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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED7



Piece RG12/3656, Enumeration District 7, Folios 90a - 101a, Enumerator: James Edward Greenwood

Beginning at and including Longfield Road, Hammerton Street, Emsley's Fold, East side of Manor House Street taking Old Fold and all the south side of Lowtown from Farnell's barber's shop to the Lowtown Railway Station including New Row and Farrers Tannery with the houses in the yard.


1 Robin Lane EMSLEY Mathew head wr 71 Stationer Pudsey 90a
    EMSLEY William Bradley son m 30 Stationer Pudsey 90a
    EMSLEY Elizabeth d in l m 30   Pudsey 90a
    EMSLEY Dorothy C gdau   2m   Pudsey 90a
    KIRKBY Annie serv s 18 Gen Dom Serv Leeds 90a
2 Robin Lane BARRETT Robert head m 50 Grocer Rawdon 90a
    BARRETT Jane wife m 49   Adel 90a
    BARRETT Sarah m in l w 76   Adel 90a
    BARRETT Sarah E dau s 28 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 90a
    BARRETT Fred son s 16 Saddler's app. Rawdon 90a
    BARRETT Ernest son   13   Rawdon 90a
    BARRETT Arthur son   10   Rawdon 90a
3 Robin Lane RIDER Oliver head m 40 Tailor Pudsey 90a
    RIDER Catherine E wife m 42   Whitby 90a
    RIDER Herbert son   9   Pudsey 90a
    RIDER Hilda dau   8   Pudsey 90a
    RIDER Gertrude dau   1   Pudsey 90a
4 Emsley's Fold GRIMSHAW John Henry head m 31 Leather Lace Manf. Leeds 90a
    GRIMSHAW Florence wife m 31   Leeds 90a
    GRIMSHAW John son   4   Pudsey 90a
    GRIMSHAW William son   2   Pudsey 90a
    GRIMSHAW George son   1m   Pudsey 90a
    CROUDSON Ruth visit s 20   Leeds 90a
5 Emsley's Fold SERVANT Henry head m 30 Ironfounder Striker Bramley 90a
    SERVANT Marrion wife m 26 Filler Mill Leeds 90a
6 Emsley's Fold WILCOCK Job head m 69 Slubber Farsley 90b
    WILCOCK Mary wife m 67   Farsley 90b
    COATES Lottie dau m 36 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 90b
    COATES Mary Ann gdau s 15   Pudsey 90b
    CLAYTON Sarah Ann niece m 48 Charwoman Bramley 90b
7 Emsley's Fold MAY Luke head m 44 Woolen Soinner Wortley 90b
    MAY Elizabeth wife m 41   Horsforth 90b
    MAY George William son   15 Piecener Thackley 90b
    MAY Herbert son   12   Bramley 90b
    MAY Sarah E dau   10   Pudsey 90b
    MAY Nelly Lillie dau   6   France BS 90b
8 Longfield Road EMSLEY Ephraim head m 52 Iron Foundry Lab. Pudsey 90b
    EMSLEY Louisa wife m 53   Pudsey 90b
    EMSLEY Hannah E dau s 29 Worsted Winder Pudsey 90b
    EMSLEY Samuel Calvert son s 19 Boot Factory Clicker Pudsey 90b
9 Longfield Road SHEARD Christopher M head m 42 Knotter Woolen Mill Pudsey 90b
    SHEARD Mary wife m 42   Pudsey 90b
    SHEARD Alice dau s 16 Weaver Bramley 90b
    SHEARD Harry Blakey son   14 Currier's Ap. Bramley 90b
    SHEARD Mary son   8   Bramley 90b
10 Longfield Road HARGREAVES Caleb head wr 63 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 90b
    HARGREAVES Mary dau s 29 Boot Factory Machinist Pudsey 90b
11 Longfield Road VARLEY Thomas head m 69 Woolen Manf. Pudsey 90b
    VARLEY Elizabeth wife m 69   Pudsey 90b
    VARLEY Mary dau s 41 Burler Pudsey 90b
    VARLEY William S son s 39 Percher Pudsey 90b
12 Longfield Road PRIESTLEY William C head m 45 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 91a
    PRIESTLEY Maria wife m 43 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 91a
    PRIESTLEY Lucy A dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 91a
    PRIESTLEY Eva dau s 14 Woolen Weaver Guiseley 91a
    PRIESTLEY Cassie dau   6   Rawdon 91a
13 Longfield Road WILCOCK Edmund P head m 32 Tea Dealer Newton le Willows 91a
    WILCOCK Lizzie wife m 34   LAN Oldham 91a
    WILCOCK Mary Alice dau   10   Horsford 91a
    WILCOCK Edmund Parker son   8   Barwick in Elmet 91a
    WILCOCK James Arthur son   7   Pudsey 91a
    WILCOCK Joseph Henry son   5   Pudsey 91a
    WILCOCK Harold John son   3   Pudsey 91a
14 Longfield Road BLAKELEY Richard head m 47 carpenter Rothwell 91a
    BLAKELEY Lydia wife m 44   Pudsey 91a
    BLAKELEY Annie dau s 19 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 91a
    BLAKELEY Jane dau s 16 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 91a
    BLAKELEY Elenor dau   12   Pudsey 91a
    BLAKELEY Samuel son   11   Pudsey 91a
    BLAKELEY Emma dau   8   Pudsey 91a
    BLAKELEY George Edward son   7   Pudsey 91a
    BLAKELEY Lydia Gertrude dau   5 Wool Top Maker Pudsey 91a
15 Longfield Road COX Benjamin A head m 40 *t Dealer Pudsey 91a
    COX Hannah M wife m 41   Pudsey 91a
    COX Fred son s 18 Draper's ass. Bramley 91a
    COX Mary E dau s 15 Boot Machinist Dewsbury 91a
    COX Maud dau   11   Pudsey 91a
16 Longfield Road CROWTHER John head m 45 Tanner Pudsey 91b
    CROWTHER Martha wife m 44   Pudsey 91b
    CROWTHER Emmeline dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 91b
    CROWTHER Leonora dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 91b
    CROWTHER Armitage son s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 91b
    CROWTHER Ema dau   12   Pudsey 91b
    CROWTHER Sarah dau   9   Pudsey 91b
    CROWTHER Thompson son   6   Pudsey 91b
17 Longfield Road WALTON William head m 49 Wool Comber Pudsey 91b
    WALTON Hannah wife m 47   Pudsey 91b
    WALTON George H son s 22 Rough Cutter Pudsey 91b
    WALTON James Farrar son s 19 Mechanic Pudsey 91b
    WALTON Joseph Arthur son s 14 Piecener Pudsey 91b
    WALTON Frederick William son   12   Pudsey 91b
    WALTON Hannah Elizabeth dau   10   Pudsey 91b
    WALTON Albert Edward dau   4   Pudsey 91b
18 Hammerton Street GAUNT Ruth head w 73 Retired Wool Weaver Pudsey 91b
    GAUNT Alice A dau s 37 Machinest boot trade Pudsey 91b
    SHARP Martha dau w 47 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 91b
19 Longfield Road TYNE David head m 35   Pudsey 91b
    TYNE Hannah wife m 37   Pudsey 91b
    TYNE Mary E dau   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 91b
    TYNE Lily dau   10   Pudsey 91b
    TYNE Jane dau   5   Pudsey 91b
    TYNE Rebecca dau   7m   Pudsey 91b
20 Longfield Road PHILLIPS Charles head m 44 Wool Sorter BDF Leighton 92a
    PHILLIPS Eliza wife m 44   Hurstwith 92a
    PHILLIPS John William son s 20 Leather Currier Farsley 92a
    PHILLIPS Emily dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Farsley 92a
    PHILLIPS Samuel son s 15 Shoemaker Farsley 92a
    PHILLIPS Mary dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Farsley 92a
    PHILLIPS Alfred son   12 Worsted Doffer Bramley 92a
    PHILLIPS Alice dau   10   Pudsey 92a
    PHILLIPS Ethel dau   7   Pudsey 92a
    PHILLIPS Eliza dau   1   Pudsey 92a
21 Hammerton Street RAYNER John head m 45 Grocer Pudsey 92a
    RAYNER Eliza wife m 42   Pudsey 92a
    RAYNER Ethel dau s 21 Dressmaker Pudsey 92a
22 Hammerton Street HALLIDAY Annie E head m 44   LIN Owston Ferry 92a
    HALLIDAY Albert Edward son   8   Pudsey 92a
    HALLIDAY Charles Henry son   7   Pudsey 92a
    HALLIDAY Elizabeth Hannah dau   5   Pudsey 92a
    HALLIDAY Wilfred son   2   Pudsey 92a
    ELLIS Mary visit w 58 Shop Druggist LIN Butterworth 92a
23 Hammerton Street CLOUGH John head m 42 Wool Top Maker Pudsey 92a
    CLOUGH Emma wife m 41   Pudsey 92a
    CLOUGH Jane dau s 19 Dressmaker Pudsey 92a
    CLOUGH George son s 16 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 92a
    CLOUGH Hannah dau s 17   Pudsey 92a
    CLOUGH Bessy dau   10   Pudsey 92a
24 Bee Hive Yard KITCHEN Sarah head s 31 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 92b
    KITCHEN Sam bro s 36 Mason's lab. Pudsey 92b
    KITCHEN Joseph bro s 26 Rough Cutter Pudsey 92b
25 Hammerton Street LAWSON Joseph A head m 40 Cashier Shoe Factory Pudsey 92b
    LAWSON Martha E wife m 38   Pudsey 92b
    LAWSON Ernest son s 15 Clerk Shoe factory Pudsey 92b
    LAWSON David W son   13 Butcher's Boy Pudsey 92b
    LAWSON Clara dau   9   Pudsey 92b
    LAWSON Jane m in l w 57   Pudsey 92b
    LAWSON Mary A s in l s 32 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 92b
26 Hammerton Street MILNER William head m 74 Living on own means Pudsey 92b
    MILNER Mary Ann wife m 69   Marsden 92b
    MILNER William son m 37 Woolen warper Pudsey 92b
    MILNER Mary d in l m 41 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 92b
27 Hammerton Street SWALLOW Catherine head w 61 Living on own means Rotherham 92b
    SWALLOW Isabella dau s 36 Woolen Weaver Rotherham 92b
    SWALLOW Emma dau s 22 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 92b
28 Hammerton Street HUTCHINSON Elizabeth head w 72   Bramley 92b
    INGHAM Mary E dau w 46 Tailoress Pudsey 92b
    HUTCHINSON William son s 44 Mason's lab. Pudsey 92b
    HUTCHINSON Joseph son s 40 Mason's lab. Pudsey 92b
    HUTCHINSON Jane dau s 35   Pudsey 92b
29 Hammerton Street BROOK Sarah Ann head s 46 Charwoman Pudsey 93a
30 Hammerton Street GIBBONS Elizabeth head w 63   Pudsey 93a
    GIBBONS Lilly dau s 31 Dressmaker Pudsey 93a
    GIBBONS Emlie dau s 27 Dressmaker Pudsey 93a
    GIBBONS Robert E gson   9   Pudsey 93a
    GIBBONS Herbert gson   6   Pudsey 93a
31 Hammerton Street CHAPPELL James head m 52 Mason's lab. CON Redruth 93a
    CHAPPELL Caroline wife m 53   CON G* 93a
    CHAPPELL Susan dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Normanby 93a
    CHAPPELL Elizabeth dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Normanby 93a
    CHAPPELL Isabella dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Normanby 93a
    CHAPPELL William J son s 15 Piecener Normanby 93a
    CHAPPELL Magretta dau   13   Normanby 93a
    CHAPPELL Albert son   10   Normanby 93a
    CHAPPELL Alice M dau   8 Woolen Weaver Normanby 93a
32 Hammerton Street BUTLER Hannah head w 53 Piecener Normanby 93a
    BUTLER Harriet dau s 19 Piecener Normanby 93a
    BUTLER Albert son s 17   Normanby 93a
33 Hammerton Street DUFTON William head m 40 Stone Mason Pudsey 93a
    DUFTON Hannah wife m 36   Pudsey 93a
    DUFTON Luther son   12 Doffer Worsted Mill Pudsey 93a
    DUFTON Edith Annie dau   8   Pudsey 93a
    DUFTON Willie son   6   Pudsey 93a
    DUFTON Clara dau   4   Pudsey 93a
34 Hammerton Street BROOK Joseph head m 33 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 93b
    BROOK Sarah wife m 31   Pudsey 93b
    BROOK Hannah dau   4   Pudsey 93b
    BROOK Bertha dau   1   Pudsey 93b
35 Hammerton Street HALEY George head m 51 Postman Pudsey 93b
    HALEY Frances wife m 51   Pudsey 93b
    RAISTRICK James Henry s in l m 22 Packer Warehouseman Pudsey 93b
    RAISTRICK Jane d in l m 25 Woolen Weaver Pontefract 93b
36 Hammerton Street HORSFALL William head m 34 Chimney Sweep HAM Portsmouth 93b
    HORSFALL Rebecca wife m 33   Pudsey 93b
    HORSFALL Harry son   9   Leeds 93b
    HORSFALL Ernest son   5   Pudsey 93b
    HORSFALL Lillian dau   3   Pudsey 93b
    HORSFALL Fred son   8m   Pudsey 93b
37 Hammerton Street SENIOR Sarah head w 46 Living on own means DBY Bakewell 93b
    TOMLINSON Joseph s in l m 38 Wholesale Clothier Pudsey 93b
    TOMLINSON Catherine dau m 32   Pudsey 93b
    TOMLINSON John Lansdowne gson   1   Pudsey 93b
38 Hammerton Street IVES Samuel C head m 45 Cow Dealer Guiseley 93b
    IVES Louisa wife m 45   Leeds 93b
    IVES Ellen dau s 18 Boot Machinist Guiseley 93b
    IVES Lois Eva dau s 14 Boot App. Guiseley 93b
    IVES Percy son   11   Guiseley 93b
    IVES Rosamond dau   9   Guiseley 93b
    IVES Alan son   7   Shipley 93b
    IVES Sidney son   4   Windhill 93b
39 Hammerton Street EMSLEY Joseph head m 59 Wool Comber Pudsey 94a
    EMSLEY Rhoda wife m 49   Pudsey 94a
    EMSLEY Harry son s 30 Shoemaker Pudsey 94a
    EMSLEY Martha dau s 28 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 94a
    EMSLEY Albert son s 23 Joiner Pudsey 94a
40 Hammerton Street BURNISTON John William head m 23 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 94a
    BURNISTON Violetta wife m 25 Boot Machinist Norton 94a
41 Hammerton Street BRETHERICK Benjamin head m 68 Wool Washer Pudsey 94a
42 Hammerton Street PROCTER Mathew head m 58 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 94a
    PROCTER Sarah wife m 56   East Hardwick 94a
    PROCTER Walter son s 21 Boot Finisher Pudsey 94a
    PROCTER Hannah dau s 19 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 94a
43 Hammerton Street LEE Sarah head w 59   Pudsey 94a
    LEE Harry son s 22 Boot Finisher Pudsey 94a
    LEE Sarah H dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 94a
    KILNER Lilly gdau   6   Sheepbridge 94a
44 Hammerton Street CROWTHER William head m 34 Shoemaker Pudsey 94a
    CROWTHER Ada wife m 31   Pudsey 94a
    CROWTHER Sarah E dau   9   Pudsey 94a
45 Hammerton Street MILNER Oliver head m 27 Worsted Overlooker Pudsey 94a
    MILNER Martha wife m 27 Worsted Winder Pudsey 94a
46 "The Black Bull" PEATE John Lupton head m 53 Licensed Victualler Yeadon 94b
    PEATE Hannah R wife m 46   Yeadon 94b
    SHEPHARD Sophia serv s 23 Gen Dom Serv Yeadon 94b
47 Manor House St. DIBB William head m 36 Shoemaker Bramley 94b
    DIBB Hannah wife m 32   Bradford 94b
    DIBB Fred son   11   Pudsey 94b
    DIBB Frank son   8   Pudsey 94b
    DIBB Lewis son   4   Pudsey 94b
    DIBB Harry son   3   Pudsey 94b
48 Manor House St. GARTH James head m 50 Tinner & Ironmonger Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Elizabeth wife m 48   Bramley 94b
    GARTH Arthur son s 29 Mineral water Trav. Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Harry son s 23 Moulder Iron Foundry Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Walter son s 21 Rivetter Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Ernest son s 19 Shoemaker Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Florrie dau s 18 Boot Machinist Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Jane Isabella dau s 17   Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Annie dau   12   Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Louie dau   10   Pudsey 94b
    GARTH Ruth dau   7   Pudsey 94b
49 Manor House St. HINNINGS Joseph Ed head m 61 Draper Pudsey 94b
    HINNINGS Charlotte E wife m 57   NFK Gt Yarmouth 94b
    HINNINGS Alice dau s 34   Heckmondwike 94b
    HINNINGS William H son s 29 Draper's ass. Pudsey 94b
    HICKS Paul serv s 18 Draper's ass. DUR Bradfield 94b
    SMOUT Florence serv s 24 Gen Dom Serv Masboro? 94b
50 Manor House St. BEERMANN Frederick head m 37 Pork Butcher GER Wurttenberg 95a
    BEERMANN Lene wife m 38   GER Wurttenberg 95a
    BEERMANN Charles son   13   Pudsey 95a
    BEERMANN Caroline dau   14   Pudsey 95a
    BEERMANN Frederick son   10   Pudsey 95a
    BEERMANN Lene dau   6   Pudsey 95a
    BEERMANN Albert son   3   Pudsey 95a
    BEERMANN Kate dau   1   Pudsey 95a
    KARLE John neph s 24 Pork Butcher's app. GER Wurttenberg 95a
    WEINMANN Kate serv s 23 Gen Dom Serv GER Wurttenberg 95a
51 Lowtown VERITY William head m 55 Cabinet maker Pudsey 95a
    VERITY Hannah wife m 53   Pudsey 95a
52 Lowtown HINCHLIFFE Joseph head m 38 Grocer & currier Pudsey 95a
    HINCHLIFFE Louisa wife m 36 Grocer Pudsey 95a
    HINCHLIFFE Arthur son   12   Pudsey 95a
    HINCHLIFFE Ethel dau   8   Pudsey 95a
    HINCHLIFFE Bertha dau   9m   Pudsey 95a
    HINCHLIFFE Freddy son   9m   Pudsey 95a
53 School Terrace HAIGH Eliza head s 45   Pudsey 95a
    HAIGH Emma sister s 36 Boot Machinist Pudsey 95a
    LEE Albert leder s 19 Leather Currier Drighlington 95a
54 School Terrace HORSFALL David head m 24 Iron Foundry Lab. Pudsey 95a
    HORSFALL Ann wife m 23   Bramley 95a
    HORSFALL George son   11w   Pudsey 95a
55 School Terrace HAYWARD James head m 47 Basket Maker HAM Gosport 95b
    HAYWARD Ellen wife m 48   LAN Southport 95b
    HAYWARD Alice J dau s 22 Worsted Mender Keighley 95b
    HAYWARD Alfred son s 18 Clicker Pudsey 95b
    HAYWARD Susan Edith dau   12   Pudsey 95b
56 School Terrace HAINSWORTH John head m 50 Stone Mason Pudsey 95b
    HAINSWORTH Ann wife m 48   LAN Birkenhead 95b
    HAINSWORTH Hannah dau s 18 Boot Machinist Pudsey 95b
    HAINSWORTH John son s 15 Bootmaker's app Pudsey 95b
    HAINSWORTH Florence dau   11   Pudsey 95b
    HAINSWORTH Albert son   7   Pudsey 95b
57 School Terrace WILKINSON Elizabeth head w 61   Pudsey 95b
    RIDER Ann dau m 24 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 95b
    RIDER Arthur s in l m 25 Teamster Pudsey 95b
    RIDER Thomas gson   2   Pudsey 95b
    RIDER Florence gdau   1   Pudsey 95b
58 School Terrace VERITY William head m 46 Sewing Machine Agent Pudsey 95b
    VERITY Hannah wife m 48   Pudsey 95b
    VERITY John Haigh son s 18 Leather Currier Pudsey 95b
    VERITY James bro s 35 woolen machine minder Pudsey 95b
59 School Terrace BUTLER Sam head m 58 Joiner & Carpenter Pudsey 95b
    BUTLER Mary Ann wife m 57   Pudsey 95b
    EDMONDSON Grace gdau   10   Pudsey 95b
60 School Terrace MILNER Benjamin F head m 34 Shoemaker Pudsey 95b
    MILNER Mary H wife m 30   Pudsey 95b
    MILNER Annie dau   3   Pudsey 95b
61 School Terrace HARRISON Martha head w 55   Pudsey 96a
    HARRISON Ann E dau s 22 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 96a
    OLDFIELD Amos lodg s 24 Boot Rivetter Dewsbury 96a
    HARRISON William lodg s 21 Boot Finisher Pudsey 96a
62 Lowtown GAUNT George head m 48 Greengrocer Pudsey 96a
    GAUNT Emma wife m 45   Pudsey 96a
    SYKES Ethel neph s 14   Pudsey 96a
63 Lowtown HINCHLIFFE Elizabeth head w 67   Pudsey 96a
    HINCHLIFFE Hannah Mary dau s 35 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 96a
    HINCHLIFFE Elizabeth dau s 25 Boot Machinist Pudsey 96a
64 Lowtown WOOD Alfred head m 47 Plasterer Bradford 96a
    WOOD Sarah Ann wife m 47   Pudsey 96a
    WOOD Mary E dau s 23 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 96a
    WOOD Agnes dau s 20 Woolen Weaver Bradford 96a
    WOOD James son s 18 Plasterer Bradford 96a
    WOOD Rhoda Ann dau   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 96a
    MILLS Joe Stringer board s 26 Police Constable Wombwell 96a
    DUNN William H board s 24 Police Constable Skipton 96a
    MARSTON John board s 22 Police Constable Raskelf 96a
    DANIEL Arthur board s 20 Police Constable BED Bolinhurst? 96a
65 Lowtown MILNER Maria head w 62 Grocer Pudsey 96a
    MILNER Joseph J step son s 26 Horse Driver Pudsey 96a
    BLENKINSOP Emma dau m 24 Boot Machinist Pudsey 96a
    BLENKINSOP John Thomas s in l m 30 Plumber Welton 96a
    RIDER Joseph gson   6   Pudsey 96a
    BLENKINSOP John William gson   2   Pudsey 96a
    BLENKINSOP James gson   9m   Pudsey 96a
66 Clew Row? FARRER Joseph head m 46? Mason's lab. Pudsey 96b
    FARRER Mary wife m 48?   NFK 96b
    HARTLEY Richard son m 24 Boot Rivetter Bramley 96b
    HARTLEY Eliza A d in l m 23   Pudsey 96b
    HARTLEY James Richard gson   3   Pudsey 96b
    HARTLEY Maud gdau   2m   Pudsey 96b
    BATLEY Charles f in l m _2 Mason's lab. Pudsey 96b
    DONNELLY Mary A niece s 13 Worsted Spinner DUR Darlington 96b
67 Lowtown TURNPENNY Charles head m _5 Joiner Yeadon 96b
    TURNPENNY Mary wife m 52   Pudsey 96b
    WEBSTER James W step son s 22 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 96b
    TURNPENNY Thomas son s 14 Errand Boy Pudsey 96b
68 Lowtown WILCOCK Haley head m 32? pl*er Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Eliza Ada wife m 32   Bramley 96b
    WILCOCK Herbert H son   8   Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Allan son   5   Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Sarah H dau   4   Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Francis H son   9m   Pudsey 96b
69 Lowtown WILCOCK Benjamin head m 40 Plumber Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Eliza wife m 42   Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Rhoda dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Job son   15 Plumber's app. Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Ben son   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Glover son   11   Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK John son   8?   Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Rella dau   6   Pudsey 96b
    WILCOCK Agnes son   5   Pudsey 96b
70 Lowtown CROWTHER William S head m 43 Washing Machine Maker Pudsey 97a
    CROWTHER Martha wife m 39   Pudsey 97a
    CROWTHER Fred son s 19 Washing Machine Maker Pudsey 97a
    CROWTHER Harriet E dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 97a
    CROWTHER Florance A dau   11   Pudsey 97a
    CROWTHER John Mitchell son   9   Pudsey 97a
    CROWTHER Sarah Ann dau   6   Pudsey 97a
71 Lowtown INGHAM John Tompson head m 47 Draper Pudsey 97a
    INGHAM Sophia wife m 44   Bradford 97a
    INGHAM Helen dau   4   Pudsey 97a
    HARRISON Annie serv s 16 Gen Dom Serv Methley 97a
    HARRISON Ela serv s 13 Gen Dom Serv Methley 97a
72 Bee Hive Yard INGHAM Elizabeth head w 77   Dishforth 97a
    INGHAM Elizabeth dau s 43   Pudsey 97a
    INGHAM Mathew son s 41 Fitter Machinery Bramley 97a
    INGHAM Sam son s 22 Teamster Pudsey 97a
73 Bee Hive Yard CRAVEN Mitchell head m 28 Drayman carrier Pudsey 97a
    CRAVEN Clara wife m 32   Pudsey 97a
    CRAVEN Joseph son   10   Pudsey 97a
    CRAVEN Frances dau   7   Pudsey 97a
    CRAVEN Eva dau   6   Pudsey 97a
    CRAVEN Dorothy moth w 68 (Blind) Pudsey 97a
74 Whitham's Yard MARR Daniel head m 34 Rough Cutter Leeds 97b
    MARR Ann wife m 28   Leeds 97b
    MARR David son   8   Leeds 97b
    MARR James E son   6   Leeds 97b
    MARR Albert son   4   Pudsey 97b
    MARR Mary Ann dau   2   Pudsey 97b
75 Lowtown EMSLEY Elizabeth head m 41 Fish Dealer Pudsey 97b
    BONELL William s in l m 26 Fish Dealer Bramley 97b
    BONELL Sarah H dau m 24   Pudsey 97b
    BONELL John gson   5   Pudsey 97b
    BONELL Varley gson   4   Pudsey 97b
    BONELL James gson   3   Pudsey 97b
    BONELL Maud gdau   1   Pudsey 97b
76 Whitham's Yard CROWTHER Sam E head m 28 Power Loom Tuner Pudsey 97b
    CROWTHER Rachel wife m 23 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 97b
77 Lowtown WILSON John head m 57 Woolen cloth manf. Pudsey 97b
    WILSON Ann wife m 56   Pudsey 97b
    WILSON William son s 25 Shoemaker Pudsey 97b
    WILSON Sunderland son s 21 Shoemaker Pudsey 97b
    WILSON Rella son s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 97b
78 Lowtown LINFITT Hannah head m 43 Grocer Pudsey 97b
    CARTER Joshua son s 18 Piecener Pudsey 97b
    CARTER Clara dau s 16 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 97b
    CARTER William son s 5   Pudsey 97b
79 Lowtown BLACKBURN Robert head m 32 Butcher Pudsey 98a
    BLACKBURN Sarah wife m 28   Pudsey 98a
    BLACKBURN Horace son   3   Pudsey 98a
80 Lowtown FENTON William head m 73 Farmer Eccleshill 98a
    FENTON Charles son s 45 Clerk Pudsey 98a
81 Lowtown BLACKBURN Phoebe head w 70   Pudsey 98a
    BLACKBURN Alice Hester dau s 30   Pudsey 98a
82 Lowtown HOYLE William E head m 41 Tallow Chandler Brierfield 98a
    HOYLE Martha wife m 34   Pudsey 98a
    HOYLE Percy son s 19 Tallow Chandler Thornhill 98a
    HOYLE Gertrude J dau s 17   Pudsey 98a
    HOYLE William E son s 14   Pudsey 98a
    HOYLE Harold son   11   Pudsey 98a
    HOYLE Edith dau   10   Pudsey 98a
    HOYLE Herbert son   8   Pudsey 98a
    HOYLE Joseph son   7   Pudsey 98a
    HOYLE Annie dau   1   Pudsey 98a
    FOSTER Ester Ann serv s 27 Gen Dom Serv South Cave 98a
83 Lowtown PEARSON Frederick William head m 22 Moulder Iron Foundry Pudsey 98a
    PEARSON Margaret A wife m 22   DUR Bishop Auckland 98a
84 Lowtown NAYLOR Ann head w 64   Farnley 98a
    NAYLOR Clara dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 98a
85 Lowtown NAYLOR Martha head s 48 Living on own means Pudsey 98a
    NAYLOR Abimlech Proctor son s 29 Shoemaker Pudsey 98a
86 Lowtown COSTELLO John head m 40 Gas Stoker Ireland 98b
    COSTELLO Mary J wife m 39   Pudsey 98b
    COSTELLO Hugh son s 15 Office Boy Pudsey 98b
    COSTELLO Margaret A dau   8   Pudsey 98b
    COSTELLO James son   5   Pudsey 98b
    COSTELLO Bridget Ann dau   3   Pudsey 98b
    COSTELLO Kate dau   6m   Pudsey 98b
    CONONLY Patrick cous s 21 Mason's lab. Ireland 98b
    BRETT Hugh board s 21 Railway Navvy Ireland 98b
    ROGAN Martin board s 20 Railway Navvy Ireland 98b
    COSTELLO John cous s 21 Railway Navvy Ireland 98b
    COSTELLO Michael cous s 21 Railway Navvy Ireland 98b
87 Lowtown FARRER Joshua head m 51 Grocer Farsley 98b
    FARRER Elizabeth wife m 45   Pudsey 98b
    FARRER Anna dau s 17 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 98b
    FARRER John son s 15 Packer worsted mill Pudsey 98b
88 Lowtown FOWLER Ann head s 69 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 98b
89 Lowtown HEY Thomas head m 44 Platelayer R'way Horsforth 98b
    HEY Grace Ann wife m 36   Farsley 98b
    HEY Jane Ann dau   4   Pudsey 98b
90 Lowtown LYNCH John head m 34 Wool Comber Pudsey 98b
    LYNCH Ann wife m 28   CHS Northwich 98b
    LYNCH James son   7   Bradford 98b
    LYNCH Stephen son   6   Bradford 98b
    LYNCH John son   2   Pudsey 98b
91 Farrer's Yard HEYWOOD Harry head m 39 Leather Currier Pudsey 99a
    HEYWOOD Mary A wife m 49 Charwoman LIN Market Rasen 99a
92 Lowtown ARMITAGE Esther head w 48   Pudsey 99a
    ARMITAGE William son s 24 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 99a
    ARMITAGE Hannah dau s 20 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 99a
    ARMITAGE John son s 18 Leather Currier Pudsey 99a
    ARMITAGE Richard son   16 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 99a
    ARMITAGE Sarah dau   13   Pudsey 99a
    ARMITAGE Esther dau   8   Pudsey 99a
93 Lowtown CASEY Michael head wr 43 Stone Mason Ireland 99a
    CASEY Rose Ann dau   13   Pudsey 99a
    CASEY Mary moth w 70   Ireland 99a
94 Lowtown HORSFALL Alfred head m 40 Shoemaker Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Hannah E wife m 38   Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL David son   14 Doffer Worsted Mill Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Willie son   12 Doffer Worsted Mill Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Ernest son   9   Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Herbert son   5   Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Esther H dau   3   Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Joseph son   6m   Pudsey 99a
95 Lowtown HORSFALL Sarah Ann head s 49 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Annie niece s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Walter neph m 20 Shoemaker Pudsey 99a
    HORSFALL Mary A step niece m 19   Pudsey 99a
96 Lowtown GRANT Mary Jane head m 54 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 99b
    RIDER Rhoda dau s 24 worsted Twister Pudsey 99b
    GRANT Annie dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 99b
97 Lowtown HARGREAVES Rebecca head w 37   Pudsey 99b
    HARGREAVES Jabez son   6   Pudsey 99b
    FAULKNER Ann niece   9   Stockton 99b
    FAULKNER Jane A sister m 32 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 99b
98 Lowtown THOMPSON Ann head w 65   Pudsey 99b
    MILNER Florence A dau m 24 Dressmaker Pudsey 99b
    MILNER James s in l m 22 Boot & Shoe Warehouseman Pudsey 99b
    EMSLEY Joseph E gson   5   Pudsey 99b
99 Lowtown EMSLEY James head m 29 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 99b
    EMSLEY Martha wife m 29 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 99b
100 Lowtown SCHOFIELD George head m 49 Tannery Lab. Pudsey 99b
    SCHOFIELD Elizabeth wife m 48   Pudsey 99b
    SCHOFIELD Joseph son s 19 Gen. Carrier Pudsey 99b
    SCHOFIELD Mary A dau   13 Boot Machinist Pudsey 99b
101 Lowtown HINCHLIFFE Samuel head wr 75 Living on own means Pudsey 99b
102 Lowtown HALLIDAY Joseph head m 50 Woolen Cloth Manf. Pudsey 99b
    HALLIDAY Elizabeth A wife m 42   York 99b
    HALLIDAY Annie dau   15 Pupil Teacher Bramley 99b
    HALLIDAY Clarise dau   15 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 99b
103 Lowtown TOMLINSON Arthur head m 27 Commercial Trav. Pudsey 100a
    TOMLINSON Jane E wife m 25   Pudsey 100a
104 Halliday's Yard THREAPLETON Hannah head s 58 Grocer Pudsey 100a
105 Halliday's Yard LEE Thomas head m 73 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 100a
    LEE Hannah wife m 72   Pudsey 100a
    LEE Sarah dau s 47   Pudsey 100a
106 Halliday's Yard APPLEYARD Cornelius head wr 49 Mason's lab. Pudsey 100a
    HARRISON Jonathan son s 25 Iron Foundry Lab. Pudsey 100a
    APPLEYARD Rose dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 100a
    APPLEYARD James son   8   Pudsey 100a
107 Halliday's Yard RAISTRICK John head wr 53 Innkeeper's Lab. Pudsey 100a
    RAISTRICK Martha A dau s 28   Pudsey 100a
    RAISTRICK Hannah dau s 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 100a
108 Halliday's Yard LAWSON William head m 34 Iron Dresser Pudsey 100a
    LAWSON Emma wife m 30 Charwoman Pudsey 100a
    LAWSON John E son   9   Pudsey 100a
    LAWSON Esther dau   7   Pudsey 100a
    LAWSON Robert son   1m   Pudsey 100a
109 Halliday's Yard KNOWLES James head m 30 Iron Foundry Lab. Bramley 100a
    KNOWLES Matilda wife m 31   Pudsey 100a
    KNOWLES Annie dau   9   Bradford 100a
    KNOWLES Mary J dau   7   Pudsey 100a
    KNOWLES Frances dau   2   Pudsey 100a
110 Jessop's Yard JESSOP George head m 28 Blacksmith Pudsey 100b
    JESSOP Harriet wife m 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 100b
111 Jessop's Yard WHITHAM Abraham head m 41 Joiner & Builder Pudsey 100b
    WHITHAM Matilda wife m 40   Pudsey 100b
    WHITHAM Alice dau   11   Pudsey 100b
112 Jessop's Yard GREEN Mary Ann head w 70 Parish Pay Peterborough 100b
113 New Row LITTLE Thomas head wr 57 Farmer's Lab. WIL Swindon 100b
114 New Row KELLETT William Henry head m 33 Cloth Finisher Leeds 100b
    KELLETT Eli bro s 35 Bricklayer's Lab. Leeds 100b
115 New Row DICKINSON Joseph head m 55 Teamster Pudsey 100b
    DICKINSON Hannah wife m 49 Charwoman Pudsey 100b
    DICKINSON Alfred son s 20 Kitchen Range Fitter Pudsey 100b
    DICKINSON Annie dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 100b
    DICKINSON Elizabeth dau   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 100b
    DICKINSON Lilly dau   10   Pudsey 100b
116 New Row PILCH John Ed head m 27 Iron Foundry Lab. Bradford 100b
    PILCH Mary wife m 27 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 100b
    PILCH Harriett E dau   2   Pudsey 100b
117 New Row HARGREAVES Thomas head m 27 Shoemaker Pudsey 100b
    HARGREAVES Elizabeth A wife m 24 Woolen Weaver Leeds 100b
    HARGREAVES Ethel dau   4   Pudsey 100b
    HARGREAVES Maud dau   1   Pudsey 100b
118 New Row FURGUS Michael head m 33 Gas Stoker Ireland 101a
    FURGUS Ann wife m 28   Pudsey 101a
    FURGUS Julia dau   2m   Pudsey 101a
119 New Row KAYE Jesse head m 23 Foundry Lab. Pudsey 101a
    KAYE Jane wife m 20   Pudsey 101a
    KAYE Walter son   5m   Pudsey 101a
120 New Row ARMITAGE Daniel head m 30 Foundry Lab. Pudsey 101a
    ARMITAGE Martha E wife m 28 Charwoman Pudsey 101a
    ARMITAGE Lilly dau   7   Pudsey 101a
    ARMITAGE Jane E dau   4   Pudsey 101a
    ARMITAGE Martha A dau   1   Pudsey 101a
121 New Row HARGREAVES Eliza head w 59 Burler Pudsey 101a
122 New Row BINKS Joseph head m 43 Foundry Lab. Harrogate 101a
    BINKS Caroline wife m 41   Bramley 101a
    BINKS Fred son s 18 Cloth Finisher Bramley 101a
    BINKS Harry son   13 Worsted Spinner Bramley 101a
    BINKS Lottie dau   11   Bramley 101a
123 New Row HALEY Joseph B head m 54 Mason's lab. Pudsey 101a
    HALEY Ann wife m 51   Bramley 101a
    HALEY Sam A son s 17 Iron Foundry Lab. Pudsey 101a
    HALEY Emma dau   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 101a
    HALEY Mary E dau s 21 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 101a
124 New Row BINNS Jeremiah head wr 51 Mason's lab. Pudsey 101b
125 New Row BINNS John Wm head m 30 Iron Dresser Pudsey 101b
    BINNS Alice wife m 29   Pudsey 101b
    LAWSON Harry son   9   Pudsey 101b
    BINNS Martha A dau   8   Pudsey 101b
    BINNS Arthur son   1   Pudsey 101b
126 Farrer's Tannery Yard GILLIGAN Martin head m 40 Mason's lab. Ireland 101b
    GILLIGAN Marie wife m 36   Wales Flint 101b
    DAVEY Mary H dau   13   Pudsey 101b
    DAVEY William son   10   Pudsey 101b
    DAVEY John son   4   Pudsey 101b
    GILLIGAN Dennis son   2   Pudsey 101b
127 New Row HIRST Joshua head m 53 Tallow Chandler Pudsey 101b
    HIRST Hannah wife m 43   Sherburn 101b
    HIRST Thomas E son   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 101b
    HIRST William H son   13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 101b
    HIRST Joshua son   11   Pudsey 101b
    HIRST Alice dau   5   Pudsey 101b
    HIRST Mary E dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 101b
128 Farrer's Tannery Yard MITCHELL George head m 42 Tanner Balby 101b
    MITCHELL Ann wife m 46   LIN Sleaford 101b
    MITCHELL Alfred son s 16 Tanner NTT Newark 101b
    MITCHELL Harry son   11   LEI Mkt Harboro' 101b
    MITCHELL Mabel dau   4   Hull 101b