASSEY wife m 32   Pudsey 43a
    Harry MASSEY son s 1   Pudsey 43a
    Charlotte MASSEY dau s 3   Pudsey 43a
    Selina MASSEY board s 21 Worsted Spinner Bradford 43a
54 33 Barnes Close Robert SPRINGTHORPE head m 57 lab. LEI Leicester 43b
    Kate SPRINGTHORPE wife m 60   IRE 43b
    Fred SPRINGTHORPE son s 18 Wool Millhand Pudsey 43b
55 34 Barnes Close James HININGS head W 74 Living on Own Means Pudsey 43b
    Ellen CROFT d in l m 57 Housekeeper Pudsey 43b
56 35 Barnes Close Joseph HARRISON head m 34 Boiler Works lab. Pudsey 43b
    Elizabeth HARRISON wife m 35   Pudsey 43b
    Willie HARRISON son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 43b
57 36 Barnes Close David PICKLES head m 25 General ?? Pudsey 43b
    Elizabeth PICKLES wife m 24 Wool Machine Minder Halifax 43b
58 37 Barnes Close William COSTIA head m 33 Railway Guard BDF Dunstable 43b
    Mary COSTIA wife m 34   BDF Dunstable 43b
    Anna M COSTIA dau s 11 Scholar Laister Dyke 43b
    Fred COSTIA son s 8 Scholar Gildersome 43b
    John MARSHALL neph s 5 Scholar Ben Rhydding 43b
59 29 Barnes Close Joshua GREAVES head m 23 Machine Fitter Farsley 43b
    Mary GREAVES wife m 24 Woolen Weaver Farsley 43b
60 38 Varley Street John SMITH head m 47 Saddler WAR ?---worth 43b
    Rosetta SMITH wife m 52   Pudsey 43b
    John SMITH son s 20 Iron Moulder Pudsey 43b
    Sarah SMITH dau s 19 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 43b
    Joseph SMITH son s 17 Loom Tuner app. Pudsey 43b
61 39 Varley Street Sarah HEPWORTH head w 56 Living on Own Means Sherlock 43b
    Ellen HEPWORTH dau s 16 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 43b
62 40 Varley Street Charlotte VARLEY head w 49 Mangler Bradford 43b
    James JUGGINS board m 44 Striker, late WheelSmith DUR South Shields 43b
    John JUGGINS board s 14 Worsted Millhand DUR Sunderland 43b
63 41 Varley Street William BENFIELD head m 45 Unemployed Lotting Clerk LEI Leicester 43b
    Harriet BENFIELD wife m 38   Pudsey 43b
    Charles BENFIELD son s 17 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 43b
    Emily A S BENFIELD dau s 13 Wool Spinner LON Islington 43b
    Harriet BENFIELD dau s 12 Scholar LON Islington 44a
    William BENFIELD son s 10 Scholar LON Islington 44a
    Joseph George BENFIELD son s 2   Pudsey 44a
64 42 Varley Street William PARKER head m 48 Wool Cloth Tenter Pudsey 44a
    Catherine PARKER wife m 45   Pudsey 44a
    George PARKER son m 22 Leather Currier Pudsey 44a
    Annie PARKER dau s 21 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 44a
    Emily PARKER dau s 10 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 44a
    Clara PARKER dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 44a
    Leonard NEILD gdau s 2   Pudsey 44a
65 43 Varley Street Betty WALTON head w 74   Pudsey 44a
    Eliza WALTON dau s 36   Pudsey 44a
66 46 Varley Street William ROBINSON head m 23 lab. Farsley 44a
    Dorothy C A ROBINSON wife m 20   DUR West Cornforth 44a
67 47 Varley Street John SMITH head m 38 Brick Layer Wakefield 44a
    Mary SMITH wife m 35   Ratcliff 44a
    John R SMITH son s 13 Wool Spinning Doffer Leeds 44a
    Edith A SMITH dau s 12 1/2 time Presser Leeds 44a
    Gertrude SMITH dau s 11 Scholar Leeds 44a
    Maud SMITH dau s 9 Scholar Leeds 44a
    Florence SMITH dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 44a
    Lilian SMITH dau s 4   Pudsey 44a
    Robert L SMITH son s 4m   Pudsey 44a
68 48 Varley Street Tom GORDON head m 23 Elementary School Teacher Pudsey 44a
    Sarah GORDON wife m 27   YKS W.? 44a
69 49 Varley Street Alfred RHODES head m 54 Cart Man Pudsey 44a
    Harriet RHODES wife m 51   Pudsey 44a
    Simeon SHARP board m 25 Clicker [Boot Trade] Pudsey 44a
    Sarah SHARP board m 25   Farsley 44a
70 2 Varley Street Thomas W WALKER head m 63 Foundry lab. Pudsey 44a
    Betty WALKER wife m 59 Foundry lab. Pudsey 44b
    Sarah MITCHELL lodg w 57   Pudsey 44b
71 3 Varley Street Frederick RILEY head m 27 Steam Engine Fitter Leeds 44b
    Cordelia RILEY wife m 26   Leeds 44b
    John RILEY son s 1   Pudsey 44b
72 4 Varley Street Jonathan SANDERS head m 39 lab. [former Overlooker] Pudsey 44b
    Elizabeth SANDERS wife m 39   Pudsey 44b
    Harry SANDERS son s 15 Woolen Millhand Farsley 44b
    Sarah A SANDERS dau s 12 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 44b
    Ethelina SANDERS dau s 5   Farsley 44b
    Ruth PICKARD board s 29 Wool Cloth Mender Farsley 44b
73 5 Varley Street Josiah PICKARD head m 33 Gas Fitter Farsley 44b
    Priscilla PICKARD wife m 32   Rodley 44b
    Harry PICKARD son s 11 Scholar NTT Nottingham 44b
    Alice PICKARD dau s 4 Scholar NTT Carlton? 44b
    Anna PICKARD dau s 2   Farsley 44b
74 6 Varley Street Jonathan BRAYSHAW head m 48 Joiner Pudsey 44b
    Sarah BRAYSHAW wife m 48   Pudsey 44b
    Matilda BRAYSHAW dau s 23 Woolen Mill Knotter Pudsey 44b
    Amelia BRAYSHAW dau s 20 Woolen Twister Pudsey 44b
    Sarah E BRAYSHAW dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 44b
    Lily BRAYSHAW dau s 15 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 44b
    John BRAYSHAW son s 14 Factory Hand Pudsey 44b
    Walter BRAYSHAW son s 12 Scholar Pudsey 44b
75 1 Sh------ House Charles E VICKERS head m 36 Coal Merchant Farsley 44b
    Hannah VICKERS wife m 33   Pudsey 44b
    Mary VICKERS dau s 6   Pudsey 44b
    Medley VICKERS son s 4   Pudsey 44b
    Charlotte HODGSON serv s 24 General serv Ecclesfield 44b
76 2 Sh----- House Joseph KNOWLES head m 15 Wool Merchant Batley 44b
    Mary Eliz KNOWLES wife m 31   Pudsey 45a
    Marion KNOWLES dau s 7   Pudsey 45a
    William KNOWLES son s 5   Pudsey 45a
    John KNOWLES son s 3   Pudsey 45a
    Arthur KNOWLES son s 2   Pudsey 45a
    Frederick KNOWLES son s 6m   Pudsey 45a
    Laura BURTON serv s 28 Nursury Governess Doncaster 45a
    Elizabeth SIMPSON serv s 24 dom. serv Harrogate 45a
77 24 Barnes Close William HOWE head m 39 Boiler Maker Leeds 45a
    Mary HOWE wife m 39   Pudsey 45a
    Sarah M HOWE dau s 16 Wool Spinner Pudsey 45a
    George HOWE dau s 12 Scholar Pudsey 45a
    Leonard HOWE son s 2   Pudsey 45a
    Clara A DODDS board s 11 Scholar Pudsey 45a
78 72 Barnes Close Ruth JACKSON head w 52 Grocer Pudsey 45a
    Jonathan JACKSON son s 20 Blacksmith Pudsey 45a
    Joseph JACKSON son s 16 Foundry lab. Pudsey 45a
    Sarah JACKSON dau s 14   Pudsey 45a
    Ruth JACKSON dau s 12 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 45a
79 74 Barnes Close William RODGER head m 49 Beer Seller Pudsey 45a
    Martha A RODGER wife m 48   Pudsey 45a
    Eliza CAWOOD serv s 26 dom. serv Goole 45a
80 79 Barnes Close Edward DAVEY head m 50 Confectioner Pudsey 45a
    Jane DAVEY wife m 59   Pudsey 45a
    Maria MOSELEY visitor w 64 Living on Own Means Pudsey 45a
    Maud BARTON visitor w 28 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 45a
    John SMITH board s 24 Moulder LIN Grimsby 45a
81 21 Beckside Hill Andrew HARDAKER head m 64 Lodging House Keeper Yeadon 45b
    Elizabeth HARDAKER wife m 40   Bradford 45b
    William WOMERSLEY board m 44 Leather Currier Ripon 45b
    Annis WOMERSLEY board m 28 Char Woman Ripon 45b
    Thomas QUEEN board s 8   Ripon 45b
    John QUEEN board s 6   Ripon 45b
    Annie WOMERSLEY board s 5   Ripon 45b
    Eliza WOMERSLEY board s 1   Pudsey 45b
    John HARTLEY board s 45 Tailor SAL * 45b
    Job HODGSON board m 63 Tailor Baildon 45b
    Samuel BLOWN board s 57 lab. Pudsey 45b
    William JACKSON board s 39 Stone Mason Bradford 45b
    John WITHERS board s 62 Tailor LAN Liverpool 45b
    Edward RICHARDSON board s 57 Hawker IRE Slego 45b
    Robert HARVEY board s 42 Tailor IRE Belfast 45b
    William BURTON board s 44 lab. Scarboro 45b
    Thomas CLARK board s 30 [Not Known] YKS B* 45b
    Thomas RILEY board s 46 lab. Pudsey 45b
    Aaron COOPER board s 34 lab. Snape 45b
    John MAC board s 45 lab. LAN Liverpool 45b
    Jacob ?OTTS board s 53 lab. IOW 45b
    William FRANCIS board s 36 Gardener YKS Flamborough 45b
    William O'BRIEN board s 45 Stone Quarryman LAN Liverpool 45b
    William MCCLOSKY board s 38 Shoemaker LAN ? 45b
    John DONOHOUGH board W 50 Shoemaker SCT Monleith 45b
    William FORSTER board s 35 General lab. Bingley 45b
    John SULLIVAN board s 49 General lab. LAN Liverpool 45b
    William SPENCER board s 25 General lab. Keighley 45b
    William GAMBLES board s 52 General lab. Pudsey 45b
    John RILEY board s 40 General lab. LAN Widnes 45b
    Joe BAXTER board W 45 General lab. Bradford 45c
    Alfred BAXTER board s 10   Bradford 45c
    Joseph MILLER board s 36 General lab. LAN Ashton 45c
    John COWLEY board s 22 Small Wares Hawker York 45c
    John BRANNON board s 21 lab. York 45c
    Peter TONKS board s 50 lab. WAR Coventry 45c
    John COATES board s 68 Small Wares Hawker Pudsey 45c
    Thomas ? board s 60 General lab. WAR Birmington 45c
    John CASSEY board W 52 General lab. IRE Belfast 45c
    Edward MARRYATT board s 53 General lab. IRE? Rhyhall 45c
    Charles ELAIN board s 58 Wool Cloth Finisher Huddersfield 45c
    Jabez HARTLEY board s 30 lab. Pudsey 45c
    Robert RICHARDSON board m 65 Basket Maker SCT Hewick 45c
    Mary RICHARDSON board m 55 Hawker Skipton 45c
    Mary A TUDOR ? board m 49 Hawker LAN Liverpool 45c
    Thomas TUDOR ? board m 50   LAN Hartlepool 45c
    Thomas BROWN board m 38 Hawker LAN Fleetwood 45c
    Margaret BROWN board m 40 Hawker WLS MON Newport 45c
    Thomas PETTY board s 80 Hawker Keighley 45c
82 14 Beckside Hill Harry GILL head m 23 Boot Rivetter Huddersfield 45c
    Alice GILL wife m 23   Pudsey 45c
    Eva GILL dau s 1   Pudsey 45c
83 2 Beckside Hill Henry HARDCASTLE head m 32 Furnace Dealer Pudsey 45c
    Charlotte HARDCASTLE wife m 24 Woolen Weaver Southampton 45c
    Harry HARDCASTLE son s 4   Pudsey 45c
    Polly HARDCASTLE dau s 11 Scholar Staincliffe 45c
    Jack HARDCASTLE son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 45c
    William BULLER board s 42 Iron Moulder Lumby 45c
    James WILSON board s 18 Road Surveyor Malton 45c
84 3 Beckside Hill Benjamin SHACKLETON head m 40 * Bradford 45c
    Winifred SHACKLETON wife m 30   Leeds 45c
85 4 Beckside Hill David KEIGHLEY head m 49 lab. Farsley 45d
    Jane BELLABY board w 40   Dewsbury 45d
    John BELLABY board s 15 Boiler Maker's app. Dewsbury 45d
    Susannah DODDS board m 28   Malton 45d
    George DODDS board s 10m   Pudsey 45d
86 5 Beckside Hill John SHEPHERD head s 30 BrickLayer's lab. NTT Carlton 45d
    Elizabeth A SHARKEY board m 32   GSY 45d
87 7 Beckside Hill William KNIGHT head m 30 Navvy - Railway LIN Lincoln 45d
    Harriet KNIGHT wife m 28   NTT Bingham 45d
    John Ed KNIGHT son s 10   NTT Bingham 45d
    George KNIGHT son s 7   NTT Bingham 45d
    Charles Henry KNIGHT son s 9m   Pudsey 45d
88 8 Beckside Hill Thomas BOULD head W 68 Cordwainer STS Tamworth 45d
89 20 Beckside Hill John SMITH head m 49 lab. Plymouth 45d
    Isabella SMITH wife m 39   IRE Belfast 45d
    Victor SMITH son s 7   Pudsey 45d
    John SMITH son s 5   Pudsey 45d
    Margaret SMITH dau s 3   Pudsey 45d
    Henry SMITH son s 2   Pudsey 45d
    Edward SMITH son s 11m   Pudsey 45d
90 21 Beckside Hill William DUNKLEY head m 43 Boot Closer NTH Wellingborough 45d
    Nelly DUNKLEY wife m 29 Wool Warp Twister Halifax 45d
    Sarah A DUNKLEY dau s 10   Halifax 45d
    Alfred DUNKLEY son s 9   Halifax 45d
    Louisa DUNKLEY dau s 4   Halifax 45d
    Julia A DUNKLEY dau s 2   Hipperholme 45d
91 23 Beckside Hill John BENNETT head s 44 lab. Pudsey 45d
    Mary LORRYMAN board w 52 Woolen Burler Pudsey 45d
    Hannah Eliza LORRYMAN board s 19 Wool Filler Pudsey 46a
    Jack Bennett LORRYMAN board s 11   Pudsey 46a
92 19 Beckside Hill Elijah WADE head m 58 Stone Dresser Farsley 46a
    Susan WADE wife m 55   Pudsey 46a
    Thomas LYNCH s in l W 35 Stone Mason Pudsey 46a
    John LYNCH son s 11   Pudsey 46a
    Edward LYNCH son s 10   Pudsey 46a
    Mary LYNCH dau s 9   Pudsey 46a
    Susan LYNCH dau s 7   Pudsey 46a
    Nancy LYNCH dau s 5   Pudsey 46a
    Theresa LYNCH dau s 1   Pudsey 46a
    Walter ROBINSON lodg s 45 Cloth Finisher SCT Galashields 46a
93 18 Beckside Hill Samuel OTHICK head m 52 Woolen Willeyer Pudsey 46a
    Margaret OTHICK wife m 33   IRE 46a
    Thomas OTHICK son s 16 Boot Maker Bramley 46a
    Emma OTHICK dau s 12 Scholar Bramley 46a
94 16 Beckside Hill Frederick SPENCER head m 30 General lab. Pudsey 46a
    Ada SPENCER wife m 25   Yeadon 46a
    Herbert SPENCER son s 4   Pudsey 46a
95 12 Beckside Hill George LAWN head m 40 Mason's lab. Beeston, Leeds 46a
    Wilfred LAWN son s 11   Guiseley 46a
    William BATESON board s 53 General lab. Rawdon 46a
96 10 Beckside Hill John GOTT head m 54 General lab. Sheffield 46a
    Sarah GOTT wife m 42   York 46a
97 12 Beckside Hill John COATES head m 58 Tailor Alborough 46a
    Elizabeth COATES wife m 42   Wensley 46a
    Louisa COATES dau s 19 Woolen Millhand DUR Crook 46a
    John W COATES son s 16 Foundry lab. DUR Crook 46b
    Louisa A COATES dau s 9 Scholar Richmond 46b
    Henry B COATES son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 46b
    Henrietta COATES dau s 2   Bramley 46b
    Charles Edward COATES son s 1   Bramley 46b
98 11 Beckside Hill Sarah SUTCLIFFE head w 61 Woolen Burler Bramley 46b
    Tom A SUTCLIFFE son s 29 Basket Maker Bramley 46b
    Sally SUTCLIFFE dau s 28 Woolen Mender Bramley 46b
    Clara SUTCLIFFE dau s 25 Woolen Weaver Bramley 46b
99 Wood Nook Farm Samuel INGHAM head W 58 Farmer Pudsey 46b
    Elizabeth INGHAM dau s 24   Pudsey 46b
    George William MOSS gson s 16 Farmer's Boy Pudsey 46b
    Mary SWAILES serv s 20 General serv Pateley Bridge 46b
    Matthew CLAYTON serv s 13 Farm Boy Pudsey 46b
100 4 Wood Nook John GRASBY head m 27 Joiner LIN Elsham 46b
    Annie GRASBY wife m 27   YKS ?Appleton 46b
101 3 Wood Nook John GREAVES head m 47 Wool Machine Hand Farsley 46b
    Mercy GREAVES wife m 55   Bramley 46b
102 2 Wood Nook Joseph LOBLEY head m 74 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bradford 46b
    Eliza A LOBLEY wife m 66   Wortley 46b
    Emeline LOBLEY gdau s 12 Scholar Farsley 46b
103 1 Wood Nook Thomas RYDER head m 40 Wesleyan Lay Missionary Armley 46b
    Jane RYDER wife m 47   Yeadon 46b
    Joseph Benjamin RYDER son s 13 Office Boy Bramley 46b
    Elly RYDER dau s 11 Scholar Yeadon 46b
    Ada RYDER dau s 8 Scholar Yeadon 46b
    Frederick RYDER son s 6 Scholar Yeadon 46b
104 8 Wood Nook David ALLOTT head m 38 Carpenter Calverley 46b
    Sarah ALLOTT wife m 30   Calverley 46b
    Frederick ALLOTT son s 11   Calverley 46b
    Harry ALLOTT son s 2   Pudsey 47a
    Eva ALLOTT dau s 1   Pudsey 47a
105 7 Wood Nook John T COATES head m 49 Leather Currier Leeds 47a
    Rebecca COATES wife m 51   Leeds 47a
    Ann COATES dau s 28   Calverley 47a
    Emily COATES dau s 18   Calverley 47a
    Martha COATES dau s 15   Calverley 47a
    Israel COATES son s 14   Calverley 47a
    William COATES son s 12   Calverley 47a
    Neriah COATES son s 9   Calverley 47a
106 6 Wood Nook John W BUSFIELD head m 38 Iron Works Timekeeper Farsley 47a
    Jane E BUSFIELD wife m 35   Halifax 47a
    Elizabeth A BUSFIELD dau s 8 Scholar Farsley 47a
107 5 Wood Nook John BUSFIELD head m 64 Retired Woolen Weaver Farsley 47a
    Martha BUSFIELD wife m 60   Bramley 47a
    Mary H BUSFIELD dau s 35 Worsted Weaver Farsley 47a
    Lois BUSFIELD dau s 33   Farsley 47a
    Eunice BUSFIELD dau s 22 Milliner Farsley 47a