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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED8



Piece RG12/3656, Enumeration District 8, Folios 105a - 114d, Enumerator: Alfred Durham

Beginning at Booth's Grocers shop all the north West side of Lowtown to John Halliday House including all Townfold, Delph Hill, Appleyards Court, Grayshons Houses and Back Well fold.


1 22 Lowtown James BOOTH head m 47 Grocer Birstall 105a
    Louisa BOOTH dau m 43   Pudsey 105a
    Annie Louise BOOTH dau s 17   Pudsey 105a
    Sarah Edith BOOTH dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 105a
    James Cecil BOOTH son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 105a
    Major William BOOTH son s 4 Scholar Pudsey 105a
2 34 Lowtown Samuel WALKER head m 58 Painter Pudsey 105a
    Eliza WALKER wife m 53   SRY Dawkin 105a
    Louisa WALKER dau s 19 Worsted Weaver SRY Dawkin 105a
    William WALKER son s 18 Millhand SRY Dawkin 105a
    Emily WALKER dau s 14 Millhand Pudsey 105a
    Fred WALKER son s 11 Millhand Pudsey 105a
    John WALKER son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 105a
    Sabina WALKER   w 66   Pudsey 105a
3 36 Lowtown George TIDGEWELL head m 25 Bootmaker Pudsey 105a
    Annie TIDGEWELL wife m 22   SRY Dawkin 105a
    John TIDGEWELL son s 3   Pudsey 105a
    Lawrence TIDGEWELL son s 1   Pudsey 105a
4 40 Lowtown Charles FARRER head s 47 Living own means Pudsey 105a
    Nancy Jane FARRER sis s 41   Pudsey 105a
    William B FARRER bro s 30 Butcher Pudsey 105a
5 48 Lowtown William WILCOCK head m 60 Quarryman Pudsey 105a
    Elizabeth WILCOCK wife m 59   Jersey St Heliers 105a
    David DIBB adptson s 12 Millhand Pudsey 105a
6 50 Lowtown Nelly FIRTH head s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 105a
    John FIRTH son s 4   lkley 105a
    Emmeline FIRTH dau s 1   Pudsey 105a
7 52 Lowtown William ALLOTT head m 44 Stone QuarryMan Pudsey 105b
    Sarah ALLOTT wife m 47   Pudsey 105b
    Annie ALLOTT dau s 25 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 105b
    Ernest ALLOTT son s 18 Stone Foundry Labourer Pudsey 105b
    Miranda ALLOTT dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 105b
    Lilly ALLOTT dau s 10 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 105b
    Anice Elizabeth ALLOTT gdau s 1   Pudsey 105b
    Henry George JOHNSON lodger s 38 Boot Top Cutter NFK Kimberley 105b
8 54 Lowtown William CLARK head m 48 Boot Maker SFK Bury St Edmonds 105b
    Amelia CLARK wife m 47   SFK Bury St Edmonds 105b
    Walter CLARK son s 24 Boot Rivetter SFK Bury St Edmonds 105b
    Harry CLARK son s 21 Groom's Assistant SFK Bury St Edmonds 105b
    Louisa CLARK dau s 18 Machinist SFK Bury St Edmonds 105b
9 56 & 58 Lowtown George William WALTON head m 35 Iron Bridge Inspector Pudsey 105b
    Frances WALTON wife m 35   Pudsey 105b
    Arthur WALTON son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 105b
    Emily WALTON dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 105b
    Clara WALTON dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 105b
10 60 Lowtown Luke EASTWOOD head m 64 Tailor Hobury 105b
    Louisa MERRIMAN gdau s 14   Shipley 105b
11 62 Lowtown Hugh ARMITAGE head m 23 Wool Cloth Percher Pudsey 105b
    Harriott ARMITAGE wife m 23   Rawdon 105b
    Herbert Victor ARMITAGE son s 4m   Pudsey 105b
12 64 Lowtown Mary Ann ELSWORTH head m 34 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 105b
    Miranda ELSWORTH dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 105b
    George E ELSWORTH son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 105b
    Sam ELSWORTH son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 105b
    John Wm ELSWORTH son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 105b
    James ELSWORTH son s 2   Pudsey 105b
    Clara ELSWORTH dau s 2m   Pudsey 105b
13 70 Lowtown William LAWSON head m 50 Poulty Dealer Pudsey 106a
    Elizabeth LAWSON wife m 50   Pudsey 106a
    Frank C H W B LAWSON son s 31 Woolen Machine Cleaner Pudsey 106a
    John Thomas LAWSON son s 28 Foundry Man Pudsey 106a
    Charles H A LAWSON son s 24 Boot & ShoeMaker Pudsey 106a
    Richard LAWSON son s 18 Foundry Man Pudsey 106a
    Edith Laura LAWSON dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 106a
    Harry LAWSON son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 106a
14 72 Lowtown Robert PEEL head m 70 Farmer Topcliffe 106a
    Maria PEEL wife m 64   A-? 106a
    Lucy PEEL dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 106a
    John William GRAY s-in-l m 24 Cart Man Pudsey 106a
    Jane GRAY dau m 25 Woolen MillHand Pudsey 106a
    Robert Peel GRAY gson s 5   Pudsey 106a
    Joseph GRAY son s 6m   Pudsey 106a
15 74 Lowtown John MYERS head m 40 Cart Man Bramley 106a
    Rhoda MYERS wife m 36   Pudsey 106a
    Joseph W MYERS son s 16 Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 106a
    David M MYERS son s 15 Wool MillHand DUR Bishop Aukland 106a
    Walter MYERS son s 13 MillHand Pudsey 106a
    Hannah Mary MYERS dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 106a
    Herbert MYERS son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 106a
    Edith MYERS dau s 9m   Pudsey 106a
16 80 Lowtown John BARROW head m 52 Watch Maker Bradford 106a
    Jane BARROW wife m 42   SFK Bedingfield 106a
17 82 Lowtown Edward SPEIGHT head m 38 Family Draper Mirfield 106a
    Sarah Ellen SPEIGHT wife m 38   LAN Clithroe 106a
18 82 Lowtown Christian N HOHENIEM head m 39 Pork Butcher GER Wustenburg 106b
    Dorothea HOHENIEM wife m 39   GER Wustenburg 106b
    Annie HOHENIEM dau s 16 DressMaker Castleford 106b
    John F HOHENIEM son s 14 Pork Butcher Apprentice Castleford 106b
19 84 Lowtown John Wm TURNER head m 27 Draper LAN Wigan 106b
    Mary M TURNER wife m 26   Middleton 106b
    John A TURNER son s 4   Bramley 106b
    Annie Gertrude TURNER dau s 1   Pudsey 106b
20 86 Lowtown John BURHAM? head wr 73 Grocer & Tea Dealer Pudsey 106b
    Wm BURHAM? son m 25 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 106b
    Harriot BURHAM? d-in-l m 22   Pudsey 106b
    Grace A BURHAM? dau s 1   Pudsey 106b
21 88 Lowntown David EMSLEY head m 67 Grocer & Provision Dealer Pudsey 106b
    Hannah EMSLEY wife m 67   Pudsey 106b
22 90 Lowtown Samuel CLAPHAM head m 48 Hatter Cleckheaton 106b
    Mary E CLAPHAM wife m 44   Pudsey 106b
    John H CLAPHAM son s 23 Wool Clothing Factory Assistant Bradford 106b
    Herbert CLAPHAM son s 21 Hatter's Assistant Bradford 106b
    Fred CLAPHAM son s 14 Solicitors Clerk Pudsey 106b
    Maude CLAPHAM dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 106b
23 Lowtown John ARMITAGE head s 43 General Labourer Pudsey 106b
24 94 Lowtown Abram CRYER head s 53 Wool Washer Drighlington 106b
    George CRYER bro s 50 General Labourer Drighlington 106b
25 98 Lowtown Mark Wm BLAKELEY head m 45 Hotel Keeper Rothwell 106b
    Mary BLAKELEY wife m 50   Pudsey 106b
    Martha LEATHAM servant s 25 General Servant Rodley 106b
26 100 Lowtown Raistrick LAW head m 26 Draper Dudley Hill 106b
    Ada LAW wife m 27 Milliner Northowram 106b
27 102 Lowtown Tom Slack LORD head m 46 Pawn Broker's Manager Doncaster 107a
    Emily LORD wife m 42   GLS Cirencester 107a
    Maurice LORD son s 19 Cabinet Maker's Appr Sheffield 107a
    Ernest LORD son s 17 Pawn Broker Apprentice Rotherham 107a
    Tom LORD son s 15 Grocer's Assistant Rotherham 107a
    Wilfred LORD son s 13 Scholar Rotherham 107a
    Eliza LORD dau s 6 Scholar Rotherham 107a
    Cecil LORD son s 4   Rotherham 107a
    Blanche LORD dau s 2m   Pudsey 107a
    Mary TURNER servant s 18 General Servant Castleford 107a
28 106 Lowtown Elizabeth BROUGHTON head wr 66 Druggist Gomersall 107a
    Edith BROUGHTON gdau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 107a
    Fred COLLINSON lodger s 22 Grocer's Assistant Kippax 107a
    Alfred TURNER lodger s 18 Farm Labourer Northallerton 107a
    Hugh RIPLEY lodger s 14 Grocer's Apprentice Calverley 107a
29 108 Lowtown Simeon G WEBSTER head m 52 Cordwainer Pudsey 107a
    Sarah Ann WEBSTER wife m 57   Pudsey 107a
    Matthew E G WEBSTER son m 22 Music Teacher Pudsey 107a
    Emma E WEBSTER d-in-l m 25   Otley 107a
    Henry B WEBSTER gson s 2   Pudsey 107a
    Margaret F WEBSTER gdau s 1   Pudsey 107a
30 112 Lowtown Anne FARRER head w 74 Living own means Tong 107a
    Martha A FARRER dau s 34 Milliner Bramley 107a
31 116 Lowtown Harriot MARSHALL head w 58   Pudsey 107a
    Mary Ann MARSHALL dau s 8 Scholar Heckmondwike 107a
    Sarah Jane MARSHALL dau m 28 Wool Drawer Farnley 107a
32 118 Lowtown Abram KENT head m 46 GNR Signalman LIN Willoughby 107b
    Sarah KENT wife m 48   LIN nr Leake 107b
    Annie KENT dau s 21 Woolen Weaver LIN nr Leake 107b
    William H KENT son s 20 Woolen Weaver LIN nr Leake 107b
    Walter H KENT son s 19 Woolen Spinner LIN Wainfleet 107b
    Emma M KENT dau s 17 Worsted Spinner LIN Wainfleet 107b
    Rebecca KENT dau s 15 Worsted Spinner HRT Hatfield 107b
    Charles KENT son s 13 Shoe Finisher LIN Great Ponton 107b
    Herbert KENT son s 11 Scholar LIN Great Ponton 107b
    Ethel KENT dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 107b
    Edith KENT dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 107b
33 122 Lowtown George VINCENT head m 48 Leather Currier Pudsey 107b
    Mary Ann VINCENT wife m 46   Bramley 107b
    Jane Ann VINCENT dau s 17 Machinist Pudsey 107b
    James W VINCENT son s 15 Woolen MillHand Pudsey 107b
    Maria VINCENT dau s 13   Pudsey 107b
    Elliot VINCENT son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 107b
34 124 Lowtown Thomas HUGGAN head m 31 Boot & ShoeMaker Pudsey 107b
    Mary Ann HUGGAN wife m 25   Bradford 107b
35 124A Lowtown John E CLOUGH head m 27 Fish Monger Pudsey 107b
    Clara CLOUGH wife m 27   Pudsey 107b
    Beatrice Maud CLOUGH dau s 4   Pudsey 107b
    Lilly CLOUGH dau s 2m   Pudsey 107b
    Reuben F ILLINGWORTH lodger s 15 Fish Monger's Assistant Pudsey 107b
    Hannah NORTON lodger s 51 Living own means Pudsey 107b
36 126 Lowtown James THOMPSON head w 45 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 107b
    Ernest THOMPSON son s 15 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 107b
37 130 Lowtown Mercy CONNELL head w 68 HouseKeeper Pudsey 108a
    Benjamin CONNELL son m 38 General Carrier Pudsey 108a
    Sarah CONNELL d-in-l m 37 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 108a
    John William CONNELL son s 14 Warehouse Boy Pudsey 108a
    Ben CONNELL son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 108a
38 132 Lowtown John CROMACK head s 36 Pawn Broker & Clothier Bradford 108a
    Mary COOPER mother w 67 Retired InnKeeper Stainland 108a
    Henry CROMACK bro m 39 Butcher Bradford 108a
    Charles CROMACK bro s 27 ?? Solicitor Bradford 108a
    Israel CROMACK nephew s 13 Scholar Bradford 108a
    Hannah WIGNALL servant s 46 General Servant Bradford 108a
39 134 Lowtown Joseph William PIKE head m 34 Railway StationMaster Harewood 108a
    Mary PIKE wife m 29   Gildersome 108a
    Christopher J PIKE son s 8 Scholar Leeds 108a
    Clarance PIKE son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 108a
    Henry PIKE son s 2   Pudsey 108a
40 136 Lowtown William ELSWORTH head m 42 Confectioner Pudsey 108a
    Mary ELSWORTH wife m 30   IRE Kilcurry 108a
41 138 Lowtown Amelia FRANKLAND head w 68 Grocer Bradford 108a
    Mary FRANKLAND dau s 22 Worsted Cloth Mender Pudsey 108a
42 140 Lowtown William H SHARP head m 48 Wool Skep Manufacturer Pudsey 108a
    Rebecca SHARP wife m 50   Farsley 108a
    William H SHARP son s 18 Wool Skep Maker Pudsey 108a
    Frederick SHARP son s 15 Wool Skep Maker Pudsey 108a
    Florence Ann SHARP dau s 12 Scholar Pudsey 108a
    Ernest SHARP son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 108a
43 142 Lowtown Martha BARRACLOUGH wife m 50 Wool Cloth Burler Pudsey 108a
    John William B BARRACLOUGH son m 23 Labourer Pudsey 108a
    Jane BARRACLOUGH d-in-l m 21 Cotton Twister Pudsey 108a
    Sarah W BARRACLOUGH dau s 15 Cotton Drawer Pudsey 108a
    Hannah W BARRACLOUGH dau s 13 Cotton Drawer Pudsey 108a
44 144 Lowtown Arthur FEARNLEY head m 35 Wool Sorter Pudsey 108b
    Ann FEARNLEY wife m 36   Bradford 108b
    Maria FEARNLEY dau s 7 Scholar Bradford 108b
    Ann FEARNLEY dau s 6 Scholar Bradford 108b
    Susannah FEARNLEY dau s 4   Bradford 108b
    John FEARNLEY son s 2   Pudsey 108b
    Zillah FEARNLEY dau s 4m   Pudsey 108b
45 146 Lowtown William LYNCH head wr 58 Scavenger IRE 108b
    Martin LYNCH son s 27 Wool Comber Pudsey 108b
    Edward LYNCH son s 21 Iron Founder Pudsey 108b
46 148 Lowtown George ARUNDALE head m 44 HairDresser Leeds 108b
    Ellen ARUNDALE wife m 44   Adwalton 108b
    Herbert ARUNDALE son s 15 HairDresser Stanningley 108b
    George ARUNDALE son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 108b
    John ARUNDALE son s 4   Pudsey 108b
    Annis AKER lodger s 32 Wool MillHand New Wortley 108b
47 150 Lowtown Maria FEARNLEY head w 69 Living own means Pudsey 108b
48 152 Lowtown Ephraim NORTON head m 60 Wool Weigh Man Pudsey 108b
    Emma NORTON wife m 45   Pudsey 108b
    Jabez NORTON son s 20 Cloth Fuller Pudsey 108b
    Annie Elizabeth NORTON dau s 38   Pudsey 108b
    Rosanna NORTON dau s 26 Wool Cloth Knotter Pudsey 108b
    Amy WEBSTER dau s 25 School Teacher Calverley 108b
    Sarah Hannah WEBSTER dau s 16 Draper's Assistant Calverley 108b
49 154 Lowtown William B GALL head wr 35 Doctor of Surgery BWI Barbados 108b
50 156 Lowtown Ellen PROCTOR head s 60 Draper Pudsey 108b
51 158 Lowtown Robert TORDOFF head m 50 Innkeeper & Butcher Roberttown 109a
    Mary TORDOFF wife m 48   Scholes 109a
    Joseph TORDOFF son s 16 Butcher Pudsey 109a
    Sarah TORDOFF dau s 13   Pudsey 109a
    Gertrude Maud TORDOFF dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 109a
    Clara A STEELE servant s 22 Domestic Servant Otley 109a
    Eliza F STEELE servant s 14 Domestic Servant Otley 109a
    Belford FARRER ? s 20 Butcher's Apprentice Headingley 109a
52 162 Lowtown George TOMLINSON head m 71 Wholesale Clothier Wortley 109a
    Sarah TOMLINSON wife m 65   Pudsey 109a
    Mary A TOMLINSON dau s 42 HouseMaid Wortley 109a
    George Webster TOMLINSON son s 36 Wholesale Clothier Pudsey 109a
53 164 Lowtown John DRIVER head m 34 Boot & Shoe Trade Foreman Pudsey 109a
    Ruth DRIVER wife m 28 Draper Pudsey 109a
    Norman DRIVER son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 109a
    Cyril DRIVER son s 4   Pudsey 109a
    Ruth DRIVER mother s 57   Pudsey 109a
    Annie SOMERTON servant s 13 Domestic Servant Pudsey 109a
54 166 Lowtown Joseph HALLIDAY head m 46 Farmer & Cloth Mrgr Pudsey 109a
    Ruth Ann HALLIDAY wife m 43   Pudsey 109a
    John H HALLIDAY son s 22 Farmer's Assistant Pudsey 109a
    Walter HALLIDAY son s 19 Farmer's Assistant Pudsey 109a
    Earnest HALLIDAY son s 14 Scholar Pudsey 109a
    William HALLIDAY son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 109a
    Ephraim HALLIDAY bro s 57 Retired Cloth Mfgr Pudsey 109a
    John HALLIDAY bro s 48 Wool Cloth Mfgr Pudsey 109a
    Clara ALLERTON servant s 22 General Servant Pudsey 109a
55 168 Lowtown Rhoda VARLEY head w 46 Grocer Pudsey 109a
    Sam VARLEY son s 22 Bookkeeper Pudsey 109a
    Rebecca RIDER mother w 65   Pudsey 109a
    Harry RIDER son s 56 Mechanical Engineer Pudsey 109a
56 5 Town Fold John WILCOCK head m 48 Publican Pudsey 109b
  Delph Hill Martha WILCOCK wife m 49   Bramley 109b
    Mary WILCOCK dau s 19 Domestic Servant Pudsey 109b
    Elizabeth WILCOCK dau s 17 Domestic Servant Pudsey 109b
    Martha WILCOCK dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 109b
    Edwin J WILCOCK son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 109b
    Edwin ADCOCK s-in-l m 31 Grocer's Assistant NFK Terrington 109b
    Agnes ADCOCK dau m 26   Pudsey 109b
    Florence ADCOCK gdau s 8m   Pudsey 109b
57 6 Town Fold Mary JAGGER head w 75 Cloth Mangler Pudsey 109b
  Delph Hill Mary JAGGER gdau s 21 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 109b
58 7 Town Fold & Benjamin ATKINSON head m 49 Woolen MillHand Pudsey 109b
  Delph Hill Lydia ATKINSON wife m 44   Pudsey 109b
    Sarah ATKINSON dau s 22 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 109b
58a 8 Town Fold & Edward MITCHELL head m 30 Boiler Maker Bradford 109b
  Delph Hill Sarah MITCHELL wife m 27   Pudsey 109b
    Henry MITCHELL son s 8   Pudsey 109b
    Annie MITCHELL dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 109b
    Agnes MITCHELL dau s 4 Scholar Pudsey 109b
    Martha MITCHELL dau s 1   Pudsey 109b
59 9 Town Fold & Edward RODDY head m 33 General Labourer IRE 109b
  Delph Hill Martha Ellen RODDY wife m 21 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 109b
60 10 Town Fold & Emanuel SUGDEN head m 28 Shoemaker Pudsey 109b
  Delph Hill Annie SUGDEN wife m 28   Apperley Bridge 109b
    James SUGDEN son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 109b
    Edith SUGDEN dau s 3   Pudsey 109b
61 11 Town Fold William CRAVEN head m 48 Carrier Pudsey 109b
  Delph Hill Ann CRAVEN wife m 44   Pudsey 109b
    Hannah Mary CRAVEN dau s 22 Worsted MillHand Pudsey 109b
    Willie CRAVEN son s 14 Foundry Worker Pudsey 109b
    Fountain ARMITAGE lodger s 28 Foundry Worker Pudsey 109b
62 16 Town Fold Alfred CALVERT head m 35 Chimney Sweeper Bradford 110a
  Delph Hill Elizabeth CALVERT wife m 35 CharWoman Bradford 110a
    Isabella CALVERT dau s 16 Woolen MillHand Bradford 110a
    Alfred CALVERT son s 14 Woolen MillHand Bradford 110a
    Eliza Ann CALVERT dau s 11 Scholar Bradford 110a
    Annis CALVERT dau s 9 Scholar Bradford 110a
    Alice CALVERT dau s 5   Bradford 110a
    Ada CALVERT dau s 2   Pudsey 110a
63 17 Town Fold & Delph Hill Edward HARRISON head s 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 110a
64 17 Town Fold & Delph Hill Mary GLOVER head w 53 CharWoman Rothwell 110a
  Delph Hill Frances GLOVER dau s 16   Bramley 110a
65 18 Town Fold & Oliver BRIGGS head m 29 Wool Currier's Labourer Pudsey 110a
  Delph Hill Sarah E BRIGGS wife m 28   Pudsey 110a
    Ada BRIGGS dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 110a
    Mary A BRIGGS dau s 4   Pudsey 110a
    Maurice BRIGGS son s 10m   Pudsey 110a
66 19 Town Fold & Martha BRIGGS head w 68 Living own means Pudsey 110a
  Delph Hill Martha Ann PARKER lodger s 19 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 110a
67 20 Town Fold & Simeon BRIGGS head m 35 Labourer [Iron Planer] Pudsey 110a
  Delph Hill Sophia BRIGGS wife m 35   Pudsey 110a
    Tom BRIGGS son s 22 Boiler Maker Pudsey 110a
    Ben BRIGGS son s 20 Basket Maker Pudsey 110a
    Willie BRIGGS son s 10 Cotton Bobbin Layer Pudsey 110a
    Emily BRIGGS dau s 6   Pudsey 110a
    Mary Hannah BRIGGS dau s 4   Pudsey 110a
    John Rider BRIGGS son s 1   Pudsey 110a
    Reuben CHAFFER lodger s 51 General Labourer Guiseley 110a
68 21 Town Fold & John KNOWLES head m 37 Foundry Labourer CHS Runcorn 110b
  Delph Hill Martha KNOWLES wife m 33   Pudsey 110b
    Hannah KNOWLES dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 110b
    George KNOWLES son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 110b
    Mary Jane KNOWLES dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 110b
    Lilly KNOWLES dau s 4   Pudsey 110b
    Joseph KNOWLES son s 2   Pudsey 110b
69 22 Town Fold & Samuel FARRAR head s 53 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 110b
  Delph Hill Sarah Ann FARRAR sis s 42 Woolen MillHand Pudsey 110b
    James FARRAR nephew s 20 Labourer Pudsey 110b
70 23 Town Fold & Joseph DUFTON head m 48 Waste Dealer Wortley 110b
  Delph Hill Sarah Ann DUFTON wife m 48   Pudsey 110b
    Clara DUFTON dau s 26 Confectioner Pudsey 110b
    Fred DUFTON son s 24 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 110b
    Lucy DUFTON dau s 22 Machinist Pudsey 110b
    Lilly DUFTON dau s 18 Machinist Pudsey 110b
    Joseph DUFTON son s 15 Waste Cleaner Pudsey 110b
    Ada DUFTON dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 110b
72 23a Town Fold & Delph Hill Matthew WALKER head wr 59 Furniture Broker Pudsey 110b
73 24 Town Fold & Christopher HODGKIN head m 27 Foundry Labourer Bradford 110b
  Delph Hill Mary Ann HODGKIN wife m 24   Bradford 110b
    Jacob HODGKIN son s 1   Pudsey 110b
74 Town Fold & Delph Hill Mary HEHIR [HARE/HAIR] head w 61   IRE County Clare 110b
    Mary HEHIR [HARE/HAIR] dau s 42 Worsted Weaver IRE County Clare 110b
    Patsy HEHIR [HARE/HAIR] son s 30 Shoemaker Pudsey 110b
    Sarah Nora Rilpah HEHIR [HARE/HAIR] gdau s 6   Pudsey 110b
75 Town Fold & Delph Hill Jacob Wm WRIGHT head m 27 Boot Rivetter Bradford 110b
    Hannah WRIGHT wife m 33   Pudsey 110b
    Mary Ann WRIGHT dau s 6   Pudsey 110b
    Patsy LENARN lodger s 37 Wool MillHand Pudsey 110b
    John LENARN lodger s 35 Wool MillHand Pudsey 110b
76 27 Town Fold & Thomas BLAKELEY head m 62 Labourer Pudsey 111a
  Delph Hill Ellen BLAKELEY wife m 56   Pudsey 111a
    Charlotte Ann BLAKELEY dau s 17 Wool MillHand Pudsey 111a
    James H WEBSTER s-in-l m 28 Iron Worker Pudsey 111a
    Mary E WEBSTER dau m 28 Wool MillHand Pudsey 111a
    Harry WEBSTER gson s 6 Scholar Pudsey 111a
    Willie WEBSTER gson s 5 Scholar Pudsey 111a
    Ellen WEBSTER gdau s 3   Pudsey 111a
    Richard GIBBONS lodger m 37 Labourer Pudsey 111a
77 28 Town Fold & Ann BUTLER head m 61   Pudsey 111a
  Delph Hill Merritt BUTLER son s 26 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 111a
78 29 Town Fold & William HARRISON head m 53 Living own means Pudsey 111a
  Delph Hill Frances HARRISON wife m 53   Pudsey 111a
    Walter HARRISON son s 31 Woolen OverLooker Pudsey 111a
    Ann HARRISON dau s 25 DressMaker Pudsey 111a
79 30 Town Fold & Samuel HARRISON head m 32 Leather Currier Pudsey 111a
  Delph Hill Florence A HARRISON wife m 31   Pudsey 111a
    George William HARRISON son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 111a
80 31 Town Fold & William WILCOCK head m 29 Iron Works Labourer Pudsey 111a
  Delph Hill Esther WILCOCK wife m 29   Pudsey 111a
    Albert WILCOCK son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 111a
    John WILCOCK son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 111a
    Willie WILCOCK son s 3   Pudsey 111a
    Martha WILCOCK dau s 10m   Pudsey 111a
81 32 Town Fold & Friend RILEY head m 38 ? ? Crane Driver HEF 111a
  Delph Hill Mary A RILEY wife m 32   Pudsey 111a
    Mary A RILEY dau s 13 Wool MillHand Pudsey 111a
    Benjamin RILEY son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 111a
    Esther RILEY dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 111a
82 33 Town Fold & John Willam SHARP head m 42 Labourer Pudsey 111b
  Delph Hill Sarah SHARP wife m 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 111b
    John Varley SHARP son s 14 Butcher's Assistant Pudsey 111b
83 34 Town Fold & John Bretherick SHARP head m 60 Waste Dealer Bradford 111b
  Delph Hill Sarah Jane SHARP wife m 54   Pudsey 111b
    Samuel SHARP son s 17 Builder's Assistant Pudsey 111b
84 36 Town Fold & Martha FARRER head s 42   Pudsey 111b
  Delph Hill Will FARRER son s 18 Mill Hand Farsley 111b
85 37 Town Fold & George BUSFIELD head m 34 Labourer Pudsey 111b
  Delph Hill Etta BUSFIELD wife m 40   Pudsey 111b
    John BUSFIELD son s 13 Scholar Pudsey 111b
    Mary BUSFIELD dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 111b
    Rebecca BUSFIELD dau s 4 Scholar Pudsey 111b
86 38 Town Fold & Amelia GLOVER head s 43   Pudsey 111b
  Delph Hill Sarah A GLOVER dau s 23 Wool MillHand Pudsey 111b
    Jane GLOVER dau s 14 Wool MillHand Pudsey 111b
    Thomas GLOVER son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 111b
    Herbert ROBINSON s-in-l m 20 Labourer Pudsey 111b
    Bertha ROBINSON dau m 22 Worsted MillHand Pudsey 111b
    Martha ROBINSON gdau s 1d   Pudsey 111b
    Maria DUFTON lodger s 22 Worsted MillHand Pudsey 111b
87 39 Town Fold & Delph Hill Mary FITZPATRICK head w 50   IRE 111b
88 40 Town Fold Sarah ARMITAGE head w 79   Pudsey 111b
  Delph Hill Nancy HALLIDAY dau w 40 Worsted MillHand Pudsey 111b
    Benjamin ARMITAGE gson s 37 Leather Currier Pudsey 111b
    Sarah ARMITAGE gdau s 19 Wool Weaver Pudsey 111b
    John W ARMITAGE gson s 18 Leather Currier Pudsey 111b
    Rebecca ARMITAGE gdau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 111b
    Hannah M ARMITAGE gdau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 111b
89 41 Mill Fold & James William ARUNDALE head m 40 Stone mason Pudsey 112a
  Delph Hill Emma ARUNDALE wife m 40   Pudsey 112a
    Martha A ARUNDALE dau s 20 Wool MillHand Pudsey 112a
    Charles ARUNDALE son s 19 Wool MillHand Pudsey 112a
    Joseph ARUNDALE son s 17 Wool MillHand Pudsey 112a
    Ann ARUNDALE dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 112a
    George ARUNDALE son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 112a
    John ARUNDALE son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 112a
    Mary ARUNDALE dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 112a
    James ARUNDALE son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 112a
    Willie ARUNDALE son s 3   Pudsey 112a
90 42 Mill Fold & Patrick CLIFFORD head m 64 Labourer IRE 112a
  Delph Hill Mary CLIFFORD wife m 59   IRE 112a
    William CLIFFORD son s 36 ? Flesher Pudsey 112a
    John CLIFFORD son s 34 Currier Pudsey 112a
    Mary CLIFFORD dau s 29 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 112a
    George CLIFFORD son m 23 Wool Sorter Pudsey 112a
    Sarah CLIFFORD dau s 16 Machinist Pudsey 112a
    Asting? CLIFFORD lodger m 40 Labourer IRE 112a
91 43 Mill Fold & Delph Hill George WILCOCK head s 63 Wool Dyer Pudsey 112a
92 44 Mill Fold & Robert NORTON head m 36 Waste Dealer Pudsey 112a
  Delph Hill Betty NORTON wife m 37   Pudsey 112a
    Mary HALLIDAY s-in-l s 35 Draper Pudsey 112a
93 45 Mill Fold Albert SMITH head m 36 Coal Miner Pudsey 112a
  Delph Hill Sarah SMITH wife m 35   Pudsey 112a
    Alfred SMITH son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 112a
    Rosetta SMITH dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 112a
    Sarah E SMITH dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 112a
    Joshua SMITH son s 4   Pudsey 112a
94 47 Town Fold Joshua SHARP head wr 63 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 112b
  Delph Hill William SHARP son s 41 Labourer Pudsey 112b
    John SHARP son s 37 Labourer Pudsey 112b
    Sam SHARP son s 30 Labourer Pudsey 112b
95 48 Town Fold Nancy WILCOCK head w 58   Pudsey 112b
  Delph Hill William GREGSON s-in-l m 41 Stone QuarryMan Gainsborough 112b
    Ann Lottie GREGSON dau m 37   Pudsey 112b
    Mary Elzth GREGSON gdau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 112b
    Jonas GREGSON gson s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 112b
    John GREGSON gson s 11 Scholar Pudsey 112b
    Laura GREGSON gdau s 4 Scholar Pudsey 112b
    Harry GREGSON gson s 1   Pudsey 112b
    Charles H HALEY lodger w 31 General Labourer Pudsey 112b
96 49 Town Fold Thomas BRIGGS head m 47 Wool MillHand Pudsey 112b
  Delph Hill Tamia BRIGGS wife m 41   Pudsey 112b
    Joshua BRIGGS son s 21 Wool MillHand Pudsey 112b
    Rebecca BRIGGS dau s 19 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 112b
    Nancy BRIGGS dau s 17 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 112b
    William BRIGGS son s 14 Wool MillHand Pudsey 112b
    Elizabeth BRIGGS dau s 12 Scholar Pudsey 112b
    Webster BRIGGS son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 112b
    Agnes BRIGGS dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 112b
    Arthur BRIGGS son s 4   Pudsey 112b
    Maurice BRIGGS son s 1   Pudsey 112b
    Mary HALEY m-in-l w 89   Pudsey 112b
97 52 Town Fold John DUFTON head m 58 Worsted Warper MDX London 112b
  Delph Hill Sabina DUFTON wife m 47   Stanningley 112b
    James DUFTON son s 18 Wool MillHand Pudsey 112b
    Mary Ellen DUFTON dau s 16 Wool MillHand Pudsey 112b
    Alfred GOODALL lodger m 21 General Labourer Pudsey 112b
    Grace GOODALL lodger m 16   Pudsey 113a
    Willie GOODALL lodger s 2m   Pudsey 113a
98 53 Town Fold Samuel BOOCOCK head m 54 Woolen Cloth Weaver Leeds 113a
  Delph Hill Hannah PARROTT lodger w 66 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 113a
99 54 Town Fold James Henry VERITY head m 38 Grocer Pudsey 113a
  Delph Hill Emily VERITY wife m 34   Pudsey 113a
    Herbert W VERITY son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    Ethel VERITY dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    James VERITY son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    William VERITY son s 4 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    Emily A CROSSBY servant s 15 General Servant Apperley Bridge 113a
100 56 Town Fold George VERITY head m 41 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Pudsey 113a
  Delph Hill Mary VERITY wife m 41   Pudsey 113a
    Joseph VERITY son s 15 Joiner Pudsey 113a
    Laura VERITY dau s 14 Joiner Pudsey 113a
    Arthur VERITY son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    Bennie VERITY son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    Harry HOLROYD nephew s 14 Shop Assistant Pudsey 113a
101 1 Grayson's Bldgs Samuel JAGGER head m 37 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 113a
    Letitia JAGGER wife m 37   Farsley 113a
    Mary H JAGGER dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    Fanny JAGGER dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 113a
102 2 Grayshon's Bldgs Abraham GAMBLES head m 32 Iron Dresser Pudsey 113a
    Mary GAMBLES wife m 32   DUR 113a
    George E GAMBLES son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    Joseph GAMBLES son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    Edith GAMBLES dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 113a
    John GAMBLES son s 3   Pudsey 113a
103 3 Grayshon's Bldgs William THOMPSON head m 36 Boot & Shoe maker Pudsey 113b
    Mary Ann THOMPSON wife m 36 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 113b
104 4 Grayshon's Bldgs Alfred POWELL head m 28 House Painter Eccleshill 113b
    Selena POWELL wife m 29   Idle 113b
105 5 Grayshon's Bldgs Reuben ROGER head m 26 Boot Finisher Pudsey 113b
    Mary Ann ROGER wife m 22   Pudsey 113b
    Joseph Retford ROGER son s 11m   Pudsey 113b
106 6 Grayshon's Bldgs John WALLER head m 37 Mason's Labourer Pudsey 113b
    Sarah WALLER wife m 38   Bramley 113b
    Albert WALLER son s 15 ShoeMaker's Apprentice Pudsey 113b
    Ruth Ann WALLER dau s 13   Pudsey 113b
    Rebecca WALLER dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 113b
    Lilly WALLER dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 113b
    Martha WALLER dau s 5   Pudsey 113b
107 7 Grayshon's Bldgs James W CLARKE head m 26 Boot Finisher SFK Bury St Edmonds 113b
    Alice CLARKE wife m 26   SFK Bury St Edmonds 113b
    Ellen A CLARKE dau s 4   Leeds 113b
    Lizzie CLARKE dau s 2   Pudsey 113b
    Walter Thomas CLARKE son s 5m   Pudsey 113b
108 8 Grayshon's Bldgs Joseph ATKINSON head m 61 Boot Finisher Gildersome 113b
    Mary ATKINSON wife m 41   Gildersome 113b
    Florence ATKINSON dau s 8 Scholar Pudsey 113b
109 9 Grayshon's Bldgs Samuel GAMBLES head m 27 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 113b
    Ellen GAMBLES wife m 28   Pudsey 113b
    Ann GAMBLES dau s 7m   Pudsey 113b
110 10 Grayshon's Bldgs Thomas BINNS head m 60 Stone QuarryMan's Labourer Horton 113b
    Ann BINNS wife m 58   Skipton 113b
    Margaret BINNS dau s 22 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 113b
    Mary Jane BINNS dau s 17 Machinist Pudsey 113b
111 11 Grayshon's Bldgs Rebecca WALLER head w 66 Living own means Pudsey 114a
    Myers DIBB s-in-l m 25 ShoeMaker Holbeck 114a
    Hannah Maria DIBB dau m 28 Shoe Machinist Pudsey 114a
    Mary Lizzie DIBB gdau s 2   Pudsey 114a
112 12 Grayshon's Bldgs Robert WALLER head m 31 ShoeMaker Pudsey 114a
    Frances WALLER wife m 31 Woolen Cloth Weaver CHS Nantwich 114a
113 8 Grayshon's Bldgs James ORMEROD head m 34 Stone Mason Pudsey 114a
    Elizabeth Ann ORMEROD wife m 38   Pudsey 114a
    Seth ORMEROD son s 12 Scholar Pudsey 114a
    Harry ORMEROD son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 114a
114 9 Grayshon's Bldgs Joseph ODDY head m 65 Coal Agent Pudsey 114a
    Martha ODDY wife m 63   Pudsey 114a
115 10 Grayshon's Bldgs Dennis WALKER head m 29 Stone Mason Pudsey 114a
    Emily WALKER wife m 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 114a
    Arthur WALKER son s 2   Pudsey 114a
116 11 Grayshon's Bldgs Charles CLARK head m 45 Leather Currier BDF Luton 114a
    Sarah CLARK wife m 44 Tailoress Armley 114a
117 12 Grayshon's Bldgs Holden NAYLOR head m 28 Iron Moulder Pudsey 114a
    Fanny NAYLOR wife m 25   Pudsey 114a
    Albert NAYLOR son s 4m   Pudsey 114a
118 13 Grayshon's Bldgs Joseph GRAYSHON head m 59 Living own means Pudsey 114a
    Mary GRAYSHON wife m 58   Armley 114a
    John GRAYSHON son s 33 Butcher Pudsey 114a
    Richard GRAYSHON son s 31 ShoeMaker Pudsey 114a
    Sarah GRAYSHON dau s 26 DressMaker Pudsey 114a
    Joseph E GRAYSHON son s 22 ShoeMaker Pudsey 114a
119 14 Grayshon's Bldgs Joseph PROCTOR head m 27 Joiner LAN Blackburn 114a
    Emma PROCTOR wife m 25 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 114a
    Joshua PROCTOR son s 2   Pudsey 114a
120 15 Grayshon's Bldgs John MITCHELL head m 39 Shoemaker Pudsey 114b
    Sophia MITCHELL wife m 35   Pudsey 114b
    Louisa MITCHELL dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 114b
    Jonathan MITCHELL son s 11 Worsted Tapper-in Pudsey 114b
    Elizabeth MITCHELL dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 114b
    Grace Ann MITCHELL dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 114b
    Herbert MITCHELL son s 3   Pudsey 114b
    Hannah MITCHELL dau s 10m   Pudsey 114b
121 16 Grayshon's Bldgs Ephraim ISLES head m 56 Waste Dealer Stanningley 114b
    Grace ISLES wife m 53   Pudsey 114b
    Ruth Ann WILCOCK adptdau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 114b
122 17 Grayshon's Bldgs Elizabeth TOWNEND head w 37   Dunnington 114b
    John William TOWNEND son s 25 Tea Dealer's Assistant Leeds 114b
    Emily TOWNEND dau s 19 Boot Machinist Pudsey 114b
    Alice Ann TOWNEND dau s 16 Boot Machinist Pudsey 114b
    Joseph Henry TOWNEND son s 14 Office Boy Pudsey 114b
123 18 Grayshon's Bldgs Ellen MYERS head w 53   Yeadon 114b
    Dean MYERS son s 21 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 114b
    Alice Eva MYERS dau s 19 Dress & Mantle Maker Yeadon 114b
124 1 Appleyard's Court Mary Elizabeth FENTON head w 73   Yeadon 114b
    Joseph Ed. FENTON son s 23 ShoeMaker Yeadon 114b
    Henry FENTON son s 20 DrayMan Yeadon 114b
    Benjamin HEWITT lodger m 41 DrayMan Yeadon 114b
125 2 Appleyard's Court John SUGDEN head m 45 ?? Labourer Bramley 114b
    Emily SUGDEN dau m 26 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 114b
    Joseph SUGDEN son s 14 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 114b
    William Barker SUGDEN son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 114b
    Harry SUGDEN son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 114b
126 3 Appleyard's Court Benjamin DIXON head m 32 Cartman Wortley 114c
    Grace H DIXON wife m 53   Pudsey 114c
    Samuel Thomas DIXON son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 114c
    Maude DIXON dau s 2   Pudsey 114c
    Sarah Ann HALLIDAY m-in-l w 63   Pudsey 114c
127 4 Appleyard's Court William GOODALL head m 45 Cartman Garforth 114c
    Louisa GOODALL wife m 45   Tong 114c
    James H GOODALL son s 25 Coal Miner Tong 114c
    Joseph GOODALL son s 19 Coal Miner Pudsey 114c
    Edward GOODALL son s 14 Currier Pudsey 114c
    Arthur GOODALL son s 12 MillHand Pudsey 114c
    Samuel GOODALL son s 8 Scholar Pudsey 114c
    Frank GOODALL son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 114c
128 6 Appleyard's Court Edward APPLEYARD head m 60 Size Manufacturer Pudsey 114c
    Rose APPLEYARD wife m 58   Pudsey 114c
    Elizabeth ROSS visitor m 37   Pudsey 114c
129 7 Appleyard's Court William FARRAR head s 54 Butcher Pudsey 114c
    Martha CRAMPTON aunt s 61   Pudsey 114c
130 Backwell Fold Joseph COATES head m 54 Cartman Pudsey 114c
    Ann COATES wife m 54   Pudsey 114c
    Samuel COATES son s 31 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 114c
    William COATES son s 22 Cartman Pudsey 114c
    Sarah HARMAN dau m 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 114c
    John HARMAN son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 114c
    Esther HARMAN dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 114c
131 3 Back Well Fold Patrick CRAYTON head m 36 Gas Stoker IRE 114d
    Kate CRAYTON wife m 30   Pudsey 114d
    Hugh CRAYTON son s 14 Wool MillHand Pudsey 114d
    John CRAYTON son s 11 Scholar Pudsey 114d
    Michael CRAYTON son s 7m   Pudsey 114d
    Patrick FLEMING lodger s 28 Labourer IRE 114d
    John PEYTON lodger s 24 Railway Navvy IRE 114d
    Pelyelin? McGLAGAN lodger s 40 Labourer IRE 114d
    James SCARRY lodger wr 50 Labourer IRE 114d
    Mary SCARRY lodger s 21 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 114d
132 4 Back Well Fold Joe WATSON head m 24 General Labourer Bradford 114d
    Agnes WATSON wife m 21   LAN Blackpool 114d
133 7 Back Well Fold James RIDDLE head m 67 Pensioner SCT 114d
    Ann RIDDLE wife m 44   IRE 114d
    James RIDDLE son s 25 Soldier Pudsey 114d
    Maggie RIDDLE dau s 22 Machinist Pudsey 114d
    William RIDDLE son s 18 Carrier Pudsey 114d
    Charles RIDDLE son s 14 Boot Finisher Pudsey 114d
    Thomas JAMES lodger m 45 Railway Plate Labourer Bradford 114d
    Patrick MAGLAGAN lodger s 22 Railway Plate Labourer IRE 114d
    Patrick MCALLISTER lodger s 22 Railway Plate Labourer IRE 114d