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Census Index 1901 Pudsey: ED16



Piece RG13/4188 Enumeration District 16, Folios 90a - 107b,

All that part of Stanningley Ward commencing at the house occupied by J A Wood on the North side of Cemetery Road and continuing to the end of the north side of Cemetery Road thence commencing to the top of the West side of Richardshaw Lane and continuing down to the Waterworks this includes Somerset Road, Clarence Terrace, Halliday Street, Brunswick road, Larkfield Road, Pembroke Road, Higher Grange Raod, Thorpe Road and also taking in the two houses at the east side of Richardshaw lane occupied by O A Jowett and C E Whittam also the house occupied by J H Noble on the North Side of Mount Pleasant road.


1 Mount Pleasant Road James Hepworth NOBLE head m 48 Butter Factor's Agent Pudsey 90a
    Sarah Ann NOBLE wife m 51   Pudsey 90a
2 2 Mount Pleasant Road Charles Edwin WHITTEN head m 57 SchoolMaster Pudsey 90a
    Martha WHITTEN wife m 49   Bradford 90a
    Frederick WHITTEN son s 21 Bank Clerk Pudsey 90a
    Clarice WHITTEN dau s 18 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 90a
    Herbert WHITTEN son s 16 Mechanical Engineer Pudsey 90a
    Thomas William HUTTON lodg s 24 Clerk Leeds 90a
3 1 Cemetery Road George Binns COLLINS head m 39 Wool Merchant Bradford 90a
    Eliza Annie COLLINS wife m 40   Northowram 90a
    Sarah Ann COLLINS dau s 11   Bradford 90a
4 3 Cemetery Road M M JACKSON head s 30 Mining Engineer Bradford 90a
    Lavinia JACKSON sis s 32   Bradford 90a
5 5 Cemetery Road Wilford Reuben WILKINSON head s 29 Primitive Methodist Minister Leeds 90a
    Rose WILKINSON sis s 35   Kippax 90a
6 7 Cemetery Road John BARRETT head m 50 Shoemaker Pudsey 90a
    Annie Elizabeth BARRETT wife m 48   Pudsey 90a
    John William BUCKLE s in l m 28 Woolen Cloth Fuller Pudsey 90a
    Mary Eliza BUCKLE dau m 24   Pudsey 90a
    Martha Elizabeth BUCKLE gdau s 4   Pudsey 90a
    John Barrett BUCKLE gson s 3m   Pudsey 90a
7 9 Cemetery Road Benjamin DAWSON head m 36 Accountant & Auditor Aberford 90a
    Henriette DAWSON wife m 35   Leeds 90a
8 11 Cemetery Road Harold PROCTOR head m 35 Commercial Handler Pudsey 90a
    Louise PROCTOR wife m 34   Gildersome 90a
    Herbert L PROCTOR son s 2   Pudsey 90a
    Ethel PRIDGEON serv s 17 General serv LIN Boston 90a
9 13 Cemetery Road Joseph Edward HININGS head m 71 Retired Draper Pudsey 90a
    Charlotte Elizabeth HININGS wife m 58   NFK Great Yarmouth 90a
    Alice Hebden HININGS dau s 36     90a
10 15 Cemetery Road Proctor NAYLOR head m 34 Stuff Merchant Pudsey 90b
    Mary Esther NAYLOR wife m 29   Pudsey 90b
    Rose Gladys NAYLOR dau s 8   Pudsey 90b
    Bertha Louisa NAYLOR dau s 2m   Pudsey 90b
    Emma WILSON serv s 23 General serv Kilpin 90b
11 17 Cemetery Road Jane WEBSTER head w 54 Living on Own Means Bramley 90b
    Luther WEBSTER son s 24 House Painter Pudsey 90b
    George WEBSTER son s 22 Railway Goods Clerk Pudsey 90b
    Phillip WEBSTER son s 19 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 90b
    Annie JENNINGS serv m 33 General serv Halifax 90b
12 19 Cemetery Road Luther PETTY head m 44 School Art Master Keighley 90b
    Clara Isabela PETTY wife m 42   Keighley 90b
    Florence PETTY dau s 16   Keighley 90b
13 21 Cemetery Road Joseph Walker TURNER head m 49 Assessor & Collector of Taxes Pudsey 90b
    Ruth TURNER wife m 48   Pudsey 90b
    Lilian Maude GENT board s 23 Milliner SFK Bury St.Edmonds 90b
    Elizabeth MYERS serv s 27 General serv Horsforth 90b
14 23 Cemetery Road Sarah Jane WADE head m 51 Living on Own Means Kildwick 90b
    Mary Emma FLESHER serv s 27 General serv Fewston 90b
15 25 Cemetery Road John CLOUGH head m 52 Wool Merchant Pudsey 90b
    Emma CLOUGH wife m 51   Pudsey 90b
    George CLOUGH son s 26 Wool Merchant Pudsey 90b
    Bessy CLOUGH dau s 20 Boarding School Teacher Pudsey 90b
16 27 Cemetery Road Joseph ARMITAGE head m 54 Woolen Cloth Mfgr Pudsey 90b
    Rose ARMITAGE wife m 53   YKS 90b
    Spencer ARMITAGE son s 10   YKS 90b
    Louise PERCIVAL dau m 22   YKS 90b
    Mary PERCIVAL gdau s 1   LEI Leicester 90b
    Walter ARMITAGE son s 21 Woolen Cloth Mfgr Pudsey 90b
    Ada WAKEFIELD serv s 27 dom. serv DEV Sidmouth 90b
    Nellie GAMBLES serv s 15 dom. serv Sowerby 90b
17 29 Cemetery Road Edwin WALKER head m 40 Commercial Clerk Pudsey 91a
    Emily WALKER wife m 40   Pudsey 91a
    Stanley WALKER son s 2   Pudsey 91a
18 31 Cemetery Road Charles Edward WALKER head m 43 Wool Merchant Pudsey 91a
    Mary Webster WALKER wife m 42   Pudsey 91a
    Albert Latimer WALKER son s 16 Medical Student Bradford 91a
    Leonard WALKER son s 13   Bradford 91a
    Mabel WALKER dau s 11   Leeds 91a
    Elsie WALKER dau s 5   Pudsey 91a
19 33 Cemetery Road John Alfred WOOD head m 55 Cab Proprietor [Stable] Bramley 91a
    Eliza WOOD wife m 55   Otley 91a
    Herbert WOOD son s 24 Boarding School Teacher Stanningley 91a
    Harriet WOOD dau s 19   Pudsey 91a
    Albert WOOD son s 15 Stuff Warehouseman Pudsey 91a
20 10 Clarence Terrace Squire Ackroyd LUMBY head m 29 Certified Elementary School Teacher Pudsey 91a
    Grace LUMBY wife m 31   Pudsey 91a
    Mary LUMBY dau s 2   Pudsey 91a
    William Edmondson LUMBY son s 5m   Pudsey 91a
21 9 Clarence Terrace Percy HOYLE head m 27 Commercial Oil Handler Thornhill 91a
    Edith HOYLE wife m 27   Stanningley 91a
22 8 Clarence Terrace Henry ELLIS head m 53 Cooperative Grocery Shop Manager LAN Colne 91a
    Elizabeth ELLIS wife m 56   LAN Foulridge 91a
    Wilfred Lawson ELLIS son s 26 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 91a
    Florence Annie ELLIS dau s 24 Boarding School Teacher Pudsey 91a
    Marian ELLIS dau s 22 Dressmaker Pudsey 91a
    Herbert ELLIS son s 19 Draughtsman's app. Pudsey 91a
23 7 Clarence Terrace John William ROBINS head m 37 Worsted Mfgr [not presently engaged] DBY Staveley 91a
    Sarah ROBINS wife m 36   Pudsey 91a
    Frederick Thomas ROBINS son s 11   Pudsey 91a
    George Latimer ROBINS son s 4   Pudsey 91a
24 6 Clarence Terrace Martin GRAHAM head m 49 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bingley 91b
    Eliza GRAHAM wife m 51   Bingley 91b
    Harry GRAHAM son s 27 Railway Clerk Keighley 91b
    Wilfred GRAHAM son s 19 Railway Clerk Idle 91b
    Elizabeth GRAHAM dau s 17 Umbrella Maker Idle 91b
    Eliza GRAHAM dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Idle 91b
    Maud GRAHAM dau s 12   Farsley 91b
    Maurice GRAHAM son s 7   Bradford 91b
25 5 Clarence Terrace William SHACKLETON head m 42 Architect & Surveyor Dewsbury 91b
    Mary Maria Weston SHACKLETON wife m 36   STS Longton 91b
    John SHACKLETON son s 10   Pateley Bridge 91b
    Richard SHACKLETON son s 5   LAN Chorley 91b
    Catherine Mary Agnes SHACKLETON dau s 13   Leeds 91b
26 4 Carlton Terrace Elijah BUTTERFIELD head m 45 Boot Clicker Foreman Fishlake 91b
    Annie BUTTERFIELD wife m 42   Armley 91b
    Laura Annie BUTTERFIELD dau s 16 Boarding School Teacher Armley 91b
    Harold BUTTERFIELD son s 8   Pudsey 91b
    Ethel BUTTERFIELD dau s 5   Pudsey 91b
27 3 Carlton Terrace Thomas THRIPPLETON head m 58 Shoemaker Pudsey 91b
    Harriet Emma THRIPPLETON wife m 51   Otley 91b
    Maria THRIPPLETON dau s 27 Boot & Shoe Machinist Pudsey 91b
    Louie THRIPPLETON dau s 23 Woolen Winder Pudsey 91b
    Harold THRIPPLETON son s 22 Shoemaker Pudsey 91b
    Arthur THRIPPLETON son s 19 Shoemaker Pudsey 91b
28 2 Carlton Terrace George NAYLOR head m 46 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 91b
    Hannah NAYLOR wife m 41   Pudsey 91b
    Fred DIBB son s 21 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 91b
    Frank DIBB son s 18 Jobbing Compositor Pudsey 91b
    Louis William DIBB son s 14 Boot Clicker Pudsey 91b
    Harry DIBB son s 13   Pudsey 91b
29 1 Carlton Terrace Albert William BRANSBY head m 35 Machine Fitter Leeds 92a
    Elizabeth Florence BRANSBY wife m 35   Leeds 92a
30 21 Somerset Road Sam RAWSON head m 33 Architect's ass. Bradford 92a
    Rosetta RAWSON wife m 31   Pudsey 92a
    Cecil RAWSON son s 8   Bradford 92a
    Sarah Hudson RAWSON dau s 7   Bradford 92a
31 19 Somerset Road H E HUDSON head w 67   Kirkstall 92a
    H WILSON gson s 20 Musician Pudsey 92a
32 17 Somerset Road James STEPHENSON head m 38 Woolen Piece Dyer Gildersome 92a
    Ada STEPHENSON wife m 34   Ardsley 92a
    Willie STEPHENSON son s 16 Dyer's app. Morley 92a
    Annie STEPHENSON dau s 13   Morley 92a
    Harry STEPHENSON son s 9   Morley 92a
    Harold STEPHENSON son s 7   Morley 92a
    Norman STEPHENSON son s 4   Morley 92a
    Ethel STEPHENSON dau s 2   Morley 92a
33 15 Somerset Road Hannah WALTON head w 58   Pudsey 92a
    George H WALTON son m 32 Leather Trade Pressman Pudsey 92a
    Hannah E WALTON dau s 20 Boot & Shoe Machinist Pudsey 92a
    Albert Edw WALTON son s 14   Pudsey 92a
    Mary WALTON d in l s 31   Pudsey 92a
34 13 Somerset Road James BEARDSWORTH head m 39 Insurance Asst Superintendent LAN Withnell 92a
    Jane Ann BEARDSWORTH wife m 46   LAN Blackburn 92a
    Bertha BEARDSWORTH dau s 16 Boot & Shoe Machinist LAN Blackburn 92a
    Emily BEARDSWORTH dau s 14 Boot & Shoe Fitter LAN Blackburn 92a
    Charles BEARDSWORTH son s 12   LAN Blackburn 92a
    Herbert BEARDSWORTH son s 9   LAN Blackburn 92a
35 11 Somerset Road Albert CLOUGH head m 39 Railway Clerk Stanningley 92b
    Jane Ann CLOUGH wife m 40   Stanningley 92b
    Frank CLOUGH son s 12   Farsley 92b
    Ann Elizabeth CLOUGH dau s 16   Stanningley 92b
    Lena CLOUGH dau s 10   Farsley 92b
    Ellen CLOUGH dau s 7   Pudsey 92b
    William Henry CLOUGH son s 4   Pudsey 92b
    John Wilson CLOUGH board m 51 Wool Sorter Stanningley 92b
36 9 Somerset Road Joseph William HOLLINGS head m 40 Railway Engineer Foreman Farsley 92b
    Ruth HOLLINGS wife m 42   Farsley 92b
    Clara HOLLINGS dau s 15   Farsley 92b
    Edith HOLLINGS dau s 12   Pudsey 92b
    Frank HOLLINGS son s 5   Pudsey 92b
    Ephraim HALLIDAY f in l m 81 Retired Draper Baildon 92b
37 2 Somerset Road Squire Sharp STEAD head m 36 Coal Merchant Pudsey 92b
    Caroline Mary STEAD wife m 36   Pudsey 92b
    Lilian Mary STEAD dau s 9   Pudsey 92b
38 4 Somerset Road Nancy WEBSTER head w 52   Pudsey 92b
    Emily WEBSTER dau s 32 Dressmaker Pudsey 92b
39 6 Somerset Road Charles Oliver DALBY head m 46 Engine Tenter Pudsey 92b
    Minnie DALBY wife m 43   Pudsey 92b
    Charlotte DALBY dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 92b
    Arthur DALBY son s 19 Stone Mason Pudsey 92b
40 8 Somerset Road James HAYWARD head m 57 Basket Maker HAM Gosport 92b
    Helen HAYWARD wife m 58   LAN Southport 92b
    Alfred HAYWARD son s 25 Soft Soap Maker Pudsey 92b
    Susan Edith HAYWARD dau s 22 Boot & Shoe Machinist Pudsey 92b
41 10a Somerset Road Ernest HUDSON head m 31 Commercial Traveller [Grocery] Pudsey 92b
    Alice Jane HUDSON wife m 32   Keighley 92b
    Gladys HUDSON dau s 7   Leeds 92b
42 10 Somerset Road John ATKINSON head W 78 Congregational Minister SCT 93a
    Martha CLARKSON serv s 52   Pudsey 93a
32 12 Somerset Road Benjamin DUFTON head m 58 Local Town Clerk Pudsey 93a
    Ruth DUFTON wife m 58   Pudsey 93a
    Norman DUFTON son s 28 Boot & Shoe Clicker Pudsey 93a
    Percy DUFTON son s 26 Civil Engineer & Surveyor Pudsey 93a
    Rufus Gilpin DUFTON son s 21 Bank Clerk Pudsey 93a
44 14 Somerset Road John ROSS head m 59 Living on Own Means Pudsey 93a
    Mary Ann ROSS wife m 53   Pudsey 93a
    Frances Mary ROSS dau s 15 Dressmaker's app. Pudsey 93a
45 16 Somerset Road Matthew KEIGHLEY head m 71 Retired Grocer Farsley 93a
    Martha KEIGHLEY wife m 69   Rawdon 93a
    Cassilla KEIGHLEY visit s 50   Farsley 93a
46 18 Somerset Road Mary ALLAN head w 43   Wombwell 93a
    Gertrude ALLAN dau s 23 Woolen Weaver Wombwell 93a
    Edith ALLAN dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Wombwell 93a
    Sarah Elizabeth ALLAN dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Wombwell 93a
    George Walton ALLAN son s 18 Boot Finisher Wombwell 93a
47 20 Somerset Road James HARGRAVE head m 29 Joiner & Builder Pudsey 93a
    Helen HARGRAVE sis s 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 93a
    Henry STANSFIELD board s 22 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Burley 93a
48 22 Somerset Road Tom CLIFFE head W 32 Iron Monger Halifax 93a
    Caroline CLIFFE dau s 8   Pudsey 93a
    Fred CLIFFE son s 7   Pudsey 93a
    Maud Ellen CLIFFE dau s 5   Pudsey 93a
    Martha Ann BARRACLOUGH serv s 50 dom. Housekeeper Stanningley 93a
49 24 Somerset Road Thomas DAVY head m 48 Basket Maker Pudsey 93b
    Esther Jane DAVY wife m 50   Pudsey 93b
    Florence DAVY dau s 18 Draper's Shop ass. Pudsey 93b
    Lily DAVY dau s 10   Pudsey 93b
    Ernest DAVY son s 9   Pudsey 93b
    Maria DAVY dau s 8   Pudsey 93b
50 26 Somerset Road George H SPINK head W 50 Solicitor Pontefract 93b
    Arthur SPINK son s 19 Woolen Scourer Ferry Bridge 93b
    Frances Maud SPINK dau s 17   Ferry Bridge 93b
    Claude Sydney SPINK son s 15 Woolen Millhand Ferry Bridge 93b
    George Edgar SPINK son s 14 Woolen Millhand Ferry Bridge 93b
    Percy Leonard SPINK son s 12   Ferry Bridge 93b
51 30 Somerset Road Albert CROOKES head m 31 Woolen Buffer Eccleshill 93b
    Lilly CROOKES wife m 32   Eccleshill 93b
    Arthur CROOKES son s 8   Eccleshill 93b
52 34 Somerset Road James WARING head m 34 Clergyman [Church of England] LAN Blackburn 93b
    David John HOUSTON visit s 24 Dentist IRE 93b
53 40 Somerset Road Norah WATSON head s 30 Costumer [Dress] Leeds 93b
    Ada WATSON sis s 26 Costumer [Dress] Woodlesford 93b
    John Barrett TODD visit s 26 Worsted Mfgr's Cashier Esholt 93b
54 42 Somerset Road Arthur INMAN head m 37 Police Sergeant W R C Haworth 94a
    Mary INMAN wife m 34   DUR Jarrow 94a
    Frederick Arthur INMAN son s 14 Woolen Spinner Mountain 94a
    Harry INMAN son s 12 Woolen Spinner Mountain 94a
    Horace INMAN son s 10   Cleckheaton 94a
    Florence Ethel INMAN dau s 8   Cleckheaton 94a
    Walter INMAN son s 5   Idle 94a
    Ernest INMAN sis s 3   Pudsey 94a
    Irene INMAN dau s 10m   Pudsey 94a
55 44 Somerset Road William Henry COCKROFT head m 51 Wool Combing Overlooker Bradford 94a
    Esther Jane COCKROFT wife m 47 Grocer Masham 94a
    Clara COCKROFT dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 94a
    Florence COCKROFT dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 94a
    Herbert COCKROFT son s 18 Joiner's app. Stanningley 94a
    Annie COCKROFT dau s 16 Worsted Spinning Machine Minder Stanningley 94a
    Nellie COCKROFT dau s 14 Worsted Combing Machine Minder Stanningley 94a
    Ethel COCKROFT dau s 12   Stanningley 94a
    Harry COCKROFT son s 10   Stanningley 94a
56 50 Somerset Road Richard ANDERSON head m 47 Iron Driller Stanningley 94a
    Martha ANDERSON wife m 45   Pudsey 94a
    Elizabeth ANDERSON dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 94a
    Sarah Jane ANDERSON dau s 19 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 94a
    Annie ANDERSON dau s 16 Boot Fitter Stanningley 94a
    Ruth ANDERSON dau s 12   Stanningley 94a
    Mary Ellen DUTSON board s 25 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 94a
57 47 Somerset Road William Elsworth ARMITAGE head m 40 Woolen Mule Spinner Pudsey 94a
    Lilian ARMITAGE wife m 38   Pudsey 94a
58 52 Somerset Road Herbert WARD head s 30 Boot Factory Bookkeeper Bramley 94b
    Sarah WARD sis s 21 Worsted Weaver Bramley 94b
    Alice WARD sis s 21 Finisher - Wholesale Clothing Bramley 94b
    Elizabeth Hannah WARD sis s 16 Worsted Weaver Bramley 94b
    Hannah GAUNT gmoth w 77   Bramley 94b
59 54 Somerset Road Hannah MUFF head w 68 Living on Own Means Bramley 94b
    Ruth MUFF dau s 40   Bramley 94b
    Frances MUFF dau s 30 Finisher - Wholesale Clothing Bramley 94b
60 56 Somerset Road James ROBINSON head m 37 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 94b
    Alice ROBINSON wife m 37   Pudsey 94b
    Elizabeth ROBINSON dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 94b
    May ROBINSON dau s 10   Pudsey 94b
    Alice ROBINSON dau s 7   Pudsey 94b
    Ada ROBINSON dau s 4   Pudsey 94b
61 58 Somerset Road William OLDFIELD head m 60 Wool Preparer Pudsey 94b
    Maria OLDFIELD wife m 53   Armley 94b
    Fred OLDFIELD son s 23 Woolen Cloth Fuller Pudsey 94b
    Emma OLDFIELD dau s 21 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 94b
62 60 Somerset Road Horace GREAVES head m 33 Cotton Warp Dresser Rawdon 94b
    Emma GREAVES wife m 33 Worsted Cloth Weaver Yeadon 94b
63 62 Somerset Road Urban BALMFORTH head m 28 Kitchen Range Fitter Pudsey 94b
    Eliza Jane BALMFORTH wife m 28   Pudsey 94b
64 64 Somerset Road Emma LOBLEY head s 46 Milliner Leeds 94b
    Emma BUKER aunt s 61 Retired Dressmaker Pudsey 94b
65 51 Somerset Road Matthew Ellis STERRIKER head m 39     94b
    Hannah STERRIKER wife m 46     94b
    Margaret Annie Elizabeth STERRIKER dau s 18     94b
    Walter Henry STERRIKER son s 15     94b
    Gertrude Maud STERRIKER dau s 14     94b
66 53 Somerset Road Arthur LEE head m 29 Iron Works Clerk Pudsey 95a
    Helena LEE wife m 27   Pudsey 95a
    Frank LEE son s 5   Pudsey 96a
    John Alfred LEE son s 4   Pudsey 95a
67 55 Somerset Road John Alfred WOOD head m 28 Cab Driver [Groom] Farsley 95a
    Florence Kate WOOD wife m 29   Rawdon 95a
    Elsie WOOD dau s 3   Pudsey 95a
    Kate WOOD dau s 2   Pudsey 95a
68 1 Halliday Street Annie HAINSWORTH head w 57   CHS Birkenhead 95a
    Hannah Mary HAINSWORTH dau s 27 Boot Machinist Pudsey 95a
    Florry HAINSWORTH dau s 19 Boot Fitter Pudsey 95a
    Albert HAINSWORTH son s 17 Coach Builder Pudsey 95a
    Walter PROCTOR board s 30 Boot Finisher Pudsey 95a
69 3 Halliday Street John Ben HARGREAVES head m 33 Boot Rivetter Foreman Pudsey 95a
    Annie HARGREAVES wife m 34   Pudsey 95a
    Eva HARGREAVES dau s 8   Pudsey 95a
    Florry HARGREAVES dau s 6   Pudsey 95a
70 5 Halliday Street Dennis WALLER head m 38 Stone Fence Waller Pudsey 95a
    Emily WALLER wife m 32   Bramley 95a
    Arthur WALLER son s 12   Pudsey 95a
71 7 Halliday Street George BERRY head W 68 Woolen Warper Bramley 95a
    Grace Ann BERRY dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 95a
    Eunice SOWDEN d in l s 32 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 95a
    Frank C BUCKLE s in l m 42 Woolen Card Cleaner Pudsey 95a
    Mary E BUCKLE dau m 41   Pudsey 95a
72 9 Halliday Street Harry BARKER head m 27 Iron Glazer Pudsey 95a
    Annie Lizzie BARKER wife m 24   Castleford 95a
    Laura BARKER dau s 4m   Pudsey 95a
    Fred Kemp RADCLIFFE neph s 4   Birstall 95a
73 11 Halliday Street George GRANGER head m 40 Insurance Collector Pudsey 95b
    Ruth GRANGER wife m 40   Pudsey 95b
    William GRANGER son s 17 Mill Boy Pudsey 95b
    Alfred GRANGER son s 14 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 95b
    Tom GRANGER son s 12 Woolen Mule Piecer Pudsey 95b
    Samuel GRANGER son s 10   Pudsey 95b
    Hilda GRANGER dau s 8   Pudsey 95b
    George GRANGER son s 6   Pudsey 95b
74 13 Halliday Street Samuel LAX head m 42 Leather Currier Tong 95b
    Hannah Elizabeth LAX wife m 45   Pudsey 95b
    Beatrice LAX dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 95b
    Lily LAX dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 95b
    Sarah Eliza LAX dau s 14 Tailoress Thornton 95b
    Florence LAX dau s 11   Grassington 95b
75 15 Halliday Street Clara RIDER head w 43 Living on Own Means Pudsey 95b
    William Musgrave RIDER son s 7   Pudsey 95b
    Lucy Ann RIDER dau s 5   Pudsey 95b
76 16 Halliday Street Eliza EASTWOOD head s 37 Tailoress Armley 95b
    Alice STEAD   s 22 Companion & Tailoress Wortley 95b
77 14 Halliday Road John Mitchel LAWSON head m 32 Stationer's ass. Stanningley 95b
    Annie Forster LAWSON wife m 31   Castleford 95b
    Louie LAWSON dau s 11   Farsley 95b
    Grace Elizabeth LAWSON dau s 8   Farsley 95b
    Ivy LAWSON dau s 2   Pudsey 95b
78 12 Halliday Road Elizabeth GARTH head w 58   Bramley 95b
    Ernest GARTH son s 29 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 95b
    Florry GARTH dau s 28 Boot Machinist Pudsey 95b
    Isabella GARTH dau s 26   Pudsey 95b
    Annie GARTH dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 95b
    Louie [Loisa] GARTH dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 95b
    Ruth GARTH dau s 16 Woolen Burler Pudsey 95b
79 10 Halliday Street George F LEE head m 41 Engine Fitter Leeds 96a
    Amelia LEE wife m 40   Leeds 96a
    Joseph LEE son s 14   Leeds 96a
80 8 Halliday Street John William HALEY head m 41 Stone Mason Pudsey 96a
    Ann HALEY wife m 39   Pudsey 96a
    Mary Ann HALEY dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 96a
    Eva HALEY dau s 14   Pudsey 96a
81 6 Halliday Street Simeon SHARP head m 35 Boot Trade Clicker Pudsey 96a
    Mary Elizabeth SHARP wife m 35   Leeds 96a
    John Alfred SHARP son s 9   Pudsey 96a
    Mary SHARP dau s 7   Pudsey 96a
    Hannah Eliza ELAND s in l s 27   Pudsey 96a
    William Eland SHARP son s 8m   Bingley 96a
82 4 Halliday Street William WRIGHT head m 48 Woolen Fettler Howarth 96a
    Martha WRIGHT wife m 47   Bingley 96a
    Annie WRIGHT dau s 22 Weaver Yeadon 96a
    John Walter WRIGHT son s 19 Mule Piecer Yeadon 96a
    Effie WRIGHT dau s 17 Weaver Yeadon 96a
    Ernest WRIGHT son s 14 Doffer Yeadon 96a
    Florence Eva WRIGHT dau s 9   Yeadon 96a
83 2 Halliday Street William H RAYNOR head m 42 Shoemaker Pudsey 96a
    Eliza RAYNOR wife m 43 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 96a
    Ethel RAYNOR dau s 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 96a
84 47 Brunswick Road James WOODHEAD head m 46 Butcher Pudsey 96a
    Elizabeth L WOODHEAD wife m 38   Crossland 96a
    George Bates WOODHEAD son s 9   Pudsey 96a
    Hilda WOODHEAD dau s 6   Pudsey 96a
85 45 Brunswick Road George ILLINGWORTH head m 56 *   96a
    Elizabeth ILLINGWORTH wife m 52     96a
    Ethel ILLINGWORTH dau s 13     96a
86 43 Brunswick Road Robert Benjamin NASH head m 34 Grocer's Manager WOR Worcester 96b
    Mary Ellen NASH wife m 33   Barnoldswick 96b
    Arnold NASH son s 9   Hebdon Bridge 96b
    Arthur NASH son s 9   Hebdon Bridge 96b
    Ethel NASH dau s 2   Pudsey 96b
    Mabel NASH dau s 2   Pudsey 96b
87 41 Brunswick Road Christopher DENT head m 74 Carpenter Skelton 96b
    Hannah DENT wife m 77   Gomersal 96b
    Mary HALDENBY dau w 42 Worsted Drawer Stanningley 96b
    Mishail [Michelle]? HALDENBY gdau s 15 Worsted Drawer Stanningley 96b
    Harold HALDENBY gson s 11   Bramley 96b
88 39 Brunswick Road John Alfred HINCHLIFFE head c 60 Carter Pudsey 96b
    Martha HINCHLIFFE wife m 59   Farsley 96b
    Mary HINCHLIFFE dau m 35 Woolen Weaver Farsley 96b
    H HINCHLIFFE dau s 19 Woolen Weaver Farsley 96b
    A HINCHLIFFE son s 17 Fireman Farsley 96b
    Sarah A BALMFORTH dau w 33 Woolen Weaver Rodley 96b
    Lena BALMFORTH gdau s 1   Pudsey 96b
89 37 Brunswick Road William ILLINGWORTH head m 69 Stone Mason Pudsey 96b
    Hannah ILLINGWORTH wife m 68   Bramley 96b
    Susan ILLINGWORTH dau s 38   Pudsey 96b
    Drucilla ILLINGWORTH dau s 35 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 96b
    Joseph ILLINGWORTH son W 33 Carter Pudsey 96b
    William ILLINGWORTH son m 31 Shoemaker Pudsey 96b
    Hannah ILLINGWORTH dau m 26 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 96b
    Lily ILLINGWORTH gdau s 5   Pudsey 96b
    Eliz H ILLINGWORTH gdau s 3   Pudsey 96b
    Joshua ILLINGWORTH board s 50 Living on Own Means Pudsey 96b
90 35 Brunswick Road Thomas BENNETT head m 45 Boot & Shoemaker Stanningley 97a
    Elizabeth BENNETT wife m 43   Pudsey 97a
    John Dufton BENNETT son s 18 Woolen Mule Piecer Pudsey 97a
    Matthew Henry BENNETT son s 17 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 97a
    Alice Mary BENNETT dau s 15 Worsted Spinner LIN Gainsbro 97a
    Thos Willie BENNETT son s 11   Bramley 97a
    Judith Olive BENNETT dau s 9   Stanningley 97a
91 33 Brunswick Road John William LUPTON head m 34 Iron Grinder York 97a
    Eliza Amelia LUPTON wife m 42   York 97a
    Herbert William LUPTON son s 9   Stanningley 97a
92 31 Brunswick Road Richard William WIPER head m 41 Tailor Hockton 97a
    Jane Elizth WIPER wife m 41   Woodhouse 97a
    Mable Ann WIPER dau s 14 Tailor's Finisher Gildersome 97a
    Cecil WIPER son s 12   Gildersome 97a
93 29 Brunswick Road Joseph PEACOCK head m 54 Iron Founder GLS Bristol 97a
    Hannah Mary PEACOCK wife m 50   SFK Ipswich 97a
    James William PEACOCK son s 26 Iron Boiler Maker Leeds 97a
    Edith Victoria PEACOCK dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Leeds 97a
    Joseph Henry PEACOCK son s 17 HairDresser Leeds 97a
    Alice PEACOCK dau s 14   Leeds 97a
    John Hollings PEACOCK son s 11   Pudsey 97a
94 27 Brunswick Road George MUSGRAVE head m 31 Meat Salesman Pudsey 97a
    Francis Mary MUSGRAVE wife m 33   Calverley 97a
    M E MUSGRAVE dau s 2   Pudsey 97a
95 25 Brunswick Road Herbert SHEARD head m 33 Coach Builder Shipley 97a
    Martha SHEARD wife m 29   Idle 97a
    Edward SHEARD son s 10m   Pudsey 97a
96 23 Brunswick Road Thomas SIDDLE head m 57 Carter Bradford 97b
    Harriet SIDDLE wife m 50   Bradford 97b
    Mary Ann SIDDLE dau s 21 Woolen Machine Minder Leeds 97b
    Lily SIDDLE dau s 18 Woolen Machine Minder Leeds 97b
    Bertie SIDDLE son s 14 Carter Bradford 97b
    Harry SIDDLE son s 11   Bradford 97b
    Laurence HOWE? gson s 3   Leeds 97b
97 21 Brunswick Road Ruth Ann CROWTHER head m 57   Bradford 97b
    Jane Elizth CROWTHER dau s 26 Woolen Machine Minder Bradford 97b
    Thomas H CROWTHER son s 22 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Bradford 97b
    Nancy CROWTHER dau s 19 Woolen Machine Minder Bradford 97b
    Ruth Ann CROWTHER dau s 16 Woolen Machine Minder Bradford 97b
    James VERITY s in l m 39 Machine Fitter Bradford 97b
    Ann VERITY dau m 37   Bradford 97b
    Emily VERITY gdau s 13 Worsted Spinner Bradford 97b
    Percy VERITY gson s 8   Bradford 97b
98 19 Brunswick Road Beaumont HARE head m 48 Stuff Salesman Pudsey 97b
    Mary HARE wife m 43   Pudsey 97b
    Cyril Banks HARE son s 14   Thornbury 97b
    Harold HARE son s 12   Thornbury 97b
    Ada Marion HARE dau s 11   Pudsey 97b
    Philip Beaumont HARE son s 5   Pudsey 97b
    Frank Reginald HARE son s 1   Pudsey 97b
    Caroline DINE serv s 22 General serv CAM Cambridge 97b
99 17 Brunswick Road Samuel HARE head m 42 Railway Goods Agent Pudsey 97b
    Mary Hannah HARE wife m 40   Pudsey 97b
    Martha Annie HARE dau s 15 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 97b
    Sidney Binks HARE son s 14   Pudsey 97b
    Dora HARE dau s 5   Pudsey 97b
    Ada HARE moth w 75   Pudsey 97b
100 15 Brunswick Road John William GOODALL head m 37 Railway Clerk Pudsey 98a
    Elizth GOODALL wife m 38   Pudsey 98a
    Harold GOODALL son s 14   Pudsey 98a
    Jessie GOODALL dau s 11   Pudsey 98a
    Doris GOODALL dau s 9   Pudsey 98a
101 13 Brunswick Road Mary Jane HILLIAM head w 45   Stanningley 98a
    Frederick William HILLIAM son s 23 Joiner Stanningley 98a
    Joseph HILLIAM son s 22 Joiner Stanningley 98a
    Robert HILLIAM son s 20 Stone Mason Stanningley 98a
    Alice Ann HILLIAM dau s 18 Mohair Burler Stanningley 98a
    Dan HILLIAM son s 16 Joiner Stanningley 98a
    William HILLIAM son s 11   Stanningley 98a
    Ann ORMEROD moth w 74   Ramsgill 98a
102 11 Brunswick Road Henry Long BENNETT head m 37 Grocer Pudsey 98a
    Annie BENNETT wife m 32   Huddersfield 98a
    Elsie BENNETT dau s 5   Pudsey 98a
    Phyllis A BENNETT dau s 3   Pudsey 98a
    Harry Hanson BENNETT son s 4m   Pudsey 98a
    Sarah CONNELLY serv s 23 General serv IRE 98a
103 9 Brunswick Road Edmund LASSEY head m 44 Woolen Mfgr's Manager Morley 98a
    Ann LASSEY wife m 42   Batley 98a
    Joseph C LASSEY son s 15 Joiner's app. Morley 98a
    Martha WILSON m in l w 70   Farsley 98a
104 7 Brunswick Road Henry Edward VICKERS head m 44 Iron Grinder Foreman Rotherham 98a
    Hannah Maria VICKERS wife m 37   NTH Peterborough 98a
    Edmund VICKERS son s 1   Pudsey 98a
    Jessie WARDLE serv s 24 General serv Sutton 98a
    Ethel WILSON serv s 17 General serv Kilnhurst 98a
105 5 Brunswick Road John Renton WHITAKER head m 32 Cigar Traveller Pudsey 98b
    Lizzie A WHITAKER wife m 32   Pudsey 98b
    Luke Renton WHITAKER son s 2   Pudsey 98b
    Sarah E WILSON serv s 17 General serv Grangetown 98b
106 3 Brunswick Road Ruth Ann BOOCOCK head w 47   Calverley 98b
    Florence BOOCOCK dau s 21 Boarding School Teacher Leeds 98b
    Herbert BOOCOCK son s 19 Shop Fitter [Wood] Pudsey 98b
107 1 Brunswick Road Tom COLLINSON head m 40 Elementary Schoolmaster Bradford 98b
    Mary Elizabeth COLLINSON wife m 34   Fairburn 98b
    Sarah Ann COLLINSON dau s 4   Pudsey 98b
    Marjoire COLLINSON dau s 9m   Pudsey 98b
108 22 Brunswick Road Henry JOWETT head m 30 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 98b
    Emily JOWETT wife m 30   Leeds 98b
    Annie WRIGGLESWORTH s in l s 25 Boot Fitter Pudsey 98b
    Pollie WRIGGLESWORTH s in l s 20 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 98b
109 24 Brunswick Road John WOOD head m 66 Road lab. Pudsey 98b
    Sarah WOOD wife m 55   Leeds 98b
    Selina WOOD dau s 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 98b
    Sarah WOOD gdau s 3   Pudsey 98b
110 26 Brunswick Road John BANNISTER head m 60 Yeast Dealer Armley 98b
    Mary BANNISTER wife m 60   Bramley 98b
    Eva BANNISTER dau s 31   Armley 98b
    Jane Ann BANNISTER dau s 29 Flax Mill Cleaner Armley 98b
    Mabel Hilda BANNISTER dau s 26 Flax Mill Winder Armley 98b
    Ethel BANNISTER dau s 22 Flax Mill Winder Armley 98b
111 28 Brunswick Road Grace THACKRAY head s 30 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 98b
    Nancy THACKRAY sis s 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 98b
    John Walton THACKRAY bro s 19 Iron Fixture Fitter Pudsey 98b
    Fred HINCHLIFFE b-in-l m 30 Woolen Weaving Overlooker Bramley 98b
    Rose Ann HINCHLIFFE sis m 27   Pudsey 98b
    Sarah HINCHLIFFE niece s 9m   Pudsey 98b
112 30 Brunswick Road A GARTH head m 39 Leather Currier Bramley 99a
    H GARTH wife m 40   Castleford 99a
    Willie GARTH son s 3   Pudsey 99a
113 32 Brunswick Road John ROBBINS head m 42 Wood Pattern Maker WIL Melksham 99a
    Annie ROBBINS wife m 39   Eccleshill 99a
    Christina ROBBINS dau s 8   Bradford 99a
    Lucy ROBBINS dau s 7   Bradford 99a
    Berty ROBBINS son s 6   Pudsey 99a
    Fred ROBBINS son s 4   Pudsey 99a
    Ada ROBBINS dau s 1   Pudsey 99a
114 34 Brunswick Road John STRICKLAND head m 30 Boot Finisher Pudsey 99a
    Agnes STRICKLAND wife m 29   Stanningley 99a
    Eddie STRICKLAND son s 1   Pudsey 99a
    Clarice STRICKLAND dau s 3m   Pudsey 99a
115 36 Brunswick Road Henry HOLMES head m 53 Living on Own Means ESS Whitham 99a
    Annie HOLMES wife m 52   Gildersome 99a
    Harry HOLMES son s 10   Wortley 99a
116 49 Brunswick Road Benj Albert COE head m 50 Grocer Pudsey 99a
    Hannah Maria COE wife m 52   Pudsey 99a
    Mary Elizth COE dau s 25 Boot Machinist Heckmondwike 99a
    Maud COE dau s 21 Boot Fitter Pudsey 99a
117 51 Brunswick Road Abram HAINSWORTH head m 50 Iron Boiler * Bramley 99a
    Jane Ann HAINSWORTH wife m 47   Tong 99a
    Joseph HAINSWORTH son s 25 Boot & Shoemaker Pudsey 99a
    Richard HAINSWORTH son s 11   Pudsey 99a
    Randolph HAINSWORTH son s 6   Pudsey 99a
    Mary Ann HAINSWORTH dau s 27 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 99a
    Clara HAINSWORTH dau s 22 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 99a
    Lily HAINSWORTH dau s 15 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 99a
118 53 Brunswick Road Joseph Hodgson PEEL head m 61 Founder & Fire Irons Maker Cleckheaton 99b
    Isabella PEEL wife m 62   Middlebro 99b
119 55 Brunswick Road William ROBERTSHAW head m 24 WhiteSmith Bradford 99b
    Clara ROBERTSHAW wife m 25   Bradford 99b
120 57 Brunswick Road Thomas J HAYWARD head m 35 Boot Rivetter LAN Southport 99b
    Adelaide HAYWARD wife m 31   Pudsey 99b
    Herbert HAYWARD son s 12   Pudsey 99b
    Leonard HAYWARD son s 10   Pudsey 99b
    Walter HAYWARD son s 3   Pudsey 99b
121 59 Brunswick Road Joseph WARD head m 64 Woolen Weaver Yeadon 99b
    Mary WARD wife m 68   Calverley 99b
    Sarah WARD dau s 42 Woolen Weaver Calverley 99b
    Grace WARD dau s 40 Woolen Weaver Calverley 99b
    Ellen WARD dau s 37 Woolen Weaver Calverley 99b
122 61 Brunswick Road William WARD head m 27 Worsted Warp Dresser Calverley 99b
    Mary Elizabeth WARD wife m 27   DUR Spennymoor 99b
    Thos Percy WILSON board s 23 Policeman Harrogate 99b
123 15 Larkfield Road William MALLINSON head m 44 Iron Boiler Maker Lockwood 99b
    Sarah MALLINSON wife m 46   Bramley 99b
    Benjamin MALLINSON son s 19 Wagon Works lab. Pudsey 99b
    Henry MALLINSON son s 17 Blacksmith's app. Pudsey 99b
    Hannah Mary MALLINSON dau s 15 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 99b
    Arthur MALLINSON son s 13 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 99b
    James MALLINSON son s 11   Pudsey 99b
    Lizzie MALLINSON dau s 7   Pudsey 99b
    Fred MALLINSON son s 4   Pudsey 99b
124 13 Larkfield Road Frederick E WESTIN head m 35 Machine Crane Fitter GLA Cardiff 100a
    Emily WESTIN wife m 40   Armley 100a
    Chas Victor WESTIN son s 11   Farsley 100a
    Alfred Jackson WESTIN son s 6   Stanningley 100a
    Walter Stanley WESTIN son s 4   Pudsey 100a
125 11 Larkfield Road James WESTERN head m 38 Boot & Shoemaker Hull 100a
    Annie Eliz WESTERN wife m 34   Pickering 100a
    Frances Mary WESTERN dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 100a
    Grace Hannah WESTERN dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 100a
    Fred WESTERN son s 11   Pudsey 100a
    Florrie WESTERN dau s 9   Bramley 100a
    Henry WESTERN son s 7   Pudsey 100a
    Isaac WESTERN son s 4   Pudsey 100a
    Lucy WESTERN dau s 2   Pudsey 100a
    Jim WESTERN son s 8m   Pudsey 100a
126 9 Larkfield Road Charley WARD head m 35 Mechanic Calverley 100a
    Mary Ann WARD wife m 34   Batley 100a
    Elsie WARD dau s 14 Stuff Weaver Yeadon 100a
    Joseph WARD son s 13 Woolen Doffer Yeadon 100a
    Willie WARD son s 10   Yeadon 100a
    Harry WARD son s 9   Yeadon 100a
    Ben WARD son s 7   Yeadon 100a
    Mary Jane WARD dau s 5   Yeadon 100a
    Annie Eliza WARD dau s 3   Pudsey 100a
    Doris WARD dau s 1   Pudsey 100a
127 7 Larkfield Road Joseph WEBSTER head m 39 Stone Quarryman Pudsey 100a
    Clara WEBSTER wife m 39   Pudsey 100a
    Ethel WEBSTER dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 100a
    Mary WEBSTER dau s 9   Pudsey 100a
    John Willie WEBSTER son s 7   Pudsey 100a
    George Edward WEBSTER son s 5   Pudsey 100a
    Joseph WEBSTER son s 1   Pudsey 100a
128 5 Larkfield Road Hugh RAISTRICK head m 68   Pudsey 100b
    Mary RAISTRICK wife m 58   Pudsey 100b
    Martha A RAISTRICK dau s 29 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 100b
    Hugh RAISTRICK son s 15 Iron Driller Pudsey 100b
129 3 Larkfield Road Ben ROEBUCK head m 41 Railway lab. Wooldale 100b
    Eliza ROEBUCK wife m 41   STS Rochester 100b
    William ROEBUCK son s 18 Iron Founder Pudsey 100b
    Ernest ROEBUCK son s 16 Iron Fender Maker Pudsey 100b
    Harry ROEBUCK son s 14 Butcher's app. Pudsey 100b
    Mary FINNEY niece s 21 Wool Weaver DBY Alveston 100b
130 1 Larkfield Road John S OSBORNE head m 52 Gas Works lab. BDF 100b
    Sarah A OSBORNE wife m 46   BDF 100b
    John J OSBORNE son s 22 Woolen Mule Piecer Drighlington 100b
    Lucy OSBORNE dau s 25   Drighlington 100b
    Harry OSBORNE son s 18 Tenterer Drighlington 100b
    Mark OSBORNE son s 15 Gardener & lab. Drighlington 100b
    Annie OSBORNE dau s 8   Pudsey 100b
    Amy OSBORNE dau s 3   Pudsey 100b
    Sarah E OSBORNE dau m 28   Pudsey 100b
    Polly OSBORNE niece s 15 Worsted Drawer Drighlington 100b
    Will PICKLES gson s 3   Pudsey 100b
131 2 Larkfield Road John WALLER head m 48 Stone Fence Waller Pudsey 100b
    Sarah WALLER wife m 48   Bramley 100b
    Ruth Ann WALLER dau s 22 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 100b
    Rebecca WALLER dau s 20 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 100b
    Lily WALLER dau s 18 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 100b
    Martha Maud WALLER dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 100b
132 4 Larkfield Road Montague BINKS head W 56 Coal Carter [Household] Pudsey 101a
    Mary Alice BINKS dau s 24   Pudsey 101a
    Arthur BINKS son s 28 Kitchen Range Fitter Pudsey 101a
    Wilfred BINKS son s 14 Bobbin Taker-Off Pudsey 101a
    George BE*LEY board s 20 Boot & Shoe Finisher Bagley 101a
133 8 Larkfield Road Samuel WILD head m 36 Iron Founder Middlesbrough 101a
    Sarah Elizth WILD wife m 29   Pudsey 101a
    Elizth Ann WILD dau s 6   Pudsey 101a
    Herbert WILD son s 3   Pudsey 101a
134 10 Larkfield Road Alfred HARMAN head m 43 Stone Dresser OXF Henley 101a
    Mary Ann HARMAN wife m 44   NFK Norwich 101a
    Martha Jane HARMAN dau s 18 Cloth Weaver Stanningley 101a
135 12 Larkfield Road Robert KIPLING head m 42 Gas Works lab. DUR Barnard Castle 101a
    Hannah Maria KIPLING wife m 30   LIN Helmswell 101a
    William Vickers HARRISON son s 18 Unemployed Farsley 101a
    Harold HARRISON son s 17 Leather Currier Farsley 101a
    Lilian HARRISON dau s 15 Woolen Mill Tyer-In Farsley 101a
136 14 Larkfield Road Alexander SIMPSON head m 39 Colour Printer SCT 101a
    Mary E SIMPSON wife m 28 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 101a
    Alexander SIMPSON son s 6   Pudsey 101a
    Harold SIMPSON son s 2   Pudsey 101a
137 16 Larkfield Road Henry WHEELWRIGHT head m 35 Rag Grinder Foreman Sutton 101a
    Alice Jane WHEELWRIGHT wife m 32   Ossett 101a
    Evelina WHEELWRIGHT dau s 14 Draper's ass. Ossett 101a
    Edith WHEELWRIGHT dau s 12   Ossett 101a
    George WHEELWRIGHT son s 3   Leeds 101a
138 33 Pembroke Road Edwin INMAN head m 38 Iron Works lab. Kirkheaton 101b
    Priscilla INMAN wife m 32   Yeadon 101b
    Annie INMAN dau s 16 Worsted Millhand Batley 101b
    Joseph INMAN son s 4   Yeadon 101b
    Mary Ann INMAN dau s 3   Yeadon 101b
    Lavinia INMAN dau s 6m   Pudsey 101b
    William Henry PICKFORD relative s 16 Woolen Mill lab. Yeadon 101b
139 31 Pembroke Road Thomas E NAYLOR head m 45 Leather Currier Leeds 101b
    Alice NAYLOR wife m 40   Leeds 101b
    Florence NAYLOR dau s 11   Leeds 101b
    Ada NAYLOR dau s 9   Leeds 101b
    Charles NAYLOR son s 6   Leeds 101b
    James NAYLOR son s 2   Leeds 101b
140 29 Pembroke Road James Alfred GAUNT head m 52 Iron Works lab. Pudsey 101b
    Rhoda GAUNT wife m 45   Pudsey 101b
    Samuel GAUNT son s 23 Iron Works lab. Pudsey 101b
    Albert A GAUNT son s 16 Woolen Mill lab. Pudsey 101b
    John GAUNT son s 8   Pudsey 101b
    James A GAUNT son s 4   Pudsey 101b
141 27 Pembroke Road William SUGDEN head m 44 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Pudsey 101b
    Beatrice SUGDEN wife m 36   Pudsey 101b
    Henrietta SUGDEN dau s 18 Worsted Mender Farsley 101b
    Willie SUGDEN son s 16 Blacksmith's app. Farsley 101b
    Annie SUGDEN dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Farsley 101b
    George SUGDEN son s 11   Farsley 101b
    Tom SUGDEN son s 8   Farsley 101b
142 25 Pembroke Road William JOHNSON head m 51 Worsted Warehouseman Pudsey 101b
    Ann JOHNSON wife m 54   Pudsey 101b
    Sarah Annie JOHNSON dau s 18 Worsted Drawer Bramley 101b
    Ada JOHNSON dau s 16 Worsted Drawer Bramley 101b
143 23 Pembroke Road John W BINNS head m 40 Iron Dresser Pudsey 102a
    Alice BINNS wife m 39   Pudsey 102a
    Harry LAWSON board s 19 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 102a
    martha Ann BINNS dau s 17 Worsted Twister Pudsey 102a
    Arthur BINNS son s 11   Pudsey 102a
    Ethel BINNS dau s 9   Pudsey 102a
    Bertha BINNS dau s 7   Pudsey 102a
    Mary BINNS dau s 5   Pudsey 102a
    Doris BINNS dau s 2   Pudsey 102a
    Jeremiah BINNS fath W 61 Stone Mason's lab. Pudsey 102a
144 21 Pembroke Road Joseph WHITAKER head m 55 Iron Machine Driller Wortley 102a
    Hannah WHITAKER wife m 51   Armley 102a
    Albert WHITAKER son s 22   Armley 102a
    Edgar WHITAKER son s 18 Joiner Armley 102a
145 32 Pembroke Road George SPURR head m 50 Iron Moulder Earlsheaton 102a
    Charlotte SPURR wife m 46   Stanningley 102a
    Joseph SPURR son s 20 Stone Mason Leeds 102a
146 30 Pembroke Road Samuel P NORTH head m 26 Police Constable SAL Grinstrill 102a
    Elizabeth Jennie NORTH wife m 27   LEI Ballendon 102a
    Bernard Buden NORTH son s 9m   Pudsey 102a
147 28 Pembroke Road John William CRABTREE head m 30 Journalist Reporter Leeds 102a
    Annie CRABTREE wife m 29   Leeds 102a
    Florrie CRABTREE dau s 5   Greengates 102a
    Joseph CRABTREE son s 1   Pudsey 102a
    Violetta WILKINSON s in l s 20 Worsted Weaver Leeds 102a
148 26 Pembroke Road John INMAN head m 69 Tailor Craven 102a
    Sarah INMAN wife m 57   Ramsgill 102a
149 24 Pembroke Road Harry HARGREAVES head m 25 Boot Finisher Pudsey 102a
    Elizabeth HARGREAVES wife m 26   Farsley 102a
150 22 Pembroke Road William ATKINSON head m 57 Railway Store Man Pudsey 102b
    Ada ATKINSON wife m 49   Morley 102b
    Alfred ATKINSON son s 18 Gas Fitter Pudsey 102b
    Joseph ATKINSON son s 13 Factory Bobbin Layer Bramley 102b
    Joseph NAYLOR adptson s 20 Railway Yard Man Cleckheaton 102b
151 18 & 20 Pembroke Road George I C CROMACK head m 34 Grocer Pudsey 102b
    Frances CROMACK wife m 30   Pudsey 102b
    Lydia Ann CROMACK dau s 1   Pudsey 102b
    Janie HART serv s 21 General serv CHS Cheshire 102b
    Annie NORTON visit s 21 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 102b
152 16 Pembroke Road Walter GRAYSON head m 41 Worsted Spinning Manager WOR Kinover ? 102b
    Hannah GRAYSON wife m 38   Bradford 102b
    Frank GRAYSON son s 15   Bradford 102b
    Elizabeth GRAYSON dau s 10   Bradford 102b
    Samuel GRAYSON son s 10   Bradford 102b
    Walter GRAYSON son s 7   Bradford 102b
    Wilfred GRAYSON son s 5   Bradford 102b
    Cecil GRAYSON son s 4   Bradford 102b
    Florence May GRAYSON dau s 2   Pudsey 102b
153 10 Pembroke Road Albertina WOOD head W 58 Living on Own Means Pudsey 102b
    Albertina HEWITT gdau s 3   Wortley 102b
    Ellenor A SOWELL visit W 56 Living on Own Means Pudsey 102b
    Rosella CUMMINGS serv s 13 General serv Keighley 102b
154 8 Pembroke Road Ellen Elizth HALEY head s 59 Living on Own Means Stanningley 102b
    Sarah Ann HALEY sis s 54 Living on Own Means Stanningley 102b
155 6 Pembroke Road George JOHNSON head m 49 Iron Bridge Erector Calverley 103a
    Sarah Ann JOHNSON wife m 51   Pudsey 103a
    Eliza Ellen JOHNSON dau s 23   Upton 103a
    George Percy JOHNSON son s 18 Iron Fettler's app. Pudsey 103a
    Freddy JOHNSON son s 16 Boiler Maker's app. Pudsey 103a
    Joseph Harold JOHNSON son s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 103a
    Irwin JOHNSON son s 11   Farsley 103a
    Sarah Ann JOHNSON dau s 8   Leeds 103a
156 1 Thorpe Road Mary INGHAM head w 76 Living on Own Means Calverley 103a
    Samuel CLOUGH neph s 12   Bradford 103a
157 3 Thorpe Road Ben LUMBY head m 55 Spirit Merchant's Clerk Pudsey 103a
    Hannah LUMBY wife m 60   Pudsey 103a
    Hannah LUMBY dau s 24 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 103a
    Phoebe LUMBY dau s 23 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 103a
    Eva LUMBY dau s 16   Pudsey 103a
158 5 Thorpe Road John Henry MARSDEN head m 48 Plumber LAN Manchester 103a
    Alice MARSDEN wife m 37   Leeds 103a
    Albert C MARSDEN son s 21 Plumber's lab. Farsley 103a
    Florence Mabel MARSDEN dau s 18 Worsted Sleigher Farsley 103a
    Lucy Ann MARSDEN dau s 16 Worsted Burler Farsley 103a
    George MARSDEN son s 8   Farsley 103a
    Beatrice JOWETT stepdau s 18 Worsted Weaver Bradford 103a
    Mabel JOWETT stepdau s 13 Worsted Sleigher Leeds 103a
    Dora JOWETT stepdau s 10   Leeds 103a
159 7 Thorpe Road James WOOD head m 60 Woolen Fetler Farsley 103b
    Elizth M WOOD wife m 58   Wortley 103b
    Angelina WOOD dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Morley 103b
    Clara WOOD dau s 21 Dress Goods Weaver Morley 103b
    Mary HAINSWORTH dau m 28   Morley 103b
    Israel HAINSWORTH s in l m 26 Insurance Agent Farsley 103b
160 9 Thorpe Road James KEMP head m 50 Stone Mason's lab. Birstall 103b
    Sarah Ann KEMP wife m 45   LAN Ashton 103b
    Mary E KEMP dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Cleckheaton 103b
    Amy Jane KEMP dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Cleckheaton 103b
    Hilda May KEMP dau s 21 Silk Weaver Cleckheaton 103b
    Martha Ann KEMP dau s 20 Silk Weaver Cleckheaton 103b
    Hartley KEMP son s 16 Iron Moulder's app. Cleckheaton 103b
    Henry A KEMP son s 13 Spinning Doffer Cleckheaton 103b
    Nelly KEMP dau s 12   Cleckheaton 103b
    Everelda KEMP dau s 9   Pudsey 103b
    Richard A KEMP son s 6   Pudsey 103b
161 11 Thorpe Road Thos SCOTT head m 51 Shoemaker Eccleshill 103b
    Jane SCOTT wife m 52   Pudsey 103b
    Luther SCOTT son W 27 Stone Mason Pudsey 103b
    Florrie SCOTT dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 103b
    Arthur SCOTT son s 21 Woolen Mule Piecer Pudsey 103b
    Laura SCOTT dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 103b
    James SCOTT son s 16 Woolen Mule Piecer Pudsey 103b
    Harry SCOTT son s 13 Woolen Mule Piecer Pudsey 103b
162 13 Thorpe Road Joseph VERITY head m 25 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Pudsey 103b
    Alice VERITY wife m 24   Farsley 103b
163 15 Thorpe Road William KING head m 46 Brewer's Traveller LAN Barton 104a
    Margaret KING wife m 48   LAN Pendleton 104a
    Margaret KING dau s 24   LAN Eccles 104a
    Martha KING dau s 22 Dressmaker's ass. LAN Eccles 104a
    William KING son s 19 Clerk LAN Eccles 104a
    Fred KING son s 17 Beer Bottler Stanningley 104a
    Helen KING dau s 15 Worsted Winder Stanningley 104a
    Annie KING dau s 11   Stanningley 104a
    Florence KING dau s 9   Stanningley 104a
164 17 Thorpe Road John WRIGLESWORTH head m 49 Joiner & Carpenter Leeds 104a
    Clara WRIGLESWORTH wife m 42   Wortley 104a
    Arthur WRIGLESWORTH son s 16 Carpenter's app. Pudsey 104a
    Nellie WRIGLESWORTH dau s 13 Boot Machinist Pudsey 104a
    Arnold WRIGLESWORTH son s 11   Pudsey 104a
    Edgar WRIGLESWORTH son s 8   Pudsey 104a
165 19 Thorpe Road Mary REDICK head s 48 Private School Teacher Leeds 104a
166 15 Higher Grange Road Louisa FISHER head w 41 Living on Own Means Bramley 104a
    John FISHER son s 19 Painter & Decorator Bramley 104a
    Ethel FISHER dau s 15 Dressmaker's app. Bramley 104a
    Elsie FISHER dau s 12   Bramley 104a
    Dolly FISHER dau s 6   Pudsey 104a
167 13 Higher Grange Road John W MYERS head m 50 Coal Miner Bramley 104a
    Rhoda MYERS wife m 45   Pudsey 104a
    Walter MYERS son s 23 Coal Miner Pudsey 104a
    Hannah M MYERS dau s 18 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 104a
    Herbert MYERS son s 16 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 104a
    Edith MYERS dau s 10   Pudsey 104a
168 11 Higher Grange Road Harry HINCHLIFFE head m 28 Woolen Fettler Staincliffe 104a
    Annie HINCHLIFFE wife m 26 Worsted Weaver NTH Colebrook 104a
    Amelia HINCHLIFFE son s 5   Yeadon 104a
    Eliza BAKER m in l w 66   LEI Leicester 104a
169 9 Higher Grange Road James LUMBY head W 50 Stone Quarryman Pudsey 104b
    Daniel D LUMBY son s 25 Painter's lab. Pudsey 104b
    Sarah Ann LUMBY dau s 21 Cotton Weaver Pudsey 104b
    Elizth LUMBY dau s 17 Cotton Weaver Pudsey 104b
    Thomas B LUMBY son s 15 Errand Boy Pudsey 104b
    Mary Ann LUMBY dau s 11   Pudsey 104b
170 7 Higher Grange Road John OGG head m 35 Tailor SCT 104b
    Mary Hannah OGG wife m 34   Little Ouseburn 104b
    Jessie OGG dau s 8   Pudsey 104b
    Donald OGG son s 6   Pudsey 104b
    Elsie OGG dau s 4   Pudsey 104b
    Annie OGG dau s 2   Pudsey 104b
171 5 Higher Grange Road Thomas BARROW head m 46 PostMan [Letter Carrier] LEI Great Gaston 104b
    Frances BARROW wife m 43   Stanningley 104b
    Herbert BARROW son s 18 Milk Carrier Stanningley 104b
    Frank BARROW son s 15 Worsted Millhand Stanningley 104b
    Zillah BARROW dau s 10   Stanningley 104b
    Agnes BARROW dau s 9   Stanningley 104b
    Harold BARROW son s 8   Stanningley 104b
    Ethel BARROW dau s 6   Stanningley 104b
    Mary Alice BARROW dau s 3   Pudsey 104b
172 3 Higher Grange Road Frank LEE head m 50 Iron Wagon Works lab. Farsley 104b
    Phoebie LEE wife m 47   Pudsey 104b
    Annie Lizzy CROFT dau m 24 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 104b
    John CROFT s in l m 21 Blacksmith's Striker Pudsey 104b
    John RHODES s in l m 22 Blacksmith's Striker Pudsey 104b
    Florence RHODES dau m 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 104b
    Florence Elsie CROFT gdau s 5m   Pudsey 104b
173 2 Higher Grange Road Alfred KEIGHLEY head m 36 Wool Combing Overlooker Bradford 105a
    Sarah Ann KEIGHLEY wife m 36   Bradford 105a
    Annie KEIGHLEY dau s 10   Bradford 105a
    John KEIGHLEY son s 3   Pudsey 105a
174 4 Higher Grange Road John ELSWORTH head m 27 Joiner Pudsey 105a
    Mary ELSWORTH wife m 30 Worsted Weaver Carlingham 105a
175 6 Higher Grange Road Alfred HUDSON head m 38 Shoemaker Wortley 105a
    Rhoda HUDSON wife m 36 Bread Baker Pudsey 105a
176 8 Higher Grange Road Houlden NAYLOR head m 38 Iron Moulder Pudsey 105a
    Fanny NAYLOR wife m 35   Pudsey 105a
    Albert NAYLOR son s 10   Pudsey 105a
    Alice NAYLOR dau s 4   Pudsey 105a
    Ada NAYLOR dau s 3   Pudsey 105a
177 10 Higher Grange Road James KENDALL head m 36 Cloth Dyer's lab. Pudsey 105a
    Harriet Ann KENDALL wife m 35   Pannal 105a
    George William KENDALL son s 8   LAN Ashton 105a
    Herbert KENDALL son s 6   Pudsey 105a
    Charley KENDALL son s 5   Pudsey 105a
    Minnie KENDALL dau s 2   Pudsey 105a
    William KENDALL bro s 44 Boot Maker Pudsey 105a
    Joseph KENDALL bro s 46 Boot Finisher Pudsey 105a
178 12 Higher Grange Road John PARROT head W 43 Iron Fixture Fitter Pudsey 105a
    Rachel BARRON serv m 52 Housekeeper Farsley 105a
179 14 Higher Grange Road James William CROFT head m 25 Woolen Cloth Miller Farsley 105a
    Sarah Ann CROFT wife m 21 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 105a
    Harry POWELL visit s 15 BrickLayer Farsley 105a
180 16 Higher Grange Road Samuel GRASBY head m 40 Tailor LIN Barnettby 105b
    Jane GRASBY wife m 40   LIN Kirton in Lindsey 105b
    William Hy GRASBY son s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 105b
    Ethel GRASBY dau s 9   Pudsey 105b
    Albert GRASBY son s 8   Pudsey 105b
    Violet Edna GRASBY dau s 2   Pudsey 105b
181 35 Thorpe Road Richard SMITH head W 50 House Painter Bradford 105b
    Lilly SMITH dau s 24 Stocking Knitter Shipley 105b
    Florence E SMITH dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Baildon 105b
    James A SMITH son s 17 Cabinet Maker Farsley 105b
182 33 Thorpe Road William GORMAN head m 39 Cloth Presser Leeds 105b
    Florence GORMAN wife m 30   Yeadon 105b
    George William GORMAN son s 4   Pudsey 105b
    Harold GORMAN son s 2   Pudsey 105b
    Florence Ethel GORMAN dau s 10m   Pudsey 105b
183 31 Thorpe Road Sam BURTON head m 36 Iron Moulder Pudsey 105b
    Alice BURTON wife m 31   Scriven 105b
    Annie BURTON dau s 9   Pudsey 105b
    Mary BURTON dau s 8   Pudsey 105b
    Agnes BURTON dau s 8m   Pudsey 105b
184 29 Thorpe Road John CLEGG head m 67 Gardener Halifax 105b
    Eliza CLEGG wife m 67   NFK Norwich 105b
    Albert CLEGG son m 31 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 105b
    Eva CLEGG d in l m 31   Pudsey 105b
    Eliza CLEGG gdau s 4   Pudsey 105b
    Phyllis CLEGG gdau s 1   Pudsey 105b
185 27 Thorpe Road Frances NEWELL head w 67   Pudsey 106a
    Rachel NEWELL dau s 31   Pudsey 106a
    Joseph NEWELL son s 28 Brewer's lab. Pudsey 106a
    Ellen NEWELL dau s 26 Fancy Cloth Weaver Pudsey 106a
    Beatrice L NEWELL dau s 24 Silk Weaver Pudsey 106a
    Lillian Mary NEWELL gdau s 4   Leeds 106a
186 25 Thorpe Road Henry BIRCH head m 28 Iron Moulder Wakefield 106a
    Emma BIRCH wife m 27   Pudsey 106a
    Richard BIRCH son s 2   Pudsey 106a
    Clara BIRCH dau s 7m   Pudsey 106a
187 23 Thorpe Road John KEIGHLEY head m 66 Gas Lamplighter Pudsey 106a
    Mary KEIGHLEY wife m 62   Pudsey 106a
    Clara WARD dau m 32 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 106a
    Clifford WARD gson s 11   Pudsey 106a
188 21 Thorpe Road Tom HEALD head m 40 Tailor's Cutter Acklam 106a
    Sarah HEALD wife m 38   Norton 106a
    Annie HEALD dau s 14 Tailoress Wetwang 106a
    Wilfred HEALD son s 9   Leeds 106a
    Elsie HEALD dau s 5   Leeds 106a
189 2 Fern Terrace John ORMEROD head m 44 Stone Mason Pudsey 106a
    Sarah H ORMEROD wife m 47   Pudsey 106a
    Joseph W ORMEROD son s 21 G W R Company Clerk Pudsey 106a
190 4 Fern Terrace Herbert MAWSON head m 34 Grocer [Shopkeeper] Leeds 106a
    Eliza MAWSON wife m 38   Leeds 106a
    Jane Alice MAWSON dau s 10   Farsley 106a
    Frances MAWSON dau s 7   Leeds 106a
191 6 Fern Terrace Eli JOWETT head m 44 Worsted Piece Taker-in Thornton 106a
    Ruth JOWETT wife m 45   Clayton 106a
    Nelly JOWETT dau s 23 Worsted Burler & Mender Bolton Woods 106a
    Teddy SARSON board s 21 Boot Rivetter WLS 106a
192 8 Fern Terrace David TYNE head m 45 Insurance Agent Pudsey 106b
    Mary TYNE wife m 48   Pudsey 106b
    Mary Emma TYNE dau s 24 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 106b
    Jane TYNE dau s 15 Cloth Spinner Pudsey 106b
    Rebecca TYNE dau s 10   Pudsey 106b
193 10 Fern Terrace Arthur BOOCOCK head m 28 Iron Moulder Pudsey 106b
    Emily BOOCOCK wife m 27   Calverley 106b
    Lilian BOOCOCK dau s 6   Farsley 106b
    Hilda BOOCOCK dau s 4   Pudsey 106b
194 14 Fern Terrace William R HUDSON head m 48 Joiner Drighlington 106b
    Bessie HUDSON wife m 46   Gomersal 106b
    Fred HUDSON son s 21 Joiner Pudsey 106b
    Sarah HUDSON dau s 15 Dressmaker Pudsey 106b
    Albert HUDSON son s 13 Railway Goods Office Boy Pudsey 106b
    William HUDSON son s 7   Pudsey 106b
195 16 Fern Terrace John BIRDSALL head m 32 Woolen Mule Spinner Pudsey 106b
    Grace Alice BIRDSALL wife m 32   Pudsey 106b
    Reginald BIRDSALL son s 3   Pudsey 106b
196 Richardshaw Oliver A JOWETT head m 49 Woolen Manufacturer Leathley 106b
    Mary A JOWETT wife m 50   Bradford 106b
    James A JOWETT son s 16 Solicitor's Clerk Greengates 106b
    Mary A JOWETT dau s 15   Greengates 106b
    Ethel A JOWETT dau s 11   Greengates 106b
    Henrietta WEARING serv s 24 General serv WLS 106b
197 Wetland Villa Joseph WOOD head m 42 Retired Publican Pudsey 106b
  Richardshaw Hannah WOOD wife m 39   Batley 106b
    Edward WOOD son s 18 Valuer's app. LAN St. Helens 106b
    Lottie WOOD dau s 11   Pudsey 106b
    Mary E COLBOURNE serv s 18 General serv Pudsey 106b
198 51 Richardshaw John William BURNES head m 48 Draughtsman Pudsey 107a
    Mary Emily BURNES wife m 42   Pudsey 107a
199 49 Richardshaw Richd Hy WILSON head m 32 Auctioneer & Valuer Calverley 107a
    Elizth Jane WILSON wife m 30   DUR Darlington 107a
200 47 Richardshaw Hubert LUSH head m 28 Insurance Superintendent Bradford 107a
    Harriet LUSH wife m 26   NFK Fincham 107a
    Helen LUSH dau s 3   Bradford 107a
    Gladys LUSH dau s 2   Bradford 107a
    Arthur BLY b-in-l s 21   NFK Fincham 107a
201 45 Richardshaw Mary Ann SALTER head w 67 Living on Own Means LON 107a
    Frances Edith GREEN serv s 25 General serv DUR Lancaster 107a
202 43 Richardshaw Elizabeth GAUNT head w 61   Pudsey 107a
    Luther GAUNT son s 33 Music Professor Pudsey 107a
    Ernest GAUNT son s 23 Wool Mfgr's Clerk Pudsey 107a
203 41 Richardshaw James HART head m 36 Insurance Asst Superintendent Egton 107a
    Margaret HART wife m 43   Winestead 107a
    Agnes HART dau s 10   York 107a
    Henry HART son s 9   York 107a
    Grace HART dau s 7   Scarbro 107a
    Nellie HART dau s 3   Pudsey 107a
    Eva HART dau s 3w   Pudsey 107a
204 39 Richardshaw John Arthur FELL head m 51 Worsted Coating Designer Bradford 107a
    Sarah FELL wife m 44   Shipley 107a
    Arthur A FELL son s 10   Saltaire 107a
    Emma FELL sis s 45   Bradford 107a
205 33 Richardshaw Herbert HODGSON head m 43 Architect & Land Surveyor Queensbury 107a
    Florence E HODGSON wife m 32   SOM Bath 107a
    Mary E HODGSON dau s 1   Pudsey 107a
    Emma HODGSON sis s 53   Queensbury 107a
206 31 Richardshaw William WROE head W 61 Tobacconist Bradford 107b
    mary C WROE dau s 27   Bradford 107b
    Harriet CONNELL s in l s 44   Hull 107b
    Ada HANSON niece s 7   Brierley 107b
207 29 Richardshaw Thomas B SALTHOUSE head m 34 Solicitor LAN Ulverston 107b
    Annie SALTHOUSE wife m 33   LAN Ulverston 107b
    Ethel A SALTHOUSE dau s 6   Pudsey 107b
    Agnes GROOM serv s 16 General serv unknown 107b
208 27 Richardshaw Frank Hy SQUIRE head m 35 Physician & Surgeon ESS Brightlingsea 107b
    Jessie SQUIRE wife m 33   ESS Brightlingsea 107b
    Frank G SQUIRE son s 5   Pudsey 107b
    Mary ADDY serv s 31 dom. Cook unknown 107b
209 25 Richardshaw Roebuck SPEIGHT head m 46 Draper Mirfield 107b
    Rachel SPEIGHT wife m 39 Milliner Leeds 107b
    Gertrude L SPEIGHT dau s 17 Milliner Dudley Hill 107b
    Edward H SPEIGHT son s 16   Dudley Hill 107b
    Ida M SPEIGHT dau s 13   Bradford 107b
210 23 Richardshaw George D GOFORTH head m 42 Grocer S*e 107b
    Betsy GOFORTH wife m 44   LIN Sturton 107b
    Agnes GOFORTH dau s 7   Pudsey 107b
    Alice Ann GOFORTH dau s 5   Pudsey 107b
    George TURNER stepson s 25 Grocer Leeds 107b
    Emily TURNER stepdau s 22   Leeds 107b
    Joseph TURNER stepson s 16 Grocer's app. Leeds 107b