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Census Index 1891 Tyersall: ED24



Tyersall Enumeration District 24, Folios 85a - 97b, Enumerator Thomas Vickers

Comprising all that part of Hamlet of Tyersall beginning with 45 Sticker Lane and ending with the Golden Lion Inn, all Stone Street back and front, Firth Street, Lilac Grove Street, William Street, Fleet Street, Watson Street and Redmaynes houses.


1 Sticker Lane 'Golden Lion' James OGDEN head m 32 pub landlord Bradford   85a
    Jessie OGDEN wife m 32 licenced victualler STS Walsall   85a
    Ethel OGDEN dau s 11 * Bradford   85a
    Florrie FINLAYSON serv s 31 dom. servant SCT Edinburgh   85a
    Charles FOX board s 30 gasworks labourer LIN Leverton   85a
2 Sticker Lane Elizabeth TORDOFF head w 56 grocer Bradford   85a
    Joseph TORDOFF son s 24 greengrocer carrier Bradford   85a
3 Sticker Lane William REDMAYNE head m 67 retired book keeper Bradford   85a
    Sarah Ann REDMAYNE wife m 65   Bradford   85a
4 Sticker Lane James TANKARD head m 70 engine tenter Bradford   85a
    Elizabeth TANKARD wife m 63   Bradford . 85a
    Mary TANKARD dau s 25 stuff weaver Bradford   85a
    Ingham TANKARD son s 21 Iron turner Bradford   85a
5 Sticker Lane John RAWSON head w 36 Joiner Wortley   85a
    Ann RAWSON dau s 17   Wortley   85a
    Foster RAWSON son s 16 card cutter Wortley   85a
    Harry RAWSON son   14 millhand worsted Wortley   85a
    Burns RAWSON son   10 millhand half time Laisterdyke   85a
    Ethel RAWSON dau   7 scholar Laisterdyke   85a
    Maud RAWSON dau   2   Laisterdyke   85a
6 Sticker Lane Hannah BROADBENT head w 62 * Churwell   85a
    Mary Jane BROADBENT dau s 28 mender of cashmere goods Bradford   85a
7 Sticker Lane Eliza MYERS head s 62 worsted weaver Eccleshill   85a
    Mary Ann SMITH sister w 68 Dressmaker Otley   85a
8 Sticker Lane Thomas Leeming JOWETT head m 53 Iron Puddler LAN Lancaster   85a
    Martha JOWETT wife m 52 Drawer worsted Bingley   85a
9 Sticker Lane Abraham POLLARD head m 52 House Painter Bradford   85a
    Ruth POLLARD wife m 53   Low Moor   85a
    Emma POLLARD dau s 25 worsted weaver Laisterdyke   85a
    Mary Anne POLLARD dau s 23 worsted weaver Laisterdyke   85a
    Arthur POLLARD son   13 Bobbin Piler Laisterdyke   85a
11 Sticker Lane Mary Ann BEANLAND head w 46 * Laisterdyke   85b
    Fred BEANLAND son s 21 * worsted Laisterdyke   85b
    Mary Ann BEANLAND dau s 17 spinner Laisterdyke   85b
    Judith A BEANLAND dau   13   Laisterdyke   85b
    Walter HIRST son in l w 30 dyeworks lab Huddersfield   85b
    Isiah Edward HIRST adopt son   7 scholar Laisterdyke   85b
    Tom BARRACLOUGH lodg   29 labourer Laisterdyke   85b
12 Sticker Lane Matthew TERRY head m 30 Grocer? Bradford   85b
    Sarah TERRY wife m 35   Idle   85b
    Fred TERRY son   1   Bradford   85b
    Emma GREENHALSH nurse   17 nurse LAN *worth   85b
13 Sticker Lane Thomas SPARK head m 44 Gas stoker Scarborough   85b
    Mary SPARK wife m 36 millhand worsted Whitby   85b
    Robert Harris SPARK son   15 millhand worsted Whitby   85b
    Florence Isabel SPARK dau   9 scholar Bradford   85b
14 Sticker Lane Samuel CASSON head m 34 cotton * Mirfield   85b
    Emma CASSON wife m 32   Warl*   85b
    Herbert CASSON son   6 scholar Bradford   85b
    Mary Hannah CASSON dau   2?   Bradford   85b
15 Sticker Lane John WHITAKER head m 36 gen. lab Burnsall   85b
    Isabella WHITAKER wife m 31 cotton weaver Burnsall   85b
    Florrie DOOLEY *   11   Bradford   85b
16 Sticker Lane 'A* Inn' James DOOLEY head w 8m Beerhouse keeper Bradford   85b
    Thomas DOOLEY son s 1   Bradford   85b
    Maria BROOK serv m 40? servant Bradford   85b
17 Sticker Lane James WEST head m 57 * Bradford   85b
    Caroline WEST wife m 56 shopkeeper Hampstead London   85b
    Fred HUDSON son s 19 dyer worsted Bradford   85b
    Annie HUDSON dau s 21 worsted weaver Bradford   85b
    Carrie J HUDSON gdau   7 scholar Bradford   85b
18 Sticker Lane 'Globe Inn' William ODDY head m 36 Joiner Eccleshill   86a
    Elizabeth ODDY wife m 34 H* D* Bradford   86a
    Ellen Ann ODDY dau   15 paper bag maker Bradford   86a
    Maud ODDY dau   11 paper bag maker Bradford   86a
    George Henry ODDY son   9 scholar Bradford   86a
    Arthur ODDY son   7 scholar Bradford   86a
19 Sticker Lane Joseph WEST head m 28 Textile designer Bradford   86a
    Emily WEST wife m 27   CHS Stockport   86a
    Ada WEST dau   5 scholar Bradford   86a
    Samuel WEST son   4 scholar Bradford   86a
    Arthur E WEST son   1   Bradford   86a
20 Sticker Lane Joseph ROBERTSHAW head m 33 weaving overlooker Bradford   86a
    Eliza ROBERTSHAW wife m 30 stuff weaver Bradford   86a
    Hannah ROBERTSHAW dau   1   Bradford   86a
21 Sticker Lane Benjamin THURSBY head m 45 Tailor ? Ripon   86a
    Mary Ann THURSBY wife m 50   Markington   86a
    George THURSBY son s 23 * assistant Markington   86a
    Annie THURSBY dau s 20 millhand worsted Markington   86a
    Mary THURSBY dau s 15 millhand worsted Markington   86a
    Herbert THURSBY son   12 scholar Markington   86a
22 Sticker Lane Mathew ABLARD head m 54 gen. lab LIN Boston   86a
    Harriet ABLARD wife m 53 Dressmaker LIN Boston   86a
    Minnie ABLARD dau s 26 Dressmaker LIN Boston   86a
    Charles ABLARD son s 18 printer LIN Boston   86a
    Alfred ABLARD son   12 spinner worsted Bowling   86a
    Minnie Raine ABLARD gdau   4   Bowling   86a
23 Stone St Thomas MANNING head m 32 Mechanic * Pontefract   86b
    Margaret MANNING wife m 28 worsted weaver Bradford   86b
    Edith MANNING dau   7 scholar Bradford   86b
    James HOLDEN bro in l s 36 Boiler maker Bradford   86b
24 Stone St Thomas WADDINGTON head m 54 Engine tenter Bradford   86b
    Emma WADDINGTON wife m 56   Cutler Heights   86b
25 Stone St Archibald LONGSTAFF head m 50 d* worsted Asker   86b
    Grace LONGSTAFF wife m 44   undercliffe   86b
    Richard LONGSTAFF son s 18 mechanic in machine works Tyersall   86b
    John W LONGSTAFF son s 17 tinner Tyersall   86b
    James LONGSTAFF son   13 tinner Tyersall   86b
    Benjamin LONGSTAFF son   15   Tyersall   86b
    Herbert LONGSTAFF son   8   Tyersall   86b
    Emily LONGSTAFF dau   3   Tyersall   86b
    Robert LONGSTAFF son   1   Tyersall   86b
26 Stone St James VERITY head m 34 carter Bradford   86b
    Elizabeth VERITY wife m 37   Bowling   86b
    William VERITY son   11 millhand worsted Tyersall   86b
    Sarah Ann VERITY dau   8   Bowling   86b
27 Stone St Esther LONGSTAFF head w 73 on own means Masham   86b
    Lavinia LONGSTAFF gdau   5   Bradford   86b
27a Stone St Charles DIXON lodg s 16 tinner Eccleshill   86b
    Guy S SINDRY lodg s 25 Hawker Bradford   86b
    Samuel MIDDOW lodg s 26 foundry Lab. Bradford   86b
    William JOHNSON lodg w 70   Aberford   86b
28 Stone St Betsy WOOD head w 39 worsted weaver Bradford   86b
29 Stone St Ann VERITY head w 37 Drawer worsted Pudsey   86b
    Fred VERITY son s 15 bobbin doffer Bradford   86b
    Florrie VERITY dau   13 spinner worsted Bradford   86b
30 Stone St Sarah Ann NORMINGTON head m 46 worsted weaver Cutler Heights   86b
    Arthur NORMINGTON son s 17 driller loom works Bowling   86b
31 Stone St Andrew BENSON head m 44 overlooker worsted Knaresborough   87a
    Alice BENSON wife m 42   LAN Silverdale   87a
    Elizabeth BENSON dau s 22 spinner worsted Bradford   87a
    Fred BENSON son s 21 silk mill dyer Bradford   87a
    Jim BENSON son s 18 boiler maker Bradford   87a
    Eliza BENSON dau s 15 spinner worsted Bradford   87a
    Louisa BENSON dau   12 spinner worsted Bradford   87a
    Clara BENSON dau   9 scholar Bradford   87a
    Alice BENSON dau   7 scholar Bradford   87a
    Ellen BENSON dau   4 scholar Bradford   87a
    Harry BENSON son   2   Bradford   87a
32 Stone St Albert COOK head m 22 Road lab. Bradford   87a
    Ellen COOK wife m 19 * winder Leeds   87a
    George COOK son   11m   Bradford   87a
33 Stone St Seth BARRETT head m 39 pattern maker Bradford   87a
    Hannah BARRETT wife m 33 worsted weaver LEI Leicester   87a
    Eliza BARRETT dau   9 scholar Bradford   87a
    Joseph BARRETT son   5 scholar Bradford   87a
    Hannah HEALEY moth in l w 70   LEI Leicester blind 14 years 87a
34 Stone St John POUNDER head m 32 woolwasher Bradford   87a
    Susanah POUNDER wife m 30   Bradford   87a
    Mary Elizabeth POUNDER dau   1   Bradford   87a
35 Stone St Abraham Sugden SCOTT head m 62 coal miner Tong   87a
    Sarah SCOTT wife m 57   Bowling   87a
    Joshua SCOTT son s 22 foundry Lab. Tyersall   87a
36 Stone St Joseph GIBSON head m 52 Engine Fitter Halifax   87a
    Louisa GIBSON wife m 60   Almondbury   87a
    Charles Henry GIBSON son m 22 Iron P* Halifax   87a
    Alice Ann GIBSON dau in l m 20 twister spinning mill LAN Lancashire   87a
    Judith SHARPLES aunt m 53 on own means Almondbury   87a
37 Stone St Thomas SCOTT head m 27 iron roller Bowling   87b
    Martha SCOTT wife m 32   Middlesmoor   87b
    Ada SCOTT dau   15m   Bowling   87b
38 Stone St Arthur AVERY head m 28 boiler maker Bradford   87b
    Emma AVERY wife m 25 worsted weaver Bradford   87b
    Louis AVERY son   3   Bradford   87b
39 Stone St John NEWSHOLME head m 32 mechanic's turner Tong   87b
    Elizabeth NEWSHOLME wife m 30 worsted weaver Middlesmoor   87b
40 Stone St John JACKSON head m 48 blacksmith Gomersal   87b
    Eliza Ann JACKSON wife m 50   LAN Manchester   87b
    Alice STOTT adopted   2   Keighley   87b
41 Stone St Hannah RHODES head w 41   Bradford   87b
    Elizabeth RHODES dau s 18 woolcomber Bradford   87b
42 Stone St Sarah Ann LAMBERT head w 49 spinner worsted Bradford   87b
    Clara LAMBERT dau s 24 woolcomber Bradford   87b
43 Stone St Hannah CORLESS head s 47 worsted weaver Baildon   87b
    Martha CORLESS sister s 44 Dressmaker Baildon   87b
    Judith Hannah CORLESS niece s 20 worsted weaver Bradford   87b
44 Stone St Hannah CORLESS head w 51 on own means Bradford   87b
    John William CORLESS son s 32 steam engine fitter Bradford   87b
    William CORLESS father w 88   LAN Ellel?   87b
45 Stone St William STOTT head m 46 mechanic Bradford   87b
    Jane STOTT wife m 43   Rotherham   87b
    Elizabeth Ann STOTT dau s 19 worsted weaver Otley   87b
    Thomas STOTT son s 16 fitter's app. Bradford   87b
    Mena STOTT dau   12 scholar Bradford   87b
    Crabtree STOTT son   8 scholar Holme Tong   87b
    Matthew STOTT son   4 scholar Holme Tong   87b
    Mark STOTT son   1   Holme Tong   87b
    Mary RIDGWAY moth in l m 78   LAN Colne   87b
46 Stone St George COOK head m 51 Railway ticket collector SOM Wells   88a
    Elizabeth COOK wife m 50   SOM Wells   88a
    Georgina COOK dau s 27 worsted weaver SOM Bath   88a
    Susan COOK dau s 26 yarn twister Bradford   88a
    Annie COOK dau s 19 yarn spinner Bradford   88a
    Edith COOK dau s 14 yarn spinner Bradford   88a
    George Edward COOK son   12 bobbin pegger Bradford   88a
    Fred COOK son   11 bobbin pegger Bradford   88a
    James Radcliffe COOK son   7   Bradford   88a
47 Stone St Joseph BEANLAND head m 24 warp twister Bradford   88a
    Mary Ann BEANLAND wife m 26 stuff weaver London   88a
    Florence Annie BEANLAND dau   2   Bradford   88a
48 Stone St Joseph ISLES head m 37 wall stone dresser Eccleshill   88a
    Eliza ISLES wife m 37   Bradford   88a
    Thomas Arthur ISLES son   13 millhand worsted Bradford   88a
    Frederick ISLES son   9 scholar Pudsey   88a
    Emma ISLES dau   8 scholar Pudsey   88a
    Harriet H ISLES dau   5 scholar Pudsey   88a
49 Stone St Samuel GRATION head m 40 Iron *ner Leeds   88a
    Emma GRATION wife m 35   Bradford   88a
    Thomas John GRATION son   14 * apprentice Bradford   88a
    Arthur Foulds GRATION son   9 scholar Bradford   88a
    William Smith GRATION son   7 scholar Bradford   88a
    Chrisoline GRATION dau   5 scholar Bradford   88a
    Reubin GRATION son   3   Bradford   88a
    Harold GRATION son   3m   Pudsey   88a
50 Stone St James LEE head m 40 twister worsted Laisterdyke   88a
    Elizabeth LEE wife m 40   Low Moor   88a
    Ernest LEE son s 19 wool washer Laisterdyke   88a
    Sarah Ellen LEE dau s 14 spinner Laisterdyke   88a
    Harry LEE son   11 bobbin doffer Laisterdyke   88a
    Ada LEE dau   9 scholar Laisterdyke   88b
    Albert LEE son   6 scholar Laisterdyke   88b
51 Stone St Thomas MOORE head m 36 * loom works Bradford   88b
    Sarah Ann MOORE wife m 34   Bradford   88b
    Walter MOORE son   13 * loom works Bradford   88b
    Martha Ann MOORE dau   8 scholar Bradford   88b
    Rose Ann MOORE dau   6 scholar Bradford   88b
52 Stone St Joseph LONGTHORNE head m 57 grease extractor (wool) Clint   88b
    Ann LONGTHORNE wife m 57   Dowgill   88b
    Mary LONGTHORNE dau s 26   Ruscoe   88b
    Peter LONGTHORNE son s 20 spinning roller coverer Middlesmoor   88b
    Margaret LONGTHORNE dau s 18   Bingley   88b
53 Stone St Alfred COOK head m 34 railway platelayer BRK *   88b
    Hannah COOK wife m 34   Bradford   88b
    Alfred COOK son   8 scholar Tyersall   88b
    Herbert COOK son   4 scholar Tyersall   88b
    Mary Ann COOK dau   4 scholar Tyersall   88b
    charles William COOK son   2   Tyersall   88b
    Eva COOK dau   3m   Tyersall   88b
54 Stone St Ralph WALKER head m 39 coal miner Bradford   88b
    Sarah Jane WALKER wife m 38 stuff weaver Bradford   88b
    Anne WALKER dau   14 stuff weaver Leeds   88b
    Elizabeth WALKER dau   12 scholar Bradford   88b
    William WALKER son   11 scholar Bradford   88b
    Hiram WALKER son   7 scholar Birstall   88b
55 Stone St Mary MOSLEY head w 67   Ireland   88b
    Kate MOSLEY dau s 55 Rover worsted Pudsey   88b
    Mary DAWSON dau m 33 reeler in Pudsey   88b
    John MOSLEY son s 25 blacksmith's striker Pudsey   88b
    James MOSLEY son s 23 agent for clothing club Pudsey   88b
56 Stone St Mary Jane GARTH head w 49 * Scarborough   89a
    George H GARTH son s 14 brickmaker Scholes   89a
    Martha Ann GARTH dau s 1* * worsted mill Cononley   89a
    Alice GARTH dau s 12 yarn spinner Leeds   89a
57 Stone St John BEVAN head m 32 boiler maker LEI Lee Hills ?   89a
    Elizabeth BEVAN wife m 31   India K*cher British subject 89a
    Frances BEVAN dau   10 scholar London, Poplar   89a
    Alfred BEVAN son   8 scholar LEI Belgrave   89a
58 Stone St James GARNER head m 44 boiler * iron works Bowling   89a
    Mary Ann GARNER wife m 42   Stanningley   89a
    John William GARNER son s 18 Gen. Lab. Tyersall   89a
    Harry GARNER son s 17 Gen. Lab. Bowling   89a
    Sarah Alice GARNER dau   13 scholar Tyersall   89a
    Ann GARNER dau   10 scholar Tyersall   89a
    Matthew GARNER son   9 scholar Laisterdyke   89a
    Alexander GARNER son   6 scholar Laisterdyke   89a
    Mary Anne YORK lodg s 20 Drawer worsted Bedale   89a
59 Stone St John BERRY head m 57 Iron Puddler Bradford   89a
    Isabella BERRY wife m 56   Bradford   89a
    William BERRY son s 34 Iron Puddler Bradford   89a
    George BERRY son   28 forgeman Bradford   89a
    John Thomas BERRY son   20 Ibon Puddler Bradford   89a
    Thomas JENNINGS son in l m 31 mason's lab. Middles*   89a
    Margaret JENNINGS dau m 30   Bradford   89a
    Minnie JENNINGS gdau   9 scholar Bradford   89a
    Annie JENNINGS gdau   4   Bradford   89a
    M Jane JENNINGS gdau   1   Bradford   89a
60 Stone St John William EDMONDSON head m 32 Iron moulder Bradford   89a
    Adelaide EDMONDSON wife m 32   Leeds   89a
    Mary Ann EDMONDSON dau   13 yarn spinner Leeds   89a
    Sarah Ann EDMONDSON dau   11 * Leeds   89b
    Lilly EDMONDSON dau   8 scholar Tyersall   89b
    Beatrice EDMONDSON dau   4   Tyersall   89b
    Florrie EDMONDSON dau   1   Tyersall   89b
    Samuel EDMONDSON board m 30 * Bradford   89b
61 Stone St John BASTOW head m 35 * and builder Bradford   89b
    Mary BASTOW wife m 30   *   89b
    Henry Bastow WESTON *   12 * Bradford   89b
    Thomas W BASTOW son   10 scholar Bradford   89b
    John A BASTOW son   9 scholar Bradford   89b
    Sarah Ann BASTOW dau   9 scholar Bradford   89b
    Katy BASTOW dau   4 scholar Bradford   89b
62 Stone St William WEBSTER head m 34 worsted weaver Swaine Green   89b
    Elizabeth WEBSTER wife m 36   New Leeds   89b
    Mary E WEBSTER dau   13 Spinner worsted Swaine Green   89b
    Frances WEBSTER dau   11 Spinner worsted Swaine Green   89b
    Ellis WEBSTER son   7 scholar Swaine Green   89b
    Richard Tetley WEBSTER son   3   Swaine Green   89b
63 Stone St Edward FLETCHER head m 57 * Bradford   89b
    Annis FLETCHER wife m 54   Adwalton   89b
    Edward FLETCHER son m 21 * Bowling   89b
    Lily FLETCHER dau s 16 * spinner Bowling   89b
    Eliza FLETCHER dau in l m 20   *   89b
64 Firth St Ernest SEABOURN head m 26 Iron refiner *   89b
    Mary SEABOURN wife m 25   Bradford   89b
65 Firth St Matthew H HUDSON head m 33 * * Maker Pudsey   89b
    Elizabeth HUDSON wife m 30   Laisterdyke   89b
    Bertha HUDSON dau   11m   Swaine Green   89b
66 Firth St William PEACOCK head m 42 M* Labourer Bowling   90a
    Ann PEACOCK wife m 39 w* in worsted mill Bradford   90a
    Sarah E PEACOCK dau   11 Spinner worsted Bradford   90a
    Thomas PEACOCK son   4   Bradford   90a
67 Firth St Anne O'NIELL head w 40   IRL Queen's County   90a
    John KELLY lodg s 62 M* Railway Durham   90a
    John KELLY lodg s 29 M* Railway Durham   90a
    George LAMB lodg s 58 M* Railway LAN Manchester   90a
    John BUCK lodg s 48 M* Railway LAN Salford   90a
    Joseph WINFIELD lodg s 60 M* Railway Leicester   90a
    John LYONS lodg s 36 M* Railway Sheffield   90a
68 Firth St Susannah GILL head w 46 on own means Bedale   90a
    William GILL son s 27 brickmaker's lab. Bedale   90a
    John GILL son   14 cotton spinner Bedale   90a
    Margaret GILL dau   11 scholar Calverley Moor   90a
    Ethel GILL dau   8 scholar Laisterdyke   90a
    Amy GILL dau   5 scholar Laisterdyke   90a
    Nellie GILL dau   2   Laisterdyke   90a
    George HANLEY lodg s 50 Hawker Ripon   90a
69 Firth St William BEETHAM head w 74 Gen. Lab. Clayton   90a
    Samuel MANN gson s 13 * Bowling   90a
    James S* lodg m 20 Bricklayer NFK Norwich   90a
    Louisa WOOD lodg m 62 charwoman Leeds   90a
    Jane WOOD lodg   4 scholar Mexborough   90a
70 Firth St Jane SYKES head m 44 stuff weaver Bradford   90a
    Hester SYKES wife m 19 stuff weaver Bradford   90a
    Margaret Ann SYKES dau   12 scholar Tyersall   90a
71 Firth St John STEWART head m 40? hawker not known otherwise William Varey 90a
    Janet VAREY wife m 40? hawker not known age about 40 90a
    Alice VAREY dau s 21 hawker not known   90a
    Sarah Ann VAREY dau s 19 hawker not known   90a
    Jane VAREY dau s 17 Hawker not known   90b
    Mary VAREY dau s 15 Hawker not known   90b
    Martha VAREY dau   4   not known   90b
    William VAREY son   9 scholar not known   90b
72 Firth St Mary H HALL head s 33 Drawer worsted Fenwick   90b
    John Henry HALL son   13 Doffer Worsted Laisterdyke   90b
    Tom HALL son   7 scholar Bradford   90b
72a Firth St Henry MCMAHON lodg s 28 outdoor lab. Richmond   90b
    William MCMAHON lodg s 30 * washer Richmond   90b
    Jane Ann MCMAHON lodg s 32 Rover worsted Richmond   90b
    Susannah MCMAHON lodg s 24 fancy yarn reeler Richmond   90b
    Emily MCMAHON lodg   3   Thornbury   90b
73 Firth St Solomon HASTE head m 36 Sawyer Bradford   90b
    Eliza HASTE wife m 36   Horsforth   90b
    Walter HASTE son s 17 Sawyer's lab. Idle   90b
    Teddy HASTE son   11 Millhand Idle   90b
    Edith HASTE dau   11m   Bradford   90b
74 Firth St Sam WEBSTER head m 33 Stone miner Laisterdyke   90b
    Louisa WEBSTER wife m 46 stuff weaver Bradford   90b
    Agnes Clayton WEBSTER dau   13 Milliner Bradford   90b
    Sarah Ann CLAYTON sister in l s 53 stuff weaver Bradford   90b
75 Firth St George ROWLING head m 54 gen. Lab. Hazlection   90b
    Mary Ann ROWLING wife m 51   Norfolk   90b
    William ROWLING son s 29 corporation lab. CAM Wimblington   90b
    Maria ROWLING dau s 23 gen servant CAM Wimblington   90b
    Emma ROWLING dau s 17   CAM Wimblington   90b
    Harriett ROWLING dau s 15 painter CAM Wimblington   90b
    George ROWLING son   12 scholar CAM Wimblington   90b
75a Firth St George WILLIAMS lodg s 27 railway lab. SOM Bath   90b
76 Firth St Lister HOLMES head m 25 Combing Overlooker Fewston   91a
    Annie HOLMES wife m 25 warper worsted Ruscoe   91a
    Arthur HOLMES son   14m   Bradford   91a
77 Firth St Henry CLOUGH head m 32 Grey Room Man West Bowling   91a
    Mary E CLOUGH wife m 33   Leeds   91a
    Fanny CLOUGH dau   8 scholar West Bowling   91a
    Thirton CLOUGH son   6 scholar West Bowling   91a
78 Firth St Elizabeth SMITH head w 78   Bradford   91a
    Robert Owen SMITH son s 36 Dyer's lab. Bradford   91a
79 Firth St John Thomas HOLLAND head m 31 glass and china packer LAN Salford   91a
    Clara HOLLAND wife m 29 stuff weaver Bradford   91a
80 Firth St Edwin Vaux TODD head m 37 tailor Bradford   91a
    Sarah Ann TODD wife m 36   Laisterdyke   91a
    Ann W TODD dau s 15 twister worsted Bradford   91a
    John William TODD son   12 scholar Bradford   91a
    Elizabeth Clarissa TODD dau   10 scholar Laisterdyke   91a
    Richard GEDDES board s 42 tailor DUR Darlington   91a
    James DOWNTON board s 40 labourer DOR Wyke   91a
81 Firth St Thomas HOLMES head m 76 none East Rigton   91a
    Mary HOLMES head m 70   East Rigton   91a
    Harry POLLARD son in l m 35 dyer Bradford   91a
    Ruth POLLARD dau m 32 winder East Rigton   91a
    Rebecca BRADLEY gdau s 19 warper worsted Shadwell   91a
82 Firth St Miriam SHACKLETON head w 51 stuff weaver Shelf   91a
    Harry Oates SHACKLETON son s 24 ironworks furnace stoker Manningham   91a
    Elizabeth SHACKLETON dau s 21 stuff weaver Manningham   91a
    Mary Ellen SHACKLETON dau s 17 stuff weaver Sowerby Bridge   91a
    Annie SHACKLETON dau s 16 stuff weaver Bradford   91a
83 Firth St Herbert KAY head * 23 engine tenter in mill Elland   91b
    Annie Maria YOUNGMAN board m 35 on own means Harrogate   91b
    Marion G YOUNGMAN dau   12 scholar Shipley   91b
    Florence YOUNGMAN dau   1   Northowram   91b
    Florence KAY sister?   8 scholar Halifax   91b
84 Firth St Mary PARKINSON head w 40 on own means LAN Manchester   91b
    Margaret Ann PARKINSON dau s 17 spinning mill cleaner LAN Manchester   91b
    Mary A PARKINSON dau s 14 doffer LAN Manchester   91b
    Isabella PARKINSON dau   9 scholar Bradford   91b
85 Firth St William PAWSON head m 59 warehouseman DUR Darlington   91b
    Jemima PAWSON wife m *2   Bradford   91b
    Sarah PAWSON dau s 36 on own means Bradford   91b
    William PAWSON gson   9 scholar Bradford   91b
    Horace PAWSON gson   9m   Leeds   91b
86 Firth St Elizabeth ROBERTS head w 55 on own means Bradford   91b
86a Firth St Woodliff GRASSBY board s 21 * LIN Elsham   91b
    William JACKSON board s 22 platelayer Hull   91b
87 Firth St Robert W FALLON head m 29 * gas fitter Hull   91b
    Sarah FALLON wife m 29   Hull   91b
    Ada FALLON dau   4   Hull   91b
    Bertha FALLON dau   3   Bradford   91b
88 Firth St Hezekiah BEANLAND head m 28 wool warehouseman Bradford   91b
    Emily BEANLAND wife m 29 stuff weaver Cleckheaton   91b
89 Firth St Joseph MOORE head m 32 labourer Bowling   91b
    Annie MOORE wife m 39   WOR Pardybig ?   91b
    John MOORE son   9 scholar Pudsey   91b
    Harry MOORE son   4   Pudsey   91b
90 Firth St Martha ELSWORTH head s 23   Tong   91b
91 Firth St Squire WALSH head m 23 warehouseman Pudsey   91b
    Mary WALSH wife m 23 cloth weaver Pudsey   91b
92 Firth St George STEPHENSON head m 23 engine tenter printing shop London   92a
    Emma STEPHENSON wife m 22 Spinner worsted Bradford   92a
92a Firth St Isaac MARSDON head m 27 woolcomber Bowling   92a
    Mary MARSDON wife m 22 *per Drighlington   92a
93 Firth St Thomas FIELDHOUSE head m 34 cabinet maker Bradford   92a
    Amelia FIELDHOUSE wife m 32   Bradford   92a
    Ethel FIELDHOUSE dau   5   Bradford   92a
94 Firth St Matilda JACKSON head m 42 charwoman Barnsley   92a
    Ada UTLEY dau s 19 Spinner worsted Bradford   92a
    Henry JACKSON son   14 bobbin layer in mill Bradford   92a
    Walter JACKSON son   9 scholar Bradford   92a
95 Firth St James TODD head m 46 * DUR Shields   92a
    Catherine TODD wife m 44   CUL Cockermouth   92a
    Ann TODD dau s 19   Bradford   92a
    Jane A TODD dau   9 scholar NBL Gateshead   92a
    William TODD son   7 scholar Otley   92a
    Alexander TODD son   5   Bradford   92a
    Grace TODD dau   1   Bradford   92a
96 Firth St William RAYNOR head m 60 railway platelayer Ramsdill Ruptured 92a
    Lucy RAYNOR wife m 62   LIN Market Deeping * complaint 92a
    John R CAUTHERAY visit   10 scholar Bradford   92a
96a Firth St Caroline DAY lodg w 55 Hawker ? SOM Bristol   92a
97 Firth St Elizabeth HOLDSWORTH head w 56   Laisterdyke   92a
    John MORLAND bro w 56 Iron moulder Laisterdyke   92a
98 Firth St William G BLACKETT head m 30 gen. Lab. DUR Darlington   92a
    Mary J BLACKETT wife m 28   * Abbey   92a
    Joseph BLACKETT son   9 scholar North Skelton   92a
    William BLACKETT son   7 scholar Laburnam Road?   92a
    Sarah BLACKETT dau   3   Bradford   92a
99 Firth St Elizabeth LEE head w 35 on own means Laisterdyke   92b
    Joe LEE son s 21 gen. Lab. Bradford   92b
    Alice LEE dau s 17 band twister Tyersal   92b
    Isaac DAWSON bro s 52 engine tenter Laisterdyke   92b
100 Firth St Samuel BEANLAND head m 32 stone breaker Laisterdyke   92b
    Sarah Ann PEDDER hk s 27   Laisterdyke hk=housekeeper 92b
    Herbert PEDDER hk son   9 scholar Bradford Moor   92b
    Fred PEDDER hk son   7 scholar Great Horton   92b
    Annie E PEDDER hk dau   6 scholar Fairweather Green   92b
    Florence PEDDER hk dau   4   Bradford Moor   92b
    George W PEDDER hk son   7m   Bradford   92b
101 Firth St Seth WEST head m 27 Cart Driver Cutler Heights   92b
    Louisa WEST wife m 26   Farnley   92b
    Emma WEST dau   7 scholar Cutler Heights   92b
    Alice WEST dau   3   Laisterdyke   92b
    Herbert WEST son   1   Laisterdyke   92b
102 Firth St Uriah SUTCLIFFE head m 42 Cart Driver Wibsey   92b
    Mary Ann SUTCLIFFE wife m 42 charwoman Bradford   92b
103 Firth St Israel PILCHER head m 38 gen. Lab. HAM *merston   92b
    Anne PILCHER wife m 38   Cleveland   92b
    Elizabeth Ann PILCHER dau   1   Bradford   92b
    James Henry PILCHER son s 15 coal miner North Skelton   92b
    Emma Maria HALL lodger s 28 yarn spinner Fenwick   92b
104 Firth St Betty MANN head w 53 housekeeper Pudsey   92b
    Florrie HUDSON dau s 16 worsted weaver Swaine Green   92b
    Grace HUDSON dau s 14 yarn spinner Swaine Green   92b
    Violetta HORN lodg s 23 yarn twister Pudsey   92b
    Mary BRADY dau w 28 yarn twister Swaine Green   92b
    Mary Ann BRADY gdau   7 scholar Swaine Green   92b
    John BRADY gson   5 scholar Swaine Green   92b
    Hannah BRADY gdau   2   Swaine Green   92b
105 Firth St Thomas PEACOCK head m 56 Mason Bowling   93a
    Martha PEACOCK wife m 60   Bowling   93a
    Jane KEIGHLEY dau m 35 stuff weaver Swaine Green   93a
    Henry KEIGHLEY son in l m 31 quarry delver Stanningley   93a
106 Firth St William WARD head w 56 stoker Laisterdyke   93a
    Albert WARD son s 17 tobacconist's errand boy Bradford   93a
    Richard WARD son s 15 * boy in restaurant Bradford   93a
    James WARD son s 13 scholar Bowling   93a
107 Firth St John HOLDROYD head m 39 loco engine driver Leeds   93a
    Mary Ellen HOLDROYD wife m 23 woolcomber Bradford   93a
108 Firth St Grace MARSDEN head w 67 householder Keighley   93a
109 Firth St Sarah WALTON head w 57 shopkeeper Worley   93a
110 Lilac Grove St Johnny CLAYTON head m 31 platelayer Bradford   93a
    Ann CLAYTON wife m 36 dressmaker Malton   93a
    Joseph William CLAYTON son   8 scholar Pudsey   93a
    Sarah E MARSHALL lodger s 26 yarn reeler Malton   93a
    Robert Albert MARSHALL lodg son   1   Pudsey   93a
111 Lilac Grove St James WORSMAN head m 45 labourer Holme, Tong   93a
    Matilda WORSMAN wife m 48   Goole   93a
    Betty Stead WORSMAN moth w 75   Holme, Tong   93a
    Sarah Jane WORSMAN dau s 18 machine room hand Tong   93a
    Elija WORSMAN dau s 17 Rover worsted Tong   93a
    Edith WORSMAN dau s 10 yarn spinner & scholar LAN Blackburn   93a
    Ada WORSMAN dau s 11 yarn spinner & scholar LAN Blackburn   93a
    Mary Ellen SMITH dau s 18 yarn spinner Bradford   93a
    James William SMITH son   8   Bradford   93a
112 Lilac Grove St William Henry WEST head m 38 millwright Bradford   93a
    Emily Jane WEST wife m 39   Tyersal   93a
    Walter Thornton WEST son s 25 gen. Lab. Tyersal   93a
113 Lilac Grove St Hannah DENNISON head w 56   Pudsey   93b
    Mary Ann DENNISON dau s 21 worsted weaver Tyersal   93b
    Samuel DENNISON son s 19 jobber in worsted mill Laisterdyke   93b
    Maud DENNISON dau s 16 Spinner worsted Tyersal   93b
114 Lilac Grove St Alfred C BROMLEY head m 36 gen. Lab. SAL Shrewsbury   93b
    Merna BROMLEY wife m 35   Bradford   93b
    Mary BROMLEY dau   11 scholar Bradford   93b
    Maude BROMLEY dau   8 scholar SAL Shrewsbury   93b
    Eleanor BROMLEY dau   3   Tyersal   93b
    Amelia BROMLEY dau   4m   Tyersal   93b
115 Lilac Grove St William MCGRAIL head m 34 labourer Leeds   93b
    Ellen MCGRAIL wife m 35   York   93b
    Mary MCGRAIL dau   9 scholar Clifford   93b
    Catherine MCGRAIL dau   3   Bradford   93b
    John MCGRAIL son   2   Bradford   93b
    William MCGRAIL son   7m   Bradford   93b
116 Lilac Grove St William SCHOFIELD head m 29 furnaceman Bradford   93b
    Martha SCHOFIELD wife m 31 charwoman Bradford   93b
    Margaret SCHOFIELD dau   6 scholar Bradford   93b
117 Lilac Grove St Harry NAYLOR head m 32 plush finisher Bradford   93b
    Sarah Ann NAYLOR wife m 26   Leeds   93b
    Annie NAYLOR dau   6 scholar Calverley   93b
    Samuel NAYLOR son   5 scholar Calverley   93b
    Ethel NAYLOR dau   1   Calverley   93b
118 Lilac Grove St James HUDSON head m 46 drayman Hawksworth   93b
    Mary HUDSON wife m 45   Bradford   93b
    Charlotte HUDSON dau s 22 stuff weaver Bradford   93b
    Sarah WILSON moth in l w 73   Bradford   93b
119 Lilac Grove St Ellen WALKER head w 35 mender worsted Thornton   93b
    Mary Jane INGHAM sister s 32 Rover worsted Thornton   93b
    Jones INGHAM father * 63 on own means Allerton   93b
120 Lilac Grove St Martha BARRON head w 57 on own means Wentworth?   94a
    Alfred C LEACH gson s 11 scholar Tyersal   94a
121 Lilac Grove St Thomas METCALFE head m 36 forgeman Bradford   94a
    Dora METCALFE wife m 35   Bradford   94a
    Maggie METCALFE dau   7 scholar Laisterdyke   94a
    Isabella METCALFE dau   4   Laisterdyke   94a
122 Lilac Grove St Overend HOLLINGS head m 36 stone delver Eccleshill   94a
    Emma HOLLINGS wife m 37   Thornton   94a
    Ruth Ann HOLLINGS dau   9 scholar Laisterdyke   94a
    Ada HOLLINGS dau   7 scholar Laisterdyke   94a
123 Lilac Grove St Henry NAYLOR head m 49 warehouseman Bradford   94a
    Martha Elizabeth NAYLOR wife m 37   Pudsey   94a
124 Lilac Grove St John NAYLOR head s 75 Tea dealer Bradford   94a
    Sarah Ann TIPLADY sister w 52 Housekeeper Bradford   94a
    Annie TIPLADY niece s 21 Drawer worsted *apton   94a
    James TIPLADY neph s 19 labourer *ppleton   94a
125 Lilac Grove St Maria Wood RAISTRICK head s 55 worsted weaver Armley   94a
    Bertha Ann RAISTRICK dau s 23 worsted weaver *dsey   94a
126 Lilac Grove St James William HOLDSWORTH head m 25 warehouseman Bradford   94a
    Sarah HOLDSWORTH wife m 23   Bradford   94a
    Lily HOLDSWORTH dau   4   Bradford   94a
    Samuel HOLDSWORTH son   2   Bradford   94a
127 Lilac Grove St Hustler TAYLOR head m 28 B* H* Maker Bradford   94a
    Susannah TAYLOR wife m 32   Tyersal   94a
    Holden Firth TAYLOR son   2   Tyersal   94a
    Sarah Jane TAYLOR dau   10m   Tyersal   94a
128 Lilac Grove St Robert Kay ELSWORTH head m 41 Iron Puddler Tyersal   94a
    Sarah Ann ELSWORTH wife m 43   Thornton   94a
129 Lilac Grove St David BEANLAND head m 46 dyeworks stoker Tong   94a
    Jane BEANLAND wife m 49   Pudsey   94a
    Richard Henry BEANLAND gson   15 scholar Pudsey   94a
130 Lilac Grove St William CATON head m 39 warp dresser LAN Lancaster   94b
    Mary CATON wife m 35   Elsecar   94b
    Herbert CATON son s 16 app, warp dresser Tyersal   94b
    Fred CATON son   14 warehouse boy Tyersal   94b
    Lily CATON dau   12 yarn spinner Tyersal   94b
    Arthur CATON son   7 scholar Tyersal   94b
    Florence CATON dau   5 scholar Tyersal   94b
    William NORTH neph   14 worsted weaver Bradford   94b
    Annie NORTH niece   12 Spinner worsted Bradford   94b
131 Lilac Grove St George SUGDEN head m 42 * lab. Bradford   94b
    Elizabeth SUGDEN wife m 42   Bowling   94b
    Sarah Ellen SUGDEN dau s 19 * Bowling   94b
    William SUGDEN son s 17 jobber in worsted mill Bowling   94b
    Ernest SUGDEN son   9 scholar Bradford   94b
    Arnold SUGDEN son   7 scholar Bradford   94b
    Nelson SUGDEN son   6 scholar Bradford   94b
    Herbert SUGDEN son   3   Bradford   94b
131a Lilac Grove St John MOORHOUSE head m 54 Cart Driver Pudsey   94b
    Sarah Ann MOORHOUSE wife m 55   Bradford   94b
    Mary Ann MOORHOUSE dau s 19 stuff weaver Pudsey   94b
132 Lilac Grove St Martha WADE head w 58   Pudsey   94b
    Harry WILKINSON son in l m 26 spinning overlooker worsted Wortley ?   94b
    Emily WILKINSON dau m 24 worsted weaver Pudsey   94b
    Ada WADE dau   18 worsted weaver Pudsey   94b
    Clara WILKINSON gdau   2   Pudsey   94b
133 Lilac Grove St Elizabeth BUTTS head w 69   Leeds   94b
    Tom ACKROYD gson s 17 Spinner worsted Leeds   94b
    Florence ACKROYD gdau   14   Bradford   94b
134 Lilac Grove St Alfred BRAMLEY head m 39 mechanic Pool   94b
    Annie E BRAMLEY wife m 41   Bowling   94b
    John BRAMLEY son s 17 joiner Pool   94b
    Fred BRAMLEY son s 14 cabinet maker Pool   95a
    Florrie BRAMLEY dau   13 millhand worsted Otley   95a
    Amy BRAMLEY dau   9 scholar Leeds   95a
    Robert BRAMLEY son   9 scholar Leeds   95a
135 Lilac Grove St Selina BURRAN head s 39   Bradford   95a
    Emma BURRAN sister s 39 gen. Serv. Bradford   95a
135a Lilac Grove St Nathan COOPE head m 84 on own means Bramley   95a
    Ann COOPE wife m 61   Leeds   95a
136 Lilac Grove St Isaac WEBSTER head m 33 mechanic Bradford   95a
    Leah WEBSTER wife m 27   Thornton   95a
    Florrie WEBSTER dau   5 scholar Bradford   95a
    George WEBSTER bro   27 striker Bradford   95a
137 Lilac Grove St George G HINCHLIFFE head m 38 silk and cotton warp dresser Pudsey   95a
    Martha HINCHLIFFE wife m 39   Pudsey   95a
    Harry HINCHLIFFE son   12 Spinner worsted Pudsey   95a
    Willie HINCHLIFFE son   6 scholar Pudsey   95a
    Charlie HINCHLIFFE son   1   Pudsey   95a
138 Lilac Grove St Waring SMITH head m 48 ironstone miner Cleckheaton   95a
    Jane SMITH wife m 46   Buttershaw   95a
    Florence SMITH dau s 28 twister worsted Laisterdyke   95a
    Olivia SMITH dau s 17 Rover worsted Birkenshaw   95a
    Savannah SMITH son s 15 app, engineer Laisterdyke   95a
    Percy SMITH son   12   Laisterdyke   95a
    Henry SMITH son   10 scholar Laisterdyke   95a
    Charlie SMITH son   7 scholar Laisterdyke   95a
139 Lilac Grove St Squire MARSDEN head m 32 hammerman Tong   95a
    Clara MARSDEN wife m 30   Bradford   95a
    Ralph MARSDEN son   9 scholar Bradford   95a
    James MARSDEN son   7 scholar Bradford   95a
    Lewis MARSDEN son   6 scholar Bradford   95a
    Sarah MARSDEN dau   5 scholar Bradford   95a
    Beatrice MARSDEN dau   3   Bradford   95b
    Ernest MARSDEN son   1   Bradford   95b
    Thomas P MARSDEN son   3d   Bradford   95b
140 Lilac Grove St Thomas Edward SENIOR head m 22 engine fitter Barnsley   95b
    Annie SENIOR wife m 22   DOR Swanage   95b
    Harriett TATCHELL is in l s 17 Gen. Dom. Serv. DOR Swanage   95b
141 Lilac Grove St John PALMER head m 30 Railway waggon builder NFK Thetford   95b
    Mary PALMER wife m 27 stuff weaver Bradford   95b
    Beatrice PALMER dau   7 scholar Bradford   95b
    Florrie PALMER dau   4   Bradford   95b
    Walter PALMER son   2   Bradford   95b
142 Lilac Grove St David LAMBERT head m 71 gen. Lab. LAN   95b
    Georgina LAMBERT wife m 64   SCT Glasgow   95b
    Isabella May TENK? nurse child   4   Bradford   95b
    Samuel WEBSTER friend m 62 gen. Lab. Pudsey   95b
143 Lilac Grove St Sarah MOYSTER head w 54   Farnley   95b
    John R MOYSTER step son s 26 stuff warehouseman Bradford   95b
144 Lilac Grove St Sarah FIRTH head s 44 laundress Laisterdyke   95b
145 Lilac Grove St Abraham STARKEY head m 69 woolen slubber Idle   95b
    Jane STARKEY wife m 66   Tyersal   95b
146 Lilac Grove St John WATSON head w 78 retired farmer Tyersal   95b
    Mary WATSON dau s 49 housekeeper Tyersal   95b
    Sarah J WATSON dau s 36 worsted weaver Tyersal   95b
    Nancy WILLS board s 40 worsted weaver Bowling   95b
147 Lilac Grove St Sarah DOWNHAM head w 62 on own means Bradford   95b
    Mary Ann WALKER dau m 48 worsted weaver Tyersal   95b
    Harry WALKER gson s 15 millhand worsted Swaine Green   95b
    Hannah WALKER gdau s 14 Spinner worsted Swaine Green   95b
148 Lilac Grove St Susan RAISTRICK head w 56 stuff weaver Pudsey   95b
    Sarah A TIDGWELL niece s 35 stuff weaver Pudsey   95b
    Martha TIDGWELL niece s 29 stuff weaver Pudsey   95b
149 Lilac Grove St Richard HARDMAN head m 39 boiler maker LAN Manchester   96a
    Hannah HARDMAN wife m 37   Bradford   96a
    Ruth HARDMAN dau s 17 twister worsted Bradford   96a
    Albert HARDMAN son   14 boiler maker * boy Bradford   96a
    Joseph PARKER fath in l m 60 wool warehouseman Bradford   96a
    Sarah Jane PARKER moth in l m 58   Halifax   96a
    James PARKER bro in l s 26 french polisher Bradford   96a
    Hubert PARKER bro in l s 18 woolcomber Bradford   96a
150 Lilac Grove St Willian COLLINSON head m 22 * (smith) Laisterdyke   96a
151 Lilac Grove St Isaac COLLINSON head m 59 Carrier Bradford   96a
    Mary Ann COLLINSON wife m 59   Bradford   96a
    Sarah Ann COLLINSON dau s 25 warper worsted Bradford   96a
152 Lilac Grove St John WEBSTER head m 60 * * lab. LEI Leicester   96a
    Sarah WEBSTER wife m 57   Sheffield   96a
    Emma WEBSTER dau s 24 stuff weaver NBL Newcastle   96a
    Charlotte WEBSTER dau s 22 Spinner worsted Bradford   96a
    William WEBSTER son s 20 boiler maker's lab. Bradford   96a
153 Lilac Grove St Arthur GOODHALL head m 37 Boiler maker * Leeds   96a
    Dinah Annie GOODHALL wife m 39 twister worsted Armley   96a
    Mary Jane GOODHALL dau s 15 doffer Hunslet   96a
154 William St Charles HUTCHINSON head m 28 B* F* Bramley   96a
    Mary HUTCHINSON wife m 27   Leeds   96a
    Agnes Louisa WRAY sister w 25 stuff weaver Leeds   96a
155 William St Benjamin WILKINSON head m 59 watchman YKS   96a
    Caroline WILKINSON wife m 58   YKS   96a
    Mary Jane WILKINSON dau s 31 Spinner worsted YKS   96a
    Christopher WILKINSON son s 25 railway lab. YKS   96a
    Ann WILKINSON dau s 20 Spinner worsted YKS   96a
    Emily WILKINSON dau s 17 Rover worsted YKS   96b
156 William St Thomas BOOCOCK head m 25 wool washer CUL Quarry Hills   96b
    Elizabeth BOOCOCK wife m 23   Bradford   96b
    Charles Henry BOOCOCK son   1   Bradford   96b
157 William St Maria HAINSWORTH head w 59   Foreside ?   96b
    Mary HAINSWORTH dau s 35 warper worsted Foreside ?   96b
    Eliza HAINSWORTH dau s 33 warper worsted Foreside ?   96b
    Ellen HAINSWORTH dau s 25 twister worsted Bradford   96b
    Annis HAINSWORTH dau s 18 Spinner worsted Bradford   96b
158 Curator's house Board School Elizabeth DIXON wife m 45   Barnsley   96b
    Harry DIXON son s 19 * * out of employ Barnsley   96b
    Thomas DIXON son s 17 school's *ers Barnsley   96b
    Annis DIXON dau   12 scholar Bolton Woods   96b
    Minnie DIXON dau   10 scholar Bolton Woods   96b
    Ethel DIXON dau   7 scholar Bolton Woods   96b
159 Fleet St Benjamin SHARP head m 38 boiler maker Bolton Woods   96b
    Mary Jane SHARP wife m 42 stuff weaver Bolton Woods   96b
    Mary Ann BIBBY m in l w 71 retired weaver DUR Darlington   96b
160 Fleet St Samuel HARDMAN head m 41 boiler maker DBY Derby   96b
    Eliza HARDMAN wife m 38   HUN K*   96b
    William H HARDMAN son   13 scholar Tyersal   96b
161 Fleet St John PICKLES head m 46 boiler maker H*th   96b
    Mary Ann PICKLES wife m 37   Eccleshill   96b
    Emily PICKLES dau in l m 23 stuff weaver Leeds   96b
162 Fleet St Joseph R HOLMES head m 30 grocer's ass. Bradford   96b
    Emma HOLMES wife m 29   Bradford   96b
    Edith HOLMES dau   8   Pudsey   96b
    Amy HOLMES dau   1   Bradford   96b
163 Fleet St Henry CHEETHAM head m 42 warehouseman Bradford   97a
    Harry B CHEETHAM son s 15 shop boy Bradford   97a
    Sarah Ann CHEETHAM wife m 41   LAN Liverpool   97a
    Annie E CHEETHAM dau   12 paper bag maker Bradford   97a
    Charles G CHEETHAM son   11 scholar Bradford   97a
    Maud CHEETHAM dau   9 scholar Bradford   97a
    Pattie CHEETHAM dau   3   Bradford   97a
    Sarah M GEE board s 21 paper bag maker LAN Liverpool   97a
164 Fleet St Waterhouse HOLMES head m 32 stuff warehouseman Bradford   97a
    Elizabeth HOLMES wife m 28   Bradford   97a
    Edith HOLMES dau   6   Bradford   97a
    Harry HOLMES son   5m   Bradford   97a
165 Fleet St Walter SCOTT head m 25 Foundry lab. Bradford   97a
    Clara SCOTT wife m 23   Bradford   97a
    William SCOTT son   2m   Bradford   97a
    Sarah WARD gmoth w 70   Sowerby Bridge   97a
    Grace JENKINSON mother w 45 worsted weaver LAN Oldham   97a
166 Redmayne's Houses William SHARP head m 28 wood sawyer Clayton Heights   97a
    Sarah H SHARP wife m 30 worsted weaver Tyersal   97a
167 Redmayne's Houses Mary WHITAKER head w 73   Settle   97a
    Sarah Jane WHITAKER dau s 42 coating mender worsted Leeds   97a
    Lily WHITAKER gdau   13 winder worsted Bradford   97a
168 Redmayne's Houses Benjamin DOBSON head m 30 railway engine driver Stanningley   97a
    Mary Ann DOBSON wife m 26   Bradford   97a
169 Redmayne's Houses Mark POLLARD head m 53 watchman Bowling   97a
    Ellen POLLARD wife m 54 worsted weaver Horton   97a
    Fred POLLARD son s 24 ass. Designer worsted goods Pudsey   97a
    Sarah Ann POLLARD dau s 22 stuff weaver Pudsey   97a
170 Redmayne's Houses Robert RAWLING head m 56 printer's compositer Gildersome   97a
    Annett RAWLING wife m 58 retired stuff weaver Low Moor   97a
171 Watson St Sarah SCOTT head w 58 on own means Bradford   97b
    John William SCOTT son s 28 Foundry lab. Bradford   97b
    Herbert SCOTT son s 23 Foundry lab. Bradford   97b
    Annie SCOTT dau s 20 weaver woolen goods Bradford   97b
    Joe SCOTT son s 18 Bobbin packer woolen mill Bradford   97b
    Stephen HOLMES adopted   13 errand lad woolen mill Pudsey   97b
172 Watson St Arthur Lockwood LILES head m 26 *nce Agent Bradford   97b
    Sophia LILES wife m 25 housewife Bradford   97b
    Percy LILES son   3m   Bradford   97b