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Census Index 1901 Pudsey: ED15



Piece RG13/4188 Enumeration District 15, Folios 68a - 86b,

All that part of Lowtown Ward commencing at Priestley Mill Yard to the Lanes this includes East View Cottages, Bramley View, Rayners Terrace, St Josephs Roman Catholic Church, Rogers Houses, The Whitelands and Oak Terrace then the whole of the west side of Lane End from the houses occupied Louisa Elsworth no 65 to the house occupied by Messers Norton also that part of the east side of Lane End commencing at Salter and Salters Factory to the house occupied by Bates no 2 Lane End commencing at and including Naylors Houses known by the naming Crimbles Green and continuing along the south side of Lowtown to the Railway Station this includes Willow Street then taking Lowtown Bottom continuing at the house occupied by Marshall to the Railway Station then the whole of both sides of Crimbles which will include Crimbles Terrace, Huggan Row, Hammertorn Green, Elsworth Square, Greenwood Row, Kent, Larkfield Farm, the Gasworks, Albion Row, Albion Mill yard and South View.


3 104 Lowtown William Hutchinson SHARP head m 58 Basket Maker Pudsey 68a
    Rebecca SHARP wife m 60   Calverley 68a
    Fred SHARP son s 25 Basket Maker Pudsey 68a
    Ernest SHARP son s 19 Basket Maker Pudsey 68a
    Priscilla RAWNSLEY serv s 50 Housekeeper Guiseley 68a
4 106 Lowtown George Christopher ARANDLE head m 55 Hairdresser Leeds 68a
    Ellen ARANDLE wife m 55   Adwalton 68a
    Geroge ARANDLE son s 17 Hairdresser Pudsey 68a
    John ARANDLE son s 14   Pudsey 68a
    Annis AKINS board s 42 Worsted Millhand Wortley 68a
5 108 Lowtown Arthur FEARNLEY head m 45 Wool Sorter Pudsey 68a
    Ann FEARNLEY wife m 47   Bradford 68a
    Maria FEARNLEY dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Bradford 68a
    Ann FEARNLEY dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 68a
    Susannah FEARNLEY dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 68a
    John FEARNLEY son s 12   Pudsey 68a
    Zillah FEARNLEY dau s 10   Pudsey 68a
    Joshua FEARNLEY son s 6   Pudsey 68a
6 110 Lowtown Joseph L GILBERT/GILBEY ? head m 61 Retired Station Master CAM Isle of Ely 68a
    Ann GILBERT/GILBEY ? wife m 63   LAN Liverpool 68a
    Eliz Ann GILBERT/GILBEY ? dau s 34 Woolen Burler FlushDyke 68a
    Joseph GILBERT/GILBEY ? son s 27   Dudley Hill 68a
    Richard GILBERT/GILBEY ? son s 25 Railway Carpenter Dudley Hill 68a
7 112 Lowtown Henry James MUSTILL head m 37 House Painter & Decorator ESS Chrishall 68a
    Mary Ann MUSTILL wife m 39   Pudsey 68a
    Charles William MUSTILL son s 15 House Painter Pudsey 68a
    clara Annie MUSTILL dau s 12   Pudsey 68a
    Harry MUSTILL son s 9   Pudsey 68a
    Florence Maud MUSTILL dau s 6   Pudsey 68a
    Leonard MUSTILL son s 4   Pudsey 68a
8 118 Lowtown Charles GIBSON head m 27 Hotel Keeper Ferrensby 68b
  Common Hotel Sarah Ann GIBSON wife m 24   LIN Old Leake 68b
    Hannah Elizabeth GIBSON dau s 1   Pudsey 68b
    Rhoda HARRISON serv s 28 General serv Leeds 68b
    Ellen KING serv s 19 General serv Castleford 68b
9 122 Lowtown George HIRST head m 47 Leather Dresser Cleckheaton 68b
    Frances HIRST wife m 46   Liversedge 68b
    Florence HIRST dau s 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Cleckheaton 68b
    Edith HIRST dau s 25 Woolen Cloth Weaver Cleckheaton 68b
    Annis HIRST dau s 23 Woolen Cloth Weaver Cleckheaton 68b
    John HIRST son s 18 Leather Dresser Cleckheaton 68b
    Mary Elizabeth HIRST dau s 13   Cleckheaton 68b
    Frank HIRST son s 11   Liversedge 68b
    Evelyn HIRST dau s 9   Liversedge 68b
    Granville HIRST son s 5   Pudsey 68b
    William HIRST son s 3   Pudsey 68b
10 124 Lowtown William TURNER head s 46 Music Teacher [Piano] Pudsey 68b
    Mary TURNER niece s 31 dom. Housekeeper Pudsey 68b
11 126 Lowtown Joseph HALLIDAY head m 56 Woolen Cloth Mfgr Pudsey 68b
    Ruth Ann HALLIDAY wife m 53   Pudsey 68b
    John HALLIDAY son s 32 Woolen Cloth Examiner Pudsey 68b
    Ernest HALLIDAY son s 24 Butcher Pudsey 68b
    Willie HALLIDAY son m 21 Woolen Cloth Examiner Pudsey 68b
    Ephraim HALLIDAY bro s 67 Living on Own Means Pudsey 68b
    John HALLIDAY bro s 58 Woolen Cloth Mfgr Pudsey 68b
    Clara ALLERTON serv s 32 General serv Pudsey 68b
12 128 Lowtown Rhoda VARLEY head w 56 Grocer Pudsey 68b
    Rebecca RIDER moth w 75   Pudsey 68b
13 132 Lowtown Fred BATES head m 28 HairDresser Bradford 69a
    Clara Jane BATES wife m 29   Bramley 69a
    Nellie BATES dau s 7   Pudsey 69a
    Florrie BATES dau s 6   Pudsey 69a
    Hannah BATES dau s 4   Bramley 69a
    Clara BATES dau s 4w   Pudsey 69a
14 134 Lowtown Patrick LYNCH head m 45 Iron Moulder Hull 69a
    Jane LYNCH wife m 44   Stanningley 69a
    Frances Jane LYNCH dau s 21 Worsted Twister Pudsey 69a
    William LYNCH son s 17 Iron Works lab. LAN Stockton 69a
    Sarah LYNCH dau s 15 Worsted Twister LAN Stockton 69a
15 136 Lowtown Benjamin Armitage JENNISON head m 32 Green Grocer Pudsey 69a
    Mary Ann JENNISON wife m 32   LIN Crowle 69a
    Irvin JENNISON son s 3   Bramley 69a
16 138 Lowtown Tom BRIGGS head m 32 Fish Salesman Bramley 69a
    Martha Ann BRIGGS wife m 29   Pudsey 69a
    John William BRIGGS son s 3   Pudsey 69a
17 140 Lowtown Ann WILSON head w 66 Living on Own Means Pudsey 69a
18 142 Lowtown Thomas WILCOCK head m 41 Woolen Willeyer Pudsey 69a
    Sarah Jane WILCOCK wife m 41   Leeds 69a
    William WILCOCK son s 18 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 69a
    Joseph WILCOCK son s 14 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Raistrick 69a
    Ethel WILCOCK dau s 8   Pudsey 69a
    Ralph COULSON adptdau s 10w   Leeds 69a
19 144 Lowtown Mary CLIFFORD head w 69   IRE 69a
    Mary CLIFFORD dau s 39 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 69a
    Sarah OWEN dau m 26 Boot Machinist Pudsey 69a
20 1 Crimbles Green Matthew NAYLOR head m 63 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 69a
  Lowtown Elizabeth NAYLOR wife m 62   Holbeck 69a
21 2 Crimbles Green Patrick GARVEY head m 25 Gas Works Stoker IRE 69b
  Lowtown Mary Ann GARVEY wife m 25   Pudsey 69b
    Thomas FITZPATRICK board s 28 Gas Works lab. IRE 69b
    Michael MCLOUGHLIN board s 23 Mason's lab. IRE 69b
22 3 Crimbles Green Arthur MOUNTSEER head m 33 Brick Works lab. Sheffield 69b
  Lowtown Ada MOUNTSEER wife m 23   Rotherham 69b
23 4 Crimbles Green Edwin SMITH head m 49 Mason's lab. Farsley 69b
  Lowtown Ellen SMITH wife m 39   Pudsey 69b
    Martha Elizabeth SMITH dau s 11   Pudsey 69b
    Maurice SMITH son s 6   Pudsey 69b
    Annie SMITH dau s 4   Pudsey 69b
    Maud SMITH dau s 1   Pudsey 69b
24 4 Lane End Arthur HALLIDAY head m 28 Leather Currier Pudsey 69b
    Sarah Elizabeth HALLIDAY wife m 29   Pudsey 69b
    Fred Nichols HALLIDAY son s 3   Pudsey 69b
25 10 Lane End William Arthuir HUTCHINSON head m 38 Boot & Shoe Trade Machine Minder Pudsey 69b
    Alice HUTCHINSON wife m 30   Leeds 69b
    Hubert HUTCHINSON son s 5   Pudsey 69b
    John HUTCHINSON son s 3   Pudsey 69b
26 6 Lane End John Thomas LAWSON head m 38 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 69b
    Emma LAWSON wife m 37   Pudsey 69b
27 8 Lane End Denis Rider HARRISON head m 61 Boot Factory Clerk Pudsey 69b
    Harriet Emma HARRISON wife m 49   Pudsey 69b
    Alice Ann HARRISON dau s 32 School Mistress Goole 69b
28 1 Lane End Isaac NORTON head m 38 Butcher Pudsey 69b
    Ethel NORTON dau s 7   Pudsey 69b
    Simeon NORTON son s 5   Pudsey 69b
    Percy NORTON son s 7m   Pudsey 69b
    Rose STEPHENSON serv s 60 dom. Housekeeper Pudsey 69b
29 3 Lane End Hannah NORTON head s 33   Pudsey 70a
    Jane Ann NORTON sis s 30 Dressmaker Pudsey 70a
30 5 Lane End Patrick CRAYTON head m 67 Gas Works Stoker IRE 70a
    Kate CRAYTON wife m 46   Pudsey 70a
    Hugh CRAYTON son s 22 BrickLayer Pudsey 70a
    John CRAYTON son s 20 Iron Works Fitter Appr Pudsey 70a
    Michael CRAYTON son s 10   Pudsey 70a
    Margaret Ann CRAYTON dau s 1   Pudsey 70a
    Anthony ROLLEY board W 51 General lab. IRE 70a
    Michael BREMAN board s 24 General lab. IRE 70a
    Michael FLEMING board s 23 General lab. IRE 70a
31 7 Lane End Lavinia GAUNT head w 40 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 70a
    Elizabeth Ann GAUNT dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 70a
    Charles GAUNT son s 12   Pudsey 70a
    Herbert GAUNT son s 8   Pudsey 70a
32 9 Lane End Thomas RIDER head m 39 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 70a
    Harriet RIDER wife m 36   Pudsey 70a
    Annie RIDER dau s 8   Pudsey 70a
    Emily RIDER dau s 5   Pudsey 70a
    Alice Ann RIDER dau s 1   Pudsey 70a
33 11 Lane End Sarah Ann DUFTON head w 70 Living on Own Means Pudsey 70a
    Emeline MATHERS dau w 35 Woolen Cloth Weaver Bramley 70a
    Maud MATHERS gdau s 15 Worsted Weaver Bramley 70a
    John MATHERS gson s 12   Pudsey 70a
    Mark Glover MATHERS gson s 10   Pudsey 70a
34 13 Lane End William GAUNT head s 68 Bridge Painter Pudsey 70a
35 15 Lane End John Squire WARD head m 50 General Carrier Stanningley 70a
    Sam Fergus Ward HARROD neph s 5   Wortley 70a
    Susan Jane LAVER serv w 48 dom. Housekeeper CON 70a
36 17 Lane End Robert Hinchliffe FENTON head m 39 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 70b
    Mary FENTON wife m 40   Pudsey 70b
    Elizabeth Hannah FENTON dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 70b
    Herbert FENTON son s 17 Coach Builder Pudsey 70b
    Laura FENTON dau s 11   Pudsey 70b
37 19 Lane End Matthew Henry DUFTON head m 29 Civil Engineer Pudsey 70b
    Emily Elizabeth DUFTON wife m 27   LON Marylebone 70b
    Florence Emily DUFTON dau s 2   DUR Darlington 70b
    George DUFTON son s 2m   Pudsey 70b
38 23 Lane End Alfred BAIL head s 22 General lab. BRK Windsor 70b
    Mary BAIL wife m 23   Pudsey 70b
39 25 Lane End Mary SCHOFIELD head m 36 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 70b
    James SCHOFIELD son s 7   Pudsey 70b
    Ethel SCHOFIELD dau s 6   Pudsey 70b
40 27 Lane End Sarah E WALTON head w 45 Woolen Cloth Percher Pudsey 70b
    Annie WALTON dau s 23 Boot Machinist Pudsey 70b
    Coates WALTON son s 20 Butcher Pudsey 70b
    Alonzo WALTON son s 16 Boot Factory Clicker Pudsey 70b
41 29 Lane End Clara CRAVEN head w 41   Pudsey 70b
    Joseph CRAVEN son s 20 Mineral Water Carrier Pudsey 70b
    Sa* CRAVEN dau s 19 Boot Factory Machinist Pudsey 70b
    Eva CRAVEN dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 70b
    Ethel CRAVEN dau s 3   Pudsey 70b
42 31 Lane End Benjamin TURNER head m 56 Woolen Weft Man Pudsey 70b
    Sarah TURNER wife m 56   Pudsey 70b
    Joseph TURNER son s 26 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 70b
    John TURNER son s 23 GasWorks Clerk Pudsey 70b
    Amy TURNER dau s 28 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 70b
    Martha TURNER dau s 16 Boot Machinist Bramley 70b
    Esther TURNER dau s 12   Pudsey 70b
43 33 Lane End Albert SCOTT head m 23 Rolled Leather Machinist Pudsey 71a
    Matilda Rownsley SCOTT wife m 24   Farsley 71a
    Sarah Ann SCOTT dau s 3m   Pudsey 71a
44 35 Lane End James BOOCOCK head m 37 Music Teacher Pudsey 71a
    Mary Ann BOOCOCK wife m 36   Pudsey 71a
    Mary Ann BOOCOCK moth w 62   Pudsey 71a
45 37 Lane End James DRIVER head m 35 Market Gardener Leeds 71a
    Esther DRIVER wife m 32   Pudsey 71a
    Joseph Sidney DRIVER son s 1   Pudsey 71a
46 39 Lane End Ben HUSTLER head m 27 Woolen Spinner Farsley 71a
    Ellen HUSTLER wife m 24   Stanningley 71a
    John Vincent HUSTLER son s 2   Stanningley 71a
    Samuel Parkinson HUSTLER son s 1   Pudsey 71a
47 41 Lane End Robert BROWNLOW head m 55 Leather * Pudsey 71a
    Hannah M BROWNLOW wife m 53   Pudsey 71a
    Eliza BENN dau m 30 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 71a
    Elsie BENN gdau s 8   Pudsey 71a
    Lily BENN gdau s 6   Pudsey 71a
48 45 Lane End Joseph William THREAPLETON head m 43 Boot & Shoemaker Pudsey 71a
    Ruth THREAPLETON wife m 42   Pudsey 71a
    Florence THREAPLETON dau s 19 Cotton Weaver Pudsey 71a
    Harold THREAPLETON son s 14   Pudsey 71a
49 67 Lane End William LAWSON head m 46 Painter's lab. Pudsey 71a
    Rebecca LAWSON wife m 48   LIN Spalding 71a
    Wilfred LAWSON son s 20 Boot Maker Bramley 71a
    James LAWSON son s 18 Joiner's app. Bramley 71a
    Horace LAWSON son s 16 Boot Clicker Bramley 71a
    Alice LAWSON dau s 7   Pudsey 71a
50 49 Lane End Joseph CHILD head m 69 Coal Miner [Underground] Drighlington 71b
    Sarah Hannah CHILD wife m 68   Drighlington 71b
    John William CHILD gson s 19 Builder's Carter Ardsley 71b
51 51 Lane End Robert RENNISON head m 59 Wool Washer Ribston Little 71b
    Mary Ann RENNISON wife m 54   Pudsey 71b
    Mark E RENNISON son s 26 Grocer's Manager Eston 71b
    Emily RENNISON dau s 24 Woolen Weaver Eston 71b
    Frances RENNISON dau s 23 Cotton Weaver Eston 71b
    Clara RENNISON dau s 12   Eston 71b
    Alice Maud RENNISON dau s 10   Eston 71b
52 53 Lane End John WORSNOP head m 45 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 71b
    Eliza WORSNOP wife m 46   Farsley 71b
53 55 Lane End Isabella COATES head s 38 Charwoman [dom.] Pudsey 71b
54 57 Lane End Benjamin George WALKER head m 25 Printer - Compositor Pudsey 71b
    Sarah Ann WALKER wife m 26   Pudsey 71b
    Beatrice Annie WALKER dau s 3m   Pudsey 71b
55 59 Lane End Christopher CARTER head m 58 Milk Dealer Pudsey 71b
    Jane Ruth CARTER wife m 57   Pudsey 71b
    Hannah Mary CARTER dau s 29 Factory Boot Machinist Pudsey 71b
56 61 Lane End William George EDWARDS head m 26 Woolen Mule Spinner MDX Hendon 71b
    Sarah Ann EDWARDS wife m 26   LIN Louth 71b
    Annie Maria EDWARDS dau s 4   Pudsey 71b
    Sarah Ellen EDWARDS dau s 2   Pudsey 71b
57 63 Lane Ends John SUMPNER head m 25 Gas Works Stoker Bramley 71b
    Laura Jane Ashton SUMPNER wife m 27   DEV Exeter 71b
58 65 Lane Ends Thomas EDWARDS head W 54 Gas Works lab. BKM Brill 71b
    John EDWARDS son s 23 Gas Works lab. Pudsey 71b
    Charles EDWARDS son s 18 Gas Works lab. Bramley 71b
    Sarah SIMPSON serv m 49 Housekeeper Leeds 71b
    Fred SIMPSON board s 11   Leeds 71b
    J C WOOD visit m 46 Missionary GLS Brumpfield 71b
59 67 Lane End Samuel MYERS head m 35 Leather Currier Pudsey 72a
    Harriet Ann MYERS wife m 37   Leeds 72a
    Gilbert MYERS son s 9   Pudsey 72a
60 69 Lane End Samuel MYERS head W 72 Yeast Hawker Farsley 72a
    William Robert BROWN s in l m 35 Woolen Machine Fettler Farsley 72a
    Sarah BROWN dau m 29   Pudsey 72a
    Martha BROWN gdau s 5   Pudsey 72a
    Elizabeth BROWN gdau s 4   Pudsey 72a
    Sarah Alice BROWN gdau s 2   Pudsey 72a
61 71 Lane End Joseph HEMSWORTH head m 43 Wool Warper Pudsey 72a
    Rebecca HEMSWORTH wife m 44   Pudsey 72a
    Willie HEMSWORTH son s 17 Warp Dresser app. Pudsey 72a
    Richard HEMSWORTH son s 13 Woolen Mule Piecer Pudsey 72a
    Albert HEMSWORTH son s 7   Pudsey 72a
62 73 Lane End Albert Henry FOWLER head m 37 Boot Clicker Pudsey 72a
    Elizabeth FOWLER wife m 39   Pudsey 72a
    Elizabeth FOWLER dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver CUM Carlisle, Scotby 72a
    Edith FOWLER sis s 33 Woolen Cloth Burler Pudsey 72a
63 75 Lane End Alfred KITCHEN head m 28 Iron Works Glazier Pudsey 72a
    Ann KITCHEN wife m 27   Bramley 72a
    Nellie KITCHEN dau s 4   Pudsey 72a
64 77 Lane End Alfred Edward ROBERTSON head m 34 Factory Machine Minder NFK North Moulter 72a
    Mabel ROBERTSON wife m 28   Rodley 72a
    Percy ROBERTSON son s 2   Clayton 72a
    Jim ROBERTSON son s 1m   Pudsey 72a
65 79 Lane End Jane WILCOCK head s 33 Dressmaker Calverley 72a
66 81 Lane End Maria EXLEY head m 61 Dressmaker Pudsey 72a
67 80 Lane End Hannah PROCTER head w 50   Pudsey 72a
    Mary PROCTER dau s 32 Boot Machinist Leeds 72a
    John Ernest PROCTER son s 17 Mechanical Engineer Leeds 72a
68 85 Lane End George CARVER head m 31 Tailor Pudsey 72b
    Amelia CARVER wife m 35   Pudsey 72b
    Annie CARVER dau s 3   Pudsey 72b
69 87 Lane End Thomas Patterson WALKER head m 47 Farmer Pudsey 72b
    Margaret Ann WALKER wife m 46   Pudsey 72b
    Lizzie Hilda WALKER dau s 21 Woolen Machine Minder Pudsey 72b
    Sarah Jane WALKER dau s 20 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 72b
    Frederick Wiliam WALKER son s 17 Farmer's Son Pudsey 72b
    Emma Louisa WALKER dau s 15   Pudsey 72b
    John William WALKER son s 12   Pudsey 72b
    Susannah WALKER dau s 10   Pudsey 72b
    Lillian Elsie WALKER dau s 8   Pudsey 72b
    Laura Annie WALKER dau s 5   Pudsey 72b
    Leonard Arthur WALKER son s 4   Pudsey 72b
70 89 & 91 Lane End John Watson CARTER head m 72 Retired Wood Turner Pudsey 72b
    Jane CARTER wife m 70   Bradford 72b
    Sarah Ann COATES dau m 40 Dressmaker Pudsey 72b
    Florence Beatrice COATES gdau s 17 Boot Machinist Pudsey 72b
    Clifford COATES gson s 15 Leather Clicker Pudsey 72b
    Arthur Watson COATES gson s 10   Pudsey 72b
    Victor COATES gson s 8   Pudsey 72b
71 93 Lane End Harry ROBINSON head m 25 Worsted Dye lab. Batley 72b
    Clara ROBINSON wife m 25   Hunslet 72b
    Lily ROBINSON dau s 2   Pudsey 72b
    George Hy ROBINSON son s 7m   Gildersome 72b
72 95 Lane End John G SMITH head m 26 Boot & Shoe Clicker LIN Spalding 72b
    Alice Ann SMITH wife m 26   Leeds 72b
    Hilda Margaret SMITH dau s 2   Pudsey 72b
73 Priestley House Samuel CORDINGLEY head m 56 Woolen Cloth Mfgr Calverley 73a
  Lane End Alice CORDINGLEY wife m 58   Calverley 73a
    Emily CORDINGLEY dau s 29   Calverley 73a
    Pratt CORDINGLEY son s 27 Woolen Mill Manager Calverley 73a
    Eliza READ serv m 40 General serv LAN Lancaster 73a
74 1 Priestley Mill Yard John Ed WEBSTER head m 25 Stationary Engine Driver Pudsey 73a
    Ann WEBSTER wife m 27   Pudsey 73a
    Musgrave WEBSTER son s 1   Pudsey 73a
    William WEBSTER bro s 19 Stationary Engine Driver Pudsey 73a
75 2 Priestley Mill Yard Lister CORDINGLEY head m 37 Woolen Cloth Fuller Rodley 73a
    Sarah CORDINGLEY wife m 37   Calverley 73a
    J William CORDINGLEY son s 18 Blacksmith's app. Calverley 73a
    Alfred CORDINGLEY son s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 73a
    Christina CORDINGLEY dau s 15 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 73a
    Doris CORDINGLEY dau s 8   Pudsey 73a
76 3 Priestley Mill Yard Sarah PAGE head w 76   Calverley 73a
    Willie PAGE son s 32 Woolen Mill Tuner's Asst Calverley 73a
77 4 Priestley Mill Yard Tom SKIRROW head m 36 Woolen Scribbling Overlooker Rawdon 73a
    Ada Florence SKIRROW wife m 35   Yeadon 73a
    Elsie Pickard SKIRROW dau s 12   Yeadon 73a
    Ann Wormald SKIRROW dau s 10   Yeadon 73a
    Joe Forrest SKIRROW son s 8   Yeadon 73a
    John PICKARD f in l W 67 Retired Clothier Otley 73a
78 Fernville, Lane End Joseph EXLEY head m 62 Retired PostMan Pudsey 73a
    Emma EXLEY wife m 59   NTH 73a
    Gertrude EXLEY dau s 21 Dressmaker Pudsey 73a
79   Richard Lee MANN head s 28 Clergyman Church of England IRE 73a
    Ethel Charlotte MANN sis s 29   IRE 73a
80 1 East View Cottages Robert WALLER head m 41 BootMaker Pudsey 73b
  Lane End Frances WALLER wife m 41   CHS Nantwich 73b
    Thomas Albert WALLER son s 8   Pudsey 73b
81 2 East View Cottages Martha NAYLOR head w 60   Farsley 73b
  Lane End Jane NAYLOR dau s 32 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 73b
    Sarah Hannah NAYLOR dau s 24 Dressmaker Pudsey 73b
    Elizabeth NAYLOR dau s 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 73b
82 3 East View Cottages John ARUNDEL head m 34 Woolen Spinner Bramley 73b
  Lane End Emily ARUNDEL wife m 32   Bramley 73b
83 4 East View Cottages Major STRICKLAND head m 36 Boot Repairer Pudsey 73b
  Lane End Sarah Ann STRICKLAND wife m 33   Pudsey 73b
    Will Verity STRICKLAND son s 7   Pudsey 73b
84 5 East View Cottages James MURGATROYD head m 52 Gas Works lab. Leeds 73b
  Lane End Martha MURGATROYD wife m 52   Bradford 73b
    Mary MURGATROYD dau s 27 Worsted Weaver Leeds 73b
    Annie MURGATROYD dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 73b
    Harry MURGATROYD son s 18 Farm Carter Pudsey 73b
    Alice MURGATROYD dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 73b
    James MURGATROYD son s 12   Pudsey 73b
86 6 East View Cottages John William BOLTON head m 39 Gas Fitter Yeadon 73b
  Lane End Sarah Hannah BOLTON wife m 35   Guiseley 73b
    Annie Evelyn BOLTON dau s 11   Pudsey 73b
    Wilfred BOLTON son s 9   Pudsey 73b
    Willie BOLTON son s 7   Pudsey 73b
    Hilda Maud BOLTON dau s 4   Pudsey 73b
    Clarice Hannah BOLTON dau s 2m   Pudsey 73b
86 Ash Terrace Sewell WEBSTER head m 46 Leather Currier Pudsey 74a
  Mount Pleasant Road Elizabeth WEBSTER wife m 48   Elsecar 74a
    Sewell WEBSTER son s 24 Leather Currier Pudsey 74a
    William WEBSTER son s 21 Iron * Pudsey 74a
    Annie WEBSTER dau s 19 Wool D* Pudsey 74a
    Fred WEBSTER son s 17 Iron Fitter Pudsey 74a
    Ethel WEBSTER dau s 13 Wool Spinner Pudsey 74a
    John WEBSTER son s 11   Pudsey 74a
    Sarah Gertrude WEBSTER dau s 9   Pudsey 74a
    Mary Alice WEBSTER dau s 5   Pudsey 74a
    Clara WEBSTER dau s 3   Pudsey 74a
87 Ash Terrace James KITCHEN head W 57 Leather Currier Meanwood 74a
  Mount Pleasant Road Sarah Elizabeth KITCHEN dau s 27   Pudsey 74a
    William KITCHEN son s 25 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 74a
    Ada KITCHEN dau s 22 Woolen Machine Minder Pudsey 74a
    Annie KITCHEN dau s 16 Woolen Machine Minder Pudsey 74a
    Clara KITCHEN dau s 15 Woolen Machine Minder Pudsey 74a
    James KITCHEN son s 13   Pudsey 74a
    Isabella KITCHEN dau s 11   Pudsey 74a
88 Ash Terrace John CROFT head m 60 Grocer Rawdon 74a
  Mount Pleasant Road Sarah Ann CROFT wife m 59   Yeadon 74a
89 Ash Terrace Henry Sheffield SIMPSON head m 26 Chemist's Shop Manager Leeds 74a
  Mount Pleasant Road Kate SIMPSON wife m 23   Leeds 74a
    Ronald Sheffield SIMPSON son s 4m   Pudsey 74a
90 Highfield House John BOOCOCK head m 52 Wool & Nail Buyer Pudsey 74a
  Mount Pleasant Road Harriet BOOCOCK wife m 45   Smithies ? 74a
    Frank BOOCOCK son s 11   Pudsey 74a
91 1 Bramley View John William NORTH head m 31 Woolen Willeyer Greengates 74a
  Mount Pleasant Road Sarah Hannah NORTH wife m 29 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 74a
    Thomas Booth NORTH son s 10   Pudsey 74a
    Harry NORTH son s 8   Pudsey 74a
92 2 Bramley View Charles Henry YOUNG head W 50 Farm Horseman LIN Lea 74b
  Mount Pleasant Road Susan Jane YOUNG dau s 24   Crofton 74b
    Sarah Ann YOUNG dau s 21 Cotton Roving Drawer Thornhill 74b
    Mabel YOUNG dau s 16 Woolen Cloth Piecer Crofton 74b
    Richard Henry YOUNG son s 14 Woolen Mule Piecer Bird Bush 74b
    Willie YOUNG gson s 1   Pudsey 74b
93 3 Bramley View John Edward SCHOFIELD head m 37 Iron Works lab. Pudsey 74b
  Mount Pleasant Road Hannah SCHOFIELD wife m 38   Dudley Hills 74b
    Elizabeth SCHOFIELD dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 74b
    Florrie SCHOFIELD dau s 12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 74b
    Walter SCHOFIELD son s 10   Pudsey 74b
    Emma SCHOFIELD dau s 5   Pudsey 74b
    Annie SCHOFIELD dau s 3   Pudsey 74b
94 4 Bramley View Walter WIGGINS head W 64 Shoemaker Leeds 74b
  Mount Pleasant Road Martha WIGGINS dau s 14 Worsted Millhand Leeds 74b
    Polly WIGGINS dau s 9   Leeds 74b
95 5 Bramley View John RILEY head W 77 Retired Woolen Weaver IRE 74b
  Mount Pleasant Road John Alfred RILEY son s 37 Painter's lab. Bramley 74b
96 1 Lafour's Terrace George CLIFFORD head m 33 Wool Sorter Pudsey 74b
  Mount Pleasant Road Ellen CLIFFORD wife m 31   Pudsey 74b
    Mary Agnes CLIFFORD dau s 4   Pudsey 74b
    Gertrude CLIFFORD dau s 3   Pudsey 74b
    John CLIFFORD bro s 42 Leather Currier Pudsey 74b
97 2 Lafour's Terrace John Squire WAITE head m 26 Iron Foundry lab. Bramley 74b
  Mount Pleasant Road Annie WAITE wife m 29 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 74b
    Tom WAITE son s 3   Bramley 74b
    Eleanor WAITE dau s 1   Pudsey 74b
98 3 Lafour's Terrace Richard HUTCHINSON head m 41 BrickLayer's lab. Horsforth 74b
  Mount Pleasant Road Hannah HUTCHINSON wife m 42 Woolen Filler Bramley 74b
99 4 Lafour's Terrace Catherine CHAMBERS head w 55   DUR Sutherland 75a
  Mount Pleasant Road Kate CHAMBERS dau m 27 Professional Singer DUR Sutherland 75a
    Harry CHAMBERS son s 25 Music Teacher Whitby 75a
    Ernest BALL gson s 9   DUR Spennymoor 75a
    Eric BALL gson s 1   Pudsey 75a
    Sarah Adeline CHAMBERS gdau s 8   DUR 75a
100 6 Lafour's Terrace Ann HUDSON head s 50 Laundress Armley 75a
101 St.Joseph's School Mary Elizabeth WELLS head w 39 Catholic Church Caretaker Pontefract 75a
  Mount Pleasant Road Winifred WELLS dau s 16 Pupil Teacher Pontefract 75a
    Beatrice WELLS dau s 15 Pupil Teacher Pontefract 75a
    Charles WELLS son s 11   Sheffield 75a
    Wilfred WELLS son s 9   Sheffield 75a
102 1 Roger's Row - The Lanes Edwin HARDAKER head m 36 Cotton Warp Twister Rawdon 75a
    Catherine HARDAKER wife m 33   Rawdon 75a
    Lillian HARDAKER dau s 8   Pudsey 75a
    Clara May HARDAKER dau s 6   Pudsey 75a
    Annie Elizabeth HARDAKER dau s 4   Pudsey 75a
    Albert HARDAKER son s 2   Pudsey 75a
103 2 Roger's Row - The Lanes Albert Edward WALTON head m 23 Farmer Pudsey 75a
    Annie WALTON wife m 26   Methley 75a
104 3 Roger's Row - The Lanes Varley GAUNT head m 42 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 75a
    Adalaide GAUNT wife m 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 75a
    Joseph GAUNT son s 16 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 75a
    Hannah GAUNT dau s 15 Woolen lab. Pudsey 75a
    Arthur GAUNT son s 9   Pudsey 75a
    Abraham RAISTRICK f in l W 74 Retired Wool Washer Pudsey 75a
105 4 Roger's Place - The Lanes Joseph HARE head m 46 Boot & Shoe *-tor Pudsey 75b
    Mary HARE wife m 43   Armley 75b
    Clara HARE dau s 17 Woolen Mender Pudsey 75b
    Lawrence HARE son s 16 Woolen Warehouse Boy Pudsey 75b
    Sam Holdsworth HARE son s 14 Stuff Warehouse Office Boy Pudsey 75b
106 3 The Lanes Joe DIXON head m 36 Iron Foundry lab. Luddenden Foot 75b
    Hannah DIXON wife m 31   Stanningley 75b
    William Harrison DIXON son s 10   Stanningley 75b
    Mary Jane DIXON dau s 6   Stanningley 75b
107 5 The Lanes John CROWTHER head m 63 Woolen Fettler Farsley 75b
    Mary CROWTHER wife m 63 Woolen Burler Pudsey 75b
    Leonard CROWTHER son s 22 Woolen Willeyer Farsley 75b
108 7 The Lanes Ernest BINKS head m 31 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 75b
    Ann BINKS wife m 28   Morley 75b
    Arthur Lawton BINKS son s 5   Pudsey 75b
    Doris BINKS dau s 3   Pudsey 75b
    Harold BINKS son s 1m   Pudsey 75b
109 9 The Lanes James HOLDER head m 56 Leather Currier Leeds 75b
    Mary HOLDER wife m 55   Leeds 75b
    Samuel HOLDER son s 21   Leeds 75b
110 11 The Lanes John JOHNSON head s 40 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rawdon 75b
    Emma JOHNSON sis s 42 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rawdon 75b
    Sarah JOHNSON sis s 34 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rawdon 75b
    Elizabeth JOHNSON moth m 72   Rawdon 75b
111 13 The Lanes Charles NORTON head m 41 Butcher Pudsey 75b
    Mary Elizabeth NORTON wife m 37   Leeds 75b
    Elsie NORTON dau s 4   Pudsey 75b
112 15 The Lanes Maria AMBLER head m 44   Stanningley 75b
    William AMBLER son s 21 Leather Dresser Farsley 75b
    Emily AMBLER dau s 15 Woolen Twister Farsley 75b
113 17 The Lanes William HEPPLESTONE head m 66 Woolen Fettler Huddersfield 76a
    Sarah Ann HEPPLESTONE wife m 65   Pudsey 76a
114 19 The Lanes Harry BIRDSALL head m 36 Leather Currier Leeds 76a
    Frances BIRDSALL wife m 35   Stanningley 76a
    Edith BIRDSALL dau s 9   Stanningley 76a
115 21 The Lanes Joseph Coates NAYLOR head m 34 Printer - Compositor Pudsey 76a
    Ada NAYLOR wife m 29   Farsley 76a
    Fred Crowther NAYLOR son s 5   Pudsey 76a
116 The WhiteLands Booth GREENWOOD head m 27 Grease Extractor Bradford 76a
    Helen GREENWOOD wife m 20   Bradford 76a
    Clara CLOUGH sis s 24 dom. Housekeeper Bradford 76a
    Ben HALEY board s 38 Painter & Decorator Leeds 76a
117 2 Willow Street, Lowtown William F BARNES head m 32 Leather Currier Pudsey 76a
    Sarah BARNES wife m 31   Pudsey 76a
    Rebecca BARNES dau s 11   Pudsey 76a
    Martha Ann BARNES dau s 5   Pudsey 76a
    William Roger BARNES son s 4   Pudsey 76a
    Annie BARNES dau s 10m   Pudsey 76a
118 3 Willow Street, Lowtown John GOODALL head m 25 Railway Porter LON Marylebone 76a
    Edith GOODALL wife m 22   LON St.Pancras 76a
    Edith Alma GOODALL dau s 2   LON St.Pancras 76a
    Mabel GOODALL dau s 1   LON St.Pancras 76a
119 4 Willow Street, Lowtown Michael COFFEY head m 34 Wool Comber Bramley 76a
    Florence COFFEY wife m 25   Pudsey 76a
    Beatrice Annie COFFEY dau s 5   Pudsey 76a
    James R COFFEY son s 2   Pudsey 76a
120 85 Lowtown John DRIVER head m 44 Boot & Shoe Trade Foreman Pudsey 76b
    Sarah DRIVER wife m 35   Pudsey 76b
    Norman DRIVER son s 16 Joiner's app. Pudsey 76b
    Cyril DRIVER son s 14 Commercial Office Boy Pudsey 76b
    Arnold DRIVER son s 6   Pudsey 76b
    Annie DRIVER dau s 4   Pudsey 76b
    Ruth DRIVER moth w 66   Pudsey 76b
122 93 Lowtown Harry HOLDER head m 30 Corn Merchant's Carrier Pudsey 76b
    Martha HOLDER wife m 32   Pudsey 76b
123 95 Lowtown James HALLIDAY head m 57 DrySalter Pudsey 76b
    Jane HALLIDAY wife m 52   Pateley Bridge 76b
    Ethel Maud HALLIDAY dau s 21   Pudsey 76b
    James Henry HALLIDAY son s 19 Gas Fitter's Office Clerk Pudsey 76b
    Mary Ellen HALLIDAY dau s 15   Pudsey 76b
    Sarah HORNER s in l m 43   Pateley Bridge 76b
124 99 Lowtown James LICKLEY head m 31 Plumber, Glazier & Gas Fitter Ripon 76b
    Mary Isabel LICKLEY wife m 32   Burniston 76b
    Mabel LICKLEY dau s 13 Woolen Doffer Ripon 76b
    Beatrice Mary LICKLEY dau s 10   Ripon 76b
    Ethel LICKLEY dau s 5   Ripon 76b
    Harry LICKLEY son s 3   Ripon 76b
125 101 Lowtown Francis HALLIDAY head m 31 Leather Currier Pudsey 76b
    Mary HALLIDAY wife m 32 Woolen Cloth Weaver Armley 76b
    Joshua HALLIDAY son s 6   Pudsey 76b
    Ruth HALLIDAY dau s 1   Pudsey 76b
126 103 Lowtown Walter HALLIDAY head m 29 Woolen Cloth Mfgr Pudsey 77a
    Sarah Jane HALLIDAY wife m 30   Pudsey 77a
    Joseph HALLIDAY son s 7   Pudsey 77a
    Annie HALLIDAY dau s 4   Pudsey 77a
    Martha HALLIDAY dau s 8m   Pudsey 77a
    Albert WILSON b-in-l s 20 Overseer's Clerk Pudsey 77a
127 105 Lowtown Matthew COATES head W 50 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 77a
    John Henry COATES son s 28 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 77a
    Annie COATES dau s 22   Pudsey 77a
    Bertha COATES dau s 20 Woolen Cloth Percher Pudsey 77a
    Lilian COATES dau s 16 Boot Factory Fitter Pudsey 77a
128 107 Lowtown Willoughby TOWNEND head m 38 Sewerage Scavenger South *by 77a
    Elizabeth TOWNEND wife m 17   Pudsey 77a
    John D TOWNEND son s 15 Woolen Mule Piecer Bramley 77a
    Dennis TOWNEND son s 14 Woolen Mule Piecer Bramley 77a
129 111 Lowtown Herbert HALLIDAY head m 26 Sub-Postmaster & Gas Company Collector Pudsey 77a
    Martha Ann HALLIDAY wife m 32 Sub-Postmaster Yeadon 77a
    William Thorpe HALLIDAY son s 5m   Pudsey 77a
130 111a Lowtown James WALKER head m 38 Grocer & Boot Finisher Pudsey 77a
    Emily WALKER wife m 40 Grocer Pudsey 77a
    Alice WALKER dau s 12   Bramley 77a
    Charles William WALKER son s 10   Bramley 77a
    Maud WALKER dau s 3   Bramley 77a
131 115 Lowtown Harry WHITELEY head m 30 BrickLayer's lab. Rodley 77a
    Mary WHITELEY wife m 30   Bramley 77a
    Doris WHITELEY dau s 3   Pudsey 77a
    Mary WHITELEY dau s 2   Pudsey 77a
    Arthur EMSLEY board s 21 Railway lab. Pudsey 77a
    Millicent MARSHALL head w 69 Living on Own Means Pudsey 77a
133 1 Crimbles George BURNISTON head m 57 Stone Quarry lab. Kirkby Overblow 77b
    Sarah Ann BURNISTON wife m 63   Pudsey 77b
134 5 Crimbles John HUGGAN head m 68 Retired Grocer Pudsey 77b
    Annis HUGGAN wife m 60   Pudsey 77b
    Hannah Mary NAYLOR s in l w 41 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 77b
135 1 Crimbles Terrace John HALLIDAY head m 67 Wool Top Maker Pudsey 77b
    Annie Elizabeth HALLIDAY wife m 54   LIN Austin Ferry 77b
    Albert Edward HALLIDAY son s 18 Flax Merchant's Clerk Pudsey 77b
    Charles Henry HALLIDAY son s 17 Boot Shop ass. Pudsey 77b
    Elizabeth Hannah HALLIDAY dau s 15   Pudsey 77b
    Wilfred Joseph HALLIDAY son s 12   Pudsey 77b
136 2 Crimbles Terrace Mary Scarth LAWSON head w 68 Milliner Gildersome 77b
    John Norton COATES s in l m 45 Woolen Cloth Fuller Pudsey 77b
    Esther COATES dau m 45 G* Pudsey 77b
    Christopher COATES gson s 24 Railway Painter Pudsey 77b
    John Huggan COATES gson s 16 Bottle Washer at Mineral Water Works Pudsey 77b
    Mary Alice COATES gdau s 12   Pudsey 77b
    Cyril COATES gson s 10   Pudsey 77b
    Horace COATES gson s 5   Pudsey 77b
137 3 Crimbles Terrace Joseph Coates VERITY head W 52 Woolen Cloth Fuller Pudsey 77b
    Matthew Henry VERITY son W 29 Clothier's D* Draper Pudsey 77b
    Clara VERITY dau s 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 77b
    Harry VERITY son s 23 Butcher Pudsey 77b
    Alice VERITY dau s 20   Pudsey 77b
    Maud VERITY gdau s 7   Farsley 77b
138 4 Crimbles Terrace John WOMERSLEY head m 60 Woolen Warper Pudsey 77b
    Jane WOMERSLEY wife m 60   Pudsey 77b
    Ann WOMERSLEY dau s 29   Pudsey 77b
139 5 Crimbles Terrace Benjamin WILCOCK head m 51 Waste Dealer Pudsey 78a
    Emma WILCOCK wife m 43   Pudsey 78a
    Jane WILCOCK dau s 21 Milliner Pudsey 78a
    Joseph Halliday WILCOCK son s 12   Pudsey 78a
140 6 Crimbles Terrace Joseph EMSLEY head m 46 Boot Clicker Pudsey 78a
    Mary EMSLEY wife m 45   Pudsey 78a
    William EMSLEY son s 21 Boot Clicker Pudsey 78a
    Fred EMSLEY son s 19 Farm Carter Pudsey 78a
    Herbert EMSLEY son s 17 Boot Clicker Pudsey 78a
    Ethel EMSLEY dau s 14   Pudsey 78a
    Clara EMSLEY dau s 12   Pudsey 78a
    Annie EMSLEY dau s 7   Pudsey 78a
    Cyril EMSLEY son s 5   Pudsey 78a
    Rowland EMSLEY son s 3   Pudsey 78a
141 7 Crimbles Terrace Samuel HARRISON head m 54 Stone Quarry lab. Pudsey 78a
    Alice HARRISON wife m 49   Pudsey 78a
    Ann HARRISON dau s 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 78a
    Joseph HARRISON son s 23 Shoemaker Pudsey 78a
142 Crimbles Terrace Walter HORSFALL head m 30 Boot Rivetter Leeds 78a
    Mary Ann HORSFALL wife m 29   Stanningley 78a
    Luther HORSFALL son s 9   Pudsey 78a
    Joseph HORSFALL son s 3   Pudsey 78a
143 Crimbles Terrace John HALLIDAY head m 40 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 78a
    Rose HALLIDAY wife m 35   GLS Bristol 78a
    Lydia Lilian HALLIDAY dau s 2   Pudsey 78a
    John HALLIDAY son s 2m   Pudsey 78a
    George Henry DEBAUGHN b-in-l s 15 Printer's Type Setter WIL Stratton 78a
144 1 Huggan Row, Crimbles Walter PRATT head m 43 Wool Dyer & Scourer Calverley 78b
    Emma PRATT wife m 41   Calverley 78b
    Janet PRATT dau s 20 Woolen Warper Calverley 78b
    Sydney PRATT son s 18 Joiner's app. Calverley 78b
    Ernest William PRATT son s 16 Wool Dyer & Scourer Calverley 78b
    Martha PRATT dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Calverley 78b
    Rachel Alice PRATT dau s 11   Pudsey 78b
    Thomas Hollings PRATT son s 8   Pudsey 78b
    Alfred Snowden PRATT son s 7   Pudsey 78b
    Joseph Banks PRATT son s 5   Pudsey 78b
145 3 Huggan Row, Crimbles Frederick HALLIDAY head m 54 Woolen Percher Pudsey 78b
    Rose HALLIDAY wife m 51   Bramley 78b
    Ethel HALLIDAY dau s 20 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 78b
    Sarah Annie HALLIDAY dau s 18 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 78b
    Sarah DAVY m in l w 75   Bramley 78b
146 5 Huggan Row, Crimbles Hannah MANDSLEY head w 40 Woolen Burler Pudsey 78b
147 7 Huggan Row, Crimbles Sarah WORSNOP head s 48 Charwoman Pudsey 78b
    Joseph WORSNOP bro s 42 Iron Moulder Pudsey 78b
148 9 Huggan Row, Crimbles Dennis R PARKER head m 57 Woolen Percher Pudsey 78b
    Emma PARKER wife m 56   Pudsey 78b
    Arthur PARKER son s 28 B* Making Machine Operator Pudsey 78b
    Mary Hannah PARKER dau s 25 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 78b
    Emma PARKER dau s 20 ass. SchoolMistress Pudsey 78b
149 11 Huggan Row, Crimbles Richard GLOVER head m 37 Wholesale Druggist's Packer Bramley 78b
    Martha GLOVER wife m 34   Horsforth 78b
    Clara GLOVER dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Bramley 78b
    Ernest GLOVER son s 11   Bramley 78b
    Maud GLOVER dau s 9   Bramley 78b
    Reginald GLOVER son s 6   Bramley 78b
    Bertha GLOVER dau s 4   Bramley 78b
    Thompson GLOVER bro s 31 Woolen Cloth Fuller Bramley 78b
150 2 Huggans Row, Crimbles James BUCKTON head m 63 General lab. Pudsey 79a
    Hannah BUCKTON wife m 54   Pudsey 79a
    James BUCKTON son m 29 General lab. Pudsey 79a
    Sarah Elizabeth BUCKTON d in l m 28   Pudsey 79a
    Harry BUCKTON gson s 2   Pudsey 79a
    Harry DOBSON board s 20 dom. Gardener York 79a
151 13 Crimbles John CLARK head m 42   LAN Ormskirk 79a
    Ann CLARK wife m 36 Gas Stoker Pudsey 79a
    John CLARK son s 5   Pudsey 79a
    William CLARK son s 3   Pudsey 79a
    Jane CLARK dau s 1   Pudsey 79a
    James CASSEY board s 23 BrickLayer's lab. IRE 79a
152 4 Huggans Row, Crimbles Henry BOLTON head W 54 House Painter Leeds 79a
    George BOLTON son s 21 Dyer's lab. Leeds 79a
    Florence BOLTON dau s 29 Tailoress Leeds 79a
    Edith BOLTON dau s 18 Tailoress Leeds 79a
    Agatha Lily BOLTON niece w 27   York 79a
153 1 Hammerton Grove Job WILCOCK head m 25 Gas Company Plumber Pudsey 79a
    Emma WILCOCK wife m 21   Leeds 79a
    Mary Elizabeth WILCOCK dau s 2   Pudsey 79a
154 3 Hammerton Grove Harry JOHNSON head m 23 Railway Plate Layer Pudsey 79a
    Josephine JOHNSON wife m 23 Worsted Drawer LON Turnham Green 79a
    Hilda JOHNSON dau s 6m   Pudsey 79a
    Hettie PARKER visit s 30 dom. Housemaid Eccleshill 79a
155 5 Hammerton Grove Harry HUSTLER head m 31 Woolen Willeyer Farsley 79a
    Mary HUSTLER wife m 29   Rodley 79a
    Cyril HUSTLER son s 4   Pudsey 79a
    Selina HUSTLER dau s 3   Pudsey 79a
156 7 Hammerton Grove Armitage CROWTHER head m 25 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 79a
    Hannah CROWTHER wife m 22 Worsted Mender Bramley 79a
157 9 Hammerton Grove Martha WINDSOR head s 57 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 79b
    Martha HEAPS aunt w 69 Living on Own Means Pudsey 79b
158 11 Hammerton Grove Esther ALLERTON head w 63   Pudsey 79b
    John ALLERTON son s 27 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 79b
    David ALLERTON son s 24 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 79b
159 6 Hammerton Grove Hannah GAMBLES head w 74   Pudsey 79b
    Joseph GAMBLES son s 46 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 79b
    Elizabeth GAMBLES dau s 40 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 79b
160 4 Hammerton Grove Mary Jane VARLEY head m 29   Hawnby ? 79b
    Sarah Louisa VARLEY dau s 5   Leeds 79b
    Leonard VARLEY son s 2   Idle 79b
161 2 Hammerton Grove Sarah NAYLOR head w 77   Dewsbury 79b
    Harriet CRAVEN dau w 41 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 79b
    Florence Annie CRAVEN gdau s 16 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 79b
    George Edward CRAVEN gson s 15 Boot Factory Clerk Bramley 79b
    Martha Hannah CRAVEN gdau s 11   Bramley 79b
162 19 Hammerton Grove Matthew FARRER head m 56 Woolen Cloth Percher Pudsey 79b
    Amelia FARRER wife m 56   Pudsey 79b
    Joseph FARRER son s 25 Hardware Warehouseman Pudsey 79b
    Rose FARRER dau s 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 79b
    Arthur FARRER son s 20 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 79b
    Amelia FARRER dau s 17 Boot Machinist Pudsey 79b
163 17 Hammerton Grove Jonathan JENNISON head m 38 Iron Moulder Pudsey 79b
    Nancy JENNISON wife m 37   Pudsey 79b
    Thomas William JENNISON son s 11   Pudsey 79b
    John Hinchliffe JENNISON son s 8   Pudsey 79b
    Windsor JENNISON son s 6   Pudsey 79b
    Irwin JENNISON son s 3   Pudsey 79b
    Elsie JENNISON dau s 9w   Pudsey 79b
164 15 Hammerton Grove Mark Walker RAISTRICK head m 41 Mill Mechanic Horsforth 80a
    Bertha Anne RAISTRICK wife m 38   Pudsey 80a
    Harold RAISTRICK son s 10   Pudsey 80a
    Margaret W RAISTRICK dau s 6   Pudsey 80a
    William F RAISTRICK son s 3   Pudsey 80a
165 13 Hammerton Grove John SUNDERLAND head m 27 Furnace Stoker Pudsey 80a
    Mary SUNDERLAND wife m 27   Leeds 80a
    Mary Ann SUNDERLAND dau s 1   Pudsey 80a
166 11 Hammerton Grove Dan COATES head s 36 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 80a
167 5 Crimbles Road Samuel GAUNT head W 78 Living on Own Means Pudsey 80a
168 7 Crimbles Road Mary SCARRY head w 29 Woolen Spinning * Pudsey 80a
    James SCARRY son s 2   Pudsey 80a
169 9 Crimbles Road Henry WILSON head W 52 General lab. LIN Bourne 80a
170 11 Crimbles Road Rose VASEY head w 77   Calverley 80a
    Jabez VASEY son s 45 Woolen Cloth Weaver Calverley 80a
171 13 Crimbles Road Thomas MUSGRAVE head W 65 Hand Loom Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 80a
    Thomas KITCHEN s in l m 30 Leather Currier Bramley 80a
    Clara KITCHEN dau m 28   Pudsey 80a
    Mary E KITCHEN gdau s 4   Pudsey 80a
    Sarah A KITCHEN gdau s 3   Pudsey 80a
172 15 Crimbles Road Henry BALMFORTH head m 46 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 80a
    mary Esther BALMFORTH wife m 41   Pudsey 80a
    Marion BALMFORTH dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 80a
    Isaac BALMFORTH son s 11 Butcher's Boy Pudsey 80a
    Mary Esther BALMFORTH dau s 8   Pudsey 80a
    James BALMFORTH son s 7   Pudsey 80a
    Tom BALMFORTH son s 5   Pudsey 80a
    Fred Thornton BALMFORTH son s 3   Pudsey 80a
    Sydney BALMFORTH son s 11m   Pudsey 80a
173 17 Crimbles Road Samuel DRIVER head s 26 Leather Currier Pudsey 80b
    Mary Ann DRIVER sis s 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 80b
174 19 Crimbles Road Joseph Henry HALLIDAY head m 60 Living on Own Means Pudsey 80b
    Mary Elizabeth HALLIDAY wife m 60   Pudsey 80b
    Sarah Hannah HALLIDAY dau s 35 Boot Fitter Pudsey 80b
175 21 Crimbles Road Thomas MUSGRAVE head m 42 Boot & Shoemaker Pudsey 80b
    Sarah MUSGRAVE wife m 41   Pudsey 80b
    Jane MUSGRAVE dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Farsley 80b
    William MUSGRAVE son s 19 Shoeing Blacksmith Leeds 80b
    Samuel MUSGRAVE son s 18 Boot & Shoemaker Pudsey 80b
    Elizabeth MUSGRAVE dau s 14 Stuff Weaver Pudsey 80b
    Joe MUSGRAVE son s 7   Pudsey 80b
    Alice MUSGRAVE dau s 4   Pudsey 80b
    Caroline MUSGRAVE moth   74   Stanningley 80b
176 23 Crimbles Road Samuel BUCKTON head m 34 Leather Merchant Pudsey 80b
    Margaret BUCKTON wife m 37   Pudsey 80b
    Ernest BUCKTON son s 12   Bramley 80b
    Edith BUCKTON dau s 9   Pudsey 80b
    Annie BUCKTON dau s 6   Pudsey 80b
    Sam BUCKTON son s 4   Pudsey 80b
    Ethel BUCKTON dau s 4m   Pudsey 80b
177 25 Crimbles Road Richard BUCKTON head m 30 Leather Currier Pudsey 80b
    Emily BUCKTON wife m 31   Pudsey 80b
    Joe BUCKTON son s 5   Bramley 80b
    Albert BUCKTON son s 1   Bramley 80b
    George BUCKTON son s 1   Bramley 80b
178 27 Crimbles Road Arthur CROSLAND head m 37 Cotton Warp Dresser Sharlston ? 81a
    Annie CROSLAND wife m 28   Wakefield 81a
    Norman CROSLAND son s 6   Morley 81a
    Harold CROSLAND son s 4   Wakefield 81a
    Amy CROSLAND dau s 2   Pudsey 81a
    Lilly CROSLAND dau s 1m   Pudsey 81a
179 29 Crimbles Road Walter Charles ARMSTRONG head m 22 House Painter NFK Yarmouth 81a
    Mary Jane ARMSTRONG wife m 24   LIN Althorpe 81a
180 31 Crimbles Road Thomas Henry RAISTRICK head m 32 Grocer's Carrier Pudsey 81a
    Annie RAISTRICK wife m 31   Leeds 81a
    Norman RAISTRICK son s 8   Pudsey 81a
    William Henry RAISTRICK son s 3m   Pudsey 81a
    Lizzie LEVERETT board s 21 Worsted Winder DUR Stockton 81a
181 33 Crimbles Road Isaac ILLINGWORTH head W 64 Retired Quarry lab. Pudsey 81a
    Hannah ILLINGWORTH dau s 37   Pudsey 81a
    Richard ILLINGWORTH s m 30 Cast Iron * Pudsey 81a
    Banks ILLINGWORTH s s 18   Pudsey 81a
    Annie Eliza ILLINGWORTH gdau s 6   Pudsey 81a
    Lily ILLINGWORTH gdau s 11w   Pudsey 81a
182 35 Crimbles Road George SMITH head m 26 Basket Maker Ferry Bridge 81a
  Jewett's Bldgs Sarah SMITH wife m 25   Bradford 81a
    Lillie SMITH dau s 4   Bradford 81a
    Nellie SMITH dau s 2   Bradford 81a
    George Frederick Roberts SMITH son s 1   Bradford 81a
    Joseph LAYCOCK board s 15 Basket Maker Bradford 81a
183 Jewett's Buildings Ernest CROWTHER head m 33 Wool Combing Overlooker Batley Carr 81a
    Clara CROWTHER wife m 32   Bramley 81a
    Elizabeth CROWTHER dau s 1   Bramley 81a
184 1 Elsworth Square Jonathan HARRISON head W 35 General lab. Pudsey 81a
    John Wilson HUTCHINSON board m 38 General lab. Pudsey 81a
185 3 Elsworth Square James Arthur BRAYSHAW head m 36 Letter Carrier E IND Cambelltown BS 81b
    Bertha Louisa BRAYSHAW wife m 31   MDX Hounslow 81b
    Theresa Amy BRAYSHAW dau s 12 Woolen Spinner E IND Sinderabad BS 81b
    Amy Jane BRAYSHAW dau s 10   Shipley 81b
    Bertha Louisa BRAYSHAW dau s 9   NFK Norwich 81b
    Rose Violet BRAYSHAW dau s 5   Leeds 81b
    Minnie Mabel BRAYSHAW dau s 3   IRE 81b
186 7 Elsworth Square Thomas BRIGGS head m 64 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 81b
    Mary Jane BRIGGS wife m 49   Brumpton 81b
    Thos William BRIGGS son s 28 Boot Finisher Pudsey 81b
    Harry BRIGGS son s 8   Pudsey 81b
187 9 Elsworth Square Emily BROOK head s 26 Worsted Drawer Stanningley 81b
    Hannah DAVEY board s 26 Mohair Twister Stanningley 81b
    Eva DAVEY board s 11   Stanningley 81b
188 2 Elsworth Square James GAUNT head m 38 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 81b
    Phoebe GAUNT wife m 36   Pudsey 81b
    Clarice GAUNT dau s 9   Pudsey 81b
    Sam GAUNT son s 6   Pudsey 81b
    Martha Ann GAUNT dau s 3   Pudsey 81b
189 4 Elsworth Square Joseph ELSWORTH head m 37 Worsted Warehouseman Pudsey 81b
    Clara ELSWORTH wife m 34 Woolen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 81b
    Mary Hannah ELSWORTH dau s 15 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 81b
    John ELSWORTH son s 12   Pudsey 81b
190 6 Elsworth Square Joseph GAUNT head m 25 Joiner & Builder Pudsey 81b
    Clara GAUNT wife m 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 81b
191 8 Elsworth Square Hannah ELSWORTH head s 71 Living on Own Means Pudsey 81b
    Ann ELSWORTH sis s 68 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 81b
192 10 Elsworth Square William HAINSWORTH head W 65 Hand Cloth Warper Bramley 81b
    Clara DRAKE dau m 30   Bramley 81b
193 12 Elsworth Square Harriet Matilda JOHNSON head s 23 Wool Condenser Minder East Ardsley 82a
    Annie JOHNSON sis s 21   Shelf 82a
194 14 Elsworth Square John BALMFORTH head s 59 Woolen Warper's Tyer-in Pudsey 82a
195 16 Elsworth Square Frederick Thos MASON head m 47 BrickLayer HUN Godmanchester 82a
    Annie MASON wife m 46   HUN Kings Ripton 82a
    Alice MASON dau s 23 Worsted Drawer Adwalton 82a
    Lilly MASON dau s 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Adwalton 82a
    Arthur MASON son s 20 Gas Works lab. Adwalton 82a
    Annie MASON dau s 15   Adwalton 82a
    Leonard MASON son s 3   Pudsey 82a
196 18 Elsworth Square Matthew COATES head W 58 Night Watchman Pudsey 82a
    Morris COATES son s 13 Coal Hurrier [below ground] Pudsey 82a
    Harry COATES son s 12 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 82a
197 9 Crimbles William THRIPPLETON head m 65 General lab. Pudsey 82a
    Nancy THRIPPLETON wife m 63 Charwoman Leeds 82a
198 11 Crimbles Bridget MCTIGHE head w 45 Charwoman IRE 82a
    Katie MCTIGHE dau s 23 Worsted Spinner Leeds 82a
    John MCTIGHE son s 14 Woolen Mule Spinner Leeds 82a
199 1 Greenwood Row, Crimbles William RIDER head m 32 Warp Dresser Pudsey 82a
    Esther RIDER wife m 31   Pudsey 82a
    Jane RIDER dau s 9   Pudsey 82a
    May RIDER dau s 7   Pudsey 82a
    William Varley RIDER son s 5   Pudsey 82a
    Edith Annie RIDER dau s 3   Pudsey 82a
200 2 Greenwood Row, Crimbles Henry SANDS head m 58 Stone Dresser LIN New Bolingbroke 82a
    Eleanor SANDS wife m 57   LIN New Bolingbroke 82a
    George SANDS son s 22 Boot & Shoemaker Farnley 82a
    Harry SANDS gson s 15 Twine Maker Stanningley 82a
201 3 Greenwood Row, Crimbles James MILNER head m 32 Boot & Shoe Warehouseman Pudsey 82b
    Florence Annie MILNER wife m 33 Dressmaker Pudsey 82b
    Annie MILNER dau s 6   Pudsey 82b
    Lily MILNER dau s 1   Pudsey 82b
    William MILNER bro s 35 Boot & Shoemaker Pudsey 82b
202 4 Greenwood Row, Crimbles Squire GILL head m 45 Shoemaker's Rivetter Pudsey 82b
    Ruth GILL wife m 47   Pudsey 82b
    Annie GILL dau s 22 Boarding School Teacher Pudsey 82b
    Walter GILL son s 19 Shoemaker's Rivetter Pudsey 82b
    George William GILL son s 14 Grocer's Boy Pudsey 82b
    Nellie GILL dau s 8   Pudsey 82b
    Clara GILL dau s 5   Pudsey 82b
203 5 Greenwood Row, Crimbles George ASHTON head m 38 Leather Dressing Machine Fitter Pudsey 82b
    Emily ASHTON wife m 38   Unknown 82b
    Edith ASHTON dau s 15 Pupil Teacher Stanningley 82b
    Alice ASHTON dau s 13 Woolen Cloth Mender Stanningley 82b
    Helena ASHTON dau s 11   Bramley 82b
    Dorothy ASHTON dau s 4   Bramley 82b
    George Richard ASHTON son s 1   Bramley 82b
204 6 Greenwood Row, Crimbles George HALLIDAY head m 69 Woolen Warper Pudsey 82b
    Martha HALLIDAY wife m 70   Pudsey 82b
    Martha HALLIDAY dau s 33   Pudsey 82b
    Jane NICHOLLS dau w 43 Woolen Percher Pudsey 82b
    Jane NICHOLLS gdau s 11   Pudsey 82b
205 35 Crimbles Road Martin FAHY head m 50 Woolen Fettler IRE 82b
    Mary Ellen FAHY dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Guiseley 82b
206 37 Crimbles Road Robert LEVERETT head m 57 Boiler Maker LON 82b
    Mary Ann LEVERETT wife m 48   LON 82b
    Mary Ann HUNTER dau m 23 Woolen Wheeler DUR Stockton 82b
    Ethel HUNTER gdau s 1   Laister Dyke 82b
207 41 Crimbles Road Charles BROWN head m 58 Grocer's Carter Alwoodley 83a
    Mary BROWN wife m 59   Buttercrambe 83a
    David BROWN son s 23 Woolen Scourer Farnley 83a
    Robert BROWN son s 21 Railway Locomotive Cleaner Farnley 83a
    John William BROWN son s 19 Letter Carrier Pudsey 83a
    Herbert BROWN son s 17 Stone Quarry lab. Pudsey 83a
208 43 Crimbles Road Patrick FLEMING head m 38 Gas Stoker IRE 83a
    Mary FLEMING wife m 31   Pudsey 83a
    James FLEMING son s 5   Pudsey 83a
    Mary FLEMING dau s 3   Pudsey 83a
209 45 Crimbles Road George TODD head m 42 dom. Coachman Welton 83a
    Rebecca TODD wife m 41   Reighton 83a
    Alice TODD dau s 13   Welton 83a
    Charlotte TODD dau s 11   Welton 83a
    George Henry TODD son s 9   Crigglestone 83a
    Edith TODD dau s 7   Lofthouse 83a
    Rhoda TODD dau s 5   Bramley 83a
    Ada TODD dau s 9m   Pudsey 83a
210 4 Springfield Terrace, Crimbles Charles BOOTH head m 59 Grocer's ass. Gildersome 83a
    Mary Ann BOOTH wife m 58   Pudsey 83a
    George BOOTH son W 33 Boot Finisher Pudsey 83a
    Harriet Emma BOOTH dau s 29 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 83a
    Martha BOOTH dau s 25 Dressmaker Pudsey 83a
211 3 Springfield Terrace, Crimbles Charles P WALKER head m 43 Woolen Warehouseman Bramley 83a
    Mary Elizabeth WALKER wife m 29 Dressmaker? Wortley 83a
    William WALKER son s 16 Joiner's app. Bramley 83a
212 4 Springfield Terrace, Crimbles Joseph ODDY head m 76 Coal Agent Pudsey 83a
    Martha ODDY wife m 74   Pudsey 83a
    James WEBSTER s in l m 37 Wool Sorter Pudsey 83a
    Hannah Mary WEBSTER dau m 36   Pudsey 83a
    Laura Annie WEBSTER gdau s 14 Tailor's Machinist Batley 83a
213 1 Springfield Terrace, Crimbles Margaret WILSON head w 53   Hopperton 83b
    James WILSON son s 26 Boot & Shoemaker GLS Bristol 83b
    Squire WILSON son s 20 Boot & Shoemaker GLS Bristol 83b
    Simeon WILSON son s 18 Shoe Trade Clicker GLS Bristol 83b
    Jenny WILSON dau s 16 Worsted Spinner GLS Bristol 83b
    Amelia WILSON dau s 13 Tailoress Pudsey 83b
    Thomas FLOWER f in l W 80 Retired Gardener Hopperton 83b
    Ernest FORD board s 26 PawnBroker Rotherham 83b
214 1 Kent Frederick HALLIDAY head m 54 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 83b
    Nancy HALLIDAY wife m 55   Pudsey 83b
    George William HALLIDAY son s 29 Boot & Shoemaker Pudsey 83b
    Luther HALLIDAY son s 19 Butcher Pudsey 83b
    Freddy HALLIDAY son s 14 Butcher's ass. Pudsey 83b
215 2 Kent John Hinchliffe WATERHOUSE head m 27 Woolen Cloth Weaver Farsley 83b
    Henrietta WATERHOUSE wife m 22   Pudsey 83b
    Alice Maud WATERHOUSE dau s 1   Pudsey 83b
216 3 Kent Emma BELL head w 45   Batley 83b
    Fred BELL son s 21 Iron Works Moulder Morley 83b
    Harry BELL son s 18 Woolen Mule Piecer Morley 83b
217 4 Kent James DUGDEN head m 69 Retired Woolen Cloth Tenterer Kirkstall 83b
    Sarah Ann DUGDEN wife m 69   Pudsey 83b
    Mary BALMFORTH adptdau s 15   Pudsey 83b
218 5 Kent Wm Tunnicliffe HEATON head m 62 Farmer Pudsey 83b
    Mary HEATON wife m 60   Pudsey 83b
    Rella HEATON dau s 24 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 83b
    John HEATON son s 22 Market Gardener Pudsey 83b
219 6 Kent James ALDERSON head m 45 Leather Manufacturer Leeds 83b
    Grace ALDERSON wife m 43   Bramley 83b
    Sarah Ann ALDERSON dau s 20 Tailoress Bramley 83b
    Emily ALDERSON dau s 16 Tailoress Bramley 83b
    John ALDERSON son s 10   Bramley 83b
220 9 Kent William VARLEY head m 61 Waste Dealer Pudsey 84a
    Sarah VARLEY wife m 60   Newlay 84a
    Walter VARLEY son s 27 Stone Delver Pudsey 84a
    Ernest VARLEY son s 23 Butcher Pudsey 84a
    Wilfred VARLEY son s 21 Gas House lab. Pudsey 84a
221 10 Kent Thomas KNOWLES head m 41 Boot Clicker Leeds 84a
    Mary KNOWLES wife m 40   LAN Hulme 84a
    Wilfred KNOWLES son s 16 Druggist's Warehouse Boy Leeds 84a
    Arnold KNOWLES son s 14 IronMonger's Errand Boy Leeds 84a
    Grace KNOWLES dau s 10   Leeds 84a
    Bertram KNOWLES son s 6   Leeds 84a
    Mary KNOWLES dau s 4   Leeds 84a
222 11 Kent Alfred Christopher KIRKE head m 34 Boot Finisher Leeds 84a
    Eleanor KIRKE wife m 34   Leeds 84a
    Thomas Alfred KIRKE son s 11   Leeds 84a
223 12 Kent John Wm TOMLINSON head m 50 Wholesale Clothier Bramley 84a
    Elizabeth TOMLINSON wife m 51   Pudsey 84a
    Clara TOMLINSON dau s 19 Pupil Teacher Bramley 84a
    George TOMLINSON son s 17 Banker's Clerk Bramley 84a
    John TOMLINSON son s 11   Pudsey 84a
224 13 & 14 Kent Simson Hinchliffe HALLIDAY head m 34 Hand Woolen Warper Pudsey 84a
    Hannah Maria HALLIDAY wife m 32   Wortley 84a
225 15 Kent Sarah Hannah NAYLOR head s 50 Lodging House Keeper Pudsey 84a
    Robert WEBSTER board m 40 Boot & Shoe Warehouseman Pudsey 84a
226 Larkfield Farm, Kent Mary CRAVEN head w 59   Pudsey 84b
    Walter CRAVEN son s 30 Iron Foundry Grinder Pudsey 84b
    Thomas CRAVEN son s 28 Farm Carter Pudsey 84b
    Sarah Lizzie CRAVEN dau s 22   Pudsey 84b
    Thomas Henry CRAVEN gson s 19 Farm Carter Pudsey 84b
    Emily CRAVEN gdau s 18 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 84b
    Ernest CRAVEN gson s 16 Farm Carter Pudsey 84b
227 Gas House, Crimbles John WILKINSON head m 48 Gas Works Secretary & Manager LAN Lancaster 84b
    Alice WILKINSON wife m 49   LAN Wray 84b
    James WILKINSON son s 21 Asst Secretary & Manager LAN Lancaster 84b
    Alice WILKINSON dau s 20   LAN Lancaster 84b
    William WILKINSON son s 18 Gas Works Clerk LAN Lancaster 84b
    John WILKINSON son s 15   Drighlington 84b
228 Albion Street, Crimbles George A MILLS head m 30 Gas Company Carter Leeds 84b
    Mary MILLS wife m 30   Pudsey 84b
    rosey ALLOTT dau s 10   Pudsey 84b
    Willie MILLS son s 7   Pudsey 84b
    James MILLS son s 4   Pudsey 84b
    Charlotte MILLS dau s 1   Pudsey 84b
229 9 Albion Street, Crimbles John Arandale BRIGGS head m 58 Woolen Machine Tenterer Pudsey 84b
    Ellen BRIGGS wife m 57   Wortley 84b
230 14 Albion Street Simeon VERITY head m 33 Stationary Engine Tenter Pudsey 85a
    Esther VERITY wife m 33   Pudsey 85a
    Joseph VERITY son s 11   Pudsey 85a
    Johnson VERITY son s 4   Pudsey 85a
    Harry VERITY son s 2m   Pudsey 85a
231 12 Albion Street Samuel YATES head m 56 Woolen Cloth Overlooker Birstall 85a
    Sarah Ann YATES wife m 57   Birstall 85a
    Arthur YATES son s 25 Woolen Machine Filler Birstall 85a
    Maud YATES dau s 22   Farsley 85a
    ? Male YATES son s 20 Solicitor's Clerk Leeds 85a
    Beatrice YATES dau s 15 Tailoress Pudsey 85a
232 8 Albion Street Harry SHARP head m 42 Boot & Shoemaker Pudsey 85a
    Derinda SHARP wife m 40   Windhill 85a
    Sarah Ann RILEY dau m 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 85a
    Charles Henry RILEY s in l m 23 Army Pensioner Farsley 85a
    Alice Riley SHARP gdau s 8m   Pudsey 85a
233 6 Albion Street John NUTTER head m 35 Gas Works lab. LAN Burnley 85a
    Mary NUTTER wife m 29   Pudsey 85a
    Winifred NUTTER dau s 4   Rawdon 85a
    Margaret NUTTER dau s 3   Pudsey 85a
    George NUTTER son s 1m   Pudsey 85a
234 4 Albion Street Patrick MURPHY head m 43 Gas Works lab. IRE 85a
    Catherine MURPHY wife m 33   IRE 85a
    Winifred MURPHY dau s 7   Leeds 85a
    Catherine MURPHY dau s 6   Leeds 85a
    Annie Mary MURPHY dau s 3   Leeds 85a
    Patrick WALSH board s 27 Sewerage lab. IRE 85a
    Andrew FITZPATRICK board s 28 Sewerage lab. IRE 85a
235 2 Albion Street Squire MILNER head W 38 Boot & Shoemaker Pudsey 85b
    Sarah Elizabeth MILNER dau s 18   Pudsey 85b
    Albert MILNER son s 8   Pudsey 85b
    Annie MILNER dau s 2   Pudsey 85b
236 18 & 20 Crimbles Samuel BAXTER head m 49 Gas Stoker BKM Newport Pagnell 85b
    Elizabeth BAXTER wife m 43   Drighlington 85b
    Lily BAXTER dau s 23 Woolen Cloth Weaver Rothwell 85b
    Phoebe BAXTER dau s 20 Woolen Cloth Weaver Dewsbury 85b
    Susannah BAXTER dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Dewsbury 85b
    Beatrice BAXTER dau s 15   Rothwell 85b
    Martha Elizabeth BAXTER dau s 13 Silk Winder Rothwell 85b
    Samuel BAXTER son s 8   Pudsey 85b
    Mary Emma BAXTER dau s 6   Pudsey 85b
    Annie BAXTER dau s 4   Pudsey 85b
    Bramwell BAXTER son s 2   Pudsey 85b
237 22 Crimbles James MCLAUGHLIN head m 25 Gas Stoker IRE 85b
    Hannah MCLAUGHLIN wife m 22 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 85b
238 24 Crimbles Joseph COATES head m 66 Millwright Bradford 85b
    Sabina COATES wife m 57   Stanningley 85b
239 16 Crimbles William TUNNICLIFFE head m 63 Wool & Top Merchant Pudsey 85b
    Sarah Ann TUNNICLIFFE wife m 62   Pudsey 85b
240 12 Crimbles Mary THREAPLETON head s 60 Grocer & Draper Pudsey 85b
    Simeon THREAPLETON bro s 50 Gas Meter Inspector Pudsey 85b
    Lawrence THREAPLETON neph s 20 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 85b
    Willie THREAPLETON neph s 15 Music Shop ass. Pudsey 85b
241 14 Crimbles Jonathan THREAPLETON head m 52 General lab. Pudsey 86a
    George Henry THREAPLETON son m 22 Boot & Shoe Mfgr's Clerk Pudsey 86a
    Amelia THREAPLETON d in l m 17   Pudsey 86a
    Phyllis THREAPLETON gdau s 5m   Pudsey 86a
242 10 Crimbles Simeon G CARTER head m 36 Worsted Warp Dresser Pudsey 86a
    Amelia Ann Julia CARTER wife m 40   Otley 86a
    Lily CARTER dau s 10   Pudsey 86a
    Agnes CARTER dau s 9   Pudsey 86a
    Verdi CARTER son s 7   Pudsey 86a
    Jane Barker CARTER dau s 5   Pudsey 86a
    John CARTER son s 2   Sheffield 86a
243 8 Crimbles Harry RIDER head m 46 Milk Dealer Pudsey 86a
    Jane RIDER wife m 46   Pudsey 86a
244 1 South View, Crimbles Joseph HUGGAN head m 36 Grocer, Corn & Coal Merchant Pudsey 86a
    Mary HUGGAN wife m 38   Pudsey 86a
    Agnes HUGGAN dau s 13   Pudsey 86a
    Sam HUGGAN son s 8   Pudsey 86a
    Will HUGGAN son s 2   Pudsey 86a
245 2 South View, Crimbles Sarah ROGER head w 71   Pudsey 86a
    Emily ROGER dau s 44 Boot Machinist Pudsey 86a
    John ROGER son s 34 Boot Mfgr's Clerk Pudsey 86a
    Sarah ROGER dau s 30 Boot Machinist Pudsey 86a
246 3 South View, Crimbles Arthur RHODES head m 36 Railway Painter Pudsey 86a
    Ruth Ann RHODES wife m 35 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 86a
    Maurice RHODES son s 12   Pudsey 86a
    James RHODES son s 9   Pudsey 86a
    Annie RHODES dau s 3   Pudsey 86a
247 4 South View, Crimbles Hannah HALLIDAY head s 65   Pudsey 86a
    Mary HALLIDAY sis s 62   Pudsey 86a
    Elsie MAUDE adptdau s 12   Bradford 86a
    William BAILEY visit m 40 Corn Miller's Clerk BDF Harrold 86a
248 5 South View, Crimbles George Webster TOMLINSON head s 46 Wholesale Clothier Pudsey 86b
    Mary Hannah TOMLINSON sis s 52   Pudsey 86b
249 6 South View, Crimbles William GAUNT head m 52 Woolen Warehouseman Pudsey 86b
    Sarah Ann GAUNT wife m 50 Monthly Nurse Pudsey 86b
    Minnie GAUNT dau s 23 Milliner Pudsey 86b
250 7 South View, Crimbles Ruth HALLIDAY head w 81   Pudsey 86b
    John HALLIDAY son m 55 Woolen Scourer Pudsey 86b
    Christina FIELD serv s 23 dom. Housemaid LIN 86b
251 4 Crimbles James SHEPHERD head W 63 Retired General lab. Pudsey 86b
    George CLARKE board m 33 General lab. SRY Aldershot 86b
    John JONES board s 22 General lab. LIN Newark 86b
    Edward ANDERSON board s 61 General lab. IRE 86b
    William BROOK board m 28 General lab. Pudsey 86b
252 2 Crimbles William DREDGE head m 40 Oil Works lab. WIL Dilton Marsh 86b
    Caroline DREDGE wife m 39   Keighley 86b
    Joseph DREDGE son s 17 Market Gardener Stanningley 86b
    Dinah DREDGE dau s 15   Stanningley 86b
    Charles DREDGE son s 12   Stanningley 86b
    Arthur DREDGE son s 10   Stanningley 86b
    Henry Lewis DREDGE son s 8   Stanningley 86b
    Hannah DREDGE dau s 4   Pudsey 86b
    Thomas DREDGE son s 1   Pudsey 86b