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Census Index 1891 Tyersall: ED25



Tyersall Enumeration District 25, Folios 100c - 114a, Enumerator Thomas head

Commencing at Mitchells houses, Swaine Green, all the houses including the boundary of the Hamlet of Back Lane, New Briggate ending at Mr Head's Druggist shop, Wellington Street, Ebenezer Street, Longdale Court, Pickard Street, Wellington place, Wellington Square, New Lane ending with Mitchells houses.


1 New Briggate James HEATON head m 57 Police Constable Bingley   100c
    Mary Ann HEATON wife m 49 Draper Wath   100c
    Arthur HEATON son   23 B* Maker Bradford   100c
    Harry HEATON son   20 Draper Bradford   100c
    Mary HEATON gdau   4   Bradford   100c
2 New Briggate James BOYD head m 42 Tailor Bradford   100c
    Susannah BOYD wife m 42   Whitby   100c
    Mary BOYD dau   10 scholar Bradford   100c
3 New Briggate Shaun DEIGHTON head m 58 retired publican Bradford   100c
    Jane DEIGHTON wife m 58   Bradford   100c
    Mabel HODGSON gdau   9   Bradford   100c
    Gertrude HODGSON gdau   8   Bradford   100c
    Fred W HODGSON gson   4   Bradford   100c
4 New Briggate Frederick HEATON head m 28 butcher Bradford   100c
    Elizabeth HEATON wife m 28   Drighlington   100c
    Emily HEATON dau   2   Bradford   100c
    Earnest HEATON son   1   Bradford   110c
    Percy CROWTHER app   16 app butcher Pudsey   100c
5 New Briggate John SWIRE head m 46 insurance agent Helton ?   100c
    Martha Ann SWIRE wife m 45 Confectioner *   100c
    Sarah Ann HILLAS step dau s 21 Confectioner *   100c
    Sarah Elizabeth SWIFT sist in l w 49 coal owner *   100c
    Clara SWIFT niece   ?   Simhill ?   100c
6 New Briggate William PARKER head m 40 House furnisher and * undertaker Horton   100c
    Margaret PARKER wife m 44   LIN *   100c
7 New Briggate Emma LONGTHORPE head m 39 greengrocer Low Moor   100c
    Maria LONGTHORPE dau s 15   Low Moor   100c
    Joseph E LONGTHORPE son   14 scholar Bradford   100c
    Ruth LONGTHORPE dau   8 scholar Bradford   100c
    Fred LONGTHORPE son   1   Bradford   100c
8 St Marys Court Fred MOORHOUSE head m 21 carter Bradford   100d
    Phenice MOORHOUSE wife m 21   Bradford   100d
9 St Marys Court Albert FIGTREE head m 20 greasemaker Chapletown   100d
    Nancy FIGTREE wife m 24   Pudsey . 100d
10 St Marys Court Harriett DOBSON head   31   M*   100d
    Martha Ann DOBSON dau   10 scholar Pudsey   100d
    Arthur DOBSON son   7 scholar Darfield   100d
    Laura A DOBSON dau   4 scholar Bradford   100d
11 St Marys Court Joseph BARRACLOUGH head m 36 glass cutter York   100d
    Kate BARRACLOUGH wife m 34   Hull   100d
    Joseph BARRACLOUGH son   13 scholar Leeds   100d
    Harry BARRACLOUGH son   11 scholar Leeds   100d
    Charlotte BARRACLOUGH dau   10 scholar Leeds   100d
    Edwin BARRACLOUGH son   9 scholar Leeds   100d
    Sarah C BARRACLOUGH dau   4   Leeds   100d
12 10 St Marys Court James O ROBERTS head m 23 lithographer Hunslet   100d
    Mary J ROBERTS wife m 25   Hunslet   100d
    Charles ROBERTS son   13m   Leeds   100d
13 9 Pawson St Sarah J ROBINSON head w 39 worsted weaver Sheffield   100d
    William ROBINSON son s 17 warehouseman Birstall   100d
    Emily B ROBINSON dau   13 spinner Bradford   100d
    Edith ROBINSON dau   8   Bradford   100d
14 8 Pawson St John BROTHERTON head m 28 Gas stoker (blank)   100d
    Agnes BROTHERTON wife m 24   (blank)   100d
15 7 Pawson St Bruce Greenwood CHARLTON head m 26 weaving overlooker Clayton   100d
    Sarah CHARLTON wife m 28   Bradford   100d
    Ethel CHARLTON dau   5   Wibsey   100d
    Harry W CHARLTON son   1   Bradford   100d
16 6 Pawson St Frederick WAINWRIGHT head m 36 Bricklayers lab Shipley   100d
    Margaret WAINWRIGHT wife m 38 worsted weaver Wakefield   100d
17 5 Pawson St Robert THOMPSON head m 29 boiler fireman Healey   101a
    Sarah THOMPSON wife m 29   Idle   101a
    Willie THOMPSON son   4   Bradford   101a
    Mildred THOMPSON dau   5m   Bradford   101a
18 4 Pawson St John RHODES head m 26 Newsagent Bradford   101a
    Emily RHODES wife m 23   Pudsey   101a
    William RHODES son   2   Bradford   101a
    Edith RHODES dau   1   Bradford   101a
    Sarah VERITY moth w 72   Knaresborough   101a
21 6 Chapman St Mary REDMAYNE head w 70   Bradford Moor   101a
    Jane REDMAYNE dau s 41 dressmaker Bradford Moor   101a
    Thomas REDMAYNE son s 34 weaving overlooker Laisterdyke   101a
    Willie REDMAYNE gson s 17 Clerk C C Laisterdyke   101a
    Louisa REDMAYNE gdau   12 scholar Laisterdyke   101a
22 4 Chapman St John ROBERTS head m 41 yarn warehouseman Motheringham?   101a
    Martha A ROBERTS wife m 39   Halifax   101a
    Ernest L ROBERTS son   15   Bradford   101a
    Fred ROBERTS son   12   Bradford   101a
    Ethel ROBERTS dau   9   Bradford   101a
    Maud ROBERTS dau   6   Bradford   101a
    Harold ROBERTS son   4   Bradford   101a
23 2 Chapman St Elizabeth INGHAM head w 54   Bingley   101a
    Jonathan INGHAM son s 29 boiler maker Mowton ?   101a
    Martha INGHAM dau s 19 worsted weaver Bradford   101a
    Minnie INGHAM dau s 17 worsted weaver Bradford   101a
    Lavinia INGHAM dau s 7 scholar Bradford   101a
24 3 Chapman St Sarah E GORDON head m 48 stuff weaver Bowling   101a
    Mary A GORDON dau s 25 Twister Pudsey   101a
    Albert GORDON son s 18 mechanic Bradford   101a
    William BRUMFIT gfath w 75   Bradford   101a
25 1 Booth Lane Benjamin EDMONDSON head m 41 butcher Eccleshill   101b
    Annie EDMONDSON wife m 45   Halifax   101b
    Mary EDMONDSON dau s 17 worsted weaver Bradford   101b
    Elizabeth EDMONDSON dau s 15 dressmaker's ass. Bradford   101b
    Sarah EDMONDSON dau   11 scholar Bradford   101b
    Thomas EDMONDSON son   8 scholar Bradford   101b
    Emily EDMONDSON dau   5 scholar Bradford   101b
    William EDMONDSON son   3   Bradford   101b
26 549 Back Lane William RHODES head m 46 Blacksmith Wibsey   101b
    Ellen RHODES wife m 48   Bradford   101b
    Albert W RHODES son s 23 wool warehouseman Pudsey   101b
    Sarah A RHODES dau s 17 spinner Pudsey   101b
    Florry RHODES dau   13 scholar Pudsey   101b
    Frederick RHODES son   9 scholar Pudsey   101b
    William RHODES son   2   Pudsey   101b
27 547 Back Lane Fanny HARTLEY head w 42   WAR Dunnington ?   101b
    George F HARTLEY son s 16 office boy Leeds   101b
28 12 Sticker Lane Eli FIRTH head m 39 grocer Northowram   101b
    Elizabeth FIRTH wife m 45   STS Sedgeley   101b
29 10 Sticker Lane Thomas STOVER head m 42 stuff dryer Bradford   101b
    Alice STOVER wife m 41   Laisterdyke   101b
    Albert STOVER son s 20 boot and shoemaker Bradford   101b
    John STOVER son   6   Bradford   101b
    Elizabeth WARD sist in l s 59 worsted weaver Kettlewell   101b
30 Sticker Lane William DAY head m 34 dryer Bradford   101b
    Sarah J DAY wife m 32 greengrocer Bradford   101b
    Clara DAY dau   6 scholar Bradford   101b
    Thomas DAY son   3   Bradford   101b
    Theresa DAY dau   8m   Bradford   101b
    Annie ALACK? board s 25 spinner worsted Bradford   101b
31 4 Sticker Lane Benjamin PRIESTLEY head m 54 warp dresser Thornton   102a
    Jane PRIESTLEY wife m 52 weaver Wakefield   102a
32 Swaine Green Tavern John WALLER head m 38 Publican Bramham   102a
    Clara WALLER wife m 37   Leeds   102a
    Fred WALLER son s 17 ass. Publican Bradford   102a
    Harriett WALLER dau   15 milliner Bradford   102a
    Walley WALLER son   8 scholar Bradford   102a
    Arthur WALLER son   2   Bradford   102a
    Sarah FOULDS m in l m 67   Bramham   102a
    Harriet AMES board s 29 worsted weaver Bramham   102a
    Fanny H JEPSON serv s 20 dom. Serv. Rotherham   102a
33 4 Ann St Randall BINNS head m 28 gen lab Tong   102a
    Emmeline BINNS wife m 28 worsted weaver Laisterdyke   102a
    Fred BINNS son   6 scholar Laisterdyke   102a
    William BINNS son   3   Laisterdyke   102a
34 6 Ann St Ann ELLERBY head w 52 worsted weaver Bradford   102a
    Clara ELLERBY dau s 26   Bradford   102a
    George R ELLERBY son s 23 Clerk C C Bradford   102a
35 8 Ann St Alfred HILES head m 36 warp dresser Bradford   102a
    Eliza HILES wife m 36   Bradford   102a
    Joseph HILES son   11 scholar Bradford   102a
    William HILES son   5 scholar Bradford   102a
    Horace HILES son   1   Bradford   102a
36 15 Ann St Arthur STOREY head m 25 Railway Stoker Ripon   102a
    Martha A STOREY wife m 25   Laisterdyke   102a
    Ada STOREY dau   2   Laisterdyke   102a
37 13 Ann St Firth NAYLOR head m 36 * plate worker Tong   102a
    Elizabeth A NAYLOR wife m 35   Gomersal   102a
    John NAYLOR son   3 (m?)   Bradford   102a
39 10a Ann St John NAYLOR head m 66   Tong   102b
    Mary NAYLOR wife m 65   *den nr Otley   102b
    Elizabeth NAYLOR dau s 31   * invalid 102b
40 12 Ann St Squire HILLAS head m 64 labourer Bowling   102b
    Sarah HILLAS wife m 65   Queensbury   102b
41 14 Ann St Samuel NAYLOR head m 59 forgeman Bradford   102b
    Mary Ann NAYLOR wife m 59   Bradford   102b
    Elizabeth Ann NAYLOR dau s 29 millhand Bradford   102b
    Emma NAYLOR dau s 27 millhand Bradford   102b
    Herbert NAYLOR son s 24 plush finisher Bradford   102b
    Fred NAYLOR son s 18 engine maker Bradford   102b
    Ingham NAYLOR son s 14 millhand Bradford   102b
    Joseph NAYLOR son   12 millhand Bradford   102b
42 16 Ann St Christopher SHARP head m 45 labourer Shelf   102b
    Caroline SHARP wife m 45   Horton   102b
    Hartwell SHARP son s 19 * Laisterdyke   102b
    Rose SHARP dau s 17   Laisterdyke   102b
    Isaac DURRANCE son in l m 24 fitter Laisterdyke   102b
    Elizabeth DURRANCE dau m 25   Laisterdyke   102b
43 13 Ann St John GILL head m 45 weighman Bowling   102b
    Sarah Ann GILL wife m 42   Pudsey   102b
    Joseph GILL son s 22 engine fitter Bowling   102b
    Clara GILL dau s 19 worsted weaver Scholes   102b
    Harry GILL son s 16 spinning overlooker Scholes   102b
    Herbert GILL son   3   Bowling   102b
44 Ann St Thomas PICKUP head m 34 * Otley   102b
    Sarah E PICKUP wife m 32   Bowling   102b
    Joseph PICKUP son   11 scholar Swaine Green   102b
45 13 Back Ann St Mary INGHAM head w 53   Laisterdyke   103a
    Eliza INGHAM dau s 17 spinner worsted Laisterdyke   103a
    Elizabeth INGHAM dau s 15 spinner worsted Laisterdyke   103a
    Charlotte INGHAM dau   11 spinner worsted Laisterdyke   103a
    Benjamin INGHAM son   5 scholar Laisterdyke   103a
    John MAWLAND lodg m 26 Puddler Laisterdyke   103a
46 5 Back Ann St Isabella YATES head s 40   Bowling   103a
    Moorhouse YATES son   13 millhand Bowling   103a
    Harry YATES son   7 scholar Laisterdyke   103a
    Fred YATES son   5 scholar Laisterdyke   103a
    Oldfield YATES son   3   Laisterdyke   103a
    Mary YATES dau   2   Laisterdyke   103a
    Frank YATES son   2m   Laisterdyke   103a
    John WILKINSON board m 48 labourer LAN Lancaster   103a
47 7 * Sq Phoebe CHAPMAN head w 58 office cleaner Bradford   103a
48 9 Back Ann St Benjamin LONGDALE head m 35 Mill warehouseman Pudsey   103a
    Lavinia LONGDALE wife m 33   Bradford   103a
    Ada LONGDALE dau   12 spinner worsted Pudsey   103a
    Anne LONGDALE dau   11 spinner worsted Pudsey   103a
    Agnes LONGDALE dau   9   Pudsey   103a
    Joseph LONGDALE son   7   Pudsey   103a
    Walter LONGDALE son   5   Pudsey   103a
    William LONGDALE son   3   Pudsey   103a
    Alice LONGDALE dau   1   Pudsey   103a
49 11 Back Ann St Thomas H WOOD head m 25 railway brakesman HER Baldock   103a
    Sarah WOOD wife m 21   Millington   103a
    Alfred WOOD son   1   Pudsey   103a
50 13 Back Ann St Thomas BELL head m 33 blacksmith Bradford   103b
    Mary BELL wife m 33   Bradford   103b
    Sarah A BELL dau   7   Bradford   103b
    Florrie BELL dau   5   Bradford   103b
    Lilly BELL dau   1   Pudsey   103b
    James BELL son   ?   Pudsey   103b
51 11 Ann St Louis Charles DAMON head   31 private 1st class * BFD Bedford   103b
    Harriet DAMON wife   26 steelworks lab Bradford   103b
    James William DAMON son   3   India, Bengal, Dum Dum   103b
    Bertha E DAMON dau   2   India, Bengal, *   103b
    John R SQUIRES stepson   6   India, Bengal, *   103b
52 9 Ann St Charles FIRTH head   45 stuff weaver Bradford   103b
    Annie FIRTH dau   18 spinner worsted Bowling   103b
    Mary A FIRTH sist s 42 housekeeper Bradford   103b
53 7 Ann St Joseph FENTON head s 22 yarn warehouseman DUR Beechburn   103b
    Carolina FENTON sist s 28 stuff weaver DUR Beechburn   103b
    Christiana J FENTON sist s 25 stuff weaver DUR Beechburn   103b
    Susannah YOUNG sist m 29   DUR Beechburn   103b
    Ann YOUNG niece   8 ?   Pudsey   103b
54 5 Ann St John ROBERTS head m 48 milk dealer YKS   103b
    Isabella ROBERTS wife m 48   YKS   103b
    Elizabeth A ROBERTS dau s 24 stuff mender YKS   103b
    Fred ROBERTS son s 17 milk dealer YKS   103b
    Mary A ROBERTS dau s 15 milliner YKS   103b
    Christopher ROBERTS son   12   YKS   103b
    Louisa ROBERTS dau   10   YKS   103b
    George WOLFENDEN Visit s 24 draper YKS   103b
55 1 Ann St Joseph FRENCH head m 30 Grocer Bingley   104a
    Emma FRENCH wife m 30   Denholme   104a
    Tryphena FRENCH dau   4   Denholme   104a
    Booth GREENWOOD bro in l s 17 Grocer's ass. Denholme   104a
    Eva ROLLY serv s 18 dom serv NK   104a
56 103 New Briggate John WOODHEAD head m 53 medicinal botanist East Bierley   104a
    Mary WOODHEAD wife m 52   Keighley   104a
    Mary WOODHEAD dau s 24 inn waitress Tong   104a
    Samuel WOODHEAD son s 18 assistant Tong   104a
57 101 New Briggate Paul BARRACLOUGH head m 61 Furniture dealer Wi*   104a
    Mary BARRACLOUGH wife m 54   Buttershaw   104a
    Sarah Wood TANKARD dau m 37 worsted weaver Buttershaw   104a
58 99 New Briggate Thomas Rayner MORTIMER head m 35 draper Bradford   104a
    Mary A MORTIMER wife m 32 milliner Bradford   104a
    Emma MORTIMER dau   11 milliner Bradford   104a
    John MORTIMER adopt   11   York   104a
    Mary Ann RICHARDSON ass s 22 shop ass. Rotherham   104a
    Annie E RICHARDSON serv s 18 dom serv Rotherham   104a
59 8 Bar St James GEORGE head m 38 bootmaker Bradford   104a
    Mary A GEORGE wife m 34   Stanningley   104a
    John R GEORGE son s 15 spinner worsted Bradford   104a
    Jonah GEORGE son   9   Bradford   104a
    Arthur GEORGE son   7   Bradford   104a
    Sarah A GEORGE dau   2   Bradford   104a
60 10 Bar St Martha WRIGHT head m 30   LAN Liverpool   104a
    Maud E WRIGHT dau   8 scholar Bradford   104a
    Raymond WRIGHT son   7 scholar Bradford   104a
    Edith Eleanor WRIGHT dau   3   Bradford   104a
    Louisa WRIGHT dau   2   Bradford   104a
61 12 Bar St Rachel SMITHIES head w 41 comb minder Tong   104b
    Daniel SMITHIES son s 21 spinning overlooker Tong   104b
    Hannah SMITHIES son s 18 W* sorter Tong   104b
62 14 Bar St James Turner ROBINSON head m 43 labourer Northallerton   104b
    Emily CLAYTON board m 38 stuff weaver Idle   104b
    Ann ALDERSON moth w 83   Northallerton   104b
63 16 Bar St John HAWKES head m 50 coachman York   104b
    Sarah HAWKES wife m 50   Bradford   104b
    Polly HAWKES dau   16 rover worsted Bradford   104b
    John H HAWKES son   13   Bradford   104b
    James H HAWKES son   11 scholar Bradford   104b
    Sarah HAWKES dau   9   Bradford   104b
64 18 Bar St John MILNER head m 28 blacksmith LAN   104b
    Fanny MILNER wife m 28   Pudsey   104b
    Edward MILNER son   2   Pudsey   104b
    Hannah MILNER dau   2m   Pudsey   104b
65 20 Bar St Joseph NEWTON head m 30 excavator DUR Darlington   104b
    Emma NEWTON wife m 28 woolen spinner Stanningley   104b
    Mary H NEWTON dau   4   Bradford   104b
    Rachel WALKER m in l m 69 independent means Artondale ?   104b
66 25 Bar St Ruth A SUTCLIFFE head s 21 * drawer Bradford   104b
    Joseph SUTCLIFFE bro s 17 Mule spinner Bradford   104b
    Hannah B SUTCLIFFE sist s 15 spinner Bradford   104b
    Isaac SUTCLIFFE bro s 13   Bradford   104b
67 23 Bar St William INGLETON head m 48 Lamplighter Goole   104b
    Sarah A HAYES h.k. w 27 housekeeper Bradford   104b
    Ernest L HAYES h.k son   7 scholar Bradford   104b
    Arthur HAYES h.k son   6m   Bradford   104b
68 21 Bar St Harriet SLINGSBY head w 51 worsted weaver Pudsey   104b
    Mary SLINGSBY dau s 20 worsted weaver Pudsey   104b
    Tom SLINGSBY son s 19 weftman worsted Laisterdyke   104b
69 19 Bar St James OUTHWAITE head m 35 fettler worsted mill Bradford   105a
    Susannah OUTHWAITE wife m 32   Bradford   105a
70 17 Bar St James POLLARD head m 21 mill operative Halifax   105a
    Hannah POLLARD wife m 24 cloth weaver Pudsey   105a
71 15 Bar St Harry W SHEFFIELD head m 37 File grinder Leeds   105a
    Mary SHEFFIELD wife m 39   Leeds   105a
    Arthur SHEFFIELD son   13 spinner worsted Bradford   105a
    Albert SHEFFIELD son   12 spinner worsted Bradford   105a
    Harry SHEFFIELD son   10 spinner worsted Bradford   105a
    Florence SHEFFIELD dau   9 scholar Bradford   105a
    Fred SHEFFIELD son   7 scholar Bradford   105a
    Lily SHEFFIELD dau   5 scholar Bradford   105a
    Martha THORPE board s 39 wool drawer Leeds   105a
72 13 Bar St Albert BEANLAND head s 23 spinning overlooker Bradford   105a
    Elizabeth BEANLAND moth w 59   Bradford   105a
    Daisy ALLISON     4   Bradford entered Aulinson 105a
73 11 Bar St Joseph RHODES head m 36 Iron Turner Cullingworth   105a
    Emily RHODES wife m 36   Pudsey   105a
    Ethel RHODES dau   7   LAN Accrington   105a
    William H RHODES son   4   Pudsey   105a
    Amelia RHODES dau   2   Pudsey   105a
74 9 Bar St Emma BROWN head m 48 stuff * Bradford occ. Lined through 105a
    Emily BROWN dau s 20   Bradford   105a
    Fred BROWN son s 18 gen. Carrier Bradford   105a
    Elizabeth BROWN dau s 16 spinner worsted Bradford   105a
    Maude BROWN dau   10 scholar Bradford   105a
75 7 Bar St Stephen HOLDSWORTH head m 36 forgeman Bradford   105a
    Ada HOLDSWORTH wife m 38   Bradford   105a
    Morley HOLDSWORTH son   13 spinner worsted Bradford   105a
    Annis HOLDSWORTH dau   12 spinner worsted Bradford   105a
    Joe SMITH board s 23 wool washer Bradford   105a
76 5 Bar St Mary OUTHWAITE head s 57 gen serv Farsley   105b
77 1 Bar St Leah LAND head w 38 *maker and dealer Pudsey   105b
    Margaret MATTHEWMAN moth s 72   Wakefield   105b
178 95 New Briggate Joshua BYWATER head m 49 butcher Low Moor   105b
    Hannah BYWATER wife m 43   Pudsey   105b
    Frank BYWATER son s 15   Thornbury   105b
    Maud BYWATER dau   12   Thornbury   105b
79 4 Ebenezer St William HANSON head m 58 Innkeeper Dewsbury   105b
    Emma HANSON wife m 56   Dewsbury   105b
    Martha Ann HANSON dau s 20   Leeds   105b
    Clara HANSON dau s 18 Millhand Tyersall   105b
80 8 Ebenzer St Alfred ACKROYD head m 44 wool warehouseman Bradford   105b
    Martha ACKROYD wife m 48   Bradford   105b
    Willie ACKROYD son   13 rover worsted Bradford   105b
81 6 Ebenezer St Christopher ROBINSON head m 51 coal miner Bradford   105b
    Hannah ROBINSON wife m 51   Bradford   105b
    Martha ROBINSON dau s 18 worsted weaver Bradford   105b
    Emily ROBINSON dau   9 scholar Bradford   105b
82 10 Ebenezer St Richard CHARLESWORTH head m 68 dyer worsted Horsforth   105b
    Mary CHARLESWORTH wife m 53   Pudsey   105b
    James LEES board m 56 House painter NTT *   105b
    Alfred BAXENDALE board s 20 machinist worsted YKS *   105b
83 12 Ebenezer St Mary Ann GRAHAM head m 30 cardminder Leeds   105b
    John William HANSON bro s 11 spinner worsted Laisterdyke   105b
84 Ebenezer St James THORNTON head m 62 machinist woolen bin Bradford   105b
    Mary THORNTON wife m 58   Huddersfield   105b
    Mary HARDCASTLE niece s 29 worsted weaver Eccleshill   105b
85 16 Ebenezer St Elizabeth PEEL head w 48 charwoman Bradford entered sch 86 105b
    William H PEEL son s 19 Millhand Bradford   105b
    James F PEEL son s 17 Millhand Bradford   105b
    Clara PEEL dau   10 scholar Bradford   105b
86 18 Ebenezer St James BUTLER head m 26 warehouseman worsted Bradford   106a
    Lavinia BUTLER wife m 26   Bradford   106a
    Hannah BUTLER dau   1   Bradford   106a
    Lily ATACK lodg s 21 worsted weaver Bradford   106a
87 Ebenezer St Squire COOPER head m 28 Mason's lab. Bowling   106a
    Maria COOPER wife m 25 factory hand Leeds   106a
88 20 Ebenezer St Harry ROSS head w 58 labourer     106a
89 24 Ebenezer St James RHODES head m 50 s* out of practise Bradford   106a
    Sarah Ann RHODES wife m 39   Leeds   106a
    Annie RHODES dau s 20 worsted weaver Bradford   106a
    James Cyril RHODES son s 18 Grocer's ass. Leeds   106a
    Walter RHODES son s 14 shop ass. Bradford   106a
    Gertrude E RHODES dau   11 scholar Stanningley   106a
    William B RHODES son   9 scholar Windhill ?   106a
    Alice RHODES dau   7 scholar Bradford   106a
    Lillian RHODES dau   4   *   106a
    Beatrice RHODES dau   1   *   106a
90 26 Ebenezer St Phineas SENIOR head m 28 * checker Earlsheaton   106a
    Sarah SENIOR wife m 28   Drighlington   106a
91 Ebenezer St Henry BAKER head m 60 Painter North of England   106a
    Betty BAKER wife m 53 charwoman Yks W*y   106a
92 17 Ebenezer St Francis *MAN head m 46 butcher Pateley Bridge   106a
    Mary Ann *MAN wife m 37   Wortley   106a
    Arthur *MAN son s 17   Laisterdyke   106a
    Emily *MAN dau s 15   Laisterdyke   106a
    Nellie *MAN dau   10   Laisterdyke   106a
    Mary Jane *MAN dau   8   Laisterdyke   106a
    Francis George *MAN son   2   Laisterdyke   106a
    Thomas *MAN son   9m   Laisterdyke   106a
93 13 Ebenezer St John WALKER head m 46 woolcomber Pudsey   106b
    Susannah WALKER wife m 45   Farnley   106b
    Sarah E WALKER dau s 27 worsted weaver Leeds   106b
    Harriet WALKER dau s 25 spinner worsted Bradford   106b
    Jane WALKER dau s 21 stuff weaver Bradford   106b
    Elizabeth WALKER dau s 10 scholar Bradford   106b
    Ella WALKER dau   6 scholar Bradford   106b
    Sarah HARTLEY m in l w 72 retired laundress Farnley   106b
94 15 Ebenezer St Arthur LANCASTER head m 27 forgeman Shipley   106b
    Elizabeth Ann LANCASTER wife m 27   Bradford   106b
95 11 Ebenezer St John KNEESHAW head m 34 blacksmith Bradford   106b
    Sarah Ellen KNEESHAW wife m 33   Bradford Moor   106b
    M E KNEESHAW dau s 14 scholar Bradford   106b
96 9 ebenezer St William CLUDERAY head m 31 forgeman Bowling   106b
    Emma Jane CLUDERAY wife m 30   Cleckheaton   106b
    Joseph CLUDERAY son   5 scholar Laisterdyke   106b
97 3 Ebenezer St Herbert HEATON head m 25 boilermaker Bradford   106b
    Harriet Ann HEATON wife m 24   Leeds   106b
    Maud HEATON dau   2   Bradford   106b
    Clara HEATON dau   11m   Bradford   106b
98 1 Ebenezer St John FOX head m 55 warehouseman Great Horton   106b
    Martha FOX head m 52   Laisterdyke   106b
    Mary Ellen FOX dau s 24 worsted weaver Laisterdyke   106b
    Emma WOOD rel s 10   Swaine Green   106b
99 81 New Briggate Eli GAYTON head m 44 Draper's ass. WIL H*lheaton   106b
    Mary Hannah GAYTON wife m 41   WIL Trowbridge   106b
100 89 New Briggate John LEVICK head m 51 B* Manufacturer NTT Welbeck   106b
    Sarah LEVICK wife m 46   Bradford   106b
    Mary Alice LEVICK dau m 22   Bradford   106b
    Annie LEVICK dau m 21   Bradford   106b
101 87 New Briggate Emma BESTHAM dau s 32 dressmaker Bradford   107a
    John W BESTHAM son s 29 hay and straw dealer Bradford   107a
    Sarah BESTHAM son s 23   Bradford   107a
102 85 New Briggate Joseph FORTUNE head w 67 boot and shoemaker Morton Banks   107a
    Ada FORTUNE dau s 35 milliner Laisterdyke   107a
103 83 New Briggate William HUNT head m 39 carrier BKM *   107a
    Margaret HUNT wife m 41   LAN Fleetwood   107a
    Emma HUNT dau   12 spinner worsted Laisterdyke   107a
    Ann HUNT dau   10 scholar Laisterdyke   107a
    Charlie HUNT son   5 scholar Laisterdyke   107a
    Arthur HUNT son   2   Laisterdyke   107a
    Sarah LUNN sist m 42   Hebden Bridge   107a
    James LUNN neph s 13 coal hurrier Bradford   107a
    Jane LUNN niece s 12 scholar Bradford   107a
104 81 New Briggate William FORTUNE head m 40 Grocer Laisterdyke   107a
    Ada A FORTUNE wife m 36   BFD Luton   107a
    Harry FORTUNE son s 17 warehouse boy Laisterdyke   107a
    Jephtha FORTUNE son s 15 factory hand Laisterdyke   107a
    Fred FORTUNE son   13 scholar Laisterdyke   107a
    Florence FORTUNE dau   7 scholar Laisterdyke   107a
    Amy FORTUNE dau   2   Laisterdyke   107a
    Ada FORTUNE dau   5m   Laisterdyke   107a
    Elizabeth WRIGHT serv s 17 dom. Serv Leeds   107a
    Alice FORTUNE dau   4 scholar Leeds   107a
105 4 Wellington St Jane Amelia WEST head w 46   Birkenshaw   107a
    Herbert WEST son s 19 ass. Overlooker Tong   107a
    Collin WEST son s 17   Tong   107a
    Ruth WEST dau s 14 spinner worsted Bradford   107a
    Lily WEST dau   13 winder worsted Bradford   107a
    Lucy WEST dau   8 scholar Pudsey   107a
106 6 Wellington St John William GLEDHILL head m 29 warehouseman worsted Bradford   107b
    Mary GLEDHILL wife m 28   Bradford   107b
    William GLEDHILL son   7 scholar Bradford   107b
    Frederick GLEDHILL son   5 scholar Bradford   107b
    Edward GLEDHILL son   1   Bradford   107b
107 8 Wellington St William FREINLETT head m 55 army pensioner DEV Oterry St Marys   107b
    Emma FREINLETT wife m 45   KEN Margate   107b
    Ada FREINLETT dau s 19 dressmaker IRL Dublin   107b
    Albert FREINLETT son   12   Channel Is. Alderney   107b
    Emily FREINLETT dau   9 scholar Channel Is. Alderney   107b
    Frank FREINLETT son   7 scholar Channel Is. Alderney   107b
    Sidney R FREINLETT son   3   Channel Is. Alderney   107b
108 6a Wellington St George COLLINSON head   26 carpentert Bradford   107b
    Hannah COLLINSON wife   24 worsted weaver Bradford   107b
    Nanny WOMERSLEY m in l   62   Bramley ?   107b
109 4 Wellington St Margaret LANGDALE head w 63 independent means Bradford   107b
    Mary LANGDALE dau s 41 spinner worsted Bradford   107b
    John LANGDALE son s 28   Bradford   107b
    Margaret LANGDALE dau s 22   Bradford   107b
110 10 Wellington St Ruth HARDWICK head w 70   Stanningley   107b
    Ruth HARDWICK dau s 21 worsted weaver Stanningley   107b
111 10a Wellington St Edmund MYERS head m 50 steam hammer driver Bradford   107b
    Maria MYERS wife m 49 worsted weaver Tong   107b
    Ebenezer MYERS son   8 scholar Bradford   107b
    Sarah A KING lodg w 30 worsted weaver Bradford   107b
    Hannah KING lodg s 10 scholar Bradford   107b
112 12 Wellington St John William HINCHCLIFFE head m 27 box minder - woolcombing Pudsey   107b
    Ann HINCHCLIFFE wife m 29 roving worsted box minder Batley   107b
113 14 Wellington St John ENGLAND head m 62 Millwright Cullingworth   107b
    Harriet ENGLAND wife m 62   LEI Leicester   107b
114 16 Wellington St William SMITH head m 49 labourer Bradford   108a
    Mary SMITH wife m 52   Bradford   108a
    Thomas BELLWOOD board s 24 drawing overlooker Bradford   108a
115 17 Wellington St George BENSON head m 46 bricklayer Knaresborough   108a
    Emma BENSON wife m 42   Pudsey   108a
    William BENSON son s 22 boiler fitter Bradford   108a
    Elizabeth BENSON dau s 18 Millhand Bradford   108a
    John BENSON son   11 Millhand Pudsey   108a
    Herbert BENSON son   8   Pudsey   108a
    Bertie BENSON son   4   Pudsey   108a
    Ernest BENSON son   2   Pudsey   108a
116 15 Wellington St Ephraim STEAD head m 36 woolsorter Pudsey   108a
    Clara STEAD wife m 36   Calverley   108a
    Hilda STEAD dau   6   Pudsey   108a
117 13 Wellington St John BATTEN head m 24 bricklayer's lab HRT Watford   108a
    Amy BATTEN wife m 24   HRT Rickmansworth   108a
    Arthur BATTEN son   3   HRT Watford   108a
    Alexander Lewis BATTEN son   1   HRT Watford   108a
118 11 Wellington St Fred NAYLOR head m 24 platelayer Micleford   108a
    Amy NAYLOR wife m 25 Millhand Bradford   108a
119 9 Wellington St Frank NAYLOR son   10m   Bradford   108a
120 7 Wellington St Abraham KEIGHLEY head m 37 * worker Manningham   108a
    Alice KEIGHLEY wife m 35   Ancliffe   108a
    Charlotte KEIGHLEY dau   13 factory hand Manningham   108a
    Maud M KEIGHLEY dau   10   Manningham   108a
121 5 Wellington St Susy STEAD head w 72   Bradford   108a
    Margaret STEAD dau s 34 worsted weaver Bradford   108a
    Joshua ROBSON gson s 24 woolpacker Bradford   108a
122 3 Wellington St Emma WALTON head w 40 stuff weaver Bradford   108a
    Edith WALTON dau   13 spinner worsted Bradford   108a
    Annie WALTON dau   7   Bradford   108a
123 Wellington St Mary TERRY head w 57   Bramley   108b
    Sarah Ann TERRY dau s 20 stuff weaver Bradford   108b
124 Wellington St Elizabeth HUTCHINSON head s 48 worsted weaver Bradford Moor   108b
125 Wellington St Samuel BENTLEY head w 73 joiner Bradford   108b
    John W WALKER son in l m 38 boot warehouseman Pudsey   108b
    Elizabeth WALKER dau m 33 worsted weaver Bradford   108b
    Florence E WALKER son   9   Laisterdyke   108b
    Annie WALKER dau   5   Laisterdyke   108b
127 4 Wellington St Fred W WALKER head m 25 tailor LIN Frickney?   108b
    Mary E WALKER wife m 23   LAN Manchester   108b
    Amy A WALKER dau   4   Skipton   108b
    Alice WALKER dau   2   Bradford   108b
    Florence WALKER dau   2m   Bradford   108b
128 Wellington St William METCALF head m 42 engineer Thirsk   108b
    Julia METCALF wife m 40   Bradford   108b
    Harry METCALF son s 18 labourer Bradford   108b
    Annie METCALF dau s 16 spinner worsted Bradford   108b
    Ernest METCALF son   10 scholar Bradford   108b
    Albert METCALF son   8 scholar Bradford   108b
    Willie J METCALF son   6 scholar Bradford   108b
129 8 Wellington St Joshua BALL head m 42 milk dealer Bradford   108b
    Alice BALL wife m 43 milk dealer Bradford   108b
    Ann BALL dau s 19 con* worsted Bradford   108b
    Hannah BALL dau s 18 con* worsted Bradford   108b
    Arthur BALL son s 15 milk dealer Bradford   108b
    Isaac BALL son   11   Bradford   108b
    Sarah E BALL dau   9 scholar Bradford   108b
    Ellen P BALL dau in l   4 scholar Clayton   108b
130 Wellington St Tom WARD head m 25 Gardener Eccleshill   108b
    Christiana WARD moth m 13   Otley   108b
131 Wellington Place Robert MOWATT head m 38 Music teacher SCT Edinbrough   109a
    Hannah MOWATT wife m 55   NBL Newcastle   109a
132 Wellington Place Josiah CLOUGH head m 24 spinning overlooker Birkenshaw   109a
    Annie CLOUGH wife m 24   Bradford   109a
    Albert CLOUGH son   1   Bradford   109a
133 Wellington Place George ELLIS head m 29   OXF Tadworth   109a
    Sarah A ELLIS wife m 22 mender worsted Bradford   109a
134 Wellington Place Ramsden FRANCE head m 39 mechanic Milnsbridge   109a
    Eliza FRANCE wife m 35   Lockwood   109a
    Elizabeth FRANCE dau   14 spinner worsted Manningham   109a
    William FRANCE son   12 spinner worsted Manningham   109a
    Lilly FRANCE dau   8   Manningham   109a
    Rosa FRANCE dau   5   Manningham   109a
    Albert FRANCE son   3   Manningham   109a
    Beatrice FRANCE dau   1   Laisterdyke   109a
135 Wellington Place Tom HARDCASTLE head m 33 Engineer Wath on Dearne   109a
    Clara HARDCASTLE wife m 28   NTT Nottingham   109a
    John DOYLE visit s 42 bricklayer DBY   109a
136 Wellington Place Mary SUTCLIFFE head s 70 independent means Bradford   109a
    Susannah SUTCLIFFE sister s 55 worsted weaver Bradford   109a
137 Wellington Place Albert UTTLEY head m 30 Iron moulder Ovenden   109a
    Sarah E UTTLEY wife m 29 worsted weaver W*ley   109a
    Alice UTTLEY dau   6   Bradford   109a
138 Wellington Place Albany IVEDALE head m 33 boiler Rivetter Bingley   109a
    Fanny IVEDALE wife m 28   Leeds   109a
    Arthur IVEDALE son   7 scholar DUR Sunderland   109a
    Edith M IVEDALE dau   5 scholar Bingley   109a
    Lavinia IVEDALE dau   1   Bradford   109a
    Lily IVEDALE dau   3 scholar Bingley   109a
139 Wellington Sq John HOPKINSON head m 34 warehouseman worsted Pudsey   109b
    Mary A HOPKINSON wife m 33   Bradford   109b
    Horace HOPKINSON son   8   Bradford   109b
    Hannah HOPKINSON dau   7   Bradford   109b
    Fred HOPKINSON son   5   Bradford   109b
140 Wellington Sq Walter WEST head m 29 warehouseman Bradford   109b
    Emily WEST wife m 29 weaver Bradford   109b
    Annie WEST dau   3   Bradford   109b
    Thomas WEST son   2   Bradford   109b
141 Wellington Sq John PADGETT head m 62 Iron moulder Bradford   109b
    Deborah PADGETT wife m 64   Bradford   109b
    Irene PADGETT dau s 27 worsted weaver Bradford   109b
    John BLAKELEY gson s 20 iron dresser Bradford   109b
142 Wellington Sq William BOYD head w 74 tailor France British Subject 109b
    Walter BOYD son s 34 tailor Bradford   109b
    Elizabeth BOYD dau s 38 worsted weaver Bradford   109b
143 Wellington Sq Robert PRIESTLEY head m 27 boiler maker Richmond   109b
    Ann PRIESTLEY wife m 26   WES Kendall   109b
    Florence PRIESTLEY dau   4   Bingley   109b
    Albert PRIESTLEY son   2   Bingley   109b
    Richard PRIESTLEY son   6m   Bingley   109b
    Joseph PALING lodg s 21 boiler maker DBY Shipley Gate   109b
144 Wellington Sq Soloman PICKARD head w 63 independent means Bradford   109b
145 Wellington Sq Richard BENSON head m 53 gen lab Knaresborough   109b
    Hannah BENSON wife m 46   Bradford   109b
    Mary A BENSON dau   24 warper worsted Laisterdyke   109b
    James W BENSON son m 22 Biscuit maker Laisterdyke   109b
    Alice BENSON dau in l m 21 worsted weaver Undercliff   109b
    Hannah * BENSON dau s 18 worsted weaver Laisterdyke   109b
    Frances L BENSON dau s 15 Rover worsted Tyersall   109b
    Annie BENSON dau   12 spinner worsted Tyersall   109b
    Joseph F BENSON son   10 scholar Tyersall   110a
    Herbert BENSON son   1   Tyersall   110a
    Eleanor SWITHENBANK board s 48 independent means Bradford   110a
146 2 New Lane Joseph CLARK head m 54 master millwright Bradford   110a
    Rebecca CLARK wife m 55   CHS C*forth ?   110a
    John Thomas CLARK son   2m   Bradford   110a
    Frances Mary BENSON sist in l s 31   Bradford   110a
147 4 New Lane James BATEMAN head m 26 overlooker worsted Bradford   110a
    Florence BATEMAN wife m 23   Bradford   110a
    Fred BATEMAN son   2   Bradford   110a
148 6 New Lane George WHYATT head m 44 mechanic WIL Melksham   110a
    Caroline WHYATT wife m 43   WIL Melksham   110a
    Georgina WHYATT dau s 22 weaver WIL Melksham   110a
    John WHYATT son s 20 overlooker worsted WIL Melksham   110a
    Catherine WHYATT dau s 17 weaver WIL Melksham   110a
    Olivia WHYATT dau   14 winder WIL Melksham   110a
    Gertrude WHYATT dau   8 winder WIL Melksham   110a
    Frederick WHYATT son   12   WIL Melksham   110a
    George W WHYATT son   3   CUL Carlisle   110a
    Henry W WHYATT son   1   Bradford   110a
149 8 New Lane Benjamin DALBY head m 52 boiler fireman Bradford   110a
    Sarah DALBY wife m 53   Bradford   110a
    Maggie DALBY dau s 25   Bradford   110a
    James DALBY son s 24 blacksmith Bradford   110a
    Hannah DALBY dau s 21 weaver Bradford   110a
    Lizzie DALBY dau s 16 worsted winder Bradford   110a
    Alice DALBY dau   9 scholar Bradford   110a
150 10 New Lane Thomas STOCKDALE head m 44 GNR railway inspector LIN Sutton Bridge   110b
    Hannah STOCKDALE wife m 42   Stanningley   110b
    Mary A STOCKDALE dau s 17 worsted weaver Laisterdyke   110b
    John STOCKDALE son   16 engineering app. Laisterdyke   110b
    George STOCKDALE son   8 scholar Laisterdyke   110b
151 12 New Lane Emanuel SHACKLETON head m 41 foreman drawing and spinning Bradford   110b
    Martha A SHACKLETON wife m 42   Manningham   110b
    James SHACKLETON son s 20 spinning overlooker Bradford   110b
    Heaton SHACKLETON son s 14 spinner worsted East Ardsley   110b
    Albert SHACKLETON son   10 scholar Birstall   110b
    Alfred SHACKLETON son   8 scholar Birstall   110b
    Elizabeth A SHACKLETON dau   6 scholar Birstall   110b
    Edith SHACKLETON dau   5 scholar Batley   110b
    Fred SHACKLETON son   3 scholar Bradford   110b
152 14 New Lane Deborah SMITH head m 45 Grease extractor CAM Cambridge   110b
    George W SMITH son s 16 steam engine maker app. Hipperholme   110b
    Charles SMITH son s 14 warehouse ass. Hipperholme   110b
    Louise SMITH dau   11 scholar Hipperholme   110b
153 16 New Lane Jabez HARDMAN head m 28 combing overlooker Farsley   110b
    Mary HARDMAN wife m 27   Farsley   110b
    Robert HARDMAN son   2   Farsley   110b
154 1 Armstrong St James W STOREY head m 33 drayman Bradford   110b
    Lucy A STOREY wife m 34 worsted hand Bradford   110b
    Robert TATE step son   13 worsted hand Bradford   110b
    Sarah A TATE step dau   12 worsted hand Bradford   110b
    Mary A TATE step dau   10 scholar Bradford   110b
155 17 Armstrong St Joseph WHITEHOUSE head m 41 Cabinet maker LAN Manchester   111a
    Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE wife m 42   Bradford   111a
    Mary E WHITEHOUSE dau s 21 Spinning drawer Bradford   111a
    Martha WHITEHOUSE dau s 18 twister worsted Bradford   111a
    George WHITEHOUSE son s 16 Factory Hand Bradford   111a
    Ada WHITEHOUSE dau   10   Bradford   111a
    William WHITEHOUSE son   7   Bradford   111a
    Charlie WHITEHOUSE son   5   Bradford   111a
156 15 Armstrong St Thomas BRECKIN head m 50 wool comber Leeds   111a
    Sarah J BRECKIN wife m 42   Catterick Bridge   111a
    Ada BRECKIN dau s 21 wooldrawer Leeds   111a
    Annie M BRECKIN dau s 17 wooldrawer Leeds   111a
    Thomas H BRECKIN son s 15 Millhand Leeds   111a
    Walter BRECKIN son   13 Millhand Leeds   111a
    John W BRECKIN son   11 scholar Easby   111a
    Edith BRECKIN dau   7 scholar Easby   111a
157 13 Armstrong St John BRADLEY head s 24 *maker IRL Londonderry   111a
    Sarah A WALKER sist m 28 woolcomber IRL Londonderry   111a
    Florence WALKER niece   8   Tyersall   111a
    Alfred WALKER neph   2   Tyersall   111a
    David AMBLER son in l w 26 Dryer's lab. Bradford   111a
158 11 Armstrong St Jasper SCOTT head m 36 Warehouseman Bradford   111a
    Clara SCOTT wife m 35   Eccleshill   111a
    Ann SCOTT dau s 15 spinner worsted Eccleshill   111a
    Alice SCOTT dau   13 spinner worsted Eccleshill   111a
    Sam SCOTT son   11   Eccleshill   111a
    Tom SCOTT son   9   Leeds   111a
    Ada SCOTT dau   7   Eccleshill   111a
    Fred SCOTT son   3   Eccleshill   111a
159 9 Armstong St William ALDERSON head m 30 woolsorter Bradford   111b
    Elizabeth ALDERSON wife m 34   Skipton   111b
    Ethel ALDERSON dau   7   Bradford   111b
160 7 Armstrong St William DAWSON head m 61 woolsorter LAN Lancaster   111b
    Mary DAWSON wife m 65   Northowram   111b
    George HOLGATE lodg w 53 commission agent Halifax   111b
161 5 Armstrong St Ann ALLSOP head w 54 independent means York   111b
    Annie ALLSOP dau s 26 spinner worsted Bramley   111b
    Mary ALLSOP dau s 23 spinner worsted Bramley   111b
    Jane ALLSOP dau s 20 spinner worsted Bramley   111b
    Martha E ALLSOP dau s 16 wool comber Bramley   111b
    Walter TAYLOR board s 19 Reel and slay maker Leeds   111b
162 40 New Lane George A BELL head m 37 manager wool combing Bradford   111b
    Abigale BELL wife m 40   Clayton   111b
    Alfred BELL son s 17 blacksmith Clayton   111b
    James BELL son   12 scholar Dodsworth   111b
163 48 New Lane Henry MIDGLEY head m 46 mill mechanic Bradford   111b
    Martha A MIDGLEY wife m 44   Cleckheaton   111b
    Hannah MIDGLEY dau s 26   I.Man* USA *   111b
    Samuel MIDGLEY son s 19 printer's clerk Huddersfield   111b
    Hannah ERNSHAW sist in l s 34 cloth weaver Cleckheaton   111b
164 52 New Lane William FIRBY head m 52 engineer Masham   111b
    Sarah A FIRBY wife m 52   Bradford   111b
    Hannah E FIRBY dau s 15 dressmaker Bradford   111b
    George William FIRBY son   13 scholar Bradford   111b
    Beatrice FIRBY dau   12 scholar Bradford   111b
    Osbourne FIRBY son   3   Bradford   111b
165 264 Dick Lane Thomas STEAD head m 55 Chemist and Druggist Leeds   112a
    Anne E STEAD wife m 52   Bradford   112a
    William W STEAD son s 26 chemist Bradford   112a
    John STEAD son s 27 ass. Chemist Bradford   112a
    Elizabeth A STEAD dau   14 scholar Bradford   112a
    Arthur STEAD son   10 scholar Tyersall   112a
    Emma STEAD dau   8 scholar Tyersall   112a
166 262 Dick Lane Emanuel BROWN head m 56 house painter Pudsey   112a
    Emma BROWN wife m 48 reeler worsted Bradford   112a
    Sarah BROWN dau   15 spinner worsted Pudsey   112a
167 560 Dick Lane George CLUDERAY head m 42 Innkeeper Bradford   112a
    Mary CLUDERAY wife m 41   Bradford   112a
    Mary CLUDERAY moth w 62   Bradford   112a
    Sarah RAYNOR serv   22   Bradford   112a
168 5 Gap Row William HODGKINS head m 36 labourer WAR Wellesbourne   112a
    Rebecca HODGKINS wife m 34   NFK Hamworth   112a
169 7 Gap Row Rebecca HODGSON head m 49   IRL Londonderry   112a
    Lily HODGSON gdau   5   Tyersall   112a
    John Willie HODGSON gson   3   Tyersall   112a
    John R LONGSTAFF lodg s 49 Gen. Lab. BUCKS North Marston   112a
    Samuel SYKES lodg s 40 Gen. Lab. Lockington   112a
    Hannah DYSON lodg m 39   Otley   112a
170 23 Gap Row George Thomas NEAVES head m 33 boot riveter     112a
    Cordelia NEAVES wife m 31     entry Kordelia 112a
    George E SLINGSBY son   11 scholar     112a
    John W SLINGSBY son   7 scholar     112a
    Benjamin NEAVES son   2       112a
    Ann NEAVES dau   6m?       112a
171 25 Gap Row John W METCALFE head m 22 boiler makers lab. Bradford   112a
    Ruth METCALFE wife m 22   LIN *   112a
172 29 Gap Row Mary Jane LONGBOTTOM head m 52 independent means LAN Liverpool   112b
    Willie LONGBOTTOM son s 14   Bingley   112b
173 31 Gap Row Mary BARRACLOUGH head w 69 independent means Calverley   112b
    James BARRACLOUGH son s 34 independent means Calverley   112b
174 9 Gap Row Albert WATERHOUSE head m 35 slater YKS   112b
    Agnes WATERHOUSE wife m 32   YKS   112b
    Mary WATERHOUSE dau   15 Millhand YKS   112b
    Sarah WATERHOUSE dau   14 Millhand YKS   112b
    Duke William WATERHOUSE son   11 scholar YKS   112b
    Maud Alice WATERHOUSE dau   8 scholar YKS   112b
    Rosetta WATERHOUSE dau   2   YKS   112b
175 11 Gap Row Thomas PEDDER head m 40 labourer YKS   112b
    Mary E PEDDER wife m 30   YKS   112b
    John James PEDDER son   9 scholar YKS   112b
    Mary PEDDER dau   6   YKS   112b
    William PEDDER son   2   YKS   112b
176 15 Gap Row Elizabeth LUCAS     30       112b
    William WARD lodg   26 overlooker worsted     112b
    Polly BARKER lodg   19 Millhand     112b
177 17 Gap Row Alfred ALDRIDGE head m 29 wool warehouseman NFK *kenham   112b
    Sarah A ALDRIDGE wife m 19 wool * minder Bradford   112b
178 19 Gap Row Sam RHODES head m 46 traveller     112b
    Elizabeth RHODES wife m 45       112b
179 21 Gap Row Emma BARKER wife m 42 worsted weaver Bradford   112b
180 212 Dick Lane Joseph ARMSTRONG head m 41 labourer Pudsey   112b
    Mabel ARMSTRONG wife m 39   Whittington   112b
    Jane ARMSTRONG dau s 18 worsted weaver Bradford   112b
    John J ARMSTRONG son s 16 labourer Bradford   112b
    Edwin ARMSTRONG son   14 worsted weaver Bradford   112b
    Mabel ARMSTRONG dau   6 scholar Tyersall   112b
    Ernest ARMSTRONG son   6m   Tyersall   112b
181 Dick Lane David COULTAS head m 67 Grocer Butcher Bradford   113a
    Elizabeth COULTAS wife m 59   NFK Norwich   113a
182 3 Arkwright Yard Jacob HILL head m 56 wool carder Wilsden   113a
    Emma HILL wife m 59   NTT Edwinstone   113a
    Tate HILL son   7   Bradford   113a
    Fred HILL son   4   Bierley   113a
183 caravan Ezra HERON head w 40 clothes peg maker YKS   113a
    Augustus HERON son   17   YKS   113a
184 14 Dick Lane Edwin CLARK head m 46 mechanic YKS   113a
    Ann CLARK wife m 44   YKS   113a
    Hannah M CLARK dau   11 scholar YKS   113a
    John W CLARK son   4   YKS   113a
    Sarah E PARLINGTON is in l s 39 dressmaker YKS   113a
185 caravan Polono HERON head m 32 dealer Leeds   113a
    Sarah HERON wife m 40   STS Stoke   113a
    Clara HERON dau   12   LAN Manchester   113a
    Annah HERON dau   6   Leeds   113a
    Hugh HERON fath w 50   CAM Whi* * unable to work 113a
186 66 New Road Squire? MITCHELL head m 59 retired Innkeeper Bradford   113a
    Elizabeth A MITCHELL wife m 59   Heckmondwike   113a
    Sam MITCHELL son   14 scholar Bradford   113a
    Sarah Ann RILEY serv   28   Charlesworth?   113a
188 67 New Road Frank MITCHELL head m 44 Sorter ? Worsted Bradford   113a
    Mary A MITCHELL wife m 43   Bradford   113a
    Ann MITCHELL dau s 18 worsted weaver Bradford   113a
    Emily MITCHELL dau s 16 Millhand Bradford   113a
    J* MITCHELL son s 14 apprentice Bradford   113a
    Hannah MITCHELL dau   10 scholar Bradford   113a
    Violet MITCHELL dau   9 scholar Bradford   113a
    Mary E MITCHELL dau   5   Bradford   113a
189 68 New Lane John SHARP head m 58 Rug Maker Bradford . 113b
    Emma SHARP wife m 57   Bradford   113b
190 72 New Lane John W EMMOT head m 47 coal miner Bradford   113b
    Ruth EMMOT wife m 44   Bradford   113b
    * (Female) EMMOT dau s 25 twister worsted Bradford   113b
    Mary EMMOT dau s 24 weaver Bradford   113b
    Elizabeth EMMOT dau s 17 weaver Bradford   113b
    Tom EMMOT son   10 scholar Bradford   113b
    John W EMMOT son   8 scholar Bradford   113b
192 76 New Lane John HUDSON head w 75 Coal merchant Bradford Moor   113b
192 78 New Lane Ann BEAVER head w 60   Wakefield   113b
    Emma BEAVER dau s 28 worsted weaver Bingley   113b
    Mary BEAVER dau s 26 worsted weaver Bradford   113b
    Sam ? BEAVER son s 24 labourer Bradford   113b
193 80 New Lane John HOLDSWORTH head m 42 warehouseman worsted Leeds   113b
    Agnes HOLDSWORTH wife m 39   Bradford   113b
    John J HOLDSWORTH son s 16 Ropemaker LAN Liverpool   113b
    Robert HOLDSWORTH son   11 scholar Bradford   113b
    Beatrice HOLDSWORTH dau   4   Bradford   113b
    Hannah HOLDSWORTH dau   2   Bradford   113b
    Lilian HOLDSWORTH dau   1   Bradford   113b
194 82 New Lane William FEATHER head m 40 fitter Bradford   113b
    Nancy FEATHER wife m 38   Pudsey   113b
    Tom Foster FEATHER son   12 scholar Pudsey   113b
195 84 New Lane Abraham DENBY head m 63 woolsorter Bradford   113b
    Hannah DENBY wife m 59   Bradford   113b
196 86 New Lane W H SMITH head m 38 Railway Guard *penden   114a
    Maria SMITH wife m 35 Millhand LIN Spilsby   114a
    Bertie SMITH son   13 Millhand Dewsbury   114a
    D Harry SMITH son   11 scholar Laisterdyke   114a
    G William SMITH son   8 scholar Leeds   114a
    ? SMITH son   4 scholar Laisterdyke   114a
    Harriet *ON rel s 17 Millhand LIN Spilsby   114a
197 90 New Lane John WALTON head   38 Stone Quarryman LAN Colne   114a
    Eliza J WALTON wife   43   Cornwall   114a
    Eleanor WALTON dau   15 Millhand Yks Bolton   114a
    John WALTON son   12 scholar Idle   114a
    Tom WALTON son   11 scholar Bradford   114a
    William WALTON son   9 scholar Bradford   114a
    Eliza J WALTON dau   7 scholar Bradford   114a
    Emily WALTON dau   5   Bradford   114a
    * WALTON moth   65   Skipton   114a
198 88 New Lane John HALLAM head m 60 moulder Eccleshall* *Stafford crossed out 114a
    Harriet HALLAM wife m 58   Sheffield   114a
    Mitchell PRIESTLEY lodg s 21 warehouseman worsted Bradford   114a
    * PRIESTLEY lodg s 20 warehouseman worsted Bradford   114a