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Census Index 1891 Tyersall: ED23


Tyersall Enumeration District 23, Folios 68Ba-81d, Enumerator Joseph Kellett

Comprising all that part of Tyersal commencing with Thomas Midgleys house, Broad Lane, Sticker Lane from the Prince Arthur Hotel to the end of St Marys Road including Wilberforce St, Parsonage Road, Westbury St, Parsonage Grove, the vicarage of St Marys Road

1 Broad Lane Thomas MIDGLEY head m 55 glass merchant Bradford 68Ba .
    Elizabeth MIDGLEY wife m 54   Bradford 68Ba  
    Emily MIDGLEY dau s 24 worsted weaver Bradford 68Ba  
    Elizabeth MIDGLEY dau s 22 worsted weaver Bradford 68Ba  
    Annie MIDGLEY dau s 21 worsted weaver Bradford 68Ba  
    Thomas MIDGLEY son   13 errand boy Bradford 68Ba  
2 Broad Lane House Thomas William BROWNING head w 49 solicitor Stanningley 68Ba  
    Mary A TANKARD sister w 64 housekeeper Bradford 68Ba  
    Elizabeth BAILDON sister w 59 worsted weaver Horsforth 68Ba  
    Thomas VICKERS neph s 29 estate and rent agent Bowling 68Ba  
3a Broad Lane Albert YATES head m 30 iron forge man Bradford 68Ba .
    Anne E YATES wife m 32   Bradford 68Ba  
    Alice YATES dau   6 scholar Tyersal 68Ba  
    Tom YATES son   4 scholar Tyersal 68Ba  
    Clara YATES dau   2   Tyersal 68Ba  
3b Broad Lane Eliza BEARDER head w 49   nr Pontefract 68Ba  
    Alice MITCHELL gdau s 20 worsted weaver Bradford 68Ba  
    Emma MITCHELL gdau s 18 worsted weaver Bradford 68Ba  
    Bertha BEARDER visit   2   Laisterdyke 68Ba  
4 Broad Lane Joseph FIRM head m 41 boilermaker STS West Bromwich 68Ba  
    Emma FIRM wife m 38 worsted weaver Tyersal 68Ba .
    Mary FIRM dau s 15 worsted weaver Bradford 68Ba  
    Willie FIRM son   9 scholar Tyersal 68Ba  
    Percy FIRM son   6 scholar Tyersal 68Ba  
    Lewis FIRM son   4   Tyersal 68Ba  
5 Broad Lane Peter WHITE head m 64 forge labourer NBL Livingstone 68Ba  
    Eliza WHITE wife m 63   Bradford 68Ba  
    Eliza WHITE gdau   11 scholar Armley 68Ba  
6 Broad Lane James PARKER head w 60 stuff warehouseman Pudsey 68Ba  
    Martha PARKER dau s 25 warper worsted WES Kendal 68Ba .
7 Broad Lane William H WELLS head m 46 screw cutter Laisterdyke 68Ba  
    Helen WELLS wife m 42   Bradford Moor 68Bb  
    Arthur WELLS son s 16 stone polisher Tyersal 68Bb  
8 Broad Lane John DENNISON head m 49 stuff weaving overlooker nr Tong 68Bb  
    Martha DENNISON wife m 51   Bowling 68Bb  
    Ellen DENNISON dau s 22 spinner worsted Bowling 68Bb  
    John James DENNISON son s 15 fitter Pudsey 68Bb  
    Sam DENNISON son   13 greengrocer's ass. Pudsey 68Bb .
    Sarah E DENNISON dau   10 scholar Pudsey 68Bb  
    Harold DENNISON son   5 scholar Pudsey 68Bb  
9a Broad Lane George SCHOON head m 59 weaving overlooker Bradford 68Bb  
    Mary A SCHOON wife m 60   Bradford 68Bb  
9b Broad Lane Thomas COLLINS head m 32 book keeper Bowling 68Bb  
    Ada COLLINS wife m 32   Bowling 68Bb  
    Walter R COLLINS son   5 scholar Oakenshaw 68Bb .
10 Broad Lane Emma BANKS head m 45   Tong 68Bb  
    Elizabeth BANKS dau s 18 worsted weaver Tong 68Bb  
    John William BANKS son s 16 fitter Birkenshaw 68Bb  
11 Broad Lane James BENTON head m 64 forge labourer Bradford 68Bb  
    Mary A BENTON wife m 57   Bradford 68Bb  
    Sarah BENTON dau s 35 worsted weaver Bradford 68Bb  
    Thomas BENTON son s 30 forge labourer Bradford 68Bb  
    Joseph BENTON son s 28 forge labourer Bradford 68Bb .
    Elizabeth A BENTON dau s 25 worsted weaver Bradford 68Bb  
    Mary BENTON dau s 22 spinner worsted Bradford 68Bb  
    Walter BENTON son s 19 twister worsted Bradford 68Bb  
    Clara BENTON dau s 16 worsted weaver Bradford 68Bb  
    Alice BENTON dau   12 scholar Bradford 68Bb  
12 Broad Lane George Harry PARKER head m 27 Overlooker worsted WES A*bride 68Bb  
    Elizabeth PARKER wife m 31   Pudsey 68Bb .
    Mary A BROWN lodg s 32 worsted weaver Pudsey 68Bb  
13 Broad Lane Narthanial DRACUP head m 47 drawing overlooker Bradford 68Bb  
    Martha DRACUP wife m 49   Bradford 69a  
14 Broad Lane William H GAUKROGER head m 38 painter Halifax 69a  
    Lydia GAUKROGER wife m 37   Pudsey 69a .
    Harry GAUKROGER son   4   Bradford 69a  
15 broad Lane Mark ROYSTON head m 38 wool warehouseman Elsecar 69a  
    Elizabeth ROYSTON wife m 39   Thorpe Harley Rotherham 69a  
    Clara ROYSTON dau s 18 stuff weaver Elsecar 69a  
16 Broad Lane James ONION head m 52 Manager worsted factory Bradford 69a  
    Mary A ONION wife m 51   Bradford 69a  
    Clara ONION dau s 25 worsted weaver Bradford 69a  
    Joe ONION son s 21 Overlooker worsted Bradford 69a  
17 Broad Lane Campbell MANDON head m 28 boot rivetter Stanningley 69a .
    Annie E MANDON wife m 27 worsted weaver Bradford 69a  
    Mary A MANDON dau   6 scholar Laisterdyke 69a  
    Arthur MANDON son   4 scholar Laisterdyke 69a .
18 Prince Arthur Hotel, Sticker Lane Alfred C HOPKINSON head m 37 Innkeeper Birkenshaw 69a  
    Mary E HOPKINSON wife m 32   Belborough 69a  
    Emma HOPKINSON dau   1   Laisterdyke 69a  
    Harry HOPKINSON son   5mth   Laisterdyke 69a  
    Ellen MIDDLETON serv s 38 dom. Serv. Thorner 69a  
    Sarah J IVESON serv s 16 dom. Serv. Leeds 69a  
19 Sticker Lane Abraham MITCHELL head m 52 grocer Spring Gardens, Warley 69a .
    Elizabeth MITCHELL wife m 62   Ovenden 69a  
21 Wilberforce Rd Arthur E CHARLTON head m 38 painter CON Penzance 69a  
    Sarah A CHARLTON wife m 36   Bowling 69a  
    Fred CHARLTON son   4mth   Bradford 69a .
22 Wilberforce Rd Margaret BROOK head w 76 on own means Bradford 69a  
    Betty BROOK dau s 44 worsted weaver Bradford 69a  
    Carry BROOK dau s 39 worsted weaver Bradford 69a  
    Annie TERRY gdau s 14 spinner worsted Bradford 69a  
    Richard FARRAR gson s 30 taker-in stuff mill Bradford 69a  
23 Wilberforce Rd Albert WALTON head m 30 Overlooker worsted Bradford 69b .
    Susannah WALTON wife m 29 worsted weaver Long Preston 69b  
    Tom WALTON son   9 scholar Bradford 69b  
    Annie WALTON dau   1   Bradford 69b  
    Elizabeth A ROBINSON sist in l s 23 dressmaker Long Preston 69b  
24 Wilberforce Rd Ann ECCLES head w 49   Bradford 69b  
    Charles BAIRSTOW rel s 56 brushmaker Bradford 69b blind
25 Wilberforce Rd Hiram SCOTT head m 35 warp dresser Laisterdyke 69b  
    Matilda SCOTT wife m 35   Laisterdyke 69b  
    Joseph SCOTT son m 17 stuff warehouseman Laisterdyke 69b  
    Albert SCOTT son s 15 stuff warehouseman Laisterdyke 69b  
    Sam SCOTT son   11 half time worsted spinner Laisterdyke 69b  
26 Wilberforce Rd John POLLARD head m 62 Mill boiler minder Laisterdyke 69b .
    Sarah POLLARD wife m 59   Wakefield 69b  
    Squire POLLARD son s 22 Iron foundryman Laisterdyke 69b  
    Willie POLLARD son s 19 labourer Laisterdyke 69b  
    Phoebe POLLARD dau s 25 worsted weaver Laisterdyke 69b  
    Ada B POLLARD gdau   7 scholar Laisterdyke 69b  
    Alice B POLLARD gdau   5 scholar Laisterdyke 69b  
27 Wilberforce Rd George YATES head m 28 sawyer Bradford 69b  
    Mary E YATES wife m 28   Oakworth 69b .
28 Sticker Lane Joe SHOOTER head m 30 refiner Iron Foundry Brotherton 69b  
    May A SHOOTER wife m 29 warper worsted Shadwell 69b  
    Margaret TURNER board s 19 spinner worsted Scotland 69b  
29 Wilberforce Rd Samuel WILSON head m 52 stationary engine stoker LAN Dolphinholme 69b  
    Mary WILSON wife m 44   Pateley Bridge 69b  
    Rhoda WILSON dau s 22 woolen drawer Leeds 69b  
    John WILSON son s 18 woolen jobber Leeds 69b  
    Ada WILSON dau   10 scholar Hull 69b .
    Ellen WILSON dau   8 scholar Hull 69b  
    Sabrah WILSON dau   6 scholar Hull 69b  
    Ethel WILSON dau   4 scholar Bradford 70a  
30 Wilberforce Rd Robert WILSON head m 35 soapworks lab. Bradford 70a  
    Jane WILSON wife m 32   Bradford 70a  
    John WILSON son   4   Bradford 70a  
    Edwin WILSON board s 30 dyeworks lab Bradford 70a  
31 Wilberforce Rd Fred FIRTH head m 30 weaving overlooker Bradford 70a  
    May FIRTH wife m 37   WALES Conway 70a  
    Rose H FIRTH dau   5 scholar Halifax 70a  
    Robert W STOREY lodg s 26 accountant DUR Darlington 70a .
32 Wilberforce Rd James ALLISON head m 34 watch repairer Bowling 70a  
    Mary ALLISON wife m 26   Birkenshaw 70a  
    Jane ALLISON dau   5 scholar Laisterdyke 70a  
    Martha ALLISON dau   3 scholar Tyersal 70a  
    Elizabeth ALLISON dau   2   Tyersal 70a  
    Annis ALLISON dau   5mth   Laisterdyke 70a  
33 Wilberforce Rd George WARD head m 57 gen lab Kettlewell 70a  
    Mary WARD wife m 56   Pudsey 70a .
    Albert WARD son s 32 warp twister worsted Laisterdyke 70a  
    Sarah A WARD dau s 29 drawer worsted Laisterdyke 70a  
    Alice WARD dau s 5 spinner worsted Laisterdyke 70a  
    Edith POWELL visit s 20 drawer worsted Bradford 70a  
34 Wilberforce Rd Henry BLAND head m 40 warp twister worsted Bradford 70a  
    Maria BLAND wife m 38   Brotherton 70a  
35 Wilberforce Rd Charles CLUDERAY head m 38 warp twister worsted Bradford 70a .
    Hannah CLUDERAY wife m 34 worsted weaver Tong 70a  
    Harriet CLUDERAY dau   11 half time spinner worsted Tong 70a  
    James CLUDERAY son   8 scholar Tong 70a  
    Annie CLUDERAY dau   11mth   Laisterdyke 70a  
    Timothy IVES fath in l w 67   Guiseley 70a  
36 Wilberforce Rd Albert TURNER head m 29 Basket maker Stanningley 70a  
    Angelina TURNER wife m 29   Bowling 70a  
    Emily TURNER dau   4   Laisterdyke 70b .
    Rhoda TURNER dau   1   Stanningley 70b  
37 Wilberforce Rd Joseph SHARPE head m 45 gen lab Bradford 70b  
    Anne SHARPE wife m 49   Laisterdyke 70b  
    Joshua SHARPE son s 23 twister worsted Laisterdyke 70b  
    Jane SHARPE dau s 16 cotton weaver Leeds 70b  
38 Wilberforce Rd Isaac NAYLOR head m 41 warp twister worsted Tong 70b  
    Elizabeth NAYLOR wife m 38   Salterhebble 70b .
    Mary H NAYLOR dau s 19 cloth weaver Dick Lane nr Pudsey 70b  
    Herbert NAYLOR son s 16 card * Dick Lane nr Pudsey 70b  
    Oliver NAYLOR son   12 spinner worsted Tong 70b  
    Violet NAYLOR dau   12 scholar Tong 70b  
    Broadbent NAYLOR son   7 scholar Cutler heights 70b  
    Martha E NAYLOR dau   5 scholar Cutler heights 70b  
    Sarah A NAYLOR dau   2   Cutler heights 70b  
39 Wilberforce Rd Samuel CHILD head m 39 *der's Clerk Undercliffe 70b  
    Susannah CHILD wife m 35 worsted weaver Laisterdyke 70b  
    Ruth A DICKENSON board s 18 worsted weaver Laisterdyke 70b  
    Bayne DICKENSON board   12 scholar Laisterdyke 70b  
40 Wilberforce Rd George R PEARCE head m 41 wool sorter HER Hereford 70b  
    Caroline PEARCE wife m 41   NTT Farnsfield 70b .
    Sam PEARCE son   13 silk mill Idle 70b  
    Martha PEARCE dau   12 silk mill Idle 70b  
    Frederick J PEARCE son   8 scholar Idle 70b  
    Jane PEARCE dau   4 scholar Idle 70b  
    Ralph PEARCE son   2   Idle 70b  
    Annie E PEARCE dau   1mth   Bradford 70b  
41 Wilberforce Rd Tetley BEANLAND head w 43 Forgeman Bradford 70b  
    Hannah BEANLAND dau s 19   Bradford 70b  
    Alfred BEANLAND son s 17 warp twister worsted Bradford 70b .
    Percy BEANLAND son   3   Bradford 70b  
42 Wilberforce Rd Thomas DICKENSON head m 42 forgeman Bradford 71a  
    Lydia DICKENSON wife m 41   Bradford 71a  
    Sarah DICKENSON dau   5 stuff weaver Tong 71a  
43 Wilberforce Rd Joseph H GOTT head m 34 Grocer Dudley Hill 71a  
    Jane GOTT wife m 35   Bowling 71a  
    John W GOTT son   14 errand boy Laisterdyke 71a  
    Harry GOTT son   12 scholar Laisterdyke 71a  
    Harold GOTT son   10 scholar Laisterdyke 71a  
    Arthur GOTT son   8 scholar Laisterdyke 71a  
44 Wilberforce Rd William ALDERSLEY head m 62 wool washer Grassington 71a  
    Mary ALDERSLEY wife m 52   Masham 71a  
    Prescilla ALDERSLEY dau   20 wool rover Bradford 71a .
    Ada ALDERSLEY dau   17 wool rover Bradford 71a  
    Walter TAYLOR son in l   22 in the navy Burton Agnes 71a  
    Rose E TAYLOR dau m 23 wool drawer Bradford 71a  
45 Wilberforce Rd Arthur W VARLEY head m 21 yarn warehouseman Jamaica B.S. 71a  
    Florence VARLEY wife m 21 cloth capmaker Hunslet 71a  
    Amy VARLEY sister s 18 spinner worsted Bradford 71a  
46 Wilberforce Rd Simpson BROOK head m 47 iron dresser Bradford 71a  
    Nancy BROOK wife m 43   Tong 71a .
    Sarah E BROOK dau s 24 warp twister worsted Bradford 71a  
    George BROOK son s 21 iron dresser Bradford 71a  
    Eliza BROOK dau s 18 stuff weaver Bradford 71a  
    Rose A BROOK dau s 15 spinner worsted Bradford 71a  
    Ernest BROOK son   13 millhand worsted Bradford 71a  
    Annie BROOK dau   10 scholar Bradford 71a  
    Herbert BROOK son   7 scholar Bradford 71a  
47 Wilberforce Rd James FIRTH head m 35 forgeman Farnley 71a  
    Sarah FIRTH wife m 34   Leeds 71a .
    Annie FIRTH dau   11 spinner worsted Bradford 71a  
    Ripley FIRTH son   9 scholar Bradford 71a  
    Mary E FIRTH dau   7 scholar Bradford 71a  
    Fred FIRTH son   6 scholar Bradford 71a  
    Ada FIRTH dau   3   Bradford 71b  
    Henry FIRTH son   1   Bradford 71b .
48 Wilberforce Rd Elizabeth HOYLE head m 27 shed manager worsted mill Birstall 71b  
    Ada HOYLE wife m 25   Wilsden 71b  
49 Wilberforce Rd Fred CARTER head m 29 tyre roller BDF Eyworth 71b  
    Clara CARTER wife m 28 woolen weaver Sheffield 71b  
50 Wilberforce Rd Daniel BOOTH head m 43 blacksmith bradford 71b  
    Jane E BOOTH wife m 43   bradford 71b  
    Harry BOOTH son   18 mechanic bradford 71b  
    John William BOOTH son   14 spinner worsted bradford 71b .
    Albert BOOTH son   11 spinner worsted bradford 71b  
    Ada BOOTH dau   8 scholar bradford 71b  
    Arthur BOOTH son   5 scholar bradford 71b  
51 Wilberforce Rd Thomas MATHERS head m 30 gas stoker Sheffield 71b  
    Henrietta MATHERS wife m 24   Swinton 71b  
    Samuel MATHERS son   5 scholar Wath 71b  
    Lucy MATHERS dau   1   Bradford 71b  
52 Wilberforce Rd William SCHOFIELD head m 39 warp dresser worsted Bowling 71b .
    Clara A SCHOFIELD wife m 27   HAM Portsmouth 71b  
    Clara J SCHOFIELD dau   8 scholar HAM Portsmouth 71b  
    Beatrice A SCHOFIELD dau   6 scholar HAM Aldershot 71b  
    Arthur SCHOFIELD son   5 scholar Bradford 71b  
    Charles SCHOFIELD son   3   Bradford 71b  
    Walter SCHOFIELD son   8mth   Laisterdyke 71b  
    Edward HUDDLESTON lodg s 57 Overlooker worsted Stanningley 71b .
53 Wilberforce Rd Benjamin WORMWELL head m 39 warp dresser Heaton 71b  
    Mary J WORMWELL wife m 38   WOR Stourport 71b  
    Emily WORMWELL dau s 16 rover worsted Manningham 71b  
    Ellen WORMWELL dau s 14 rover worsted Manningham 71b  
    Harry WORMWELL son   13 tinner Manningham 72a  
    Fred WORMWELL son   10 scholar Manningham 72a  
    Frank WORMWELL son   8 scholar Manningham 72a  
    Lily WORMWELL dau   6 scholar Manningham 72a  
    Florry WORMWELL dau   2   Laisterdyke 72a  
54 Wilberforce Rd William WILDE head m 41 iron puddler Bradford 72a  
    Mary WILDE wife m 37   NFK Norwich 72a  
    Thomas WILDE son s 19 locomotive engine cleaner Bradford 72a  
    Joseph WILDE son s 17 puddler's ass. Bradford 72a  
    Mary E WILDE dau s 15 spinner worsted Bradford 72a  
    Willie WILDE son   8 scholar Bradford 72a  
    Alice WILDE dau   4 scholar Bradford 72a  
    Clara WILDE dau   3   Bradford 72a  
    Harry WILDE son   1   Bradford 72a  
55 Wilberforce Rd Alfred WHITLEY head m 40 iron moulder Bradford 72a  
    Eliza WHITLEY wife m 38   Leeds 72a  
    John E WHITLEY son s 18 dyer's lab. Bradford 72a .
    Joseph WHITLEY son s 15 tinner Pudsey 72a  
    Charlotte WHITLEY dau   8   Bradford 72a  
    William WHITLEY son   5   Bradford 72a  
    Elizabeth WHITLEY dau   3   Bradford 72a  
56 Wilberforce Rd William MANN head m 40 gas stoker LIN Marton 72a  
    Hannah Elizabeth MANN wife m 39   Thornton Dale 72a  
    Thomas W MANN son   14 spinner worsted Saltburn by the Sea 72a  
    Victor MANN dau   12 spinner worsted Saltburn by the Sea 72a  
    Arthur G MANN son   11 spinner worsted Saltburn by the Sea 72a .
    Lily MANN dau   10 scholar Saltburn by the Sea 72a  
    Mary B MANN dau   8 scholar Saltburn by the Sea 72a  
    Roselyn MANN dau   6 scholar Pudsey 72a  
    Victor MANN son   4   Pudsey 72a  
    Norman MANN son   2   Bradford 72a  
    Vincent MANN son   4mth   bradford 72b  
    George MANN board s 31 gas stoker LIN Marton 72b .
57 Wilberforce Rd Eliza BARBER wife m 35   Kirkheaton 72b  
    Ann JESSOP sister s 38 sick nurse Kirkheaton 72b  
    Archie BARBER son   6 scholar DUR Sunderland 72b  
58 Wilberforce Rd Arthur ACKROYD head m 26 ironworker Bradford 72b  
    Martha Ann ACKROYD wife m 26 worsted weaver Eccleshill 72b  
59 Wilberforce Rd Samuel FENTON head m 45 *ed water worker Bradford 72b  
    Elizabeth FENTON wife m 44 cotton spinner born at sea 72b  
60 Wilberforce Rd Frederick SMITH head m 41 gen lab DOR Poole 72b  
    Fanny SMITH wife m 63   LEI Bottesford 72b  
    Frederick SMITH son   11 scholar SRY Battersea 72b  
    Louisa SMITH dau   10 scholar Hull 72b  
    Walter SMITH son   8 scholar Hull 72b .
    Ellen SMITH dau   7 scholar Hull 72b  
    William SMITH son   5 scholar Skipton 72b  
    Edward SMITH son   3   CHS Fordsham 72b  
    John MEEK lodg s 50 gen lab BFD Luton 72b  
61 Wilberforce Rd John KNIGHT head m 33 Railway Guard BFD Wrestlingworth 72b  
    Mary A KNIGHT wife m 34   HRT Hasfield 72b  
    William KNIGHT son   11 scholar ESS Colchester 72b  
    Ethel M KNIGHT dau   5 scholar HEF High Burnett 72b .
    Mary E KNIGHT dau   21   Laisterdyke 72b  
62 Wilberforce Rd Charles TURNER head m 44 bolier maker's lab Bradford 72b  
    Sophia TURNER wife m 49   Churwell 72b  
    Louisa TURNER dau s 20 worsted weaver Tyersal 72b  
63 Wilberforce Rd Edgar A BELL head m 24 ironmonger's ass. Wyke 72b  
    Emma BELL wife m 25   Bowling 72b .
    Anne BELL dau   3?   Tyersal 72b  
    Emmeline BELL dau   2mth   Laisterdyke 72b  
64 Wilberforce Rd Wilson BURKS head m 44 coachman Seaton 72b  
    Ruth BURKS wife m 38   bradford 73a  
    Eveline BURKS dau   10 scholar bradford 73a  
    Hillas BURKS son   4 scholar bradford 73a  
65 Wilberforce Rd Robert SHARPE head m 30 mineral water drayman bradford 73a  
    Alice SHARPE wife m 31   LIN Spalding 73a .
    Harry SHARPE son   5   Bradford 73a  
66 Wilberforce Rd William GRAYSHON head m 37 Butcher Bramley 73a  
    Mary GRAYSHON wife m 34 Confectioner Pudsey 73a  
67 Wilberforce Rd William F JONES head m 41 waggoner WAR Birmingham 73a  
    Sarah JONES wife m 34 worsted weaver Loughborough 73a  
    Sarah A JONES dau   12 spinner worsted Laisterdyke 73a  
    Hyde? JONES son   10 millhand worsted Laisterdyke 73a  
    Lillie JONES dau   5 scholar Laisterdyke 73a  
    Louis JONES son   2   Laisterdyke 73a .
68 Wilberforce Rd Thomas WRIGHT head m 54 iron puddler SAL Lilshaul 73a  
    Ann WRIGHT wife m 52   STS Wolverhampton 73a  
    Alice WRIGHT dau s 26 nurse girl STS Walsall 73a  
    Annie WRIGHT dau m 22   STS Walsall 73a  
    Noah JENKINS son in l m 26 coal miner DEV Buckfastleigh 73a  
    James BESTHAM lodg s 21 stone hewer Bradford 73a  
69 Wilberforce Rd Tom ROWNTREE head m 37 pattern maker Bradford 73a  
    Sarah A ROWNTREE wife m 40   Anston 73a  
    William ROWNTREE son s 18 painter Bradford 73a .
    Walter E ROWNTREE son s 16   Bradford 73a  
    Fred ROWNTREE son   12 scholar LAN Helmshore 73a  
    Emma J ROWNTREE dau   9 scholar Bradford 73a  
    Thomas H ROWNTREE son   7 scholar Bradford 73a  
70 Wilberforce Rd Job Shepherd WATERHOUSE head m 48 photographic agent Pudsey 73a  
    Mary WATERHOUSE wife m 42   HAM Litchfield 73a  
    Sarah A WATERHOUSE dau s 14 spinner worsted CHS Chester 73a .
    Charles L WATERHOUSE son   12 half time spinner worsted Boar Island, Bermudas 73a  
    Mary WATERHOUSE dau   6 scholar Laisterdyke 73b  
    George WATERHOUSE dau   4   Laisterdyke 73b  
    Harry WATERHOUSE dau   1   Laisterdyke 73b  
71 Wilberforce Rd Theresa COOPE head w 53   Bradford 73b  
    Thomas COOPE son s 20 stone polisher Bradford 73b  
    Isabella COOPE dau s 18 warp twister worsted Bradford 73b  
    Mary J COOPE dau s 16 warp twister worsted Bradford 73b .
    Freddy COOPE son   13 rover worsted Bradford 73b  
    Alice COOPE dau   11 millhand worsted Bradford 73b  
    Lily COOPE dau   9 scholar Bradford 73b  
72 Wilberforce Rd Edward GREENWOOD head m 37 Tramway engine driver Leeds 73b  
    Fanny GREENWOOD wife m 29   Otley 73b  
    Cyril A GREENWOOD son   8 scholar Otley 73b  
    Blanche GREENWOOD dau   6 scholar Otley 73b  
73 Wilberforce Rd Alice ACKROYD head w 31 charwoman Barnsley 73b .
    Walter ACKROYD son   10 scholar Outwood 73b  
    Leonard ACKROYD son   6 scholar Wakefield 73b  
    Eliza ACKROYD dau   4 scholar Outwood 73b  
    Jane ACKROYD niece   14 millhand worsted Lofthouse 73b  
75 Wilberforce Rd Alfred POULTER head m 32 gen lab Bradford 73b  
    Mary A POULTER wife m 21   Bradford 73b  
    Sam SHARPE son   12 scholar Bradford 73b .
    Jane E POULTER dau   10 spinner worsted Bradford 73b  
    Clara POULTER dau   5 scholar Bradford 73b  
    William POULTER son   1   Bradford 73b  
    Robert SHARP bro in l s 15 yarn finisher Bradford 73b  
    Frances SHARP sist in l s 13 spinner worsted Bradford 73b  
76 Wilberforce Rd Joseph POLLARD head m 38 stationary engine driver Bradford 73b  
    Sarah J POLLARD wife m 38 worsted weaver Bradford 73b  
    Maria MOSSLEY moth in l m 61 gen servant Bradford 73b  
77 Wilberforce Rd Alfred BOOTH head m 22 boilermaker Bradford 74a  
    Harriet BOOTH wife m 21 cotton weaver Bradford 74a  
78 Wilberforce Rd Samuel STEAD head m 21 clerk Bradford 74a .
    Jane STEAD wife m 21   Bradford 74a  
    Harrold STEAD son   2   Bradford 74a  
    Gertrude STEAD dau   1   Bradford 74a  
    James STEAD father m 62 hawker Dewsbury 74a  
79 Wilberforce Rd Herbert HOLT head m 42 grinder Bradford 74a  
    Anne HOLT wife m 41 turner Bradford 74a  
    David HOLT son s 17 turner Farnley 74a .
    Anne HOLT dau   15 factory worsted Bradford 74a  
    Herbert HOLT son   12 scholar Bowling 74a  
80 Wilberforce Rd David BAXENDALE head m 48 joiner Halifax 74a  
    Martha BAXENDALE wife m 45   Bradford 74a  
    Minnie BAXENDALE dau s 22 weaver Bradford 74a  
    Annie E BAXENDALE dau s 18 weaver Bradford 74a .
    Tom BAXENDALE son   16 clerk Bradford 74a  
    William C BAXENDALE son   10 scholar Bradford 74a  
    Maggie BAXENDALE dau   8 scholar Bradford 74a  
81 Wilberforce Rd Charles WEBB head m 56 gen lab CAM Gamilngay 74a  
    Mary R WEBB wife m 54   CAM Gamlingay 74a  
    Emily WEBB dau s 20 * drawer CAM Gamlingay 74a  
    Alice WEBB dau s 13 spinner worsted Bradford 74a  
82 Wilberforce Rd William SMITH head m 57 coal miner Wibsey 74a .
    Emma SMITH wife m 56 worsted weaver Tong 74a  
    Mary SMITH dau s 19 worsted weaver Normanton 74a  
83 Wilberforce Rd George SLONE head m 29 steelworks lab DUR Gateshead 74a  
    Clara SLONE wife m 26   Bradford 74a  
    Minnie SMITH dau   7 scholar Bradford 74a  
    Arthur SMITH son   5 scholar Bradford 74a  
    Mary A SLONE dau   1mth   Bradford 74a .
    Priscilla THORNTON sister? s 22? cotton weaver Bradford 74b  
87 Wilberforce Rd Maria EDMONDSON head m 21 shopkeeper York 74b  
    Mary J EDMONDSON dau   5   Bradford 74b  
    Ada EDMONDSON dau   4   Bradford 74b  
88 Wilberforce Rd Samuel DENBY head m 60 grocer Bradford 74b  
    Eliza DENBY wife m 60   Bradford 74b  
    Emma DENBY dau s 37 worsted weaver Bradford 74b  
    Mary A DENBY dau s 30 worsted weaver Bradford 74b .
    Eliza DENBY dau s 28 worsted weaver Bradford 74b  
    George DENBY son s 22 warp dresser Bradford 74b  
    Charles Edward DENBY son s 20 cabinet maker Bradford 74b  
    Edith DENBY gdau   11 scholar Bradford 74b  
89 Wilberforce Rd William BEVERLEY head m 23 steam engine maker LAN Stockport 74b  
    Annice BEVERLEY wife m 22   Bradford 74b  
    William BEVERLEY son   1   Bradford 74b  
90 Wilberforce Rd Fred LOCKWOOD head m 26   Leeds 74b  
    Sarah LOCKWOOD wife m 24   Dudley Hill 74b  
    Emily KAYE lodger s 16 worsted weaver Leeds 74b  
91 Wilberforce Rd Stead BOOTH head m 42 blacksmith Tong 74b  
    Ruth BOOTH wife m 43   Tong 74b  
    Emma BOOTH dau s 23 drawer worsted Tong 74b  
    Florence BOOTH dau s 19 worsted weaver Tong 74b  
    Sam BOOTH son s 17 boilermaker's app. Tong 74b  
    George BOOTH son   15 shoemaker's app. Tong 74b  
    Stead BOOTH son   14   Leeds 74b  
    Jane BOOTH dau   11 scholar Leeds 74b .
    Alice BOOTH dau   9 scholar Leeds 74b  
    Amy BOOTH dau   5   Bradford 74b  
    Frank BOOTH son   1   Bradford 74b  
92 Wilberforce Rd Sharp SURBUTTS head m 47 Boiler *ivet maker Bradford 74b  
    Joseph SURBUTTS wife m 41   Bradford 74b  
    Adelina SCOTT step dau s 19 worsted weaver Bradford 75a  
    Maccheus SURBUTTS son   9 scholar Bradford 75a  
    Joseph SURBUTTS son   7 scholar Bradford 75a  
    Sarah H SURBUTTS dau   4   Bradford 75a .
    Sarah SUTCLIFFE aunt s 76   Charlestown 75a  
93 Wilberforce Rd Andrew KENNEDY head m 40 bricklayer's lab Ireland 75a  
    Mary KENNEDY wife m 44   Ireland 75a  
    Mary KENNEDY dau s 16? H* maker Pontefract 75a  
    James KENNEDY son s 14 H* maker Pontefract 75a  
    Patrick KENNEDY son s 12 H* maker half-time Pontefract 75a  
94 Wilberforce Rd John J WILLIAMSON head m 28 woolcomber Bradford 75a  
    Annis WILLIAMSON wife m 23 woolcomber Rotherham 75a  
    Joseph CARTER lodger s 30 woolcomber Bradford 75a .
    Margaret A HAGENEY visit   11   Rotherham 75a  
95 Wilberforce Rd John WESTMAN head m 42 foundry lab Bradford 75a  
    Matilda WESTMAN wife m 41   Bradford 75a  
    Benjamin WESTMAN son s 18 sizer's carrier Normanton 75a  
    Arthur WESTMAN son s 16 hardware worker Bradford 75a  
    Nancy J WESTMAN dau   14 spinner worsted Bradford 75a  
    Anne WESTMAN dau   10 scholar Bradford 75a .
    Clara WESTMAN dau   8 scholar Bradford 75a  
    Martha A WESTMAN dau   6 scholar Bradford 75a  
    Henry WESTMAN son   2   Bradford 75a  
96 Wilberforce Rd Levi CLOUGH head m 39 wool working machinist Bradford 75a  
    Hannah CLOUGH wife m 35   Bradford 75a  
    Elizabeth H CLOUGH dau   12 half time spinner worsted Huddersfield 75a  
    Emily CLOUGH dau   8 scholar Huddersfield 75a  
    Amy CLOUGH dau   1   Bradford 75a  
97 Wilberforce Rd Arthur HAYLOCK head m 38 coke drawer CAM Guilden Morden 75a  
    Jane HAYLOCK wife m 37   BFD Wrestlingworth 75a  
    Fanny HAYLOCK dau   16 spinner worsted CAM Guilden Morden 75a .
    Anne HAYLOCK dau   13 spinner worsted Laisterdyke 75b  
    Irvine HAYLOCK son   8 scholar Laisterdyke 75b  
    Eva HAYLOCK dau   5 scholar Laisterdyke 75b  
    Edgar HAYLOCK son   2   Laisterdyke 75b  
    Annie HAYLOCK dau   1mth   Laisterdyke 75b  
98 Wilberforce Rd John WAITE head m 35 cloth fuller Eccleshill 75b  
    Frances WAITE wife m 33   WAR Birmingham 75b  
    Eva WAITE dau   13 spinner worsted Eccleshill 75b  
    Flora WAITE dau   *   Eccleshill 75b .
    Joseph BIRCH lodger s 27 mechanic Eccleshill 75b  
99 Wilberforce Rd Ben SCOTT head m 39 blacksmith Farnley 75b  
    Mary SCOTT wife m 37   Bradford 75b  
    Lydia SCOTT dau   16 twister worsted Laisterdyke 75b  
    Ada Jane SCOTT dau   15 twister worsted Laisterdyke 75b  
    Annie SCOTT dau   12 spinner worsted Laisterdyke 75b  
100 Wilberforce Rd Thomas CHIPPENDALE head m 32 warp twister worsted Otley 75b  
    Martha CHIPPENDALE wife m 32   Bradford 75b  
    Clara CHIPPENDALE dau   12 half time spinner worsted Bradford 75b  
    Sarah A CHIPPENDALE dau   11 half time spinner worsted Bradford 75b .
    Lilly CHIPPENDALE dau   8 scholar Bradford 75b  
    Emily CHIPPENDALE dau   6 scholar Bradford 75b  
    Nelly CHIPPENDALE dau   4   Bradford 75b  
    Polly CHIPPENDALE dau   2   Bradford 75b  
    William CHIPPENDALE son   1mth   Bradford 75b  
101 Wilberforce Rd Samuel BROWN head m 40 railway checker LAN Manchester 75b  
    Pauline BROWN wife m 38   LAN Manchester 75b  
    Albert BROWN son   12 spinner worsted Bradford 75b .
    Pauline BROWN dau   10 scholar Bradford 75b  
    Sarah A BROWN dau   7 scholar Bradford 75b  
    Thomas BROWN son   5 scholar Bradford 75b  
    Alice BROWN dau   2   Bradford 75b  
    Florence BROWN dau   under 1   Bradford 75c  
102 Wilberforce Rd Henry YATES head m 56 Iron Fettler Bradford 75c  
    Sarah YATES wife m 54   Bradford 75c  
    Henry YATES son s 18 fireman stationary engine Bradford 75c  
    Clara YATES dau s 15 winder worsted Bradford 75c  
    Betsy YATES dau   13 card * Bradford 75c  
    Gilbert YATES Gson   8 scholar Bradford 75c  
103 Wilberforce Rd Thomas HAYES head m 67 gen lab LAN Winmerley 75c  
    Jane HAYES wife m 65   WES Kendal 75c  
    Joseph COLLINSON Gson   2   Bradford 75c  
104 Wilberforce Rd James LACY head m 52 blacksmith SOM Whinsoms 75c .
    Adeline LACY wife m 53   Worcester 75c  
    Adeline E LACY dau   15   Oxford 75c  
    John BARRETT lodger   29 gen lab NTH Bulwick 75c  
105 Wilberforce Rd Joseph SMITH head m 44 blacksmith Keighley 75c  
    Veronica SMITH wife m 50   Ovenden 75c  
    Mary E LAYCOCK gdau   13 millhand worsted Bingley 75c  
106 Wilberforce Rd Edward CARTER head m 48 blast furnace filler BFD Eyeworth 75c .
    Mary A CARTER wife m 48   CAM Tadlow 75c  
    Jane CARTER dau s 27 spinner worsted BFD Wrestlingworth 75c  
    Alfred CARTER son s 20 woolsorter's app. BFD Wrestlingworth 75c  
    George CARTER son s 15 spinner worsted Bradford 75c  
    Wilfred CARTER son   10 scholar Bradford 75c  
    Fred CARTER son   6 scholar Bradford 75c .
    Emily CARTER dau   3   Bradford 75c  
107 Wilberforce Rd Henry HESSLETINE head m 42 Overlooker worsted Pontefract 75c  
    Grace HESSLETINE wife m 39   Scotland 75c  
    Lucy HESSLETINE dau   11? scholar Bradford 75c  
    Harry HESSLETINE son   8mth   Bradford 75c  
108 Wilberforce Rd Thomas SMITH head m 53 ironworks lab BFD Wrestlingworth 75c .
    Julia SMITH wife m 50   BFD Dunton 75c  
    Albert SMITH son s 23 ironworks lab BFD Wrestlingworth 75d  
    Jane SMITH dau s 18   BFD Wrestlingworth 75d  
    Annie SMITH dau   13 unemployed Laisterdyke 75d  
    Alfred SMITH son   9 half time spinner worsted Laisterdyke 75d  
    Katie SMITH dau   8 scholar Laisterdyke 75d  
    Edith SMITH dau   4 scholar Laisterdyke 75d  
109 Wilberforce Rd George HOLMES head m 42 groom East Rigton 75d  
    Alice HOLMES wife m 42   Bradford 75d  
    Mary HOLMES dau s 16 spinner worsted Tong 75d  
    Ruth HOLMES dau   14 spinner worsted Pudsey 75d  
    Emily HOLMES dau   11 spinner worsted Pudsey 75d .
    Ada HOLMES dau   9   Pudsey 75d  
    Thomas HOLMES son   7   Pudsey 75d  
110 Sticker Lane Thomas REED head m 42 boilermaker Thirsk 75d  
    Elizabeth REED wife m 50 Newsagent Bradford 75d  
    Robert REED son   10 scholar Bradford 75d  
111 Sticker Lane William WELLS head m 61 forgeman Bradford 75d  
    Jane E WELLS wife m 60   Bradford 75d .
    Mary WELLS dau s 34 worsted weaver Bradford 75d  
    John WELLS son s 28 woolsorter Bradford 75d  
    Harry WELLS son s 26 weftman Bradford 75d  
    Merab WELLS dau s 23 worsted weaver Bradford 75d  
    Albert WELLS son s 19 mechanic Bradford 75d  
    Procter WELLS son s 15 boilermaker's app Bradford 75d cripple from child
112 Sticker Lane William H WATSON head m 31 plumber Bradford 75d  
    Emma J WATSON wife m 28   Bradford 75d  
    Sam WATSON son   8 scholar Bradford 75d  
    Charles WATSON son   6 scholar Bradford 75d  
    John R WATSON son   3   Bradford 75d  
    Ellen WATSON dau   1   Bradford 75d  
113 Sticker Lane John LOWLEY head m 40 carter York 75d  
    Hannah LOWLEY wife m 40   Burley 76a  
    Eliza LOWLEY dau   6 scholar Bradford 76a .
    William E LOWLEY son   3 scholar Bradford 76a  
    Paulina CARSON board s 36 grocer Burley 76a  
114 Parsonage Road Richard LONGTHORN head m 29 weftman Middlemoor 76a  
    Emily B LONGTHORN wife m 32 dressmaker Bradford 76a  
117 Parsonage Road William BALMFORTH head m 21 ebgine greaser Halifax 76a  
    Sarah A BALMFORTH wife m 23 cloth weaver Rodley 76a  
118 Parsonage Road Sam POLLARD head m 40 bottler of ale and porter Bradford 76a  
    Alice A POLLARD wife m 37   Barnsley 76a  
    John E POLLARD son s 19 railway engine cleaner Bradford 76a  
    Hubert POLLARD son   17   Bradford 76a consumptive
    Emma POLLARD dau   14 spinner worsted Bradford 76a  
    Harry POLLARD son   11 scholar Bradford 76a  
    Edith POLLARD dau   8 scholar Bradford 76a  
    Fred POLLARD son   2   Bradford 76a  
119 Parsonage Road Matthew F BROOKSBANK head m 34 railway * Halifax 76a  
    Sarah A BROOKSBANK wife m 33   Northowram 76a .
    Joseph BROOKSBANK son   11 scholar Bradford 76a  
    Annie BROOKSBANK dau   7 scholar Bradford 76a  
    William H BROOKSBANK son   4   Bradford 76a  
120 Parsonage Road Marshall DENNISON head m 37 boot and shoemaker Tong 76a  
    Ellen DENNISON wife m 40   SFK 76a  
    James H DENNISON son   16 boot and shoemaker Bradford 76a  
    John W DENNISON son   13 scholar Bradford 76a .
    Herbert DENNISON son   7 scholar Bradford 76a  
    Harry DENNISON son   2   Bradford 76a  
121 Parsonage Road Arthur POLLARD head m 26 ironworks striker Pudsey 76a  
    Alice A POLLARD wife m 26   Bradford 76a  
    Smith POLLARD son   7 scholar Bradford 76a  
    Laura POLLARD dau   5 scholar Bradford 76b .
    Squire POLLARD son   3   Bradford 76b  
    Mary Jane VARLEY lodger w 27 drawer worsted Ramsgill 76b  
    John H SPENCER son ditto   8 scholar New Wortley 76b  
122 Parsonage Road Thomas ROTHERA head m 45 dyer's lab Bradford 76b  
    Hannah ROTHERA wife m 45   Bradford 76b  
    Amelia ROTHERA dau   14 spinner worsted Bradford 76b  
    Ada ROTHERA dau   11 scholar Bradford 76b .
123 Parsonage Road Margaret BEETHAM head m 51 stuff weaver Bradford 76b  
    Tetley BEETHAM son   16 bobbin pegger Bradford 76b  
    Hannah BEETHAM dau   13 *per Bradford 76b  
124 Parsonage Road William STEPHENSON head m 31 coachman MDX London 76b  
    Sarah STEPHENSON wife m 32   Bradford 76b  
    Louis STEPHENSON son   8 scholar Bradford 76b  
    Arthur STEPHENSON son   6 scholar Pudsey 76b  
    Albert STEPHENSON son   4 scholar Pudsey 76b  
    James C STEPHENSON bro s 23 *er's labourer MDX London 76b  
    Emma MAUDEN moth in l w 55 worsted weaver Bradford 76b  
125 Parsonage Road Charles A MAGSON head m 23 Overlooker worsted Halifax 76b  
    Isabella MAGSON wife m 22 cashmire weaver Bradford 76b .
    Sam MAGSON son   1   Pudsey 76b  
126 Parsonage Road Robert SMITH head m 27 stoker stuff weaving BFD W*ingworth 76b  
    Elizabeth E SMITH wife m 26   LAN Burnley 76b  
    Thomas SMITH son   4 scholar Bradford 76b  
    Ada SMITH dau   1   Bradford 76b  
127 Parsonage Road Charles POLLARD head m 32 plasterer Pudsey 76b  
    Rosetta POLLARD wife m 31   Pudsey 76b  
    Ernest POLLARD son   11 scholar Bradford 76b  
    William Henryy POLLARD son   8 scholar Bradford 76b  
    Joseph POLLARD son   5 scholar Bradford 76b .
    Wilfred POLLARD son   11mth   Pudsey 76b  
128 Parsonage Road Mary A NEWSHOLME head w 49   Skipton 77a  
    Rebecca NEWSHOLME dau s 30 cashmire weaver Tong 77a  
    Harry NEWSHOLME son m 18 wood chair maker Tong 77a  
    Sarah A NEWSHOLME dau in l m 22 cashmire weaver Bradford 77a  
129 Parsonage Road Eli SLINGSBY head m 28 *igger Bradford 77a  
    Eliza SLINGSBY wife m 26 drawer worsted Bradford 77a .
130 Parsonage Road John H MIDGLEY head m 33 fitter's lab. Thornton 77a  
    Hannah MIDGLEY wife m 32   Baildon 77a  
    Francis William MIDGLEY son   13 scholar Tyersal 77a  
    Mary A MIDGLEY dau   12 scholar Tyersal 77a  
    Ernest MIDGLEY son   3   Bowling 77a  
    Selina MIDGLEY dau   1   Ecceshill 77a  
    Mary F*H visit s 78 on own means Pateley Bridge 77a  
131 Parsonage Road William WEBB head m 31 gen lab Gamblinggay 77a  
    Sarah WEBB wife m 30 * spreader Bradford 77a  
    Lucy WEBB dau   8 scholar Bradford 77a .
    John William WEBB son   6 scholar Bradford 77a  
132 Parsonage Road George HAWKINS head m 23 railway shunter HUN Heaton? 77a  
    Mary HAWKINS wife m 22   Flockton 77a  
    Walter HAWKINS son   6mth   Laisterdyke 77a  
133 Parsonage Road Walter WEBSTER head m 32 iron drawer Bradford 77a  
    Fanny WEBSTER wife m 31   Yeadon 77a  
    Florrie WEBSTER dau   7 scholar Bradford 77a  
    Samuel WEBSTER son   5 scholar Bradford 77a  
    Clara WEBSTER dau   2   Bradford 77a  
    Bertha WEBSTER dau   *m   Bradford 77a .
    Francis SHARP lodger m 32 gas stoker NTT Newark 77a  
134 Parsonage Road Alfred EDWARDS head m 48 skep and basket maker Bradford 77a  
    Caroline EDWARDS wife m 49   Bradford 77a  
135 Parsonage Road George H WILSON head m 47 dyer's lab. Huddersfield 77a  
    Sarah R WILSON wife m 56   CHS Birkenhead 77a  
    Joseph A WILSON son   6 scholar LAN Barrow in Furness 77b  
    William H WILSON son   5 scholar LAN Barrow in Furness 77b  
    Kenneth P WILSON son   4 scholar LAN Barrow in Furness 77b .
136 Parsonage Road Walker RILEY head m 55 worsted waste dealer Wilsden 77b  
    Hannah RILEY wife m 45   Allerton 77b  
    Mary E RILEY dau   * scholar USA 77b  
    Nathan A POLLARD neph   1   Bradford 77b  
137 Parsonage Road Henry ILLINGWORTH head m 36 forge lab. Pudsey 77b  
    Hannah ILLINGWORTH wife m 37 worsted weaver Pontefract 77b  
    Thomas H ILLINGWORTH son   16 fitter's lab. Pudsey 77b .
    Florence L ILLINGWORTH dau   14 worsted mill doffer Pontefract 77b  
    Willis ILLINGWORTH son   9 scholar Pudsey 77b  
    Sarah A ILLINGWORTH dau   4   Bradford 77b  
    Clara ILLINGWORTH dau   2   Bradford 77b  
138 Parsonage Road Joseph CARTER head m 52 gen lab BFD Eyeworth 77b  
    Fred CARTER son m 26 wool warehouseman BFD Eyeworth 77b  
    Mary E CARTER dau in l m 27   Bradford 77b  
    Walter CARTER gson   2   Bradford 77b  
    Clara CARTER gdau   1   Bradford 77b  
139 Parsonage Road Joseph CARTER head m 25 woolen pattern man BFD Eyeworth 77b .
    Sarah CARTER wife m 24 stuff weaver Bradford 77b  
    Louisa DURN visit s 18 pupil teacher GLS Tetbury 77b  
    Sarah H HUSTLER visit s 49 dressmaker Bradford 77b  
140 Parsonage Road Webster BEANLAND head m 49 boiler stoker Bradford 77b  
    Anne BEANLAND wife m 48   Bradford 77b  
    Mary L BEANLAND dau s 19 spinner worsted Bradford 77b  
    John BEANLAND son s 18 wood turner Bradford 77b  
    Eleanor BEANLAND dau s 16 milliner's app. Bradford 77b .
141 Parsonage Road Walter MAGSON head m 29 Overlooker worsted Halifax 77b  
    Hannah J MAGSON wife m 30   Bradford 77b  
    Louis E MAGSON son   8 scholar Bradford 77b  
    Mary E MAGSON dau   7 scholar Bradford 78a  
    Charles A MAGSON son   5 scholar Bradford 78a  
    Fred MAGSON son   2   Bradford 78a .
142 Parsonage Road John WATKINSON head m 38 cotton stuff presser LIN Boston 78a  
    John WATKINSON wife m 9 scholar Leeds 78a  
143 Parsonage Road Benjamin SMITH head m 30 dyer's lab Leeds 78a  
    Anne E SMITH wife m 30   Leeds 78a  
    Willie SMITH son   10 scholar Leeds 78a  
    Frances SMITH dau   9 scholar Leeds 78a  
    Harry SMITH son   6 scholar Bradford 78a  
    Sarah SMITH dau   3   Bradford 78a  
144 Parsonage Road James COLLINSON head m 34 warp twister worsted Bradford 78a  
    Alice A COLLINSON wife m 27   Bradford 78a .
    Joseph COLLINSON son   1   Bradford 78a  
    Martha A COLLINSON dau   1mth   Bradford 78a  
145 Parsonage Road Dawson TERRY head m 35 Overlooker spinner worsted Bradford 78a  
    Adela TERRY wife m 35   *dyke nr Leeds 78a  
    Annie TERRY dau   9 scholar Bradford 78a  
    Ernest TERRY son   1   Bradford 78a  
146 Parsonage Road Joshua PITTS head m 46 warp dresser Dudley Hill 78a  
    Anne M PITTS wife m 43   Pudsey 78a  
    Arthur PITTS son s 19 warehouseman Tong 78a .
    Matthew PITTS son s 16 warehouseman Tong 78a  
147 Parsonage Road John MILLBANK head m 45 gen lab Ireland 78a  
    Ellen MILLBANK wife m 38   Ireland 78a  
    John T MILLBANK son s 18 iron moulder Bradford 78a  
    Michael E MILLBANK son s 17 dye worker Bradford 78a  
    James MILLBANK son   8 scholar Bradford 78a  
    Willie MILLBANK son   4 scholar Bradford 78a .
    Peter MILLBANK son   2   Bradford 78a  
    Kate MILLBANK dau s 15 spinner worsted Bradford 78a  
    Mary E MILLBANK dau   12 half time spinner worsted Bradford 78b .
    Margaret MILLBANK dau   16 scholar Bradford 78b  
148 Parsonage Road Benjamin LEWIS head m 37 forge furnaceman Wales, Brecknock 78b  
    Mary J LEWIS wife m ?   DUR Darlington 78b  
    Arthur LEWIS son   5 scholar Bradford 78b  
149 Parsonage Road Henry MIDGLEY head w 70 retired greengrocer Tong 78b  
150 Parsonage Road Maria NAYLOR head s 20 rover worsted Scotland 78b  
    Isabella NAYLOR dau s 22 rover worsted Scotland 78b  
    Elizabeth NAYLOR dau s 18 spinner worsted Scotland 78b  
    Ellen NAYLOR dau s 16 spinner worsted Scotland 78b .
    Ivan NAYLOR dau   14 spinner worsted Scotland 78b  
    James S NAYLOR ?   11 scholar Scotland 78b  
154 Parsonage Road George SHACKLETON head m 36 fruit salesman Saltaire 78b  
    Elizabeth SHACKLETON wife m 30   DBY Alfreton 78b  
    Fred SHACKLETON son   12 scholar Bradford 78b  
    Tom SHACKLETON son   8 scholar Bradford 78b  
    George SHACKLETON son   3   Bradford 78b .
    Alfred SIMPSON bro in l w 60 coal miner DBY Alfreton 78b  
156 Parsonage Road Peter BLAND head m 43 *r Bradford 78b  
    Elizabeth BLAND wife m 38   Mirfield 78b  
    Margaret A BLAND dau   14 mill worsted Bradford 78b  
    Sarah A BLAND dau   10 scholar Bradford 78b  
157 Parsonage Road Elizabeth LISTER head w 48 rag sorter Bramley 78b  
    William LISTER son   12 scholar Armley 78b  
    John LISTER son   10 scholar Armley 78b .
    Sarah E LISTER dau   11   Leeds 78b  
    George W FAWBERT lodger s 24 cloth willier Cutler Heights 78b  
    Mary E GORMAN lodger s 17 rag sorter Bradford 78b  
158 Parsonage Road George CANNON head m 31 gas stoker SOM B* 78b  
    Sarah J CANNON wife m 26   CAM Parson Drove 79a  
    George CANNON son   4   WOR Bromsgrove 79a  
159 Parsonage Road Kendal CHEW head m 38 wool sorter LAN Haslingden 79a .
    Caroline CHEW wife m 41   Germany 79a  
160 Parsonage Road Thomas Henry POWELL head m 42 Tailor Knaresborough 79a  
    Jane POWELL wife m 46   Robstone ? 79a  
    Charles H POWELL son s 17 painter Bradford 79a  
    John R POWELL son   15 millhand worsted Bradford 79a  
    George POWELL son   13 millhand worsted Bradford 79a  
    Joseph E POWELL son   12 scholar Bradford 79a  
    Agnes J POWELL dau   10 scholar Bradford 79a .
    Harry POWELL son   6 scholar Bradford 79a  
    Alfred POWELL son   3   Bradford 79a  
161 Parsonage Road Joseph CUSHING head m 28 Foundry lab. NFK Tibenham 79a  
    Emma CUSHING wife m 33   Bradford 79a  
    Herbert CUSHING son   5 scholar Bradford 79a  
    Edith A CUSHING dau   4 scholar Bradford 79a  
    Arthur CUSHING son   4mth   Bradford 79a .
162 Parsonage Road George D BROWN head m 58 warehouseman Sicklinghall 79a  
    Elizabeth J BROWN wife m 46   Leeds 79a  
    Alice M BROWN dau s 23 out of employ Leeds 79a  
    Herbert WILLIAMSON adopt son   5   Leeds 79a  
163 Parsonage Road Rachel ABBOTT head w 45 Charwoman Bradford 79a  
    Arthur W ABBOTT son s 17 rivetter Leeds 79a .
    Lydia ABBOTT dau   16 stuff weaver Leeds 79a  
    Elijah ABBOTT son   11 scholar Leeds 79a  
    John W ABBOTT son   9 scholar Leeds 79a  
    Albert ABBOTT     6 scholar Leeds 79a  
    Wilfred ABBOTT     4   Leeds 79a  
    Rendell HILL lodger s 29 commission agent Bingley 79a  
164 Parsonage Road Mary LOCKWOOD head m 36 worsted weaver Bradford 79a  
    William A LOCKWOOD son   16 app. Joiner Bradford 79b  
    Bertha LOCKWOOD dau   14 spinner worsted Bradford 79b  
    Fred LOCKWOOD son   9 scholar WAR Birmingham 79b  
    Charles LOCKWOOD son   6 scholar Bradford 79b  
166 Parsonage Road Mary HOGAN head m 45 millhand worsted Ireland 79b  
    J Willie HOGAN son   16 newsagent DBY Dronfield 79b  
167 Parsonage Road Lewis E MAGSON head m 27 Carter (b*d and * maker) Halifax 79b .
    Ann MAGSON wife m 32   Rotherham 79b  
    Harry MAGSON son   3   Keighley 79b  
    Florry MAGSON dau   1   Bradford 79b  
    Harry L LILES board s 21 Greengrocer Bradford 79b  
168 Parsonage Road Benjamin BRIGHT head m 55 carter CAM Whedon 79b  
    Mary A BRIGHT wife m 46   BFD Eyeworth 79b  
    Bertha L BRIGHT dau   18 spinner worsted Cambridge 79b  
    Ernest J BRIGHT son   15 spinner worsted Laisterdyke 79b  
    Sarah J BRIGHT dau   12 spinner worsted Laisterdyke 79b  
169 Parsonage Road Emma DENBY head m 48 spinner worsted Bradford 79b  
    John MILLS lodger m 55 furnaceman Tong 79b  
    Anne DENBY dau s 29 worsted weaver Bradford 79b  
170 Parsonage Road Mary BARKER head w 73? charwoman Allen Green 79b  
171 Parsonage Road Simpson OATES head m 23 blacksmith Bradford 79b .
    Sarah A OATES wife m 26   Bradford 79b  
    Herbert OATES son   1   Bradford 79b  
    Richard STEPENS? lodger w 35 gasworks lab NTH Kingscliffe 79b  
172 Parsonage Road Benjamin BAIRSTOW head m 32 ironworks lab. Bradford 79b  
    Ann BAIRSTOW wife m 31   Bradford 79b  
    Frederick BAIRSTOW son   11 half time millhand Bradford 79b .
    Walter BAIRSTOW son   7 scholar Bradford 79b  
    John BAIRSTOW son   5 scholar Bradford 79b  
173 Parsonage Road Eliza ASHWORTH head m 44   NFK Harslston 79b  
    William ASHWORTH son s 19 coal miner Leeds 80a  
    Florence ASHWORTH dau   15 spinner worsted Leeds 80a  
    Albert E ASHWORTH son   11 scholar LAN Manchester 80a  
    Henry H KAYE board   34 Brickmaker Kirkstall 80a  
175 Parsonage Road Fred ALLISON head m 26 weaving overlooker Leeds 80a  
    Ruth ALLISON wife m 25   Cutler Heights 80a  
    Emily ALLISON dau   1   Laisterdyke 80a .
176 Parsonage Road James J DODGSON head m 43 * emp * MDX London 80a  
    Amelia DODGSON wife m 40   CON Calstock 80a  
    John DODGSON son   14 forge boy? SRY Virginia Water 80a  
    Jessie DODGSON dau   11 scholar DEV Dartmouth 80a  
    Joseph H DODGSON son   8 scholar DEV Dartmouth 80a  
    Sarah A DODGSON dau   5 ac CON Calstock 80a  
    Edward DODGSON son   2   LAN Manchester 80a  
177 Sticker Lane Amos THORNTON head m 52 joiner Bradford 80a .
    Martha A THORNTON wife m 50   Bradford 80a  
    Frank THORNTON son s 24 joiner Bradford 80a  
    Mary THORNTON dau s 20 dressmaker's app. Bradford 80a  
    Arthur THORNTON son s 18 joiner Bradford 80a  
    Ernest THORNTON son   14 spinner worsted Bradford 80a  
178 Sticker Lane Tom STOTT head m 37 mason Bradford 80a  
    Margaret A STOTT wife m 36   Bradford 80a  
    Joseph STOTT son   14 spinner worsted Bradford 80a  
    Emily STOTT dau   12   Bradford 80a .
179 Sticker Lane Isaac MIDGLEY head m 34 woolcomber Bradford 80a  
    Maria MIDGLEY wife m 35 grocer NFK Norwich 80a  
    Arthur MIDGLEY son   7 scholar Bradford 80a  
180 St Marys Road Frank WILSON head m 45 power loom overlooker Dalton 80a  
    Isabella WILSON wife m 45 * Frizinghall 80a .
    Martha A WILSON dau s 23 * weaver Bradford 80a  
    Edwin WILSON son s 20 unable to work Bradford 80b  
    John WILSON son s 19 app. Overlooker Bradford 80b  
    Mary E WILSON dau s 17 stuff factory weaver Bradford 80b  
    Harry WILSON son   15 millhand worsted Bradford 80b  
    Amos WILSON son   14 millhand worsted Bradford 80b .
    Willy WILSON son   12 millhand worsted Bradford 80b  
    Clough WILSON son   10 scholar Bradford 80b  
    Ernest WILSON son   8 scholar Bradford 80b  
    Albert WILSON son   6 scholar Bradford 80b  
181 St Marys Road Anthony CLAPHAM head m 56 mechanic Leeds 80b  
    Eliza CLAPHAM wife m 58   Leeds 80b .
    Thomas CLAPHAM son s 19 gen lab Bradford 80b  
    Henry CLAPHAM son s 16 designer Bradford 80b  
182 St Marys Road Charles TAYLOR head m 59 cotton warp dresser Bradford 80b  
    Mary TAYLOR wife m 55   Barmbro' 80b  
183 St Marys Road Rachel WOOD head m 45 drapery dealer Bradford 80b  
    Rebecca WRIGHT lodger w 68   NFK Ellingham 80b  
184 St Marys Road Benjamin WORSMAN head m 38 forge lab. Bradford 80b  
    Ruth WORSMAN wife m 39   Bradford 80b  
    Alfred WORSMAN son   15 errand boy Bradford 80b  
    Herbert WORSMAN son   13 millhand worsted Bradford 80b  
    Ernest WORSMAN son   8 scholar Bradford 80b .
    Emily WORSMAN dau   4   Bradford 80b  
185 St Marys Road Joseph LOXLEY head m 43 foreman engine fitter Bradford 80b  
    Nancy LOXLEY wife m 44   Bradford 80b  
    George LOXLEY son s 20 engineer's draughtsman Bradford 80b  
    Alice LOXLEY dau s 18 app. Milliner Bradford 80b  
    William LOXLEY son   13 clerk wool warehouse Bradford 80b  
    Herbert LOXLEY son   11 scholar Bradford 80b .
    Mary LOXLEY dau   9 scholar Bradford 80b  
186 St Marys Road Frank PHILIPS head m 40 wool sorter BFD Leighton Buzzard 80b  
    Emma PHILIPS wife m 44   Stanningley 80c  
    Esther M PHILIPS dau s 20 cashmire weaver Stanningley 80c  
    Minnie PHILIPS dau s 18 cloth burler Stanningley 80c  
    Annie PHILIPS dau   15 cashmire weaver Stanningley 80c  
    Fred PHILIPS son   6 scholar Bradford 80c  
    Ernest PHILIPS son   2   Bradford 80c  
    Frank STEVENS rel s 20 wool sorter Bradford 80c  
187 St Marys Road George HORNER head m 38 Railway clerk MDX London 80c  
    Rhoda HORNER wife m 36   Stanningley 80c  
    Elizabeth HORNER dau   1* scholar Stanningley 80c  
    Richard HORNER son   5 scholar Bradford 80c .
188 St Marys Road Charles W ADSHEAD head m 43 Mine ? Surveyor CHS Macclesfield 80c  
    Sarah A ADSHEAD wife m 44   Bradford 80c  
    Edith J ADSHEAD dau   11 scholar Bradford 80c  
189 St Marys Road William SEYMOUR head m 70 Tea dealer Barnsley 80c  
    Harriet SEYMOUR wife m 65   Leeds 80c  
    Mary A SEYMOUR dau s 35 worsted weaver Bradford 80c .
    Charles SEYMOUR son s 24   Bradford 80c  
    Rachel TURNEY dau w 47 dressmaker Bradford 80c  
    Emily TYNDALE dau m 37   Pudsey 80c visiting
    John William TYNDALE gson   8 scholar Leeds 80c visiting
    Emily TYNDALE gdau   6 scholar Bradford 80c visiting
    Charles TYNDALE gson   4 scholar Idle 80c visiting
    Jackson TYNDALE gson   3   Pudsey 80c visiting
    Thomas TURNEY gson   2   Bradford 80c  
191 St Marys Road Reuben GELDARD head m 36 manager mineral water co. Bradford 80c  
    Sarah GELDARD wife m 34   Bradford 80c  
    Hannah GELDARD dau   12 half time spinner worsted Bradford 80c  
    Gertrude GELDARD dau   9   Bradford 80c  
    Herbert GELDARD son   4   Bradford 80c  
    Lily GELDARD dau   3mth   Bradford 80c  
192 St Marys Road George MOWBRAY head m 47 railway traffic inspector NTH *linton 80d  
    Grace MOWBRAY wife m 30   Bradford 80d .
    George W MOWBRAY son   22   LIN Boston 80d  
    Harry Ed MOWBRAY son   20 spinning overlooker worsted LIN Boston 80d  
    Ethel MOWBRAY dau   5   Bradford 80d  
    Olive MOWBRAY dau   2   Bradford 80d  
    Harold MOWBRAY son   6mth   Bradford 80d  
193 St Marys Road Samuel HIRST head m 33 carrier Bradford 80d  
    Elizabeth A HIRST wife m 29   Clayton 80d  
    Sarah HIRST dau   11 scholar Bradford 80d  
    Harry HIRST son   8 scholar Bradford 80d  
    Florence HIRST dau   6 scholar Bradford 80d  
    Maud HIRST dau   3   Bradford 80d  
    Amy HIRST dau   1   Bradford 80d .
    Eliza J BARKER sist in l s 20 warper worsted Clayton 80d  
    Fred BARKER bro in l s 16 horse driver Clayton 80d  
194 St Marys Road John CLARKE head m 47 engine smith LAN Liverpool 80d  
    Jemima CLARKE wife m 45   Bradford 80d  
    Mary CLARKE dau s 21 worsted weaver Bradford 80d  
    Walter CLARKE son s 18 overlooker's app. Bradford 80d  
    Charlie CLARKE son   14 spinner worsted Bradford 80d .
    Emma CLARKE dau   11 scholar Bradford 80d  
    Joseph J CLARKE son   9 scholar Bradford 80d  
    Alice A CLARKE dau   7 scholar Bradford 80d  
    Anne CLARKE dau   5   Bradford 80d  
196 St Marys Road William KITSON head m 49 traveller - timber trade *ightmoor 80d  
    Sarah A KITSON wife m 33   Kimberworth 80d  
    Willie KITSON son   9 scholar Cleckheaton 80d  
    Harold KITSON son   3   * 80d  
    George KITSON son   2   * 80d  
    Arthur KITSON son   9m   Laisterdyke 81a  
197 St Marys Road Joseph KELLETT head m 47 Schoolmaster Wyke 81a  
    Susan KELLETT wife m 52 schoolmistress CHS Sandbach 81a  
    Ethel M KELLETT dau   14 Monitress Tyersal 81a  
    Joseph KELLETT son   12 scholar Laisterdyke 81a .
198 St Marys Road John Joseph SHARPE head m 48 superintendent * agent BDF Great Barford 81a  
    Anne SHARPE wife m 46   NTT Litte * 81a  
    Ethel SHARPE dau s 22 elementary teacher NTT Beckingham 81a  
    Clara A SHARPE dau s 20 app. milliner NTT Beckingham 81a  
    Emily M SHARPE dau   14 schoolmistress NTT Stricknell Hawthwaite ? 81a  
    Florence SHARPE dau   12 scholar NTT Stricknell Hawthwaite ? 81a  
    Percy SHARPE son   9 scholar NTT Stricknell Hawthwaite ? 81a  
199 St Marys Road James WILLIAMS head m 57 worsted waste dealer Skipton 81a  
    Maria WILLIAMS wife m 48   MDX London 81a  
    Hannah M WILLIAMS dau s 25   Bradford 81a .
    Samuel P WILLIAMS son s 23 book keeper France (B.S.) 81a  
    James WILLIAMS son s 20 Tailor's app. Bradford 81a  
    Emma WILLIAMS dau s 18   Bradford 81a  
    Lucy WILLIAMS dau   16 seamstress Bradford 81a  
    George L WILLIAMS son   13 butcher's app. Bradford 81a  
    Herbert B WILLIAMS son   10 scholar Bradford 81a  
    William WILLIAMS son   8 scholar Bradford 81a  
    Gladys E WILLIAMS dau   1   Bradford 81a .
200 St Marys Road Arthur PARKIN head m 50 Tape *ler - f* on own means Sheffield 81a  
    M E PARKIN dau s 43   Bradford 81a  
    Frederick PARKIN son s 21 labourer Bradford 81a  
    Thomas PARKIN son s 19 pattern maker Bradford 81a  
    Anne M PARKIN dau   17 woolcomber Bradford 81a  
    Alice PARKIN dau   15 wool spinner Bradford 81a .
    Elizabeth E CARTER gdau   8 scholar Bradford 81a  
201 St Marys Road James HARRISON head m 45 Clerk * 81a  
    Nancy HARRISON wife m 43   Stanningley 81b  
    Rebecca HARRISON dau s 22 drawer worsted Stanningley 81b  
    Elizabeth A HARRISON dau s 20 worsted weaver Stanningley 81b  
    Edith H HARRISON dau s 18 spinner worsted Kirkstall 81b  
    Lily Agnes HARRISON dau   14   Kirkstall 81b .
    James HARRISON son   12 spinner worsted Kirkstall 81b  
    Frances J HARRISON dau   11 spinner worsted Kirkstall 81b  
    Harry HARRISON son   9 scholar Stanningley 81b  
    Sam Coulson HARRISON son   2   Stanningley 81b  
202 St Marys Road Eli WATERHOUSE head m 28 butcher Stanningley 81b  
    Martha A WATERHOUSE wife m 27   SAL Car*ton 81b .
    Nellie WATERHOUSE dau   5 scholar CHS Chester 81b  
    Eva WATERHOUSE dau   2   Stanningley 81b  
    Selina WATERHOUSE dau   1   Stanningley 81b  
    Samuel WATERHOUSE head m 62 woolsorter Stanningley 81b scheduled in error, crossed out
    Hannah WATERHOUSE wife m 62   Knottingley 81b scheduled in error, crossed out
    Samuel DAYNS head m 64 ag. Lab. SAL 81b scheduled in error, crossed out
    Martha A DAYNS wife m 63   SAL 81b scheduled in error, crossed out
    William DAYNS son   30 ag. Lab. SAL Car*ton 81b scheduled in error, crossed out
    Emma DAYNS dau   17   SAL Car*ton 81b scheduled in error, crossed out
203 St Marys Road Fred H WILKINSON head m 34 Ostrich feather dyer LAN Manchester 81b  
    Alice M WILKINSON wife m 30   Rotherham 81b  
    Fred W WILKINSON son   11 scholar Horton 81b  
    Fanny M WILKINSON dau   5 scholar Scarbro' 81b  
    Louis WILKINSON son   1   Leeds 81b  
204 St Marys Road Joseph L WROE head m 47 traveller paper Bradford 81b .
    Anne F WROE wife m 47   Bradford 81b  
    Joseph L WROE son   22 W* * Bradford 81b  
    Horace WROE son   20 W* * Bradford 81b  
    William F WROE son   18 W* * Bradford 81b  
    John R WROE son   16 W* * Bradford 81b  
    Alice M WROE dau   14 scholar Bradford 81c  
    Reginald WROE son   11   Bradford 81c  
205 St Marys Road Walter BEARDER head m 35 dress *'s drayman Bradford 81c  
    Martha A BEARDER wife m 34   Bradford 81c  
    Ethel M BEARDER dau   9 scholar Bradford 81c .
    John William BEARDER son   7 scholar Bradford 81c  
    Florence M BEARDER dau   5 scholar Bradford 81c  
    Joseph C BEARDER son   3   Bradford 81c  
    Elizabeth A HARKAYNE? serv   17 gen serv Bradford 81c  
206 St Marys Road Joe JESSOP head m 40 Railway engine driver CHS Runcorn 81c  
    Jane JESSOP wife m 40   Penistone 81c  
    Wright JESSOP     18 wool sorter Bradford 81c  
    James JESSOP     17 railway surveyor Bradford 81c  
    Lily JESSOP     15 app. Dressmaker Bradford 81c .
    Edgar JESSOP     13 scholar Bradford 81c  
    Anne JESSOP     10 scholar Bradford 81c  
    Lilas JESSOP     8 scholar Bradford 81c  
The Vicarage   Thomas CAMPBELL head m 55 vicar of Laisterdyke Ireland 81c  
    Diana M CAMPBELL wife m 49   Bradford 81c  
    Helen M CAMPBELL dau   14   Bradford 81c  
    Arthur CAMPBELL son   9   Laisterdyke 81c  
    Frances R TURNER serv   21 cook Sheffield 81c  
    Annis SHORE serv   17 housemaid DBY Staveley 81c .
209 Westbury St Edwin CROSSLAND head m 31 woolcomber HAM Southsea? 81c  
    Elizabeth A CROSSLAND wife m 20 stuff weaver Pudsey 81c  
210 Westbury St William BEANLAND head m 38 fireman factory Bradford 81c  
    Emma BEANLAND wife m 28   Bradford 81c  
    Mary E BEANLAND dau   8 scholar Laisterdyke 81c  
    Fieldhouse BEANLAND son   5 scholar Laisterdyke 81c  
    George BEANLAND son   3   Laisterdyke 81d  
211 Westbury St William COLLINGWOOD head m 56 gasworks lab Bramley 81d  
    Elizabeth COLLINGWOOD wife m 54   Horton 81d .