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Church Lane Methodist Chapel Marriages

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Marriages were conducted by the chapel from 1902, though earlier marriages may have taken place wuth 'Registrar attending'. If so, these records are at Bradford Records Office under North Bierley R O Registers. The reference number refers to the registration held at Leeds Register Office.

Father occ.
Father occ.
1889 07 05 SMITH John       Yeadon       Record at Bradford RO
  GOODALL Elizabeth A   s   Alma House, Pudsey Thomas Goodall (dec)      
1889 08 06 HUGGAN William       Pudsey William Huggan     Record at Bradford RO
  WALKER Mary Amy Hinchliffe       Swinnow House, Pudsey Matthew Walker      
1890 06 18 GOODALL John Edward       Alma House, Pudsey Thomas Goodall     Record at Bradford RO
  STILLINGS Mary   s   Radcliffe Villa, Pudsey James Stillings      
1890 08 13 FORREST Walter       Larkfield House, Pudsey W.C. Forrest     Record at Bradford RO
  STILLINGS Katie   s   Radcliffe Villa, Pudsey James Stillings      
1890 09 19 WADE William Scales       St Lawrence House, Pudsey       Record at Bradford RO
  GOODALL Mary Eleanor (Polly)       Alma House, Pudsey Thomas Goodall (dec.)      
1902 12 20 STANSFIELD Henry 23 B Weaving Overlooker 10 Garden Terrace, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury Richard Stansfield Warp Dresser Joseph Durham AP288/1
  DURHAM Esther 26 S Boot Machinist 98 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Joseph Durham Boot Rivetter    
1903 07 18 THOMPSON John 26 B Beamer at Woollen Mill 5 Hammerton Street, Pudsey Richard Thompson (deceased) Woollen Weaver Martha E Stansfield AP288/2
  SHARP Florance Ann 28 S Woollen Weaver 28 Robin Lane, Pudsey Simeon Sharp Woollen Weaver    
1903 08 01 BRAY Adam 26 B Foundry Engine Driver Church Lane, Pudsey Joseph Hainsworth Bray Flesher (Tannery) Simeon Sharp Jnr AP288/3
  GREEN Sarah 25 S Twister in Woollen Mill Vickers Place, Stanningley George Green Cloth Fuller    
1905 08 26 COOPE James 29 B Boot Rivetter 4 The Marsh, Pudsey . . A Thompson AP288/4
  MITCHELL Nancy 34 S Woollen Weaver Hammerton Street, Pudsey James Mitchell (deceased) Wheelwright Simeon Sharp  
1905 08 28 HARGREAVES Squire Gaunt 28 B Grocer 48 South Parade, Pudsey Charles Hargreaves (deceased) Woollen Weaver John Bray AP288/5
  LEE Ann Elizabeth 28 S . 20 Cemetery Road, Pudsey Richard Lee Percher in Woollen Mill    
1905 10 17 HALLIDAY Albert Edward 23 B Fibre Merchants Clerk 1 Crimbles Terrace, Pudsey John Halliday Woollen Top Maker Lillian Galloway AP288/6
  HIRST Edith 26 S Worsted Weaver Crimbles Road, Pudsey George Hirst Leather Currier    
1905 12 23 GAUNT Herbert 22 B Boot Maker 17 New Scarboro, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Albert Gaunt Currier A C Moss AP288/7
  HARGRAVE Helen 22 S Worsted Weaver 1 Longfield Terrace, Pudsey . .    
1905 12 23 HARDWICK William Henry 20 B Clerk in Boot Factory 4 Longfield Road, Pudsey Fred Hardwick Warp Dresser E A Sowden AP288/8
  HAWKSHAW Lucy 21 S Woollen Weaver 22 Cemetery Road, Pudsey John Hawkshaw Cloth Finisher    
1906 03 31 THREAPLETON Joseph 36 B Woollen Mill Operative 5 Wesley Square, Pudsey Henry Threapleton (deceased) Woollen Mill Operative Laura Binns AP288/9
  SOWDEN Eunice Ann 37 S Woollen Weaver 7 Halliday Street, Pudsey . .    
1906 09 01 MOORHOUSE Frederick 25 B Stone Mason Lowgate, Kirkburton, Huddersfield Charles Moorhouse (deceased) Stone Mason Esther Hargreaves AP288/10
  BAKER Mary Jane 29 S Housemaid Jessamine Cottage, Houghside, Pudsey George Baker Retired Police Officer M H Lee  
1906 09 15 HORN James Heaton 30 B Rag Grinder 5 Town End Terrace, Lowtown, Bramley Thomas Horn (deceased) Chimney Sweeper Victor G P Beetham AP288/11
  SHEARD Ethel Mary 28 S Worsted Weaver 174 Fartown, Pudsey Henry Sheard Engineer    
1906 12 03 SAMET Henry 27 B Pork Butcher 264 Hyde Road, Ardwick, Manchester Gottlieb Samet (deceased) Farmer Charlotte E Davis AP288/12
  BEERMANN Caroline Sophia 30 S . Manor House Street, Pudsey Frederick Beermann Pork Butcher    
1907 02 20 TAYLOR Basil 25 B Mechanical Engineer 13 Christchurch Road, Armley Alfred Taylor (deceased) Cloth Drawer Matthew Webster Windsor AP288/13
  OLDHAM Charlotte Ethel 23 S . 2 Springfield Terrace, Kent, Pudsey Charles Edward Oldham Engineering Demonstrator    
1907 03 30 GILES Walter Seed 27 B Boot Rivetter 6 Albert Street, Pudsey George Giles Currier Catherine Haworth AP288/14
  CLEGG Mary Elizabeth 30 S Worsted Weaver 7 Spencer Row, Pudsey Simon Holroyd Clegg (deceased) Worsted Overlooker    
1907 05 16 MATTIN Thomas Hill 28 B Worsted Warehouseman 3 Wesley View, Pudsey Alfred Mattin (deceased) Dairyman William Alex Walker AP288/15
  WALTON Hannah Elizabeth 26 S Assistant in Boot Factory 3 Larkfield Road, Pudsey William Walton (deceased) Weaver    
1907 08 24 ODDY Walter 21 B Joiner 9 School Close, New Farsley James Oddy Bricklayer Nellie Hawkshaw AP288/16
  SHEARD Lily 24 S Worsted Weaver 174 Fartown, Pudsey Henry Sheard Engineman    
1908 03 14 LEE Matthew Henry 22 B Printers Compositor 20 Cemetery Road, Pudsey Richard Lee (deceased) Percher Herbert Sowden AP288/17
  BAKER Edith Hilda 25 S Drawer in Worsted Mill 1 William Street, Stanningley Joseph Carr Baker Stone Mason    
1908 04 20 BRIGGS Benjamin 49 W Iron Moulder 23 Wellington Grove, Bramley John Briggs (deceased) Iron Moulder Grace Ann Berry AP288/18
  WARDMAN Mary Ann Minnie 35 S Domestic Servant 2 Grove Terrace, Pudsey James Wardman (deceased) Coachman    
1909 07 18 MITCHELL Clement 26 B Teacher of Education Manual Work 27 Fulneck, Pudsey William Marshall Mitchell Gardener J M Moorhouse AP288/19
  BEERMANN Eva Lena 24 S . 3 Manor House Street, Pudsey Frederick George Mitchell ** Pork Butcher   ** Beermann via Mitchell
1909 09 06 COATES Neriah 27 B Plumber 7 Wood Nook, Stanningley John Taylor Coates Currier Amy Rose Baker AP288/20
  WALKER Ethel 27 S . 54 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey John Walker Gardener    
1909 11 10 UMPLEBY Thomas Henry 25 B Dairy Proprietor 45 Oxford Street, Harrogate Thomas Umpleby Farmer Thomas Herbert Horn AP288/21
  WEBSTER Beatrice 23 S Elementary School Teacher Park Villas, Pudsey James Webster (deceased) Cloth Merchant    
1910 07 30 HAWKSHAW Walter 33 B Woollen Cloth Twister 22 Cemetery Road, Pudsey John Brearley Hawkshaw Cloth Finisher Lily Sheard AP288/22
  CARTER Emily 31 S Worsted Reeler 46 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey John Carter (deceased) Foundryman    
1910 09 03 GOODSON Ernest 31 W Clothiers Operative 4 Wesley Terrace, Lidget Hill, Pudsey Benjamin Goodson Carrier Frederick Beermann AP288/23
  DRIVER Sarah Ann 34 W Dressmaker 9 Hutton Terrace, Crawshaw Fields, Pudsey James Threapleton (deceased) Iron Worker    
1910 11 03 GILBANK Irwin 32 B Leather Enameller & Japanner 17 Warrels Mount, Bramley Charles Gilbank (deceased) Cordwainer Sophia Weegmann AP288/24
  WARD Emma Cowling 28 S Woollen Cloth Weaver 20 Cemetery Road, Pudsey Henry Fergus Ward (deceased) Quarryman    
1911 05 27 GAUNT Frank 30 B Cost Clerk 3 Cedar Street, Armlsey Edward Gaunt (deceased) Warehouseman Charles Edward Oldham AP288/25
  MYERS Ethel Maud 29 S Cloth Weaver 8 Carlisle Road, Pudsey Thomas Brearley Myers (deceased) Well Sinker    
1912 02 03 FOYLE Albert Edwin 35 B Joiner 21 Warrels Mount, Bramley Alfred Foyle Jobbing Gardener Gertrude Taylor AP288/26
  HINCHCLIFFE Fanny 28 S Elementary School Teacher 12 Ark Terrace, Pudsey John William Carter Hinchcliffe Foreman Cabinet Maker    
1912 06 17 ELSWORTH Ernest 27 B Railway Clerk 6 Greenock Street, Armley Samuel Thomas Elsworth Retired George William Clegg AP288/27
  ILLINGWORTH Ethel 24 S Typist 10 Halliday Street, Pudsey George Illingworth Retired    
1912 08 12 MOORHOUSE George 27 B Bank Clerk 30 South Parade, Pudsey Enoch Moorhouse Relieving Officer Susan Giles AP288/28
  THORNTON Annie 26 S Typist Greenside View, Pudsey John Thornton (deceased) Aerated Water Manufacturer    
1912 10 26 THIRKILL Tom 23 B Machine Minder 23 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Benjamin Thirkill Labourer Wright Wilson AP288/29
  PATCHETT Sarah Hannah 23 S Worsted Twister 61 Church Lane, Pudsey John William Patchett Labourer    
1913 03 12 CLOUGH Arthur Sparling 45 B Wool Merchant Highroyd, Horsforth John George Clough (deceased) Wool Merchant James Farrer Walton AP288/30
  FARRAR Elizabeth 39 D** . Crawshaw Villa, Pudsey Jonathan Webster (deceased) Boot & Shoe Manufacturer Hannah Walton **Divorced wife of George F Farrar formerly Webster
1913 07 23 ROBINSON Clifford 23 B Master Baker & Confectioner 5 Commercial Buildings, Pudsey Samuel Robinson Master Baker William Sheard AP288/31
  HARTLEY Edith 27 S Woollen Weaver 86 Occupation Lane, Pudsey James Hartley Woollen Overlooker    
1913 08 02 MYERS Sam 26 B Grinder & Glazier at Iron Works 8 Carlisle Road, Pudsey Thomas Brearley Myers (deceased) Well Sinker Ethel Oddy AP288/32
  LAX Sarah Eliza 27 S Woollen Weaver 53 Brunswick Road, Pudsey Samuel Lax Currier    
1913 08 02 TODD John 36 B Foreman Woollen Warehouseman 57 Portland Street, Leeds John Todd (deceased) Horse Keeper Squire Gaunt Hargreaves AP288/33
  OLDFIELD Mary Elizabeth 25 S Woollen Burler & Mender 51 Valley Road, Pudsey Andrew Harrison Oldfield Weaver    
1913 11 27 HALLIDAY Charles Henry 29 B Manager in Boot Shop 132 Edward Street, Nuneaton John Halliday (deceased) Cloth Manufacturer Ernest Carr Baker AP288/34
  THORNTON Elsie Eliza 30 S Shorthand writer & Typist 7 Woodland View, Fulneck John Thornton (deceased) Aerated Water Manufacturer    
1914 01 07 HARTLEY Leonard 26 B Labourer at Brick Works 56 Occupation Lane, Pudsey James Hartley Woollen Overlooker Robert Wardman AP288/35
  LEE Sarah Ann 26 S Domestic Servant Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey William Lee Farm Labourer    
1914 07 29 ARCHER Alfred 22 B Fruit Salesman (Journeyman) 29 Crawshaw Avenue, Pudsey William Henry Archer Foreman Cloth Finisher Annie Mary Briggs AP288/36
  NICHOLSON Esther 22 S Elementary School Teacher 4 Beechwood Street, Bradford Road, Stanningley Arthur Nicholson Blacksmith    
1915 06 02 ASTIN Luther 23 B Mill Manager 15 Crawshaw Avenue, Pudsey Frank Astin Manufacturer William Mitchell AP288/37
  GOLIGHTLY Eleanor Forrest 21 S . Chapeltown, Pudsey John William Golightly Pharmacist    
1915 08 21 SHAW Arthur 27 B Basket Man (Journeyman) 6 Wesley View, Lidget Hill, Pudsey Joseph Shaw Basket Maker Frederick Beermann AP288/38
  HAWKSHAW Nellie 30 S Woollen Weaver 22 Cemetery Road, Pudsey John Brearley Hawkshaw Retired Mill Worker    
1915 11 20 DEWES Hubert Matthew 30 B Wool Warehouseman 9 Oakroyd Terrace, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey John Dewes (deceased) Labourer Fred Thompson AP288/39
  SCAWBORD Evelyn 38 S Domestic Servant 7 Oakroyd Terrace, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Thomas Scawbord Retired Butcher    
1916 12 20 LOKER Harry 25 B Driver 83637 R F A Weaving Overlooker 34 Somerset Road, Pudsey John Loker Platelayer Herbert Webster AP288/40
  EDDISON Agnes 23 S Woollen Weaver 34 Somerset Road, Pudsey George Eddison Spinster    
1918 05 20 PEEL Willie 24 B Engineers Turner 50 Hamilton Road, Stoke, Coventry Robert Peel Musician Walter Brown Umpleby AP288/41
  DURHAM Clara 24 S Worsted Weaver 2 Cemetery Road, Pudsey Joseph Durham Boot & Shoe Foreman    
1918 12 14 NAYLOR Albert 28 B Private 122276 Machine Gun Corps Basket Maker 20 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Houlden Naylor Moulder Lizzie Umpleby AP288/42
  STEVENS Maggie 27 S Mill Worker 119 Fartown, Pudsey George Darby Stevens Signalman    
1919 06 07 GAMBLES Samuel 23 B Engineers Fitter & Tester 5 Wesley View, Pudsey Abraham Gambles Iron Dresser Arthur Shaw AP288/43
  SMITHERS Olive Laureaner 22 S Waitress 7 St Andrews Place, Lincoln Thomas Smithers (deceased) Builder    
1919 10 18 GRUNWELL Arthur 25 B Cloth Finisher 7 Cobden Place, Farnley William Lister Grunwell Labourer Nellie Hawkshaw AP288/44
  ARCHER Florence 24 S Mender 24 St Vincent Road, Pudsey William Henry Archer Foreman Cloth Finisher    
1919 12 20 LAMBERT Arnold 25 B Wool Sorter 32 Oaklands Road, Calverley Lane, Rodley John Lambert Iron Turner Sam Threapleton AP288/45
  JAGGER Harriet 25 S . Bankhouse Farm, Pudsey David Jagger Farmer    
1919 12 20 DEWES Harry 28 B Wool Warehouseman 9 Oakroyd Terrace, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey John Dewes (deceased) Foudryman George Arthur Goodson AP288/46
  ATTACK Mary 24 S . 18 Harley Street, Intake Road, Pudsey John Charles James Attack Compositor    
1920 04 05 FIRTH George 23 B Woollen Cloth Finisher 20 Chapeltown, Pudsey Joseph Firth Carrier Thomas W Farrar AP288/47
  SHUTTLEWORTH Elizabeth 24 S Cotton Poplin Weaver 23 Church Lane, Pudsey Dodgson Shuttleworth Painter & Decorator    
1920 04 24 RAISTRICK William 19 B Cloth Finisher 13 Robin Lane, Pudsey William Raistrick Woollen Warper W H Ward AP288/48
  WILSON Maud 22 S Worsted Twister 49 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Charles Edwin Wilson (deceased) Boot Maker    
1920 08 21 NICHOLSON John 34 B Boiler Maker (Plater) 4 Beechwood Street, Farsley Arthur Nicholson Blacksmith S Rollinson AP288/49
  HORN Harriet 36 S Worsted Weaver 45 Lowtown, Pudsey Thomas Horn (deceased) Engineman    
1920 12 18 WALSH Joe Coates 22 B Cotton Dyer 4 School Terrace, Lowtown, Pudsey . . S Myers AP288/50
  LOKER Janet 20 S Worsted Weaver 14 Dover Street, Pudsey Willim Henry Loker Boilermaker    
1920 12 22 WILSON Frank 21 B Wool Warehouseman 49 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Charles Edwin Wilson (deceased) Rivetter Samuel Hinchcliffe AP288/A/1
  RHODES Laura 20 S French Drawer in Mill 15 Churchill Mount, Stanningley Charles Rhodes (deceased) Stoker at Gasworks    
1921 05 16 HUDSON Fred 26 B General Outdoor Labourer 9 Carbon Street, Bradford Matthew Henry Hudson (deceased) Window Shutter Maker Edith Hainsworth AP288/A/2
  WEBSTER Mary Alice 26 S Worsted Reeler 18 Ark Terrace, The Lanes, Pudsey Sewell Webster Currier    
1921 06 26 WARD Walker 23 B Wool Merchant Larkfield, Pudsey John Ben Ward Wool Merchant Muriel R White AP288/A/3
  SLATER Nellie 24 S . Mulberry Street, Pudsey John Thomas Slater (deceased) Warp Dresser    
1921 12 14 TINDALL Harold 36 W Master Grocer 914 Leeds Road, Bradford Joseph Tindall (deceased) Blacksmith James Elsworth AP288/A/4
  GAMBLES Edith 36 S Boot Machinist 5 Wesley View, Pudsey Abraham Gambles Iron Fettler    
1921 12 21 HAIGH Arthur Granville 23 B Iron Erector (Building) 1 Bethel Terrace, Lowtown, Pudsey James Herbert Haigh Engineer Osborn Moorhouse AP288/A/5
  LOKER Annie 27 S Worsted Weaver 34 Somerset Road, Pudsey John Loker Boilermaker Emmie Thornton  
1922 06 03 ATKINSON Harry 27 B Bookbinder 16 Tilbury View, Elland Road, Holbeck John Corrs Atkinson Tailor Clifford Robinson AP288/A/6
  HOLLIDAY Mary Ellen 26 S Burler & Mender 1 Azalea Terrace, Church Lane, Pudsey John Wilfred Holliday Weaving Overlooker Emily Moorhouse  
1922 06 28 WHITEHEAD Robert Leslie 22 B Audit Clerk Wesley Manse Norman Park, Huddersfield Robert Whitehead Wesleyan Minister Annie Lighfoot AP288/A/7
  ATTENBOROUGH Hilda Mary 27 S . 49 Brunswick Road, Pudsey Herbert Attenborough Grocer    
1922 08 09 FIRTH Albert 28 B Coal Merchant 20 Chapeltown, Pudsey Joseph Firth Miner Harry Patchett AP288/A/8
  HOLTON Elsie May 22 S Worsted Weaver 11 Brayshaw Street, Pudsey John Holton (deceased) Boot Finisher Ethel Schofield  
1922 09 06 FELL Arthur Arnold 31 B Woollen Manufacturers Salesman 4 Brunswick Terrace, Pudsey John Arthur Fell Mill Manager Thomas Clough AP288/A/9
  HINCHLIFFE Emily 29 S . 2 Glebe Street, South Parade, Pudsey John Hinchliffe Grocer    
1923 04 21 GILES Ernest 24 B Railway Signalman 1 Birchfield Place, Gildersome William Brown Wardell Railway Inspector W Scales Webster AP288/A/10
  GORMAN Florence Ethel 22 S Fish Shop Assistant 10 Hammerton Street, Pudsey William Gorman (deceased) .    
1923 05 14 BATTYE Herbert 26 W Butcher (Master) Providence Place, Stanningley, Pudsey Joshua Battye (deceased) . James Hartley AP288/A/11
  HIRST Florence 48 S . 28 Crimbles, Pudsey George Hirst (deceased) .    
1923 05 19 GAUNT Lawrence William 26 B Cotton Warp Twister 5 Uppermoor, Pudsey William Henry Gaunt Weaving Overlooker Saumuel Robinson AP288/A/12
  DONKERSLEY Edith Annie Gill 25 S Cotton Weaver 12 Laburnum Street, Pudsey John William Donkersley Weaving Overlooker Fred Popplewell  
1923 08 18 APPLEYARD Frank 23 B Electric Lighting Wireman 7 Churchill Mount, Stanningley Albert Appleyard (deceased) . Samuel Lax AP288/A/13
  WEST Doris 26 S Shorthand Typist & Clerk 17 Winfield Place, Leeds Henry West Lithographic Transferer    
1923 09 05 HARTLEY Harry Clifford 28 B Woollen Cloth Merchant 86 Occupation Lane, Pudsey James Hartley Weaving Overlooker George Archer AP288/A/14
  DUNWELL Elsie 29 S Blouse Maker 44 Park Terrace, Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey John Wilson Dunwell Retired Beatrice Lax  
1923 12 22 CARTWRIGHT James 24 B Blacksmith 4 Oak Street, Pudsey John William Cartwright (deceased) . Fred Luty AP288/A/15
  SANDERS Sarah Ann 24 S Cardboard Box Maker 13 Sharps Row, Pudsey Frank Sanders (deceased) .    
1924 04 09 PARKER Frank 23 B Dress Goods Manufacturer Lynwood, Alexandra Road, Pudsey Albert Parker Dress Goods Manufacturer Emma Oldfield AP288/A/16
  WARD Edith 23 S . Larkfield, Pudsey John Ben Ward Wool Merchant    
1924 06 18 BENNETT Frank 22 B Manchester Warehouseman 102 Lowtown, Pudsey Joseph Merritt Bennett Newsagent & Stationer Wilfrid J Halliday AP288/A/17
  DURHAM Edith 21 S Typist 1 Manor House Street, Pudsey Arthur Durham (deceased) .    
1924 12 06 CLARE Walter 24 B Worsted Overlooker 11 Albert Street, Cleckheaton Frank Clare Platelayer Mabel Fearnley AP288/A/18
  WHITELEY Gladys 20 S Worsted Weaver 13 Oakroyd Mount, Pudsey Joseph Whiteley Police Officer    
1925 04 14 SHAW George Henry 26 B Boot & Shoe Salesman 87 Warwick Street, Middlesboro Joseph Shaw Basket Maker J Joseph Lee AP288/A/19
  OBANK Mary Lena 25 S Woollen Weaver 15 Perseverance Street, Pudsey William Obank Stone Dresser    
1925 08 15 BINNS Fred 25 B Worsted Warp Twister Wasp Nest Drighlington Henry Binns Labourer Frederick Norton Hartley AP288/A/20
  WARD Sarah 28 S . 18 New Scarboro, Stanningley Ben Ward Foreman Clayman James Hartley  
1925 08 19 SMITH Walter Gilbert 23 B Shed Manager 36 South Parade, Pudsey Joseph Smith Mill Manager George Archer AP288/A/21
  SLATER Fanny 26 S Worsted Weaver 22 Mulberry Street, Pudsey John Thomas Slater (deceased) .    
1925 10 03 COLDEN John Alfred 29 W Railway Clerk 14 Sydney Street, Farsley Henry J Colden Platelayer John Nicholson AP288/A/22
  NAYLOR Ada 27 S Box Maker 20 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Houlden Naylor Labourer    
1926 04 24 WEBSTER Arthur 25 B Pattern Maker 11 Church Hill Mount, Stanningley F R A Webster Iron Turner Frank Astin AP288/A/23
  BAYLISS Nora 25 S Woollen Weaver 6 Park Terrace, Stanningley William Bayliss Joiner    
1926 06 12 WOOD John 33 B Worsted Spinners Warehouseman 132 Valley Road, Pudsey George Wood Textile Worker John William Golightly AP288/A/24
  THOMPSON Emma Jane 26 S Woollen Cloth Weaver 1 High Owlcotes, Pudsey William Thompson Boot Finisher    
1926 06 23 HEALEY Thomas Agar Aldcroft 26 B Railway Clerk 12 Fulneck, Pudsey Charles Healey (deceased) . W A Walker AP288/A/25
  OBANK Mildred 24 S Shop Assistant (Dairy) 15 Perseverance Street, Pudsey William Obank Quarryman    
1926 07 31 NORFOLK Frank 26 B Motor Driver 3 Mulberry Street, Pudsey Lister Norfolk Carting Contractor L S Shaw AP288/A/26
  DONKERSLEY Olive Gill 26 S Woollen Weaver 12 Laburnum Street, Pudsey John W G Donkersley (deceased) .    
1926 08 14 GILL Harry 31 B Plush Cutter 133 Carlisle Road, Manningham Henry Gill Carter Annie Dewes AP288/A/27
  HODGSON Henrietta 27 S Worsted Weaver 32 Brunswick Road, Pudsey John William Hodgson (deceased) .    
1926 08 18 GAUNT Ernest 29 B Woollen Warehouseman 137 Fartown, Pudsey John Gaunt Gentleman Harry Dewes AP288/A/28
  RUSHFORTH Lucy Winifred 23 S Typist 39 Robin Lane, Pudsey William Rushforth (deceased) .    
1926 08 21 LINGARD John Willie 23 B Hand Cutter in Boot Factory 67 Greenside, Pudsey Arthur Lingard (deceased) . Harold Loker AP288/A/29
  STANDAGE Beatrice Maud 22 S Woollen Twister 4 Wesley View, Pudsey Jesse W Standage Dyers Labourer    
1926 11 20 PARKER Percy 22 B Stone Mason 17 Mulberry Street, Pudsey William Parkin Fitter Clarice Hudson AP288/A/30
  ROBERTSHAW Elsie 22 S Burler & Mender 12 Dover Street, Church Lane, Pudsey Jos. Robertshaw Insurance Agent    
1927 05 07 WALTON George Hainsworth 58 W Furniture Packer 55 Greenside, Pudsey William Walton (deceased) . Joseph Durham AP288/A/31
  BERRY Grace Ann 50 S Worsted Weaver 8 Parkfield Terrace, Pudsey George Berry (deceased) .    
1927 07 02 THACKRAY Arthur 28 B Cabinet Maker 23 Victoria Terrace, Pudsey Thomas Thackray Machinist Lily Peel AP288/A/32
  HUTTON Mabel 26 S Burler & Mender 57 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Frederick W Hutton Retired Policeman Varley Bonell  
1927 08 09 GAMBLES Ernest 26 B Stuff & Woollen Warehouseman 18 St Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey Abraham Gambles (deceased) . Edward Stevens AP288/A/33
  CHAMBERS Ida 22 S . Heath House, Pudsey Edwin Chambers Master Sheet Metal Worker    
1927 09 03 BONNER George Marshall 34 B Insurance Cashier 1 Rosemont Terrace, Pudsey Robert Bonner (deceased) . Alice Naylor AP288/A/34
  HARTLEY Rose Elizabeth 28 S Mender Glenroyd, Occupation Lane, Pudsey James Hartley Weaving Overlooker    
1927 11 05 HUTCHINSON Willie 21 B Motor Mechanic (Grocers) 19 Thorpe Road, Pudsey Ambrose Hutchinson Fettler J Gambles AP288/A/35
  AUTY Martha 21 S Shorthand Typist 39 Fartown, Pudsey Joshua Auty Painter & Decorator    
1928 01 14 FOSTER Edward Acton 23 B Woollen Manufacturers Salesman 51a Roker Lane, Pudsey James William Foster (deceased) . Clara B Lundy AP288/A/36
  HIRST Nora 27 S . Horse & Trumpet Hotel, Robin Lane, Pudsey William Hirst Hotel Proprietor    
1928 02 18 KAYE Ernest 27 B General Provision Lorry Driver 55 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Harry Kaye Carrier Hannah Sykes AP288/A/37
  ARMISON Alice 27 S Milk Dealers Assistant 60 Robin Lane, Pudsey William Armison Farmer    
1928 04 30 WAITE William 28 B Motor Haulage Contractor 25 Lowtown, Pudsey John Waite Confectioner F Grunwell AP288/A/38
  LAWTON Olive Mary 34 S Telephone Operator (Worsted Spinners) 4 Rogers Place, Pudsey Walter Lawton (deceased) .    
1928 05 26 JAGGER James Edwin 27 B Woollen Weaving Overlooker 13 Womersley Place, Pudsey John Jagger Boot Finisher Rhoda Boyce AP288/A/39
  TOWLER Jane 29 S Silk Weaver 26 Somerset Road, Pudsey John Towler Railway Clerk    
1928 05 26 TERRY Fred 31 B Painter (Railway Contractor) 7 Ebenezer Square, Pudsey Wilson Terry Labourer John C Procter AP288/A/40
  WEBSTER Clara 30 S Woollen Twister 18 Ark Terrace, The Lanes, Pudsey Sewell Webster (deceased) .    
1928 06 29 BELL Frederick 53 W Quarry Blacksmith Jessamine Cottage, Leeds Road, Oulton with Woodlesford George Bell (deceased) Stone Mason Hubert Dewes AP288/A/41
  ARANDLE Sarah Elizabeth 53 W . 54 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey John Walker (deceased) Gardener    
1929 08 10 GALLOWAY Benjamin 54 W Yeast Merchant 14 Chapeltown, Pudsey James Galloway (deceased) Tailor Horace Attack AP288/A/42
  WEBSTER Hannah Rider 39 S Domestic Servant Grove Mount, Pudsey Christopher Rider (deceased) Weaver    
1929 08 16 MARSTON Ralph Stanley 32 B Timber Merchant 19 Alexandra Road, Pudsey George Ellis Marston Timber Merchant & Bobbin Maker Edith Shuttleworth AP288/A/43
  WEBSTER Muriel 24 S . East View, Pudsey Herbert Webster (deceased) Yarn Agent    
1930 05 24 ROBINSON Alfred John 30 B Spinning Overlooker 8 Bath Street, Bramley Robert Robinson (deceased) Policeman Wright Firth AP288/A/44
  MORTIMER Hilda 24 S Worsted Weaver Linden, St Vincent Road, Pudsey Harry Mortimer Worsted Spinner    
1930 06 07 ARMISON James Edward 25 B Dairymans Assistant 60 Roker Lane, Pudsey William Armison Dairyman Ethel Lovett AP288/A/45
  LUPTON Florence Mona 21 S . 60 Roker Lane, Pudsey Arthur Lupton Road Foreman    
1931 08 05 COE Arthur 25 B Drapers Assistant Toft House, Church Lane, Pudsey Fred Coe Draper Wright Wilson AP288/A/46
  GAUNT Hilda 22 S . The Heights, Bankhouse Lane, Pudsey John Gaunt Cabinet Maker    
1931 12 26 SHAW Allan 27 B Grooms Assistant 29 Nunthorpe Road, Rodley David Lee Shaw (deceased) Engineer M A Horn AP288/A/47
  STANDAGE Doris 24 S Woollen Twister 4 Wesley View, Pudsey Jesse Standage Dyer (retired)    
1932 01 10 BOOCOCK Harry 56 B Worsted Mule Spinner 40 Melbourne Buildings, Pudsey Joseph Boocock (deceased) Cloth Miller James H Horn AP288/A/48
  ALLERTON Nellie 51 S Worsted Weaver 7 Carcroft Terrace, Armley Enos Allerton (deceased) Engineer    
1932 03 26 YEADON Percy 25 B Plumbers Merchants Warehouseman 12 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Lawrence Alfred Yeadon Boot Rivetter W H Loker AP288/A/49
  TOWLER Ibis 26 S Estate Agents Typist 26 Somerset Road, Pudsey John Thomas Towler Railway Clerk    
1932 07 25 WILEY Alec Harling 23 B Grocers Manager 161 Cotton Tree Lane, Colne George William Wiley Groom Alice Roberts AP288/A/50
  MORTIMER Agnes Vera 25 S Woollen Weaver 16 Bath Place, Bramley Harry Mortimer Worsted Mule Spinner    
1932 09 10 SUTCLIFFE Fred 27 B Sports Outfitters Salesman 30 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Jonas Sutcliffe Retired Emma Rhodes AP288/B/1
  TOWLER Elsie 29 S Art Silk Weaver 26 Somerset Road, Pudsey John Thomas Towler Railway Cashier    
1933 04 17 HAYTON Fred 23 B Woolcomber 3 Pembroke Street, West Bowling, Bradford John William Hayton Warp Packer John Wilson AP288/B/2
  LOKER Minnie 23 S Wool Rover 86 Valley Road, Pudsey William Henry Loker Rivetter    
1933 06 26 SHARP Ben Mearnes 22 B Grocers Manager 5 Back Street, Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey David Sharp (deceased) Carrier Sewell Webster AP288/B/3
  WHITELEY Eunice 21 S Worsted Twister 3 Oakroyd Terrace, Pudsey Joseph Whiteley Sergeant of Poilce    
1933 08 10 WATSON Arthur Crowther 25 B Coal Merchant Ashville, Morley Henry Hedley Watson (deceased) Coal Merchant Ethel Webster AP288/B/4
  OGDEN Laura Elizabeth 29 S . Grove House, Pudsey Fred Ogden (deceased) Boot Manufacturer    
1933 09 25 PRATT Arnold 29 B Master Plumber & Electrician 30 Marine Road, West Morecambe Arthur Pratt (deceased) Quarryman Gladys Slater AP288/B/5
  COOPE Esther Annie 26 S Clerk (Wool Merchants) Elder House, New Street, Pudsey James Coope Warehouseman    
1934 07 18 HARE Frank Reginald 34 B Cloth Merchant 3 West Royd, Pudsey Beaumont Hare (deceased) Cloth Merchant Glover Ward AP288/B/6
  RHODES Ethel Marjorie 31 S Librarian 100 South Parade, Pudsey Charles Rhodes Traveller    
1934 09 08 BURLAND William 30 B Colliery Wire Rope Splicer 40 Rushy Moor Lane, Askern Joe Burland Colliery Blacksmith E Gambles AP288/B/7
  THOMPSON Beatrice 36 S Worsted Weaver 1 High Owlcotes, Cemetery Road, Pudsey William Thompson Retired    
1934 10 20 WILSON Samuel 28 B Wooll Warehouseman 49 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Charles E Wilson (deceased) Cobbler T Tindall AP288/B/8
  TOWLER Nellie 25 S Shorthand Typist 26 Somerset Road, Pudsey John T Towler Railway Cashier A Ellerby  
1935 01 02 THOMPSON Harold 26 B Fish Frier 28 Robin Lane, Pudsey John Thompson Textile Worker John Loker AP288/B/9
  JOHNSTON Ethel Wickinson 34 W Private Secretary 37 Lily Street, Bradford John Robert Clarke Grocer    
1935 08 31 RHODES Austin 27 B Bricklayers Labourer 76 Waterloo Mount, Pudsey William Rhodes (deceased) . John Loker Jnr AP288/B/10
  BATLEY Laura 22 S Woollen Drawer 10 West Street, Stanningley Fred Batley (deceased) .    
1935 11 16 FARRAR Albert Isaiah 29 B Woollen Willeyer 8 Whitecote Grove, Bramley George William Farrar Retired Margaret M Byers? AP288/B/11
  WALKER Mary 27 S Burler & Mender 47 Houghside Road, Pudsey Donald Walker (deceased) Gardener    
1936 03 28 WELLS Harold 35 B Master Nurseryman Rogers Flats, Kents Bank Road, Grange over Sands Henry Thomas Wells Ship Store Decker Tom Atkinson AP288/B/12
  FOX** Evelyn 36 S Shorthand Typist 32 Hammerton Street, Pudsey David Fox (deceased) .   **otherwise Walker
1936 04 11 LEE Albert Hermann 23 B Stores Manager 7 Mayfield Road, Halton, Leeds Fred Lee Caretaker Fred Dantock AP288/B/13
  GAUNT Violet 29 S Stores Manageress 88 Waterloo Mount, Pudsey Samuel Gaunt .    
1936 06 27 HARDWICK Henry Gervase 22 B Engineers Fitters Mate 42 Pool Road, Leicester Joseph Hardwick Police Herbert Attenborough AP288/B/14
  EMSLEY Annie 21 S Silk Weaver 31 Greenside, Pudsey Harry Emsley Blacksmith Lillian M Whitehead  
1936 08 08 DENSLEY Stanley Herbert 45 D** Baker (Journeyman) 6 East View, Lane End, Pudsey Joseph Densley (deceased) Baker L Firth AP288/B/15
  SKELTON Dorothy Maud 36 S Housekeeper 6 East View, Lane End, Pudsey James Skelton (deceased) .   **divorced form Ellen Densley formerly James
1936 09 18 PRIESTLEY Geoffrey Douglas 24 B Worsted Spinner The Beeches, Bradford Road, Stanningley Edford Priestley Worsted Spinner G Holton AP288/B/16
  WARD Winifred Mary 23 S . Northfield House, Pudsey John Ben Ward Wool Merchant    
1936 10 05 THWAITES Marmaduke 28 B Retail Chemist Manager 29 Woodlands Terrace, Stanningley Marmaduke Thwaites (deceased) . William Dewhirst AP288/B/17
  RHODES Hilda Mary 40 S . 100 South Parade, Pudsey Charles Edward Rhodes Commercial Traveller    
1937 02 27 REID Joseph B 24 B Journeyman Cutter 113 Lowtown, Pudsey Joseph * Reid * Muriel Webster AP288/B/18
  EXLEY Mary 25 S Woollen Weaver 14 Laburnum Street, Stanningley Robert Exley * Keeper    
1937 06 05 BURRIS Frederick 23 B Machine Moulder 21 Hoxton Street, Bradford Fred Burris Brass Fettler George William Gorman AP288/B/19
  HAWKSHAW Alice Edna 23 S Worsted Weaver 75 Lowtown, Pudsey Charles Denison Hawkshaw Cloth Miller    
1937 06 16 HINCHLIFFE George 25 B Wool Sorter 10 Oakwood Terrace, Pudsey Friend Hinchliffe Wool Warehouseman Lucy Wardell AP288/B/20
  DANIEL Edna 26 S Typist 44 Chapeltown, Pudsey Andrew Daniel Shopkeeper    
1937 10 16 LARKINS Arthur 26 B Railway Passenger Porter 46 Mount Pleasant Road, Pudsey William Sharman Larkins Retired Railway Foreman Harry Warters? AP288/B/21
  HAWKSHAW Phyllis 25 S Burler & Mender 33 Rosemont, Pudsey Walter Hawkshaw Cloth Finisher    
1937 12 27 FRANCE Stanley 28 B Grocers Assistant 27 Church Lane, Brighouse Louis France Joiner May Elizabeth Hirst AP288/B/22
  GAUNT Mabel 22 S Worsted Weaver 6 Longfield Road, Pudsey Herbert Gaunt Boot & Shoe Repairer    
1938 01 29 VERITY Frank 22 B Woollen Mule Piecener 38 Waterloo Mount, Pudsey Frank Verity Painters Labourer Harold Gaunt AP288/B/23
  MANGLES Lucilla 27 S Woollem Winder 4 Bakers Cottages, Pudsey John Mangles Teamer    
1938 05 28 ATKINSON Willie 30 B House Painter 4 West Park, Pudsey Samuel Smith Atkinson (deceased) Gas Fitter Olive Gill Donkersley AP288/B/24
  KAYE Irene 28 S Worsted Weaver 16 St James Crescent, Pudsey John Kaye Retired Policeman    
1938 08 13 SHAW Arthur 50 W Journeyman Basket Maker 7 The Lanes, Lowtown, Pudsey Joseph Shaw Retired Basket Maker James Arthur Elsworth AP288/B/25
  BRITTON Eveline 43 S Woollen Drawer Wharfe Place, Rodley Albert Britton (deceased) .    
1938 09 24 MIDDLEBROOK John Nicholson 31 B Motor Driver Mechanic 38 Hammerton Street, Pudsey Alfred Middlebrook Retired Clerk * AP288/B/26
  WEBSTER Annie Marjorie 27 S Shorthand Typist 2 Park Villas, Church Lane, Pudsey Granville Webster (deceased) .    
1939 04 08 HUNT Albert 36 B Gas Fitter 27 West Park, Pudsey John Hunt (deceased) Railway Signalman Rose Hartley AP288/B/27
  GILBANK Agnes 27 S Woollen Weaver 82 Occupation Lane, Pudsey Irwin Gilbank Patent Leather Dresser    
1940 02 08 WEBSTER Joseph Charles 28 B General Manager (Motor Dealer) 202 Old Road, Farsley Joseph Arthur Webster Manufacturing Agent J W Dunwell AP288/B/28
  KEIGHTLEY Margaret Eleanor Brooke 32 S Company Director (Steel Works) 21 Chapeltown, Pudsey Joseph Brooke Keightley Secretary    
1940 04 27 GILL Ernest 24 B Motor Mechanic 8 Eyre Terrace, Armley, Leeds James Gill (deceased) Warping Overlooker Mary Sanders AP288/B/29
  VARLEY Winifred 22 S Gown Makers Presser 7 New Street, Pudsey James William Varley Spinning Overlooker    
1940 05 11 WILSON Harold 26 B Corn Merchants Motor Lorry Driver 49 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Charles Edwin Wilson (deceased) . Sarah Cartwright AP288/B/30
  VERITY Mary 23 S Cloth Mender 8 Crimbles Terrace, Pudsey Joseph Verity Labourer (Corporation Electricity)    
1940 05 18 BUCKROYD Dennis 20 B 642636 A C 2, RAF (Brewers Clerk) RAF Station, Digby Joe Buckroyd Brewery Foreman J* Parker AP288/B/31
  CRABTREE Nora Martha 21 S Printers Case Maker 98 Lowtown, Pudsey Joseph Gilbert Crabtree Railway Clerk    
1940 06 10 KITE Ronald 21 B Aircraftsman 95210 RAF (Fish Friers Assistant) Block 3 Room 4 RAF Thorney Island Thomas Gibson Kite Fish Frier A Parker AP288/B/32
  HARDWICK Ruth Naomi 22 S Confectioners Assistant 11 Brunswick Road, Pudsey Joseph Hardwick Retired Police Sergeant Winifred Ward  
1940 06 24 DACRE Alexander York 23 B Private S/154468 RASC (Compositor) Manchester House, Lowtown, Pudsey George Dacre Retail Shopkeeper Lily Whiteley AP288/B/33
  MALLINSON Kathleen 20 S Charge Hand, Engineering Works 39 Crimbles, Lowtown, Pudsey James Mallinson Joiner    
1940 07 13 SKELTON Dennis 27 B Corporal 893497 RASC (Journeyman Butcher) 18 Welbeck Avenue, Leicester . . Norman Bennett AP288/B/34
  COUPLAND Norah 21 S Worsted Weaver Gorse? Cottage, Marsh, Pudsey Frank Coupland Coachman    
1940 08 05 BONNER Maurice 23 B Printers Storekeeper 34 The Lanes, Pudsey Robert Hamilton Bonner (deceased) Boot Maker Joseph Whiteley AP288/B/35
  ARCHER May 23 S Burler & Mender 33 West Park, Pudsey Alfred Archer Gardener    
1941 03 08 DAVIES John Dennis 24 B Driver Mechanic 868911 Royal Artillery 3rd Medicine? Regiment, RA HQ, Loughborough Edward Davies Farm Labourer Olive Clare AP288/B/36
  BAILEY Ada Mary 20 S Worsted Weaver 4 Prospect Avenue, Pudsey Lawrence Bailey Cloth Scourer    
1941 08 13 HAWTHORNE Charles Henry Arthur 34 B Private 2217613 H M Army (Lorry Driver) Hawkshead Charles James Hawthorne (deceased) Labourer Frank Wilson AP288/B/37
  WALKER Norah Gertrude 31 S Confectioner 18 Wellington Grove, Waterloo, Pudsey Henry Gaunt Walker Commercial Traveller Retired    
1941 11 01 SEVIOUR Arthur Robert 23 B Private 5726239 H M Army Whit Croft, Dilton Marsh, Westbury Frederick George Seviour Railway Platelayer William Obank AP288/B/38
  ARCHER Muriel 19 S . 33 West Park, Pudsey Alfred Archer Storekeeper    
1942 03 28 GILBANK William Cowling 27 B Sheet Metal Worker (Aircraft Fitting) 82 Occupation Lane, Pudsey Irwin Gilbank Retired Leather Dresser Norman Sharp AP288/B/39
  JUDSON Dorothy 21 S Tailoress 41 Aston View, Bramley Selwyn Abraham Judson * Dresser    
1942 04 22 TIDGEWELL Arnold 29 B Private 3459173 H M Army (Cloth Finisher) 24 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Joseph Coates Tidgwell Mill Worker Annie Ward AP288/B/40
  CARTWRIGHT Annie 28 S Munition Worker 4 Oak Street, Cemetery Road, Pudsey John William Cartwright (deceased) Carrier    
1942 06 13 STANSFIELD John Ward 34 B Journeyman Basket Maker 5 Ashfield Road, Stanningley Joseph Stansfield (deceased) Railway Clerk Ernest Gaunt AP288/B/41
  MYERS Elsie 25 S Coal Merchants Clerk 6 Waver Green, Pudsey Sam Myers (deceased) Borough Employee    
1942 07 25 JACKSON Joel 28 B Electric Welder 99 Lower Seedley Road, Pendleton, Salford Robert Peveler Jackson (deceased) Colliery Checkweighman Sophie Hall AP288/B/42
  BATLEY Winifred 22 S Munition Worker 10 West Street, Pudsey Fred Batley (deceased) Coal Miner    
1942 12 19 BROOK Horace Henry 46 W Worsted Weaving Shed Manager 38 South Parade, Pudsey Edwin Brook (deceased) Warp Twister C Webster AP288/B/43
  ARCHER Ethel 41 S Burler & Mender 31 New Street, Pudsey William Henry Archer (deceased) Foreman Cloth Finisher    
1943 06 12 PODMORE William Henry 54 W Colliery Engineer 2 Springfield Mount, Broad Lane, South Elmsall Joseph Henry Podmore (deceased) Master Grocer H Golden AP288/B/44
  WOOD Sarah Alice 52 S Tailoress 5 Oakwood Terrace, South Parade, Pudsey Thomas Whitaker Wood (deceased) Master Builder    
1943 08 05 CLAYDEN John Thomas 60 W Club Steward 7 Chapeltown, Pudsey Walter Clayden (deceased) . William Bayliss AP288/B/45
  POYSER Maud Mary 48 S Housekeeper 7 Chapeltown, Pudsey John Poyser (deceased) .    
1944 05 27 TIDSWELL Frank 40 B Master Grocer 40 Greenside, Pudsey Lewis Tidswell (deceased) . A Bayliss AP288/B/46
  STANDAGE Elsie 38 S . 73 Cemetery Road, Pudsey Jesse Standage Gentleman    
1944 06 17 RAISTRICK Denis Harold 34 B National Fire Service 13 Hill Crest, Uppermoor, Pudsey William Raistrick Master Grocer Herbert Thompson AP288/B/47
  WARD Annie 28 S Wages Clerk 115 Cemetery Road, Pudsey William Henry Musgrave Ward (deceased) .    
1944 07 29 GOWING Reginald Ernest 22 B Leading Aircraftsman 1079527 RAF (App Motor Fitter) 5 Castle Terrace, Senny Bridge, Brecon Frederick Merle Gowing Baker Elsie Wood AP288/B/48
  COLDEN Eileen 23 S Leading Aircraftswoman 2049117 RAF (Textile Mender) 5 Moorfield Terrace, Stanningley John Alfred Colden Railway Clerk    
1944 10 28 HUNT Albert 41 W Gas Fitter 5 Moorfield Grove, Pudsey John Hunt (deceased) . H Stanley Obank AP288/B/49
  ASKHAM Doris 25 S Laundress 17 West Royd, Pudsey Joseph Hilton Askham Steel Worker (retired)    
1945 02 26 DUNKERLEY George 23 B Sgt 5124214 H M Army (Building Society Clerk) 13 The Crescent, Pudsey William Lycett Dunkerley Iron Worker (retired) Fred Roberts AP288/B/50
  BARRETT Hilda 24 S Sgt W/63046 H M Army (Shop Assistant) 11 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Ernest Barrett Colliery Fitter (retired)    
1945 04 18 LYLES Sam 24 B Yarn Spinner Bankfield, Sugar Lane, Dewsbury Percy George Lyles Yarn Spinner & Dyer Eric Norfolk AP288/C/1
  WARD Audrey Jean 22 S Hospital Almoner Lynn Wood, Alexandra Road, Pudsey Walter Ward Wool Merchant    
1945 08 18 BARKER Gordon 38 D** Recorder London & N E Railway 2 Providence Avenue, Londesbrough Street, Hull Ernest Septimus Barker (deceased) . Annie Norfolk AP288/C/2
  DUNN Esther Mary 29 S Sgt W/2051599 RAF (Domestic Servant) 6 Greaves Yard, Fartown, Pudsey Joseph Dunn Joiner   **divorced from Emma Lavinia formerly Gilbert
1945 10 15 MOSS Charles 43 B Colliery Company Secretary 2 Marsh, Pudsey Arthur Clement Moss (deceased) Woollen Warehouseman Harry Halstead AP288/C/3
  ALLERTON Clara 36 S Mender 4 Waver Green, Pudsey David Allerton (deceased) Fettler    
1946 12 14 WHITEOAK Geoffrey Morrison 28 B Clerk (Dyers & Spinners) 6 Greenfield Place, Manningham, Bradford . . Annie Marsden AP288/C/4
  BARNES Doreen 21 S Clerk (Haulage Contractors) 41 Rosemont, The Lanes, Pudsey William Henry Barnes Fish Salesman    
1946 12 21 CURRAN Robert John 24 B General Labourer 74 South Parade, Pudsey Joseph Curran Farm Labourer W Gilbert Smith AP288/C/5
  MUTTIN Kathleen Maud 26 S Wool Textile Operative 74 South Parade, Pudsey William Jarrett Mattin Warehouseman    
1947 02 22 FIGGURES Stanley Charles 26 B Department Store Clerk 54 Wyndham Road, Salisbury James Ernest Figgures Friendly Society Secretary Amelia A Wood AP288/C/6
  LORD Ella Muriel 24 S Telephonist (GPO) 5 Moorfield Terrace, Stanningley Samuel Edgar Lord Dentist    
1947 05 24 CHAPMAN Cyril Duthoit 26 B Student 11 Huggan Row, Pudsey Squire Chapman Cloth Miller Elsie Robertshaw AP288/C/7
  ROBINSON Hilda 22 S Childrens Nursery Assistant 44 Thorpe Road, Pudsey Ambrose Robinson Grinder    
1947 05 31 CARTER Jim Bradshaw 24 B GPO Sorting Clerk Telegraphist 388 Broad Lane, Bramley John Henry Carter Tailor John Webster AP288/C/8
  TURNER Joan 25 S Teleprinter operator 33 Laurel Mount, Stanningley William Harold Turner Boilermaker    
1947 08 21 GREGSON Harry 26 B Journeyman House Painter 70 Greenside, Pudsey John Gregson (deceased) Fettler J Robertshaw AP288/C/9
  GRIMSHAW Marian 21 S Shorthand Typist Nat Insurance Audit Dept 2 Crawshaw Hill, Pudsey Harry Grimshaw Overlooker (Textiles)    
1948 01 31 SCOTT Walter 24 B Textile Wages Clerk 7 Whitaker Street, Farsley Leonard Scott Plumber E Parker AP288/C/10
  EMSLEY Christine Joan 21 S Hardware Makers Clerk 32 Wellington Grove, Pudsey Edgar Emsley Engineer    
1948 09 02 WILSON Norman Geoffrey 22 B Draper Red Court, Pudsey Frank Maurice Wilson Draper Harriet A Lumley AP288/C/11
  PARKER Dorothy Elizabeth 21 S . Larkfield, Pudsey Frank Parkin Manufacturer    
1949 01 15 BALL Leslie Stewart 25 B Worsted Manufacturer Firlands, Rockwood Road, Calverley Irvine Ball Worsted Manufacturer Joseph Threapleton AP288/C/12
  BROWN Margaret Ivy Stuart 25 S Insurance Clerk 13 Carleton Rise, Pudsey Harold Stuart Brown (deceased) Civil Servant    
1949 05 21 LOKER Jack 28 W Butchers Assistant 1 Providence Street, Farsley Harold Loker (deceased) Electric Welder Ernest Thackray AP288/C/13
  HARTLEY Dorothy Jeanette 24 S Shorthand Typist (Woollen Manufacturer) 44 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Harry Clifford Hartley Sales Manager (Textiles)    
1949 05 28 BALL Eric Ronald 27 B Worsted Manufacturer Firlands, Rockwood Road, Calverley Irvine Ball Worsted Manufacturer Kathleen Carlisle AP288/C/14
  HANSON Frances Annie 24 S Shop Assistant (Shoes & Boots) Moorfield Crescent, Pudsey Redfearn Walker Hanson Master P* (Retired)    
1949 12 24 PICKARD Denis 20 B Journeyman Joiner 7 Ebenezer Square, Pudsey Frederick Carter Pickard (deceased) Organ Builder Dorothy Chambers AP288/C/15
  HAWKSHAW Barbara 22 S Clerk Worsted Mill 5 Oakroyd Terrace, Stanningley Charles Denison Hawkshaw (deceased) Cloth Miller    
1950 03 13 ARCHER Bernard Farrar 32 B Motor Driver 1 St Larence Terrace, Pudsey George Archer (deceased) Cloth Finisher George E Gambles AP288/C/16
  ATTENBOROUGH Margaret 22 S Clerk Infirmary 6 Laurel Mount, Pudsey Horace Attenborough Provision Merchant    
1950 03 2* LAISTER Alan 23 B Grocers Assistant 41 Grange Road, Pudsey George Laister Painter & Decorator Harold Lambert AP288/C/17
  MOORHOUSE Vera 20 S . 29 * Park, Pudsey William Moorhouse *    
1950 07 01 GRAHAM John 24 B Assistant Company Registrar 7 The Village Street, Leeds 4 George Henry Graham Insurance Agent James Hartley AP288/C/18
  TURNER Muriel 30 S Electrical Factors Clerk 33 Laurel Mount, Stanningley William Harold Turner (deceased) Boilermaker Eliza Bonner  
1950 08 12 HOWROYD William Wade 32 B Building Trades Contractor 226 Upper Woodlands Road, Bradford Matthew William Howroyd Builder Robert Hutchinson AP288/C/19
  ATKINSON Audrey Muriel 22 S Chiropodist 54 Owlcotes Road, Pudsey George Godfrey Atkinson District Manager Insurance Company    
1950 09 23 GIBSON Ronald Eyre 30 B Post Office Engineer Rontone, 68 Wynford Avenue, West Park, Leeds William Joseph Arthur Gibson School Master Elsie Fearnley AP288/C/20
  BARNES Winifred 21 S Receptionist Mantle Manufacturer 43 Rosemont, The Lanes, Pudsey William Henry Barnes Restaurant Equipment Salesman