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Farnley St Michaels Marriages

The existing church of St Michael in Farnley is comparatively new, though built on the site of older chapels. Baptisms and burials were carried out here from an early period; some memorial stones in the church yard date back to the 17th century. Known records date back to 1624.

Marriages for Farnley were carried out at Leeds parish church until 1839.

The basic marriage index here consists of all the 1,670 marriages that took place in the 110 year period between 1839 and 1950. They are in date order. The reference is the registration number at Leeds Register Office.

1839-1897 | 1897-1954
His Occ.
His Occ.
1897 07 31 DIXON James 23 B Blacksmith Bramley Proctor Dixon Blacksmith Arthur Knight   CE16/A/51
  BROADBENT Annie 23 S Spinner Farnley John Broadbent Labourer Ada Bastow Broadbent    
1897 08 07 LEE Isaac 23 B Miner Wortley Epaphras Lee Fettler Mark Ellis   CE16/A/52
  SPEIGHT Rhoda 23 S Minder Farnley Joseph Speight Miner Harriet Ann Ellis    
1897 09 04 SMITH Edward 24 B Brickmaker 7 Forge Row Sammy Smith Colliery Banksman John Smith   CE16/A/53
  SHARPE Lily 20 S   60 Cow Close Road Squire Smith (dec) Collier Alice Ann Sharpe    
1897 09 16 ROBINSON John 29 B Labourer Farnley William Robinson Labourer Myers Alderson   CE16/A/54
  DAKER Sarah Elizabeth 23 S Weaver Farnley William Daker Labourer Florence Emily Ramsden    
1897 09 18 MANN John Thomas 21 B Miner Farnley John Mann Forgeman William Richard Holmes   CE16/A/55
  HOLMES Frances 24 S   Farnley Robert Holmes Labourer Florence Bayfield    
1897 10 02 HARTLEY Harry 21 B Warper 9 James Street, Holbeck James Hartley (dec) Dyer Jared Rhodes   CE16/A/56
  RHODES Theresa 21 S   1 School Close, Farnley John Rhodes Forgeman Amos Croft    
1897 10 23 CROWTHER George 23 B Boot & Shoe Maker Farnley Moor Top John Edward Crowther Boot & Shoe Maker James Barraclough   CE16/A/57
  PEATE Elizabeth 22 S   Farnley Moor Top Lewin Peate Boilermaker Annie Elizabeth Peate    
1897 11 08 WOOD Joshua 28 B Miner Farnley Jonas Wood (dec) Labourer Harry Sharp   CE16/A/58
  ARMSTRONG Harriet 24 S Weaver Drighlington William Armstrong Labourer Jane Wood    
1897 12 25 HORNER Joseph 22 B Cutter out Farnley William Horner Moulder Herbert Grunwell, John Rinder   CE16/A/59
  RINDER Annie 20 S   Farnley John Rinder Clothier Rosa Tempest, Beatrice Hemingway    
1897 12 27 DUNWELL James 38 W Clay Miner 10 West End, New Farnley James Dunwell (dec) Labourer Alfred Oddy   CE16/A/60
  ODDY Sarah Ann 40 S   3 School Close George Oddy Joiner Martha Ann Oddy    
1898 04 09 EMSLEY Arthur 21 B Warper Pudsey Alfred Emsley Spinner Samuel Emsley   CE16/A/61
  SPEIGHT Annie 23 S Weaver Farnley John Ingham Collier Rose Ingham    
1898 04 11 PEEL Albert 26 B Labourer Farnley William Peel Miner Benjamin Barras Saville   CE16/A/62
  SAVILLE Ann Barras 24 S   Morley Benjamin Barras Saville Grocer Helen Saville    
1898 05 28 SHAW John William 19 B Beamer Farnley Thomas Saville Shaw Tuner George Wilson   CE16/A/63
  DAKER Harriet 18 S Weaver Farnley William Daker Labourer Elizabeth Ann Wilson    
1898 06 02 MARSDEN James Walker 29 B Joiner 5 Croft Terrace Jabez Marsden Joiner Eleanor Jasper By Licence CE16/A/64
  JASPER Elizabeth Tomlinson 31 S   5 Croft Terrace Enoch Jasper Plate Roller Enoch Jasper    
1898 07 11 BEST James 24 B Carter 8 East End William Best Carter Joseph Hodgson   CE16/A/65
  HODGSON Sarah Ann 23 S   34 Playground Ralph Hodgson Miner Hannah Elizabeth Best    
1898 07 18 ROWLING Walter 23 B Butcher Ashgrove, Ilkley Joseph Rowling Furniture Dealer Harry Rowling   CE16/A/66
  BASTOW Louisa 25 S   9 Forge Row Edwin Bastow Deputy Miner Beatrice Bastow    
1898 07 30 SHAW Fred 28 B Labourer Farnley William Shaw Spinner John H Royce   CE16/A/67
  RAYNER Hannah 29 S Weaver Farnley William Rayner (dec)   Elizabeth E Chapman    
1898 09 03 COWBURN John William 28 B Labourer 8 Forge Row Charles Cowburn No occupation John George Royce   CE16/A/68
  ROYCE Annie 30 S   22 Cow Close Grove Jasper Royce Platelayer Susannah Royce    
1898 09 03 FIRTH Charles Henry 24 B Labourer Forge Yard Richard Renner Firth Carrier Jim Harry Royce   CE16/A/69
  ROYCE Ada 22 S   22 Cow Close Grove Jasper Royce Platelayer Laura Royce    
1898 09 03 FAWBERT Joseph 22 B Labourer Farnley Isaac Fawbert Willyer William Arthur Burley   CE16/A/70
  PARKES Lois 19 S Domestic Servant Farnley Edward Parkes Collier Abigail Higgins, Herbert Fawbert    
1898 09 05 TAYLOR Manfred 27 B Clay Temperer Wortley William Henry Taylor (dec) Miner Arthur Pyrah, Absalom Taylor   CE16/A/71
  PYRAH Mary Ellen 23 S Weaver Farnley Charles Pyrah Forgeman Eliza Taylor, Martha Elizabeth Lightowler    
1898 09 10 TEASDALE Willie 26 B Brick Setter Dewsbury James Robinson Teasdale Under Manager Arthur Mortimer, Eli Teasdale   CE16/A/72
  SMITH Ellen 22 S Weaver Farnley Johhn Smith Minse Florence Smith, Eva Teasdale    
1898 09 12 STUBLEY Benjamin Meek 43 W Lamplighter Farnley Thomas Stubley (dec) Cloth Dresser Tom Wright   CE16/A/73
  CLARK Venus 25 S   Carlton in the Willows George Clark Station Master Sarah Ann Wright    
1898 10 01 KERSHAW Arthur 27 B Labourer Hipperholme nr Lightcliffe Edwin Kershaw Bricklayer Harry Wade   CE16/A/74
  WADE Elizabeth 25 S   Farnley John Wade (dec) Forgeman Mary Jane Wade, Eva Coates    
1898 10 05 GIBSON John Robert 28 B Boilersmith Farnley John Gibson Boilersmith Joseph Lowe, Edward Sharp   CE16/A/75
  GILBERT Maria 31 S Domestic Servant Farnley Phineas Gilbert (dec) Shepherd Ellen Gibson    
1898 11 19 SOWDEN John 27 B Sawyer Farnley Amos Sowden Blast Furnaceman Edward Sharp   CE16/A/76
  SHARPE Emma 26 S Weaver Farnley George Sharpe Labourer Elizabeth Sharpe    
1898 12 24 ROYCE John Henry 21 B Labourer Farnley Thomas Royce Forgeman John William Chapman   CE16/A/77
  CHAPMAN Elizabeth Ellen 20 S Weaver Farnley Richard Chapman Labourer Sarah Jane Garside    
1898 12 26 CROFT Alvah 24 B Miner Farnley Amos Croft Miner Edgar Croft   CE16/A/78
  WARD Grace Ann 25 S Weaver Pudsey Benjamin Ward Platelayer Margaret Ward, Alice Maude Croft    
1899 01 31 PEEL William Edward 26 B Farmer Bilby Farm, Bilby nr Retford Samuel Peel Farmer Brooke Gibson   CE16/A/79
  GIBSON Alice 33 S   3 Ashfield, Farnley Ephraim Gibson Plumber Carter Gibson    
1899 02 21 DANIEL Rowland 22 B Brick Drawer Farnley Henry Daniel Gardener Samuel Asquith Banks   CE16/A/80
  HARRISON Ada 18 S Weaver Farnley James Isaac Harrison Collier Clara Ellen Daniel    
1899 03 04 WADE Greenwood 24 B Packer Farnley Charles Wade Miner Harry Burgoyne, Charley Wade   CE16/A/81
  HODGSON Ellen 20 S Weaver Farnley David Hodgson Pattern Maker Jane Elizabeth Wade, Alice Bertha Abbott    
1899 04 01 BEDFORD Benjamin Allen 25 B Cloth Boiler Wortley John Bedford (dec) Dyer Arthur Farrar Briggs   CE16/A/82
  MOORE Margaret Tabitha 21 S   Farnley James Moore (dec) Deputy Prison Governor Susan Moore, Louisa Sarah Moore    
1899 04 05 CLEMENTS Samuel Dabvid 40 B Physician & Surgeon Lytham House, Farnley James Clements (dec) Schoolmaster James Clements   CE16/A/83
  SHARPE Jane Ann Grace Metcalfe 27 S   Huby, Leeds George Metcalfe Sharpe Surgeon Elizabeth Batley    
1899 04 17 WRIGHT John William 23 B Clay Worker 8 West End, New Farnley John Wright (dec) Labourer Eli Teasdale   CE16/A/84
  BEST Hannah Elizabeth 22 S   8 East End, New Farnley William Best Labourer Mary Hannah Taylor    
1899 05 20 FOWLER George 20 B Carter S Bernards, Gildersome Tom Fowler Collier Thomas Normington   CE16/A/85
  HUDSON Elizabeth 22 S   3 West End, New Farnley James Hudson Collier Annie Taylor    
1899 05 20 BOOTH Alfred 21 B Labourer 57 Roker Lane, Pudsey Harry Booth Warp Dresser Walter Amery   CE16/A/86
  ATKINSON Emma 20 S   6 Newton Square, Farnley Samuel Atkinson Labourer Florrie Booth    
1899 06 14 DRIFFIELD William 24 B Architect Walcot, Balk William Driffield (dec) Gentleman Frank Driffield, Joseph Croysdale   CE16/A/87
  CROYSDALE Jessie Rebecca 22 S   Farnley Joseph Croysdale Cloth Manufacturer Alicia Marguerite Driffield, Ellen Highmoor    
1899 06 24 COOLING Harry 30 B Labourer 1 Farnley Place Charles Cooling (dec) Labourer Albert Cooling   CE16/A/88
  DOBSON Janet 20 S   Farnley Place James Dobson (dec) Moulder Priscilla Cooling    
1899 06 28 STOBBS Arthur 34 B Barman & Waiter Pateley Bridge James Stobbs Quarryman Frank Hawkin, Joseph Riley By Certificate CE16/A/89
  RILEY Julia 35 S   Farnley Samuel Riley Forgeman Annie Riley, Elizabeth Stobbs    
1899 07 15 WADDINGTON Alfred 28 B Joiner Farnley Robert Waddington Joiner William Waddington   CE16/A/90
  EGGINTON Eliza 22 S   Farnley Edward Egginton Puddler Lily Hill, William Gallimore    
1899 07 25 DOUGHTY George 30 B Teacher Upper Armley John Doughty Stock Keeper Frederick Broughton Throup   CE16/A/91
  THROUP Hilda Maria 25 S   New Blackpool John Throup Stores Keeper Mary Emma Throup    
1899 08 05 BURGOYNE Arthur 26 B Weighman Farnley Peter Burgoyne Engineman John Garside   CE16/A/92
  GARSIDE Isabella 25 S   Farnley James Garside Banksman Eva Burgoyne    
1899 09 16 HOLROYD George 24 B Clay Miner Farnley James Holroyd Clay Miner Albert Holroyd   CE16/A/93
  CLAPHAM Martha Ann 23 S Burler Farnley Samuel Clapham Weaver Arthur Normington    
1899 09 23 THORNTON Clifford 21 B Waggon Builder Saville Town, Dewsbury Seth Thornton (dec) Waggon Builder John Thomas Brannan   CE16/A/94
  PRIESTLEY Mary 21 S Weaver Farnley Matthew Priestley Labourer Betty Priestley    
1899 09 28 WADDINGTON Stephen 31 W Traveller Bowling nr Bradford Walter Waddington Manufacturer Daniel Lee, Harry Lee   CE16/A/95
  LEE Rose Ann 22 S   Farnley William Lee Labourer Eliza Hargreave, Annie Bastow    
1899 09 30 METCALF Richard 31 B Pattern Maker 9 Granite Street, Armley Hall Richard Metcalf (dec) Cloth Finisher John Gibson   CE16/A/96
  GIBSON Ellen 27 S   58 Cow Close Road John Gibson Boilersmith Harry Mitchell Gibb    
1899 10 14 RHODES Thomas Peacock 28 B Engineman Boundary Place, Roundhay Rd, Leeds George Lodge Peacock Butcher Charles Tordoff   CE16/A/97
  TORDOFF Rosina 27 S Weaver Farnley John Tordoff Miner Frances Tordoff    
1899 12 25 RUDKIN Charles 28 B Cloth Dresser Farnley Tom Rudkin Watchman William Thomas Rudkin, Willie Braithwaite Johnson   CE16/A/98
  EVISON Mary Elizabeth   S Weaver Wortley Simon Robert Drayman Betsy Rudkin, Annie Evison    
1900 01 13 TORDOFF Albert 30 B Packer Farnley John Tordoff Miner John William Ingham   CE16/A/99
  HIRST Florence 24 S Weaver Farnley William Hirst (dec) Labourer Ann Hirst    
1900 02 03 GRANT David 20 B Rivetter Bath Avenue, Bramley Harry Grant Joiner Thomas Taylor, Myers Robinson   CE16/A/100
  BRETHERICK Annie 19 S Weaver Farnley Crescent Thomas Bretherick Stone Sawyer Mary Jane Ledsham    
1900 03 12 TAYLOR Joseph 40 B Miner Farnley William Taylor (dec) Labourer Thomas Normington   CE16/A/101
  DOUGHTY Ellen 34 W Confectioner Farnley John Stead Forgeman Annie Normington    
1900 03 31 WIDDISON George 20 B Groom Farnley Lodge William Widdison Farmer Albert Tordoff   CE16/A/102
  THORNTON Agnes 18 S   18 Ashfield, Farnley John Thornton Forgeman Lilly Ann Wilcock    
1900 04 14 GRAYSON Ben 28 B Blast Furnaceman 2 Lodge Hill Joseph Grayson (dec) Sawyer Sam Grayson, Fred Coates   CE16/A/103
  COATES Eva 27 S   26 Playground John Coates Labourer Annie Grayson    
1900 04 14 BRADSHAW Harry 21 B Miner Farnley James Bradshaw (dec) Miner John Peat   CE16/A/104
  SMITH Elethia 19 S Weaver Farnley     Louisa Shaw    
1900 04 16 LIGHTOWLER Ralph 25 B Miner 20 Playground William Lightowler Miner Walter Best   CE16/A/105
  TAYLOR Mary Hannah 23 S   10 Playground Andrew Taylor Miner Eliza Ann Taylor    
1900 06 02 PRIESTLEY David North 24 B Enameller Farnley George Priestley (dec) Blacksmith Gersham Inman, Rufus Hanson   CE16/A/106
  HANSON Alice Maude 21 S Teacher Farnley Rufus Hanson Photographer Alice Barker, Annie Dennison    
1900 06 02 JAGGER Lewis 32 B Labourer Farnley Alfred Jagger (dec) Rivetter Edward Smith   CE16/A/107
  SMITH Beda 32 S Weaver Farnley Samuel Smith (dec) Banksman Alice Smith, Beatrice Smith    
1900 06 02 WALTON Arthur 29 B Labourer Farnley Richard Walton Veterinary Surgeon Squire Brooke   CE16/A/108
  BROOKE Louisa 29 S Weaver Farnley Samuel Brooke Labourer Fanny Firth    
1900 06 09 KELLETT Jared 24 B Brickworks Foreman 7 Ashfield John Samuel Kellett Forgeman Arthur Kellett   CE16/A/109
  BUCKLEY Emily 24 S   16 School Close Joseph Buckley Clay Worker Ann Ellen Kellett    
1900 06 20 ROBERTS George 64 W Farmer Ings Hall Farm, Moor Top William Roberts Farmer Joseph Stocks By Licence CE16/A/110
  SOWDEN Mary 60 W   Moor Top James Bateson Farmer Sarah Ann Gibson    
1900 06 25 THRESH Charles William 27 B Millhand Drighlington Henry Thresh Miner Willie Stocks   CE16/A/111
  VARLEY Clara Ellen 25 S Weaver Farnley John Varley (dec) Miner Elizabeth Galloway    
1900 08 04 SIMPSON Thomas 24 B Labourer Wortley Thomas Simpson Engine Driver Joseph Normington, Harry Normington   CE16/A/112
  NORMINGTON Lavinia 22 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Normington Miner Susy Normington, Florence Simpson    
1900 08 29 ALDERSON Ernest Myers   B Sanitary Worker 5 Ashfield Joseph Alderson * Under Manager Harry Lang   CE16/A/113
  FLETCHER Annie   S   66 Cow Close Road Ephraim Fletcher (dec) Miner Louisa Alderson    
1900 09 19 TOWN Wilson 25 B Clerk Morley John Wood Town Tobacconist John Galloway   CE16/A/114
  GALLOWAY Lily 25 S Weaver Farnley John Galloway Miner Amy Galloway    
1900 10 06 CONNOR Joe 21 B Miner Farnley William Connor Labourer Smith Connor   CE16/A/115
  SPEIGHT Hannah 20 S Weaver Farnley Walter Speight Miner Eliza Ann Alderson    
1900 11 24 WALKER Walter 23 B Labourer Farnley David Walker Labourer Charles Oxtoby, Alice Walker   CE16/A/116
  WEBSTER Annie 26 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Webster (dec) Hairdresser Frank Fieldhouse, Hilda Webster    
1900 11 24 HODGSON Albert 25 B Millhand Farnley Samuel Hodgson Rope Maker Isaac Rodwell Newton   CE16/A/117
  NEWTON Isabella 26 S Millhand Gildersome John Newton Labourer Annie Beevers    
1900 12 22 WRAY Arthur 25 B Clay Worker 24 Branch Place, New Blackpool William Wilkinson Wray (dec) Brick Burner Denton Wharton   CE16/A/118
  BEST Jane 22 S   25 Playground John Best Forgeman Eleanor Sharpe    
1900 12 22 ASHLEY John 23 B Joiner Farnley John Ashley Chemical Maker Squire Daker   CE16/A/119
  DAKER Mary Jane 22 S Weaver Farnley William Daker Labourer Martha Waite, Thomas Ashley    
1900 12 26 PARMINTER John Bateson Vye 18 B Ex Pupil Teacher 21 School Close John Vye Parminter Schoolmaster Thomas Baxendale By Licence CE16/A/120
  BAXENDALE Annie 18 S   8 Croft Terrace Thomas Baxendale Glazed Brick Maker Amos Croft    
1900 12 26 OXLEY Fred 24 B Miner Gildersome John Oxley Miner Albert Henry Maloney, Albert Bentley Hepworth   CE16/A/121
  SMITH Sarah Ann 23 S Dressmaker Farnley Benjamin Smith Engine Tenter Martha Ellen Smith, Mary Helliwell    
1901 01 30 DRIFFIELD Thomas Henry 26 B Boot Manufacturer Kettering William Driffield Gentleman William Peacock Croysdale, Alicia M Driiffield   CE16/A/122
  CROYSDALE Catherine Sarah 26 S   Farnley Joseph Croysdale Cloth Manufacturer Joseph Croysdale, Jessie Rebecca Driffield    
1901 03 02 LAYCOCK Joseph 25 B Carter Farnley Robert Laycock Labourer J* Henry Underwood   CE16/A/123
  UNDERWOOD Sarah Ann 23 S Domestic Servant Farnley Thomas Underwood Platelayer Martha Marshall    
1901 03 16 ELLIS Samuel 19 B Labourer Farnley Samuel Ellis Shoemaker Alfred Marriott   CE16/A/124
  DOBSON Kate 19 S Weaver Farnley George Dobson Labourer Emily Feather    
1901 04 06 FARRAR John 39 W Forgeman Farnley George Farrar Forgeman Robert Dye   CE16/A/125
  BOOTLAND Emma 38 S Housekeeper Farnley George Bootland Carter Harriet Farrar    
1901 04 06 ODDY John 54 W Engine Tenter Farnley William Oddy (dec) Engine Tenter Thomas Hill   CE16/A/126
  HILL Maria 47 S Domestic Servant Farnley Brian Hill Labourer Emily Kershaw, Jane Hill    
1901 04 08 CLAYTON Alfred 44 W Assistant Electrician Farnley Joseph Clayton Boiler Inspector Colonel Woodhead, John Priestley   CE16/A/127
  WOODHEAD Emily 49   Dressmaker Farnley John Woodhead Gardener Sarah Ellen Woodhead,, Leonora Simpson    
1901 04 08 SLICER Edmund 24 B Brick Maker Wortley Walter Slicer Refiner Manfred Taylor   CE16/A/128
  TAYLOR Agnes 22 S Weaver Farnley William Henry Taylor Miner Eliza Taylor    
1901 05 04 WOOD Arthur 24 B Spinner Bramley John Wood Miner Harry Wood   CE16/A/129
  ALDERSON Eliza Ann 21 S Weaver Farnley Walter Speight Miner Annie Hargreaves    
1901 05 18 SOWDEN Harry 26 W Farmer Farnley Amos Sowden Forgeman Carrie Wharton, Clarice Peel   CE16/A/130
  WHARTON Mary Hannah 26 S   6 School Close George Wharton (dec) Forgeman Arton? Sowden    
1901 05 25 HUMBLE Peter Lawson 30 B Clerk 1 Cobden Terrace John Humble (dec) Station Master Elsie Hodgson   CE16/A/131
  WALKER Alice 22 S   1 Cobden Terrace David Walker Forgeman Walter Walker, Ada Walker    
1901 05 25 SHEARD John 24 B Forgeman 3 Cobden Terrace Alfred Sheard Miner Charles Kendall   CE16/A/132
  KENDALL Ann Elizabeth 24 S   33 Cow Close Road Thomas Kendall Labourer George Caygill    
1901 07 06 CLEGG William 26 B Cloth Finisher Cobden Street Joseph Greenwood Clegg Forgeman Arthur Wray   CE16/A/133
  WRAY Ann Amelia 21 S   Branch Place William Wilkinson Wray Brick Burner Etty Holstead    
1901 07 23 STIRK Ernest 25 B Stoker 12 Lytham Place Benjamin Stirk Tailor Albert Bramham   CE16/A/134
  BRAMHAM Emma 22 S   10 Lytham Place Albert Enoch Bramham Forgeman Benjamin Stirk, Fred Furness    
1901 08 17 BARRACLOUGH Willie 21 B Miner 30 Long Row Jonas Barraclough Miner Alfred William Goldstone   CE16/A/135
  GOLDSTONE Annie 21 S   25 Long Row Alfred Goldstone Banksman Mary Emma Goldstone    
1901 08 17 GRAY Earl 24 B Labourer 13 Blackpool View John Gray Labourer Willie Marshall   CE16/A/136
  MARSHALL Sarah Elizabeth 24 S   10 Lytham Grove Charles Robert Marshall (dec) Finisher Beatrice Dixon    
1901 09 14 BROUGH Fred 23 B Miner Bruntcliffe William Brough Miner Joseph Hodgson   CE16/A/137
  HODGSON Eva 20 S   Farnley Ralph Hodgson Labourer Sarah Jane Brough    
1901 09 16 BROWN Henry 29 B Labourer Horwich Charles Brown Farmer Fred Firth   CE16/A/138
  FIRTH Martha Ellen 33 S   Farnley Joseph Firth Labourer Emma Lee    
1901 09 28 CROFT Edgar 26 B Clay Moulder Farnley Alfred Croft Draper Rose Ingham   CE16/A/139
  INGHAM Ruth 20 S   Farnley John Ingham Miner John W Walker    
1901 10 23 HUNT Walter 23 B Clerk Masborough Walter Hunt Engine Driver John William Tordoff   CE16/A/140
  TORDOFF Sarah Ann 24 S   Farnley James Hardaker Tordoff Forgeman Mary Emma Throup    
1901 11 30 MOSS William Henry Milton 31 B Manager Farnley Place, Beeston Robert Moss Pattern Weaver James Alfred Shaw   CE16/A/141
  SCRUTON Sarah 20 S   Farnley Richard Scruton Manager William Scruton, Hannah Eliza Scruton    
1902 01 15 MORGAN Oliver 25 B Painter & Transferrer 44 Bangor Grove Elias Morgan Engine Tenter John Murgatroyd   CE16/A/142
  MURGATROYD Mena 25 S   Low Moor Side William Murgatroyd Greengrocer Annie Morgan    
1902 02 01 WATKINSON John 25 B Boot Rivetter Bramley Alfred Watkinson Tinsmith Alfred Hargreaves   CE16/A/143
  FLETCHER Eliza Ann 28 S   Farnley Ramoth Fletcher Corporation Labourer Minnie Fletcher    
1902 03 01 SHUTTLEWORTH John 27 B Miner Farnley Joseph Shuttleworth Engine Tenter John Peate   CE16/A/144
  SUTCLIFFE Rachel 24 S   Drighlington John Sutcliffe Miner Edith Sutcliffe    
1902 03 15 GLENNON Joseph 24 B Brick Burner New Blackpool Michael Glennon Labourer Jim Harry Royce   CE16/A/145
  ROYCE Laura 23 S   New Blackpool Jasper Royce Labourer William Glennon    
1902 03 19 BASTOW Horace 21 B Woollen Merchant New Farnley     William Stewart Anderson By Licence CE16/A/146
  EVANS Eveline 18 S   New Farnley John William Evans Forgeman George Smith    
1902 03 29 TORDOFF Charles 27 B Bath Setter & Drawer New Farnley John Tordoff Labourer Albert Oddy   CE16/A/147
  ODDY Mary Ann 27 S   New Farnley James Oddy Bricklayer Beatrice Mary Crowther    
1902 03 29 ROBINSON Willie 24 B Miner Gildersome Richard Robinson Confectioner Eliza Ann Taylor   CE16/A/148
  PEEL Annie Eliza 23 S   New Farnley Joseph Peel (dec) Forgeman Herbert Henry Hasleham Thorpe    
1902 03 31 GELDART Bertram 22 B Warehouse Pudsey William Geldart Labourer Harry Geldart   CE16/A/149
  SPEIGHT Alice 20 S   Farnley Jonas Speight Furnaceman Florence Speight    
1902 03 31 TAYLOR Absalom 27 B Hairdresser 5 Cobden Terrace William Henry Taylor (dec) Miner Harry Gledhill   CE16/A/150
  LIGHTOWLER Martha Elizabeth 27 S   Croft Cottages Michael Lightowler Miner James Ripeth Lightowler    
1902 05 02 BOUSFIELD Hugh Delabere 29 B Solicitor 7 Allerton Terrace, Chapel Allerton Charles Edward Bousfield Cloth Merchant Lavinia Close   CE16/A/151
  CLOSE Mary Ethel 24 S   The Manor House, Farnley Henry Spenceley Close Gentleman Charles Edward Bousfield, John Basil Close    
1902 05 17 SHAW Walter Lucas 21 B Engineman Cow Close Road Thomas Saville Shaw Labourer William Henry Stephenson   CE16/A/152
  SIMPSON Hildred 19 S   New Farnley Ambrose Simpson Miner Ernest Fothergill    
1902 03 19 WORLAND Arthur 25 B Miner Farnley Thomas Worland Miner William Worland   CE16/A/153
  DUCE Mary Elizabeth 26 S Weaver Beeston George Henry Duce Bath Finisher Laura Duce, Sarah Worland    
1902 05 19 BARRACLOUGH Samuel 21 B Tailor New Farnley Joseph Barraclough Miner Louie Sharp   CE16/A/154
  SHARP Eleanor 22 S   New Farnley Frederick Sharp Mechanic Thomas Wilson Hepworth    
1902 05 24 BRADSHAW Freddy 20 B Fettler Gildersome William Bradshaw Raiser Alfred William Goldstone   CE16/A/155
  GOLDSTONE Mary Emma 20 S   Long Row Alfred William Goldstone Banksman Elizabeth Goldstone    
1902 06 25 WOODHEAD Allan 22 B Colliery Proprietor Farnley James Woodhead Colliery Proprietor Bazil Silvester Woodhead, Martin Clarkson   CE16/A/156
  SUMMERSCALES Mary Annie 21 S   Farnley Henry Summerscales Hotel Keeper Ruth Woodhead, Jonas Summerscales, Edith Anne Woodhead    
1902 06 25 NOBLE Fred 26 B Engineer Middlestown Charles Noble Farmer John William Smith   CE16/A/157
  SMITH Carrie 24 S Knotter Farnley Thomas Smith Gardener Mary Smith    
1902 07 12 KENDALL Charles 28 B Labourer Farnley Thomas Kendall Labourer Carrie Royce   CE16/A/158
  ROYCE Lizzie 29 S   Ashfield John Royce Foreman Walter Royce    
1902 07 17 BLACKLIN Richard William Broughton 34 B Master Mariner Lieut RNR Heighington Richard James Blacklin Gentleman R J Blacklin, Eric William Brodrick, Samuel Nield Yeadon   CE16/A/159
  BRODRICK Mary Wood 26 S   Farnley Rectory Francis Edward Brodrick Clerk in Holy Orders Hilda Brodrick, Margaret Ivy Brodrick    
1902 08 02 BUTTERFIELD Edgar 39 W Artisan Farnley Samuel Butterfield (dec) Colliery Manager Arthur Butterfield   CE16/A/160
  WADE Mary Jane 36 S   Farnley John Wade Puddler George Farrer    
1902 08 02 BUCKLEY Joseph 58 W Miners Deputy Farnley George Buckley (dec) Steward Robert Thornton, Eleanor Stead   CE16/A/161
  NORTON Mary 51 W   Farnley Henry Crowther (dec) Blast Furnaceman Mary Ann Thornton, William Henry Crowther    
1902 08 02 WILLIMOTT Edward Thomas 33 B Forgeman Wortley Rayner Willimott Labourer Jowett Fletcher, Arthur Smith   CE16/A/162
  SMITH Eliza 25 S Weaver Farnley James Smith Labourer Annie Elizabeth Fletcher, Florence Haley    
1902 08 30 HOLDEN Samuel 27 W Carter Wortley Henry Holden Carter Charles Broadbent   CE16/A/163
  BROADBENT Maria 26 S Filler Farnley John Broadbent Labourer James Holden, Ada Bastow Broadbent    
1902 09 06 BELSHAM Elijah 24 B Labourer Beeston Hill Stephen Belsham Labourer Arthur William Cook   CE16/A/164
  COOK Mary Elizabeth 24 S Spinner Farnley Nathaniel Cook Labourer Beatrice Clayton, James Poole    
1902 09 27 CLOUGH Arthur 29 B Engineman Farnley Samuel Clough Engineman Thomas Lowther, Charles Duckett   CE16/A/165
  LOWTHER Ada 26 S Domestic Servant Farnley John Lowther Gardener Harriet Lowther    
1902 12 25 TAYLOR Thomas 24 B Train Examiner New Wortley Joseph Taylor Mechanic Martha Beatrice Croft, Amos Croft   CE16/A/166
  CROFT Alice Maude 24 S Weaver Farnley Amos Croft Miner Annie Elizabeth Riley, Albert Taylor    
1902 12 25 WILSON Joseph 22 B Forgeman Farnley William Wilson Labourer George Davis   CE16/A/167
  GREENWOOD Edith 19 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Albert Greenwood (dec) Spinner Bertha Dawson    
1902 12 27 RAYNER Samuel 66 W Labourer Farnley John Rayner Quarryman Charles Hirst Marston   CE16/A/168
  STEAD Elizabeth 56 S Housekeeper Farnley Samuel Stead Drysalter Annie Sophia Stead    
1902 12 27 HARGREAVES Alfred 26 B Boot Maker Bramley John Hargreaves Stone Mason Benjamin Fletcher   CE16/A/169
  FLETCHER Minnie 21 S Weaver Farnley Ramoth Fletcher Labourer Samuel Hargreaves, Eliza Hargreaves    
1903 01 29 FLEETWOOD Harry 29 B Retort Maker Farnley William Fleetwood Labourer Fred Fleetwood   CE16/A/170
  MOORE Susan 26 S   Farnley James Moore Deputy Governor Emma Wright    
1903 03 14 BURGOYNE Horace 26 B Bricklayer New Farnley Peter Burgoyne Engineman Walter Fieldhouse   CE16/A/171
  THORNTON Eleanor 24 S   New Farnley Robert Thornton Bar Roller Arthur Wray    
1903 04 08 ARMITAGE Stead 25 B Clerk 187 Stanningley Road, Bramley Thomas Armitage Cloth Presser Maurice A Hartley   CE16/A/172
  HULLAH Clara 24 S   4 Farnley Crescent, Farnley Fred Hullah Miner Florence E Ramsden, Harry Hullah    
1903 04 11 PROCTOR Sam Kenworthy 21 B Joiner Farnley     Walter Lord, Fred Parker Father's name Robert Proctor deleted CE16/A/173
  PARKIN Florence Beatrice 20 S   34 Long Row William Henry Parker Labourer Sarah Jane Hobson, Amelia Wilcox    
1903 04 11 THORNTON Henry 26 B Labourer Gildersome Alfred Thornton Miner Annie Eliza Robinson   CE16/A/174
  WOOD Jane Hargreaves 25 S   Farnley Jonas Wood (dec) Labourer Tom Ellis Wood    
1903 05 27 BARRETT George William Stanley 24 B Clerk Cow Close Road Wilkinson Barrett Furniture Dealer Harry Barrett   CE16/A/175
  TUNE Edith 26 S   Church Farm James Tune Farmer Charlotte Tune    
1903 05 27 ROYCE Jim Harry 29 B Mechanic New Farnley Jasper Royce Foreman Platelayer James Pickard Hudson   CE16/A/176
  GALLOWAY Amy 23 S   New Farnley John Galloway Miner Susannah Royce    
1903 06 06 PRINCE Benjamin Lister 28 B Stoker on L & NWR Beeston John Prince Carter Arthur Whitehead   CE16/A/177
  WRAY Alice 21 S   Farnley William Wilkinson Wray Labourer Florence Prince    
1903 06 24 MOORE Herbert 29 W Butler Kirkhammerton Hall, York . Moore Butler Laurence Hainsworth By Licence CE16/A/178
  FLETCHER Margaret Elizabeth 20 S   Cemetery Lodge, Fanley Richard Fletcher Trainer Amos Croft    
1903 07 25 BEST Joseph Mathers 25 B Labourer Lytham, New Farnley Francis Mathers Best Labourer Henry Sharp   CE16/A/179
  SHARP Annie Elizabeth 25 S   Newton Square, New Farnley Henry Sharp Labourer Lily Sharp    
1903 08 01 ATKINS Albert Edward Louks 20 B Labourer Farnley John Atkins Hawker John Edward Best   CE16/A/180
  BEST Sarah Elizabeth 22 S   Farnley John Edward Best Labourer Mary Jane Hewitson    
1903 08 12 GIBSON James William 25 B Assistant Gas Manager Farnley Ephraim Gibson (dec) Plumber Carter Gibson   CE16/A/181
  DOWNS Beatrice Annie 23 S   Farnley John Downs Farmer Robert Downs, Pauline Downs    
1903 08 15 THIRTLE Robert 25 B Clay Worker Farnley James Thirtle Clay Worker James Ellis   CE16/A/182
  WILSON Fanny 21 S   Farnley     Eliza Brown    
1903 09 05 CONNOR Smith 27 B Mason Farnley William Connor Labourer Joe Connor   CE16/A/183
  HARRISON Matilda 27 S Millhand Farnley Joseph Harrison Forgeman Ada Harrison    
1903 10 03 HARRISON Walter 32 B Gardener Drighlington Richard Thomas Harrison (dec) Labourer Frank Wilby Tingle   CE16/A/184
  STEVENSON Kezia 32 S   Farnley Matthew Stevenson Cloth Fuller Ann Sophia Stevenson    
1903 10 14 CRACKNELL Charles 21 B Van Man Burley Walter Cracknell Carter Elizaa Thornton   CE16/A/185
  THORNTON Hannah 20 S   Farnley James Thornton Police Sergeant George Cracknell    
1903 10 30 KILNER Thomas Roberts 28 B Carrier Farnley Thomas Milner Cloth Manufacturer Kate Milner   CE16/A/186
  BEANLAND Eliza 22 S Weaver Farnley Oliver Cromwell Beanland Moulder John Varley    
1903 11 28 THORNHILL Charles 24 B Forgeman Pudsey William Arthur Thornhill Gentleman W A Thornhill   CE16/A/187
  INGHAM Rose 25 S Weaver Farnley John Ingham Miner Jane Glover    
1903 12 26 SOWDEN Walter Sidney 22 B Pattern Maker Farnley Samuel Sowden Clerk Charles Edwin Clark   CE16/A/188
  STEAD Helena Sophia 23 S   Farnley William Stead Farmer Florence Maud Sowden, John Stead    
1903 12 26 PARMINTER James William Vye 24 B Printer Beeston John Vye Parminter Schoolmaster Thomas Senior   CE16/A/189
  SENIOR Emily Louise 26 S   Farnley Thomas Senior Cloth Dresser John Vye Parminter    
1904 01 02 MARSHALL Herbert 32 B Cloth Raiser Gildersome Jesse Marshall Labourer John Shaw   CE16/A/190
  SHAW Mary Emma 26 S   Farnley John Shaw Forgeman Louisa Shaw    
1904 04 30 SOWDEN Arton 21 B Milk Dealer New Farnley Amos Sowden Forgeman Lydia Murgatroyd   CE16/A/191
  PEEL Clarice 23 S   17 Long Row William Peel Miner Harry Stephenson    
1904 05 21 WATERWORTH Joe Foster 44 B Boilermaker Farnley John Waterworth Boilermaker Nathaniel Wade   CE16/A/192
  WADE Susannah 40 S Housekeeper Farnley William Wade Farm Labourer Rose Hill    
1904 05 21 COWBURN John 24 B Shunter Farnley Frank Cowburn Coal Dealer Willie Cowburn   CE16/A/193
  SPEIGHT Eve 21 S Housekeeper Farnley Joseph Speight (dec) Miner Mary Lavinia Speight    
1904 07 06 LEE Abraham 28 B Musician New Farnley William Lee Gardener Samuel Sowden   CE16/A/194
  SOWDEN Florence Maud 28 S   New Farnley Samuel Sowden Clerk Harry Lee    
1904 07 30 HEPWORTH Cyril 22 B Stocktaker Forgeman Farnley Ezra Hepworth Stocktaker Forgeman Joseph England Mathers   CE16/A/195
  FIRTH Sarah Ellen 22 S Weaver Farnley Thomas Downs Firth (dec) Forgeman Annie Hepworth    
1904 08 06 RHODES William 29 B Clerk Farnley     John William Pullan, Caroline Rowe   CE16/A/196
  PULLAN Sarah Ellen 25 S   St Georges, Leeds Timothy Pullan Forgeman E A Pullan, A Rhodes    
1904 08 25 BULLOCK George 49 B Labourer Farnley Samuel Bullock (dec) Farmer Arthur Cluderay   CE16/A/197
  SOWERY Sarah Ann 29 S Housekeeper Farnley Thomas Sowery (dec) Labourer Priscilla Cluderay    
1904 09 03 NAYLOR Edward Albert 25 B Labourer Farnley Abraham Naylor (dec) Forgeman John Hiley   CE16/A/198
  HILEY Emily Ann 28 S Domestic Servant Farnley John Hiley Warp Dresser Clara Hiley    
1904 09 03 DARNBROUGH Dennis 20 B Finisher Drighlington John Darnbrough Collier Edgar Turner   CE16/A/199
  SHARP Olive 20 S   Newton Square, Farnley Henry Sharp Labourer Henry Sharp, Lily Sharp    
1904 10 11 MORTIMER Edmund 27 B Butcher Bankfoot Horsley Mortimer Caretaker Squire Brooke   CE16/A/200
  BROOKE Ann 26 S Weaver Farnley Samuel Brooke Labourer Nellie Longbottom    
1904 10 12 LISTER Ernest Edward 22 B Slater St Mary's Wortley     Thomas Lancaster   CE16/A/201
  RAYNER Florence Annie 22 S   Farnley Hubert Rayner Fireman Lilian Farrally    
1904 11 19 WALKER Walter 21 B Platelayer Farnley Charles Walker Labourer William Thirtle   CE16/A/202
  THIRTLE Mary Annie 22 S   Farnley James Thirtle Brick Worker Amos Croft    
1904 12 24 KEIGHLEY Harry Procter 24 B Brewer Farnley John Keighley Millwright Arthur Edward Broadbent   CE16/A/203
  PARISH Amy 21 S Weaver Farnley Adam Parish (dec) Hammer Man Minnie Marshall    
1904 12 26 HILLYARD Joseph 27 B Undertaker St Hilda's, Leeds James Hillyard Undertaker Hiram Speight   CE16/A/204
  SPEIGHT Florence 28 S Packer Farnley Jonas Speight Forgeman Ethel Speight    
1905 01 16 INGHAM Ernest 20 B Barber Farnley John Harrison Ingham (dec) Labourer Ernest Spencer   CE16/A/205
  SPENCER Mary 19 S Weaver Farnley Mark Wilson Spencer Labourer Eva Hudson    
1905 02 11 SMITH William 21 B Labourer Farnley Joe Smith Power Loom Tuner Banjmain Nicholson Rycroft   CE16/A/206
  RYCROFT Martha 20 S Warper Wortley Samual Gaunt Rycroft Clay Worker Harry Smith    
1905 02 25 WADE Nathanael 47 B Farm Labourer Farnley William Wade Farm Labourer John James Woodhead   CE16/A/207
  JOWETT Elizabeth 44 W   Farnley Thomas Dickinson (dec) Forgeman Bertha Woodhead    
1905 03 04 FARREN James Rixon 25 B Railway Checker Armley John Earley Farren Labourer Arthur Croft   CE16/A/208
  CROFT Florence 21 S Weaver Farnley Amos Croft Miner Kate Croft    
1905 03 25 BRADSHAW Ernest 20 B Labourer Farnley John Meddow Bradshaw (dec) Miner Emma Shaw   CE16/A/209
  HOLDEN Martha Ellen 20 S Weaver Farnley Tom Holden (dec) Miner William Darnbrough    
1905 04 08 KIRBY Thomas 25 B Labourer Farnley Thomas Kirby Labourer Walter Walker   CE16/A/210
  WALKER Ada 21 S Domestic Servant Farnley David Walker Labourer Mary Walker    
1905 04 22 STEPHENSON John Robert 25 B Presser Barkerswell Cottage, Farnley Joseph Stephenson Carter Martha Ann Stephenson   CE16/A/211
  BARRASS Emma Jane 23 S   Well Pit Cottage, Farnley Absalom Barrass Miner Hubert Horace Gaunt    
1905 05 20 KERSHAW Henry 22 B Labourer Farnley Sam Kershaw (dec) Forgeman John Havard Roberts   CE16/A/212
  SHAW Ellen 21 S Weaver Farnley Thomas Saville Shaw Labourer Maria Bingham    
1905 05 20 PEARSON Percy Lodge 23 B Joiner Farnley Joseph Pearson Forge Foreman Harry Hartley, Alice Coates   CE16/A/213
  RHODES Heloise 23 S Weaver Farnley John Rhodes (dec) Forgeman Nellie Norwood    
1905 06 01 SMITH George Ernest 25 B Stationer New Blackpool Uri Smith Furnaceman Frances Helen Throup   CE16/A/214
  BARRETT Elizabeth 23 S   New Blackpool Wilkinson Barrett Furniture Dealer James William Gibson    
1905 06 05 TUNE George 26 B Farmer Farnley James Tune Farmer Ann Copley   CE16/A/215
  COPLEY Sarah Ann 23 S   Badsworth George Edward Copley (dec) Gamekeeper Mary Elizabeth Copley    
1905 06 10 DOWNEND Charles Fred 25 B Clerk Farnley George Downend (dec) Butcher Ebenezer E Lloyd   CE16/A/216
  RILEY Janet 25 S   Farnley Samuel Riley Forgeman Edith Wright    
1905 06 10 MARSH William 28 B Foreman Christ Church, Armley William Marsh (dec) Joiner William Bate   CE16/A/217
  LISTER Rachel 24 S Millhand Farnley John Lister Labourer Sarah Lister    
1905 06 24 GAUNT Hubert Horace 23 B Currier Pudsey William Gaunt Platelayer F A Downs   CE16/A/218
  STEPHENSON Martha Ann 22 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Stephenson Carter Jane Stephenson    
1905 07 01 LANG Edwin 27 B Labourer Farnley John Henry Lang Miner Mary Buckle   CE16/A/219
  STEPHENSON Emily 32 S Domestic Servant Wortley Thomas Stephenson (dec) Butcher Joseph Denison    
1905 08 07 HOPWOOD Herbert 25 B Farmer Farnley William Hopwood Farmer W Thorpe   CE16/A/220
  SUTCLIFFE Emma 22 S   Farnley John Sutcliffe (dec) Malster H Hopwood    
1905 08 07 CROFT Charles Tattersall 27 B Labourer Farnley Arthur Croft Miner William Briggs Riley   CE16/A/221
  APPLEYARD Hannah Elizabeth 28 S Dressmaker Farnley Martin Appleyard Dyer Cecil Samuel Gaunt    
1905 09 30 MORTON James 24 B Clay Worker Farnley John Morton Furnaceman Ruth Croft   CE16/A/222
  INGHAM Sarah Ellen 22 S Weaver Farnley John Ingham Miner Harry Morton    
1905 10 14 WALKER John Wiliam 23 B Brick Maker Farnley Charles Edward Walker Brick Presser Alfred Croft   CE16/A/223
  CROFT Edith 26 S   Farnley Alfred Croft General Dealer Frances Sophia Croft    
1905 10 25 TINSON Robert Richardson 60 W Builder Pocklington Iram Tinson (dec) Builder Manfred Simpson, Alfred Clayton   CE16/A/224
  SIMPSON Leonora 44 S   Farnley Samuel Simpson (dec) Mechanic Israel Harrison, Gertrude Simpson    
1905 11 01 STEPHENSON Harry 26 B Farmer Farnley Oliver Stephenson Farmer William Henry Stephenson   CE16/A/225
  MURGATROYD Lydia 21 S   Farnley William Murgatroyd Greengrocer William Murgatroyd    
1905 12 02 HARRIS William Fredrick 25 B Labourer Farnley James Harris Farmer Charles Broadbent   CE16/A/226
  WOODHEAD Esther 22 S Weaver Farnley Benjamin Woodhead (dec) Tuner Hannah Woodhead    
1905 12 30 FREEMAN William Rennison 24 B Labourer Holbeck William Freeman Dyer Herbert Lawrence Thackray   CE16/A/227
  HUDSON Sarah Emma 23 S Weaver Farnley James Hudson Coal Miner Ellen Freeman    
1906 01 08 HOGGARTH Stephenson 21 B Farmer Farnley Allan Hoggarth Farmer Mark Robinson   CE16/A/228
  CLUBLEY Charlotte Annie 23 S   Farnley Thomas Clubley Blacksmith Miriam Clubley    
1906 01 13 WARDMAN William 39 B Farmer Farnley William Wardman Farmer James Fairhurst   CE16/A/229
  HIRST Jane 29 S Servant Farnley William Hirst Tailor Alice Ann Fairhurst    
1906 01 16 TAYLOR Isaac Herbert 22 B Grocer's Assistant Buttershaw Enoch Taylor Draper Willie Arthur Taylor   CE16/A/230
  WORLAND Sarah 20 S   Farnley Thomas Worland Labourer Amy Alice Taylor    
1906 01 27 CARTWRIGHT John 23 B Joiner Farnley George Cartwright Goods Inspector George Cartwright   CE16/A/231
  WOOD Margaret Beatrice 21 S   Farnley Philip Wood Tanner Annie Eliza Craven    
1906 02 03 MORGAN Oliver 29 W Printer Farnley Elias Morgan Labourer Louisa Alderson   CE16/A/232
  HALL Caroline 29 S   Hoyland Millin Hall (dec) Collier Arthur Hall, Albert Holroyd    
1906 03 03 AVEYARD Ezra 22 B Millhand Gildersome Samuel Aveyard Millhand Harry Atkinson   CE16/A/233
  ATKINSON Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Farnley Harry Atkinson Miner Ann Atkinson    
1906 04 07 BRITTON George 22 B Gas Stoker Farnley John Britton Bricklayer Charles Atha   CE16/A/234
  WALKER Mary Elizabeth 19 S Domestic Servant Farnley David Walker Labourer Emily Britton    
1906 04 14 CLOUGH Dan Jagger 27 B Store Keeper Pudsey John Henry Clough (dec) Colliery Manager Enos Clough   CE16/A/235
  SMITH Beatrice 28 S Weaver Farnley Samuel Smith (dec) Banksman Agnes Smith    
1906 05 01 SIMPSON John Arthur 21 B Barber Armley Caleb Simpson Miner Samuel Whiteside   CE16/A/236
  FOTHERGILL Sarah Elizabeth 20 S   Farnley John Fothergill Labourer Minnie Taylor    
1906 05 05 CROWTHER Percy 28 B Dyer Upper Armley Joseph Scarlet Crowther Dyer Herbert Whitworth   CE16/A/237
  HODGSON Phyllis 23 S   Farnley David Hodgson Pattern Maker Laura Johnson    
1906 05 26 ODDY Albert 28 B Labourer 9 School Close James Oddy Bricklayer Walter Oddy   CE16/A/238
  CROWTHER Beatrice Mary 23 S   36 Playground Thomas Hainsworth Crowther Labourer Eva Weston    
1906 06 04 SCHOFIELD Cyril Fredrick 25 B Clerk Farnley John Edward Schofield Clerk George Turner Schofield   CE16/A/239
  HETHERINGTON Margaret Helen 25 S   Farnley Samuel Hetherington (dec) Rivetter Nellie Dockray, M A Wood    
1906 06 12 HIRST Cyril 24 B Printer Nutting Grove, Farnley John Hirst Foreman John William Baxendale, John Hirst   CE16/A/240
  BAXENDALE Edith Emma 25 S   Farnley Thomas Baxendale Foreman Lilian Baxendale, Thomas Baxendale    
1906 07 04 TALBOT Bentley 28 B Stationer Farnley William Talbot (dec) Labourer George Ernest Smith   CE16/A/241
  SHARP Annie 24 S   Farnley Frederick Sharp Mechanic Louie Sharp    
1906 07 18 PEAT Matthew 26 B Warehouseman Farnley Lewin Peat Boilermaker George Crowther   CE16/A/242
  SCHOFIELD Annie 23 S   Farnley     Eva Weston    
1906 07 21 TURNER Edgar 32 B Spinner Drighlington James Smith Turner Spinner Mary Sharp   CE16/A/243
  SHARP Lily 24 S   Farnley Henry Sharp Labourer Sarah Jane Barraclough    
1906 08 02 HOLROYD Albert 29 B Joiner Farnley James Holroyd Clay Miner Oliver Morgan   CE16/A/244
  ALDERSON Louisa 33 S Telephone Clerk Farnley Joseph Alderson (dec) Under Manager Luther Alderson    
1906 08 04 WILKINSON Thomas 24 B Cloth Tenter Gildersome Benjamin Wilkinson Millhand Job Scargill   CE16/A/245
  STEPHENSON Sarah Ann 23 S Weaver Farnley James Thornton Stephenson Forgeman Maud Stephenson    
1906 08 04 WIDDOP Herman 24 B Forgeman Farnley Alfred Widdop Forgeman Joseph Barker   CE16/A/246
  BARKER Lizzie 26 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Barker Engineman Martha Widdop    
1906 08 07 CLAYTON Fred 21 B Butcher Drighlington James Clayton Butcher Emily Cowburn   CE16/A/247
  COWBURN Tamar 20 S Weaver Farnley Coultas Cowburn Foreman William Edward Barraclough    
1906 08 22 BOOTHMAN Benjamin 35 B Farmer Steeton John Boothman Farmer John Downs, J W Gibson   CE16/A/248
  DOWNS Paulina 21 S   New Farnley John Downs Farmer E Downs, Emily Boothman    
1906 08 25 WALKER Benjamin Heywood 22 B Spinner Bramley John Walker Spinner Harry Walker   CE16/A/249
  CROFT Martha Beatrice 25 S Weaver Farnley Amos Croft Miner Kate Croft, Arthur Croft    
1906 09 01 MCWILLIAM Edward 25 B Planer Chapel Allerton Alfred McWilliam Gardener Frances Whiteley   CE16/A/250
  WHITELEY Sarah Hannah 26 S   Farnley James Whiteley Tool Marker Richard Webster Whiteley    
1906 09 01 LISTER Levi 23 B Labourer Farnley John Lister Labourer Richard Thompson   CE16/B/1
  HUDSON Alice Maud Gordon 21 S Tailoress Farnley Frank Hudson (dec) Police Constable Minnie Roberts    
1906 09 22 BULLOCK Robert 29 B Electrician Farnley Harry Bullock Joiner T Bullock   CE16/B/2
  BARKER Alice 25 S Weaver Farnley John Barker (dec) Miner Elizabeth Johnson    
1906 10 17 GROUNDWELL Dixon 33 B Millhand Gildersome Thomas Groundwell Caretaker Orlando Crowther   CE16/B/3
  HOLDEN Emma 25 S   Farnley Paul Holden Labourer May Holden    
1906 12 05 CROWTHER Orlando 30 B Cloth Percher Gildersome Albert Crowther Shoemaker Edmund Bolland Whitehead   CE16/B/4
  HOLDEN May 22 S   Farnley Paul Holden Labourer Annie Crowther    
1906 12 10 SHEARD Charles Holdrid 24 B Minig Engineer Farnley Joseph Sheard Mining Engineer Ernest Barrett By Licence CE16/B/5
  BARRETT Dorothy 20 S   Horsforth John Henry Barrett (dec) Iron Merchant Beatrice Waring?    
1907 02 07 TORDOFF George 40 W Engineman Bankfoot Joshua Tordoff Joiner Squire Brooke   CE16/B/6
  WALTON Louisa 36 W Weaver Farnley Samuel Brooke Watchman Ann Mortimer    
1907 03 02 CROFT Benjamin 65 W Labourer Farnley Joseph Croft (dec) Miner Alice Young   CE16/B/7
  GILL Jane 44 W Housekeeper Farnley Marmaduke Gill (dec) Soldier Harriet Jepson    
1907 03 02 PARKER Walter 24 B Chipper Wortley Samuel Parker Labourer Amos Vincent Speight   CE16/B/8
  SPEIGHT Mary Lavinia 27 S Mender Farnley Joseph Speight (dec) Miner Edith Ann Firth    
1907 03 30 STEPHENSON Oswald 26 B Labourer Farnley Thomas Stephenson (dec) Labourer Alfred Stephenson   CE16/B/9
  HORSLEY Eva 21 S Weaver Farnley William Horsley Labourer Emily Horsley    
1907 03 30 BRADSHAW Joseph 29 B Miner Gildersome Thomas Bradshaw Miner Harry Bradshaw   CE16/B/10
  MOUNTAIN Bertha Mary 28 S   Farnley Thomas Mountain (dec) Labourer Ida Ellen Grayshon    
1907 04 13 COWBURN Francis Edward 22 B Porter Otley William Cowburn Gardener Eleanor Taylor   CE16/B/11
  TAYLOR Eliza Ann 26 S Domestic Servant Farnley Andrew Taylor Labourer Thomas Taylor    
1907 04 13 SMITH John Edward 21 B Hammer Man Farnley Israel Smith Stock Man Samuel Clark   CE16/B/12
  BUTLER Ada 18 S Mother Help Farnley Thomas Butler Road Man Sarah Smith    
1907 05 15 THOMPSON John William 26 B Fireman Farnley Jim Thompson Foreman Platelayer Edmund Scott   CE16/B/13
  SURREY Ellen Bell 20 S   Farnley Tom Surrey Fitter Louisa Thompson    
1907 05 30 GREEN George William 25 B Engineman Farnley William Green Engineman Mary Ann Townend   CE16/B/14
  TOWNEND Emily 31 S Confectioner Gildersome Thomas Townend (dec) Labourer Herbert Green    
1907 06 15 STEPHENSON Walter 22 B Forgeman Farnley James Thornton Stephenson Forgeman Herbert Stephenson   CE16/B/15
  LIGHTOWLER Mary 23 S   Farnley William Lightowler Miners Deputy Evelyn Earnshaw    
1907 07 13 SPEIGHT Hiram 27 B Clerk Farnley Jonas Speight Furnaceman John Burn   CE16/B/16
  RAMSDEN Mary Ellen 26 S Weaver Farnley Tom Ramsden (dec) Cloth Designer Beatrice Ramsden    
1907 08 05 DEAN Benjamin 23 B Clay Worker Dawley Paver John William Dean Clay Worker Ezra Priestley   CE16/B/17
  WOODHEAD Sarah 24 S   Farnley James Woodhead Market Gardener Lucy Ann Woodhead    
1907 08 17 SCHOFIELD William Herbert 25 B Joiner 8 Croft Terrace John William Schofield Railway Porter Samuel Joseph Grayson   CE16/B/18
  GRAYSON Esther 27 S   Lodge Hill Joseph Grayson (dec) Sawyer Annie Grayson    
1907 09 21 HAIGH David 26 B Bricklayer Bramley Herbert Haigh Warp Dresser George Henry Robinson   CE16/B/19
  ROBINSON Annie Elizabeth 23 S   Farnley William Robinson Labourer Hilda Greenhough    
1907 09 28 NAYLOR Joseph 27 B Clay Worker Farnley Joseph Naylor Market Gardener Herbert Naylor   CE16/B/20
  WADE Louisa 25 S   Farnley Alfred Wade Labourer Annie Wade    
1907 11 09 BYWATER Ellis 24 B Millhand Gildersome Charles Bywater Millhand Mary Emma Marshall   CE16/B/21
  SHAW Beatrice 21 S   Farnley John Shaw (dec) Hammer Man Herbert Marshall    
1907 12 21 RYCROFT Benjamin Nicholson 26 B Miner Lower Wortley Samuel Gaunt Rycroft Miner Frederick Firth   CE16/B/22
  BURGOYNE Ann 22 S Weaver Farnley Peter Burgoyne Engineman Ellen Burgoyne    
1907 12 25 BARRETT Harry 27 B Bath Enameller 5 Cow Close Road Wilkinson Barrett M* Works Manager Frederick Broughton Throup   CE16/B/23
  THROUP Frances Helena 26 S   32 Cobden Road John Throup (dec) Grocer Mary Emma Throup    
1907 12 26 ODDY Daniel 25 B Labourer Farnley Henry Oddy Labourer George Oddy   CE16/B/24
  FOWKES Lily 26 S Weaver Farnley John Thomas Fowkes Labourer Eva Fowkes    
1907 12 26 WOOD William 27 B Labourer Farnley Edward Oddy Wood Lamplighter Hubert Lamb   CE16/B/25
  FARRER Mary Elizabeth 23 S   Farnley George Farrer Gas Worker Mary Emma Wood    
1908 04 18 SWALLOW Harold 21 B Miner Pudsey Joseph Swallow Tanner Willie Craven   CE16/B/26
  SEDGWICK May 19 S Piecener Farnley William Edward Sedgwick Labourer Annie Sutcliffe    
1908 04 20 HARRISON Benjamin 25 B Drayman Farnley Joseph Harrison Labourer Albert Parker   CE16/B/27
  TORDOFF Charlotte 25 S   Dawley Paver Joseph Henry Tordoff Labourer Maggie Tordoff    
1908 04 20 BROADBENT Charles 27 B Labourer Wortley John Broadbent (dec) Labourer Mary Emma Wood   CE16/B/28
  WOODHEAD Hannah 23 S Weaver Farnley Benjamin Woodhead Tuner Samuel Holden    
1908 04 21 BEST John Edward 25 B Labourer Farnley John Edward Best Labourer Albert Edward Louks Atkins   CE16/B/29
  LUPTON Minnie 23 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Lupton Miner Mary Lupton    
1908 04 25 SHARP Rufus 26 B Brick Burner 19 Wilfrid Street, Farnley Nathaniel Sharp (dec) Collier Thomas Senior   CE16/B/30
  SENIOR Eva 30 S   25 Branch Street, Farnley Thomas Senior Cloth Finisher Jenny Senior    
1908 05 09 ROBINSON George Henry 28 B Boot Maker Farnley William Robinson Furnaceman Essie Greenhough   CE16/B/31
  GREENHOUGH Hilda 27 S Weaver Farnley Orlando Greenhough Labourer L Worsnop    
1908 06 06 WHITELEY Walter 29 B Boot Maker Farnley James Whiteley Mechanic John William Embleton   CE16/B/32
  EMBLETON Edith Annie 25 S   Farnley John William Embleton Clerk Joseph Whiteley    
1908 06 06 DIXON Frank 27 B Fettler Gildersome Samuel Dixon Fettler Alfred William Goldstone   CE16/B/33
  BRAMPTON Adeline 28 S Weaver Farnley     Elizabeth Goldstone    
1908 06 20 DAY Wilfred 29 B Plasterer Longwood George Henry Day Plasterer & Decorator Harold Day   CE16/B/34
  BURGOYNE Florence 27 S Weaver Farnley Peter Burgoyne Engineer Ellen Burgoyne    
1908 06 27 HUMPHERYES Roland Edwin Thomas 29 B Clerk Farnley George Humpheryes Schoolmaster James Foster, Lizzie Rushworth   CE16/B/35
  FOSTER Maggie 26 S   Wortley Thomas Foster (dec) Cabinet Maker Ethel Humpheryes    
1908 07 11 CROSLAND Sam Frederick 28 B Farmer Pudsey Ben Crosland Contractor William Joel Crosland   CE16/B/36
  HOLDSWORTH Dora Esther 29 S   Farnley Farrar Holdsworth Contractor Bernice Holdsworth    
1908 07 25 PEAT Wilfred 28 B Joiner Farnley William Henry Peat Gentleman Mary Peat   CE16/B/37
  PAGET Annie 23 S   Farnley Walter Padget Brass Moulder Matthew Peate    
1908 09 19 CROFT Arthur 23 B Packer Farnley Amos Croft Miner James Rixon Fan*   CE16/B/38
  WATKINSON Alice 25 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Dean Watkinson Fettler Katie Croft, Amos Croft    
1908 09 29 WOODHEAD Rowland George 32 B Colliery Proprietor Farnley James Woodhead Colliery Proprietor Basil Sylvester Woodhead   CE16/B/39
  PARISH Mary Margaret 28 S   Farnley William Parish Forgeman Annie Dennison, Alfred Parish    
1908 10 22 BURN John 28 B Boot Maker Burley Robert Burn Boot Maker Vernon Dawson   CE16/B/40
  SPEIGHT Eliza 24 S   Farnley Jonas Speight Furnaceman Edith Gilpin, Ethel Speight    
1908 12 25 JOYNSON Albert 21 B Shunter St Mary's, Tong Road George Wood Joynson (dec) Miner Harry Ramsden   CE16/B/41
  WALKER Clarice 21 S Weaver Farnley Charles Edward Walker Brick Presser Emma Swallow    
1908 12 26 WALKER James 27 B Miner Farnley David Walker Labourer Walter Walker, James Gregory   CE16/B/42
  GREGORY Eliza 22 S   Farnley Edward Alfred Gregory Labourer Charlotte Walker    
1909 04 03 BROWN James William 24 B Mechanic Holy Trinity, Armley Hall James Brown Shovel Maker Lily Lee   CE16/B/43
  LEE Emmeline 19 S Weaver Farnley William Lee Labourer Tom Smith    
1909 04 24 CLEGG William Greenwood 20 B Millhand Farnley Samuel Evers Clegg Labourer Herbert Lister   CE16/B/44
  LISTER Ada 19 S Tailoress Farnley William Lister (dec) Miner Elsie Lister    
1909 04 24 WADE Walter 30 B Carrier Farnley John Wade Carter Clifford Stephenson   CE16/B/45
  STEPHENSON Emma 30 S   Farnley Oliver Stephenson Farmer Ruth Stephenson    
1909 07 31 MILNER John 26 B Dyer Farnley Thomas Milner Manufacturer W J Crosland   CE16/B/46
  GAUNT Eva 23 S Weaver Farnley William Gaunt Railwayman Amy Milnes    
1909 08 14 SMITH Albert 40 B Miner Farnley William Smith Labourer Edward Haxby   CE16/B/47
  NAYLOR Lily 31 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Naylor Market Gardener Eliza Croft    
1909 09 21 STEPHENSON Clifford 26 B Publican Christ Church, Armley Oliver Stephenson Farmer Herbert Stephenson   CE16/B/48
  WHARTON Carrie 26 S   Farnley George Wharton (dec) Forgeman Nellie Wharton    
1909 12 25 MEGSON Albert 22 B Finisher Farnley Joshua Megson Forgeman Herbert Slingsby Bannister   CE16/B/49
  EMSLEY Louisa 23 S Weaver Farnley Andrew Emsley Labourer Ethel Megson    
1909 12 25 TWAITES Fred 24 B Labourer Farnley James Charles Twaites Miller Walter Thwaites   CE16/B/50
  BEALES Alice Mary 22 S Housekeeper Farnley Henry Wyer Beales Postman Florence Elizabeth Beales    
1910 01 05 COCKER Harold 24 B Milk Purveyor Gildersome Frank Cocker Milk Purveyor Clarence Thornton, Roland Peat   CE16/B/51
  PEAT Mary 24 S   Farnley William Henry Peat Butcher Maud Peat, Emily Cocker    
1910 03 26 FISHER Joseph 37 B Overlooker Armley St Bart's Frederick Fisher Overlooker Richard Renner Firth, Mary Emma Illingworth   CE16/B/52
  FIRTH Evelyn 25 S   Farnley Richard Renner Firth Carrier John Newton Whitley    
1910 03 28 GAUNT John William 25 B Warehouseman Armley Samuel Gaunt Lock Keeper Oliver Hodgson   CE16/B/53
  HODGSON Ellen 22 S Piecener Farnley Ralph Hodgson Labourer Annie Mitchell    
1910 04 04 GREEN Joseph 30 B Farmer Seacroft George Green Farmer Maud Johnson   CE16/B/54
  JOHNSON Sarah Amelia 33 S   Farnley Louis Johnson Foreman Horace Johnson    
1910 06 01 WEBSTER Fred Rothera 33 B Contractor Farnley Christopher Webster (dec) Contractor Arthur Long   CE16/B/55
  LONG Lucy Alice 35 S   Liversedge John Long (dec) Innkeeper John Webster    
1910 06 25 THORNTON James Cyril 25 B Plumber Farnley Ripeth Thornton Furnaceman Clarence Thornton   CE16/B/56
  PEAT Jane 25 S   Farnley Lewin Peat Boilermaker Sarah Walker    
1910 07 16 SCHOFIELD George Turner 27 B Clerk Farnley John Edward Schofield Clerk John Edward Schofield   CE16/B/57
  ILLINGWORTH Maria Emma 23 S   Farnley William Henry Illingworth Engineman Amy Ellen Illingworth    
1910 07 28 WOODHEAD James Cecil 24 B Colliery Owner Farnley James Woodhead Colliery Owner John Hardy Woodhead   CE16/B/58
  SHARP Hetty 25 S   Farnley Squire Sharp Iron Worker Louisa Sharp    
1910 09 12 ANDERSON Ben 36 B Cloth Finisher Gildersome Tom Anderson (dec) Tailor Albert Oddy   CE16/B/59
  ODDY Ethel 30 S Weaver Farnley James Oddy Bricklayer Nellie Oddy    
1910 09 17 SHEARD Walter 26 B Technical Chemist Croft House, Farnley Joseph Sheard (dec) Mining Engineer Joseph Newton   CE16/B/60
  NEWTON Sarah 25 S   School Yard, Farnley Joseph Newton Caretaker Percy Sheard, Ruth Stephenson    
1910 09 24 EDWARDS George Edward 32 W Miner Percy Main George Edwards Miner Agnes Smith   CE16/B/61
  SHARP Harriet 31 S Weaver Farnley Squire Sharp (dec) Miner James Edwards    
1910 10 01 YATES Arthur 38 W Engineer Upper Armley John Yates (dec) Tanner Henry Vickers, Polly Vickers   CE16/B/62
  THORNTON Lena 33 S   Farnley Smith Thornton Labourer Edith Thornton    
1910 10 08 PULLAN Frank Harry 22 B Joiner Farnley Timothy Pullan Forgeman John William Pullan, Violet Frances Pullan   CE16/B/63
  CROWTHER Amelia 26 S   Farnley John Edward Crowther Shoemaker Alice Crowther, Timothy Pullan    
1911 02 28 MORPHET Edward 33 B Farmer Spennithorne James Morphet (dec) Farmer Harry White   CE16/B/64
  HARBOTTLE Hannah Mary 29 S   Farnley William Frederick Harbottle Farmer Frances Harbottle    
1911 03 04 WARRINER Ernest 25 B Telephone Operator Wortley John Warriner (dec) Farmer Gertrude Warriner   CE16/B/65
  SMITH Sarah 22 S Weaver Farnley Israel Smith Iron Worker John Edward Smith    
1911 04 08 BRIGHT George Henry 27 B Labourer Wortley Reuben Bright Fitter Willie Harker, Alice May Croft   CE16/B/66
  CROFT Maria Louisa 28 S   Farnley Arthur Croft Miner Charlotte Mary Harrison    
1911 04 15 THORP Benjamin 31 B Bricklayer Wortley John Thorpe Bricklayer Harry Tordoff   CE16/B/67
  TORDOFF Frances 33 S   Farnley Francis Tordoff Labourer Ellen Light    
1911 04 18 HEPWORTH Henry 34 B Assistant Ironworks Manager Woodville, Farnley William Hepworth Ironworks Manager Alfred Bateson Vye Parminter, Ethel Hepworth   CE16/B/68
  PARMINTER Ellen Bateson Vye 25 S School Teacher 70 Chapel Lane, Headingley John Vye Parminter Retired Schoolmaster Margaret Emily Vye Parminter, Helen Hepworth    
1911 05 20 COLLEY Harry 22 B Labourer Farnley Thomas Colley Labourer Walter R Wellacott   CE16/B/69
  FOTHERGILL Zillah 21 S   Farnley Sam Fothergill (dec) Labourer Emily Colley    
1911 06 17 EARNSHAW Horace 30 B Labourer 7 Park View, New Farnley Jams Henry Earnshaw Clay Miner Thomas Robertshaw Earnshaw   CE16/B/70
  ILLINGWORTH Amy Ellen 31 S Weaver 15 Long Row William Henry Illingworth Engineman Prudence Evelyn Earnshaw, Annie Earnshaw    
1911 07 08 ROBINSON Alexander Blythe 27 B Grocer's Assistant 12 Hawkhurst Rd, Thornhill Rd, Wortley James Robinson Labourer Peter Yellow, Thomas E Morris   CE16/B/71
  YELLOW Sarah Alice 26 S Weaver Peel's Croft, Farnley Peter Yellow Gardener Mary Agnes Yellow, Florence Esther France    
1911 07 08 NAYLOR Fred 25 B Miner Green Lane, Methley William Naylor Miner Hartley Naylor   CE16/B/72
  COWBURN Emily 23 S Weaver Parkside, Farnley Coultas Cowburn Labourer Edith Annie Cowburn    
1911 07 10 KAYE Albert 22 B Butcher 1 Woods Square, Stanningley John Kaye Policeman Smith Thornton   CE16/B/73
  THORNTON Annice 35 S   87 Peels Mount, Farnley Smith Thornton Labourer Edith Thornton, Lawrence Thornton    
1911 07 23 MORGAN Harry 31 B Greengrocer Farnley Elias Morgan Labourer Charles Shipley   CE16/B/74
  SHIPLEY Emma 31 S Weaver Farnley Joe Shipley Forgeman Carrie Morgan    
1911 08 05 STANSFIELD Samuel 30 B Mechanic Farnley Squire Stansfield Hammer Driver Arthur Earnshaw   CE16/B/75
  WOOD Norah 19 S Weaver Farnley Jonathan Wood Greengrocer Violet Wood    
1911 09 30 MAWSON John William 28 B Carter Farnley George Mawson (dec) Carter Jack Atha   CE16/B/76
  ATHA Lavinia 25 S Mill Worker Farnley Fred Atha Gas Worker Ethel Brook    
1911 12 02 YOUNG James 46 W Painter Burley Robert Young Oil Miller Arthur Croft   CE16/B/77
  THOMPSON Annie 37 S   Farnley William Bailey Thompson Platelayer Eliza Croft    
1911 12 16 MILNER Arthur 23 B Cloth Miller Farnley Henry Miller Tuner Herbert Thornton   CE16/B/78
  INGHAM Serenna 22 S Weaver Farnley Arthur Ingham Fettler Alice Ingham    
1911 12 23 INGHAM Ben 35 B Miner Farnley John Ingham Labourer Edgar Croft   CE16/B/79
  VARLEY Eliza 30 S   Farnley Alfred Varley Carter Wilfrid Ickringill?    
1911 12 26 KENDELL Harry 27 B Joiner Farnley John William Kendell Joiner Percy Kendell   CE16/B/80
  SILCOCK Lily 24 S   Farnley William Silcock (dec) Mechanic Fanny Kendell    
1912 01 15 PYRAH Henry 39 W Mining Surveyor Shipley Alfred Pyrah Licensed Victualler Herbert Turner   CE16/B/81
  TORDOFF Martha Ann 37 S Minder Farnley Joseph Henry Tordoff Forgeman Emily Ethel Pyrah    
1912 02 03 TOOTHILL Albert 26 B Mantle Cutter Armley Samuel Toothill Moulder Arthur Murgatroyd   CE16/B/82
  MURGATROYD May Flower 27 S Weaver Farnley Solomon Murgatroyd (dec) Model maker Grace Toothill    
1912 02 03 HOBSON Webster 24 B Woolsorter Pudsey Owen Hobson Cloth Miller John Henry Royce   CE16/B/83
  HANSON Ethel 25 S   Farnley Joseph Hanson Forgeman Martha Hobson    
1912 02 09 MANN George 20 B Twister Kirkstall Moses Mann (dec) Labourer Bertie Howarth   CE16/B/84
  HORSLEY Emily 21 S Twister Farnley William Horsley Bricklayer Annie Horsley    
1912 04 04 KING Charles Arthur 26 B Technical Chemist Park House, Farnley William Henry King (dec) Railway Goods Agent Thomas Baxendale   CE16/B/85
  BAXENDALE Lilian 24 S   The Lodge, Lawns Lane, Farnley Thomas Baxendale Glazed Brick Works Manager George Frederick King, Alice Maud King    
1912 04 06 BIRKBY James 35 B Farmer Farnley John Birkby (dec) Labourer Phoebe Woolley   CE16/B/86
  WOOLLEY Florence 29 S Servant Farnley Henry Woolley (dec) Cigar Maker Nathial Birkby    
1912 04 06 CLAYTON Harry 30 B Moulder Farnley John Clayton (dec) Boot Maker William Wade   CE16/B/87
  WADE Annie 26 S Weaver Farnley Alfred Wade Labourer Elizabeth Ann Wigglesworth    
1912 04 27 FOZARD Frederick 26 B Engineer Brownhill Sam Fozard Publican Joshua Wood   CE16/B/88
  WIDDOP Mary 23 S   Farnley Alfred Widdop Forgeman Harriot Ann Widdop    
1912 05 25 TAYLOR Andrew Thornton 29 B Labourer Farnley Andrew Taylor Labourer Albert Tempest   CE16/B/89
  WADE Jane Elizabeth 39 S Weaver Farnley Charles Wade (dec) Labourer Eleanor Taylor    
1912 06 22 ODDY George 26 B Labourer Farnley Henry Oddy Labourer William Wade   CE16/B/90
  WIGGLESWORTH Hannah 23 S Weaver Farnley John Wigglesworth Carter Elizabeth Ann Wigglesworth    
1912 07 24 JOHNSON George Edward 30 B Bricklayer Farnley Louis Johnson Foreman Brick Maker Horace Johnson   CE16/B/91
  SHARP Louisa 30 S Weaver Farnley Fredrick Sharp Mechanic Edith Sharp    
1912 08 28 DOWNS Robert 24 B Farmer Farnley John Downs Farmer Ben Stephenson   CE16/B/92
  STEPHENSON Florrie 21 S   Farnley Henry Stephenson Farmer Mabel Stephenson    
1912 08 31 COWBURN Willie 31 B Forgeman Farnley Frank Cowburn Carter Meek? Harrison   CE16/B/93
  HARRISON Ada 21 S Millhand Farnley Joseph Harrison No occupation Lilly Asquith    
1912 08 31 ATKINSON Charles 28 B Forgeman Farnley George Atkinson Engine Driver Fred Atkinson   CE16/B/95
  HAXBY Elizabeth 23 S Weaver Farnley George Haxby Forgeman Edith Atkinson    
1912 09 04 WORLAND Fred 24 B Miner Farnley Thomas Worland Labourer James Luty   CE16/B/96
  PARROTT Annie 28 S   Wortley Sam Parrott Policeman Martha Ann Worland    
1912 09 14 SCOTT James 25 B Plaster Moulder Farnley Robinson Scott Blacksmith Lawrence H Long   CE16/B/97
  GIVENS Nora 24 S Tailor's Machinist South Lodge, Farnley Alfred Givens (dec) Weighman Laura Baker    
1912 09 19 MORTIMER Arthur 37 W Millhand Gildersome Richard Mortimer (dec) Miner Harry Rhodes   CE16/B/98
  RHODES Mary Elizabeth 38 S   Farnley John Rhodes (dec) Labourer Heloise Pearson    
1912 09 24 TAYLOR William 25 B Hairdresser Farnley George Taylor Labourer Peter Burgoyne   CE16/B/99
  BURGOYNE Ellen 24 S   Farnley Peter Burgoyne Engineer Oliver Taylor    
1912 10 21 MOORING Ernest 25 B Lithographer Armley Hall John William Mooring Mechanic John Bedford   CE16/B/100
  BEDFORD Minnie 24 S Weaver Farnley John Bedford Packer Emma Booth    
1912 10 23 PICKERSGILL Charles Wilfred 24 B Labourer Farnley John N Pickersgill (dec) Mechanic William Barraclough   CE16/B/101
  INGHAM Mary Hannah 22 S Mender Farnley John Ingham Gas Worker Sarah Ann Tidswell    
1912 10 26 STEPHENSON Herbert 28 B Analyst Farnley Oliver Stephenson Farmer Agnes Grayshon   CE16/B/102
  WRAY Agnes 29 S   Farnley William Wray Brick Burner Wilfrid Newton    
1912 12 12 HAMMOND Wilfred 22 B Millhand Farnley Thomas William Hammond Labourer James Welsh   CE16/B/103
  WELSH Jane 21 S Domestic Servant Farnley James Welsh Miner Ada Wright    
1912 12 24 WHARTON Denton 36 B Clay Worker Farnley George Wharton (dec) Blast Furnaceman James Elam   CE16/B/104
  ELAM Alice 32 S Weaver Wortley Jonathan Elam (dec) Miner Nellie Wharton    
1912 12 26 BATES William Robert Harold 20 B Furnaceman Farnley William Bates Commercial Traveller Benjamin Eversden   CE16/B/105
  ATKINSON Annice 21 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Atkinson Miner Fanny Atkinson    
1913 01 04 HOWELLS Guy 26 B Guard Farnley Edward Howells Weaver John William Parker   CE16/B/106
  PARKER Alice 20 S Mender Wortley John William Parker Platelayer Maud Mary Hewitt, Willie Bramham    
1913 03 08 WADE William 25 B Gas Worker Farnley Alfred Wade Gardener George Rudkin   CE16/B/107
  WIGGLESWORTH Elizabeth Ann 26 S Piecener Farnley John Wigglesworth Carter Florence Wade    
1913 03 15 BINNS Frederick 21 B Currier Farnley John Binns Currier Harry Lee   CE16/B/108
  LEE Lily 20 S   Farnley William Lee Labourer Ruth Ann Best    
1913 03 20 BRAMHAM William 28 B Joiner Farnley Albert Enoch Bramham (dec) Forgeman Robert R Browning?   CE16/B/109
  HEWITT Maud Mary 28 S   Wortley Joseph Hewitt Butcher Eleanor Bramham    
1913 03 22 BOYNTON Edward 28 B Knotter Wortley John Boynton Clay Worker Thomas Asquith Dyson   CE16/B/110
  HIRST Chriscilla 32 S Weaver Farnley William Hirst (dec) Puddler Mabel Cartledge    
1913 04 09 DAVEY William Arthur 24 B Bobbin Maker Pudsey James Davey Poultry Dealer Acquilla Davey   CE16/B/111
  THORNTON Florence 20 S   Farnley Sam Thornton Iron Moulder Hedley Thornton    
1913 05 10 EDWARDS David 33 W Iron Moulder Farnley Griffith Edwards (dec) Master Mariner William Wood   CE16/B/112
  FURNESS Leah 27 W Weaver Farnley George Farrer (dec) Labourer Mary Wood    
1913 05 10 LEE Percy 27 B Truck Labourer Farnley William Lee Labourer Harry Lee   CE16/B/113
  SMITH Hannah 27 S Weaver Farnley Martin Smith (dec) Refiner Bertha Smith    
1913 06 21 CRAVEN Joshua 45 W Gas Maker Farnley George Craven Farmer James Grayson   CE16/B/114
  GRAYSON Annie 39 S   Farnley Joseph Grayson Sawyer Elsie Craven    
1913 07 26 SOWDEN James 21 B Warehouseman Pudsey Ezra Sowden (dec) Farmer Doris Firth   CE16/B/115
  PETTY Mabel 21 S Weaver Farnley Ralph Petty Police Sergeant Ralph Petty By Licence  
1913 08 15 GARFORTH James 21 B Carter Drighlington Moses Garforth Miner Ezra Aveyard   CE16/B/116
  ATKINSON Ann 24 S Weaver Farnley Harry Atkinson Miner Alice Atkinson    
1913 08 20 SCARGILL George Beevers 31 B Greengrocer Gildersome Henry Scargill No occupation Sam Asquith Banks   CE16/B/117
  BANKS Mary Edith 26 S   Farnley Sam Asquith Banks Labourer Ada Ann Banks    
1913 10 25 HIGGS William Ernest 28 B Teacher Farnley Thomas Higgs Chauffeur Edith Lincoln   CE16/B/118
  LINCOLN Esther 29 S   Wortley George Lincoln Cab Proprietor George Lincoln    
1913 11 01 BEST Joseph Oddy 24 B Brick Maker Farnley Sam Best (dec) Labourer Leonard Crowther   CE16/B/119
  GREEN Ann Elizabeth 23 S Weaver Gildersome William Green Engineman Mabel Longley    
1913 11 01 THORNTON Joseph Whitfield 31 S Brick Maker Farnley William Thornton Labourer Margaret Brennan   CE16/B/120
  DIMMOCK Clara 20 S Weaver Farnley William Dimmock Miner? Percy Ingham    
1913 11 08 PEARSON William Lodge 25 B Pattern Maker 3 Croft Terrace, New Farnley Joseph Pearson Ironworks Foreman Percy L Pearson   CE16/B/121
  EARNSHAW Annie 23 S   7 Park View, New Farnley James Henry Earnshaw Miner Evelyn Earnshaw, James H Earnshaw    
1913 12 27 HORSLEY John Willie 24 B Clay Worker Farnley William Horsley Brick Worker Herbert Ellis   CE16/B/122
  WILLIAMS Margaret Annie 23 S   Farnley Harry Williams (dec) Brick Worker Annie Horsley    
1914 01 17 BROWN Harry Redman 28 B Fitter All Saints, Coventry Frederick Brown (dec) Engine Driver Arthur Peacock   CE16/B/123
  BARRACLOUGH Sarah Hannah 29 S   Farnley Thomas Barraclough Engineman Patty Peacock    
1914 01 31 HOLROYD George 39 W Miner Garforth James Holroyd Labourer John William Normington   CE16/B/124
  NORMINGTON Susy 33 S Weaver Farnley Joseph Normington (dec) Miner Ada Normington    
1914 02 07 HARDY Bertram 23 B Millhand Morley William Hardy Constable Annie Crooks   CE16/B/125
  CROOKS Emily 20 S Weaver Farnley Thomas Crooks Miner Henry Crooks    
1914 03 07 GAUNT Cecil Samuel 35 B Plumber Armley Samuel Gaunt Blacksmith Cyril Smith   CE16/B/126
  CROFT Frances Sophia 33 S   Farnley Arthur Croft Miner's Deputy Nellie Croft    
1914 03 14 DOWNS Frederick Henry 33 B Forgeman Farnley Benjamin Downs Farmer Frank Downs   CE16/B/127
  WIDDOP Ellen 21 S Weaver Farnley Alfred Widdop Forgeman Harriet Ann Widdop    
1914 03 16 RAYNER Wilkinson 30 B Engineer St Marks, Coventry Joseph Rayner (dec) Boot Maker Walter Murgatroyd   CE16/B/128
  BUTTREY Elizabeth Hannah 29 S Tailoress Farnley Robert Buttrey (dec) Labourer Annie Buttrey    
1914 04 04 SMICKERSGILL Albert 28 B Forgeman Wortley William Smickersgill Mechanic Harry Smickersgill   CE16/B/129
  WIDDOP Martha 27 S   Farnley Alfred Widdop Forgeman Harriot Ann Widdop    
1914 04 09 SCHOFIELD Harry Bickerdike 25 B Clerk Field Side House, Farnley John Edward Schofield (dec) Clerk R Schofield   CE16/B/130
  HEPWORTH Helen 23 S   Woodville, Farnley William Hepworth Manager Ethel Hepworth, W Hepworth    
1914 05 06 JAGGER Harold 27 B Dairyman Rose Cottage, New Farnley William Jagger Boilermaker William Ingham   CE16/B/131
  WIGGLESWORTH Agnes 25 S Dressmaker Whitehall Farm, New Farnley Benjamin Wigglesworth Farmer Emma Jagger    
1914 05 30 ATKINSON Albert 21 B Grocer's Assistant Farnley John Atkinson (dec) Joiner Arthur White   CE16/B/132
  MILNES Hannah 21 S Dressmaker Farnley James Milnes (dec) Mechanic's Labourer Alice Milnes    
1914 06 01 BUSFIELD Lawrence 24 B Fettler Pudsey John William Busfield Foreman Rag Grinder George Beevers Scargill   CE16/B/133
  BANKS Ada Ann 23 S Piecener Farnley Sam Asquith Banks Labourer Hannah Elizabeth Busfield    
1914 06 27 SOWDEN Clarence 18 B Cloth Miller Farnley Charles Sowden Boilermaker Edith Sowden   CE16/B/134
  MILNER Bessie 20 S Weaver Farnley Harry Milner Tuner Harry Milner    
1914 07 04 NEWTON Wilfred 27 B Chemist Farnley Joseph Newton Caretaker James Hill, Oliver Stephenson   CE16/B/135
  STEPHENSON Ruth 28 S   Farnley Oliver Stephenson Farmer Ethel Booth, Joseph Newton    
1914 07 21 PULLAN Granville Newton Clough 32 B Soldier Portsmouth Timothy Pullan (dec) Hammer Man John William Pullan, Sam Holdsworth   CE16/B/136
  HOLDSWORTH Bernice 32 S   Farnley William Scott Holdsworth Mason Florence Emily Ramsden, Elsie Mary Pullan    
1914 08 01 JACKSON Walter 24 B Cabinet Maker All Saints, Leeds Edwin Jackson Cashier John T Jackson   CE16/B/137
  HUDSON Edith 23 S Weaver Farnley John Hudson Miner Gladys Soulby?    
1914 12 24 COX Tom 31 B Cloth Presser Armley John Cox Cloth Presser Clifford Cox   CE16/B/138
  WHARTON Nellie Gertrude 29 S Domestic Servant Farnley George Wharton (dec) Forgeman Myra Sowden    
1914 12 26 ALLCROFT Thomas Lacey 22 B Joiner & Wheelwright 21 Grasmere Place, Tong Road Frederick Lacey Allcroft Coachman Edith Bootman   CE16/B/139
  BRAITHWAITE Annie Elizabeth 20 S Weaver 4 Newton Square, New Farnley Alfred Braithwaite Platelayer Walter Eastwood    
1914 12 26 FLOCKTON Samuel Denison 34 B Tailor's Cutter Christ Church, Upper Armley John Hainsworth Flockton Joiner John William Ellis, Harry H Flockton   CE16/B/140
  ELLIS Myra 33 S Tailor's Machinist Farnley John William Ellis Engineer Maud Ellis    
1915 02 20 GOLDSTONE Charles Edward 31 B Loco Driver Farnley Alfred William Goldstone Banksman Alfred William Goldstone   CE16/B/141
  EARNSHAW Prudence Evelyn 30 S   Farnley James Earnshaw (dec) Miner Annie Pearson    
1915 02 27 FOTHERGILL Sam 24 B Clay Worker Farnley John Fothergill Night Watchman Alf Fothergill   CE16/B/142
  FOSTER Ethel 24 S   Holbeck Charles Albert Foster Hairdresser Florence Foster    
1915 04 03 NEWTON Ernest 24 B Cabinet Maker 19 Playground, New Farnley Dan Newton Foreman Joiner Elizabeth Kellett   CE16/B/143
  BEST Lavinia 25 S   11 Playground, New Farnley Wilson Best Clay Miner Emily Lightowler    
1915 04 08 GLOVER Ernest Hudson 25 B Tailor's Presser Farnley Richard Glover Warehouseman Harold Ackroyd   CE16/B/144
  ROBERTS Maud Mary 20 S Weaver Farnley William Roberts Brick Worker William Roberts    
1915 04 05 ROBINSON John Agar 26 B Soldier Sergeant Ilkley Andrew Robinson Commission Agent James Edgar Robinson   CE16/B/145
  HOLDEN Lilian 21 S   Farnley Paul Holden Labourer Kathleen Jane Robinson    
1915 04 28 WEBSTER Sydney 23 B Wool Merchant Lower Croft House, Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Charles Webster Wool merchant Nelson Webster   CE16/B/146
  SUGDEN Florence 22 S   49 Cross Lane, Farnley Ben Sugden Grocer John William Hemingway    
1915 05 22 ROBINSON Edgar 21 B Army Sergeant Codford, Wiltshire Fred Robinson Labourer Nellie Boocock By Licence CE16/B/147
  CROOKS Annie 23 S   Farnley Albert Crooks Miner William Foster Lang    
1915 05 22 KEMPLAY Horace 26 B Tool Grinder Farnley John William Kemplay Iron Turner Charles Naylor Wilby   CE16/B/148
  WILBY Lily 23 S Weaver Farnley John Wilby Labourer John Bownes, Mary Ann Fox    
1915 06 26 ROBINSON William 22 B Boot Finisher S Albans, Leeds William Sutcliffe * Cotton Presser George Edward Lister   CE16/B/149
  STAPLETON Minnie 21 S Weaver Farnley Frederick Stapleton Horse Man May Sutcliffe    
1915 06 28 DENISON John 39 W Butcher's Manager 89 Queen Street, Morley Francis Denison Farmer John Crabtree   CE16/B/150
  CRABTREE Norah 38 S Milliner Fern Villa, Branch Road, Lower Wortley John Crabtree Gardener Evelyn Lowe    
1915 07 03 THORNTON Clarence 26 B Cloth Finisher Farnley Ripeth Thornton Forgeman William Arnold Peat   CE16/B/151
  PEAT Maud 28 S   Farnley William Henry Peat Butcher Reginald Thornton    
1915 07 31 BOOTH Wilfred 22 B Pork Butcher 24 Wharfe Street, Savile Town, Dewsbury John Booth Willeyer Clara Judd   CE16/B/152
  CROWTHER Henrietta 20 S Weaver 36 Playground Thomas Hainsworth Crowther Miner Albert Crowther    
1915 07 31 WRAY George Edward 24 B Fettler Farnley John Wray Brick Presser Harry Simpson   CE16/B/153
  BRAMHAM Eleanor 28 S Weaver Farnley Albert Bramham Forgeman Ernest Stirk    
1915 09 18 LAWSON Robert 25 B Woollen Fettler Pudsey William Lawson Iron Dresser Annie Thewlis   CE16/B/154
  BEST Ruth Ann 23 S Weaver Farnley William Best Carrier John William Wright, Albert * Horne    
1915 09 20 HEWITT George Edward 23 B Soldier The Parish of Emmanuel James Hewitt Publican Ethel Lord   CE16/B/155
  HOBSON Nellie 26 S Draper's Assistant Farnley Benjamin Hobson (dec) Verger Gilbert Jackson    
1915 09 23 OLDROYD Edgar 26 B Rag Merchant Healey, Batley Arthur Oldroyd Agent Harold E Henderson, British East Africa   CE16/B/156
  SMITH Sarah Eliza Dorothy 24 S   Farnley Alfred Waite Smith Innkeeper George C Batley, Arthur Oldroyd    
1915 10 11 STEPHENSON Albert 24 B Barman Farnley Oliver Stephenson Farmer Clifford Stephenson   CE16/B/157
  GLOVER Sarah 23 S   Pudsey William Glover Greengrocer William Glover    
1915 10 25 NEWBOUND Henry 49 B Cashier 20 Queens Square, Leeds William Newbound Agent Janet Collinson   CE16/B/158
  COLLINSON Mary Elinor 55 W   28 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley Thomas Crossland (dec) Vicar of Milford, Nr Derby Thomas William Collinson    
1915 11 20 BULLOCK George 26 B Machine Man 9 Vicarage Street, Kirkstall George Bullock (dec) Farmer Thomas Tunnicliff   CE16/B/159
  CROFT Hannah Elizabeth 25 S   16 Nutting Grove, Farnley Amos Croft Miner Kate Croft    
1915 11 20 CLOUGH Walter Nixon 23 B Clerk 7 The Hollies, Tong Road, Leeds Walter Clough Ticket Examiner Reginald Eastwood Clough   CE16/B/160
  NEWBY Eva Jane Ann 22 S   Lane Side, Farnley     Sarah Clough, Walter Clough    
1915 12 18 SHILLITO Ernest 27 B Forgeman 25 Brooklyn Street, Hall Lane, Armley William Shillito Blacksmith Wiilie Kershaw   CE16/B/161
  KERSHAW Susannah 25 S Weaver 11 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Willie Kershaw Forgeman A M Kershaw, Ruth Lumby, May V Kershaw    
1915 12 18 TUNNICLIFF Thomas 36 W Engineer Kirkstall Edward Tunnicliff (dec) Brewer Lilly Priestley   CE16/B/162
  CROFT Kate 28 S Weaver Farnley Amos Croft Miner Arthur Croft    
1915 12 18 ROBINSON Harry 25 B Mechanic Pudsey Edwin Robinson Cloth Drawer Annie Ellis   CE16/B/163
  ELLIS Alice Maud 24 S Tailoress Wortley, Leeds John William Ellis (dec) Mechanic Herbert Lowley    
1915 12 25 GARSIDE John Atkinson 23 B Presser Farnley John Garside Forgeman Walter Barrass   CE16/B/164
  BARRASS Agnes 23 S Weaver Farnley Walter Barrass Forgeman John Edward Holliday    
1915 12 25 ABBOTT Thomas 25 B Spring Forger Armley Ben Abbott (dec) Carting Agent Susan Webster   CE16/B/165
  WEBSTER Eva 24 S Weaver Farnley Henry Webster Brick Setter John William Webster    
1916 01 01 PARNABY Sam 44 B Coal Merchant 18 Orchard Street, Otley John Thomas Parnaby (dec) Coal Merchant Charles Slowin By Licence CE16/B/166
  WHEELHOUSE Mary Jane 43 S Weaver Farnley Low Mills John Wheelhouse Woolcomber Emily Annie Slowin    
1916 02 19 SCHOFIELD Harry 23 B Warehouseman Skilbeck Street, New Wortley Richard Walter Schofield Retired Engine Driver Alfred Victor Desborough   CE16/B/167
  LONGFELLOW Beatrice 23 S Warp Twister Wilfrid Terrace, Lower Wortley William Longfellow Miner Doris Schofield    
1916 02 26 MANN Sam Francis 29 B Clerk 22 Wilfrid Terrace, Lower Wortley Albert Eneas Mann Boot & Shoe Maker John Mann, Harriet Mann   CE16/B/168
  BARRASS Elsie 29 S Weaver 22 Wilfrid Terrace, Lower Wortley Walter Barrass Gas Worker Walter Barrass    
1916 04 19 SHARP Rufus 33 W Brick Burner 31 Branch Street Nathaniel Sharp Miner James Sharp   CE16/B/169
  JOHNSON Maud 30 S   Railway Cottage Louis Johnson Brick Maker Helena Johnson    
1916 04 22 BUCKLE William 24 B Engineer 13 Station Terrace, Bramley William Buckle Monumental Mason Samuel Raper Kellet   CE16/B/170
  KELLET Hilda 22 S   8 Bangor Terrace Samuel Raper Kellet Engine Driver Jane Buckle    
1916 04 24 GOMERSALL Leonard 24 B Weaving Overlooker 3 Warrels Place, Bramley William Henry Gomersall Mechanic Jonathan Wood   CE16/B/171
  WOOD Rose Ann 19 S   23 Cow Close Grove Jonathan Wood Greengrocer Norah Stansfield    
1916 05 27 KERSHAW Willie 24 B Private KOYLI 10 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley Sam Kershaw (dec) Forgeman Henry Kershaw   CE16/B/172
  FENTON Beatrice 24 S   204 Lower Wortley Road William Fenton (dec) Miner Selina Kershaw    
1916 06 03 MCWILLIAM George 23 B Boot Repairer 2 Lytham Place Alfred McWilliam (dec) Gardener Arthur Smith   CE16/B/173
  SMITH Elsie Maud 23 S   88 The Bawn Arthur Smith Police Constable Florence McWilliam    
1916 06 10 RICHMOND Fred 22 B Miner Booth Buildings, Rothwell Haigh, Leeds William Richmond Teamer Edna Atkinson   CE16/B/174
  ATKINSON Alice 25 S   1 Newton Square Harry Atkinson Labourer William Richmond    
1916 06 10 WALTERS Alfred 24 B Miner 12 Gladstone Terrace, Crofton Benjamin Walters (dec) Miner Ernest Cawthray   CE16/B/175
  CAWTHRAY May 21 S   18 School Close James Cawthray Miner Ethel Cawthray    
1916 06 13 INGHAM Charles Edward 43 B Basket Maker 27 Farnley Crescent James Ingham Engine Man G E Ingham   CE16/B/176
  MCLESTER Eleanor 33 S   12 Queens Road, St Annes on the Sea John Randall McLester Shipwright John Randall McLester    
1916 07 12 TAYLOR Harry 22 B Wool Warper Town Street, Gildersome Fred Taylor (dec) Smith H Sharp   CE16/B/177
  SHARP Mary 27 S   Newton Square, Farnley Henry Sharp Labourer J J Sharp    
1916 09 02 HAIGH Walter 25 B Fitter's Labourer 29 Meynell Street, Holbeck Horatio Haigh Brick Burner John Thomas Wood   CE16/B/178
  WOOD Elizabeth Ann 24 S   14 Long Row Joseph Hargreaves Wood Labourer Agnes Hanson    
1916 09 27 ALDERSON John William 24 B Joiner 20 Nutting Grove Terrace Myers Alderson Miner Joseph Vivien Dyer By Licence CE16/B/179
  FARRAR Lizzie 21 S   3 Blackpool Grove Sam Farrar Iron Labourer Elizabeth Ann Marshall    
1916 12 14 DEWHIRST Harold 31 B Soldier 5 Long Row William Edwin Dewhirst Clerk John Thomas Wood By Licence CE16/B/180
  HANSON Agnes 25 S   5 Long Row Thomas William Hanson (dec) Miner Lydia Ann Lightowler    
1917 03 17 RAMSDEN Walter Edward 29 B Sailor 6 East End David Ramsden Wheelwright Lena Broadbent By Licence CE16/B/181
  SHILLITO Amy 21 S   6 East End Thomas Walter Shillito Forgeman David Ramsden    
1917 04 07 CUNDALL Robert 25 B Soldier 40 Wordsworth Street, Burley Robert Cundall Soldier Jim Boocock By Licence CE16/B/182
  BOOCOCK Nellie 24 S   26 Farnley Crescent John William Boocock (dec) Bricklayer E Boocock    
1917 06 09 PICKERSGILL John Harold 22 B Fire Cutter Whitley Bay John Pickersgill (dec) Mechanic John Wigglesworth   CE16/B/183
  WIGGLESWORTH Olive 19 S   Forge Yard, New Farnley John Wigglesworth Teamer Annie Wigglesworth    
1917 07 07 THORNTON Hedley 28 B Soldier 18 Cobden Road, Farnley Sam Thornton Moulder Leonard Thornton   CE16/B/184
  SUMNER Effie Kingley 27 S   1 Pinder View, Farnley Claude Sumner (dec) Independent Means Annie Lacey    
1917 07 28 BERRY Sam 49 W Enquirer Thornbury, Bradford John Berry (dec) Warp Dresser Luke Bradshaw   CE16/B/185
  WALKER Selena 46 W   22 Long Row Jonas Barraclough (dec) Miner Annie Elizabeth Bradshaw    
1917 08 11 SCOTT Cyril 22 B Soldier Strensall, York Frederick Stephen Scott Labourer Edward McWilliam   CE16/B/186
  MCWILLIAM Annie 22 S   2 Lytham Place Alfred McWilliam (dec) Watchman Edith Emily Charlotte Naylor    
1917 10 27 WORTH Alfred 41 W Market Gardener 112 Bawn Lane David Worth (dec) Rope & Twine Manufacturer Annie Chippindale   CE16/B/187
  CHIPPINDALE Lucy Cooper 38 S   112 Bawn Lane George Chippindale Blacksmith George Chippindale    
1917 11 10 WALKER John 30 B Miner 10 Lewis Closure, Wortley Billy Walker Platelayer Frederick Packer?   CE16/B/188
  SOWDEN Edith 23 S   1 Park View Charley Sowden Boilermaker Sarah Ellen Bywater    
1917 11 24 FIRTH Edward 25 B Soldier Gildersome James Herbert Firth Driller Horace Wormald By Licence CE16/B/189
  TEASDALE Emmeline 20 S   4 School Close, Farnley Lorraine Teasdale Labourer Elsie Firth    
1917 12 08 MURGATROYD Henry 27 B Furnaceman Low Moor Side William Murgatroyd (dec) Greengrocer George William Murgatroyd   CE16/B/190
  INGHAM Alice Maud 30 S   Lane Side, Farnley Arthur Ingham (dec) Overlooker Nellie Ingham    
1917 12 29 TENNANT John Wilfred 32 W Motor Driver Oak Tree Cottage, Farnley Joseph Tennant Retired Alfred Throup   CE16/B/191
  THROUP Lilian 28 S   39 Cobden Road, Farnley Frederick Throup (dec) Grocer George Doughty, Phyllis Doughty    
1918 01 26 LEWIS David 25 B Miner Robin Hood, Wakefield Stephen Seth Lewis Greengrocer Hannah Lewis   CE16/B/192
  FLETCHER Sarah Elizabeth 23 S   Newton Square, Farnley Randolph Fletcher Textile Labourer Walter Lewis    
1918 01 28 STEPHENSON Leonard 27 B Soldier Grove House, Gildersome Orlando Stephenson Rate Collector John Crooks By Licence CE16/B/193
  COWBURN Clara 24 S   38 Park View Coultas Cowburn Willeyer Isabel Cowburn    
1918 03 02 BINNS John Edward 21 B Sailor 21 Pontefract Terrace Jonas Binns Textile Worker Frederick Benjamin Large By Licence CE16/B/194
  LARGE Mary Louisa 19 S   55 Dorset Road, Harehills Frederick Benjamin Large Collier Jonas Binns    
1918 03 02 SIMPSON George E 29 W Soldier Hemsworth Calec Simpson Miner Annie Elizabeth Swaby   CE16/B/195
  ISLES Esther Ann 28 S   Farnley William Isles Miner William Isles, Norman Isles    
1918 03 30 WILKS Arthur George 24 B Designer Lea View, Farnley Alfred Wilks Engine Driver George Roberts   CE16/B/196
  ROBERTS Margery 22 S   Ing Hall Farm, Farnley Harry Roberts Farmer Harry Roberts    
1918 05 04 FOWKES William 23 B Soldier 45 Long Row John Fowkes Colliery Banksman John William Normington By Licence CE16/B/197
  NORMINGTON Lily 24 S   Bawn Lane Joseph Normington (dec) Miner Emma Normington    
1918 06 22 ELLIS John 29 B Soldier 20 Bangor Terrace John William Ellis (dec) Mechanic Fred Hepworth, Lilian Hepworth By Licence CE16/B/198
  HEPWORTH Maggie 28 S   1 Croft Terrace Ezra Hepworth Shearer Harry Ellis    
1918 06 24 SMITH Frank 30 B Soldier 25 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley William Smith Railwayman William Hall Dixon By Licence CE16/B/199
  INGHAM Gertrude 28 S   24 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley William Ingham (dec) Engineer Elsie Ingham, William Henry Dixon    
1918 07 21 MOXON Fred 26 B Butcher Drighlington Isaac Shaw Moxon Burler James Edward Doughty   CE16/B/200
  DOUGHTY Minnie 25 S   Farnley James E Doughty Millhand Linda Moxon    
1918 09 18 JOHNSON Naylor 25 B Iron Turner 3 Pinder View Joseph Johnson Fire Clay Miner Arthur McGrath   CE16/B/201
  MAUDE Hilda 22 S   7 Forge Row George Maude Licensed Hawker Annie Maude    
1918 10 14 BAXENDALE Thomas Norman 22 B Soldier Farnley Lodge Thomas Baxendale (dec) Manager J W Baxendale By Licence CE16/B/202
  WILKS Caroline Rose 23 S   Lea View, Farnley Alfred Wilks Engine Driver Alfred Wilks    
1918 10 19 BROWN Ernest 31 B Temperer 92 Bawn John William Brown Flour Carrier Herbert Brown   CE16/B/203
  HOLDEN Betsy Alice 27 W   92 Bawn Robert Holden (dec) Weaver Sarah Brown    
1918 11 04 BUCKTROUT Albert 50 W Gas Stoker Park Spring Cottage Henry Bucktrout (dec) Joiner Arton S Wadsworth   CE16/B/204
  ARKINSTALL Florence Eleanor 40 S   Park Spring Cottage John James Arkinstall (dec) Blacksmith Mary Woodhouse    
1919 01 14 JOWETT James 27 B Pte 8th KOYLI 61 Cross Lane John William Jowett (dec) Spinner Florrie McNichol   CE16/B/205
  LISTER Mabel 25 S   4 Wilfrid Street John Frederick Lister Miner Percy Jowett    
1919 03 01 JACKSON Robert Arthur 26 B Miner 5 Cobden Terrace Frank Jackson (dec) Miner William Ernest Jackson   CE16/B/206
  PRIESTLEY Miriam 24 S   63 Cow Close Road Henry Priestley Labourer Ethel Priestley    
1919 04 21 BRADSHAW Freddy 37 W Fitter Mill Lane, Gildersome William Bradshaw Cloth Raiser Alfred William Goldstone Jnr   CE16/B/207
  GOLDSTONE Elizabeth 40 S   Long Row Alfred William Goldstone Banksman Adeline Dixon    
1919 05 14 WOOD George 23 B Draftsman 1 Newton Square Henry Wood (dec) Commercial Traveller Ezra Aveyard By Licence CE16/B/208
  ATKINSON Susannah 23 S   1 Newton Square Harry Atkinson Collier Rebie Alice Hester Squirrell    
1919 05 17 KELK Edward 27 B Pte 30th Batt MGC 30 St Vincent Road, Pudsey Charles Edward Kelk Spinner Alice Kenworthy   CE16/B/209
  KENWORTHY Clarice May 26 S   530 Lane Side Robert Kenworthy Spinner Leonard Kelk    
1919 05 17 ODDY Percy 25 B Woollen Fettler 8 Forge Row Ben Oddy Clayworker Violetta Kenworthy   CE16/B/210
  KENWORTHY Beatrice 23 S   530 Lane Side Robert Kenworthy Spinner Harry Oddy    
1919 06 07 SMALLWOOD Vivian 26 B Electrical Engineer 14 Colton Road, Armley Henry Clarke Smallwood Millwright Ivan Smallwood   CE16/A/211
  STEAD Alice 25 S   10 Pinder Grove Joshua Stead Forgeman Lilian Stead    
1919 06 07 JACKSON William Ernest 22 B Miner 5 Cobden Terrace Frank Jackson (dec) Miner Maggie Horsley   CE16/B/212
  HORSLEY Gladys 21 S   Cow Close Cottages William Horsley (dec) Labourer Robert Arthur Jackson    
1919 06 07 RIDGARD Charles William 25 B Fettler 7 Newton Square Frederick John Ridgard Gardener George Albert Ridgard   CE16/B/213
  SHARPE Mary Emma 27 S   7 Newton Square William Sharpe Labourer Lilian Adola Bedford    
1919 06 13 DAY William 25 B Miner Denaby Main, Rotherham Herbert Day Miner Thomas William Till   CE16/B/214
  MOSS Florence Emma 22 S   Farnley Ben Moss Farm Labourer Nellie Moss    
1919 08 21 HARGRAVE Arthur 27 B Butcher 24 Bexley Avenue, Harehills William Hargrave (dec) Butcher Alfred Roberts   CE16/B/215
  HULLAH Winnie 25 S   256 Cross Lane, Farnley Joseph Hullah Newsagent Lilian Hargrave    
1919 08 25 ALLEN Joseph Edward Christopher 26 B Shoemaker Cawthorne, Barnsley John Allen Colliery Surface Worker William Morley   CE16/B/216
  HARRISON Vera Ada 26 S   Farnley George Harrison Farmer Charlotte Mary Harrison    
1919 08 30 LOWLEY Herbert 27 B Shunter 6 Florence Place, Armley George Lowly (dec) Policeman Frank Lowley   CE16/B/217
  ELLIS Annie 25 S   20 Bangor Terrace John William Ellis (dec) Fitter Emily Ellis, Emma Lowley    
1919 09 06 KELLETT Jared 43 W Foreman 8 Croft Terrace John Kellett (dec) Forgeman Johhn Wilkinson By Licence CE16/B/218
  HORWELL Norah 36 S   8 Croft Terrace John Horwell (dec) Forgeman Elizabeth Kellett    
1919 09 13 HALEY John 24 B Miner Drighlington Harry Haley Miner Fred Sugden   CE16/B/219
  ATKINSON Martha Ann 21 S   8 Newton Square Joseph Atkinson Labourer Fanny Atkinson    
1919 09 17 VARLEY Oswald 26 B Captain S Yks Regt Hendon John William Varley Provision Merchant S D Clements, Irene M Coombs   CE16/B/220
  CLEMENTS Louise Elizabeth 19 S   Farnley Samuel David Clements Physician & Surgeon George Inchbold Varley, *    
1919 09 22 HOLDSWORTH Sam 35 B Lithographic Artist 20 Pontefract Terrace William Holdsworth (dec) Mason G Pullan 5th Fusiliers   CE16/B/221
  MILNER Amy 32 S   80 Kirkstall Lane, Leeds Thomas Milner (dec) Woollen Manufacturer Annie Milner    
1919 10 25 BACON Reginald 27 B Clerk 91 Hall Lane, Armley John William Bacon Enquirer Eveline May Harrison By Licence CE16/B/222
  HARRISON Elsie Winifred 24 S   Moor Top, Farnley Israel Harrison Insurance? Agent George Henry Hawkridge    
1919 11 01 SQUIRRELL Edward Alfred 28 B Drayman 1 Newton Square Alfred Squirrell Farmer Harold Victor Squirrell   CE16/B/223
  ATKINSON Edna 26 S   1 Newton Square Harry Atkinson Collier Rebie Alice Hester Squirrell, Harry Atkinson    
1919 11 08 MURGATROYD George William 27 B Rough Turner 4 Low Moor Side William Murgatroyd (dec) Greengrocer John Lambert, Frederick Lambert   CE16/B/224
  LAMBERT Minnie 27 S   41 Playground Frederick Lambert Joiner's Labourer Harriet Ann Widdop    
1919 11 22 SWALLOW Joseph 36 B Cabinet Maker 15 Oakley Terrace, Dewsbury Road George Richardson Swallow (dec) Commercial Traveller John Atkinson Garside   CE16/B/225
  BARRASS Hilda 31 S   22 Wilfrid Terrace Walter Barrass Gas Maker Esther Swallow    
1919 11 22 RAINE Walter 33 B Labourer 41 Highfield Crescent, Hallfield Lane John Edward Raine (dec) Market Gardener Jane Ellen Walker   CE16/B/226
  MACHAR Jessie 32 S   22 Wilfrid Terrace James Machar Tress Setter Sam Francis Mann    
1919 12 06 POTTER Arthur 25 B Railwayman 9 Butts Mount, Armley Arthur Potter Joiner Charles Alexander Heslop   CE16/B/227
  CROFT Alice May 25 S   204 Low Fold Arthur Croft (dec) Miner Charlotte Mary Harrison, Frank Croft    
1919 12 08 WELLS John Sunley 24 B Butcher 75 Cross Lane Harry Wells (dec) Butcher Harry Sunley   CE16/B/228
  CHARLES Camille 24 S   75 Cross Lane Louis Charles Mechanic A C Ewbank    
1919 12 24 JAMESON Edward 36 W Master Tailor 15 Cobden Terrace Thomas Jameson Shipwright Helen Fleming Briggs   CE16/B/229
  HESP Grace Elizabeth 30 S   6 Cobden Road Robert Hesp (dec) Fitter Arthur Farrar Briggs    
1920 01 17 DOBSON Percy 38 B Colliery Labourer 8 Ebenezer Street, Robn Hood, Nr Wakefield Benjamin Dobson (dec) Miner Doris Atkinson   CE16/B/230
  ATKINSON Fanny 32 S   8 Newton Square Joseph Atkinson Labourer Horace Dobson    
1920 01 28 PETTY Herbert 29 B Window Dresser Police Station, Farnley Ralph Petty Sergeant of Police Lillian Petty   CE16/B/231
  FIRTH Doris Mabel 26 S   25 Swallow Avenue, Wortley Sykes Firth Spinner Frederick Stewart Marley    
1920 02 11 DUNWELL Harry 30 B Colliery Fitter 24 Coronation Bldgs, Thurnscoe East, Rotherham James Dunwell Gas Maker Albert Stephenson By Licence CE16/B/232
  STEPHENSON Mabel Lilian 35 S   Barkerwell Farm Henry Stephenson Farmer Robert Downs    
1920 02 21 WADE John William 45 B Labourer 23 Playground, Farnley Isaac Wade Miner James Rixon Farren   CE16/B/233
  ALDERSON Lily 43 S   School House, Farnley George Alderson Woolsorter Emma Alderson    
1920 04 10 HARDISTY Thomas Henry 42 W Carter Cockersdale, Drighlington Alfred Henry Hardisty Night Watchman William Oddy   CE16/B/234
  ODDY Mary 42 S Woollen Weaver Moor Top, Farnley John Oddy Labourer Agnes *    
1920 05 15 WILKINSON Willie 24 B Gas Worker 3 Bawn Lane John Wilkinson Brick Worker John Edward Wilkinso   CE16/B/235
  THEWLIS Annie 22 S   115 Peels Mount Herbert Thewlis Fettler Laura Thewlis    
1920 05 22 GRAYSON Maurice 23 B Engineer 27 Stonebridge Lane Fred Grayson Joiner David Ramsden, Allan Grayson   CE16/B/236
  RAMSDEN Nellie 22 S   27 Stonebridge Lane David Ramsden Joiner Annie Ramsden, Myra Grayson    
1920 06 05 SHARP George Herbert 28 B Cloth Finisher 11 Newton Square Henry Sharp Platelayer Albert Johnson   CE16/B/237
  JOHNSON Helena 28 S   Railway Cottage Louis Johnson Foreman James Jackson Sharp    
1920 06 05 WHITWAM Whiteley 24 B Labourer Nussey Mill Lane Ben Whitwam Teamer Charles Slowin   CE16/B/238
  WALTON Alice 29 W   Nussey Mill Lane Henry Lock (dec) Horse Breaker Ernest Whitwam    
1920 07 17 MOXON James 25 B Engine * 15 Low Moor Side William Moxon Engine Man Ralph Petty, Leonard Stott   CE16/B/239
  PETTY Ida 24 S   Police Station, Farnley Ralph Petty Sergeant of Police William Moxon    
1920 07 24 LONGFELLOW Walter 23 B Steel Smelter 12 Wilfrid Terrace William Longfellow Collier Harry Longfellow   CE16/B/240
  FISHER Gladys May 19 S   Oldfield Lane, Wortley Thomas Fisher Cloth Miller Edith Rodgers    
1920 07 31 PICKERSGILL Alan 25 B Plumber 40 Brownhill Crescent Harehills Lane, Burmantofts Jesse Pickersgill Gardener Hannah Stephenson   CE16/B/241
  STEPHENSON Emily 27 S   15 Park View, Farnley James T Stephenson Forgeman Albert Binns    
1920 07 31 WRIGHT Ernest 25 B Case? Worker 13 Jubilee Street, Woodhouse Street, Leeds Joseph Wright (dec) Stone Mason Florrie Appleyard   CE16/B/242
  SIMPSON Maud 23 S   Moor Top, Farnley William Cobbett Simpson Retired Frederick George Heeles    
1920 09 04 YOUNG William Harland 28 B Labourer Nafferton, East Yorks John William Young (dec) Labourer Alice Winifred Walker   CE16/B/243
  WILBY Nellie 25 S Weaver 2 Blackpool Terrace, Farnley John Wilby Labourer Charles Naylor Wilby    
1920 10 09 HARDY Hugh Anderson 25 B Mule Spinner 22 Asquith Avenue, Morley William Toynton Hardy Clerk Cyril Hardy   CE16/B/244
  WADE Norah 24 S   3 Long Row Alfred Wade Garden Labourer Edith Mary Ingham    
1920 10 16 JOHNSON Edward 22 B Fitter 3 Pinder View Joseph Johnson Miner Vivian Smallwood   CE16/B/245
  STEAD Lilian 21 S   10 Pinder Grove Joshua Stead Forgeman Olive Johnson    
1920 11 06 THEWLIS William Alfred 20 B Fettler 115 Peels Mount Herbert Thewlis Fettler Alice Wright   CE16/B/246
  HARROP Lily 24 S   7 Lower Cross Street, Halifax Thomas Harrop Engineer Willie Wilkinson    
1920 11 16 MARPLES James Albert 31 W Police Constable 3 Oakfield Terrace, Woodside, Horsforth Ernest Marples Miner Beatrice Turner   CE16/B/247
  TURNER Mary Ellen 26 S   Park Spring Farm William Chester Turner Farmer Albert Allen    
1920 11 20 MIDDLETON Herbert 22 B Painter 31 Pontefract Terrace Richard Middleton Wool Scourer Joseph Armitage Laycock   CE16/B/248
  LAYCOCK Sarah Emma 22 S   31 Pontefract Terrace Joseph Armitage Laycock Dyer's Labourer Richard Middleton    
1920 12 25 CAWTHRAY Herman 24 B Woollen Warper 10 Newton Square Crispin Cawthray Road Mender George Robinson   CE16/B/249
  PROCTER Louie 21 S   40A Freehold Street, Yorks Road George Proctor Brick Maker      
1920 12 27 THURWELL George Henry 24 B Sanitary Worker 8 Pontefract Terrace Tom Thurwell Fettler Jacob Hudson   CE16/B/250
  HUDSON Edith 23 S   10 Barkston Place, Holbeck Jacob Hudson Presser Irvine Thurwell    
1920 12 25 NAYLOR Ernest 21 B Market Gardener Dale Farm Joseph Naylor Market Gardener Fred Craven   CE16/C/1
  CRAVEN Elsie 22 S   Lodge Hill Joshua Craven Foreman Laura Craven    
1921 02 05 SCOTT Frederick William 32 B Motor Driver Moor Top, Farnley George Scott (dec) Cooper John Bowker Storey   CE16/C/2
  HARRISON Eveline May 27 S   Ross Cottage, Moor Top Israel Harrison Retired Daisy Emily Harrison    
1921 03 28 LAMBERT John 23 B Blacksmith's Striker 41 Playground Frederick Lambert Joiner's Labourer Walter Lambert, Herman Widdop   CE16/C/3  
  WIDDOP Harriet Ann 26 S . Intake Farm, Moor Top Alfred Widdop Forgeman Lena Widdop      
1921 03 29 HUDDLESTONE Jack 21 B Gardener Rawdon John Huddlestone Gardener Harold Walker   CE16/C/4  
  STANIFORTH Doris Esther 20 S . Woodland House, New Farnley Joseph Staniforth Traveller Joseph Davis      
1921 05 14 ROEBUCK James 28 B Fettler 35 Fewston Avenue, Cross Green Lane, Leeds Herbert Roebuck Fettler James Ripeth Lightowler   CE16/C/5  
  LIGHTOWLER Emily 27 S . Uplands Farm James Ripeth Lightowler Farmer Uriah Roebuck      
1921 05 25 STUMBLES William James 29 B Labourer 23 Stonebridge Lane Edwin Smith Stumbles (dec'd) Joiner William Rogers   CE16/C/6  
  ROBERTS Minnie 30 S . 23 Stonebridge Lane George Roberts Labourer May Benfield      
1921 05 28 DEAN Charles William 26 B Horseman 9 Low Moor Side Fred Coates Dean Labourer Clifford Mosley   CE16/C/7  
  CLARK Edith Annie 20 S . 9 Low Moor Side William Clark (dec'd) Labourer Priscilla Wade      
1921 06 04 CROOKS John 27 B Mill Worker 8 Farnley Crescent Albert Crooks Miner Arnold Cowburn   CE16/C/8  
  COWBURN Isabella 24 S . 38 Park View Coultas Cowburn Mill Worker Doris Crooks      
1921 06 11 LEWIS Charles Walter 31 B Postman 27 Farnley Crescent Walter Lewis Railway Guard Thomas Kendall   CE16/C/9  
  PRINCE Hilda 32 S . 25 Farnley Crescent . . Jane Booth      
1921 07 30 DRIVER Harling 25 B Stocktaker 63 Lowtown, Pudsey William Driver Leather Currier Leonard Driver   CE16/C/10  
  PRINCE Beatrice 25 S . 46 Long Row, New Farnley James Prince Collier Walter Fieldhouse, A Esther Driver    
1921 08 24 BRUNTON Willie Harrop 27 B Clerk 30 Pinder Street Frederick Joseph Robert Brunton Clay Grinder Alfred Chapman   CE16/C/11
  DUNWELL Mary 26 S . 8 Furnace Row Walter Dunwell Firer Gladys Wray    
1921 09 03 CRAVEN Fred 25 B Tailor's Cutter 1 Lodge Hill Joshua Craven Foreman Clarence Smith   CE16/C/12
  CROWTHER Agnes Ann 25 S . Moor Top John Edward Crowther (dec'd) Shoemaker Frank Harry Pullan, Florice Crowther    
1921 09 24 TILL Thomas Foxton 24 B Farmer Welburn George Henry Till Farmer Sarah Roscoe   CE16/C/13
  ROSCOE Mary Ellen 30 S . Moor Top William Roscoe Labourer Frederick Allin Heasden?    
1921 10 01 WELLER Albert 28 B Motor Driver Silver Street, Drighlington Edward Weller Farm Labourer Fred Clayton By Licence CE16/C/14
  STUBLEY Ida 21 S . Moor Top Benjamin Meek Stubley Lamp Lighter Emily Clayton    
1921 10 22 JONES George 23 B Motor Driver 7 Portland Road, Upper Wortley George Jones Striker William Bland   CE16/C/15
  BLAND Ethel 22 S . Bar House, Farnley William Bland Joiner Ada Stokes    
1921 10 22 RANDERSON Charles Lawrence 25 B Salesman 10 Ida Grove, Stourton Samuel Randerson Painter Elsie Cawthray, Ernest Cawthray By Licence CE16/C/16
  CAWTHRAY Ethel 24 S . 18 School Close James Cawthray Labourer Harry Melrose Randerson    
1921 11 19 HUDSON James 26 B Cloth Finisher 20 School Close, New Farnley Thomas Hudson Willeyer John William Normington   CE16/C/17
  NORMINGTON Emma 31 S . 52 Bawn Lane Joseph Normington (dec'd) Miner Lily Hudson    
1921 12 24 WORDSWORTH Ambrose Charles 25 B Motor Engineer 21 Claremont Avenue, Leeds Ambrose Frederick Wordsworth Plumber Arthur Westmoreland   CE16/C/18
  GIBSON Dorothy Adelaide 24 S . Woodlands View Randal Gibson Manager Randal Gibson    
1921 12 24 WILSON Harold 28 B Miner Easington Colliery, Co Durham Isaac Wilson (dec'd) Club Steward Frederick Robert Thrower   CE16/C/19
  PRIESTLEY Ethel 31 S . 63 Cow Close Road Henry Priestley Labourer Elizabeth Priestley    
1922 04 08 GLOVER Reginald 27 B Basket Maker 15 Nutting Grove Cottages Richard Glover Warehouseman John Sheard, H C Wilby   CE16/C/20
  SHEARD Nellie 20 S . 15 Nutting Grove Cottages John Sheard Labourer Ernest H Glover    
1922 04 15 LEYMAN William John 28 B Boilersmith's Assistant 92 Bawn John William Leyman (dec'd) Railwayman William John Brown   CE16/C/21
  BROWN Selina 27 S . 92 Bawn John William Brown Drayman Winifred Elcock    
1922 05 20 WILKINSON William 27 B Teamster 161 Gilbertroyd Lewis Wilkinson (dec'd) Foreman Mary Sowdon   CE16/C/22
  SHILLITO Gladys 28 S . 161 Gilbertroyd George William Shillito Setter of Sanitary Goods Harry Wilkinson    
1922 06 03 GIBSON Richard 23 B File Cutter 34 Cow Close Road, New Blackpool Charles Gibson Checker Helen Gibson   CE16/C/23
  CROFT Margaret 21 S . 25 Pontefract Terrace Alvah Croft Collier Arthur Cyril Farren    
1922 06 05 ATHA George 30 B Labourer 246 Cross Lane Fred Atha Labourer Reggie Bootland Atha   CE16/C/24
  NICHOLSON Phoebe 25 S . 28 Nutting Grove Terrace Edward Nicholson Labourer Ruth Atha    
1922 06 05 HARE Amos 26 B Postman 18 Martin Terrace, Burley, Leeds Amos Hare Tanner Clarence Hare   CE16/C/25
  MIDGLEY Elizabeth Victoria 26 S . Farnley Wood William Midgley Market Gardener Charlotte Grace Midgley    
1922 08 05 LEWIS Walter 27 B Miner Lofthouse, Wakefield Stephen Seth Lewis Greengrocer Elias Lewis By Licence CE16/C/26
  SHARP Amy 23 S . 11 Newton Square Henry Sharp Labourer Irene Noble    
1922 08 19 CRAVEN Bertie Bowman 23 B Able Seaman Portsmouth . . William Albert Haxby   CE16/C/27
  HAXBY Beatrice Hannah 25 S . 97 Peel Mount Matthew John Haxby Carter Lily Craven    
1922 08 23 BARRETT Sydney 32 B Clerk 4 Ashfield Wilkinson Barrett (dec'd) Manager John Edward Stead   CE16/C/28
  STEAD Ethel May 26 S . Farnley Wood John Edward Stead Farm Labourer Frank Clarence Stead    
1922 08 26 PARKER Walter 38 W Labourer 18 Wilfred Terrace Samuel Parker (dec'd) Labourer Harry Wade   CE16/C/29
  WADE Laura 25 S . 5 Newton Square Joseph Wade (dec'd) Miner Elsie Jackson    
1922 08 28 HEPWORTH William 28 B School Master Moorside, Drighlington Richard Henry Hepworth (dec'd) Master Joiner Clarence Stott By Licence CE16/C/30
  RICHARDSON May Isabel 28 S . Mineral Cottage, Farnley Walker Richardson Estate Agent Evelyn Long    
1922 09 02 ODDY Harry 30 B Machine Worker 8 Forge Row Ben Oddy Clay Worker Lois Sykes   CE16/C/31
  SYKES Beatrice 30 S . 13 Cow Close Road William Sykes Engine Driver Arthur Doughty    
1922 09 16 KERSHAW Joseph Marsh 27 B Telegraphist 11 Stonebridge Lane Willie Kershaw Labourer Sam Lumby   CE16/C/32
  LUMBY Ruth 24 S . Havercroft Sam Lumby Clay Worker Albert Edom Marsh Kershaw    
1922 09 16 MOSLEY Joseph Orlando 20 B Tuner 2 Crowther Yard, Pudsey Charles Mosley Warehouseman Walter Houghton   CE16/C/33
  RUDKIN Doris Mary 22 S . 14 School Close George Rudkin Roller Eleanor Rudkin    
1922 10 14 COZINS Numa 28 B Railway Worker 41 Byron Street, Bradford Samuel John Cozins Electrical Engineer Clara Stephenson   CE16/C/34
  NAYLOR Emily 34 S . 38 Park View Coultas Cowburn Millhand Coultas Cowburn    
1922 10 21 WEBSTER George 25 B Horsehair Dresser Grayshon Street, Drighlington Abraham Webster (dec'd) Miner Willie Wade By Licence CE16/C/35
  WADE Nelly 22 S . 19 School Close Greenwood Wade Labourer Percy Mansbridge    
1922 10 21 BRADBURY Arthur Nicol 25 B Car Driver Bramley Arthur Bradbury Labourer Violetta Kenworthy   CE16/C/36
  KENWORTHY Alice 24 S . Lane Side Robert Kenworthy (dec'd) . Walter Bradbury    
1922 11 11 TOMLINSON Walter 19 B Market Gardener Roker Lane, Pudsey Robert Tomlinson Market Gardener Alfred Oldham   CE16/C/37
  MILNER Florence 20 S . 512 Lane Side Harry Milner Overlooker Fanny Tomlinson    
1922 11 18 BEETON William Morris 30 B Clerk Hammersmith, London John Beeton Engine Driver Arnold Cowburn   CE16/C/38
  COWBURN Edith Annie 32 S . 38 Park View Coultas Cowburn Millhand Hector Cowburn    
1922 12 06 GIBBINGS Ernest George 37 B Biscuit Baker 168 Blythe Road, West Kensington, Middlesex Charles Gibbings (dec'd) Plasterer Eva Sharp By Licence CE16/C/39
  SHARP Edith 38 S . 13 Furnace Row Frederick Sharp Mechanic Stanley Clifford Hepworth    
1922 12 23 CRABTREE Harry 31 B Dyer's Labourer 53 Hartley Street, New Churwell, Nr Leeds Fred Crabtree Dyer's Labourer Grace Crabtree   CE16/C/40
  INSTRELL Hilda 24 S . 25 Stonebridge Lane Harry Instrell Cloth Scourer Redvers Instrell    
1922 12 23 GARRATT Edward 30 B Painter 75 Rede Street, Newcastle John Garratt Upholsterer Charles William Wood   CE16/C/41
  WOOD Violet 33 S . 33 Cow Close Road Jonathan Wood Grocer Annie Wood    
1923 01 06 SPOFFORD Arthur 26 B Mechanic 6 Low Moor Side, New Farnley Arthur Spofford (dec'd) Gardener Albert B*   CE16/C/42
  BOLLON Agnes 23 S . 6 Low Moor Side, New Farnley Elijah Bollon Spinner's Foreman Alice Bollon    
1923 02 24 GOMERSALL Walter 19 B Willeyer 19 Tadcaster Street, Armley Joseph Gomersall Drayman William Gomersall   CE16/C/43
  THEWLIS Laura 20 S . 115 Peel Mount Herbert Thewlis Willeyer Nellie Proctor    
1923 03 31 THROWER Frederick Robert 23 B Tailor's Cutter 12 Redshaw View, Armley Frederick Robert Thrower Chemical Manufacturer Herbert Jowett   CE16/C/44
  PRIESTLEY Elizabeth 24 S . 63 Cow Close Road Henry Priestley Coffee Maker Ivy Maud Thrower    
1923 05 19 HOUGHTON Walter 21 B Foreman Spinner 9 Troydale, Pudsey John Houghton Willeyer Willie Bedford   CE16/C/45
  BEDFORD Lilian Adela 23 S . 3 Forge Row Willie Bedford Scribbling Overlooker Florence Bedford    
1923 07 14 HOLLINGS Norman 26 B Labourer 16 Vetch Street, York Road, Leeds Henry Hollings (dec'd) Boot Finisher Esther Ann Wilby   CE16/C/46
  WILBY Emily 25 S . 7 Blackpool Terrace John Wilby Labourer Willie Fearnside    
1923 08 01 HEPWORTH Stanley Clifford 39 B Warehouseman 14 Wolley Avenue William Hepworth Retired Leonard Hepworth Woodhead   CE16/C/47
  SHARP Eva 26 S . 13 Furnace Row Fred Sharp Mechanic Lily Sharp    
1923 08 04 BROOK Ernest 22 B Weft Man 27 Branch Street William Brook Collier Esther Oddy   CE16/C/48
  RUDKIN Eleanor 22 S . School Close George Rudkin Bar Roller Joseph Orlando Mosley    
1923 09 01 SHACKLETON Albert 32 B Pattern Weaver 10 Springfield Terrace, Bramley John William Shackleton Boot Finisher Dorothy Parish   CE16/C/49
  PARISH Doris Rosina 23 S . 4 Park View, Farnley Wallace Parish Musician James Edward Armison    
1923 09 01 CRAVEN Arthur 21 B Mechanic 102 Sandyford Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne Frederick Craven Foreman Ernest Stirk   CE16/C/50
  STIRK Mabel 20 S . 16 Cobden Road Ernest Stirk Engine Driver Ann Craven    
1923 09 03 READDIE John 54 B Timber Merchant 7 Cambridge Street, Liverpool James Readdie (dec'd) Builder Charles Readdie   CE16/C/51
  TAYLOR Agnes 51 S . 27 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley George Brearley Taylor (dec'd) Stuff Finisher Albert Brewer    
1923 09 15 CARTER Arthur 29 B Soap Boiler 15 Bridge View, Leeds George Carter Soap Manufacturer Nellie Jones   CE16/C/52
  JONES Alice 26 S . 13 Branch Street, New Blackpool John Robert Jones (dec'd) Brick Setter George Carter    
1923 10 13 ARMITAGE Herbert 28 B Plumber 101 Lodge Lane, Beeston Hill George Austin Armitage Wheelwright Frederick William Benson   CE16/C/53
  HORSLEY Maggie 23 S . Cow Close Cottages William Horsley (dec'd) Labourer Herbert Horsley, Mildred Armitage    
1923 12 22 REDSHAW Walter 28 B Overlooker 71 Lower Town Street, Bramley Edward Redshaw Retired William Henry Day   CE16/C/54
  WALKER Gladys 26 S . 3 Branch Street, Lower Wortley Thomas William Walker Joiner Thomas William Walker    
1924 04 19 BINNS Albert 26 B Currier 6 School Close Joseph Binns (dec'd) Locomotive Driver Rowland Long   CE16/C/55
  STEPHENSON Hannah 24 S . 15 Park View James Thornton Stephenson Forgeman Clara Stephenson    
1924 04 19 STEPHENSON George Herbert 26 B Clerk Gildersome Orlando Stephenson Assistant Overseer Florence Mary Stephenson   CE16/C/56
  ODDY Lilian 23 S . 5 School Close Ben Oddy Clay Worker Ernest Bailey Stephenson    
1924 05 10 BARRACLOUGH William 34 B Waller 167 Gilbertroyd Joseph Barraclough Colliery Wright Florence M H J Taylor   CE16/C/57
  LORD Ethel 35 S . 128 Low Fold Joseph Lord (dec'd) Clay Worker Harry Wardman    
1924 06 04 MIDDLETON Walter 28 B Greengrocer 85 Victoria Grove, Leeds Ebenezer Middleton Greengrocer Laura Wood   CE16/C/58
  WOOD Edith 26 S . 5 Long Row Tom Ellis Wood Millhand Archie Firth    
1924 06 07 NELSON Fred 21 B Filler 60 Booth Square, Morley . . Samuel Charles Freeman   CE16/C/59
  MAUDE Martha Ann 21 S . 7 Forge Row George Maude Licensed Hawker Annie Maude    
1924 06 07 ESCRITT John William 22 B Coal Dealer 25 Enfield Street, Roundhay Road, Leeds John William Escritt (dec'd) Farmer George Heston Heyworth   CE16/C/60
  KENWORTHY Violetta 23 S . 530 Lane Side Robert Kenworthy (dec'd) Spinner Nellie Proctor    
1924 06 07 SHEARD Albert Edward 24 B Grocer 26 Cow Close Road Fred Sheard Clerk James William Vye Parminter   CE16/C/61
  SIMPSON Doris 26 S . 12 Bangor Grove Joseph Simpson Mill Operative Joseph Simpson    
1924 06 09 THORNTON Squire 30 B Painter 8 Cobden Road Frederick Thornton Bricklayer Nellie Wilson   CE16/C/62
  WILSON Catherine 20 S . 5 Cobden Grove John Collin Wilson Boiler Maker Walter Middleborough    
1924 07 05 WADE William 60 B Labourer 11 Long Row John Wade (dec'd) Puddler Fred Oxley   CE16/C/63
  SMITH Martha Ellen 51 S . 11 West End Benjamin Smith (dec'd) Engine Tenter Sarah Ann Oxley    
1924 08 30 BROOK Arthur 37 B Cloth Miller 88 Valley Road, Pudsey Samuel Brook (dec'd) Boot Rivetter Harry Brook   CE16/C/64
  INGHAM Selina 34 S . 522 Lane Side Arthur Ingham (dec'd) Fettler Nellie Ingham    
1924 08 30 KENDALL Thomas 56 W Plaster Moulder 27 Blackpool View Thomas Kendall (dec'd) Farmer W Royce   CE16/C/65
  ROYCE Carrie 55 S . 16 Ashfield John Royce Forgeman Elsie K Kendall    
1924 09 06 ARMSTRONG Lewis 21 B Healder 27 Armitage Road, Longwood, Huddersfield Luther Armstrong Spinner Alice Moss   CE16/C/66
  MILNES Frances Emma 20 S . 18 Cobden Grove William Edward Milnes Finisher George Edward Parker    
1924 12 06 FREEMAN Samuel Charles 23 B Fitter 7 Rose Mount Terrace, Wortley Thomas Albert Freeman Chauffeur Dorothy Freeman   CE16/C/67
  MAUDE Annie 24 S . 7 Forge Row George Maude Licensed Hawker Clarence Maude    
1924 12 20 TOWLER Thomas 27 B Woollen Spinner Green Lane Hedley Nicholls Towler Secretary Hilda May Towler   CE16/C/68
  STEPHENSON Clara 31 W . 38 Park View Coultas Cowburn Willeyer George William Towler    
1925 01 10 TRIFFITT George 24 B Fitter 60 Bawn Lane Alfred Triffitt Foreman Tom Bell   CE16/C/69
  BEDELL Alice Ann 31 S . 66 Bawn Lane Alfred Bedell Retired Elsie Bedell    
1925 05 02 SCHOFIELD Alfred Thompson 31 B Surgeon Fort Portal, Uganda James William Schofield Civil Servant Robert Armitage, Agnes H Schofield   CE16/C/70
  ARMITAGE Georgiana Emily 29 S . Farnley Hall, Leeds Robert Armitage Barrister-at-Law Caroline K Armitage By Special Licence  
1925 05 30 GILHAM John William 22 B Cloth Finisher 8 Cottingley View, Churwell Arthur Gilham Retired Harry Walker   CE16/C/71
  ATKINSON Susan 24 S . 15 School Close Sam Atkinson Boiler Fireman Edith Atkinson, Sam Atkinson    
1925 06 06 PICKARD Thomas Lindsay 48 W Corporation Employee 18 Nutting Grove Terrace . . Mary Jane Gaunt   CE16/C/72
  TAYLOR Agnes Maud 43 W . 26 Nutting Grove Terrace . . Oliver Gaunt    
1925 06 11 MIDGLEY David . B Market Gardener Farnley Wood William Midgley Market Gardener Elizabeth Victoria Hare By Licence CE16/C/73
  BROADBENT Alice . S . Whitehall House, Wortley Charles Squire Broadbent Farmer Amos Hare    
1925 06 13 GRIFFIN Frank 26 B Railwayman 8 Brooklyn Street, Armley Walter Griffin (dec'd) Tinsmith Alice Perry   CE16/C/74
  PERRY Lily 28 S . 15 Stonebridge Lane George William Perry Secretary Ethel Griffin    
1925 07 15 BRIGGS Arthur Harold 28 B Electrician 6 Cobden Road Arthur Farrar Briggs Forgeman James Foster   CE16/C/75
  FOSTER Helena Bingley 27 S . East Cottage James Foster Clerk Maggie Rushby    
1925 07 25 WALKER Clifford 23 B Willeyer Gildersome John Walker Labourer George Walker   CE16/C/76
  ROYCE Emily 20 S . 8 Blackpool Street John Henry Royce Packer John Henry Royce    
1925 08 01 SENIOR Harry 23 B File Forger Hall Lane Harry Senior Foreman Willis Senior   CE16/C/77
  HAXBY Elsie 23 S . 97 Peel Mount Matthew John Haxby Carter Beatrice Hannah Craven    
1925 09 05 MACDONALD Charles William 26 B Painter 5 Long Row . . Jack Collison Smith By Licence CE16/C/78
  WOOD Laura 21 S . 5 Long Row Tom Ellis Wood Burler Lena Widdop    
1925 09 12 SHAW James Edward 23 B Tailor's Cutter 8 Ashfield Joseph Shaw Engine Man Thomas Brown   CE16/C/79
  BROWN Annie Elizabeth 24 S . 3 Lytham Grove Thomas Brown Miller Cyril Carter Stead    
1925 10 10 STRACHAN George Alexander 28 S . Havercroft James Strachan Mason Alfred Coupe   CE16/C/80
  COUPE Lillian 28 S . The Lodge, New Farnley James Coupe (dec'd) Sanitary Inspector Mary Coupe    
1925 10 10 SLICER Percy 26 B Leather Warehouseman 118 Bawn Lane John Slicer Brickworker Mabel Slicer   CE16/C/81
  BEAN Hilda 25 S . 87 Peel Mount Robert Edward Bean Engineer Annie Bean    
1925 11 09 HARRISON George D'Arcy 31 B Grocer Farnley George Harrison Farmer Jonas Binns   CE16/C/82
  BINNS Hilda Mary 22 S . 8 Claremont Terrace, Armley Jonas Binns Textile Worker George Harrison    
1925 12 12 WALKER Charles Henry 32 B Carter 100 Lower Wortley Road Charles Henry Walker (dec'd) Greengrocer William Henry Kitchen   CE16/C/83
  BOLLON Doris 24 S . 12 East End William Bollon Spinner Phyllis Bollon    
1925 12 28 BROWN Benjamin 24 B Mechanic 69 Lane End, Pudsey William Henry Brown Overlooker John Sheard   CE16/C/84
  SHEARD Dorothy 20 S . 15 Nutting Grove Cottages John Sheard Labourer Edith Annie Sheard By Licence  
1926 01 30 LISTER George Edward 29 B Fireman 4 Lytham Grove George Lister (dec'd) Carter Jessie Magson   CE16/C/85
  MAGSON Ida 27 S . 3 Lytham Place John William Magson Labourer John William Magson    
1926 03 20 BROUGHTON Charles Henry 25 B Carrier 6 Branch Road Samuel Broughton Ironmonger Walter Ernest Broughton   CE16/C/86
  BEST Laura 24 S Weaver 11 Wilfred Street James Best Engineer Florence Throup    
1926 04 03 RANKINE Leslie 32 B Printer's Foreman 51 Thornville Road, Burley Edward Smart Rankine (dec'd) Printer's Reader Arthur Dutton   CE16/C/87
  SWALLOW Gertrude Wilford 28 S Typist 24 Bangor Terrace, Lower Wortley Arthur Swallow Joiner Theresa Atha, A Swallow    
1926 05 15 BOYES Gilbert Leslie 27 B Salesman 28 Leamington Terrace, Armley James William Boyes Printer William Edward Boyes   CE16/C/88
  GREENHOUGH Dorothy 24 S Typist 36 Wolley Avenue Thomas Greenhough (dec'd) Colliery Manager Lucy Mary Layfield, Harry Beaumont Brown    
1926 05 22 GREENWOOD Joseph 25 B Joiner's Packer 24 Barden Mount, Whingate Joseph Moyser Greenwood (dec'd) Sheet Metal Worker Herbert William Bools   CE16/C/89
  BOOLS Jane 26 S Piecener 8 Wilfred Terrace, Lower Wortley Herbert William Bools Labourer Nellie Bools, Richard Plato Bean    
1926 05 29 WHITAKER Clement 25 B Clerk 1 Western Grove, Wortley Samuel Whitaker Cloth Finisher Norman Pullan   CE16/C/90
  TYLER Edith 27 S . 6 Ashfield Benjamin Tyler Labourer Hilda Rudkin    
1926 06 19 WALKER Reginald 28 B Gardener 32 Town Street, Rawdon John Edward Walker (dec'd) Joiner J Walker MSc By Licence CE16/C/91
  LIGHTOWLER Rene 24 S . 10 Playground Ralph Lightowler Coffee Worker Gwendoline Walker, Ralph Lightowler    
1926 07 10 GARFORTH Fearnley 28 B Gardener Moor Top Percy Garforth (dec'd) Mine Deputy Harold Stead By Licence CE16/C/92
  STEAD Minnie 23 S . Moor Top Sam Stead Market Gardener Emily Garforth, Sam Stead    
1926 08 07 SAVAGE Ernest 26 B Steel Worker 42 Playground Ernest Savage (dec'd) Steel Worker Ernest Mallin   CE16/C/93
  DORLING Ada Ellen 23 S . 42 Playground Charles Wesley Dorling Planer Alice Ida Dorling, Charles W Dorling    
1926 08 14 ELLWOOD Clarence Crewdson 29 B Commercial Traveller Havercroft Thomas Ellwood Lithographer's Manager William Sidney Prince? Walter Thompson   CE16/C/94
  THOMPSON Dorothy Annie 23 S Clerk Havercroft Walter Thompson Presser Margaret Constance Ellwood    
1926 09 11 WEBSTER Willie 25 B Labourer 20 The Mount, Lower Wortley Arthur Webster Engine Driver Leonard Greenwood   CE16/C/95
  TORDOFF Annie 23 S . 3 East End, New Farnley Charlie Tordoff Labourer Alice Ann Tordoff    
1926 09 11 SHAW Squire 25 B Warp Dresser 156 Low Fold John William Shaw Loom Tuner J J Ram*   CE16/C/96
  MAGSON Jessie 26 S . 3 Lytham Place John William Magson Forgeman Lily Shaw    
1926 09 18 SQUIRRELL Sydney William 22 B Gardener 24 Long Row Alfred Squirrell Horseman Harold Victor Squirrell   CE16/C/97
  ATKINSON Violet 23 S Piecener 1 Newton Square Harry Atkinson Miner Eleanor Garforth, Harry Atkinson    
1926 10 02 CARTER John Stanley 25 B Chemist Holly Farm, Farnley Walter Carter Engineer (Retired) John Lumby   CE16/C/98
  HARRISON Doris 33 S . Suffield House, Drighlington Percy Harrison Iron Refiner Ellen Oddy    
1926 10 14 LYTH Percy 28 B Civil Servant 138 Tempest Road, Beeston Hill George Henry Lyth (dec'd) Managing Confectioner Stanley Lyth By Licence CE16/C/99
  SOWDEN Lily 24 S . Woodcock, Farnley Harry Sowden Dairyman Nellie Sowden    
1926 10 23 TEAGUE William 28 B Cobbler 13 Mount Grove, Wortley William Teague Painter Horace Sowden   CE16/C/100
  FARRAR Laura Thornton 33 S . 19 Wilfred Street James Farrar Watchman Winifred Orritt    
1926 12 09 BALMFORTH Tom 31 B Electrician 57 Lowtown, Pudsey Henry Balmforth (dec'd) Boot Rivetter A E M Kershaw By Licence CE16/C/101
  KERSHAW May Victoria 28 S . 11 Farnley Crescent Willie Kershaw Labourer Ada Kershaw    
1926 12 15 SWINDEN Norman 31 B Process Engraver 28 Conway Drive, Harehills Samuel Swinden Photographer Harold Smith   CE16/C/102
  BOYES Elsie 28 S . 23 Branch Street Charles Boyes (dec'd) Miner Lois Sykes    
1927 01 08 JEPSON Cecil Vincent 27 B Railway Clerk Danube Street, Wortley John Thomas Jepson Insurance Agent Lawrence Wilkinson   CE16/C/103
  HUDSON Elsie 24 S . New Farnley Thomas Hudson Willeyer Lily Hudson    
1927 01 29 SOWDEN Norman 26 B Clerk New Farnley John Sowden Labourer John Thrustans Wilson By Licence CE16/C/104
  TOWLER Hilda May 31 S . Green Lane Hedley Nicholls Towler Clerk Hilda Broadbent    
1927 02 05 LISLE William 24 B Miner Methley George Lisle Miner Donald Bell   CE16/C/105
  WOOD Dorothy 21 S . 23 Cow Close Road Jonathan Wood (dec'd) Greengrocer Annie Wood    
1927 02 05 PROCTER Alfred 22 B Tobacconist Oaktree Farm Ben Oliver Langton Procter Joiner Joseph Priestley   CE16/C/106
  PRIESTLEY Louie 24 S . Picton Street, Armley Joseph Priestley Baker Annie Procter    
1927 02 05 INGHAM Cyril 21 B Salesman 24 Pontefract Terrace William Ingham (dec'd) Engineer Arthur Cyril Farren   CE16/C/107
  GIBBINS Ethel 23 S . 500 Lane Side Gladstone Gibbins Basket Maker Gladys Gibbins    
1927 02 14 RIGG Oliver 38 B Machine Lead Worker Rashcliffe William Rigg (dec'd) Weaver Ernest Crowther, Arthur Hirst?   CE16/C/108
  CROWTHER Gertrude 39 S . Cross Lane, Farnley Benjamin Frederick Crowther (dec'd) . Laura Crowther, Cissie Land    
1927 02 19 KELLETT James Malcolm 32 B Milkman Lower Wortley Arthur Kellett Milkman John Kellett   CE16/C/109
  BRIGGS Helen Fleming 27 S . 6 Cobden Road Arthur Farrar Briggs (dec'd) Forgeman Betty Kellett    
1927 03 26 WALLBANK William 32 B Motor Engineer Crossgates Joseph Wallbank Retired Licensed Victualler William Clough   CE16/C/110
  SYKES Lois 28 S . 13 Cow Close Road William Sykes Engine Driver Ellen Davis    
1927 04 30 EVANS John Frederick 33 B Cloth Finisher 8 Cow Close Grove John William Evans Iron Worker Cyril Whitham   CE16/C/111
  WHITHAM Gladys 30 S . 282 Far Fold William Whitham Dyer's Labourer Winifred Elcock    
1927 06 04 BELL Donald 24 B Miner Methley William James Miner William Lisle   CE16/C/112
  WOOD Annie 26 S . 23 Cow Close Road Jonathan Wood (dec'd) Greengrocer Dorothy Lisle    
1927 06 04 SOWDEN Ezra 25 B Working Jeweller Tong Arthur Sowden Fitters Mate J R Oddy   CE16/C/113
  SLICER Mabel 25 S . 115 Bawn Lane John Slicer Brick Maker M Slicer, John Slicer    
1927 06 08 DICKINSON Cecil Scott 33 B Electrical Engineer 219 Cardigan Lane, Leeds Cecil Dickinson Solicitor Edward Cole   CE16/C/114
  CLARK Dorothy Elizabeth 27 S . Farnley James Curtis Clark (dec'd) Clerk in Holy Orders Maude B Clark, Geoffrey M Clark By Licence  
1927 06 23 WOODHEAD Willie 31 B Engineer Wortley Frederick Woodhead Engineer Leonard Woodhead   CE16/C/115
  ISLES Margaret 28 S . 70 Bawn, Farnley Sam Isles Labourer Elizabeth A Isles    
1927 07 16 TAYLOR Sydney Golding 25 B Brick Packer Newton Square Fred Taylor Highway Cleanser Charles C Rhodes   CE16/C/116
  PARKER Sarah Ann 24 S . Cow Close Road Arthur William Cole Parker Clerk Lilian Parker    
1927 07 18 BULMER Newlove 29 B Textile Worker 4 West End, Gildersome Newlove Bulmer (dec'd) Farmer George Harrison   CE16/C/117
  HARRISON Charlotte Mary 31 S . Lawns Farm, Farnley George Harrison Farmer May Bulmer    
1927 07 23 WOOD Fred 26 B Twister 3 Bawn Lane . . Percy Allan   CE16/C/118
  HORSLEY Iris 24 S . Cross Lane Absolom Horsley Labourer Lillian Petty    
1927 07 29 KERSHAW William Henry Marsh 25 B Engineer 11 Stonebridge Lane Willie Kershaw Labourer John Marsh Kershaw   CE16/C/119
  GIBBINS Gladys Victoria 26 S Tailoress 500 Lane Side Gladstone Gibbins Basket Maker Edna Thompson    
1927 08 11 RICHARDSON Osmond Charles 30 B Clerk 30 Cedar Avenue, Armley Charles Henry Richardson (dec'd) Traveller Joseph Ashbourn   CE16/C/120
  PRIESTLEY Amy Estella 22 S . South View, Moor Top David North Priestley Enameller Louie Galloway, David N Priestley    
1927 08 13 EARL Frederick 26 B Kiln Drawer Forge Yard, Farnley Robert William Earl Blacksmith's Striker Samuel Wigglesworth   CE16/C/121
  WIGGLESWORTH Nora 24 S Weaver Forge Yard, Farnley John Wigglesworth Cartman Myra A Wigglesworth, John Wigglesworth    
1927 09 08 PRIESTLEY Ronald Edward 26 B Clerk Moor Top David North Priestley Enameller Arnold Priestley   CE16/C/122
  SMITH Annie 25 S . Gilbertroyd John William Smith (dec'd) Brick Maker Hiram Smith    
1927 09 17 LYNCH Stanley 23 B Fish Salesman Wortley Jabez Lynch (dec'd) Clerk Arthur Bryden   CE16/C/123
  SOWDEN Nellie 23 S . Farnley Harry Sowden Dairyman Bessie Sowden    
1927 09 24 CARTER Albert Clifford 22 B Miner Drighlington Samuel Carter (dec'd) Teamster Willie Hartley   CE16/C/124
  ATKINSON Doris 27 S . 8 Newton Square Joseph Atkinson Platelayer Irene Atkinson    
1928 01 04 WADE Arthur 34 W Musician 14 Bangor Terrace Harry Wade Musician John Wade   CE16/C/125
  ROYCE Linda 23 S . 8 Blackpool Grove Jim Harry Royce Engineer Isabelle Royce, Jim Harry Royce    
1928 01 28 TOWLER George William 22 B Cloth Finisher Green Lane Hedley Nicholls Towler Clerk E Crossley, H N Towler   CE16/C/126
  CROSSLEY Margaret 23 S . Beulah Hotel Ernest Crossley Publican Ethel Crossley    
1928 02 18 HOLMES George Robert 26 B Window Cleaner 15 Morris Grove, Kirkstall George Holmes Window Cleaner James William Holmes   CE16/C/127
  BRAITHWAITE Mabel Lilian 26 S . Nenwton Square Alfred Braithwaite (dec'd) . Agnes Anne Holmes    
1928 03 03 STEAD Cyril Carter 27 B Turner Cobden Place Fred Stead Labourer James Edward Shaw, F Stead   CE16/C/128
  BOOLS Nellie 24 S . Wilfred Terrace Herbert William Bools Labourer Doris Moody, H W Bools    
1928 03 27 SMITH Frederick Ernest 28 B Wireless Operator Bawn, Farnley Arthur Smith Police Officer Retired Arthur Smith By Licence CE16/C/129
  MARQUIS Evelyn 23 S . Bawn, Farnley Hugh Marquis Labourer Elsie Maud McWilliam, George McWilliam    
1928 04 07 DEACON William 37 B Engineer New Farnley Joseph Deacon Engineer Alfred C Bailey   CE16/C/130
  ALDERSON Clarice 28 S . New Farnley Luther Alderson Colliery Engine Wright Winifred L Alderson, Gladys M Deacon    
1928 04 07 THORNLEY Hartley 23 B Fettler Pudsey Ernest Thornley (dec'd) . John Woodhead   CE16/C/131
  GREENWOOD Annie 24 S . Cow Close Cottage John Edward Greenwood Fitter Annette Greenwood    
1928 05 09 SHACKLETON William Arthur 25 B Oil Merchant Guiseley William Henry Shackleton Bank Manager R N Shackleton   CE16/C/132
  SOWDEN Marion 21 S . Croft Terrace Arthur Sowden Manager M A Shackleton    
1928 05 27 COOKE John Edward 58 W Wine Salesman Barnsley Edward Cooke Retired Corn Merchant William Green By Licence CE16/C/133
  GREEN Eleanor 52 S . 51 Wolley Avenue John Green (dec'd) Rope Merchant Mary Isabel Green    
1928 06 04 GOODALL Marshall 40 B Clerk Armley Richardson Goodall (dec'd) . Marthe Broadbent By Licence CE16/C/134
  BROADBENT Doris 29 S . Whitehall House, Farnley Charles Squire Broadbent Farmer Norman Goodall    
1928 06 30 ALDERSON John Ernest 26 B Foreman 2 Ashfield Ernest Myers Alderson Clay Worker John Ernest Fletcher   CE16/C/135
  BLAND Annie May 25 S . 17 Low Moor Side Isaac Bland (dec'd) . Helena May Alderson    
1928 08 04 LONG Sidney 31 B Currier 63 Cross Lane John Long Retired Ironworker Eric Widdop   CE16/C/136
  WIDDOP Emily 26 S Weaver Intake Farm, Moor Top Alfred Widdop Retired Forgeman Lena Widdop    
1928 09 10 MARSHALL Robert 24 B Grocer New Wortley William Marshall (dec'd) Boot Maker Andrew Marshall   CE16/C/137
  WILBY Esther Ann 28 S . 7 Blackpool Terrace John Wilby Labourer Flora Wright    
1928 09 29 HEMINGWAY John Leslie 23 B Tram Conductor 34 Cedar Street, Armley Isaac Hemingway Packer Frank Driffield By Licence CE16/C/138
  DOUGHTY Edith 19 S . 17 Gainsboro Place James Edward Doughty Plumber Maud Doughty, James E Doughty    
1928 10 06 BRYANT John William 37 B Engineer Hackthorn Road, Sheffield John Bryant (dec'd) Engineer Thomas W Davage   CE16/C/139
  JOHNSON Edith 35 S . East Cottage Louis Johnson (dec'd) Foreman Edith Green    
1928 10 06 WALKER George Appleby 20 B Dairyman Wesley Terrace, Pudsey Frederick William Walker Dairyman S L Mollekin   CE16/C/140
  THOMPSON Doris 21 S . Hare Park, Farnley Thomas Thompson Builder P Walker    
1928 10 13 BLAND Charles Frederick 22 B Fettler Bar House William Bland Joiner Rowland K Sheard   CE16/C/141
  SHEARD Edith Annie 21 S . 15 Nutting Grove Cottages John Sheard Boiler Stoker Mary Sheard    
1928 10 31 GAUNT Clive 22 B Tram Conductor Barkerwell Cottage Hubert Horace Gaunt Tanner Willie Herbert Whitwell   CE16/C/142
  WHITWELL Eleanor Charlotte 17 S . 18 Whingate, Armley William Herbert Whitwell Farm Labourer Olive Louisa Driver    
1928 11 17 DANCASTER Frank 24 B Driller 12 Empress Terrace, Whingate, Wortley Ralph Dancaster Fitter Harry Dancaster   CE16/C/143
  ELCOCK Elsie 25 S Piecener 86 Bawn, Farnley John Elcock Furnaceman Tom Elcock    
1928 12 08 YATES David 32 B Railway Policeman Armley David Robert Yates Postman Cyril Howard   CE16/C/144
  ODDY Nellie 27 S . 56 Bawn Lane Alfred Oddy Tailor's Cutter Winnie Tyler, Edith Nelson    
1929 02 23 FYRTH Alan 25 B Boot Repairer Pudsey Edward Fyrth Clerk Harold Ward   CE16/C/145
  BEDFORD Florence 24 S . New Farnley Willie Bedford Overlooker Willie Bedford    
1929 03 02 SMITH Ronald Emmett 26 B Fitter 27 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley Harry Smith Pattern Maker Stanley Smith   CE16/C/146
  LAND Clara 22 S . 250 Cross Lane Joe Kaye (dec'd) Woollen Twister in Laura Crowther otherwise KAYE  
1929 03 30 OVEREND Fred 19 B Brass Finisher 267 Lower Wortley Road Frank Overend Police Constable Sydney Golding Taylor   CE16/C/147
  TAYLOR Lucy 19 S . 13 Newton Square Fred Taylor Street Cleanser Norman Hanson    
1929 03 30 ROBINSON Harry 39 B Engineer Hunslet Joseph Robinson (dec'd) Stone Mason Fred Ellis   CE16/C/148
  JORDAN Evelyn Annie 35 S . Moor Top John Jordan (dec'd) Horse Keeper Mabel Ellis    
1929 03 30 BENTLEY John 25 W Motor Engineer Dewsbury Charles Luke Bentley (dec'd) Mill Engineer H Clegg   CE16/C/149
  WIGGLESWORTH Vera 26 S . 35 Stonebridge Lane Roland Wrigglesworth Railway Porter Ena Tann    
1929 03 30 WILSON Arthur 29 B Clerk Beeston Road William Wilson Tram Driver Reginald Wilson   CE16/C/150
  WOODHEAD Hannah 38 S . 5 Forge Row James Woodhead Retired Rose Woodhead    
1929 04 24 TYLER Albert 28 B Foreman 6 Ashfield Benjamin Tyler Forgeman Willie Tyler   CE16/C/151
  BARRACLOUGH Florence 26 S . 13 Furnace Row Samuel Barraclough Publican Dora Barraclough    
1929 05 18 ATKINSON Harry 64 W Labourer 1 Newton Square Samuel Atkinson (dec'd) Labourer Alfred Braithwaite, Rose Atkinson   CE16/C/152
  BRAITHWAITE Annie 61 W . 4 Newton Square Robert Laycock (dec'd) Labourer Lucy Braithwaite    
1929 05 29 SHILLITO George 25 B Tram Guard 6 East End, New Farnley Tom Shillito Labourer Joseph Glennon   CE16/C/153
  GLENNON Louie 21 S . 14 Blackpool Street Joe Glennon Brick Burner Hilda Glennon, Walter Shillito    
1929 06 08 HARE Joseph Henry 27 B Grocer Watson House Henry Hare (dec'd) Moulder A S Webster   CE16/C/154
  WEST Dorothy 24 S . Carr Crofts, Armley Joseph West (dec'd) Millwright Harold West, Edith E Hare    
1929 07 03 CARLINE William Henry Stewart 32 B Probation Officer Preston Henry Carline (dec'd) Royal Navy C F Downend   CE16/C/155
  RILEY Marie Adele 36 S . West View, Farnley Harry Riley Clerk David Hunter    
1929 07 06 PICKERSGILL Thomas Stanley 27 B Grocer's Assistant 14 Pontefract Terrace John Nicholson Pickersgill (dec'd) Mechanic Basil Woodhead   CE16/C/156
  CLARK Beatrice Mary 23 S . 32 Park View William Clark (dec'd) Labourer Lena Margaret Clark    
1929 07 31 FLETCHER William Edward 26 B Newsagent Rosedene, Water Lane, Farnley William Fletcher Newsagent Ellington Dixon Bell   CE16/C/157
  TAYLOR Lilian 24 S . 235 Lower Wortley Road Absolom Taylor Hairdresser Helena May Alderson    
1929 08 03 DUCKWORTH Harry 21 B Motor Driver Park Spring, Wood Lane, Farnley Henry Duckworth (dec'd) . Jack Wilson   CE16/C/158
  COVELL Elizabeth Alexandra 24 S . Park Spring, Wood Lane, Farnley James Covell Railway Platelayer James Covell    
1929 08 17 KERSHAW Albert Edom Marsh 29 B Post Office Employee 11 Stonebridge Lane Willie Kershaw Labourer J M Kershaw   CE16/C/159
  CROOKS Doris 26 S . 8 Farnley Crescent Albert Crooks (dec'd) Miner Mary Crossland    
1929 08 17 GRUBB Herbert Hector 29 B Welder 5 Cobden Grove Sam Grubb Fitter Leonard Rollitt   CE16/C/160
  WILSON Nellie 22 S . 5 Cobden Grove John Collin Wilson Fitter Ellen Gibson    
1929 08 24 BROUGHTON George 27 B Grocer Stanningley Webster Broughton Joiner Samuel Henry Cox   CE16/C/161
  TOWLER Doris Mary 29 S . Green Lane Hedley Nicholls Towler (dec'd) Clerk Margaret Ellen Towler, Nellie Broughton    
1929 08 24 CRANE Jesse 32 B Piecener Pudsey William Crane Labourer Herbert Hinchliffe   CE16/C/162
  HARE Edith Eleanor 24 S . 304 Watson House Henry Hare (dec'd) Moulder I Hare    
1929 08 24 BRADSHAW William 25 B Cloth Finisher Pudsey Thomas Bradshaw Labourer Harry Barraclough   CE16/C/163
  DIMMOCK Hannah 23 S . 528 Lane Side William Dimmock (dec'd) . Violet Lamble    
1929 08 24 SMITH George Arthur 28 B Brickmaker 8 Wolley Avenue George Arthur Smith (dec'd) . Doris Best   CE16/C/164
  BEST Ada 23 S . Wolley Avenue John Best Collier Richard Plowright    
1929 08 31 HOLMES William Batty 28 B Motor Engineer Pudsey William Holmes Retired Painter W B Sharpe   CE16/C/165
  FERRETT Dorothy Joyce 27 S . Holly Farm, Farnley Joseph Henry Ferrett Engine Minder Elsie E Ferrett    
1929 09 14 PICKERING Harry Guy 28 B Power Loom Overlooker Upper Armley James William Pickering Power Loom Overlooker Muriel Cook   CE16/C/166
  COOK Kathleen 26 S . 12 Blackpool Street James William Cook Fish Salesman Wilfred Pickering    
1929 09 21 GRAYSON Hector 29 B Motor Body Builder 2 Lodge Hill Thomas Walker Grayson Sawyer John William Moody   CE16/C/167
  MOODY Doris 25 S . 20 Cobden Road Albert Henry Moody Boiler Firer Phyllis Mitchell    
1929 09 28 MCDERMOTT Fred 21 B Tram Conductor York Road James McDermott Time Keeper Norman W Booth   CE16/C/168
  BOOTH Laura 21 S . 6 Furnace Row Alfred Booth Warp Dresser Iris Alderton    
1929 10 19 GREENWOOD Leonard 31 B Miner Cow Close Cottage John Edward Greenwood Fitter William Wilson   CE16/C/169
  GLENNON Catherine 21 S . Wortley James Glennon Miner Ellen Whitehouse    
1929 12 21 HAINSWORTH John Richard 68 W Labourer 10 Newton Square Joseph Hainsworth (dec'd) Labourer Albert Wilshire By Licence CE16/C/170
  BIRKBY Ellen 71 W . East End William Shaw (dec'd) Forgeman Sarah Wilshire    
1929 12 21 ATHA Sidney 25 B Fitter 64 Cow Close Road Willie Atha Brick Burner Harold Atha   CE16/C/171
  MIRFIELD Elsie Lee 22 S . 24 Chapel Lane, Armley Arthur Mirfield Dyer Lilian Mirfield    
1929 12 26 FERGUSON Henry James 39 B Cashier Burmantofts William Ferguson (dec'd) . Henry Twomey   CE16/C/172
  CASSON Dorothy May 35 W . 29 Wolley Avenue Simeon Clarke (dec'd) . Ivy Clarke    
1930 02 08 POOLE Kenneth 24 B Engineer Water Lane Nathaniel Morris Poole (dec'd) Joiner Wilfred Cook   CE16/C/173
  ROBSON Gladys Maud 19 S . Water Lane William Robson (dec'd) Plumber Elsie Poole    
1920 04 05 HARRISON Jack 29 B Cloth Finisher Hill Crest, Drighlington Percy Harrison Iron Refiner Eric Whitehead   CE16/C/174
  STEPHENSON Ellen 23 S . Harper Farm, Farnley Harry Stephenson Farmer Harry Stephenson, May Stephenson    
1930 04 19 ATHA Reggie Bootland 31 B Packer 246 Cross Lane Fred Atha (dec'd) Labourer Hugh Slater Atha   CE16/C/175
  WIGGLESWORTH Myra Adela 30 S . 17 Pontefract Terrace John Wigglesworth Horseman Ruth Atha    
1931 05 03 WILSON William 29 B Fish Fryer Hare Park Farm James Wilson Fish Fryer Richard Dolan   CE16/C/176
  HEWSON Dorothy 24 S . 4 Pinder Grove George Hewson (dec'd) Collier Agnes Hudson    
1930 05 17 ASQUITH Fred 21 B Clerk 11 Elmfield Road, Wortley Archibald Asquith Warp Dresser Raymond Fra*   CE16/C/177
  HEPWORTH Eva 23 S . New Farnley Cyril Hepworth Caretaker Mary Hepworth    
1930 06 14 ROBERTS Douglas 26 B Farmer Ings Hall Farm, Farnley Harry Roberts Farmer Retired William Leslie Gibson   CE16/C/178
  CROSSLEY Alice 23 S . Beulah Hotel Ernest Crossley (dec'd) Publican Ethel Crossley    
1930 08 02 FOWLER William Edgar 25 B Draughtsman 107 Hall Lane, Armley Alfred Fowler Railway Signalman Walter Clegg Fowler   CE16/C/179
  CLARK Hilda 24 S . 48 Cow Close Road Charles Edwin Clark Weaving Overlooker Jessie Scott Mackenzie    
1930 08 18 HATFIELD Albert Arthur 30 B Postman Tong Road, Wortley Hedley Hatfield Millhand Walter Shillito, Thomas Walter Shillito Entry for father Helday CE16/C/180
  SHILLITO Mabel 29 S . 6 East End, New Farnley Thomas Walter Shillito Labourer Alice Hatfield Walding    
1930 08 30 MYERS Mark 42 B Decorator Yeadon Joseph Hardisty Myers (dec'd) Warp Dresser Sidney Myers, Iris Myers   CE16/C/181
  GILL Edith 31 S . Whitehall View Alfred Gill Road Foreman S Nellie Gill, E M Holgate    
1930 12 27 DOOLAN James William 22 B Tram Conductor 132 Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds Thomas Doolan Leather Tanner Thomas Noonan   CE16/C/182
  ODDY Edith 22 S . 9 School Close Walter Oddy Joiner Myra Oddy    
1931 01 14 HOWCROFT John Henry 53 W Master Builder 17 Pinder View William Howcroft (dec'd) Mason John W Howcroft   CE16/C/183
  WALKER Sarah 43 S . 3 Branch Street, Lower Wortley Thomas William Walker Joiner Mary Walker    
1931 02 28 AVEYARD Harry 22 B Tuner 22 Pontefract Terrace Ezra Aveyard Warp Dresser Albert Whiteley   CE16/C/184
  WHITELEY Alice 22 S Weaver 85 Silver Royd Terrace, Wortley Arthur Whiteley (dec'd) Warehouseman Edna Aveyard    
1931 03 02 SECKER Walter 22 B Tram Conductor 18 Derbyshire Street, Hunslet John Secker (dec'd) Fitter Joseph Fowell   CE16/C/185
  SHARP Jennie 23 S . 4 East End Fred Sharp Clay Worker Lily Sharp    
1931 04 04 ALLISON John Russell 28 B Secretary 147 Brudenell Road Joseph Allison Paper Merchant Ronald Victor Midgley   CE16/C/186
  MIDGLEY Kitty 24 S . Farnley Wood William Midgley Market Gardener Charlotte Grace Midgley    
1931 04 04 BELL Ellington Dixon 28 B Commercial Traveller 11 Cobden Terrace William Bell Railway Foreman W E Fletcher   CE16/C/187
  ALDERSON Helena May 25 S . 2 Ashfield Ernest Myers Alderson Sanitary Ware Maker E M Bell    
1931 05 23 BOOTH Clifford 26 B School Master Farnley Francis Herbert Booth School Master Retired A D Cameron   CE16/C/188
  RHODES Bessie 24 S . Nutting Grove William Rhodes Secretary Margaret Pullan, William Rhodes    
1931 05 23 ROTHERY William Lawrence 24 B Mill Jobber Stanningley James William Rothery (dec'd) Currier Albert J Rothery   CE16/C/189
  PROCTER Annie 28 S . Oaktree Farm Ben Oliver Langton Procter Joiner Olive Procter    
1931 05 23 BELL Arthur 27 B Dairyman 11 Cobden Terrace Willie Bell Foreman Leslie White   CE16/C/190
  TUNE Mary Dorothy 25 S . Plane Tree Farm George Tune Farmer Bessie Tune    
1931 05 25 GIBSON Dennis 26 B Hairdresser 61 Cross Lane James Edmund Gibson (dec'd) Watchman David Bastow   CE16/C/191
  PERKINS Elizabeth 24 S . 198 Hawkes Hill Joseph Perkins Labourer Annice Perkins    
1931 05 25 MILNER Thompson 23 B Grocer's Manager Pudsey James Milner Retired Arthur B Chambers   CE16/C/192
  BOLLON Edith May 23 S . 6 Low Moor Side Elijah Bollon Spinner Alice Bollon    
1931 06 20 REES Randolph Harry 29 B Confectioner 11 Blackpool Terrace John Henry Rees (dec'd) Clergyman Walter Holroyd   CE16/C/193
  HALL Marion 24 S . 11 Blackpool Terrace Harry Hall Engine Driver Harry Hall, Lilian Hall    
1931 07 11 FARREN Arthur Cyril 25 B Engineer Draughtsman 25 Pontefract Terrace James Rixon Farren Sorter & Packer Osbert M Cripps   CE16/C/194
  SPEIGHT Phyllis 22 S . 23 Farnley Crescent Hiram Speight Clerk Eileen Conville    
1931 07 11 PROCTOR Harry 27 B Painter & Decorator 68 Roker Lane, Pudsey Sam Kenworthy Proctor (dec'd) Joiner Harold Manners   CE16/C/195
  FERRETT Gladys Ruth 22 S . Holly Farm, Farnley Joseph Henry Ferrett Engine Minder Elsie Elizabeth Ferrett    
1931 07 25 RILEY Eric 26 B Coal Merchant 56 Amberley Road, Armley Jacob Riley Overlooker Thomas William Illingworth   CE16/C/196
  ILLINGWORTH Marion Edith 21 S . 139 Gilbertroyd Thomas William Illingworth Labourer Rowland Riley    
1931 07 25 BEEVERS James Crosby 21 B Butcher Street Lane, Gildersome George Alfred Beevers Butcher Charlie Stephenson   CE16/C/197
  STEPHENSON Nellie 21 S . Wentworth Farm, Farnley Charlie Stephenson Farmer William Bradley, George Alfred Beevers    
1931 08 01 THOMPSON Norman 32 B Engineer Eightland House, Bramley William Thompson Engineer Sydney Dwyer   CE16/C/198
  SMITH Alice 26 S . 18 Pontefract Terrace Hedley Smith Card Cleaner Doris Burton    
1931 08 01 HODGSON Joseph 21 B Foreman 18 Canning Street, Dewsbury Road Joseph Hodgson (dec'd) Boatman Jane Hodgson   CE16/C/199
  BUTLER Eliza 23 S . 3 Furnace Row Arthur Butler (dec'd) Framer Ethel Butler, James Edward Hoult    
1931 08 12 BARKER Griffiths 31 B French Polisher Temperance Hall, New Farnley Charles Barker Gardener Herbert Russell   CE16/C/200
  BARRACLOUGH Rhoda 32 S . 17 Playground Samuel Barraclough (dec'd) Clay Miner Irene Atkinson    
1931 08 15 JOHNSON Alfred 27 B Mechanic Park Spring Frank Johnson Traveller Arthur Johnson   CE16/C/201
  ROBERTS Gladys Mary 25 S . 15 Britannia Place, armley Robert Roberts (dec'd) . William Ewart Roberts    
1931 08 24 GRIFFIN George Frederick 31 B Motor Salesman The Cottage, Much Dewchurch Minett Griffin Bus Proprietor & Haulier Henry Kimber   CE16/C/202
  KIMBER Eileen Margaret 28 S . Farnley Henry Kimber Clerk Margaret Kimber    
1931 09 12 THACKRAY Arthur 27 B Dispatch Clerk Beeston George Thackray (dec'd) . A E Hartley   CE16/C/203
  PRIESTLEY Myra 29 S . Garden Cottage, New Farnley William Priestley Colliery Weighman Lillian Thackray    
1931 11 28 HALL Fred 39 W Platelayer 5 Wolley Avenue Walter Hall (dec'd) Engineer's Fitter Willie Whitley   CE16/C/204
  BULLOCK Hannah Elizabeth 41 W . 14 Nutting Grove Terrace Amos Croft (dec'd) Miner's Deputy Clara Whitley    
1931 12 19 BIRCH James 41 B Lithographer 12 Berking Street, York Road Richard Birch Drayman Ernest Pym   CE16/C/205
  BROADBENT Nellie 30 S . 5 Blackpool Terrace Thomas Broadbent Miner Emily Birch    
1932 05 14 FEARN George 27 B Spinner 9 Vicarage Avenue, Gildersome Edward Fearn Cloth Tenterer John William Fearn   CE16/C/206
  BUTLER Lilian Thomas 25 S . 3 Furnace Row Arthur Butler (dec'd) Miner Alice Butler    
1932 05 14 MANNERS Harold 31 B Basket Maker 21 Roker Lane, Pudsey Harry Manners Basket Maker Sidney Priestley   CE16/C/207
  CROSSLAND Mary 27 S . 14 Farnley Crescent Harry Crossland (dec'd) Club Steward Evelyn Manners    
1932 06 11 BARRETT John 40 B Printer's Packer Croft Terrace James Barrett (dec'd) Builder J W Garner   CE16/C/208
  HEPWORTH Lilian 34 S . Croft Terrace Ezra Hepworth Forgeman Elsie M Rogerson    
1932 06 14 BUDGE Vernon Stanley 30 B Secretary Lower House Charles George Budge (dec'd) Manufacturing Druggist Norman A Burniston   CE16/C/209
  MELLISH Phyllis Hopton 24 S . Lower House Alec Ruthven Mellish Manufacturer's Agent Margery Mellish,    
1932 06 18 WHITEHEAD Harold 28 B Accountant 419 Huddersfield Road, Oldham Albert Whitehead Managing Director William Ralph Hall, E M Atkinson   CE16/C/210
  ATKINSON Marjorie 29 S . Farnley Rectory George Atkinson Clerk in Holy Orders Joyce M Atkinson, P B Atkinson    
1932 07 09 ATHA Harold 37 B Warehouseman 64 Cow Close Road Willie Atha Brick Burner Herbert Burnell   CE16/C/211
  TURNER Bessie 33 S . 4 Guildford Street, Rochdale William Turner Mechanic Fitter Emily Hulton    
1932 07 30 FOWKES William 38 W Mule Spinner 45 Long Row John Thomas Fowkes Colliery Banksman Sam Whitaker   CE16/C/212
  WHITAKER Blanche 31 S Mule Piecener 4 Lytham Grove William Whitaker Stone Mason Gertrude Whitaker    
1932 08 31 DOLAN Richard 32 B Agent 5 Pinder Street John Dolan Blacksmith Wilfred Haney Dolan   CE16/C/213
  BURGOYNE Agnes 27 S . 32 Cobden Road Harold Burgoyne (dec'd) Plaster Moulder Phyllis Burgoyne    
1932 09 10 BENTLEY Joseph 26 B Engineer Churwell Hartley Bentley Retired Police Constable Walter Bentley   CE16/C/214
  GIBSON Ellen 26 S . 34 Cow Close Road Charles Gibson Boiler Maker Nancy Robinson Bentley    
1932 10 01 ROBERTS William Ewart 41 B Retort Minder 15 Britannia Place, Armley Robert Roberts (dec'd) Grinder Alfred Johnson   CE16/C/215
  ELCOCK Winifred 34 S . 86 Bawn John Elcock (dec'd) Forgeman Edith Elcock    
1932 12 15 SOWDEN John Arthur 24 B Engineer 7 Croft Terrace Arthur Sowden Clerk Rose Birkby   CE16/C/216
  SIMPSON Kathleen Mary 18 S . 28 Oak Road, Temple Newsam Herbert Simpson Engine Driver Herbert Simpson    
1932 12 24 WOODHEAD John 24 B Compositor 6 Vinery Mount, York Road John Woodhead Brick Burner Maurice Greenwood   CE16/C/217
  GREENWOOD Annetta 24 S . Cow Close Cottages John Edward Greenwood Fitter Doris Woodhead    
1932 12 24 MOORE George 29 B Cloth Finisher 21 Smalewell Road, Pudsey John William Moore Joiner Maurice Grayson By Licence CE16/C/218
  GRAYSON Myra 28 S . 27 Stonebridge Lane Fred Grayson Joiner Ivy Harris    
1933 01 18 CRAVEN Sydney 24 B Musician 14 Pinder Street Frederick Craven Gas Plant Handyman Joseph Henry Tate   CE16/C/219
  SIMPSON Alice 23 S . 4 Blackpool Grove John Arthur Simpson Hairdresser Frances Simpson    
1933 02 04 BIRKIN Leonard 24 B Painter 21 Stonebridge Lane Joseph Birkin Night Watchman Harry Birkin   CE16/C/220
  REDSHAW Winifred Smith 25 S . 9 New Inn Street, Wortley Thomas Smith Redshaw (dec'd) Butcher Ivy Jane Hannah Smith    
1933 02 18 ASHBY Albert James 28 B Lorry Driver Park Spring William Ashby (dec'd) Mason Oliver Ashby   CE16/C/221
  ATHA Ruth 29 S . 246 Cross Lane Fred Atha (dec'd) Labourer Muriel Irene Parker?    
1933 02 25 PARISH Sidney 25 B Cabinet Maker 4 Park View, Farnley Harry Parish Packer Dorothy Parish   CE16/C/222
  WRIGHT Marion 24 S . Low Moor Side Nelson Wright Gardener Cyril Crowther    
1933 04 05 LONGBOTTOM Norman 26 B Clerk Ireland House, Upper Wortley Albert Walker Longbottom Pattern Maker Clifford Stephenson   CE16/C/223
  STEPHENSON Alice 21 S . Well Holme Farm, New Farnley Clifford Stephenson Farmer Albert Longbottom    
1933 04 08 PARKER Vincent 23 B Grocer 5 Newton Square Walter Parker Labourer Richard Parker   CE16/C/224
  TAYLOR Alice 21 S . 13 Newton Square Fred Taylor Road Foreman Dora Overend    
1933 04 12 STEPHENSON Jacky 27 B Firewood Dealer 11 Bangor Street Alfred Stephenson (dec'd) Joiner Richard Senior Penny   CE16/C/225
  BENTLEY Renee 22 S . 10 Mount View, Lower Wortley John Henry Bentley (dec'd) Plumber Eva Stead    
1933 04 15 PORTER Ernest Tinley Upton 21 B Warehouseman 15 Low Moor Side Ernest Porter Labourer George Edward Wright   CE16/C/226
  BUTLER Ethel 20 S . 3 Furnace Row Arthur Butler (dec'd) Framer Eileen Atkinson    
1933 04 26 NORTH Stanley Kenneth 24 B Police Officer 25 The Ring Road, Lower Wortley Jim Harry North Colliery Salesman Jim Harry North   CE16/C/227
  STEPHENSON May 24 S . Harper Farm, Farnley Harry Stephenson Farmer Harry Stephenson    
1933 04 29 TOMLINSON Percy 33 B Market Gardener 48 Roker Lane, Pudsey Robert Tomlinson (dec'd) . Ephraim Hartley   CE16/C/228
  HARTLEY Doris 26 S . Nags Head, Farnley Ephraim Hartley Landlord Joshua Craven    
1933 04 29 STEAD Jack Mitchell 29 B Dairyman Wellfield, Gildersome Harry Stead Watchmaker Leonard Melville Heeson   CE16/C/229
  CAWTHRAY Elsie 29 S Dressmaker Memorial Cottages, New Farnley James Cawthray (dec'd) Miner Maurice Cawthray, Dorothy Whitley Dixon    
1933 06 03 LUMLEY John 33 B Joiner Havercroft Sam Lumby Clay Worker W Gordon Stirk   CE16/C/230
  STIRK Dorothy 26 S . 16 Cobden Road Ernest Stirk Engine Driver Florrie Lumby    
1933 06 05 BETTS William Henry 41 B Weaver 45 Rydal Place, Holbeck William Betts Engine Driver Retired Walter Betts   CE16/C/231
  WOODHEAD Lucy Ann 44 S . 5 Forge Row James Woodhead Gardener Retired Gladys Gwendoline Woodhead    
1933 06 08 FOSTER Thomas Bingley 27 B Clerk East Cottage James Foster Clerk Curtis Ward   CE16/C/232
  BOYCE Violet 23 S . Barwick Charles Boyce Poultry Farmer Kathleen F* C Boyce, James Foster    
1933 06 20 PHILPOTT Hiram Brook 30 B Colliery Agent Denton Lea, Morley George Alfred Philpott Colliery Agent W L Gibson   CE16/C/233
  ROBERTS Eileen 31 S . Ings Hall Farm, Farnley Harry Roberts Farmer Retired Gwenda Wilks, G Roberts    
1933 07 15 ODDY John 21 B Plumber 56 Bawn Lane Alfred Oddy Tailor Edward McWilliam   CE16/C/234
  TYLER Winifred 21 S . Railway Cottage Charles Wilfred Tyler Bricklayer Irene Tingle, C W Tyler    
1933 08 05 SMITH Ernest 24 B Bricklayer 8 Lytham Grove, Lower Wortley Clarke Smith Foreman Bricklayer John Coult   CE16/C/235
  SMITH Elizabeth 22 S Tailor's Passer 8 Bangor Street William Smith (dec'd) Foreman Cloth Finisher Lilian Allatt    
1933 08 12 SMITH Cecil Arthur 27 B Butcher Moor Top Frederick William Smith Butcher Jack Colbeck Smith   CE16/C/236
  WHITAKER Leah 24 S Tailoress Gildersome P.C. No 1 Springfield Villas, Gildersome Sam Whitaker Tailor (Retired) Florrie Whitaker    
1933 08 26 ROBERTS Arthur 38 B Engineer & Millwright 98 Elder Road, Bramley Francis Asquith Roberts Engine Tenter Ernest Fletcher   CE16/C/237
  THURWELL Amy 39 S Knotter 8 Pontefract Terrace Tom Thurwell Brick Maker Elsie Pickard, Edith A Roberts    
1933 09 09 DUFTON Herbert 45 B Engineer 20 Farnley Crescent Elam Dufton (dec'd) Engineer Ernest Dufton   CE16/C/238
  WILSON Ethel 39 W . 22 Farnley Crescent James Cheeseborough (dec'd) Bricklayer John Elcock    
1933 09 09 LYTHE Victor 27 B Agent 17 Wolley Avenue Christopher Lythe Draper Harry Stephenson   CE16/C/239
  STEPHENSON Annie 24 S Clerk Harper Farm, Farnley Harry Stephenson Farmer John West Lythe    
1933 09 30 HUDSON Cyril 32 B Filler & Scourer Moor Top John Hudson Pensioner Walter Jackson   CE16/C/240
  LINSKILL May 23 S . Ferndene, New Farnley Mark Linskill Clerk Edith Jackson    
1933 10 07 HEESON Leonard Melville 24 B Colour Chemist Morley Edward Heeson Miner Leslie Hainsworth   CE16/C/241
  HEPWORTH Lily 27 S . 1 Furnace Row Albert Bentley Hepworth Blacksmith Grace Hepworth    
1933 10 21 BARRACLOUGH Norman 23 B Typewriter Mechanic Moor Top Arthur Barraclough (dec'd) Furnaceman William E Peat, Clarice Hoare   CE16/C/242
  HOARE Margaret Annie 19 S . Dale Farm Herbert Easby Hoare Market Gardener Herbert E Hoare    
1933 11 18 RUDKIN Edward 26 B Joiner 14 School Close George Rudkin Labourer Ernest Brook   CE16/C/243
  PERRY Alice 28 S . 15 Stonebridge Lane George William Perry Secretary Eliza Beedle    
1933 11 29 LAPPING John Herbert 29 B Farmer Mount Pleasant Farm, Farnley Edwin Sykes Lapping Farmer Walter H Shaw   CE16/C/244
  CHAMBERS Hilda 30 W . 16 Parkfield Avenue, Beeston John William Kilroy Gas Stoker Gertrude T J Shaw    
1933 12 23 WAITE Sydney 27 B Cloth Finisher 4 Cottingham Street, Armley Ernest Waite Labourer Fred Waite   CE16/C/245
  BUTTERFIELD Bertha 26 S . 11 Long Row Edgar Butterfield Labourer Mary Butterfield    
1933 02 10 ALDERSON Harry 30 B Labourer 126 Hawkes Hill Joseph Alderson (dec'd) Gardener John Munford Sellers   CE16/C/246
  SWIFT Florence Hannah 31 S . Nags Head Inn John William Swift Miner Maggie Alderson    
1934 02 13 CAWOOD John Charles William 25 B School Teacher 84 Ridge Road, Upper Armley Thomas William Cawood Shop Manager Norman E Cawood   CE16/C/247
  PRIESTLEY Mary Muriel 25 S . Ivydene, Moor Top Willie Priestley Nurseryman Dorothy Kenyon    
1934 03 28 HOPKINS Leonard 26 B Insurance Agent 3 Iveridge Place, Hunslet Henry Hopkins Retired Ben Walmsley   CE16/C/248
  HUDSON Emily 30 S . 23 Ring Road Friend Hudson Teamer Evelyn Hopkins    
1934 05 21 NEWTON Herbert 28 B Grocer 13 Cobden Grove John William Newton Joiner Frank Newton   CE16/C/249
  PROCTER Maud 25 S . 2 Cobden Terrace Laurence Procter Collier Laura Procter    
1934 05 26 SMITH William Paul 26 B Police Constable 3 Lytham Place Frederick Smith (dec'd) Blacksmith J H Wheldon   CE16/C/250
  MAGSON Edith 28 S . Lytham Place John William Magson Labourer Ethel Leybourne    
1934 05 26 ATKINSON Sutcliffe 36 B Labourer Drighlington Arthur Atkinson Gardener Horace Atkinson   CE16/D/1
  INGHAM Nellie 39 S . 522 Lane Side Arthur Ingham (dec'd) Fettler Elsie Milner    
1934 06 09 CROWTHER Cyril 23 B Textile Tuner 3 Playground Orlando Crowther Textile Tuner Victor Crowther   CE16/D/2
  STEAD Phyllis 21 S . Moor Top Joshua Stead Joiner Myra Stead    
1934 06 12 BRADLEY William 24 B Insurance Agent 8a Kirkfield Terrace, Morley Norman Bradley (dec'd) Rag Merchant James Bradley   CE16/D/3
  STEPHENSON Mary 22 S . Wentworth Farm, Farnley Charlie Stephenson Farmer Bessie Tune    
1934 07 07 AVEYARD Arthur 30 B Power Tuner Morley Joshua Aveyard Mine Worker Samuel Hartley   CE16/D/4
  FORD Beatrice 23 S . 11 Cobden Street Charles William Ford Canvasser Nellie Ford    
1934 07 28 WOODHEAD Basil 29 B Colliery Owner Water Lane Allen Woodhead Colliery Agent Charles Lister   CE16/D/5
  PROCTER Hannah Martha 25 S . 369 Gilbertroyd Richardson Procter (dec'd) French Polisher Clarice Myers    
1934 07 28 BOYCE William 23 B Fitter Beeston George Boyce Postman Retired George Boyce   CE16/D/6
  SPEIGHT Olive 22 S . 16 Long Row Charles Alfred Speight (dec'd) Comb Driller Nellie Hunter    
1934 08 04 FOTHERGILL Lawrence 26 B Labourer 152 Low Fold Ernest Fothergill Labourer Joseph Fearnley   CE16/D/7
  FEARNLEY Evelyn 29 S . Low Fold John Thomas Fearnley Policeman Retired Emma Fearnley    
1934 08 18 WAITE Albert 26 B Finisher 14 Cedar Road, Armley Arthur Waite Finisher Albert Waite Gamwells   CE16/D/8
  CONNOR Kathleen 20 S . 97 Peel Mount Joe Connor (dec'd) Willower Louie Connor    
1934 11 10 CUNDALL Reginald 40 B Sanitary Inspector 27 Stainburn Crescent, Harrogate Road Harry Cundall (dec'd) Joiner Sidney Bradshaw   CE16/D/9
  SCOTNEY Sarah 37 S . 5 Playground Edward Scotney Engineman Agnes M V Parminter    
1934 12 22 TYLER Willie 31 B Fitter 6 Ashfield Benjamin Tyler (dec'd) Furnaceman Albert Tyler   CE16/D/10
  BOARDMAN Nellie 25 S . 9 Ashfield William Harold Boardman Engineer Margaret Tyler    
1935 01 26 BRATLEY Reginald 26 B Plumber Garden Cottage, Hall Lane John George Bratley Gardener Harold Bratley   CE16/D/11
  WRIGHT Marion 26 S . Burley Road, Leeds Albert Wright Steel Worker Albert Wright    
1935 01 26 FAWBERT Harold 26 B Plater Stanningley John William Fawbert (dec'd) Engineman Harry Fawbert   CE16/D/12
  HUDSON Nellie 25 S . 23 Ring Road Friend Hudson (dec'd) Teamer Irene Hudson    
1935 03 11 TURFORD Philip Herbert 26 B Railway Porter Armley Charles Edward Turford Railway Porter Ronald Victor Midgley   CE16/D/13
  MIDGLEY Charlotte Grace 30 S . Farnley Wood William Midgley Market Gardener Laura Turford    
1935 04 06 KENT James Emanuel 24 B Bricklayer Wortley Newcome Kent Builder John Edward Kent   CE16/D/14
  SHEARD Mary 27 S . 15 Nutting Grove Cottages John Sheard Stoker John Sheard    
1935 04 04 CRAWFORD William Stewart 30 B Traveller 2 Hillary Place, Leeds William Crawford Veterinary Surgeon Bertram Overend   CE16/D/15
  WAKE Pauline 26 S . Westcote, Moor Top John Victor Wake (dec'd) Furrier M A Wake    
1935 04 20 GILPIN Dennis 25 B Cloth Finisher Morley Walter Gilpin Motor Driver Walter Gilpin   CE16/D/16
  HOLMES Irene 24 S . Moorhead Villa, Farnley Samuel Holmes Millhand Gladys Holmes    
1935 04 20 MCCORMACK Arthur 31 B Clothing Club Inspector 83 Waterloo Road, Pudsey Arthur McCormack General Dealer Norman Dacre   CE16/D/17
  POOLE Elsie 29 S . 14 Water Lane Nathaniel Morris Poole (dec'd) Joiner Dorothy T Poole    
1935 05 11 FILLINGHAM John Harvey 25 B Bank Official Outwood, Wakefield Edward Booth Fillingham Dentist C H Watson   CE16/D/18
  GIBSON Winifred Kathleen 26 S . Woodville, New Farnley Randal Gibson Company Director M E Fillingham, A Gibson    
1935 05 25 BROADBENT Jack 26 B Tram Conductor 3 Marsden Street, Wortley John William Broadbent Labourer Walter Broadbent   CE16/D/19
  KAYE Mary 21 S . 40 Long Row Edgar Kaye Brick Drawer Beatrice Ellen Kaye    
1935 06 08 SURR James 28 B Oil Extractor Morley Watson Surr Forgeman Willeyer Harold Fouler   CE16/D/20
  STEPHENSON Clara 30 S . 15 Playground James Thornton Stephenson (dec'd) Forgehand Mary Ann Surr    
1935 06 08 CUSHWORTH Joseph 25 B Painter 8 Shafton Street, Holbeck Charles Cushworth Cloth Finisher Willie Hick   CE16/D/21
  WILLSON Dorrien Mary 20 S . Watson House John Willson Mechanic Jessica Martha Willson    
1935 07 01 DIXON John Gordon 36 B Railwayman 4 Bertie Street, Leeds 9 John William Dixon (dec'd) Railwayman Harry Dixon   CE16/D/22
  DODGSON Sarah Emma 34 S . 4 Rydal Avenue George Dodgson (dec'd) Brick Sorter Harry Dodgson    
1935 07 06 CROFT Richard 24 B Driver Linesman (Electrical) 16 Greenhill Crescent, Wortley Arthur Croft (dec'd) Tradesman Clifford Broadhead   CE16/D/23
  PACE Lilla 23 S . Mill House Percy Steventon Pace Engineer Kilsan? Walsh    
1935 08 03 GARSIDE Edward 29 B Weaver 26 Greenmount Street, Beeston Edward Garside Labourer Eva Bennett   CE16/D/24
  GILLSON Annie Elizabeth 29 S . 7 Bangor Place, Farnley Thomas Gillson Labourer Thomas Bennett    
1935 08 03 BIRKIN Harry 29 B Dyer's Labourer 21 Stonebridge Lane Joseph Birkin Night Watchman Hilda Robinson   CE16/D/25
  BEST Frances Mary Mathers 29 S . 11 Newton Square Joseph Mathers Best Labourer Kenneth Alan Turner?    
1935 09 21 HALLIDAY Alexander John 35 W Dairy Worker 11 Cedar Avenue, Armley Alce Halliday Bootmaker Harold Hodgson   CE16/D/26
  BATES Lillian Maud 20 S . 1 Forge Hill William Bates Firer Doris Irene Bates    
1935 11 23 WALKER Cyril 24 B Motor Mechanic 171 Whitehall Road, Drighlington Joseph Walker (dec'd) Coal Merchant Norman Walker   CE16/D/27
  ROBINSON Olive 25 S . 2 Low Moor Side Willie Robinson Millhand Hilda Robinson    
1935 12 21 NORTH James William 34 B Coal Cutter Brodsworth Robert North Insurance Agent (Retired) Arthur E North   CE16/D/28
  MORRIS Freda May 26 S . Church Farm William Stephen Morris Farm Labourer Muriel Morris    
1935 12 26 FRASER Kenneth Harris 31 B Painter Cowden, Kent John Fraser Traffic Superindendent Reginald Bratley   CE16/D/29  
  BRATLEY Doris 25 S . Farnley Hall Gardens John George Bratley Head Gardener Nellie Frost      
1936 04 15 GLOVER William 23 B Salesman Pudsey William Glover (dec'd) Salesman R M Halliday   CE16/D/30  
  PARKER Kathleen 20 S . Beulah Hotel William Addison Parker Engineer Eileen Parker      
1936 05 30 HICK Willie 24 B Joiner 6 Chesney Terrace, Hunslet John Thomas Hick Brass Finisher Sydney Nuttall   CE16/D/31  
  WILLSON Eva Beatrice 25 S . Watson House John Willson Mechanic Minnie Willson      
1936 06 01 SENIOR Willis 32 B Commissionaire 12 Furnace Row Harry Senior Foreman Frank Senior   CE16/D/32  
  DOUGHTY Maud 28 S . Glen Rose, Moor Top James Edward Doughty Retired Maggie Stephenson      
1936 06 01 WARD John Robert 30 B Motor Driver Drighlington Robert Ward Mason William Ward   CE16/D/33  
  SANDERS Cissy 23 S . Park Springs William Sanders Labourer Laura Sanders      
1936 06 13 MYERS Cleophas 31 B Foreman Woolsorter Rose Vale, Lumby Lane, Pudsey Fred Myers (dec'd) Wool Buyer Donald G Myers, Simeon Myers   CE16/D/34  
  PEARSON Kathleen Theresa 22 S . 68 Cow Close Road Percy Lodge Pearson Foreman Joiner Bessie Widdison      
1936 07 11 ROSSINGTON Harry 22 B Warehouseman 1 Tadcaster Street, Armley Frederick Rossington (dec'd) Shop Assistant Alfred Rossington   CE16/D/35  
  HARE Alice Irene 21 S . 304 Watson House, Farnley Henry Hare (dec'd) Moulder Joseph Henry Hare      
1936 07 18 STIRK William Gordon 27 B Transport Driver 16 Cobden Road, Lower Wortley Ernest Stirk Engine Driver John William Frankland   CE16/D/36  
  WADE Emily 26 S . Railway cottages, Farnley Forge Lane, Farnley James William Wade Engine Driver Louisa Wade    
1936 07 27 PICK Arthur 30 W Fish Fryer Warsley, Whitehall Road, New Farnley John Henry Pick Fish Fryer Sarah Ellen Hepworth, Fanny Ellen Pick   CE16/D/37
  HEPWORTH Mary 24 S . School House, New Farnley Cyril Hepworth Caretaker Louisa May Lister    
1936 08 01 MARSHALL John Frederick 31 B Engineer 65 Whingate, Armley George Alfred Marshall Caretaker (Retired) Herbert French?   CE16/D/38
  VEITCH Dorothy 30 S . 7 Hare Park Mount John Veitch (dec'd) Engineer Mary Williams    
1936 08 01 SMITH Samuel Thomas 32 B Metal Turner Royds Lane Reginald Mason Smith Engineer Henry Flockton   CE16/D/39
  ELLISON Annie 24 S . 11 Royds Hall Road, Royds Lane John Henry Brearley Ellison (dec'd) Farm Labourer Edith Cavell Smith    
1936 09 12 JACKSON Ernest 24 B Clay Worker 10 Lytham Place Robert Jackson Clay Worker Fred Jackson   CE16/D/40
  BUSH Nellie 29 S . 12 Lytham Place Thomas Henry Bush (dec'd) Engineer Annie Ward    
1936 09 26 THROUP John 40 B Clerk 2 Blackpool Grove Frederick Broughton Throup (dec'd) Grocer Alfred Throup   CE16/D/41
  HARRISON Lilian 37 S . Rose Cottage, New Farnley Israel Harrison (dec'd) Insurance Agent Monica Bacon, Eveline M Scott    
1936 10 17 PACEY Oswald Thomas 24 B Bricklayer Hawthorne House, Old Farnley William Pacey Builder William Lewis Pacey   CE16/D/42
  EDEN Nancy Mary 22 S . Hawthorne House, Old Farnley Charles Eden Wheelwright Charles Eden    
1936 10 22 BOOTH Lewis Alfred 27 B Textile Manufacturer Throstle Nest, Horsforth Alfred Booth Textile Manufacturer A Armistead, A Booth   CE16/D/43
  ARMISTEAD Gladys Louise 28 S . Manor House, Farnley Herbert Armistead Nail Manufacturer A H Booth, H A Armistead    
1936 11 07 MEDWAY Edward 26 B Motor Engineer 8 Danube Terrace, Leeds 12 Frank Alexander Medway Boot & Shoe Repairer Jack Burgoyne   CE16/D/44
  DOWNS Maggie 18 S . 1 Branch Street, Lower Wortley Frederick Downs Farmer May Knowles    
1937 01 09 CLOUGH James 23 B Mill Tuner Pudsey Harry Clough Mill Tuner Gordon Robert Pendleton   CE16/D/45
  WAREHAM Estella Constance 22 S . 25 Long Row William Wareham (dec'd) Cabinet Maker Lucy Clough    
1937 01 16 BARRASS Gilbert 35 W Clerk 17 Ashfield Walter Barrass Furnaceman (Retired) Sam Francis Mann   CE16/D/46
  KENDALL Elsie Kathleen 30 S . 7 Ashfield Charles Kendall Foreman Hilda Pullan    
1937 02 06 PRIESTLEY Sidney 27 B Baker 876 Tong Road . . Charles William Whitehead   CE16/D/47
  POTTER Evelyn 22 S . Troydale Lane Joseph Potter Iron Moulder Phyllis Cheetham    
1937 02 27 CRAVEN Arthur Roland 33 B Gardener 37 Whingate Avenue, Armley Edwin Craven (dec'd) Pattern Maker Wilfred Vernon Craven   CE16/D/48
  ELCOCK Edith 27 S . 86 Bawn John Elcock (dec'd) Furnaceman Susannah Elcock    
1937 03 27 STEPHENSON John 26 B Tailor's Cutter Lower Wortley John Henry Birkby Stephenson (dec'd) . Lawrence Dodgson   CE16/D/49
  STEAD Myra 28 S . Barker Hill Cottages Joshua Stead Joiner Florence Stephenson    
1937 03 29 TEASDALE Frank 24 B Motor Driver Beulah Cottage George Henry Teasdale Tramway Employee Arthur Singleton   CE16/D/50
  THACKRAY Frances Alice 24 S . Beulah Farm Charles Abram Thackray Farmer Amelia Thackray    
1937 04 17 JONES Leslie Simms 28 B Clerk Belle Vue House, Kendal Charles William Jones Shoe Operative Ernest Frederick Jones   CE16/D/51
  HEPWORTH Ida 25 S . 46 Butt Lane Norman Hepworth Loom Tuner Iris Hepworth    
1937 05 08 WIDDOP Thanet 25 B Fine Drawer 20 Long Row Albert Widdop Cloth Finisher Harry Widdop   CE16/D/52
  TENNANT Mary Irene 21 S . Park Side House Harold Tennant Foreman Fitter Nellie Leary    
1937 05 12 THREAPLETON Leonard 23 B Sanitary Glazer 536 Lane Side Benjamin Threapleton Labourer Wilfred Dennison   CE16/D/53
  WILLSON Jessica Martha 20 S . 32 Wolley Avenue John Willson Motor Engineer Ethel Willson    
1937 05 15 JACKSON Robert Arthur 44 W Pit Deputy 17 Playground Frank Jackson (dec'd) Miner Fred Hippey   CE16/D/54
  SYKES Kate 45 W . 19 Playground James Newton Boiler Maker Kathleen Mary Sykes By Licence  
1937 06 23 ARMSTEAD Edmund 29 B Store Keeper Farnley Thomas Armstead Clerk Lawrence Hainsworth   CE16/D/55
  HAINSWORTH Alice Mary 30 S . 196 Fawkes Hill Lawrence Hainsworth Farm Worker Vera Hainsworth    
1937 07 03 JOHNSTON Cyril 21 B Bus Conductor 4 Howden Street, Leeds 6 Amos Johnston (dec'd) Fruiterer John William Phillips   CE16/D/56
  HAMMOND Phyllis 20 S . 26 Pontefract Terrace Wilfred Hammond Labourer Rhoda Biggar    
1937 07 14 MCWILLIAM Edward 25 B Clerk 6 Farnley Crescent Edward McWilliam Boot Repairer Clarence Barker Whiteley   CE16/D/57
  BRIERLEY Vilia 23 S . 15 Nancroft Mount, Armley Frederick Schofield Brierley Engineer Mary McWilliam, E McWilliam    
1937 07 24 SHEPHERD Wilfred 24 B Glazer Peel House Frederick Henry Shepherd Labourer Harold Renshaw   CE16/D/58
  HARRISON Edith 21 S . 73 Cross Lane Herbert Harrison Platelayer Dorothy Ruel?    
1937 07 31 DAY Wilfred 25 B Fitter 15 Blackpool View George Gray Furnaceman Egbert Day   CE16/D/59
  WHITE Elsie 24 S . 19 Kirkdale Drive Albert White Glaze Brick Worker Mabel White    
1937 07 31 NEEDHAM George Oliver 37 W Motor Driver Tong Road Tom Arthur Needham Labourer Albert Haigh   CE16/D/60
  HAIGH Doris 28 S . 563 Tong Road David Haigh Builder Dorcon Mafanwyr White    
1937 08 21 THROP Robert Stanley 26 B Labourer 72 Valley Road, Pudsey Louis Throp (dec'd) Greengrocer Frank Almond   CE16/D/61
  CLAY Alice 24 S . Park Springs Ernest Clay Motor Driver Una Clay    
1937 09 01 HARGREAVES George 39 B Civil Servant 8 Rufford Drive, Yeadon Alfred Hargreaves (dec'd) Woollen Spinner Herbert Marshall   CE16/D/62
  TAYLOR Beatrice 33 S Machinist 44 Butt Lane, Farnley George Taylor Engine Driver Rose Taylor    
1937 09 04 BARNWELL Frank Edgar 26 B Druggist's Warehouseman 4 Landseer Avenue, Bramley George Henry Barnwell (dec'd) Shopkeeper Benjamin Smith Fawcett   CE16/D/63
  DRAKE Kathleen 23 S . Wood Lane, Park Springs William Lawrence Drake Superintendent Royal Auto Club William Lawrence Drake    
1937 09 25 PULLAN Eric 24 B Draughtsman 474 Tong Road Frank Herry Pullan Joiner Fred Atha   CE16/D/64
  HOLLIDAY Edith 25 S . 51 Butt Lane, Farnley Louis Edmond Holliday Warehouseman Ethel Holliday    
1937 09 25 NICHOLLS Norman Michael 25 B Motor Driver 4 Wolley Avenue William Nicholls Bricklayer George Alfred Wagstaff   CE16/D/65
  BRACKEN Elizabeth Mary 25 S . Wolley Avenue George Robert Bracken (dec'd) Shop Manager Jane Nicholls    
1937 09 27 WHITE Luther 65 W Foreman Clayworker (dec'd) Cindra House Eli White Clay Worker Edward Newiss Frankland By Licence CE16/D/66
  FRAY Martha 58 W . Walsh Lane George Cooke (dec'd) . Mercy E Peat    
1937 10 02 MAUDE William 32 B Motor Engineer Bramham, Boston Spa Newyer Maude Stone Mason Albert Bowman   CE16/D/67
  DEAN Sarah Ann 29 S . 7 Prince Edward Grove Charles Henry Dean Miner Grace Maude    
1937 10 06 FIELDHOUSE John 27 B Plumber 45 Long Row Walter Fieldhouse Spinner Charles Thackray   CE16/D/68
  MILNER Elsie 22 S . 534 Lane Side Arthur Milner Miller Ruby Ingham    
1937 10 16 GREEN Albert 30 B Plumber Bramley Fred Green Railwayman Harry Murgatroyd   CE16/D/69
  MURGATROYD Florence 28 S . 25 Playground John Murgatroyd Clay Worker Martha Dean    
1937 10 30 BURNELL Herbert 34 B Lithographer 48 Quarry Street, Woodhouse John Thackray Burnell Warehouseman John W Armitage   CE16/D/70
  THROUP Florence 36 S . 2 Blackpool Grove Frederick Broughton Throup (dec'd) Grocer Annie? Throup    
1937 11 02 HAWTHORN Noel Richard Metcalfe 31 B Clerk in Holy Orders The Parsonage, Hurley John Hawthorn Clerk in Holy Orders J C Hawthorn   CE16/D/71
  RILEY Eileen 27 S . Nutting Grove George Appleby Riley Miner Ruth Edna Riley    
1937 12 13 SUNDERLAND Herbert 39 B Clerk 131 Stonebridge Lane Edward Sunderland (dec'd) Foreman Miller John Alderson   CE16/D/72
  ALDERSON Eva 33 S . 48 Bawn Lane Squire Alderson Clay Miner Esther Alderson    
1937 12 25 HEPWORTH Ralph 23 B Joiner Furnace Row Albert Bentley Hepworth Blacksmith Percy Hepworth   CE16/D/73
  BEDFORD Kathleen 23 S . Forge Row Willie Bedford (dec'd) Overlooker Mary Bedford    
1938 01 01 FREEMAN Jack 23 B Motor Service Engineer 6 Blackpool Terrace Thomas Albert Freeman Car Park Official Betty Foster, John Herbert Leach   CE16/D/74
  LAPISH Gertrude 28 S Tailoress 13 Barden Mount, Upper Armley Will Lapish Commissionaire William Arthur Fleetwood    
1938 01 01 RIMMINGTON Seth Clarence 24 B Motor Mechanic 33 Hanover Square, Leeds 3 Walter Collinson Rimmington Publican Fred Burton   CE16/D/75
  BLACKWOOD Mary 23 S Dry Cleaner Sprayer 21 Stonebridge Lane William McDonald Blackwood (dec'd) Boiler Maker Janet Goodall    
1938 02 19 STEAD Jack 26 B Carter Cross Lane, Farnley William Arthur Stead (dec'd) Brick Moulder Mary Williamson   CE16/D/76
  WILLIAMSON Mary 22 S Piecener Cross Lane, Farnley Joshua Williamson (dec'd) Joiner Percy Stead    
1938 02 25 HYLAND Herbert Rigby 24 B Commercial Traveller 75 Chapeltown, Pudsey Thomas Edward Hyland Oil Merchant William Arthur Penny   CE16/D/77
  PENNY Irene 28 S . 6 Blackpool Grove, New Wortley William Arthur Penny Retired Albert Smith    
1938 02 12 LLOYD Frank 26 B Motor Driver 44 Gamble Lane Thomas Stork Engineer Albert Butterfield   CE16/D/78
  BUTTERFIELD Annie Dorothy 25 S Hoffman Presser 44 Gamble Lane Albert Butterfield Fitter Norman Wood    
1938 04 18 CLARKE Frank 27 B Motor Driver 28 Irwin Crescent, Wakefield Thomas Clarke (dec'd) . Fred Crawshaw   CE16/D/79
  CRAWSHAW Gladys 33 S Packer 155 Ring Road, Farnley Fred Crawshaw Builder (Retired) William Crawshaw    
1938 04 18 CLARK Jack 27 B Butcher 141 Gilbertroyd Thomas Clark Clay Worker (Retired) Leslie Fearnley   CE16/D/80
  FEARNLEY Emma 28 S Tailoress 152 Low Fold, Farnley Thomas Fearnley Policeman (Retired) Mary Clara Hobbs    
1938 05 01 BEST Harry 27 B Weaver 43 Butt Lane, Farnley Maxwell Best Tram Driver H Hirst   CE16/D/81
  CANTWELL Florence Winifred 27 S . 61 Gt Northern Street, Morley Daniel Cantwell (dec'd) Railway Worker D Best    
1938 05 21 WHITE Leslie 27 B Clerk 32 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley John White Off Licensed Beer Retailer R F Brook   CE16/D/82
  BELL Edith Mary 25 S . 96 Lower Wortley Road, Leeds 12 Willie Bell Retired Railway Worker M Alker    
1938 06 04 GREEN William 23 B Tailor's Cutter 49 Recreation View, Leeds 11 William Green (dec'd) Tailor's Presser Annie Fenton   CE16/D/83
  REDMAN Elsie 24 S Burler 4 Blackpool Terrace, Leeds 12 Walter Redman (dec'd) Puddler Randall Hooley    
1938 06 06 STOREY Lloyd 25 B Farm Labourer Parkridge, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Sydney Storey Labourer T V Killerby   CE16/D/84
  KILLERBY Florence 23 S . Parkridge, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Tom Vincent Killerby Clothier H McGonkey    
1938 06 06 SALVIN Wilfred 23 B Butcher 86 Ascot Terrace, York Road, Leeds 9 John James Salvin Engineer W Salvin   CE16/D/85
  GILL Kathleen Mary 19 S . 91 Peel's Mount, Farnley John Gill Tramway Porter Olive Gill    
1938 06 11 WALLBANK Fred 29 B Police Constable 11 Fairfax Road, Leeds 11 Harry Wallbank Retired Railwayman Albert Ed Leach   CE16/D/86
  RUTHERFORD May 25 S Typist 60 Water Lane, Farnley John Rutherford Meter Maker (Retired) M Palmer    
1938 06 11 PHEASEY Wilfred 28 B Salesman 49 Farndale Street, Fulford, York Ernest Pheasey (dec'd) Examiner L.M.S.R. A Z Chimall   CE16/D/87
  RUDKIN Edna 28 S . 2 Blackpool Street, Lower Wortley William Thomas Rudkin (dec'd) Brickmaker R Broughton    
1938 06 25 WEBSTER Thomas Sherwin 27 B Labourer 27 Devon Street, Pontefract Lane, Leeds James Webster (dec'd) Railway Worker Joseph Thackray Webster   CE16/D/88
  GARDNER Mary Ellen 24 S . New Blackpool William Gardner (dec'd) . Annie Nightingale, Clifford Rowley    
1938 07 07 ROBINSON John Edward 26 B Ironmonger Clifton House, 44 Oswald Road, Scunthorpe William Robinson Ironmonger A R Robinson, T A Taylor, Q S Robinson   CE16/D/89
  TAYLOR Phyllis Irene 30 S Clerk Midvale, 75 Ring Road, Farnley Thomas Ashton Taylor Railway Employee M Taylor, B Taylor, W Robinson, Ada Taylor    
1938 07 23 LLOYD Ernest 32 B Tramcar Conductor 7 Thornhill Terrace, Leeds 12 Mark Lloyd Retired Salesman Anthony Dawkin   CE16/D/90
  HOLLIDAY Ethel 30 S Tailoress Hollydene, 51 Butt Lane, Farnley Lewis Edmond Holliday Cloth Finisher Lilian Mirfield?    
1938 07 23 FISHER Ernest 31 B Engineer 96 Belvoir Street, Derby John Fisher (dec'd) . Walter Eccles   CE16/D/91
  WIDDISON Bessie 24 S Shorthand Typist 1 Ashfield, Farnley George Widdison Joiner B Stephenson, I Barker    
1938 07 30 BOYDEN Frank 26 B Warehouseman 3 Ashcroft Street, Bramley Fred Boyden Labourer Alfred Derry   CE16/D/92
  JACKSON Florence 25 S Millworker 10 Lytham Place Robert Jackson Clay Worker Ethel May Jackson    
1938 09 03 MARSHALL Julian Christopher Broadbent 31 B Clerk 15 Sandhurst Place, Leeds 8 James Broadbent Marshall (dec'd) Assistant Editor Walter Marshall   CE16/D/93
  MCWILLIAM Olive 31 S . 6 Farnley Crescent, Farnley Edward McWilliam Boot Repairer Mary McWilliam    
1938 09 03 CLIFF Ernest 23 B Fitter 8 Chesney Terrace, Hunslet Isaac Bailey Cliff Clerk W Hick   CE16/D/94
  WILLSON Minnie Ellen 25 S Tailoress 32 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Jack Willson Motor Mechanic E Willson    
1938 09 10 THORPE John 29 B Tram Driver L.C.T. 46 Cardinal Avenue, Dewsbury Road, Leeds 11 Arthur Thorpe Setter E Gibbins   CE16/D/95
  GIBBINS Dorothy Lily 23 S Machinist 95 Bawn, Farnley Gladstone Gibbins Basket Maker M Barker    
1938 09 14 SHEARD Joseph 25 B Engineer Croft House, New Farnley Walter Sheard Gas Plant Manager Geoffrey Sheard   CE16/D/96
  THOMPSON Freda 24 S Typist Clarendon, Plane Tree Estate, New Farnley Allen Thompson Engineer Nancy Thompson, Walter Sheard    
1938 10 08 PEACOCK Ernest 26 B Motor Driver 29 Recreation Mount, Leeds 11 Thomas Peacock Electrician H Brayshaw   CE16/D/97
  GREENWOOD Elsie Mary 26 S Weaver 5 Cow Close Cottages, Leeds 12 John Edward Greenwood Engineer M Greenwood    
1938 12 24 ELLIS George 41 B Spray Painter 28 Old Row, Armley, Leeds 12 George Ellis (dec'd) Watchman W A Bamford   CE16/D/98
  FURNESS Edith Mary 23 S . 109 Peels Mount, Farnley Thomas Nicholas Furness Boiler Attender Thomas Furness    
1938 12 24 QUARMBY Herbert Noble 25 B Warehouseman 20 Ross Grove, Bramley Herbert Quarmby Stone Mason E E Quarmby   CE16/D/99
  SMITH Gladys 22 S . 7 Bangor Grove, Lower Wortley William Smith Rivet Maker William Smith    
1939 01 09 WARD Cecil Archibald 31   Chemist 8 Gamble Lane, Farnley John Albert Ward (dec'd) Coal Merchant L Sherwood   CE16/D/100
  SHERWOOD Maggie 28 S . 2 Bennetts? View, Tong Road, Wortley William Sherwood Cloth Presser (Retired) T W Killingbeck    
1939 03 04 WEBB John 31 B Works Chemist 4 Larkdale Street, Forest Rd West, Nottingham Rowland Newell Webb Retired Gas Works Manager Robert Webb, R N Webb   CE16/D/101
  HOLDSWORTH Irene 31 S Teacher Springfield, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Joseph Holdsworth Rivet Maker Joseph Holdsworth    
1939 03 11 HOLMES Angus 23 B Fettler Moorhead Villa, Gildersome Lane, Farnley Samuel Holmes Overlooker William Rushforth   CE16/D/102
  TORDOFF Ruth 23 S Weaver 14 Playground Harry Tordoff Sanitary Worker Jean Adams    
1939 04 08 TENNANT John 23 B Iron Steel Worker 97 Canal Road, Armley John William Tennant Labourer Clifford Taichney, John William Tennant   CE16/D/104
  THORNTON Eliza 24 S Mule Piecener 528 Lane Side, Farnley Joseph Whitefield Thornton Labourer Kathleen Thornton    
1939 04 10 MCGUIRE Harold Thomas 53 W Scaffolder 3 Botanic Street, Wavertree Road, Liverpool George McGuire (dec'd) Painter D Gibson, Mr Perkins   CE16/D/105
  PERKINS Annice 41 S Weaver 193 Fawkes Hill, Farnley Joseph Perkins Labourer A McGuire    
1939 04 10 BUTTERWORTH Arthur 27 B Leaded Light Maker 6 Stafford Street, Hunslet Thomas Butterworth Tool Maker F Jowett   CE16/D/106
  HATHERLEY Mary 25 S Tailoress 23 Kirkdale Drive, Leeds 12 Thomas Hatherley Miner C Butterworth    
1939 05 29 WHITE Stanley Hubert 25 B Millhand 32 Robin Lane, Pudsey Frederick John White (dec'd) Plumber A B White, W Sanders   CE16/D/107
  SANDERS Laura 22 S . 2 Park Spring Bungalows, Farnley William Sanders Corporation Worker J Sanders    
1939 06 15 KERSHAW Sam Marsh 28 B Civil Servant 11 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Willie Kershaw (dec'd) Forgeman G Riley   CE16/D/108
  DOVE Edith Annie 27 S . 60 Greenhill Lane, Wortley, Leeds 12 George Alfred Dove Electrical Inspector L.N.E.R. * Kershaw    
1939 06 24 ALMOND Francis 32 B Fruiterer's Assistant 14 Vinery Mount, Leeds 9 Thomas Almond Taxi Driver W E Clay, A Throp   CE16/D/109
  CLAY Una 24 S . Park Springs, Wood Lane, Farnley Ernest Clay Lorry Driver Mary Almond    
1939 07 05 ANDERSON Robert Walton 29 B Rating & Valuation Officer 24 Newlands Park Grove, Scarborough William Anderson Parcels Agent L.N.E.R. & L.M.S. Daisy E Armistead, W Anderson   CE16/D/110
  ARMISTEAD Clara Marjorie 29 S . The Manor House, Farnley Herbert Armistead Nail Manufacturer L A Booth, H Armistead    
1939 07 29 HIPPEY Fred 28 B Tailor's Cutter 8 Gloucester Road, Armley Herbert Hippey Buyer W A Pickering   CE16/D/111
  SYKES Kathleen Mary 23 S . Fernleigh, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Craven Sykes (dec'd) Tailor's Knifeman Gladys Blackburn    
1939 08 19 TAYLOR George William 27 B Cloth Finisher Low Fold, Farnley Joseph Taylor (dec'd) Miner John Connor   CE16/D/112
  PICKERSGILL Ivy 24 S Baker 47 Cross Lane, Farnley Charles William Pickersgill (dec'd) Engineer Nellie Pickersgill    
1939 09 02 BROOK Richard Firth 27 B Accountant's Clerk 4 Branch Place, Lower Wortley Squire Brook Fitter George Newton? Firth   CE16/D/113
  SOWDEN Margaret Ellen 29 S Warper 3 Cobden Grove, Lower Wortley Walter Sydney Sowden Glaze Mixer Bessie Sowden    
1939 09 09 PEACOCK William Edward 21 B Company Secretary 22 Gipton Wood Place, Leeds 8 William Henry Peacock Dairyman J G Watson   CE16/D/114
  WATSON Marjorie 22 S . 555 Tong Road, Farnley Sydney Watson Engineer S Watson    
1939 10 14 COOK George Edwin 28 B Farmer Ochre Farm, New Farnley Percy Frederick Cook Farmer S Cook   CE16/D/115
  WADE Louisa 29 S Tailoress Forge Yard, New Farnley James William Wade Engine Driver Elsie M Cook    
1939 10 14 HOWARTH Stanley Laverack 20 B Bus Conductor 41 Grovehall Drive, Dewsbury Road, Leeds 11 Stanley Laverack Howarth Boiler Maker B Harland, H Lindsay   CE16/D/116
  LINDSAY Beatrice Annie 25 S Tailoress Forge Yard, New Farnley Harry Doig Lindsay Motor Driver I Howarth    
1939 10 28 DOBSON Ernest 28 B Clerk 850 Tong Road, Farnley Reuben Dobson L.C.T. Motorman Burton Falkinder   CE16/D/117
  FALKINDER Mabel 25 S Weaver 852 Tong Road, Farnley Joseph Falkinder Millhand Joseph Falkinder    
1939 11 11 GOUGH Clifford Stanley 24 B Police Constable 10 Monkbridge Place, Meanwood, Leeds Clifford Gough Press Photographer T Barker By Licence CE16/D/118
  BARKER Beatrice Joan 20 S Typist 5 Long Row, New Farnley John Henry Wormwell Engineer Clifford Gough    
1939 12 02 OVEREND Frank Edward 55 W Police Pensioner 22 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley David Overend (dec'd) Fettler E Overend   CE16/D/119
  PERKINS Helen Jemima 55 S Dressmaker 22 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley William Perkins (dec'd) Waiter W H Overend    
1939 12 23 SEAL Norman 28 B * Inspector 30 Woodliffe Crescent, Chapel Allerton Leeds Robert Seal (dec'd) Policeman J Oughtibridge, * Haines   CE16/D/120
  HAINES Marjorie Doris 26 S . 54 Water Lane, Farnley Leonard George Haines Manager Yorkshire Copper Works Joan Haines, A Seal    
1940 01 27 COLLIER Stanley Thompson 24 B Clerk 24 Cardigan Terrace, Leeds 4 Harry Collier Brewery Drayman J Collier   CE16/D/121
  BANKES Winifred May 24 S Typist 632 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Harry Bankes Manager W Stebbs, H Bankes    
1940 01 28 ROBERTS Horace William 23 B Packer Driver Shaftesbury House, Beeston, Leeds William Roberts (dec'd) Painter & Decorator Joan Clay, A Clay   CE16/D/122
  CLAY Mabel 23 S . 37 Ring Road, Farnley Alfred Clay General Dealer George Cyril Roberts    
1940 02 01 THACKRAY Charles Abram 23 B Farmer Beulah Farm, Farnley Charles Abram Thackray Farmer Leslie Glennon   CE16/D/123
  INGHAM Ruby 21 S Weaver 49 Spring Grove Terrace, Pudsey Wilfred Ingham Cloth Maker Elsie Fieldhouse    
1940 02 17 JONES Harold 23 B Tool Drawer 4 Jackson Lane, Morley Richard Jones (dec'd) Miner Harold Rhodes, Nellie Taylor   CE16/D/124
  WELHAM Doris 24 S . 824 Tong Road, Farnley Albert Welham Mill Worker Albert Welham    
1940 02 24 STEPHENSON Charles Ralph 21 B Civil Engineering Draughtsman 17 Low Moor Side, New Farnley Terry Stephenson Farmer A Stephenson   CE16/D/125
  WILKS Florence Gwenda 21 S Clerk Ffyronan? Whitehall Road, New Farnley Arthur George Wilks Textile Designer A G Wilks    
1940 02 28 SINGLETON Arthur 32 B Motor Driver 69 Westfield Crescent, Burley, Leeds Joseph Singleton Motor Driver Sidney Singleton, John T Thackray   CE16/D/126
  THACKRAY Amelia 25 S . Beulah Farm, Farnley Charles Abram Thackray Farmer Gladys Singleton    
1940 03 02 WIGGINS Stephen 25 B Tram Conductor 575 Foundry Lane, Leeds 9 Caleb Ernest Wiggins (dec'd) Outfitter C Wiggins, Joseph Taylor   CE16/D/127
  TAYLOR Ruby Alma 23 S Lathe Operator 4 Cow Close Road, Leeds 12 Joseph Matthew Benson Taylor Engine Driver E Wilson    
1940 03 23 WALKER Wilfred 25 B Foreman Painter 21 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley John W Walker Brick Worker H Smith, H Mortimer   CE16/D/128
  MORTIMER Kathleen 23 S . 3 Aston View, Bramley Harry Mortimer Electrical Engineer W Archer    
1940 03 23 HARROP Charles 23 B Hairdresser 17 Stanmore Crescent, St Michaels Lane, Leeds 4 Charles Harrop Batmaker James William Doolan   CE16/D/129
  ODDY Edna May 20 S Tailoress 9 School Close, New Farnley Walter Oddy Joiner Margaret Harrop    
1940 04 06 PROCTOR Edward 24 B Engineer 1 Kirkdale Villas, New Street, Pudsey Sam Proctor (dec'd) Textile Worker H Greenwood   CE16/D/130
  PICKERSGILL Kathleen Mary 22 S Shorthand Typist 4 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley John Harold Pickersgill Brick Worker G Oddy, John H Pickersgill    
1940 04 13 STONE Geoffrey 22 B Tannery Labourer The Chestnuts, Hough End, Bramley Arthur Stone Mechanical & Electrical Engineer W H Lewis, L Crampton   CE16/D/131
  CLAYTON Florence May 19 S Leather Trimmer Park Springs, Wood Lane, Farnley Fred Clayton Tannery Shaver F Clayton    
1940 04 20 JOWETT Frederick 27 B Pork Butcher 67 Hall Lane, Armley, Leeds 12 Frederick Isaac Jowett Heating Engineer Willie Keighley, Frederick Isaac Jowett   CE16/D/132
  BUTTERWORTH Cissie 31 S Shop Assistant 36 Kirkdale View, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Thomas Butterworth Engineer Gertrude Butterworth    
1940 06 22 YARROW John William 25 B Mill Tuner 33 Low Fold, Churwell, Morley John William Yarrow Farm Worker J W Yarrow   CE16/D/133
  SUTCLIFFE Alice 27 S . 18 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Edgar Wood Sutcliffe Traffic Dept Worker R Sutcliffe    
1940 07 06 HIND Arthur Colbeck 21 B Progress Clerk 171 Ring Road, Farnley Joseph William Hind Fitter Ernest Hind   CE16/D/134
  NORTH Vera 22 S Weaver 11 Gamble Hill, Bramley Samuel North Joiner Dorothy Wade    
1940 07 20 THOMPSON Albert John 34 W Jeweller 130 School Road, Hall Green, Birmingham William Joseph Thompson Jeweller Leonard Connor   CE16/D/135
  THOMAS Constance 21 S Dressmaker 30 Kirkdale Crescent, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Charles Thomas (dec'd) Fish Merchant Edith Mary Thomas    
1940 08 03 WHITAKER Harry 25 B Engineer 13 Lytham Grove, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 John William Whitaker Railway Driver A H Spence   CE16/D/136
  COUSINS Lily Phoebe 20 S Laundress 376 Whitehall Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 William Henry Cousins Police Constable W H Cousins    
1940 08 17 GRAYSON Jack 25 B Aircraft Hand Ashwood Drive, Gildersome James Grayson Joiner H Grayson, G Tune   CE16/D/137
  TUNE Olive May 24 S Clerk Plane Tree Farm, Walsh lane, New Farnley George Tune Farmer A Stephenson, F A Grayson    
1940 08 17 MOLLITT John William 24 B Serving Soldier 21 Scotchman Lane, Morley John William Mollitt (dec'd) Collier R Mollitt By Licence CE16/D/138
  FALKINDER Irene 20 S . 852 Tong Road, Farnley Joseph Falkinder Millhand B Springthorpe    
1940 08 24 WAGSTAFF Herbert 33 B Cutter 45 Woodside Avenue, Burley, Leeds 4 James Wagstaff Fireman Arthur Vesty, A Wagstaff   CE16/D/139
  NEWSOME Mabel 29 S . 175 Ring Road, Farnley Samuel Arthur Newsome (dec'd) Leather Worker Alice Rose newsome    
1940 10 30 NOBLE David Leslie 24 B Military Policeman C.M. Police, Fulwood Barracks, Preston David Leslie Noble (dec'd) Farmer H A Wrigglesworth   CE16/D/140
  WRIGGLESWORTH Joan Seacroft 19 S Grocer's Assistant Netherlands, Butt Lane, Farnley Allen Wrigglesworth Pawnbroker's Manager A Wrigglesworth    
1940 11 09 BEAN Samuel Lawrence Glover 23 B Serving Soldier 87 Peel Mount, Farnley Robert Edward Bean (dec'd) Electrical Engineer H Pullan By Licence CE16/D/141
  CAWTHERAY Edith Verdun 23 S Silk Weaver 17 Greenthorpe Road, Henconner Lane, Bramley William Cawtheray Moulder R Bean    
1940 11 13 FIRTH John Arthur 23 B Joiner (Serving Soldier) 1 Newton Square, New Farnley George Firth Cobbler M E Brook By Licence CE16/D/142
  SOWDEN Bessie 19 S Ladies Hairdresser 3 Cobden Grove, Lower Wortley Walter Sidney Sowden Glaze Mixer W S Sowden    
1940 11 30 THORNTON Allan 21 B Clerk (H.M.F.) 1 Moorcroft Villas, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Clarence Thornton Cloth Piecener A Robson By Licence CE16/D/143
  FIRTH Joan 18 S Clerk (A.T.S.) 2a Cambridge Avenue, Chapeltown Road, Leeds 7 James Firth Coal Salesman Esther Firth    
1940 11 30 HAXBY Leonard 29 B Colton Warp Dresser 41 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Charlie Haxby Shopkeeper N Haxby   CE16/D/144
  KAYE Beatrice Ellen 23 S Warper 40 Long Row, New Farnley Edgar Kaye Brick Drawer N Kaye    
1940 12 21 WARD Dick 28 B Butcher 8 Prospect Terrace, Garforth, Nr Leeds Richard Ward (dec'd) . John Roberts   CE16/D/145
  ROBERTS Nellie 21 S Dry Cleaner 23 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Belford Roberts Gardener Marie Page    
1940 12 21 WHITE Celestine 26 B Fettler 2 Sydney Street, Farsley Richard White Ostler W P Bellwood   CE16/D/146
  SUTCLIFFE Phyllis 25 S . 78 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Edgar Wood Sutcliffe Traffic Worker R Sutcliffe    
1940 12 21 MCCARROLL Thomas 20 B Serving Soldier 2nd Cameronians S.R. Huyton, Liverpool William McCarroll (dec'd) Miner W Openshaw   CE16/D/148
  SUTCLIFFE Maud 23 S . 78 Cow Close Road, Farnley Edgar Wood Sutcliffe Traffic Worker N L*    
1940 12 25 FOWLER Harry 23 B Motor Mechanic 68 Churwell Ring Road, Leeds 11 Harry Fowler Master Printer W Rowley   CE16/D/149
  GOLDSTONE Mabel 21 S Shop Assistant 40 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Charles Goldstone Engine Driver B Goldstone    
1941 01 04 WALKER Robert 25 B Moulder 51 Leamington Terrace, Armley William Walker (dec'd) Highways Foreman William Walker   CE16/D/150
  LEE Edith 25 S Tailoress 31 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley James Lee Engine Attendant Ivy Lee    
1941 01 08 THORPE Clifford 31 B Milk Roundsman 6 Playground, New Farnley Frederick Thorpe (dec'd) Insurance Collector A Best   CE16/D/151
  BEST Laura 26 S . 18 School Close, New Farnley John Edward Best Stoker D Moore    
1941 01 25 FRYER Norman 26 B Cloth Warehouseman (H.M.F.) 2 Durban Avenue, Old Road, Beeston, Leeds 11 Albert Mawson Fryer Motor Inspector A M Fryer, W Brown   CE16/D/152
  BROWN Ethel Gwinneth 25 S Clerk 15 Ring Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 William Henry Brown Foreman Spinner J G Hanson, J Smith    
1942 02 22 WALKER Arthur 50 W Joiner's Labourer 9 Barkly Street, Beeston, Leeds 11 . . T Cook   CE16/D/153
  HANSON Louie 54 W Carrier Bag Maker 15 Branch Street, Lower Wortley James Wilkinson (dec'd) . W H Paylor, John Thomas Pickard    
1942 02 22 PELL Arthur 18 B A.C.2, R.A.F. 12 Tremont View, Hunslet Carr, Leeds 10 Allan Jonas Pell Engine Driver Edward Booth   CE16/D/154
  GOMERSAL Edna 17 S . 30 Nutting Grove Terrace, Farnley Walter Gomersal Fettler Caroline Pell    
1941 03 08 OSBORNE Stanley 19 B Fitter 26 Whitehall Road, Drighlington Willie Osborne Gas Labourer George Osborne   CE16/D/155
  ELVIDGE Joyce 20 S Weaver 304 Watson Fold, Farnley Isaac Elvidge Farm Labourer George Elvidge    
1941 04 06 RICHMOND Walter Hall 21 B Serving Soldier 539 Tong Road, Farnley Tom Richmond Butcher Darcy Elarmis Peach   CE16/D/156
  BARKER Marion 20 S Grocer's Assistant 6 Ninevah Crescent, Leeds 11 William Henry Barker Mechanic Irene Richmond    
1941 04 12 LODGE James 26 B Joiner Glenroyd, Cross Lane, Farnley Ben Lodge Chemical Worker Fred Lee   CE16/D/157
  LANCASTER Thelma 20 S Clerk Glenroyd, Cross Lane, Farnley John Arthur Lancaster Bus Conductor Audrey Hainsworth    
1941 04 12 WELHAM John 21 B Scourer 824 Tong Road, Farnley Albert Welham Scourer John Wigglesworth   CE16/D/158
  WIGGLESWORTH Mary 18 S Weaver 84 Long Row, New Farnley John Alfred Wigglesworth Finisher Irene Evelyn Morgan    
1941 04 22 SENIOR Frank 29 B Aircraft Inspector 12 Furnace Row, New Farnley Harry Senior Foreman Engineer Albert Johnson   CE16/D/159
  RILEY Ruth Edna 27 S Tailoress 15 Nutting Grove, Farnley George Appleby Riley Fire Watcher Eileen Hawthorn    
1941 04 26 VOWLES George 26 B Electrician 2 Prince Edward Grove, Leeds 12 Arthur Vowles (dec'd) Electrician Harry Horsfall   CE16/D/160
  FIELDING Alice 26 S Machinist 9 Prince Edward Grove, Leeds 12 William Fielding (dec'd) Stone Mason Harry Hudson    
1941 04 26 SPENCE Alwyn Hutchinson 24 B Joiner 18 Cecil Grove, Armley Arthur Spence Pattern Maker R Carter   CE16/D/161
  WHITAKER Dorothy 23 S Weaver 13 Lytham Grove, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 John William Whitaker Engine Driver J W Whitaker    
1941 05 31 GIBSON William Leslie 37 B Company Director Woodville, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Randall Gibson Master Plumber (Retired) E H Gibson   CE16/D/162
  ALDERSON Winifred Louisa 36 S Clerk Ashville, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Luther Alderson (dec'd) Colliery Foreman William Deacon, A E Alderson    
1941 05 31 ROBSHAW Frederick 24 B Saw Mill Worker 11 Stainbeck Terrace, Meanwood, Leeds George Thomas Robshaw Saw Mill Worker T H Reed   CE16/D/163
  BAXTER Annie 20 S Munition Worker 11 Cobden Grove, Lower Wortley Ernest Baxter (dec'd) Carriage Cleaner Doris Stephenson    
1941 06 07 GLOVER George Arthur 24 B Clerk Lane Side House, Farnley Ernest Glover Woollen Manufacturer R A Glover, Ernest Glover   CE16/D/164
  STEPHENSON Annie 24 S Clerk Wayside, Low Moor Side Lane, New Farnley Albert Stephenson (dec'd) Farmer Phyllis Stephenson, S Stephenson    
1941 06 10 EDWARDS John Richard 22 B Fusilier Westcote, Coed Coch Road, Old Colwyn, Denbigh Charles Edwards Butcher J Goldstone By Licence CE16/D/165
  GOLDSTONE Bessie 23 S Coffee Packer 40 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Charles Goldstone Engine Driver H Vowles Jnr    
1941 07 12 TORDOFF Jack Haydn 21 B A/C 2, R.A.F. 15 Low Moor Side, New Farnley John Tordoff (dec'd) Bricklayer Sidney Parish   CE16/D/166
  WRIGHT Betty Eileen 22 S Clerk 15 Low Moor Side, New Farnley Nelson Wright Gardener Marion Parish    
1941 07 22 BRINSDON Kenneth Raymond 22 B Serving Soldier 12 Thornton Avenue, Armley Albert Edward Brinsdon Fitter B Brinsdon   CE16/D/167
  SMITH Constance 19 S Telegraphist Club House, Butt Lane, Farnley Ernest Smith Steward Eileen L Speight    
1941 07 26 ALBONE Willie 38 B Forgeman 1 Standard Street, Leeds 10 Charles Henry Albone Forgeman N Lavender, E E Newsham   CE16/D/168
  STEELE Jessie 33 S Clerk 23 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley Joseph Steele (dec'd) Engineer John Collard    
1941 08 02 VAUSE Albert Edward 21 B Maintenance Mechanic 14 Malvern Street, Cemetery Road, Leeds 11 Joseph William Vause Fire Watcher H M Metcalfe   CE16/D/169
  ALEXANDER Bessie 21 S Tailoress 9 Forge Row, New Farnley William Alexander Colliery Deputy Harry Marshall    
1941 08 02 HELLIWELL Fred 66 W Clothier 272 Far Fold, Farnley William Helliwell (dec'd) Clothier * Shillito   CE16/D/170
  HUMPHRIES Nellie 51 W Household Duties 264 Cross Lane, Farnley George Edward Jowett (dec'd) Labourer W Chapman, M Humphries    
1941 08 16 DWYER Albert 24 B Piecer 2 Owlcoats Terrace, Waterloo, Pudsey George Dwyer (dec'd) Builder George Dwyer   CE16/D/171
  WHITAKER Elsie 25 S Piecer 13 Lytham Grove, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Jack Whitaker Driver May Whitaker    
1941 08 27 HAIGH William 23 B Serving Soldier 31 Oswald Terrace, Leeds William Haigh Carriage Cleaner Arthur Pennington   CE16/D/172
  STOCKILL Dorothy 20 S . 15 Blackpool Terrace, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 John William Stockill Forgeman Maud Haigh    
1941 08 30 HOLROYD Harry 20 B Motorman 52 Bawn Lane, Farnley George Holroyd Mill Worker H Bastow   CE16/D/173
  MYERS Irene 20 S Worsted Mender 8 Silver Royd Grove, Wortley Herbert Myers (dec'd) Foundry Worker L Holroyd    
1941 10 11 HEWITT Walker 18 B Piecener 68 Vicarage Avenue, Gildersome David Hewitt Fitter W H Atkinson   CE16/D/174
  ATKINSON Winifred 19 S Glazer 47 Wolley Avenue, Farnley William Henry Atkinson Miner J Hewitt, E A Atkinson, E Hewitt    
1941 12 15 HAYNES Ronald 24 B Librarian 45 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Harold Haynes Boiler Fireman J Verity   CE16/D/175
  TYRER Irene Nancy 26 S Shop Assistant 34 Barwick Road, Seacroft Shirley Harold Tyrer Engineer Dorothy G Wood    
1941 12 27 PRESTON Alan 21 B Wagon Weighman 4 Airedale Terrace, Woodlesford William Preston Miner? Arthur Preston   CE16/D/176
  LAWLESS Agnes 22 S Munition Worker Oak Tree Farm, Farnley Frank Lawless Haulage Contractor Frank Lawless    
1942 01 01 EMMETT Norman 28 B Master Plumber 252 Cross Lane, Farnley Edmund Emmett Labourer H E Holdsworth By Licence CE16/D/177
  SMITH Mary 19 S Shop Assistant 23 Chapel Lane, Farnley Frank Smith Chiropodist M Smith    
1942 01 01 HARE GILL Dennis Garth 36 B Joiner Rockholme, Kettlesing, Harrogate Claude Harold Hare Gill Farmer Marie Kelly   CE16/D/178
  COOK Elsie May 28 S School Teacher Ochre Farm, New Farnley Percy Frederick Cook Farmer Arnold Townsend    
1942 01 24 ROBINSON Frank 24 B Serving Soldier 28 Chiselhurst Place, Bradford James Robinson Painter & Decorator R W Ingham   CE16/D/179
  NEWSOME Lily 22 S Cashier 175 Ring Road, Farnley Samuel Arthur Newsome (dec'd) Leather Worker K Newsome    
1942 01 31 VARLEY Kenneth 21 B Aircraftsman 1st Class Cliff View, New Street, Pudsey James William Varley Foreman Spinner Ernest Gill   CE16/D/180
  HEAPS Lucy 19 S Shop Assistant Woodcote, Butt Lane, Farnley Thomas William Heaps Male Nurse Attendant F M Heaps    
1942 02 14 TODD Edgar 25 B Engineer 126 Upper Wortley Road, Wortley Edgar Todd Shopkeeper Marshall Todd   CE16/D/181
  HOLROYD Hilda 23 S Household Duties 52 Bawn Lane, Farnley George Holroyd Mill Worker Lilian Holroyd    
1942 02 14 DEARDEN Frank 23 B Serving Soldier 14 Nether Terrace, Ecclesfield, Sheffield George Dearden Moulder Robert Gray   CE16/D/182
  GRAY Florence 20 S Serving A.T. 15 Pinder Street, Lower Wortley Herbert Gray Joiner Irene Dearden    
1942 02 21 NANSON Samuel Gordon 25 B Sailor 90 South Farm Road, Leeds 9 Harry Selby Nanson Engineer Arthur Butterworth   CE16/D/183
  BUTTERWORTH Gertrude 27 S Dressmaker 36 Kirkdale View, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Thomas Butterworth Engineer Thomas Butterworth    
1942 02 25 HOLMES Harry * B Serving Soldier 31 Wakefield Road, Drighlington, Bradford Walter Holmes Miner Reggie Holmes   CE16/D/184
  RAMSDEN Winnie 20 S Warper 3 Long Row, New Farnley William Ramsden Joiner Mary Wright Age & father per Free BMD  
1942 03 06 SHILLITO Cyril 21 B Serving Soldier 302 Watson Fold, Farnley Ernest Shillito Postman E Shillito   CE16/D/185
  CLENNELL Lavinia 20 S Munition Worker 31 Ware Road, South Stanley, Co Durham John Thomas Clennell Miner L E A Shillito    
1942 03 07 PARKER James Arthur 54 W Boiler Tenter 15 Empress Terrace, Whingate, Leeds 12 Arthur William Cole Parker (dec'd) Insurance Agent A H Wilson   CE16/D/186
  LOFTHOUSE Muriel 28 W Cleaner 6 Pinder Grove, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 John William Thompson Engine Driver A Wilson    
1942 03 16 CLAPHAM Cephas Threapleton 40 B Lieutenant R.N.V.R. Branch Road, Leeds 12 Frederick William Clapham Wool Merchant James Stanley Scaife   CE16/D/187
  SYKES Ivy 37 S Clerk 591 Whitehall Road, New Farnley James Sykes (dec'd) Publican Julia Myrtle Scaife    
1942 03 21 JONES Dilwyn 22 B Serving Soldier 3 Jenkins Terrace, Cwmfelin, Maestry David Samuel Jones (dec'd) Coal Miner *   CE16/D/188
  LAWLESS Dorothy Hilda 19 S . Oak Tree Farm, Farnley Frank Lawless Haulage Contractor K Thompson    
1942 03 21 HARKER Harry Dawson 25 B Serving with R.A.F. 11 Bull Ring Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 William Harker (dec'd) Brick Finisher George A Glover   CE16/D/189
  KITCHEN Marion 21 S Dressmaker 369 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Harry Kitchen Lithographer Edith Harker    
1942 03 26 TEMPEST Norman Oswald 34 B Garage Proprietor Prospect Lane, Gildersome John Tempest (dec'd) General Dealer Harry Kelly   CE16/D/190
  WHITLEY Dorothy 40 S . Moorhead Villas, New Farnley Horace Whitley Mill Manager Annie Booth    
1942 03 29 CROSS William Percy 35 B Public Service Inspector 10 Blackpool Street, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 William Herbert Cross Miner G A Cross, Alfred Worth   CE16/D/191
  WORTH Evelyn 23 S . 35 Ring Road, Farnley Alfred Worth Market Gardener Q Stephenson    
1942 04 04 TOWLER Eric 25 B Serving with R.A.F. 44 Conference Road, Armley William Towler A.R.P. Worker D Towler   CE16/D/192
  PAGE Eva Mary 19 S Clerk Typist 15 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Albert Edward Page Motor Salesman Jessie Towler    
1942 04 04 STUBBS William 24 B Engineer 34 Lincoln Field Terrace, Leeds Robert Stubbs Labourer R Rayner   CE16/D/193
  CONNOR Alice Emily 21 S Laundry Worker 8 Pinder Grove, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Walter Connor Labourer B Connor    
1942 04 13 CHIPP John Alfred Wallace 22 B Foreman L.N.E.R. 7 Pit Street, Mexborough Alfred Wallace Chipp Colliery Contractor K Butterfield   CE16/D/194
  LAUGHTON Dorothy Gladys 21 S . 606 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Thomas Edward Laughton Employment Officer M Wass    
1942 04 18 JONES James Robert 22 B Serving Soldier 8 School Street, Stoke by Nayland, Colchester Thomas William Jones Labourer Arthur Marshall   CE16/D/195
  MARSHALL Kathleen 22 S Serving with W.R.A.F. 1 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Arthur Marshall Retired Police Constable J Hamilton    
1942 05 09 THOMAS Glyn Gwyn Price 24 B Soldier The Harrows, Blaenavon, Co Monmouth William Ulytd Glyn Gwyn Thomas Town Clerk * Bryant By Licence CE16/D/196
  HAINES Joan Beryl Lilian 25 S Telephonist Elmbrook, Water Lane, Farnley Leonard George Haines Manager Yorkshire Copper Works L G Haines    
1942 05 12 MARSH James 26 W Serving Soldier 54 Heath Street, Burnley Joseph Marsh Pit Surface Manager Alfred G Granger By Licence CE16/D/197
  GRANGER Hilda Doris 25 S . Roselle, Cross Lane, Farnley Alfred George Granger Police Sergeant Florence Wetherill    
1942 05 16 MAWTUS William 23 B Serving Soldier 127 Oldfield Road, Leeds 12 Alfred Mawtus Goods Checker James Christopher Mawtus By Licence CE16/D/198
  ROBERTS Kathleen 23 S Leather Trimmer Nutting Grove House, Farnley Sidney Roberts Painter & Decorator Dorothy Joan Roberts    
1942 05 23 BROMPTON Robert Thomas 28 B Laundry Maintenance Engineer 1 Branch Street, Lower Wortley Arthur Brompton Garage Proprietor E Hepper   CE16/D/199
  WADE Joan 21 S Laundress 1 Branch Street, Lower Wortley William Wade Laundry Worker A Wade    
1942 05 30 FOURNESS Robert Kenneth Kitchener 27 B Research Chemist 4 Pasture Road, Leeds 8 Robert Harold Fourness (dec'd) Pharmaceutical Chemist Eric Thornton   CE16/D/200
  PETERSEN Ruth 21 S Shorthand Typist 38 Water Lane, Farnley Hans Chlarmont Petersen Dyehouse Manager Rosa Petersen    
1942 06 03 COLBORN Leslie Roy 26 B 2nd Liet. R.A. 520/152 Battery R.A. Post Hill, Farnley Edwin Charles Colborn Manager Charles H Kerrington? By Licence CE16/D/201
  HARDY Sheila Anne 21 S Serving with A.T.S. 511 Heavy A.A.Battery, Lightbourne Rd, Moston Alfred Cambrook Hardy Goods Manager Patrick Luty    
1942 06 06 BARKER Leslie 26 B Serving with R.A.F. 18 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Edgar Grainger Barker Sanitary Engineer B Barker   CE16/D/202
  ALDERSON Alice Evelyn 30 S Elliott-Fisher Operator 14 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Luther Alderson (dec'd) Foreman Colliery Enginewright A J Mitchell    
1942 06 06 DUNWELL Jack 27 B Miner 32 Church Street, Woodlesford Wilfred Dunwell (dec'd) Miner W Dunwell   CE16/D/203
  NICHOLSON Dorothy May 26 S Shorthand Typist Elmslae, Low Moor Side Lane, New Farnley Lawrence William Nicholson Motor Driver M M Brewster    
1942 06 15 SHACKLETON Timothy 46 B Miner High Street, Kippax William Shackleton (dec'd) Miner Herbert Allan Wigglesworth   CE16/D/204
  GILL Nellie 45 S Textile Mender Moor Top, Farnley Alfred Gill Road Foreman Eileen Gill    
1942 08 15 DUTHOIT Walter 31 B National Fire Service 36 Water Lane, Farnley Frankland Duthoit Mantle Manufacturer Frank Heward, J A Rathmell   CE16/D/205
  HYDE Elizabeth 34 S Secretary 36 Water Lane, Farnley Norman William Hyde (dec'd) Army Pensioner Joyce Duthoit    
1942 09 12 PURDY John William 26 B Serving Soldier 12 Throstle Parade, Middleton, Leeds 10 John Purdy (dec'd) Leather Worker Harry Lawrence   CE16/D/206
  BAILEY Eileen Mynel 22 S Aircraft Inspector 85 Kirkdale Crescent, Leeds 12 Samuel Bailey Munitions Inspector B Nunns?    
1942 10 10 GREENWOOD Jack 22 B Soldier 17 Wallace Street, New Wortley Ernest Greenwood Press Operator E Greenwood   CE16/D/207
  ROBERTS Grace 21 S Electrical Engineer's Assembler 407 Whitehall Road, Leeds 12 Charles Owen Roberts Boilersmith S Roberts    
1942 10 31 DALE Harry William 22 B Clerk 6 Clinton Grove, Leeds 8 Eric Dale Civil Servant Eric Stephen Dale, E Dale   CE16/D/208
  PRIESTLEY Marguerite Hannah 27 S Typist Garden Cottage, New Farnley William Priestley Colliery Weighman Joan Waterworth, W Priestley    
1942 11 07 CROWTHER Albert Wormald 37 B Boot & Shoe Retailer 49 Luxor View, Harehills, Leeds Albert Crowther Boot & Shoe Retailer W Ireland   CE16/D/209
  AVEYARD Edna 30 S Checker Rendezvous. Low Moorside Lane, New Farnley Ezra Aveyard (dec'd) Power Loom Tuner V Richmond    
1942 11 07 GARDNER Robert 22 B Srving Soldier 54 Saville Road, Chapeltown Road, Leeds 7 Henry Thomas Gardner Leather & Grindery Merchant Robert Stamp   CE16/D/210
  GOLDSTONE Joyce 21 S Women's Land Army 40 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Charles Edward Goldstone Loco Driver Margaret Goldstone    
1943 01 09 LADLE Joseph Scurr 22 B Serving Soldier 32 Branch Place, Leeds 12 Albert Ladle (dec'd) Woollen Warehouseman Stanley Latham   CE16/D/211
  LATHAM Alma 22 S Machinist Grosvenor House, 70 Cow Close Road, Leeds 12 Stanley Latham Master Painter Alfred Ladle    
1943 02 27 GREENING Derrick 21 B Serving Soldier 26 Cobden Terrace, Leeds 12 Herbert Greening Engineer Nora Greening By Licence CE16/D/212
  BENNETT Eileen Margery Allestree 28 S Household Duties 26 Cobden Terrace, Leeds 12 Thomas Allestree Bennett Electricl Engineer T A Bennett    
1943 02 28 INGHAM Ronald Wright 19 B Serving Soldier 47 Cross Lane, Farnley John William Ingham Shopkeeper R Jocknell   CE16/D/213
  NEWSOME Kathleen 19 S Shorthand Typist 175 Ring Road, Farnley Samuel Arthur Newsome (dec'd) Leather Tradesman G W Taylor    
1943 04 18 TWEDDLE Thomas Moffat 26 B Serving Soldier 18 Raynville Mount, Bramley Robert Tweddle Traveller John Roberts, Arthur Cox   CE16/D/214
  GORNALL Joyce Winifred 19 S Shorthand Typist 12 Water Lane, Farnley Harold Wright Gornall Police Sergeant J A Tweddle    
1943 04 24 GREENHALGH Handel 29 B H.M. Navy Ashdale, 62 Water Lane, Farnley Handel Greenhalgh (dec'd) Spindle Maker Frances May Murgatroyd   CE16/D/215
  MURGATROYD Kathleen Mary 26 S Comptometer Operator & Clerk Hillside, 121 Ring Road, Farnley Frederick Holdsworth Murgatroyd Manufacturer's Agent F Stevenson    
1943 04 29 DENNEY Jack 24 B Serving Soldier Granville, 3 Hawthorn Road, Prescot, Liverpool Tom Denney Railway Inspector Thomas Denney   CE16/D/216
  STEPHENSON Queenie 24 S Clerk Barkerwell Farm, Lawns Lane, Farnley Clive E Stephenson Farmer Eliza Denney    
1943 05 04 HORNER Harold Thomas 21 B Serving Soldier 2 Kimberley Road, Harehills, Leeds 9 William Horner Civil Servant Benjamin Clay By Licence CE16/D/217
  CLAY Joan 22 S Tracer 37 Ring Road, Farnley Alfred Clay Confectioner Doris Margaret Horner    
1943 05 15 FIRTH Hodgson 67 W Police Officer Birkdale, Ring Road, Farnley William Firth (dec'd) Teamer R H Greaves?   CE16/D/218
  TOWLER Margaret Ellen 44 S Weaver Green Lane, Farnley Hedley Towler (dec'd) Woollen Manufacturer A Green    
1943 06 05 BARRACLOUGH Denis 25 B Engineer Sunnymead, Moor Top, New farnley Willie Barraclough Clay Miner H Whitaker   CE16/D/219
  WHITAKER May 29 S Engineer 13 Lytham Grove, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 John William Whitaker Engine Driver W Barraclough    
1943 06 19 IVESON James Frank 22 B Serving Soldier 77 Brookroyd Lane, Batley William Iveson Fuller K M Bacon By Licence CE16/D/220
  BACON Monica Winifred 20 S Shorthand Typist Woodbine Cottage, Moor Top, New Farnley Reginald Bacon Seedsman E Iveson    
1943 06 26 PERKINS Reginald Bruce 31 B Audit Clerk 13 St John's Terrace, Leeds 3 John Edward Perkins Ironman A C Howard Johnson   CE16/D/221
  BEST Alice 38 S Shorthand Typist 11 Playground, New Farnley Wilson Best Miner O Newton    
1943 07 31 BAYLISS Clifford 23 B Serving Soldier 39 Butt Lane, Farnley Alfred Bayliss Miner H Smith By Licence CE16/D/222
  HARGREAVES Elsie 23 S Dress Machinist 39 Butt Lane, Farnley Bernard Hargreaves (dec'd) Wholesale Provision Merchant M Hargreaves    
1943 08 14 MEGSON Kenneth 20 B Shop Assistant 370 Tong Road, Wortley Albert Walter Megson Foreman Warehouseman R Suggitt   CE16/D/223
  SUGGITT Winnie 21 S . 3 Bangor Street, Lower Wortley Arthur Suggitt Leather Dresser A Dyson    
1943 08 18 MORTON Ronald Charles 21 B H.M. Navy 20 Forest Road, Dalton, Huddersfield Charles Richard Morton Works Manager Kenneth Appleyard By Licence CE16/D/224
  FIELDHOUSE Barbara M 23 S Clerk 73 Ring Road, Farnley Thomas Clayton Fieldhouse Rates Official May C Roberts    
1943 09 18 JORDAN William 24 B Fitter Greenbanks, St Margaret's Road, Horsforth John Henry Jordan Demolisher Gilbert Best   CE16/D/225
  BEST Winifred Joyce 21 S Fitter 38 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Gilbert Best H.M. Forces John H Jordan    
1943 10 02 BARRACLOUGH Eric 27 B Serving Soldier Sunnymead, Moor Top, New Farnley Willie Barraclough Clay Miner Willie Barraclough   CE16/D/226
  HAWXWELL Stella 27 S Coffee Packer 5 East End, New Farnley Clifford Bertie Hawxwell Market Gardener Doris Barraclough    
1943 10 02 FARRAR Harry 26 B Pilot R.A.F. 9 Bangor Place, Lower Wortley George William Farrar Forgeman Walter Moore By Licence CE16/D/227
  GARSIDE Betty 20 S Hairdresser 12 Lytham Grove, Lower Wortley John Atkinson Garside Tailor Gertrude Allen    
1943 10 04 HOLLAND George 48 B Manager 2 Ashville Avenue, Headingley, Leeds 6 John Holland (dec'd) Iron Turner Henry Holland   CE16/D/228
  JAMES Gladys Florence 37 S Aircraft Worker 28 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Frank Ewart James (dec'd) Commissionaire Rose W Roberts    
1943 11 13 ROCKALL James George 24 B Electrician 140 Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith, W6 George Valentine Rockall (dec'd) Labourer William Wade   CE16/D/229
  HARDY Norah Marjorie 22 S Weaver Rubyville, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Hugh Anderson Hardy Engineer Kathleen Hardy    
1943 11 20 WARD George 41 B Horse Driver 31 Playground, New Farnley William Ward Labourer Fred Ward   CE16/D/230
  NAYLOR Norah 35 S Weaver 39 Playground, New Farnley Joseph Naylor Labourer Kathleen Mary Goldstone    
1943 12 24 STEPHENSON Sydney 27 B Farmer Wayside, Low Moor Side Lane, New Farnley Albert Stephenson (dec'd) Farmer Henryetta Lockerbie   CE16/D/231
  WOOD Jean 18 S Hairdresser Pear Trees, Water Lane, New Farnley Fred Wood Tailor's Manager Fred Wood    
1944 01 15 NELSON Kenneth Bernard 22 B H.M. Forces 27 Blackwell Road, Kings Langley, Herts Harold Nelson (dec'd) Carpenter Irene Pickles   CE16/D/232
  BROOK Yvonne Blanche 21 S Clerk 53 Wolley Avenue, New farnley Lionel Brook (dec'd) Electrical Engineer Denis John Benfield    
1944 01 29 HAWKESWORTH Arthur 29 B Police Officer 125 Cross Flatts Grove, Beeston, Leeds Thomas Hawkesworth Public Assistance Officer Lucy Hawkesworth   CE16/D/233
  THOMPSON Kathleen 22 S Women's Auxiliary Police Corps 6 Gamble Lane, Farnley Thomas Thompson (dec'd) Builder John Hawkesworth    
1944 02 19 BEST Albert 26 B Storekeeper 18 School Close, New Farnley John Edward Best Boiler Fireman G Bullock   CE16/D/234
  STEPHENSON Winnie 24 S Aircraft Fitter 22 Playground, New Farnley John Robert Stephenson Glaze Mixer A Murgatroyd    
1944 03 27 WESTERMAN Ronald 23 B H.M. Forces 1 Warrels Avenue, Bramley Albert Westerman (dec'd) Dyer Edith Atkinson By Licence CE16/D/235
  ATKINSON Margaret 25 S Welder 42 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Sam Atkinson Platelayer J M Adam    
1944 04 01 JEFFERSON Peter 22 B Veterinary Laboratory Assistant 1 West Hillary Street, Leeds 1 Vernon Jefferson Garage Proprietor Derek John Staines   CE16/D/236
  BARKER Betty 21 S Clerk 18 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Edgar Grainger Barker Draughtsman Rita Walls?    
1944 04 08 WILL Henry Ernest 22 B Electrician's Mate 711 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Frederick Henry Wild Capstan Setter W A Jones   CE16/D/237
  BELL Vera 21 S Bench Fitter 1 Bridge View, Kirkstall, Leeds 5 John William Bell (dec'd) Decorator W Lacey    
1944 04 08 WADE John Thorpe 22 B H.M. Forces 51 Roker Lane, Pudsey John Wade Fireguard Inspector G A Wade By Licence CE16/D/238
  ROBERTS Joan Mary 22 S Clerk 37 Butt Lane, Farnley Harry Stuart Roberts (dec'd) Works Manager J W Tweddle    
1944 04 08 STAINES James 21 B H.M. Forces 62 Beale Road, Old Ford, Bow, E3 Frederick Staines Labourer Thomas N Furness   CE16/D/239
  FURNESS Hilda 21 S H.M. Forces 109 Peels Mount, Farnley Thomas Furness Boiler Fireman Edith Ellis    
1944 04 10 WARD Ronald 20 B Market Gardener 25 Greenthorpe Hill, Bramley Vennard Ward Jobbing Bricklayer Ernest Jesse Talbot   CE16/D/240
  ADAMS Vera 18 S . 2 Silver Royd Drive, Stonebridge Lane, Leeds Rowland Adams Horse Slaughterer Nora Adams Father's name per Free BMD  
1944 05 13 SEED Harold 25 B H.M. Forces 1 Rock Edge, Knowles Hill, Liversedge Jonas Seed Wire Worker Alvin Seed   CE16/D/241
  ELVIDGE Kathleen Audrey 19 S Women's Land Army Watson's House, Farnley Isaac Elvidge Farm Labourer George Edward Elvidge    
1944 05 14 TRUFIT Norman 22 B H.M. Forces 32 Gamble Lane, Farnley Harold Trufit Production Engineer D Gibson By Licence CE16/D/242
  GIBSON Joyce 21 S Munitions Inspector 32 Gamble Lane, Farnley Richard Gibson Sanitary Setter E Freeman    
1944 05 27 MEAKIN John 45 B Miner 79 Barnsley Road, Highgate, Nr Rotherham Henry Meakin (dec'd) Miner Joseph Wild   CE16/D/243
  LLOYD Ethel 40 S Cook 44 Gamble Lane, Farnley John Henry Lloyd (dec'd) Miner Phyllis Ellen Fletcher    
1944 06 07 PAPWORTH Henry Frederick 23 B H.M. Forces 148 Guinness Trust, Kennington, London S E 11 Henry Charles Papworth (dec'd) Joiner Edith M Field   CE16/D/244
  STUBBS Mabel 22 S H.M. Forces 553 Tong Road, Farnley Walter Robert Stubbs Cycle Dealer D Digby Mills    
1944 08 12 BELL Ralph 47 W Sheet Metal Worker Glenholme, Pudsey Road, Stanningley Alfred Titus Bell (dec'd) Works Manager Hannah Rhodes   CE16/D/245
  RHODES Gladys 41 S Mender 10 Hare Park Mount, Farnley Alfred Rhodes (dec'd) Boot Clicker Frank Ernest Bell    
1944 08 12 ELLWOOD Anthony Colin 21 B Draughtsman 1 Christ Church Place, Upper Armley Frank Ellwood Traveller Raymond Abbott   CE16/D/246
  KING Irene 22 S Shorthand Typist 6 Water Lane, Farnley William King Printer William King    
1944 08 26 PHILLIPS Robert James 24 B Soldier U.S. Army Ashville, Whitehall Road, New Farnley Walter Phillips Farmer A G Wilks By Licence CE16/D/247
  WILKS Sadie 21 S Comptometer Operator 705 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Arthur George Wilks Cloth Designer M B Brown    
1944 08 26 BRADSHAW Stanley 22 B H.M. Forces 26 Greenside Road, Leeds 12 George Bradshaw Grocer M Wilkinson   CE16/D/248
  MILNES Dorothy 21 S Production Engineer 15 Bangor Place, Leeds 12 Alan Milnes Railwayman D Bean    
1944 08 30 BENTLEY Herbert 52 W Wireworker 2 Stead Street, Cleckheaton Aquilla Bentley (dec'd) Ground Dealer Harry Atkinson   CE16/D/249
  ATKINSON Amy 52 S Weaver 21 Playground, New Farnley Garside Atkinson Blacksmith's Striker Leonard Bartle    
1944 09 02 MOORE Walter 26 B Engineer 11 Lytham Place, Leeds 12 Frederick Moore Greengrocer George William Moore   CE16/D/250
  TEALE Barbara 20 S Clerk 3 Golden Terrace, Leeds 12 Walter Teale Tailor's Fitter Carmen Jackson    
1944 09 09 WINDROSS Jack Barker 22 B H.M. Forces 22 Strawberry Lane, Armley Harry Windross (dec'd) Printer Audrey Lilian Gill By Licence CE16/E/1
  GILL Eileen 24 S Nurse Whitehall Road, Moor Top, New Farnley Alfred Gill Highways Inspector Harry Dawson    
1944 10 25 PLANT George Arthur 20 B H.M. Navy 2 Rhoda Street, Amberley Road, Leeds 12 Leslie Plane Painter & Decorator C Plant   CE16/E/2
  SHAW Gladys Marjorie 18 S Clerk 156 Low Fold, Farnley Ernest Shaw Aircraft Munition Worker A H Bentley    
1944 11 15 BOOTH Hervey 22 B R.A.F. 657 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Richard Booth Sales Manager Doris Kenworthy By Licence CE16/E/3
  DENNISON Eunice Irene 20 S A.T.S. 49 Sandygate Terrace, Tyersal, Bradford Charles West Dennison Warp Twister Charles W Dennison    
1944 11 25 REYNOLDS George Edward 22 B H.M. Navy 4 Cobden Terrace, Leeds 12 George Reynolds Police Officer Joseph Batty   CE16/E/4
  BATTY Alice 23 S Filing Clerk 54 Copper Street, Barnsley Joseph Batty Glass Blower Betty Reynolds    
1944 01 17 BODDY Charles Francis 26 B Engineer The Foundry, Boroughbridge, York Francis Boddy (dec'd) Engineer Kathleen Mawtus   CE16/E/5
  ROBERTS Dorothy Joan 23 S Transport Driver Nutting Grove House, Farnley Sydney Roberts Painter & Decorator Joseph Roper By Licence  
1945 01 20 STACEY Raymond Ellerton 27 B H.M. Forces 35 North Crescent, Easington, Durham Arthur Stacey General Labourer Edith Hassell   CE16/E/6
  HARKER Jessie 24 S Factory Worker 652 Whitehall Road, New Farnley William Harker (dec'd) Brick Finisher Alfred J James    
1945 02 10 GOODALL Philip 24 B H.M. Forces 24 Seaforth Place, Leed 9 Thomas Goodall Tailor's Clerk Norah E Watson   CE16/E/7
  WATSON Eileen 24 S Accountant's Secretary 555 Tong Road, Farnley Sydney Watson Boilerman Kenneth T Goodall    
1945 02 17 SYKES Benjamin Ronald 29 B H.M. Forces 240 Tempest Road, Dewsbury Road, Leeds Benjamin Robinson Sykes Miner Doris Hutchinson   CE16/E/8
  BOYD Joan Winifred 21 S H.M. Forces 14 Branch Place, Leeds 12 Henry Boyd Engineer Norman Dixon    
1945 03 03 WHITAKER Arthur Hugh 29 B School Teacher 12 Beamsley Mount, Leeds 6 Frank Whitaker Tailor S R Money   CE16/E/9
  HARE Kathleen 21 S Nurse 628 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Amos Hare Postman M Josolyne Taylor    
1945 03 03 PROCTOR George 28 B H.M. Forces 41 Woodcock Park Mount, Leeds 12 George Proctor Leather Worker H Teale   CE16/E/10
  SCOTT Joan Edna 26 S Laundry Worker 2 Lytham Place, Leeds 12 Cyril Scott Upholsterer M Spink    
1945 05 12 SAUNDERS Robert George 23 B H.M. Forces 78 Westbourne Grove, Yeovil, Somerset Ernest James Saunders Army Captain E M Copley By Licence CE16/E/11
  GRAYSTON Sylvia 19 S Tailoress 50 Bawn Lane, Farnley George Henry Grayston (dec'd) Farmer C Richmond    
1945 06 02 COPLEY Bruce 28 B H.M. Forces 37 Worsbro Road, Birdwell, Barnsley Charles Henry Copley (dec'd) Miner M McCarroll By Licence CE16/E/12
  LISTER Nellie 25 S Nurse 2 Cow Close Cottages, Lower Wortley Ernest Edward Lister Slater S Waller    
1945 06 04 CLAY Ernest Walter 28 B H.M. Forces Middleton Park Road Ernest Clay Motor Driver M Slater By Licence CE16/E/13
  SLATER Kathleen Mary 23 S Laundry Receiving Office 4 Hare Park Mount, Farnley George Hopkinson Slater Motor Driver S H Stirk    
1945 06 09 HILLSON Horace Reginald 31 B H.M. Forces 3 Sunderland Cottages, Plymouth Alfred Ernest Hillson Blacksmith Annie L Hoyle By Licence CE16/E/14
  HOYLE Lorna Margaret 33 S Munitions Inspector 34 Water Lane, Farnley William Albert Hoyle (dec'd) Clothing Manager Marjorie M Jenkins    
1945 07 07 MADELEY James Alfred 21 B H.M. Forces Royds Green, Oulton, Rothwell Benjamin Madeley Despatch Clerk C W Anderson By Licence CE16/E/15
  DAVIES Lily 21 S Student Nurse 330 New Row, Farnley Stanley Davies Electrical Plant Attendant W Maddison    
1945 07 09 BAYLISS Edward Francis 27 B Electrical Engineer 17 Octavia Road, Isleworth, London Norman Francis Bayliss Post Office Inspector George Reynolds By Licence CE16/E/16
  REYNOLDS Margaret Eileen 24 S Munitions Inspector 4 Cobden Terrace, Leeds 12 George Reynolds Police Sergeant Emily Mary Reynolds    
1945 07 14 CLAYTON Henry 22 B H. M. Air Force 18 Raynville Crescent, Leeds 12 Joseph Henry Clayton Railway Foreman Jean Penny   CE16/E/17
  FIRTH Marian 21 S Duplicating Operator 49 Water Lane, Farnley Harold Firth Cost Clerk Gilbert Aspinall    
1945 07 28 LISTER Reginald 27 B H.M. Forces 23 Providence Avenue, Delph Lane, Leeds 6 . . J Smith   CE16/E/18
  RICHMOND Vera 26 S Conductress 6 Prince Edward Road, Leeds 12 Edward Richmond Dyer's Finisher H Lister    
1945 08 23 CORBETT William 25 B R.C.A.F. R.C.A.F. R. Depot, Torquay William Corbett (dec'd) Labourer David Turner Croft By Licence CE16/E/19
  GIBSON Freda 17 S Clerk 32 Gamble Lane, Farnley Richard Gibson Kiln Setter Doreen Gibson    
1945 09 08 SMITH Stanley 20 B H.M. Forces 85 Simpson Street, Hall Lane, Armley Alfred Smith Boilerman L Farrally   CE16/E/20
  FARRALLY Irene 19 S Weaver 1 Cobden Terrace, Leeds 12 John William Farrally Engine Driver G Smith    
1945 09 10 OUTWIN William Alexander 72 W Railwayman 62 Moorfield Road, Leeds 12 Thomas John Outwin (dec'd) Master Shoemaker Harry Armitage By Licence CE16/E/21
  BRENNAND Annie Elizabeth 62 W Household Duties Bar House, Farnley Elias Cartwright (dec'd) Handyman John Edward Bland    
1945 09 16 MOORE Arthur 20 B H.M. Forces 125 Flatts Lane, Normanby, Middlesborough Thomas John Moore Park Attendant Vera Wilkinson   CE16/E/22
  RICHMOND Irene Mavis 19 S H.M. Forces 539 Tong Road, Farnley Tom Richmond Butcher William Moore    
1945 10 06 GARDINER Martin Edward 25 B C.A.S.C.Corp Cross Lane, Farnley Charles Gardiner Farmer H J Gardiner   CE16/E/23
  WARDMAN Mildred Eileen 17 S Tailoress Cross Lane, Farnley Joseph Myers Wardman Aircraft Tester B D Wardman    
1945 10 13 JACKSON Edmund 24 B H.M. Forces 3 Maude Terrace, Armley Tom Jackson Wood Cutter S Jackson   CE16/E/24
  LONGFELLOW Doris 22 S Weaver 9 Wilfrid Street, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Harry Longfellow National Fire Service Olga Harrison    
1945 11 03 HEPWORTH Kenneth 23 B H.M. Forces 37 Street Lane, Gildersome Thomas William Hepworth Textile Worker S M Holliday By Licence CE16/E/25
  HOLLIDAY Joyce Rhonda 20 S Weaver 31 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Laurie Holliday Civil Servant A Fletcher    
1945 11 03 FELLS Robert George 25 B Farmer Girvin, Saskatchewan, Canada Victor Fells Farmer Doreen Barraclough   CE16/E/26
  RAMSDEN Jean 18 S Shop Assistant 3 Long Row, New Farnley William Ramsden (dec'd) Joiner Garry McEwen    
1945 11 17 DALTON Brian James 21 B H.M. Forces 12 Personal Reception Centre, Grand Hotel, Brighton John Percival Dalton Draper's Buyer Edith Bailey By Licence CE16/E/27
  PURDY Eileen Myrel 25 W Clothing Clerk 85 Kirkdale Crescent, Leeds 12 Samuel Bailey Aircraft Inspector Samuel Bailey    
1945 11 24 BROOK Harry 23 B Engineer 5 Highcroft, Mount Pleasant, Batley Joseph Brook Gas Engineer L V Cattell, J Brook   CE16/E/28
  CATTELL Doreen Muriel 19 S Hairdresser 654 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Harold Heber Cattell Engineer T Davison    
1945 12 01 MATHIESON Donald Bell Macdonald 34 B Fur Cutter K.O.S.B. Post Hill, 38 Kelvinside Ave, Glasgow Robert Baxter Mathieson Shop Steward Edward Macdonald Mathieson   CE16/E/29
  BOOKER Florence 28 S . 834 Tong Road, Farnley Richard Booker Police (Retired) Dorothy Booker    
1945 12 01 STREET James 36 B Driver 16 Bramberton Road, Liverpool John Street (dec'd) Water man Robert Arthur Booker By Licence CE16/E/30
  BOOKER Lily 29 S . 834 Tong Road, Farnley Richard Booker Police (Retired) Dorothy Booker    
1945 12 08 ANNAKIN Joseph 27 B H.M.F. Royal Artillery 26 Back Fraser Street, Leeds 9 William Annakin Engineer William Annakin   CE16/E/31
  ALLOTT Constance 19 S . 13 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Frank Allott Factory Watchman Frank Allott    
1945 12 08 AVEYARD Eric 26 B Engineer 13 Wesley Road, Armley Harold Aveyard Clerk Ernest Firth   CE16/E/32
  MOOR Ellen 25 S . 10 Wilfred Street, Lower Wortley Alfred Moor Labourer Marjorie Spivey    
1945 12 08 HALL Norman 20 B H.M. Forces 54 Greenside Terrace, Gildersome Samuel Hall Iron & Steel Fettler Arthur Broadbent   CE16/E/33
  ATKINSON Florence Margaret 20 S Munition Worker 47 Wolley Avenue, Farnley William Henry Atkinson Miner Kathleen Atkinson    
1945 12 27 TIBBS William Henry 25 B R.A.F. 18 Haslemere Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey Arthur William Tibbs Corporation Worker Rodney Keith Butler By Licence CE16/E/34
  ALDERSON Marjorie 26 S . 43 Water Lane, Farnley Walter Alderson Insurance Agent (Retired) Lillian Alderson, Walter Alderson    
1945 12 29 KIRBY Charles Henry 30 B Railwayman 4 Eleanor Street, Armley Charles Henry Kirby Engineer Norman Hargreaves   CE16/E/35
  BAYLISS Elsie 26 W . 39 Butt Lane, Farnley Bernard Hargreaves (dec'd) Provision Merchant Walter Sumpner    
1946 01 12 THEWLIS Leslie 24 B R.A.F. 166 Low Fold, Farnley William Alfred Thewlis R.A.F. Harold Stephenson   CE16/E/36
  GIBSON Sylvia 22 S . 20 Silver Royd Drive, Wortley Willie Gibson Motor Driver Esme Thewlis    
1946 03 16 HOLDSWORTH Robert 55 B Tailor 4 Woodland Terrace, Leeds 7 Stephen Holdsworth (dec'd) Tailor Stanley Young   CE16/E/37
  YOUNG Ethel 55 W Welfare Officer 20 Cobden Grove, Leeds 12 George Horner (dec'd) Engineer EmmieBarrett    
1946 03 23 EADES Jack Alfred 27 B Engineer Officer R.A.F. St Peter's Street, Bishop Waltham, Southampton Alfred Arthur Eades Tailor Sydney Stephenson   CE16/E/38
  STEPHENSON Phyllis 23 S . Wayside, Low Moor Side Lane, New Farnley Albert Stephenson Farmer Audrey Ann Saville    
1946 04 06 INGHAM Jack 22 B Joiner 6 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley Fred Ingham Night Watchman L Sutcliffe   CE16/E/39
  SUTCLIFFE Ruth 23 S Weaver 78 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley Edgar Wood Sutcliffe Transport Worker L Brinkley    
1946 04 13 THORNTON Alfred Sugden 26 B R.A.F. 504 Lane Side, Farnley Horace Thornton Cloth Miller Harold Kay Lee, H Thornton   CE16/E/40
  LEE Betty 18 S . Farnley Club, Butt Lane, Farnley Harold Kay Lee Steward Audrey Eleanor Turner    
1946 05 25 MITCHELL Jack Tempest 18 B H.M.F. Clerk 19 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley Harry Tempest Mitchell Motor Driver Frank Holmes   CE16/E/41
  REAVLEY Helena May 18 S . 19 Pontefract Terrace, Farnley Thomas William Reavley Postman Lily Stanley    
1946 06 01 ROBSON Norman Shipley 29 B Motor Mechanic 42 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley George Edward Shipley (dec'd) Tuner Leslie Parker   CE16/E/42
  WADE Bessie 30 S . 17 Wilfrid Street, Lower Wortley Alfred Wade Drayman Ellen Aveyard    
1946 06 07 RANDALL Kenneth William 21 B Navigator R.A.F 12 Water Lane, Farnley William Henry Randall Plumber Kenneth Charles Springett By Licence CE16/E/43
  TWEDDLE Joyce Winifred 22 W . 12 Water Lane, Farnley Harold Wright Gornall Policeman (Retired) Dorothy Randall    
1946 06 10 LUNN Arthur 26 B Coke Maker 21 Chester Place, Leeds 11 William Clarkson Lunn (dec'd) Miner Willie Gibbons   CE16/E/44
  GIBBONS Violet 23 S . 8 Blackpool Grove, Lower Wortley William Gibbons Fire D* Doreen Gibbons    
1946 06 15 WOOD Ernest 30 B Farmer 108 Roker Lane, Pudsey John Clough Wood Fettler John Wood   CE16/E/45
  GROVES Mary Elizabeth Susannah 38 W . 854 Tong Road, Farnley Frederick Westerman (dec'd) Mason Mavis Bellsham    
1946 06 22 LEEMING Donald 28 B Joiner 390 Whitehall Road, Leeds 12 Willie Leeming Miner's Deputy Field Marshall   CE16/E/46
  MARSHALL Bertha 30 S . 5 Oswald Terrace, Leeds 12 Field Marshall Engineer Ella Ward    
1946 06 24 STEPHENSON Norman Gladstone 22 B Engineer 3 Bawn Lane, Farnley Joseph Stephenson Tailor Hugh Hodgson   CE16/E/47
  HODGSON Joan 22 S . 13 Park Top, Stanningley Hugh Hodgson Engineer Margaret Hodgson    
1946 08 03 ARMSTRONG Basil 23 B Motor Mechanic 10 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Victor Armstrong (dec'd) Horseman John Benner Nall   CE16/E/48
  GOLDSTONE Margaret 22 S . 40 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Charles Edward Goldstone Locomotive Driver Mildres Newby    
1946 08 16 THROUP Harry 23 B Royal Air Force 2 Greenside Terrace, Lower Wortley Norman Henry Throup Butcher Francis James Boshell By Licence CE16/E/49
  TEARLE Laura 23 S . 646 Whitehall Road, New Farnley James Tearle Casemaker Norman Henry Throup    
1946 08 24 FIRTH John Travers 25 B Window Displayer 1 Long Row, New Farnley Edward Firth Driller F Lambert By Licence CE16/E/50
  FERRIES Mary Paterson Borthwick 22 S . Northrig Farm, Haddington, Scotland Joseph Ferriss Farmer L Teasdale    
1946 09 17 BELLSHAM Leon 59 W Chef 856 Tong Road, Farnley Alfred Bellsham (dec'd) Boot Repairer Kenneth Humphries   CE16/E/51
  BREEZE Margaret Ellen 46 S . 26 Hamilton Gardens, St John's Wood, London NW8 John Breeze (dec'd) Smallholder & Cattle Dealer Mavis Bellsham    
1946 09 18 HUMPHRIES Kenneth 21 B Royal Navy 356 Tong Road, Wortley James Humphries Labourer Raymond Bellsham   CE16/E/52
  BELLSHAM Mavis 19 S . 856 Tong Road, Farnley Leon Bellsham Chef Mary Humphries    
1946 10 12 YOUNG Kenneth Eric 28 B Brewer's Clerk 16 Darfield Avenue, Leeds 8 Frank Young (dec'd) Labourer John William Adkin   CE16/E/53
  LATHAM Jean 20 S . 70 Cow Close Road, Leeds 12 Stanley Latham Decorator Alma Ladle    
1946 10 23 MARGETTS Dennis Victor 21 B Electrical Engineer 37 Pytchley Road, Rugby Thomas Austin? Margretts Electrical Engineer William Bland   CE16/E/54
  BLAND Kathleen 26 S . 246 Cross Lane, Farnley William Bland (dec'd) Joiner Laura Bland    
1946 10 25 MORRIS Clifford 29 B Lithographer 45 Hetton Road, Oakwood, Leeds 8 Peter Morris Engine Inspector John Thompson   CE16/E/55
  JOHNSON Annie 27 S . 37 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley George Edward Johnson Bricklayer Jean Mary Harris    
1946 11 02 KIRTON Robert William 22 B Labourer 141 Norton Avenue, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees William Robert Kirton Labourer William Robert Kirton   CE16/E/56
  O'CONNER Doreen Monica 19 S . 8 Bangor Street, Lower Wortley Bernard Louis O'Conner (dec'd) Cloth Manufacturer James Blackwood    
1946 11 02 PAWSON Stanley 22 B Soldier 14 Brooklyn Street, Armley George Richard Pawson Millhand Joseph William Ruecroft   CE16/E/57
  PADGET Gladys 21 S . Moor Top, New Farnley Harry Padget Milk Retailer Eileen Padget    
1946 11 09 PERRY George 30 B Dairyman 100 Allenby Road, Beeston, Leeds 11 George Perry Engineer William Henry Boyd By Licence CE16/E/58
  MCCARROLL Maud 24 W . 78 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley Edgar Wood Sutcliffe Van Driver Phyllis White    
1946 11 16 TAYLOR Harry 53 W Warper Dresser 8 Low Moor Side, New Farnley Fred Taylor (dec'd) Smith Cyril Walker   CE16/E/59
  ROBINSON Hilda 40 S . 3 Low Moor Side, New Farnley Willie Robinson Fettler Frances Mary Birkin    
1946 11 23 KITCHEN Ernest Atkinson 23 B Soldier Darfield, 669 Whitehall Road, Leeds Harry Kitchen Printer John Harry Kitchen By Licence CE16/E/60
  TAYLOR Hilda 23 S . 8 Low Moor Side, New Farnley Harry Taylor Warp Dresser Marjorie Lewis    
1946 12 02 ATKINSON Alan 24 B Electrical Engineer 43 Garnett Terrace, Leeds 11 John Ambler Atkinson Engineer John Ambler Atkinson   CE16/E/61
  KEENE Christine Catherine Colebrooke 20 S . Hawthorn House, Farnley Justin William Cecil Keene Chemist Justin William Cecil Keene    
1946 12 21 ROBERTS Stanley 33 B Railway Employee 45 Ewart Street, Saltney Ferry, Chester John Roberts (dec'd) Railway Engine Driver Leonard Roberts   CE16/E/62
  ALKER Muriel 38 S . 14 Cobden Road, Lower Wortley Ernest Alker Time Keeper Ernest Alker    
1946 12 21 PRECIOUS John 31 B Tram Driver 16 Marley View, Beeston, Leeds Henry Precious Platelayer James Henry Precious   CE16/E/63
  GREEN Elsie 32 W . 4 Blackpool Terrace, Leeds 12 Walter Redman (dec'd) Puddler Louie Macklin    
1947 02 08 FORD Arthur 30 B Warp Twister 9 Far Fold Square, Leeds 12 William Darling Ford (dec'd) Labourer Granville Harry Sandford   CE16/E/64
  HUMPHRIES Mary 18 S . 356 Tong Road, Wortley James Humphries Labourer Margaret Ford    
1947 03 08 PARRY William 29 B Carpenter & Cabinet Maker 26 Longroyd Crescent, Leeds 11 Arthur Parry Engineer Robert Allard   CE16/E/65
  ALLARD Edna 34 S . 12 Gamble Lane, Farnley Frank Allard Clerk Mary Johnson    
1947 04 05 THOMSON James Bird 24 B Civil Servant 40 Lancelot Crescent, Wembley, Middlesex James Thomson Carpenter Ian Thomson   CE16/E/66
  DUNN June Patricia 22 S . 29a Ring Road, Farnley Joseph Dunn Hosiery Manufacturer Irene Dunn    
1947 04 05 HALEY Joseph 27 B Tailor's Cutter 12 Long Row, New Farnley John Haley Coal Hewer Solomon Alan Fell   CE16/E/67
  THORNTON Kathleen 23 S . 528 Lane Side, Farnley Joseph Whitfield Thornton (dec'd) Labourer Irene Martha Haley    
1947 04 12 POWRIE Douglas Alexander 33 B Musician 105 Hill Street, Glasgow C3 James Douglas Powrie Welder Robert Stanley Carter   CE16/E/68
  MCWILLIAM Mary 32 S . 6 Farnley Crescent, Farnley Edward McWilliam Boot Repairer Olive Marshall    
1947 04 12 EVANS Albert Alexander 24 D Flying Officer R.A.F. Farnley Rectory, Butt Lane, Leeds David John Alfred Evans Clerk in Holy Orders Maurice Graham Baker Previous marriage dissolved CE16/E/69
  READ Hazel 22 S . Farnley Rectory, Butt Lane, Leeds Roland Sydney Read Clerk Gladys May Rastrick    
1947 05 17 FOSTER Albert 22 B Compositor 16 Tadcaster Street, Whingate, Leeds 12 Arthur Foster Tailor Arthur Foster   CE16/E/70
  WOOD May 20 S . 12 Blackpool Terrace, Leeds 12 Edward Wood Baker Ralph Vine    
1947 05 24 CONNOR John 35 B Fitter 79 Peels Mount, Farnley Joe Connor (dec'd) Miner Leslie Fearnley   CE16/E/71
  SHAW Annie 36 S . 48 Gamble Lane, Farnley Benjamin Shaw (dec'd) Forge Hand Betty Shaw    
1947 06 07 RILEY Sam 27 B Clerk 15 Nutting Grove, Farnley George Appleby Riley (dec'd) Watchman Alan Regan Rumfitt   CE16/E/72
  STANDLEY Eileen Marjory 26 S . 15 Nutting Grove, Farnley Clifford Standley Compositor Dorothy Ackroyd    
1947 06 07 CHAMBERS Kenneth 23 B Mechanic Royal Signals 43 Glenhurst Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex Charles Robert Chambers Post Office Telephones Alfred Milnes   CE16/E/73
  ARMSTRONG Jean Milnes 20 S . 18 Cobden Grove, Lower Wortley Lewis Armstrong (dec'd) Textile Trade Jone Ings    
1947 06 14 PASH Frank 27 B Commercial Artist 80 Houghley Grove, Leeds 12 Lionel Clifton Pash Clerk Reginald Lionel Pash By Licence CE16/E/74
  STOKER Winnie 18 S . 18 Cobden Grove, Lower Wortley Thomas Stokes Railway Foreman Thomas Stoker    
1947 06 14 LATHAM Bryan 24 B Painter 70 Cow Close Road, Leeds 12 Stanley Latham Painter Howard Latham   CE16/E/75
  STEPHEN Pauline Fay 20 S . 32 Kirkdale Mount, Lower Wortley John James Stephens (dec'd) Leather Trade Ronald Maitland Stephens    
1947 06 14 STEPHENSON Ronald 24 B Motor Driver 1 Bawn Lane, Farnley Percy Stephenson Blacksmith Leslie Thewlis   CE16/E/76
  MEIER Gerda Elsa Anna Lina 21 S . 1 Bawn Lane, Farnley Otto Heinrich August Meier Caf´┐Ż Proprietor Thomas Taylor    
1947 06 21 SANDELL Ronald 21 B Cook 32 Courtney Street, Holderness Road, Hull Charles Robert Sandell Cash? Layer Harold Barker   CE16/E/77
  WALKER Doreen 20 S . 840 Tong Road, Farnley Charles Henry Walker Porter Maisie Walker    
1947 06 28 BROWN James Walter 32 B Welder 20 Springfield Road, Harrow, Middlesex Thomas George Brown (dec'd) Blacksmith Joseph Patrick   CE16/E/78
  BEAUMONT Mavis 27 S . 2 Pinder Street, Lower Wortley Albert Edward Beaumont (dec'd) Labourer Marjorie Beaumont    
1947 07 26 DOWNS Eric 25 B Engineer Intake Farm Moor, Farnley Frederick Henry Downs Farm Hand J Downs   CE16/E/79
  WHITTELL Marjorie 25 S . 2 Branch Road, Lower Wortley Lancelot Mark Castle Electrician Florence Hannah Clark    
1947 07 26 GERRAGHTY Walter 24 B Leather Trade 88 Lower Wortley Road, Leeds 12 Charles Robinson Fitter James William Wyatt   CE16/E/80
  GERRAGHTY Irene 22 S . 91 East End, Farnley Ernest Gerraghty Crane Driver Phyllis White    
1947 08 02 SPINK Thomas Raymond 23 B Apprentice Welder 59 Cross Lane, Old Farnley George Spink Labourer Walter Gordon Spink, Ernest Hawkesworth By Licence CE16/E/81
  HAWKESWORTH Enid 16 S . Gilbertroyd Farm, Old Farnley Ernest Hawkesworth Builder Hillary Gwendoline Spink    
1947 08 02 HARRISON William Henry 30 B Crane Driver 5 Toft Street, Oldfield Lane, Leeds 12 Ephraim Harrison (dec'd) Miner Vernon Roy Taylor   CE16/E/82
  CONNOR Henrietta 24 S . 8 Pinder Grove, Lower Wortley, Leeds 12 Walter Connor Labourer Freda Connor    
1947 08 04 JONES Howell Morgan 26 B Miner 5a Hartington Road, Middlesborough Howel? Jones Miner Thomas Jones   CE16/E/83
  HUNTER Betty 22 S . 39 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley Edward Hunter Pipe Fitter Gwendoline? Robertson    
1947 09 10 GOLDSTONE Walter Douglas 31 B Brick Packer 40 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley Charles Edward Goldstone Shunter John Maurice Gill   CE16/E/84
  SHARP Lily 30 S . 4 East End, New Farnley Fred Sharp Brick Presser Fred Sharp    
1947 09 20 EDWARDS George William 26 B Cinema Projectionist 19 Bangor Place, Lower Wortley Road, Leeds 12 Levi Edwards Rug Manufacturer A H A Walters   CE16/E/85
  WALTERS Elsie 25 S . 19 Bangor Place, Lower Wortley Road, Leeds 12 Alfred Walters Fitter's Mate Marjorie Edwards    
1947 09 20 ROBERTS Alec 24 B Dry Cleaner 23 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Belford Roberts Mill Minder John Roberts   CE16/E/86
  ZETTKOWSKI Margaret 27 S . 23 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Karl Zettkowski . Belford Roberts    
1947 09 27 RUSSELL Kenneth Ronald 27 B Dairy Worker Park House, Green Lane, Farnley George Edward Russell Gardener Sydney Haxby   CE16/E/87
  HAXBY Marjorie 25 S . 145 Gilbertroyd, Farnley William Albert Haxby Packer Dorothy Mary Gaunt    
1947 10 04 PAWSEY Dennis William 22 B Farm Worker 12 Greenthorpe Mount, Bramley Frank Pawsey Civil Servant Gordon Thomas Lane   CE16/E/88
  JACKSON Mary 22 S . 12 Greenthorpe Mount, Bramley Herbert Jackson Traveller Winifred Walker    
1947 10 04 GERRARD Harry Vincent 21 B Draughtsman 24 Roseneath Street, Bramley Jack Musgrave Gerrard Traveller Harry Gerrard By Licence CE16/E/89
  PRIESTLEY Edna 22 S . 62 Coa Close Road, Lower Wortley Norman Priestley Police Sergeant Kathleen Lister    
1947 10 11 MILNER Clarence 22 B Labourer 29 Playground, New Farnley Harry Milner Labourer Joseph Edward Milner   CE16/E/90
  MITCHELL Agnes 20 S . 29 Playground, New Farnley Harold Mitchell Labourer Agnes Mitchell    
1947 11 22 ALKER Ernest 66 W Time Keeper 14 Cobden Road, Lower Wortley James Alker (dec'd) . Stanley Roberts   CE16/E/91
  STEPHENSON Polly 65 W . Barker Hill Cottage, Gildersome Lane, farnley Thomas Rycroft (dec'd) . Florence Dodgson    
1947 12 20 DESBOROUGH Leslie 23 B Tailor's Cutter 5 Pickering Terrace, Leeds 12 James Alfred Desborough Bricklayer Charles Robert Harding   CE16/E/92
  PERFECT Pauline 20 S . 121 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Tom Perfect Police Constable Tom Perfect    
1947 12 24 AKERS Allan Scott 23 B Process Engraver 8 Parkstone Avenue, Leeds 6 Harry Akers (dec'd) Traveller Norman John Akers   CE16/E/93
  CEMM Agnes Margaret 17 S . 415 Whitehall Road, Leeds 12 Joseph Cemm Manager Joseph Cemm    
1947 12 26 LEE Fred 29 B Printer 2 Hanely View, Bramley George Edwin Lee (dec'd) Overseer Worsted Spinner Harold Walter Lee   CE16/E/94
  CHERRY Barbara 20 S . 3 Nutting Grove Cottages, Farnley Sam Cherry (dec'd) Cloth Scourer Margaret Cherry    
1948 01 01 BROWN Arthur Henry 29 B Clerk in Holy Orders Stonebridge House, 81 Silver Royd Hill, Leeds 12 Sydney Hudson Brown Builder Sydney John Brown By Licence CE16/E/95
  MOODY Dorothy 20 S . Stonebridge House, 81 Silver Royd Hill, Leeds 12 Herbert Moody Secretary Anne Shirley Moody    
1948 01 22 ARDEN Arthur Ellis 72 W Retired Engine Driver 15 Munby Road, Immingham, Grimsby William Arden (dec'd) . Annie Elizabeth Outwin By Licence CE16/E/96
  COLLIER Emma 66 W . Bar House, Long Road, Farnley Thomas John Outwin (dec'd) . George Barker    
1948 02 07 HARDY Stanley Anderson 24 B Wool Piecer Rubyville, 578 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Hugh Anderson Hardy Overlooker Textile Fredrick Stirk By Licence CE16/E/97
  MISHELS Christel Wilhelmine Theodora 19 S . Rubyville, 578 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Wilhelm Mishels Electrical Fitter Lorna Wade    
1948 02 07 CHAPMAN Henry 34 B Gardener Hall Lane, Farnley Henry Chapman (dec'd) Farmer John Chapman   CE16/E/98
  STONE Florence May 27 W . 213 Pudsey Road, Bramley Fred Clayton (dec'd) Leather Worker Ellen Chapman    
1948 03 08 RUDDICK Eric Charles 26 B Clerk 7 Conference Terrace, Armley Charles Ruddick Electrician Charles Ruddick   CE16/E/99
  ELCOCK Irene 24 S . Watson House, Farnley Edwin Elcock Policeman Edwin Elcock    
1948 03 13 MAUDSLEY Harry 28 B General Manager 3 Moorfield Road, Leeds 12 Oswald Arundel Maudsley Director Harry Appleyard   CE16/E/100
  MYERS Jean 23 S . 119 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley Willie Myers Buyer Mavis Mudd    
1948 03 27 BUSKIN Donald 29 B Costing Clerk 25 Aston Road, Bramley Stanley Buskin Progress Manager Kenneth Norman Ridley Vine   CE16/E/101
  BROUGHTON Doreen 20 S . 147 Ring Road, Farnley Leonard Broughton Clerk Audrey May Broughton    
1948 03 27 GOZZARD Harry 26 B Grocer 52 Cameron Street, Leeds 9 Harry Gozzard Builder Harry Gozzard   CE16/E/102
  FRANKLIN Olive 21 S . 138 Low Fold, Farnley John Herbert Franklin Painter & Decorator John Herbert Franklin    
1948 03 30 STEPHENSON Joseph 27 B Postman 7 Playground, New Farnley Albert Stephenson Labourer Norman Bradley   CE16/E/103
  LEWIS Bessie 24 S . 27 Farnley Crescent, Farnley Charles Walter Lewis Assistant Inspector G.P.O. Marian Sanderson    
1948 04 03 ANDERSON Dennis George 21 B Grocer's Assistant 33 Rydale Avenue, Lower Wortley Alfred Stanley Anderson Boilerman (Retired) Charles Norman Kenneth Wadsworth   CE16/E/104
  THORNTON Kathleen 20 S . 9 Cobden Grove, Lower Wortley Squire Thornton Painter & Decorator S Thornton    
1948 05 08 DERRY Alfred 33 W Painter 5 Prince Edward Road, Leeds 12 Thomas Henry Derry Coal Dealer L Moss   CE16/E/105
  BERRY Minnie Talbot 20 S . 26 Fairfield Crescent, Bramley Alfred Talbot Berry (dec'd) Train Driver June Roberts    
1948 05 15 LADLE Colin 25 B Conductor L.C.T. 4 Abbott Street, Armley George Waite Labourer George White   CE16/E/106
  SARGINSON Audrey 20 S . 232 Cross Lane, Farnley Thomas Sarginson Labourer Thomas Sarginson    
1948 06 05 FLETCHER George Arthur 25 B Clerk 11 Kirkdale Crescent, Leeds 12 George Fletcher Railway Saw Man Edwin Whitaker By Licence CE16/E/107
  WOODMANSEY Angela Maria 26 S . 31 Brudenell Mount, Leeds 6 Matthew Woodmansey Factory Hand Lena Elizabeth Appleyard    
1948 06 12 LAMBERT Fred 27 B Clerk Forge Yard, New Farnley Stead Lambert Caretaker John Fraser Firth   CE16/E/108
  GILL Audrey Lilian 20 S . 1 School Close, New Farnley Alfred Schofield Gill Foreman Alfred Schofield Gill    
1948 06 19 SAWYER John Clifford 20 B Butcher 10 Kings Buildings, Wordsworth Street, Leeds 4 Albert Sawyer Blacksmith William Collins   CE16/E/109
  WILSON Betty May 21 S . 34 Wolley Avenue, New Farnley John Wilson (dec'd) Plumber Ethel Gate    
1948 06 19 ROBSON Alec 28 B Research Chemist 589 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Ewart Gladstone Robson Engineer's Pattern Maker Keith Stead Robson   CE16/E/110
  CLEGG Muriel Annie 43 S . Hillcrest, Moor Top, new Farnley Charles Clegg (dec'd) Gas Inspector Rowland Gibson Clegg, Carter Gibson    
1948 07 03 ROEBUCK Tom 27 B Plaster Model maker 5 Pinder Street, Lower Wortley Uriah Roebuck Fettler Wilfrid Roebuck   CE16/E/111
  WILSON Mary 27 S . 5 Cobden Terrace, Lower Wortley William Wilson Commissionaire Florence Wilson    
1948 07 03 HELE Charles William 66 W Commercial Representative 9 Nutting Grove House, Farnley Harry Wilcox Kele (dec'd) Manufacturer Edward Roberts By Licence CE16/E/112
  ROBERTS Amy 40 S . 35 Cross Lane, Farnley John Edward Roberts (dec'd) Master Painter Kathleen Mary Glover    
1948 07 03 BARKER Harold 20 B Electrician 23 Greenthorpe Road, Bramley Charles Leonard Barker Tool Mechanic Jack Barker   CE16/E/113
  WALKER Maisie 21 S . 840 Tong Road, Farnley Charles Henry Walker Porter Rose Marie Elliott    
1948 07 24 NEAL Walter Thomas Longcroft 23 B Research Chemist 57 High Street, Daventry Walter Richard Longcroft Neal Master Baker Walter Richard Longcroft Neal   CE16/E/114
  WORDSWORTH Audrey 23 S . Woodville, New Farnley Ambrose Charles Wordsworth Motor Engineer Margaret Wordsworth    
1948 07 24 TYMKIN Rudolf 27 B Textile Technologist 159 Ring Road, Farnley Jan Tymkin Business Man Balestor Jerieh?   CE16/E/115
  DOROFEEFF Irina 23 S . Royal Infirmary, Bradford Nicoli Dorofeeff Engineer Nicholos Dorofeeff    
1948 08 14 MEARS Lennard 25 B Export Clerk 19 Glebe Road, Hayes, Middlesex Richard Mears Store Keeper Richard Mears   CE16/E/116
  WILSON Joan 21 S . 87 Cow Close Road, Lower Wortley Harold Wilson Miner Henry Wilson    
1948 08 14 BOYES Richard 36 B Cloth Finisher's Operative 39 Wyther Park Crescent, Leeds 12 James Boyes Forgeman Irvin Bedford   CE16/E/117
  CONNOR Jean 19 S . 105 Peels Mount, Farnley Albert Waite Cloth Finisher's Operative Margaret Connor    
1948 08 28 BRADSHAW Ernest 63 W Dairyman Thornes House, Low Moor Side, New Farnley James Meadow Bradshaw Miner Gordon Arundale   CE16/E/118
  WRIGHT Emily 53 S . 31 Playground, New Farnley George Wright (dec'd) Gas Worker Ivy Britton Bapty    
1948 08 28 SHARP Jack 29 B Post Office Engineer 3 Ashfield, Farnley Rufus Sharp Brick Burner George Louis Green   CE16/E/119
  BARRACLOUGH Joan Mary 27 S . 640 Whitehall Road, New Farnley Marsden Barraclough Brick Yard Foreman Eva Sharp    
1948 09 25 BATTY Kenneth Richmond 26 B Bricklayer New Close, Summerbridge, Harrogate Herbert Batty Tractor Driver John Wood   CE16/E/120
  NEWBY Barbara Jean 25 S . 17 Ring Road, Lower Wortley Sydney Newby Butcher Sidney Newby    
1948 10 09 JOHNSON Victor James 25 B Foreman B.R. 5 Orchard Drive, Braintree, Essex Percy Albert Johnson Guard B.R. Ralph Swallow   CE16/E/121
  SWALLOW Hilda May 22 S . 22 Wilfird Terrace, Leeds 12 Joseph Swallow (dec'd) Joiner Joan Gertrude Johnson    
1948 10 09 WALKINGTON Albert Arthur 22 B Bus Driver 39 Albert Terrace, Burley, Leeds 6 Stacy Walkington Warehouseman Harold Walkington   CE16/E/122
  ALDERSON Lilian 22 S . 7 Nutting Grove Cottages, Farnley Willie Alderson Haulage Engineer Emily Elizabeth Downes    
1948 10 16 PICKERING Eric 22 B Engineer 36 Greenthorpe Hill, Bramley William Pickering Taxi Driver Dennis Matthews   CE16/E/123
  BIBBY Jean 19 S . 472 Tong Road, Farnley William Bibby Engineer Kathleen Bibby