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Census Index 1901 Pudsey: ED17



Piece RG13/4188 Enumeration District 17, Folios 111a - 126b,

All that part of Stanningley Ward commencing at the Waterworks on the West side of Rickardshaw Lane and continuing down to the Railway Bridge at the bottom of Rickardshaw Lane this includes New Scarbro, Primrose Hill, Watson Square, Providence Place, Cavendish Place, Varley Street, Boocock Street, Roberts Street, Eland Street, Inghams Street and Beckside Hill, Ashfield Place.


1 63 Summerfield Place Priscilla ATKINSON head s 55 Housekeeper Bramley 111a
    Sarah Ann ATKINSON sis s 45 Woolen Weaver Bramley 111a
    Priscilla REVITT cousin s 30 Tailoress Stanningley 111a
    Charles GROCUTT board W 43 Railway Clerk LIN Swinstead 111a
    Eva GROCUTT board s 13   Leeds 111a
    Ben C WARD board s 17 Railway Clerk LIN Beckingham 111a
    Francis MADDEN board s 22 Railway Clerk NTT Carlton 111a
2   Richard F MORGAN board s 38 Solicitor LIN Gainsborough 111a
3 1 Summerfield Place Joseph SUTCLIFFE head m 27 Woolen Cloth Fuller Pudsey 111a
    Lily SUTCLIFFE wife m 25   Wortley 111a
    Arthur R SUTCLIFFE son s 18m   Horsforth 111a
4 2 Summerfield Place Robert METCALFE head m 25 Mechanic - Crane Fitter Pudsey 111a
    Sarah A METCALFE wife m 25 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 111a
5 65 Summerfield Place Mary BROOK head s 45   Pudsey 111a
    Frances BROOK sis s 33 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 111a
    Sarah PEATE niece s 21 Cotton Piecener Pudsey 111a
6 67 Summerfield Place Miranda ELSWORTH head s 23   Pudsey 111a
    Joseph ELSWORTH son s 4m   Pudsey 111a
    John W ELSWORTH bro s 14 Worsted Machine Minder Pudsey 111a
    James ELSWORTH bro s 12 Worsted Machine Minder Pudsey 111a
7 69 Summerfield Place George HAWKINS head m 33 Railway Shunter HAM Eaton Socon 111a
    Mary HAWKINS wife m 32   Flockton 111a
    Walton HAWKINS son s 10   Laister Dyke 111a
    Horace HAWKINS son s 8   Laister Dyke 111a
    Lily HAWKINS dau s 6   Pudsey 111a
    Leonard HAWKINS son s 4   Pudsey 111a
    Doris HAWKINS dau s 1   Pudsey 111a
8 77 Summerfield Place John W VARLEY head m 41 Life Insurance Agent Pudsey 111a
    Mary E VARLEY wife m 40   Winteringham 111a
9 71 Summerfield Place Samuel C IVES head m 56 Cattle Dealer Guiseley 111a
    Louisa IVES wife m 56   Leeds 111a
    Lois E IVES dau s 24 Boot Fitter Guiseley 111b
    Rosamond IVES dau s 19 Milliner Guiseley 111b
    Allen IVES son s 17 Printer & Compositor Shipley 111b
    Sidney IVES son s 14 Joiner & Pattern Maker Windhill 111b
10 73 Summerfield Place Benjamin FARRER head m 64 Shoemaker Pudsey 111b
    Jane FARRER wife m 57   Bradford 111b
    Martha H FARRER dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 111b
    Bernard FARRER son s 17 Basket Maker Pudsey 111b
    Harry FARRER gson s 1   Pudsey 111b
    Benjamin FARRER son m 27 Worsted Warehouseman Eccleshill 111b
11 75 Summerfield Place Isaih WILCOCK son m 48 Worsted Warp Dresser Pudsey 111b
    Jane WILCOCK head m 48   Headingley 111b
    Herbert WILCOCK wife s 23 Lithographic Printer Pudsey 111b
    Walter WILCOCK son s 22 Tailor Pudsey 111b
    Edwin WILCOCK son s 19 Basket Maker Pudsey 111b
    Albert WILCOCK son s 15 Grocer's ass. Bramley 111b
    Irwin WILCOCK son s 12   Bramley 111b
    Leonard WILCOCK son s 5   Bramley 111b
12 Richardshaw Lane Kate S NICE serv s 29 dom. Cook ESS Markaley 111b
  The Laurels Sarah SAWYER serv s 16 dom. Housemaid Farsley 111b
    Sarah H WOOD visit s 33 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 111b
    Frederick HASLER * s 35 Physician & Surgeon LON Islington 111b
13 1 New Scarbro Amos GILES head m 34 Wool Buyer WOR Kidderminster 111b
    Susan GILES wife m 36   Pudsey 111b
14 2 New Scarbro Mary A PYRAH head w 65 Living on Own Means Stanningley 111b
15 3 New Scarbro Charles SHEPHERD head m 25 Drayman Dunnington 111b
    Annie SHEPHERD wife m 24   Beverley 111b
    Elsie M SHEPHERD dau s 3   Drighlington 111b
    Doris SHEPHERD dau s 1   Leeds 111b
    Gladys V SHEPHERD dau s 7m   Pudsey 111b
16 4 New Scarbro Joshua WESTERMAN head m 40 Railway Yard lab. Adwalton 112a
    Mary WESTERMAN wife m 41   LAN Rochdale 112a
17 5 New Scarbro George KNAPTON head m 28 Iron Fixture Moulder Pudsey 112a
    Laura KNAPTON wife m 24   Pudsey 112a
    Thomas KNAPTON son s 3   Pudsey 112a
18 6 New Scarbro John W WARD head m 31 Gas Fitter's lab. Pudsey 112a
    Emma WARD wife m 31 Worsted Drawer Bramley 112a
    Joseph W WARD son s 4   Pudsey 112a
19 7 New Scarbro Jeremiah ACKROYD head m 52 Size Works lab. Pudsey 112a
    Harriet ACKROYD wife m 52   Pudsey 112a
20 8 New Scarbro Jane GRAYSTONE head w 78 Living on Own Means SCT 112a
21 17 New Scarbro George FOX head m 35 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 112a
    Mary E FOX wife m 34   Pudsey 112a
    Edith FOX sis s 22 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 112a
    Laura FOX dau s 11   Pudsey 112a
    Harold FOX son s 9   Pudsey 112a
    Clara FOX dau s 7   Pudsey 112a
    Arthur FOX son s 4   Pudsey 112a
    George Edward FOX son s 3   Pudsey 112a
22 18 New Scarbro John W WATERHOUSE head m 33 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 112a
    Harriet WATERHOUSE wife m 34 Cotton Weaver Bramley 112a
    Arthur WATERHOUSE son s 13 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 112a
23 19 New Scarbro Albert E GAUNT head m 41 Leather Currier Pudsey 112a
    Emily A GAUNT wife m 40   Pudsey 112a
    Herbert GAUNT son s 17 Boot Finisher Pudsey 112a
    John GAUNT son s 13   Pudsey 112a
    Emma GAUNT dau s 9   Pudsey 112a
    Emma GAUNT dau s 9   Pudsey 112a
24 15 New Scarbro Harry WARD head m 27 Joiner Pudsey 112a
    Sarah F WARD wife m 27 Wool Comber Pudsey 112a
25 14 New Scarbro Joseph WESTERMAN head m 61 Railway Carter Churwell 112b
    Susannah WESTERMAN wife m 61   Leeds 112b
    Jerry H WESTERMAN son s 27 Kitchen Range Fitter Stanningley 112b
26 13 New Scarbro Frank SHEPHERD head m 30 Gas Fitting lab. Stanningley 112b
    Hephzibah A SHEPHERD wife m 31 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 112b
    Leonard SHEPHERD son s 1   Stanningley 112b
27 12 New Scarbro John W DAVEY head m 32 Boot Rivetter Stanningley 112b
    Sarah DAVEY wife m 31   CAM Cambridge 112b
    William DAVEY son s 2   Stanningley 112b
28 11 New Scarbro Jane A RIDER head w 47 Living on Own Means Leeds 112b
29 10 New Scarbro George W MAY head m 25 Gas Meter Inspector Thackley 112b
    Alice MAY wife m 29   Bramley 112b
    Edith MAY dau s 4m   Pudsey 112b
30 9 New Scarbro Henry ROBERTS head m 56 Joiner Birstall 112b
    Elizabeth A ROBERTS wife m 45   Stanningley 112b
    Thomas ROBERTS son s 13   Stanningley 112b
    Ada ROBERTS dau s 12   Stanningley 112b
    Minnie ROBERTS dau s 9   Stanningley 112b
    Sarah E ROBERTS dau s 6   Stanningley 112b
    Willie ROBERTS son s 4   Stanningley 112b
31 117 New Scarbro Mary A DIBB head w 62 Grocer Dealer Bradford 112b
32 115 New Scarbro Samuel GAUNT head m 58 Grocer Dealer Pudsey 112b
    Sarah GAUNT wife m 54   Pudsey 112b
    Ernest GAUNT son s 15 Printer & Compositor Stanningley 112b
33 141 Richardshaw Lane Ebenezer SUGDEN head W 57 Fish Fryer Bramley 112b
    Mary SUGDEN dau s 27 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 112b
    Maria SUGDEN dau s 20   Stanningley 112b
34 143 Richardshaw Lane Sybil LANGLEY head w 78 Living on Own Means Pudsey 112b
35 145 Richardshaw Lane George MUSK head m 58 Teamer SFK Mellis 112b
    Sarah A MUSK wife m 57 Grocer Dealer Pudsey 112b
36 4 Primrose Hill Abraham RICHMOND head W 61 Railway lab. DUR Darlington 113a
    George RICHMOND gson s 7   Stanningley 113a
    Alice HOWARTH serv s 57 dom. Housekeeper Bradford 113a
37 6 Primrose Hill Joseph COATES head m 53 Coal Yard lab. Pudsey 113a
    Hannah COATES wife m 53   Pudsey 113a
    Matthew COATES son m 23 Smith [Chain Maker] Pudsey 113a
    Martha E COATES d in l m 22   Pudsey 113a
    Arthur COATES gson s 8m   Pudsey 113a
38 8 Primrose Hill Reuben BENNETT head m 48 Iron Pattern Shop lab. Pudsey 113a
    mary BENNETT wife m 49 Grocer Dealer Stanningley 113a
    Thomas BENNETT son s 26 Fire Range Fitter [Stove] Pudsey 113a
    Grace A BENNETT dau s 23 Worsted Twister Pudsey 113a
    Hannah BENNETT dau s 18 Worsted Warper Pudsey 113a
    Ellen BENNETT dau s 15 Worsted Tape Machinist Pudsey 113a
    Eva BENNETT dau s 12   Pudsey 113a
39 12 Primrose Hill John W FAULKNER head m 29 Iron lab. NTH Fleure 113a
    Rose FAULKNER wife m 25   DUR Pt.Clarence 113a
    George FAULKNER son s 3   Stanningley 113a
    Jno W FAULKNER son s 4m   Stanningley 113a
40 14 Primrose Hill Sarah E ORMONDROYD head w 48 Worsted Weaver Diskfirth 113a
    Ephraim ORMONDROYD son s 19 Iron lab. Bradford 113a
    Jesse ORMONDROYD son s 18 Steam Hammer Driver Bradford 113a
41 16 Primrose Hill Mary ATKINSON wife m 65   Leeds 113a
    Harriet ATKINSON dau s 25 Worsted Spinner Leeds 113a
42 18 Primrose Hill Thomas OLIVER head m 39 Iron lab. Foreman SCT 113a
    Betty OLIVER wife m 35   SCT 113a
    James OLIVER son s 14 Worsted Doffer SCT 113a
    Maggie OLIVER dau s 6   SCT 113a
    Ada OLIVER dau s 3   Stanningley 113a
43 20 Primrose Hill Thomas GUILD head m 47 Iron Moulder [Jobbing] SCT 113b
    Agnes GUILD wife m 43   SCT 113b
    Elizabeth GUILD dau s 16 Woolen Machine Minder SCT 113b
    Alexander GUILD son s 14 Barber SCT 113b
    Agnes GUILD dau s 11   DUR 113b
    Jeannie GUILD dau s 7   Stanningley 113b
44 22 Primrose Hill Samuel WATERHOUSE head m 67 Wool Sorter Pudsey 113b
    Hannah WATERHOUSE wife m 66   Knottingley 113b
    Emma WATERHOUSE dau s 25 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 113b
    Ada LOCKWOOD gdau s 7   Pudsey 113b
45 24 Primrose Hill Samuel WALTON head m 51 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Pudsey 113b
    Rachel WALTON wife m 49   Pudsey 113b
    George WALTON son s 30 Forge lab. [Steel] Pudsey 113b
    Sarah E WALTON dau s 28 Worsted Reeler Pudsey 113b
46 26 Primrose Hill Thomas SMITH head m 27 Stone Mason Bradford 113b
    Louisa SMITH wife m 29   LON Cotford 113b
    Joseph H HALLS board s 23 Painter's lab. Pudsey 113b
47 28 Primrose Hill James W COULT head m 27 Stove Grate Moulder Pudsey 113b
    Harriet COULT wife m 30   Bradford 113b
    Lenore COULT dau s 1   Pudsey 113b
48 30 Primrose Hill Frances JACKSON head w 46   Bradford 113b
    Jonathan JACKSON son s 26 Kitchen Range Fitter Pudsey 113b
    Ann E JACKSON dau s 23 Wool Comber Pudsey 113b
    Lily JACKSON dau s 21 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 113b
    Samuel JACKSON son s 18 Navvy Pudsey 113b
    Harriet JACKSON dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 113b
    Willie JACKSON son s 13 Worsted Bobbin Pegger Pudsey 113b
49 32 Primrose Hill Hannah WOOD head w 54 Charwoman Pudsey 113b
50 34 Primrose Hill Thomas M KNAPTON head m 53 Worsted Factory lab. Leeds 113b
    Ruth KNAPTON wife m 51   Pudsey 113b
    Susannah KNAPTON dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 113b
51 36 Primrose Hill Samuel MILNER head m 45 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 114a
    Mary MILNER wife m 43   Pudsey 114a
    Martha H MILNER dau s 20 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 114a
    Florence MILNER dau s 18 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 114a
    Emily H MILNER dau s 16 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 114a
    Ethel MILNER dau s 14 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 114a
    Clarice MILNER dau s 7   Pudsey 114a
    Mary H MILNER dau s 5   Pudsey 114a
52 38 Primrose Hill Harry WOOD head m 41 Iron lab. Pudsey 114a
    Sarah A WOOD wife m 36   Bentley 114a
    Thomas WOOD son s 9   Farsley 114a
    Ernest WOOD son s 7   Farsley 114a
    Levinger WOOD dau s 3   Pudsey 114a
    Harold WOOD son s 1   Pudsey 114a
53 40 Primrose Hill Arthur FIRTH head m 29 Iron lab. Leeds 114a
    Jane FIRTH wife m 23   Wetherby 114a
    Fred FIRTH son s 4   Stanningley 114a
    Mary WHITE s in l s 9   Wetherby 114a
54 42 Primrose Hill Joseph ROBINSON head m 54 Mason's lab. Leeds 114a
    Martha A E ROBINSON wife m 64   Stanningley 114a
55 44 Primrose Hill Benjamin LANGLEY head m 45 Carter Pudsey 114a
    Elizabeth LANGLEY wife m 50   LIN Kidby 114a
    Arthur LANGLEY son s 18 Carter Shipley 114a
    Lizzie LANGLEY dau s 20 Worsted Spinner CAM Royston 114a
    Annie LANGLEY dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Armley 114a
    Edith LANGLEY dau s 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 114a
56 46 Primrose Hill Mary WOOD head w 65   Halifax 114a
    Hannah M WOOD dau s 25 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 114a
57 48 Primrose Hill Fred LAWSON head m 38 Iron Fixture Dresser Pudsey 114a
    Harriet Ann LAWSON wife m 35   Stanningley 114a
    William LAWSON son s 14 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 114b
    Anice LAWSON dau s 12   Stanningley 114b
    John E LAWSON son s 10   Stanningley 114b
    Herbert LAWSON son s 8   Stanningley 114b
    Craven LAWSON son s 4   Stanningley 114b
    Ruth LAWSON dau s 2   Stanningley 114b
58 50 Primrose Hill Robert SMITH head m 61   Stanningley 114b
    Anice SMITH wife m 60   Stanningley 114b
    Frances SMITH dau s 21 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 114b
59 52 Primrose Hill Ben CROFT head m 44 Iron Striker Stanningley 114b
    Emma ACKROYD wife m 35   Eccup 114b
    Harriet ACKROYD dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 114b
    Mary E ACKROYD dau s 3   Stanningley 114b
    Eliza ACKROYD dau s 5   Stanningley 114b
    William ACKROYD son s 7   Stanningley 114b
    Joseph ACKROYD son s 1   Stanningley 114b
60 54 Primrose Hill Marie COLCLOUGH head w 46 Charwoman DBY Rosse? 114b
61 56 Primrose Hill Ben SHACKLETON head m 58 Slater's lab. Bradford 114b
    Winnie SHACKLETON wife m 33   Leeds 114b
    Annie SHACKLETON dau s 11   Stanningley 114b
    Ben SHACKLETON son s 6m   Stanningley 114b
    Thomas GRANT lodg s 35 Slater's lab. Stanningley 114b
62 60 Primrose Hill Arthur THRISH head m 30 Piano Maker Dewsbury 114b
    Naomi THRISH wife m 39   Bradford 114b
    Albert THRISH son s 11   Bradford 114b
63 62 Primrose Hill George H POWELL head m 43 Wool Comber HEF Sandyway 114b
    Amelia POWELL wife m 33   Normanby 114b
    Edith POWELL dau s 20 Worsted Spinner Bradford 114b
    Thomas POWELL son s 17 Iron Fettler Bradford 114b
    James A POWELL son s 7   Bradford 114b
    Beatrice POWELL dau s 5   Bradford 115a
    Emily POWELL dau s 5m   Pudsey 115a
64 64 Primrose Hill Albert FOSTER head m 37 Forge Man Leeds 115a
    Mary J FOSTER wife m 39   Eccup 115a
    Eva FOSTER dau s 15 Worsted Doffer Idle 115a
66 68 Primrose Hill John MYERS head m 50 Machine Fettler Guiseley 115a
    Elizabeth MYERS wife m 47   Birstall 115a
    John MYERS son s 18 Woolen Mule Spinner Yeadon 115a
    Harriet MYERS dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Yeadon 115a
    Alice MYERS dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Yeadon 115a
67 76 Primrose Hill Bridget JOYCE head s 57   IRE 115a
    Thomas JOYCE son s 31 Foundry Striker LAN Bolton 115a
    Winnie PRICE dau m 28 Cotton Filler LAN Bolton 115a
    Sarah GORDON dau m 40   LAN Bolton 115a
    Ellen GORDON gdau s 16 Worsted Doffer LAN Bolton 115a
    Elizabeth GORDON gdau s 11   LAN Bolton 115a
    Jno PRICE gson s 1   LAN Bolton 115a
    Joseph PRICE gson s 4   Pudsey 115a
68 74 Primrose Hill Jane GOULD head w 52 Dressmaker SCT 115a
    John T GOULD son s 22 Iron Moulder Goole 115a
    Lenore SCOTT niece s 15 Worsted Spinner Bradford 115a
69 72 Primrose Hill John DALY head m 33 Boot Rivetter Leeds 115a
    Sarah A DALY wife m 33   Pudsey 115a
    Mary A DALY dau s 7   Pudsey 115a
    Ellen DALY dau s 6   Pudsey 115a
    Martha DALY dau s 5   Pudsey 115a
    Margaret DALY dau s 3   Pudsey 115a
    Francis DALY son s 2   Pudsey 115a
70 13 Primrose Hill Amelia GLOVER head w 54 Charwoman Pudsey 115b
    Thomas GLOVER son s 17 Iron Fixture Moulder Pudsey 115b
    Sophia ROBINSON dau m 31   Pudsey 115b
    Herbert ROBINSON s in l m 29 Iron lab. Stanningley 115b
    Thomas ROBINSON gson s 5   Pudsey 115b
    Selina J [UNKNOWN]     1 Child nursed by Sophia Armley 115b
71 15 Primrose Hill Maud PRESTON wife m 23   Pudsey 115b
    Eva M PRESTON dau s 3   Pudsey 115b
    Alfred C PRESTON son s 1   Pudsey 115b
    Mabel NAYLOR sis s 9   Pudsey 115b
72 17 Primrose Hill Samuel SUGDEN head m 29 Iron Furnaceman Stanningley 115b
    Eliza A SUGDEN wife m 29   Stanningley 115b
    Mabel SUGDEN dau s 1   Stanningley 115b
73 19 Primrose Hill Arthur L WILD head m 39 Iron Moulder [Jobbing] Middlesbro 115b
    Hannah M WILD wife m 37   Armley 115b
    Sarah WILD dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 115b
    Harriet WILD dau s 9   Pudsey 115b
    Annie WILD dau s 5   Pudsey 115b
    Doris WILD dau s 3   Pudsey 115b
74 21 Primrose Hill Patrick HEHIR head m 43 Iron Fixture Moulder IRE 115b
    Sally HEHIR wife m 42   Pudsey 115b
    Thomas Henry HEHIR son s 19   Pudsey 115b
    Mary Ellen HEHIR dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 115b
    Bryan J HEHIR son s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 115b
    John HEHIR son s 10   Pudsey 115b
75 23 Primrose Hill Elizabeth WOOD head w 50   LIN Lincoln 115b
    Frank WOOD son s 16 Builder's app. Stanningley 115b
    Edith BROWNBILL board s 23 Woolen Machine Minder Leeds 115b
    Lawrence BROWNBILL board s 16 Blacksmith's app. Leeds 115b
76 11 Primrose Hill Joseph HOLDER head m 62 Mason's lab. Pudsey 116a
    Mary E HOLDER wife m 61   Pudsey 116a
    Willie HOLDER son s 24 [lame from childhood] Pudsey 116a
    Martha HOLDER dau s 18 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 116a
    James R HOLDER son s 16 Iron Fixture Fettler Pudsey 116a
77 9 Primrose Hill John WOOD head m 31 Tub Cooper Stanningley 116a
    Emily WOOD wife m 29   Rodley 116a
    Leonard WOOD son s 7   Stanningley 116a
    Samuel B WOOD son s 4   Stanningley 116a
78 7 Primrose Hill David LOCKWOOD head m 34 BrickLayer's lab. Kirkheaton 116a
    Elizabeth LOCKWOOD wife m 33   Pudsey 116a
    Henry LOCKWOOD son s 5   Pudsey 116a
    Hannah M LOCKWOOD dau s 2   Pudsey 116a
79 5 Primrose Hill Mary A PARRATT head w 75   Stanningley 116a
    George C LORRYMAN gson s 22 Iron Fixture Moulder Stanningley 116a
    Joseph J LORRYMAN gson s 21   Stanningley 116a
80 3 Primrose Hill Charles WARD head m 32 Smith [Chain Maker] Sheffield 116a
    Grace A WARD wife m 37   Stanningley 116a
    Lily WARD dau s 12   Stanningley 116a
81 1 Primrose Hill Louisa WARD head w 68   Pudsey 116a
    Esther WRIGGLESWORTH dau m 38 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 116a
    Ben WARD son s 34 Oil Works lab. Pudsey 116a
    Harry WRIGGLESWORTH gson s 11   Pudsey 116a
    Elizabeth WRIGGLESWORTH gdau s 8   Pudsey 116a
82 147 Richardshaw Lane William R TIDGEWELL head m 60 Fishmonger Pudsey 116a
    Martha A TIDGEWELL wife m 44 Fishmonger Pudsey 116a
    Lily TIDGEWELL dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 116a
83 149 Richardshaw Lane Dawson LAW head m 73 Grocer - ShopKeeper Horsforth 116a
    Alice LAW wife m 71   Horsforth 116a
    Hannah E LAW dau s 27 Grocer's ass. Stanningley 116a
84 3 Watson Square Jonathan MARSDEN head m 29 GasFitter's lab. Pudsey 116b
    Florence E H MARSDEN wife m 26   Guiseley 116b
    William MARSDEN son s 6   Pudsey 116b
    Arthur MARSDEN son s 2   Pudsey 116b
    Robert BUTLER board s 22 Iron lab. Pudsey 116b
85 4 Watson Square Sarah BLACKBURN head w 44 Worsted Drawer Bramley 116b
    Jane BLACKBURN dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 116b
86 5 Watson Square Isaac NORTON head m 28 Worste Spinning Overlooker Bradford 116b
    Emma NORTON wife m 28   Leeds 116b
    Albert NORTON son s 9   Bradford 116b
    Alice NORTON dau s 7   Pudsey 116b
87 6 Watson Square Mary MARSDEN head w 48 Charwoman Armley 116b
88 7 Watson Square Ellen HARE head w 72   IRE 116b
    Thomas CLIFFORD s in l m 47 Leather Currier IRE 116b
    Mary CLIFFORD dau m 46   Leeds 116b
89 8 Watson Square Joseph LAWSON head W 35 Worsted Filler Pudsey 116b
    John HOLDER lodg s 21 General Blacksmith Pudsey 116b
    Ernest HOLDER lodg s 18 Iron Fixture Fettler Pudsey 116b
90 151 Richardshaw Lane Sarah SUGDEN head w 64 Grocer & Draper Bingley 116b
    Elizabeth DEAN dau m 32 Draper Stanningley 116b
    Albert DEAN s in l m 34 House Painter Stanningley 116b
    Ethel DEAN Gdau s 3   Stanningley 116b
91 2 Providence Place George S CLAY head m 28 Baker & Confectioner New Wortley 116b
    Elizabeth CLAY wife m 24   Farnley 116b
    Doris CLAY dau s 1   Stanningley 116b
    Hannah DACRE serv s 14 dom. serv Swillington 116b
92 3 Providence Place Harry SUGDEN head m 36 BrickLayer Stanningley 116b
    Sarah SUGDEN wife m 37   Stanningley 116b
    Fred SUGDEN son s 14 BrickLayer's app. Farsley 116b
    Sam SUGDEN son s 9   Stanningley 117a
    Walter SUGDEN son s 4   Stanningley 117a
93 5 Providence Place William MARSHALL head m 29 Iron Nut Maker Stanningley 117a
    Sarah A MARSHALL wife m 32   New Wortley 117a
    Caroline MARSHALL dau s 9   Stanningley 117a
    Harold MARSHALL son s 6   Stanningley 117a
    William MARSHALL son s 2m   Stanningley 117a
94 7 Providence Place Benjamin BROOK head m 38 Carter Stanningley 117a
    Martha BROOK wife m 39   Selby 117a
    Herbert W BROOK son s 14 Worsted Weft Boy Selby 117a
    Joseph BROOK son s 12   Stanningley 117a
    Benjamin BROOK son s 7   Stanningley 117a
    Florence BROOK dau s 2   Stanningley 117a
    William VARLEY head m 28 Woolen Fettler Pudsey 117a
95 9 Providence Place Lavinia VARLEY wife m 27   Manningham 117a
    Ernest FOSTER son s 6   Eccleshill 117a
    Elsie VARLEY dau s 3   Pudsey 117a
    Doris VARLEY dau s 1   Pudsey 117a
    Fred RICHARDSON bro s 15 Iron Hammer Driver Farsley 117a
96 11 Providence Place Samuel H WHITAKER head m 33 Boot Finisher Pudsey 117a
    Kate B WHITAKER wife m 31   SOM Frome 117a
    George WHITAKER son s 5   Pudsey 117a
    Frederick WHITAKER son s 4   Pudsey 117a
    Emily A WHITAKER dau s 1   Pudsey 117a
97 13 Providence Place Herbert BATTYE head m 33 Butcher Leeds 117a
    Annie BATTYE wife m 27   Stanningley 117a
98 15 Providence Place Charles BENNETT head m 24 Cloth Dyer Hull 117a
    Margaret A BENNETT wife m 23   Bradford 117a
99 17 Providence Place John HARRIS head m 45 Boiler Maker DEV Plymouth 117a
    Elizabeth HARRIS wife m 43   DEV Plymouth 117a
    John Wm HARRIS son s 22 Kitchen Range Fitter DEV Plymouth 117b
    Harry HARRIS son s 16 Iron Driller Stanningley 117b
    Bertie M HARRIS son s 14 Worsted Doffer Stanningley 117b
    Samuel HARRIS son s 11   Stanningley 117b
    Robert HARRIS son s 8   Stanningley 117b
    Richard HARRIS son s 6   Stanningley 117b
    Ernest HARRIS son s 3   Stanningley 117b
100 19 Providence Place Thomas KELLY head m 53 Kitchen Range Fitter IRE 117b
    Mary KELLY wife m 40   Sheffield 117b
    Ellen KELLY dau s 25 Worsted Spinner Rotherham 117b
    Frank KELLY son s 19 Iron lab. Rotherham 117b
    Arthur KELLY son s 18 Boot Rivetter Rotherham 117b
    Mary KELLY dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Rotherham 117b
    Alice KELLY dau s 8   Stanningley 117b
    Elizabeth KELLY dau s 2   Stanningley 117b
101 21 Providence Place Moses BARREN head m 65 Woolen Willeyer Farsley 117b
    Sarah BARREN wife m 43   Stanningley 117b
    David BARREN son s 13 Worsted Bobbin Pegger Stanningley 117b
    Maria BARREN dau s 12   Stanningley 117b
    Fred BARREN son s 9   Stanningley 117b
    Joseph BARREN son s 7   Farsley 117b
    Leonard BARREN son s 3   Pudsey 117b
    Alfred BARREN son s 7m   Pudsey 117b
102 155 Richardshaw Lane Mrs BATTYE head w 64 Butcher Dealer Honley 117b
    James BATTYE son s 35 Butcher Dealer Kirkstall 117b
    Mary BATTYE dau s 24   Kirkstall 117b
103 4 Providence Place Sarah A HARDAKER head w 67 Living on Own Means Bramley 117b
    John C HARDAKER son m 30 Stable Man [Groom] Bramley 117b
    Sarah HARDAKER d in l m 31   Hunslet 117b
    Robert C HARDAKER gson s 3   Bramley 117b
104 6 Providence Place Ben W WARD head m 39 Milk Dealer Stanningley 118a
    Esther WARD wife m 40   Bradford 118a
    Lauretta WARD dau s 14   Stanningley 118a
    Frances WARD dau s 13   Stanningley 118a
    Sam WARD son s 11   Stanningley 118a
    Fred WARD son s 8   Stanningley 118a
    Maud WARD dau s 7   Stanningley 118a
    John WARD son s 1m   Stanningley 118a
    Mary WARD board w 78   Stanningley 118a
105 157 Richardshaw Lane Alfred CLAY head m 51 Pork Butcher [ShopKeeper] Leeds 118a
    Alice CLAY wife m 43   Leeds 118a
    Hilda CLAY dau s 20 ass. Teacher Leeds 118a
    Florence CLAY dau s 18 Pork Butcher's ass. Leeds 118a
    Gertrude CLAY dau s 16 Pork Butcher's ass. Leeds 118a
    Alfred CLAY son s 15 Pork Butcher Leeds 118a
    Sydney CLAY son s 12 Gum Ticket Maker Leeds 118a
    Ernest CLAY son s 10   Leeds 118a
    Horace CLAY son s 8   Leeds 118a
    Una A CLAY dau s 3   Pudsey 118a
    Elsie CLAY dau s 1   Pudsey 118a
106 159 Richardshaw Lane John R HORN head m 39 Draper & Milliner Bolton Castle 118a
    Lizzie HORN wife m 38   Eldrith 118a
    Margaret A HORN dau s 12   Leyburn 118a
    Ralph HORN son s 11   Leyburn 118a
    William HORN son s 7   Leyburn 118a
    John N HORN son s 2   Stanningley 118a
    Annie HORN dau s 1   Stanningley 118a
107 161 Richardshaw Lane Miles COOPE head m 53 Worsted Overlooker West Ardsley 118a
    Sarah COOPE wife m 54 Confectioner Stanningley 118a
    Fred COOPE son s 30 Music Professor Pudsey 118a
    Emily COOPE dau s 28 Dressmaker Bramley 118b
    James H COOPE son s 24 Worsted Overlooker Bramley 118b
    Mary A COOPE dau s 21 Dressmaker Bramley 118b
    Grace E COOPE dau s 18 Dressmaker Farsley 118b
    Mary LISTER m in l w 78 Living on Own Means Stanningley 118b
108 163 Richardshaw Lane Frances SMITH head w 47   Stanningley 118b
    Hannah S SMITH dau s 25   Stanningley 118b
    John W SMITH son s 21 Painter & Paper Hanger Stanningley 118b
    Lois M SMITH dau s 18 Dressmaker Stanningley 118b
109 1 Ashfield Road Dan LAW head m 43 Carting Agent Farsley 118b
    Sarah A LAW wife m 43   Stanningley 118b
110 3 Ashfield Road Simeon BARNES head m 29 Plumber Farsley 118b
    Eliza F BARNES wife m 28   Stanningley 118b
    Mable M BARNES dau s 2m   Pudsey 118b
    Charles H W ROGERS b-in-l s 18 Grocer's app. Stanningley 118b
111 5 Ashfield Road Henry WILKINSON head m 59 Wool Comber Morton 118b
    Mary WILKINSON wife m 56   Bingley 118b
    Craven WILKINSON son s 23 Butcher Bingley 118b
112 7 Ashfield Road John M BRAYSHAW head m 44 Iron Bridge Fitter Bradford 118b
    Frances BRAYSHAW wife m 42   Bradford 118b
    Rachel GORDON m in l w 84   Bradford 118b
113 8 Ashfield Road Ernest SHEPHERD head m 33 Iron Dresser Stanningley 118b
    Clara E SHEPHERD wife m 35 Woolen Weaver Huddersfield 118b
114 6 Ashfield Road Frederick TONGE head m 37 Plumber CHS Birkenhead 118b
    Sarah J TONGE wife m 34   Maske 118b
    Harold TONGE son s 12   Greengates 118b
    Evelyn B TONGE dau s 7   Stanningley 118b
115 4 Ashfield Road John GRAYSON head m 41 Boiler Maker Stanningley 118b
    Sabina GRAYSON wife m 43   Stanningley 118b
    Martha GRAYSON dau s 19 Woolen Weaver Stanningley 118b
    Carrie GRAYSON dau s 12   Stanningley 118b
116 2 Ashfield Road George WARD head m 54 Iron Moulder & Curator Pudsey 119a
    Jane A WARD wife m 52   Farsley 119a
    Elizabeth WARD dau s 25 Worsted Twister Farsley 119a
    Sarah WARD dau s 22 Woolen Weaver Farsley 119a
    Clara WARD dau s 18 Worsted Spinner Farsley 119a
    Annie WARD dau s 15 Dressmaker Farsley 119a
117 167 Richardshaw Lane Ruth LAYCOCK head w 74   Stanningley 119a
    Joseph LAYCOCK son s 35 Plasterer Stanningley 119a
    Esther M LOBLEY gdau s 26 Dressmaker Stanningley 119a
    Ruth H LOBLEY gdau s 24 Worsted Mender Stanningley 119a
118 169 Richardshaw Lane James H LAYCOCK head m 48 Plasterer Stanningley 119a
    Jane LAYCOCK wife m 46   Farsley 119a
    Harry LAYCOCK son s 21 Plasterer Farsley 119a
    Florence LAYCOCK dau s 17 Woolen Weaver Farsley 119a
    Elizabeth CAWSON s in l s 48 Woolen Weaver Farsley 119a
119 171 Richardshaw Lane James RHODES head m 62 Iron Moulder's lab. Horsforth 119a
    Ann RHODES wife m 52   Yeadon 119a
    Clara RHODES dau s 25 Worsted Weaver Farsley 119a
    William RHODES son s 22 Iron Fixture Glazier Farsley 119a
    Alice RHODES dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 119a
    Mary E RHODES dau s 17 Worsted Drawer Stanningley 119a
    Esther RHODES dau s 14 Worsted Twister Farsley 119a
    Eliza A RHODES dau s 12   Pudsey 119a
    Ethel RHODES dau s 9   Pudsey 119a
120 173 Richardshaw Lane George C WHITHEAD head W 76 Boot Maker Knaresboro 119a
121 175 Richardshaw Lane Annie MELLOR head w 68 Umbrella Maker DEV Plymouth 119a
122 177 Richardshaw Lane William OTHICK head m 48 Iron lab. Pudsey 119a
    Emma OTHICK wife m 43   Bramley 119a
    Joseph OTHICK son s 13 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 119a
123 179 Richardshaw Lane Joseph KEIGHLEY head m 79 Living on Own Means Stanningley 119b
124 181 Richardshaw Lane Frederick A LOKER head m 25 Joiner Stanningley 119b
    Isabella LOKER wife m 26 Worsted Weaver Bradford 119b
125 185 Richardshaw Lane Walter SCOTT head s 40 HairDresser & Tobacconist Pudsey 119b
    Martha SCOTT wife m 41   Farsley 119b
    Arthur SCOTT son m 14 HairDresser Pudsey 119b
    Leonard SCOTT son s 12   Pudsey 119b
    Lilly SCOTT dau s 9   Pudsey 119b
126 187 Richardshaw Lane Sarah NEALE head w 52   Rotherham 119b
    Polly NEALE dau s 30 Worsted Comber Sheffield 119b
    John NEALE son s 21 Worsted Warper Ullershelf 119b
    Annie NEALE dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 119b
    James H NEALE gson s 8   Stanningley 119b
    Mary WOODHOUSE aunt w 60   Rotherham 119b
127 1 Cavendish Place Fred ANDERSON head m 40 Shoe Rivetter Staveley 119b
    Harriet ANDERSON wife m 40   Stanningley 119b
    Florence ANDERSON dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 119b
    William ANDERSON son s 15 Worsted Bobbin Layer Stanningley 119b
    Harry ANDERSON son s 14 Woolen Mule Piecner Stanningley 119b
    George ANDERSON son s 12   Stanningley 119b
    Elizabeth ANDERSON dau s 11   Stanningley 119b
    Mary A ANDERSON dau s 8   Stanningley 119b
    Alice ANDERSON dau s 6   Stanningley 119b
    Joseph ANDERSON son s 1   Stanningley 119b
128 2 Cavendish Place Irwin LEE head W 44 Iron Moulder Farsley 119b
    Willie LEE son s 19 Worsted Cloth Scourer Stanningley 119b
    Sarah LEE dau s 12   Stanningley 119b
    Ada LEE dau s 10   Stanningley 119b
    Oris LEE son s 6   Stanningley 119b
129 3 Cavendish Place Charles WAITE head m 38 Machine Minder OXF Banbury 120a
    Mary E PICKLES serv m 35 Dressmaker LAN Manchester 120a
    Hannah PICKLES   s 10 Dressmaker's daughter Stanningley 120a
    Lillian PICKLES   s 6 Dressmaker's daughter Stanningley 120a
    Archibald WAITE   s 2 Dressmaker's son Stanningley 120a
130 4 Cavendish Place Joseph ISLES head m 30 CartMan Stanningley 120a
    Elizabeth ISLES wife m 32   Leeds 120a
    Frances ISLES dau s 10   Stanningley 120a
    Gladys ISLES dau s 8   Stanningley 120a
    Alice F M ISLES dau s 4   Stanningley 120a
    Mary E ISLES dau s 3   Stanningley 120a
    George HOWE lodg W 73 Boiler Maker DUR 120a
    Richard PITT lodg s 39 Joiner Batley 120a
131 5 Cavendish Place William H RICHARDSON head m 22 Teamer Dewsbury 120a
    Florence A RICHARDSON wife m 20   Pudsey 120a
    Mabel RICHARDSON dau s 1   Stanningley 120a
132 189 Richardshaw Lane Reuben BOWLING head m 60 Tailor & OutFitter Stanningley 120a
    Martha BOWLING wife m 58   Stanningley 120a
133 6 Cavendish Place Benjamin VERITY head W 60 Retired Joiner Pudsey 120a
    Walter THRIPPLETON s in l m 42 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 120a
    Annie THRIPPLETON dau m 38   Pudsey 120a
    Maurice THRIPPLETON gson s 8   Pudsey 120a
    Harry THRIPPLETON gson s 6   Pudsey 120a
    Austin THRIPPLETON gson s 4   Pudsey 120a
    Benjamin THRIPPLETON gson s 2   Pudsey 120a
134 7 Cavendish Place John POLLARD head W 66 Living on Own Means Bowling 120a
    George POLLARD son s 23 Slubber Stanningley 120a
    Hannah PARRATT s in l s 71   Halifax 120a
135 8 Cavendish Place Fred DAVEY head m 30 Iron Nut & Bolt Maker Stanningley 120a
    Lavinia DAVEY wife m 29   Horsforth 120a
    Lily DAVEY dau s 5   Farsley 120b
    Norman DAVEY son s 3   Stanningley 120b
    Percy DAVEY son s 1   Stanningley 120b
136 9 Cavendish Place Harry POLLARD head m 26 House Painter Calverley 120b
    Amy POLLARD wife m 26   Calverley 120b
137 10 Cavendish Place William FIRTH head m 59 Mill Mechanic Wilsden 120b
    Ruth FIRTH wife m 60   Bradford 120b
    Herbert G FIRTH son s 20 Iron Moulder Stanningley 120b
    Edwin H FIRTH son s 18 Grocer's ass. Stanningley 120b
138 11 Cavendish Place William CROFT head W 48 Iron Driller Farsley 120b
    Herbert CROFT son s 19 Tinner Pudsey 120b
    Frances A CROFT dau s 17   Pudsey 120b
    Benjamin CROFT son s 13 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 120b
139 12 Cavendish Place Alexander SMITH head m 36 Worsted Roller Coverer Wyke 120b
    Ann SMITH wife m 33   Wyke 120b
    Miriam M SMITH dau s 4   Wyke 120b
140 13 Cavendish Place Jane HAINSWORTH head w 50   Wortley 120b
    Thomas G GIBSON board s 20 Grocer's ass. Dewsbury 120b
141 2 Cavendish Square Noah WADE head m 57 Foreman Carpenter Farsley 120b
    Rhoda WADE wife m 58   Pudsey 120b
    Ned WADE son m 33 Railway Clerk Farsley 120b
    Mabel WADE d in l m 25 School Teacher Stanningley 120b
142 1 Cavendish Square Joseph G HOLLINGS head m 38 Gas Meter Inspector Stanningley 120b
    Sarah HOLLINGS wife m 38   Stanningley 120b
    Rolaned B HOLLINGS son s 7   Stanningley 120b
143 191 Richardshaw Lane Hannah RAYNER head w 60 Grocer Stanningley 120b
    Nancy RAYNER dau s 28   Stanningley 120b
    Florence RAYNER dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 120b
144 193 Richardshaw Lane John B DEAN head m 43 Iron & Tin Plate Worker Stanningley 120b
    Emily DEAN wife m 41   Stanningley 120b
    Clara DEAN dau s 19 Worsted Machine Minder Stanningley 121a
    Chas W DEAN son s 14 Iron & Tin Plate Worker Stanningley 121a
    Sarah A DEAN dau s 4   Stanningley 121a
145 195 Richardshaw Lane William POLLARD head m 27 Basket Maker Pudsey 121a
    Lois POLLARD wife m 24 Milliner & Draper Farsley 121a
146 197 Richardshaw Lane Graham MEGSON head m 45 Grocer Ossett 121a
    Hannah MEGSON wife m 39   Dudley Hill 121a
    Josephine MEGSON dau s 2   Ossett 121a
147 199 Richardshaw Lane John W BROOKS head m 34 Boot Dealer Pudsey 121a
    Emily BROOKS wife m 35 Boot Dealer Pudsey 121a
148 201 Richardshaw Lane Abimleck P NAYLOR head m 40 Fruiterer - Dealer Pudsey 121a
    Ellen NAYLOR wife m 28   Guiseley 121a
    Maurice NAYLOR son s 8   Pudsey 121a
    Rosamond NAYLOR dau s 3   Stanningley 121a
    Reginald NAYLOR son s 1   Stanningley 121a
149 203 Richardshaw Lane Jeremiah SMITH head m 40 Boot Rivetter Stanningley 121a
    Ruth SMITH wife m 35   Stanningley 121a
    Leonard SMITH son s 9   Stanningley 121a
    Sarah A SMITH dau s 6   DUR South Shields 121a
    Ephraim WINN bro s 32 Horse Driver Stanningley 121a
150 205 Richardshaw Lane John S FLINT head m 43 Grocer Bramley 121a
    Frances FLINT wife m 40   Stanningley 121a
    Hilda FLINT dau s 7   Stanningley 121a
151 2 Boocock Street John BOOCOCK head m 64 Carting Agent Stanningley 121a
    Ruth BOOCOCK wife m 64   Stanningley 121a
    John V BOOCOCK son m 30 CartMan Stanningley 121a
    Sarah A MITCHELL sis w 67   Stanningley 121a
152 3 Varley Street Fred RILEY head m 37 Mechanical Engineer Leeds 121a
    Cordelia RILEY wife m 36   Stanningley 121a
    John R RILEY son s 11   Stanningley 121a
    Lillian RILEY dau s 9   Stanningley 121b
    Maurice RILEY son s 6   Stanningley 121b
    Fredk RILEY son s 3   Hunslet 121b
153 2 Robert Street George LOFTUS head m 29 Iron lab. Skelton 121b
    Lydia A LOFTUS wife m 29 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 121b
154 4 Robert Street Fred DUTSON head m 34 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 121b
    Faith A DUTSON wife m 32   Pudsey 121b
155 6 Robert Street John VARLEY head m 49 Woolen Willeyer Stanningley 121b
    Rebecca VARLEY wife m 58   Farsley 121b
    Joseph SCHOFIELD stepson s 18 Iron lab. Pudsey 121b
156 8 Robert Street Martha JAGGER head w 58   Rodley 121b
    Maria JAGGER dau s 28 Woolen Weaver Stanningley 121b
    Margaret E JAGGER dau s 21 Worsted Burler Stanningley 121b
157 10 Robert Street George HOLDER head m 48 Smith Striker GLS 121b
    Mary A HOLDER wife m 45 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 121b
    Ada HOLDER dau s 23 Worsted Twister Pudsey 121b
158 12 Robert Street Sam COULSON head m 37 Iron Fettler Stanningley 121b
    Eliza COULSON wife m 36   Farsley 121b
    Grace A COULSON dau s 16 Mohair Drawer Stanningley 121b
    Lily COULSON dau s 14 Mohair Spinner Farsley 121b
159 1 Robert Street Joseph SMITH head m 27 Carter Pudsey 121b
    Ada SMITH wife m 27 Woolen Cloth Mender Farsley 121b
160 3 Robert Street John SMITH head m 57 Saddler Polesworth 121b
    Rosetta SMITH wife m 62 Woolen Burler Pudsey 121b
    Sarah A SMITH dau s 26 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 121b
161 11 Eland Street George ACKROYD head m 29 Boiler Maker's lab. Stanningley 121b
    Elizabeth A ACKROYD wife m 28 Woolen Spinner Ovenden 121b
    Harriet Ann ACKROYD dau s 5   Stanningley 121b
162 9 Elland Street Arthur WAY head m 30 Shoemaker Pudsey 121b
    Isabella WAY wife m 27   Normanby 121b
    James A WAY son s 8   Pudsey 122a
    Albert WAY son s 6   Pudsey 122a
    Herbert WAY son s 1   Pudsey 122a
163 7 Eland Street Robert RENDALL head s 50 Carter Pudsey 122a
    Jane CARPENTER serv s 33 dom. Housekeeper WIL Kempton Deverill 122a
    Martha E CARPENTER   s 4 Housekeeper's daughter Stanningley 122a
164 5 Eland Street Charles BUTTERFIELD head m 38   Keighley 122a
    Hannah BUTTERFIELD wife m 26 BrickLayer's lab. Horsforth 122a
    Charles H BUTTERFIELD son s 3   Pudsey 122a
165 3 Eland Street Priscilla PICKARD head m 42 Sweets Dealer Rodley 122a
    Harry PICKARD son s 21 Painter & Paper Hanger NTT 122a
    Alice PICKARD dau s 19 Woolen Twister NTT 122a
    Annie PICKARD dau s 11   Farsley 122a
166 1 Eland Street John SMITH head m 48 BrickLayer Wakefield 122a
    Mary J SMITH wife m 45   NTH Radcliffe on Trent 122a
    Edith A SMITH dau s 22 Mohair Spinner Leeds 122a
    Maud SMITH dau s 19 Mohair Drawer Leeds 122a
    Florence SMITH dau s 17 Mohair Spinner Stanningley 122a
    Lilian SMITH dau s 14 Mohair Spinner Stanningley 122a
    Robert L SMITH son s 10   Stanningley 122a
    Ivy SMITH dau s 3   Stanningley 122a
167 2 Eland Street James KEIGHLEY head m 49 Wool Sorter Stanningley 122a
    Mary A KEIGHLEY wife m 49   IRE 122a
    Abednego KEIGHLEY son s 20 Worsted Millhand Stanningley 122a
    Leonard KEIGHLEY son s 15 Worsted Millhand Stanningley 122a
    Stella KEIGHLEY dau s 11   Stanningley 122a
168 4 Eland Street Arthur GREEN head m 25 Iron Fixture Fitter Stanningley 122a
    Mary GREEN wife m 21   York 122a
    Phillis GREEN dau s 3m   Pudsey 122a
169 6 Eland Street Thomas K WHITAKER head m 30 Plumber's lab. Stanningley 122b
    mary WHITAKER wife m 32   Birstall 122b
    Edward WHITAKER son s 4   Farsley 122b
    Gladys WHITAKER dau s 2   Stanningley 122b
170 8 Eland Street Sydney FORD head m 44 Cart Driver WIL Groveley Wood 122b
    Christiana FORD wife m 46   LIN Althorpe 122b
    Harry FORD son s 18 Woolen Willeyer Stanningley 122b
    Willie FORD son s 15 Woolen Piecner Stanningley 122b
    Sydney FORD son s 13   Stanningley 122b
    Betsy FORD dau s 14 Cotton Spinner Stanningley 122b
171 10 Eland Street Hannah WOOD head w 50 Monthly Nurse Whixley 122b
172 12 Eland Street Elizabeth WORSNOP head w 34 Woolen Weaver Stanningley 122b
    Annie E WORSNOP dau s 14 Boot Packer Stanningley 122b
    Lily WORSNOP dau s 12   Stanningley 122b
173 14 Eland Street Fred TOTTLE head m 26 Iron Fettler HAM Aldershot 122b
    Mary E TOTTLE wife m 23   Pudsey 122b
    Florence TOTTLE dau s 1   Pudsey 122b
174 16 Eland Street Jesse KAYE head m 33 Iron lab. Stanningley 122b
    Jane KAYE wife m 30   Pudsey 122b
    Alice KAYE dau s 8   Pudsey 122b
    Edith KAYE dau s 5   Pudsey 122b
    Lily KAYE dau s 3   Pudsey 122b
    Cissie KAYE dau s 1   Stanningley 122b
175 5 Varley Street George MAY head m 68 Mechanic Sheffield 122b
    Sarah MAY wife m 64   Sheffield 122b
176 7 Varley Street George LAYFIELD head m 37 Steam Crane Driver Pudsey 122b
    Ada LAYFIELD wife m 30   Pudsey 122b
    John W LAYFIELD son s 10m   Pudsey 122b
177 1 Ingham Street John HAINSWORTH head m 30 Carpenter Pudsey 122b
    Elizabeth HAINSWORTH wife m 27   Rotherham 122b
    Joseph HAINSWORTH son s 6   Pudsey 123a
    Lydia A HAINSWORTH dau s 4   Pudsey 123a
    George E HAINSWORTH son s 9m   Pudsey 123a
    John MIGENLEY lodg s 19 Iron lab. Bradford 123a
178 3 Ingham Street Harry NORTON head m 28 Iron Driller Stanningley 123a
    Sarah J NORTON wife m 30   Rodley 123a
    Leonard NORTON son s 6   Stanningley 123a
    Herbert NORTON son s 5   Stanningley 123a
    Florrie NORTON dau s 1   Stanningley 123a
179 5 Ingham Street William NORTON head m 64 Woolen Warper Stanningley 123a
    Ann NORTON wife m 65   Stanningley 123a
    Percy GREAVES gson s 9   Stanningley 123a
180 7 Ingham Street Sam RAYNER head m 37 Iron lab. Pudsey 123a
    Frances RAYNER wife m 37   Armley 123a
    Ethel R WADE dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Armley 123a
    Ada RAYNER dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 123a
    Joseph W RAYNER son s 13 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 123a
    Arthur G RAYNER son s 12 Worsted Bobbin Layer Pudsey 123a
    Frances J RAYNER dau s 10   Pudsey 123a
    Rachel G RAYNER dau s 7   Pudsey 123a
    Olive RAYNER dau s 5   Pudsey 123a
    Harry RAYNER son s 2   Pudsey 123a
    Ivy RAYNER dau s 2m   Pudsey 123a
181 9 Ingham Street John Wm POOLE head m 43 Machine Fitter [Rail] Bradford 123a
    Ella POOLE wife m 31   Pudsey 123a
    Hannah E POOLE dau s 1   Farsley 123a
182 11 Ingham Street Albert E HARMAN head m 24 Mason's lab. Stanningley 123a
    Martha HARMAN wife m 21   Stanningley 123a
    Ethel E HARMAN dau s 1   Farsley 123a
183 13 Ingham Street Kate SPRINGTHORPE head w 68 Living on Own Means IRE 123a
184 15 Ingham Street John W ATKINSON head m 30 Machine Driller [G N R] Pudsey 123b
    Mary J ATKINSON wife m 31   Stanningley 123b
185 17 Ingham Street Elizabeth ELLERBECK head w 72   Bradford 123b
    Lily HOLDSWORTH gdau s 20 Worsted Drawer Bradford 123b
186 4 Ingham Street James WILKINSON head m 60 Woolen Dyer Stanningley 123b
    Mary A WILKINSON wife m 56   LEI Leicester 123b
    Chas A GAUNT son s 17 Iron lab. Pudsey 123b
187 2 Ingham Street John KEIGHLEY head m 46 Wool Sorter Pudsey 123b
    Eliza A KEIGHLEY wife m 46 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 123b
    Mary S KEIGHLEY dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 123b
    Rose A KEIGHLEY dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 123b
    Edward KEIGHLEY son s 15 Stuff Warehouseman Pudsey 123b
    Martha KEIGHLEY dau s 13   Stanningley 123b
188 Leigh House Isabella LEEDHAM serv s 45 dom. Housekeeper Bingley 123b
    Sarah J PITT serv s 19 General Housemaid Stanningley 123b
    Arthur R NAYLOR neph s 16   WAR Coventry 123b
189 Leigh House William N APPLEYARD head m 41 Living on Own Means Pudsey 123b
    Clara APPLEYARD wife m 36   Dudley Hill 123b
    Ethel CARTWRIGHT serv s 20 General serv Doncaster 123b
190 26 Varley Street John CORDINGLEY head m 44 Mason's lab. Idle 123b
    Mary A CORDINGLEY wife m 40   Whitby 123b
    Phoebe WATER dau s 17 Worsted Drawer Baildon 123b
    Ernest VERITY son s 11   Idle 123b
    Martha CORDINGLEY dau s 6   Idle 123b
    Elizabeth H CORDINGLEY dau s 4   Idle 123b
    Thomas E CORDINGLEY son s 1   Idle 123b
    Jane HUDSON board s 22 Worsted Condenser Machine Minder Idle 123b
191 24 Varley Street Richard HOLDER head m 26 Teamer Pudsey 124a
    Mary E HOLDER wife m 27 Mohair Reeler Pudsey 124a
    James W MARSDEN s in l s 24 Iron Moulder Pudsey 124a
192 22 Varley Street Albert BURTON head m 30 Iron lab. Pudsey 124a
    Eliza BURTON wife m 27   Kirkstall 124a
    Minnie BURTON dau s 6   Stanningley 124a
    Emily BURTON dau s 3   Stanningley 124a
    Albert E BURTON son s 10m   Stanningley 124a
193 20 Varley Street William HOWE head m 49 Boiler Maker Hunslet 124a
    Mary HOWE wife m 49   Farsley 124a
    Leonard HOWE son s 12 Woolen Mule Piecner Stanningley 124a
    Clara A DODDS adptdau s 21 Worsted Drawer Stanningley 124a
194 18 Varley Street Joseph WATERHOUSE head m 46 Mill Fireman Bramley 124a
    Nanny WATERHOUSE wife m 43   Farsley 124a
    James A WATERHOUSE son s 14 Woolen Mule Piecner Stanningley 124a
    Frank WATERHOUSE son s 12   Stanningley 124a
    Thomas WATERHOUSE son s 9   Stanningley 124a
    Walter WATERHOUSE son s 7   Stanningley 124a
    Joseph WATERHOUSE son s 3   Stanningley 124a
195 16 Varley Street Mary FARRER head w 50 Woolen Warper Rodley 124a
196 14 Varley Street Mary A BLACKBURN dau s 28 Worsted Cloth Finisher Stanningley 124a
    Raymond B BLACKBURN son s 26 Commercial Clerk Stanningley 124a
197 12 Varley Street William PARKER head W 58 Woolen Cloth Tenterer Stanningley 124a
    Clara CARTER dau m 23   Pudsey 124a
    Lucy CARTER gdau s 3   Pudsey 124a
    Catherine CARTER gdau s 2   Pudsey 124a
198 10 Varley Street William WOMERSLEY head m 55 Leather Currier Pudsey 124a
    Annie WOMERSLEY wife m 39   Ripon 124a
    Thomas QUINN son s 18 Leather Currier Ripon 124a
    Jno QUINN son s 17 Leather Currier Ripon 124a
    Annie WOMERSLEY dau s 15 Cotton Twister Ripon 124b
    Eliza WOMERSLEY dau s 11   Stanningley 124b
    Elizabeth WOMERSLEY dau s 7   Stanningley 124b
    William WOMERSLEY son s 5   Stanningley 124b
199 6 Varley Street Richard THOMPSON head m 29 Iron lab. Bramley 124b
    Mary A THOMPSON wife m 27   Bramley 124b
    Miriam THOMPSON dau s 8   Pudsey 124b
    Esther A THOMPSON dau s 6   Stanningley 124b
    Elsie THOMPSON dau s 4   Farsley 124b
    Richard THOMPSON son s 1   Stanningley 124b
200 4 Varley Street Sarah FEWSTER head w 42 Worsted Weaver Calverley 124b
    Jonathan MARSHALL lodg W 61 Woolen Slubber Farsley 124b
201 2 Varley Street Elizabeth CLOUGH wife m 50   Bramley 124b
    Bertha WOOD dau s 17 Dressmaker Stanningley 124b
    Rosanna OATES board s 23 Woolen Weaver unknown 124b
    Richard R BEILBY board s 19 Mfgr's Clerk Shipley 124b
202 209 Richardshaw Lane Jno W SAWYER head m 26 HairDresser & Tobacconist Leeds 124b
    Harriet SAWYER wife m 27   Stanningley 124b
    Elsie SAWYER dau s 1   Stanningley 124b
203 211 Richardshaw Lane Ruth JACKSON head w 62 Grocer Stanningley 124b
    Jonathan JACKSON son s 30 Blacksmith Stanningley 124b
    Joseph JACKSON son s 26 Blacksmith Stanningley 124b
    Sarah JACKSON dau s 24   Stanningley 124b
    Ruth A JACKSON dau s 22 Worsted Drawer Stanningley 124b
    Eva GILL gdau s 11   Stanningley 124b
204 3 Beckside Hill William H WOOD head m 50 Iron Moulder's lab. Armley 125a
    Margaret A WOOD wife m 42   LAN 125a
    Sam WOOD son s 15 Hammer Driver LAN 125a
    Annie WOOD dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 125a
    Margaret E WOOD dau s 8   Stanningley 125a
    Frank WOOD son s 4   Stanningley 125a
    John Wm WOOD son s 2   Stanningley 125a
205 5 Beckside Hill Harriet E GIBBONS head s 24   Pudsey 125a
    Sarah E GIBBONS dau s 1   Stanningley 125a
    John NICHOLSON lodg s 31 BrickLayer's lab. IRE 125a
    James HUTCHINSON lodg s 51 Coal Filler Pudsey 125a
206 9 Beckside Hill Warren ROBINSON head s 52 Cart Driver USA 125a
    Mary A BERRY serv w 42 Housekeeper IRE 125a
207 11 Beckside Hill John ROBINSON head m 24 BrickLayer's lab. Stanningley 125a
    Charlotte ROBINSON wife m 22   Pudsey 125a
    Alice ROBINSON dau s 2   Stanningley 125a
    Charles E ROBINSON son s 3m   Stanningley 125a
208 13 Beckside Hill Margaret SHUTT head w 78 Living on Own Means IRE 125a
    Mary REDY lodg m 70 Living on Own Means IRE 125a
209 12 Beckside Hill John BENNETT head W 55 Blacksmith's Striker Stanningley 125a
    Hannah E BENNETT dau s 28   Stanningley 125a
    Jack BENNETT son s 21   Stanningley 125a
210 14 Beckside Hill Mary ROBINSON head w 67   Stanningley 125a
    Sarah A GIBBONS lodg m 47   Bradford 125a
211 16 Beckside Hill Alice DAVY head w 40   Bradford 125a
    Willie DAVY son s 19 Steam Hammer Driver Pudsey 125a
    Charles E DAVY son s 18 Iron lab. Pudsey 125a
    Joseph DAVY son s 12   Pudsey 125a
    Laura DAVY dau s 10   Pudsey 125a
    Harry DAVY son s 7   Pudsey 125a
    David DAVY son s 5   Pudsey 125b
    Edward DAVY son s 3   Pudsey 125b
    Jackson DAVY son s 5m   Pudsey 125b
    Hannah THOMPSON lodg s 33 Worsted Yarn Reeler Little Horton 125b
    Squire DOPPER lodg s 15 Furnace Door Boy Pudsey 125b
212 18 Beckside Hill Benjamin PICKARD head m 22 Boot Finisher Holbeck 125b
    Harriet A PICKARD wife m 22   Wortley 125b
    William PICKARD son s 1   Stanningley 125b
    Florrie HUTCHINSON sis s 20 Worsted Drawer Wortley 125b
213 20 Beckside Hill Susannah WADE head w 65   Stanningley 125b
    John LYNCH gson s 21 Mason's lab. Pudsey 125b
    Mary LYNCH gdau s 19 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 125b
    Nancy LYNCH gdau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 125b
    Theresa LYNCH gdau s 11   Pudsey 125b
    Walter ROBINSON board s 50 Woolen Cloth Finisher SCT 125b
214 22 Beckside Hill James E JEFFRIES head m 36 Iron Striker Stanningley 125b
    Sarah E LEOROYD lodg s 37 Worsted Spinner Bradford 125b
215 Great Northern Hotel Alfred WALTON head m 48 Publican Pudsey 125b
    Emma WALTON wife m 45   Pudsey 125b
    Annie WALTON dau s 12   Pudsey 125b
    George PARKER board s 32 Hotel Waiter Pudsey 125b
216 10 Beckside Hill Herbert HOWE head m 33 General lab. Stanningley 125b
    Lizzie HOWE wife m 30   Batley Carr 125b
    Percy HOWE son s 9   Dewsbury 125b
    Herman HOWE son s 7   Stanningley 125b
    Granville HOWE son s 3   Stanningley 125b
    Stainsby HOWE son s 1   Stanningley 125b
217 217 Richardshaw Lane Martin POWELL head m 61 Fish Monger SAL Elenbury? 126a
    Elizabeth POWELL wife m 63   SAL Elenbury? 126a
    Frances POWELL dau s 34 Worsted Drawer LAN Liverpool 126a
    Mary E POWELL dau s 32 Worsted Twister LAN Liverpool 126a
    William POWELL son s 22 Farm Carter DUR Durham 126a
    Fred POWELL son s 19 Joiner's app. Stanningley 126a
    Rosannah ILLINGWORTH dau m 26   DUR Durham 126a
218 70 Primrose Hill Sarah HOLLANBY head s 45   Dewsbury 126a
    James BENNETT lodg s 50 Iron lab. Guiseley 126a
    Ernest HOLLANBY son s 15 Iron Setter Clayton 126a
    Annie HOLLANBY dau s 12   Stanningley 126a
    Martha E HOLLANBY dau s 8   Dewsbury 126a