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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED4



Piece RG12/3656, Enumeration District 4, Folios 47a - 59a, Enumerator Enoch Moorhouse

Consisting Church Lane commencing at Gott's houses including the View, Northrop Fold, Northrop Terrace, Police Station, the Tofts house, Booth Place, Baker's Cottages, Mullberry Street, both sides Dover Street, Park Square, Stanfield Yard ending at the Fire Engine house on one side and Galloway's Shop on the other side.


1 Church Lane HAINSWORTH James head m 39 Currier Stanningley 47a
    HAINSWORTH Elizabeth wife m 37   Pudsey 47a
    HAINSWORTH Benjamin son s 15 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 47a
    HAINSWORTH Martha A dau   10   Pudsey 47a
    HAINSWORTH Ellen dau   8   Pudsey 47a
    HAINSWORTH Sarah A dau   6   Pudsey 47a
    HAINSWORTH Abraham son   1   Pudsey 47a
2 Church Lane AUSTIN Stephen head m 56 Tailor Pudsey 47a
    AUSTIN Lydia wife m 57   Pudsey 47a
    AUSTIN Grace dau   30 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 47a
3 Church Lane ELLIS Oliver head m 41 Tobacconist Leeds 47a
    ELLIS Sarah wife m 41   Leeds 47a
    ELLIS Roseline dau s 15   Leeds 47a
    ELLIS Eva G dau s 14   Leeds 47a
    ATKINSON Moses board m 35 Labourer Leeds 47a
4 Church Lane AUSTIN Mary   w 82   Pudsey 47a
    GAUNT Elizabeth niece w 70   Pudsey 47a
    GAUNT Joseph head m 63   Pudsey 47a
    GAUNT Sarah wife m 55 Burler Pudsey 47a
    STANSFIELD Annie E head m 40 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 47a
    STANSFIELD Mary E dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 47a
    STANSFIELD Frances dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 47a
5 Church Lane BELLHOUSE Sarah head w 49   Pudsey 47a
    WADE Arthur visit   6   Pudsey 47a
6 Church Lane TUNNICLIFFE William head m 37 Solicitor Pudsey 47b
    TUNNICLIFFE Elizabeth wife m 37   LIN Burgh le Marsh 47b
    TUNNICLIFFE Adelaide Victoria dau   12   Pudsey 47b
    TUNNICLIFFE William John W son   4   Pudsey 47b
    TUNNICLIFFE Ethel Marion dau   4   Pudsey 47b
    TUNNICLIFFE Felix Duncan son   3   Pudsey 47b
    FOSTER Clara serv s 28 Governess Horbury 47b
    TOWNEND Mary serv s 22 Dom Serv Bramley 47b
    CLARKE Ada A serv s 16 Dom Serv NTT Northallerton (!) 47b
7 Church Lane HENDERSON Daniel A head m 34 Congregational Minister Scotland 47b
    HENDERSON Elizabeth wife m 32   DUR Hartlepool 47b
    HENDERSON Janet dau   5   Pudsey 47b
    HENDERSON Douglas son   1   Pudsey 47b
    NELSON Alice serv s 22 Gen Dom Serv Rawdon 47b
8 Church Lane WILSON Henry head m 45 Bricklayer STS Lane End? 47b
    WILSON Elizabeth wife m 50   Leeds 47b
9 Church Lane BERRY Mary A head w 56 Woolen weaver Pudsey 47b
    BERRY Ann dau s 28 Woolen Machinist Pudsey 47b
10 Church Lane CLIFFE Edward head m 59 Newsagent Leeds 47b
11 Church Lane PATCHETT John W head m 39 Green Grocer Bradford 47b
    PATCHETT Mary wife m 39   Pudsey 47b
    PATCHETT Walter son   17 Painter Pudsey 47b
    PATCHETT John son   13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 47b
    PATCHETT Willie son   10 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 47b
    PATCHETT Harry son   8   Pudsey 47b
    PATCHETT Newton son   4   Pudsey 47b
    PATCHETT Sarah dau   2   Pudsey 47b
    PATCHETT Ernest son   2   Pudsey 47b
12 Church Lane SCHOFIELD Hannah head w 62   Pudsey 47b
    SCHOFIELD John son m 29 Shoemaker Pudsey 47b
    SCHOFIELD Thomas son s 24 Rivetter Pudsey 47b
13 Off Church Lane MOSELEY David head m 52 Coal Merchant Clayton 48a
    MOSELEY Sarah wife m 50   Huddersfield 48a
    MOSELEY Clara dau   20   Guiseley 48a
    MOSELEY Alice dau   5   Pudsey 48a
14 Church Lane BLAND Charles R head m 32 B* Agent Guiseley 48a
    BLAND Maria wife m 35   Kirkstall 48a
    BLAND Robert son   6   Yeadon 48a
    BLAND Frank son   3   Headingley 48a
15 Church Lane DUFTON George head m 50 Estate Agent Pudsey 48a
    DUFTON Ann wife m 53   Bramley 48a
16 Church Lane WILSON Joseph head m 30 Joiner Pudsey 48a
    WILSON Ann wife m 32 Chapel Keeper Horsforth 48a
    WILSON Ernest son   8   Pudsey 48a
17 Church Lane PROCTOR James head m 27 Coal Agent Pudsey 48a
    PROCTOR Emma wife m 25   Yeadon 48a
18 Church Lane WOOD Thomas head m 53 Tramway * Clerk Knottingley 48a
    WOOD Alice H wife m 36   Bridlington 48a
    WOOD Ethel M dau   10   Pudsey 48a
    WOOD Margaret E dau   9   Pudsey 48a
    WOOD Gertrude dau   2   Pudsey 48a
    SMITHSON Watson lodg s 23 Groom? Bridlington 48a
19 Church Lane THRIPPLETON Sarah H head w 68 Living on own means Bramley 48a
    THRIPPLETON Thomas C son s 24 Clicker Boot & Shoe trade Pudsey 48a
20 Church Lane SMITH Albert head m 43 Blacksmith Gomersal 48a
    SMITH Ann wife m 44   Cleckheaton 48a
21 Church Lane JOWETT Arthur head m 28 Grocer Saltaire 48a
    JOWETT Sarah H wife m 25   Pudsey 48a
22 Church Lane LINDLEY Mary head w 53   Pudsey 48a
    LINDLEY Lydia dau s 28 Dressmaker Pudsey 48a
23 Church Lane APPLEYARD Andrew lodg wr 56 Labourer Pudsey 48b
    WHITTAM Sarah E lodg s 35   Pudsey 48b
    SUNDERLAND Frances head w 37 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 48b
    SUNDERLAND Robert son   7   Pudsey 48b
    SUNDERLAND Sarah E dau   5   Pudsey 48b
24 Church Lane BOOCOCK John head m 30 Currier Pudsey 48b
    BOOCOCK Miranda wife m 27   Pudsey 48b
25 Church Lane WARD John head m 44 Woolen weaver Pudsey 48b
    WARD Nancy wife m 44   Pudsey 48b
    WARD Gervaise son s 20 Book Keeper Bramley 48b
    WARD Joshua son s 17 Woolen weaver Bramley 48b
26 Church Lane WEBSTER Walter William head m 26 Shoemaker Bramley 48b
    WEBSTER Esther A wife m 23   Pudsey 48b
    WEBSTER William son   1   Pudsey 48b
27 Church Lane NORTON Tom head m 37 Forman Currier *eissett 48b
    NORTON Sarah A wife m 39   Holmfirth 48b
    NORTON Blanche dau s 18   Huddersfield 48b
28 Church Lane BATEMAN Arthur H head m 21 Clerk Pudsey 48b
    BATEMAN Clara wife m 27   Bradford 48b
    BATEMAN Sam son   4   Pudsey 48b
    BATEMAN Ann E dau   1   Pudsey 48b
29 Church Lane HARGREAVES Edward head m 32 Tailor Pool 48b
    HARGREAVES Elizabeth wife m 31   Leeds 48b
    HARGREAVES Miriam dau   4   Pudsey 48b
    HARGREAVES Louis son   2   Pudsey 48b
30 Church Lane RUSHWORTH William head m 61 Estate Agent Lightcliffe 48b
    RUSHWORTH Mary wife m 51   Pudsey 48b
    RUSHWORTH Joseph son s 31 Shoemaker Farnley 48b
    RUSHWORTH Emma dau s 22 Machinist Pudsey 48b
    RUSHWORTH James William son s 18 Warehouseman Pudsey 48b
    RUSHWORTH Esther dau   11 scholar Pudsey 48b
31 Church Lane HALL Joseph head m 49 Currier Pudsey 49a
    HALL Nancy wife m 51   Pudsey 49a
    HALL Fred son s 20 Clerk United States 49a
    HALL Annie dau s 17 School Board Teacher Pudsey 49a
    RAMSDEN Fanny niece s 29 Gen Dom Serv Pudsey 49a
32 Church Lane THRIPPLETON Thomas head m 48 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 49a
    THRIPPLETON Harriet E wife m 41   Otley 49a
    THRIPPLETON Charles Henry son s 25 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 49a
    THIRIPPLETON Walter son s 21 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 49a
    THIRIPPLETON Frank son s 19 Tailor Improver Pudsey 49a
    THRIPPLETON Maria dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 49a
    THRIPPLETON Lou* dau   13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 49a
    THRIPPLETON Harold son   12   Pudsey 49a
    THRIPPLETON Arthur son   9   Pudsey 49a
33 Church Lane WEBSTER Jonathan Garth head m 44 Woolen B*er Pudsey 49a
    WEBSTER Annie wife m 47   Pudsey 49a
    WEBSTER Mary E dau s 22 Fitter Bootmaker Pudsey 49a
    WEBSTER William Clarkson son s 18 Yarn Salesman Pudsey 49a
    WEBSTER Hannah M dau   14 Confectioner Farnley 49a
34 Church Lane WEBSTER James head m 37 Woolen Merchant Pudsey 49a
    WEBSTER Hannah wife m 33   Pudsey 49a
    WEBSTER Granville son   6   Pudsey 49a
    WEBSTER Beatrice dau   5   Pudsey 49a
35 Church Lane GLOVER James head m 38 Warp dresser Pudsey 49a
    GLOVER Ann wife m 38 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 49a
    GLOVER Hannah dau s 16 Dressmaker Pudsey 49a
36 Church Lane ELSWORTH Nancy head w 54 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 49a
    ELSWORTH Caroline dau s 29 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 49a
    ELSWORTH Sarah dau s 24? Worsted Weaver Pudsey 49a
    ELSWORTH John son s 16 Joiner's App. Pudsey 49a
37 Off Church Lane ASQUITH William head m 28 Joiner Pudsey 49b
    ASQUITH Jane wife m 28 Machinist Leeds 49b
    ASQUITH John W son   5   Pudsey 49b
    WRIGHT Georgia visit s 19 Domestic LIN Lincoln 49b
38 Church Lane BRADLEY William head m 26 Railway Booking Clerk Sherburn in Elmet 49b
    BRADLEY Bertha wife m 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 49b
39 Church Lane WEBSTER Samuel head m 69 Living on own means Pudsey 49b
    WEBSTER Mary wife m 64   Pudsey 49b
    WEBSTER Elizabeth dau s 40 Forewoman machinist Pudsey 49b
40 Church Lane TATHAM John head m 59 Coal Merchant Halifax 49b
    TATHAM Elizabeth wife m 63   Keighley 49b
    SCHOFIELD Lilian gdau   6   Pontefract 49b
41 Church Lane BOYES Martha J head s 52 Dressmaker Armley 49b
    BOYES Benjamin lodg s 46 Shop Ass. Pudsey 49b
42 Church Lane RUSHWORTH Samuel Ben head m 39 Draper Stanningley 49b
    RUSHWORTH Jerisha? wife m 39   HAM Portsmouth 49b
    RUSHWORTH William son s 15 Boot Rivetter (deaf & dumb) Pudsey 49b
    RUSHWORTH Sarah A dau   13 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 49b
    RUSHWORTH Herbert son   4   Pudsey 49b
43 Church Lane BENNETT William head m 34 Corn Factor STS Stone 49b
    BENNETT Esther wife m 24   Pudsey 49b
    BENNETT George Henry son   6   Pudsey 49b
    BENNETT Joseph son   4   Pudsey 49b
    BENNETT Albert S son   2   Pudsey 49b
    BENNETT Ruth dau   9m   Pudsey 49b
    THORPE Martha E serv w 16 Gen Dom Serv Bramley 49b
44 Church Lane MUSGRAVE Elizabeth head w 63 Living on own means Pudsey 49b
    HAINSWORTH Joseph son wr 58 Linen Draper Pudsey 49b
    HALTER Ellen serv s 31 Dom Serv Brotherton 49b
45 Church Lane LINDLEY Harry head m 31 Lithographic Artist Pudsey 50a
    LINDLEY Eveline wife m 31   Gt Horton 50a
    BARROW Ada s in l s 19   Bradford 50a
    LINDLEY Charles son   2   Pudsey 50a
    LINDLEY George son   3m   Pudsey 50a
46 Church Lane PARKER George head m 38 Woolen weaver Pudsey 50a
    PARKER Mary A wife m 48   Guiseley 50a
    PARKER John C son   13 Grocer's Ass. Pudsey 50a
    PARKER Sarah G dau   12   Pudsey 50a
    PARKER Joseph H son   10   Pudsey 50a
    YEADON Lawrence A board   14 Boot Rivetter Yeadon 50a
    HARRISON Joseph lodg s 31 Horseman Holmfirth 50a
    MCLAUGHLIN John lodg s 28 Pressman *lton 50a
    WRIGHT William B lodg s 25 Police Constable Selby 50a
47 Northrop's Yard BROWNLOW Robert head m 45 *ner Tong 50a
    BROWNLOW Hannah M wife m 44   Pudsey 50a
    BROWNLOW Eliza dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 50a
    SMART Charlotte lodg s 17 Worsted Weaver MON Newport 50a
48 Northrop's Yard THREAPLETON James head m 52 Labourer Pudsey 50a
    THREAPLETON Mary wife m 54   Pudsey 50a
    THREAPLETON Hugh son s 22 Currier Pudsey 50a
    THREAPLETON Sam son s 18 Grocer's Ass. Pudsey 50a
    THREAPLETON Sarah A dau s 15 Dressmaker Pudsey 50a
    THREAPLETON James dau   13   Pudsey 50a
49 Northrop's Yard THREAPLETON William head m 31 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 50a
    THREAPLETON Jane A wife m 55 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 50a
50 Northrop's Yard CRAMPTON Joseph head m 41 Labourer Pudsey 50b
    CRAMPTON Mary J wife m 38   Farsley 50b
    CRAMPTON William Henry son s 17 Learning Warp Dressing Pudsey 50b
    CRAMPTON John Richard son s 15 Boilermaker's App. Pudsey 50b
    CRAMPTON Frances Ann dau   11   Pudsey 50b
    CRAMPTON Joseph son   7   Pudsey 50b
    CRAMPTON Arthur son   3   Pudsey 50b
    CRAMPTON Jane dau   1   Pudsey 50b
51 Northrop's Yard NAYLOR Francis head m 63 Delver Bramley 50b
    NAYLOR Mary A wife m 59   Bramley 50b
    NAYLOR Joshua son s 23 Dyer Bramley 50b
    NAYLOR William son s 21 Stonemason Bramley 50b
    NAYLOR Arthur son s 17 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 50b
    NAYLOR Alfred son s 15 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 50b
    NAYLOR Irwin son   12   Pudsey 50b
52 Northrop's Yard WEBSTER Sewell head m 36 Leather Currier Pudsey 50b
    WEBSTER Elizabeth wife m 38   Hoyland 50b
    MUSCROFT Frank son   16 Boilermaker Hoyland 50b
    WEBSTER Sewell son   14 Leather Currier Pudsey 50b
    WEBSTER William son   11   Pudsey 50b
    WEBSTER Anne dau   9   Pudsey 50b
    WEBSTER Fred son   7   Pudsey 50b
    WEBSTER Ethel dau   3   Pudsey 50b
    WEBSTER John son   1   Pudsey 50b
53 Northrop's Yard SUTCLIFFE Mary head w 64 Dressmaker Pudsey 50b
    SUNDERLAND Lewis son s 30 Boot Finisher Pudsey 50b
    VERITY Martha A lodg s 34 Machinist Pudsey 50b
54 Northrop's Yard BRADLEY William head m 25 Boot Finisher Leeds 50b
    BRADLEY Lizzie wife m 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 50b
55 Northrop's Yard ETHERINGTON Harriet head w 64   Pudsey 51a
    ETHERINGTON Harriet E dau s 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51a
    ETHERINGTON Annie dau s 24   Pudsey 51a
    ETHERINGTON Rhoda dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51a
    DALBY Minnie head   33 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51a
    DALBY William son   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 51a
    DALBY Charlotte dau   12   Pudsey 51a
    DALBY Arthur son   9   Bingley 51a
56 Northrop's Yard SLINGSBY John W head m 28 Plumber Pudsey 51a
    SLINGSBY Elizabeth wife m 27   Pudsey 51a
    SLINGSBY Mary dau   9   Pudsey 51a
    SLINGSBY Sam son   5   Pudsey 51a
    SLINGSBY Harriett dau   11m   Pudsey 51a
    RAWSON Joseph b in l s 18 Druggist's ass. Pudsey 51a
57 Northrop's Yard SPENCER James W head m 45 Warp dresser Pudsey 51a
    SPENCER Jane wife m 45 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51a
    SPENCER Clara dau s 16   Pudsey 51a
    SPENCER Margaret dau   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 51a
58 Northrop's Yard HETHERINGTON Henry head m 42 Plasterer Pudsey 51a
    HETHERINGTON Ruth wife m 36 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51a
    HETHERINGTON Rhoda dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51a
    HETHERINGTON Emma dau   12 scholar Pudsey 51a
    HETHERINGTON Lottie dau   1   Pudsey 51a
59 Northrop's Yard KITCHEN Sarah head w 47   Pudsey 51a
    KITCHEN Clara dau s 22 Boot machinist Pudsey 51a
    KITCHEN Ruth A dau s 20 Boot machinist Pudsey 51a
    KITCHEN Frederick son s 18 Joiner's App. Pudsey 51a
    HATON Frances gmoth w 70   Pudsey 51a
    TUNNICLIFFE James board s 50 Leather Currier _alton 51a
    TUNNICLIFFE George W board m 24 Leather Currier Huddersfield 51a
    BECKETT David board s 25 Grocer's Ass. Scarborough 51a
60 Northrop's Yard HARE Beaumont head m 38 Stuff Warehouseman Pudsey 51b
    HARE Mary wife m 33   Pudsey 51b
    HARE Cyril son   4   Thornbury 51b
    HARE Harold son   2   Thornbury 51b
    HARE Ada M dau   1   Pudsey 51b
61 Northrop's Yard JOWETT Thomas head m 63 Worsted Manf. Wilsden 51b
    JOWETT Jane wife m 54   Horden 51b
    JOWETT Albert son s 23 Professor of Music Saltaire 51b
    JOWETT Florence dau s 16 Milliner Pudsey 51b
62 Park? Hotel ILLINGWORTH John head m 53 Licensed Victualler Bradford 51b
    ILLINGWORTH Martha wife m 53   Bradford 51b
    ILLINGWORTH Sam son s 23 Butcher Bradford 51b
    ILLINGWORTH Ralph son s 15 Butcher's Ass. Pudsey 51b
    ILLINGWORTH Fred son   12 scholar Cononley 51b
    BANGTON Rose serv s 22 Gen Serv WIL Bristol 51b
63 Northrop View FIRTH Elizabeth A head m 55 Milliner Leeds 51b
    FIRTH Mary dau   24   Leeds 51b
    FIRTH Sophia dau   21   Leeds 51b
    FIRTH Martha dau   17   Leeds 51b
    FIRTH Elizabeth S gdau   3   Kirkby Overblow 51b
64 Northrop View BOOTH Harry head m 36 Mngr woolen dept Pudsey 51b
    BOOTH Eliza wife m 27   Leeds 51b
    BOOTH Annie Gertrude dau   7 scholar Pudsey 51b
    BOOTH Mary Lydia dau   5   Pudsey 51b
    BOOTH Olive B dau   3   Pudsey 51b
    BOOTH Maud Lilian dau   1   Pudsey 51b
    HALL Edith serv   17 Gen Dom Serv NFK B*ingham 51b
65 Northrop View ARMITAGE Joseph head m 43 Woolen Manf Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Rose wife m 41   Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Randolph son s 21 Woolen Manf Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Mary E dau s 20   Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Annie dau s 18   Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Maud L dau s 14   Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Walter son   12   Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Louise dau   11   Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Arnold son   4   Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Edgar son   2   Pudsey 52a
    ARMITAGE Abraham son   1   Pudsey 52a
66 Police Station FOWLER John head m 45 Police Inspector Settle 52a
    FOWLER Jane wife m 45   Settle 52a
    FOWLER Margaret dau s 19   DBY Shottle 52a
    FOWLER John son s 16 Railway Co. * Bramley 52a
    FOWLER Percy son   14 Draper's Errand Boy Calverley 52a
    FOWLER Nellie dau   11 scholar Calverley 52a
    FOWLER Mary dau   9 scholar Calverley 52a
67 Church Lane LATIMER Ruth head w 57 Living on own means Bradford 52a
    LATIMER William son s 34 Stuff Manf. Pudsey 52a
    LATIMER Edith dau s 22   Pudsey 52a
    LATIMER Thomas son s 19 Stuff Manf. Pudsey 52a
    LATIMER Maria dau   17   Pudsey 52a
    LATIMER Catherine dau   15 scholar Bramley 52a
    ROBBINS Sarah dau m 25   Pudsey 52a
    ROBBINS Frederick gson   14m?   Pudsey 52a
68 Church Lane BENNETT William head m 60 Grocer LIN Boston 52b
    BENNETT Elizabeth wife m 58   STS Stone 52b
    BENNETT Harry son s 27 Grocer Pudsey 52b
    BENNETT Albert son s 24 Comm. Traveller for * Leeds Clothiers Pudsey 52b
    BENNETT Lizzie dau s 23   Pudsey 52b
    BENNETT Willie dau s 20   Pudsey 52b
    EYLES Joseph app s 19 grocer's app. Thirsk 52b
    BLACKMORE (William) Horncastle ass s 23 Grocer's Ass. Wakefield 52b
    WILSON Mathew app s 15   ? 52b
69 Church Lane LISTER Thomas head m 50 grocer's app. Pudsey 52b
    LISTER Martha wife m 49   Pudsey 52b
    LISTER Rose H dau s 24 Tailoress Pudsey 52b
    LISTER Harry son s 21 Tailor's App. Pudsey 52b
    LISTER Ellen dau s 18 Dom Serv Pudsey 52b
    LISTER Frederick W son s 17 Grocer's Ass. Pudsey 52b
    LISTER Calvert? son   9 scholar Pudsey 52b
70 Church Lane WOODHEAD James head m 36 Butcher & Confectioner Pudsey 52b
    WOODHEAD Elizabeth wife m 28   Crosland 52b
    HUTCHINSON Sarah board s 20 Assistant Pudsey 52b
    BRUCE Elizabeth A serv s 18 Gen Dom Serv Ferensby 52b
71 Church Lane JAGGER Albert head m 50 Joiner Hipperholme 52b
    JAGGER Albert son s 25 Chemist & Druggist Saltaire 52b
    JAGGER Emmeline dau s 24   Saltaire 52b
72 Church Lane GALLOWAY James head m 60 Grocer Healaugh 52b
    GALLOWAY Sarah wife m 57   Armley 52b
    GALLOWAY Mary dau s 29 Teacher Board School Pudsey 52b
    GALLOWAY Joseph son s 23 Assistant Grocer Pudsey 52b
    GALLOWAY Lizzie dau s 19 Teacher of Music Pudsey 52b
73 Church Lane POTTS George W head m 24 Draper's Errand Boy Pudsey 53a
    POTTS Lizzie wife m 21   Pocklington 53a
    HAYWARD Robert ass s 22 Assistant Draper Scotland 53a
    RIDDIOUGH? Samuel ass s 22   Manningham 53a
    RADBOULD Jane serv s 19 Dom Serv Normanton 53a
74 Church Lane SIMMS William head m 49 Painter & Paperhanger Howden 53a
    SIMMS Susan wife m 48   ESS Chiswell 53a
    MUSTHILL Susan niece s 18 Shop Ass. ESS Chiswell 53a
75 Church Lane WILSON Samuel head m 39 Music Seller? Pudsey 53a
    WILSON Eliza A wife m 37   Pudsey 53a
    WILSON Florence son   11   Pudsey 53a
    WILSON Walter H son   6   Pudsey 53a
76 Church Lane HINNING Sarah A head w 65   Pudsey 53a
    HINNING Frederick son s 29 Worsted Overlooker Pudsey 53a
    HINNING William R son s 31 Rivetter Boiler Pudsey 53a
77 Church Lane FENT George head m 65 Grocer Kilnwick 53a
    FENT Anne wife m 60   Bramley 53a
    FENT Helena dau s 25 Dressmaker Southcoates 53a
    FENT Ann dau s 21 Ass. Dressmaker Hull Holy Trinity 53a
78 Stansfield Sq BROOK Mathew head m 61 Farmer & Cattle Dealer Sowerby 53a
    BROOK Mary W wife m 67   Bradford 53a
    BROOK Hannah dau s 32 Dairymaid Pudsey 53a
79 Stansfield Sq HEAP James head wr 67 Woolen weaver Pudsey 53a
80 Stansfield Sq SENIOR George head m 58 Woolen weaver Pudsey 53a
    SENIOR Jane wife m 58 Woolen weaver Stanningley 53a
    SENIOR Martha A dau s 21 Boot machinist Pudsey 53a
81 Stansfield Sq HARRISON Mathew head m 59 Woolen weaver Pudsey 53a
    HARRISON Hannah wife m 58 Woolen weaver Pudsey 53a
    HARRISON Jane E dau s 24 Currier Pudsey 53a
    HARRISON Joseph son s 24   Pudsey 53a
    HARRISON John son s 22 B. Clicker Pudsey 53a
    HARRISON Ruth dau s 18 Machinist Pudsey 53a
82 Stansfield Sq SENIOR Jonathan head wr 51 Woolen weaver Pudsey 53b
    SENIOR Mary dau s 17 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 53b
    SENIOR Anne dau s 16 Woolen mender Pudsey 53b
    SENIOR Arthur son   13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 53b
    SENIOR Charlotte dau   6 scholar Pudsey 53b
83 Stansfield Sq WATERHOUSE Ann head w 60 Dressmaker Pudsey 53b
    COOPE James adopt s 15 Boot Rivetter Hunslet 53b
84 Stansfield Sq HARRISON Elizabeth head w 76   Farnley 53b
    WALKER Betsy lodg s 46 Woolen weaver Pudsey 53b
85 Stansfield Sq CLOUGH Sam head m 29 Carrier Bradford 53b
    CLOUGH Ann wife m 32   Bradford 53b
    CLOUGH Harry son   5   Bradford 53b
    CLOUGH Fred son   3   Bradford 53b
    CLOUGH Albert son   1   Bradford 53b
86 Church Lane BLAKEY William Myers head m 28 Grocer Pudsey 53b
    BLAKEY Jane wife m 27   Pudsey 53b
    BLAKEY Lilian dau   1   Pudsey 53b
    GIBBONS Sarah m in l w 61   Pudsey 53b
    TIDWELL William lodg m 36 Currier Pudsey 53b
87 Church Lane THREAPLETON George head m 60 woolen warper Pudsey 53b
    THREAPLETON Martha wife m 50   Pudsey 53b
88 Church Lane ILLINGWORTH Isaac head wr 56 Wool Comber Pudsey 53b
    ILLINGWORTH Joseph son s 30 Shoemaker Pudsey 53b
    ILLINGWORTH Hannah dau s 26 Woolen weaver Pudsey 53b
    ILLINGWORTH Richard son s 21 Iron Fettler Pudsey 53b
    ILLINGWORTH Mary dau s 19 Card Filler Pudsey 53b
    ILLINGWORTH Banks son   8   Pudsey 53b
89 Church Lane THREAPLETON Alfred head m 30 Labourer Pudsey 53b
    THREAPLETON Harry wife m 31 Woolen weaver Pudsey 53b
    THREAPLETON Ethel dau   11m   Pudsey 53b
90 Church Lane NAYLOR Moses head m 64 Teamster Pudsey 54a
    NAYLOR Eliza wife m 54   Bramley 54a
    NAYLOR George son s 36 Shoemaker Pudsey 54a
    NAYLOR Proctor son s 24 Warehouseman Pudsey 54a
    NAYLOR Emma dau s 22 Confectioner Pudsey 54a
    SENIOR Eleanor serv s 22 Gen Dom Serv Earlsheaton 54a
91 Church Lane NOBLE William J head m 43 Grocer Pudsey 54a
    NOBLE Elizabeth wife m 43   Pudsey 54a
    NOBLE Harry son s 19 Butcher Bradford 54a
    NOBLE Alfred son s 17 Engraver Bradford 54a
    NOBLE Iveson son s 15 Giln Ticketman Bradford 54a
    NOBLE Rose dau   12   Pudsey 54a
    NOBLE Clough son   6   Pudsey 54a
    NOBLE Sarah E dau   1   Pudsey 54a
92 Park Sq SUTCLIFFE Jonathan head m 50 Joiner Pudsey 54a
    SUTCLIFFE Priscilla wife m 51   Pudsey 54a
    SUTCLIFFE James E dau s 21 Woolen weaver Pudsey 54a
    SUTCLIFFE Thomas B son s 18 Joiner Pudsey 54a
93 Park Sq SHARP Trystram head m 45 Woolen weaver Pudsey 54a
    SHARP Ruth A wife m 19 Woolen weaver Pudsey 54a
    SHARP Fred son s 16 Woolen weaver Pudsey 54a
    SHARP Ada dau   14 Woolen weaver Pudsey 54a
    SHARP Calvert son   11 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 54a
    SHARP Willie son   8 scholar Pudsey 54a
    SHARP John son   7 scholar Pudsey 54a
    SHARP Ruth dau   2   Pudsey 54a
94 Park Sq STRICKLAND Elizabeth head m 67   Pudsey 54a
    STRICKLAND Theodoria dau s 33 Woolen weaver Stanningley 54a
    STRICKLAND Major gson s 26 Boot Rivetter Stanningley 54a
    STRICKLAND Sarah gdau s 22 Burler Bradford 54a
    STRICKLAND John gdau s 20 Boot Finisher Pudsey 54a
95 Park Sq PICKLES John head m 34 Tailor & Outfitter Pudsey 54b
    PICKLES Mary wife m 26 Tailoress Pudsey 54b
    PICKLES Hannah dau   12   Pudsey 54b
    PICKLES Merrium dau   6   Pudsey 54b
    HORTON Thomas lodg s 39 Tailor Pudsey 54b
    LAWSON James uncle wr 81 Living on own means Pudsey 54b
96 Park Sq DUFTON Ann head w 60   Hunslet 54b
    DUFTON Sam son s 35 Filler Woolen Mill Pudsey 54b
    DUFTON Martha dau s 30 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 54b
    DUFTON Squire son m 27 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 54b
97 Park Sq GRIMSHAW Samuel head m 32 Boot Rivetter Calverley 54b
    GRIMSHAW Emily wife m 35 Worsted Winder Pudsey 54b
    GRIMSHAW Mary dau   9 scholar Pudsey 54b
    GRIMSHAW John W son   1   Pudsey 54b
    GRIMSHAW Herbert son   1m   Pudsey 54b
98 Park Sq DICKENSON John head m 31 Labourer Stanningley 54b
    DICKENSON Mary wife m 26 Woolen weaver Pudsey 54b
99 Park Sq ROGERS John head m 60   Pudsey 54b
    ROGERS Sarah wife m 52 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 54b
100 Park Sq VERITY Eliza head w 47   Pudsey 54b
    VERITY William son s 15 Doffer Pudsey 54b
    VERITY John son   12 Doffer Pudsey 54b
    VERITY Charlotte dau   10 scholar Pudsey 54b
101 Park Sq JOHNSON John H head m 26 Labourer Pudsey 54b
    JOHNSON Elizabeth wife m 26 Woolen weaver Pudsey 54b
102 Park Sq YEADON Albert head m 27 Woolen weaver Morley 54b
    YEADON Martha wife m 23   Pudsey 54b
103 Park Sq GALLOWAY Benjamin head m 56 Worsted Willier Pudsey 54b
    GALLOWAY Grace wife m 47   Yeadon 54b
    BRAYSHAW Elizabeth G dau   10   Pudsey 54b
104 Park Sq ATKINSON William head m 54 Contractor Pudsey 55a
    ATKINSON Sam son s 17 Labourer Pudsey 55a
105 Butcher's Arms MITCHELL Thomas head m 66 Licensed Victualler Pudsey 55a
    MITCHELL Ann wife m 54   Pudsey 55a
    MITCHELL Mary E dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55a
    MITCHELL Albert son s 17 Warper Pudsey 55a
    MANGLE John lodg m 29 Drayman Kippax 55a
    MANGLE Alice A lodg m 19 Dom Serv Leeds 55a
106 Mulberry St BROWN Emanuel head m 24 Currier Pudsey 55a
    BROWN Martha wife m 25 Winder? Pudsey 55a
107 Mulberry St NOBLE George Henry head m 22 Rag & Bone Merchant & G* T* Maker Pudsey 55a
    NOBLE Hannah wife m 21   Pudsey 55a
108 Mulberry St NAYLOR Alfred head m 30 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 55a
    NAYLOR Rose wife m 30   Pudsey 55a
    NAYLOR Herbert son   7   Pudsey 55a
    NAYLOR Laura dau   5   Pudsey 55a
    NAYLOR Ann dau   3   Pudsey 55a
109 Mulberry St HAINSWORTH Edward head m 33 Boot & Shoemaker Dewsbury 55a
    HAINSWORTH Sarah wife m 32 Woolen weaver Wortley 55a
    HAINSWORTH Mary dau   7 scholar Pudsey 55a
    HAINSWORTH Harry son   3   Pudsey 55a
    HAINSWORTH John fath wr 71 Living on own means Farsley 55a
    OLDFIELD Harry visit s 22 Iron Moulder Pudsey 55a
110 Mulberry St WEBSTER John head m 51 Labourer Pudsey 55a
    WEBSTER Mary wife m 48   Pudsey 55a
    WEBSTER Annie dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55a
    WEBSTER Emily dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55a
    WEBSTER Jane dau   11 scholar Pudsey 55a
111 Mulberry St THREAPLETON Albert head m 27 Boot Finisher Pudsey 55a
    THREAPLETON Rhoda wife m 27 Worsted drawer Farsley 55a
112 Mulberry St ROGERS Reuben head m 46 Beamer of woolen warp Bramley 55b
    ROGERS Martha wife m 46 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55b
    ROGERS Joseph son   5   Pudsey 55b
113 Mulberry St HEMSWORTH Sarah head s 37 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55b
    LOBLEY John bro s 29 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 55b
    LOBLEY Mathew H bro s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55b
114 Mulberry St WEBSTER George head m 45 Knotter of woolen * Pudsey 55b
    WEBSTER Eliza A wife m 44   Pudsey 55b
    WEBSTER Laura A dau   15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55b
    GREGSON Mary m in l w 70   Wakefield 55b
115 Mulberry St ELSWORTH Joshua head m 26 Rivetter Pudsey 55b
    ELSWORTH Ellen wife m 25   Stanningley 55b
    ELSWORTH Alfred son   1   Pudsey 55b
116 Mulberry St HEMSWORTH Joseph head m 34 Carrier Pudsey 55b
    HEMSWORTH Rebecca wife m 34   Pudsey 55b
    HEMSWORTH William son   7   Pudsey 55b
    HEMSWORTH Richard son   4   Pudsey 55b
    HEMSWORTH Joshua son   5m   Pudsey 55b
117 Mulberry St ARMITAGE Jonathan head m 35 Willier Pudsey 55b
    ARMITAGE Ann wife m 32   Holbeck 55b
    ARMITAGE Arthur son   5   Pudsey 55b
    ARMITAGE Lawrence son   2   Pudsey 55b
    DOBSON James lodg s 21 Boilermaker Bramley 55b
118 Mulberry St HANSON Joshua head m 60 Joiner & Cabinet maker Pudsey 55b
    HANSON Ann wife m 57   Pudsey 55b
119 Mulberry St LAWSON Joshua head m 59 Woolen weaver Pudsey 55b
    LAWSON Henretty wife m 59 Laundress Pudsey 55b
120 Mulberry St JACKSON John head m 35 Currier Pudsey 56a
    JACKSON Ellen wife m 38   Ireland 56a
    JACKSON Hannah dau   10   Pudsey 56a
    JACKSON John W son   8   Pudsey 56a
    JACKSON Simeon son   6   Pudsey 56a
    JACKSON Ernest son   5   Pudsey 56a
    JACKSON James son   3m   Pudsey 56a
121 Mulberry St MUSGRAVE William head m 52 Living on own means Pudsey 56a
    MUSGRAVE Martha wife m 41   Pudsey 56a
122 Mulberry St FARRAR Robert head m 60 Labourer Beeston Royd 56a
    FARRAR Elizabeth wife m 62   Windhill 56a
123 Mulberry St RUSSELL Ann head w 74   Liversedge 56a
    RUSSELL Mary dau s 39 Machinist Bradford 56a
124 Mulberry St ELSWORTH Sarah head w 70 Living on own means Pudsey 56a
125 Mulberry St ALLOTT James head m 45 Rivetter Pudsey 56a
    ALLOTT Rosetta wife m 43   Pudsey 56a
    ALLOTT Joseph son s 20 Worsted spinner Pudsey 56a
    ALLOTT Mary dau   19 Cloth Finisher Pudsey 56a
    ALLOTT Sarah A dau   16 Worsted spinner Pudsey 56a
    ALLOTT Hannah dau   12   Pudsey 56a
    ALLOTT James son   5 scholar Pudsey 56a
    ALLOTT Rosa gdau   4m   Pudsey 56a
126 Mulberry St SUGDEN Maria head w 70   Cumberworth 56a
    SUGDEN Phoebe dau s 41 Worsted Weaver Bramley 56a
    SUGDEN Hannah dau s 36   Bramley 56a
127 Mulberry St WARD Charles head m 19 Boot Finisher Pudsey 56a
    WARD Matilda wife m 18 Woolen weaver Pudsey 56a
    WARD Willie son   11m   Pudsey 56a
128 Mulberry St THOMPSON Joseph head m 35 Woolen Mule Spinner Pudsey 56a
    THOMPSON Emily wife m 35   Holbeck 56a
    THOMPSON Sam son   14 Mule piecer Pudsey 56a
129 Mulberry St WEBSTER Joseph head m 28 Labourer Pudsey 56b
    WEBSTER Clara wife m 29   Bradford 56b
    WEBSTER Ethel dau   6   Pudsey 56b
130 Mulberry St SCHOFIELD John head m 52 Cloth Fettler Pudsey 56b
    SCHOFIELD Rebecca wife m 49 Filler Farsley 56b
    SCHOFIELD John son   20 Boot Finisher Pudsey 56b
    SCHOFIELD Mary dau   12 scholar Pudsey 56b
    SCHOFIELD Joseph son   8 scholar Pudsey 56b
131 Mulberry St BRAY William head m 39 Drayman Pudsey 56b
    BRAY Sophia wife m 39 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 56b
132 Mulberry St JACKSON Joseph head m 68 Woolen weaver Pudsey 56b
    JACKSON Elizabeth dau s 42 (imbecile) LAN Church 56b
133 Mulberry St TODD Joseph head m 34 Labourer Pudsey 56b
    TODD Martha wife m 40   Pudsey 56b
    HUGGAN Jonathan son   16   Pudsey 56b
    HUGGAN Ellen dau   15 Labourer Pudsey 56b
    HUGGAN Elizabeth dau   11 scholar Pudsey 56b
    TODD Sylvester son   2   Pudsey 56b
134 Mulberry St LEE Frank head m 41 Labourer Pudsey 56b
    LEE Phoebe wife m 38   Pudsey 56b
    LEE Annie E dau   15 Worsted spinner Pudsey 56b
    LEE Pearson son   19 Iron Moulder Pudsey 56b
    LEE Florence dau   11 scholar Pudsey 56b
135 Mulberry St CRAVEN Thompson head m 24 Rivetter Pudsey 56b
    CRAVEN Mary A wife m 23   Pudsey 56b
    CRAVEN Mary Emma dau   3   Pudsey 56b
    CRAVEN James T son   3m   Pudsey 56b
136 Mulberry St TODD Hannah head w 65   Pudsey 56b
    MILLS George A lodg s 20 Cart Driver Stanningley 56b
    TURNER Robert lodg s 20 Joiner Pudsey 56b
137 Mulberry St GAUNT John C head m 46   Pudsey 57a
    GAUNT Mary wife m 46   Bramley 57a
    GAUNT Ernest son s 20 Wool Comb Overlooker Pudsey 57a
    GAUNT James son s 18 Apprentice Fitter Pudsey 57a
    GAUNT Thomas H son s 16 Overlooker Pudsey 57a
    GAUNT John A son   13 Doffer Pudsey 57a
    GAUNT Mary A dau   10   Pudsey 57a
    GAUNT Edith dau   8   Pudsey 57a
    GAUNT George Wilfred son   6   Pudsey 57a
138 Mulberry St FARRAR Joseph head m 70 Contractor Pudsey 57a
    FARRAR Alice wife m 67   Marsden 57a
    FARRAR Elizabeth dau s 40 Woolen weaver Pudsey 57a
    FARRAR Rella dau s 25 Schoolmistress Pudsey 57a
139 Mulberry St WEBSTER Sarah head w 60   Lower Wortley 57a
    WEBSTER Mary dau s 22 Stock Cutter Batley Carr 57a
    *KER Joseph lodg m 22 T*ner Hartshead 57a
140 Mulberry St THREAPLETON Benjamin head m 54 Rough Cutter Boot Trade Wortley 57a
    THREAPLETON Eleanor wife m 61   Eccleshill 57a
    THREAPLETON George bro s 62 Woolen Minder Wortley 57a
141 Mulberry St RAYNER William H head m 32 Boilermaker Pudsey 57a
    RAYNER Eliza wife m 34 Woolen weaver Pudsey 57a
    RAYNER Ethel dau   8   Pudsey 57a
142 Mulberry St BARSBY Edward head m 25 Boilermaker Stanningley 57a
    BARSBY Ada wife m 25 Woolen weaver Pudsey 57a
143 Mulberry St SCHOFIELD George Henry head m 34 Stat. Engine Tenter Pudsey 57a
    SCHOFIELD Rebecca wife m 35   Pudsey 57a
    SCHOFIELD Laura Annie dau   9 scholar Pudsey 57a
    SCHOFIELD Harry son   5   Pudsey 57a
    SCHOFIELD Ernest son   6   Pudsey 57a
    SCHOFIELD Benjamin son   3   Pudsey 57a
    SCHOFIELD Leonard son   8m   Pudsey 57a
144 Mulberry St HORNER Eliza J head s 43 Boot & Slipper Merchant Leeds 57b
145 Mulberry St DAWSON John head m 32 Stone Mason Pudsey 57b
    DAWSON Martha wife m 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 57b
    DAWSON Herbert son   12 scholar Barnoldswick 57b
    DAWSON Frances dau   6   Pudsey 57b
    DAWSON Arthur son   5   Pudsey 57b
146 Mulberry St BAKER Dorothy head w 67 Living on own means Pudsey 57b
147 Mulberry St LAWSON Naylor head m 36 Shoemaker Pudsey 57b
    LAWSON Emma wife m 42   Pudsey 57b
    LAWSON Harry son   12 Worsted spinner Pudsey 57b
    LAWSON Clara dau   7   Pudsey 57b
    LAWSON Irwin son   4   Pudsey 57b
148 Mulberry St WHITAKER Forest head m 33 Worsted spinner Overlooker Wortley 57b
    WHITAKER Isabella wife m 30 Worsted Spinner Bradford 57b
    HORSFIELD R_lly board s 15 Worsted Spinner Bradford 57b
149 Mulberry St BARRATT John head m 39 Parer Boot & Shoe Trade Pudsey 57b
    BARRATT Elizabeth wife m 36   Laisterdyke 57b
    BARRATT Polly dau   15 Fitter Pudsey 57b
150 Mulberry St HETHERINGTON Squire head m 31 Plasterer Pudsey 57b
    HETHERINGTON Eliza wife m 42   Pudsey 57b
    HETHERINGTON Fred son s 21 Rivetter Pudsey 57b
    HETHERINGTON Albert son s 20 Plasterer's Lab. Pudsey 57b
    HETHERINGTON George son   16 Rivetter Pudsey 57b
    HETHERINGTON John son   11 scholar Pudsey 57b
    HETHERINGTON Eliza dau   6   Pudsey 57b
    HETHERINGTON Alfred son   3   Pudsey 57b
151 Mulberry St ROSS John head m 35 Labourer Pudsey 57b
    ROSS Elizabeth wife m 35 Woolen weaver Pudsey 57b
    ROSS Herbert son   15 Woolen Piecer Pudsey 57b
    ROSS Martha dau   7   Pudsey 57b
152 Mulberry St BAKER John head m 77 Lighting Inspector & Grocer Pudsey 58a
    BAKER Mary Ann wife m 60   Darrington 58a
    BAKER Thomas Samuel son s 21 Grocer Pudsey 58a
153 Mulberry St BARNES John W head m 37 Draughtsman Stanningley 58a
    BARNES Mary wife m 32   Pudsey 58a
154 Mulberry St STAMP Edward head m 45 Coachman Domestic LIN Waltham 58a
    STAMP Elizabeth wife m 32   DUR Barnard Castle 58a
    STAMP William son   14 Doffer LIN Grimsby 58a
    STAMP Thomas son   6   Pudsey 58a
    STAMP Robert son   4   Pudsey 58a
155 Mulberry St WITTY William head m 39 Cabinet Maker Bradford 58a
    WITTY Mary E wife m 39   Pudsey 58a
    WITTY Samuel son s 17 Grocer's Ass. Pudsey 58a
    WITTY Jane dau   11 scholar Pudsey 58a
    WITTY Arthur son   7 scholar Pudsey 58a
    WITTY Emma dau   7 scholar Pudsey 58a
156 Mulberry St KEMP Selina head w 65 Living on own means Birstall 58a
    KEMP Amy gson   13 scholar Cleckheaton 58a
157 Mulberry St LOFTHOUSE John head m 48 Gas Meter Inspector Saxton 58a
    LOFTHOUSE Annie wife m 31 Worsted Weaver Acomb 58a
    LOFTHOUSE George William son   9 scholar Pudsey 58a
    LOFTHOUSE Laura Annie dau   7 scholar Pudsey 58a
    LOFTHOUSE John Arthur son   3   Pudsey 58a
158 Church Lane ROSS Joseph head m 77 Rough Cutter Boot Trade Pudsey 58a
    ROSS Mary wife m 67   Pudsey 58a
    ROSS William son s 31 Shoemaker Pudsey 58a
159 Church Lane PROCTOR Hugh head m 52 woolen warper Pudsey 58a
    PROCTOR Emma wife m 47   Pudsey 58a
    PROCTOR Laurance son s 19 Journalist Pudsey 58a
160 Church Lane GILL Sarah A head w 56   Pudsey 58a
161 Church Lane WALKER Maria head w 71   Pudsey 58b
    WALKER Mary dau s 41 Forewoman Boot & Shoe Trade Pudsey 58b
    WALKER Martha dau s 35 Dressmaker Pudsey 58b
    WALKER Edwin son s 30 Wool Merchant's Clerk Pudsey 58b
162 Church Lane WAY James head m 46 Foreman Bootmaker DEV Cullompton 58b
    WAY Jemima wife m 42   Barnsley 58b
    WAY Arthur son s 20 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 58b
    WAY Amelia dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 58b
    WAY James Albert son s 16 Shoemaker App. Pudsey 58b
    WAY Bertha dau   13   Pudsey 58b
    WAY Thomas son   11 scholar Pudsey 58b
    WAY Clara Annie dau   9 scholar Pudsey 58b
163 Church Lane WOOD Isaac head wr 45 Mason & Builder Bingley 58b
    WOOD Thomas son s 23 Mason Keighley 58b
    WOOD James son s 20 Mason Bingley 58b
    WOOD David son s 17 Woolen Mule Spinner Bingley 58b
    DRIVER Mary A serv s 24 Gen Dom Serv Windhill 58b
164 Church Lane DAVEY Thomas head m 38 Basket Maker Pudsey 58b
    DAVEY Esther J wife m 40   Pudsey 58b
    DAVEY Florence dau   8   Pudsey 58b
    DAVEY Lilly dau   9m   Pudsey 58b
165 Church Lane DUFTON Benjamin head m 48 Clerk Local Board Pudsey 58b
    DUFTON Ruth wife m 48   Pudsey 58b
    DUFTON John son s 19 Clerk Shoe Factory Pudsey 58b
    DUFTON Norman son s 18 Clicker's app. Pudsey 58b
    DUFTON Percy son s 16 Ass. Clerk Local Board Pudsey 58b
    DUFTON Rufus Gilpin son   11 scholar Pudsey 58b
166 Church Lane MIDDLEBROOK John head m 46 Printer & Publisher Pudsey 58b
    MIDDLEBROOK Kate wife m 34   Leeds 58b
167 Church Lane PROCTOR William head m 30 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 59a
    PROCTOR Emma wife m 28   Bramley 59a
    PROCTOR Sam son   5   Pudsey 59a
    PROCTOR Leslie G son   3m   Pudsey 59a
168 Park Lodge LOCKETT Charles head s 33 Head gardener NFK B*ingham 59a
    BOIKIN Willie board s 23 Under gardener LEI Bottesford 59a
    DAVEY Sarah serv w 60 Dom Serv Bramley 59a
169 Vicarage THOMPSON Robert B head m 50 Vicar of Pudsey Ireland 59a
    THOMPSON Hannah wife m 52   Holmfirth 59a
    THOMPSON Arnold T son s 22 Student Thurstonland 59a
    WILSON Ann E serv s 20 Gen Dom Serv Malton 59a
170 Church Lane CARR Elizabeth head w 49 Living on own means Calverley 59a
    CARR Sarah A niece s 19   Pudsey 59a
    TERRY Mary E serv s 17 Gen Dom Serv Middlesborough 59a
171 Church Lane VERITY Thomas head m 53 Licensed Victualler Bramley 59a
    VERITY Harriet wife m 50   Stanley 59a
    NORBURY Eliza niece s 21   LAN Liverpool 59a
172 Church Lane BYRD? Edward J   s 30 Physician Surgeon STS near Stafford 59a
    BAIRSTOW Maurice head m 27 Ironmonger's Ass. Huddersfield 59a
    BAIRSTOW Rebecca wife m 32   Holbeck 59a
    BAIRSTOW Adelaide F dau   4   Huddersfield 59a