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Richardshaw Ebenezer Chapel Marriages

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Marriages for the Ebenezer Chapel start in 1907, though there may have been earlier marriages registered at North Bierley Register Office. The reference number refers to the registration held at Leeds Register Office


His occ
Reg Ref
His occ
Reg Ref
1907 11 02 NORTH William Gleadall 24 B Cutter in Clothing Factory 4 Rosemount Terrace, Bramley James Gleadall North (dec'd) Mason Arthur P Thomas   AP289/1
  JOHNSON Sarah Hannah 25 S Drawer in Woollen Mill 25 Pembroke Road, Pudsey William Johnson Leather Dresser Ada Johnson    
1907 12 21 BROOK William Henry 27 B Painter & Paperhanger (Master) 18 Slaters Buildings, Stanningley Alfred Brook Labourer Harry Fielding   AP289/2
  GRAYSON Martha 26 S Worsted Weaver 4 Ashfield Road, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley John Grayson Boilermaker Rhoda Brook    
1908 01 28 WILCOCK James 23 B Grocer's Manager 16 Higher Grange Road, Pudsey Harry Wilcock Boilermaker Harry Wilcock   AP289/3
  BIRDSALL Mary Elizabeth 25 S . 16 Fern Terrace, Pudsey Alfred Birdsall Mule Spinner Annie Glover    
1908 04 04 BRETT Amos William 22 B House Painter & Decorator (Journeyman) 193 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley William Charles Brett House Painter & Decorator (Master) James Milner   AP289/4
  MILNER Ethel 21 S Twister at Worsted Mill 36 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Samuel Milner Shoemaker Florence Milner    
1908 06 30 ELSWORTH John William 22 B Coachman (Domestic) 31 Back St Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey John Elsworth Mechanic Edward Sawyer   AP289/5
  SAWYER Minnie Maria 21 S Woollen Weaver 33 Thorpe Road, Pudsey John Sawyer Gardener Sarah Sawyer    
1908 09 01 WILSON Ernest 25 B Municipal Surveyor 141 Eswyn Road, Tooting, London SW Joseph Wilson Joiner Joseph S Wilson   AP289/6
  HOLLINGS Clara 23 S Commercial Clerk 13 Brunswick Road, Pudsey Joseph W Hollings Engineer Edith Hollings    
1909 12 27 GLOVER Willie 23 B Boot Rivetter 11 Higher Grange Road, Pudsey James May Glover Boot Rivetter Reuben Bennett   AP289/7
  BENNETT Ellen 23 S . 8 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Reuben Bennett Joiner Grace Ann Bennett    
1910 05 14 ALLOTT Leonard 23 B Butcher (Master) 15 Tennyson Street, Farsley William F Allott Fitter Matthew Allott   AP289/8
  WALLER Martha Maud 24 S Worsted Twister 26 Brunswick Road, Pudsey John Waller Fence Waller Ruth Ann Waller    
1910 09 10 SAXTON Horace 39 B Woollen Spinner 11 Wycliffe Road, Rodley John Saxton Woollen Spinner Irwin Lang   AP289/9
  MILNER Martha Elizabeth 30 S Woollen Weaver 36 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Samuel Milner Boot Finisher Florence Milner    
1911 01 21 CROWTHER Samuel 37 B Woollen Warehouseman 1 Providence Street, Farsley Joseph Crowther (dec'd) Mill Overlooker Thomas Henry Crowther   AP289/10
  DENBY Sarah 40 W . 25a Irwin Street, Farsley Edward Harrison Coal Miner Millie Crowther    
1911 05 13 NOBLE Walter 19 B Railway Engine Cleaner Rosemont Villa, Pudsey George Harold Noble School Attendance Officer Clough Noble   AP289/11
  KEIGHLEY Alice 19 S Worsted Weaver 19 Bankfield Terrace, Stanningley John Keighley Secretary of Coal Association Ethel Keighley    
1911 12 02 BRETT Amos William 25 W House Painter (Journeyman) 193 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley William Charles Brett Painter & Decorator Herbert Rafton   AP289/12
  MILNER Florence 29 S Worsted Twister 36 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Samuel Milner Boot Finisher Clarice Milner, Edith Brett    
1912 05 25 FENTON George 41 W Iron Moulder 201 Leeds & Bradford Road, Stanningley Fountain Fenton (dec'd) Butcher Herbert Fenton   AP289/13
  JAGGER Margaret Emma 33 S Woollen Burler 8 Roberts Street, Varley Street, Stanningley Alfred Jagger (dec'd) Weaver Eva Keighley, William Pollard    
1912 09 23 THOMAS Arthur Percival 30 B Stone Mason 63 Ley Fleakes Road, Idle Timothy Thomas Joiner Alfred Thomas   AP289/14
  JOHNSON Ada 28 S Worsted Drawer 25 Pembroke Road, Pudsey William Johnson Currier Annie Crowther, William G North    
1913 11 08 ROBERTS Thomas 25 B Worsted Spinning Overlooker 3 Ebenezer Square, Stanningley Henry Roberts Joiner Jonathan Jackson   AP289/15
  MYERS Florrie 29 S Worsted Weaver 22 Bankfield Terrace, Stanningley Joseph Myers (dec'd) Moulder Florence Rebecca Waterhouse    
1913 12 20 DOWGILL Harry 28 B Cloth Finisher 1 Walker Croft, Farsley William Arthur Dowgill Woolsorter Percy Walker   AP289/16
  ALLOTT Frances 29 S Worsted Weaver 5 Oaklands Road, Rodley William Fortune Allott Fitter Alice Allott    
1913 12 25 MUSGRAVE Herbert 35 W Fettler at Woollen Mill Airedale View, Rodley Joseph Musgrave Scribbling Overlooker William Musgrave   AP289/17
  CLAYDEN Ellen Jane 28 S Worsted Reeler 35 Prospect Street, Farsley William Clayden Basket Maker Annis Halliday    
1914 01 28 ELSWORTH John 25 B Printer 2 Elsworth Square, Lowtown, Pudsey Joseph Elsworth (dec'd) Warehouseman Thompson Milner   AP289/18
  GILL Eva 24 S . 211 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Harry Gill (dec'd) Boot Maker Eva Bennett    
1915 07 04 AUDAS Herbert 22 B Labourer at Iron Foundry 11 Ebenezer Square, Stanningley Thomas Audas (dec'd) Labourer William Northing   AP289/19
  AUDAS Sarah E 21 S Laundry Man 11 Ebenezer Square, Stanningley George Audas Labourer Caroline Audas    
1915 08 02 SMITH Leonard 23 B Meat Company's Clerk 203 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Jeremiah Smith Boot & Shoe Dealer Frank Hardman   AP289/20
  KENDALL Sarah Ann 21 S . 6 William Street, Stanningley William Kendall Cloth Miller Martha Kendall, William Kendall    
1915 09 11 GRAINGER Alfred 28 B Woollen Spinner 71 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley George Grainger Insurance Agent Charles William Dean, Doris Wild   AP289/21
  WILD Sarah 28 S Twister at Worsted Mill 71 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Arthur Lewis Wild Foreman Moulder Harriet Wild, Arthur L Wild    
1915 10 21 WADE William 38 B Private 19101 Duke of Wellingtons WR Regt Chirton Camp, North Shields Richard Wade (dec'd) . John Gore Hearman, Sarah Wheater   AP289/22
  HALLIDAY Annis 28 S Worsted Reeler 9 Bankfield Terrace, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Jabez Halliday Blacksmith's Striker Annie Rebecca Wade, Jabez Halliday    
1915 11 17 OVEREND Cyril 22 B Butcher's Manager 11 Vernon Street, Swinnow Lane, Bramley Tabor Overend Weaver Maurice Overend, Gertrude Berry   AP289/23
  TONGE Eveline Berry 22 S Worsted Weaver 20 Bankfield Terrace, Stanningley Frederick Tonge Foreman Gasfitter Annie Berry, Frederick Tonge    
1915 12 25 SPENCER Herbert 25 B Private V Co. Royal Army Medical Corps No 76905 83 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Walter Spencer Quarryman George Henry Spencer, Elsie Marshall   AP289/24
  MARSHALL Caroline 23 S Worsted Weaver 5 Providence Place, Stanningley William Marshall Foundryman Elizabeth Wrigglesworth, William Marshall    
1916 04 22 MYERS Lawson 28 B Spindle & Flyer Maker (Journeyman) 7 Laurel Terrace, Stanningley Joseph Myers (dec'd) . Ernest Milbourne, Amy Myers   AP289/25
  MILBOURNE Lizzie 29 S Boot Machinist Ivy Cottage, Cemetery Road, Pudsey David Milbourne Gardener Mary Ann Myers, David Milbourne    
1916 04 11 PEEL Morris 21 B Iron Driller 10 West Terrace Street, Stanningley George Henry Peel Boot Maker William Henry Peel, William Wilkinson   AP289/26
  WALKER Hilda 21 S Worsted Weaver 20 Seymour Street, Bramley William Walker Woollen Worker Doris Dickinson, Louisa Kate Peel    
1917 01 20 JEFFREY James William 27 B Fitter & Erector 56 Thornhill Street, Calverley Fred Jeffrey Fitter Reuben Bennett By Licence AP289/27
  BENNETT Eva 28 S Worsted Weaver 8 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Reuben Bennett Storekeeper Ethel May Jeffrey, Thomas Bennett    
1917 05 26 JESSOP Herbert 22 B Teamer 33 Robin Lane, Pudsey George Jessop Crane Driver Joseph Oddy   AP289/28
  MYERS Amy 25 S Weaver 7 Laurel Terrace, Stanningley Joseph Myers (dec'd) Moulder Lawson Myers, Ada Jessop    
1918 11 06 ALLEN Charles Irwin 24 B Rifleman 267270 West Yorks Regt. Market Gardener 69 Low Farm, Pudsey Richard Irwin Allen Market Gardener C Hodgson   AP289/29
  WILD Annie 23 S Worsted Weaver 71 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Arthur Lewis Wild Iron Moulder Doris Wild    
1918 11 27 KITCHEN Ernest 25 B Sapper 327698 R.E. Plumber 42 Lowtown, Pudsey Benjamin Kitchen (dec'd) Boot & Shoe Dealer Willie Taylor   AP289/30
  BRIGGS Alice Maud 22 S Worsted Weaver 7 West Street, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Albert Booth Briggs Weaving Overlooker Lilly Briggs    
1918 11 30 THRIPPLETON Maurice Verity 25 B Sergeant R.F.A. 63996 Willeyer at Woollen Mill 6 Cavendish Place, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Walter Thrippleton Warehouseman Harry Thrippleton By Licence AP289/31
  GLOVER Annie 26 S Weaver 12 Cavendish Place, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Willie Glover Boot Maker Harriett Glover    
1918 12 14 WILKINSON Ernest 27 B Private 75084 R.A.M.C. Willeyer 2 Grove Avenue, Chapeltown, Pudsey Ephraim Wilkinson Cloth Fuller Sam Walker By Licence AP289/32
  WALKER Hilda 23 S Warper in Mill 302 Stanningley Road, Bramley James Henry Walker Furnaceman May Walker    
1919 02 22 JOHNSON Joseph 23 B Pte 75085 135th Field Ambulance Grocer's Manager 15 Half Mile Lane, Stanningley William Johnson Drayman Herbert Johnson By Licence AP289/33
  COOPER Nellie 25 S Woollen Weaver 32 Pembroke Road, Pudsey John William Cooper Painter Mary Johnson    
1919 06 07 HARRIS John 24 B Iron Turner 18 Gladstone Street, Leeds Road, Bradford William Harris Engine Driver George Alfred Gray   AP289/34
  ROBINSON Annie 26 S Worsted Weaver 6 Providence Place, Stanningley William Robinson (dec'd) Boilermaker Lelia Harris    
1919 06 28 FOX Wilfrid Parkinson 27 B Iron Moulder 14 Parkfield Terrace, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley John Thomas Fox Foreman Fitter Walter Fox   AP289/35
  WILD Harriet 27 S Worsted Twister 71 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Arthur Lewis Wild Iron Moulder Doris Wild    
1919 12 20 TRIPPETT John Leonard 25 B Motor Body Builder 98 Bell Lane, Bramley William Trippett Retired Policeman H Keighley   AP289/36
  KEIGHLEY Emily 26 S Burler & Mender 4 Parkfield Terrace, Pudsey John Keighley Coal Merchant Alice Trippett, John Keighley    
1919 12 31 PARKER Frank 24 B Organ Builder 1 Bramley Street, Bramley Thomas Parker Fitter Leonard Smith   AP289/37
  SMITH Sarah Ann 24 S Worsted Weaver 203 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Jeremiah Smith Boot & Shoe Dealer Ethel Mary Mitchell    
1920 01 28 GILL Charles Richmond 29 B Stock Keeper (Paper Warehouse) 2 Barton View, Holbeck William Frederick Gill Hospital Porter Ernest Bywater   AP289/38
  HARDMAN Ada Agnes 24 S . 6 Prospect Terrace, Farsley Fred Hardman Cloth Finisher Clara Ellen Kitching    
1920 03 03 WILLIAMSON John 23 B Card Grinder in Woollen Mill 12 Mulberry Street, Stanningley Walter Edward Williamson Yard Foreman Herbert Wilcock   AP289/39
  WILCOCK Annie 24 S Woollen Weaver 12 Laurel Mount, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Harry Wilcock Boilermaker Florence M Williamson    
1920 03 31 THOMPSON Ernest 26 B Slate Merchants Clerk 26 Fair View, Farsley Frederick Thompson Slate Merchant Edward Keighley   AP289/40
  ROBINSON Phyllis 24 S Weaver 6 Providence Place, Stanningley William Waite Robinson (dec'd) Boilermaker Mary A Robinson    
1920 04 03 WILD Herbert 22 B Engineer's Fitter 2 Larkfield Road, Pudsey Samuel Wild Labourer Elizabeth Myers   AP289/41
  MYERS Sissie 20 S Worsted Twister 8 Wood Nook Road, Stanningley Matthew Myers Plasterer William Lewis Wild    
1920 05 22 MURGATROYD Clarence 28 B Grocer's Warehouseman 5 Well Garth Place, Armley . . Harr Murgatroyd   AP289/42
  SAWYER Annie 25 S Burler & Mender 33 Thorpe Road, Pudsey John Sawyer Gardener John William Sawyer    
1920 08 07 RHODES Frank 23 B Tailors Cutter 23 Roker Lane, Pudsey Joseph Rhodes (dec'd) Tailor Arthur Rhodes   AP289/43
  GLOVER Harriet 24 S Woollen Weaver 12 Cavendish Place, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Willie Glover (dec'd) Boot Maker Frances A Wilcock    
1920 08 14 CRAVEN Matthew Rayner 24 B Greengrocer (Master) 57 Fartown, Pudsey John Craven (dec'd) Greengrocer Fred Wilson   AP289/44
  ISZATT Gladys May 24 S Worsted Weaver 31 Thorpe Road, Pudsey Thomas Iszatt Railway Servant Rose Adelaide Iszatt    
1920 09 19 BATTY William 35 B Butcher (Master) 42 Green Road, Leeds Joe Batty Butcher Alfred Simpson By Licence AP289/45
  HAXBY Nellie 37 S . 2 Park Villas, Pudsey George Haxby Boot Rivetter Rose Hannah Bailey    
1920 12 24 CLAYTON Samuel Richard 22 B Worsted Spinning Overlooker 2 Lightfoot Place, Pudsey Joseph William Clayton Transport Worker Lawrence Campbell Glover   AP289/46
  GLOVER Susan 25 S Pawnbrokers Shop Assistant 11 Higher Grange Road, Pudsey James May Glover (dec'd) Mill Operative Ivy Glover    
1920 12 29 DAVEY Harold 23 B Engineer (Plater) 5 Springfield Terrace, Stanningley John Davey Woolsorter Sydney Clifton Reynard?   AP289/47
  KITCHEN Hilda 20 S Shop Assistant 42 Lowtown, Pudsey Benjamin Kitchen (dec'd) Shop Manager Irene Harrison    
1921 06 01 GOODBODY Herbert 32 B Farm Labourer Mere Road, Stow Bedon, Nr Attleborough James Goodbody Farm Labourer Wright Firth   AP289/48
  RICHARDSON Annie 21 S Worsted Weaver 66 Valley Road, Pudsey Herbert Richardson Overlooker in Mill Lily Richardson    
1921 09 17 HIRD Thomas Charles 20 B Boot & Shoe Maker (Journeyman) 32 Cecil Street, Goole Fred Hird Boot Maker & Repairer Annie Hird   AP289/49
  HABBLETT Eva 19 S Domestic Servant Welland Villas, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Charles Habblett General Labourer Lily Chambers    
1921 11 05 BOOCOCK Frederick William 26 B Woollen Weaving Overlooker 8 Stansfield Square, Church Lane, Pudsey John Boocock (dec'd) Saddler Fred Keighley   AP289/50
  KEIGHLEY Annie 23 S Worsted Weaver 8 Pembroke Road, Pudsey John Keighley Secretary of Coal Association Doris Boocock    
1922 08 26 MILNER Fred 24 B Engineers' Pattern Maker 19 Harrison Avenue, Stanningley Ernest Milner Timekeeper at Engineering Works Edric Winn   AP289/A/1
  WINN Alice 29 S Dressmaker 101 Arthington Terrace, Stanningley Harry Winn Engineers' Pattern Maker Dorothy Worth, Harry Winn    
1923 02 10 FIRTH Wright 20 B Carter (Grocer & Provision Merchant) 20 Chapeltown, Pudsey Joseph Firth Miner Harry Colden   AP289/A/2
  RICHARDSON Lily Augusta 21 S Worsted Weaver 66 Valley Road, Pudsey Herbert Richardson Worsted Overlooker Mary Richardson, Sarah H Richardson    
1923 03 28 SIMPSON Alexander 28 B Wool Warehouseman 71 Battye Street, Bradford Alexander Simpson Lithographer Harold Simpson   AP289/A/3
  KENDALL Annie 26 S Burler & Mender 6 William Street, Stanningley William Kendall Mill Worker Martha Kendall    
1924 04 16 WALKER Arnold 24 B Clerk (Mechanical Engineers) 52 Somerset Road, Pudsey Walter Walker Mechanic John Walker   AP289/A/4
  BOOCOCK Doris 25 S Worsted Weaver 20 King Street, Stanningley Joseph Boocock Coal Merchant Annie Boocock    
1924 06 07 WILKINSON Ernest 33 W Engineer Machinist 2 Grove Avenue, Chapeltown, Pudsey Ephraim Wilkinson Cloth Fuller Simeon Wilkinson   AP289/A/5
  PEATE Emma 33 S Box Maker at Box Works 19 Roker Lane, Pudsey John Peate Gardener Florence Peat, George E Peate    
1924 06 07 ELSWORTH John 26 B Baker's Salesman 7 Manor Street, Pudsey Joshua Frederick Elsworth Boot Rivetter Herbert Gladstone Johnson   AP289/A/6
  JOHNSON Mary Ellen 31 S Woollen Weaver 15 Half Mile, Stanningley William Johnson Carter Laura Elsworth, Ben Elsworth    
1924 06 28 DIXON Herbert 33 B General Carrier 108 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Benjamin Dixon (dec'd) General Carrier John Alfred Colden   AP289/A/7
  DENNIS Elizabeth 22 S Domestic Servant Sunla? House, Intake Lane, Bramley John William Dennis Engineer Lucy Dennis    
1924 09 06 HOBSON William 25 B Commercial Traveller Paradise, Fulneck, Pudsey Owen Hobson Textile Worker Leonard Keighley   AP289/A/8
  WILD Doris 26 S Worsted Weaver 71 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Arthur Lewis Wild Foreman Moulder Mary E Atkinson, Norma Lambert    
1925 02 14 SKAIFE Ornan 29 B Machine Tool Fitter 11 Woodlands Grove, Farsley William Skaife Insurance Agent Cyril Calvert Nield   AP289/A/9
  WINN Edith Annie 27 S Worsted Weaver Springwell House, Carlisle Street, Stanningley Thomas Winn Metal Broker Doris Winn    
1925 04 11 WALKER John 25 B Worsted Weaving Overlooker 5 Longfield Terrace, Pudsey William Alexander Walker Compositor Arnold Walker   AP289/A/10
  WILCOCK Frances Alice 25 S Woollen Cloth Weaver 21 Northcote Street, Farsley Harry Wilcock Boiler Maker Lucy Lodge, W A Walker    
1925 08 15 STRICKLAND Albert 36 B Worsted Weaving Overlooker 10 Club Row, Stanningley Joshua Strickland (dec'd) Moulder Samuel Balmforth Wood   AP289/A/11
  BURTON Annie 34 S . 34 Somerset Road, Pudsey Samuel Burton Moulder Mary Burton    
1926 04 07 BRETT Wilfred Harold 30 B House Painter (Master) 193 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Willam Charles Brett Painter & Decorator Fred Johnson   AP289/A/12
  KAYE Ethel 31 S Worsted Weaver 9 Laurel Mount, Stanningley Harry Kaye Labourer Florence Kaye    
1926 07 14 WILCOCK Herbert 28 B Ironmonger (Master) 6 New Scarboro, Stanningley Harry Wilcock Labourer * Keighley   AP289/A/13
  LODGE Lily 25 S . 392 Barkerend Road, Bradford Charles John Lodge Cloth Finisher Dora N Lodge, Charles J Lodge    
1926 08 18 HIRST Harry Baden 26 B Wool Warehouseman 72 Woodhall Road, Bradford Squire Hirst Foreman at Wool Warehouse Reuben Simpson   AP289/A/14
  LENG Phyllis 24 S Worsted Weaver 16 Pembroke Road, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Charles Pitts Leng Worsted Spinning Overlooker Sybil Leng    
1927 02 05 WOOD Samuel Balmforth 30 B Musician Vernon Cottage, 8 Vernon Place, Stanningley John Wood Musician Charles Reyner, Mary Burton, John Wood   AP289/A/15
  BURTON Agnes 26 S Mender 34 Somerset Road, Pudsey Samuel Burton Moulder May Walton, Annie Strickland    
1927 04 16 THROUP Rowland 23 B Greengrocer 101 Long Row, Horsforth Walter Throup Greengrocer Harold Busfield   AP289/A/16
  BOOCOCK Annie 23 S Weaver in Woollen Mill 20 King Street, Stanningley Joseph Boocock Coal Dealer Florence Throup, Jessie Iszatt    
1927 06 04 MORTIMER Cephas 22 B Iron & Steel Driller 53 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Edmund Mortimer (dec'd) Railway Lampman Sydney Rhodes, Benjamin Galloway   AP289/A/17
  GALLOWAY Frances 22 S Worsted Weaver 10 Ebenezer Square, Pudsey Benjamin Galloway Yeast Merchant Hilda Smales, Horsley Mortimer    
1927 09 20 THRIPPLETON Benjamin 28 B Hairdresser (Master) 6 Cavendish Place, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Walter Thrippleton Warehouseman Joseph Thrippleton   AP289/A/18
  KAYE Carrie 29 S Worsted Weaver 6 Ripley Street, Stanningley Tom Kaye Brush Maker Sarah Jane Thrippleton, Emma Kaye    
1927 10 29 SLATER Bernard 39 B Wool Warehouseman 4 Oakwood Terrace, South Parade, Pudsey John Thomas Slater (dec'd) Warp Dresser Walter W Webster   AP289/A/19
  FOX Clara 34 S Worsted Warper 26 Church Lane, Pudsey George Fox Boot Repairer Jane Glover Reeve, George Fox    
1927 10 29 TEALE Harold 25 B Farm Labourer 3 Larkfield Road, Pudsey Sam Teale Farmer Clifford Sykes, Willie Glover   AP289/A/20
  GLOVER Ivy 27 S Woollen Weaver 11 Higher Grange Road, Pudsey James May Glover (dec'd) Bootmaker Nellie Glover, Kathleen Glover    
1927 11 07 HUDSON Benjamin 67 W Joiner (Retired) 7 Ebenezer Square, Pudsey William Hudson (dec'd) Clothier Arthur L Wild, Elizabeth Ward   AP289/A/21
  ATKINSON Harriet 54 S Grocer 26 Primrose Hill, Pudsey Joseph Atkinson (dec'd) Boiler Maker Thomas Atkinson    
1928 01 09 IZETT Harold 34 B Motor Driver 22 Highfield Street, Holbeck James Alexander Izett Milk Dealer George Alfred Walker   AP289/A/22
  MITCHELL Sarah Jane 25 S Worsted Weaver 9 Larkfield Road, Pudsey Harry Mitchell Moulder Ethel Mitchell    
1928 01 28 COATES Stanley Milner 23 B House Painter & Decorator (Journeyman) 3* Harley Road, Bramley Alfred Coates (dec'd) Printer * Hirst?   AP289/A/23
  ISZATT Jessie 24 S Woollen Warper 31 Thorpe Road, Pudsey Thomas Iszatt Railway Ticket Collector * Coates, Thomas Iszatt    
1928 09 15 MARSHALL William 27 B Worsted Spinning Overlooker 5 Providence Place, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey William Marshall Engineer Harold Marshall   AP289/A/24
  THACKRAY Alice 26 S Worsted Weaver 23 Victoria Terrace, Pudsey Thomas Thackray Coal Merchant Kathleen Thackray    
1928 09 22 STORR Harry 27 B Railway Fireman 31 Green Row, Armley Alfred Storr Fireman Alfred Storr, Maggie Storr   AP289/A/25
  WATERHOUSE Lily 33 S Coal Merchants' Bookkeeper Ebenezer House, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Moses M Waterhouse Coal Merchant Moses M Waterhouse William Swales *    
1929 03 30 BUSFIELD Frank 31 B Spinning Overlooker 35 Red Lane, Farsley Arthur Busfield Spinning Manager Denison Rawnsley, Arthur Busfield   AP289/A/26
  COOPER Ada 22 S Burler & Mender 65 Southroyd Park, Pudsey John William Cooper (dec'd) Painter Phyllis Overend, Alice Cooper    
1929 05 18 WORSNOP Charles Henry 64 W Cloth Dresser (Woollen Mill) 19 Trilby Street, Swinnow, Bramley Benjamin Worsnop (dec'd) Cloth Dresser (Woollen Mill) Harry Harrison   AP289/A/27
  MITCHELL Mary 54 S Cloth Burler 4 Laurel Terrace, Pudsey Joshua Mitchell Joiner Jane Dutson    
1929 06 05 WILLIAMS John 25 B (Domestic) Chauffeur 41 The Lanes, Pudsey Frederick Williams (dec'd) Shop Manager Thomas P Walker   AP289/A/28
  BRETT Mabel Queenie 26 S . 193 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey William Charles Brett Painter & Decorator Gladys Brett, Wilfred Harold Brett    
1929 06 08 WALL Herbert 25 B Coal Miner 17 Hill Terrace, Bower Row, Great Preston Josiah Wall Miner Percy Wall   AP289/A/29
  WARD Elsie 22 S Woollen Spinner 10 Bankfield Terrace, Pudsey John W Ward Window Cleaner Ellen Wall    
1929 11 16 CALVERT John William 25 B Stone Quarrier 90 Charnwood Road, Undercliffe John Edward Calvert Teamsman James Arthur Calvert   AP289/A/30
  WESTMORELAND Ivy 25 S Worsted Weaver 6a Varley Street, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Harry Westmoreland Foreman Boilermaker Jennie Lee    
1930 04 05 NIELD Cyril Calvert 25 B Pattern Maker 47 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey James William Nield Fish Salesman Joseph Hardaker   AP289/A/31
  WINN Doris 29 S Dressmaker 17 Brunswick Road, Pudsey Thomas Winn Metal Broker Louie Keighley    
1930 07 26 MATTHEWS Roland 26 B Electrical Engineer 5a King Street, Stretford, Manchester Ernest Lawton Matthews Engineers Clerk H Matthews   AP289/A/32
  KEIGHLEY Louie 28 S Dressmaker 8 Pembroke Road, Pudsey John Keighley (Alderman) Limited Company Secretary C Keighley    
1930 12 27 RHODES Arthur 26 B Tailor (Master) Wilroyd, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Joseph Rhodes (deceased) Willie Firth   AP289/A/33
  ATKINSON Mary Elizabeth 27 S Typist & Bookkeeper 21 Vine Terrace, Stanningley Thomas Atkinson (Councillor) Foreman Moulder Florence Town    
1931 07 20 MITCHELL Jonathan Banks 23 B Horseman for Market Gardener 17 Longfield Grove, Pudsey Thomas Banks Mitchell Joiner Sydney Jackson   AP289/A/34
  PICKARD Louisa Lumby 22 S Confectioner's Assistant 12 King Street, Pudsey Benjamin Perkin Pickard Boot Operative Priscilla Mitchell    
1931 09 05 HARDAKER Joseph 27 B Motor Driver Prospect Villas, 76 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey John Coates Hardaker Foreman Carter Edward Dalton   AP289/A/35
  LEE Jennie 26 S Burler & Mender 6a Varley Street, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey William Henry Lee Professional Musician Aimee Lee    
1931 12 26 WILSON Dyson 22 B Journeyman Joiner 55 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Edward Wilson Woollen Fettler Herbert Ellis Drury, Dorothy Wilson   AP289/A/36
  ATKINSON Phyllis 27 S Worsted Weaver 6 Higher Grange Road, Pudsey John William Atkinson Engineer Freda Ravenscroft    
1932 04 30 STEEL William Metcalfe 24 B Market Gardener (Master) 59a Roker Lane, Pudsey William Steel Gardener John Crow, Eileen Steel   AP289/A/37
  RICHARDSON Mary 25 S Woollen Weaver 5 Rosemont Terrace, Pudsey Herbert Richardson Overlooker Herbert Richardson    
1932 06 11 PILLING Ernest Leslie 24 B Journeyman Painter & Decorator 23 Vine Terrace, Pudsey Manasseh Pilling Overlooker John Smith Naylor   AP289/A/38
  BELL Elizabeth 24 S Woollen Weaver 10 Fairfield Terrace, Bramley James Binnie Bell Moulder Catherine Bell    
1932 09 03 COOPER Reginald 25 B Woollen Mule Piecener 1 Ingham Street, Pudsey John William Cooper Painter Samuel F M Cooper   AP289/A/39
  MARSHALL Polly 26 S Burler & Mender 1 Ingham Street, Pudsey John Marshall Foundryman Jennie Hardaker, Clara Marshall    
1932 10 15 NAYLOR John Smith 28 B Clerk (Engineers) 11 Fartown, Pudsey Willie Naylor Boot Finisher Ernest Leslie Pilling   AP289/A/40
  PILLING Amy 23 S Worsted Warper 21 Vine Terrace, Pudsey Manasseh Pilling Overlooker Annie E Farnley, Manesseh Pilling    
1932 10 29 BANKS Philip 29 B Brush Makers Salesman Claremont, 2 Lowtown, Pudsey Reuben Banks Wool Merchant Nellie Banks   AP289/A/41
  HOLT Beatrice 27 S Burler & Mender 30 Brunswick Road, Pudsey William Henry Holt (deceased) Roland Booth    
1932 10 29 HAINSWORTH George Edward 32 W Coal Miner 294 Newburn Road, Throckley, Newcastle-on-Tyne John Hainsworth Cartwright Benjamin Thrippleton   AP289/A/42
  THRIPPLETON Sarah Jane 27 S Domestic Servant 50 Pembroke Road, Pudsey Walter Thrippleton Warehouseman Carrie Thrippleton    
1932 12 24 ACKROYD George Croft 28 B Basket Maker 128 Old Road, Farsley (deceased) . Norman Butler   AP289/A/43
  BARKER Alice 26 S Woollen Weaver 16 Beechwood Street, Farsley Herbert Payne Barker Shaft Turner Maud Wilcock    
1933 12 23 THOMPSON Harry 36 B Woolcombing Overlloker 21 Bankfield Terrace, Pudsey William Thompson (dec'd) Platelayer Wilfred? A Ellis   AP289/A/44
  ELLIS Ellen 33 S Shipping Agents Shorthand Typist 15 Woodlands Terrace, Bradford Road, Stanningley James William Ellis Joiner Walter Selby    
1933 12 23 SUGDEN Hubert 29 B Journeyman Basket Maker 9 Mount Pleasant Road, Pudsey Joseph Alfred Sugden Basket Skep & Hamper Finisher Harry Naylor   AP289/A/45
  HINCHLIFFE Hilda 23 S Worsted Weaver 12 West Street, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Fred Horsley Hinchliffe Warp Twister Marjorie Thornton    
1934 06 11 WEBSTER Philip 34 B Wool Sorter 11 Lumby Lane, Pudsey David Webster (dec'd) Wooll Merchant Willie Sugden   AP289/A/46
  FIRTH Dorothy 33 S Dressmaker 36 Robin Lane, Pudsey Grimshaw Firth Baker & Confectioner Jane Firth    
1934 06 16 RIMMINGTON William 26 B Journeyman Plumber 15 Larkfield Road, Pudsey Cecil Rimmington (dec'd) Foundry Labourer Charles E Rimmington   AP289/A/47
  ISZATT Rose Adelaide 36 S Hairdresser 31 Thorpe Road, Pudsey Thomas Iszatt Ticket Examiner (L.N.E.R.) Jessie Coates    
1935 06 01 LODGE Sydney 24 B Cloth Finisher 31 High Street, Farsley Arthur Lodge Woollen Fettler Harry B Kitching   AP289/A/48
  LEE Aimee 23 S Pattern Weaver 6a Varley Street, Stanningley William Henry Lee (dec'd) Musician Ruth J Buckle    
1935 07 06 MASKILL William 27 B Glass Technology Researchist 5 St Johns Avenue, Farsley John William Maskill Bakery Transport Manager James? Charles Holland   AP289/A/49
  HAINSWORTH Doris Irene 28 S Oil Company Typist 10 Club Row, Stanningley Charlie Hainsworth Drawing Overlooker Florence Isabel Coates    
1935 07 27 THOMPSON Cyril 21 B Mechanical Engineer 72 Fairfield Terrace, Bramley Thomas Thompson Moulder William Wilfred Thompson Rites of Salvation Army AP289/A/50
  RIDGWAY Sarah Ann 26 S . 33 Waterloo Road, Pudsey John William Ridgway (dec'd) Labourer Hilda Fozzard    
1935 08 31 DEAN William 22 B Pattern Weaver (Worsted) 20 Armstrong Street, Farsley William Dean Hackle Pin Maker Clarence Busfield   AP289/B/1
  KEIGHLEY Marion 30 S Worsted Weaver 3 Woodlands Terrace, Farsley Fred Keighley Weaving Overlooker Marjorie Keighley    
1935 11 16 HOLDER Percy 26 B Moulder at Ironfounders 62 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Ernest Holder Labourer Arthur Holder   AP289/B/2
  WITCOMB Phyllis 24 S Worsted Weaver 23 Peel Street, Pudsey George Francis Witcomb (dec'd) Cabinet Maker Dorothy Grunwell, Ernest Holder    
1935 12 21 WOOD Harold 24 B Engineer's Clerk 8 Oaklands Avenue, Calverley George Wood Warehouseman Allan Laws Emmott   AP289/B/3
  BUCKLE Ruth Jackson 24 S Woollen Weaver 28 Longfield Mount, Pudsey Harry Buckle Engineer Kathleen Buckle    
1936 05 30 COCKING Harold 26 B Woollen Weaving Overlooker 1 Botany Bay Place, Armley Arthur Cocking (dec'd) Forgeman Rowland Binks   AP289/B/4
  GAUNT Rhoda 24 S Woollen Warper 25 Pembroke Road, Pudsey Albert Ackroyd Gaunt Warehouseman Emma Walton    
1936 07 27 SUGDEN Willie 33 B Glass Merchants' Traveller 27 Robin Lane, Pudsey Benjamin Sugden (dec'd) Foreman Joiner Herbert Myers   AP289/B/5
  FIRTH Jane 30 S Confectioner's Assistant 36 Robin Lane, Pudsey Grimshaw Firth Confectioner Clara Keighley    
1937 05 15 DIXON Walter 28 B Iron Moulder 19 Oakroyd Mount, Pudsey Charles Boocock Dixon (dec'd) Warehouse Foreman Wilfred Dixon   AP289/B/6
  WALKER Evelyn 25 S Worsted Weaver 8 Ebenezer Square, Pudsey William Ceaton Walker (dec'd) Fettler Alice Walker    
1937 06 19 WHITE Clifford 26 B Journeyman House Painter 34 Croft Street, Farsley William Alfred White Mill Fettler Harold Proctor   AP289/B/7
  GLOVER Nellie 24 S Cardboard Box Maker 27 Laurel Mount, Pudsey Willie Glover Machine Minder Elsie Glover    
1937 08 21 BURNS Joseph 26 B Woollen Warehouseman 17 Ruskin Street, Bradford Road, Farsley William Burns (dec'd) Boot Repairer Annie Finlay   AP289/B/8
  BIRDSALL Annie Elizabeth 26 S Worsted Warper 2 Wesley Road, Farsley Arthur Birdsall (dec'd) Woollen Spinner John W Birdsall    
1938 06 22 WILCOCK Fred 27 B Newsagents Assistant 62 Bradford Road, Farsley James Wilcock Newsagent Annie M Smales   AP289/B/9
  SMALES Kathleen Mary 31 S . 1 Checker Row, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Joshua Fletcher Smales (dec'd) Joiner James Wilcock    
1938 07 30 ABBOTT George 25 B Mechanical Engineer 4 Vine Street, Pudsey John William Abbott Railway Drayman Polly Mohun By Licence AP289/B/10
  MOHUN Margaret Jane 24 S Operative Worsted Weaver 14 Troughton Street, Pudsey John George Mohun Foreman Tanner Albert Abbott    
1939 02 11 WOODHEAD John Alfred 25 B Woollen Drawer 34 Marsh, Pudsey Arthur Woodhead Fettler Arthur Woodhead   AP289/B/11
  SMITH Marian Ruth 23 S Cloth Mender Grove Villa, Pudsey Leonard Smith Wholesale & Retail Confectioner Marie Parker, Alexander Simpson    
1939 04 08 WOOLFENDEN Stanley 25 B Police Constable 26 Fell Lane, Keighley John William Woolfenden (dec'd) Insurance Agent Jack Woolfenden   AP289/B/12
  BUCKLE Kathleen 23 S Woollen Weaver 1 Owlcotes Terrace, Pudsey Harry Buckle Warehouseman Winifred Woolfenden    
1939 08 11 EASTON Robert Harold 27 B Printing Machineman 11 Varley Street, Farsley Harold John Easton Insurance Agent Harold J Easton   AP289/B/13
  CATON Sheila 27 S Cloth Mender 5 Sunny Bank Lane, Farsley Herbert Caton (dec'd) Plumber Millicent Walker    
1939 09 23 BROOKS Arthur 24 B Iron Moulder 11 Varley Street, Stanningley William Henry Brooks Painter & Decorator Horace Ralph N* Drake   AP289/B/14
  DICKENS Dorothy 19 S Wallpaper Stores Assistant 452 Broad Lane, Bramley William Barker Dickens Engineer (Merchant Service) Marjorie Bradshaw    
1939 10 07 BLAKELEY Richard Eric 24 B Compositor 1 Sydney Street, Farsley Samuel Blakeley Compositor Lawrence A Parkinson   AP289/B/15
  WILKINSON Muriel 23 S Worsted Weaver 1 Wood Nook Terrace, Farsley Simeon Wilkinson Warp Dresser Madge Busfield    
1939 12 23 NOBLE Fred 28 B Leather Warehouseman 1 Hutton Terrace, Pudsey Walter Noble Engineer Mabel Sugden, Norman Sugden   AP289/B/16
  SUGDEN Elizabeth 29 S Woollen Weaver Norwood, 20 Ashfield Road, Pudsey Sam Sugden (dec'd) Iron Foundry Labourer Alice Noble    
1940 03 23 WOODHEAD Clifford 25 B Woollen Fettler 19 Milner Fold, Pudsey Herbert Woodhead (dec'd) Warehouseman Harold Waite   AP289/B/17
  GLOVER Elsie 25 S Cardboard Box Maker 27 Laurel Mount, Pudsey Willie Glover Condenser Minder Beatrice Mary Maher    
1940 03 23 SAWYER John William 65 W Hairdresser (Retired) 33 Thorpe Road, Pudsey John Sawyer (dec'd) Gardener Adele Popert   AP289/B/18
  POPERT Mary Ann 66 W Housekeeper 40 Brunswick Road, Farsley Joseph Parker (dec'd) Brick Burner John Walker, Alfred Ernest Carter    
1940 12 2* JESSOP Arnold 22 B Mechanical Engineers Lather? 31 Longfield Mount, Pudsey Herbert Jessop Bricklayer Ronald G Johnson   AP289/B/19
  RAYNER Annie 26 S Silk Weaver 8 Inghams Avenue, Pudsey Herbert A Rayner Mechanic Bessie Bentley    
1941 03 29 BINKS John Lyndine 27 B Labourer Engineering Dept L.N.E.R. 16 Pembroke Road, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey (deceased) . Arthur Binks   AP289/B/20
  WARD Mary 26 S Woollen Twister 10 Bankfield Terrace, Stanningley (deceased) . Ivy Binks, G W Ward    
1941 04 26 LAZENBY Harry 21 B Lance Corporal 30 319500 H.M.Army. R.A.O.B (Lorry Driver) 18 Intake Lane, Stanningley Ernest Lazenby Market Gardener George Green By Licence AP289/B/21
  HARDAKER Cora 23 S Tailoress 16 Ebenezer Square, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley (deceased) . Florence E Hardaker    
1941 08 02 HOLDER Herbert 29 B Plater's Helper (Iron Foundry) 9 Ebenezer Square, Pudsey Ernest Holder Hydraulic Gland Packer Arthur Holder   AP289/B/22
  BELFIELD Kathleen Mary 24 S Worsted Weaver 18 Peel Street, Pudsey (deceased) . Doris Marjorie Wilkinson    
1941 11 11 TURNPENNY Frank 30 B Pte No 13103461 H.M.Army (Woollen Loom Turner) 1 Cromack View, Pudsey Thomas William Turnpenny Draper M Turnpenny   AP289/B/23
  CROFT Martha Elizabeth 34 S Woollen Warper 29 Pembroke Road, Pudsey (deceased) . C Swallow    
1942 04 08 MOODY Willie 24 B Stoker No KX005361 Royal Navy (Bus Conductor) 15 Aston Street, Bramley John Willis Moody Electric Car? Repairer James H Marshall By Licence AP289/B/24
  WILLIAMSON Edna 21 S Agricultural Worker W.L.A. 15 Inghams Avenue, Waterloo, Pudsey John Williamson Card Grinder Alice Williamson    
1942 06 2* MYERS Stanley Procter 25 B Bombardier 1802456 H.M.Army (Landscape Gardener) 69 Lane End, Pudsey Samuel Myers Carrier Winifred Irene Procter   AP289/B/25
  TRIPPETT Dorothy 21 S Cardboard* Cutter 29 Laurel Terrace, Stanningley John L Trippett Coal Association Secretary Samuel Rowland Myers    
1942 11 14 TOPHAM Eric Harry 23 B Craftsman H.M.Army 915547 (Office Machinery Engineer) 64 Pullan Avenue, Bradford Frank Topham Typewriter Engineer Douglas Harland   AP289/B/26
  PARKER Mavis 22 S Shorthand 12 Moorland Grove, Thornbury Frank Parker Grocer Rita Elizabeth Topham    
1943 01 02 WHITLEY Albert 42 W Worsted Warehouseman 8 Wood Street, Sunfield, Stanningley (deceased) . William D Wilson   AP289/B/27
  BINNS Sarah 45 W Woollen Twister 18 New Scarborough, Stanningley Ben Ward Quarry Foreman Norman Shutt?    
1943 06 11 BOYCE Cecil Edmund 23 B Sergeant R.A.S.C. S/189405 (Railway Clerk) 18 Sycamore Avenue, Cleadon Park, South Shields Cecil Edmund Boyce Pattern Maker A Boyce By Licence AP289/B/28
  BRETT Ida 23 S Corporal A.T.S. W/63092 (Commercial Clerk) 26 Chapel Street, Stanningley Amos William Brett Master Decorator W M Carter?    
1943 12 27 PATON Cornelius William 20 B Driver 10686297 H.M.Army (Steeplejack) Grove House, Pudsey Henry Alfred Paton Chimney Sweep A E Cousins   AP289/B/29
  JESSOP Maud 22 S Railway Painter (L.N.E.R.) 22 Mulberry Street, Pudsey Herbert Jessop Bricklayer (L.N.E.R.) J Hitchcox    
1944 05 07 KEIGHLEY Robert 23 B Iron Turner 7 Rusholme Drive, Farsley Archibald Norman Keighley (dec'd) Mule Spinner John Oddy   AP289/B/30
  COULT Jean 23 S Private 116503 A.T.S. (Cardboard * Cutter) 14 Roker Grove, Pudsey . . Betty Keighley    
1945 08 29 MADDOCK Wilfred Stanley 25 B Ft Lt 50455 Royal Air Force 21 Shelagh Avenue, Widnes John Maddock (dec'd) . * Maddock By Licence AP289/B/31
  PROCTER Winifred Irene 22 S L.A.C.W/2057785 Royal Air Force Lynfield, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Rufus Procter Motor Driver R Procter    
1947 02 05 TOWNS Herbert 59 W Mechanical Engineer's Fitter's Labourer 30 Mortimer Row, Bradford . . James William Varley   AP289/B/32
  VARLEY Esther Ann 56 S Worsted Drawer 13 New Scarborough, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Sam Varley Labourer Frank Smith    
1947 11 12 WILCOCK James 62 W Master Newsagent & Confectioner 39 Wesley Road, Stanningley Harry Wilcock Rivetter A Stevenson   AP289/B/33
  MURGATROYD Annie 53 W . 16 Moss Lea, Churwell, Morley John Murgatroyd Gardener A Wilcock    
1948 03 24 POTTS Norman 24 B Electrical Engineer's Tool Maker 30 Radnor Street, Bradford Moor, Bradford David William Potts Retired Alfred Squire Spencer   AP289/B/34
  WILLIAMSON Mary 21 S Clerk Engineering Works 15 Inghams Avenue, Waterloo, Pudsey John Williamson Carding Engineer John Williamson    
1948 09 04 THRIPPLETON Wilfred 27 B Newspaper Branch Office Manager 50 Pembroke Road, Pudsey Maurice Verity Thrippleton Insurance Representative (Retired) Margaret Fox   AP289/B/35
  FOX Joyce Sarah 24 S Shorthand Typist 22 Vine Terrace, Stanningley Wilfrid Parkinson Fox Moulder in Iron Foundry (Retired) Stanley Myers    
1949 07 02 BIRD Jack 21 B Builder's Fitter 371 Harrogate Road, Leeds Arthur Bird Barman John Lindyne Binks   AP289/B/36
  JESSOP Jean 21 S Woollen & Worsted Drawer 17 Inghams Avenue, Pudsey Herbert Jessop Labourer Betty Bird    
1949 08 01 BENNETT Ernest 25 B Tractor Manufacturers Diesel Fitter 31 Newlands, Farsley Fred Bennett Sub-Postmaster John Henry Bennett   AP289/B/37
  FIRTH Ruby 23 S Hospital Staff Nurse S.R.N. Newlyn, Woodhall Park West, Stanningley Percy Firth Resident Engineer Edith Margaret Hagley    
1949 12 24 VARLEY Kenneth Harry 23 B Despatch Clerk (General Dealers) 8 Calverley Moor Avenue, Thornbury Herbert Graham Varley Grocer Alec Toal   AP289/B/38
  THROUP Audrey Doreen 20 S Hairdresser Bren Berl, 22 Albert Street, Pudsey Rowland Throup Engineers Fitter Joyce Toal    
1950 02 11 LAWSON Bernard 21 B Chemists Assistant 9 Parkfield Terrace, Stanningley Ernest Lawson Welder? Cyril Bell Rites of Salvation Army AP289/B/39
  ROBINS Joyce 19 S Woollen Weaver 15 Turkey Hill, Pudsey George Arthur Robins Woollen Fettler Jane Robins    
1951 01 30 SMITH Allan 31 B Master Confectioner & Tobacconist Grove Villa, Chapeltown, Pudsey Leonard Smith (dec'd) Master Confectioner & Tobacconist Dennis Smith   AP289/B/40
  DALE Irene 22 S Shorthand Typist (Solicitors) 29 Sholebroke Street, Leeds 7 Robert Henry Dale Late Leeds City Transport Kathleen Dale    
1952 1* 15 FOSTER Gordon Stanley 21 B Woollen Mill Manager *, Pudsey Edward A* Foster * Colin Thomas * Illegible entry AP289/B/41
  WILLIAMSON Alice 30 S * Electrical Engineers 16 St James Crescent, Pudsey John Williamson Overlooker *    
1954 04 0* HENRY Harry Mason 60 D Registered Accountant (National Health Service) 78 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Alexander Henry (deceased) Duncan Ward Previous marriage dissolved AP289/B/42
  APPLEYARD Lena Elizabeth 45 S Clerk National Health Service * Longfield Grove, Lowtown, Pudsey John William Appleyard (deceased) Enid Hesling?    
1954 07 24 FARRAND Harry 24 B Ham Boiler (Bacon Manufacturers) 6 Westroyd, Pudsey Joe Farrand (deceased) Geoffrey Farrand   AP289/B/43
  WILSON Joyce Mary 21 S Retail Grocer's Assistant 6 Higher Grange Road, Pudsey Dyson Wilson Shopfitter Pauline Elsworth    
1956 07 28 TIDSWELL Gerald 22 B Draughtsman (Electrical Engineers) 35 Laurel Mount, Stanningley Samuel Edward Tidswell Insurance Clerk E Tidswell   AP289/B/44
  STEEL Pauline 21 S Clerk (Refrigerator Manufacturers) 5 Rosemont Terrace, Pudsey William Metcalfe Steel Market Gardener M Steel    
1956 09 15 SPINK Peter Robert 28 B Rating Assistant Pudsey Borough Council Burnholm, Church Lane, Pudsey Claud Sidney Spink Wholesale Tobacconist (Retired) E Mitchell   AP289/B/45
  FORBES Frances Brenda 21 S Wages Clerk Pudsey Borough Council 88 Swinnow Road, Leeds 13 John Forbes (dec'd) Engineer N Naylor    
1957 03 02 WILLIAMSON Walter 25 B Coil Winder (Electrical Engineers) 16 St James Crescent, Pudsey John Williamson Card Grinder (Woollen Mill) G Wilson   AP289/B/46
  PATCHETT Pauline 21 S Ladies Hairdresser 14 Ings Road, Leeds 9 George Patchett Managing Director Engineering M Stourton?    
1957 03 16 WALKER William Stewart 26 B Service Engineer (Electrical Engineers) 12 Mount Pleasant Road, Pudsey John Walker (dec'd) Weaving Overlooker Frank Moody   AP289/B/47
  MOODY Jean Clara 29 S Typist (Electrical Engineers) 3 Burlington Avenue, Thornbury, Bradford Frank Moody Engineers Grinder (Retired) Kenneth Walker    
1957 09 14 WINTER John Clark 24 B Bank Clerk 17 Tyersal View, Tyersal John Wilson Winter Wool Warehouse Foreman J E Webster   AP289/B/48
  PILLING Patricia Helen 20 S Bank Clerk 12 Hutton Terrace, Pudsey Ernest Leslie Pilling Master Painter & Decorator David S Winter    
1957 12 21 BARTHOLOMEW Gilbert 62 W Yard Inspector (British Railways) 72 Johns Avenue, Lofthouse . . James Allen Rites of Salvation Army AP289/B/49
  DEAN Doris 50 W . 14 Westdale Gardens, Pudsey Joseph Schofield (dec'd) General Labourer Phyllis Schofield    
1957 12 28 HOLDER Arthur 47 B Electric Crane Driver (Engineers) 15 Ebenezer Square, Stanningley Ernest Holder (dec'd) General Labourer John Eccleshell   AP289/B/50
  ECCLESHELL Mary 34 S Drawer Worsted Mill 29 Westdale Road, Pudsey John Henry Eccleshell (dec'd) Bootmaker Herbert Holder    
1958 07 05 DALBY Peter 24 B Joiner & Cabinet Maker (Joureyman) 3 Rosemont Avenue, Pudsey Herbert Dalby Semi Skilled Machinist (Engineering) B Dalby    
  NAYLOR Noreen 23 S Assistant Cashier (Rayon Manufacturers) 23 Vine Terrace, Pudsey John Smith Naylor Estimator (Engineering Works) F B Spink?    
1959 03 28 HANNAM Malcolm 20 B Farm Worker 31 Armitage Road, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield James Hannam Woollen Fettler H M Brearley    
  THOMPSON Violet 21 S * (Dry Cleaners) Ridgeway, Roker Lane, Pudsey Cyril Thompson Smallholder K A Thompson    
1962 03 17 PILLING Brian 23 B Wool Salesman 25 Laurel Terrace, Stanningley Albert Pilling Worsted Drawing Overlooker Barrie W Fountain    
  NAYLOR Margaret 21 S Shorthand Typist 28 Vernon Place, Stanningley Tom Naylor Weft Warehouseman Pauline M Hunt    
1962 08 24 HEWITT Sydney Frederic 41 D Buyer Chemical Manufacturers 4 Speeton Grove, Bradford Arthur Summerfield Hewitt (dec'd) Insurance Representative Eric Orlando Bailey Previous marriage dissolved  
  WEBSTER Eileen Margaret 19 S Shorthand Typist Chemical Manufacturers 10 Rutland Court, Pudsey Sydney Webster Wool Buyer Wool Merchants Catherine Margaret Binks    
1962 10 27 GRAYSTON Philip 21 B Operative Worsted Weaver 20 Longfield Grove, Pudsey . . Kathryn Elizabeth Lodge    
  LODGE Gillian Margaret 18 S Shorthand Typist 8 Ashfield Grove, Stanningley Sydney Lodge Progress Clerk Gerald Anthony Grayston    
1963 03 30 SPILSBURY John Bernard 21 B Gear Cutter Engineers 28 Tamworth Street, Bradford Joe Spilsbury Motor Van Driver Engineers John Martin Edmond? Rites of Salvation Army  
  THOMPSON Kathleen Ann 22 S Stores Control Clerk Engineers Ridgeway, Roker Lane, Pudsey Cyril Thompson Smallholder Hilary Thompson    
1964 03 28 HARDAKER Michael Lee 20 B Joiner 7 Ashfield Grove, Stanningley Joseph Hardaker Store Keeper Philip Grayston    
  HOLDER Yvonne 18 S Bank Clerk 9 Ebenezer Square, Pudsey Percy Holder (dec'd) Moulder Brian Elsworth    
1964 09 26 CAWOOD Robert Anthony 22 B Engineering Draughtsman 26 Armley Grange View, Leeds 12 John Charles Cawood School Teacher Margery Joan Cawood    
  CARTLIDGE Christine 20 S Secretary 51 Thorpe Road, Pudsey Charles Albert Cartlidge Engineer John Stephen Cawood    
1964 10 03 HARE Melvyn 21 B Apprentice Engineer Grove House, Pudsey Edgar Hare Baker Frank Harwood    
  CAUWOOD Wendy Jill 19 S Manageress (Gown Shop) 14 Woodfield Terrace, Pudsey William Cauwood (dec'd) Labourer *