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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED5



Piece RG12/3656, Enumeration District 5, Folios 63a - 71b, Enumerator Edward Parker Wilcock

Commencing at no 1 Lidgett Hill, Board School, Mrs Drivers Richardshaw, Free Church Methodist Ministers House, Samuel Driver's house, Mount Pleasant road, Wesley Row, Gotts Terrace, The upper part of Lowtown, Wesley Square, the West side of Manor House Street, all Waver Green, Old Hall, Crawshaw Hill, Robin Lane beginning at Longfield House, both sides as far as Robin Row on one side and as far as and including Crawshaw Mill yard on the other.


1 1 Lidget Hill Jabez TURNER head m 38 Bricklayer's lab GNR Pudsey 63a
    Caroline TURNER wife m 33   Langton on Swale? 63a
    Alice Ann TURNER dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 63a
    William TURNER son   9 Scholar Pudsey 63a
    Mary Jane TURNER dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 63a
    Rose Hannah TURNER dau   4   Pudsey 63a
    John TURNER son   2   Pudsey 63a
    William Henry TURNER bro s 40 Tunnel Lab. Pudsey 63a
2 3 Lidget Hill Elizabeth CARR head w 63 Nurse NTT Worksop 63a
    William CARR son s 33 Coal miner Tong 63a
    Sarah CARR dau s 31 woolen millhand Pudsey 63a
    Thomas CARR son s 23 iron moulder Pudsey 63a
3 5 Lidget Hill Frederick HIGGINS head m 26 Painter's lab. Stanningley 63a
    Clara HIGGINS wife m 27   Pudsey 63a
    John Henry HIGGINS son   1   Stanningley 63a
3a 7 Lidget Hill Samuel BARKER head W 75 Ret. Army Sgt. ESS ? 63a
    Elizabeth DIBB dau w 26 Scribbler Filler Knaresborough 63a
    Thomas PARKER in l m 23 Willeyer Pudsey 63a
    Caroline PARKER dau m 23   Knaresborough 63a
4 23 Lidget Hill Joseph BOOCOCK head m 66 Retired Weaver Leeds 63a
    Ann BOOCOCK wife m 64   Pudsey 63a
5 31 Lidget Hill Frederick William WALKER head m 31 Tailor Pudsey 63a
    Martha WALKER wife m 33   Pudsey 63a
    Harold WALKER son   1   Pudsey 63a
    William V WALKER son   3m   Pudsey 63a
6 33 & 35 Lidget Hill Mary RAISTRICK head w 49 Grocer Pudsey 63a
    Annie RAISTRICK dau s 27 Boot & Shoe Machinist Pudsey 63a
    William RAISTRICK son s 17 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 63a
    Florrie RAISTRICK dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 63b
    Ada RAISTRICK dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 63b
7 37 Lidget Hill George COOK head m 42 Police Constable * nr Goole 63b
    Sarah COOK wife m 44   Morley 63b
8 39 Lidget Hill Elizabeth AUDAIR? head s 55 Living on Own Means Knottingley 63b
9 41 Lidget Hill George WAKEFIELD head m 29 Police Sergeant RUT R*hall 63b
    Fanny WAKEFIELD wife m 34   LAN Birbrook 63b
    Ernest WAKEFIELD son   6 Scholar Lepton 63b
    Lillian WAKEFIELD dau   4 Scholar Holmfirth 63b
    Richard WAKEFIELD bro s 23 Gas stoker (unemp.) RUT Ryhall 63b
10 43 Lidget Hill Lavinia STRICKLAND head w 28 Boot Machinist Pudsey 63b
    Emily STRICKLAND dau   8 Scholar Bramley 63b
11 45 Lidget Hill John Edward BOOCOCK head mm 42 woolen waste dealer Pudsey 63b
    Harriet BOOCOCK wife m 34   Barnsley 63b
    Frank BOOCOCK son   1   Pudsey 63b
12 47 Lidget Hill John Edward SHARPE head m 48 Manager woolen mill Pudsey 63b
    Jane SHARPE wife m 44   Pudsey 63b
    Hannah H SHARPE dau   17   Pudsey 63b
    Laura Anne SHARPE dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 63b
    Ethel SHARPE dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 63b
13 49 Lidget Hill William SMITH head   40 French Polisher Stanningley 63b
    Ellen SMITH wife   42   Skipton 63b
    Martha Ann SMITH dau   16 woolen cloth mender Stanningley 63b
    Joseph SMITH son   14 French Polisher Stanningley 63b
    Ellis SMITH son   12 Scholar Pudsey 63b
    Ada SMITH dau   5   Stanningley 63b
    Florence SMITH dau   3   Stanningley 63b
    Brian SMITH son   7m   Stanningley 63b
    Raymond SMITH son   7m   Stanningley 63b
14 51 Lidget Hill John SHARP head s 49 Musical Instrument Maker Pudsey 64a
    Sarah STEAD sister w 43 Cloth Mender Pudsey 64a
    Squire Sharp STEAD neph s 26 Coal Merchant Pudsey 64a
15 53 Lidget Hill John DAVEY head m 45 Iron Foundry Lab. Pudsey 64a
    Elizabeth DAVEY wife m 49 charwoman Richmond 64a
16 55 Lidget Hill Frederick PROCTOR head m 41 waste dealer Pudsey 64a
    Sarah Ann PROCTOR wife m 46   Pudsey 64a
    John Wilson PROCTOR son   9 Scholar Pudsey 64a
17 57 Lidget Hill Ann FARRER head w 68   Pudsey 64a
    Annie FARRER dau s 31 Boot Machinist Pudsey 64a
    Harriet FARRER dau s 29 Boot Machinist Pudsey 64a
    Frances FARRER dau s 27 Boot Machinist Pudsey 64a
18 59 Lidget Hill Joe Buckle WHITEHEAD head m 42 Bill Poster Pudsey 64a
    Hannah Mary WHITEHEAD wife m 40   Pudsey 64a
    Maurice Buckle WHITEHEAD son   4   Pudsey 64a
19 61 Lidget Hill John WRIGLESWORTH head m 39 Joiner & carpenter Leeds 64a
    Polly WRIGLESWORTH wife m 37   Leeds 64a
    Emily L WRIGLESWORTH dau s 20 Fitter boot factory Leeds 64a
    Elizabeth WRIGLESWORTH dau s 17 Machinist boot factory Pudsey 64a
    Annie WRIGLESWORTH dau   15 Machinist boot factory Pudsey 64a
    Frederick William WRIGLESWORTH son   12 Scholar Pudsey 64a
    Polly WRIGLESWORTH dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 64a
    Arthur WRIGLESWORTH son   6 Scholar Pudsey 64a
    Nellie WRIGLESWORTH dau   3   Pudsey 64a
    Arnold WRIGLESWORTH son   1   Pudsey 64a
20 63 Lidget Hill Walter James FISHER head m 38 Fish Salesman NFK Gt Massingham 64a
    Maud Jane FISHER wife m 39   Rotherham 64a
    Frederick Thomas FISHER bro s 32 Boot Rivetter NFK Norwich 64a
    Susanna FISHER moth w 72 Dressmaker NFK Gt Massingham 64a
    Jessica Walter ROGERS visit s 9 Scholar Leeds 64a
    Lily Jane RILEY visit s 12 Scholar Rotherham 64a
21 65 Lidget Hill Richard E FARRER head m 38 Furniture Broker Pudsey 64b
    Mary FARRER wife m 36   Pudsey 64b
    Lillian Adelaide FARRER dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    Elizabeth Ann FARRER dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    Edith FARRER dau s 3   Pudsey 64b
22 67a Lidget Hill Thomas James HEYWARD head m 25 Boot Rivetter LAN Southport 64b
    Adelaide HEYWARD wife m 21   Pudsey 64b
    Herbert HEYWARD son s 2   Pudsey 64b
    Leonard HEYWARD son s 5m   Pudsey 64b
23 69 Lidget Hill George WALTON head m 63 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 64b
    Sarah WALTON wife m 64   Pudsey 64b
    Joseph A WALTON son s 26 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 64b
    Grace LOBLEY board s 43 Cotton Warp Twister Pudsey 64b
24 71 Lidget Hill Samuel BUCKTON head m 46 Leather Dealer Pudsey 64b
    Mary BUCKTON wife m 46   Rodley 64b
    Ruthetta BUCKTON dau s 19 Dressmaker Pudsey 64b
    Miriam BUCKTON dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 64b
25 Croft House Sarah Ann DRIVER head w 53 Living on Own Means Pudsey 64b
  Richardshaw Lane Frederick DRIVER son s 25 Boot Manufacturer DBY Derby 64b
    Agnes Annie HOLLAND   s 28 [Companion] York 64b
    Mary HORNBY serv s 21 General serv Kirby 64b
    Mary Ann CHANDLER serv s 28 General serv WAR Birmingham 64b
    Mildred YELLING visit s 30   LAN Salford 64b
26 SchoolMaster's House Charles Edwin WHITTAM head W 47 Elementary School Head Teacher Pudsey 64b
  Richardshaw Lane Frederick Cecil WHITTAM son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    Clarice WHITTAM dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    Herbert WHITTAM son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 64b
    Elizabeth Ann NOBLE serv s 37 Housekeeper HUN Stilton 64b
27 Mount Pleasant Hannah Elizabeth DRIVER head w 61   Pudsey 65a
    William W DRIVER son s 32 Joiner & Builder Pudsey 65a
    John DRIVER son s 30 Joiner & Builder Pudsey 65a
    Ella DRIVER dau s 21   Pudsey 65a
    Annie LAYCOCK gdau s 4   Woodhouse Leeds 65a
28 The Parsonage Maggie BAVIN dau s 8 Scholar Birstall 65a
  Mount Pleasant Mara BAVIN dau s 7 Scholar LAN Cornholme? 65a
    Eliza COOKE serv s 16 General serv DBY Pateley 65a
29 28 Wesley Row Samuel LUMBY head m 34 Boarding School Caretaker Pudsey 65a
    Mary LUMBY wife m 30   Pudsey 65a
    John LUMBY son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 65a
    Tom LUMBY son s 9m   Pudsey 65a
30 36 Wesley Row Albert GAUNT head m 31 Currier Pudsey 65a
    Emily Ann GAUNT wife m 30 Boot Machinist Pudsey 65a
    Ernest GAUNT son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 65a
    Illingworth GAUNT son s 3   Pudsey 65a
31 34 Wesley Row Emma ILLINGWORTH head w 55   Pudsey 65a
    Benjamin ILLINGWORTH son s 24 Woolen Cloth Presser Pudsey 65a
    Arthur William ANDREWS board s 19 ass. Teacher Leeds 65a
32 32 Wesley Row Harry SPINK head m 25 Boot & Shoe Finisher Leeds 65a
    Sarah A SPINK wife m 28   Pudsey 65a
    Walter SPINK son s 8m   Pudsey 65a
33 30 Wesley Row Benjamin B PARKINSON head m 32 Monumental Mason Farsley 65a
    Emma PARKINSON wife m 30   Farsley 65a
    Esther Ann PARKINSON dau s 5   Farsley 65a
    Edith PARKINSON dau s 2   Pudsey 65a
    Esther BANNISTER m in l w 64 Retired Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 65a
34 28 Wesley Row George PARKER head m 32 Painter Pudsey 65a
    Eden PARKER wife m 32   Pudsey 65a
    Lily Grange PARKER dau s 5 Scholar Farsley 65a
    Sam PARKER son s 1   Pudsey 65a
35 26 Wesley Row Isaac ILLINGWORTH head m 51 Glazier Pudsey 65b
    Mary ILLINGWORTH wife m 50   Pudsey 65b
    Alice Ann ILLINGWORTH dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 65b
    Matthew ILLINGWORTH son s 16 Monumental Mason Pudsey 65b
    Joseph ILLINGWORTH son s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 65b
36 24 Wesley Row Thomas CROFT head W 68 Peddler Pudsey 65b
    Rose Hannah CROFT dau s 32 Boot & Shoe Machinist Pudsey 65b
37 22 Wesley Row John BURNAND head m 42 Woolen Card Cleaner Pudsey 65b
    Elizabeth BURNAND wife m 44 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 65b
    Martha BURNAND dau s 23 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 65b
38 20 Wesley Row Richard HODGSON head m 49 Local Board Land Surveyor Idle 65b
    Emily Mary HODGSON wife m 35   North Ripton 65b
    John William HODGSON son s 3   LAN Grantham 65b
39 18 Wesley Row James ROBINSON head m 27 Boot Rivetter Bramley 65b
    Alice ROBINSON wife m 27   Pudsey 65b
    Elizabeth ROBINSON dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 65b
    Mary ROBINSON dau s 10m   Pudsey 65b
    John CHAPMAN b-in-l s 19 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 65b
40 16 Wesley Row Victoria GRAHAM head w 48 Boot Machinist IRE County Cork 65b
    Martha Ann GRAHAM dau s 18 Boot Machinist Pudsey 65b
    Hester GRAHAM dau s 12 Dressmaker's app. Pudsey 65b
41 14 Wesley Row Mary CARVER head w 56   Pudsey 65b
    Harriet Emma CARVER dau s 27 Boot Machinist Pudsey 65b
    George CARVER dau s 21 Stock Cutter & Clothier Pudsey 65b
    John Lawson CARVER son s 19 Cabinet Maker's Appr Pudsey 65b
    Janie CARVER dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 65b
    Edith STEPHENS visit m 24   Pudsey 65b
    Sarah A STEPHENS gdau s 1   Leeds 65b
    George STEPHENS gson s 3m   Leeds 65b
    Daisy STEPHENS gdau s 5 Scholar Leeds 65b
42 12 Lidget Hill George VERITY head m 40 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 66a
    Sarah H VERITY wife m 39 Woolen Weaver Leeds 66a
    Ann Eliza VERITY dau s 14   Pudsey 66a
    Leonard VERITY son s 12 Telegraph Messenger Pudsey 66a
    Wilfred VERITY son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 66a
    Minella VERITY dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 66a
43 8 Lieget Hill Henry GOTT head m 62 Postmaster Pudsey 66a
  Post Office Ellen GOTT wife m 61 Postmistress Pudsey 66a
    Mercy GOTT dau s 29 ass. Messenger Pudsey 66a
    Florence GOTT dau s 19 Telegraph Clerk Pudsey 66a
44 6 Lidget Hill Albert FARNELL head m 28 HairDresser Laister Dyke 66a
    Annie FARNELL wife m 25   Pudsey 66a
    Lancelot Gott FARNELL son s 4   Pudsey 66a
    Bertram Ward FARNELL son s 2   Pudsey 66a
45 4 Lidget Hill Walter GOTT head m 34 Telegraph Clerk Pudsey 66a
    Rhoda Ann GOTT wife m 31 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66a
46 Lowtown Ephraim RAYNER head m 68 Draper Pudsey 66a
    Susanna RAYNER wife m 70 Milliner Kirby-over-Blow 66a
    Adeline RAYNER niece s 27 Milliner Pudsey 66a
47 Lowtown Simeon GAUNT head m 52 Shop Shop Manager Pudsey 66a
    Elizabeth GAUNT wife m 51   Pudsey 66a
    Luther GAUNT son s 23 Music Professor Pudsey 66a
    Ernest GAUNT son s 13 ass. Shoe Salesman Pudsey 66a
48 Lowtown Martha VERITY head s 36 Milliner Pudsey 66a
    Mary VERITY moth w 68 Living on Own Means Pudsey 66a
49 Lowtown James H NOBLE head m 38 Butter Factor & Draper Pudsey 66a
    Sarah Ann NOBLE wife m 41   Pudsey 66a
    Lucy MILLS serv s 18 General serv Sheffield 66a
50 Lowtown John OGG head m 25 Tailor SCT Banff 66b
    Mary Hannah OGG wife m 24 Tailoress Heckmondwike 66b
51 Lowtown Joseph Walker TURNER head m 39 Draper Pudsey 66b
  Compton House Ruth TURNER wife m 38 Dress & Mantle Maker Pudsey 66b
    Emma RHODES board s 27 Milliner Castleford 66b
    Martha PARKER serv s 28 General serv Greengates 66b
52 9 Wesley Square Squire GILL head m 35 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 66b
    Ruth GILL wife m 37   Pudsey 66b
    Annie GILL dau s 12 Scholar Pudsey 66b
    Walter GILL son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 66b
    George William GILL son s 4   Pudsey 66b
53 8 Wesley Square Jonathan TOMLINSON head m 33 Shoe Mfgr's Cashier Pudsey 66b
    Rebecca TOMLINSON wife m 28   Pudsey 66b
54 4 Wesley Square James B PICKLES head m 35 Plumber & Glazier Pudsey 66b
    Judith PICKLES wife m 33   Pudsey 66b
55 5 Wesley Square William GAUNT head m 49 Boot Warehouse Stockkeeper Pudsey 66b
    Caroline GAUNT wife m 49   Pudsey 66b
    Emily GAUNT dau s 15 Dressmaker Pudsey 66b
    Walter GAUNT son s 13 Scholar Pudsey 66b
56 20 Lowtown Robert WINTERBURN head m 30 Iron Monger Ripon 66b
    Martha A WINTERBURN wife m 33   Pudsey 66b
    Catherine WINTERBURN dau s 10m   Pudsey 66b
    Mary M COOKE serv s 15 General serv Morley 66b
57 3 Manor House St. Henry ELLIS head m 43 Cooperative Store Manager LAN Colne 66b
    Elizabeth ELLIS wife m 47   LAN Foulridge 66b
    Wilfrid Lawson ELLIS son s 16 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 66b
    Florence A ELLIS dau s 15 Boarding School Teacher Pudsey 66b
    Marian ELLIS dau s 12 Scholar Pudsey 66b
    Herbert ELLIS son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 66b
58 9 Manor House St. Moses WEBSTER head m 33 Mason Bramley 67a
    Louisa WEBSTER wife m 36   Pudsey 67a
    Albert WEBSTER son s 10 Scholar Bramley 67a
    Arthur WEBSTER son s 8 Scholar Bramley 67a
59 Waver Green William ALLERTON head m 53 Woolen Overlooker Bramley 67a
    Etta ALLERTON wife m 49   Pudsey 67a
60 Waver Green Robert John CORKER head m 29 Painter HUN Kimbolton 67a
    Harriet E CORKER wife m 32   Bradford 67a
61 Waver Green Sarah EMSLEY head w 54   Pudsey 67a
    Joseph EMSLEY son s 24 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 67a
    Ann EMSLEY dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 67a
    Farrer EMSLEY son s 21 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 67a
    Ethel EMSLEY gdau s 1   Pudsey 67a
62 Waver Green Samuel BAKER head m 40 Engineer & Millwright Pudsey 67a
    Elizabeth BAKER wife m 40   Pudsey 67a
63 Waver Green Arthur WOOD head m 40 Farmer Pudsey 67a
    Martha A WOOD wife m 32   Rawdon nr Leeds 67a
    Robert W WOOD son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 67a
    John Edward WOOD son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 67a
    Sarah H WOOD dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 67a
    Agnes H WOOD dau s 4   Pudsey 67a
    Ellen E WOOD dau s 2   Pudsey 67a
64 Waver Green George Wiliam FIRTH head m 49 Pot & China Hawker Pontefract 67a
    Jane FIRTH wife m 53   Pontefract 67a
    Florence FIRTH dau s 22 Dressmaker Leeds 67a
    Clara FIRTH dau s 17   Pudsey 67a
    Ernest FIRTH son s 20 Pot & China Hawker Leeds 67a
    George FIRTH visit W 72 Living on Own Means Pontefract 67a
65 Waver Green William FARRER head m 48 Innkeeper Pudsey 67b
  Junction Hotel Judith FARRER wife m 48 Innkeeper Pudsey 67b
    Annie DOBSON serv s 20 General serv Ouzel Green 67b
    Anne MONKMAN serv s 16 General serv Keighley 67b
    James S WATERHOUSE lodg s 7 Scholar Leeds 67b
66 Waver Green Elijah WILCOCK head m 45 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 67b
    Angelina WILCOCK wife m 34   Pudsey 67b
    Harry WILCOCK son s 14 Woolen Tyer-in Pudsey 67b
    Frederick WILCOCK son s 12 Wool Washing Machine Minder Pudsey 67b
    Florence WILCOCK dau s 9 Scholar Bramley 67b
    Lily WILCOCK dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 67b
    Albert H WILCOCK son s 3   Pudsey 67b
    Louis WILCOCK son s 1   Pudsey 67b
67 19 Waver Green Mary Emma PICKARD head w 50 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 67b
    Walter Henry PICKARD son s 8 Scholar Rawdon 67b
68 21 Waver Green Rhoda WILDBLOOD head w 31   Stanley Wakefield 67b
    Gertrude A WILDBLOOD dau s 5 Scholar NY USA 67b
    George WILDBLOOD son s 2   Leeds 67b
    Joseph L COLE lodg s 22 Watchmaker BKM Ragnell 67b
69 Waver Green Thomas BENN head m 25 Herbalist Pudsey 67b
  Manor House Florence A BENN wife m 26   Pudsey 67b
    Sarah A BENN dau s 5   Pudsey 67b
    Willie Allan BENN son s 3   Pudsey 67b
    Willie CHIVERS serv s 15 General serv Barnsley 67b
70 3 Crawshaw Hill Matthew HUTCHINSON head m 66 Coal Dealer Leeds 67b
    Eliza HUTCHINSON wife m 62   St. Helena (BS) 67b
71 4 Crawshaw Hill Margaret FALCON head w 66   IRE 67b
    Patrick FALCON son s 36 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 67b
    Daniel LAWSON lodg W 48 Local Board lab. Pudsey 67b
72 8 Crawshaw Hill Albert W GAUNT head m 36 Worsted Warehouseman Pudsey 68a
    Mary GAUNT wife m 37   Pudsey 68a
    William W GAUNT son s 17 Iron Foundry Fitter's Appr Pudsey 68a
    Sophia Anne GAUNT dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 68a
    Miriam GAUNT dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 68a
    Alice GAUNT dau s 4   Pudsey 68a
    Morris GAUNT son s 1   Pudsey 68a
73 7 Crawshaw Hill Dorothy COULSON head w 54 Living on Own Means Pudsey 68a
74 Manor Row Tom HULLAGH head m 27 Iron Monger Tadcaster 68a
    Jane Whalley HULLAGH wife m 26   Bradford 68a
75 5 Manor Row William METCALFE head m 43 Saddler & Harness Maker Pudsey 68a
    Emma METCALFE wife m 39   Pudsey 68a
    Robert METCALFE son s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 68a
    William METCALFE son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 68a
    Clara METCALFE dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 68a
76 9 Manor Row William HORN head m 48 Bread Baker Horsforth 68a
    Sarah HORN wife m 45   Pudsey 68a
    Thomas HORN son s 21 Woolen Card Cleaner Pudsey 68a
    Mary HORN dau s 18 Boot Fitter Pudsey 68a
    John HORN son s 15 Boot Clicker Pudsey 68a
    Farrer HORN son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 68a
77 11 Robin Lane Walter THOMPSON head m 33 Currier Pudsey 68a
    Helen THOMPSON wife m 32 Dress & Mantle Maker Pudsey 68a
    Herbert THOMPSON son s 2   Pudsey 68a
78 13 Robin Lane John SPIKINGS head m 47 Fish Monger LIN Gedney 68a
    Elizabeth SPIKINGS wife m 40   Pudsey 68a
    Joseph H SPIKINGS son s 12   Pudsey 68a
79 15 Robin Lane William NICHOLS head W 73 Cotton Waste Dealer Pudsey 68a
    Hannah HINCHCLIFFE dau w 43   Pudsey 68a
    Nichols VARLEY gson s 19 Butcher Pudsey 68a
80 9 Crawshaw Hill William H ORME head m 54 Grocer DUR Sunderland 68b
    Sarah ORME wife m 57   Bradford Great Horton 68b
    Harry S ORME son s 21 Cabinet Maker Bradford Great Horton 68b
    Willie ORME son s 14 Tea Merchant's Appr Low Moor 68b
81 10 Crawshaw Hill Ruth CARTER head m 40 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 68b
    Esther BARRACLOUGH dau s 24 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 68b
    Agnes Annie BARRACLOUGH dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 68b
    Ann BARRACLOUGH dau s 12 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    Joseph BARRACLOUGH son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 68b
82 11 Crawshaw Hill Thomas H CASSON head m 52 WhiteWasher Pudsey 68b
    Hannah CASSON wife m 50 Woolen Cloth Burler Pudsey 68b
    Maud CASSON dau s 23 Woolen Cloth Burler Pudsey 68b
    Arthur CASSON son s 16 Draper's app. Pudsey 68b
    Herbert CASSON son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 68b
83 13 Crawshaw Hill Harry HOLDER head m 20 Waggoner Pudsey 68b
    Martha HOLDER wife m 22   Pudsey 68b
84 14 Crawshaw Hill Harry WILSON head m 40 Mason's lab. ? LAN Morton 68b
    Ellen WILSON wife m 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver IRE 68b
    Sarah J WILSON dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 68b
    Mary Ann WILSON dau s 15 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 68b
    Ethel D WILSON dau s 14 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 68b
    Annie WILSON dau s 10   Pudsey 68b
85 15 Crawshaw Hill Charles H GAUNT head m 34 Joiner's lab. Pudsey 68b
    Lavinia GAUNT wife m 33   Pudsey 68b
    Mary E GAUNT dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 68b
    John GAUNT son s 10 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 68b
    Florence GAUNT dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    Elizabeth A GAUNT dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 68b
    Charles Henry GAUNT son s 2   Pudsey 68b
    Edward DUTSON board s 21 Currier's lab. Pudsey 68b
86 16 Crawshaw Hill Sophia DAVEY head m 46   Pudsey 69a
    Ruth Ann DAVEY dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 69a
    Emily DAVEY dau s 10   Pudsey 69a
    Alice DAVEY dau s 6   Pudsey 69a
    Flora DAVEY dau s 4   Pudsey 69a
88 18 Crawshaw Hill William CARTER head m 54 Stone Mason Pudsey 69a
    Jane CARTER wife m 54   Otley 69a
    Amanda CARTER dau s 23 Shoe Factory Machinist Pudsey 69a
    Samuel CARTER lodg m 63 Worsted Fettler Bradford 69a
    Elizabeth CARTER lodg m 62   Otley 69a
89 19 Crawshaw Hill Ruth Ann CROWTHER head w 45   Pudsey 69a
    Samuel CROWTHER son s 19 Worsted Piler Pudsey 69a
    Jane E CROWTHER dau s 16 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 69a
    Kate Ann CROWTHER dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 69a
    Thomas Henry CROWTHER son s 12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 69a
    Margaret CROWTHER dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 69a
    Nancy CROWTHER dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 69a
    Ruth Ann CROWTHER dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 69a
90 Robin Lane Edwin ATKINSON head m 33 Stone Mason Leeds 69a
    Mary Ann ATKINSON wife m 36 Woolen Cloth Weaver Leeds 69a
    Florence E ATKINSON dau s 8 Scholar Leeds 69a
    Miriam H ATKINSON dau s 5 Scholar Leeds 69a
    Leonard ATKINSON son s 3   Pudsey 69a
91 20 Crawshaw Hill Maria DUFTON wife w 66   Pudsey 69a
    Samuel DUFTON son s 43 Fence Waller Pudsey 69a
    Martha Ann DUFTON gdau s 31 Boot Machinist Pudsey 69a
92 21 Crawshaw Hill William RIDER head m 66 Woolen Mill Filler Pudsey 69a
    Mary RIDER wife m 62   Leeds 69a
    William B RIDER son s 40 Woolen Fettler Pudsey 69a
    John H RIDER son m 35 Woolen Willeyer Pudsey 69b
    Emma L RIDER dau s 22 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 69b
    Joseph VERITY lodg s 56 Quarryman's lab. Pudsey 69b
    Jane E ARMITAGE gdau s 3   Pudsey 69b
93 22 Crawshaw Hill William WHITEHEAD head m 38 Bill Poster Pudsey 69b
    Frances A WHITEHEAD wife m 37   Bramley 69b
    Martha C WHITEHEAD dau s 16 Cotton Spinner Bramley 69b
    Frederick WHITEHEAD son s 12 Scholar Pudsey 69b
94 23 Crawshaw Hill William ALLENDER head m 65 Foundry lab. Bowling Bradford 69b
    Mary ALLENDER wife m 54   Bowling Bradford 69b
    Mary Ann ALLENDER dau s 19 Woolen Weaver Guisbrough 69b
95 24 Crawshaw Hill Martha Ellen FOX head m 37   Pudsey 69b
    Clara Ellen FOX dau s 19 Fills Cards with Boot Protectors [deaf & dumb] NBL Newcastle 69b
    Mary E FOX dau s 11 Worsted Spinner WAR Birmingham 69b
    John W FOX son s 9 Scholar Holbeck Leeds 69b
    Samuel Blackburn FOX son s 5   Holbeck Leeds 69b
    Alice Ann FOX dau s 2   Holbeck Leeds 69b
    Martha Emma FOX dau s 10m   Pudsey 69b
96 25 Crawshaw Hill Squire NAYLOR head m 44 Wool Washer Pudsey 69b
    Martha A NAYLOR wife m 40   Pudsey 69b
    Arthur G NAYLOR son s 19 Iron Dresser Pudsey 69b
    Florence NAYLOR dau s 12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 69b
    Ethel NAYLOR dau s 11 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 69b
    Glover NAYLOR son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 69b
    Randolph NAYLOR son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 69b
    Herbert NAYLOR son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 69b
    Robert NAYLOR son s 3   Pudsey 69b
    Eva NAYLOR dau s 1   Pudsey 69b
97 26 Crawshaw Hill Thomas RIDER head m 70 Wool Washer Pudsey 69b
    Mary RIDER wife m 69   Pudsey 69b
    Joseph RIDER son s 34 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 69b
98 27 Crawshaw Hill Sarah Ann CRAVEN head s 58 Worsted Rover Pudsey 70a
    Ellen CRAVEN sis s 39   Pudsey 70a
    Rella CRAVEN dau s 18 Wool Comber Pudsey 70a
    Ann CRAVEN lodg w 50 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 70a
    Hannah CRAVEN lodg s 11 Scholar Pudsey 70a
99 28 Crawshaw Hill Elizabeth BOOCOCK head w 73   Pudsey 70a
    Angelina BOOCOCK dau s 29 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 70a
    Hannah M ELSWORTH gdau s 17 Worsted Comber Pudsey 70a
100 29 Crawshaw Hill Ann COOPER head w 54 Washer Woman Pudsey 70a
    Sarah COOPER dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 70a
101 30 Crawshaw Hill John LUND head m 45 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Queensbury Bradford 70a
    Nancy LUND wife m 44   Queensbury Bradford 70a
    Emma LUND dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Queensbury Bradford 70a
    Charles LUND son s 19 Wool Sorter Queensbury Bradford 70a
    Rebecca LUND dau s 13 Scholar Great Horton Bradford 70a
102 31 Crawshaw Hill Elizabeth FARRER head w 68 Washer Woman Pudsey 70a
103 32 Crawshaw Hill Joseph MILNER head m 65 Wool Washer Pudsey 70a
    Alice MILNER wife m 69   Pudsey 70a
104 33 Crawshaw Hill John SHAW head m 58 Cotton Woolen Weaver Pudsey 70a
    Esther SHAW wife m 48   Leeds 70a
    Jane Ann WARD stepdau s 22 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 70a
    John Wm WARD stepson s 20 Boot Finisher Pudsey 70a
    Sam WARD stepson s 18 Wood C------er Pudsey 70a
    Florrie WARD stepdau s 16 Worsted Box Minder Pudsey 70a
    Joseph SHAW son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 70a
105 34 Crawshaw Hill Joseph SMITH head m 44 Stone Mason Horsforth 70a
    Martha SMITH wife m 52   Bradford 70a
    James SMITH son s 22 Boot & Shoe Finisher Bradford 70a
    Thomas SMITH son s 17 Iron Foundry Fettler Bradford 70a
    Foster SMITH son s 14 Worsted Millhand Bradford 70a
106 Robin Lane Joseph NEWELL head m 61 Asst Driver ? Registrar of ?? Pudsey 70b
  Longfield House Frances Susan NEWELL wife m 46   LIN Lincoln 70b
    Sarah PORRITT aunt w 72 Living on Own Means DUR South Shields 70b
    Fanny PORRITT serv s 19 General serv LAN Manchester 70b
107 Robin Lane James MITCHELL head m 50 Joiner & Wheelwright Pudsey 70b
    Maria MITCHELL wife m 43   Stanningley 70b
    Nancy MITCHELL dau s 19 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 70b
    John MITCHELL son s 17 Joiner & Wheelwright app. Pudsey 70b
    Mary E MITCHELL dau s 15 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 70b
    Annie MITCHELL dau s 13   Pudsey 70b
    James MITCHELL son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 70b
    Tom MITCHELL son s 3   Pudsey 70b
    Laura MITCHELL dau s 1   Pudsey 70b
    Herbert TURNER stepson s 24 Iron Works Clerk Farsley 70b
    Annie TURNER stepdau s 17 Woolen Cloth Mender Farsley 70b
    William H TURNER stepson s 12 Scholar Farsley 70b
108 22 Robin Lane Joseph SHIRES head W 70 Retired Woolen Waste Dealer Stanningley 70b
109 24 Robin Lane William H GIBBONS head m 38 Plasterer Pudsey 70b
    Ruth GIBBONS wife m 40   Pudsey 70b
    Emma GIBBONS dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 70b
    William H GIBBONS son s 14 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 70b
    Isaac GIBBONS son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 70b
    Sarah Jane GIBBONS dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 70b
    Ruth Ann GIBBONS dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 70b
    Clara Annie GIBBONS dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 70b
    Laura GIBBONS dau s 3   Pudsey 70b
    Annie GIBBONS dau s 6m   Pudsey 70b
110 26 Robin Lane James SHARP head m 48 Iron Foundry Model Maker Pudsey 70b
    Elizabeth SHARP wife m 48   Pudsey 70b
    Hannah SHARP dau s 25 Boot Machinist Pudsey 70b
    Thomas SHARP son s 21 Boot Finisher Laister Dyke, Bradford 71a
    Parker SHARP son s 19 Boot Rivetter Laister Dyke, Bradford 71a
    Dorothy SHARP dau s 17 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 71a
    Rebecca SHARP dau s 15 Boot Machinist Pudsey 71a
    James Henry SHARP son s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 71a
    Emsley SHARP son s 6   Pudsey 71a
    James E SHARP gson s 8   Pudsey 71a
111 28 Robin Lane Thomas MYERS head m 48 Iron Stone Miner Bowling 71a
    Martha MYERS wife m 45   Pudsey 71a
    Jane E MYERS dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 71a
    Grace MYERS dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 71a
    Ruth Ann MYERS dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 71a
    Clara A MYERS dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 71a
    Ethel Maud MYERS dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 71a
    Sam MYERS son s 4   Pudsey 71a
112 30 Robin Lane Simeon SHARP head m 56 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 71a
    Martha SHARP wife m 48   Pudsey 71a
    Martha SHARP dau s 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 71a
    Florence A SHARP dau s 16 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 71a
113 32 Robin Lane Robert DEAN head m 65 Oil & Soap Agent Pudsey 71a
    Sarah Ann DEAN wife m 57   Birkenshaw 71a
114 34 Robin Lane Joseph NICHOLS head m 38 Cotton Waste Dealer Pudsey 71a
    Susan NICHOLS wife m 40   Pudsey 71a
    William NICHOLS son s 15 Cotton Waste Dealer Pudsey 71a
    Joseph NICHOLS son s 12 Worsted Bobbin Layer Pudsey 71a
    Sam NICHOLS son s 11 Worsted Bobbin Layer Pudsey 71a
    Jane NICHOLS dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 71a
    Herbert NICHOLS son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 71a
    Harry NICHOLS son s 4   Pudsey 71a
115 Robin Lane George ORANGE head m 37 Worsted Engine Man Bradford 71b
  Crawshaw Mill Yard Mary Jane ORANGE wife m 39   Bradford 71b
    John L ORANGE son s 17 Grocer's ass. Girlington 71b
    Harry ORANGE son s 15 Worsted Warehouseman app. Pudsey 71b
116 Robin Lane James Haley WEBSTER head m 36 Wool Sorter Pudsey 71b
  Crawshaw Mill Yard Hannah M WEBSTER wife m 35   Pudsey 71b
    Mary WEBSTER moth w 72   Armley Leeds 71b