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Census Index 1891 Tyersall: ED22



Tyersall Enumeration District 22, Folios 51a-66Ab, Enumerator Joseph Newell

Comprising all that Ward of the Hamlet of Tyersal commencing at and including Thomas Beanlands house, Broad Lane, all Dick Lane and the building Ground including Dudley Street, Back Dudley Street, Peel Street, Back Peel Street, Bury Street, Railway Street, Tamworth Street and ending with Back Tamworth Street and Arkwright street inclusive.


1 Broad Lane Thomas BEANLAND Head m 44 General carrier Tong 51a
    Mary BEANLAND Wife m 45   Pudsey 51a
    Smith BEANLAND son s 23 foundry lab. Pudsey 51a
    Hannah BEANLAND dau s 18 worsted mill girl Pudsey 51a
    Mary E BEANLAND dau s 16 worsted mill girl Pudsey 51a
    Thornton BEANLAND son s 14 millhand Pudsey 51a
    Sarah BEANLAND dau   10 millgirl Pudsey 51a
    Ada BEANLAND dau   5 scholar Pudsey 51a
2 Dick Lane James MUFF Head m 68 butcher Dudley Hill 51a
    Jane MUFF Wife m *5   Barnsley 51a
3 Dick Lane Mary DARNBOROUGH Head w 53   Bowling 51a
    Ann DARNBOROUGH dau s 32 worsted weaver Bowling 51a
    Martha DARNBOROUGH dau s 28 worsted weaver Pudsey 51a
    Elizabeth DARNBOROUGH dau s 20 worsted weaver Pudsey 51a
    Ralph DARNBOROUGH son s 17 app. boilermaker Bowling 51a
    Clara DARNBOROUGH dau s 12 scholar Tong 51a
4 Dick Lane John BROOK Head m 42 Carpenter Bowling 51a
    Elizabeth BROOK Wife m 41   Bowling 51a
    Amy BROOK dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Tong 51a
    Irwin BROOK son   14 Worsted Spinner Bowling 51a
    Ethel BROOK dau   12 Worsted Spinner Bowling 51a
    Albert BROOK son   10 scholar Tyersall 51a
    Maud BROOK dau   8 scholar Tyersall 51a
    Alice BROOK dau   4   Tyersall 51a
5 Dick Lane Sammy WEST Head m 42 builder & farmer Tong 51a
    Sarah Ann WEST Wife m 42   Hunmanby 51a
    Rebecca WEST moth w 79 on own means Menston 51a
    Henry WEST son s 20 joiner Tong 51a
    Rachel Annie WEST dau s 18 milliner Tong 51a
    John Cope WEST son   14 app. joiner Tong 51a
    Joseph WEST son   10 scholar Tong 51b
    Ethel Emma WEST dau   6 scholar Tong 51b
    Charles Samuel WEST son   2   Tong 51b
6 Dick Lane Joshua LIGHT Head m 73 farm lab Moston 51b
    Ann LIGHT Wife m 72   Asquith 51b
7 Dick Lane Thomas PICKERSGILL Head m 49 iron foundry worker Bowling 51b
    Elizabeth PICKERSGILL Wife m 49   Silkstone 51b
    George PICKERSGILL son s 20 iron foundry worker Bradford 51b
    Mary Elizabeth PICKERSGILL dau s 25 worsted warper Bradford 51b
    Alice PICKERSGILL dau s 19 worsted twister Bradford 51b
    Frederick PICKERSGILL son   2   Bradford 51b
8 Dick Lane Luke SMITH Head m 50 Farmer Tyersall 51b
    Hannah SMITH Wife m 51   Tyersall 51b
    Willie SMITH son s 22 stone dresser Tyersall 51b
    Ruth SMITH dau s 20 stuff weaver Tyersall 51b
    Amy SMITH dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Tyersall 51b
    Emma SMITH dau   12 scholar Tyersall 51b
    John SMITH son   9 scholar Tyersall 51b
9 Dennison Fold John WIDDISON Head m 50 steam hammer driver Sheffield 51b
    Grace WIDDISON Wife m 50   Keighley 51b
10 Dennison Fold John William HARTLEY Head m 27 labourer Calverley 51b
    Clara Ann HARTLEY Wife m 24 worsted warper Bradford 51b
11 Dennison Fold Charles DENNISON Head w 66 iron foundry worker Tyersall 51b
    Emily DENNISON dau s 31 worsted weaver Tyersall 51b
    Walter DENNISON son s 24 iron turner Tyersall 51b
    Sarah DENNISON visit s 52 domestic Bradford 51b
12 Dennison Fold Eli NAYLOR Head m 34 coal miner Tyersall 51b
    Martha NAYLOR Wife m 37   Tyersall 51b
    Charles Harry NAYLOR son   13 worsted millhand Tyersall 51b
    Susannah NAYLOR dau   11 worsted millhand Tyersall 51b
    Olive NAYLOR dau   4   Tyersall 52a
    John Willie NAYLOR son   4m   Tyersall 52a
13 Dennison Fold Robert Ashworth GILL Head m 34 iron turner Leeds 52a
    Mary Hannah GILL Wife m 28   BRK Reading 52a
    Leonard Clayton GILL son   2   Bradford 52a
14 Dennison Fold Edward WALKER Head m 25 ironworks lab Low Moor 52a
    Rose Ann WALKER Wife m 25 worsted twister Bradford 52a
    Ethel WALKER dau   1m   Laisterdyke 52a
15 Dennison Fold Benjamin COLLINSON Head m 31 worsted warp twister Tong 52a
    Eliza COLLINSON Wife m 31 stuff weaver Leeds 52a
16 Dudley St Joseph SCHOFIELD Head m 23 blacksmith Pudsey 52a
    Ann SCHOFIELD Wife m 24 worsted weaver Tyersall 52a
    Wilfred SCHOFIELD son   1   Tyersall 52a
17 Dudley St George GISING Head m 40 gasworks lab. SFK Sarmandon? 52a
    Pauline GISING Wife m *2   Germany 52a
    Pauline GISING dau   7 scholar Bradford 52a
    Arthur GISING son   4   Bradford 52a
    Fanny GISING dau   2   Bradford 52a
    George GISING son   1   Bradford 52a
18 Dudley St George PALMER Head m 32 steel melter NFK Thetford 52a
    Hester PALMER Wife m 31   IRL Londonderry 52a
    Harry PALMER son   13 woolen spinner Tyersall 52a
    John PALMER son   11 scholar Gildersome 52a
    Walter PALMER son   6   Tyersall 52a
    Mary Ann PALMER dau   4   Tyersall 52a
    Elizabeth PALMER dau   9m   Tyersall 52a
19 Dudley St William WHIPP Head m 26 machine wool comb maker Windhill 52a
    Anne Elizabeth WHIPP Wife m 27   Bowling 52a
    Florence WHIPP dau   6m   Tyersall 52a
20 Dudley St John HALL Head m 28 Railway labourer GLS Bolton on the * 52b
    Sarah Ann HALL Wife m 28   OXF Gt Rollwright 52b
    John Frederick HALL son   7 scholar Wales Gl* 52b
    Eliza HALL dau   4   ESS Rayleigh 52b
    Reuben HALL son   1   CHS Ellesmere Port 52b
    Charles DUKES lodg s 41 Railway labourer SOM 52b
21 Dudley St Edward STEPHENSON Head m 27 foundry lab. LAN Ulverstone 52b
    Agnes STEPHENSON Wife m 22   Wilsden 52b
    Maggie STEPHENSON dau   3   Bradford 52b
22 Dudley St Samuel WINTER Head m 46 Gen lab DEV 52b
    Elizabeth WINTER Wife m 49   Bradford 52b
    Laura WINTER dau s 18 worsted spinner Bradford 52b
    Thomas WINTER son   13 worsted spinner Bradford 52b
    Seth Henry ROBINSON step son s 16 tinner Bradford 52b
    Laura ROBINSON step dau   11 scholar Bradford 52b
    John MANN lodg s 19 coal miner Bradford 52b
23 Dudley St Back Joseph ELLIS Head m 45 railway signalman LIN Great L* 52b
    Dinah ELLIS Wife m 43   LIN Kelsey 52b
24 Dudley St Back Jesse HALLIDAY Head m 46 shoemaker Har*n 52b
    Catherine HALLIDAY Wife m 45   Driffield 52b
    Arthur HALLIDAY son s 19 shoemaker Leeds 52b
    Henry HALLIDAY son s 18 worsted millhand Starbeck 52b
    Mary Elizabeth HALLIDAY dau   10 scholar Pudsey 52b
25 Dudley St Henry RATCLIFFE Head m 40 worsted spinning overlooker Bradford 52b
    Margaret RATCLIFFE Wife m 43 grocer Craven 52b
    Annie RATCLIFFE dau   17 worsted weaver Shipley 52b
    Polly RATCLIFFE dau   16 worsted weaver Bradford 52b
    Emma RATCLIFFE dau   13 ass. Grocer Bradford 52b
    Joseph RATCLIFFE son   9 scholar Tyersall 52b
26 Dudley St Peter OWEN Head m 32 railway porter GNR KENT Dover 53a
    Ursula Ellen OWEN Wife m 29 cloth mender OXF Oxford 53a
    James Edward OWEN son   9 scholar Arnley 53a
27 Dudley St John Henry HEATON Head m 33 railway porter GNR Pudsey 53a
    Annie Elizabeth HEATON Wife m 32   DBY 53a
    Edward HEATON son   9 scholar Tyersall 53a
    Mary HEATON dau   7 scholar Tyersall 53a
    Willie HEATON son   1   Tyersall 53a
    Albert Henry KELLETT visit   1   Bowling 53a
28 Dudley St John HOWCROFT Head m 52 Gen lab Bradford 53a
    Maria HOWCROFT Wife m 51 worsted weaver York 53a
29 Dudley St John Charles RENNARD Head m 33 drawing * of wool Bradford 53a
    Martha Sylvia RENNARD Wife m 35   WALES Old Radnor 53a
    Ethel E RENNARD dau   6   Bradford 53a
30 Dudley St Benjamin HOPKINSON Head m 44 brass moulder Bradford 53a
    Mary HOPKINSON Wife m 50   Birstall 53a
31 Dudley St Arthur PICKETT Head m 34 C* piecer at C* works H*TS Offord 53a
    Catherine Etheridge PICKETT Wife m *8   Shipley 53a
    Agnes PICKETT dau   8   Manningham 53a
    Frank PICKETT son   3   Tyersall 53a
    Bertha PICKETT dau   1   Tyersall 53a
    Sarah HOPWOOD board s 17 worsted weaver Wakefield 53a
32 Dudley St Joseph ILLINGWORTH Head m 34 cotton and worsted warp twister Bradford 53a
    Ellen ILLINGWORTH Wife m 32   Bradford 53a
    Annie ILLINGWORTH dau   7   Bradford 53a
    Ida ILLINGWORTH dau   8m ?   Bradford 53a
33 Dudley st John STOREY Head m 35 railway signal fitter York 53a
    Elizabeth STOREY Wife m 39   Scotland 53a
34 Railway Street William SIMPSON Head m 64 * labourer Pateley Bridge 53b
    Ann SIMPSON Wife m 68   Pateley Bridge 53b
    Joseph SIMPSON son m 34 P* Baildon 53b
    Sarah Ann SIMPSON dau in l m 30   Bradford 53b
    Harry SIMPSON gson   5   Bradford 53b
    Annie SIMPSON gdau   3   Bradford 53b
    Fred SIMPSON gson   9m   Bradford 53b
    Lena SIMPSON dau s 23 worsted weaver Holbeck 53b
35 Dudley St Back Daniel TURNER Head m 40   Darley Dale 53b
    Ann Elizabeth TURNER Wife m 39   Bradford 53b
    Ada TURNER dau   11 scholar Pudsey 53b
    Mary Jane TURNER dau   10 scholar Pudsey 53b
    Isabella TURNER dau   6 scholar Pudsey 53b
    Hannah TURNER dau   4 scholar Pudsey 53b
    Emily TURNER dau   1   Pudsey 53b
36 Dudley St Back William CLOUGH head m 52 Corporation labourer Bowling 53b
    Elizabeth CLOUGH wife m 50   Bowling 53b
    Fred CLOUGH son s 23 Railway labourer Tyersall 53b
    Sam CLOUGH son s 20 Gen lab Tyersall 53b
    James CLOUGH son s 18 Iron Moulder Tyersall 53b
    Ben CLOUGH son s 14 worsted spinner Tyersall 53b
    Harry CLOUGH son   11 scholar Bradford 53b
    James PEDDAR gson   3   Bradford 53b
37 Peel St Joseph FIRTH head m 52 worsted dresser Shipley 53b
    Hannah FIRTH wife m 55   Wibsey 53b
38 Peel St Joshua PARKINSON head s 72 on own means Manningham 53b
    Ellen WHITAKER   m 61   Manningham 53b
39 Peel St William BROOKBANK head m 59 on own means Allerton 53b
    Sarah BROOKBANK wife m 59   York 53b
    Mary BROOKBANK dau s 36 annuitant houses Bingley 53b
    Jonathan BROOKBANK son m 22 teamer Northowram 54a
    Thomas Henry TAYLOR board   25 railway foreman Longwood 54a
    Frank ATKINSON board   16 railway clerk Bishop Thornton 54a
40 Dudley St Back Charles PALMER Head m 26 worsted millhand NFK Thetford 54a
    Johannah PALMER Wife m 27   Bradford 54a
    Sarah Elizabeth PALMER     4 scholar Tyersall 54a
    Clara PALMER dau   4d   Tyersall 54a
41 Dudley St Back Walter CRISP Head m 19 cotton warp twister Bradford 54a
    Clara CRISP Wife m 20 worsted coating burler & mender Arnley 54a
42 Dudley St Back Lambert Frank HARRISON father w 40 striker in boiler shop Hull 54a
    Frank HARRISON son s 20 dyeworks tenterer Doncaster 54a
    Rose HARRISON dau   17 worsted millhand Doncaster 54a
    Charles HARRISON son   14 worsted millhand Wakefield 54a
    Harriet HARRISON dau   11 scholar Wakefield 54a
    Rachel HARRISON dau   6 scholar Wakefield 54a
    Herbert HARRISON son   4 scholar Wakefield 54a
43 Dudley St Back James HIBBETT Head m 28 Railway labourer CAM Gamlingay 54a
    Ada HIBBETT Wife m 29 stationary sewer York 54a
    Clara Bertha HIBBETT dau   3   Bradford 54a
44 Dudley St Back Joseph ENGLAND Head   67 machine maker Bradford 54a
    William ENGLAND neph   40 machine maker Bradford 54a
45 Dudley St Back George FOSTER Head m 50 Gen lab STS Burton on Trent 54a
    Eliza FOSTER Wife m 46   STS Burton on Trent 54a
46 Dudley St Back Mary Ann BOOCOCK head w 30 charwoman Leeds 54a
    Tom BOOCOCK son   7   Laisterdyke 54a
    John LEIGH lodg s 32 dyeworks lab Bradford 54a
47 Dudley St Back Charles PARKER head m 23 Iron Moulder Bradford 54a
    Elizabeth PARKER wife m 21   GLS 54a
48 Dudley St Back Martha WEST head m 60 small shopkeeper Bradford 54a
49 Dudley St Back John IRVING head m 30 foundry lab. Glasgow Partick 54b
    Jessie IRVING wife m 23   Glasgow Bridgeton 54b
    William IRVING son   7 scholar Glasgow Bridgeton 54b
50 Dudley St Back John Barratt PORTLOCK head m 29 Railway labourer GLS Westbury 54b
    Mary Ann PORTLOCK wife m 30   GLS Gloucester 54b
    Wallace Barratt PORTLOCK son   4   GLS *court 54b
    Frank Barratt PORTLOCK son   2   GLS *court 54b
    Eudine Barratt PORTLOCK dau   1   Bradford 54b
51 Dudley St Sam SMITH head w 72 on own means Bradford 54b
    William Dobson SMITH son s 34 engineer's model maker Bradford 54b
    Sarah Elizabeth COLLERS neice s 58 ladie's companion Bradford 54b
52 Dudley St Back Samuel WALTON head m 45 quarryman Pudsey 54b
    Sarah WALTON wife m 4*   Calverley 54b
    William Henry WALTON son s 25 engine cleaner Pudsey 54b
    Florence Mary WALTON dau s 20 worsted stuff weaver Pudsey 54b
    Johnson WALTON son s 17 worsted spinner Pudsey 54b
    Joseph WALTON son   15 worsted spinner Tyersall 54b
    Ernest WALTON son   13 worsted spinner Tyersall 54b
    Lily WALTON dau   8 scholar Tyersall 54b
53 Dudley St Back Stephen FIELDING Head m 40 railway engine driver NTH P*bury 54b
    Jane FIELDING Wife m 36   LEI Asfordby 54b
    John William FIELDING son   10 scholar LIN Lincoln 54b
    Frederick Stephen FIELDING son   8 scholar LIN Wetheringham 54b
    Thomas Arthur FIELDING son   6 scholar Bradford 54b
    William SMITH lodg s 21 Railway f*man BED Billington 54b
    Albert WALKER lodg s 21 Railway f*man NTT Nottingham 54b
54 Dudley St Back Benjamin STRINGER head m 39 iron foundry lab. Bradford 54b
    Sophia STRINGER wife m 34   Womersley 54b
55 Dudley St Back John TURNER head m 31 stone quarryman DBY Mattock 54b
    Esther Ann TURNER wife m 30   Pudsey 54b
    Fred TURNER son   5   Bradford 55a
    Violet TURNER dau   3   Bradford 55a
56 Dudley St Back James Henry MYERS Head m 36 worsted mill overlooker Bradford 55a
    Sarah MYERS Wife m 35   NFK Thetford 55a
    Charles Thomas MYERS son   15 worsted spinner Tyersall 55a
    John Henry MYERS son   12 scholar Pudsey 55a
    George MYERS son   7 scholar Tyersall 55a
    James Henry MYERS son   4   Tyersall 55a
    Herbert MYERS son   1   Tyersall 55a
57 Dudley St Back James HUDSON Head m 56 worsted warehouse man Bradford 55a
    Rachel HUDSON Wife m 54 grocer York 55a
    Emily HUDSON dau s 16   Tyersall 55a
58 Dudley St Back Martha WALTON Head w 76   Pudsey 55a
    William WALTON son s 42 Gen lab Pudsey 55a
    Squire WALTON gson s 24 worsted weftman Pudsey 55a
59 Dudley St Back Henry HARRISON head m 36 worsted mill overlooker Bradford 55a
    Rose Ann HARRISON wife m 35   Bradford 55a
    Squire HARRISON son s 16 worsted weaver Halifax 55a
    Eliza HARRISON dau   15 worsted weaver Bradford 55a
    Janet HARRISON dau   14 worsted weaver Howarth 55a
    Arthur HARRISON son   12 scholar Bradford 55a
    George HARRISON son   10 scholar Bradford 55a
    John HARRISON son   8 scholar Bradford 55a
    Annis HARRISON dau   6 scholar Bradford 55a
    Harry HARRISON son   4   Bradford 55a
    Florry HARRISON dau   2   Bradford 55a
60 Dick Lane Cornelius DENNISON head m 31 worsted warehouse man Windhill 55a
    Mary Ann DENNISON wife m 29   CAM West Walton 55a
    Abram DENNISON son   6 scholar Tyersall 55a
    Helena DENNISON dau   4   Tyersall 55a
    Gitana DENNISON dau   2   Tyersall 55b
    Robert DENNISON son   3m   Tyersall 55b
61 Dick Lane Arthur ROBSON Head m 34 GNR Railway guard CAM Hawston 55b
    Sarah Ann ROBSON Wife m 32   CAM Wisbeach 55b
    Lillie Arabella ROBSON dau   12 worsted doffer CAM Hawston 55b
    Daisy ROBSON dau   10   CAM Hawston 55b
    Harold ROBSON son   8   CAM Hawston 55b
    Violet Edith ROBSON dau   7   Hemsworth 55b
    Ella Guineavere ROBSON dau   3   Bradford 55b
    Kate Evelyn ROBSON dau   1   Bradford 55b
    Elizabeth Jane CAMBRIDGE visit s 25 restaurant waitress CAM Hawston 55b
62 Dick Lane Joseph LEACH head m 28 woolpacker Bradford 55b
    Agnes LEACH wife m 28 B* drawer worsted mill SAL Shrewsbury 55b
63 Dick Lane John SYKES head m 55 railway platelayer Bingley 55b
    Sarah SYKES wife m 60   Eccleshill 55b
    John RUSHWORTH step son s 20 worsted twister Eccleshill 55b
64 Dick Lane Margaret PADGETT head w 49   LAN Dolphinholme 55b
    Mary Jane PADGETT dau s 14 worsted spinner Bradford 55b
65 Dick Lane Elizabeth STYAN wife m 50 wife of tinner (away) Greengates 55b
66 Dick Lane Mary Ann MOORE Head w 54   London Kensington 55b
    Jane Elizabeth MOORE dau s 17 worsted spinner London Westminster 55b
    John Thomas MOORE son s 14 saw mill lab Guisbrough ? 55b
    Alice MOORE dau   12 worsted mill halftime worker Guisbrough ? 55b
67 Dick Lane William DEPLEDGE head m 31 furnaceman iron foundry NTL Newcastle 55b
    Sarah DEPLEDGE wife m 31   Bradford 55b
    Hannah DEPLEDGE dau   8 scholar Tyersall 55b
    Mary Elizabeth DEPLEDGE dau   6 scholar Tyersall 55b
    Amelia DEPLEDGE dau   4   Tyersall 55b
    Edith DEPLEDGE dau   2   Tyersall 55b
68 Dick Lane William WHITE Head m 51 tailor HUN Huntingdon 56a
    Elizabeth WHITE Wife m 53 tailor's machinist Bradford 56a
    Charles WHITE son s 24 worsted weaving overlooker Bradford 56a
    Louis WHITE son s 21 worsted warehouse man Bradford 56a
    Edwin WHITE son s 20 worsted warpdresser Bradford 56a
    Lavinia WHITE dau s 16 stuff weaver Bradford 56a
    Martha Ellen BALDWIN head w 39 stuff weaver Idle 56a
    Joshua Marshall GLOVER son s 20 Carpenter Pudsey 56a
69 Dick Lane Grace Ann Ross BALDWIN dau   14 worsted spinner Tyersall 56a
    Eunice Procter BALDWIN dau   12 worsted spinner Tyersall 56a
    John Samuel BALDWIN son   10 scholar Tyersall 56a
    Samuel ROSS board s 64 woolen weaver Pudsey 56a
70 Jubilee House Dick Lane John WALKER head m 60 bottle merchant Clayton 56a
    Ann WALKER wife m 63   Bowling 56a
    Mary Alice WALKER dau s 29   Bowling 56a
    Annie WALKER dau s 26 ass. Draper Bowling 56a
    John William WALKER son s 25 ass. Draper Bowling 56a
    Eliza WALKER dau s 22 ass. Draper Bowling 56a
71 Peel St Robert DOTHERTY Head m 48   SFK Ixworth 56a
    Ellen DOTHERTY Wife m 50   Ireland 56a
    Mary DOTHERTY dau s 22 worsted spinnner Ireland 56a
    Elizabeth DOTHERTY dau s 20 worsted spinnner Tyersall 56a
    Rebecca DOTHERTY dau s 16 worsted spinnner Tyersall 56a
    Robert DOTHERTY son   12 worsted spinnner Tyersall 56a
72 Peel St Edward CRISP head m 57 cotton warp twister NFK Norwich 56a
    Caroline CRISP wife m 56   NFK Norwich 56a
    Christopher CROSSBY board s 22 tram conductor NFK Norwich 56a
73 Peel St Frederick WHEELHOUSE head m 31 Railway signalman LIN Swaby 56a
    Mary Ann WHEELHOUSE wife m 29   LIN North R*by 56a
    Annie WHEELHOUSE dau   9 scholar NTT Newark 56a
    George WHEELHOUSE son   7 scholar NTT A*worth 56a
    Henry EDWARDS head m 34 Railway signalman HUN Great Stukeley 56b
    Emma EDWARDS wife m 28   Bradford 56b
    Percy H EDWARDS son   8   Bradford 56b
    Arthur EDWARDS son   6   Bradford 56b
75 Peel St Joseph SPINK head m *0 carpet weaver Heckmondwike 56b
    Esther Ann SPINK wife m *0   Halifax 56b
    Fanny PADOCK lodg s *5 worsted weaver Thornton 56b
    Arthur RODGERS lodg   30 gen lab DBY 56b
76 Peel St Henry William HERSEY Head m 26 traveller for tobacconist London Camden Town 56b
    Alice Henrietta HERSEY wife m 25   SOM Wellington 56b
    Henry William HERSEY son   2   Bradford 56b
    Harold HERSEY son   5m   Bradford 56b
77 Peel St Joseph MULLHAM head m 41 coal miner NFK Thetford 56b
    Ann MULLHAM wife m 37   NFK Thetford 56b
    Sarah MULLHAM dau s 17 worsted weaver Tyersall 56b
    William MULLHAM son   14 worsted millhand Tyersall 56b
    Eliza Sophia MULLHAM dau   11 worsted spinner Tyersall 56b
    Amelia MULLHAM dau   3   Tyersall 56b
    Mary Anne MULLHAM dau   1   Tyersall 56b
    Chinery PALMER f in l w 63 waggon builder SFK Cavenham 56b
78 Peel St Christopher METCALFE head m 60 retired stone mason B__s 56b
    Martha Elizabeth METCALFE wife m 52   Huddersfield 56b
    Emma Elizabeth STENNETT orphan s 17 worsted spinner BFD Cadwell 56b
    Alice Maud STENNETT orphan   13 worsted spinner Tyersall 56b
79 Peel St Bertha STENNETT orphan   6 scholar Tyersall 56b
    John METCALFE head m 37 stone mason Shipley 56b
80 Peel St Mirian METCALFE wife m 36   Pudsey 56b
81 Peel St Sidney HOLMES head m 37 Carpenter Halifax 56b
    Eliza Ann HOLMES wife m 34 worsted weaver Birkenshaw 56b
    William HOLMES son   3   Bradford 57a
82 Peel St Sarah Emma HOLMES dau   5m   Bradford 57a
    Arthur PICKARD head m 21 spinning overlooker Bradford 57a
    Clara PICKARD wife m 22   York 57a
83 Peel St John SAUL Head m 61 yeast dealer Norton nr Doncaster 57a
    Elizabeth SAUL Wife m 49   Hellifield 57a
    Gertrude WALLIS dau   11 scholar Tyersall 57a
84 Peel St Allen JEPSON Head m 26 bricklayer's lab Low Moor 57a
    Louisa JEPSON Wife m 22 worsted millhand Leeds 57a
    Lydia JEPSON dau   9m   Pudsey 57a
    Nancy GARSIDE m in l   40   Tong 57a
85 Peel St Charles Edward TURNER head m 43 stone quarryman Darley Dale 57a
    Sarah TURNER wife m 42   Darley Dale 57a
    William TURNER son s 19 worsted carder W* 57a
    Wallis TURNER son s 18 wool washer Bradford 57a
    Annis TURNER dau s 17 spinner Pudsey 57a
    Ernest TURNER son   6   Pudsey 57a
    Emily TURNER dau   2   Pudsey 57a
86 Peel St Charles HARRISON head m 32 gen lab CAM Wisbeach 57a
    Rose Emma HARRISON wife m 31   Woodhouse 57a
    Charles Henry HARRISON son   2   Mount T* 57a
    Annie HORSFALL visit   2* scholar LAN Dolphinholme 57a
87 Peel St Christopher COCKROFT head m 35 brick burner Undercliffe 57a
    Anne COCKROFT wife m *1   Fagley 57a
    William COCKROFT son   7   Bradford 57a
    Thomas COCKROFT son   3   Bradford 57a
    Frank COCKROFT son   4m   Tyersall 57a
88 Peel St Martha Ann SHIRES Head w 46 worsted weaver Halifax 57a
    Ethel SHIRES dau   17 worsted weaver Drighlington 57a
89 Peel St William BROADBENT Head m 65 on own means Ripponden 57a
    Sarah BROADBENT wife m 65 on own means Beeston 57a
90 Peel St Fred EMMOTT head m 25 spinning overlooker Bradford 57b
    Sarah Ann EMMOTT wife m 24   Wakefield 57b
    Edith A EMMOTT dau   4   Tyersall 57b
    Harold EMMOTT son   2   Tyersall 57b
91 Peel St Bartholomew BELLWOOD head m 29 assistant * York L*n 57b
    Lucy Isabella BELLWOOD wife m 28   SOM Wellington 57b
    William BELLWOOD son   6 scholar Bradford 57b
    Annie Elizabeth BELLWOOD dau   4 scholar Bradford 57b
92 Peel St John CLOUGH head s 46 ironworks lab Bradford 57b
    Isabella STOYLES board w 36 worsted weaver Bradford 57b
    Mary Jane STOYLES board s * worsted twister Bradford 57b
    Anne STOYLES board   9 scholar Bradford 57b
    Fred STOYLES board   4 scholar Bradford 57b
    Rose STOYLES board   11 scholar Bradford 57b
93 Peel St Maria MOUNTAIN head   50 small grocer's shopkeeper Pudsey 57b
94 Peel St Thomas BELL head   72 coal dealer Halifax 57b
95 Peel St Back James Henry MIDDOW head m 38 Iron Furnaceman Tyersall 57b
    Emma MIDDOW wife m 36   Tyersall 57b
    Martha Elizabeth MIDDOW dau s 16 cloth weaver Tyersall 57b
    John Thomas MIDDOW son   14 spinner Tyersall 57b
    Albert MIDDOW son   8 scholar Tyersall 57b
    George Longstaff MIDDOW son   5 scholar Tyersall 57b
96 Peel St Back Edwin DIXON Head m 56 gasworks lab. Westgate Hill 57b
    Eliza DIXON Wife m 49   Sandal Magna 57b
    Stephen Johnson DIXON son s 15 worsted warehouse man Tyersall 57b
    Harry DIXON son   14 Worsted Mill Hand Tyersall 57b
97 Peel St Back Seth BEARDER Head m 42 gen lab Bowling 57b
    Jane BEARDER Wife m 40   NFK Grosmont 57b
    Lilly BEARDER dau   20 worsted spinner Pudsey 57b
    John Robert BEARDER son   18 Stable Boy Pudsey 57b
    Rosamond BEARDER dau   13 worsted spinner Pudsey 58a
    Janet BEARDER dau   5   Pudsey 58a
    Edith Emily BEARDER dau   2   Pudsey 58a
98 Peel St Back George DIXON head m 28 worsted warehouse man North Bierley 58a
    Sarah Emma DIXON wife m 27   Bradford 58a
99 Peel St Back Mary Ann CRAVEN   w 44 Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 58a
    Arthur GAUNT board s 20 Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 58a
100 Peel St Back Elizabeth SHIRES head w 71 charwoman Calverley 58a
    Joseph SHIRES son m 39 Carpenter Bowling 58a
    Sarah Ann SHIRES dau in law m 29 worsted weaver Pudsey 58a
101 Peel St Back Joseph SPIERS head m 36 gen lab GLS Tewkesbury 58a
    Emily SPIERS wife m 33   GLS Berkeley 58a
    Lilian SPIERS dau   12 scholar GLS Berkeley 58a
    Albert SPIERS son   10 scholar WIL Swindon 58a
    Margaret SPIERS dau   8 scholar SOM Weston super mare 58a
    Louisa SPIERS dau   3   Skipton 58a
    Minnie SPIERS dau   1   Halifax 58a
    John MCDOLE lodg s 57 gen lab IRL Londonderry 58a
    Samuel OSBORNE lodg s 28 gen lab LIN Ramsey 58a
    Henry OSBORNE lodg s 35 gen lab LIN Ramsey 58a
    Samson WOODS lodg s 45 gen lab GLS Gl* 58a
102 Peel St Back Henry ARCHER head m 21 wool packer Knaresborough 58a
    Minnie ARCHER wife m 22   Halifax 58a
103 Peel St Back John ARCHER head m 47 Railway signalman HRT Buntingford 58a
    Maria ARCHER wife m 46   HUN Colne 58a
    L B ARCHER son s 25 railway porter GNR HUN Blantisham 58a
    H M ARCHER dau s 22 worsted burler and mender HUN Blantisham 58a
    Florence ARCHER dau s 21 worsted burler and mender HUN Blantisham 58a
    Alice E ARCHER dau s 19 worsted burler and mender HUN Blantisham 58a
    Jane ARCHER dau s 17 weaver HUN Blantisham 58a
    J B ARCHER son   15 van lad HUN Blantisham 58b
    Fanny ARCHER dau   13 scholar DBY Derby 58b
    Alfred ARCHER son   10 scholar Tyersall 58b
    George ARCHER son   8 scholar Tyersall 58b
    Maud ARCHER dau   5 scholar Tyersall 58b
104 Peel St Back Herbert PICKERING head m 34 Railway signalman HUN Peterborough 58b
    Charlotte PICKERING wife m 38   LIN Boston 58b
    Frances Charlotte PICKERING dau   * scholar LIN Grantham 58b
    Charles Thomas PICKERING son   * scholar LIN Grantham 58b
    Mary PICKERING dau   4   LIN Grantham 58b
    Emma Moody PICKERING dau   2   Tyersall 58b
    Horace Broughton ARNOLD lodg s 22 Railway signalman HRT Wheathampstead 58b
105 Peel St Back Thomas BARRAND Head m 44 Railway signalman LIN *by 58b
    Charlotte Emilia BARRAND Wife m 34   NTT Ainsworth? 58b
    Betsy Beatrice BARRAND dau   14 scholar BED Codwell? 58b
    Thomas Harvey BARRAND son   11 scholar BED Codwell? 58b
    William Edward BARRAND son   10 scholar LIN * * 58b
    Samuel BARRAND son   8 scholar LIN * * 58b
    Mabel Mary Anne BARRAND dau   7 scholar LIN * * 58b
    Milton Coombe BARRAND son   6 scholar LIN * * 58b
    Charley Adair BARRAND son   4 scholar LIN * * 58b
    Matthew Sidney BARRAND son   1   LIN * * 58b
106 Peel St Back Joseph ADAMS head m 65 shoemaker DOR Shaftesbury 58b
    Ann ADAMS wife m 62   DOR Shaftesbury 58b
    Hannah ADAMS dau s 37 worsted weaver DOR Shaftesbury 58b
    George ADAMS son s 27 worsted millhand DOR Shaftesbury 58b
    Louisa ADAMS dau s 26 worsted weaver DOR Shaftesbury 58b
    Albert ADAMS son s 24 Clerk * club DOR Shaftesbury 58b
    Frederick ADAMS son s 22 architect's clerk DOR Shaftesbury 58b
    Agnes ADAMS dau s 20 worsted millhand DOR Shaftesbury 58b
    Ellen Maria ADAMS dau s 18 musical student DOR Shaftesbury 58b
107 10 Tamworth St Frank BROUGHTON head m 25 electric telegraph linesman Leeds 59a
    Sarah BROUGHTON wife m 26   Leeds 59a
    Sam BROUGHTON son   3   Leeds 59a
    Ethel BROUGHTON dau   1   Bradford 59a
108 12 Tamworth St Mary Ann FOSTER head   57 worsted drawer Farnley 59a
109 Tamworth St Nathan CLAYTON head m 33 milk seller Howarth 59a
    Barbara CLAYTON wife m 34   Windhill Crag 59a
    Harriet CLAYTON dau   8   Tyersall 59a
    Mary CLAYTON dau   6   Tyersall 59a
110 Tamworth St Martha GREENHOUGH head w 50   Bradford 59a
    Gertrude GREENHOUGH dau s 18 worsted weaver Dudley Hill 59a
    Edith Alice GREENHOUGH dau s 16 worsted weaver Dudley Hill 59a
    Thomas SWAIN board s 24 railway porter LIN Grantham 59a
111 Tamworth St William HOPWOOD head m 43 railway platelayer Birkenshaw 59a
    Matilda HOPWOOD wife m 46   Bradford 59a
    Jane Elizabeth SIMPSON dau s 25 worsted millhand Barnsley 59a
    Crossley SIMPSON son s 21 mill engineman Barnsley 59a
    James SIMPSON son s 16 joiner's apprentice Bowling 59a
    Harriet SIMPSON dau s 15 worsted millhand Bowling 59a
    Sarah SIMPSON dau   12 scholar Bowling 59a
    Amelia SIMPSON dau   11 scholar Bowling 59a
    Ethel SIMPSON dau   8 scholar Laisterdyke 59a
    Louisa HOPWOOD dau   3   Laisterdyke 59a
112 Tamworth St Daniel SCHOFIELD head m 50 gasworks stoker Pudsey 59a
    Sarah SCHOFIELD wife m 50   Pudsey 59a
    Elizabeth Ann CRAVEN dau m 28 worsted millhand Pudsey 59a
    Samuel CRAVEN son in l m 29 wool washer Pudsey 59a
    William SCHOFIELD son s 15 worsted millhand Pudsey 59a
    John William CRAVEN gson   7 scholar Pudsey 59a
    Ernest CRAVEN gson   2   Pudsey 59a
113 34 Tamworth Street William GAUNT Head m 42 Labourer Gasworks Pudsey 59b
    Elizabeth GAUNT Wife m 41   Pudsey 59b
    Sarah Ann GAUNT Dau S 21 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 59b
    Joseph GAUNT Son S 19 Woollen Spinner Pudsey 59b
    Jane Elizabeth GAUNT Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 59b
    Clara Annie GAUNT Dau   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 59b
    Harry Parker GAUNT Son   12 Worsted Factory Lad Pudsey 59b
    Edith GAUNT Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 59b
    Elijah GAUNT Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 59b
    Florrie GAUNT Dau   4   Pudsey 59b
    Bertha GAUNT Dau   6w   Pudsey 59b
    Maude GAUNT Dau   6w   Pudsey 59b
114 42 Tamworth Street Nancy STOYLES Head W 66 Living on own means Bradford 59b
115 10 Bury Street Samuel ATKINS Head m 43 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bradford 59b
    Mary Jane ATKINS Wife m 39   Bradford 59b
    Racheal ATKINS Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Bowling 59b
    Martha ATKINS Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Bowling 59b
    Samuel ATKINS Son   11 Spinner Pudsey 59b
    Titus Foster ATKINS Son   9 Scholar Pudsey 59b
    Clara ATKINS Dau   6 Scholar Bowling 59b
116 12 Bury Street Thomas Alonzo JACKSON Head m 22 Boot & Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 59b
    Eva JACKSON Wife m 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 59b
    George William JACKSON Son   1   Tyersal 59b
117 14 Bury Street Joseph GAUNT Head m 22 Cabinet Maker Laisterdyke 59b
    Kate GAUNT Wife m 22   GLS Bristol 59b
    Thompson GAUNT Son   1   Laisterdyke 59b
118 16 Bury Street Ann WEIGHILL Head W 75   Kirby Sexton 59b
    Maria Ethel BELLWOOD gdau S 17 Worsted Mill Hand Bradford 59b
119 18 Bury St Ann SMITH Head W 69 Living on own means Malton 59b
    Elizabeth COOPER Dau m 32 Worsted Weaver Pontefract 59b
    Thomas COOPER son in l m 29 stone mason Bradford 60a
    Tom Foster COOPER gson   4   Bradford 60a
    Arthur COOPER gson   2   Bradford 60a
120 * Rose St Edwin HARGREAVES head m 36 steam engine fitter Leeds 60a
    Maria HARGREAVES wife m 38   SSX Brighton 60a
    Robert HARGREAVES son   5 scholar Leeds 60a
    Frances HARGREAVES dau   2   Leeds 60a
    Charles HARGREAVES son   4m   Bradford 60a
121 * Rose St Thomas DENT head m 58 gen lab LAN Colne 60a
    Elizabeth DENT wife m 53   Northallerton 60a
    Mary Alice DENT dau   11   Bradford 60a
    Ann DALBY lodg   48 gen lab Wradley ? 60a
    Ann DALBY lodg   45   Pickering 60a
122 * Rose St George Thomas GREENWOOD head m 37 blacksmith Bradford 60a
    Martha Ann GREENWOOD wife m 36   Laisterdyke 60a
    Mary Emma GREENWOOD dau   14 worsted millhand Bradford 60a
    Emma GREENWOOD Dau   3   Laisterdyke 60a
123 * Rose St Samuel James SMITH Head m 26 Railway lab. SFK Bramfield 60a
    Grace Hannah SMITH Wife m 27 worsted weaver Bradford 60a
    Edwin SMITH Son   8 Scholar Bradford 60a
    Emma EMMETT mother m 55   Holbeck 60a
124 Tamworth St John KIRK Head m 70 fishmonger Leeds 60a
    Elizabeth KIRK Wife m 67   Halifax 60a
    William SCURRAH lodg w 63 on own means Addingham 60a
125 Tamworth St Henry MARSH Head m 57 Railway lab. HAM Petersfield 60a
    Harriet MARSH Wife m 57   BKM Newport Pagnel 60a
    William STOREY lodg s 56 Railway lab. LEI Market Bosworth 60a
    George PARKER lodg s 34 Railway lab. SFK Ipswich 60a
    Thomas BROWN lodg s 26 Railway lab. LEI Ragdale 60a
126 Tamworth St Jane STAPLES Head m 53   GLS Bristol 60b
    William STAPLES Son s 20 gen lab Halifax 60b
    George STAPLES Son s 19 hawker Halifax 60b
    Mary Ann STAPLES Dau s 17 worsted spinner Halifax 60b
    David STAPLES Son   15 shop assistant Bradford 60b
    Maud STAPLES Dau   10 Scholar Bradford 60b
127 Tamworth St Harriet JONES Head m 32 wife of bricklayer NTH *ton 60b
    George Robert JONES Son   12 Scholar LEI Melton Mowbray 60b
    Albert Edwin JONES Son   10 Scholar LEI Melton Mowbray 60b
    Thomas JONES Son   9 Scholar Hull 60b
    Eliza Emma JONES Dau   8 Scholar Hull 60b
    Tomas Bright JONES lodg s 41 gen lab SAL Cl*bery 60b
    Samson KING lodg s 62 gen lab MDX Hendon 60b
128 Tamworth St Anthony TURNER Head m 37 stone delver Darley Dale 60b
    Charlotte TURNER Wife m 35   Barton ? 60b
    Eliza TURNER Dau   10 scholar Pudsey 60b
    Hannah TURNER Dau   9 scholar Pudsey 60b
    Lily TURNER Dau   6 scholar Pudsey 60b
    Rose TURNER Dau   3   Pudsey 60b
129 Tamworth St Wright GREAVES Head m 42 silk & cotton warp dresser Calverley 60b
    Jane GREAVES wife m 38   Bradford 60b
    Ann GREAVES dau s 16 worsted spinner Pudsey 60b
    Emily GREAVES dau s 16 worsted spinner Pudsey 60b
    Mary GREAVES dau   14 worsted spinner Pudsey 60b
    Luther GREAVES son   12 worsted spinner Pudsey 60b
    Florence GREAVES dau   9 scholar Bradford 60b
    William GREAVES son   7 scholar Bradford 60b
    Bertha GREAVES dau   1   Bradford 60b
130 Tamworth St Joseph DUFTON head m 25 woolcombing millhand Pudsey 60b
    Betty DUFTON wife m 25 worsted weaver Haworth 60b
131 Tamworth St Sarah DUFTON head w 63 on own means Calverley 61a
    William DUFTON Son m 31 millhand Pudsey 61a
    Martha DUFTON dau in law m 32   STS Dudley 61a
132 Tamworth St William GREAVES head s 48 mungo packer Calverley 61a
133 Tamworth St Reuben COULSON head   60 worsted comber Stanningley 61a
134 Tamworth St Jonas MITCHELL Head m 52 gen lab Thornton 61a
    Elizabeth MITCHELL Wife m 52   WOR 61a
    Sara WILKINSON board   39 gen lab Bradford 61a
135 Tamworth St George MORTON Head m 39 Railway lab. Bradford 61a
    maria MORTON Wife m 34   NTT Blythe 61a
    Mary Alice MORTON Dau   11 Scholar Kilnhead Croft ? 61a
    Arthur MORTON Son   8 Scholar Eccup 61a
    Hannah MORTON Dau   5 Scholar Barkisland 61a
    Ellen Maria MORTON Dau   2   Ovenden 61a
    James KIPPAX board s 45 Railway lab. Halifax 61a
    Edward BOOTH board s 24 stationary engine driver NFK Emmeth 61a
    Mary Ann FOULDS Head w 61   Bradford 61a
    Jonathan FOULDS Son s 24 steel spring s* Bradford 61a
136 Tamworth St Mary Ann FOULDS dau in law m 30   Acomb 61a
    Fred FOULDS gson   8   Bradford 61a
    William FOULDS gson   6   Bradford 61a
    Edith FOULDS gdau   4   Bradford 61a
    Hartley FOULDS gson   2   Leeds 61a
137 Tamworth St Joseph COULSON Head m 26 small wares hawker Stanningley 61a
    Annie COULSON Wife m 26   IRL Leit* 61a
    Emily COULSON Dau   5   Tyersal 61a
    Mary Elizabeth COULSON Dau   2   Tyersal 61a
    Sam COULSON Son   2w   Tyersal 61a
138 Tamworth St Thomas PEMBROKE Head m 46 gen lab OXF H*ley on * 61a
    Mary Ann PEMBROKE Wife m 54   DOR Shaftesbury 61a
    James PEMBROKE son   18 engine cleaner WES Walkup 61b
    Jane PEMBROKE Dau   13   STS * Slade 61b
139 Tamworth St Abraham SLATER Head m 38 gen lab Bingley 61b
    Louisa SLATER Wife m 40   * 61b
    John William SLATER son   15 worsted millhand Bingley 61b
    Hannah SLATER Dau   12 scholar Bingley 61b
    Charles SLATER son   11 scholar Bingley 61b
140 Tamworth St Herbert HOLDSWORTH Head m 20 worsted warp twister Leeds 61b
    Hannah HOLDSWORTH wife m 20 worsted weaver Bradford 61b
141 Tamworth St Frederick WRIGHT Head m 45 iron moulder Horton 61b
    Clarissa WRIGHT wife m 45 worsted weaver * 61b
    Sam WRIGHT son   15 brickmaker Pudsey 61b
    Henry WRIGHT son   13 scholar Pudsey 61b
    Maud Elizabeth WRIGHT dau   11 scholar Pudsey 61b
    Edna WRIGHT dau   7 scholar Pudsey 61b
142 Tamworth St Thomas ROWLAND head w 55 Grocer Stanningley 61b
    Mary Ann ROWLAND dau s 21 ass. Grocer Tyersal 61b
    Alice Emma ROWLAND dau s 19 Caf´┐Ż waitress Tyersal 61b
    Helena ROWLAND Dau s 17 worsted twister Tyersal 61b
    Thomas ROWLAND Son   14 worsted spinner Tyersal 61b
    Clara ROWLAND Dau   11 Scholar Tyersal 61b
143 Tamworth St Henrietta BRECKIN head s 22 Worsted Weaver Shadwell 61b
    Eleanor BRECKIN sister s 25 Worsted Weaver Leeds 61b
144 Tamworth St Mary Hannah CARLING head s 29 Worsted Weaver Leeds 61b
    Walter CARLING bro s 20 Worsted spinner Leeds 61b
145 Tamworth St William COWGILL Head w 46 newsagent Bradford 61b
146 Tamworth St Thomas NEWTON Head m 50 Railway Guard BED Knotting 61b
    Sarah NEWTON Wife m 51   BED Knotting 61b
    Hannah Julia NEWTON Dau s 24 Milliner ESS Gladwell 61b
    Thomas William NEWTON Son s 22 worsted warehouse man ESS Gladwell 61b
147 Tamworth St John BRECKIN Head m 56 Joiner Leeds 62a
    Mary BRECKIN Wife m 56   Stainforth 62a
    Robert Morphet HARGREAVES step son s 26 worsted warehouse man Tyersal 62a
    Jane HARGREAVES step dau s 23 weaver Bowling 62a
    Ada BRECKIN Dau s 16 dressmaker's app. Tyersal 62a
    Rose BRECKIN Dau s 15 board school teacher Tyersal 62a
148 Tamworth St Mary CLARKE Head w 40 sempstress Doncaster 62a
    William Henry CLARKE Son s 16 worsted millhand Doncaster 62a
    Florence Emily CLARKE Dau   14 worsted millhand Doncaster 62a
    Albert Victor CLARKE Son   10 scholar Doncaster 62a
    Herbert CLARKE Son   5   Doncaster 62a
    Annie Louisa CLARKE Dau   2   Laisterdyke 62a
149 Tamworth St Wright JOWETT Head m 27 coal hawker Bradford 62a
    Maria JOWETT Wife m 33   Bradford 62a
    Josiah Dobson JOWETT Son   6 scholar Bradford 62a
    Annie Elizabeth JOWETT Dau   4   Bradford 62a
    Kate JOWETT Dau   2   Bradford 62a
150 Back Tamworth St Benjamin SWIFT Head m 54 ironworks lab Pudsey 62a
    Rachael SWIFT Wife m 58   Bolton 62a
    Jonas Smith SWIFT son s 24 gardener Eccleshill 62a
151 Back Tamworth St Christopher JOWETT Head m 71 Grocer Thornton 62a
    Catherine JOWETT Wife m 67   IRL Dublin 62a
    Martha JOWETT Dau s 35 worsted millhand Bradford 62a
    Christopher JOWETT son s 29 worsted overlooker Bradford 62a
    Sarah JOWETT gdau   11 scholar Bradford 62a
152 Back Tamworth St George SCURRAH Head m 36 dyer & cleaner Bradford 62a
    Nancy SCURRAH wife m 37 worsted weaver Bradford 62a
    Joseph Henry SCURRAH son   5 scholar Pudsey 62a
    Rebecca SCURRAH dau   1   Bradford 62a
153 Back Tamworth St Clara MIDGLEY Head m 31 Worsted Weaver Leeds 62a
    Emma MIDGLEY dau s 4   Pudsey 62a
154 Back Tamworth St Mary WATERHOUSE head w 48 woolen weaver Calverley 62b
    Fred WATERHOUSE son s 17 weft sorter Canada Ingersoll 62b
    George E WATERHOUSE Son s 15 woolen spinner Canada Ingersoll 62b
    Sarah E WATERHOUSE dau   4   Tyersal 62b
155 Back Tamworth St Samuel NICHOLS head m 51 gen lab Bradford 62b
    Phoebe NICHOLS Wife m 51   Bradford 62b
    Joshua Swift NICHOLS Son s 23 gen lab Bradford 62b
156 Back Tamworth St Charles BUTCHER head m 28 gen lab Ca*margray 62b
    Jane BUTCHER Wife m 30   Hull 62b
    Jane CLINGS Dau   9   LAN Bacup 62b
    Hannah CLINGS Dau   7   LAN Bacup 62b
157 Back Tamworth St Harry TINGLE head m 38 dyer LIN Thurlby 62b
    Eliza TINGLE Wife m 31   Heckmondwike 62b
    Mildred TINGLE Dau   11   Leeds 62b
    George TINGLE Son   9   Leeds 62b
    Robert TINGLE Son   8   Leeds 62b
    Harry TINGLE Son   6   Shipley 62b
    Florence Mary TINGLE Dau   4   Tyersal 62b
    Clara JOHNSON lodg s 30 worsted weaver Pudsey 62b
158 Back Tamworth St Elizabeth TURNER Head w 35 Worsted spinner Leeds 62b
    Frederick TURNER Son   5   Eccleshill 62b
159 Back Tamworth St James LUNTLEY Head m 37 Railway lab. HER Stoke Brian ? 62b
    Ellen Maria LUNTLEY Wife m 35   HER Stoke Brian ? 62b
    George LUNTLEY Son   10 scholar HER Stoke Brian ? 62b
    William LUNTLEY Son   7 scholar Pontefract 62b
    Henry LUNTLEY Son   5 scholar Skipton 62b
    Lily LUNTLEY Dau   3   Halifax 62b
    William GREEN board s 24 Railway signalman LAN Liverpool 62b
    Henry SOUTHALL board w 50 Railway lab. DBY Chesterfield 62b
    John DAVIS board m 50 Railway lab. Ireland 62b
160 Back Tamworth St John HARRIS Head m 55 Railway lab. DEV Barnstaple 63a
    Maria HARRIS Wife m 47   DEV Exmouth 63a
    Robert MORRIS lodg   37 Railway lab. GLS n.k. 63a
161 Back Tamworth St William CROSLAND Head   49 wood carrier Bradford 63a
    Jane BOOCOCK lodg   34 housekeeper LAN Blackpool 63a
    Harry BOOCOCK lodg   9   CHS Birkenhead 63a
    Emanuel BOOCOCK lodg   7   LAN Liverpool 63a
    John William BOOCOCK lodg   6   LAN Liverpool 63a
    Minnie BOOCOCK lodg   3   Bradford 63a
    Mary Ann BOOCOCK lodg   1   Bradford 63a
162 Back Tamworth St John SMITH Head m 38 Blacksmith Pudsey 63a
    Mary SMITH wife m 40   LEI Melton Mowbray 63a
    Minnie SMITH dau   15 domestic ass. LEI Melton Mowbray 63a
    John William SMITH son   14 Railway lab. GLS Bristol 63a
    Joseph HOLROYD uncle   63 traveller for brewing co. Idle 63a
163 Back Tamworth St Frank SHARMAN Head m 42 engine driver BED Patton 63a
    Margaret Ann SHARMAN Wife m 42   LAN Rochdale 63a
    Susan SHARMAN dau   13 scholar Bradford 63a
    Harriet Martha SHARMAN dau   11 scholar Bradford 63a
    John Levi SHARMAN son   9 scholar Keighley 63a
    George Harry SHARMAN son   6 scholar Bradford 63a
    Sarah Ann SHARMAN dau   3   Skipton 63a
164 Back Tamworth St Henry JONES head m 36 gen lab WOR Allrick 63a
    Eliza JONES Wife m 36   WOR Worcester 63a
    Harry JONES Son   10   LEI Melton Mowbray 63a
    George REDMAN lodg m 66 gen lab CAM St Andrews 63a
    Joseph BORMAN lodg s 26 gen lab South Cave 63a
    Henry NICHOLSON lodg m 58 gen lab Withernsea 63a
165 Back Tamworth St George RUSHLEY head m 35 Railway lab. NTT Askham 63a
    Charlotte RUSHLEY Wife m 36   BED Luton 63a
    Rosa RUSHLEY Dau   10 Scholar LEI Leicester 63a
166 Back Tamworth St Arthur THOMPSON head m 35 gen lab HRT Wheathampstead 63b
    Sarah THOMPSON Wife m 32   BED Ampthill 63b
    Walter STAMP lodg   25 gen lab Bradford 63b
167 Back Tamworth St Charles ABBOT Head m 41 Railway signalman Thorp Arch 63b
    Mary Ann ABBOT Wife m 39   Barnsley 63b
    Hannah ABBOT Dau   11 scholar Bradford 63b
    Charles ABBOT Son   10 scholar Bradford 63b
    Lilian ABBOT Dau   9 scholar Bradford 63b
    Sidney ABBOT Son   4   Bradford 63b
    Horace ABBOT Son   8m   Bradford 63b
168 Back Tamworth St William SHARP Head m 30 gen lab LIN * 63b
    Christiana SHARP Wife m 25   DEV Okehampton 63b
    Elizabeth SHARP Dau   3   LAN West Derby 63b
    Rosanna SHARP Dau   1   LAN P*dleton 63b
169 Back Tamworth St Benjamin WARD Head m 42 wool extractor Pudsey 63b
    Hannah WARD Wife m 39   Calverley 63b
    Mary Elizabeth WARD dau   12 scholar Pudsey 63b
    Joseph WARD son   6 scholar Pudsey 63b
    Sarah Ann WARD dau   4   Pudsey 63b
170 Back Tamworth St Ann LEDGER Head w 60 charwoman Branton 63b
171 Back Tamworth St Emily WOODCOCK Head w 52   RUT Essendine 63b
    William WOODCOCK son   22 Railway signalman Tyersal 63b
    Emily Elizabeth WOODCOCK dau   20   Laisterdyke 63b
    Rhoda Mary WOODCOCK dau   17 worsted spinner Laisterdyke 63b
172 Back Tamworth St Rachel CHAMBERS Head   42 worsted weaver Tyersal 63b
173 Back Tamworth St James MALYON Head m 42 gen lab MDX 63b
    Harriet MALYON wife m 44   Wakefield 63b
    Minnie MALYON dau   10   Tyersal 63b
    Kate GREEN step dau s *4 worsted spinner Wakefield 63b
    Elizabeth BLACKBURN niece s 18 worsted spinner Wakefield 63b
174 Back Tamworth St John BABB head m 28 lithographic printer Bradford 64a
    Emily BABB wife m 27   Leeds 64a
    John William BABB son   3   Bradford 64a
175 Back Tamworth St John GOODACRE head s 33 navvy ganger on railway LEI Holwell 64a
    Elizabeth MEADOWS serv m 32 housekeeper LIN B*ly 64a
    Mabel Rebecca MEADOWS dau   3   LEI Holwell 64a
176 Back Tamworth St James RAWLING head m 27 railway shunter LIN 64a
    Eliza RAWLING wife m 23   NTT 64a
    Nelly RAWLING dau   2   NTT 64a
    James ARTHUR lodg s 22 railway porter CAM 64a
177 Back Tamworth St Henry SUTCLIFFE head m 46 wool comb minder Hebden Bridge 64a
    Ellen SUTCLIFFE wife m 43   Leeds 64a
    Annie SUTCLIFFE dau s 15 worsted winder * France, BS 64a
178 Back Tamworth St Mary Hannah RIDER head m 61   Pudsey 64a
    Alfred RIDER son s 26 stockingette weaver Pudsey 64a
    Edward RIDER son s 24 musical instrument dealer Pudsey 64a
    Mary Hannah RIDER dau s 20 worsted weaver Pudsey 64a
    Christopher RIDER son s 18 worsted weaving overlooker Tyersal 64a
    Mary Hannah COPPERTHWAITE gdau   9   (blank) 64a
179 Back Tamworth St John HOWITT head m 37 telegraph linesman LEI Leicester 64a
    Alice HOWITT wife m 33   NTT Rother Hill 64a
180 Back Tamworth St Benjamin SUGDEN head m 66 gardener Calverley 64a
    Martha SUGDEN wife m 63 worsted weaver Baildon 64a
181 Back Tamworth St Charles Ward BARKER head m 28 common carrier Bradford 64a
    Mary BARKER wife m 25   Leeds 64a
    Ethel IRVINE dau   5   Leeds 64a
182 Back Tamworth St Harriet MALLINSON head w 66   Bowling 64a
    Sarah MALLINSON dau s 22 dressmake Bierley 64a
183 Back Tamworth St Amos JOWETT head w 62 Power loom weaver Thorner 64a
    Ada JOWETT dau s 32 Power loom weaver Bowling 64a
    Emma JOWETT Dau s 24 worsted spinner Bowling 64b
    Hannah JOWETT Dau s 17 worsted spinner Tyersal 64b
    Lavinia JOWETT Dau s 16 worsted spinner Tyersal 64b
184 Back Tamworth St Isaac TROUMANS head m 30 c*maker STS South 64b
    Matilda TROUMANS Wife m 35   GLS Bristol 64b
    Elizabeth TROUMANS dau   11 scholar GLS Bristol 64b
    Isaac TROUMANS son   10 scholar STS South 64b
    Flora TROUMANS dau   7 scholar STS South 64b
    Alfred TROUMANS son   2   Tyersal 64b
    Henry TROUMANS son   3m   Tyersal 64b
185 Back Tamworth St Jesse COLE Head m 36 railway lab ESS Colchester 64b
    Elizabeth Ann COLE wife m 33   Wales Cardiff 64b
    Sarah Jane COLE dau   13 scholar DUR Hartlepool 64b
    Benjamin William COLE son   12 scholar Dewsbury 64b
    Emily Elizabeth COLE dau   8 scholar Hull 64b
    Alice COLE dau   7 scholar Hull 64b
    Lily COLE dau   4   Batley 64b
    Gertrude COLE dau   2   Lofthouse 64b
    Rosie COLE dau   3m   Tyersal 64b
186 Back Tamworth St Alfred BENTLEY head m 25 railway lab Cleckheaton 64b
    Fanny BENTLEY wife m 24   LIN Boston 64b
    Sarah Ann BENTLEY dau   4   LIN Boston 64b
    Joe BENTLEY son   6   Cleckheaton 64b
    Fred ROBINSON lodg   60 Railway lab. London 64b
187 Back Tamworth St Lewis SHARP head m 50   Bailiff Bridge 64b
    Agnes SHARP wife m 49 Drywall fencer Cleckheaton 64b
    William SHARP son s 24 stone mason Bailiff Bridge 64b
    Tom SHARP son s 15 Worsted Mill Hand Tyersal 64b
    Lily SHARP dau   13 Worsted Mill Hand Tyersal 64b
    Percy SHARP son   9 Scholar Tyersal 65a
    Harry SHARP son   6 Scholar Tyersal 65a
    Rose SHARP dau   5 Scholar Tyersal 65a
188 Back Tamworth St James Harrison Gaunt GAUNT head m 49 Butcher Pudsey 65a
189 Back Tamworth St Obadiah GIBSON head w 47 Joiner Bradford 65a
    John GIBSON son s 19 Ass. Worsted Overlooker Bradford 65a
    Richard GIBSON son s 15 worsted millhand Bradford 65a
    Martha Ann GIBSON dau   13 worsted spinner Bradford 65a
    Elizabeth GIBSON dau   8   Bradford 65a
    Hannah Elizabeth WEST lodg m 53 charwoman South Emsall 65a
190 Back Tamworth St John FOSTER head m 48 worsted warp dresser Denholme 65a
    Elizabeth FOSTER wife m 47   Denholme 65a
    Albert Stanley H FOSTER son   11 scholar Bradford 65a
    Harold FOSTER son   10 scholar Bradford 65a
191 Back Tamworth St John Nicholas CARTER head m 30 stationary engine driver LAN Liverpool 65a
    Ann CARTER wife m 30   Bradford 65a
    Nicholas CARTER son   7 scholar Greenfield 65a
    Thomas CARTER son   3   Bradford 65a
192 Back Tamworth St William Henry MARLES head m 33 railway brakesman DEV Crediton 65a
    Emily MARLES Wife m 32   DEV Exeter 65a
    Albert John MARLES son   11 Scholar DEV Crediton 65a
    Annie Elizabeth MARLES Dau   4   MDX High Barnet 65a
    Alice Ann DOBSON lodg   19 worsted millhand Leeds 65a
193 Back Tamworth St Mark SUGDEN head m 37 quarryman Bradford 65a
    Agnes SUGDEN Wife m 38 worsted weaver Pudsey 65a
    Emma SUGDEN dau   13 worsted spinner Pudsey 65a
    William Henry SUGDEN son   10 scholar Pudsey 65a
    Herbert SUGDEN son   7 scholar Pudsey 65a
    Walter SUGDEN son   5   Pudsey 65a
194 Back Tamworth St Samuel HOOLE Head m 35 Blacksmith Low Moor 65b
    Harriet HOOLE wife m 32   Otley 65b
195 Back Tamworth St John George BONE Head   29 railway goods guard Islington 65b
196 Back Tamworth St John ALLISON head m 30 GNR railway guard Leeds 65b
    Emma ALLISON wife m 28   Leeds 65b
    Robert William ALLISON son   2   Tyersal 65b
    Herbert ALLISON son   7m   Tyersal 65b
197 Arkwright St Albert COULTAS head m 22 tramcar conductor Bradford 65b
    Miriam Julia COULTAS wife m 20   NFK Loddon 65b
198 Arkwright St Arthur Henry SOLLIS head m 27 railway porter MDX London 65b
    Sarah Ann Elizabeth SOLLIS wife m 21   LEI Leicester 65b
    Florence Ada FREER sist in l   13 worsted millhand LEI Leicester 65b
199 Arkwright St Henry COULTAS head m 25 railway brakesman Bradford 65b
    Eliza Ann COULTAS wife m 25   Ripon 65b
    Elsie COULTAS dau   6mth   Bradford 65b
200 Arkwright St Harriet WILSON head w 73   Hunsworth 65b
    John WILSON son s 35 worsted warehouse man Pudsey 65b
    Mary Ellen WILSON dau s 29 worsted weaver Pudsey 65b
201 Arkwright St Robert BROWN head m 54 railway navvy * Wa*sford 65b
    Elizabeth BROWN wife m 55   CON St Agnes 65b
202 Arkwright St William SOLLIS head m 66 army pensioner BRK Farringden 65b
    Albert Wm SOLLIS son s 30 railway goods guard BRK Farringden 65b
203 Arkwright St James TOWNSEND head m 42 Joiner Bramley 65b
    Lilian TOWNSEND wife m *9 Milliner Rotherham 65b
    Arthur ASHWORTH step son   11 scholar Rotherham 65b
    Alice Maud ASHWORTH step dau   9 scholar Rotherham 65b
    Thomas Clarkson ASHWORTH step son   7 scholar Acomb 65b
    Beatrice Ellen TOWNSEND dau   1   Bradford 65b
204 Arkwright St Mildred NORTH head m 38 quarryman Eccleshill 65b
    Elizabeth NORTH wife m 43 Worsted Weaver Bradford 65b
    Albert NORTH son   12 worsted millhand Bradford 66a
    Benjamin NORTH son   10 worsted millhand Bradford 66a
205 Arkwright St Sarah WOOD head w 39   Holbeck 66a
    Harriet Ann WOOD Dau s 19 worsted millhand Bradford 66a
    Fred WOOD son s 16 farm lab. Tyersal 66a
    Harry WOOD son   14 worsted millhand Tyersal 66a
    Emma WOOD Dau   11 worsted millhand Tyersal 66a
    Willie WOOD son   8 scholar Tyersal 66a
    Charles WOOD son   4   Tyersal 66a
206 Arkwright St Elizabeth HUNTER head w 56   Bedale 66a
    Hannah SHORT Dau m 20 woolen weaver Pudsey 66a
    Harry HUNTER son s 16 woolcomber Pudsey 66a
    Tom HUNTER son   13   Pudsey 66a
    James Henry SHORT gson   1   Pudsey 66a
207 Arkwright St William JOWETT head m 36 gen lab Bowling 66a
    Elizabeth JOWETT Wife m 43   Doncaster 66a
    George BUSHEL step son   18 gen lab Doncaster 66a
    Hannah BUSHEL step dau   16 worsted spinner Thornton 66a
    Ellen BUSHEL step dau   10   Laisterdyke 66a
    Mary Ann JOWETT dau   4   Tyersal 66a
    Ada JOWETT dau   1   Tyersal 66a
208 Arkwright St Thomas TAYLOR Head m 56 railway platelayer LIN Castle B* 66a
    Mary Ann TAYLOR wife m 55   RUT Essendine 66a
    John Thomas HOLMES lodg s 49 gen lab RUT Essendine 66a
209 Arkwright St Dorothy KILLINGBECK head s 45 worsted weaver Pudsey 66a
    Harriet Ann WARMAN niece   15 worsted spinner Pudsey 66a
210 Arkwright St George MALLINSON head m 37 Grocer's drayman North Bierley 66a
    Phoebe MALLINSON wife m 30   Tong Street 66a
    Fred MALLINSON son   7 scholar Tong 66a
    Albert MALLINSON son   3   Tyersal 66a
211 Arkwright St Mary HARRISON head w 75 on own means Ruswarp ? 66b
    Arthur HARRISON son m 36 gen lab Bradford 66b
    John Harry WATERWORTH lodg s 15 ag lab LAN Heaton 66b
212 Arkwright St Randall ALCOCK head m 60 worsted weaver LAN 66b
    Elizabeth ALCOCK wife m 61 worsted weaver LAN 66b
213 Arkwright St John ARMITAGE head m 65 farmer ? Woodhouse 66b
    Hannah ARMITAGE wife m 69   Armley 66b
214 Arkwright St Joshua Wilson WADE head m 46 general carrier Bradford 66b
    Mary Ann WADE wife m 41   Bradford 66b
    Sarah Jane WADE dau s 25 dressmaker Bradford 66b
    Thomas WADE son s 23 carter Bradford 66b
    Elizabeth WADE dau s 20 worsted drawer Bradford 66b
    Martha WADE dau s 19 worsted drawer Bradford 66b
    Ada WADE dau   7 worsted spinner Bradford 66b
    Emily WADE dau   9 Scholar Bradford 66b
    Lily WADE dau   *   Bradford 66b
215 Arkwright St George STARK head m 46 Railway lab. Hull 66b
    Mary Ann STARK wife m 49   Bradford 66b
    Martha Hannah STARK dau   13 Worsted Mill Hand Bradford 66b
216 Arkwright St James HOLMES head m 58 worsted weaving overlooker Stanborough 66b
    Margaret HOLMES wife m 48   Stanborough 66b
    Sarah HOLMES dau   21 Worsted Weaver Ardsley 66b
    Mary HOLMES dau   * worsted drawer Ardsley 66b
    Frederick HOLMES son   18 app. Upholsterer Ardsley 66b
217 Arkwright St John STEPHENSON head m 38 upholsterer WES Kendal 66b
    Agnes Mary STEPHENSON wife m 36   LAN Oldham 66b
    Walter STEPHENSON son   16 upholsterer Bradford 66b
    Elizabeth STEPHENSON dau   12 scholar Tyersal 66b
    Fred STEPHENSON son   8 scholar Tyersal 66b
    John Thomas STEPHENSON son   6 scholar Tyersal 66b
    Jane Alice STEPHENSON dau   2   Tyersal 66b
218 Arkwright St Elizabeth JACKSON head w 57   Bramley 66Aa
    Martha JACKSON dau s 35 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66Aa
    Mary JACKSON dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66Aa
    Rose Ann JACKSON dau s 25 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 66Aa
219 Arkwright St James LUMBY head m 53 quarryman Pudsey 66Aa
    Mary Ann LUMBY wife m 52   West End 66Aa
    Sarah Ellen LUMBY dau s 25 Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 66Aa
    Elizabeth LUMBY dau s 23 Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 66Aa
    Annie LUMBY dau s 20 Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 66Aa
    Edward LUMBY son   13 milk hawker Pudsey 66Aa
    Clara LUMBY dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 66Aa
    Isabella LUMBY dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 66Aa
220 Arkwright St George BILSBROUGH head m 38 ironstone lab. Pudsey 66Aa
    Sarah Ann BILSBROUGH wife m 46   Sheffield 66Aa
221 Arkwright St Albert ATKINSON head m 40 mattress maker Holbeck 66Aa
    Amelia ATKINSON wife m 39 dressmaker Heckmondwike 66Aa
    Lily ATKINSON dau s 16 worsted * Holbeck 66Aa
    William ATKINSON son   14 bobbin * worsted mill Holbeck 66Aa
    Albert Ed ATKINSON son   11 Scholar Hunslet 66Aa
    Sidney Harry ATKINSON son   3   Doncaster 66Aa
222 Arkwright St John Blackburn BENSON head m 29 furniture warehouse * Bradford 66Aa
    Sarah Ann BENSON wife m 23   Kirk Deighton 66Aa
    Sarah NICHOLS mother w 68   Hull 66Aa
223 Railway St Nathan DENNISON head m 51 iron forgeman Tyersal 66Aa
    Elizabeth DENNISON wife m 50   Tyersal 66Aa
    Firth DENNISON son s 24 coal miner Tyersal 66Aa
    Deborah Annie DENNISON dau s 19 worsted burler Tyersal 66Aa
224 Arkwright St John William HUDSON head m 28 carter Hull 66Aa
    Martha Ann HUDSON wife m 28 Worsted Mill Hand Rotherham 66Aa
    George HUDSON son   5 Scholar Laisterdyke 66Aa
225 Arkwright St William BALDWIN head m 25 Railway lab. London Islington 66Ab
    Mary Ann BALDWIN wife m 21   Bradford 66Ab
    Harry BALDWIN son   1   Bradford 66Ab